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Previous thread:

Earth was ruled by the Sues, until one day, things started going silent, and the remaining humans on Earth started turning on each other, fighting over what's left. Important places like schools and libraries were burned and ransacked in the middle of the mess, and the necessary knowledge and history for mankind to keep on going the right way is about to be gone.

YOU ARE ROGER GREEN, and one day, there was a distress call from a library deep in the heart of a Sue nation. Trouble was going to happen by calling out so openly, just a matter of when.

Whether it was real or not, was up to your team to find out, and to decide what to do if it was real.

From where we left off, you have encountered some, unforseen circumstances...that keep piling up. Your team just encountered a crash site of a most peculiar vehicle. It was one whose trail in the sky you followed as it came crashing down into the city's southwest end. Currently, as you approach the site, you are flanked by torn up streets and burn marks, converging in lines all leading to the vehicle.

2. There are sightings of Pony sues, like one you encountered. They seem to be misshapen half-baked sues though.
3. There are other groups of raiders who have taken interest in the distress call. Some are armed with vehicles, mechanical walkers and heavy weapons. There are occassional larger groups travelling in flatbed trucks.
4. There's flying stuff flying over the city, fighting it out in the air and shooting at ground...things on the ground.
5. Rex is incapacitated and hiding. Morris is pretty beat up and probably can't stand up to another firefight.
6. The library from your position, will require you guys to traverse sue nation territory over ground or in the tunnels. A much longer way is possible but it's a roundabout route.

A clusterfuck is brewing.

Your inventory:
Combat knife (on you) - salvaged from crazy dude
Vehicle-and-misc toolkit
Engineering/demolition supplies
Team-size medkit
tims (more from crazy dude) and first aid
Scraps of lore (aged, crackled, faded newspapers).
2 stickybombs

Team A:
You - assault rifle, SMG, pistol, shivs, a milspec helmet with multiple imaging options (thermal, NV).
Skeety Rakrood - driver, scout/sniper
Adnan Soong - gunner, shotgun, hunting rifle

Team B:
Rhubert Philips - driver - hunting rifle
Morris - rifle, pistol

Out of action:
Alexander Rex

-Each team has a technical with a vehicle-mounted machinegun
-Your toolkit and materials in the rovers can be used for a variety of purposes, improvised explosives and poison gas need not be mentioned.
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24 KB

1. You are currently out of reach, but you can hear them several streets down from where they are.
2. They are not moving in an organized pace
3. As disorganized as they are, they're loosely spread out procession, slowing down at times to let the other bits of the crowd, children and elderly, catch up.
4. It will take time to double back, find a good hiding spot and come up with something to disperse or slow down the mob.
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43 KB
At the crash site, you see a strange vehicle like never before, but only in pictures from pages preserved from the "Old World". It's odd shape, the strange mixture of a Y and a T shape, piques your curiosity, of how it possibly works, or even flies. Your understand of those pictures were that these sort of flying machines just fly, and very hard. It's strange tail-foot contraption to its belly that creates that T shape wasn't something that would've worked according to the other pictures of such flying machines, as if something else made it make sense and forced it to work.

A creeping fear behind your shoulder whispers softly, cautiously, that this might be a sue-machine born from ill forces making those fantastic pictures come to life.....
Have our team fan out, we need to find the pilot; we'll take a look in the cockpit.
Rolled 96

Alright then.

You give the plan and order. "There's five of us left. Morris, you better stick with me. Skeety, you'll be the one to go on ahead and check in the buildings. Soong, you sweep over to one side, Bert, you'll take that side over there behind the machine, and the two of us will take this opposite side."

"How about it if we call the pilot out? Maybe he'll be nice to show up?" Skeety asks.

The five of you start sweeping for the pilot. It's quiet, aside from the nose of fires and billowing smoke and the movements of your teammates. It seems that the pilot is hiding pretty well, or managed to slip away for a while before dying.

Soong creeps around to the back of the machine. The whole body is tilted in to one side as a result of the crash-landing. He pokes around carefully with his gun before he risks the rest of himself. It's quiet as he rounds the sides of the machine, checking for any movement or anything loosened.

Skeety takes out a pair of binoculars and starts looking at the outsides of the buildings. The broken-in sunlight, past the clouds, lets off a glare that makes searching from the ground a bit harder. With that, he starts finding a way to climb higher and check for a bigger area.

"Someone's supposed to sit in here, right?" Soong asks. "Me an' Skeety saw the old pictures once before, these space fighter-things. There's nobody inside, or like, where there's supposed to be some sort of seat, is gone."

"Hey pilot guy! You're probably beat up right? We got meds here to help ya. We ain't into taking stuff from ya. Just wanna know where you came from!" Skeety shouts.

"Who are you and why do you have this?" you ask loudly, hoping he'll hear it.

You hear some voice, hiding out in the darkness in one of the buildings.

"Hey, who the hell are you guys? Bandits?"

It's the pilot, alright.

Now this was about to get complicated to explain, you think to yourself. You're definitely not bandits, and explaining that you're scouts might.. take a while.

You wonder what you should say....
"Not bandits, fuck no! Just scouts from a town out aways; can't tell you where, of course. Came here because we got a distress call from a Library here, and wanted to see if there was anything we could do to help. Then we saw your...plane? Jet? Fighter, get shot down."
"Scouts from a town? Some guys shot down my ride with something pretty heavy. Know anything about them? Do you have anything to do with them?" he asks.

He inches out from the shadows, cautious...
"Only heavy weapons around here are possibly from the SUE nation that used to be here, and maybe whatever groups are fielding some mech walkers.
"The SUE we kill on sight, and we just got out of a firefight with some bandits using mechs."

"Mechs? Sue nation?" the pilot wonders.

"Yeah, sue nations. Those mary sues started making their own kingdoms and countries when they landed and started fighting each other. Those mech walkers? They come from somewhere far, we don't know. Only they seem to based on stuff from what we call the 'old world' " you explain.

"There's sue nations? We just got around just very recently to start reclaiming Earth. I'm from a scout force that's been recently been sent after all these time-space disasters died down along with the sues."

You tell your men to calm down and regroup. At least, on guard at the slightest.

"So what do you need from the ship? Anything to call home?" you ask.

"I'd like to be able to call back home now...you've seen my buddies up in the air, right?"

You look up and see the occassional flyer. There's four in total left, with one making a huge circling path.

"How's the controls of my ship? Is it still working? Can I go and use it?" he asks.

You agree to it, and he cautiously makes his way back into the cockpit, trying to fiddle around with what's left. He starts mumbling into his radio, but you clearly start hearing about pickup and reporting to something known as an "Editor".

A few moments later, you finally ask, "What's an Editor?", to which he throws a question at you, "What's with the huge mob?"

"They want to burn the library we're trying to reach," you explain. "Stuff from libraries, real facts, history, those things, they make the sues go away. When we can't kill them, at least they won't come to hunt us."

"I don't think you'll be needing them as badly. Things will be looking up pretty soon, we're all over it, those Editors know what to do.... they're not sues though," he adds. "You could say we're the government."

>>What do you do now?
"Government, huh? Like, as in, Old World government? Normally I'd call bullshit, but that space fighter you crashed in is new, not some cobbled together piece of shit, and it doesn't have the markings of a SUE, so you might be who you say you are.
"Though honestly, if you've got backup, it'd really help if they could corral and quarantine that mob. They're just stupid and need to have the stupid beat out of them, but that preacher that stirred them up, he's got SUE-contaminated books. No telling what would happen if he lets those books get to the Library."
The pilot shrugs. "We'll see what happens when I tell them. I guess this is where you pray for the best, huh?"

You see a larger ship hovering overhead, as if it's your cue to leave quietly.

It takes a while to get back on course, and the mob hasn't seen much resistance, as you look from a hole in a building, hoping none of the mob's guards see your faces again. Your team hides quietly in the shadows, with shafts of light poking through ruined holes momentarily. From here you can sniff those damned torches.

You turn to Morris. "We've just got to cross the other way a little more before we get inside the tunnels, right?"

He huffs through his beard, "According to the city map, there's a spot that matches up with mine, somewhere where that spot, leads into the tunnels I've marked on my map."

Those injuries from earlier seem to be piling up on him, slowing him down more and more. His heavy, stocky frame is starting show its weight with his steps.

Skeety puckers with his lips, as if pointing to the mob. "I bet we could slow them down or make em panic for a while," he ponders, looking at you for approval, as he wipes his face with his ripped shirt.
"Yeah, we could. But they might organize and get us bogged down in a firefight. Some of them in that mob are actually experienced.
"It'll probably be better if we step up our pace."

Do we have any painkiller or blood-clotters for Morris?
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Rolled 26

You take a good look at Morris. Even though you patched him up and given him all the stuff that your medkits had that could help, it just stands that resting would really help him right now. He insisted however, and continues to do so, on guiding you through the tunnels.

"Sure you wanna follow us in?" you ask him.

"There's stuff down there that I remember, stuff that's not on the maps. And I know a face or two there. You'll need all the help talking down there."

Knowing that, you wait for an opening for the mob to pass you by, and slip into an entrance into the underground tunnels.

Just like the tunnels that led to the train yard, these tunnels are dim, trying to hide the fact that there's human survivors trying to survive the rule of the sues. Your flashlights sweep a large open spot as you pass by on the tunnels. On the map, it's marked as an outpost of survivors, but it's like everyone just got up and left in a hurry. You stop for a moment, to examine anything about that fact, only to realize these signs have been only fairly recent, maybe too recent.

"Did those gubbament scouts hit the tunnels first?" Skeety asks. You shrug back at him, showing you're in the dark as he is.

You head further into the tunnels, reaching the large settlement Morris talked about.
Just got up and left? There's still stuff around?
Better keep our heads on a swivel.
There's a commotion going on. Or rather, a large fight has broken out. At the very least, the lights are on. Skeety peeks with his binoculars from around a corner, and almost immediately passes it to you to see.

In the distance are humans being rounded up by ponies. Some humans have been held down, being forced to drink something, causing them to painfully melt, shift, and change into misshapen things. Very few turn into ponies, most are misshaped flesh piles of hooves, hands and huge heads, bones pushing out desperately against the flesh, as something inside is trying to escape a human shell.

In the distance, some ponies are fighting against two odd men, and a band of other people. The mixed structures of the settlements make it a little hard to follow, but it's as if these ponies have managed to catch the survivors with their pants down and started doing crazy things. Sue things. Painful things.

"Hurry with converting them! We gotta get that Space Ghost guy off our backs!" one of the ponies urges to his friends.

"Come on, this one's almost done changing. It's about to grow powers and stuff!" another one exclaims.

You could lose these ponies in the maze of the survivor settlement, or not. And yet, in a brief moment, the foe of the ponies vanishes, and as he evades them, he stumbles upon you.

>>Now what?
Guns up on the ponies.
"Well shit. Are you just going to gawk or kill some ponies?"
Use our assault rifle and targeting scanner, and start shooting some ponies.
Make sure that one person stays behind a corner for each person that shoots, so that if the shooter starts to show signs of being affected, they get pulled behind cover.
File: 1363848158360.jpg-(82 KB, 389x413, jeebuswatda.jpg)
82 KB
One of the ponies trying to convert humans -- and failing turns about. She seems to be a terrible mishmash of two different animal species that aren't meant to go together, and yet, she trots about forcing the serum again, while her allies guard the process.
File: 1363848401271.jpg-(97 KB, 1070x747, my_pony_oc_by_nastyatheca(...).jpg)
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Another pony stands, adorned with gems, whose presence and attention eerily calms down the captives, before the transformation takes them....
Shoot the one with the gems. Try to get a headshot. Once that thing is down, the humans may be able to fight back.
File: 1363848961666.jpg-(139 KB, 457x484, crop1.jpg)
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139 KB JPG
Rolled 67

Skeety creeps between the shacks, attempting to get a headshot on the dark pony... thing before he gets caught.

The man fighting the ponies re-appears, and tries to stop Skeety, but his words don't reach fast enough.

And yet, you take a good look at him, and his imposing stature, worlds apart from the skinny builds of most later generations of surviving humans on this Earth...

And his attention gets cut off, warding off blows with his arms, radiant, guarding against previously unseen pony opponents..
It's 3 AM right now. We'll resume this thread much much earlier tomorrow, thankfully. Bumps later to go around. We're looking at the thread resuming in 12 hours with bumps to keep it alive in-between.
>SysReport #301
>Subj: "Scout Commander Scott Yellowman."
>Subject tracking lost during climax of the STOB incident.
>Subject signal detected on secret Fireman research facility as of this transmission. Stand by...
>Signal lost.
>Transmission intercepted. Decoding... decoded.
Killing the ponies as quickly as possible is the best way to save those humans.
Sorry Space Ghost, but you're on Meta-Earth now, and that means Suffer Not The SUE To Live.
File: 1363900208007.jpg-(220 KB, 624x1363, ffhnsh.jpg)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
>>Attacking a SUE head-on

Skeety fires off a couple shots at the pony in the back. Focused entirely on mesmerizing humans to accept the gift of ponification, the purple-maned pony sustains several hits to the head, causing him to collapse.... for the meantime.

It's not enough. Something's gone wrong; the pony gets back up, enraged. The newly converted, and misshaped "newfoals" look around in bewilderment. A small band of ponies break off to scour the settlement for the source.

>>Okay guys, we're back. What do?

The tall figure , with his arms glowing with power, begins deflecting blows from dark, random forms lashing out, and another from chains against another blue pony.

"What are you guys doing here? Those ponies will get you!" the man says.

"Do something about those guys in the back, Funhouse!" a voice commands. A mass of shadows reform into the shape of a pony...

"I can take Space Ghost here!" the dark, shadow-formed one gloats.

Space Ghost, the man calls himself, you think. But isn't someone like this a sue? More sues fighting among themselves? And what of the government?
Fall back and get out of here.
We've given the humans there as much of a chance as we can safely give them.

Morris takes point, get us the fuck out of here.
Rolled 87

Skeety tries to escape his pursuers, meanwhile, you and Morris try to cover your escape with gunfire....
Rolled 100, 84, 63 = 247

As you backtrack, Space Ghost finds himself pinned down by Shadow Play, the whole weight and such pressing down on him as the pony attempts to prevent him from using his Power Bands...

Many of the flimsy shacks making up of the settlements explode in a fury of debris and smoke flying everywhere.

While you're down on your bellies from the blast, you find that Skeety is nowhere in sight.

From the smoke, a band of ponies charge through....

And yet, from the opposite end, you hear a resounding cry,


You help Morris back up. He steadies his gun down the settlement, firing potshots and getting thunderbolts down his way in return....

"Well this has been a great turn of events"

Can either we collapse his tunnel with our demotion kit, or at least use our stickbombs to give those ponies a surprise!
Pop Shadow Play in the head while it's pre-occupied with Space Ghost so that he can bring his power bands into play, then fall back with the rest of the team and form on Morris.
File: 1363902795496.jpg-(15 KB, 300x160, 0.jpg)
15 KB
Shadow Play tries to flank Space Ghost, but finds himself caught in a field restricting his movements, and very shape. Space Ghost hurries over to where your team is, and urges you all to hurry and fire while he's got him held down.

With his other hand, Space Ghost lets out a stream of energy that hits the pony squarely. Confused, you all hurry and unload all the rounds you can muster. All as one, you all unload your firepower on it.

The pony crumbles apart, its mark on its rump vanishing like a cloud of dust along with the rest of it.

Space Ghost turns to your team. "You can't fight a sue like this. You don't have a thing called a 'reality emitter'. You're safe sticking to me until it's safe."

"One of our guys was in that explosion" Soong interrupts. "We gotta find him!"

Meanwhile, the half-fox speaks up in the midst of the mess.

"Why is it, that you people try to fight us? You're just forcing us to resort to... these to protect ourselves. We have to save all these people on this parallel Earth! Nothing here compares to what Equestria can offer!"

"That's not your choice to make for them or to mess with their lives here," a burly fighter retorts, crashing through a pony brandishing a sword and dressed much like a pirate. "Saving them or not, you've stepped out of bounds... too far."
File: 1363903201452.jpg-(203 KB, 874x914, piratey.jpg)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
The pirate pony leaps over, her hair fluttering along, attempts a free swing at the new opponent, but the warrior's staff makes a quick parry.

He grits himself for a fight against the "saviors", while his moustache curls under the tension.

"Damn it! We can't keep loosing more people! What you do intend to do big man?"
"Alright, Space Ghost. We'll fight alongside you, for now.
"Soong, Morris, look for Skeety. Philips, you're with me. Let's kill these things."

Stick close to Space Ghost and see which pony we're supposed to kill next, then shoot it full of lead.
File: 1363903419156.jpg-(73 KB, 780x562, 529732_512731432110211_13(...).jpg)
73 KB
Get the fuck out of our board you faggot.
File: 1363903496673.jpg-(976 KB, 900x900, 1360805212272.jpg)
976 KB
976 KB JPG
You sick fuck
Who's the ginger mustache guy?

YES RIP AND TEAR. Take the pirate pony's sword and rip her with it.
...You do realize that this entire thread is devoted to killing the FUCK out of these ponies, right?
File: 1363903603816.gif-(1.01 MB, 251x198, 1359080488649.gif)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB GIF

You really can't read, can you?

Delete the thread , just delete it.

Dont even mention those sickfucks, i dont want it in /tg/.
This is disgusting.
You have no idea what's going on in this thread, the /tg/-created setting used in it, do you.

you cannot touch the warp and emerge unscathed

Stop this madness before it infects your minds, indoctrinates you.
File: 1363904685750.jpg-(37 KB, 494x359, jimmies.jpg)
37 KB

So much anger
You hand Philips the assault rifle while you keep the submachinegun and pistol.

At least, it's better than just a slow hunting rifle right now, you think.

"What's a reality emitter?" you ask. "Think about it this way," Space Ghost explains. "If those sues work by making reality wrong, then a reality emitter makes things 'right', which weakens them, sometimes takes away their powers."

You look at Phillips, then back. "That's why, as long as you stick with me, you'll be able to defeat the sues," he adds.

"Soong, Morris, you two gotta go look for Skeety. We can't lose another man again," you give the order.

"Ok big man, you lead. We will provide support."
Okay, dinner break, then quest.
We're back!
Rolled 5, 5 = 10

Current amount of known Pony Sues in the area: 4
On the other side of the settlements is ______ and the GI Joe Greenshirts.

You sweep the area and begin to try to take count of how many other ponies are there, and the mangled humans...
File: 1363920062350.jpg-(37 KB, 640x480, 000000.jpg)
37 KB
A quick scan of the settlement shows that it doesn't just follow the straightness of the tunnel, but extends to other areas, even going higher in some portions.

Compared to the mines underground that many survivors in the mountains hid themselves in, at least there aren't any mine shafts to go up and down in...

"It'll take a while for Soong and Morris to find Skeety, under all the collapsed shacks, and to safely pull it all out," you tell Phillip. "We gotta buy time, and that means we're gonna help put down some ponies. You with me here?"

He nods, guns sweeping the area while Space Ghost takes the lead. A pony ambush could happen very easily now. Busting through the shacks or dropping over their heads would be really easy...

Meanwhile, some of the other ponies try to escape with the successfully-made newfoals, leaving behind the mistransformed humans to crawl on the ground. They're pinned by the greenshirts' cover fire, while other ponies, in a frenzy, switch back and forth switching targets between Space Ghost, the Joes, and the other guy.

Meanwhile, mustache man is tussling with Funhouse's chain whipping and Stormbound's cutlass, beating them back with his Kuto Baton and lashing back with quick strikes to take them down while the Joes try to wear them down.

As Space Ghost spots something, the two of you train your guns ahead. A couple ponies are caught, eyes gaping like deer, until Space Ghosts fires an assorted ray of blasts, locked in a firefight against magical bolts. The two of you hide in the sides until Space Ghost manages to incapacitate them with an assortment of rays, the last of which is a freeze ray that locks them to the ground.

An easy target like that poses no challenge and soon you catch the half-fox, desperate, until, she suddenly forces the potion all over the rest of the misshapen humans, melting, kneading them into a groaning, aching mass of flesh, of random human and pony body parts and some horrifically in-between.
Alright, we stick with Space Ghost since we need to stay within his reality field.

Where are the Pony SUE's in relation to us?
Throw all of our explosives at that mass of flesh and shoot that fox pony with a full burst from our SMG.
Rolled 94, 6, 23 = 123

They're all trying to pile on Chuck Norris.

Dark Diamond tries to hypnotize the Joes into shooting each other, but it doesn't take at all. Rather, he's astonished to see his horn no longer glow with the power it's supposed to. Concentrated fire from the Joes brings him down.

Meanwhile, the Vicki Fox pony tries to use the flesh-mass as a diversion while the three of you try to stop her....
You manage to gun down the fox-pony in her attempt to trot off to safety.

Meanwhile Morris throws the stickybomb at the flesh-blob. The force of the explosion takes, with much of the flesh-mass spewing gibs and sprays of loose, raw magic everywhere. It's a storm of red goo and technicolor sparkles coating the battlefield, the ruins of the settlement.

The flesh-blob, though a mass of many misshapen humans, is no longer a threat. Even if there was a clean chunk of functioning flesh left, the damage is too much. Meanwhile, Space Ghost clears the remains with a heat ray from his power bands.

"We can't let this suffering go any longer. It's the best we can do for them. Did you see a portal anywhere? Those ponies would use one to get around," Space Ghost asks you guys. You can't find one around, and shake your heads.

"They must've taken the long way. They probably hid a portal somewhere," he guesses.
Switch out scanner to infrared and check our surroundings.
You flip down the visor and switch on the thermal imaging. Immediately, there are many, many heat sources as a result of the fight, but there's a faint trail leading out of the settlement. You turn around to check the Morris and Soong trying to pry apart the debris. There's warm patches and a few streams of warm air wafting off the debris, but still nothing yet so far.

"Do we run after that sue, or do we mop up the place? We don't know if Skeety made it or not." Phillips asks.
We'll mop up and help look for Skeety.
But first, tell Space Ghost where the SUE went.
"Hey, Big Man, I've got a heat trail from one of the SUE's going off in that direction. I've got to stay here and help look for my man. You with the Government that fly-boy up above said he was with?"
"Thanks, I'll find the last one."

"Government? What government? Do you mean the Guard? Be careful of those folks. We're the good guys here, that library won't be burning down any day soon."
Is he warning us about the Guard? Kind of unclear there.

"How'd you...Ah. You got a radio and fly-boy told you about our conversation? Well, if you Guard fella's are going to be helping to keep that library safe from that crazy preacher, fine by me.
"Come on Phillips, let's cover Morris and Soong while they look for Skeety."

Cover Morris and Soong from any leftover Ponies, and help look for Skeety.
Rolled 70

"The Guard will probably pull something on all of us. Careful with dealing with them." Space Ghost trails off, chasing the escaped sue.

Meanwhile, you turn your attention to the rubble...
File: 1363926225926.jpg-(23 KB, 210x240, 25535.jpg)
23 KB
Skeety has a few bits lodged in his leg and back, but otherwise, he can be patched up. Soong and Morris hunker down to administer first aid to Skeety. It looks like he'll need a small dose of stims like Morris to keep going.

Meanwhile, Chuck and the Joes have managed to defeat the last of the ponies. One of the Joe greenshirts skips over to you guys, and signals an ok.

Chuck raises an eyebrow, fists on his waist, "You guys look pretty beat up. What did you come here for? Why'd you get mixed up with Space Ghost?"
Huh. Then who does Space Ghost work for? Or is he an Independent?
No way he could be TSAB. This is way out of their jurisdiction.
"Name's Roger. We came down here because it was supposed to be safer than taking a surface route to the Library. We're trying to get there before a mob whipped up by a crazy preacher tries to burn it down.
"As for getting mixed up with that Space Ghost guy, more like he got mixed up with us. We were about to pull out when he got mixed in with us, and I thought, what the Hell, may as well kill some ponies while we're here.
"So, who're you and who do you work for? The Guard, whoever that is?"
File: 1363928376101.jpg-(14 KB, 235x251, 1329775581802s.jpg)
14 KB
"So we got a crazy mob now, huh? We'll send for help--"

Someone suddenly interrupts.

"---which won't be necessary. Though you Interspace Patrol folks did a fine job of doing our work for us instead, The Editors will handle this."

A man steps down from on high. The remaining, flickering lights unmask his form that paces closer between the two parties. A brief struggle suddenly breaks out as the remaining Joes are caught by surprise, and suddenly restrained by another group of troops.

Chuck attempts to do something, anything, but he quickly realizes his disadvantage.

It becomes clear that this man who speaks of the Editors is flanked by two more similarly uniformed men.

The Editor paces ever closer. "Tsk tsk, you fictionals, trying to overstep your boundaries. Those pony sues, they wanted to take advantage of the confusion. Rounding up all the humans, turn them into more of their kind to live in their perfect little pony sue kingdom...it's a typical move. Trying to sneak in, like rats."

The lights flicker, the Editor's features blinking in and out with the light sources. His inquisitive, steady gaze hums in tune with the buzz of electricity. His well-groomed combed-back hair leaves his face to be seen in full feature, of the occassional scar on his chin and brow, but hard features on a square frame, of someone who's seen things and worked his hands. His uniform has a notable patch of an owl, but much bigger is a two-tone blue patch on his long sleeves. It all comes down to well-cut trousers and fine shoes.

He stiffens his lower lip at the sight of you.
"Well? You Editor folks took your fucking goddamned time. Waited till we mopped up the ponies before showing yourselves. Typical raider personality, I'd say."
He narrows your eyes at your notion of being a "raider". The Editor eyes your guns, and examines Morris from head to toe.

"That's not going to be a problem for long. We have our men in the skies, the city will belong to us soon--all of it. You just saved me the tedious job of having to root out rats hiding under our feet. It will be either that, or those rats will resort to cannibalism once the few scraps are all gone."

"Speaking of scraps, you might be in possession of sheets of paper, printed, letters? Can I look at them?" He examines pieces of papers you've given him, somewhat amused."Things like 'facts'...just words, that can never harm me. "

He paces back and forth between you and Chuck, who blurts, "You folks don't really want to rebuild your world. You have other plans, like the library. Like letting in sues on purpose."

The Editor rolls his eyes. "As if the testimony of a fictional means anything." He waves the papers you gave him, the sheets flopping about in your face.

"Do you believe in that knowledge? You know, knowledge can do many terrible things. Ideas can hurt people. Books can easily be written, you can say anything and get away with it. There's no point to a library now that we're here. We have everything in one piece. The Gua-... I mean, Editors are here at last to re-establish order."

He pauses to look at Chuck's reaction. Everyone in your team is dumbfounded and shocked to some degree, and oddly fascinated at this turn of events.

"As the sole protectors of Meta-Earth, we refuse to join hands with......fictionals. Those fictionals, they've come to take away our world from us, our freedoms. You believe we're meant to be on top, right? We can grant you safe passage, if you would surrender all your printed material. We have men recycling this unusable paper. "

He smirks again. "You want this world restored to order, right? No more hiding, no more sneaking, stealing. Just...freedom, and order."
"What does God need with a spaces-"


"Why the hell do you need recyclable paper if you've got all these other resources?"
"So. You're the ones who abandoned us, then? Where were you when Novgorod burned? Where were you when the SUEs overran Toolesburg? Where were you when we had to listen to Alexandria's radio go silent when they chose to die rather than give in to SUEs?
"You've got pretty words, but you're nothing to us. Look at your shoes. Your clothes. Your well-fed, smug, arrogant attitude.
"If you really were human, you'd know what we'd do to smug assholes like you."
This is true.
If they've really got all of the resources suggested by their new clothes, and nice shoes, and their fat, well-fed faces that haven't faced the malnutrition and starvation of our own selves, then why do they need to take our knowledge and paper?
Take away the knowledge of the library, take away knowledge from us, and there's no difference between the Editors and the SUE's for the regular people.
"Let me remind you, that Earth was not the only planet that got the spanking of a lifetime by the space-time disasters. There were many places across the planet that experienced time and space differently. There were places around the world that experienced rule by the sues for hundreds of years, and others, as short as a week. Earth wasn't the only place that had sues and we had to fight our way through. In fact, travelling to Earth made some efforts worse. Many men were stuck on the ground to fight for as long as everyone else. Travelling across the planet threw many forces across time and space."

He looks at your guns, about to be trained at him.

"But if you don't believe me..."

He approaches you ever so closer,

"..by all means, shoot me. Shoot everyone here."
I say we call his bluff, and shoot him in the kneecaps.
This is some smug Intel asshole thinking he can just roll up to people who've had to survive the SUE for decades and that we'll just fawn at his feet as if he's some kind of messiah.
Fuck that.
He's just a smug, well-fed asshole who'd lord knowledge over us like a SUE.

"Beware of he would deny you access to information, for in his heart, he dreams himself your master."
"Are you so eager to meet oblivion?"
Accurate, no?

"Freedom? You just want to take away all knowledge that you can't control, so that you can control us, just like the SUE's.
"But at least the SUE's are honest in that regard; they're always obvious in what they're going to do to you.
But you; you hide behind words like Freedom and Order, while inside you just want to control us. That's why I know you're human, and that's what makes you worse than the raiders out in the wastes. They don't pretend to be saviors while enslaving people.
"But tell us. Why do you need to recycle all of this paper if you've got the resources to be as well-fed as you. What about free access to knowledge is unnecessary to our freedom and order?"
One of his assistants at his side, looks unusually uncomfortable and twitchy at his superior officer's gloating and taunting as he speaks.

You sigh, and attempt to put a few rounds through the Editor's kneecaps, but an odd sound rings instead, a ricochet perhaps, but definitely not the sound of a bullet going in.

The Editor grins with an ominous shine.

"Nice try, but let's see who's faster now."

Suddenly, that assistant causes an explosion. Everyone's in an uproar. Rifles firing, people brawling, and the Editor, grappling and wrestling with someone.

"Damn you Jurgovich!" he cries. The struggle ensues, and you head for cover. When the dust and smoke settle, the assistant, dishelved, huffing, probably wounded in some places, but relieved. This man, is the only one left. On one leg, he gets up again and turns to you.

"He won't like this. He's going to do something, that Editor...Monteiro. Going to make himself governor of this city... or of the whole planet or something. "

Confused, you ask why he pulled that stunt.

"He was getting suspicious. Didn't like what he really wanted to do. He just made a show of the wrong things he's gonna do. I know I'll be in trouble, don't know if I'll be able to walk away in one piece though."

He turns to the others. "Chuck Norris, GI Joe, Roger, you guys better hurry. That mob's nearly in front of that library. The "governor" is itching for an excuse. "

"Thanks, but, who are you?" Morris asks.

"Dimitri Jurgovich."
"Before we go; these Editors. They're part of the Guard? Besides their Monteiro, can they be trusted?"
"I'm not sure they can all be trusted. The Editors was one of those shadowy projects that the Guard unveiled recently. They've blocked out almost all the information about the Editors. But, I do get what they want to do. They're trying to replace most of the Guard with a bunch of Editors, or make the Editors control the Guard. A fix for the Guard's weakness and limitations with the recent disaster, so now they're remaking the whole armed forces from the ground up. Now these Editors, compared to most of the Guard? Lots of power, and absolutely loads of authority to go with it. "

Jurgovich coughs to the side....
"What? So they're essentially pseudo-SUE's? You can't just give people that kind of power! You know what happens when you give a person a whole lot of power, no oversight, and no way to keep them in check? Warlords and bandits!
"When we catch this Monteiro douchebag, we're going to cut him open like the raider he is, and I'm gonna take his shoes.
"Soong! Morris! You find Skeety yet?"
"I know... we know. It shouldn't be that way. I don't have much to deal with it. This is probably it for me, if I come back or if they catch me..."

Meanwhile, Soong lifts Skeety and supports him around the shoulder.

>>Alright, we'll stop here before it gets too exciting and everyone loses sleep over it. Catch you guys tomorrow night for what may be, the last thread.
File: 1363936439769.jpg-(95 KB, 850x1170, sample-ed4a67b3d8bd9f9103(...).jpg)
95 KB

As you, Roger Green, and your team sneak around to the outskirts of the library, you hear the thunderous roar of a crowd.

The sky thunders with the sound of fighting and chasing.

Upon open ground, among rubble, across tole and topple, a figure stands out among the rest, poised to challenge the crowd....

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