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File: 1364255229078.jpg-(80 KB, 1280x1024, chapter.jpg)
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I am the Chapter Master. You should not concern yourself with my name, for who I am is what I do, not how someone chooses to label me. By the will of the Emperor I command the finest Chapter to ever tread among the stars. I have no fear but to fail in the eyes of my brothers. Age of Ruin is on the horizon, Imperium is falling apart, I know it in my heart. I was blessed and cursed to live in time when the fate of our galaxy is being decided once more. I can just hope that my choices will be right. Ave Imperator et Imperium!
Chapter is currently on Tartarus space station, where they are trying to save Ceiron, and Imperial Assassin who has gone missing from their service some time ago...

Hey hey.

I believe last time we had just met Ceiron in a basement near the gangster base.
"Ceiron, what are you doing on this emperor-forsaken station! The High Lords of Terra have requested that you return, we need to return to the ship."
File: 1364256805302.jpg-(11 KB, 200x242, 5.jpg)
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>Chapter Master, you are the one person I didn't expect to meet here. Emperor must truly love me afterall. How I got here is a long story... After you left me stationed on Inaria, some dark things started happening under those adamantium helmets that your brothers wear. Ghosts that bring retribution to the enemies of the Imperium became ghosts who haunt the hives of peaceful civilians. I was never a guest to the meetings of the inner Soul Killers council, however I sensed that something very wrong was happening, especially after news reached us that you bent your knee in front of Larion Ursus. I personally care not for high politics, but I knew that I had to quickly abandon Inaria or become another victim in the bloody purges that started targeting not only real rebels, but innocent civilians and any opposition as well. I jumped the first ship and it just happened so, that I managed to get to Tartarus. However here I got stuck, I knew that unveiling my identity will be the end of me, however I had no money to buy a ticket for myself aboard the ship to the Core Worlds. What I did is that I forged documents showing that I am an Imperial economist, serving in Grand Economica of Tachion Primaris, I tried to write a fake cheque to one of the captains in return for the journey, but he turned me down because apparently he had some problems with Tachionian law enforcement and wouldn't be able to cash it out even if it was real. But it got worse - word spread that there is a lone bookworm on Tartarus, who can write a cheque for a sum with six zeroes. I immediatelly became the most hunted man on this flying piece of scrap metal. My civilian cover had to go, I spent last few weeks playing hide and seek with thugs and bandits all across the station. They would have never caught me, too stupid and too weak, but they could delay me forever, checking every ship that comes and leaves. I decided to act first.
>That's quite a tale Ceiron. The situation on Inaria has been resolved, with the offending marines sent on penitence. As for your situation now, I'm here with my Chief Librarian and my 4 Shadow Guard. If you walk out with us would anyone be so bold as to attempt to attack?
File: 1364257088873.jpg-(43 KB, 713x708, Ceiron waits.jpg)
43 KB
>This casino, Dead Star, is owned by Daikan Alepros, probably the most influential man on Tartarus. I suspect that he is the one who decided to make easy cash by catching me and making me give him all those Imperial bank details that I do not have. Well, i decided to turn the game around. I was going to kill him, take his cash, scare his thugs and buy my way out of here. I was only 57% sure of my success before, but now that you are here, I am 99% positive that we'll succeed in taking him out. Or maybe you have a way of extracting me without attracting attention from here? I don't care about Alepros personally, he is a target of situation, not an assigned mission, I can leave him alone.
File: 1364257212543.jpg-(172 KB, 470x801, ceiron.jpg)
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172 KB JPG
>Well, They think that I am worth 100 million thrones, or at least that's the rumour I extracted from one of the tongues I caught. The question is simple - is Daikan Alepros stupid enough to think that 100 million thrones is worth taking on half a dozen space marines and an Imperial Assassin?
>If his men fire on us first Ceiron, I will happily destroy them all.
File: 1364257533032.jpg-(121 KB, 700x525, tartarus blademaster.jpg)
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121 KB JPG
Rolled 65

>Shall we leave now?

If you wish to leave openly and go for the ship, please roll d100 on your Intimidation score.

I am rolling for the Greed of Tartarus gangs(50).
Rolled 100

>inb4 100
I don't even have a picture to show my anger.
File: 1364258006671.jpg-(40 KB, 300x309, 1360809386555.jpg)
40 KB
Let me help.
File: 1364258006206.jpg-(143 KB, 650x1100, Tartarus inside.jpg)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Rolled 9

It seems everyone knows on Tartarus that Space Marines are so tough only in the stories. If they can bleed, they can die, right?

Roll Tactics to see in what position you will find yourselves, d100

Gangs of Tartarus have Tactics of 30 (+30) for local terrain.
Rolled 25

Thanks brah.

>inb4 second crit fail
Rolled 5, 8, 7, 10, 6 = 36

Also cast glimpse
File: 1364258960251.jpg-(418 KB, 663x900, 1247413744456.jpg)
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418 KB JPG
>Reality blurs around you as you see through the fog dozens of ragged void raiders and gangsters moving quickly through the maintenance tunnels and hidden corridors to make it to the choke points first where they'll be able to get you into a cross-fire with nowhere to retreat. Most of them are non-threats, armed with chain-knifes, stubbers and lasguns, however you notice, that some of them are carrying heavier weapons such as grenades, mining-charges, rpg launchers, even meltaguns. Also there are at least three groups that seem to be 'elite' units of separate gangs. One of them is bringing with them something what looks like Shuriken Cannon, an Eldar heavy weapon that you only read about... There are hundreds of them closing on you from across the station, summoned by the vox or runners. Glimpse into the future shows you a lot of blood if you get cornered, and you are sure that this blood is not just theirs... On the other hand you sense that you are not the target and bloodshed can be stopped.

File: 1364259329760.jpg-(49 KB, 575x444, 1332991907087.jpg)
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You get cornered in a huge abandoned hall full of support pillars, giving you some minor cover, however you are too few to cover all the entrances and you soon notice first figures to slip into the room and block your way. They do not open fire, but they aim at you, as if waiting for something. Do you try to break through while their ranks are thin or do you wait and get surrounded?

"They're trying to surround us, Chapter Master!"

"Good! We can kill heretics no matter which way we attack!"
File: 1364259572377.jpg-(1.09 MB, 1055x800, 1256947699089.jpg)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
As in the chat there are suggestion to begin space combat, I'll remind you something from session 53, Chapter Master, being warrior, would certainly remember that.
>As you return to the real space, you notice a huge space station surrounded by ships. You can count 3 cruisers and 8 smaller vessels at current time, none of them seem to be familiar to you.
You do not have void superiority in this situation.
Ask Ceiron which entrance will give us the quickest route out of here, once we find out, push forward towards that entrance.
Also ask the Shadow Guard and our librarian if they have any melta charges.
File: 1364260018612.jpg-(184 KB, 1174x570, 1353573765795.jpg)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>If we take the route through the metal refineries, we'll be able to reach the lander deck in 35 minutes if there is no resistence, but that route is dangerous and it would be easy to ambush us there, while if we go through the hab blocks, it can take more than an hour maybe even two, but maybe we'll meet less resistence. Finally, we can take the insane option and simply hijack a trolley-vagon that are used here for in-station transportation, it'll take us less than 10 minutes to reach our destination, but on the high-tunnels they will be able to deploy their vehicles against us... I am not sure.
Renard, being paranoid, always a melta-charge with him.
>There is no problem that cannot be solved with enough melta.
Other companions may have d3(-1) melta charges as this is not part of standart kit.
Rolled 1

rolling melta bombs
File: 1364260080935.jpg-(41 KB, 292x600, 1296133020752.jpg)
41 KB
Good to see you, Brother Marine, our chat is here if you forgot:
What do you do?
Shout out to the gang peoples:
>I wish to negotiate with your superiors.
As lines of raiders, pirates, gansters and other scum thicken around your small squad, one of them steps forward and opens his wry mouth:
>The name's Barabus. I am serving lord Karmag of Cruiser "Anbus", who answers to no one but stars. He is on friendly relations with Tartarus, for this station provides us safe haven and coin for our work, thus we couln't refuse when mister Alepros asked us to retrieve certain individual for him. That individual happens to be with you - the one in bodyglove, behind the pillar. We mean him no harm, apart from that which his lack of cooperation may summon upon his head, Let us take him to Daikan Alepros and no harm will come to you. We may not love the Imperium, but we don't want to be enemies either.
>Well this man is our friend, and we are soldiers of the Imperium, if you want him then you ARE making enemies of the Imperium.
>Sorry, but we're under orders to take this man to our ship, he's coming with us.
File: 1364261532708.jpg-(1.64 MB, 1232x1800, 1341676093843.jpg)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
>Your deaths would serve no purpose neither for us or this station. And even if through some miracle you would reach the hatch, you may no longer find a ship that you want to leave with... Please choose the reasonable option and spare the blood.
While he speaks, some twenty more thugs enter the hall, hauling Shuriken Cannon with them.
Current enemy list:
85 thugs
7 thugs with heavy weapons:(3 rpg-launchers, 2 melta-guns, 1 plasmagun, 1 Tau plasma rifle)
1 Shuriken Cannon(crew of 5)
File: 1364261964374.jpg-(75 KB, 338x292, FUCKING DO IT!!!.jpg)
75 KB
>That's a real, crying shame.
Barbarus the prick gets blammed.
Renard uses his melta bomb to make a hole in the floor.
Trianon uses a telekinetic barrier to protect us momentarily from inbound fire as we jump down the hole.

Then epic trolley escape.
Rolled 48


"For the Emperor! DEATH! DEATH!"

>target Barbarus + heavy weapons
File: 1364263005255.jpg-(102 KB, 960x626, 404866_156129257833499_33(...).jpg)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Please roll:
1= Renard (creating escape route) [Dif 70]
2= Trianon (360* psychic shield vs. ~3000 rounds) = [Psy Rating roll required: 55]
3, 4, 5 = Sulix, Targos, Horim(cover fire) [Dif 50, each 3 points kill 1 thug]
6= You (kill Barabus) [Dif 36 vs dodge 30]
7= Vindicare (kill Shuriken crew) [Dif 35]

1=Barabus Dodge
2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9 = 8 squads of thugs (massed fire to kill space marines) [dif 10]
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 = heavy weapons (attempt to kill random space marines) [dif 20]
17 = Shuriken Cannon (kill marines) [dif 50]
18 = Barabus tries to contact his masters to initiate space battle [dif 40]
File: 1364263065533.jpg-(26 KB, 479x720, 249306_242248152463593_39(...).jpg)
26 KB
Rolled 66, 23, 72, 22, 72, 3, 85, 38, 18, 81, 82, 6, 69, 46, 52, 15, 70, 15 = 835

File: 1364263095443.jpg-(23 KB, 500x285, 1354671112514.jpg)
23 KB
Rolled 95, 17, 37, 63, 29, 32, 80 = 353

Rolled 67


samefag, forgot to mention I wanted to pin the heavies + Barb, but I'll just make brother marines pin the heavies.

rolling for CM to put a bullet in Barbarus' head and cause panic in enemy forces.
File: 1364263906873.jpg-(93 KB, 800x1051, is it our future.jpg)
93 KB
Rolled 85, 6, 80, 40, 71, 94, 13, 13, 20, 95, 80, 77, 22, 17, 66, 9, 58, 19 = 865

I'll ignore roll 2, because Trianon requires Psy Rating roll, that is 4d10.

He has no chances to cast such powerful shield, but depending on how much he fails, he might at least prevent one of the deaths.

One of the thug squads killed a marine with their massed fire from small weapons. Another marine fell down with a hole in his forehead that was left by Tau pulse rifle. Third marine was hit by rocket propelled grenade in the chest and finished off with a stream of melta.
Your roll was a success, you can:
a) Kill Barabus
b) pin down heavy weapon negating one marine kill

If Barabus lives, he managed to initiate space battle between Aspera Dominus and Tartarus fleet.
Renard critically failed. Please roll d5
1 - Explosion opened a path, but critically wounded Renard.
2 - Melta charge was a dud, no escape path
3 - Explosion wasn't strong enough to make a path.
4 - Explosion destabilised structure of the hall, ceiling falls in, everyone rolls toughness or dies.
5 - Melta charge is hit by las bolt while in Renards' hands, it explodes killing him, no path left.
Your Brothers killed 11 thugs(1 squad) and 1 rpg launcher carrier.
File: 1364264047037.jpg-(401 KB, 1200x792, Eternal Glory.jpg)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
TPK chance: around 80%
Using a Fate Point.

Chapter Master obliterated Barbarus' face with his Plasma Pistol, then Trianon erects a large force barrier whilst Renard detonates the melta bomb, leaving a large hole in the floor.
However, as the marines jump down the hole Trianon's barrier falters, and Targos' arm is torn off from a burst of the Shuriken cannon.
Ignoring his wound, Targos joins the other 5 as they sprint down the corridor they found themselves in, until they reached a large, open passage that could accommodate vehicles.
All 6 mounted up on a trolley-wagon and began making their way to the Aspera Dominus.
all 6 marines + Ceiron, I should add
And also warn the Aspera Dominus that the other ships may attack them
File: 1364265322847.jpg-(29 KB, 400x400, 313196_302321956457622_17(...).jpg)
29 KB
Good place to end our session. We earn 2 xp tonight. See you soon!
File: 1364265944240.png-(127 KB, 693x693, I can't be doin'(...).png)
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127 KB PNG

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