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Previous thread:

Previously on the Last Library:
You are Roger Green, leading a scout team of the Free Towns. Just now, another band of raiders have turned up at the train yard, finding a way into the subways. With them is an armored contingent of robotic walkers, much like your rovers but bigger and with legs.

Some...with big guns.

There's gotta be a way to get around them or even beat them. The party's heating up...
Your inventory:
Combat knife (on you) - salvaged from crazy dude
Vehicle-and-misc toolkit
Engineering/demolition supplies
Team-size medkit
Stims (more from crazy dude) and first aid
Scraps of lore (aged, crackled, faded newspapers).

Team A:
You - assault rifle, SMG, pistol, shivs, milspec helmet with imager
Skeety Rakrood - driver, scout/sniper
Adnan Soong - gunner, shotgun

Team B:
Rhubert Philips - driver - hunting rifle
Alexander Rex - SMG, break-action hunting rifle, , milspec helmet with imager
Morris - rifle, pistol

-Each team has a rover with a vehicle-mounted machinegun
-Your toolkit and materials in the rovers can be used for a variety of purposes, improvised explosives and poison gas need not be mentioned.
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Recap of current situation:

There are at least two junk-metal patchwork robot walkers, one on four legs, the other a single-seater on two legs.

The four-legged walker seems to mostly be for transport and is a bit armored compared to your wheeled rovers.

The single-seater has the bigger guns and is bracing the bridge crossing the tracks. The driver seems to be drifting off.
We saw some objects in the sky coming toward this location.
Let's stay low and see how the mechs react to the fliers.

We COULD snipe the drivers, since the design of the mechs is open, but I'd rather see if the fliers are allied with the mechs or not.
Rolled 32

Rolling to scan the area again.
This >>23193985
And you said that they don't appear to have any kind of uniform or military patch, correct? They're just raiders, not actual military units.

There's a sinking feeling in your gut. Your team can barely make out some things all over. Some on the bridge, others by the scattered trains and some, further out.

Yes. They are as ragtag-looking as you are.
Tell Rex to have his team keep an eye on the stairwell; something might come up it.

Use our binoculars, and try to make out who's on the bridge.
Have the rest of our team keep an eye out.

Activate the scanner on our helmet, and see if it can pick up anything that we're missing.
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A concise summary of the world at large:

You're on Meta-Earth alright, but the Crossover War's come to a close. Things are rebuilding, slowly, somehow, but it's a terribly rough ride.

From the point of view of people on Meta-Earth, they've been living through a worst kind of apocalypse: The Mary Sue Apocalypse.

It took a very long while, a lot of luck, on the part of the remaining humans of Meta-Earth, before discovering 'real knowledge' could repel the sues. Time stretched, and stretched, until generations came and go. Mankind crawled out warped, with knowledge and canon like cargo cults.

Powers of "canon" and "real knowledge" turned into mindless rituals, "Satan begone" as "sues begone" .Witch hunts started happening.

While the world was rebuilding, people of different origins tried to establish order,and others, tried to re-open dimensional damage and let in the sues again.

The less-devastated places in the world were juicy slabs of bacon to the surviving humans. The violence and pillaging erupting caused more libraries and schools to be destroyed.
You pick up people standing around the corners of trains. The helmet readings shows flickers, small groups of people bunched together, like they're trying to sneak up on the group with the robot walkers.

There's another group it seems, with a bigger flicker on your helmet camera. They might have robot walkers of their own.

Up in the sky, you see something flying that's spewing smoke and crashing.
Zoom in on that flyer, try to see what it is. Then zoom in on those bunched together groups; are they dressed like scavengers?
The flyer was vaguely, a standing T-shape.

You ask Skeety to peer with his rifle. The other groups look like scavengers.
Peer through our binoculars to take a look at that second group of robot walkers.
Tell Skeety and Morris to try to figure out where that flyer might be crashing.
No one is supposed to have fliers; if they do, and they're a human nation, then the pilot might be worth attempting to rescue.

We may be able to use the impending fight between the two mech factions as a distraction for us to run across the train yard and get to the door that Morris pointed out.
Morris nudges you. "This looks like it's about to go hot. How are we getting past all that shit?"

In the distance, a robot walker is slowly getting into your view, though vaguely.
You bring out Morris' map and your copy of the city map.

"Skeety, where did that flying thing crash?" you ask.

It takes a short while for your sniper-and-scout to figure it out, but it becomes clear. You follow Skeety's finger as it traces across the city map with one finger, and with his other finger, circles an area on Morris' map.

"From the way it was falling, it looks like it was crashing somewhere south of us, and somewhere on the west end of the sue nation. "
"Morris, can you get us there?
"This looks like it's going to go up in a fight, and I'd rather let both sides shoot and weaken each other before attempting to sneak past them to get to the other side."
"That's a bit of a detour, son. We can do it, but that's time spent."

"We're going over the bridge instead of that small tunnel on the map?"
>We're going over the bridge instead of that small tunnel on the map
Isn't there a door on the opposite end of the trainyard that we need to get to, that Morris pointed out as getting us halfway to the Library?
Pretty much.

Are you guys planning to detour to the crash site first, or get halfway to the library and then detour to the crash site?
Get to the crash site first.
Yeah, it's not in our original mission parameter. But we need to take opportunities as they come, and this could be an important find.
You check again Morris' map. He brings out another sheet, routes underground, scrawled out. There are multiple outlined routes, as well as locations of a hideout or two. Further down is a much larger hideout.

"There are people who live between the tunnels," Morris says. "I didn't mark those places exactly on the map, but you'll run into people like those more or less. Kind of like rats living off the larger places".

You compare and figure out a route to the crash site. On the streets, it might be more direct and you could easily find it by going up buildings, but coming out from underground could avoid a lot of problems with raider groups that would be fighting in the city.

"The only catch travelling underground, is checking out on the city map where you are when you come out on the surface," Morris explains.
Let's stay above ground.
We need speed more than stealth, and we'd be up shit creek if we got into a fight with the locals in the tunnels.
Your team of six come out to the back of the building and sneak up to the bridge.

Two flatbed trucks show up at the opposite end, with one driving up to the middle of the bridge. A shootout breaks out between the group on the truck, the small band of raiders along the sides, and the much larger group down at the trainyard.

The dozing driver of the other walker is taken surprise by the noise and joins the firefight, guns blazing and the large gut gun spewing rounds.

Meanwhile, the robot walker that you saw in the distance comes within range. The other flatbed truck maneuvers into cover and starts shooting the other walker....
Use our milspec helmet's scanner to identify enemies, and let's make a break for it once their attention is occupied.
Your helmet doesn't give out any readings too different or useful enough. Just that all four groups of raiders are shooting at each other.

Meanwhile, the group on the trainyard try to hide behind and under the trains for cover. One of the trains is partially shattered by a robot-walker's cannon...
Is there any way to get across the bridge (I assume we have to cross it to get to the crash site) without inviting fire from the train yard?

Are the people on the flatbeds still fighting with the raiders on the side of the bridge?

The train yard crew is occupied with two enemy groups on the bridge and sides.

One of the flatbeds is in a fight with a separate group on the other end that has a walker.

Skeety suggests he can snipe one of the drivers. Rex things we can throw a bomb at a truck.
Let's go with the bomb idea. Try to hit the gas tank in order to create a bigger distraction.
It will take a couple of minutes to put together a bomb using the toolkits and supplies. You can make things like a rudimentary shotgun pellet bomb or a sticky bomb. Alternatively, you can create poison gas.
gass it up bros
Sticky bomb is more likely to work against a vehicle. Gas is too unpredictable in the open like this.
Rolled 26

Your team puts together 3 sticky bombs in the span of 10 minutes.

Rex slingshots a bomb over to the bottom of one of the trucks....
The blast tips the truck to one side as it wrecks the tires, but Rex falls over, shot in several places...

You've been discovered.
Alright, see you guys tomorrow evening. I'll keep this thread up and see if it's still there. Otherwise I'll make a new thread.
We'll need to drag Rex into cover and start administering aid.
Bump for glory

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