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Info, Stats and Past Threads: http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Señor Jalapeño a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion. The newcomer Melina who are from Germany and she have huge t... spiked club...

You have your own steam robot who are named Garenn and he is quit hotheaded plus he is always wear his cool sun-glassed. Your own familiar Melphina is a small pixie who can unlock or manipulate electronic devices, she also little obsession with incest anime...

But recently you got yourself a black horse that named Li and it seems that he can do martial arts despite being a horse.

Your Current Favor: 11 points
File: 1363453745438.png-(604 KB, 767x556, baron flying with cannon (...).png)
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604 KB PNG
You thinking about getting clothes for Li but you will properly need a skilled tailor who could tailoring his clothes. After Li finish with his showering.

You started riding Li while other are taking the rented mini-bus. When you finally arrived at the Munchausen estate. You only see broken down castle, you don't see any people around here.

You decided to double-check to make sure if you are in the right address. Strangely enough the address matched and you find the sign that estate belongs to Munchausen.

Suddenly you hear the cannon and you could see Baron himself are riding on the cannon ball...

"Helloooo youngster......!!!" The Baron greeting you as he flew into the hay.

What will you do?
"I see that you truly are a man of the Munchhausen line, Baron."
Help the man out of the hay.
"What training drill shall we start with first?"

>I can tell the Baron and Genki are going to bro it up on this trip

Help the Baron to his feet.
File: 1363455423582.jpg-(100 KB, 880x660, Tiger i UK.jpg)
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100 KB JPG

"I see that you truly are a man of the Munchhausen line, Baron." You said as you helping him up from the hay.
"Thank for a lot my lad...!" He thanking when you helping him out.
"What training drill shall we start with first?" You asked him as he dust the hay from his clothes.
"We start with the basic first. I want to see how well you ride with your horse. Let head over there." He said and he showing the other place.

After moved to other area, you see a German Tiger tank that had been used on World War Two. The Baron started climbing up on the tank while he asked you, "Any questions before we start?"

What will you ask? Or you could simple start the training straight away?

"Actually yes....you're not going to be shooting at us with that thing, are you Baron?"
File: 1363457342499.jpg-(8 KB, 240x160, 2221561856_866c12473f_m.jpg)
8 KB

"Actually yes....you're not going to be shooting at us with that thing, are you Baron?" You asking him as you will little uncomfortable by the sight of the tank.
"Well yes! It is very important that you are aware in your surrounding and how to avoid it while riding around. But don't worry! I'm not a very good shooter!" He said as his teeth start to shine.
"That is... comfortable thought... " You said.

You jump on top of your black horse Li and started to ride through the open field. As you ride, the Baron started up the Tiger tank and started to follow you. After a while, the Baron start shooting the cannon.

>Make 3 first 3d6 rolls.
Rolled 5, 4, 4 = 13


Rolling for not getting blown to bits.
Rolled 1, 2, 4 = 7

Rolled 2, 5, 3 = 10

File: 1363459022150.jpg-(50 KB, 350x439, DoubleFacepalmIlya.jpg)
50 KB

The dice are not with us today.
File: 1363459532542.jpg-(36 KB, 460x276, Spencer-cricket-ground--008.jpg)
36 KB

You turn around as the Baron fired the cannon, you directed Li to left as the cannon shell landing on your last location. You took a breath until you realize that Baron are continue shooting with his cannon.

You made Li run faster enough so that the explosion appear just behind you. "Faster Li! FASTER!!!" You said as you keep on riding.

The last cannon shell hit one of the tree and it caused the tree to fall down and blocking your current path.

What will you do?
A: Make Li jump over the tree.
B: Change your path of direction.
C: Make Li smash through the tree.
D: Something else.

A: Jump the tree. Munchausen might be expecting us to change direction and get a better shot with that tank.
File: 1363461284968.jpg-(129 KB, 1024x768, 20_broken_bridge.jpg)
129 KB
129 KB JPG

As you approach the tree, you made Li make mighty jump over the tree an keep on running. Baron don't seems to be bother about the tree that are blocking his path. He simple shoot another cannon shoot on the tree and it exploded.

Baron keep on chasing you while you keep on riding, you riding up to the bridge until you notice that the bridge is broken and Baron's tank are slowly coming after you...

What will you do?
A: Try to make Li jump over the broken bridge.
B: Leap down the water.
C: Try to find other way.
D: Something else.
C: Try to find another way.

C: Use Unlimited Ladder Works to make a long titanium ladder to bridge the gap. That should hold Li's weight.
File: 1363462982622.jpg-(10 KB, 377x250, 977.jpg)
10 KB

You tried to find a other way but Baron are blocking the path. But you just get a idea! You used your Unlimited Ladder Works to pull out a very long and stable ladder. You throw it over on the gap and you directed Li to move slowly through the ladder.

Thankfully the ladder are holding Li's weight and he is quit nimble. While you moved over the ladder, the Baron shoot another cannon shell and it almost hitting near you. You keep on moving until you finally reach over the other side.

The Baron climbing out from the tank and he screamed, "That is enough for today lad! Now we can... WATCH OUT!!!"

After the Baron warning you, you turn around and see a flying pencil that are heading straight for your head!

What will you do?!
A: Catch the pencil with your hand. (Roll 3d6)
B: Dodge it. (Roll 3d6)
C: Block the pencil with your arm while risking injured yourself. (Roll 4d6)
D: Something else.
Rolled 6, 1, 3 = 10


Rolled 4, 3, 2 = 9


Dodge it!
File: 1363464811704.jpg-(7 KB, 400x326, bright_light_from_ufo.jpg)
7 KB

You tried to dodge the flying pencil but it was too fast so that it stabbed through your forehead, the blood slowly dripping from your head and you could feel that you couldn't no longer keeping your eyes open until you see the bright light...

"WATCH OUT!!!" The Baron yell as you suddenly snap out from your trance and you turn around to see the flying pencil that are heading straight for your forehead!

What will you do?
Rolled 2, 4, 6, 5 = 17


Dodging was no good, so try blocking it this time.
Rolled 4, 6, 6, 5 = 21


File: 1363466468129.jpg-(130 KB, 300x400, 071118 Shadow in the forest.jpg)
130 KB
130 KB JPG

You know that you couldn't easily dodge the pencil so that you are forced to block it with your off arm. The pencil stabbed through your arm and you clenched your teeth by sharp pain.

You could see the shadow figure who was hiding behind the tree and the figure quickly running away into the forest.

What will you do?
A: Don't chase after the figure, just focus on taking care of your wound.
B: Ignore the pain and start chasing after the figure.
C: Something else.

Summon Melphina and have her trail that figure (staying out of his sight of course) while we get some medical attention.

Araki is such a godsend.
Seconding this.
Melphina will get a bonus to her manga allowance if she succeeds.
File: 1363468184762.jpg-(90 KB, 849x545, sample-c645aa53c4b00335ff(...).jpg)
90 KB

You summon Melphina and she was reading Cyclops Shoujo Saipu until you get her attention.
"Melphina, chase after the assassin!" You order her.
"Assassin? Why should I chase after a dangerous person?" She asked you.
You simple pull out the money bill in front of her and her eyes start to spine.
"I will increase your manga allowance!"
"Deal!" She says and she start chasing after the assassin.

You and Baron head back, and Araki start taking care of your wounds.
You started to thinking about the pencil assassin must be the same one on the helicopter even. After Araki finally taking care of your wound, Melphina come back with several holes on her dress and she look pretty pale.

What will you do now?

"Melphina, are you all right? What happened?! I thought you'd be able to stay out of his sight."

Find out what she was able to find out about that pencil-throwing assassin.
Check that Melphina is okay.
She's a hard-light holographic AI; for someone to actually hurt her would require technomancy or some other equivalent.

"Melphina, are you all right? What happened?! I thought you'd be able to stay out of his sight."
"I'm fine... just that I feel like that I become much... That guy is just freaking creepy... I don't get a good look on his face but I know that he singing in French song while he making drawing of you in guro scene... Can I go now?" Melphina said as she still look pretty pale.

What will you do now?

This assassin sounds like a pretty disturbed person. Dismiss Melphina so she can recover. "Sure. You get some rest, Mel." Make a mental note to give her a little extra this week on top of the manga allowance increase we promised her.

If our lesson is done for the day, ask the Baron if he's ever heard of a French-singing assassin who uses sharpened pencils as a weapon.
Sounds good. We should also ask Spy if he knows of any of his contempories that use pencils. As one French assassin to another.

Damn, that's right. I almost forgot about Spy. Great idea!
File: 1363471078190.jpg-(287 KB, 1280x960, spy-title.jpg)
287 KB
287 KB JPG

"Sure. You get some rest, Mel." You said as you dismissed her and make mental note about increasing her allowance.

You decided to ask the Baron who is currently drinking his vine while sitting on his outdoor chair.
"By the way Baron... Do you know any assassin who uses sharpened pencils as a weapons?" You asked him.
"I had heard rumors from my friends about the assassin who use pencils as weapons... After I had witness it for first time, it chilling my old bones..." He said as he start to cold sweating with the thought about the pencil assassin.

You then later mad call with Spy, "Spy, can you give me any information about the assassin who use pencil as weapons?" You asking him through the phone and then suddenly hear the dropping sound.
"Oh sorry my gentleman... Did you just said a assassin with pencils?" The Spy asked you.
"Yes." You answer.
"Your life is in great danger! That assassin is known as Henri Vacher the Pencil Master! You must move to the safe location right away!!!" Spy said as he start to sound very serious.

What will you do?
Remain calm and prepare to move.
"Thank you, Spy. I am in the presence of the current Baron Munchausen. What preparations should I make?"

This. Find out what preparations Spy makes and let's do that. We might have to change hotels or find another place to stay and make it harder for Henri Vacher to find us.

"Thank you, Spy. I am in the presence of the current Baron Munchausen. What preparations should I make?" You asked Spy through phone.
"First you should do is is head straight back for the hotel, I will try to get hand on armored van. Avoiding being in open field where you will become a easy target."
Spy said and closed the phone.

What will you do now?

Do what Spy says. Head back to the hotel, pay our bill, and have Koutarou, Garren, Genki, and the maids prepare to relocate. Warn them to be careful; I wouldn't put it past this assassin to try and use one or more of them to get to us.
Also tell the Baron that we will have to end the lesson for today.

Perhaps we should call up the rest of the BLU Team to handle security?

Having the BLU Team handle security would be helpful. I'll second that as well.
File: 1363473370047.jpg-(77 KB, 703x483, Germany = German Road.jpg)
77 KB

You do what the Spy says. You gathering your people and bid Baron Munchausen good bye. You and other started heading back to the hotel until you got sudden call from the Baron.
"Baron? Why the sudden call?" You asking him.
"Somebody just stole my Tiger tank! It seems that the tank are heading in your direction..." The Baron said.

What will you do? You are currently riding your horse Li.
The Tiger has problems when it comes to mud and soft ground.
Have our staff continue back to the hotel to finish our arrangements there.

Li and us will enter the forest and try to get the tank stuck in soft soil.

Brilliant! While we lure the tank into the forest, have Garren and one or two of our TF2 team set themselves up nearby in forest cover. When the Tiger gets stuck, then they can ambush it. Maybe we can kill or capture the assassin without doing too much damage to the Baron's tank.

The TF2 team are not with you yet but Garren is with you as well the servants.

Are you still planned to ambush the Tiger tank?

Yeah. Since it is the Baron's tank, have Garren try to disable it without doing too much damage (priority is its main gun; we don't want that thing firing on us or the servants).
Yes. At the least, we can try to disable it.
File: 1363475790661.jpg-(13 KB, 350x201, rsz_12fist_of_the_north_s(...).jpg)
13 KB

You become aware somebody just stoled Baron's tank just for killing you. You remember that Tiger Tank had problems when it come to mud or soft ground.

You slowly make up the plane. The other continue while Garren will help out with your ambush and it seems that he take great delight on it because he love some actions.

Garren hiding inside the forest as you waiting on the road along with Li. At distance, you could see the Tiger tank but it is not alone... Beside the tank, that are some weird punks that look like if they are from Mad Max movie. You could hear her scream of threat and joy.

End of Part 50, Continue on 51
Churchill vs Tiger

Ok, I'm started to get tired now and I need to do something tomorrow (I had actually planning to do today but I had overslept...)

See you on next weekend!
Thanks for running, ML.
Though to be honest, I think you need to read through your text before posting; your spelling is perfect, but your grammar has gotten sloppy.

For example,
>You could hear her scream of threat and joy.
Unless there is a specific woman screaming, it should be
>You could hear their screams full of violent joy
or something like that.

And your tenses keep on switching between present and future, so I would suggest being careful of that.

Have a great night, ML. Oh BTW: ML has a Twitter account for the quest: https://twitter.com/MaidRider

I think it is because that I had skipped with grammar checker software today.

I should have study grammar while having vacation but being in hot country like Thailand make me go derpy and less focused...

But I should re-study on English grammar again...

But anyway, thank for playing with me guys. Good night and have a good day

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