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>previous threads here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Street%20Fighter

You are Joe, a young man forced into a war against the collective gangs of Metro City in 1987. Stopping for a rest and a bite to eat, you and your companions quickly found yourselves overwhelmed by a slightly stronger breed of thug. You were cut a few times subduing a man dual-wielding pizza cutters, Saul had his arm dislocated by some German nunchuck guy, Tatsuya caught a punk to the chin and checked out. Out of the three of you you're the only one winning your fight, with a corrupt pizzeria owner locked in a submission hold.

To your right a man in cardboard armor with a rusty sawblade for a sword is coming your way. In the street outside a fat German is muttering something as he advances on your German.

What will you do?
Do I have any weapons?
File: 1362593153841.jpg-(21 KB, 450x300, Crane Style.jpg)
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As of the ending of the last thread Saul was disarmed and Tatsuya and Joe don't carry weapons by habit. Joe's got the pizzeria owner in an armbar. You could probably hit someone with him if you really try.

...not many players today?
I attempt to maneuver the shop owner between me and the charging pizza knight.
can we try to choke the german guy? not to kill ofc, just to incapacitate him. Failing that, let's throw him on the other german guy.
File: 1362594152657.jpg-(161 KB, 426x640, Cardboard Knight.jpg)
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You pivot the Crane-style fighter between you and the charging Pizza Knight to buy yourself a second to think as the Pizza Knight swings a clumsy overhand chop in your direction. It catches the Crane guy in the shoulder. It's a nasty cut, but a sawblade's a terrible chopping weapon.

>kick the pizza shop owner out of the way. SAMBO the cardboard knight
>kick the pizza shop owner into the cardboard knight, defenestrate through window while they're tangled up, aid Saul
"I'm coming, Saul!"
>kick the pizza shop owner into the cardboard knight, defenestrate through window while they're tangled up, aid Saul

Do this, try and catch Ze German by surprise and break something to even the odds a little bit. Might want to make sure a downed Tatsuya doesn't get mobbed, as well.
Right! I kick Mister Crane in the back, and he and Pizza Knight stumble backwards. I vault through the window, and run for the German. Upon reaching him I drop kick him from a full sprint.
File: 1362595248390.jpg-(56 KB, 240x256, kenji.jpg)
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You let go of the pizza owner and elbow him in the back in one smooth motion. Looks like bajiquan or something. You make a mental note to maybe learn bajiquan in the future.

While the pizza knight deals with the Crane fighter you turn and jump through the front window. There's broken glass everywhere on the ground, but your shoes should be sturdy enough to keep you safe. Second mental note, don't take this fight to the ground.

The fat German just finished saying something presumably dramatic to Saul as he lifts his nunchucks. Time to be a hero.

>roll 1d22, taking either highest above or lowest below ten
Rolled 21

Time to save our knight in shitty armor.
Rolled 10

[Come again? I'm new here, could you explain that roll?]
Aaaand you wanted us both to roll. Derp.
File: 1362595728433.gif-(55 KB, 320x240, announcer1.gif)
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The result will be bad or good depending on whether the number furthest from 10 is on the high or low side. When it was a straight d20 roll with enough players you were almost guaranteed high rolls eventually, so I thought doing this and raising/lowering the ceiling depending on circumstance might be more interesting.

...we seem to only have two people following the thread today, though, maybe it's not as much a concern as usual.
My 21 roll was my first post in the thread, so there is at least more than 2. I personally hope you'll keep rolling along, SFM, Street Fighter Quest was one of my favorites and seeing you back and running is a treat.

You catch hold of the other end of the nunchuck as the German raises it over his head, yanking it down and away from Saul. The German spins toward you as he tries to keep hold of it, just in time to catch your elbow in his face. He drops like a stone.

This is actually working out reasonably well for you so far.

Saul looks half-dead as he comes to his feet, nodding to the inside of the restaurant. The Pizza Knight has finished beating the shit ut of the pizzeria owner - presumably for trying to poison him with the rest of his gang - and has turned back to Tatsuya.

>proectile nunchucks!
>head back in, use nunchucks in hand to hand combat
I head back in, nunchucks in hand. I attempt to disarm Pizza Knight!
Projectile nunchuks!
Combine the two, head back in and toss those nunchucks to get an opening on the pizza knight.
bet Tatsuya knows how to use these. rush in and lob them to Tatsuya
File: 1362598179146.gif-(5 KB, 320x224, 002.gif)
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You decide to blend the approaches. As you vault back into the pizzeria you throw the nunchucks - not hard enough to knock anyone out, but enough to knock the pizza knight's cardboard helmet off kilter.

While he's straightening it you decide to do the reasonable thing. You pick up a chair, draw it back like a baseball bat and hit him in the head with it. Cardboard armor is no match for a chair to the skull.

Saul steps through the shattered window storefront a moment later, cradling his injured shoulder. A moment later Tatsuya begins to stir, coming back from unconsciousness.

"Anyone here know first aid?" Saul asks.

"A little. Don't know how to set a dislocated shoulder," you say.

"Iiiii can dislocate a shoulder. Lotsa ways," the punch-drunk Tatsuya says.

"Yeah, but can you fix one?" you ask.

"Why'd I wanna do that?" he asks, slowly pushing his way to his feet.

"Goddamnit, are we good at anything but fighting?" you ask. The other two shake their heads. You sigh. Time to find a doctor.

>calling it there for now, we'll try again tomorrow around 2pm 4chan time
Goddamnit! I missed the thread again. Curse my luck.

I wonder why we're having a harder time attracting players this time round?
Less consistent schedule, somewhat different aethetic and feel from last time.

Last quest was full of ridiculous, colourful fighters to go after, to say nothing of the craziness of the sitestories.

This one's a bit grittier, mostly focusing on taking down organizations and cleaning up the streets rather than the merits of single combat and the like. It's interesting, but the feel is different.

At least so far.

Well, I did get into a fight with that one sorcerer. As my sword pierced his heart he spat forth a Death Curse from his bloody lips that my most beloved legacy was cursed to ruin. That might have done it?

Shit, I accidentally gave away too much about my personal life.
Gorram sorcerers, do it to you every time.

Whelp. I'm still here, and I'll keep archiving the threads and upvoting them when I can.

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