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What is Nation Game? The bastard child of Europa Universalis III and Victoria II made into Skype game form? In a way. The homebrew created by a group of bros in about a weeks time to create a truly unique roleplaying experience? Even moreso. A diplomatic and cunning battle over manipulating the worlds resources and other nations to attain domination? Damn straight it is. Nation Games was created when I started a thread about a week and a half ago saying I wanted to GM a homebrew nation building game, and 8 bros answered the call. We made a system from the ground up, and fully dedicated ourselves to this. I sat down for 5 hours last Saturday and crunched together an excel sheet and a shit ton of formulas to create a simple yet effective combat system based heavily on player skill and strategy but also a good portion on traditional luck as well. Why am I saying all this? Because, as I begin the writeup of our first session shortly I don't want you readers to think this is just some random freeform game that is just a flavor of the month game without substance. This is a game we created with the intention of playing for months.

Here is a pastebin with our most general and baseline rules for reference sake:


It is a world based on 14th Century Europe, both on geography and technological level. It is a world where technology and magic are both extraordinarily powerful in the right hands, and both are used extensively to gain absolute control. However, because of that powder keg of power no great nations have arisen. The only nations of note in the known world are a conglomeration of City-States who are beginning to earn a place on the map, and that is where our story begins.

Previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21743915/
The Proto-Age continued, and the exponential growth continued to spit out more city-states that have began competing on the world stage. In response to the Dal Riata's successful Republic, comes the Republic of Sencal on the Litalian Peninsula. The people of Sencal, although similar in government were far more focused on agricultural production and most importantly their sea-faring ability. Having always been a sea trading faction, the Sencalian people finally conglomerated into an independent State. Their position, the center of the known world, is far too risky for there not to be a standing military force. The ruler of Sencal recognizes this, and, in his infinite wisdom, decided to create the formerly passive state and create a standing force of infantry and them south to create "peace".

The force, led by General Tivius of the Rendati Family and two hundred strong approached the bustling port city of Titia. What is to happen next is to be forever known as the "Titian Massacre". Quite more foreboding than actually occurred, I assure you -- but nothing of this sort had ever been attempted up unto this point. General Tivius walked into the city with his red cloaked vanguard, strolling through the streets of a town that had never even known the concept of an organized military force up until this point. Tivius, in all his gall walked right up to the Mayor and demanded (in a very polite tone) for his port to join the Sencal Republic as a vassal. The mayor, of course wanting to remain the neutral trading port he was denied and, well, attempted, to kick Tivius out of his city. The details of what specifically happened is sketchy as most of the survivors didn't have much of a say in the tales of what really happened. All we know for sure is that the mayor was executed along with his personal guard, and a peasant uprising supported Tivius. The nobles who gained the wealth from the city attempted to fight, but numbering less than a hundred, they were either slaughtered or forced to flee to the forests of the North.

The ports and posts of the surrounding areas capitulated as Tivius spread his influence, not wanting to fall subject to his sword. And such the reputation of this new Republic was spread across the land of radical imperialism, as well as their legendary sized port in their capital which has been rumored to be pumping out far more than peaceful trade ships. The 50 nobles who fled North into the forests were never heard from again, and the only news of their whereabouts were about a dozen half eaten corpses left on the road just near the entrance of the woods. Whatever did that to them became clear to the Sencalians only two seasons later, with the first form of organized aggression. Nearly 200 elves came down through the forests, through the marsh and into the fertile grasslands around Sencal. The truly, well I find it fun but many of my colleagues find it horrifying about this species, is that they look human from anything other than a close perspective. Those unsuspecting farmers probably thought it was a trade envoy returning, that is until they attacked and slaughtered almost a hundred more civilians surrounding the very gates of the city in the fields. Burning crops, eating those killed and then retreating back towards the marsh just as quickly as they attacked.

((fucking awkwardly sized paragraphs ftw, too small to take up an entire post but too large for me to include two))
Shit is going bad for the skeletons
How could I forget about the Dal Riata though? They had some similar experiences with their neighbors as the Sencalians did. Truly ironic isn't it? That the most representative and 'fair' governments are becoming some of the most oppressive? Well, let's put this into context. Just as Sencal rose up, she made a mutual defense pact with the Riatans as their goals are clearly the same. You may remember from the last chapter of the first year of the Proto-Age the way the Riatans diplomatically annexed the Doth'laki at the river delta? I hope you do, there's going to be a test on this next week! Anyways, back on topic, the Riatans were feeling rather cocky about their annexation of the laki's and decided to give it another shot on a trade port to their west. The population, hearing what happened to the port to the North would not have any of their trade being stifled by petty politics and almost half a thousand killed the envoy that went in to discuss peace. Well, if anything, the town was far too arrogant and when hundreds of armed dark skinned men charged into the unwalled city, the mayor surrendered (and was promptly executed).
This isolation allowing the Riatan's unmitigated growth would only last for so long. Where would this, well, let's not spoil anything. Where might this -POTENTIAL- aggressor come from? If you thought the flesh eating elves from the forests were mysterious, the Roadati Dominion is a whole entirely different beast. Grey skin, and dwelling from the caves of the Monstra'ati Mountain Range. They are not traditional elves, their ears are rounded, noticeably nor are they particularly as lanky as most elven races are. This race is an enigma of every degree. Even to this day they still keep their cultural secrets hidden, and do not allow any, er, as they call them, "top dwellers" into their underground cities. We do know they were, and most likely still are, quite brutal to their growing children. Their entire youth is a "Proving", of theft, fighting, training, and only those who survive this regiment get to become functioning members of society.

The first year of Roadati existence on the world stage was rather anticlimactic. I mean we've had massacres, annexations, warfleets being created and already a clash between two of the largest armies is brewing to the West. Meanwhile, the Roadati bided their time and built a settlement near a trading post to the South, to get indirect influence over its income. Furthermore, did trade offers go across the lands and offerings of a revolutionary style of economy -- banking. Now I know all you genius' know what that is, that's why you got accepted into my class you damn prodigies. However, to the world that was revolutionary -- a person holding your money to keep it safe, while being permitted to invest it to create personal profit? Many were frightened of giving their nations wealth to another, and many denied. In fact, all did -- at first. Only in the future when their treasuries would be at risk would more begin to heed the call.
Fucking posting, y u do this to me 4chan.

I'm sure you remember from last class the, as I put it so dramatically, "drums of war" thundering to the West? Well, now they're pounding. In fact, they are louder than ever can be imagined by your little ears. The Leviathan Trade Federation knew their position was weak, and sent an ambassador to the Kingdom of Acheron. Yeah, the fish people went to the undead people offering, and I guarantee none of you guessed it -- vassalage. The Leviathan's were now a direct vassal of Acheron, creating mutual benefit for both. Protection for the weak Trade Federation, and immense wealth for the Acheron's. This did not bode well for the Order of Saint Bernard to the South. To compound with this, the largest military force the world had ever seen was marching through the desert to meet the Order's forces and expand its dominion.

A scouting force of less than a hundred undead ran the trade route to the East of the mountains, hugging the coast. Both nations sent out prodding forces of similar size, and the Order's superior tactics, which I would assume would be related to their still functioning brains, got the upper hand in all scouting expeditions. Knowing the exact enemy numbers while remaining completely undetected, they had time to build up a sufficient force to beat the force beating down its throat any moment. The two forces finally met in the narrow pass where the two mountain ends meet with the desert. One thousand skeletons, clad in newly traded for iron stood across the field from one thousand proud crusaders and paladins. Most engagements prior to this were maybe, at most, thirty on both sides and suddenly thousands met in war. The skeletons, in their legion, all shouted MYAAAH in defiance to the oddly silent humans across from them. What is known about the battle is the mere text of a survivor from the Order in the aftermath:
The elderly professor hobbles over to his podium and raises his spectacles, and begins reading in his quoting voice, which the class had become far too familiar with. A horrible mixture between attempted dramatics and 'foreign sounding' accent.

"The moments before the battle were horrifying yet exhilarating. I knew Bernard was with us all, but the sight of those...those things across shook me to my core. I could see it in my brethrens eyes next to me. I was standing near the front too, I had thoughts of running for my life throughout my mind. Taking my family, stealing a boat, going to the Republics to the East or something...I do not know what kept me there other than my Faith. Their General rode across the front of their ranks on his skeletal horse dressed in almost comical desert garb, raising a curved sword like I had never seen before. Before they could attack, our General ordered the assault and we charged their lines. I will never forget the horror in my heart as a unanimous NYEAAAAAAAAH was yelled from the entirety of their ranks and they counter charged.

Yet, what happened next is what cemented the belief in our Lord Bernard, Grace be to his Name. They were annihilated. We had the power of GOD behind our charge, and they had not met a force so resilient. Over two thirds of their forces were destroyed and we lost less than a hundred. Most of those were cowards who lost faith and ran, and were later executed for their heresy. If only they knew what kind of grace had been bestowed upon us by our Lord. The Skeletons had been defeated, but as they retreated back into the mountains, their General made a promise that worries me greatly -- 'I'll be back next year with a thousand more'.

- Sir Lank Moories, 34th Year of our Lord, Saint Bernard"
The Professor lowered his spectacles and looked up, visibly shaken by the words himself. Silence covered the classroom. After a few minutes of mulling, the Professor erected himself up again and clapped his hands together, "I think that's a good finishing point for this lesson."
Alright, that was the session we played last Saturday. I still got another part to write for today's (Dec 8th) session, which I will be posting here on /tg/ tomorrow at around the same time as now (5PM EST)
You should stop trying to include things to make it interesting or funny. If you are trying to tell a story, you need to include a lot more narrative, and it probably wont even work due to not having a protagonist. If you are trying to relay the events, no need to add useless sentences to make it cute. It doesnt work if you combine the two.

And Im certainly not here to learn anything.

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