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I am the Chapter Master. You should not concern yourself with my name, for who I am is what I do, not how someone chooses to label me. By the will of the Emperor I command the finest Chapter to ever tread among the stars. I have no fear but to fail in the eyes of my brothers. Age of Ruin is on the horizon, Imperium is falling apart, I know it in my heart. I was blessed and cursed to live in time when the fate of our galaxy is being decided once more. I can just hope that my choices will be right. Ave Imperator et Imperium!
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342 KB JPG
Last thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/23089966/

I will not post any tl;dr or resources summary for initiates this time, too tired. Everyhting can be found here: http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Chapter_Quest_Wiki

What do you do?
Lets talk to our Head Apothacarian about the new tech ordered.
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171 KB JPG
Three main questions:

a) do you spend 20xp to get rid of laughing god

b) do you grant Harmantos Captains' rank?

c) do we want to do timeskip?

year is 331.M41
>a) do you spend 20xp to get rid of laughing god
We rid his control over us.
We keep the connection.
>c) do we want to do timeskip?
That's a pretty poor cropping job there.
File: 1361151213968.jpg-(183 KB, 800x800, 1343108245622.jpg)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
>my face when I say "well, time to go bed." and suddenly this thread appears.
File: 1361151238399.jpg-(43 KB, 494x701, 407372_313690991987385_12(...).jpg)
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Klementhos is greatly pleased with various ancient machines of obscure purposes that are being transported into the Tombstone:
>These machines, supplied by the Nestorians, they are of highest quality I've ever seen since we left Luna... I feel as if I was given an extra set of hands in the matters of medicine and biology, we can do so much more now! What will be your first orders, Chapter Master?
Which face is it?
Left or right?
I would like you to get familiarized with the machine spirit Klementhos.
After I return I wish to experiment with Geneseed, and since my expertise with Machines is not up to par as of yet, I entrust this to you.

After that, we collect Proteus and disguise him, empty the workshop/forge/whatever the hell it's called that builds shit of people, and then ask Proteus if he'd be able to build a better body with the surrounding equipment.
>Is there any way to boost our geneseed stocks with this equipment Klementhos?
We should also check out our new workshop and see what war machines we can make and how.
File: 1361151612576.jpg-(85 KB, 299x413, laughing god.jpg)
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Not mine, dear anon, and I am too busy/lazy to fix it.
I love you too, Blatswave.

On the sidenote, everyone can join us in the chat here: http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23RisingSons&server=irc.Rizon.net

But it can be pretty dead, as it's half past 1 am here.



You've recently noticed, that the silent evil laughter, that was ringing in your head for all of these years has somehow faded away. Meditation, discipline and faith in the Emperor helped you to get rid of your Dark Passenger, however you can still feel him there, just behind the veil. You think that you'l be able to summon him, if you would ever be crazy enough to do that.
File: 1361151807478.jpg-(41 KB, 351x359, I don't know what th(...).jpg)
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>silent evil
Whoa whoa whoa.
Since when was the Laughing God of the Eldar evil?
Hell, he's perfectly anti-chaos, I'm sure that counts as good in 40k terms.
File: 1361152090818.jpg-(1.81 MB, 2560x1600, 1342201938483.jpg)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
>I have spent last three weeks doing nothing, but reading sacred manuals how to take care of them, milord. You may worry not, I am ready to begin projects as soon as the last cable is connected and consecrated. Regarding experiments on gene-seed... I trust your judgement, Chapter Master, and I must admit that scientist within me is ready to kiss your hand for this order. What would you like us to do with it exactly?
>Well, I could try to increase the speed at which the gene-seed is maturing, this should help us to harvest it more often, however in the beginning results will be quite slow... If you wish me to do it now, I could take some(give me a number) marines, and I would put them through a chemical course that will make their progenoids grow a lot faster. However I would need to keep them under my constant care in Tombstone, this means that they won't be able to leave on missions...
We're planning on experimenting with the Pre-heresy Iron Warrior geneseed.
However, due to your inexperience with the new machines, I wish for you to familiarize yourself with them.
That I leave up to you.

A definite side project though, could you obtain the gene that causes the Psi effect for replication and splicing?
File: 1361152671777.jpg-(78 KB, 787x525, 1288358917602.jpg)
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We can manufacture ourselves anything for what we have patterns at the moment, all we need is STC blueprints.
Regarding Proteus - he seems to be very much bent on proving us his loyalty, because 'you are currently the only force of living creatures in light-years that wouldn't cease my existence on the spot, thus making you my best allies'. However Seran suggests us to build a form for him, not allow himself to build one. He suggested a few, not very imaginative, but practical designs of his own:
+Tracked-servitor(Proteus from outside looks like a servitor, but infact he is controlling the body)
+Humanoid servitor(same)
+Astartes(Proteus gets a fully automated power armour. by request certain systems can be uninstalled)
What he was doing to you - playing with your fate as if it was a toy, was evil in your opinion. Laughing God sort of likes humanity, but he is ready to discard it for almost anything else if it suits him, so I guess even if he isn't outright evil, he is certainly not 'good'.
>giving an AI access to your shiny, new, expensive industrial equipment.
>skynet reborn!
>+Astartes(Proteus gets a fully automated power armour. by request certain systems can be uninstalled)
really......you need to be told 'downsides' for giving an AI whose loyalty is suspect fully automated power armour.

I vote Serv-skull with no mechanisms within it for interfacing with our systems.
Why not Cyber Eagle at least?
I vote for a servo skull.
Can we have it armored and armed at least?
If we're going to have Proteus do something, then I'd prefer it not just talk to us all day.
File: 1361153513609.jpg-(753 KB, 1000x701, 41622a0b398de90d.jpg)
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753 KB JPG
He will be a lot harder to kill, if you wish so. But Seran suggests simply installing an explosive charge with reprogrammable parameters and a remote control just in case within him. Other than that... He will be one damn strange marine, you'll have to make up a good story from which chapter he is and why he lacks social skills(voice is not a problem, respirator distorts it. Also, being hard to kill means that he will be able to go with you to missions, if you would require him.
>Well, I won't be able to increase it's quantity, just as I wouldn't be able to increase quantity of spit just by having a ar of it... However I could do some other things, like for example try to see how it react to different mutagens. It would destroy the geneseed that would be used for tests, but on the other hand it could produce some beneficial results too. However I cannot guarantee that. Regarding psyker geneseed - yes, however there is a downside to that, could you please come to my quarters a little later to discuss this in private..?
When you come to meet Klementhos later, he seems to be working on some papers and he lifts his head to look at you, he seems to be concerned and a little nervous, but he doesn't hide what's worrying him:
>Milord, we have a very precious ancient relic, which was left to us by our progenitors, the wise Raven Guard. You know what I mean - the Raven's Tome, the book that helped our forefathers in their darkest hour during Horus Heresy. I believe, that if I would use some of that knowledge, all of my research would be a lot more effective, quicker and more powerful. I could make projects that take centuries in the span of decades or years. However despite of my curiosity I must ask your permission, because this can potentially lead to unwanted consequences... What do you think?

Also, you received a vox, that Renard wishes to speak with you in the Chapel.
>having a jar* of it
Well, I don't plan on you using the Iron Warrior geneseed just yet.
The experiment on that is set in stone.
I just want you to find something that will benefit the Chapter while you familiarize yourself with the machine spirit.
And what exactly about the Psi gene would he like to discuss with us?
Oh and while we're with Seran, can we ask if we can get any upgrades to our Bolter Gun and Armor?
File: 1361154590944.jpg-(22 KB, 320x319, blacktemp.jpg)
22 KB
Renard has no intentions to speak with you about Psi gene-seed whatsoever, he has some other concerns. As you come into the Chapel, you notice leader of your Shadow Guard, secret counter-intelligence and bodyguard unit, sitting in front of the Imperial eagle, looking at it as if searching for an answer. You find that very strange, because you know that he is one of those few marines who are hardline atheists, holding all kinds of faith as foolish. He turns to you and salutes.
>Brother-Lord. I am sad to say this, but I have bad news. Please take a look at this Imperial Eagle. Tune your helmet receivers to notice electro-magnetic disturbances. Do you see it? Exactly. There is a device inside it. I already checked it, don't worry. It's a communications relay that is cleverly connected to our communications network and can send messages to other systems, hidden under our own routine messages that we send to other planets. This device was used by a spy, a traitor, to sell out information about us... And I have some good news too, milord. I know who it is. Do you remember Clarus? Marine who unsuccessfully tried to become Chaplain? It's him. He pretends to be very pious, comes here more than an ordinary marine and at very odd hours, when no one else is here. I also know, that at least 7 of ours serfs are working with him, mostly in our communications sector. I have not acted on this information yet. What do you think we should do?
What do you believe that he was selling us out for?
And do you know Clarus' position currently?
File: 1361155182510.jpg-(136 KB, 900x1080, 1342682702275.jpg)
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136 KB JPG
Seran is happy to oblige:
>Naturally, milord. Please just specify me what kind of upgrades do you need and we'll provide them.

(you are allowed to choose from all the rpg resources printed by FFG games, specifically from ammunition and weapons upgrades, except some of those can be hard to get, i'll inform you)

>He was out of our Chapter for some time on a personal pilgrimage, I believe. I do not know who could have recruited him or how he was convinced. Either way, his betrayal could explain many of our recent failures... Clarus is currently in his quarters, I have Sulix and Horim follow his movements. What should we do?


Harmantos accepted position of Leutenant, but because of the lack of your answer, denied offer to become the Champion. Title then goes to brother Waran, unless you have objections.
I thought the idea was he became Lieutenant-Champion, or is that not allowed?
Please, guide us to his chambers.
We will have a talk with him.
Ask one of your brothers to round up the Serfs with him and ask for some Mind wiping devices.
Also, finally, can we please mindwipe and re-augment poor Destros?
File: 1361155553649.jpg-(259 KB, 791x1143, 1342474797443.jpg)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
It's allowed, but he doesn't want to be Champion if you cannot give him position that he thinks he already deserves(2nd company has no captain and they all want him to be the captain).
As you enter his room, Clarus salutes you and bows, waiting for you to say something.

please roll d100 for rounding up the serfs and another d100 for re-augmenting Destros
Rolled 56

>As you enter his room, Clarus salutes you and bows, waiting for you to say something.
We jump forward punching him in the face and pin him against the wall.

Clarus, I know you've been doing something behind my back, and I'm not going to stand for it.
Confess to me now, and I'll save us both the time and effort of getting the answers out of you.

We'll give him Captain Champion then.
Rolled 56

>We'll give him Captain Champion then.
On the condition he shows us his Ice Wraith cult, and how it works, imply an interest in choosing a Chapter Cult.
Can we have Seran lead the re-augmentation?
Rolled 76

You easily overpower Clarus with your superior combat skills and force him to the wall.
>I know nothing of what you speak about! Please, milord, tell me what do you accuse me of!?

Harmantos eagerly agrees, however he says, that only initiated members can witness full ceremonies, implying that you should join his cult to fully see it. However he agrees to take you on one of their hikes across Mormark.
File: 1361156411903.jpg-(12 KB, 320x246, Pippin being useful.jpg)
12 KB
Rolled 16

You're going to be the one telling me, or I'll throw you into a torture chamber for the next decade and see what comes out of the other side.
File: 1361156893684.jpg-(107 KB, 488x825, the_first_war_of_faith_by(...).jpg)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
You gain +1 to your intimidate skill.
Clarus stops his act and whispers:
>There is nothing you can do to me. It is not in your power. Emperor protects. Nothing of my doing was against his will. Check my personal locker.
Renard takes out an old piece of parchment, clearly brough by Clarus from his pilgrimage, that reads:
"By the orders of Astrobelus Kest, Archcardinal of Sector Deus, this person is declared to be under direct protection of Ecclesiarchy and anyone who will lay a hand on him, obstruct him in his duties or deny him help and support, will be going against the will of the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind."
>See? You have no power over me, heretic!
Rolled 57

That's perfectly alright then Clarus.
I thought we were dealing with something more serious.
Wahahahaha, sorry for having bothered you about this.
>Why such betrayal brother?
File: 1361157433716.jpg-(86 KB, 797x1061, 919355_20040512_screen009.jpg)
86 KB
He looks a little bit confused, but then straightens up and answers:
>Good. I always knew you were a sensible man, even if your heretical leanings make you an incompetent commander... You lost a vital world that provided most of the sector with food, causing major crisis for Imperium, failed to control your own captain who is now a renegade, that mortal believers have to hunt down now and all these blasphemous cults that you allow to grow and fester in our Chapter... This is no betrayal, it is my duty to the Emperor and Imperium! If you would have made me the Chaplain, I would have cleansed our Chapter and we would have been pure... But you chose men like Tacitarius, whom you had to kill yourself later, or Extatius, who failed to achieve anything, but die...
>I never chose Tacitarius, Clarus, if you'll remember his promotion came whilst I was absent from the Chapter. If you're going to accuse me of incompetence at least have your facts straight.
Rolled 80

If that is all Clarus, I will be seeing to the problems within our Chapter.
I hope you and the Ecclesiarchy will to, instead of spying on us, hindering the chapter's growth and reputation.
Accidental roll, always forget to remove it.
Just saying, this marine has called you a heretic to your face, in addition to SPYING on his own chapter for the CARDINAL.

And you just do nothing?
File: 1361158467666.jpg-(1.19 MB, 1680x1050, 1260365738924.jpg)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Year 332.M41
We gain 4 Wealth from Vardan Gas operation.
We lose 3% Heresy.
One of our scouts, Gluben, mutates, some of his skin is covered in lizard-like scales. Klementhos managed to stop this from progressing, but it is unclear how should you proceed.
3 other scouts died because of similar mutations that weren't stabilised in time.
+There is a strong suspicion that Dark Eldar have made their base in the forests of Argul IV in the Core Worlds.
+Preacher-scientist Fidorius Pax has published a controversial book called 'Monstrum: Adeptus Astartes', in which he claims, that true Angels of Death are long dead and nowdays Adeptus Astartes are degenerates, who are mutants and not even human. Astartes popularity everywhere across the Sector in pro-Imperial planets decreases by one. Larion Ursus orders Fidorius' arrest, but his case is being stalled by the Ecclesiarchy.
+Shield Secundis reported possible Red Giants ship leaving the Grave in direction of Halo Stars.
+Slave revolt in Nova Premium. So far it is being quelled successfully, but it could grow into something more serious, governor has sent us a request to aid him. Maybe he is doing just for a prestige boost.
+Xyptus reports, that from his sources he received information, that Faceless was killed. Is it true, currently there are no ways to check. However it's impossible to contact him and Inquisition has listed him MIA.
File: 1361158811398.jpg-(165 KB, 750x1065, 1356675948748.jpg)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>But you never relieved him of his duties, like you should have... I will be leaving in a few days, you may worry not. Now I need to pray, I am going to the Chapel.
Renard voxes you:
>Let him pray, we dismantled the relay. However if he leaves Mormark, he'll spill his beans to his master. Should I make sure something unfortunate happens to him?

Nerial contacts us and informs that there is a soulword from Larion Ursus, requesting presence of 2 squads of our 'finest Angels' for his honour guard duty, starting next year.
Renard, if anything happens to him then we gain the Ecclesiarchy as an enemy.
I would personally very much like to, however we don't seem to have much of a choice.
Continue as before, monitor his movements and whatnot.

Now, about that Soul Killer case?

if you let him go, the Ecclesiarchy will know all about 3rd Company.

Renegade time?
If they have been spying on us, it will have happened already.
>Yes Renard, it would be best if he met with an 'unfortunate accident'.

Consult our captains as to which marines would be best to guard Ursus, preferebly diplomatic marines who can improve how the rest of the sector views us.

Also make Harmantos a Captain, if his company so desires it.

And is destros mind-wiped and re-augmented now or what?
You're accused of heresy, corruption of your chapter, and believe in the heretical works of a heretic, and you dare not defend the honor both yourself and the chapter?

You're not worthy of the love from the golden throne
I choose the LIVES of the IMPERIUM over my Pride.
Maybe if Horus did the same, we would be conquering the stars by now.

It's no matter for pity lives, we all should be proud to die for the emperor!

You're not a heretic are you?

pretty sure the stars were almost all conquered when horus turned so technically we would have been ruling the galaxy for about 10,000 years
>And is destros mind-wiped and re-augmented now or what?
Please roll d100 as I requested here:
Also please roll d100 for rounding up serfs, if you wish it.

After thinking about it some time, you decide that these marine officers are handsome, eloquent and social enough to represent your chapter in a good light:

Damokleon (young Librarian)
Cagirates (Leutenant)
Tercius (assault sergeant)
Lusmer (sergeant)
Rolled 49

rolling for Destros

Send Lieutenant Cagirates and Sergeant Lusmer to command 2 squads of marines to be Ursus' guard.

>It is imperative the people of this sector know we only work for their best interests, there's been a rising of anti-astartes sentiment recently and we must put it to rest, to this end, I have chosen you two to represent our chapter in the public domain.
Ask Averon Birg about any more investment options.

Can we invest in the Protheran refugee settlements on Varda to export food and make more wealth?
>In addition, men, be sure to mention that the 'Kentauros' is speeding to Mars in order to recover the parts we require to save Prothera. It is a matter of great importance to the core worlds.
Inqusition here:

There's a great amount of this anti-adeptus astartes(heretical) works. You're suggested to Target planets for exterminatus if this spreads as it could possibly be the work of chaos

The Emperor protects
Surely there must be something in the Tier 5 Apothecarion that will help us get the mutation problem under control, yes?
File: 1361160882402.png-(3.37 MB, 1024x655, grey_hunters___space_wolv(...).png)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB PNG
(GM failure. rp textures deleted. sleep required. raw data.)
Destros is back to normal now.
Cagirates and Lusmer are happy and will do their best.
You can create an agriculture infrastructure on Varda for about 80 wealth, it could either boost the growth of local population or generate d6 wealth per year(more with good contracts).
they will.
It helped, that's why Gluben is still alive, despite rampant mutation and Klementhos now claims that he has contained this 'lizard-gene' and it shouldn't manifest itself again... hopefully.

Shall we end this for tonight?
File: 1361161124045.jpg-(74 KB, 300x462, The Count of Meowte Christo.jpg)
74 KB
I'm fine with endiong, at least the last post will have contained no bad news.

Thanks for the session Skargan.
You are welcome as always, Luigi, please archive and goodnight! Will update NB soon and run Commoragh quest also sometime. Fuck real life!

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