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>Archived threads can be viewed here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Great%20Cave%20Quest Upvoting appreciated.
>Alternate link: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/search/subject/Great%20Cave%20Quest/
>New twitter is here: twitter.com/@GreatCaveQuest
>For those interested, I can be found on IRC in #quest on the sup/tg/ server at irc.thisisnotatrueending.com


SETTLEMENTS: Dragonfall, clan village.

-We initiated 38 children as adults at the beginning of this season, bringing the number of adults in the clan to 772
-Our scribes recorded 51 new births and fosterings at season's start, bringing the number of children to 466
-Of the adults, 363 can currently be fielded as hunters in a raid or war, and 13 were promoted into the veterans' ranks at last season's end, bringing veteran numbers up to 94.
-Your clan has 53 nobles, elders, master craftsmen, scribes, shamans, mages, and priests, who are said to have DETERMINED minds.

Significant persons:
Fírnen, leader of the Dragonfall clan, who is said to have STUBBORN willpower.
Glaedr, master craftsman, said to be of STEADY mind.
Falkor, a fast kobold runner, who ably swam past aboleths to reach the lake-isle and found our first stock of ioun, STEADY in his will.
Katla, winner of the games, a sprightly kobold and a good speaker, STUBBORN in her mind.

Blades of mystic sharpness (6), firey gem, human warrior's armor, Kreen healing scroll, chest full of books on military history and strategy, copy of Kreen healing scroll [flawed], lanceboard and tokens (chess set), missal of the Red Knight, mold-eaten mathematical treatise on geometry, rules of Xorvintaal, pulsing Goblin gem, warforged trophy, warforged commander's head
File: 1358561312359.jpg-(53 KB, 597x640, Great Cave Quest 5.jpg)
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CLEVERNESS, INVENTION, TRIBES, artisanship, assault, concealment, critical thought, defense, entertainment, fate, fear, freedom, healing, history, hoards, humor, independence, justice, lawfulness, manipulation, mercy, mining, night, originality, psionics, raiding, paranoia, peace, property, protection, retribution, sanctity of death, sanctity of life, secrecy, security, sorcery, spycraft, stealth, storytelling, tolerance, trade, trapmaking, trickery, Xorvintaal

Slavers, Dragons, Aboleths

FIERCE - you are seen capable of ferocity in battle.

[ELITES] - The Dragonfall tribe has some dozens of veterans armed with poor quality iron spears, good quality wood bows with spider-silk strings, and poor quality leather armor.
[REGULARS] - The tribe has some hundreds of unarmored hunters armed with poor quality obsidian spears and organized in squads lead by veterans.
[DRILLED] - Dragonfall's warriors are well trained and do not often make rookie mistakes. Reduction in critical failure effects, faster training.
[TRIED BY CONTEST] - Dragonfall's warriors go through competitions of might, speed, brawn, and wit in the village arena, and are better fighters for it. Bonus to personal combat.
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Buildings, improvements, and goods:
GOOD: Clan Hall, Temple to Aasterinian | Bows
SUFFICIENT: Arena, dwellings, farm (fruit-tree orchard, mushrooms, fungi), fish-farm, mines (coal, copper, tin), pit-forge, school, smelter, village defenses [palisade, spike pit, watchtower(two), wooden gate(single)], warrior-lodges, hall of shrines
POOR: Armory, coal-mine outpost, embassy, resource production (logging camp, stone quarry), roads (Smokescales)

Resources & stockpiles:
PLENTIFUL: peat bricks, sand, water
IN SURPLUS: FOOD (fruit bats, fish, mushrooms & fungi), GOODWILL, coal
SUFFICIENT: HEALTH, MILITARY STRENGTH, TOOLS, fish, fungus, mushrooms (medicinal, useful for toxins or alchemy, etc)
WANING: TERRITORY, WEALTH, WEAPONS, clay, homing bats, leather
SCARCE: ARMOR, ore (copper), psychedelic mushrooms (ritual use), refined metal (bronze, copper, tin),
RARE: IOUN, gems, iron, mushroom tree wood, obsidian, stone,
UNAVAILABLE: parchment, spider silk

Arts, crafts, and other learning:
GOOD: CRAFTSMANSHIP, METALWORKING, hunting, literacy, mining, war production (weaponcraft)
FAIR: Animal husbandry (bats), cooking, fishing, leathermaking, mathematics, smelting, war production (armorsmithing), toolmaking

Relations, trade, & diplomacy:
EXEMPLARY: Smokescales (trade market)
EXCELLENT: Blackrocks
FAIR: Blueleaf clan, Redtooth Clan
HATRED: ABOLETHS (Ancestral Enemy)

-There are roving bands of warforged barbarians on the surface.

File: 1358561514367.jpg-(153 KB, 1277x540, Great Cave Quest 2.jpg)
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Though we now dwell in the great cave, our people's story is long and varied, stretching back into the past far beyond memory. The most distant legend is of our joining with the Gods. One was revered above others by our people, and we carry that reverence even today - our tribe's ancestral deity is Aasterinian, the dragon god of invention, from whom our ancestors drew cleverness.

Our ancestors' struggle to survive was not all we remember. In time, they prospered, and their legends grew many as hatchlings from a rich clutch. Our people's earliest legend was when Astilabor went to the hidden hoard and returned to us with a treasure.

Our ancestors prospered well with the gifts of the gods, and in the First Time they gained enough strength and percieved enough mysteries that others came to join their tribe. Our ancestors greeted those that joined their tribe as adopted clutch-mates.

The foes of our ancestors were many, and our people fought hard against them. Our greatest enemies are the aboleth-kings, cold in their hatred, many in their arms.

The First Time ended when the earth itself was sundered and broke apart, and the world was shadowed and strange. The sky was all around us, and the winds tore at us, and so we retreated beneath the world into what remained of the sheltering caves. The Gods were silent, and we knew the world to be in the Sundered Age.

When we re-established ourselves after the many black years of the sundering taught us new ways, we yearned to hear the voices of our gods. Our priests first renewed our bond with Aasterinian, the dragon god of invention.

Things changed greatly since the Sundered Age began, and the Retreat was not the weightiest difference. The Gods no longer walked among us, appearing only in dreams. The affairs of our people were much diminished, and we became fewer in number, though stronger in wit and cunning.
File: 1358561617789.png-(128 KB, 695x630, 1307580491694.png)
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One day, we were approached by a dragon that sought to offer us and many other tribes its knowledge, patronage, and guardianship if we were to serve it and add to its hoard. It was not the first such offer, but it was the most important in our history. Though some chose to simply go with it, most opted for a tribal decision.

Our tribe showed the dragons outright hostility. Many were injured, and some died, but all heard of our battles against them.

Those of our tribe that went with the dragon disappeared from our lore for generations, as did many tribes given similar offers by other such beasts. In time, we heard that they established a number of villages, but when things became difficult for the dragons this did not end well. Today we still come across the occasional skull marked with their great claws in bonding ceremonies, but the dragons and their tribes are nowhere found except as old bones.

Over time, the old hunting grounds were not enough to hold us, and we could not find the food or the spears to keep the enemies at bay. We marched for many weeks until one day the tribal elders felt the call of the Gods, and that day we came to the Great Cave, where many things dwell. Its walls are high and its caverns many, and the central chambers are so large that no light has ever pierced them all, but there is water and food and much besides. We claimed these places for our people, and none could take them from us and no trouble has shadowed over us yet. Some came to us, and we gave them refuge and a place at our hearths; now we are of the Great Cave Tribes, and so face the future.

When we came to the Great Cave, we marked lots more territory than we would probably need as our own. Our leaders founded our village in a rocky niche, and named it Dragonfall - and so, we are the Dragonfall clan.
File: 1358561679619.gif-(168 KB, 1103x735, Koboldmap1.gif)
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Our chief is Fírnen, named for a strong and ancient beast.

To the south of our settlement's walls is the Great Cave proper, and in its lower depths the floor of dirt, peat, loam, and clay gives way to sand and the largish lake formed by a bend of the underground river that flows from the southeast and out to the southwest.

To the west is a deposit of coal we've found, and to the southwest is a forest of mushroom-trees.

To the east is a trail used by the thri-kreen that dwell here to come and trade with us for food when they find that there are too few dark elves to kill and eat.

To the further west is a tribe of greenskins, and northwest of them, a tunnel upwards.

To the further east is a trading outpost of toth-kreen weapon-smiths, who sell their wares to the thri-kreen wanderers and ensure peace in the area.

To the south, across the lake and the river that feeds and drains it, are a colony of spiders. We find their silk from time to time. They menace the mantis-men, who menace them in turn.

The river is full of fish, though we have seen that there are aboleths in the lake deeps.
File: 1358562150385.png-(552 KB, 800x450, 800px-Pandora_bioluminescent.png)
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We have again seen the seasons turn, and are eager to see what the next weeks bring.

The feast of the new season, which seems to be becoming a custom, is in full swing. We have invited many neighbors, and have made new friendship between clans.
>You have improved relations with a number of parties. Consult records?

We have shown them our treasures, and have received much comment, some of it with offers of aid in understanding them - or offers to trade them for wealth, other treasures, and more.
>You have made new discoveries about your treasures. Consult records?

We have had our offers of exchanging knowledge accepted. We will have to send delegates soon.
>Your neighbors are willing to trade you much good knowledge. Consult records?

We have made offers of consequence to other races in the area and had them accepted, and now are responsible for upholding our part of the bargain.
>You have convinced many to work with you as a consequence of your reputation and capabilities. Consult records?

We have also learned of the other tribes around us, and of the lands beyond the lake.
>You have learned much. Consult records?

The feast is nearly done.
[You have four actions remaining this week.]
Fuck yes, OP didn't die in the hospital I guess.

Review everything, get us up to speed again OP.
We have had our offers of exchanging knowledge accepted. We will have to send delegates soon.
>Your neighbors are willing to trade you much good knowledge. Consult records?

>Consult Records

might as well get that up and going
File: 1358562968429.jpg-(41 KB, 475x429, 3839667976_8b3d824855_o.jpg)
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[Commencing record dump. I did in fact not die in the hospital, it's kind of cool.]

The visiting kobolds have told you of yet more clans in the area, each informing you of one or two neighbors.

>You learn of the Tall Tree clan.
>You learn of the Cold Hearth clan.
>You learn of the Turtle clan.
>You learn of the Water Quartz clan.
>You learn of the Wide Ear clan.
>You learn of the Firewing clan.
>You learn of the Frogleap clan.
>You learn of the Earthshaker clan.
>You learn of the Glowberry clan.
>You learn of the Thunderheart clan.
>You learn of the Greenspear clan.
>You learn of the Rootnose clan.

You learn the rough location of these villages. The Kreen say you've now learned of two thirds of the Kobold clans in the Great Cave.

The Muls have told you that there are Deep Dwarves to the southeast beyond the cave, and a nation of Drow to the far west. The wandering Kreen confirmed this, telling you that the Drow are tastiest when raw.

The Urds have told you that there are great windy plains in the caves to the east, downriver a ways, and a waterfall a significant distance to the west. They have seen lizardfolk and troglodytes in both these places. They have been hunted by lesser drakes when venturing past the Plains, and so have gone no farther.

The wandering Kreen alert you to the illithids to the west and south, but these are quite distant. The Muls almost seem afraid, though work to appear untroubled.

The settled Kreen have told you of a kobold settlement on the other side of the waterfall.

There is talk among the kobolds who travel and trade of kobold settlements on the plains, and also of tengu, and of a tunnel up to the surface - though this is likely guarded by fierce beasts - definitely by goblinoids, perhaps others.

There is some aboleth presence towards the waterfall, but none on the plains.

The Tengu are said to have very powerful weapons. Finally, you hear of spider-men on the plains.
>Accepted offers to trade knowledge:

-The settled Kreen offer to teach you to work with Ioun. They will ask for food and need more Ioun in order to tutor you, so you'll have to set up a mine.

-The wandering kreen offer to teach you to fight as they do, by channeling your inner rage. In return they seek much food.

-The Muls offer to teach you the tongues of the drow and deep dwarves. In return they desire knowledge of agriculture and mathematics.

-The Urds offer to teach you to fly. When it is pointed out that you have no wings, they instead offer to teach you how to better run your affairs as they do in their nests (more actions per week). They require much food in return in order to stay with you, as they will be too busy showing you their ways to hunt for themselves.

-The Wind Brothers offer to teach you to improve your artifice. They desire your knowledge of medicine.

-The Redteeth offer to teach you to sneak properly. They desire your knowledge of weaponcraft.

-The Grey Bats offer to teach you better woodworking. They desire your knowledge of mechanics.

-The Blueleaves offer to teach you to build boats. They desire your knowledge of metalworking.

-The Smokescales offer to teach you the chymist's art (alchemy). They desire your knowledge of medicine.

-The Blackrocks offer to teach you to better work obsidian. They desire your knowledge of artifice.
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[These two are me, took off my name and trip to post in a friend's thread.]

You bring out your treasures.

>Blades of mystic sharpness (6)

The shamans and artificers of other tribes make offers to buy these. They offer WEALTH for all six blades. The odd tribe out, the Wind Brothers, feel that your artifice is lacking and offer to teach you to better it in exchange for something they desire.

>Firey gem

The Wind Brothers are very interested in this, and the Tohr-Kreen treat it as a distasteful thing - as if you were parading around part of a carcass.

>Human warrior's armor

The Kreen tell you it is the vestment of a Red Marshal.

>Kreen healing scroll

The settled Kreen offer to explain more of its intricacies to you, and the other tribes express interest and confusion at its marks.

>Kreen healing scroll [copy][flawed]

The other tribes seem to understand this much better except for the Redteeth, whose healers lose esteem for yours.
>You have gained a [Rivalry] with the Redteeth.

>Chief's mace of office

The other tribes are suitably impressed, and their nobles remark on their interest in hiring on your craftsmen. The Muls seem to gain respect for you; relations become [Favorable].

>Chest full of books on military history and strategy

The Kreen express interest in examining these. Perhaps they can translate them?

>Lanceboard and tokens (chess set)

The settled Kreen, Muls, Wind Brothers, and Blackrocks indicate they'd like to buy Lanceboard sets, if you're good enough stonestonecarvers or woodcrafters to create and sell them.
>There is now a DEMAND for these sets.

An Urd tries to chew on a lanceboard-piece. Its kind find the board strange and not at all tasty.

>Missal of the Red Knight

The settled Kreen ask the wandering Kreen if they've eaten any strange men dressed in red, and comment on the workmanship of the missal - it is apparently a very good specimen of its kind.
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>Mold-eaten mathematical treatise on geometry

A few tribes are interested in copies, and comments are made about your school.

>You have gained a reputation for being [Scholarly].

>Rules of Xorvintaal

The Muls seem ambivalent at hearing of these, as their race was created by slave-breeders at the behest of a shadow dragon.

The kobolds either shudder at the memory of dragons or fail to grasp the intricacies of these writings.

The urds flap their wings in fear at the mention of the Great Game.

The settled Kreen ask you a variety of questions about the phrasing, and to the clan's surprise the scribes and scholars are able to answer.

>You have achieved sufficient literacy to study the Rules!
>Study of the Rules will bring your mastery of Draconic to SUPREME levels, which you could not otherwise do.

>Pulsing Goblin gem

The better artificers present indicate that it is in fact useful as a clock.

The Kobolds tell you it likely fell from the cave roof, and that you will see it's like in a few more months.

>Warforged trophy

The Kobolds are impressed, as are the Muls. The settled Kreen suggest that you inter the creature.

The Redteeth boast of sneaking past such metal men.

>Warforged commander's head

The Kreen aren't particularly pleased, but don't say much. The Grey Bats say they have found an arm with similar markings in the forest.
File: 1358563519348.jpg-(36 KB, 600x400, 5277870680_f5331c8583_z.i(...).jpg)
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>>You have improved relations with a number of parties. Consult records?

75 - Blueleaves
Your matchmakers manage well, and the Blueleaves now think better of our tribe, we are in GOOD standing with them.
57 - Redteeth
Relations are now [Favorable] with the Redteeth, and given no problems between now and the end of season they may well improve.
92 - Blackrocks
Your matchmakers do well enough to improve your already great esteem in the eyes of this clan. The Blackrocks' relationship with us can be described as EXEMPLARY.
88 - Smokescales
Though they do well, relations are already very good. The Smokescales therefore agree to send their clanfolk to your school to learn of your arts.
The Smokescales are [Bonded] to us through marriage, and seem to follow our lead in affairs.
78 - Grey Bats
Your clans enjoy good matchmaking, and relations become GOOD between you.
65 - Wind Bothers
We have arranged enough marriages with the Wind Brothers to bring us to [Favorable] standing - let's hope that lasts to season's end. For now, our relations are FAIR.

[As for alliances and trading, again, in order of mention...]

62 - Smokescales
Though your speakers and nobles try, they are not able to convince this tribe to ally with you - unless you give them WEALTH to sacrifice in order to cement the alliance, as well as a luxury good to sway their leaders.

94 - Blackrocks
You are able to arrange a favorable trade route with the Blackrock clan.
File: 1358563645230.jpg-(74 KB, 800x533, bioluminescent mushroom.jpg)
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>>You have convinced many to work with you as a consequence of your reputation and capabilities.

>Integrate the Muls, with offerings of protection and homes

>The Muls are taken quite by surprise by your offer. They lay down the following conditions:
You must mount an expedition into their masters' territory within a year of them joining your tribe and free whatever kin they find there.
This expedition must be powerful to succeed, so it must contain no less than 500 well-armed soldiers.
Their former slavemasters must be killed - not the whole of the drow nation, but the house of drow that owned them must have its leading members killed to ensure at least a chance of safety.

>In the short-term, you must do the following before they will join you:
You must build stone walls of significantly improved architectural design before they will feel that your settlement is safe for them, and
You must commit to enlarging the major buildings in your settlement so that they may use them as other clan members do. They want three enlarged buildings to start with, as an act of good faith.
You must have Muls on your clan council and accept Mul elders.
You must build appropriately sized housing for the Muls, a brewery, and a tavern in your settlement.
>And, finally,
You must begin to research a cure for their infertility. You're mages and descended from dragons or something, right? Shouldn't be a problem for you.

[All in all, looks like maybe eight actions if you're careful and smart. Twelve at most. Rest assured, the benefits of having these guys in your clan would be massive - they're a freakishly effective labor force, extremely capable fighters, and more.]

The Urds say that if you build them a roosting tower against the cave wall near your settlement and stock it with food every month they will explore for you.
[One abundance level of food per month in exchange for one exploration action per month; a month is four weeks long, in case I haven't explicitly said so.]
File: 1358563690071.jpg-(9 KB, 400x267, bioluminescent.jpg)
9 KB


If you build the Kreen barbarians a barracks within your settlement and stock it with food once a month, they will fight for you for free in one battle per season, harass your enemy once per month and offer you a chance to purchase any treasures or loot, and report the locations of any known resources or other factions.

They demand that so long as this arrangement is honored you give them free reign to attack the drow and eat them, which will certainly make you a target.


[You're already aware of where the Tohr-Kreen's nearby settlement is, and they're absolutely not going to tell you about any others.]

The weaponsmiths will buy or trade IOUN, gems, and iron ore; in exchange you may purchase treasures and weapons from them, and send them laborers that will slowly learn artifice and weaponcrafting.

[And that's all the records.]

>Expand Temple
>Expand clan hall
>improve our farms
>Learn from the Urd about organization
It will cost food but we have plenty and we do need that extra action !!
These, assuming we have the materials.

If we don't, expand industry in the relevant areas to GET the materials.

If we don't even have materials for that, gather.
>Expand temple
[This will require wealth, wood, and stone, and you will be unable to expand anything else this turn.]
>Expand clan hall
[Same deal.]
>Expand farms
[This will require territory and wood.]
>Learn Urd organization methods
[Can do. Suggest a course of action for the other matters.]

And territory is waning, too...We should see if we can get anymore of it from the other clans before the feast ends. Otherwise, we should expand the quarry and the logging camp and gather wood.
This, and the Blackrock's offer to better work Obsidian seems good.

I'm not sure whats required to make Obsidian, so investing in researching it might be bad.
>Gather wood
>gather Stone
>Build roads to farms and mines

Expanding anything requires stone and wood hah.
Well, mainly you need to have access to a site where you can mine or collect it. Obsidian is volcanic glass, so Dorf Fort rules apply here - you either mine it from an available vein (way easier) or dump water into magma (potentially fatal).

Most buildings in this era don't REQUIRE both, actually. The Clan Hall and the Temple will, because they're pretty important, but you will increasingly be needing stone.

When expanding mines you're not really going to be in need of a lot of stone as it's right there in the ground, but the wooden beams to frame tunnels and make wheels and etc will be needed for a while.

The other tribes suggest you tunnel down and build subterranean tunnels, while the Muls and Kreen suggest building multi-storied buildings - which would probably require higher walls, but likely be more effective. Either way would be labor and resource intensive.

Your neighbors offer to sell you some land as well, but this would require WEALTH expenditure or luxuries.

With all these efforts in mind, you end the feast.

>You take home a gift of WEALTH from one of the kobold tribes that came uninvited.
You inform the urds that their food is ready, if they have opportunities to teach you to better manage your affairs.

The winged creatures readily spend time instructing you on 'matters of the flock,' though your elders and sages learn far more from how the outsiders actually behave toward one another during the week they stay with you than what the creatures tell you in their confused and halting thinking.

Nevertheless, enacting what they've gleaned from these outsiders means less inefficiency, which means more work for the individual, which means less contentment.

>You may take an additional action each week!
>GOODWILL is now SUFFICIENT, but further efforts will require it to be improved and maintained.

[Five actions per week, folks. Better start thinking about luxury goods and improved dwellings and etc if you want to do more without making things hard on your people.]
>Three actions left this week, as better organization comes into effect next week.
>There is support for gathering wood and stone among the elders.
Building roads to the farms and mines will be tracked as an improvement to those buildings, and result in more food or ore produced - but as you only have one action, you will have to choose either the farms or a single mine.

[I would recommend listening to the suggestion in >>22669040 because a completely improved logging camp or quarry will get you more wood or stone at the end of the month than would gathering stone every week all month unless you took multiple actions to do it.]
I'm okay with expanding farms, tbh.
alright then
>improve logging camp
>Improve quarries
>improve farms
[Farms it is, then. I think I need more players so getting consensus is easier.]

[Insofar as your resources allow it:]

Your elders send out laborers and builders, and charge them with the improvement of the clan's industries and agriculture.

The farms are expanded, the fields nearly doubling in size. Better tools are created, and it is hoped that results will improve. With greater land there is a need for greater workers, and dedicated housing for their food, their tools, and the workers themselves.

>Your farms are now GOOD.
>Wood has dwindled completely!

As they're out of building materials, your people undertake to collect enough wood to finish the rest of their assigned tasks.

>Wood is now SCARCE.

In time, the quarry is expanded and basic machinery is improved - it is far easier to get stone out of the ground now, and to work it. It is mentioned that the worked stone might be far easier to work with if a mason's guild were founded to train skilled laborers and cut blocks.

>Your quarry is now SUFFICIENT to clan needs.
>Wood is RARE in your stockpiles.

[Anyone have the urge to set some goals and vote for a timeskip until they're done or interesting things happen?]
Timeskip would be okay with me. Goals...hmm. Complete all tech-trades, expand industries and farms, send people to the weaponsmiths to research, adopt the red knight, fully understand the kreen scroll, get everything built and prepared for the muls and urds and thri-kreen to finish their deals with us, and scout for deposits. Priority on getting the urds to live with us and scout for more deposits, on expanding territory and researching metalworking, and getting stone walls up. What do others think?
I think a time skip would do well.

Mul integration
Resource expansion - We need these to have a surplus if possible
Trade network - we currently have two tribes trading with us, and since our ultimate goal is to integrate everyone into an empire we need to expand this.
Tech advances - Lets get everything we know up a level.
[Can do. Going to go eat some dinner now, should be back in half an hour to an hour at most and then I can write the timeskip. Give me some 1d100s for random events to see if you get jumped by aboleths or goblins or something.]

[People can post more goals, etc.]
Rolled 27, 21, 44, 89 = 181

A nice even 4 should do.
Rolled 69, 69, 22, 61 = 221

Back, typing up timeskip.
Rolled 2, 3 = 5

Rolled 9, 79, 5, 81 = 174


[You guys are damn lucky with your dice sometimes, you know that?]

The Clan begins to make long-term plans, deciding to capitalize on its recent gains and opportunities. The times ahead will be busy, but exciting.

First, they resolve to finish what was begun the week before and improve their ability to gather wood and timber. With the last of the available supplies of wood, they do so.

>Your logging camp is now SUFFICIENT to meet clan needs.

Then, they send groups of scholars and scribes out to other clans and engage in trade.

>You have pierced deeper into the mysteries of ARTIFICE, and can now produce GOOD works of it. The Wind Brothers gain your SUPERIOR knowledge of medicine, where before they were merely FAIR hands at it.

>You send craftsmen to the Redteeth and in time they come to a GOOD understanding of weaponcraft. They teach your troops to conceal themselves in the tall grass and blend into the shadows.

>Your troops have gained the [CONCEALMENT] bonus.

>You send your mechanics to the Grey Bats, and they soon absorb your POOR techniques and aid you in understanding how to work wood.

>Your craftsmanship has improved, where wood is concerned.

>You take the Blueleaves up on their offer to teach you to build boats; they gain your knowledge of metalworking and become GOOD at it, and you gain FAIR knowledge of shipbuilding.

The week ends, and the clan opts to finish its bargaining with fellow kobolds.
It is the third week of the Season of Winds.

>The Smokescales teach you the chymist's art as promised, and you become FAIRLY versed in it; you teach them to be SUPERIOR healers.

>The Blackrocks manage to improve your obsidian-crafting, rendering it up to your usual crafting standards.You teach them to be FAIR artificers.

>Finding themselves to have upheld matters toward fellow kobolds, the clan considers the matter of outsiders.

The clan sends its farmers and geometers to the Muls, and soon these have learned to be farmers, though POOR ones just as their teachers, and FAIR mathematicians. In return, they teach your scribes the speech and letters of drow and the dark dwarves of the caves.

>You have gained literacy (drow, deep dwarf).

The clan grants parcels of food to the wandering kreen who volunteered to tutor clanfolk warriors in combat. Though they do not quite learn to fight as the savages, they do learn a new tactic.

>Your troops have been granted the [FURIOUS CHARGE] bonus.
>Food supplies dwindle, becoming WANING.

You send the settled kreen your best artificers, smiths, and scribes with a supply of food and all your IOUN, with a promise to have a mine set up by season's end.

>IOUN is unavailable!
>Food is scarce! GOODWILL may deteriorate.

The week ends, and the clan considers its own needs.
It is the fourth week of the Season of Mists.

>Your forge has produced WEALTH.

>Your mines have produced ORE.

>Your smelter has produced BRONZE.

>Your forge has produced BRONSE WEAPONS.

The clan has decided to produce BRONZEWEAR,in order to increase GOODWILL to make up for TERRITORY loss.

>Your farms have improved foodstocks.
Food is IN SURPLUS. Goodwill is no longer at risk.

>Your loggers have gathered wood.
Wood is available in WANING quantities.

>Your quarriers have gathered stone.
Stone is available in WANING quantities.
The clan's architects and scribes are divinely inspired!

>ARCHITECTURE has improved to FAIR standards.

>Literacy is now SUPERIOR, and nearly the entire clan speaks, reads, and writes good draconic with many nobles, leaders, and skilled laborers speaking a prestige dialect.

The clan decides to focus on creating what it needs to integrate the Urds and Muls.

The Urds will be the quicker and easier of the two to handle, so wood and stone is gathered to create their roosting tower, and foodstocks set aside for their use.

>You have created a POOR roosting tower.
>Stone is now scarce.
>Wood is now scarce.
>Food is now sufficient.
>Due to the scarcity of TERRITORY, GOODWILL wanes!

The Urds take up residence quickly, and begin their scouting. They also offer to serve in the clan's armed forces as flying scouts if their roosts are improved, as well as exploring more frequently.

>Every subsequent improvement of the roosting tower will yield more exploration actions per month, up to a maximum of four.

The clan works on bringing in the Muls, and clanfolk spend much effort in improving your walls.

In order to do this, the clan spends much time and effort collecting stone.

>Stone is now available in WANING quantity.

>You have expanded your village defenses! You have built a stone wall!
>Stone is now unavailable.

Seeing that they do not have nearly enough stone, the clan once again expands its quarry.

>The quarry is now judged to be quite GOOD, and will improve stone stocks by three steps each month.

They undertake expansion of their logging industry as well.

>The logging camp is now large enough to do a GOOD job in harvesting lumber.
[Had to come up with strife mechanics.]

It is the fifth week of the season of mists.

>Goodwill is WANING! The tribe cannot act at full efficiency.

The elders give gifts of gems to the tribe to improve goodwill!

>Goodwill has improved.

The tribe decided to focus on the study of its crafts.

>Agriculture is improved, becoming FAIR! You may now build better facilities.

>Mechanics is improved, becoming FAIR! You may now build basic siege engines and further improve production facilities.

>Personal defense is improved, becoming fair! Your warriors improve in their capacities!

>Recordkeeping improves, becoming FAIR! You may now undertake the pursuit of finance and improve the profit from trade networks!

>It is the fifth week of the Season of Winds.

The tribe continues its efforts to improve its learning.

>Animal husbandry has improved, becoming GOOD! You may now use draft animals and war-mounts.

>Cooking has improved, becoming GOOD! You may now trade exotic foods, go on longer military and trade expeditions due to improved provisions, and create more food at feasts!

>Fishing has improved, becoming GOOD! You may now create great nets, perhaps entrapping the aboleths themselves.

>Leathermaking has improved, becoming GOOD! You may now create leather goods, clothing, and armor of better quality.

>Smelting has improved, becoming GOOD! You may now melt iron, creating cast iron and wrought iron much more easily!

[If only you'd located a source of iron ore.]

It is the sixth week of the Season of Winds. The tribe continues its efforts.

>Armorsmithing has improved, becoming GOOD! You can now outfit your rank and file with chain, and your elites with splint-mail and metal breastplates.

>Toolmaking has improved, becoming GOOD! Production techniques are now sufficient to create iron tools for most craftsmen.

>CRAFTSMANSHIP and METALWORKING have advanced to superior status! You are able to work steel, and your crafts have begun to be demanded by traders!
Rolled 12, 43, 39, 51, 35 = 180

It is the seventh week of the Season of Winds.

The clan focuses on further improving its learning.

>Your hunting, mining, and weaponcraft have become SUPERIOR! You are able to take down nearly all game with ease and your troops gain the [TRACKING] bonus; you are able to mine exotic materials more easily and with greater yields, and your weaponcrafters are among the most advanced in the Great Cave.

The clan undertakes an expansion of its trade market.

>A POOR road has been created to the Blackrocks!
>Stone is now rare.

The clan undertakes to replenish its stock of building material.
>Stone is once again waning.

It is the eighth week of the Season of Mists.

The clan decides that it is high time to finish its efforts in regards to the Muls, and spends its industrial yield freely on this venture.

>You have created a poor tavern in your settlement.
>You have created a poor brewery in your settlement.
>You have improved and expanded dwellings in your settlement.They are now GOOD.
>You have improved and expanded your clan hall! It is now SUPERIOR.
>You have Improved and expanded your temple! It is now SUPERIOR.

Net shifts in the stocks:
>Stone and wood are rare.
>Wealth is somewhat greater.
>Bronzeware has been created in your forge!

It is the ninth week of the Season of mists.

The clan works to finish efforts and bring the Muls into the village.

>The clan improves its stone walls, having learned something of agriculture.
Village defenses are now GOOD!

>The clan designates its mages and craftsmen to create magic rings that will increase fertility!

You have created a new treasure!
You have created Rings of fertility (50).

>The clan sends a delegation to the Muls, and invites them to take up residence inside the village.

The Muls assess your acts of good faith.
The Muls agree, and will move in next week!
Rolled 30, 17, 13, 54, 5 = 119

That's entirely too little, rolling again.
Rolled 99, 35, 1, 14, 45 = 194

Rolling to try and save
Rolled 79, 66, 37, 62, 74 = 318

rolling as well
[That's good, thanks Should give me good population numbers and the 99 can go toward scouting.]

>The Urds have undertaken a scouting mission!

The Urds have found a gold deposit on our side of the mushroom forest!

A grand total of 394 Muls have joined your clan!

They seem satisfied with your temple, clan hall, and dwellings, and with their tavern and their brewery, but decide to improve your metalworking facilities.

>The Muls have improved your smelter! It is now GOOD, and can smelt iron.
>The Muls have improved your pit forge! It is now GOOD, and can forge iron.

The Muls also add their resources to yours, and will add to your lowest building material or metal stockpile every month in addition to brewing ALE and improving trade due to their tavern.

>Wood becomes more abundant! It is now SUFFICIENT.
>Stone becomes more abundant! It is now SUFFICIENT.
>Food becomes more abundant! It is now IN SURPLUS.

The clan decides to make the final steps it can conceive of in improving its understanding of medicine, and builds a hospital; the Kreen weaponsmiths that stop by to visit indicate that it is FAIR for now, but can be improved.

>Your understanding of medicine is now SUPREME among the Great Cave's kobold clans, and your hospital does not long for patients.

They also construct a scriptorium, to better house their scribes and distribute the learning of the clan to its men and women. It is noted as FAIR for now, but can be improved in future.

>Your understanding of literacy is SUPREME among the people of the Great Cave! Your schools will be frequented by many others.

You have unlocked the secrets of the Kreen healing scroll.

>Your copy of the Kreen healing scroll is no longer flawed.

The settled Kreen have a higher opinion of you!

All the construction has left you with less in the way of resources.

>Wood and Stone are again SCARCE.

The Muls have helped in generally raising productivity.

>You now have 6 actions per week.
[Last week of timeskip!]

It is the tenth week of the Season of Winds.

The clan badly needs more territory, and so purchases land from a neighbor.

>Wealth is WANING, where before it was IN SURPLUS.
>TERRITORY is SUFFICIENT, where before it was SCARCE.

The clan also works to move some dwellings below ground to further free up space.


The clan decides to finish preparations to create a barracks for the wandering Kreen.

>You have built a Kreen outpost!
>Stone is SCARCE.
>Wood is RARE.

The wandering Kreen take up residence in their barracks, and consume significant quantities of food.

>You may order one attack per season.
>You may order them to harass one enemy, which they will do once per month.

Your enemies are the ABOLETHS (Ancestral Enemy), BUGBEARS, DRAGONS (Hostile), DROW, and WARFORGED, though only the Aboleths, Bugbears, and Drow are within striking distance at the moment.

The Thri-Kreen take their share of food.

>Food is now SUFFICIENT.

A visiting Tohr-Kreen indicates a great interest in your bronzeware, and informs the clan that the weaponsmiths might wish to buy your crafts; one more unit of bronzeware will also substitute for the IOUN you had promised them by season's end, as you have not yet set up your mine.

[Timeskip over.]

You have THREE remaining actions this week.

>improve armory (its been poor for a long while)
>propose to the smokescales that we become one tribe.
We should send the kreen to harry the goblins, try to create bronzeware, build a library, and scout for iron. We still haven't sent those books to the weaponsmiths, and should likely get to it next week.
The Smokescale clan isn't even allied to your clan, and would need to be in order to make a tribe. However, they don't see a need to join forces at the moment.

I'll need a d100 roll if you want to make them your allies (which you can certainly do at the next feast, if you want).

If you want to harry the goblins, I'll need someone to agree with you. Harrying them would probably soften them up, but harrying the aboleths would probably make the delicious Ioun on the lake isle easier to reach.
Rolling to find iron.
Rolled 84


After chasing rumors and scraps of information throughout the tribelands, your scouts find iron! There is a deposit in the wall of the Great Cave just across the river near the cave's eastern exit - in spider territory.

[You have two actions remaining this week.]

>Send the thri-Kreen to harry an enemy?
>Improve the armory?
>Ally with the smokescales?
>Create Bronzeware?
>Build a library?
Rolled 35

roll for smokescale alliance
I'm pushing for makan dat bronzeware, because if we don't we're not going to uphold our end of that bargain we made with the weaponsmiths.
The clan sends representatives to the smokescales, but things become abortive. Negotiations end just this side of disaster.

The Smokescales want a portion of your wealth and a number of carved wooden lanceboards in return for considering an alliance.

[You'll have to roll better than that!]
Rolled 75

rolling as well

>Build iron mine
>improve iron mine
oh wait this isn't next turn yet.

Ya Im gonna say produce bronzeware and improve the armory
With the help of the Muls, you are able to produce quite a lot of bronzeware of surpassing quality for the Kreen as well as replacing your bronze-stock by smelting more ore.

>You have created Bronzeware, which is now RARE.
>Your stockpile of copper and tin ore have diminished, becoming RARE.

Your traders feel that the visitng settled Kreen would salivate at the sight of your bronzeware, had they the ability to do so.
[You'd better do something about the spiders in the area first!]

It is the eleventh week of the Season of Winds.

[You have six actions left this week.]

>Send the bronzeware to the Tohr-Kreen along with some food to complete your bargain?

>Send the thri-Kreen to harry someone?

>Send the thri-Kreen to fight a battle?

>Study the Missal of the Red Knight in hopes of understanding the books?

>Attempt to construct an iron mine?

>Build a library, armory, or other building?

>Expand the school? (Would improve relations with the Muls).

>Attempt to negotiate better terms for a Smokescale alliance?
Rolled 16

>Send the bronzeware to the Tohr-Kreen along with some food to complete your bargain
>expand school
>Attempt to exterminate the spiders around the iron mine and bring back the eggs to tame them for spider silk
>Continue to talk to the smokescales (rolling)
>craete obsidian mine
>create iron mine once cleared
Oof, going to wait and see if anyone else wants to roll on that one to help you out. Those results aren't going to do you any good.
Rolled 16

Dont worry.
Bobo's here
Rolled 31

>>22672404 damnit, wish this roll had counted here >>22672245
Well good news is we got dubs
well our lucky streak had to end sometime... hah
Negotiations for an alliance grind to a halt when one of the Dragonfall diplomats comes down with a virtulent illness, then manages to spread it to representatives of the Smokescale clan.

They're all now in the new Dragonfall hospital, so they'll live. Probably.

[You have five actions remaining this week.]
>Send the bronzeware to the Tohr-Kreen along with some food to complete your bargain
>expand school
>Attempt to exterminate the spiders around the iron mine and bring back the eggs to tame them for spider silk
>craete obsidian mine
>create iron mine once cleared
I'll support the school and the bronzeware, and we should send the kreen to harry the spiders and learn how touch they are. The obsidian can wait until we can secure it, being that it's on the border with the goblins and close to the riverbank.

Can we make a Mul unit in our military?
alright I can see that, what other options would you suggest instead?
Well, looking at the treasures record, it says we're going to need parchment, ink, and leather to understand the books.

The leather could also make better armor for our troops - we currently have unarmored rank and file guys that can barely defend themselves, and we haven't exactly created anything to oppose the goblins with.

We should also probably make boats with our shipbuilding skill if we're going to cross the river and mine iron.

Finally, we have knowledge of chemistry - building on it could get us explosives. If we find naptha somewhere around here we might create something like a primitive grenade.
Alright for paper and leather we need to setup a paper mill, ink needs a farm for plants,

For the boats we need to hold off until we destroy the nearest aboleth setllement otherwise they'll harass us the entire time.

Revised list
>Send the bronzeware to the Tohr-Kreen along with some food to complete your bargain
>expand school
>Kreen harass spiders
>build papar mill
>research ink \ build ink manufactury
[Back. Getting kind of sleepy.]

You will in fact need to find ink. Chymistry can be linked to its production from various substances, though creating a fishery or hunting aboleths for their ink will also work. As for explosives, you can bet on it. [This is based off of Kobold Sorcerer Quest, which had primitive firearms. The fallen empires you're survivors of had that and a lot more.]

You can definitely build ships, as well as a bridge over the river with sufficient architecture and materials. The best place would be near the natural rapids keeping the aboleths from going downriver so they won't be able to attack you and it won't really impact shipping much.

As stated above and in a previous thread, there's a spot on the river just east of the lake that has rapids in it way too rough for the aboleths to pass.

You're pretty far from a paper mill (need somewhat advanced chemistry), but will be able to make parchment from skin just like you can make leather. Your scriptorium will take care of that on a monthly basis so long as it is expanded, and a chemist's shop will create ink once you've found a useful source.

As such, the revised actions seem to be:

>Send bronzeware and food to the Kreen
>Expand the school
>Send the Kreen to harass the spiders

and with the last two actions up for grabs, with previously mentioned options as follows:

>Build ships
>Harvest leather
>Investigate ink
>Improve scriptorium
>Research chemistry
Rolled 98, 7, 65, 37, 81 = 288

The clan sends the bronzeware and food to the Tohr-Kreen, and a homing bat flies back bearing word that you'll probably see results next week as your apprentices have been training quite a long time.

The school is expanded, and the Muls are appreciative. Your relations with them have improved.

The Thri-Kreen are sent off to harass the spiders across the river. [Roll a d100 for results.]

>Bronzeware is RARE
>Food is WANING
>Stone is RARE
Rolled 45

Rollan. Confirming scriptorium expansion and chemistry research. If we don't have the resources, gather them.
The clan elders instruct the scribes to research chymistry, as they cannot find enough ink when they need it and grinding down fungus can't be the best way.

A week later, a process of extracting ink from the guts of fish as well as the squid of the nearby river and lake is found that quickly bolsters supplies. Between that and the sheer amount of ways they've managed to find to slowly extract ink from fungi, the clan's scribes will be well stocked.

>Your knowledge of Chymistry is now seen as GOOD.

The clan also finds itself once again short on wood, and works to amend this.

>Wood supplies are now SCARCE.

A war party of goblins has been sighted raiding our neighboring clans!

>Goblin [EVENT] next week.
Rolled 11

Thri-Kreen roll
Rolled 49

Secondary roll
We need to attack those goblins and force them out of our brother's territory
It is the twelfth week of the Season of Winds.

Your mines have secured copper and tin ore.

Your scriptorium has created parchment.

Your farms have created much food.

Your logging camp has harvested much timber.

Your quarry has produced a great stockpile of stone.

Your smelter has produced BRONZE.

Your forge has produced BRONZEWARE.
>Continue making bronzeware? Other options include armor, weapons, or wealth.

More warriors have been trained at the warrior-lodge!
>Roll 1d40

More priests have been ordained at the temple and the hall of shrines!
>Roll 1d10

More scribes have been trained in the scriptorium!
>Roll 1d5

A champion has been crowned in the Arena!
>Roll 1d100 for will rating.

The Thri-Kreen return, saying they were successful - though barely. The spiders are no strangers to repelling attacks at the riverbank, and without good boats the Kreen were in a difficult position.

They come bearing much captured silk, which they wish to trade for food.

The scholars sent to the weaponsmith stronghold return! Your knowledge of ARTIFICE has improved, and they come bearing a great weapon - a bow set with blue IOUN stones, its arrows able to fly where the will of the user directs them. This True-shot bow will be a good addition to your treasures!

The goblins are burning the Redtooth palisade!

>Buy spider silk for food?
>Direct the Kreen in a battle?
>Fight a battle with the Kreen as part of our forces?

[You have six actions remaining this turn.]
Rolled 4

let's buy that silk
rolling for warriors
Rolled 22

Rolled 3

Rolled 7

priests now
tg dice are such bastards
Rolled 2

Rolled 62

Rolled 4

scribes roll
Rolled 66

champion roll
Lets go fight the goblins with Kreen support. And yes buy the silk

>fight the goblins
>build the iron mine
>improve the smelter
>improve the forge
>Improve our armory
>continue to improve chemistry
Rolled 15

warrior roll
Rolled 65

I support fighting the goblins with kreen support, but those books we're trying to crack open contain records of walking castles and shit. We're able to create ink now, we should study the Red Knight's holy book, harvest leather and send them the supplies to translate the books or make us a dictionary.

And we need ships to secure the area the iron's in or we get slaughtered, I think.
Rolled 3

priest roll
Rolled 4

Scribe roll
Rolled 88

Champion roll
Seconding these actions
THe main reason I want to get our iron up asap is because we have the capability to make steel! and we're not exploiting it. Chemistry weill help in that regard
Your lodge produces twenty-two more priests this season. Were it to improve, it would probably produce more.

Your temple and hall of shrines ordain seven new priests.

The scriptorium and schools produce only four new scribes for the clan this season. The scriptorium would undoubtedly produce more if expanded.

A great champion emerges from the arena! He is a capable warrior and fast enough on his feat, but his distinguishing feature is his STAUNCH will - no other individual in the clan can meet him, though the chief comes closest.

>What name shall the elders grant this champion?

You don't have the capacity to make steel, though you know how to work it in a forge. Your smelting knowledge isn't where your metalworking knowledge is, as these are reconstructed from earlier advances made by fallen societies. You'll have to bring smelting up to par if you want to convert iron.


You send craftsmen and builders across the river at its shallowest points. They are menaced by spiders! They are attacked by spiders!

>Relations with the spiders worsen, becoming COLD.

>Roll 3d20 to determine casualties, missing, and wounded.

>Improve the smelter
Unfortunately, you must improve your knowledge of smelting further. The clan makes what efforts it can, and after much discourse with the craftsmen of other clans your metalworkers feel they have some ideas.

>Smelting knowledge is now reckoned SUPERIOR.

>Improve the forge

The Mul and kobold smiths work together, eventually creating a clever pump system to improve the heat of the forge and a vat in which to quench worked metal.

>The forge is now reckoned SUPERIOR to that of most other known clans.
>Stone is more scarce.

Rolled 7, 4, 17 = 28

Thrive the Warrior
Rolled 6, 14, 20 = 40

>olumek battle
Apparently his name should be Olumek Battle
>Improve our armory

Your builders raise stone walls, expanding the storage-place for the clan's weapons. It is still drafty and not wholly watertight, and certainly a staff and locks for the arms racks and coffers would improve things further.

>The Armory has been improved, becoming SUFFICIENT to the clan's needs.
>Stone is less abundant.

The clan's elders direct the sages to look into the nature of substances. After a week of careful work, results are yielded.

>The clan has some grasp on poisons and fire-powders and oils, but has found only trace amounts of these. Still, we move onward and our chymistry is SUPERIOR to that of our neighbors - we'll have to create a shop to improve it further.
Of the craftsmen who crossed the river, seven are dead, fourteen missing, and twenty wounded.

The Urds report that they believe the spiders across the river have a dozen or so new cocoons in their webs. These may well be our craftsmen.

[You rolled higher, so Olumek it is.]

Olumek stands tall as he receives his tribe-name, and begs the elders to send him into battle against the foe.

>Do you send a force to free your comrades, or battle the goblins?
>Where do you send the Thri-Kreen, with you or to another place?
>Who leads the forces you send? Who oversees defenses at the clan village?
Send a force led by Olumek to free our friends, and give him the magic bow. His will might downright stop the flow of the river and make it easy for us to cross and assault them.

Send the Kreen against the goblins. The chief or one of the other champions can lead them - preferably the chief, as he has the mace of office and probably gets an honor guard of veterans.

We don't leave our people behind, and we don't abandon our friends.
To free our brothers and unite our tribes in war!
Send in our new champion to lead with that mace, and that older chick champion with the trueshot bow as an advisor.
The Thri-Kreen should force a distraction battle against the goblins.
The chief stays home with our remaining champions to defend our home
Katla does rival the chief in power, but I'm not sure she'd get an honor guard.

If we send the chief to free our brothers with a force of kreen it might make the clan look badass instead of just the leader of the kreen force since he's a more official representative.

What do you think?
Also when we get their, offer protection and knowledge if they join our tribe, but fight with them either way
I'd send the chief with the mission of goblin freedom, and leave the Kreen on their own in the distraction battle against the goblins (they can handle themselves). Leave Katla back at base in charge of defense with the bow.
The chief going to free the goblins would also allow for trying to woo them into our tribe while we are there, which i think we should at least try
Hadn't thought about that, interesting point. They all get honor-guards, but the clan chief's will be bigger than that of any champion. Olumek's got more will and thus will be a more prized asset and have more guards, but still not as many as the chief.

As the Redteeth have a rivalry with the Dragonfall clan, they will probably not be willing to join your tribe until it is resolved.

>goblin freedom
>free the goblins

Not sure that the goblins are imprisoned. The Redteeth are being besieged BY the goblins.
[If you're referring to the cocoons that the Urds saw in the spider-nests, those are Dragonfall clan kobold craftsmen that you guys sent to try and create the iron mine in hostile territory. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.]
Shit, kobold freedom. God im tired.
You know what I mean right?
Also us healing their wounded would be a good way to prove ourselves right?
Of course don't make it a competition, just have our healers work side by side to heal the sick and wounded after we inevitably break the siege
You breaking the siege would be a pretty decent start for settling the rivalry and becoming friends.

If you want the chief to try to be on the scene with the Redteeth, he's not going to go to the riverbank to try to free the craftsmen.

It sounds like you want the following arrangement:

>Katla back home, with the True-Shot Bow, overseeing defenses.

>Chief Fírnen with his mace in hand and a force of Kreen and his honor guard of veterans, attacking the goblins that are besieging the Redtooth village.

>Olumek attacking the Spiders with a force of kobolds to free our clan's craftsmen.
I'm fine with that, sure. Give Olumek a magic knife and we're done.
Oh shit ya I was misunderstanding some shit.
But thats exactly what I want

The forces are dispatched, and march onward!

Roll 2d100 for initial success and positioning.
[This was me. Too many threads, and getting tired myself.]

[Anyway, roll them dice.]
Rolled 93, 62 = 155

For great honor
Rolled 8, 57 = 65

Rolled 10, 4 = 14

Well done, man. Rolling enemy position stuff.
That's bad for them right?
If so then I continue my evil-esque laugh
Rolled 69, 44 = 113

[I guess your luck hasn't run out yet.]

The Chief, his force of nearly a hundred Kreen barbarians, and his twenty-kobold strong honor guard of veterans armed with iron find the enemy completely unprepared - they are nearly able to ambush an entire siege force.

With the raging Kreen nearly frothing at the mandible (that's poison and acid they're secreting),the charge is sounded. The barbarians run up a hill, each throwing four arms worth of javelins and darts and rocks and axes at some hundreds of goblins. The kobolds are not far behind, the veterans using their new spider-silk strung bows to good effect and sniping at the Goblin's leaders.

In some minutes, the goblins' center has completely collapsed, and their sides appear to be buckling despite an attempt to use pincer tactics.

Their leaders are desperately screaming for the aid of other raiding parties, but to no avail so far.

Olumek and his three hundred kobolds, some fifty of them veterans, do quite decently also. The champion is able to keep a portion of the riverbed dry, diverting water around his force and allowing them to cross over the rocks and mud of the river-bottom. Though a few foolish hunters are swept away by a freak wave when they run ahead, most cross and ascend to face the spiders who are completely unaware of their presence due to the roar of the rushing water.

A few volleys of arrows soften up enough spiders to make short work of them at closer range, and the champion advances further and further toward the nest. The screams of arachnids echo across the river-bank.
The Chief's force is in a SUPERIOR position, their enemy being SUPPRESSED and nearly INCAPACITATED.

The Champion's force is operating AT ADVANTAGE with the element of surprise, their opponents at great DISADVANTAGE.

Roll 2d100 for the next round of battle!
Rolled 33, 85 = 118

once more into the fray friends
Rolled 94, 44 = 138

Here we go!

I hope the chief can defeat the pincer attempt and fuck those goblins right up.
Dear god these rolls

[You lucky sons of bitches.]

The Goblin's pincer attempt fails almost as hastily as it was begun, the bulk of them turning to break into a run. The routing troops flee from the clan's mantis warrior force under a hail of stones - as well as from a withering arrow-hail from the Redtooth palisade wall. As the siege comes to an end and the cheering Redteeth open their gates to greet the clan's force, the chief notices a few hobgoblins standing just at the edge of sight, watching the fleeing forces.

Fírnen takes his honor-guard into the rival clan's stronghold to leverage his victory into a diplomatic gain.

The champion reaches the spider's nest and drives all adult spiders from it, facing the hive's alpha female down and sending her fleeing from her own roost. As he cuts down the tribe's missing craftsmen, he also finds a good bit of treasure and quite a lot of spider-eggs, silk, and venom - the last mostly in the sacs looted from the bodies of spiders they've managed to kill.

The force turns homeward.

[Roll 2d100 for Fírnen's negotiations and Olumek's retreat action!]
Rolled 35

Rolling for difficulty.
Rolled 84, 10 = 94

the job has been done.
Rolled 95

And again.
Rolled 30, 96 = 126

Here's hoping.
You have got to be shitting me.
>difficulty 95
>rolls 96
>96 to my 95

[MFW I have no face for this.]

>84 vs 35

The rivalry between Redtooth and Dragonfall is set aside, and relations improved. As a sign of goodwill, the Redteeth grant you the battle-loot outside the village and say they will speak well of you to their neighbors.

Fírnen returns home with much goblin obsidian, leather, copper, and wood. And bone. More than a few goblin-skulls decorate the palisade of Clan Dragonfall, and the mantis-man mercenaries seem pleasantly full.

>95 versus 96

Though things start out well for the Champion's force, as they are nearing the shallows the spiders counterattack - lead by their matriarch. The battle is fierce and at times painful as she matches her will against the Champion's, but in the end the artificer's blade he carries and the bows of his veterans make all the difference.

>Olumek's will grows stronger! He is now reckoned OBSTINATE!

The spider matron is thought dead for a time and gems are cut from her black belly, but she awakens and flees before our warriors can put her down for good.

>Olumek gains gems!

We returned home without further trouble, and of the fourteen missing craftsmen, thirteen were saved from the spiders' jaws and their poisons. We fear the last one was eaten before the Champion could get there, and with the seven others dead makes for an eighth casualty.
Incidentally, the muls say that they know something of spider-taming, and will teach you provided they don't have to do any more of it as they had quite plenty of that while enslaved by drow, thank you very much.

The battles are over and the seasons are changing.

[And OP has to go to sleep. Next thread tomorrow probably around 16:00 if at all possible, check the twitter in the first post for updates and don't forget to upvote the thread at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Great%20Cave%20Quest ]
Sweet Ill be there OP
[That's 16:00 board time, or eastern standard I believe.]
So what? like 3 or 4 pst?
That's four PM eastern or one PM pacific unless I've got my timezones fucked up.

I'm in Mountain time, it's about two PM for me.
Aight, ill see you then

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