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File: 1357516031041.jpg-(81 KB, 1024x683, Militia Quest.jpg)
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Militia Quest VIII
Previous threads:

The year is 2026 and much has changed on the world stage. You were only thirteen when the war broke out in 2014, and like most people know nothing of the details. You do know that it involved the world’s two superpowers, the US and China. You know that nuclear weapons were used, though sparingly, and were enough to shatter one side and cripple the other. You know that the UN and other charity shipments of food and aid trickled to nothing months after the UN troops themselves pulled out.

After that you were far too caught up in the need to secure your own survival in the following nine years of carnage that was the result of a near total collapse of the majority of the African countries. Though you suppose one or two nations may still exist in their original condition the bulk of the continent is now made up of hundreds, if not thousands, of miniscule nation states that are constantly at war with their neighbors or trying to combat insurgency within their very own borders.

While the world stage may now be unrecognisable from what it was 10 years ago, Africa is much the same as it always has been, a cesspit of unceasing violence in a beautiful land.
File: 1357516181869.png-(37 KB, 614x496, Militia Quest Map.png)
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The Free Kivasu Sate is one such mini-nation. Now 25, a man not unversed in the ways of violence, you are the head of what passes for the authority in your community.

Selected Faction
*Free Kivasu State Army (FKSA)

Picture demonstrates immediate area of community, located to the general northeast of Kivasu’s capital, the town of Doma.
For purposes of scale, it would take about a week by vehicle to travel to Doma and back and in good conditions it would take about a day to get to Pierche from Bankatu.

Each turn = 1 week, 3 actions per week.
D100 system, higher is better (unless stated otherwise).
Turn Action rolls done on averages
Current Action rolls take best of 3
(crits auto accepted 1-10, 90-100 etc)
File: 1357516351886.png-(29 KB, 512x425, Kivasu Nation Map (Southe(...).png)
29 KB
Free Kivasu State Army (FKSA)

You are Captain of the last company from the 3rd Battalion of the FKSA stationed in Bankatu, population 406. Understrength, the company numbers 60(1) men.
NASA: 20 (1 wounded)
Regulars: 39
Recruits: 1
Penal-Legionnaires: 1 (1 Included in NASA count)

Picture depicts the mini-nation of the Free Kivasu State. Beyond the southern river lies the True Republic of Congo, and to the far South East lies Mbete King Country, where the FLDK originally fled from.

Red = Kisavu Towns
Yellow Dot = FKSA Control
Green Streak = FDLK Control
Light Green = Plains, Grass/Farmland
Dark Green = Jungle
Light Brown = Hills/scrublands
Dark Brown = Rocky/Mountainous
Light Blue = River/Lakes
Orange = Savannah

A single tile is equal to roughly a third to half a day’s travel. This is in part due to distance but mostly due to the horrid conditions of the roads and the fact that travel at night is seen as an open invitation to FDLK, militia or bandit attack.
File: 1357516501418.jpg-(14 KB, 400x300, NASA.jpg)
14 KB

New African Surveillance Agents
You have selected these men to stand aside from the average soldier in 2nd Company. Giving them extra pay, training and equipment, you have chosen them for the most hazardous duties, namely those that involve leaving the relative safety of the town. These men are the best shots in 2nd Company, have demonstrated an unerring gift for camouflaging themselves and are quickly learning to co-operate with each other in the field. They have also recently achieved their first victory in the field.

-Major Sergeant ‘Buk’ Rukuba: Soldier, lecher, gambler, considered to be your right hand man by most. He leads the NASA troops
>Drill Sergeant: +5 to training actions involving Buk (generally NASA training unless otherwise stated)
-Private Yamba: Considered the best shot in the company, eagerly joined the new patrol group.
-‘Meat’ Dede: Rapist, convict, hero, machete-wielding Penal Legionnaire. 2 ‘Missions’ remain.
-Private Mesik: Part Hunde (1/4), member of NASA. Recovered from his wounds, still limping.

>Camouflage Experts: The men of NASA have taken to camouflage exercises like a fish to water, Buk suspects they may be descended from Abada forest-dwelling spirits. +20 to NASA covert actions.
>Urban Combat: Despite a shaky, and damaging, start the use of the Hunde Manor in training has somewhat paid off. +5 to NASA actions in urban/building environments.
File: 1357516579897.jpg-(46 KB, 512x343, news_214326_0.jpg)
46 KB

Other Subordinates:
-Lieutenant Nathaniel: DECEASED
Trader Rapport: You no longer have the +10 bonus in dealing with Bunkatu traders, but you may still approach them with business ideas.
-Lieutenant Hundar: Assigned to you recently.
-Sergeant ‘Shakira’ Malike: Ex-casual cross-dresser, Lover-of-Peruvians, RPG expert.
-Sergeant Azzam: Big, ugly, doesn’t talk much. Never smiles.
-Sergeant Delacroix: Served in the First Congo War in 1996, believes he’s way too old for this shit.
-Corporal Beidi: Your radio operator.

ADDITIONAL: You benefit from the following bonuses.
>Natural Tactician: Merit played a large part in securing your position. +10 to all tactical and ‘preparatory’ rolls (e.g. ambush setup). More importantly, since you know how damn important it is, you’ve spent your short time here building a solid rapport with your senior NCOs. They can be trusted to support your every decision, at least in front of the men.
>Training Instructor: These past few months have seen you co-operating heavily with Buk and the NCOs in trying to bring the troops up to scratch. You’ve learnt a lot about training new recruits, one of your lessons being that you have to start from the basics and work your way up if you want it to all come together. +10 to training actions, Crit-fails are no longer auto-accepted.
>Perceptive: You have an impressive track record when it comes to reading people. +10 Bonus to perception checks on people. You may request a perception check at any time. You also earn +1W per week from generally coming out on top of any poker(or poker equivalent) matches with your NCOs.
File: 1357516651208.jpg-(59 KB, 301x450, 167386_491944439833_80483(...).jpg)
59 KB
You are Captain Hannibal Bonaparte, and you have recently become the highest ranking officer in 3rd Battalion. This isn’t saying much, as 2nd Company is all that is left of the Battalion. You’ve made some headway in securing the region, fighting off a large band of FDLK rebels and sheltering the survivors of Linda. You’ve also stocked up on supplies and equipment to better arm your soldiers.

However, your success has not come without loss; an unforseen conflict in Doma left 6 of your men dead, one of which was Lieutenant Nathaniel. Most of the men have received news of the deaths in their stride, but Sergeant Shakira has taken the loss particularly hard.

How do you bury your dead?
>Sergeant Emir and Lieutenant Hundar (a devout Muslim and Christian respectively) believe that the soldiers should be buried with full honours, perhaps within the old livestock pen near the villa and Linda shelter.
>Sergeant Buk doesn’t care either way, but points out that a large number of the men adhere to a superstitious brand of Christianity and animalism. Most would be happy with cremation, but some traditionalists still believe in leaving the corpses out to the wild. Furthermore, it is considered bad luck to say or write down the name of someone who has died, lest you tie their spirit to the mortal realm.
use it as an excuse to visit the chapel and try to improve relations
claim he should be buried on holy grounds and ask the priest there to hold a sermon also we go in person for this one gonna need that poker face
True an actual priest to go over their rights would be lovely. Seconding.
Fuck Yeah was looking foward to that.

I think there might be some serious rebel action we are going the face. This Rebels we fought off, I think the come from a camp somewhere inside the jungle and they are probing for weakness.

Thing is they haven´t found any up here but this might have stirred something up: Why should there be (obvious well trained) troops other than the Republican Guard (or what the Name of the elite troops is) that far off from both the fighting and Doma.

We shouls seriously consider putting up a defensive plan involing all the villages, Pierche and maybe even Ikozi.

Now is our time to shine since we are obviously the only ones in the area strong enough to face the rebels.
Were undermanned that was made abundantly clear repeatedly.
also im thinking we take the lumber we want from ikozi by force either that or go there in person and persuade them to let us buy what we need in credit with a few weeks of permission
> well trained
> they hand grenaded themselves
nah these are probably regular mooks but if they can afford to lose 30-40 of them without having to retreat we are in trouble
Yeah we are, but I doubt the Rebels know that, and thats why we need to involve the other towns arround, since I seriously doubt that the Goverment would be in any state to send serious help if a bulk of Rebels would show up at our door.

I meant Pro Goverment forces.

Second this
Pretty much they got numbers they can afford to lose we don't.

So you want to convince the priest? I'll allow that to pass without taking up an action, but I'll need a roll to see how your diplomatic skills go.

Best of 3
[/spoiler]-20 Penalty
You need 50 to repair relations,
70 to allow burials at the chapel.[/spoiler]
Rolled 85

Well maybe I´ll roll better
i so hope that high is good.
File: 1357518275802.jpg-(28 KB, 640x486, FN-Fal.jpg)
28 KB
Just one more roll to see if it's cancelled out. Also here's an inventory, let me know if I've missed anything.


X1 Truck
X1 Off-road Motorcycle
X3 Fuel

-115 workable AKs
-3 Machine Guns
-1 Damaged Machine Gun
-28 Grenades
-19 Fn-Fal Rifles (3 Scoped)
-6 RPGs (16 shots)

-1 Military Grade Radio (Range from Pierche to Bunkatu)
-3 Proffesional Grade Radio (1-2 mile distance)
-Bomb-making Handibook (Delacroix gets +5 to bomb making training)
-16 Flashlights
Rolled 59

Sounds about right to me.
we should spend one action on shaving of the serial numbers on the fals we got last week and modifiyng 3 of them to act as lmg's (putting our bipods on them and increasing the weight of the barrel) and then issue our whole NASA with the different FAL rifles we got
File: 1357518907328.jpg-(77 KB, 640x393, Father Rwan & Patrol.jpg)
77 KB

92 = Minor Critical Success!
Father Rwan is initially wary when a convoy of armed men approach the chapel, but is surprised to find that you have come here personally to convince him. You bring along Denge, who knows the priest, and it is his stories of your kindness in his people’s hour of need that wins the priest over. He agrees to hold funeral rites for your men, and is also willing to allow the burial of non-Christians outside the chapel grounds, but is not inclined to allow you to station troops at his chapel. In his opinion the Chapel’s must appear neutral if it is to survive.

After you conclude your talk Denge approaches you and tells you that Mama Riziki needs an extra pair of handshas offered to train one of your men in basic first-aid. This would take about 20W, 3 weeks of training, and the man would not be allowed to be armed.
yes this is exactly what we need also offer to leave the millitary grade handheld at the chapel incase of emergencies with the frequency to our radio set have her teach one of our NASA guys basic first aid
File: 1357519129002.jpg-(35 KB, 460x276, 2nd, 3rd Battalion Finall(...).jpg)
35 KB
Location: Bunkatu
Population: 405 Civilians, 66(1) Military
Wealth: 116

+30W Wages p/wk (paid monthly)
+8W Bribes/Tariffs (your cut from the soldiers earnings)
+1W Poker Night
+20W Loot from Linda Battle (forgot to factor that in)

-15W p/w Food Ration Supplement (paid monthly)
-10W Extra pay to Patrol Squad (NASA)
-2W Shooting Comp
-40W Doma Shopping
-36W Missing Motorist
-3 Guard Posts at each road entrance, can block vehicles and provide adequate cover for 10
-Villa, looks like it was built to resemble a castle. Will withstand RPGs but you wouldn’t bet on it holding up under sustained artillery.
-High Ground: The Hunde Manor has been torn down and work has started on a new fortification (Needs two more actions).

Actions available: 3

NOTE: A young man from Bunkatu, about 17, has signed up with your company.
Father Rwan accepts the handheld radio. He assures you that he will not need it, God is their shield, but will keep it on hand for Mama Riziki and the visiting children's peace of mind.

You leave behind Corporal Tem for training.
> -20W
1 modify 3 fals to be lmg's (put bipods on them and increase barrel weight) and shave serial numbers off of the rest of them (i assume these are african produced ones in case they should have full auto)
2 go personally to ikozi and convice them to let us buy 36 W worth of lumber on credit
3 keep integrating denge & co into the NASA
1. Shave off Serial Numbers, add Bipods (You had 4, right?)

2. Who do you take with you?

3. This should be the last action required to make them full members
1 add bipods to 3 of them
2 delacroix (cus hes too old for this shit) and a squad of regulars
3 good
Alrighty, 3 rolls then.

-1 MG
-1 RPG
-8 others
Rolled 13, 71, 71 = 155

well shit
Rolled 73, 62, 76 = 211

disregard this
Rolled 50, 39, 16 = 105

Seems like Posting was down.

Well I´ll have a roll. I sure hope I won´t kill us all.
you got nothing to worry about i pretty much already did short of high end crits we wont be saved and i suggest using that 100 we got last thread on ikozi
serial numbers or the integration i mean to cancel out my crit fails
Rolled 26, 23, 93 = 142

I second this we can´t have that our dudes get killed everytime we approach another town.
Forgot to take dices off
Rolled 2, 86, 73 = 161

well fuck...

lets see if my rolls will counter it
if this counts i suggest we use the 100 on the modification to the fals then we get no crit fails
you rolled a 93 clearly it was intensional
File: 1357524576102.jpg-(32 KB, 450x300, Entertainment Channel.jpg)
32 KB
In addition to 4chan posting I think my connection is dying on my end as well. I'll have to cancel it here, sorry guys.
Just saw the thread... should post dates for the next game since i was wondering when it was.
I posted a thread yesterday saying I would run it today, but the internet is dying on me. I don't even know if this is going to get through.

Hopefully I'll start another thread around late Saturday 4chan time, but I'm flat out with work. Ironically when Uni starts I'll have more time.
nooo why must you destroy my hope and dreams!!!
oh well guess i'll just wait till next week

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