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>City Guardsman Quest
>previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22489457/

I sit in my office thinking over what the perp shared, we have a confession now but i still need some more evidence to support my case and my theory.
The corporal i sent out to get people on the list i gave him should be back soon, i know theres a few magi's that could help me out there.

Theres also the problem of what should be done with the perp once the case is over, if he proves to be guilty should we lock him up?
Send him to Qo'Pral for his transgressions as an olive branch? Shit this is way over my paygrade.

I notice a few stacks of papers on my desk, one is a pile of potential recruits that came in last week that i have yet to go over.
The other stack contains the city guard budget, requisitions and case reports.

I should probably get those done while i have the time, i could also head down and see if the corporal has arrived yet.

>Take a look at recruitment pile?
>Go over the budget and requisitions?
>File away reports making sure everything is in order?
>Go down and check if the corporal is here?
>Catch a few winks of sleep, it could probably be a while before i get some rest

>You are Guard captain Varnus, head of the city guard.
File: 1357839064654.jpg-(34 KB, 400x275, marketplace.jpg)
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>Codex Entry: Jorrun
>"The city always has something going on, whether its the tavern festivities or criminals on the loose." - Captain Varnus

The city of Jorrun lies in the southern parts of the plains of Castel, according to her citizens its a paradise of opportunities.
According to the city guard its a city that always has something going on, whether it be trade, diplomatic talks or crime.
Officially, the city is run by the nobles court and the city guard. Unofficially power is split four ways: the nobles, the city guard, the church and the merchants union.
Known for its quality of metallurgy and food it's the envy of many, and the ally of few.
god dammit dude...why so late (as in so close for me to leave for uni)...

take a look at the recruitment pile
>take a look at the recruitment pile

Couldn't hurt to check on the latest applicants, lets see here.

A few soldiers looking for a career change, they've got some experience with combat.
I hit it with my stamp of approval, and move on to the next one.

An elf from Qo'Pral? Normally these guys don't stray to far from the city wonder why she wants to sign up with the guard.

A few farmers looking for some a little more adventurous? I'll have the sarge whip them into shape. Approved.

>>Approve of elf? Have her called in for an interview to figure out why she wants to join the guard?

Well thats unexpected, but yea lets interview her

Thinking about it...it MIGHT be related to this Qo'Pral mess we have to deal with...
>bring her in for an interview, couldn't hurt.

Right bring her in for a job interview, i write down the necessary things and file it away and leave it in my "out" pile. She'll probably come around in the morning once the message is sent.

Right better head down to the lobby, the nobles should have arrived by now.
I reach the lobby and look around, the corporal is currently letting the people i had him get in on whats happening.

"Varnus you old dog! hah, haven't talked to you since we busted open that thief hideout in the south east market." A boisterous voice pipes up, i turn my head and acknowledge him.

"Good times Sir Gerrel, but right now we have some pressing matters to attend to and a potential war to prevent." That last part catches everyones attention.

"What do you mean captain?" one of the magi asks, i relay everything we know about the case.

now what course of action should i take?

>Ask magi to check perp for magical residue as he might have been affected by some sort of persuasion magic.

...Cant think of anything else, so check for magical residue, if he does, gathering all the witness and people involved to see if they know any kind of magic would help narrowing the "instigator"
>ask magi for assistance
I look over to the magi "I need you magic folk to check the perp for magical residue, we can't be sure he hasn't been affected by an outside source, and if he has we'll need to gather up all the witnesses and the people involved."

They nod and the corporal leads them to the perp in the interrogation room.

>Ask other nobles for suggestions?
>Set more patrols around the crime scene and surrounding sector. Maybe we could catch the person the perp talked about trying to erase his tracks.

Hm...Set more patrols, also, ask Williams whats her take on all this, she seems ratehr reliable.
>set more patrols and ask williams about all this

I head over to the patrol board and start changing schedules around so that theres more patrols around this sector and less around the northern merchant quarter, after i finish i head over to the barracks and locate Williams.

As i walk over to her she snaps into a salute, "At ease lieutenant, whats your take on all of this?" She frowns a little and cross her arms "This whole seems rotten to me sir, something doesn't add up. The nobles have always tried to maintain a good relationship with the city of Qo'Pral, so I'm thinking that either our perp is a plant by someone or he was manipulated into this."

>freeform action, wat do?

Tought so... Lets check the budget and requisitions, might aswell do that
>check the budget and requisitions

I salute the lieutenant and head to my office again, i should probably take a look at the budget and requisitions.

I sit down by my desk again, and pull up the budget for this year

>Budget split currently: wages 30% equipment maintenance 10% bounty coffer 5% requisitions 25% city guard leftover deposit 30%
>Change around anything?

>Requisitions: Theres two files here, one for better weapons and armour for the armory and one for extra luxuries such as alcohol and baked goods i.e cakes and desserts.
>Approve of any? Reject any?

Hmm... add 5% to bounty and 5% to requistitions from the leftover...

Approve of better weapons and armor, but leave the luxuries pending.
let them eat cake
>add 5% to bounty and 5% to requisitions, approve armory requisition but leave luxuries pending

I quickly approve the armory requisition, its going to take a small chunk out of the budget but it'll save the lives of a few guardsmen. I leave the luxury one pending, this might not go over well with the guardsmen but they might just prove themselves worthy of this after the case is over.

I add a bit of our yearly budget to the bounty coffers and to requisitions, this should reduce our work a little and leave a bit more breathing room for future requisitions.

>what next /tg/? freeform action
Check on the magic folks, maybe they have something?
get some sleep / nap

have a stress dream about the grads rebelling because of not enough cake
>check on the magic folks, maybe they have something?

I go down to interrogation and see the magi working their craft, the nearest one stops whats he's doing and turns to me "yes captain? anything you needed?"

I nod "Yeah, what have you got for me?" he gives me a slight smile "Yeah, he's not been touched by magic that isn't ours. We also did a sweep of his mind, as far as we can tell his story checks out."

>wat do?
Well...fuck...as the nobles what should be best to dow ith him?
>ask the nobles what to do with the perp

I look out to where the criminal is sitting "If you were in my boots, what would you do with him?"

"Honestly? I would have him bound and gagged, then shipped off to Qo'Pral with a little bow on top." A good idea if you ask me, might improve our relations with Qo'Pral and it gives us time to find out who pitched the idea of assault to the criminal.

>Go fill out the necessary forms to transfer the prisoner to Qo'Pral?
>>Go fill out the necessary forms to transfer the prisoner to Qo'Pral?

fuck yea lets fill out paper work
Well cant see why not anymore, fill out the forms!
>Go fill out the forms to transfer prisoner

I head back to my office and start filling out the form to have the prisoner sent to Qo'Pral as well as a sidenote essentially saying "Do whatever you feel is right, you will have no objection from us", well thats one part of the case done.

Now to find out who helped instigate all of this, my first immediate thought would be the church. Their hatred towards anything magic is a good M.O, but until we have said person we can't prove anything. Fatigue is slowly setting in, maybe some sleep will help sort out my thoughts?

>Catch a few winks, heavens know that i need it with our understaffing problem
>Go out on patrol, the city is never safe enough.

Sleep my good man, just sleep.

>captcha: Says aotende
Dont know who aotende is but he agrees!
>catch a few winks

Yeah taking a small nap seems like a good idea right about now, i lay my head down on a book and it doesn't take long until i fall asleep

>roll a d20, note this isn't a roll you can fuck up it just decides happenings while asleep, also sorry about response time i went for a smoke and found some food
Rolled 6


Is cool dood, but sadly I have to leave now...fml

I sit in a large field, I can see the mountains in the north and next to me sits Jocelyn. She's cradling Tira who was born last season, while holding our daughter she's humming a lullaby with her head on my shoulder.

When was the last time I was at peace like this? I can't remember any more, the guard has left me little time for my family.

The scene changes, I'm standing outside my home talking with a healer "Isn't there anything you can do for her? Please I beg you, save my wife." The healer looks down "I'm sorry captain, this is far beyond our skills to mend. The sickness isn't like anything we've seen before, the best i can give you is five months." Fear takes me, a train of terrible thoughts run through my head. Little Tira is to grow up without her mother.

The scene changes yet again, it's raining. I stand infront of a tombstone tears running freely. On the resting place is a small epitaph which writes "here lies Jocelyn Corr, beloved wife, mother and friend. She will be missed greatly by everyone." I fall to my knees, why? Why did it have to be her?

I wake up from my dream of the past, my body's fatigue gone yet my mind so very tired.

>course of action /tg/?
File some of those reports to take our mind off things
>file some of those reports to take our mind off things

I shelf my thoughts away for the moment and get to work on the patrol reports, it doesn't take long for me to get into a routine of reading everything important and filing away the reports into the archive vaults. It's tedious but it lets me stop thinking about everything.

A few hours pass and the end of my shift nears, i think about everything i got done today. Productive certainly and the sooner i can get everything over and done with the sooner i can start improving the city guard.

I could head home or maybe go for a drink or two, it's been a while hasn't it?

>go home
Go out for a quick social drink and then home to daughter dearest. do we drink with our men, or do we have other friends?
>drinks it is! our men are busy right now so drinking with them is out of the question, perhaps we could find a few friends at the barrel? (the tavern near the city barracks)
That seems like a sound plan. Check in with Williams if shes around to make sure nothing needs our attention prior to leaving.
Gotta get back to work, hopefully this will still be going later!
>check in with Williams before drinks

I should probably make sure theres nothing urgent going on, i head to the lobby and spot Williams sitting at the reception desk.

"Williams i'm going out for a few drinks, anything i should know before i go?"

She thinks for a moment before she replies "Nothing on the top of my head except that the Qo'Pral ambassador has been sent home, hopefully we won't see any political blowback from this" I nod at this "Yeah, but hopefully the criminal being sent their way will reflect good on us. Anyway I'll be going" She gives me a short salute before i head out the door.

I reach the tavern after a few minutes of walking, as I go inside I hear festive music.

>Head up to the Innkeeper and order a tankard of ale
>See if any of my old friends are here and willing to share a drink with me.
Order a tankard of ale from the Innkeeper then wander about to see if our friends are there to chat with.
Get a single tankard, no more, and look around.
We may be off the clock but we're never off duty.
I can't help but think that we were too quick to hand over the drunkard noble, when we haven't finished our investigation.
If he gets executed, then we lose a witness to the greater plot.
Did OP get autobanned by the word filter?
OP, are you coming back?

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