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The story of Omar Denis Continues!

Previous threads can be found here:

You control the fate of an invoker named Omar Denis.

After losing his parents due to circumstances beyond his control, Omar unlocked his latent potential as an Overhuman.
Recruited by a mysterious woman in black, known as "Fauna," he entered into an organization known as "Renaissance."
During the training of his powers, he absorbed the legend of the phoenix and shot up in danger levels among the organization, tested in the desert, he was allowed to live..
Having found a risky partnership with the manipulative Violet, Omar seeks freedom from Renaissance.

Last time:
Omar confronted Violet on the abuse of her powers regarding Katie. Demanding truth and a real conversation, the woman gives an honest reply with an in-person meeting.

Though at first it seems that she's using Katie as a human shield, Omar soon finds out that Violet brought her along to plead his help so that the three of them may leave.

Violet explains that Katie's outgoing and bright persona is a facade that the organization has ordered Violet to put on Katie. The truth is, her training has caused her to suffer greatly.

Agreeing with the partnership, Violet reverts the Gloomy Katie back to the bright and cheerful one.

Now, Omar seeks to understand more of his mutating condition as well as seek aid from his senior peer... Fauna.

Omar finds out that Fauna convinced the supervisor to all you to live and has made changes in Renaissance for the better, though they are small..
Omar Denis

Age: 17
Danger Class: A
Overhuman Type: Invoker
Biracial: African/Caucasian
Mental Status: Sound
Physical Status: normal
Injuries: None
Evolution (Natural; Specialization)
Impact resistant flesh and bone,
hyperdense muscle
Improved nervous system/reflexes
(during Phoenix: Body Of Flame, Rebirth, Wings)
Mutation: Shrimp-shelled humanoid arm.

Mark of Power: Red and gold marking over entire body.
Hair: Short Flared up, black, gold tips.
Equipment: White Hoodie(FP), Cargo Pants(FP) Sneakers(FP), Credit Card.
Credits: 1,852,001

Renaissance Quarters:

Shag Carpet
LCD Big Screen TV (Satellite),
mini fridge stocked with energy drinks.
Memory Foam Mattress
Memento Phoenix Pendant
"What have you been doing to change Renaissance?"

This surprises me, based on her behavior, I had her figured for someone that really didn't care about what was going on around her

Fauna gets up and walks over to her plants as I regard her while seated. She touches one of the leaves of an Aloe plant.

"Truthfully, it hasn't felt like much... I've gotten the supervisor to propose less violent missions from our benefactors, made in-facility jobs for less combat oriented Overs to feel like they're worth something, and spared your worthless maggot-brained life from execution."

"You.. what do you mean?"

"The supervisor was convinced that you should be executed for the safety of this facility, and the safety of humans. I convinced him that you may still be compliant. I vouched for you."

>[] Tell her about Violet and her plan.

>[]"Thank you, I... am grateful."

>[] Take my leave, this is enough for now.

>[] Write in.
[X]"Thank you, I... am grateful."
"Thank you... I am grateful... You've done these things for me and yet..."

Fauna raises what appears to be an eyebrow from her distorted face, her expression a strange kind of a scowl, or is it a smile? With her facial structure it's hard to tell," And?" Her voice tells of impatience.

"And I had thought ill things of you at first.. Back in the hospital.. But you know.." I smile," You're making more and more sense to me, if that makes any sense."

Fauna turns her head and coughs out a scoff," As if you understand anything Omar... Anyway, is there anything else about me or Renaissance you'd like to know? I know that this isn't the best place... but it's a home."

>[] Tell Fauna of Violet's plan. . .

>[] Ask if there isn't anywhere else that Fauna would rather be.

>[] Dismiss yourself, that's all you need to speak of with her for now.

>[] Write in.
[X] Tell Fauna of Violet's plan. . .

I have seen no others yet.. is there a way you would like to break it to her?
Directly, bluntly, to the point. Fauna isn't the kind to pussy-foot around issues with.

And will we tell her we are for or against this plan?
I'd personally say that we're happy for them and want to help them pull it off and get them out of here, but don't want to try leaving ourself.
File: 1362896494994.jpg-(66 KB, 600x750, 1362458173156.jpg)
66 KB
hum really bad situation.., hum. I think we should talk to violet first but she may pull a dick move. Basically let her know that unfortunately trying to escape would probably cause far more damage and ruin possibility for reform.

will try to talk with violet and Kaitlyn see if we can find another way to improve their lot and if they relay want to we can help them escape but will will probably stay. Reform must come from within we will have to stay. As much as we want to leave the situation in the world won't improve for overs.

Relay i would ask fauna about the situations of overs in the world and what she wishes she could do. Basically get to know her more.
I still feel like the room is bugged.
I might as well tell her now right? Fauna is my greatest ally here, for what that's worth... However I need to be careful about how I involve myself in this thing... I had agreed to help Violet... I don't necessarily need to say that I want out myself... Right?

"Fauna, I've spoken with Violet."

She stares at me with a bored look that says, 'go on.'

"She has said that she would like to leave Renaissance, is that possible?"

"Not for most people. Even if she did somehow manage, she'd likely be hunted by someone... Likely me.."


Fauna pulls back her lips and shows off her teeth, if you can even call them that.. she's got fangs... like an animal.
"I'm an Invoker, and the best tracker. Too stupid to figure?"

"I hadn't thought."

"Not uncommon, anything else? She wouldn't say that without some plan."

"Well, she said that she needed me to help.. She wants to get to the supervisor and thinks that I'd be able to get him to come out from wherever he is..."

Fauna grimaces," Oh, so she wants you to do something that makes him come out... any idea what that is?"

"No. haven't even really thought of anything yet. What WOULD make him come out?"

"One moment. ."

Fauna gets up from her small table and walks over to her plants, pressing little buttons on them to water them, there's some silence and then she answers," Something that threatened this facility, or something the other Overs here couldn't handle.. Or a certain brat that melts down a chamber built to be a crucible."

Okay, that last one was about the Warm-up chamber... heh..

Fauna seems to be her usual self in this matter... she's does not seem directly opposed or directly supportive of this plan...

"You going to kiss her toes and help her Omar?"

>[] Deflect question, bring up points to win her over(State)

>[] Answer truthfully," I want to help her, yes. Will you help me?"

>[] Turncoat," No, I want to see her fail, she pisses me off.

>[] Write in.

Calling Fauna a Liar? For shame.
Calling Renaissance tricksy bastards.
Write in
"No...What I want is what you want. to fix this place, and it seems the only way to do that is to change break it down first.
[X] Write in.
"I told her I'd help her. I prefer not to get in the business of going back on my word. I don't really want to leave, it won't solve anything, but I'd rather them not get forced to stay here.

Of course I'll have to be careful about how I help her, wouldn't want to reflect poorly on my 'oh so charming' superior."
Also add something like
"I learned something when I was on the run. Overs need help not only from the police and government, but from ourselves. I almost hurt a father when I was out there before you found me. We need a safe haven, just not one thats trying to kill us.
"I told her I'd help her. I prefer not to get in the business of going back on my word. I don't really want to leave, it won't solve anything, but I'd rather she not get forced to stay here.

Of course I'll have to be careful about how I help her, wouldn't want to reflect poorly on my superior.

See, what I want is what you want. to fix this place, and it seems that some people aren't interested in staying here as it is now..

I learned something when I was on the run. Overs need help not only from the police and government, but from ourselves. I almost hurt a father when I was out there before you found me. We need a safe haven, just not one that's trying to kill us."

Fauna listens intently to my side, I'm sure that I made it clear enough that I want to help Violet out of here... Yet.. I'm not dome with this place. Change comes from within, right Mom?

The day that you saved me, you changed yourself to protect what was dear to you... We've all got changes to make.

Fauna's catlike eyes process the information as they gleam at me. She turns back to her plants.

"Omar... You don't know about Violet. We let her walk among us freely because she is an Over and she doesn't often cross us unless specifically ordered to, which she complies.

The supervisor as well as the directors, other men behind the curtain, do not like that she has an ability that other Evokers have not been able to effectively replicate."

Fauna walks over to the console by her bed, disconnects it to use it as a handheld tablet, and spends a few moments on it before turning it to me with a video ready to play.

"This is one of her more recent tests that they have gotten Violet to agree to. In this test, a condemned man is behind bulletproof glass, and behind him is a timer.

The timer has ten seconds on it. If he is still alive in the chamber after it reaches zero, he may leave, pardoned of all his crimes."

Fauna presses the play button. I see Violet walk into the room wearing a black summer dress.
I wish for things to improve for overs and a stunt like this would harm everyone. However i do sympathize with them.

I am going to try and talk them out of it and see if some of their problems could be addressed. I just want them reach the conclusion I have reached of their own will. If they were forced it would just make the situation worse.

I believe that a system can only be reformed from within. I would probably end up staying here.
Violet smiles at the man, once she takes her seat outside of the chamber, the timer starts.

I see her eyes distort the camera image as her eyes take on their glow. The man starts to claw at his own throat.

He's not dead by the time the clock reaches zero. The intercom makes him aware of this, yet he continues to kill himself with his bare hands.

Violet looks up at the camera, I had never seen them in test chambers before.

"Are we done?"

The video cuts out.

I feel a cold sweat after what I just witnessed.

How do I really feel about this?

>[] That's aweful! How could they just.. let her walk around like she does?!

>[] That changes nothing, I need to keep my promise... A man always keeps his promises, that's just my style.

>[] Ask Fauna what she thinks of this.. and Violet.

>[] Write in.
She killed a man, lots of people in this organization have done that. It's hardly new or surprising. What's important is why and if it was deserved.

Ask Fauna "What was the man guilty of?" as well as her take on it and violet.

Seems to me thIs is a setup. But idk. This has turned into a mind fuck. Ask what fauna thinks.
Ignore the last and. I put that in by accident.
"What was the man guilty of?"

Fauna lays the tablet down on the table.

"I only said he was condemned. I never said he was guilty of anything. I am not aware of his criminal history. However, neither was Violet. She was instructed to kill the man in the room."

"Is this entirely surprising? Many of our members have killed, what makes this different."
I say that, however I am unnerved.

"True. However she has never been assigned anything but missions related to diplomacy, subversion, or PR. In this test, Renaissance finally sanctioned a sacrificial subject for their experiments. I don't particularly care one way or the other about what she does...

However, I want you to be aware of who's asking you for help."

How do I respond?

>[] I need to speak with Violet... (Dismiss self)

>[] A promise must be kept, I will help her... (And Katie)

>[] I will no longer associate myself with her.. Thank you.. Fauna.

>[] Write In.
[X] A promise must be kept, I will help her... (And Katie)

A man should keep his word, and honestly everyone here is crazy to some degree.
File: 1362899449093.jpg-(210 KB, 650x1002, image.php.jpg)
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210 KB JPG
I keep thinking of guilty gear's char profile.


For the sheet that I post at the start?
I will try to talk her out of it but i have no idea how it will go. I don't believe someone should be persecuted by what they can do but at the same time i am not sure if violet has a stable personality.

yep basically political/power threat an individual is. reason dizzy is ranked S+++ is that she could basically destroy the world (start the gear war all over again).
samefag for >>23606052

So we'll try to dissuade Violet, but keep our promise if she still wants to leave?
Nope. >>23606092
isn't me.
nope i am
Ask her that beside the topic, what does she think of more drastic measures.

Beside which topic and what drastic measures good sir?

Was lookin for a tiebreaker!
Before we leave, ask Fauna something like
"Violet aside, what do you think of more drastic measures?" In a vague way. As in
>Implications implying implications about taking over
Also talk to violet about this.
With this new take on Violet, I begin to idly wonder if I should really be helping her, let alone trust her...

Like Fauna, most people here have said bad things about her but.. what's the truth?

I see the man's face as he claws out his own throat in the forefront of my mind. What could Violet have been thinking to kill someone so casually? Could they have done something to her?

I rub my temples with my left hand, finding it prudent to NOT put crustacean exo-skeleton to my still human flesh like that.. I rise from my seat," I need to speak with Violet."

Fauna gives me a shrug," Whatever the fuck you want... Shrimp..."

I begin to head for the door before looking back at her from the corner of my eyes," Fauna. Have you ever thought about taking... More drastic measures?"

"What do I look like Omar?" Fauna scoffs over to me,"I think about it all the time."

I get the feeling that I can trust Fauna for some reason... I don't think that she's ever really lied to me. She's always been very forthright and blunt.

I respect her for that, maybe that's a way I could be too...

I exit Fauna's chambers and proceed through the partitioned hallways to the central wing of the facility.

How will I contact Violet again?

>[] By console.

>[] Go to her room.

>[] Fuck that, it's evening. (Sleep on it)

>[] Write in.
>using Wally's nickname for us
I like this bitch more every fucking thread
Also either way is fine with me.
[X] Go to her room.
I head directly to Violet's room, however on the way, I get a strange feeling, as though I'm being watched...

Now that I think about it, will I put up my resistance again?

>[] Yes

>[] No

If yes,

While i'm feeding I might as well channel the power into something useful, what way would I like to evolve?

If no, that's fine too, it'll just save me from Invoker fatigue... or losing my "appetite."
Also, do I chose to investigate the source of this feeling?
[X] Yes

Improve the living fuck out of our senses, especially eyesight. Try to keep our eyes looking at least semi-normal.
Yes-I agree with Eye sight, though I think we need to think about things like Chimpanzee muscle structure, and how we could use them to maximize strength while minimizing our change of appearances. With that, however, I have to sleep. Gotta wake up at 6am
I decide to start passively drawing in energy from the floe, focusing on sharpening my senses gradually. I have no mirror to ascertain the physical changes, however I keep the draw of power to a minimum to allow them to happen slowly. With a glance, I notice that my marks of power are only glowing slightly through my clothing.

I ignore my feeling of being watched and continue onward to Violet's room. When I arrive there in the Evoker's wing of the residential facilities, I find that the door opens as I come up to it, before I can even press the button that signals someone at the door.

Inside, I see that it is a bit... dark, the soft glow of Violet's eyes peer at me from dim light, however my eyes make out her entire form.

She is wearing a short lacy dress with ribbons at the hips, and she's holding her stuffed rabbit to her chest while smiling.

"Why, hello Omar, what is it? Have something to share about my... idea?" Violet smiles, and I am slightly unnerved.

>[] "I may be able to get Fauna to help..."

>[] "Why are you so insistent on leaving Renaissance? There are good points about this place."

>[] "I can't help you Violet, I am sorry."

>[] "We'll get out of here, what's the plan?"

>[] Write in.
Appetite 4.5/25
A note about Appetite, it's not about how much power Omar has left...

It's about how much more of his power he can use before it starts to wear on his body.

Or get absorbed improperly.
(I would like for OP to archive this, as it is now technically 4:37 AM where I am and I need sleep soon)

Will do, looks like this is done for tonight.

I had some tea too! I was ready to make up for being late...

I need verrry little caffeine to stay up.

We may be able to get Fauna's help, at worst she simply won't care about what we're up to.

I'll help you and Katie get out of here, I'm not going to leave myself, I think Renaissance could be something good for us and running won't solve anything for me. You and Katie can lay low, I really don't have that skillset, and I want to change this place, I don't want to run for the rest of my life."

I'll take note of this for next thread which should be Monday 7:30pm utc-8


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