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So I tried to run a One Piece quest last week since the other two (Grand Ocean Quest and Marine Quest) stopped, but it didn't turn out that great.

Now those more popular quests are coming back, so... yeah.

Guess I'll just test out some game ideas of mine in the form of a quest thread!
Choose an option from these two categories (for now, everything is "Consensus among first three suggestions wins, else who rolled highest out of first three 1d100 rolls wins."):

1). Non-awkward races (Humans, Longarm Tribe, Longleg Tribe, Snakeneck Tribe, Kuja, Skypieans, Shandians, Birkans)
2). Awkward races (Dwarves, Giants, Fishmen, Merfolk, Wotans, Minkmen)

Bonus Round: Cyborg, Okama, Protagonist's Gender.
non awkward races...!!
Rolled 74


If you could choose which of the awkward races you'd like, that'd speed things up.

Although technically, I did it this way so you don't have to decide the race straight away, along with letting me write a generic "You don't comfortably fit into this mostly Human society" opening and filling in how you don't fit in afterwards.

...OK, so my brain crapped out and read "Non awkward" as "Awkward"... Bad.

To stop me from doing that, the protagonist now has a "Do Awesome Thing Free" card you can spend to do an incredible thing during this thread.

In this world of islands and fantastical tales, there are people living in all sorts of places, including one cyborg okama.

But where does [Insert name here] dwell?

Choose an option from these categories (knocking it down to two suggestions or highest of two):

1). One of the oceans (North Blue, East Blue, South Blue, West Blue)
2). One of the crazy bits (First half of the Grand line "Paradise", Second half of the Grand Line "the New World", Fishman Island, a Sky Island)

Bonus Round: Lives in a village/in a boat/other.

D-did... this just die?

I think so, yeah.

Want to continue or talk about other stuff?
My rule for running a quest has always been until the last person stops voting...
I'll be your voter if you wish to continue!

However, I'd ask for a reset on the character.

Sure thing! This is mainly to figure out a faster way to build characters anyway, which I figured out a better way to do anyway.

So, Choose an option from these categories:

1). Non-awkward Races (Humans, Longarm Tribe, Longleg Tribe, Snakeneck Tribe, Kuja, Skypieans, Shandians, Birkans)
2). Awkward Races (Dwarves, Giants, Fishmen, Merfolk, Wotans, Minkmen)
3). REALLY Awkward Races

Bonus Round: Cyborg, Okama, Protagonist's Gender.

I say, a fallen skypiean.
Cuts their wings off to seem like an ordinary human.

You are being chased! You're too busy running to care, but who's after you?

1). The Marines!
2). Pirates!
3). Bounty Hunters!
4). Some other thing! (Tell me what that is, though)

Getting to the action fast is my goal, but this particular action might be a bad choice.

Ok, that be crazy.. but I can see that being a possibility...

A sea king that's an Octopus/squid thing.
>4). Some other thing! (Tell me what that is, though)

Sea Wolves.
I'm fine with this.
(I'm that anon)

It's a horrific Sea Octowolf! Dear god, its fangs and beak and tentacles and claws threaten to destroy the boat!

Maybe you can save yourself with your skills!

Pick a career from these categories:

Support (Doctor, Engineer, Navigator, etc.)
Combat (Marksman, Swordsman, Martial Artist, etc.)
Seeker (Detective, Bounty Hunter, Explorer, etc.)
Other (If I missed something)

Not totally sure on these categories, but they'll do for now.
I say Doctor. Both a master of healing and of death, he knows where to hit in order to make it count

Martial arts doctor, heals / damages through the use of obscure fantastical pressure points.

Your medical knowledge combined with some martial arts stuff gives you an insight into this beast's likely weak spots!

However, a call from below draws your attention - it seems there are already a lot of badly wounded men down below needing attention!

Do you:

- Take the beast head-on now, earning yourself glory but risking the lives of the injured crewmen?
- Go down below and tend to the wounded after advising the others on the beast's weak points, saving as many lives as you can?

It's nice to figure out a good way to both find out the rough personality /tg/ is aiming for and continuing the story.

Head below

(this is roger, btw)

and punch the injury out of those men before going topside and punching the injury into the beast.
head below

You go down and use, like, mystical Ki healing to suck the injuries out of the men and head up topside.

The fight isn't over yet; several more men are in bad shape, even though the fight has turned in your favour.

Sucking the bad juju out of the freshly wounded, you channel it into a horrific strike at the beast, sending it to the sea floor.

After patching everyone up, the crew celebrates in fine style.

But what crew are you sailing with?

- Marine?
- Pirate?
- Civilian?
- Other (revolutionary, etc.)?

Not sure if this should've come earlier in the process, but I feel this sort of system needs to adapt to the flow of the story.

Revolutionary, of course.

The crew joke that wolf-octopi aren't that tough, since they fight World Government pig-dogs all the time anyway!

Making port, you go off and do anti-establishment things like restock the revolutionary medicine supplies and buy new blankets for the revolutionary sickbeds.

What sea will your ship cast off from when dawn rises?

- One of the oceans (North Blue, East Blue, South Blue, West Blue)
- One of the crazy bits (First half of the Grand line "Paradise", Second half of the Grand Line "the New World", Fishman Island, a Sky Island)

Totally reusing this from before, but I think it's useful to figure out the general situation to base challenges off.
Although a Sea King isn't usually found in places like East Blue...

North Blue, but we're close to the calm belt.

A call comes in from the higher-ups.

Apparently, there's going to be a meeting between a member nation of the World Government and some smugglers, possibly doing some slave trafficking.

The goal is to use this event to attack the World Government by exposing its shady dealings to the world at large.

How do you want to go about this?

- Take over the smuggler's ship, use it to infiltrate and assassinate the government officials.
- Infiltrate the smuggler's ship, get irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing and give it to the free press.
- Other (since I can't think of much else off the top of my head)

I think I should do a bunch of short quests to really hone this system, because I'm starting to run out of ideas right now.

I mean, that first option goes against the goal of the mission you've been given, although that could be the free-spirited option, I guess.

I say we're very goal oriented. we stick to the plan, we infiltrate the ship, find evidence of the wrongdoings, and then take the slavers prisoner if we do find that they indeed are.

They'll meet Dragon's brand of Justice.

We cannot tolerate slavers taking the rights of other people.

You volunteer for the infiltration mission, seeing as you can take care of any injured slaves (as well as being the protagonist), which is duly authorised.

Your comrade uses his abilities to speed your little dingy through the water towards a good ambush spot, commenting on how thankful he is not to have to deal with the Grand Line's compass negating influences.

Seeing the boat come in sight, you make your boarding attempt.

Roll 1d100 and put these situations in order of least desirability:

- You're spotted.
- You leave signs of your activity behind.
- You encounter a guard.
- You hear a noise behind you.

I'd like to try this idea out - for every 25 you get, you avoid one situation.
It's kinda inspired by Apocalypse World, Runequest and possibly some other things.
Rolled 56


That's interesting..

Order of least desirability...
- You're spotted.
- You leave signs of your activity behind.
- You hear a noise behind you.
- You encounter a guard.
Rolled 83 + 20


You hear a noise behind you. As you turn around, you see a guard walking up behind you.
It seems you mistimed your approach and have to engage in combat!

Roll your attack to see if you can take him out!

This is totally Runequest now - the side that wins gets a bonus for every 25 points over the opponent's roll.
Bonuses include Silent Takedown, Disarm, stuff like that.

Hopefully the penalty to the guard works...
Rolled 44 - 20


Hmm. This happened last thread, too. Gonna test a different approach.
Rolled 53

Unleash a short flurry of paralyctic punches.

So yeah, the guard rolled 63 (which it doesn't seem to show you any more) and you need to put "dice+XdY - Z" rather than "dice+XdY-Z".

>been fencycin

It seems the guard is a fencer.
Rolled 69


The guard manages to weather your punches well enough, though his foil doesn't manage to do you much damage either.

Before he manages to sound the alarm, you manage to wrestle him to the ground in a choke hold.

See if you can knock him out!

Note to self: learn synonyms for the word "manage", then use them.
Rolled 14


(Eh, I'll just add two complications instead of dragging this out)

You manage to knock him out, but before you can hide his body, you hear some more guards heading over to investigate.

Luckily, you spot a position to ambush them from.

Do you:

- Hide the body and quickly try to hide yourself?
- Go and ambush these two guards, hoping to take them down quickly?
- Signal your comrade to join you, leaving the dingy unguarded but letting you roll 2d100 for actions?
- Something else? (Write in)

Put one to sleep with pressurepoints.

Interrogate the other, inflicting severe pain via pressurepoints.
Rolled 44


(Sounds like ambushing to me)

Using the hidey hole, you catch the guards unprepared, taking one out with acupuncture before quickly gagging the other.

Hiding the unconscious guards, you turn your attention to the now bound and gagged captive.
Hitting a nerve to give him a bad case of pins and needles, you crouch down to remove his mask and interrogate him.

Getting his spit in your face doesn't enamour him to you.

Roll to gain information!

Let's say you get a piece of information for every 25 over, with torture getting you an extra piece of information but costing you time.

>lwangu Evidence
Looks like we know what they're smuggling.

...they're also wearing masks, I guess.
what happened to the game where we were a merchant and had a profane bird?
Did that die?

That's a different quest run by a different guy. It ran yesterday (I think) and will probably run tomorrow (maybe - apparently there's a schedule of what he's running when).
Tomorrow... Or what's considered. 7ish UTC-8 time.

This is the merchant with a profane bird One Piece quest guy under another name.

Although I'll have to do some maths to figure out when it's running GMT...
Sage for shit anime quest thread

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