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/tg/ - Traditional Games

File: 1356751808600.png-(204 KB, 900x600, RAINBOWQUESTCOVER.png)
204 KB

We have come back online to reform our resolve, and to pick up where we left off in our adventures. We hope the signal did not betray you in it's absence. But with the discrepancies in light spe ed interference our signal could be realized only through spurts at a time.

And I'm afraid that in our absence we may have shaken of the conciousness of others. Do you remember us ? Would you like a re-telling of our Journey ?



Otherwise the simple procedure of pressing
will do.
Laaaaay it on me

File: 1356751958489.png-(155 KB, 900x600, rainbow39.png)
155 KB
Our name is Goose Hunters.

One of the few awakened to his dire mission of saving his universe from the collapsing black ruin that we have yet to face.

File: 1356752169896.png-(373 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW22.png)
373 KB
In the dreams of his digital world, a war is being fought , codified through the expressions of heroic icons and of the inner soul.

A game that- in their tongue- takes place in.
The TetraVerse

A cosmic projection of a war happening on a universal scale- a war realized only through the battlefield of dreams....
File: 1356752486093.png-(380 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW53.png)
380 KB
Here, we meet our first adversary. A corrupted one named Dom. A fallen Overlord in his world, a vagrant ruffian in yours.

File: 1356752609218.png-(205 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW72.png)
205 KB
But with your efforts, we conquered the darkness in their soul, with friends walking with us by our side.
I'm getting popcorn for this
File: 1356752746892.png-(263 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW71.png)
263 KB

Having freed the proprietor of the Rainbow Arcade, we step forward into the unknown in order to strengthen ourselves in this increasingly dangerous game of the soul.
File: 1356753141460.png-(214 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW73.png)
214 KB
And now we walk before the doorstep of her inner world;

The Land of Dead Dept. Store.
Hopefully a bastion of aide and strength to prepare us for the journey ahead....

[There will be a 15m grace period for anon to catch up while i get prepared on my end. Once 5 Starts are pressed we may continue.]
File: 1356753246399.png-(262 KB, 900x600, TETRAFIELD06.png)
262 KB
Anon will probably be wondering how the card game is played. Those who are only interested in the narrative may still play without resorting too much on the rules...

This is a bit stream of consciousness, but here we go:

Players have a deck of 20 cards chosen before the game that they can utilize, with a variety of different types (units, towers, maneuvers, doctrines, fields, etc.) Generally these cards remain available for play, unless they are stated to be discarded from the deck after being used. A discarded card does not return to the deck during that game.

Turn structure is as follows: Each player FIELDS a unit, PLAYS a card (tower, maneuver, doctrine, etc.), and may MOVE a fielded unit. Depending on the deck, the number of actions available can be modified by various structures or fielded units.

Fielded units may only move 1 hex a turn by default, though there are exceptions. If a unit ends the turn next to an enemy unit (barring an exception that allows them to engage from further away) they may engage it in combat. Units have an Attack and a Defense statistic - Aggressors deal damage equal to their Attack to the Defender, and multiple units can attack a single unit if they are all in range. The defender does not counterattack. If the defender is not killed, damage is removed at the end of the turn. If the defender is killed, the attacker may move into the defender's space and occupy it, an "Attack and Advance."

Let the fun begin-
File: 1356753309727.png-(340 KB, 900x600, TETRAFIELD17.png)
340 KB
Generally, only one unit may be fielded based from a single card in your deck, so you'd need multiples of the same card in your 20 card deck in order to field multiples of a unit. However, when a unit is destroyed, it returns to the deck and can be fielded during the next turn.

Cards that are played can vary from immobile towers with a variety of effects to special maneuvers that can alter the battlefield, buff allies, debuff enemies, etc.

When a nexus (the Heart, stars, and spade) is controlled by a unit, the owner of that unit can modify the terrain surrounding that nexus, based on their deck. This is the main way that progress is made towards winning, as each player generally can not utilize their opponents terrain for deployment, nor fight effectively in it, and if too few nexuses are controlled, not all the units in one's deck may be able to be fielded.
Start? :)
>up up down down left right left right B A

No good?

File: 1356755283528.png-(270 KB, 900x600, Basilica08.png)
270 KB

You gain and extra life !
A new life! Alright now we can feel some safety, can we start yet? Let's gogogo!
File: 1356756784640.png-(113 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW80.png)
113 KB
We enter the shop and find the place to be as dark and bleak as the outside.

The place was cold even the rows lights could hardly afford an inkling of what existed beyond. It was that cold feeling all over again... did this place get eaten by them too ?

>> What do ?
Examine the gaming arcades, Dom can check the stage.
Check the stage someone's there.
Did I ever tell you guys, that I find Unoe to be fappable?
What he said
File: 1356757844139.png-(153 KB, 514x772, Rainbow81.png)
153 KB
The first cabtnet I approach happens to be a classic game about a Spanish Carpenter that has been transported to a new world and was pulled into an international incident that he wanted nothing to do with...

An old classic. But it looks like the cabinet is on a static fritz. There's no discernible picture.
Keep going to the stage! Damn those broken games.
File: 1356758477537.png-(208 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW82.png)
208 KB
" Hey Theres a chick with a hat here, who're you and who turned out the lights to this place ? "

" Me ? I run this getup since its the only place left. Did you happen to be missing any pets ? Lost any electronic devices ? "

" Hey lady, this aint the lost and found I thought this was a store "

" This is - a card trading establishment. What's left of it. I used to be one of the cards myself, but now I feel compelled to keep this place running... for her, you know ? "
Next thing we will find Orcda a game about finding the square of power.
Does she have anything for sale?
File: 1356759402290.png-(173 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW83.png)
173 KB

For Sale ? Sure. In here we deal in card trades. Take your pick, this is top of the line stuff, I caught it yesterday in the basement. I'll even throw in two pieces of gum. That's two boss fights worth of gum right there !
Those look.....kinda weak...But that's from appearance. You got anything to do with any of our decks? Soldiers/tanks/goblins ?
How much?
Yeah if it's cheap, we may as well buy it.
File: 1356759750094.png-(206 KB, 900x600, Rainbow84.png)
206 KB

Holy shit this thing is really fucking cute. It must be a baby or something why are its eyes so disproportionately huge. Can't it even fend for itself, maybe I cant trade out a few of my ugly goblins for this thing oh goooooddddddd

> Holy shit what are you willing to trade for this amazing animal !

Gum? Fuck yeah, we want that gum!
We need a list of Dom's cards.
File: 1356760138010.png-(117 KB, 492x486, rainbow85.png)
117 KB
Well I suppose we'll consider it for 2 monster cards.

======= Dom's monster deck...

10. Red Goblin 1/1. - Red Goblins gain +1/0 for every ally adjacent to it. x 4

11. Green Goblin 1/1 - Green Goblins May Move 2 Spaces. x 4

12. Yellow Goblin 1/1 - When a Yellow Goblin is fielded, another Goblin may be fielded adjacent to it. x4 Cave required.

13. Blue Goblin 1/1 - Blue Goblins are immune to maneuvers/spells played by the opponnent. x2

14. Chief Gorgon 2/2- Chief Gorgon May attach goblins adjacent to it. It gains +1/+1 for every monster attached to it. Discard Chief Gorgon if defeated. Adjacent Goblins needed.

15. Sillessi Sisters 4/4- Sillessi Sisters may move two spaces unimpeded. Mountain Needed. Sillessi Sisters come back with -1/-1 Counters everytime they are defeated.

16. Skeleton Soldier 2/1- Skeleton Soldiers are automatically fielded everytime a human is killed in a warzone. Warzones must be fielded. x3

17. Death Corps 3/1- Death Corps gains +1/+1 for every ally adjacent to it. You may field 2 more units. Warzone or Battlefield needed. x2

18. Warforge ! Machination.- +1/0 Weapons are given to all allies on the field Discard Warforge x 2

19. Monster Stampede! Machination - Sacrifice two units you control. All units can move one space.

20. Wolf Raiders 2/2- Wolf raiders may move 2 spaces. Adjacent Units you contro maybe attached to wolf Raiders and may move alongside them. Discard Wolf Raiders if defeated. x2
Tough choice.....
File: 1356760637327.png-(247 KB, 772x1166, RAINBOW86.png)
247 KB
D- Dom


Charge in to see if he can get the cute card. Or other cards.
Am I the only one who sees that this might be a really shady scam occuring ?
No I see it too, but apparently Dom likes pretty things.
Slap Dom and tell him to keep his cool, if he wants something cute it better not suck.
Flying dive tackle!
File: 1356761191504.png-(61 KB, 420x194, RAINBOW87.png)
61 KB
Rolled 4

Surely you can't buy /Just/ One....
Rolled 9

It's a combo, and a bad one. If he can't control himself this badly, tell him that Goose will give him a cute card whenever he finds one, free of charge if he dodges this scam.
File: 1356762352999.png-(267 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW88.png)
267 KB
Noses were broken. As were countertops.

The deal was called off successfully, but the Dom alliance has been strained a bit. Thankfully you promise him the first cute thing you see. This eases him up for now.

It seems this place is all but shut down... and we still haven't found the real store owner it seems...

>Wat do.
Better check those arcades then, might have a clue even if they are broken.
If there is some sort of backstage area, let's go there. Do we need to roll dices?

No dices are needed. Most choices are in character. Or go by the momentum of their mood*
File: 1356764363764.png-(274 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW89.png)
274 KB
We found 2, and all of a sudden, everything around us seemed to cry out with a familiar bleak message I've been hearing all my life...

[sorry about the length went to take out the trash]
Investigate, now. But carefully and keep an eye on the scammer chick.
Hm, which machine to pick...
File: 1356764919102.png-(147 KB, 900x600, NOTDOM04.png)
147 KB
" Hmmmmm... it seems any one of these machines are playable... but we only have two coins. Goose you're good with these kinds of things right ? Why dont you pick a game ? "

> What the heck do you mean by that...
Rolled 4

All of them look interesting, let's see for luck!
1 is airplanes, 2 is shroom, 3 is skulls and 4 is unknown.
Mshroom might have something cute, but then Dom would not fight it. I vote the one the other noted as 1 or 2
I like planes.
seems votes are all across the board...
Alright I like the roll. I vote unknown and planes.
File: 1356766461530.png-(303 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW90.png)
303 KB
Well... if you're picking I guess you'd go for the thing your deck would be good at right ?

Huh... looks like some boring period piece. We better be fighting martian nazis or I'm leaving both the tokens to you.

You ready
Goose ?
> Sure, Let me dive in.
> Why dont you come along ?
> Better idea, I have a hunch that theres gonna be Martian nazis. I'll watch your back.
I vote planes. Because warcrimes.
>Why dont you come along ?

I suppose if goose fails the first time we can get dom or him to try again.
>Come Along
We be tag-teaming it, mon. Come at us!
File: 1356768300365.png-(313 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW92.png)
313 KB
and so..

the die is cast
File: 1356768506402.png-(65 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW38.png)
65 KB
Since its 3am let's pick this up tomorrow.

It looks like a big fight is on the horizon and more cards must be made !

See you tomorrow and thanks for playing.

Continuation Time: Tomorrow Noon Est. [approximation]
Since when are you ever on time?
>. Since now ?

I still have some 40 odd minutes left
I'm gone so long you're on time now and we're making schedules? Oh how things have changed.
> Loading Battlefield...
File: 1356802820420.png-(195 KB, 800x500, RAINBOW91.png)
195 KB
As suspected we enter the field of combat completely void of any presence.

We can only suspect that in here, /they/ have struck as well.

>> Get ready !

Pick 20 Cards for Goose

Pick 20 Cards for Dom

Otherwise we pick them at random.

Cards Loading....
Dom, here's my Cards; What's yours look like ?

Man what ? What makes you think I'll show you-

... Oh fine.


> We'll get started when deck ideas get constructed.
Ok, so we pick all the obvious one first

>City + 2

These allow us to get our army growing strong. Maybe put Red Alert there

>101st Platoon x3
>Bravo x2

These are easy to put on the field so it should be our initial army

>Mortar Strike

Bolo is going to be our heavy hitter so we need her to stay alive as much time as she can.
this is what i think, most of the other units are really situational to be really needed
File: 1356804258638.png-(223 KB, 900x600, rainbow94.png)
223 KB
The field changed in size... does it have something to do with the number of players involved or...
>Warzone (If we deploy the Skeleton Soldiers, does it matters if the Warzone was from Dom or from Goose)

Our usual stuff, Redhand is also a great finish for stuff, i'm going more goblin based, so no stuff like mountains needed, and if we don't need to use our Warzone to summon Skelly Soldiers then we could drop it too

>Red Goblins
>Yellow Goblins
>Green Goblinx3

Fucking Goblins man, so good

>Chief Gorgon
>Unending Horde
>Minion Shield
>Skelly Soldiers x2

Some extra stuff
File: 1356806237559.png-(221 KB, 900x600, Rainbow95.png)
221 KB
. . . . D'you hear that ?
So who's our enemy?
File: 1356806872706.png-(235 KB, 800x500, RAINBOW97.png)
235 KB
.... It's them ....
Since we are playing doubles, We could do well to order our actions like so.

Fields: 101st
Plays: Mortar strike
Moves 101st towards enemy

Hey look a kitty !

Walk into closest stars and Field Warzone and Cave
File: 1356807789098.png-(190 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW98.png)
190 KB

Right.. we have to get moving..
jesus christ how horrifying

Really wish we snatched that gum when we could have...
Oh boy they look bigger then I remember them. Let's start with our homefield and get ready to rumble. If Dom can slip past them he might be able to set his field on the other side for a pincer.
File: 1356809408059.png-(259 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW99.png)
259 KB
The enemy is at the gates- More reason to fortify on it as soon as possible !
File: 1356809547234.png-(258 KB, 800x500, RAINBOW100.png)
258 KB

Wait ! What are you doing ! That's too far up ahead ! Don't start the asskicking without me !

> Each Player has 1 Field left.


Attack ?
Fields 101platoon
If we can, move one box back

Field Yellow Goblin
Yellow Goblin
Red Goblin
I agree with this.
File: 1356811705499.png-(386 KB, 1000x625, RAINBOW101.png)
386 KB
" 101st is all set up"

Think we should attack our contacts ?

>> Attack or Pass ?

I believe we still have one play... if we do we should probablly buff Goose and 101st with two mortar strikes ?
Attack the nearest monsters
I don't know
There is only one creature that we can attack

I see no need to buff something just for one creature

It's likely that the two Slimes behind it will merge into the same spot and knock out goose on their turn. Of course if we send up the 101'st to advance on the square that might not happen. [We end up losing the 101st though.]
But the strike is only until the end of the turn
Does it stays on the slime turn?
Can't we kill 1 of them with the 101st and walk Goose to the second and also kill it?

I would assume so since " This turn" might cover the player and the enemy's ? Otherwise its reusable so...
Fighting is a turn ending step.
Advancing an attacker is offered however.


Attack and Advance is offered if the target is defeated. Allowing [the] attacker to move into their space in a single step. As of now, the last thing left to perform is

Playing a card;
Fighting an enemy- which will conclude our turn.
The 101st needs to advance up then... sorry guys ; _;
Well at least the 101 will come to our hand and hopefully Dom will be able to play a Skelly Soldier
File: 1356813535222.png-(412 KB, 1000x625, RAINBOW102.png)
412 KB
A Combined arms assault easily sees to the monster's decimation.

The enemy moves next...
File: 1356814479318.png-(305 KB, 900x600, rainbow103.png)
305 KB
In the far distance of this world a rumble.. like the guttoral cries of a machine-beast reincarnate.
This is bad news right?
File: 1356814760798.png-(385 KB, 1000x625, RAINBOW104.png)
385 KB
In the distance a Behemoth of a motorized fortress sails from the soil as if it was red water. Its presence an indication of massive battles to come.

The enemy abstains from attacking... The black oozes focuses instead on their battle lines..

And our turn arrives again...
File: 1356815313281.png-(250 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW105.png)
250 KB
" Goose ! You should go back to your nexus and log out while you still can ! This place is compromised !
Well that sucks.

just for precaution

Field BOLO

move into nexus

Attach Yellow Goblin

FIELD Yellow Goblin and Green Goblin

Move into Nexus
*Field Yellow goblin and red goblin my bad
[brb lunch break 20m]

Also When fielding its good to note the location of the field. Since it is possible to field from any location you have taken over. [provided they're the right terrain type]
File: 1356818700343.png-(392 KB, 1000x625, RAINBOW106.png)
392 KB
" Good you made it in the nexus- now all you have to do is log yourself out-- I can take care of my cards fro-- - "

>Log out ?

We got that extra life, we should be fine. Let's make sure Dom gets out first. Or even win this.
this we should at least cover Dom

Attack with Bolo and 101 and advance with Bolo
File: 1356820692395.png-(292 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW106.png)
292 KB
The exit shrimp ! Secure it or we'll be stuck-
I don't remember Goose running away in his first dream, lets beat these shadows, and that tank. Let's take the lower area for a city and field all of our support, Dankirk etc.
Ask Dom what he thinks, fight or flight, and we go with his decision. He might like to have a say in this.
File: 1356821891477.png-(282 KB, 900x600, RAINBOW110a.png)
282 KB

The exit... It's gone... Dom.

We're stuck here !
Holy shit it's 6 ?

Let's take a break for now shall we ? We'll see if we get more people by ... around 10 let's say ?

Yeah.. B)
Thanks for playing.
Welp, Theres only way out now

We have to conquer their nexus
Before we this game further in, compiled decks of both our protagonists.

Goose : http://pastebin.com/jAjmsfC6
Dom : http://pastebin.com/7tG2Hww6

Don't forget to note the decks were incomplete, so some cards were added in.
The list was done with that in mind, this is a set of 2 completed decks.
So just curious we can only move one unit per turn right?

Correct. Each deck has its own way of cheating that - Dom attaches units together to make one super-unit that moves together, while Goose just adds more Move actions using certain combat doctrines, etc.
So about super unit thingmuhbob.
If lets say the Gorgon Leader attaches a goblin and then dies, does the goblin die too.

No the goblin wouldn't die. But it'd be pretty crappy all on its own. But that's why Minion Shield exists, so that situation doesn't end up happening.
So here is my vote to get an HQ going to field Monday & Bazooka Jill to get the gigantic Tank down
Bumping for OP
Alriiiight I escaped from the cold clutches of slumber Everyone report on in while I get ready. I just woke up so pardon me while I get something to eat.

Excited : >
File: 1356838576806.png-(254 KB, 900x600, RAINBOWARCADEQUEST03.png)
254 KB
We Need 4 starts to continue : O

Whose turn is it now?
Can we ask Basilica about the stats on that deviltank?
[Press any key]
The quest for food has been wrought with business calls [good ones]. we can get ready. And it looks like someone compiled a card directory for me. I will use it to fix somethings on the deck. ETA 25m
File: 1356841693672.png-(381 KB, 1000x625, RAINBOW108.png)
381 KB
While we wait-

Decide your next move:
Each decker has 1 play left.
-Fighting phase

Probably have Dom attach to those gobs beside him, then play Unending Horde Combat Doctrine

Goose should either prepare by playing Red Alert or else Mortar Strike something that may need the help soon
Does Dom have any moves left? After attaching he could go to the S of the nearest unoccupied node (North Node of Hearts) so his gobbos could beat up any monster trying to Tar that node.

Neither one has moves, just plays
In that case, Dom with Unending Horde and Goose with Red Alert sounds good.
We'll see what the next turn wrought.
File: 1356845215456.png-(454 KB, 1000x625, RAINBOW111.png)
454 KB
The 101st attacks. Bolo provides cover fire..
With our escape attempt foil there's nothing for it left but to stand our ground and fight.

File: 1356846960837.png-(527 KB, 1000x625, RAINBOW112.png)
527 KB
The enemy has mobilized...
They're acting faster than we suspect...

Player Phase !
File: 1356847669595.png-(280 KB, 900x600, Rainbow113.png)
280 KB
Goose since you're staying here to fight let me tell you about the Dear Mars Deck: Its a flyer deck focused mainly on air combat. That means only projectiles are able to harm them.

It looks like the martians on my deck got invovled.. this is bad. It could lead to a lot of problems but I think Dom is both the best and worse answer against it.

03. Fortress. Tower 3/5 Retaliate. This Fortress fires back when fired upon.

04. The Rolling Castle Hekmatar 5/12 Retaliate. Instead of Moving Hekmatar may field a Flying unit. Discard on Death x1 Home Nexus Required.

02. Spit Fire 2/1 Flying. Spitfires can formation alongside another flyer. Fortress Required

08. Martian Dish. 1/1 Token Retaliate. An MD token is fielded at your controlled nexus or any empty space adjacent to it whenever your opponnent fields something.

So, ranged attacks are no good? We have to focus on giving covering fire Dom's goblin forces, so that they can move up and take out the fortress.

No it means ONLY ranged attacks will harm them.

That means guns or anything that fires

more than one hex**
Ah it looks like the list coffee put up doesn't match. Is there mistake here or are we shotgunning it
> Mite fix that...

I propose this.


Goose move 2 S
Freeplay City on that nexus
Play HQ on that nexus
Field Lt. Monday SE of nexus
Field Jackal on W nexus
Field Mobil Demo near W nexus


>Field Death Korps on E controlled nexus, attach to Red Hand; all gobbos adjacent attach to Red Hand
>The Red Hand and all attached adjacent creatures all move 1NW
>Play Monster Stampede, sacrificing the 2 goblins not attached to the Red Hand
>Dom's massed unit moves N as possible
>Freeplay Warzone on nexus
>Field Red Goblin on newly captured nexus
>Attacks: Yellow Gob+Red Hand on W black sludge, Red Gob on E black sludge
File: 1356849149050.png-(456 KB, 393x1707, Correction.png)
456 KB
There we go;
Proper non randomized cards.
cannot Field Jackal; any other suggestions ?
maybe field nothing instead, not like it'll be useful yet unless it can move 2
File: 1356850913878.png-(1.19 MB, 1576x1078, RAINBOW114.png)
1.19 MB

> it seems monster stampede affects all allied units Now ALL UNITS get 1 free move !

Stay there and bide your time, we'll take advantage of this revelation later
File: 1356852456638.jpg-(442 KB, 1000x625, RAINBOW115.jpg)
442 KB
The Northern front crumbles under Red hand's power despite being rushed to the front by monsters !

Dom:Hehehehehhe A stampede and charge combo, This is one for the playbooks !

> Advance into the enemy hex ?

Not yet, we made the gains we needed this turn, now is time for preparations.
File: 1356853482086.png-(565 KB, 1000x625, RAINBOW116.png)
565 KB
Basillica: good , you've got your half of map "colonized" it seems. Watch out for the enemy's movements.

The enemy moves next...
File: 1356854610608.png-(595 KB, 1000x625, RAINBOW117.png)
595 KB
> The enemy plays a defensive game. Shoring up the lines with flyers and Ooze..

Player Phase ? Or should we continue tomorrow.
Seems like its getting late.

Tis tis, let's continue this tomorrow afternoon whenever we're feeling up for it.

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