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I am the Chapter Master. You should not concern yourself with my name, for who I am is what I do, not how someone chooses to label me. By the will of the Emperor I command the finest Chapter to ever tread among the stars. I have no fear but to fail in the eyes of my brothers. Age of Ruin is on the horizon, Imperium is falling apart, I know it in my heart. I was blessed and cursed to live in time when the fate of our galaxy is being decided once more. I can just hope that my choices will be right. Ave Imperator et Imperium!
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Mein Gott. Best 40k quest is here again.

For Corax! No grave shall take us!
+Heresy: 32% (Suspicious)
+Numbers: 641 battle brothers
+Wealth: 104 million thrones

=Primary quests=
+Securing Sector Deus
+Finding out truth about Chapter origins

=Secondary quests=

=Recent events=
We have arrived to the orbit of an underwater Hive World of Inaria, seeking our Third Company who were failing to answer our communications. Their Captain, an ambitious officer by the name of Arcon, was always known for his independence and arrogance. This, combined with the new Chapter cult of 'Soulkillers' might have had influence on their actions. We have a very strong suspicion, that our brothers may have chosen a darker path...
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Thanks a lot for the praise, it's good to know someone thinks that, whether it's true or not.
You have just arrived to planetary orbit of Inaria and have made contact with local planetary governor Arden Docates. He offers you his full cooperation and seems to be loyal from the first glance. There are four Hives on Inaria. Soulkillers, Third Company, were sent to pacify Hive Poseidon, most militarised Hive on the planet, when it rebelled because of food shortages created by the fall of Agri World Prothera(which we failed to protect). However even after rebellion was put down, they didn't leave, assuming military authority over the Hive Poseidon and claiming, that further purging is needed. They have been in control for over a year now.
File: 1358531155729.jpg-(53 KB, 358x545, GuardiansoftheCovenantLib(...).jpg)
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Also, last rites for the brothers who fell last session:

335. Aqenor (Scout) - Fell to warp madness, granted the Emperor's mercy.
336. Fux - Fell to warp madness, granted the Emperor's mercy.
337. Verim (Scout) - Fell to warp madness, granted the Emperor's mercy.
338. Ruterus (Scout) - Fell to warp madness, granted the Emperor's mercy.
339. Techmarine Bleizon - Fell to warp madness and grafted himself to to a vehicle bay wall, granted the Emperor's mercy.
340. Oster - Fell to warp madness, granted the Emperor's mercy.
341. Alkan (Scout) - Fell to warp madness, granted the Emperor's mercy.

Book of the Glorious Dead:

Inaria's profile:

As soon as you try to establish contact with Hive Poseidon, a known voice answers and Tacitarius' face appears on the screen:
>Milord! We are glad to see you on Inaria, what brings you here..? I can assure you, that your presence here is a neccessity, for these heathens are turning away from the Emperor's Light and only our presence here keeps the violence from spilling out of control. And we ARE obeying our orders from Captain Arcon to stay here and maintain our vigil until it is no longer needed. I know, that Chapter has suffered some major changes, but we can assure you, that we have stayed true to the old ways...
If that is so, then we ourselves should intervene, thank you for this information, we shall be coming down in a landing craft soon.
>Ah, Chaplain. What manner of taint is in the hive that requires purging? Also, where is Captain Arcon at present?
>Also Chaplain, what are these 'major changes' you speak of?
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>I am afraid we heard about your... 'Increase' of executive powers in the Chapter, but I am afraid as we said, we follow the original guidelines established by the High Lords of Terra. We assume, milord, that you are going beyond the boundaries of your duties and we will not confront you as we don't have authority over you, but our legitimate leader now is Captain, not you. I am afraid that we will not be able to accept you to the Hive Poseidon, with all due respect.
>"Increase of executive powers"? To what are you referring Tactitarius?
Tacitarius, if there is a problem within the Chapter I will address it.
If I may not meet with Arcon in Hive Poseidon then where may I meet him?
Or his Ambassador.
File: 1358531890261.jpg-(859 KB, 690x1000, 404ba90b743adf99e97fb6bcc(...).jpg)
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>We believe that this Hive is contamined by Chaos cults that only systematic cleansing can undo. We have created a special program, but we are guaranteed that within next couple of years this Hive will be free of taint. And Captain... I am afraid he's unavailable right now, milord.
>The changes in Chapter Council, milord. I have no wish to offend you, but those men whom you have installed are now your... 'close friends' we could say. There is no discussion in the Chapter and now you are leading us to our doom. Signing away our Emperor-granted sovereignity to a Sector Lord? This is madness, milord, and we shall not stand for this.
File: 1358532199159.jpg-(65 KB, 600x586, 1282415948283.jpg)
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>You are a tyrant, milord.
>I am afraid if our brothers failed to act against your actions when you kneeled in front of a mortal back on Tachion Primaris, they won't be much more useful now, even if some of them think like us. As I said, Arcon is not available at the moment, but I have full powers to speak in his name.
You have every right to your complaints Tacitarius, I too did not wish to do this.
However, we owe the planet we waged war on against the machines, and until we pay them back.
And for your information, I am the only one who signed away my sovereignity, to spare the Chapter the indignity.
If you have complaints about my actions, then why would you hide on a world and refuse communications?
I know I have not made the right choice in every situation, but if you are to split from the Chapter, at least do so peacefully.
File: 1358532667716.jpg-(60 KB, 400x518, vampire_killa_by_rumbles-(...).jpg)
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>A few mortals are not worth sacrificing our duty for. And it is the same, whether you signed away your freedom, or the Chapter's, for as long as you are Chapter Master, your allegiance to Larion Ursus means allegiance of the Chapter. Please, if you truly have the moral integrity to answer for your actions, abandon your post and let someone who is more worthy to guide the Chapter. We have no idea to abandon our Chapter, while it is usurped by you, milord, we are Ghosts of Retribution just like you, and we wish our Chapter to prosper, not wither away as dogs of some mortal lord.
Tacitarius your words warm me, for after the war with the iron men, and the recent Chaos attacks, not to mention rumours of heresy in the Chapter has left me with little choice, and little hope.
For now, I have begun making arrangements to allow myself to cease the contract with Ursus, however as it stands this war has left us too weak to allow us to recovery on our own.
At maximum I require 45 years to successfully break the contract without killing millions of innocent imperium citizens.
In this time, I do not expect you to follow my orders, however I would like you to remain in contact with the Chapter and stay true to the emperor, or at least more truthful than me.
>"A few mortals are not worth sacrificing our duty for"?
>Our 'duty' IS to sacrifice for mortals, Tactitarius. That is our only reason for existing, to SACRIFICE for mortals, for humantiy, for the Imperium which the Emperor created.
>I'm sure making decisions is easy for those who don't actually have to make them. But whether you like it or not the 'mortals' of Mormark prevented the destruction of the entire Chapter at the hands of the Wrath. What exceptional gratitude you show to those people that you would let them starve so you could keep your petty pride.
>I'm glad there aren't more marines like you, Tacitarius, for if there was I doubt the Imperium would still be standing....
As it stands, I am still lord of this chapter. There are protocols iin place for my right to lead to be challenge. The presence of your commander is required. We will be in vox contact in one hour to coordinate our landing and your reenforcement and reintergration with the rest of the chapter. You will comply.
File: 1358533904334.jpg-(283 KB, 1024x868, 1283706500144.jpg)
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>We are always faithful to the Emperor, milord. But we don't think that you are... 45 years is a long time. Sacrificed enemies have shown us the future, milord. This Sector is falling. Prothera was just the beginning. We are already on you back foot. Dark Gods have this region of space in their sights and they will not let it go until they have it...
>Think what you wish, Chapter Master, but my duty to protect my brothers and this Sector is above a few millions of civilians. We are too few, we should spill our blood on crusades and wars that strengthen the Imperium, not like enforcers of a mortal lords. Leave your post and repent, only then you'll earn your salvation.
>I am afraid that is out of the question, milord.
File: 1358534143718.jpg-(1.96 MB, 1260x1800, 1341665784726.jpg)
1.96 MB
>of mortal lord*
Tacitarius, I see that you are devout and stubborn.
I am afraid this is most probably a battle of words which I cannot win, I would however like the Third Company to remain in contact, and if possible to station a few men to help you in your purge.
And if that is all, I will return to the recovery of the Chapter, and the oncoming crusade.
File: 1358534303565.jpg-(607 KB, 1920x1080, 1318359298851.jpg)
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>Could I inquire against whom is the crusade and what is the date?
"We are too few, we should spill our blood on crusades and wars that strengthen the Imperium, not like enforcers of a mortal lords."

>We can still crusade Tactiarius, in fact, I agree with you, for far too long we have been nought but a policing force in this sector. In fact, as soon as we're done here we are going to visit Nestorium, purchase some new war machines, and proceed to go on a great reclamation crusade. Whether the 3rd Company is with us or not, is yet to be seen.....
File: 1358534748592.jpg-(601 KB, 1024x705, 1355681937266.jpg)
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>We will do whatever Captain decides as soon as our mission here is over. And now, I wish you luck, my brother, may the Emperor watch over you and many souls flow through your blood.

Tacitarius terminates communication.
Can we include telling him the date?
And an answer to > I would however like the Third Company to remain in contact, and if possible to station a few men to help you in your purge.
File: 1358535018985.png-(505 KB, 727x960, 405030_303709696405041_18(...).png)
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> I would however like the Third Company to remain in contact, and if possible to station a few men to help you in your purge.
He seems to have ignored it.
>Can we include telling him the date?
I'll assume you told it to him, but please state it and the target of your attack.
>Very well Chaplain. Should I be killed on the crusades and unable to award it to him myself, tell Captain Arcon that there is an Iron Halo waiting for him in the Tombstone.

Warp to Nestorium....
330.M41, And Dark Sister.
Inquire about his lack of knowledge of the date.
File: 1358535206193.jpg-(449 KB, 1400x944, 1260165774433.jpg)
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Roll warp dice. Beware of 9s
Rolled 67

File: 1358535775066.jpg-(285 KB, 1280x540, 1282616473681.jpg)
285 KB
He participated during your operation there.
Warp transit is smooth and easy as Synius guides Aspera Dominus into the Immaterium, however not a week has passed, when you receive a message to your quarters, that Nerial has received an Alpha-importance marked message from a planetary governor of Inaria... As soon as you rush into the bridge, you are given the recording of his soulword.
>Lord Master, I humbly request your immediate return to Inaria, because I am afraid for my own life. When you left 12 days ago, we were contacted by your brothers from Poseidon and they requested us to take some refugees from the Hive. We agreed, however ships brought not only refugees, but your brothers too, and their servants. Now they declared that taint which they are hunting has spread to other Hives and they are taking full control of Inarian affairs for as long as their purge lasts. I was demoted to a status of a mere puppet, forced to sign their decrees and make it seem as if I support their occupation of our Hives. I am effectively under house arrest and even sending this message might get me executed, I heard they did it to some of our senators who were louder and braver than me, but I see no other way. Milord, please, in the name of Him on Terra, return as soon as possible and help us! Sincerely yours, Arden Docates
Rolled 43

Sigh deeply and try to contact the Third Company again.
someone explaaaaaaaaaaaaaain
Try the chat.

File: 1358536485007.jpg-(496 KB, 500x714, 1282616485300.jpg)
496 KB
Either your astropath Choir fails or they ignore your soulwords. There is no contact. If you wish to turn back, you'll need to roll warp travel again.

What exactly? you could use the chat:
Rolled 44

Contact the Inquistor Faceless.
Ask for Advice on the matter.
File: 1358536805843.jpg-(174 KB, 618x828, IMG_4664.jpg)
174 KB
Somewhy attempts to contact faceless are also fruitless. However this time Nerial comments, that sending soulword to Faceless' astropath was somewhy a lot harder, as if trying to push through a brick wall...
Rolled 61


Return to Inaria.

Arcon, Tacitarius and all other officers of 3rd Company are Excommunicate Traitoris.

Any that follow them knowingly declare themselves in Rebellion of the Imperium. Surrender and submit to purity tests immediately.
File: 1358537311830.jpg-(209 KB, 371x400, 1283249536371.jpg)
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How do you bring these news to the Chapter..? (Please roll leadership+20, if you lose, you lose 1 morale level, if you succeed by more than 20 points, you gain one morale and righteous anger among your brothers...)
Renard with Targos approach you and slam their fists at their chestplates in respect. Renard is grim and Targos, sweating heavily, seems to be concerned about something. Renard nods to his subordinate:
>Speak. Chapter Master needs to know.
Targos licks his lips and says:
>We have a problem. Prekan is missing. We have a rogue Revenant, milord.
File: 1358537517192.jpg-(246 KB, 1024x576, BOREAS_01a_007b_017_00006(...).jpg)
246 KB
Chapter Morale falls from Average to Bad [2/6], brothers are very concerned about heresy among their ranks and few can believe, that Arcon has truly gone rogue, some even whisper, that Arcon might actually be a hero, opposing you for selling away their freedom...

Also, Targos mentions, that it's unclear whether Prekan is inside the ship or remained on the planet when we left.
Assign the remaining five Revenants to patrol the ship in one pair and a three. Their suits can see other Revenants even when they're invisible
Please roll d100 for their search.
Rolled 98

>Sweep fast and silent, watch out for booby traps and ambushes, remember what you taught him Geron, he'll use it against you.
Rolled 65


All brothers to report in battle formation.

"Brothers, I bear grave news. Captain Arcon and the third company have refused to withdraw from the hive upon Inaria. Not only that, but they now move to seize the remaining hives and place them under their control. They speak of visions granted by consuming the souls of heretics, this sector falling to the darkness. They despair and seek more visions from the darkness, their minds unshielded by the Emperor's might as they attempt to gaze into the future. They do not understand that the visions they see without the Emperor's might as their shield are but the dark whispers of our foes seeking to sabotage our will. They allow the enemy's whispers to consume their minds.

Captain Arcon, Chaplain Tacitarius and all other officers of 3rd Company are hereby declared Excommunicate Traitoris to both Chapter and Imperium. Should they see the Emperor's Light and surrender, we will spare the pure and faithful among their number. If they resist, they have forsaken Chapter and Imperium and we will send their souls to the Emperor for judgement.

The ghosts of ravens do not fear darkness, we make our enemies fear it.
File: 1358538410688.jpg-(347 KB, 1133x980, 1344288057963.jpg)
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Will there be catgirls this time?
File: 1358538436646.jpg-(157 KB, 595x842, 1282253542777.jpg)
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As Revenants return to their secret armoury to put on Revenant suits for the mission, they found that their armour is missing...

Roll d4(-1) to see if any of the suits were kept somewhere else.

Finally, you return to the Inarian orbit, 23 days after you left it. As you try to hail the planet, no one answers, except for an automated system:
>This world is under quarantine by Ghosts of Retribution. Anyone who'll dare to approach it during the purge will be held as a traitor and an enemy of the Imperium.
File: 1358538606406.jpg-(298 KB, 640x480, 4.jpg)
298 KB
I choose to take your roll over the roll of anon who didn't roleplay.

Chapter brothers are grim, but they understand what needs to be done. Chapter Morale stays Average[3/6].
File: 1358538651859.jpg-(19 KB, 500x375, I came here to laugh at you.jpg)
19 KB
Rolled 2

This image is for you Luigi.
File: 1358538658846.jpg-(39 KB, 640x386, Colony-Planet.jpg)
39 KB
There is a planet full of them, just go there.

"Third Company of the Ghosts of Retribution, report."
File: 1358538822470.jpg-(39 KB, 613x473, 1282412933688.jpg)
39 KB
It seems there is only one Revenant left with a suit - Geron himself, for he kept it in his private quarters. In general it is against the Chapter regulations, but in such circumstances you feel that he deserves praise, not punishment.

Brethorius approaches you in his new Terminator armour and asks:
>Brother, will I get to try this one out at last?
If he fails to comply.
Bring me the head of Arcon himself.
File: 1358539950287.jpg-(141 KB, 704x863, 1282403132411.jpg)
141 KB
>I never liked the bastard. Smelled of heresy. Shame to spill brothers' blood... But we are ghosts of the Emperor, and he has just become a bad spirit. I'll exorcise him with fire and sword. What is our plan?

"We will try words first."

>to Inaria

"Ghosts of Retribution, this is your Chapter Master. Captan Arcon, report."
Scout Master Geron, is the sole remaining suit of Revenant armour, quietly stole aboard the Parnassus orbital defence station and destroyed its weaponry command stations. For all intents and purposes it is no threat to the Chapter now.
Rolled 3

Only silence greets you.
Rolled 53


Scan hives for information

"Captain Arcon, all members of Third Company. Failure to respond to this hail will result in your Company being declared Renegade and Excommunicate Traitoris by the Imperium. Respond."
File: 1358540789423.jpg-(326 KB, 1024x576, Carnakhelmetandarmour-15S(...).jpg)
326 KB
Rolled 4

As Luigi promised to write one of his amazing stories about how this happened, this is canon. Also, there have been 3 Soulkiller marines(roll here >>22662781 ) on the station, Geron has managed to do with them whatever Luigi decides, however Geron has retrieved some important info to:

+There are human troops supporting Soulkillers, they are known as the Soul Brothers, most of them are reformed Imperial Guardsmen and local PDF, they are mostly used to supress local population, but in numbers they could pose threat to space marines.

+Soulkillers are in process of exterminating Inarian population, but they know that they are too weak to fight against whole planetary population, so they do it sector by sector, locking them down and not allowing news to spread. For what purpose are they doing this is unclear.

+Non-Parnassus Orbital defences are not suited to intercept smaller craft, so there is 97% for a drop pod to reach the surface, 80% for a Thunderhawk or similar non-rapid entry aircraft.

As hives are mostly underwater, scanning them is quite hard, but you are sure that the stronghold of Soulkillers is in Hive Poseidon.
Rolled 50

I say:

Orbital Bombardment of Hive Poseidon. If we can kill the majority of them in a single strike, worth it.

Destroy the source of that annoying beacon.

Rolling for focused scan on the Capital hive. Locate marines if possible [assuming that Poseidon is 1, Cap hive is 2, and 3/4 are the others]
File: 1358541702761.jpg-(238 KB, 486x747, 1282614153494.jpg)
238 KB
Discussion rages in chat. I'll need at least 3 votes for orbital bombardment.
Rolled 33

I say :
We search for the missing revenant armours we should have our ghosts fully equiped
Rolled 7, 2, 10, 1, 1 = 21

Cast 'Visions'.

We reach out into the warp aether of Inaria, could our worst fears be confirmed, that 'Arcon' is in fact Ashkenor the Wrathbringer, hated scourge of Prothera?
File: 1358543569206.jpg-(60 KB, 1325x543, vision.jpg)
60 KB
File: 1358545142352.jpg-(776 KB, 800x816, 1280431218191.jpg)
776 KB
So, what are your actions?

you've had almost an hour of discussions to decide.
I agree with this.
Rolled 74

Burn everything
Anons pls.
Rolled 27

We should fiddle around with a plasma-generator again, for old times sake
Chapter Master, Geron and 28 Chapter Veterans take drop pods to the surface of the planetary capital:

>Geron, I'll need you to scout out and try to find Arcon's location on the planet, check the planetary capital palace first, then other important buildings in the capital.

Meanwhile the rest of us concentrate on rallying the local, loyal PDF into a resistance against the Soulkillers and traitor PDF, inform them of the truth of Arcon's sectoral purges and prepare them for defence.
File: 1358546230945.jpg-(234 KB, 1042x1118, Mk6corvuscompositiom.jpg)
234 KB
Rolled 63, 50, 49 = 162

1st CM + 9 tactical marines
2nd Geron + 9 tactical marines
3rd 10 tactical marines

97+ = destroyed
File: 1358546804242.jpg-(525 KB, 900x900, Fearless_by_Rub_a_Duckie.jpg)
525 KB
On the wings of fire, your drop pods descend onto the surface of Inaria, evading incoming AA fire and trying to land as close to the destination as possible. In less than a few minutes one by one, as if three giant hammerheads, they hit one of the above-water ship building yards, sending rockrete fragments flying for hundreds of meters around. As soon as heavy landing ramps fall down your brothers emerge with their weapons ready, but everything seems to be clear. Cagirates, one of the most reliable Leutenants in the Chapter, routinely reports what you heard in the briefing:
>No resistence, as expected... Acid-rich atmosphere is not suitable for anything other than most basic structures, so we shouldn't meet anyone here except for some support personnel, however they will triangulate our landing location soon, we must move. Our next objective..? Shall we head for the palace of planetary governor or some other objective? Will we use stealth or speed?
Gerus go on a solo assigment:
Scout the enemy HQ
>we head to the military headquarters of the nearest sector that hasn't been annexed by Arcon's forces.
Roll 2d100 for both of these tasks and state what exactly geron does.
Rolled 26, 10 = 36

Geron is to find Arcon/leading commander of all forces position.
Avoid contact with Arcon and other hostile marines.
Rolled 99, 1 = 100

Use stealth to approach the enemy HQ to discover the location of the traitor captain Arcon
>in 20 freaking 13
Seriously nigger?
Rolled 4, 68 = 72

File: 1358548288033.jpg-(71 KB, 570x264, top.jpg)
71 KB
With extreme speed and precision your task force infiltrates Hive Neptune's inner sectors, quickly traveling through abandoned streets, closing in on your target. When you finally reach it, you see a huge fortified building with iron aquila above the gates, clearly a local IG base. There are some Soul Brothers guarding the entrance, but Graspen and Lusmer simultaneously fire their bolters, ripping the guard squad into pieces. Your men pour into the base, cutting down fleeing enemies with short controlled bursts of fire. When you entered the base, you estimate that it was garrisoned by about 800 Soul Brothers, but you quickly cut off their barracks from the armoury and set them afire with incendiary rounds. Very soon stream of screaming, burning former Imperial troops poured out into the yard, screaming for mercy and praising the Emperor, but you show no mercy, killing all of them. Poor bastards appear as if they really believe in the Emperor, they are not cultists by any means. However their allegiance is to the Soulkillers and you cannot tolerate that. Cagirates soon takes over command console of the base and reports that he sent out a mobilisation call to all the nearby hab blocks, if there are locals who are not loyal to Arcon's regime, they will show up here soon...
Meanwhile Geron reports that he managed to get quite deep into the Hive and locate one of the primary enemy centres of control - Governors' palace. It is protected by about 3000 enemy troops and a few squads of Soulkillers, nearby roads are barricaded and fortified against any assault, so this will be a tough nut to crack. Geron also says that he believes, that Tacitarius might be here, however Arcon surely isn't.
What do you do?
Wait for word for any local military forces still loyal to the Emperor, then coordinate a strike on the Governor's Palace.
Rolled 34, 68 = 102

Ask Geron to find out who he believes is in command.
File: 1358548958274.jpg-(43 KB, 720x348, 562990_373990179290799_60(...).jpg)
43 KB
Rolled 1158 + 1000

In less than an hour you have -my roll- men, who show up to do their duty before the Emperor. Their commander is Colonel Zarikoff, a man with an impressive moustache and a firm attitude.
>Milord, I have no words to explain how happy I am that you arrived. We knew, that those bastards were not loyal to the Emperor, despite their claims... What should we do next, lord?

>Try liberating other bases and mobilising more troops
>Follow and support you
>Harass enemy troops and attract attention
>Try to attack enemies on their own

In hive Neptune - Tacitarius - Palace
Overall - Arcon - Location Unknown
>Colonel Zarikoff, your faith in the Emperor does you and your men credit. We need men of faith if we are to return this world back into the fold of the Imperium.
>I need you and your men to mobilize within Hive Neptune and see if you can conscript any more citizens loyal to the Imperium, getting as many as you can and wait for my signal.
>Once we are all in position you will begin fighting your way to the Governor's palace while my Astartes will infiltrate as far as we can into that den of traitors and take out their leadership while the bulk of the enemy is busy focusing on halting your progress. This is a dangerous mission, are you and your men up for it?
File: 1358549828274.jpg-(179 KB, 774x530, 51.jpg)
179 KB
Rolled 1367 + 1000

Zarikofff spins his moustache on his finger and answers:
>We are heavily outnumbered. Soul Brothers are not as organised as Imperial Guard was before they disbanded us by the orders of Governor Arden, Emperor curse his traitorous soul, but they are numerous. Even without drawing their forces from the other sectors, I assume there are at least a hundred or two hundred thousand of them within distance that they can could cover within a day. I have here barely 2000 men, we'd be crushed in an hour. But if we manage to gather momentum, with His help, we'll prevail, or at least win enough time for you to succeed. I am leading my men to Base H12, if we take it, we'll be able to mobilise and arm even more men. Wish us luck!

Battlefield= Hive Neptune
Enemy forces= Unknown
Your forces= 2k
Strategic locations controlled= 1/30

Roll d100 for Zarikoffs attack against Base H12.
Orders to Geron:

>Geron, we need you to mark any orbital defences around the palace that would stop one of our landing craft, we will destroy them from orbit, then Brethorius and his Terminators will strike into the palace. Also, can you provide me and my men here with a route to get into the palace from the ground? We will strike at once and take down Tacitarius before he can escape. Be sure to watch out for Prekan and perhaps other soulkillers in Revenant armour.

Orders to Colonel Zarikoff:
is excellent
Rolled 32

Rolled 9

>The order is given Colonel. Walk with the Emperor and administer his wrath.
Rolled 26

Man . . . those poor guardsmen. We've sent them to their doom.

Oh well, that's what the IG are for I guess.
File: 1358550604263.jpg-(108 KB, 750x600, FLASHLIGHTS.jpg)
108 KB
low is good here, so they are steam rolling their opponents this time around

>Make the Emperor proud, men! For the Councils! For democracy and freedom! Oorah!
Zarikoff shouted, pointing his drawn power sword at the enemy fortifications. Behind him, two thousand finest Imperial guardsmen Inaria could offer answered him with soul-stirring war cry and charged forward with their bayonets fixed and guns blazing. Base H12 was very well fortified position, it was impossible to approach it in any way, except for a single well defended Hive-way that was a killzone for hald a dozen machine guns and Anti-armour emplacements. It would have been impossible to make it through it if not the simple luck(or will of the Emperor) that Soul Brothers, after taking the base, forgot to bring ammunition to their defensive positions that was removed by the demobilised Imperial Guard. Zarikoff's men crossed the killzone losing no more than a few dozen men to las shots and an occasional grenade. However soon they reached sandbag emplacements and engaged Soul Brothers in a a nearly medieval close quarters fight, thrusting with their bayonets, clubbing with their trench maces and shooting their laspistols in point blank range. However Zarikoff was no stupid man, he knew that despite brutality of this fight, he had an advantage of numbers, this base had barely the half of men that he now commanded, and as speed was of the essence, Colonel was ready to sacrifice some of his men so that base could be taken quicker. When half an hour later Soul Brothers' flag was thrown to the dust in front of his feet, he voxed Chapter Master:
>We have H12, I repeat, we have H12. What are further orders? Now they know about us and will strike back hard...

Your force lost less than a thousand soldiers to take the base and in the following hours mobilised d6x1000 more.
File: 1358551292267.jpg-(182 KB, 795x530, 118ea9.jpg)
182 KB
Rolled 5

File: 1358551432871.jpg-(81 KB, 586x550, 383828_320402774649540_94(...).jpg)
81 KB
Rolled 39

Battlefield= Hive Neptune
Enemy forces= 100+d100 k
Your forces= 7k
Strategic locations controlled= 2/30.
File: 1358551678579.jpg-(18 KB, 739x421, inarian hives.jpg)
18 KB
For clarification - this is Hive looks like. When I say underwater, I mean UNDERWATER. Orbital strikes/drop pods inside the Hive are NOT possible. Your original deep strike landed on one of the maintenance areas on the very top of the hive.
Looks like we're in for a punishing, hab-by-hab fight. What other targets are there?
Orbital bombard the top maintenance areas and let the hive drown.
Rolled 78

even if the hive is underwater, there must be a control room or something like that for those defenses. We should order Geron to find it, then if possible we'll infiltrate and take control of it, to both allow our brothers to land safely and join us and to cut any escape route the enemy could take.
...welp we're bonned
>Get your men moving, we now have a force sufficient to assault the Governor's Palace. Tell your men to steel themselves for the fight ahead, it will be hard but they should not fret, the Emperor's Angels of Death fight with them.

Coordinate a joint-assault on the Palace and take out that traitor chaplain.
>Mine was just a suggestion, forgot the dice on
>It's fine if you want to keep the roll, though
>I mean it's not like the others will hate me for this, right?
Lets see if we can get some more troops on our side.

Deputize the Hive gangs with promise of reward, deputize citizen militia, whatever.
Have 6 of our Veterans to reinforce the PDF troops manning the Kill-zone defences. It'll aid our allies' morale and hurt the Sould Brothers morale, being as they believe they are on the side of the Space Marines.
File: 1358557826673.jpg-(135 KB, 487x600, 28689093.jpg)
135 KB
Rolled 43

bumping for skargan! rolling for success

Come back to us our savior!
File: 1358559285812.jpg-(47 KB, 268x340, chapter master profile.jpg)
47 KB
This anon is right. You won't retake the Hive in less than a few weeks of fighting, and that's even if you manage to destroy their leadership. And conventional conflict could go one for months or even years, as you are seriously outnumbered.
It could work, some of the areas would come under breach lockdown, but otherwise significant portion of the Hive would drown, and million would die.
Cotrols for the AA defences are most likely in the palace.
This means that you'll have to abandon your current positions and that if you fail this assault, you'll get hammered by incoming reinforcements.
You have close to no local contacts(you could roll for Xyptus' network of spies, maybe some of them are here... But you didn't prepare for this specifically).
I missed you too, Ion, but I think most of the players ran away, so we'll finish the session.

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