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How does TG feel about some storytime?
I´m always up for your storytimes, Dowjin.
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Then we begin.

There was a PC who got slain towards the end of one of my adventures, where during the most of the time I was the DM. Her name was Tel`ryn. But for intellectual properties sake I've had to create new characters to fill in the voids between her and player who are at odds. Thus Telarin replaced Tel`ryn, Helvara replaced Havarra, and Kellan replaced Khel`anya.

That, is a story in and of itself.

Anyways, as I was saying, towards the end of theese two stories;


Telarin was slain by Daies.

Telarin was the wife of Dowjin, and that final act threw Daies and Dowjin into mortal kombat the likes of which gaming had never seen.

The following is an except about how Telarin came to be known, and why she was so important, besides being a pretty face in the background.


The New Gods which governed the fate of D`nesathia came upon a tide of war in ancient times. Their arrival brought much strife yet their power was absolute. They were a pantheon of deities, each drawing power from their own perfect aspects. There was Valor, Life, Justice, and Mercy. There was Morte, Chrono, Beast, and Mana. There was Scourge, Axiom, Warden, and Hate.

It was through no deliberate machination of the Alliance that they gained the attention of dangerous beings. Rather, as Hitsito warned, it was the byproduct of consorting with so many fell creatures.

Dowjin was the first to welcome the coming of Helvara, a princess of the Abyssal realms. Helvara was the ruler of the region called Barren in the 78th layer. While initially viewed with suspicion, it seemed as though she was the most outspoken demon in legitimate need of help and employed relatively honest methods to get it.
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Such were the recommendation of seers, chief among them Lynchbolin. They hailed her missives as the most prevalent and common in the Abyss. This lead to her becoming one of the more popular demons the Alliance summoned for council and battle alike. If there was ever a place to put a foothold into the netherworld, it would be here, facing down a lesser demon prince with their combined might.

They could establish a border, and leverage gain from both the conquered, and their charge. Yet during the siege of Barren Dowjin wasn’t there. While the Dark Prince Malice took the field in order to expand his domain against Helvara and conquer Barren, the demoness revealed her true plan to Dowjin, whom she had charmed into being her realm’s champion. Dowjin was to assault the royal courts of Malice with a force of elder demons. While the Prince was away he would take advantage of their weakened defenses long enough to rescue Helvara’s daughter, Telarin.

When Daies and Destamona had finally exhausted Malice’s armies, and slew the demon through combined arms, it was only then that they saw Dowjin walking to Helvara’s command tent with a succubus in his arms.

It was no coincidence then, when Dowjin later announced plans to marry Telarin with Helvara’s blessing. He confessed a deep love for the succubus, and while Hitsito was distrustful the half-dragon told him that she had healed parts of him that he had thought lost forever. Even more, he assured Hitsito that everything she went through had redeemed her into a good-natured woman.

Thus the wedding took place, and Telarin was named Queen Regent in Dowjin’s stead within the Alliance.
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Daies was reminded of Dowjin’s growing apprehension of the Pantheon every day.

According to Dowjin, one of the old ones whom had escaped the war with the Pantheon was coming into his dreams. The Dark Goddess Kellan made her intentions known, promising power to Dowjin if he or another brought her a suitable vessel. Daies promised his brother in arms that he would take care of it, and not to worry about a thing. Only then did Dowjin seem to smile and relax, trusting in his friend.

A well kept secret of Daies was that by magical means he had fathered a son through the flesh. Draven was by now in his early teenage years, and had yet to show signs of turning. He was a true marvel, and used to be a great success as an experiment in necromancy. However bigger and better projects were looming on the horizon, and with Draven’s usefulness now dwindling, Daies took the opportunity to arrange their next meeting. He drew a circle of power in the woods near Draven’s town, and invited his son for a walk.

When they reached the spot carefully planned for by the old ritual of calling needed to summon Kellan, a summoning circle burst into life with brilliant sheets of energy. That veil of color drifted up from the circle’s complex scripts and symbols.

“What are you doing?!” Draven asked in shock.

“Making something better.” Daies replied. “Since this will be your last moment in this world, I have to confess there is more to it and I, than you have ever known. The truth is I command forces beyond your comprehension, and I made you to test how vampires may coexist among the human.”

“But...! No! Don’t do this!"

"Now I ask Kellan, come to me! Accept this soul as a tribute. With it, give me but the tiniest fraction of your power, that I might bring your domain into this world!”

Thus the life of Draven was cut woefully short, as he was transfigured into the energy Kellan desired. So it came to be that Daies was owed favors by each of the she-devils, both Helvara and Kellan. After the culmination of a long siege of Hell, he asked one for the smallest Abyssal realm he could call his own. From the other he asked nothing more than the tiniest portion of a divine spark for himself and Dowjin.

That place became known as Shivan De`Harren


Now the fallen goddess whom gave Daies and Dowjin their powers had many spies everywhere, and learned about the forces they were raising. She knew about the Planar Cannon project and she also knew that if she sold them out to the Pantheon, she could use that leverage in turn to get them to take out her true enemies.

>Dowjin gets killed by Valor from the Pantheon.
>Daies and co. blow up a city because reasons, see previous storytimes.
>Dowjin gets resurrected.


After Dowjin was brought back from the dead and the imminent crisis of being attacked by the Pantheon was over, they began to investigate why it happened.

Hitsito and Dowjin scryed upon Kellan to divine how she was involved, and learned that she had some nameless and mysterious agent responsible for it all within their own palace.
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The Alliance decided to strike at the head of this Dark Goddess. In strict secret Daies and Dowjin organized a set of military drills that would prepare all of their men for combat. Then in sudden surprise they would open portals into the heart of Kellan’s realm and assault her seat of power directly.

Dowjin himself would lead the first wave in and command the vanguard, hopefully shielding them from being annihilated by the advantage Kellan had in defending her own dominion, where her powers were amplified into terrifying potency. The man dragon was prepared to shield them under a cloak of his own power, and endure the withering duel of cosmic spells.

Now the armies had amassed, and Daies was ready to begin the first step of their plan. The under-generals and commanders relayed orders to the gathered phalanxes given straight from Dowjin as portals began to tear open before the parade grounds.

Then the order was given, and numerous thousands of armored knights charged.

Daies was in charge of finding the goddess and assassinating her, since as usual he was best at singling out commanders in the field.

Through the portals the Alliance army spewed, and they were upon their enemy suddenly. The dimension of Kellan the Dark Goddess was a cold and wintery place, with slippery stone walls. Yet even as her own soldiers reacted to the sudden siege, running across snowy courtyards to ring bells loud and clear, so many knights’ hooves thundered across the icy plains.

A winged compliment of dragoons upon dragon back flew in with Dowjin’s vanguard. The lances of the knights came to bear against the solid wall before them. But before they crashed into it the dragoons cast a devastating array of spells, hammering into the fortifications and tearing open huge rents.

The defenders reply came swift and deadly. A storm of arrows butchered the footmen behind the van, while pike men in the courtyards braced to receive the charging horses. Divine power crashed upon Dowjin in a suffocating wave, flooring him as he tumbled into the snow.

Further down the line he saw Daies, whom had transfigured himself into a huge and terrible beast of legend, scaling over the wall and consuming his enemies with a gigantic toothy maw.

>aka the Tarrasque

Dowjin knew Kellan had to be summoning some countermeasure against them, so rather than dwell on it, he trusted in Daies to find her. The half-dragon warlord instead hastened his charge into the first of many enemy keeps.

The bulk of Kellan’s realm consisted of a series of castles and cathedrals all connected to each other in some kind of massive circle of power. This made every inch of ground hard to win as they plumbed the fortifications, yet with ferocity and numbers they began to overwhelm the enemy. With the dragonslayer sword in his hands, Dowjin tried to sense from which direction Kellan’s power had been thrown at him.

Turning in that direction, Dowjin races towards the closest set of steps leading to the battlements. Footmen follow him, jumping over the bodies they had hewn apart to gain entry. Crossing over the yonder courtyards, a group of enemy spearmen come bursting out of garrison doors to meet them.

Pointing his sword forward, Dowjin orders the footmen to charge, and he with them.

As they dive upon the spear wall, shields bash open a path. Dowjin’s sword reached far as he leapt upon the enemy, hacking one of the demon-men down as the press of bodies bowled the spearmen over. Dowjin grits his teeth in regret at the men who fell behind with spears in their bellies, yet he wasn’t expecting this victory to come cheap.

Into the garrison they charged, momentum on their side as well as a rally of war cries. Dowjin pointed towards the two side corridors, ordering his men to split. Yet before he could pick which squad he should follow a heavy crash echoed throughout the vaulted common chamber of the lavishly decorated garrison.

A cumbersome field of energy surrounded the balor whom fell from the ceiling and at the end of his flaming sword lay two pieces of the warrior last to dash into the left-hand halls.

Rising after crashing in through the roof, the winged creature of nightmares and flame stood chest and shoulders taller than Dowjin. Yet he was not so massive that the half-dragon feared to engage him. Rather, as the beastial demon roared at him, Dowjin ran into the balor’s guard with a scream of rage and swung a heavy slash towards the monster’s chest, throwing all his weight behind it.

The balor’s bloodlust filled the humanoid demon with glee to join in battle, and the savage being delighted in locking its blade with Dowjin’s; only to lift a meaty foot and kick the punitive man across the room.

Dowjin coughed as he blinked and realized he was now sitting against the rear wall, and rose with a grimace. Undeterred, he met the balor whose steps shook the hall in a headstrong charge. Yet when the balor’s blade came down the half-dragon stepped into the right and out of the way, slashing into an exposed bicep. The balor clenched a fist and swung it away from his weapon in order to smite Dowjin in one fell blow, but the warlord leapt into the attack and twisted his body around. Dowjin shoved a hand down upon the balor’s own, rolling over the strike and flipping himself over the sword between them as he landed. Dowjin’s left hand crossed his body, slamming into the balor’s sword handle and blocking the slash that could have torn him in half.

There was no hesitation, not even a moment lost as Dowjin’s sword arm hacks forward, shearing through the balor’s stomach.

The massive strength of the demon was too much for Dowjin though, and he was thrown bodily away with one arm while the balor used another to clutch its wound. The half-dragon’s wings beat hard against the throw, righting himself before his head crashed into anything.

Breathing heavily, Dowjin hissed in desperation for how this balor was delaying him too long. Even if the balor was bleeding out and would soon die, he decided to spare the last of his divine power and finish the demon now. Pointing his left palm towards the fell beast he ended its life in one large and terrifying bang. A searing flash of light was the only thing which was left after that divine blast, erasing whatever it touched from all of reality.

By now Daies and his soldiers must be making good headway, so the half-dragon raced to catch up to the frontlines.

Deciding to take a detour he leapt down into the eastern courtyard beside the grand tower, and stomped over to a cathedral attached to the ramparts leading up to the tower proper. He saw flashes of light winking from within the cathedral’s tinted windows, and so this door too Dowjin kicked in, racing to join his loyal soldiers in the melee.

Only when he did the dim and somber lighting of a decadently furnished red and gold hall was all that met him.

Behind Dowjin the cathedral doors slammed shut seemingly on their own, and with the sound of heels clacking upon stone he turned to look at the two women that had teleported here to meet him.

One was Kellan herself, a tall and beautiful woman of pale complexion and long inky hair.

What took Dowjin’s breath away was the sight of the other woman, who was a few inches shorter than himself. She too had pale skin, yet tiger like markings of demonflesh hugged her shapely thighs and toned arms. Her hair was a short magenta red and her amethyst eyes peered at Dowjin with something like amusement, as if his armor flattered him as much as the one piece dress of thigh length pink flattered her.

“Telarin?” Dowjin spoke to the succubus who stood beside Kellan.
The woman’s tail twitched in how it swayed across the many horizontal slits in her dress. Her wings lax behind her back as Telarin smiled triumphantly. Finally she spoke to him:

“Indeed, it is me.”

“But why?!” Dowjin blurted in stunned confusion.

Kellan raised her hand, and the overbearing force of her telekinesis threw him against one of the temple’s pillars, though she let his body slide to the ground before drawing a circle with her finger. That mystical motion caused a barrier of purple light perhaps a foot tall to spawn around Dowjin, imprisoning him within that arbitrary boundary with power he couldn’t compete against.

“Like ants you mortals have scurried about, and I believe you should thank me for humoring you as much as I did. You have grown cocky, and drunk with your new power. You somehow managed to come back to life after real Gods demanded you lay it down. You could have lived a wonderful and prosperous life under my domain, but you and Daies just keep had to keep pushing. You’ve gone too far and endangered too much. Now you must die.” Kellan declared.

“I’m sorry my survival wasn’t a part of your plan, I’ll try to do better next time.” Dowjin sneers sarcastically, struggling to move yet he could not.

“Not only did you defy death, but you come back to defy me! After all I have given you!"

“I fought to get where I am! Tooth and nail I clawed! This had nothing to do with your power, I got where I am on my own!” Dowjin argued.

"Now you deny the very manifest power you’ve been using all along. Believe what you will, I have to go to slay Daies before he breaks anything else. I’ll give Telarin the pleasure of killing you, while you reflect on how I gave you even her.” Spoke Kellan before she vanished within a thunderclap of divine power.

>Almost done

“No, this is, impossible... I can’t believe it. Telarin?” Dowjin spoke, overwhelmed.

“It is as she says. I serve her, Dowjin. I have served her ever since Malice offered my soul to her in exchange for his own rise to power. I was kept as insurance by him until he achieved his domain, one which you ended by returning me to my mother.” Telarin explained with a cool simplicity.

“What, but, why?”

“You would not understand, and still you don’t. You simply fail to grasp that all of this was over your head from the beginning. Even Helvara herself was using you. You were a tool, Dowjin.”

“NO! That’s not the Telarin I know!” He shouted, even as the succubus picked up his own sword.
“You never knew me, nor what I had to go through.” Telarin spoke as she lifted his sword and placed it against Dowjin’s shoulder, slipping it underneath the shoulder plate before stabbing him deeply.

Dowjin cried out in pain before he spoke, gasping. “No, you are my wife, you are everything that is good in my life, I know you! I love you!”

“You loved a lie. I serve Kellan.” Telarin withdrew the bloodstained sword point.

“NO, that’s- stupid, that’s impossible! All of that time together with me, just for this? I don’t believe it, this is not you!”

“I am a demon, Dowjin. That is my fate, and this is your fate. Kellan’s power is absolute, and I serve her. She has control over my mind and body anytime she wills it. Love is a luxury not seen in the abyss, do yourself a favor and forget it ever happened."
“How many times were you inside the wards of my own domain? How many times were you within antimagic protection? No matter Kellan’s power, I know I have seen the real you. That wasn’t acting, you were happy! I know it, I was protecting you.”

“Her magic is more complex than you can imagine.” Telarin speaks.

Dowjin shakes his head, even as blood continued to run down his side. “No its not, that’s a cop-out answer and you know it. Even now Daies is sacking her tower, and any moment he will defeat her, because he is more powerful than either of you know.”

“No he’s not, Kellan could smite him and you in an instant if it pleased her. It was fun, Dowjin, but now our time is done.”

“Then answer me this. Why are we still alive even now? If Kellan is so powerful, she could have ended either of us with a snap of her fingers, like a true god. Yet she hasn’t, because she can't. She’s brainwashed you, because she has to play on our level, on Daies’ level, that’s why we will win.”
you want story time? There's already a thread with stories on it. Take my love, my pain, and all of my sorrow!
“Are you that delusional? Your bleeding to death while imprisoned inside Kellan’s wards, and you think you are on her level? I’m sorry, but even if we were to be together, you are powerless to stop Kellan.” Telarin states.

“Even weak and captured, watch as this kingdom collapses around her. Even while you think I’m at your mercy, look at what my comrades and I can do. This realm is being sacked, and Daies is striking Kellan down. Every minute that passes by, aren’t you wondering, what could possibly be taking Kellan this long?”

“I don’t know. Dowjin, stop. You’re making this harder than it has to be.”

“You don’t have to live under her thumb just to survive. It doesn’t have to be like this. Please, before it’s too late, listen to reason. What we had wasn’t fake! If I am about to die, at least tell me the truth.”

Browsin'. This story here was a bit of a longer one so I thought I'd keep it to one thread instead of flooding someone elses.


>two more posts

“I have been trying to. But this is too much for me, or even for you.”

“Its not, and I can prove it to you. If you trust me I can prove it to you!”

“Trust you? Why should I trust you? And for that matter, why would you even trust me, knowing who I am now?”

“Because... Love isn’t about being a fair weather fan. Its easy to tell someone you love them when times are good. But having someone you can depend on when times are bad, someone who never gives up on you. That... That is love. This here, this is the worst. I can’t believe I fell for their lies. I feel sick to my stomach and I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same after this. But I can make it better. We can make this better together, and I will trust you. Because I’ll know that you trust in me, and that you need me as much as I need you.”

There was a thunderous series of booms, and the cry of some primal beast roared. The din of battle heightened, and it sounded as if stone structures were crumbling under the siege.

“You would forgive me, after all of this? People are dead now!”

“I would say that I was not the only one fooled by Kellan. You have the power to choose for yourself what you want, and you can choose to make this better. So it’s up to you, Telarin. You can end it, and leave me here to die. Or stay with me, and wait for Daies. Without you, Kellan will fall. She is the powerless one. But with me, you can have the life you dream; you can have the freedom to be yourself. I will stand by you and forgive you, if you show me where your heart truly lies.”

“I, I don’t know!” Telarin shouts, stomping her foot, emotion visible within her expression.

“Sure you do. You’ve known it for years. So what’s it going to be... Are you really going to kill me, or do you want to risk your life for a monster like her?”
Telarin stood there silent for a time, grimacing past tears. Dowjin blinked his one good eye, yet while emotion had moistened it the pain and fatigue of bleeding out was starting to overcome him. Breathing eventually became tiring and he felt a chill, so he crossed his tail over his lap and leaned back to relax. All the while the man dragon was wondering if this was how it was all going to end.

Telarin eventually stepped forward, and hesitantly knelt, and as she lifted her hand Dowjin held his breath, perhaps she really was about to kill him. He regretted underestimated the scope of Kellan’s power. Yet the touch of her hand was gentle against his upper arm, and her used her magic to heal him. She leaned into him then, as they waited for the battle to finish, her arms crossed as he held her. When she saw the purple light of the barrier surrounding Dowjin flicker and start to fade, Telarin began to cry.

It is said that upon Daies’ victory over the Dark Goddess that he reunited with the ground forces lead by Dowjin. There he found Telarin, among a host of prisoners the now slain Kellan had taken captive. While many people became curious about how Kellan had abducted Telarin, everyone agreed that it was a stroke of luck that they were able to find her so quickly and save her before she was hurt.

I hope TG enjoyed all those huge walls of text.

One of the big themes of the game was whether or not people in positions in high power were actually powerful, or not, and all the machinations that lead to the rise and fall of lords.

What makes a god in world full of gods, and heroes who can call themselves gods?

I was going to introduce true divinity as something that destroyed a person and made them slave to a concept of energy governing one of their portfolios. Basically meaning, nobody in the lore was ever a "true" god. And discovering how to become a "true" God would become a horrifying and alien experience. But Daies started killing people before we could take it that far.

It was a lesson in WELL THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY, and I guess a love story.

So, cheers.
Reading your stories is always a pleasure.

Thanks anon, I'm glad at least one person read it.
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Enjoyed reading this, thanks for the story OP
Bump so I can read this later.
Bumpan for the daytime crowd, upvote if you liked it.

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