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Is it that time again? Wake up, your hour has come again.

Previous Thread:

Previously on the Last Library:
You are Roger Green, leading a scout team of the Free Towns.

Your world has undergone a Mary Sue Apocalypse. In recent times, the sues have seemingly stopped appearing. The sue nations have gone dead quiet. There's competition for the distress call for the remaining pieces of lore out in the former site of the sue nation. And just now, you defused a shootout with a raider group foraging for tin cans.

Realizing what it takes to get to "The Prize", it has dawned on and you and your team to do the following:

-to find a path to the library
-cross-reference old maps together to get a better layout of the city

You recently discovered several helpful points:

-possible sue hotspots
-traps by other survivors
-where smaller pieces of "lore" and "knowledge" could be salvaged

Your inventory:
Combat knife (on you) - salvaged from crazy dude
Vehicle-and-misc toolkit
Engineering/demolition supplies
Team-size medkit
Stims (more from crazy dude) and first aid

Team A:
You - assault rifle, SMG, pistol, shivs, milspec helmet with imager
Skeety Rakrood - driver, scout/sniper
Adnan Soong - gunner, shotgun

Team B:
Rhubert Philips - driver - hunting rifle
Alexander Rex - SMG, break-action hunting rifle, , milspec helmet with imager
Morris - rifle, pistol

-Each team has a rover with a vehicle-mounted machinegun

Let's go over answers to the last few followed-up questions...
>>"So why we regular folk are danger to a library?"

>>>Because while SUEs get their rainbow-ass powers shut down near lore, a regular guy or gal can just walk up to it, light a match, and then it's gone. That's why we need to find this place, to protect the only real thing we have that works on those walking pair-of-docs.

"Good luck, if it's still out there..." the gang boss trails off. From the looks of his face, he doesn't like what's gonna boil down very soon.

In a second after, everyone hears some more bursts of distant gunshots, an exchanging staccato here and there, the one-shot, and the wild roaring burst.

Something is up. With a loud noise like that, something is gonna bring down trouble there, like curious sues. You look to your team, who all give you that response with their eyes that they have very much the same idea as yours. Someone perhaps, wants to shudder at the thought at what they're about to plunge into.

It's high time to dive into that sparkly hell.

As your team regroups and forms a plan, you make it known to them...

>>"Well, looks like some "regular folk" will be the types who burn down the entire world just so they can live another day longer. Another thing--- if we catch anyone following us, they are dead."

From your experience, you remember some people wanting to take down strangers with them....

...Time to get to work, men.
Move it boys.
Let's start at least seeing where we are, and checking our position against the map.
Even if the street names have been changed, the buildings should still be the same.

In fact, though the subway systems may be trapped, they should have a map of the subway system and which station will come up closest to the library.

You grab Morris' map, or whatever he has. From his messed-up notes, it seems you are somewhere northwest in the city. There's a landmark on his map that corresponds to a small grocery a mile south, with a rail line that goes across around 200 meters from that place. There's this X marked, where he tells you to not touch it. It seems that the rails lead into the opening of a tunnel, but it's blocked and boobytrapped. On the other side of a tunnel is a yard full of other rails, where trains are put away. There is a small circle near this area indicating a door, but it's inside a building near the yard. There is a small bridge, going west-east crossing the rails above, marked. Next is a huge rough area marked "LOW BUILDINGS" that goes on for a while. This area sits between the train yard and a small collection of larger buildings and a park. There is a small marked spot near the park that leads to the subway. To be exact, it lies among the taller buildings.

Near to the bottom-middle of the map is an area marked by huge dashed lines saying, "SUE NATION DO NOT CROSS".
Skeety points out that there's another place where you'd find a small stash of supplies, but it's closer to the low buildings. Morris taps him, and warns him that place is empty...

You wonder how Morris knows that area so well when it's only been too recent that things have gone "somewhat safe".
We're not here for supplies, we're here to confirm the location of the Library, and protect it if we can.

Let's go to the grocery first. There might be a local map or two inside.
Food and other items would have been taken early from such a place, and it should be cleaned out by now. The maps, though, would still be there because they can't be eaten or traded, and the number of scavengers should be low because they'll assume that such an obvious place is already picked clean.
File: 1360557278999.jpg-(9 KB, 300x168, city2.jpg)
9 KB
You send Skeety to be the forward scout again. Your two teams approach the grocery from two different angles, staying as close as you can to the sides of buildings and masking your movements by diving into the alleys. As you pass under ladders, you see that some have been knocked down, others intact, but their bottoms have been wrenched violently out of shape. Dumpsters have been overturned to make hurdles and barricades, with vehicles pushed aside to brace the makeshift barriers. As you vault over some, Soong points out how some have been charred, or others, exploded where their gas tanks are.

A waste, seeing that gas could've been used to keep a town running or able to send another scout rover on a round trip.

Coming out of the alleyway, you spot the grocery sitting on a street corner, with huge slabs of upturned road in front of it, wedging it, or like a sandwich. It seems barricaded and metal curtains rolled down its front and side....
Woah, we'd better stop and scout this out first.

Check out the grocery via binoculars for any movement, and have both teams stay hidden and behind cover.
Rolled 23, 88, 3 = 114

Your two teams and Skeety start scouting the place from afar with scopes and bincoculars...
You and Skeety see nothing. Strange, seeing that Skeety would probably catch it first and would probably get the high ground to catch anyone moving. Rex's team, on the other hand, who's coming in from another end, spots a mangy guy hauling around some lumpy bag, examining the place.
>spots a mangy guy hauling around some lumpy bag, examining the place.
Clarification please: is the mangy guy also examining the place?
Or did Rex's team spot the mangy guy while examining the place?
Rex , while searching, spotted a mangy guy stopping in front of the store to examine it.

Rex swears he saw the lumpy bag kind of shift a little.
Wish we had a bull horn.

Okay, looks like the grocery is abandoned, but I don't like this guy. Have our team meat up with Rex's team. Have Skeety, Soong, and Philips get inside the second floor of a nearby building and get some rifles on this guy, while we check him out with our binoculars.
You give the order.

While your two teams meet, Skeety hand signals the other two guys to come over.

It will take a bit of a while to _quietly_ scale the second floor of a nearby building from the inside. They could try to find a fire exit hanging on the side and scale it from there... if they could find a way to jump up. Would be faster if they could. What do you want to do?
>>is subject to dice roll

Meanwhile, you swing around a corner a couple blocks away. You definitely see something is up with that lumpy bag. For a brief moment, you kind of imagine what might be inside, but the first thing that you imagine is a human person curled up, or pieces of a person.
>a human person curled up, or pieces of a person.
Is cannibalism known to occur among those that are not in the Free Towns?
Do any of us have rope? Now would have been a good time to have some.

You heard stories of some people resorting to cannibalism.

The old folks in your town used to scare kids to eat their beans and veggies with scary stories of people eating each other. Kind of worked, and scared some from the idea of finding out what meat tasted like, if at all.

Morris mentioned once or twice in passing before about this one guy holed up in some building, ate his friends and surrounds himself with nothing but books. You think it might be the same band of people who had to get rid of that mary sue that lives off soda... Big boy on the mountain. In some ways it matches up.

You open the toolbox and there's a length of rope, but it's a really tough kind of twine, really tight.

Do you still want the three gunmen to get a firing position?
Yeah, tell them to get into a firing position.
Try to use the fire escape by having us brace against the wall, then the three guys climb on our shoulder to get onto the fire escape.
Rex and Morris keep an eye on the mangy guy and the bag.
Rolled 68, 93 = 161

Three guys. That's the equivalent of a whole team. That leaves you, Morris and Rhubert on the ground.

Rolling, one to inspect the fire exit and another for the climbing attempt.
Oh, this is good.

You three brace against the wall and boost up each of the three guys up the ladder, as able as you six wiry folks can do. Skeety helps pull up Rex and Soong onto the fire exit, and you see them off quietly creep up the rickety metal steps to the roof of the building.

Meanwhile, the mangy guy is fiddling with the barricades and pretty much falls over himself, moaning and cursing.
Morris and Philips, cover us.
Wait for the sharpshooter team to get in position.
We're going to move about 50 feet away from our current position, so that if the mangy guy needs to get put down, he won't expect weapons fire from a completely different angle.

Once the sharpshooter team is in position, we'll call out to the mangy guy.
"Hey! You! Jaffa Kree!"
File: 1360561055249.png-(1.28 MB, 943x733, murple.png)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
The bag pulls loose, and something finally breaks through the opening. The mangy guy garbles and cusses, the sound of as if half his teeth were missing and his mouth is crumpling in on itself.

His companion is no better, a deep throated gurgle, with halfway slurred speech. You can make out a bickering between them, and the mangy guy pitying whom he carries in the bag.

You can make out a lamentation of "puhwanikyshunnn akdtap no gud fuyuh".

Morris and Philipps don't like the look of this.
"Morris, Philipps, any ideas? Or should we drop both of them now?"

>"puhwanikyshunnn akdtap no gud fuyuh"
'ponyification ???? no good for you'?
I'm leaning towards shooting them as soon as we have a clear shot myself.
"Curious, but no idea what that shaggy guy said," quips Philips. "Did hear something like 'pony-cation' and 'no good' or something."

"Fuck, that looks like a tardchild and a thrall", Morris comments. "Don't think it's worth finding out. Might end up being mangy guy number two, you know?"

They wait on your next word as you hesitate on the mangy guy....
Alright, here's the plan.

Guys up top, get a bead on the guy.
Morris and Philips, aims their rifles at the bag.
Us, we're going to step away and approach the mangy guy from a 90-degree angle from where Philips and Morris are.

We're going to call out to the guy, and demand to know what's in the bag.

Even if it turns out to be a tardchild and a thrall, their attention will be on us, rather than the guys, who can drop the fucking thing.
Rolled 100, 1, 14 = 115

You make your way around another block, through another corner.

Breath ready, you call out to the guy. Naturally, the loud sound confuses him. Both he and his partner turn their heads over to your general direction, trying to look for the source of the voice.

You try again, and they start to look harder. The mangy guy drags the bag with both hands, and tries to lift the off the ground as he shuffles toward you.....
File: 1360562658674.jpg-(65 KB, 632x356, Troll Throttle Stuck At Full.jpg)
65 KB
>100, 1
I see that the /tg/ dice roller has not changed.

And tell the mangy guy to stop or we'll blow his fucking head off, and what's in the fucking bag.
File: 1360563092020.gif-(345 KB, 400x806, gendo shave dance.gif)
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345 KB GIF
Just like Metaquest OP,

mind = blown.

So here's a picture of the world turning upside-down, again.

"Alright man, stop or we'll shoot!" you warn him.

"Guhwaghhhurllghmmdunwanhurtsmuchno" is what you get from him.

Either he wants to die so badly, or he's begging you to not hurt him... or his friend. But he starts shambling frantically for you as you try to keep away.

Nevertheless, you can't afford compromising the mission by easily falling to sue slavery.

And just as it were a flash of a moment, the mangy guy falls over, bullets hitting him. Another round finishes him off while a few other shots miss. In this mess, the contents of the bag wriggle out... a pony. A very messed-up, misshapen pony. Shocked and confused he wails the name of his dead companion, or slave, as best as his slurred speech can take him.

The rest of your team panics at the sight of the creature coming into full view.
Rolled 67, 20 = 87

The crack of gunfire brings the creature to a complete stop; Its gaze marks as completely gone.

Strange. It was too easy, even for a tardchild. You dare not touch the body, for fear of being tainted with leftover sue-ness.

With that threat eliminated, you signal everyone to the barricaded grocery. All six of you come looking for an easy opening...
Alright, I think this is a good stopping point for now. See you guys on Tuesday evening. I'll try to start earlier and power through this.
Alright. See you later.
So I'm confused, where the hell does this take place and how does it relate to meta-quest? I thought that shit we did in the main quest was the crossover war, and didn't it get all tidy and fixed when we retconned everything?

So far it just looks like your standard generic post-apoc quest riding off Meta Quest's name.

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