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/tg/ - Traditional Games

File: 1356277813703.jpg-(129 KB, 855x510, The Gingerperor laid to rest.jpg)
129 KB
-in which I bake a gingerbread Baneblade.

Happy holidays everyone.
I'm sorry I haven't really been here that much this past year.
Nor do I have a new santa mini to post.

But I have some dough thawing on the table, and was hoping to at least bake a little for you, like in past years.
maybe finally do that Baneblade we've talked about since 2009.

I won't go into personal details as I'm sure nobody gives two shits, but this is probably the last time I'll be doing this.
I have a job now, and I'm looking into quitting warhams entirely as soon as I get my collection sold off.
Maybe I'll still make a display piece here or there. Maybe finish the Primarchs. But really, I doubt there will be more armies for me.

I'm not saying this is it, old friends, because I think 'it' was more than six months ago.
But hey, let's have one more thread together. For old times' sake.

I'll start posting photos of the tank as soon as I get the dough into workable shape.
>actually doing a Baneblade

Oh shit
How exactly do you bake a tank?
goodnight sweet prince
As a man inspired by your work, I salute you and your last hurrah.

You will be missed.
File: 1356279631937.jpg-(370 KB, 503x670, DSC00453.jpg)
370 KB
Much the same one bakes any other machine of war.
It's good to know I have at least some legacy.
You will be missed, friend. Best wishes wherever you may wind up
Do not abandon, Scriptarius. You canĀ“t.

If I had the money right now I would buy some minis off you. At least some bitz.
Aw man. I hope things are all right, Scripty.
Hm. I did wind up here and there. So far, I've gotten shit done. Keeping up that old /tg/ spirit.
I kinda feel my time here is ogre. I barely see conversion threads any more, and the few I do see are so heavily painting orientated there is nothing I can really contribute.
I intended to give out some kits today to those who joined in on the baking, but it got something of a chilly welcome so I dropped the idea.
They are, they are. As I said, I have a stable job now. On the side I've built a pen and paper RPG.
Next I hope to tackle my old goal of learning to use Unity.
Thing is, with all this, I simply have no time for models. I did make a new Lorgar (and posted it in the conversion general I saw) but that's the only model I've made since... april, I think.
There is no chilly welcome for our brother Scriptarius. Is just that League of Legends fans and various other faggots decided to infest this board and our new friends have not yet been introduced to your skill, manliness and good looks.
So how big are you making the baneblade? Tabletop scale?
That was the plan.
I just pulled the tracks and bottom from the oven and am waiting for them to cool.
There has been a marked change in the state of this board, that I do not deny, but I lets be serious. I'm just a guy who glues kits together. And bakes.
>I'm just a guy who glues kits together. And bakes.
Exacly. An awesome guy.

BTW, did you quit the army or is that your steady job?
Awh man, I only really got caught up on your stuff in the last year Scripy, real shame that you're giving it up.

Loved your Primarch stuff!

Best of luck in the future!
I got out of the army long ago. I went to uni for a while and then hopped out when I got a job offer from Rovio.
I do hope to finish those primarchs. Even if I lost six of them to a scammer.
Man, I am getting old.
I remember that. Which ones are left to finish?
>Be one of the best Warhams conversion guys out there
>Build all sort of stuff and post it on /tg/
>Get a job
>No more Warhammer ever more
>Sell off all the Warhams
>Stow away all the massive conversion bits boxes
>Turn off the lights

That's pretty surreal, dude. I mean, you were like the Warhammer guy. And now you don't have time left? Gotta be more to the story than that, someone dedicated like you just don't quit because no more time.
I can smell a woman in that story from behind my entire Magic collection.
File: 1356281731656.png-(6 KB, 265x265, Reaction 44.png)
6 KB
>Even if I lost six of them to a scammer.
May he always roll 1's to armor saves!
File: 1356281922530.jpg-(410 KB, 804x1072, P3120080.jpg)
410 KB
I've been at this for... 12 years now.
But in the past eight months I've only made maybe four models total. One was a commission.
I've given my time to that RPG I mentioned. I always was happiest when I was making something, and it turned from a little side project into a major time sink.
Just looking at my projects table.... I see thousands of dollars worth of potential I will never be able to make real at this rate. So I'd prefer to sell it all off, and start over on a different scale. No more armies or massive projects. Just single models, dioramas, the sort. Make this less of a collection thing and more of an art thing. Learn to paint. Sculpt too.
With the cash I could make if someone bought all my old stuff, I would have a solid basis for that.
I haven't had time for women. Work and sleep eat up 19 hours of my day. To share that last 5 with another in any meaningful way would not be possible.
From loss comes hope.
My new Russ and Lorgar are better than the ones I lost.

I must say I'm rather surprised anyone remember me here. I thought being gone for almost a year would make me an old meme of the past.
Didn't he already leave a woman for Warhammer? Or was that someone else?
File: 1356282058726.jpg-(231 KB, 968x760, Lorgar MK3.jpg)
231 KB
Old Lorgar up top there, and here's the new one
I left a woman for /tg/ years ago.
Given that choice, I picked good guys on the internet over a single lady. Given the option to do it again, I would change nothing.
File: 1356282115848.jpg-(19 KB, 286x297, Reaction 19.jpg)
19 KB
>My new Russ and Lorgar are better than the ones I lost.
Poast plox
>I thought being gone for almost a year would make me an old meme of the past.
Bullshit, you are our Fabricator-General, and I have been wondering why I haven't seen you around.
File: 1356282238461.gif-(1.93 MB, 235x240, nod.gif)
1.93 MB
>I picked good guys on the internet over a single lady. Given the option to do it again, I would change nothing.

Well, it's good to know that you are not entirely quiting it. I've seen far too many good people in my day pick up a hobby, become really good in it, and then drop it years later, discarding them like they were never part of their life.

This always makes me a bit sad. It feels like such a waste. We all move on, but what we once did is always part of us. Trying to push that away from us for various reasons, whether it be love, money, time or just another interesting thing is such a waste, I think.
File: 1356282410108.jpg-(291 KB, 1428x624, Russ MK3.jpg)
291 KB
Leman Russ 'ere

I do pop by on occasion here though. As Anon.
I just don't see a need for ten odd unpainted armies in my house.
If only I could catalog all my stuff. The bitz alone are a massive undertaking.
File: 1356282525611.jpg-(3 KB, 126x126, Reaction 495.jpg)
3 KB
They look baller as fuck
next on the list is a new Mortarion and Sanguinius.
When I get time and motivation.
Tell you what, I can't afford much, but if you do get some stuff cataloged I'd be more than happy to buy it off you.
File: 1356283958507.jpg-(1.42 MB, 1800x842, DSC01029.jpg)
1.42 MB
I got some unopened boxes/untouched sprues (IG platoons, 2 Leman Russ Demos, Land Raider Crusader, Valkyrie, Ogre Ironguts, Ogre Whatever that cannon is called, old metal Bloodletters, Dark Eldar Wytches), a few armies worth of finished models (Grey Knights, Blood Ravens, Chaos, Ogres, Warriors of Chaos) assorted this and that (Inquisitors, Dark Angels, old Xmas minis, Chaos Primarchs, Chaos Daemons...) and a shit ton of bits, sprues and stuff.
File: 1356284346255.jpg-(62 KB, 536x536, Reaction 142.jpg)
62 KB
I wish I wasn't broke as fuck or I would've bought some of that. The postage can't be that bad from Winland to Sweden, roight?
File: 1356284865721.jpg-(237 KB, 911x606, Grey Knights Venerable Dr(...).jpg)
237 KB
It's not too bad anywhere. Most of that is plastic so it's a few euros at most.
I'll post some photos as soon as the battery charges
>no WIP pictures

Throw us a bone, man
He said he's getting camera batteries, dude. Patience.

Speaking of which, I need to do the same.
File: 1356286443939.jpg-(181 KB, 758x599, DSC01446.jpg)
181 KB
Camera battery is ded. But I think it has enough juice for a few. One sec.
>Captcha being a dick
I've forgotten how to be good at these since I stopped posting on 4chan...
do you eat your gingerbread creations?
Not usually. It feels like a waste to eat something I put so much time into
Holy shit, Scriptarius. Merry Christmas.
File: 1356287328447.jpg-(55 KB, 631x469, Reaction 4.jpg)
55 KB
Can't wait to see that badboy finished.
I'm having a few stability issues, so I'm letting the frosting set for a while before continuing.
File: 1356287514917.gif-(1.43 MB, 320x232, 1347570671007.gif)
1.43 MB
I am monitoring this thread.
If this is indeed your final thread on /tg/, then I offer a humble salute to you sir- many of your conversions in the past have inspired me to work on my own in the future. God speed fabricator general!
More photos will be provided after it solidifies a little.
Glad to have been of some assistance.
I may yet pop by again, but as said, I have little time these days. Once I get my stuff sold, I may begin visiting conversion topics again with my new things, when I make some.
Have you considered making a sell thread on /tg/ of the bits & kits you want to unload so anons can peruse pics of the wares and contact you?

That's a good idea. Make a bit of catalogue with some pictures, put up some info and Im sure there will be plenty of interest. Otherwise you can use it to sell the stuff on ebay as well.
Not a bad idea.
I'd just need to document everything first
> Scriptarius leaving for green pastures...

(Set to the sound-track of 'the candy man')

Who will make the Rape-train and sprinkle it with dew?
Build it out of Graham and a miracle or two?

The Scriptarius man can...
The Scriptarius can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good!

Thanks for inspiring some cool threads and sweet conversions. You will be missed. Good luck on your new endeavors!
File: 1356288860520.png-(869 KB, 850x465, FC3-7.png)
869 KB
I'm going to miss your crazy and zany works, Scrip.
File: 1356289146023.jpg-(36 KB, 800x600, Reaction 80.jpg)
36 KB
>dat cosplay
I'm grateful that I'm remembered as more than an attention whore.
Top pic will of course go to fa/tg/uys.
Hey Scriptarius did you ever get around to reading that article about the structural strength of gingerbread?
File: 1356289421227.png-(737 KB, 847x462, FC3-4.png)
737 KB

Got to love Michael Mando for being Vaas.
I still have it on me. An interesting read.
File: 1356289808615.png-(49 KB, 864x576, Reaction 106.png)
49 KB
>Michael Mando
>Mando grew up wanting to be a writer or an athlete.
>He was shot in the knee in his mid-twenties
File: 1356289821748.png-(366 KB, 640x480, rock_on.png)
366 KB
Hey. . I don't know if you give a shit about my experience or want to know about it.

But for various reasons I quit collecting miniatures almost ten years ago.
But I'm still here, reading some threads about a hobby I once enjoyed immensely.

It may feel like it's the end, but it's just the beginning of something else.
Don't forget it all. Take an hour here and there to come back, it can be worth it.

Anyway, your gingerbread building threads were the fucking thing, man.
Pic related.
File: 1356290522218.jpg-(202 KB, 909x574, DSC01449.jpg)
202 KB
Ok this is sort of coming together.
But I'll be honest. I'm not really feeling it.
This is all for you guys. I won't let you down if I can help it.
Calling it one last sacrifice is over dramatic, but really, this is kind of a struggle.
>I'm not really feeling it.
I understand that feel. I think most of /tg/ are out doing xmas related things.
File: 1356291082874.jpg-(191 KB, 801x574, DSC01451.jpg)
191 KB
>have to move it to make some space
>it falls apart
Forget it. I'm done.
If you're bored with it, turn it into a Chaos tank. Slaaneshi up that thing. Might make for some interesting decorations.
The little baneblade that durped!

It's okay, mate. If you aren't feeling it, you aren't feeling it.

No hard feelings mein Fabricator-General.

It's been fun watching your baking threads over the years.
File: 1356291351246.gif-(499 KB, 500x281, 1333840043087.gif)
499 KB

It falls apart like your passion to Warhammer.

That makes me really sad.
looted baneblade
File: 1356291592897.jpg-(51 KB, 698x289, Happy unremarkable tuesday.jpg)
51 KB
I blame this new dough. It's soft as fuck unlike the stuff I'm used to.

Anyway, you >>22185943 I'm giving a special mention to.
And to the rest of you ITT.
You guys.
The what... six? of you.
I've been here for the past five years. I left without so much as a word after what in retrospect was a very minor thing.
I came here today expecting nothing but a 0 reply threads falling off page 15.
And hey, while it was not a long chat, you still put enough faith back in me for me to go from "I'm quitting and that's it" to "I'm selling the surplus and taking a new kind of start."
You rekindled a lot of hope for both a hobby and a community.
Please never become shit.

I'll be around the rest of the night if you want to talk.
File: 1356291774962.jpg-(183 KB, 807x740, Mappar.jpg)
183 KB
Hey Scrip, if you are interested you can pick and choose a couple of folders and I'll upload them to mediafire for you.
I haven't been here for the thread and I visit /tg/ only occasionally, but I know your name and I enjoy your work. Stay gold
File: 1356292067935.jpg-(195 KB, 801x574, reel tonk.jpg)
195 KB

I love watching you work, Scripty. Hope the military thing goes / has gone / went well (how long is that, anyways?) and that a break alleviates some of that burn-out. You generate too many quality ideas to simply walk away altogether.
>blacked out one
Are you hiding something from me~?
That was... a year and a half ago.
I may stick around to see if board quality goes up again. And even if not, seeing as how people still remember me and actually want me back... maybe I'll come by some conversion threads when I can.

And I'll try cataloging all my stuff, just in case /tg/ has buyers.
File: 1356292510864.jpg-(35 KB, 400x300, you're awesome.jpg)
35 KB
I hope you don't disappear for good, man. I used to read your threads all the time back in the day, and it'd be a sad day if the Fabricator-General of /tg/ were to pass beyond our plane into the "real world", never to return.
I'm sure many anons would be interested in buying from you scriptarius, you're a legend around here.
Hell, I don't really play 40k anymore, other than the RPGs, but I'd buy stuff off you just to show how much we're glad to have you around!
Drawn Porn, it contains pictures I am not comfortable sharing. Anything else that catches your eyes? I will go back as Anon if not.
File: 1356292759015.jpg-(296 KB, 1000x750, DSC01233.jpg)
296 KB
Is God Emperor of Mankind referring to the artist or the character?
If you have anything in mind, just say so
The artist
File: 1356292967507.jpg-(391 KB, 1701x2330, fulgrim by Emperor.jpg)
391 KB
This artist?

I wish you the best of luck in future ventures good sir.
How many artists going by the name of God Emperor of Mankind are there?
I love both the captain guy in your post, and the dreadnaught further up, but I'm such an awful painter, I doubt I could do them justice - I'd probably just keep them unpainted and on a shelf.
Probably five or more.
Buncha dumbasses.
File: 1356293552025.jpg-(293 KB, 1455x1290, DSCF4642.jpg)
293 KB
i haven't been around much myself too and i am also in kinda this situation where i basically have to quit the hobby.
and i too feel this board changed and is no longer the place it used to be for me.
but dude, don't sell off all your stuff, you'll regret it.
i moved and couldn't take it with me so i put it in storage, i just can't abandon the hobby completely
please don't abandon this place
cool to see ya posting again Scriptarius, I found your account on dakka but hadn't seen anything posted in there in a long time. With the threads make a conversion thread if you don't see one I'm always on the lookout for new model ideas and general building discussions.
I'm drawing a complete blank atm (I blame holiday shopping for mental burnout); but do you have an email or social networking page I could message if I think of something?
Scriptarius dude, you seem to be in a low place right now.

Why do you think /tg/ would forget about you?


Sure, most of the newfags around here that does nothing but animu-quest probably have no idea who you are. But /tg/ remembers those whom bring it content.
Well, that is no different a fate to what they siffer with me.
The army also includes 10 converted power armour and up to 20 or so terminators, 12 metal.
As I said, I'm not abandoning things. I'm taking a new approach. No more armies. Just show pieces. Those were always my forte.
I left Dakka behind ages ago.
My DA is a little more recent, but barely.
This time of year is always a little emotional for me.
Maybe a bit more so this year, with the death in the family. Times change. I feel I need to change with them. If animu quests and necron waifus are what this board is about now, who am I to say my content was better?
God speed, Scriptarius.
If I had money I would most definitely buy some of your IG stuff.

And how could you think /tg/ would have forgotten you, brother Scriptarius? You're our Fabricator General, the Forge Master of our dreams.
What you lack in painting and sculpture skills you make up for with unparalleled control of plastic, metal, and resin. The materials bow to your will and take the form of epic creations, if as though you played the song of the wraithbone.

Sure the board has changed, cluttered with quest threads, pointless arguments over boob-plate armor, and anime wank-fu, but there are still precious gems to be found amongst the rubble.

Do not disappear forever into the darkness, good brother. Stay, if only to chat, or occasionally make fun of Ward's newest abomination or GW's latest awful sculpture.

We miss you. :(
cool, I might email you once the new year rolls around Scriptarius.

Hope the holidays bring about some good tidings for you good sir.
File: 1356294493805.jpg-(66 KB, 267x400, utterd.jpg)
66 KB
>Scriptarius quitting Warhammer
>Scriptarius quitting /tg/
At least you weren't driven off by sagefags like everyone was saying.

I'll miss you Scripty. I'll miss the threads. I'll miss that time I annoyed you by posting about LordLysander's bastardization of Finnish folklore.

Hope the job is awesome. I'll probably think about your stuff for years to come.
Scripty, you inspired me to be more creative with my models. I mean, I'm still shit, but less shit than I was before.

Also, the BBEG Daemon Prince in my Dirk Horsey campaign was Rapetrain.

May the frozen roads of your icy homeland rise to meet you, sir, and Crom grant you the courage to crush empires beneath your feet.
>Sure the board has changed, cluttered with quest threads, pointless arguments over boob-plate armor, and anime wank-fu

This isn't a change. I've been here since '07, and all of the above existed. Quests wax and wane. Tumblrfaggotry has replaced Sergalfaggotry and Flarefaggotry. ELF SLAVE WAT DO and ELF RAEP WAT DO are just as prevalent as ever. It's still Shit Mountain, and if you dig deep enough, you still just might find a diamond.
>At least you weren't driven off by sagefags
I was.
I came back as Anon.
I like those new DA Termiantors, even if the PARTY SKIMMER OF BROTHER TIESTO is horrible.
As to why I thought I was forgotten, lets just say in the ever shifting seas of the internet, I was sure one name would be swiftly lost if I did not keep it alive
Welcome to rehab.

Might keep a dick 500 point army or something myself. Nurgle oblits and cultist spam or otherwise comparable.

I basically quit for /k/ related hobbies and the fact you must spend 200+ dollars a year to remain in 40k. Not accounting gas, time(it's also money), being forced to attend a clique you rather play against online... Things like that.
>OP struggles to finish his creation.avi

File: 1356294946589.jpg-(204 KB, 800x600, Baneblade.jpg)
204 KB
Not just yet son. Not yet...
But one day you will, I promise you that.
Derp. I was going to add this thread to the archive, but got the wrong threadnumber.,

If anyone else could add this instead, I gotta wait an hour before I can add a new one.
File: 1356295586066.jpg-(170 KB, 1678x2100, funguyfromyuggoth.jpg)
170 KB
Scripty, you were the best of us.

Just for being a nice guy to talk to. You didn't really whore out for attention too much, and your baked goods and conversions deserved attention because they were awesome. You made a great contribution to the board instead of sage bombing threads you didn't like. That's the sort of poster who makes a *chan board healthy.

I remember when you started. You made a thread as a namefag and we taunted you, and you went along with it and answered all the questions and was just generally good fun.

I'll miss the converting. I'll miss the innocent banter. I'll miss CONVERTO. I'll miss that time you posted ponies and secret but fun.
File: 1356295763958.png-(112 KB, 250x250, 1356034059834.png)
112 KB
>people saging a Scriptarius thread
They merely adopted the /tg/, we were born in it.

Seriously though, what the fuck, hearing that makes me despair.
We'll miss you buddy. Really.
File: 1356295928366.jpg-(323 KB, 442x3000, DSC4PR1LF00L5.jpg)
323 KB
It wasn't even my threads. I wouldn't mind people saging mine. But when the threads of others began suffering sage bombs when I posted in them, I had had enough.
Glad to see /tg/ still has good regards for its own. Take care, Script. Hope the thread's still up when I get home from work.
>dat pony
See, stuff like that makes this board a better place. They caused the same problems but the way pony was treated was so different to touhou and much less mature.
We really needed somebody to just have some fun and make the topic non-serious.
Just added it again properly. If you upvote this thread, make sure to pick the 2nd archived thread (one with 40k as a tag) to prevent confusion.
File: 1356296353005.jpg-(230 KB, 791x861, HAAHAHAHAHA.jpg)
230 KB
Sorry to pop in like this but..
>LordLysander's bastardization of Finnish folklore.
Can you provide this?

Also best of luck in life to Scriptarius.
Ja kiitokset kaikesta.
Flooding a thread just because you jumped in? That is deeply confusing.
That was the point where I dropped the name. I don't want to see good threads become pointless drama because of me.
File: 1356296641361.jpg-(126 KB, 1477x850, The Ministry.jpg)
126 KB
He has an elaborate fanfiction about elves and space marines living together in Leminkainen, and a couple of them are named from Finnish heroes the rest are named after WoW characters. Something to do with him trying to impress this Finnish girl he was ERPing with.
Holy crap Scipty. I am so sad to see you leaving, and maybe you will stick around at this rate. Your threads were very inspiring.
File: 1356296915153.gif-(2.66 MB, 200x113, fawk.gif)
2.66 MB

Thank you.
>Trying to impress someone you are already ERPing with
I don't get it
The break did me good at least.
I've been able to get lots of shit done. And I'm pretty happy about life too.
/tg/ will always be special to me. I just wish it as easier to find those gems among the shit.

Well you see you impress them so they will come fuck you in real life, of course
File: 1356297209480.jpg-(156 KB, 502x421, lord lysander.jpg)
156 KB
>Storm of Chaos poster
Ah, good memories.
Hey scriptarius. I've only started visiting /tg/ last month and my knowloadge of WH is less than 3 hours checking a wiki. But your dough models look cool as shit.
File: 1356297532182.png-(33 KB, 700x700, 126219987917.png)
33 KB
> I just wish it as easier to find those gems among the shit.
Well that's kind of how it is everywhere, bro. I come on here from time to time and only vaguely recall seeing you a few times, but from what I gather, you've been a part of this place, and a good part at that. It's always unfortunate to have someone leave when they might actually be a positive aspect of this place.

It is good to hear you've gotten your life on track, though, and I believe I speak for a few when I say that I wish you the best of luck, both on the internet and in the rest of your life.

Also, anyone who can post relevamnt-to-/tg/ ponies and not have a shitstorm is good in my book.
From a lowly Enginseer to the Fabricator General himself, I salute you sir. Your skill was second to none and your creativity a marvel to behold. Your threads were always an awesome read and it was inspiring to see someone as skilled as you just coming here to crack a yarn about the stuff that we all enjoyed.

Deus ex Machina Fabricator General.
Really, all I ever did was try to be a good guy.
But in a place where it is easier, and more common, to simply bitch and rage instead, even that can bring a lot of good one's way.

And I agree. You just need to know where to look to find the good things. For example, I have /v/ to thank for many lovely games I might have missed otherwise. First and foremost, the Souls games.
When are you going to start selling your stuff OP ?
Give us an ETA I dont want to miss it.
B-but you can't go

you're too awesome to go...

come visit from time to time, please.

(also I'd galdly take any imperial guard stuff of your hands)

>sonichu medallion
Oh god my sides

Also, yaaaay, Scriptarius. I love you, good luck in all of your endeavors! Emperor bless your heart and your hands.
File: 1356298474187.jpg-(279 KB, 618x498, DSC00534.jpg)
279 KB
I need to take photos of everything, catalog it and come up with prices for the converted stuff.
Then, if you have anything particular in mind, I can sell it right away.
I'd gladly sell it all.
I have two command platoons, the old batallion box, a leman, two demo lemans, two baneblades, a chimaera, those HQ adjutant dudes, a Creed and some converted guys like a Counts-As-Creed, Counts-As-harker and this Stern.
this guy here

Very interested in your vehicles Op, i didnt want to spend more this month but willing to help a fellow /tg veteran.
Can you get a quick of them , especially the chimera?
File: 1356300470477.jpg-(157 KB, 800x600, DSC00082.jpg)
157 KB
I don't come to /tg/ often but for some reason your name seems familiar. Did you post on /co/ in a certain General at one point?
File: 1356301043340.gif-(23 KB, 400x400, 1304611107479.gif)
23 KB
ah man, Scripty is leaving. I'm sad. I've actually been wondering where you were. I've looked at the catalog on Sundays or conversion/WIP threads for you.

This is a sad day.
File: 1356301094852.jpg-(18 KB, 348x219, chen_sad.jpg)
18 KB
>Scriptarius thread

I...I don't think I can handle this.
As said, I rarely ever see those threads, and when I do, they are mainly about painting.
I do hang out on /co/ too.
Surely there have been new names to take up the mantle since I left
Although lots of us are doing more and more sculpting / converting, nobody else has been doing conversion threads like yours.

We have Work-in-Progress threads, and there's some great talent in there, but its just one picture and a description. No big projects, no CRAZY character collections.
nobody would take a title they thought you were holding.

Have you considered other tabletop games? I think I remember you saying something about not having too many people to play with but a different game with different models may spark something. Infinity has nice models, and Warmachine has a nice popularity to good model ratio.
I did look at warmahordes at some point.
Thing is, 40k is still in my heart. I might move to say, =][=inquisitor scale at some point, but I don't think I'd change systems.
Maybe I should check those some day.
Who knows. Being there might cheer me up and make me want to work on things again.
How many of your models have you sold off so far?
>Wait, Scripty building something!
>The mood isn't right, what's going on... This isn't the same like it used to be.
>Man, I can't remember half of this stuff that's happened.
>The whole mood here...

Can't do shit when ya can't do shit and tonks break down.

Well, you start doing showpieces, then? I actually tried to see if I could try my hands on doing myself a single 1st membranes guard, just because it was the first 40k related thing I ever took part in this board after so much time just ignoring it.

Still haven't managed to do anything that's worth showing.

A little bit of /tg/ dies with you my friend. was so stoked when I saw your thread up. I hadn't seen you since that time I pointed out those wings you had that were looted from one of The Littlest Warboss's happymeals. Good Luck man, Good Luck.
File: 1356301845619.png-(110 KB, 218x216, bowman_stare.png)
110 KB
Sirrah, thou understandest not thine own magnificence.

It's not your amazing conversions.
It's not your crazy gingerbread projects.
It's not your ability to unite all that is good about /tg/ under one banner.
It's not our being a lonesome Finn on the Internet, making an impact on the lives of fellow lonesome spirits.

Any single person might pick up the mantle of fulfilling these roles. There will be others to come. But...only Scriptarius can be Scriptarius. Nobody else has your charisma.
>I might move to say, =][=inquisitor scale at some point


Please, please, PLEASE. PLEASE. I'm on my knees here. Do that. Please do that.
File: 1356302037049.jpg-(819 KB, 1000x750, DSC00872.jpg)
819 KB
None yet.
This is all still in the planning stages.
Project: Primarchs and Demon Primarchs are good examples of stuff I like. Bigger single model show pieces that disregard the rules and just have fun with themselves.
Heh. The fatalism of this thread is really making me reconsider my paths in life.
You people seem to still need this old wanderer.
I really do find that a little odd. To myself I always was just one guy doing his best to be a nice fellow among douchebags.
Funny thing, I did that a long time ago but never stuck to it.
But =][= is a lot more sculpting dependent.
How much might it cost for you to do a couple of models with custom paint jobs?
Cyan paint job with Rainbow blades and Clouds on the armor?
Or.. one sun themed and one moon themed
I'm not much of a painter. I just make models. You're better off looking for a paintjob elsewhere.
File: 1356302905333.gif-(993 KB, 312x176, 1326657009054.gif)
993 KB
Merry Christmas, Hope you enjoy whatever you've moved on too.
Do you have 2 baneblades or other variants too like shadowsword ,stormbalde etc OP ?
Just wanted to drop by and wish you the best of luck Scripty. I didn't always take note of your stuff but when I did I was blown away by it. I hope your PnP RPG is played a million million times over.
I have 2 Baneblades and 1 Stormsword, but that has been used to make a custom Warhound.
Well, for now I'm happy with my crew of a dozen or so testers.
We play daily, and I've learned to love DMing.

Truth be told, that game saved my life. There was a shooting in my town some time back. Had I not been DMing, I would have gone to the bar that got shot up.
pics of the banebaldes and prices please ? and are you plannig to sell warhound too ?

"Go out and be social they said"

"Stop doing your nerdy stuff and go out and have fun!" they said

That sure showed them.
The Warhound is only partially done.
One Baneblade is just the core body, the other is still mostly on sprues.
I planned to make them into a single Stormhammer.
Pfft, What idiot said that? No one I know that's for sure!
Normal people.
I love you OP
I never said I don't love you all back.
Tell me, is there any reliable time when I might find the conversion threads of this day and age?
It was all so easy when I made the majority of them.

We all walk different paths in life; sometimes those paths converge for a time, and sometimes they lead their own separate ways. But sir, I just want to say, if this be our last chance to say it: thank you, for all the good times we had together and all the good things you brought us. On behalf of /tg/ and the little dysfunctional family we have here, thank you for being a part of it. I wish you the best, wherever you end up and whatever you go on to do.

Godspeed, Fabricator-General.
Try and hope for the best? I still haven't managed to pin exactly down how to create amazing thread on /tg/.
I was trying to think of something to say but you did it better than I ever could.

You brought us some good times scripty, I hope you see success in all your endeavors.
File: 1356305956294.jpg-(63 KB, 397x536, 1323127305305.jpg)
63 KB
Indeed this.

Should put some more effort to this reply in order to show gratitude, but damn, he said everything already.
File: 1356306703517.jpg-(454 KB, 946x1690, SCRIPTY(4).jpg)
454 KB
You will not be forgotten.
Believe me. I cherish the memories of this place. The little things as much as the big ones.
You have given me much for what I was able to give back.
And all I ask is that you keep polishing those gems among the shit. That no matter what. You won't let /tg/ fall entirely.
And whenever possible, strive to be the good guys among the shitposting masses. Make good threads. Leave quality replies. Be helpful to one another.
The heart of a community is in its users.
And I see no reason why every one of you could not replace me, given a bit of effort.
File: 1356306931248.jpg-(60 KB, 550x385, Brethren Before Wenches.jpg)
60 KB
>strive to be the good guys among the shitposting masses. Make good threads. Leave quality replies. Be helpful to one another.
>The heart of a community is in its users.

Wisdom. I'll keep that kernel forever, Scripty.
File: 1356310943995.jpg-(54 KB, 381x421, 11.jpg)
54 KB
You, scriptarius, are a inspiration for people like me, would-be converters. Kit bashers and all.

You, sir, are a Bitz-wizard and a Living Legend.

A shining example of how one does probaly use ones bitz.

I salute you sir, and hopefully, one day, that I might take the void that you have left behind.

who am I kidding, I won't do that. there can Only be one Scriptarius. And that is you.

Pic related, one day, one day....
Oh man, it was enough work to make a plastic Baneblade. You're a champ Scriptarius
Your delicious killing machines will forever live on in our stoma~.. hearts!
You're one of those gems Script, thanks for everything.
File: 1356312361557.jpg-(7 KB, 316x202, sad_frog.jpg)
7 KB
Well this thread is a fucking downer isn't it?

Bye Script, don't be a stranger.
Well, I'm off to sleep now.
Thanks one more time to everyone who posted. It rekindled some old fire in me.
Maybe you'll still see me around one day.
You did more for me today than I ever expected possible.

Thanks for that, and to all a good night and merry christmas.
Goddamn, now I just feel miserable. It's always the good ones who go away, isn't it? Or maybe they're the only ones whose passing we notice.
Tarius? Still there?
The end of an era - the end of our General.

Your humor will be missed.

Godspeed with the Emperor, sirrah.
File: 1356321530279.jpg-(215 KB, 640x480, DSCF0411.jpg)
215 KB
... Scripty has/is leaving us... On Christmas Eve.

FUCK this shit.

I shed a single tear for you Scripty. One of the best folks to grace us on /tg/.

I honestly have to say this kinda killed my holiday spirit/conversion muse a little bit. I would Love to become the next Fabricator General but alas I do not see it happening. I will continue with my own Conversions even if /tg/ is unreceptive of them.
File: 1356322406333.jpg-(154 KB, 1550x1400, 1323376952266.jpg)
154 KB
Very late, but there's more than six of us in here. Maybe a little late to the party, but we're here.
This thread made me sad.
File: 1356323321616.jpg-(487 KB, 803x1200, 03d79635a693e62c00824fea3(...).jpg)
487 KB
Here's to a proper send off.


Hopefully you come back to read this thread once more before it expires, but know this. We will always be here to welcome you back. You may be moving onto greener pastures, but if you ever need a haven to retreat to, we'll be here. We may seem a bit odd at times, and different from what you remember, but the basic reasons of why we come here are the same. And I hope that we'll see you back some time. Good luck, and may the Emperor guide your path.

I was just wondering about you a couple days ago for the first time ever, and wondering where you'd gone. I wasn't ever a huge fan of your work, but you did some fabulous jobs I must admit, and I will surely miss you. Somehow you actually saying bye makes it worse though, I always was bad at farewells.

I'm sure you've made the right decisions, you sound convicted enough, but we will miss you.


A word of advice though from me: consider keeping your warhammer stuff, at least that which you are attached to; you could fill a forum with all the people who regretted it when they came back to the hobby 5/10 years later, and even if you didn',t it's a nice reminder of what you had and what you did.
Scriptarius if you check back on this you were a cool guy and /tg/ will be less for you leaving. Thanks for the good times and good luck in all your future endeavors.
File: 1356324394446.jpg-(100 KB, 1024x768, 1329088404736.jpg)
100 KB
File: 1356324588903.jpg-(91 KB, 390x520, 1355961060380.jpg)
91 KB
Late response, but I feel like I gotta gush on you man. I haven't been on for that long (1-2 years) but you're one of the primary reasons I got into 40k, I love your conversions and that gaint-ass titan to bits, and I hope that your new job will be a blast for you.

You inspire me to do conversions, though I'm still very very new to this whole ordeal. For you, I will do my best to not become shit. I will learn how to model and paint and kitbash and convert the SHIT out of everything I touch from 40k to wargaming to minatures in general.

Peace, bro.
Hey scriptarius, im a long time lurker and im going to miss seeing your threads.
File: 1356325260784.jpg-(953 KB, 1949x2285, 1354580431368.jpg)
953 KB
goodbye scripty
To everyone in this thread: he's long gone, but I'll link this thread to where he usually hangs on now when he gets back.

Feel free to keep spreading that love.
Fuck, I missed him.

Been here since the start. Been here a long long time, and this guy? He gets 4chan. Seems this thread has called the grognards out of retirement to pay respect.

The old guard of 4chan rises from its grave, bony fingers clattering a fond salute to those who could stand, with identity, and still be loved.

You did good things for us, Scripty, and /tg/ will always have a place for you.
Thanks fro joining us Scripty, it was good to have you on the board. A parting glass to you!
I feel like this sort of thing should be pinned. for today we lost a legend. And this thread deserves more than to be shunted back due to all the other shit.

Scripty you will be missed and a small remembrance to you will be made part of the base for my HelDragon.
Goodbye, veteran fa/tg/uy. Your skills were impressive, if not to the level your sizable fanbase sometimes claimed, but you were always classy.
File: 1356332211996.jpg-(151 KB, 1600x600, demon cannon.jpg)
151 KB
Goodbye Scripty, and thank you for my demon cannon.
Keeping this alive till he gets back
Scripty, just know, there's people here who will always welcome you back with open arms. You've always been a bro, you've made some of the coolest shit for us, and damn it, you're an awesome guy.

When you chose us over that chick, that meant something. I wish you the best on your path, and may Fharlanghn guide your steps, and bring you back to us one of these days. On to Journey's End brother.

Sit down Anon, I have some bad news...
I browse /tg/ casually. I'm never able to keep up with the 'namefags' of the boards, but I know every time Scriptarius posted his Primarch models, I'd call up a few friends and tell them the URL for the threads.

Then, I saw the gingerbread Titan one year, and was like "omg wtf best person in existance."

I didn't keep up with every thread you had, Scriptarius, but know that when I read the OP of this- I actually almost teared up.

Thanks for the awesome threads over the years, Scriptarius, and I wish you all the best.
File: 1356336469306.gif-(839 KB, 499x259, tumblr_mbarj4BXcX1rtqprz.gif)
839 KB

File: 1356336569186.jpg-(105 KB, 666x599, 1270939014195.jpg)
105 KB
scrippy, as usual, send my respects to the little warboss
Nah, I know where to get him. I'll make sure he comes back to see your well wishes.
So long Scripty, it's been a fun ride to watch you're works come together and a shame to see your interest wane. Best of luck on your rpg, and hopefully you'll give us a taste at some future date
>This many people even after I left for bed
Oh you guys.

I really expected nothing from this thread. But I got a lot. A lot of hope.
Hope that maybe one day I can walk back here and see the good board I used to. That I can browse at my leisure for good threads, not dredge with a backhoe.

For you guys, I can promise this much - when I do find the time and will to make another model you can believe I will be here to post it.

I may be gone
But I ain't dead. Not yet.

Merry Emperor's Day.
File: 1356343430973.jpg-(114 KB, 707x1000, Cargirls 29.jpg)
114 KB
A thousand catgirls will be waiting for your return, Scripty.
File: 1356343454437.jpg-(230 KB, 1088x1232, MOK.jpg)
230 KB
A Merry Emperors day to you from NZ Scripty. I will attempt to uphold your legacy and dedicate conversion threads in your name. And in time I hope to deem myself worthy of the Title "Fabricator General"

Khorne blessed be thy Scriptarius

Have you considered Battletech? It's a world which needs your fabricating might. So many conversions to be done for models which don't exist.

At the very least, would you consider accepting commisions?
File: 1356344526100.jpg-(503 KB, 2486x1914, sunsetonmars.jpg)
503 KB
This is the passing of an era.

Not the first, and certainly not the last.

But a great change nonetheless.

The swan song of Scriptarius.

Keep going man, if that is your conversion it's looking great. More fabricators are always always valued


A merry emperor's day carol for our favourite fabricator general.

Wow, listening to this I notice I really fucked up recording it. Sorry for the awful quality
File: 1356345033567.jpg-(1.84 MB, 650x2523, 1354653137037.jpg)
1.84 MB
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

2012 has been a devastating and life-changing year for me. This might be minor compared to the genuine life troubles I have but shit, Scripty's work inspired my ass countless times. Thanks to him I aim bigger and better every time.

For that, stranger, I thank you.
Lets call it a christmas miracle, but you guys have made me change my mind about a lot of things.
Don't get me wrong. I'm still planning to sell stuff off. But maybe, just maybe, there are enough of you crazy diamonds in here to come back on occasion, exchange stories and tips, post pics of new things.
I think I'll even start on a new Mortarion soon. Or Sanguinius. I want to see that project to its end.

Thanks lads.
You've ignited some new fire in me.
Remain excellent to one another. And in my name, select some new Fabricators for yourselves. I may have been the first but there is no sense in letting me be the last.
File: 1356346199605.jpg-(116 KB, 533x664, 5zV5R.jpg)
116 KB
It's because we love you, oh Wise Wanderer.

We'll be waiting for the day you return.
File: 1356346479507.jpg-(217 KB, 1600x1143, 1283467580654.jpg)
217 KB
Your legendary skills and deeds give birth to a whole following of new Fabricators, Techpriests and the like as well as some horrible creations by Servitors who mean well.

For this, I believe it fitting that you should be stripped of the title of Fabricator-General.

And crowned....

You're one of the only reasons I used to check this board in the first place. It was part of that '/tg/ gets shit done' mentality the board has always had to varying degrees over the years. Best wishes, Fabricator-General.
File: 1356347179610.jpg-(110 KB, 500x500, 1317173699227.jpg)
110 KB
>new Fabricators, Techpriests and the like
And don't forget the Mekboyz.

Scripty, you're a decent git.
Even if you're not going to stay here --
Stay Awesome.
File: 1356347230896.gif-(2.14 MB, 302x220, 1330148810717.gif)
2.14 MB
Feels good knowing at least one of us around from the old days is still going strong.
This thread has, not surprisingly, made me think of Strelnikov. Sadly he wont return. I hope you ahev a good future, I havent seen much of your work sadly, been going to 4chan for some time, never /tg/ until the last few years. I have only played about 3 sessions of D&D and this board is by far my favorite, the onyl reason I ever played D&D. Have a good life, get shit done whatever you decide it be.
File: 1356347374564.jpg-(105 KB, 735x900, 1332907223692.jpg)
105 KB
Aw, No more Scriptarius?

You are still awesome!
I swear to space-goat we'll see Bloomwriter next.
Pardon my ignorance, but who's he?
Leave 40k, Scripty?

Oh, you will be back.

We ALL come back.
Not gnorance, simply uninformed, he spent his time on /k/ and his last few days on /mlp/ joking with the bronies, telling them what ponies would die in a gulag and which ones might escape, then teaching the bronies a bit about weapons. He had lung cancer, he didnt want to suffer slowly from cancer so he shot himself in the heart. He was a great guy to chill with, good shot ( a lot of /k/ is) pretty chill.
True, so very true. You will return, whether you are aware you have done it or not. It WILL happen. Because we love you.
Scripty can never leave us.

With every conversion posted he will be remembered.
Well let's just hope that no one here has lung cancer, a good reason to kill themselves and for god's sake, be in a state of mind to post on /mlp/.

Save that for after christmas.
You are always welcome here oh vanguard of /tg/'s past.

He went on /mlp/to fuck with the bronies, make em mad, let them make him mad, just dick around. He said the show is shit but they are cooler guys than people give them credit for.
...Scriptarius you're leaving us? D:

I thought it odd that I haven't seen any threads from you in ages. I did make sure to come here for your traditional Christmas thread, just in case. I'm glad I did.

I wish you all the luck in the world with your future endeavours! Do not disappoint us y'hear? :(

You're one of us, it doesn't matter if you leave the hobby behind, or never post here again. You are one of the greats that made /tg/ into /tg/ and you'll always be remembered as such, you fantastic person you.

Scriptarius, I am not a 40k player. I can't convert for shit. But every time I see your threads, I want to go out, buy a box of Warhammer and some greenstuff and make some shit.

I can't, because I'm poor, but you give hope to those who haven't.
Look to the stars.
For there is still hope left in fa/tg/uys.
See you around.
Im a relatively new elegan/tg/entleman
But i wish you the best in everything you accomplish in life mighty, Scriptarius.
May nothing but good fortune and victory in both peace and battle find its way to you my friend.

May the blessings of the holy God Emperor and the Omnissiah be upon you, My Fabricator General
Fabricator-General Scriptarius,

I have been on /tg/ since it's dawn and emergence from /b/.
I have seen name fags, same fags, draw fags, write fags, and just plain fags come and go as the years went on, but none have made me feel with such a heavy heart to hear of your leaving.

I had wondered why you weren't around anymore, but alas, real life takes it's tole, and we forget about such things.
I, for one, am glad you are able to find more to life than this... place.

I will always remember your flowing golden locks when ever I cut into pewter or resin, or smell of epoxy putty mixing, and just the shear inspiring pictures of what can be accomplished with just some glue.

Good bye Fabricator-General Scriptarius.

Good bye,

Old Friend.
well damn scripty's leaving I don't know what to think any more. hell I was waiting for the annual bake thread to pop up now i'm not so sure kinda sad.
Scripty, I haven't been on /tg/ for very long, hell I've only just figured out a small fraction of what this board is like. I find out new things every day and I love every second on it.

I've searched the wiki and gone through previous threads, and all I know is that you are one of the father's of /tg/. I wish I could have been around longer to see your craft and maybe learn from you, but alas 4chan's reputation deterred me back then.

Though I may not have been here form the beginning, and though I may be quite new here, you will always be among the pantheon of excellence for me, regardless.

Travel safe and travel well, my lord.
File: 1356377925350.jpg-(21 KB, 504x305, old_snake_salute.jpg)
21 KB
I'm too much of a newfag to remember Scriptarius yet I'm still feeling genuinely sad. What a strange feeling.

Those several months with you guys felt like few years.

Happy holidays to you OP and to every other good elegan/tg/entleman out there.

Goodbye Scripty. You've been an inspiration to be reasonable and helpful in the face of adversity and a flood. You've been a staple of /tg/ and the best namefag I ever saw. Whenever I think of conversions, I will remember you. I wish you the best of fortune in everything you do. I'll miss you. /tg/ will miss you. I hope you only ever meet people half as uncunty as you are. Emperor be with you.
He was an adventurer, like you!
But then...
>"Hmm, it's Christmas lrt's see if Scripty made a thread"
>"He did! YAY!"

I'm a bit late but what the hell.
I still remember when in the name of /tg/ I confered upon you the title of Paragon. Those were fun times.
I can only wish you good luck with any future projects wether /tg/ related or not.

Stay frosty.
An old lurker from the dawn of time salutes you, Scripty. Also been wondering where you went.
File: 1356391153128.gif-(3.43 MB, 320x240, Old Snake Salutes.gif)
3.43 MB
It'll be sad to see you go General, you were always a good tripfag, and always brought awesome things to this board
Hope you'll stick around in some fashion, even just as a anon lurker
This is as much for you as the Fabricator General friend, the old guard must give way to the new
Did he ever post the baneblade? We got so nostalgic I think we forgot about it.
Well shit.

Sorry you're moving on. I remember that asshole sagebombing and rest assured, they are not /tg/.

Anyone who kitbashes a kickass Dorn mini is a damn quality poster. True /tg/ loves conversions, and gingerbread titans, and 40Kristmas models. Dont let a few sperglord faggots and their waifu threads get you down and out.

Live well, it is the greatest revenge.

And if living well entails swinging by /tg/ and contributing some neat kit bashes every once in a while, then all the better.

Thread theme.
>I must say I'm rather surprised anyone remember me here.
>surprised anyone remember(s) me here

/tg/ is a dwarf hold. We all sit here stubbornly refusing to move, remembering past glories and marvelling at the creations of our fellows whilst decrying those of outsiders. We rarely get newfriends, we rarely lose oldfriends. Tripfags, anons and namefags old and new will always be welcome in these fabled halls, and always remembered. A toast to your house and health, good sir. May your artificing skills be remembered forever, for your name is already recorded with honour in the stones of our hold.
Goodbye Scriptarius.

You will forever be remembered as the best baker, converted, and collector of Nazi artwork that this board has ever seen.
Scripty, it has been an honor to work with you. I always enjoyed our chats, even when it wasn't about modeling.

I'll be around on MSN until it completely merges with Skype should you want to chat.

Godspeed my friend; may your banner forever kiss the winds and your tale eternally retold.
File: 1356400647266.jpg-(735 KB, 1680x1050, 1305259754741.jpg)
735 KB
230+ replies, you can feel the brolove, Scripty you will be back and we will enjoy your post!!
Whelp so long then! Come visit us once in a while.
God-speed, Scripty
Thanks for all the good times
Oi Scriptarius.

I always enjoyed you, as I did many of the other significant namefags.

May you rest in the halls of fame with strelnikov and the golden neckbeard and vedibere and all the rest of the lot.

You will be remembered, my friend. And whenever you do decide to drop by and sit with us by the campfire - there will be a spot reserved for you, and kind words for an old friend.

Thank you. For all you've done. I was starting to get worried that there wasn't a scripty thread before I saw this, and this thread has been so depressing.

You inspired me to start converting and kitbashing myself. I'm obviously nowhere near your level, but it was amazing seeing some of your threads way back when and witnessing what could be accomplished with a bit of glue and some imagination.

Farewell, merry Christmas and I wish you the very best in whatever life brings you.
My acolytes told me to check back.
I find it a little amazing this is still alive...
This will autosage before I let it die
ITT: The little tonk that couldn't, and that makes me sad.

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