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Info, Stats and Past Threads: http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Señor Jalapeño a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion.

You have your own steam robot who are named Garenn and he is quit hotheaded plus he is always wear his cool sun-glassed. Your own familiar Melphina is a small pixie who can unlock or manipulate electronic devices, she also little obsession with incest anime...

Your Current Favor: 13 points
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You are wary about him but you decided to talk with him anyway.
"What do you want to talk about with someone like me?" You asking him.
The old man sat down beside you and he say, "Let say that I'm your grandfather who are seeking his grandson." The old man said in more relaxed way. You don't know why but it feel like that you could trust him.

"You're my grandfather, huh? So how long have you been looking for me?" You asking him as you tried to play along with the gag.
"Even since I found out those bad people had taking away your rightful fortune. I had searching you for long time but because of my lifestyle, I became very busy.... " The old man said.

He slowly stand up and turning to you.
"I will give you an offer than you can't refuse." The old man said.
"What kind of offer?" You asking him.
"You will start a new life with new family and living in good life." The old man said as he giving you a hand.

How will you respond master?

"So what's the catch, 'Grandfather'?"

Very tempting but we haven't survived being on the street this long by being overly trusting of strangers.

"So what's the catch, 'Grandfather'?" You asking him, even you feel very tempting of his offer, you had learned that to survive, you shouldn't trust too much with strangers.
"Being cautious eh? I can't blame you for that... The catch is that your past memory are gonna be slightly messed up." The old man said as he looking at your eyes, you don't see any hints of lying but you could see deep sadness in his eyes...

What will you do now?

Hmmm...well it beats sleeping in a cardboard box and digging through garbage cans for food all alone again...since our cute catgirl sweetheart Katsumi has abandoned us.

"I see. Then....I accept. You finally found me, Grandfather."

File: 1354988857888.jpg-(6 KB, 181x180, blinding-light.jpg)
6 KB

"I see. Then....I accept. You finally found me, Grandfather." You said and then the old man smiled at you.
"Now then my boy... prepare for your new life!" The old man said,
Before you could react, you suddenly see the blinding light...
File: 1354989104318.jpg-(26 KB, 450x304, hillsboro-wellesley-panel(...).jpg)
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You slowly awake and you realize that you are in one of the guest room in Miss Poppin's school. You notice that somebody are sleeping in your bed...

What will you do?
A: Check who are sleeping in your bed.
B: Slowly get up from the bed and check who are sleeping in your bed.
C: Just ignore it and keep on sleeping.
D: Just ignore it and head down for the breakfast.
E: Something else.

A: Check who are sleeping in your bed.

We know this situation well. Let's stay calm and see who it is first before we react.
File: 1354989667018.png-(64 KB, 640x419, Slenderman.png)
64 KB


You see a pale skinned man in black suit and the weirdest thing is that person don't have any... FACE AT ALL!!!!

What will you do?!
File: 1354990369303.jpg-(21 KB, 187x253, OhShitMike.jpg)
21 KB

Slowly try to make it into our wheelchair, grab our clothes...and then burn rubber out of there.

Ok, roll 3d6 to see if you can sneak away.
Rolled 6, 4, 1 = 11

Rolled 6, 5, 4 = 15

File: 1354992672025.png-(32 KB, 330x532, Gorilla-in-Suit.png)
32 KB

You safely sneaking out from the bed, putting on your clothes before you sit down on your wheelchair. You slowly moving away from the guest room and heading down for the breakfast.

When you reached to the dinner room, you see James the Gorilla Butler who are making breakfast. When he notice your arrival, he putting your breakfast in front of you. Then you see Croco-chan arriving in the dinner room too. Croco-chan and James are exchanging words each other? James gave her a big steak and she happily eat it.

What will you do?

"Thank you, James. Morning, Croco-chan. And thanks for taking care of Kelly during the fight with Nurgle and Khorne."

We should probably tell James about seeing the Slenderman in our bedroom. If he has no idea about that, we can chalk it up to our painkiller meds.
File: 1354994061921.png-(547 KB, 470x693, Croco-chanNinja.png)
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"Thank you, James." You thanked the gorilla butler, and then you turned to Croco-chan, "Morning, Croco-chan. And thanks for taking care of Kelly during the fight with Nurgle and Khorne."
Croco-chan responded your question with her sign that reads: <No problem ^_^ >

After you had eated your breakfast, you turned to James and asking him question about the strange person in your guest room. James pulled out his sign and it read: <You mean Bob right? He is real scary guy but he is rather nice guy. He must had drinking a lot of whiskey from last night.>

You started to wondering where the maids are and you asking James again.
"Where is the maids?"
James pulled another sign that read: <They properly have the morning training, they may be in the gym.>

Shall you head to the gym or go somewhere else? The dwarves at your mansion are awaited your next order for building new or upgrading the facility.

OOC: Been thinking about improvements: a firing range for Sasha to practice her marksmanship would be good, plus a gym for us to keep up our martial arts and Thaiboxing skills.

Text the dwarves with that, and then head for the gym to watch the girls. Invite Croco and ask if she's seen our sister.
How is this bullshit still running when MSQ finally fucking died

Different OP than MSQ.

Polite for offtopic
Because I have great determination to continue until I reach the ending. By the way.... LG are planning to continue MSQ.
File: 1354996100121.jpg-(12 KB, 186x271, gymuniform.jpg)
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You texting the messages to the dwarves about that you will need a shooting range and properly gym too. After you had texting to them, you head for the gym.

When you arrived at the gym, your maids are wearing gym uniform, similar one in your old school in Japan. When you looked Katherine, you can't stop staring at her ass when she is wearing the bloomer...

The maids are doing some physical movements and you could see Miss Poppins in her militaristic uniform. Her training seems to be very strict but you could see improvement of your maids.

What will you do?
A: Keep on with staring at Katherine's ass...
B: Look at their training.
C: Talk with Miss Poppins with something.
D: Something else.

C. Wheel up to Miss Poppins and ask, "How are my maids doing so far? Think they'll do well against Lady Crownwell's servants?"

Talk some with her and then watch the girls train.
File: 1354997163757.jpg-(84 KB, 720x400, 5688-1497087172.jpg)
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"How are my maids doing so far? Think they'll do well against Lady Crownwell's servants?" You asked Miss Poppins who are keeping watch on the maids.
"It depend who they are facing and the contests. If they face wrong kind of opponent and contest, they will properly lose but otherwise if they face right kind of opponent and contest, they will win." Miss Poppins said as her eyes are still locked at the maids.

After the maid finish the training, they finally got the break and they used their moment to recover themselves.

You can have private moment with the maids (Katherine, Rachelle, Sasha and Akari) but you can only talk with two person today. Who will you talk with?

Araki and Rachelle. Thank Araki for patching us up after the fight with Khorne and see how Rachelle is doing (she's probably not used to Miss Poppins' strict routine).

And apologize for scaring them again (Araki's seen us almost die twice, after all).
File: 1354998558950.png-(535 KB, 516x729, Rachelle5.png)
535 KB

You decided to have a moment with Araki, she must be worry about that you almost died twice. You rolled your wheelchair to tired Araki and she smiled when she see you.
"Thank for patching me up Araki." You thanking her. Araki slightly blushed for a moment until she look very serious at you.
"Hito you put too much risk to yourself and you real learn to be careful with your life! " Araki said to you.
"Sorry that I making you worry Araki..." You said as you touching her shoulders.
"Please be more careful..." Araki said as she give you staring look...

Suddenly Rachelle appear behind you back. "It is time him for sleep!" Rachelle said with ulterior tone. Before you could object, Rachelle moved your wheelchair with great rush until you arrived at your guest room. Rachelle ripe apart her clothes until she is only wearing her lingeries.

She grabbing you and tossed you into the bed. Rachelle is completely in heat and she crawling up in your bed with predator look....
File: 1354998734585.gif-(1.77 MB, 300x174, LaughingBlessed.gif)
1.77 MB

OOC: I saw that one coming...
File: 1354999066371.jpg-(14 KB, 360x360, door.jpg)
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You are Genki! Right now you are hearing banging and moaning from Hito's room. They are making strange sounds and you think it sound very funny. You become quit curios what they are doing in the room....

But right now you have a serious problem... You are stuck in your room and you had forgotten how to open a door! Katherine sometime teaching you how to open the door but right now she is not here!

How will you get out?!

Go up to the door and look at it closely all over. Kat taught us how to do this, so we might remember if we look at it closely enough.
File: 1355002020845.jpg-(11 KB, 211x300, my-brain-hurts.jpg)
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You go to the door and looked closely all over it. You tried to remember how Katherine taught you how to the open door. As hard to tried to remember, your brain started to hurt!

You take a small break from remembering something and instead you tried to come up with other solution.

What will you do? You still can't remember how to open the door.

If Genki can't use his brain, then he'll just use his muscles. Kick it down!
File: 1355002655155.jpg-(112 KB, 440x330, door-kick.jpg)
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You finally come up with a very great idea! You are gonna kick down the door!

You start running into the door and then you double kicked the door so hard that you shattering the whole door.

Now you finally free! Now what will you do now?
A: Go and check with Rachelle and Hito.
B: Go and talk with Katherine.
C: Go and talk with Sasha.
D: Go and talk with Araki.
E: Go and talk with Tomoe.
F: Go and talk with Croco-chan.
G: Go and talk with James the Gorilla Butler.
H: Something else.

E. Go and talk with Boss' little sister.

Haven't seen her lately. I wonder how she's doing since the Boss almost croaked in front of her.
Update from ML: posting errors made him decide to end the quest early today.

Follow his Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaidRider

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