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Imperium magna est.
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Reporting for duty.
File: 1363133977352.jpg-(833 KB, 1280x720, tartarus.jpg)
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=Last thread ended with=
>This is the Aspera Dominus, flagship of the Space Marine Chapter Ghosts of Retribution. We are here to resupply and refuel.
>Stand by, Aspera Dominus. Yes, you have permission to approach Tartarus, I repeat - permission is granted. However because of specific character of your... crew, there is a limitation imposed on you - you may not deploy more than half a dozen people from you craft onto Tartarus, one shuttle. Thank you for understanding.
Aspera Dominus approaches semi-independent space station Tartarus and anchors in the orbit. What do you do?
I suggest we challenge them to a game of Space Jam.
That pic would have been so much better if it had been an inquisitor and not some faggy-ass Stue-Knight marine.
we space marines. We'd probably win. Even if spitting acid is considered cheating.
Take Trianon and our 4 Shadow Guard with us.
Unless they have IG Michael Jordan and drain us of our powers.
File: 1363134478624.jpg-(145 KB, 848x1200, 1353572792492.jpg)
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Heavy metal gates open, allowing your Thunderhawk to enter Tartarus. Within minutes, you are already in the docks, looking at a docks official, who looks at you with awe and suspicion:
>Welcome to Tartarus, milords. We haven't had your kind in here for decades, it is a great... honour for us. Will you require just fuel or anything else? Also, I was asked to give you invitation to visit Council of Captains, if you wish to discuss anything related to Imperial matters here on Tartarus.
Fuel and supplies should be good. Agree to attend the Council.
>Thank you officer.

Confront the council:
>Esteemed Captains, I would like to inform you that my Chapter Space Station, The Iron Phoenix, currently in orbit above Mormark in Subsector Deus, is completely available to be used as a trade hub, allowing you to expand your enterprises into another subsector. Furthermore, given our rights as Astartes, we can offer minimal commission rates on the trades that take place there. Let it also be known that we shall not tolerate heresy of any kind on our station, but, naturally, we can overlook some of the more 'tolerable' crimes disallowed by Imperial institutions, though of course we would require.....recompense for such favours, if you catch my drift.
File: 1363136405540.jpg-(101 KB, 429x749, daikan alepros.jpg)
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101 KB JPG
>Ofcourse. We'll send shuttles with fuel cables immediatelly, depending on how much you need, it may take from a few hours to a week. If you wish to see the Council, please follow me.
Young officer woman takes you to the cargo bay where two civilian pattern Chimeras are waiting for you. Horim, being Shadow of Body, follows his duties to a letter and enters Chimera first, checking for any explosives or traps, but finds nothing and smiles at you, indicating that it's safe to board. Within half an hour you are already standing in front of the council.
You notice that captains start murmuring among themselves, your news have greatly suprised them. You may roll Scrutiny to understand their reaction to what you said. Finally one of them silences others and stands up and speaks to you:
>My name is Daikan Alepros, I am a humble Captain who found reguge on this hospitable station for my ship and my business. We thank you for your offer, but we do not need your iron bird, Tartarus supplies us better than anyone else could, here we have autonomy and we want to pay our taxes to the Imperium just as any Emperor-loving citizens. Are there any other matters you want to speak about?
Rolled 89


We can read their poker face.
Rolled 2

goddamnit MS
Captains have mixed strong reactions, but that's it. After Daikan silences them, they calm down.
Rolled 59

Nothing better.
I think that's all we wanted to talk about with the Captains.

Have us and Trianon use our psyker powers together to try and locate Ceiron.
Trianon puts his hand on your chest plate.
>Let me support you, milord.
(you gain +2 psy rating for this test. They cannot invoke warp dangers)

To find Ceiron you need:
15 points - rough direction
25 points - aproximate area
35 points - precise location
40+ points - vision of Ceiron in his current state
Rolled 47

Ask the council if they require assistance in anything. We are Space Mahreens after all.
Rolled 3, 3, 4, 1, 5, 2, 2 = 20

rolling 7d6
Rolled 6, 6, 3, 6, 8, 8, 6 = 43

woops, i mean 7d10
File: 1363137954958.jpg-(172 KB, 470x801, ceiron.jpg)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Daikan thinks about it for a moment. I think there is one thing you could do. There is a certain ship known as Pax Nomadica, under control of certain Areus Kelor. This man was once trusted friend of ours, but he has turned to piracy and smuggling, shaming all of us in the eyes of Imperium. If you would destroy his ship, we would pay 25 million thrones. If you could provide further proof that he was on the ship and is dead, we would pay another 25 million thrones. Do you want this mission?

Together with Trianon you delve into the warp and soon you find Ceiron. He is not far away from here, less than 2 miles. He is sitting on his camocloak in some basement, eating Guard issue combat rations. He is calm, but careful. You think, that you could reach him inhalf an hour. Do you want to do that?
In regards to the mission, there's no harm in adding it to our quest list.

As for Ceiron, move towards his location, but be very cautious. Stop about 100 metres away from his position and recon the area. See if Ceiron is trying to do a mission we may accidentally cock-up if we go charging in.
Also ask for the Pax Nomadica's stats. As well as resources available to the target.
File: 1363138438314.jpg-(33 KB, 500x500, Miljö 564.jpg)
33 KB
Pax Nomadica:
+Good shiels, good firepower
+Slower than average
+4 combat kills of ships with same tonnage or greater, Areus is quite experienced captain
+Additional resources unknown, but probably has a secret base of operations
You may roll you awareness. d100 with(-10 penalty)
Rolled 2, 10, 10, 6, 10 = 38

Cast glimpse to get a bonus to awareness
Rolled 19

File: 1363138904076.jpg-(42 KB, 565x283, Maverick.jpg)
42 KB
You gotta be happy about the little things.
File: 1363139232949.jpg-(8 KB, 325x219, tartarus mobsters.jpg)
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Warp is clear, so you get maximum bonus:

+38 to awareness
Final roll (d100-38+10)
Perception 47
No awareness skill (divide by two)
You need 2 successes to spot.
Roll: 19
Skill: 24(+28) = 52
Successes = 3
You notice that are is being patrolled by some thugs who are walking around in what passes for locals as an expensive suit. They hide their faces under fedoras and seem to be carrying powerful automatic drum fed stub rifles. Nothing what power armour couldn't handle, but sustained fire could prove damaging. You estimate that there are 27 of them in the area and that they have two fortified Imperial cars making circles around the block, one of them looks like a command car, because it has a vox set on the roof. Both of the cars could hold up to 10 more mobsters.
File: 1363139520964.jpg-(79 KB, 848x942, tartarus mobster.jpg)
79 KB
They seem to be patroling around the block, however some of them stay around one of the buildings - gambling house called 'Dead Star', while others seem to be checking outer neighbourhoods as if looking for someone - maybe Ceiron? If Ceiron is after target, it definitely is in Dead Star, however security is really tight.

Imperium is neuter singular.
If the coast is clear try and make it to Ceiron's location, knock gently on the door 3 times, then enter. Have our other marines maintain overwatch on the mobsters, ready to attack if necessary.
Thanks for clarification!
We'll finish this some other time, I am too tired. I promise a proper session after this week ends.

Night! another xp point earned!
Skargan's in chat calrification.

We meet Ceiron and he explains that these mobsters want him because they think he has a lot of money, and for their harassment he's gonna kill their boss.

Next session: Gangster Squad 40k

Thanks Skargan

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