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File: 1361641313520.png-(7 KB, 800x600, FQ tittle .png)
7 KB
Freak Quest time!

In this quest, you take the role of a big armed, friendly freak, who is currently adventuring with his two friends, a lizard like freak named Joey, and a strange merchant.
In the last session, in your search for the merchant's steed, you encountered 3 hostile freaks. After the ensuing combat, one of the hostile freaks had fled, you had slain one, and captured the final one, seemingly their leader.

Previous threads can be found here:

After brief interrogation, during which the captive proved to be quite uncooperative, you managed to learn that he was a member of a clan called Ultros. Unfortunately, the captive kept insulting and in general, acting like a major asshole, which made you decide to kill him.
After that unpleasantness, you located the steed that had been hiding from the 3 hostile freaks. As the merchant and his steed were now together once again, they offered to take you and Joey to the "Yellow Bazaar" to see the leader of their guild.

You and Joey are currently sitting inside the "shell" of the merchant's steed, while the Merchant is sitting in the "saddle", discussing the route they should take to the bazaar with his steed.

Current inventory:
>4 empty small containers.
>1 medium container with 5 biogel dozes.
>1 compound eye.
>1 strange syringe of unknown purpose.
>Cutting tools.
> 2 Claw arms.
>Improved walking eye bladder.
>6 eye balls.
>Tentacle bundle.
>Bone armor.
File: 1361641380915.png-(281 KB, 1000x900, FQ characters.png)
281 KB
281 KB PNG

>Current stat/inventory screen.
File: 1361641461634.png-(95 KB, 800x600, fq93.png)
95 KB

And finally, the status picture.
You and Joey are inside the steed's "shell".
The two dead freaks you killed are still laying on the street.

What are you going to do?
Eat up if you want steed fellow
I think its time to get moving. Ask questions about the Merchants boss as you go. Like is he trustworthy, what does he pay with for bodygaurd duty etc.
Oh! And the Steed can carry more shit cant it? We could take more stuff from the bodies

Inventory update.
I forgot that you also had the bone sword.

Anyways, unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I didn't manage to prepare stuff properly today for this quest, and I was forced to start it later than normal.
Hopefully, I can still deliver good enough quest.
File: 1361642180182.png-(94 KB, 800x600, fq94.png)
94 KB
The steed grabs one of the dead freaks, and begins to munch on him.

The merchant is currently waiting for his steed to finish up eating the corpse.
He says that you'll have loads of time to discuss stuff during the trip, as the bazaar is some distance away.

You certainly can, however, the steed isn't yours. The steed is a member of the Golbax trading guild, and the partner of the merchant.

The merchant asks if you two still want to do something in this place, or are you ready to leave?
I don't think theres really anything else for us here. Once the steed is finished lets be on our way.
Well its more maximizing the profit of the merchant if anything, he took his and lost delicious biogel thanks to us, but also profited somewhat. These bodies/loot are split fairly if he wants it. Anything to recoop the losses the merchant guild took over the loss of the boil.

Call it paying for his good advice and knowledge. (that and the more he takes the less he can whine about if he plays a 'look at what you cost me' card.)

We could hunt down that merc lady that booked it, confirm the beheaded ones story, and pay her to keep her mouth shut/kill her/befriend her.
File: 1361643445520.png-(59 KB, 600x600, fq95.png)
59 KB

While the steed eats, you inform the merchant that you are more or less ready, and that you are willing to share the loot with him, in order to pay for his advice and help, and to help to compensate the loss of the boil.
"Quite generous..yees..but the augs and loot we have collected thus far, is nothing compared to the boil. However, it was unlikely that we would have been able to claim the boil even if you two hadn't stumbled up on us..yees..we were there by chance, and outnumbered. The only thing you caused, was that the goons of Ultros didn't manage to snatch it before the Lienis drones arrived. Better for us...yees..we have ties to Lienis..more than to Ultros.
As for payment for my advice, you have already paid with your help. You can use the loot to trade stuff in the bazaars."

You also mention hunting down the mercenary lady that fled.
"Hmm, why that? She was just a hired thug it seems..if you want to seek her out, she most likely is somewhere in the alleys..that's where most scum like her linger."

The steed finishes his meal, and states that he is ready to go.

"Good, could you pass me the map please?" Says the merchant.
"It is in the bundle above your head."
File: 1361644455467.png-(76 KB, 800x600, fq96.png)
76 KB

Anyone still here?
I assume that you will start rummaging trough the pouch the merchant indicated.

These are the items inside the pouch:
A scroll of skin.
A translucent chitin container filled with liquid and strange swimming things.
3 medium bony containers.
Some sort of organ inside a net bundle.

>Also, in the last thread's discussion, people wanted you to have time to chat with Joey together.
the map is most likely the rolled up parchment, hand it over, ask what the rest of this stuff is.
After we ask what it is (eager to learn after all!) talk with Joey.
We might be going past where she's traveled before too after all, is she comfortable with it?
File: 1361645942872.png-(58 KB, 600x600, fq97.png)
58 KB

You hand over the roll of parchment, assuming that it is the map, and ask what the stuff inside the bundle is.

"Random stuff..some biogel containers, augs and other various things we had traded in the alleys. Nothing you need to worry about."

The merchant opens up the map, and begins to examine it eagerly.
"Yees...we could take the pumping station path..or we could head to alleyways..hmmm..yees.." He begins to quietly mumble while looking intently at the map.

"There is bound to be a torrent of new rumors in the alleyways, about the boil and Lienis. Godal would like to be up to speed about what is going on here." Says the steed.
"Yees Ivas, but that would force us to take a detour..."
"Are we in a hurry?"
"Not exactly..no."

The two continue to discuss directions, while the steed slowly starts to move out.

You sit back and see Joey gazing at you intently.
File: 1361647130635.png-(60 KB, 600x600, fq98.png)
60 KB

>So, what did you want to ask her.
Ask her, "hey Joey, um.... tell me, if you had an entire Boil of bionectar to yourself, what would you do with it?"
"I like what we've done with the fringes. it's very You.

No, that isnt what i wanted to ask. Um, How do you feel about all that is happening, where we're going and stuff, together? You never talked much about other places yourself, you're just as new to... life, as i am."
check position of big burning blood orb above the city
File: 1361648903595.png-(62 KB, 600x600, fq99.png)
62 KB
"..What? Me? essh... Idunno..Drink it? It tasstess good! Very good! Better than blood! It'ss jummy!

You also complement the frill "ears".
"Yes..they are neat! They tingle lot..they feel all kinds of thingss I didn't feel before."

You continue to chat with her, asking about how she feels and so on, to which she responds:
"All thiss is SO exiting! Yes! New thingss! Scary things! But exiting! I like it much! Old place was scary! Had to hide from the monster..fight with other, weaker ones..eat them...." She looks somewhat uncomfortable, gazing you timidly for few moments, before continuing.
"But now no need to do that! Now I can drink nectar and...I..I don't have to hide anymore..."

It seems that the burning orb has mostly descended behind the spires, and it is not illuminating the city as greatly as it did few hours ago.

The merchant suddenly asks speaks.
"Hey..you two..would you be interested in sight seeing? Yees..We could go trough the alleyways..Ivas thinks that we should catch up on the rumors there. The boil must have attracted some attention and our leader would appreciate it if we caught some of them and informed him. Yees..it's important to know the tales being told in the streets."
"That works fine merchant, I'd like to see more of the city, would you like to?" That being directed at our friend and not merchant
So Ivas is the steed fellow we are riding, Javak is our Merchant friend, Godal is their master who we are going to meet. Then who is Golbax after whom the Trader guild is named?

The shouting elder freaks at the well boil were very confusing and scary. But they are dead now.
File: 1361650347885.png-(90 KB, 800x600, fq100.png)
90 KB

Joey eagerly agrees.
"Yes! More things to see! More things to eat!"
She seems to be quite exited about this whole matter.

"Alright then!" Says the merchant.
"Sit back and rest..yees..we will reach the alleys in hour or so."
The merchant tosses the map back into the shell.
"Yees..the path is clear. Put the map back into the pouch."

You grab the map. Joey looks at it curiously.
"Whatss it?"
Take a look, be careful not to rip it.
And dont eat it.
File: 1361651110422.png-(488 KB, 600x800, Merchant's map.png)
488 KB
488 KB PNG

You and Joey carefully scroll open the map, and take a look at it.
It is full of strange scrambling and crimson colors.
we're gonna need to learn to read. Ask what the bright red symbols mean.
Dark red: roads
pinkish: buildings
red: blood river
"What is all this"
File: 1361652329387.png-(61 KB, 600x600, fq101.png)
61 KB

You ask the merchant about the map and the markings.

"What?..Oh, the map. Well, it shows the roads and where things are..oh, of course. You can't read our markings. Yees..of course you don't...Well..you could learn it in our guild house..when we get there. I can't teach it on the road. Worry not, it's not that important for you yet. We are currently at the pumping station..yees it is right next to the great red sea, the red area on the map. The bazaar is where the three great spires rise, before the great bridge over the red river."

So Joey what were you up to before I came about
shes answered that. she ran away from the monster and ate newborns.
Play footsies with joey
I see other pouches, time to rummage.
File: 1361655228051.png-(27 KB, 800x600, fq102.png)
27 KB
Sorry that I took this long.
I hope that you guys are still here.

You rummage trough the stuff and find all kinds of strange things. Large biogel containers, many smaller ones, more of the chitinous containers filled with fluid, sheets of skin, a large sack filled with something squishy and so on.

You are not sure what that means.
Have we gotten any serious rest? If not, take a nap.

We are eternal. Also, seeing as we have time to kill, should we inquire as to the nature of Godal? Like, how we should address him, what things will piss him off that we should avoid, and so on?

Let's lift something with our big arm to maximize our gains brah.

Yay freak quest
OP said taht we're mostly biojello on the inside. Sleeping should help much more with becoming stronger than doing the squatznoatz.
We can sleep after we lift
Lifting with jelly inside our arms won't help, did you ever read any lift guides? We're at the bottom of the recovery parabole.
I gotta get rid of this name, goddamn.
File: 1361656395237.png-(64 KB, 600x600, fq103.png)
64 KB
You did rest for few hours before you ventured further into the pumping station. But you haven't had actual night long sleep yet.
You aren't very tired yet, however, you are starting to feel kinda hungry.

You ask about Godal from the merchant.
"Well..hmm..he is a joyful one..yees..loves making profits..do not double-cross him, no matter what you do. That will get you killed. Yees..the Ultros skumbacks learned it the hard way. Do not cover and bow when you approach him..he doesn't like that..reminds him of nobles too much..yees..like he says, "Everyone is a noble in my house." Yees, he is a fair leader..ruthless, but fair."

"Correct. Godal has been a great leader for us. Under his direction, we have grown in strength and gained valuable relations with other guilds and the House Lienis." You hear the Steed say.

Joey gazes at you again.
"Umm...you know..do we have more nectar? Itss tasty..and I am thirsty.."
Tell her there's some nectar at the bottom of this hose but she'll have to suck it out if she wants it
HAHA JUST KIDDING totally give her some.
you two can share a half measure of biogel
Some people say a freak is made out of Mud,
A poor freak's made out of muscle and blood,
Muscle and blood and skin and bone,
A mind that's weak, and augments are strong.

Oh, you drink 10 more doses, waddya get?
Another cycle older and deeper in dept.
All Mother dont want me, cause I'm just guttertrash,
I work all day for organs and trash.

Travelin' songs.
err, organs and CASH
File: 1361658055542.png-(64 KB, 600x600, fq104.png)
64 KB

You and Joey share a half a doze of biogel together. The nectar restores your strength and removes your hunger, for now at least.

That's great.

You still have time to chat with your companions. This session is mostly character focused, as I was not able to prepare as well as I intended. So if you want to just talk with Joey or the merchant, feel free.
You can also rest, and grow in strength.
Joey, what do you think about life out here? Do you think I did good with the freaks back there and the guy in the wall?
At this time I want to work on (or at least make plans to) our strange little mobile bladder with an eye stalk. We will protect ourselves in this flesh city, from street gangs and aughounds. We will protect from danger. So we must know of the dangers before they come. Making the eye bladder into a real 'pet' will help us be watchful. Now earlier Javak said he isn't able to do it for us, but we do have cutting tools. Maybe we have talent with fleshcrafting and just haven't tried yet. We have to know, because we have to protect. We have to.

Wait is that really such a good idea? Boy, drinking that biogel sure does make you feel energetic even in small amounts. maybe just give it a sec to wear off.
File: 1361659336707.png-(140 KB, 800x600, fq105.png)
140 KB
140 KB PNG

Joey looks at you for a moment and then says:
"Life is not easy..it's hard, painful and dirty..in the gutterss..disgusting things littered everywhere..small, lumpy things coming from the walls...can't fight..cant even move..I eat them..before the monster does..for four cycles..I hid in the tunnelss, in the rotting fold so flesh of the walls..hiding from the monsster...eating lumpy, weak things, and fighting stronger, but still weak things and then eating them..then..you came out the wall..I saw that..you were not small and lumpy..you were stronger than the others..and you didn't fight me..you gave me the blood skin..and carried me away from the monster..though I could have fled eassily myself..."

She pauses for a moment, and looks at her hands.

"Why did..you help me? I would have eaten you..if you wass weaker..You..you don't kill like the others do..why? The funny merchant..was weak..you could have killed and eaten him..easily...the wall thing...was angry and hated us..we did what he said..and the 3 others here weren't fighting uss..we attacked and rissked uss..why? I do not understand.. But I follow..because..you are strong and help me..without me asking..it's good.."

As you listen to her, the steed continues onward towards the alleys.

>sorry if my dialogue is horrible. I am not very good at this.
It's kawaii as fuck dawg.

"I don't know, I'm even younger than you are. I just did it out of gut feeling. And it worked good. And it feels really good. Maybe there's something to doing things this way?"
Pretty much what I was thinking. What has been his motivation to do things the way he has?
First born and find a freak looking down toward him with hungry eyes. Instead of thinking of running or fighting, he says hello.

"Because it's... right."
File: 1361660394123.jpg-(80 KB, 750x600, white knight righteousnes(...).jpg)
80 KB
"Because it was right. You had not attacked me, the merchant was alone, and wasn't much of a threat then. I attacked them because Merchant is my friend, and the mount is his friend. Right is right."
File: 1361661155389.png-(63 KB, 600x600, fq106.png)
63 KB

"You act ass you feel..what your gutss tell you.."

She curls up next to you, and continues:

"You do things...because you feel that they are right..and I follow you..because I feel it in my gutss and...that musst mean..that it is right!"
File: 1361662406663.png-(137 KB, 800x600, fq107.png)
137 KB
137 KB PNG

Do you have anything more you wish to discuss with Joey?
She has curled up next to you, and is getting kinda sleepy.

You hear the merchant humming his travel songs, as his steed carries you towards the alleyways.
"Greetings fellow traveler" grunts the steed as you apparently pass by someone.
No one else is posting and I normally just lurk... just I guess just try and get some proper sleep and or sight see until we get to the destination.
((Ps love FQ :D ))
Put your arm around her. Sleep well.
"Goodnight Joey. Hey Merchant, wake us when we're there, yeah?"
File: 1361664073513.png-(63 KB, 600x600, fq108.png)
63 KB

You wrap your arms around her, and tell her to sleep well.
You then tell the merchant to wake you two up when you are at the alleyways.

As you rest, your body continues to grow and develop. The biogel within you causes the still mushy tissues to adapt and specialize into proper organs and muscles and so on.

Joey is also undergoing similar process, though her body has already mostly developed. The ingested biogel however, allows her body to continue developing somewhat further.

You have 2 point to place to any of your stats. (HP 6, Str 2, Tou 2, Agi 1.)
Joey can place 1 point to any of her stats. (HP 6, Str 0, Tou 1, Agi 3.)

>I might end the quest soon. Sorry if this session was a little underwhelming. I didn't manage to prepare as well as I intended, due to circumstances outside of my control.
Us: Str 3, Tou 3
Joey: Agi 4
It's okay mang, we all have our lives to manage.

I'd argue put another point into Strength and Toughness for us so we can tank harder.

I'd say Joey gets one point in Strength, she should be able to snap someome's neck at least. Speed is worthless without striking power to back it up, also she can probably jump further and longer then.
str3 agi 2
agi 4
Has been archived?

Would be for the best if the thread were archived.
I am gonna wait for a consensus on the stat upgrades.

Also, feel free to give input to the quest.
I want a point into toughness and HP for us. And Joey gets +1 toughness too



Voting for >>23345414.
Wow. I forgot to spelling in that last post, didn't I?
File: 1361665904229.png-(281 KB, 1000x900, FQ characters.png)
281 KB
281 KB PNG

Ok then.

Well, how about this:
Your muscles continue to grow and strengthen. In addition, the armor plates on your skin are being further incorporated to your body. Together, these changes increase your overall strength and mass, along with your durability.

Your strength and toughness are increased by one point.

Joey's body continues to develop down the path it was already in. Her leg muscles grow in strength, and overall her reflexes and speed are increased, along with her flexibility. Her agility is increased by 1.

>Due to Joey's agility, and dodge bonus due to her sensory frills, she now always has a dodge roll of 6 at minimum. 1d6+4+1.

Anyone still here?

I will probably end this quest now. It's already way past 2 am here, and I should get some rest.

Again, I apologize for this session being this lackluster, though I hope that the interaction you did have with Joey was decent enough. I will try to prepare better for the next week's session, in which you will arrive to the alleyways.

Once again, I welcome all input, criticism, ideas, comment etc.
Goodnight FQ. Sleep well. Dream of buxom maidens and rich beers until next we meet.
Yeah it was swag as hell, shame I got overshadowed by MGNQ with my own quest. Sleep well dude, see you next week.

Thanks fellows. I'll try to make the next session better than this one.
Good night.
Did someone archive this? I can't because I already archived something not long ago.
It is now.

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