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Info, Stats and Past Threads: http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Señor Jalapeño a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion.

You have your own steam robot who are named Garenn and he is quit hotheaded plus he is always wear his cool sun-glassed. Your own familiar Melphina is a small pixie who can unlock or manipulate electronic devices, she also little obsession with incest anime...

Your Current Favor: 13 points
File: 1356800542698.jpg-(59 KB, 500x613, 1872321_110816142927_fat_(...).jpg)
59 KB
"Way to go, Kat! I knew you could do it." You say as you giving her a hug. Katherine blushed a little when you hugging her.

After the first round, you and other walked into the large kitchen. You see a very fat chef who are drinking his wine.
"My name is Rudolf Verne! The Head Chef of Crownwell household. Who is my opponent?" The chef said with german accent.
"That should be me." Sasha said as she step forward.
"Oh fräuleinwunder! It is my pleasure to have you my opponent!" Rudolf say as he kissed her hand like a gentleman.

You tried to be cool about it and you guessed that he is trying to throw of Sasha with flattering her.

When Rudolf is done, you go to her and hug her,
"Do your best, Sasha; you can beat him. I know you can."
"I will do my best!" Sasha say.

The Rudolf suddenly started to look serious and he say, "By the way fräuleinwunder... Even you are a women, I will not going easy on you... Behold my full power!"
Suddenly his fatness slowly transforming into pure muscles and his cooking clothes are slowly ripping apart by his growing muscles. Now the fat chef had transform into a muscle-building chef.

This should be an interesting servant-duel.
File: 1356801101080.jpg-(108 KB, 500x375, RestaurantKitchenDesign.jpg)
108 KB
You and the other look surprised when Rudolf completely transformed his fat body into a muscle body instead. The judge walking to the middle of the kitchen.
"No then lady and gentlemen, we shall start the second contest. In this match you will cook traditional cuisine, you may use any ingredients and tools for this contest. I will give you 10 minutes to prepare yourself before we start. " The old judge said and then you get the moment to prepare yourself.

"Hmmm... What should I cook...?" Sasha ask herself while she tried to figure out what she should cook.

What will you do master?
A: Suggest a specific food to Sasha.
B: Let Sasha figure out herself.
C: Ask other maid for food suggestion.
D: Something else.

Sasha's a smart girl and has put in a ton of effort into her training, so she probably knows the best traditional dish to make.

So: B
What does he mean by traditional?
Sandwiches are 250 years old by now, I think they can count as traditional.

Anyway, let Sasha digure it out since she's the one who had her cooking improved.

Sasha thought about a moment until she finally decided. For Rudolf, it seem that he had already planned what he should cook.

The judge turned to them and he say, "No then, now it is time for starting the contest!"
Sasha and Rudolf are started to cook the food. Rudolf gathering some sausages like bratwurst and thüringer. Sasha are getting some meat and flour. It seem that she will try to bake some fresh bread.
>: Ok, Roll 5d6 how well she cook.
Rolled 1, 5, 2, 2, 5 = 15

Rolling for baking.
Rolled 3, 4, 5, 1, 2 = 15

Rolled 5, 3, 6, 1, 2 = 17

File: 1356803290124.jpg-(61 KB, 500x375, WellThisSucks.jpg)
61 KB

The dice hate Sasha today for some reason.
File: 1356803473393.jpg-(35 KB, 640x480, sandwich.jpg)
35 KB

After a while, Sasha finally finish with her baking of the bread and cooking the fresh meat. She added the finish touch with cheese and vegetables. Rudolf looking at her cooking and it make him look irritated until he decided to point out.
"Dat is not the traditional food!" Rudolf yelled as he pointed at Sasha's sandwich.

What will you do?
A: Don't butt in, just watch.
B: Start arguing with Rudolf.
C: Confirm with the judge.
D: Make Rudolf taste Sasha's sandwich.
F: Something else.

Give him a smirk. "The sandwich was invented by the 18th-century British statesman John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. He thought it up so he could eat his meals while gambling. Learn your history, friend."
Speak with the judge on the matter of how can a 250-year old tradition of food NOT be traditional.
File: 1356805149250.jpg-(681 KB, 845x936, montagu.jpg)
681 KB

You started to talk with the judge and he answer with the nod, you turn around and giving Rudolf a smirk, "The sandwich was invented by the 18th-century British statesman John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. He thought it up so he could eat his meals while gambling. Learn your history, friend."
"WAS?!" Rudolf said in surprised tone.
"Yes, sandwich count as traditional cuisine. Now then let me taste the food" The old judge said.

The judge tasted Rudolf's food, it contain some german sausages and mashed potatoes. After the judge tried Rudolf's food, he suddenly got strong reaction so that he suddenly look like a stereotype german man with lederhosen.
"Wunderbar! The food is deliouz!" The judge said with slight of german accent.
Rudolf look so very confident that he could win. When the judge tasted Sasha's sandwich, he got another strong reaction so that he completely transformed himself into.... John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich!!!

What is your reaction.

I'm not sure if this means we're saved or screwed. Let's wait and see what the judge says.

You are not sure if you are either saved or screwed but you waited for the judge's announcement.
"The winner is... Sasha!" The judge said and Rudolf was so shocked that his muscles body turned back to his fat body.
He fall to his knee and he started to cry.
"I had zhamed myself..." Rudolf said in sad voice as he still crying.

What will you do?
A: Do nothing, just let him cry.
B: Taunt Rudolf for being loser.
C: Comfort Rudolf.
D: Congratulate Sasha.
F: Something else.

D with a bit of C: First hug Sasha and say, "Great job, Sasha! I'm very proud of you." Then while Little Sister and Araki congratulate her, help Rudolf up and tell him, "It's not the end of the world, pal; you did your Mistress proud as well".
Seconding this.
Maybe with a bit of "A true chef must not limit themselves to just one definition of Traditional Food. Nor to one cuisine. Take this as a chance to expand your culinary horizons."

Dat some Yakitate!! Japan judging and reactions?!

Combo of this >>22282911 and this >>22283000 sounds like a great answer.

You may be right. I wondered why it seemed familiar.

You hugged Sasha as you say, "Great job, Sasha! I'm very proud of you."
"Thank you!" Sasha said with bright smile.
"You did it very well Sasha." Araki said to her.
As other congratulate her, you decided to help up Rudolf.
"It's not the end of the world, pal; you did your Mistress proud as well". You tell him.
"Real?" Rudolf say as he stopping with his crying.
"Yeah. But a true chef must not limit themselves to just one definition of Traditional Food. Nor to one cuisine. Take this as a chance to expand your culinary horizons."
"You have right about it... I always believed on making on Traditional Food but as you said, I must learn to dare to make new kind of food. Thank you very much young master." Rudolf said as he fulled recover himself and it look like he found the new path.


> Yep those are Yakitate!! Japan tasting reaction. A real good baking manga
File: 1356808267725.jpg-(45 KB, 395x275, 031107mansion-hotel-hallw(...).jpg)
45 KB

You and the got a short break from the contest because the old judge need to recover himself from his strong reaction to Sasha's sandwich and he still look like John Montagu...

Now you and the other are standing in the hallway. What will you do?

Let's see: the Combat trial is next, IIRC: Genki vs. Mary Crownwell's butler in manly combat.

Ask our bro Koutarou, Croco-chan, and our sister how they're enjoying the show then ask Genki, "I think yours is next, Genki. You feeling up for manly competition against Lady Crownwell's butler?"

If Mary's here too, I don't know if we should talk to her: she's probably mad about her servants being 0-2 against Team Hijikatai.
Seconding this. Maybe have Melphina come out and have her enjoy the show. She's a fujoshi of a fairy familiar, maybe she'll find some enjoyment from it.

Oh yes: our hacker-fairy might get a kick out of this.
File: 1356809661388.jpg-(90 KB, 849x545, sample-c645aa53c4b00335ff(...).jpg)
90 KB

You are expecting that Combat trial will be next it seem that they had moved the trail as last trail instead. Instead the next trail will be Entertainment instead. It seem that Sasha will face against Anne.

You decided to summon out Melphina but it seem that she is more interesting on reading her incest manga than watching the trials.

You asking around with your bro Koutarou, Croco-chan and your half-sister. They responded with positive answer.

You looked around for Mary but it seem that she had already went away after the break.

The break is almost over. What will you do?

I see. So Sasha has back-to-back Trials: I hope she's feeling up for it and isn't exhausted. Plus now we know if it doesn't involve us making out with Tomoe, then Melphina's not interested.

"How you feeling, Sasha? I'm sorry for sending you right back in after defeating Rudolf in the Cooking trial." Then it's time to head back in and cheer for Sasha.
Give Sasha a few words of encouragement.
"Give it your best, Sasha."
File: 1356811368488.png-(535 KB, 516x729, Rachelle5.png)
535 KB

"How you feeling, Sasha? I'm sorry for sending you right back in after defeating Rudolf in the Cooking trial." You asked her.
"I'm alright, just that I'm little concerned about the next trial..." Sasha say with concerned look.
"No worry, give it your best, Sasha."

Suddenly Rachel leaned over to you and whisper in your ear.
"If you want, I could take her place. I have a very confident skills that I could show off."

What will you do?
A: Let Sasha handle her Entertainment trial.
B: Let Rachel take her place.
C: Something else.
Let Sasha handle the Entertainment trial.
"Thanks for the offer, Rachel, but I've got this lineup planned out."

Stick to the plan.

Ooh, tough decision. Let's go ahead and stick to the plan as >>22283907 suggests.

Rachelle has the Repair and Service trials up, so I'd rather not have her do this one without her trading one of those off.

We're up 2-0 and it's the best-of-7, so I think our current plan has a little margin for error.
File: 1356813135933.jpg-(67 KB, 1280x720, soremachi-08-000431.jpg)
67 KB

"Thanks for the offer, Rachel, but I've got this lineup planned out." You told her and she started to look disappointing.
"Aw... I just want to pull of striptease..." Rachelle mutter herself.

You and the other heading to the theater and you could see the old judge had return back to normal. You could see Mary along with other maid who carry her violin.
"No then, for the entertainment trials, you may use any material and resources for performance. Let start with Anne Lombard." The judge said.

She walking to the stage and she start playing her violin. Her violin playing is very impressive so that you could feel very touched by it. After Anne is done, the people start clapping for her performance

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hps62WLisGg

Now it is Sasha turn, she is dressing in her cowgirl outfit that she got from Rachelle and she seem to be oerhelming by Anne's performance.

What will you do?
A: Offer her reward. You will need to roll 5d6 against 24.
B: Do your best to cheer her. You will need to roll 3d6 against 14.
C: Give her tactical plans. You will need to roll 2d6 against 12.
D: Hope for miracle for her to win! You will need to spend 1d6 Favor points.
E: Do nothing, just hope for the best.
F: Something else.
Rolled 1, 5, 2 = 8

We need to snap Sasha out that state.
Put our hands on her shoulders and look into her eyes.
"Sasha, take a deep breath and relax. Do your best out there, alright?"
Rolled 5, 4, 3 = 12


B. Come on, Sasha, you can do this.
File: 1356814559164.jpg-(53 KB, 350x467, header.jpg)
53 KB

You tried to snap Sasha out of her state and you put your hands on her shoulder.
"Sasha, take a deep breath and relax. Do your best out there, alright?" You told her.
Sasha take a deep breath and tried to relax herself.
"Yes... I will do my best." She said and then she heading to the stage.

When Sasha arrived at the stage, she performing several marksmanship tricks. All the from shooting down the canes to turning money note into coins with gunshot (you don't know how she do that but you prefer not thinking about it).

After Sasha performance, the judge walking up to the stage and he become silence until he spoke, "The decision was difficult but I have finally decided that the winner will be... Anne Lombard."

Mary congratulate Anne for performance and you give Sasha a hug despite her lose.

It's okay. We still have a 2-1 lead. Sasha won her first one so hopefully losing this one won't upset her too much. We DO NOT need her falling back into that "I'm useless" frame of mind.
File: 1356814784305.png-(361 KB, 450x600, Rachelle2.png)
361 KB

You and the other heading to the other trial, the Repairing trial. It seem that Rachelle will face Albert Windstone the butler.

Will you give her advice or encourage her before the trial?

"You feel good about this one, Rachelle? You can do this." Give her a hug and a small kiss but nothing big; we don't need to get Kat's jimmies rustled.
File: 1356815915697.jpg-(235 KB, 1024x768, Leopold_Shack_exterior_1_(...).jpg)
235 KB

"You feel good about this one, Rachelle? You can do this." You told her as you give her a hug and small kiss. Then suddenly Rachelle give you a quick squeeze on your ass.

All of you arrived outside the mansion and you see two broken shacks that need repair. The judge stand forward and she say, "This contest, you must repair this broken shacks. The one who finish with repairing win."

>Roll 5d6 for Rachelle's trolling.
File: 1356816177116.png-(426 KB, 425x597, Rachelle4.png)
426 KB
Rolled 4, 1, 2, 2, 6 = 15


They see her trollin'....
Rolled 5, 5, 2, 6, 3 = 21

Rolled 5, 5, 4, 5, 1 = 20

File: 1356817372369.jpg-(101 KB, 750x750, 1652_P_1293664776292.jpg)
101 KB

>Maximum trolling...

"No then let start with the contest!" The judge said and the trial start. Before Albert could start with his repairing, Rachelle walk over to him and asking him.
"What do you call panties where you are both clothed and bare?"
"I have no idea what you are talking about miss..." Albert answer as he seem to be confused by her question.
"I will give you a hint..." Rachelle said with naughty grin and she put her hands underneath her skirt and pulling down her panties... Then she tossed her crotchless panties to Albert and he become so shocked by her behavior.

"That is foul play!" Mary yell while she pointing at Rachelle and the judge simple say, "Well... she didn't break any rule at all..."

Rachelle started to repairing her shack while Albert tried to figure out what he should do with Rachelle's crotchless panties until he putting it on his pocket.

"Albert! Why are you putting her disgraceful panties in your pocket?!" Mary yelled at her butler.
"I'm sorry my mistress! I don't what I should do with this situation!" Albert answered as he tried to repair his shack.

>Continue on next post.
File: 1356817923238.gif-(1.77 MB, 300x174, LaughingBlessed.gif)
1.77 MB

File: 1356818252132.jpg-(87 KB, 1095x730, rosario___vampire__epic_n(...).jpg)
87 KB

As they keep on repairing, it seems that Albert started to catch up pretty quickly. When Albert are repairing the roof, Rachelle gave him the signal and then he turn around... Rachelle showing of her cleavage to Albert, he was so distracted that he fall of the roof...

As the time go on, when Albert is about to finish with his repairing, Rachelle are sitting on the ground with spreading legs.
"Albert! Guess where I had hidden the hammer?" Rachelle said.
When Albert looking at her and saw where she had hidden the hammer... He started to nose bleeding very heavily so that he fainted...

Rachelle finally finish with her repairing and she declared as the winner.

What will you do?

>Rachelle's new theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRLLz0Ajncg

Hug her again. "That was...creative...but you still got the win, Rachelle. Way to go!"

Team Hijikatai leads Team Crownwell 3-1

>Mary Crownwell's Jimmie Status: MAXIMUM RUSTLED!
File: 1356820264901.jpg-(19 KB, 300x466, 189264-drillu_large.jpg)
19 KB

"That was...creative...but you still got the win, Rachelle. Way to go!" You said to her and hugging her again. Mary was very furious so that her face slowly turn red

After you had hugging her, she walked to Albert and she say, "Albert, you can keep my pantie as my souvenir."
Albert start to sweating as Mary's hair start to raise up like a bunny ear.

After the repairing trial is over, you and other got break again until the Service trial begins.

You are now standing outside the mansion and you somehow remember this area from your dream.

What will you do?

Tell the girls we're going to walk around for a little bit and to let us know before the next Trial starts.

"Tomoe, would you like to go for a walk with me?" Walk around and take in the sights of the area and see if anything jogs our memory.
File: 1356821383503.jpg-(348 KB, 1024x768, image007.jpg)
348 KB

You are telling the girls that you will walk around for bit and to let them know you about the next trial.

"Tomoe, would you like to go for a walk with me?" You asked your sister.
"Yes brother!" Tomoe said as she following you.
Suddenly you got the feeling that Melphina are spying on you...

When you walking around, you slowly have the feeling that you was here before... Then you saw a tree...

What will you do?
A: Look closer at the tree.
B: Look somewhere else.
C: Start heading to the next trial.
D: Something else.

"There's something familiar about this place." If we still have some time, then A: take a closer look at the tree.

If we haven't told Tomoe and Araki about these dreams yet, it's probably a good time to start with our half-sister. If we don't find anything, let's look elsewhere until it's time for the next Trial.
File: 1356822619812.jpg-(41 KB, 485x247, 6a00d8345159c669e20134888(...).jpg)
41 KB

"There's something familiar about this place." You said as you getting closer to the three. You could see heart-shape with two initial... N+M...

End of Part 43, Continue on part 44

Thank for playing guys! I will end the quest now. I will archived this thread and update the wiki.

Any question or suggestion?

Have a good night, ML. See you next week!

Have a good days guys and happy new year!

Happy New Year to you too.

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