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The Story of Omar Denis Continues!

Previous threads can be found here:

After losing his parents due to circumstances beyond his control, Omar unlocked his latent potential as an Overhuman.
Recruited by a mysterious woman in black, known as "Fauna," he entered into an organization known as "Renaissance."
During the training of his powers, he absorbed the legend of the phoenix and shot up in danger levels among the organization, tested in the desert, he was allowed to live..

Today he wakes up, and he swears that he'll kill the head of this facility...
(Last post from last Session)

Those freaking torturous test and training rooms, teasing me with life and death, who the fuck does he think he is, playing god with my life?! I may have submit, but that was only because Fauna held my life in her grip.

I know her power, and, and she told me to hide mine...

I smile, I might just be able to make that wish come true... if what the Supervisor said is true, I should have three million credits in my account... With a quarter million per training excercise... They'll be focusing on my Phoenix form, and losing sight of my "Real" power.

My leg won't break as easily as it did before, and, this training.. if I take the punishments, I'll get stronger, and stronger.

I don't laugh, but I can't stop smiling, revenge will be sweet. . .
Well, it's another day for me in this place, though I've made a mental note to dedicate my wrath to the supervisor of this facility. I'm in my room, and my fractured leg seems to have healed in my sleep. Seems my innate ability... adaptation accounts quite well for healing wounds. Testing my leg, walking around a bit, I find why they must have given me my own bed, it's as good as new.
I smile at that, nothing like being in good condition, right?

Tending to my morning business, I look to my console as I finish brushing my teeth. I have about three million credits on my account now... Totems and Armaments should be unlocked from the catalog. I'm found a white hoodie, cargo pants, gloves, and sneakers ready for wear in my first drawer. It's different from the one yesterday, I feel like it's been tampered with.. That is to say, I feel like the material is different from what it should be. I suppose this is the fireproofing that they had promised.. Alright..

What do I do now?

[] Eat breakfast in the Cafeteria.
[] Check Catalog in the console.
[] Check for missions on console.
[] Check for training programs on console.
[] Write in
>Check for training programs on console.
Omar Denis

Age: 17
Danger Class: A
Overhuman Type: Invoker
Biracial: African/Caucasian
Mental Status: Seething
Physical Status: Normal
Injuries: None
Evolution (Natura; Specialization)
Adaptations: Body Of Flame, Rebirth, Wings
Mark of Power: Red and gold marking over entire body.
Hair: Short Flared up, black, gold tips.
Equipment: White Hoodie(FP), Cargo Pants(FP) Sneakers(FP), Credit Card.
Credits: 3,004,001
>[X] Check Catalog in the console.
order some wall to wall shag carpet
and a bid screen tv, miny fridge some beer, and energy drinks

buy some face concealing cloths

[X] Check for training programs on console.

[]X Check for missions on console.
Check missions

If the order is seconded, it'll go through... Total for that will be about 150,000~
Changing my vote to this >>22870562
we probable should make it look like we like it here how better than to buy stuff

add a memory foam bed (they are great) and a very high thread count bead set and I am good with it.
yes we must think we love this place

also is our goal just to kill the head?
I was kind of hoping we would do it but, in a way that we take power, so that we can reform this place.Make it kinder and gentler place for Over humans to learn, grow and to live free of a society that hate and fears us.

o god we going Magneto

Yes, goal was set to kill the supervisor.. More on that later.. hehe.
I dial in on my console, inserting my name and number, and select Training programs from the dropdown menu...

The menu has changed from the prior day, and the header now displayed "Recommended for Omar Denis, by Overhuman Staff."

An interesting set are displayed.. Oh, and "Most Dangerous Zoo" is still there, huh...

>[] Butterfly Room

Seems to be training for quickening and shift.
>Recommended by Kyle Bulchek

>[] Most Dangerous Zoo

Still there from yesterday, It says that it's good for Shift training...
>Recommended by Fauna
Huh... didn't know she cared...

>[] Supervised Spar, challenged by John Kleff.

... Who even is that...?

There's a recommendation by Wallie..

>Relax. Take it easy kid.

>Recommended by Walter Guli

Heh, Wallie...

Checking the mission log, there are three that are available, All C rank.
> Sabotage (C)
> Assassination (C)
> Community service (C)
Wait, what... Renaissance, which of these do not belong?
It says here that the mission will be debriefed upon confirmation of deployment... All of them are C rank and subtext says that I'll be paired with a senior member of Renaissance so long as they accept the "invite" to the mission...

Flipping to the catalog, I put in an order for a memory foam bed, shag carpet, a mini fridge, beer... oh, that got denied due to my being an invoker... Oh well.. Energy drinks, and I buy an afghan facewrap.. oh a shemagh, yeah, it's there... Shit, how do these guys just have everything? Console says this will all be provided within a week. Righteous...

>select one of the missions.
>Select a training program.
>Go get breakfast, take it easy today.
> See someone (State)
>>Go get breakfast

go to
>[] Most Dangerous Zoo

and Butterfly Room if time

But go get some gruel first.
File: 1359520574981.jpg-(42 KB, 648x486, 1 IMG_2261.jpg)
42 KB

This? Why do we keep eating this?
Because its what we have been eating since we got here and it seems to be working. (going full phoneix and such)
I was hoping we would get something big we got cash to blow

and if we want a mission I was hoping for Community service (C)
don't want to look eager to kill make them think we coward all the better to kill them with
my answer is with Qurl on this one.

Also, man have I missed a lot since the first couple overhuman threads.

Did Omar ever get with Fauna yet?
no she some furry demon pan looking dragon faced bitch that keeps chocking us till we black out
>no she some furry demon pan looking dragon faced bitch that keeps chocking us till we black out

I just call it tough love
Getting some experience assassinating people would be good if we are going to take down the head though.

No, but he's been introduced to more options.

And learned a bit about Fauna's past.

She's been an overhuman since day 1 Her power cured her of suffering from cancer. She killed her parents due to her hatred of them and thus forced into the horrible form[/spoiler.]
First we decide, mission, training, or see someone...

Breakfast can also be included.

In the desert, it was Violet that forced blackout.

Though Fauna was choking you guys for a bit before that...
She really likes the throat...
training we should really do that before we leave the "safety" of the compound

save it for latter, like after we blow our money on something and want to keep our expensive eating habits. that way it looks like we were desperate for money and they got us by the balls, not that we want the experience

If you guys want to order something from the catalog, just let me know. Renaissance can provide damn near anything..
Yeah ok, lets do butterfly room then.

Were you here last time? Some of the rooms have... "silly" names... Hehe...
Was here for the 1st, 4th and 5th. Mostly just lurking though.
I take another look at the menu for training, deciding to save missions for later. They had said for each training session, I'd get a quarter million credits... Might as well cash in on that...

I decide on the butterfly room, as Kill recommended it. The console pauses a moment and then reads that Kill will be training with me in the butterfly room at 12:00 p.m.

It's about 9:00.. I could probably take some time after breakfast to explore the compound, heck, I might even be able to ask Kill about today's training.

In the hallway to the Cafeteria, Violet catches me, she's wearing yet another gothic dress.. fishnet stockings and armgloves today with a ribbon in her black hair.
She hooks her arm under mine abruptly, and says,"You'll be eating lunch with ME today Omar..." Her eyes faintly glow their trademark purple...

>Shake her off, I don't need this bitch!
> Listen to her, I kinda like her.
> Gently refuse, now's not a good time...

(What kind of food will I order when I get to the cafeteria?)
File: 1359522254163.jpg-(107 KB, 330x495, Gothic_Lolita.jpg)
107 KB
107 KB JPG

Good to have your participation tonight, I hope you've enjoyed it so far.

Oh, and Violet's wearing this dress...
(Write in is also always an option...)
going to training at 12 in the butterfly room how about brunch at 10:45 :)
Yeah i have realy enjoyed it so far, going to work in a few minutes though unfortunatly.

What are the more expensive choises of food?
Gently refuse, now's not a good time...

Lets see if we can find "Kill" and ask him about the training.
The typical choices of food served are cafeteria-like as they're separated by ethnic taste.

More expensive servings would be delivered to one's personal quarters.
add "meet you at your place as mine has yet to be furnished ill go order the food"

start to walk off

jog back "wear are you exactly?"
> Italian. 700 credits
> 'merican. 400 credits
> Chinese. 500 credits
> Vegetarian. 600 credits.
> Mexican 500 credits
> Free gruel...
>> Italian. 700 credits

woooo Qurl's lookin to invite himself to Violet's room... What a champ.

You got me, I meant for her to say "Breakfast/brunch" ...
o ok that works too

offer her our hand "well then lets go "
I'm taken aback by Violet's suddenness... especially after yesterday's... "events..." However, I decide to put it to the side, she had likely been ordered to put me out, and I can't really hold that against her.

I only now notice how petite she is, though by her voice, and her eyes, she is very demanding, I oblige her with," Well, I don't see why not... Though I was hoping to talk to Kill before some training today.."

Violet raises an eyebrow under her curly bangs and shrugs, "He's a moron, strong though, you really want to talk to him?"

I roll my eyes and shake my head a bit as we start walking to the cafeteria together," Well yeah, we're both invokers, and he has a lot more experience than me."

"Yes, however you're a prodigy, you became something amazing..." I see her smile, in an almost wicked fashion from the corner of my eye, "I'll admit though, he's solid. Haven't been on a mission with him, but I've heard that he resolves them quite well. Minimum or maximum casualty, however need be."

"Huh, would that have anything to do with why he's called "Kill?"

"No, you dummy, Walter just likes giving people nicknames, he'll do it to you to."

"So, your name's not really Violet?"

"Of course it's not, he got me too... My name is Margaret Willow... Wonder what he'll get you with, torchick maybe?" Violet giggles at that, and starts to rest her head on my shoulder...

She had me drooling at a table a couple days ago, nearly molested me yesterday before blacking me out and throwing me in a desert for the supervisor's test... What's going on in her head?

In the cafeteria, I order an italian breakfast, Macedonia, a fruit saklad is served. It isn't much, but it's delicious and the first good food I've had in a while. Violet ordered the same, and I caught a glimpse at her account, the girl's got around nine million creds to her name, holy damn..

I had wanted to talk to Kill...

>A) Sit with Wallie and Kill.(Violet Accompanies.
>B) Sit alone with Violet.
>C) Sit at the table of girls that I've seen before.

-Personality Question-

We've found out with certainty that Wallie's been nicknaming everyone, and successfully. . . Do we go along with the nicknames, or do we use everyone's real name?

>Real names..
>Nickname mode!
>D) Take lunch to room.
>>B) Sit alone with Violet.
ask her about some people around John Kleff.Wallie... and now for some one interesting tell me about you XD

see what they prefer and do that but I am leaning to >Nickname mode! if they don't mind

Nickname mode!

ask about John Kleff. then her self
switching to d at least try it be smooth

Question on "BREAKFAST" (fml) to room... Our room, or hers?
ask her "my room or yours ?"
yea "So your room or mine?"

Looking around the Cafeteria, and then to Violet that seems to be waiting expectantly for me to pick a booth to sit at, I decide that it might just be better to take the food to my room, it'd be a fair bit more private and there wouldn't be all these prying eyes, offering this to her, she pouts her lips for a second and then smiles," You're new here, you've got the bare minimum room then... How about we come to my room instead?"
I feel myself blush and she tugs on me while laughing a bit," Come now, come now, we won't do anything naughty... I'll take you there."

It turns out that her quarters are in the east wing of the facility from the Cafeteria, while mine are in the West. She explains that Overhumans are separated by what type they are. In the Residential area of the compound, the Cafeteria is the center, east wing houses Evokers, West wing houses Invokers and South wing houses Animists...

When we get to her room, she smiles slyly and pulls a strawberry from her Macedonia and puts it in my mouth, I oblige her, again, blushing fiercely, she's been way too nice to me..
"Ok, so before we go into my room, I'm going to tell you..." She gets close and then glares into my eyes," Get any food on one of my stuffed animals and I'll have you standing in the hallway for the next hour."

Guh, I agree, fine whatever.

Inside her room, there's black carpet, red velvet curtains hanging on the wall despite the lack of windows, a Victorian-style dresser and coffee table, and her bed has a canopy. There's a bookshelf of similar styling, and even her console is done in a red and black. In the corner of her room are some eerie stuffed animals with sewn X's for eyes, and various patching...

Setting down to eat, I ask about some of the people around the facility, much of her information being highly opinionated...

"So, I saw on my console that someone named John Kleff challenged me to a supervised spar..."
"Oh, that guy? Walter likes to call him Spartan, he's some crazy invoker that challenges about anyone above C class. I always refused sparring as my specialty isn't much good for that. Some other Overwomen enjoy slugging it out but... that'd mess up my clothes."
Violet seems to be getting off topic...

"So, he just challenges anyone? What's he like, what's his power?"

Violet rolls her eyes, "If you really must know... Check the Console, it shows profiles as well. Whatever Renaissance has recorded about an Overhuman will be on there if you look. Danger class, estimated skill in various magic, mark of power, age, mmm sex..." She smiles and traces a cherry about her lips before biting down, "You could use mine, my console I mean."

>Check the console for John Kleff's profile...
>Check the console for someone else...(state)
>Ask more questions/engage in conversation.

>Ask more questions/engage in conversation.
and what about you ?

I may be a bit special but you .... I experienced the whole drooling in my food thing but .. I can't help but think you could do more for me, tell me a story please

whats your favorite fairy tale ?

>Check the console for someone else...(state)
look at her profile
then kleffs
dear god are you trying to use an idea from her mind?

if we bleed on her stuff she will kill us
but this could be very powerful

i like it

do this
lets waite to we get back to our room to do that >>22872917
;) take any source of power

Acquiring forms from stories as Omar has done with the phoenix is quite possible, although still rather dangerous. I warned that there's at least a 25% of outright death before, and Fauna's warned to be very careful of that...

Aside... I like the cut of your jib.
I take Violet's offer and she helps me get to the profile page for Overhumans in Renaissance. To my surprise, there are around one thousand listed, though I've only seen around forty, tops in this facility.

"There are other Renaissance compounds. You'll be reassigned as need be. Rumor has it that there are more unlisted agents of Renaissance..." Violet explains..

Well, that makes sense. She smiles as I open up her profile," Well, you could just ask me... I don't exactly like what they've written about me..."
>Margaret Willow
>Nickname: Violet
>Age: 21
>Danger Class: C
>Overhuman type: Evoker
>Ethnicity: Caucasian
> Outstanding Injuries: None
Thought implantation
>Mark of Power: Purple eyes
>Equipment: Blouse, black slacks. Bag of gems.

>Note: Fails to take interest in other aspects of Evocation, focusing purely on her ability of thought implantation in the form of suggestion and persuasion, her projected ability at Conceptualization in this ability is clearly above average and focused to a point that she's worked hard to attain.
>Often only takes on non-combat missions. Effective diplomat.
What don't you like about it ?

how did you get here
now I want a story even more

tell me about you then
"Aspects of Evocation?" I wonder out loud.

Violet promptly answers," Yeah, there's more aspects than invokers have to deal with, it's a bit annoying. There's, Assembly, Reaction, Kinesis, Conceptualization, Enforcement, and some others I can't remember right now... It's a pain, so I just focus on Conceptualization for the ease of using my power. Don't need reaction or anything else for casting thoughts and feelings and the like. Simple, and easy."

"So, you're extremely specialized."

"Yes, I am, works well too... Though higher trained invokers tend to be able to resist. Lots of targets are hard as well. My limit of passable suggestion is about thirty people at once..."

"How did they figure that out?"

"I had to convince as many people as I could at once to press a button in a test. That was the limit for simultaneous. . . When they had incentive to not press the button, that number went down to about ten." She shrugs, but smiles. "If I could convince a stadium of people to somthing, I'd be an A or an S class, the supervisor's told me."

"And you don't like your profile because..."

"Because it doesn't acknowledge that I do just fine without those other aspects. Don't have to be good at everything, right?"

"So, how'd you end up here anyway?"

At this, Violet smiles, puts her chin on interlaced fingers with a slight glow to her eyes,"It's a boring story, I'd rather not tell it...

[] urge her on for her background.
[] Check John Kleff's profile.
[] Check some else's profile(state)
[] Carry on conversation.
If anyone was wondering...

Those categories are only what's known by Renaissance... Though their facilities are top rate in terms of probing the power of Overhumans]
>[X] urge her on for her background.
but your so very (take a bite of something ) interesting
[] urge her on for her background.

[] Carry on conversation.

at least tell me a story I love the sound of your voice

And Fauna was forgotten...

Anyone else think that Violet has an agenda?
Yes, and I'll keep up my journey for Fauna
of course and we do to

"who need to influence an entire stadium ? when one person will do, if you just focused on upping range you would be unstoppable "
"I can't think that it'd be so boring... After all," I hold a grape inbetween my fingers," You are so very.. Interesting." I plop it into my mouth and bite down.

"Well then, if you insist Omar..." Violet rises from her seat, and flops herself down on her bed, staring at the ceiling...

"I lived in northern California before the West coast was lost to the joint invading force of Overs, Russia, and China... It was a couple years ago, and the colleges hadn't been closed yet due to martial law. I awakened when I finally reasoned that I couldn't help myself, I'd need others to help me, seeing as I was so useless when it came to everything. I mean, all I could do was ask where they wanted me to evacuate to, what I should bring, and then I figured out that even after getting past the rockies, I didn't really know much of anyone outside of my classes, and even then, I'd never been such a social butterfly. When I awakened, some soldiers thought that I was one of the invaders, and nearly shot me dead. My power allowed me to calm them to an extent and buy some time, however they were too scared to be influenced at the time... I was still rather weak.. I owe Wallie as he was the one that stopped the bullets when they finally fired. Making walls, sure is useful, eh? He had said." She sits up and smiles at that. "He's a nice guy even if he seems like a bit of a sleazeball. He's the one that brought me here. . . To Renaissance. . . And that's it! Told you it was boring." She flops back down on her bed, she seems to have lost interest in her fruit salad...

"So if making walls is useful, why don't you.."

"I do. The barrier you walked into at lunch was a concept locked into a sphere," Avoid me." I usually like to eat alone in the morning as old habits die hard. So, what about you? How'd you end up here?"

I tell the story of my dad and my mom, how my dad skipped town to protect us, yet we were still suspected of being Overs.
Which, turned out to be true after a point in the squad car... I tell her of my mom's power that caused gunfire to detonate cars, she smiles brightly at that, and her demise, which makes her look down... How Fauna recruited me, which makes her roll her eyes and laugh a bit, "Yeah, she often does that... I hear... Many she recruits tend to die from her carelessness, most that live are invokers or animists, for obvious reasons..."

Speaking of my parents... Just who "were" the men in black cars that she detonated? They had followed, yet I never really found out who they were... Who's behind mother's death?

>A) Ask about men in black.
>B) Flirt
>C Ask what she's up to...
>D) Check Profiles on Console.
>E) Finish breakfast, check around the facility.
>F) Write in
>>B) Flirt by Finishing breakfast
also you lost your name

Thank ye

>B) Flirt
you a strong independent woman you don't need no body
I get up and hand Violet her macedonia. She sits up and accepts it, looking into my eyes once again with the purple of her own glowing faintly as usual," Why, thank you Omar..."

"Violet, you're a beautiful woman, and you don't need anybody holding your hand to get you anywhere, I don't see why you'd think that otherwise."

"Well, you don't really know me after all... I know myself well enough to know... I only get ahead with other people. It's not a degrading trait to have... it's... very human after all."

the two of us finish up breakfast, chatting about inconsequential subjects, all the while, her eyes glow.
Long after we've finished our food, I notice the time and take my leave for training. With a sly smile, Violet waves me off from her bed as I leave the door...

I stop at a console to check the map for the "Butterfly Room..." While I'm at it, I also check this "John Kleff" guy's profile...
>Name: John Kleff
>Nicknames: Spartan, Ronin
>Danger Class: B
>Overhuman Type: Invoker
>Ethnicity: Caucasian
>Injuries: None
Quickening (Expert)
Superhuman Senses
>Mark of Power: Red Scar-marks
>Hair: Medium length hair
>Note: John Kleff wields specially made short-blades in the model of Japanese Wakizashi. John Kleff makes use of the short blades and his affinity for great quickening to achieve blinding speeds of swordsmanship. He often challenges other Overhumans to see in what way he needs to improve
upon his skill.
>His specialization of superhuman senses complements his trained magic in a splendid manner. John Kleff may reinforce and quicken his sensual perception to be many times greater than the norm and thus react with pure efficiency during his quickening.
good night i got work in the morning

Night, I'll likely resume this tomorrow night, getting tired myself...

So, next time... the butterfly room!
Just caught up.... Ill try make it next time!
File: 1359538848820.jpg-(145 KB, 1200x666, commission_for_aerophoini(...).jpg)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Humm. I think we also need more information we clearly lack that. What is the history of this setting. seems like their is a war going on or something.

Also what is Renaissance? we never were told anything about the group.

Glad to see you used my suggestion! :3

And you still here OP?

Part of this chapter was for exposition..

THough it was mildly touched upon before that there's something going on in the world because of the advent of Overhumans.

Missions will entail and expand upon this further as we venture into the battle zone, though as it is, the US has been under attack by other countries. China and Russia openly and forcefully support Overhuman soldiers.

Short of outright nuclear weaponry, most of the world is at war.

I did! We're talking about the Butterfly room, right? Though I made some alterations, the main idea is the same.

I guess. Mainly speaking about Spartan.

Anyway, shall I archive this?

Oh wait it's already been archived.

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