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Is this the end? Are we finally here?

Previous Thread:


You are Roger Green, a scout from the Free Towns: human survivors in hiding from the sues ravaging the planet, and their armies and thrall nations. For decades, it seems that there's no end to this bitter survival, until one day, the world became silent and sues were no longer to be seen. Or was it...

The world began to change, and man started turning on each other again for the few remaining scraps of civilization left. There were places around the world better off than the rest; these became sought-after prizes by the various bands of survivors, but conflict caused the prizes of civilization to be destroyed as a result.

One day, it was as if the answer to the question would be found when one day, a library inside a sue nation started openly calling for help.

This is where your team came in, penetrating further and further into the city.

And yet, you found people believing so hard in the bullshit they've spun around themselves, that this Library you're looking for, just might all be burned down because of them.

You encounter a pilot of a crashed ship belonging to the Transpace Guard, or rather, The Editors. Part of a scouting force,they have come to assess the situation in the ruins of the city, and you have told that same pilot of the library. This information, trickled down to his superiors, The Editors.

The Editors have revealed themselves after the Pony sues were defeated in the subway tunnels. With the Editors' position and mood soured, things won't last. Thankfully, your asses were saved by the timely intervention of a certain Dimitri Jurgovich. From him, and from the Editor's gloating, you were able to divine the intentions of the Editors, and what they might really be.

A storm breaks loose. Your team, now working with the mysterious Interspace Patrol, rush through the subways to the library.
Your inventory:
Combat knife (on you) - salvaged from crazy dude
Vehicle-and-misc toolkit
Engineering/demolition supplies
Team-size medkit
Scraps of "lore" (aged, crackled, faded newspapers).
1 stickybombs

Team A:
You - assault rifle, SMG, pistol, shivs, a milspec helmet with multiple imaging options (thermal, NV).
Adnan Soong - gunner, shotgun, hunting rifle

Team B:
Rhubert Philips - driver - hunting rifle
Morris - rifle, pistol

Skeety Rakrood
Alexander Rex

Space Ghost
Chuck Norris
GI Joe Greenshirts x 5

-Your toolkit and materials in the technicals can be used for a variety of purposes, improvised explosives and poison gas need not be mentioned.
-Each team has a technical with a pintle-mounted machinegun, YOU HAVE LEFT BOTH TECHNICALS AT THE CITY LIMITS

1.You have sighted four other Terran Wraiths in the sky before you went in underground.
3. There are other groups of raiders who have taken interest in the distress call. Some are armed with vehicles, mechanical walkers and heavy weapons. There are occassional larger groups travelling in flatbed trucks.
4. Your team and Chuck's are going over Morris' map and the city map you salvaged to figure out where the library is, and the nearest known surface exit.
5. Morris is under heavy fatigue after incurring injury after injury.
6. Skeety has difficulty walking and needs to brace against Soong, who helps him under the shoulder.
We should try to get the raiders to attack each other or the mob, so we have time to find the library.

Our people are getting fatigued. I wonder if its better to stop hand rest for a while but I don't want to stay around here.

Make our way to the closest surface exit, and Morris, Soong and Skeety can take breather while the others scout around the exit.
>>What's your plan? How do you plan to lure the scattered groups across the city?

Meanwhile, your team is slowed down by your two injured guys. While you and Morris cover the rear, Chuck and the Joes lead the way. Chuck muses how they're on a path now that they didn't come from, which leads to them taking more time -- to disarm more traps hidden in the tunnels to protect the settlement.

"Seems like those Ponies used a portal and just busted their way straight down somehow, or hypnotized someone to open the doors for them," Chuck concludes.

It's not too long before the two parties break ground into sunlight once more, but not before you patch up Morris and Skeety with more meds to hold them together for a while longer...
Find somewhere to hole up.
Morris, Soong and Skeety can rest while we whip up some bait with the engineering/demolition supplies.
Have to send scouts out to get a feel for where the other groups are.
Hopefully make a big enough ruckus out of the whole thing we can get to the library overland.
Or buy us time to find a way there underground.

We need to get a bearing on our situation. Just like that this guy >>23878811 says.
Lets hole up and scout around. Morris and Skeety can rest while making sure that nothing comes up behind us.
Your team breaks out of a pair of steel double doors, albeit corroded and creaky. Chuck leans on it, and with extra effort, the rubble blocking the door begins to be raked aside.

At the top of the stairs, your people take a good, hard look at just where they are while Morris and Skeety slump against a wall. An educated guess at the map tells them that they are in fact, at least three to four city blocks worth of distance away from the library, but that library is somewhere tucked into a university.

Those four flyers that pilot said a while ago before you went underground, can be sighted, loosely and leisurely making some sort of patrol pattern over a large area. None seem to be low enough to be dodging buildings.

"We could call for the nearest vehicle to get your two guys out of here, but we'll need to get those four planes off our backs," a Joe greenshirt muses. "We couldn't risk causing a cave-in with explosives in the tunnels, so we came in with mostly guns. Were any of you the one who set off a bomb?"
Well, we can draw attention and try to shoot 'em down, but I dunno if we have the firepower for that.
We need to get eyes on the roof regardless, check out the situation and maybe create a diversion to lure a flyer towards us to fight or away to let us get to the library.
We have demo charges ready?
"Well we don't have anything we can use against planes. Heck, before you guys came the only thing that was flying was the SUE's."

"We don't really have much choice but to keep moving while sticking to cover."

"Morris, Skeety, do you think you can carry on?"
File: 1364254937866.jpg-(1.14 MB, 3696x2448, mob_photo.jpg)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Chuck muses, "We could wait out at some spot and we can fetch a couple of AA missiles instead. That demo charge might be a crapshoot."

Meanwhile, you only noticed it now, but you now hear something you probably might not like....

And in the distance lies damaged buildings amongst rubble and wrecked cars, but buildings in better shape nonetheless. Some portions seem to be collapsed...
Head to the library, sticking to cover, keeping an eye out for the mob and raiders.
If Morris and Skeety have to stay behind, so be it.
Maybe those demo supplies will come in handy after all, for slowing down this mob.
Where do you intend to hide Morris and Skeety? Or do you want to wait for them to be picked up by a Joe vehicle?

What's your idea on how to drop demolitions on the mob? You have 1 stickybomb left, as per inventory.
>engineering/demolition supplies
I'd rather see if there's a bridge or building to blow to hinder their path; how big is the mob?>>23880975
Joe vehicle works, and if hit has heavy weaponry so much the better.

Well, we got the Engineering/demolition supplies. Instead of trying to get the Mob directly we could try to get the Planes attention. But we have no idea if they are going to attack the mob.

We could look to see if there is anyway to block the mobs path, but really only a building falling on them would stop a mob.

As for Morris and Skeety. We could leave them here to wait for pick up, do we have a radio we could give them?

Anyway looking at the list. We are going to be down to us, Rhubhert and our allies.
Mob size is a few hundred at least, on one street, loosely spaced. There are several with firearms mixed in the group, many more in the front.

Chuck calls in a Joe vehicle on their position for medical and AA, and cautions about the enemy aircraft.

You also leave behind a radio for Morris and Skeety, as you wonder how you can possibly demoralize or scatter the crowd, like how to throw a bomb from really far and into the middle of the mob.

There is no telling right now who will the Wraiths be gunning for, or if they recognize your group by face.

Well throwing a sticky boom into the crowd is not going to help matters. Mobs do not disperse until a large number of them are killed and a stickbomb is just going to make the survivors angry.

We need to see if we can collapse a bridge or bring a building down on them. Perhaps we need to take a look to see which path the mob is going to take. We have to get a lot in one go"
"What if we can use the missile launchers on the crowd?" you ponder.

Everyone looks at you sternly. Morris protests, "I think that's what they want us to do. They might be baiting for us to do it, and then the Editors will come in like saviors on a white horse".

>the mob will be in your general area in a few minutes, the Joe pickup is gonna be a little earlier. Time is gonna be tight, and there's enemy planes and a library to find before the Editors or the angry mob pinpoint it.
We need to bring down a building before they get here; no reason to martyr them.
Then, while they recover and the blast draws the Wraiths' attention, we can pick our way towards the library.
May have to be the building we're in now; if so, Morris and Skeety will have to wait on the other side.
Rolled 9

The Joes check for their remaining demolitions supply...

"There's no way we can take down a whole building with the stuff we have now, so we'll have to meet halfway somehow," a Joe points out...
Rolled 2

"We only have two more explosives here".

Everyone huddles up to figure out how to make the most out of this...

Meanwhile, you hear a familiar clang-clang noise from faraway, mixed in with whrring and vrooming noises.

You survey the buildings, a lot which are bombed-out, a lot with their windows missing. Some smaller buildings, about three, are gutted from the top-down with the outer walls missing; a tall building has a huge chunk missing out of its side. A good explosion would gut the less intact buildings; the smaller buildings would be mostly gone.

>Rolling for how many other easily-destroyable buildings present.
We don't need a whole building; just collapse the front of two buildings facing each other on the street should be enough.
Time the detonation so that the dust and grit will be in the air when the mob approaches, keep them from picking their way through easily.
Rolled 33, 100 = 133

Everyone but Morris and Skeety climbs up the two buildings and sets up the explosives.

Meanwhile, a Joe Havoc and an Equalizer roll in behind a street corner, escorted by a pair of Triple-Ts. They have a supply of backpack-mounted missile launchers, and two pairs of missile and machinegun PAC/RATs as well.

The vehicles are given the signal to hide their position for the moment. Meanwhile, the team times the explosive detonations to confuse the mob...
Hrm... if the explosion draws the Wraiths, we might able to take one or two down with the missile launchers.
Are any of our guys good enough to blend in with the back of the crowd and fire the missiles from there?
Could be our opportunity to turn them against the Editors.
File: 1364261428671.jpg-(45 KB, 350x210, equalizer_title.jpg)
45 KB
The explosions send debris and dust onto the road, forcing back a now-confused mob, trying to make sense in a large dust cloud. This has the effect of drawing one of the Wraiths closer to investigate...

>>which missile launchers do you want to use?
Well, if we do the backpack missile launchers we can potentially start a confrontation between the crowd and the wraiths.
If that fails, then the vehicles can do their thing, possibly getting the mob on our side in the process.
But the mob's a bunch a crazies led by a fucking preacher.
>clang-clang noise from faraway, mixed in with whrring and vrooming noises

I get the feeling I missed something in a previous thread. What's this supposed to be?
I don't wanna drink tea with 'em, but if we can get them distracting the Wraiths or tussling with raiders, so much the better!
I have no idea what that is, jumped in blind here.
I think we fought walker mechs and trucks awhile ago? By raiders?
And you think that the Wraiths won't be able to tell that it was a Joe missile coming after them? Not to mention, if they get shot at by AA missiles and MANPADS, that'll give the Editors the excuse they need to bring in heavier weapons as a response.
Can the Joe's use the Equalizer to shoot down a building behind the mob, and box them in?
Seems like scavenging stuff happens a lot around here... and where else are they going to get missiles?
Even so, identifying a weapon's source and coordinating intel will take some time, long enough for us to get away.
That would be exceptional.
The sounds are probably from a mech-capable raider group. We engaged in a fight between two such groups, which is where we lost Alex Rex.

With Skeet and Morris riding on the Havoc, can we make good speed towards the library, bypassing the mob and the Wraiths?

Also, the Havoc has a small hovercraft; can we use it to scout ahead?
So we have three different plans going on here:

A. Have a Joe swap clothes with Morris, sneak into the crowd and fire an AA at a Wraith
B. use the Equalizer to shoot down a building behind the mob
C. use the Havoc to bypass the mob and rush to the Library to set a defensive line

Let's put a majority vote here; or else, 1d6 roll to decide.
Bypass the mob, rush to the Library.
We don't have time to be wasting here, and firing a missile at a Wraith is too risky for not enough gain.
Whichever is faster of A or B; I don't know how long positioning and firing the Equalizer will take.
If we don't nip this crowd now it could be a sizeable problem later.
Rolled 53

Alright, what broke? How is this going to fuck us up?
The group starts piggybacking on the Triple-Ts and the Havoc recon craft and starts trying to track down the library's exact location.

>>Havoc and Equalizer will be trailing behind considerably.

You folks start finding graffiti about problems to solve and facts to fill in, in place of signs that indicate what buildings are what, have been scrubbed out. The graffiti is surprisingly well-composed, with the info and setup of problems taken straight out of books.

Recalling why there's even graffiti, you remember about lucky bands of survivors who hid in libraries and used the secrets of the knowledge within to repel the sues. Something about having to think so hard with "real knowledge" makes them recoil or mentally shut down.

Philips muses about what the Editors said back in the subway. "If the Editors had their way, I guess these things would've been destroyed too, right? Maybe call it out history being a bunch of delusional madman stuff, or being made up?"

Moments later, everyone reaches a sprawling complex overrun with plants except for the occasional wall or sign. The area seems to be made of mostly-intact series of buildings. A great, mighty outpost you have laid your eyes on, a "fortress" as best as conditions allow.

A further inspection reveals parts of the buildings somewhat collapsed, and some roofs caved-in.

Not too far away, you hear the sounds of fighting again, and another mob.

Setting down, and peeking around a corner, you see someone challenging a crowd seemingly alone. Meanwhile, the Joes creep around, spotting traps; some to collapse ceilings, and others you've seen similarly in the tunnels.

The smell of burning fires, of metal and assorted material drifts through the air.
Have one of the Joes bring up the machinegun RAT/PACs, and have Soong take up the hunting rifle and cover us.
We're going to get in closer and try to hear what the lone guy is telling the crowd. Might need Chuck ready to help us.
File: 1364267944203.gif-(12 KB, 160x128, 9fc7d90b2156d43f0481d25c2(...).gif)
12 KB
Meanwhile, Chuck starts radioing in your position, asking for help.

The RAT/PACs spring to life and detach themselves from the two large vehicles.

Up in the air, you still see four Wraiths in the air. Phillips wonders why the hell are those four fliers just lazing around, and what is it that the Editors are trying to pull here.

Shortly, one Wraith begins a steady dive, approaching the Havoc and Equalizer...

On open ground, amidst vast piles of rubble and ruin, your scouting shows the lone person challenging a crowd, darting about. One mech walker collapses into pieces as soon as its pilot gurgles and gushes blood...
Oh, by challenging, you mean actually fighting?
That's different then.

Bring up our binoculars, see who the person is.

Havoc and Equalizer, get into cover.

Soong and the Joes, can they read any of the signs to see where we are?

We don't want to fight if we don't have to.
File: 1364268574756.jpg-(177 KB, 848x1200, 4f866404f5cdb184a7a487552(...).jpg)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Rolled 92, 51 = 143

The Havoc and Equalizer react to the incoming Wraith...

>>Bring up our binoculars, see who the person is.

You see this.
Rolled 2, 8, 45, 39, 98, 85 = 277

>>Soong and the Joes, can they read any of the signs to see where we are?

More problem-graffiti. They start looking for any location clues...

"What if... they made up a code only they know, that leads to a library? If shit's going down, then they would hole up, I mean? If it didn't, wouldn't someone be watching to pick up people?" Soong asks.
>dressed without any real armor
>technicolor hair
Could be a SUE, but we're fighting alongside some fictionals right now.
Pass the binoculars over to Chuck.
"Hey Chuck, this girl a friend of yours?"
The Wraith attempts a strafing run at the two vehicles, but a burst of AA missiles blows the Wraith to bits, the burning wreckage streaking over the university grounds and slamming into some building.

The sound of the attack run and sudden AA firing causes everyone to get down on the ground. As everything clears, 6 people go on search...

....when one of the Joes has managed to deduce that the group is about 50 feet away from the library!

Passing binoculars over to Chuck, he double checks with the Joes as they bring out a set of instruments...

"That girl is reading clean, but she has no reality emitters on her. That means her signature is in normal range, similar to me and the others here. If she's a sue, her readings would be off the charts, kind of like when you're near a lot of hazardous radiation."

"Do you remember those pony sues? We were chasing them off another dimension when they escaped. There were a lot of them in the tunnels, plus some more powerful than the others. Not only did each signature light up like a Christmas tree, but having them all together there? There was no way for us to not miss them! Now that was _really huge_ distortion signal. It got even worse the longer they made more sues with that serum of theirs. Something mixed into that potion that didn't just make ponies, but superpowered ponies no matter what. Seems that it failed more than it worked."

Chuck pauses and turns over to his comm badge.

"Space Ghost, you read me?" Chuck chimes in.

He gets a positive response, plus the update that the last escaped SUE was taken down. However, he reports things are getting hot with even more Wraiths closing in on the city!
If the library is about 50 feet away, it's pretty damn close.
Do we have a direction to go in?

Right now, our main objective is finding the Library and taking cover in it. If the girl survives that long, then we can direct her towards us.
She seems to be doing fine by herself anyway.

Can Space Ghost lose the Wraiths and help us look for the Library?
Chuck's word is good enough for me.
Get her attention, let her know she has allies; we should get the Triple-Ts into position, and be prepared to head of any escapees from the crowd heading for the library.
Holy shit, I had that toy. It was my favorite weapon of mass explosions back as a lad.

We don't even know who the girl is, and you want to bring her with us?
And we don't even know where the Library is, except that it's within 50 feet; how are we going to head off any escapees then?
We're not talking about bringing her with us, we're talking about letting her know other people are trying to protect the library too. Once we've got comms with her we can see where things go.
From the open ground is a long pathway that leads up to a flight of stairs in a main building. This main building connects to others.

In your current position, there seem to be blocked-off doorways, possibly leading into the building and eventually ending up at the Library. There might be a long path around, but that will take time, and trial and error.

>>Can Space Ghost lose the Wraiths and help us look for the Library?

Yes. Easily so with his ship, and can search while invisible on foot. Thus, you relay your position to him.

Chuck calls out to the girl while Phillip, Soong and the Joes start covering fire and throwing grenades to scatter the crowd. Seem that there's another backup mob; meaning that the main mob will be here soon.

From your end, the girl shouts in broken, stilted English. She seems confused; the Joes hurriedly bring up the Triple-T's to cover her escape, Chuck trying to talk her into following them.

Just as quickly, the Triple-T's pull back while the crowd disperses and takes cover...
So wait, did Chuck talk the girl into following us?

We will need to begin entering the building. Soong and us should take point, since we're the experienced ruin explorers and have the strings on the end of our guns to search for tripwires.
Make hand signals; wave her over and speak with simple words and phrases if she can't properly speak English.
Agreed, the tighter spaces will help us against numbers if it comes to that.
We might wants to think about sending the vehicles around the long way to meet up with us.
Are the entryways large enough to accommodate a PAC/RAT, or are they more standard-sized? If so, taking one or two machine gun models along could be nice.
File: 1364273479318.jpg-(114 KB, 750x850, c5204580666304e4209025f1b(...).jpg)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
While this went on, Chuck tries to tell her that indeed, they are here to protect the library too. Just as quickly, and in broken English, the girl, much shorter than him, asks, "How do I know you people are not with them? Those people there, destroying library?"

"You see our uniforms? We're from the military," Chuck enunciates, slowly. "We have to stop these crazy people. This place used to be a school."

Cautious enough, but fairly convinced by the image of authority and the "official" looks of the Triple-Ts, she creeps away behind friendly lines...



Strange. If she were a sue, shouldn't she be speaking perfect English? Shouldn't you be feeling something weird? But it's not there at all, and she can barely speak English. A real foreigner!

You see that it becomes quickly apparent to Chuck, who is the first to start fiddling with some of his equipment. He seems to have caught on. "There, that should work. We should be able to speak properly now."

"What is this? What did you do?" she asks.

"Let me make this simple: It's like... a universal translator," he explains. "Now then. We're from the military, and we have to stop this mob. You know about the call for help from the library, right?"

She laughs nervously. "I've been here for a while now, no less than a day, but you probably won't believe why. Nobody will ever believe me." she explains.

"I'm not a stranger to aliens and other dimensions. You probably won't surprise me...or my friend here," to which Space Ghost flickers momentarily into visibility. The girl, compared to Space Ghost, barely clears the spaceman's elbow. The once-invisible man speaks calmly, and yet with a great presence. "You're probably not from this world either," he deduces out loud. "Some... crazy things have happened here, and still are. So what's your name?"

"Miki...Sayaka.........There are others right now in the library."
File: 1364273741368.jpg-(59 KB, 624x480, machinegun_sunbow.jpg)
59 KB
Yes. The PAC/RATs are just big enough to follow you around, albeit wide though. If there's a double door, it should be no problem.

You arrange for two machinegun RATs to follow you; you and Soong get into formation on the front to defuse traps.

What do you plan to do with the AA RATs?
Park the AA RATs outside, and try to cover them with debris so that they can be hidden.

"So, uh, Miki, right? Anyway, you've already been in the Library? You've met up with the people there? Can you get us to them? I'd rather not defuse their traps if we can avoid it; they'll be useful in helping to defend the place."
They should stay outside with the vehicles; take up defensive position around our transport in case Wraiths show up. If there're flamethrower RATs, they should be watching the ground.
The girl looks to be a competent melee fighter: does she have any other abilities we should be aware of?
They're machinegun RATs.

"Mi-- I mean, Sayaka Miki, Eversor Rank. And yes, there's people who lived in the library."

Alright, see you then, OP.
Looking forward to it, OP.

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