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I am the Chapter Master. You should not concern yourself with my name, for who I am is what I do, not how someone chooses to label me. By the will of the Emperor I command the finest Chapter to ever tread among the stars. I have no fear but to fail in the eyes of my brothers. Age of Ruin is on the horizon, Imperium is falling apart, I know it in my heart. I was blessed and cursed to live in time when the fate of our galaxy is being decided once more. I can just hope that my choices will be right. Ave Imperator et Imperium!
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Our Chapter: http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Ghosts_of_Retribution

+Heresy: 32% (Suspicious)
+Numbers: 570 battle brothers
+Wealth: 104 million thrones

=Immediate objectives=
+Liberating Inaria
+Capturing/executing commanders of the Third Company (1/2 complete - Tacitarius killed)

=Secondary quests=

=Recent events=
We have arrived to the orbit of an underwater Hive World of Inaria, seeking our Third Company who were failing to answer our communications. Their Captain, an ambitious officer by the name of Arcon, was always known for his independence and arrogance. This, combined with the new Chapter cult of 'Soulkillers' might have had influence on their actions. We have a very strong suspicion, that our brothers may have chosen a darker path. We have infiltrated Hive Neptune and managed to track down Tacitarius, Soulkiller Chaplain. We faced him in single combat and defeated him, but this doesn't seem like the end...


Chapter Quest is looking for writefags and drawfags who would like to contribute to our story. Skill of the contributor is less important than his inspiration. Even if you are not player in the game, you may want us to use your ideas. Currently we need someone to:
+fluff out planets
+create factions
+develop characters
+draw portraits for primary and secondary characters

Remember - Emperor rewards those who answer his call!
Skargan, during the final round of combat, the Apothecary was in close combat with us while the other SoulKillers fled?

Does that mean he witnessed Tacticarius' death and the daemon spawning from his corpse?
File: 1359322106772.gif-(75 KB, 320x350, 81811833.gif)
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I wouldn't mind writing up some background for some of the planets. What planets do you need some nice fluffy filling put in them?
Sorry, forgot my namefag.
File: 1359322198769.jpg-(66 KB, 398x650, 345710aa84.jpg)
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Last time...
You exchange a storm of strikes with your former Chaplain and then with a slicing strike you cleanly chop Tacitarius' head off. His warcry is cut halfway as his throat is ripped and his ugly skull helmet flies into the air, falling more than a dozen meters away. You lower your sword and take a deep breath. Then you notice, that strange red smoke is seeping from the Tacitarius' wounds and is slowly accumulating into a strange mist in the air. Red clouds start to thicken and take forms. For a moment you think that you've seen a face of Ashkenor the Wrathbringer, your Red Giants nemesis, but that must have been just a trick of light. Then, with a sound of crushed glass, a tear in reality appears, spawning a strange burning creature who screams in pain and anger...

Your psychic senses tell you, that all Four Ruinous powers are attempting to gain access into the breach in reality. Roll d4

1. Nurgle
2. Tzeentch
3. Khorne
4. Slaanesh

...or you can summon one of them(no need for roll) and deny entry to others. However dealing with daemons is forbidden.
Rolled 1


Fate point time.
File: 1359322815623.jpg-(25 KB, 638x800, 1340289886577.jpg)
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Ok, I am interested. Please post what you wish and I'll say whether it's reasonable to expect.

As I understand it has something to do with the PLAN I was hearing so much about.
File: 1359322988912.jpg-(64 KB, 792x502, message recieved-Tapia.jpg)
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>Skargan, during the final round of combat, the Apothecary was in close combat with us while the other SoulKillers fled?
No, he never approached you in CQC.
>Does that mean he witnessed Tacticarius' death and the daemon spawning from his corpse?
He retreated together with others.

This subsector has plenty of planets that need to be fluffed out. Just use template that we used for other planets and go for it. If you are not sure about what realistic statistics would be, don't worry, i'll check them myself.
Rolled 1

alright luigi, here's the dice roll...

The ethereal being begins to take solid form, as the marines who retreated, having re-steeled themselves, come charging back into the hall, seeing the chaotic essence, they stop instantly.
The red essence form into a solid daemonic being and begin to charge at Chapter Master, damonsword raised high, only to explode in a flash of warp dust as several sanctified bolt rounds, which had been stolen earlier, impact it from behind, Prekan de-cloaks and lower his bolt pistol, falling to his knees and praying to the Emperor as he realises he has been serving chaos.

Chapter Master looks down to the body he is carrying, Geron’s body, as the heroic marine breathed his last, falling to his knees, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWaLxFIVX1s) chapter Master eyes begin to glow with psykic power, and eldritch energy begins to swirl around Geron, sealing up his wounds as the energy becomes blindingly bright, and finally emits a brilliant flash.

Geron sits up slowly, regaining his breath. Prekan speaks:

>Chapter Master.......I........how......no matter, you must follow me, I will lead you to Captain Arcon

Chapter Master retrieves the star of macragge and follows Prekan, whilst ordering Geron and the other marines which, upon seeing the chaotic beast take form, realised the treachery of ‘Tacitarius’ and the heresy they had comitted:

>Geron, gather the bodies of the fallen in here, along with all the stolen Revenant armour. These marines did not deserve the fate they were pushed into by the ruinous powers.
File: 1359324541400.jpg-(753 KB, 1000x701, 41622a0b398de90d.jpg)
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753 KB JPG
+Remove 1 Fate Point. New thread of Fate begins.+

Now you control inside palace:

+Revenant Prekan,
Batle Brothers
+Kerberos(armed with Tacitarius' plasma pistol)
+Waran(armed with Flamer)
+Apothecary Filios

It wasn't possible to retrieve any armour.

Soulkillers are greatly confused and worried, their combat efficiency is dubious, but they now follow you. Prekan informs you, that there are two more newly initiated Revenants with stolen suits, loyal to the Captain Arcon, who was last time he contacted him in Hive Poseidon(2 hours ago).

Do you have any other questions for him? What do you do?
>Chapter Master.......I........how......no matter, you must follow me, I will lead you to Captain Arcon
We find Arcon.
We have to get to Hive Poseiden.

Also, pass on the recording from out tracker occulus of the chaotic essence to all our marines and have them use it to try and convince the enemy they are serving Chaos.
File: 1359325490126.jpg-(320 KB, 1600x814, City.jpg)
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320 KB JPG
>Palace has a secret underwater bay, for emergency, like this. However it has only human-sized sea craft, so no more than (d5) marines will be able to get inside. I have the codes and they would allow us inside the Hive... Alternatively, we could try to get to inter-hive railstation, but they will be guarding that approach. Also milord, I need to warn you. Destiny is here, on Inaria, but hidden in the ocean. It is being prepared to leave... We knew you would come after us. However I am afraid we won't be able to convince our brothers to see the truth, they(and we) were warned that you are now a corrupted psyker, after all it was you who inflicted that terrible mutation on our beloved Captain... They will think that we were fooled and won't believe us.

What do you do?
>What terrible mutation Prekan?! Whatever has afflicted Captain Arcon I assure you it was not by any intentional doing of mine!
File: 1359326071547.jpg-(28 KB, 249x530, 1296446965779.jpg)
28 KB
>It appeared on him after he last spoke with you during the fight on Prothera... He was worried it was a sign of taint from the Red Giants, but Tacitarius explained it to him and I...
Prekan looks away for a moment, feeling guilt choking him.
>...I spied on you, milord. And I informed that you were indeed a psyker. It then became clear to Captain, that Tacitarius is right and that you are trying to make our Chapter fall from grace. You removed him from your way by mocking him in the face of all brothers by awarding him Sergeants' reward and then you signed away our sovereignity to a mortal lord. It became clear to us, that Soulkillers might be the last of the Ghosts that still don't bear taint... But now, after what I saw being born out of Tacitarius... How did it happen? Why?
Deceptions upon deceptions.
Mistakes piled on mistakes.
I swear if we all get out of this alive I'll pile reward after reward on both you and Arcon.
>Ashekenor, Prekan. Ashkenor the wrathbringer. Chaos Sorcerer of the Red Giants. He played us all for fools.
>I won't claim that I understand, but I'll trust you on this. Either way, I am with you to the end...
File: 1359326707983.jpg-(643 KB, 1600x770, 1342225373575.jpg)
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643 KB JPG
Rolled 2

Transport capacity of the escape ship
Call over vox:

>Aspera Dominus, be prepared to engage and DISABLE, not destroy the Destiny, it may be taking off soon.
File: 1359327214431.jpg-(62 KB, 600x450, Space_Marine_wallpaper_by(...).jpg)
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Suddenly Prekan turns to you and announces:
>We have just received an order to execute plan "Last arrow" and to prepare for orderly evacuation and retreat, leaving as soon as Soul Brothers are fully mobilised to cover us. We are to board underwater ships and return to destiny within next 6 hours. Don't ask me what does 'Last arrow' mean, I have no idea.
We need to find Arcon and talk to him personally.

"Where is Destiny? This must all end on Inaria or the chapter will likely be declared... It must end here."
Contact our marines in the hive:
>Marines, make your way into the uppermost regions of the hive along with as many loyal guardsmen and civilians as you can.

To Prekan
>Prekan, do you know where squad Kappa is?

To Aspera Dominus
>Be prepared to dispatch shuttles to evacuate our men from the hive, provide covering fire on the AA positions and dock with the hive surface.
Also to Prekan.
Do you believe we can infiltrate Last Arrow with the marines we have turned, and effectively capture the facility by spreading the word about Tacticarius?
Prekan suggests:
>I can either open a channel to him sir... Or we can go straight to the place where he'll definitely be within 2 hours - Destiny.
Prekan hesitates.
>What are your plans, Chapter Master? For us? For our brothers? For our faith?
Leutenant Cagirates replies:
>We are surrounded in the habs by Soul Brothers, we are outnumbered 1 to 7. We can try to break through, but we'll pay a heavy price... Should we proceed?

Revenant Prekan answers:
>I know nothing of Dromog or his Kappa squad, last time i've seen them three days ago.

Captain Brethorius from Aspera Dominus answers:
>We are on stand by, brother. What's the situation? Shall you need something... terminated?

>Last arrow is not a facility, milord. It is just s codename for the course of actions we should take. In my case it means nothing except evacuation...
>Yes Brethorius, I need the Aspera Dominus to evacuate as many marines and loyal men and women from the hab blocks of the hive, we need to shuttles to dock with the other surface of the hive whilst the battle barge bombard the AA positions

To the Soulkiller marines near us
>You, make your way towards the hab blocks, as soulkillers you can move freely among the soul brothers.

To Geron
>Geron, go with the soulkillers, go invisible and arrive to Cagirates' position and tell them to let the soulkillers evacuate with them.

To Prekan
>Prekan, though your faith was ever strange, so far as I can tell it is fine so long as the sacrifices it requires does not spread to loyal Imperials. We are going to the Destiny, to get to Arcon.
File: 1359328867880.jpg-(431 KB, 1741x1006, 1330089043420.jpg)
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431 KB JPG
Skargan could you give us a rundown of the bonuses we would get from the cults? Such as what would we get if we spread the SouKillers or DeathWishers or Ice Wraiths or the Imperial Creed?
File: 1359329023588.png-(778 KB, 1100x700, Underwater_city_by_Vampir(...).png)
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778 KB PNG
>Possible, but it will be hard...
Roll 2d100, for evacuation and for anti-AA actions

Geron and Soulkillers acknowledge your command and depart.

Prekan nods and answers:
>As you command, milord.
Within a few minutes you go down into the underwater bay from where you take oceanic shuttle. Prekan puts in coordinates into cogitator interface and you move out towards the hidden Destiny...
>We should arrive within 47 minutes, milord.

Roll d100 for the underwater journey.
Rolled 20, 67 = 87

File: 1359329108842.jpg-(231 KB, 2048x1152, firefight1.jpg)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Rolled 82, 52 = 134

Rolling for evac.
Rolled 80

For underwater journey.

And that was for evac and AA respectively.
>Skargan could you give us a rundown of the bonuses we would get from the cults?
It depends upon what kind of

Supreme warriors, merciless and honourable

Extremely loyal, fearless and ready to achieve victory ar ANY price

>Ice Wraiths
You know too little about their faith to say something for certain.

>Imperial Creed
Depends on which aspects you emphasize. IC can range from nacism to ultra-tolerant christianity, depending on the world.
>Prekan hesitates.
>>What are your plans, Chapter Master? For us? For our brothers? For our faith?

"Prekan, Ospar, Diomedes, Ludrum, Chiron, Kerberos, Waran. Even you, Filios.

Self, Imperium, Chapter, Mankind.

Tell me which should be sacrificed first, which should be sacrificed last.

I would give you answers to your questions if I had them, Prekan. I know only that I sacrificed my humanity to become an Angel of Death, and I would sell my life and self to save the Chapter. I would lead the Chapter into oblivion without hesitation to save the Imperium and Mankind. Of these two things I have no doubts, and I wake each day knowing that both may very well come to pass with no warning.

If our brothers are unable to see reason and attempt to escape, the chapter can not afford to allow a company to remain renegade. A company lost to preserve the chapter... if we can not convince them of Tacticarius' taint, that will be the price of this all."
File: 1359329861320.jpg-(1.4 MB, 1920x1200, underwater-city-243870.jpg)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Rolled 3 + 1

I'll take Ion's rolls and your picture(which will give -10 bonus to rolls because of the fitting theme).
Brethorius is an expert tactician, he first sent in a wing of fighters who drew AA fire to themselves, while slower evacuation shuttles came a minute later and approached hive without any problems. Whole evacuation effort took around an hour, but close to 5000 loyal guardsmen were evacuated along with all the marines. We lose 4 shuttles, around 200 guardsmen and 17 fighters. Replacing our losses will cost us 1+d3 Wealth.

Journey was longer than you expected, taking you around an hour to reach Destiny, but nothing unexpected happened. When you finally approach the massive ship, Prekan gives his codes and gigantic gates open, allowing your ship to dock in what was originally intended to be one of the cargo bays. As you put down your feet on the iron deck of "Destiny", Prekan turns to you and asks:
>What now, milord?
Prekan, if you believe you can convince the other Soul Killers here of my innocence then please do so.
But first, seal myself in Arcon's room (with arcon Prekan can also spectate), and hopefully I will be able to talk sense into him.
Roll d100 for this maneouvre. This will be stealth, under 60.
Rolled 41

File: 1359330770047.jpg-(147 KB, 1280x843, 1288762596643.jpg)
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147 KB JPG
Heavy armoured door slides behind you shut. And Prekan informs you over the vox that now the two of you are alone. You take a look across the hall and you see Arcon, standing in his power armour in front of multiple cogitators showing the maps of Inarian hives.
>Welcome back to Destiny, brother.
He welcomes you without even turning when he feels you nearby. You notice that his right arm is not armoured, but instead covered in huge red cloak, hidden from sight. But even so it was clear, that the limb was too massive and muscular even for an Astartes. Finally Arcon turns his helmless face to look at you and smiles:
>You shouldn't have come here. I ask of you - leave while you can.
Rolled 32

What will leaving help me with Arcon?
I am here to save you, a AWOL Company will bring the Inquisition on the Chapter, ending everything we have built.
You must have realized that Arcon.
Do you also realize the truth about Tacticarius?
>Arcon, brother.....Tacitarius has lied to you, I have proof he was tainted by chaos. What......what has he done to you?!
File: 1359331933999.jpg-(208 KB, 510x720, 1346683965157.jpg)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
>That is not my concern, brother. Even if this material that you show me about Tacitarius is true, dice have been cast, there is nothing either one of us can do. Blood of brothers has been spilt and there is no way we could fight under same banner again. My men won't trust you, because of what you did - casting away our sacred sovereignity and somehow becoming a secret psyker. Maybe this was the reason I mutated, maybe not, but I am now a tainted one. Your men won't trust me, a traitor, heretic, renegade who ran. I have no doubt that they have already struck me from their minds and hearts. And our faith - it is now tarnished, everyone will think that we all went same way as Tacitarius... Such things cannot be undone. And finally - someone needs to be guilty, someone needs to pay. I would gladly take that upon myself, but it won't safe my men. This Chapter is shattered and nothing can change that. We need to part ways and never meet again. I hoped to make this as painless and quiet as possible, but you came, blazing guns and shouting warcries. This ship will leave in 20 minutes, almost all of my men and numerous Soul Brothers are already aboard. For the sake of all days and to prove you that I am still loyal to the Emperor, I will allow you to leave. Prekan and other brothers may go with you too, if they wish so. Go.
If you are to leave, at least do so, so I can mark you down honorably.
Accept the gift I should have given you, heal your mutation, and go where you please with my seal of allowance, so the Inquisition does not question, and you not need to answer.
>What is 'Last Arrow' Arcon, what are you planning to do to Inaria?
>I will gladly accept your seal of allowance. My mutation is warp-based, but I already have plans how to get rid of it. Destiny will take flight soon, stay with me until we reach orbit, then a shuttle will carry you to Aspera Dominus.

What do you do?
Then let us go to Orbit brother.
And tell me and Prekan about last Arrow while we go.
File: 1359332689878.jpg-(1.09 MB, 1055x800, 1256947699089.jpg)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
>"Last Arrow" is nothing, but a precaution, brother. I was afraid you will try to stop us by force, then I would need an argument to convince you. Geothermal plans in all of the hives are prepared to explode. We can activate this armaggedon scenario either from Destiny, if you would try to attack me or my men, or alternatively, if Destiny would get destroyed, Sergeant Dromag and his Kappa squad stayed behind and would activate it manually. And as a final precaution, even if Kappa would fail their mission, there is a time mechanism that would detonate within 24 hours without a special input. However I will disarm that device as soon as we are out of your reach. I hope you understand.
I see Arcon, it was certainly a smart plan of yours.
I can see why Tacticarius would call you Chapter Master.
You can roll an unspecified skill.
Rolled 88

Also, question about his method to heal his arm.


"We both know that allowing you to leave as a renegade company will damn all of our brothers as traitors, Arcon. Either by your command or Tacticarius', Inaria has been crippled by the actions of third company. This can not be hidden from the Inquisition and the Imperium."

"If you are loyal, accept the Emperor's Mercy and save the Chapter. Flee, and doom all of your brothers as traitors in the eyes of the Inquisition and Imperium.
File: 1359333154864.jpg-(734 KB, 2560x1600, 1330088987165.jpg)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
Rolled 45

Arcon. COme back to the chapter. Little blood amoung our brothers has been spilt. I'm sorry for the transgresions I have made against you and our Chapter. But this and everything else can be fixed. We are Brothers, servants of the Emperor. Only together can we overcome the mechinations of Chaos. You need not leave, you must not. For then truly will our chapter be rent asunder and they will have won.

You and our brothers of the 3rd are sorely needed Arcon. The evil Sorcerer has driven us from each other! Can you not see this? THIS is what he wants! Please Arcon, I plead with you. Stay. Share with me how to heal your arm, we can work together. We must rise together! WE FACE THE CHAOS TOGETHER, AND CRUSH IT WITH THE EMPEROR IN OUR HEARTS!
Dear Anon(s?),

If we allow a company of our Chapter to run rogue, we are going to be declared tainted and PURGED.

Especially if we just LET THE MARINES THAT BUTCHERED A PLANET go rogue.

Allowing them to escape is NOT an option.
It won't be Rogue since we're giving them our blessing.

You think speeches are going to work...?
>we're giving them our blessing

Oh goody, so we're going to publicly show our favor for warp tainted lunatics who massacred thousands. That'll go over well.
File: 1359333402313.jpg-(39 KB, 613x473, 1282412933688.jpg)
39 KB
Rolled 83

>Promise Inarians gold and they will stay silent about what happened. We will see so that debt is repayed. I can offer you nothing more.
>It would be no greater heresy than taking Tau weapons, brother, I can assure you of that.
[rp and pic bonus applied, persuasion check, rolling to resist]

and when someone asks why Inaria went from under control to "Emperor where did all the people go!?" and the Inquisition shows up?

We are going to get destroyed harder than Horus was by the Emperor.
>and when someone asks why Inaria went from under control to "Emperor where did all the people go!?" and the Inquisition shows up?
Civil war.
Purging needed.
Yeah, and you thing the fucking Inquisition is going to let it go at that?
File: 1359333711920.jpg-(318 KB, 620x1000, _40k__by_clarenko-d4dew2d.jpg)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Arcon thinks for a moment, then answers:
>You make sense brother. However my arguments still stand. We shall never be united again. But I will stay. Let my men go and will stay with you to testify against inquisition that everything was my fault. I will instruct my men to fight against Chaos, just as you said, and they WILL follow my words. But that is the best I can promise you.

What do you do?
Hey guys, hope you remember me.

I just wanted to tell you that even if sadly I can't contribute to this quest like I used to, I always follow it in the archives.

I love you, brothers.
May the Emperor's light always shine on this chapter.

Unless, of course, the governor had the good sense to inform multiple people "oh shit the chapter master left and these crazy marines he did nothing about are spreading to the other hives!"

Which, you know... we should really look into.
We will always remember you, brother Blastwave. Veterans need to take rest when time comes, and we have lots of new promising recruits. If you will ever decide to return in the revered form of the Dreadnought, please do so, and we will grant you the respect you deserve!
File: 1359333943682.jpg-(98 KB, 800x849, Space Marine.jpg)
98 KB
Gone but not forgotten.
Then we will have third company go on a crusade for the Emperor.
Let us however disarm Last Arrow and to help the renewal of Inaria.
File: 1359334260609.jpg-(359 KB, 640x480, 2.jpg)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
So you accept Arcons offer?
My Brother, I honor your judgement, and I see that you have always worked for the good of our chapter and of the Imperium, even in these hard times.

But, I wish that this situation could end in another way: the memories of us fighting next to eachother against hordes of enemies burn in my mind, and losing someone like you... A great commander, a great warrior, a great brother like you... It saddens me greatly.

Are you sure that there isn't another way?
"Who would lead them, and how will we explain their escape? The Inquisition will not just accept our word, Arcon. They will scour our Chapter for the slightest heresy, purge brothers that have done no wrong simply to make an example. If, they do not simply purge us all for your company's actions."
Brother, i appreciate the gesture. but i must ask another favor of you: that you give me the chance to address the third company. i want to heal this rift in our chapter, and i ask that you give me the chance to do so to the men.

then we shall let them leave in peace.
>There is. You can let me go, with my brothers, and see us one day reunite, if the Emperor wills it so.
>I'll give over command to Leutenant Soeron, he is a loyal and trusted man. Then we can go together. We don't need to be within Imperium to serve it. Halo Stars are vast, no one will find us. But I hope that you'll choose to remain.
>I am afraid... Some of the men might try to kill you, brother. For example Teregulas. Great warrior, but he never liked you. But there are others. They hold you traitor just as you held us.
I would ask the chance to speak to them never the less. If i could shed my own blood that our chapter might be whole again, i would gladly do so.

but if that is not possible, perhaps we may speak over the company vox. Give me a chance to bring those who would wish to return to their brothers with us.
Before we decide Arcon.
I want you to take my (plasma) pistol.
It has (helped or actually?) taken the lives of our battle brothers.
After you feel you have redeemed yourself, and this pistol in the name of the Emperor, I want you to come back to me.
Not as the traitor Arcon our brothers may know, but as my Battle Brother, the leader of the third Company.
>Yes, it will be possible, I will order my men to be prepared to hear you over the vox before we depart.
>You honour me.
He takes Star of Maccrage and examines beautiful weapon as "Destiny" starts to shake and breaks out from underneath the ocean, taking to the skies. As you reach lower orbit, Arcon turns to you:
>Let us go towards the shuttles, its already arranged for us to speak with them while on our way towards Aspera Dominus.
Rolled 75

Rolling to snatch back the pistol and change our mind
No fuck you - don't do that.

Belay that order Anons
Rolled 83

Bro too late for that, we'll just make him mad. Just roll with it.

I vote to veto this
Arcon looks at you in a very awkward way as you try to snatch the pistol out of his scabbard, but fail to open the magnetic lock.
>Should I give it back to you... Brother..?
You are standing in front of the shuttle doors.
File: 1359336168479.gif-(2.96 MB, 300x264, GlassCaseOfEmotion.gif)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB GIF
Why do I have to legitimately use this every session?
Seriously Skargan?

Can we retroactively kill that part? I don't want one douche ruining the moment?
Rolled 21

I thought it was about to slip out, but obviously not. I just really didn't want it to get lost just as we were about to depart. Obviously. Well, that ties up that nicely.
Piss off, wanka
Well, aren't we being grown up in here.
File: 1359336400052.jpg-(69 KB, 700x525, 1282615900211.jpg)
69 KB
Didn't notice vetoes when I was posting.
You shy away and reply to Arcon:
>I just wanted to feel it one last time. It was a good weapon. And you have a nice scabbard.
Arcon looks at you puzzled, but he tries to forget this situation as soon as possible.
>So should I go with you or will you let me guide my brothers in the Emperor's light? Soeron will take care of them... But he will never have the authority I have. And I am afraid that some of my brothers might have tendencies towards not exactly Imperial behaviour...
File: 1359336463967.png-(20 KB, 334x370, thisnigga.png)
20 KB
>That retcon
Because it brings a smile to my face.
File: 1359336737049.jpg-(29 KB, 375x500, Cegorach.jpg)
29 KB
Suddenly, you hear somone laughing somewhere. Roll Willpower.
File: 1359336749001.gif-(150 KB, 500x325, Go Fuck Youself.gif)
150 KB
150 KB GIF
Rolled 17


After what just happened, come on nat 100
File: 1359336836592.jpg-(251 KB, 734x950, Emperor_of_Mankind_by_genzoman.jpg)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
For the emperor!

File: 1359337115070.jpg-(437 KB, 501x800, The_Chapter_Standard_by_A(...).jpg)
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437 KB JPG
You push away dark thoughts about ripping that pistol away from Arcons hands... But you loved that weapon! It was so light, so powerful, so perfect! It was a precious gift! Yes, your precious precious gift. Who cares about some damn etiquette when your precious is in danger! Maybe you should strangle that bastard in his sleep and take it away..? Your poor precious... It is lost now! And...
>Brother? What are you thinking about? You grew silent so suddenly...
Arcon looks at you even more puzzled than before.
>I hope you are not planning to fight me... Please remember about the Last Arrow.
He draws his power sword.
File: 1359337240896.png-(121 KB, 1656x1656, 1297973835387.png)
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>Fear not, my brother. My thoughts were all for our chapter. We are in dire straits, and I can't afford to take this situation lightly.
You remove your hand that was nervously playing with the handle of your Power Gladius and smile at him. Arcon also sheathes his blade.
>I... I am afraid I changed my mind, brother.
He finally says.
>You'll have to do without me. Goodbye. He beckons you to go into the shuttle.

What do you do?
File: 1359337869100.jpg-(235 KB, 900x1171, 746453.jpg)
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235 KB JPG
So let me get this straight.

We were about to have him come with us, then Tzeentch or some other asshole starts to laugh, we roll a 17, start acting sketch as fuck, Arcon gets nervous and changes his mind; and we get fucked?

I'm confused.
Something like that. The part where you started acting weird at first was by PC, but afterwards Laughing God, Cegorach(he owns part of your soul for more than a decade) started making fun of you, but you resisted... mostly. But Arcon got frightened, yes.
Session over fo today.

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