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Info, Stats and Past Threads: http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Señor Jalapeño a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion.

You have your own steam robot who are named Garenn and he is quit hotheaded plus he is always wear his cool sun-glassed. Your own familiar Melphina is a small pixie who can unlock or manipulate electronic devices, she also little obsession with incest anime...

Your Current Favor: 13 points
File: 1354381802493.jpg-(151 KB, 577x474, franksweettmkup.jpg)
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You slowly open your eyes and you could see that you are in hospital bedroom. You see Tomoe, are sleeping on edge of the bed. When you tried to raise up, you feel the shocking pain, you notice that your torso is fulled covered with bandage.

"Aaaahh! Wonderful you are awake!" The person said in black leather outfit.
"I'm Dr Frank and it will be my pleasure to examine your sexy body!" The doctor in black leather outfit said as he licking his lips...

Your neck suddenly twitch when he said something about "sexy body" and you somehow don't like it.

What will you do?
A: Scream for your life and start running away from DR Frank despite in your bad condition.
B: Take a BIG breath and hope that Dr Frank examine go over very quickly.
C: Ask Dr Frank about how long you was in the hospital.
D: Ask Dr Frank if he had working as nurse before.
E: Something else.


Combo of B and C: We're too hurt to put up much of a fight at the moment. "How long have I been out, Dr. Frank?"
File: 1354383555519.png-(45 KB, 256x256, 5020fd5d84c0e.png)
45 KB

You take a big breath because you think that you will real need it... But before Dr Drank could start his examination, you decided to ask him first.
"How long have I been out, Dr. Frank?" You asked him.
Dr Frank put his finger on his check before he answer, "You see handsome... You where out for over two weeks and you where in real bad condition! Thankfully, one of your maid performs operation on you otherwise you will have been dead for long time ago." Dr Frank said and before he could start his "examination" on you. Your Medic from Team Fortress suddenly barge in along with his device.

"His condition should go over quickly with help of my...!" Medic tried to say until Dr Frank tried to push him away from the bedroom.
"How many times do I have to tell you! Because you do not have medical license anymore, you are not allowed to use untested device!" Dr Frank yelling at him and both of them start to arguing one another.

Your sister Tomoe suddenly wake up and she tearful looking at you when you are awake. She quickly hug you while she said, "You are awake!"

What will you say?

Return her hug and rub her back. "I'm sore but I'm doing okay now, Tomoe. I saw this strange flashback: Dad was there, and Lady Crownwell too. And had this weird conversation with the Grim Reaper too. What have I missed in the last two weeks I've been out of commission?"
The cake is a lie
File: 1354385458806.jpg-(67 KB, 750x600, The_Cake_is_a_Lie_by_IIX4II.jpg)
67 KB

You return her with a hug and rub her back and then you say,"I'm sore but I'm doing okay now, Tomoe. I saw this strange flashback: Dad was there, and Lady Crownwell too. And had this weird conversation with the Grim Reaper too. What have I missed in the last two weeks I've been out of commission?"
"Before Bobby head back to Japan, he told us that Chaos Gods will not bother you for long time but he said that somebody must had provide the body to the Chaos Gods otherwise they couldn't come over to this world. Kelly had returned to Nottingham and she start working at GW thank to Kotarou."
"Wait? How come Kotarou could get Kelly the job at GW... oh yes... We had bought stocks from GW so that we have slightly influence..." You said.

Suddenly Genki, your intelligence-less butler just barging in while he yell, "Where is the cake!"
"The cake is lie." Araki said to him as she walk in.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Genki start to burst in tears as he had found out that cake is a lie.
The rest of maids finally arrived and they seem to be happy about that you are in awaking condition.

>Continue on next post
Dr Frank notice that your maids arrived and he seems to be very disappointed that he never got the chance to examine you.
"Oh well... I leave you alone..." Dr Frank said with disappointing tone but he is aware that it is better that you left you alone with them, instead he grabbing on Medic and he start pulling him away.
"I will take you instead for today." Dr Frank said with wide smile while Medic start to look very afraid...

Now all your maids, Sasha, Rachelle, Araki and Katherine are in your room along with Tomoe. You don't see Kotarou or Garenn in sight.

What will you ask/do/say?
Where is the bathroom I need to powder my nose
and internal organs! on the way to the bath you chuck norris and bruce willis in a fight.
*you see chuck norris and Bruce willis in a fight

"Thanks for patching me up, Araki. How are all of you? How's the training at Miss Poppins' school going?"

Find out how that's going. Maybe we should tell Araki and Tomoe about our near-death experience and see if any of it makes sense to them.
File: 1354387595417.jpg-(61 KB, 600x448, IMG_4613.jpg)
61 KB

"Thanks for patching me up, Araki."
"Thank... you where in real bad shape that I almost thought I couldn't save you." Araki said as she getting little uncomfortable to reveal her more vulnerable side.
"How are all of you? How's the training at Miss Poppins' school going?" You asking them.
"We are doing right fine! I hade even learn the proper way to make sandwich." Sasha said with her calm manner.
"And I have learned how to catch TWO missiles at the same time with my mouth!" Genki said proudly.
"Please... don't ask him how he do that... Because he is... being Genki..." Katherine whisper you in your ear.

"By the way Hito... Your recovery will finish just about when we finish our training. But in your current condition, you can move around so long you don't strain yourself." Araki said as she returned to her normal expression.

You suddenly hear strange noise just outside the hospital and when you peek out, you see a a life-sized rhino. The hatch open and Kotarou peek out as he start waving at you.

What will you do?

Give Katherine a knowing look. Whisper back, "Okay, I won't ask." Pat Kat on the shoulder (need to keep working on her).

"Doctor's orders, Araki? Okay, I'll be careful. Yo, Koutarou: nice set of wheels, man. Where did you find that?"
wave back. start crying about how you can't become stronger because of your injuries and then you scream and then turn into super sayan 5.
File: 1354389068351.png-(352 KB, 444x768, Araki4.png)
352 KB

You gave her a knowing look and then you whisper her back, "Okay, I won't ask."

You turned to Araki and say, "Doctor's orders, Araki? Okay, I'll be careful."

You turned to the window and open it so that you can talk with Kotarou, "Yo, Koutarou! Nice set of wheels, man. Where did you find that?"
"I had found at the Ebay! It is so awesome!" Kotarou yell as he is overfilled with geekiness.
After you waving back at him. You start thinking about the time when you had watched Dragonball Z and you always wanted to be super saiyan but sadly you realize that you can never be a true saiyan...
"Are you alright?" Katherine asked you as you awaken from your daydream.
"Eh? Nothing at all!" You said.

"Our teacher want us to go back to the school and finish our training. Are that anything that you want before we leave?" Araki asked you.

Do you let them go or you want something? You feel that you want to tell him about the weird dream but somehow you decided to wait for it.

We might as well jump back in the 007 car and head back with them. We could find a new hotel not far from the school or talk to Miss Poppins about staying there.

She did say that as the Master we need to spend time there while the girls train.
File: 1354391081139.jpg-(26 KB, 450x304, hillsboro-wellesley-panel(...).jpg)
26 KB

"Do the doctor say that I could get out?" You asked her because you feel that you want leave the hospital so that you can avoid a doctors like Dr Frank...
"Well... You are not in healthy state yet so that you can't normal leave the hospital. But as licensed doctor... I could negotiate the hospital that I take care of you myself." Araki said as she fidgeting her fingers.
"Why don't you said so!? Let do it now!" Rachelle yell and she start pulling Araki in great haste.

Much later, Araki successful negotiate the hospital to let you go and you will be under in care of Araki herself. They had moved you to the school so that you will get closer to your maids.

Now you are in your guest room in the school, because your current condition, you will need to take a wheelchair to move around. You are still lying on the bed and you have access to your smartphone.

What will you do now? The time is currently 1:45 pm.

Text the dwarves back home and see how the progress is going on the natural swimming pool for Croco-chan and how things are back home.

Then get our wheelchair and go watch the girls train. See if our sister and/or Croco-chan want to go with; we didn't get to watch them train much due to the trip to GW HQ and the Chaos Gods showing up.
File: 1354392925980.jpg-(75 KB, 468x312, trash-monster-1.jpg)
75 KB

You text the message to the dwarves and then you got reply from them that they are already done finish the upgrade of the outdoor pool with inbuilt heater and with more natural look. And also they await next order for upgrading or building new rooms in your mansion.

You slowly climb out from your bed and getting your wheelchair. You moved slowly in your wheelchair until you find your sister Tomoe and Croco-chan, it seems that they are watching at the maids who tried to "clean" a.... thrash monster?

"Now girls... Hit it hard!" Miss Poppins yell as your maid charge in with their broom. They tried to their best to "clean" the monster and it proved to be very tough.

After a hour, your maid finally defeated the thrash monster and they breathing heavily.
"Good job girls! Now you can take a break!" Miss Moppins said until she left.

What will you do?
A: Take a time with Sasha.
B: Take a time with Rachelle.
C: Take a time with Araki.
D: Take a time with Katherine.
E: Take a time with Tomoe.
F: Take a time with Croco-chan.
G: Somthing else.

D: Katherine needs some face-time. "How you been, Kat? Oh, thanks for the Sword of the Emperor....even if it did completely fail. I don't know what happened with that thing."

Talk with Kat a while, then Sasha could use some quality time as well.
File: 1354393775350.png-(373 KB, 640x427, 1331399158719.png)
373 KB

You decided to take time with Katherine so that you moved your wheelchair to her.
"How you been, Kat? Oh, thanks for the Sword of the Emperor....even if it did completely fail. I don't know what happened with that thing."
"About that..." Katherine said and she tried to say something until she become very quiet... It is like something bother her...

>Continue on next post.
File: 1354394419846.png-(225 KB, 539x782, tumblr_m1k5lw1bdM1rpyhd8o(...).png)
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Katherine got a flashback when she had visit Maidlover's shop while Hito was in hospital. She was carry Sword of the Emperor and she was mad at Maidlover's fluke for sending a sword that don't fulled work.

Katherine barging in the store, she notice that the store is pretty empty except for Maidlover himself. Katherine walking to the counter and slamming the sword on the counter.
"Why the heck didn't check if the sword is fulled loaded!" Katherine yelling at him with angry tone until she notice the different air from Maidlover. Normally he act pretty goofy but this time he seem to be pretty serious.
"Sorry about it, it is very difficult to judge the energy meter on it and also since the Emperor became a corpse, it become very difficult to reload it." Maidlover said as he still working on his computer.
"It is something wrong?" Katherine asking him as she notice that Maidlover don't act his normal self.
"It is nothing... it is just that... *COUGH* *COUGH*!" Maidlover start to cough until the counter are covered with Maidlover's blood.
"Shit... I'm started to running out of my time..." Maidlover said as he looking at his own blood.

>Continue on next post

"Something wrong?" You asking her.
"Nothing... Just that I remember something..." Katherine said as she looking away.

What will you ask her?

"What are you remembering?"
File: 1354395624555.png-(289 KB, 405x576, Sasha2.png)
289 KB

"What are you remembering?" You asking her.
"Just... personal thing...By the way, I must do something... So see you later..." Katherine said as she left you.

After Katherine left you, you will have enough time to have moment with Sasha. You moved your wheelchair to her direction and she smiled at you when you approach her.
"Hello, how are you doing master?!" Sasha said.
"I'm fine thank you." You said.

What will you say/ask her?

"How has your training been going, Sasha? I haven't talked to you since the trip to Thailand and I regret that."

"How has your training been going, Sasha? I haven't talked to you since the trip to Thailand and I regret that." You said to her. She put her hand to yours and she say, "I'm doing right fine with the training and I had learn a lot of thing. And also you don't need to worry about that you don't had spoked to me pretty much lately. What it is important is that being with you."

You started to get tired, moving around in the wheelchair while not being fulled recovered yet take pretty much of your energy.
"Master... you look pretty tired... Should I help you?" Sasha asked you.

What will you do?

"I'd appreciate that. I guess I need a nap, so just push me back to my room if you would, Sasha."

OOC: Those things are tiring if you're not used to them. I've had to use one before.

"I'd appreciate that. I guess I need a nap, so just push me back to my room if you would, Sasha." You said to her.
"It would be my pleasure." Sasha said and she start pushing your wheelchair.

After Sasha moved you to your bedroom and helping you into your bed.
"Something else?" Sasha asked you.
"I don't think so..." You said in tired voice.
About a moment you slowly sleep and start to dream something...

>Continue on next post.

>OOC: Yes using wheelchair with your arms only is not piece of cake
File: 1354398096787.jpg-(74 KB, 640x290, 2311.jpg)
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You are a young boy who live in Kamagasaki, one of the Japan largest slums. Even since your family died in plane crash, you had lost all your family wealth thank to the crooky "advisor".

Now you are a homeless boy who are forced to survive in the street. You are currently sitting inside your box along with some of your belonging...

You started to feel hungry and you don't have any food left. You looked at your money and you have only about 100 yen...

What will you do?

Well, gotta eat and save what money we have. Dig through some restaurant trash and/or find a little roadside stand to steal from.
File: 1354399544545.jpg-(27 KB, 500x375, Neko-1.jpg)
27 KB

You decided to that you should try to dig after some food at restaurant trash. You slowly heading to one of the restaurant and you went to the backside.
You went to the neared trash and start digging for food. You food some edible, at beginning you where very picky until your hunger overcome you. After you gathering food, you slowly heading back to your little "home".

As you where walking, you find a catgirl in a large box. It seem that she is also homeless and she stared at you with her innocent cute eyes.

What will you do?

I can't find it in my heart to let a catgirl starve. "Hello there. Can you talk? Are you hungry?" Share some food with her.

If we can convince her to work with us, maybe two can have better luck finding food/shelter/etc than one person working alone.

You looked at her and in your heart, you can't find yourself to let a catgirl to starve. You decided to speaking with her, "Hello there! Can you talk? Are you hungry?
"Nya...I'm feeling lonely... my last owner just left here nya..." The catgirl said.
"You poor girl... I don't have much but I can share you some of my food and... company..." You said.
"You are nice nya!" The catgirl said cheerfully.
"My name is Hito. What is your name?" You asked her.
"My name is Katsumi nya!"

After you meet her, both of you are staying together for weeks. You had shared both joy and pain with her. At beginning, you where only friends but as time go on, you slowly fall in love with her.

One day Katsumi are talking with a strange monkey and something about "Majaiks". Before you could react, Katsumi looking at you with last look before she disappear in front of you.

You fall to your knee and you feel a great pain in your chest. Not by physical pain but by heartbreak...

>Continue on next post
File: 1354401517160.jpg-(102 KB, 845x480, cardboard.jpg)
102 KB

As time go on, you just sleeping in your box and don't care about hunting for food. Suddenly you see a elder man with fine suit are standing outside your "home".

What will you do?

Peek our head out and look at him...and pray it isn't some guy we pickpocketed in the past or something.
File: 1354402472775.jpg-(27 KB, 537x402, marks-and-spencer-worlds-(...).jpg)
27 KB

You prayed that person is not the person who you had pickpocket before. When you peek out your head and looking at him.

You couldn't clearly see his face but you know that he is old man in nice suit.
"Hello my boy... I hope that I just disturbing you but I like to talk with you.." The old man said.

What will you do?
A: Tell him that you want to be alone.
B: Talk with him anyway.
C: Demand him for food before talking with him.
D: Something else.

B but be wary: "What do you want to talk about with someone like me?"

You are wary about him but you decided to talk with him anyway.
"What do you want to talk about with someone like me?" You asking him.
The old man sat down beside you and he say, "Let say that I'm your grandfather who are seeking his grandson." The old man said in more relaxed way. You don't know why but it feel like that you could trust him.

What will you say/ask?

"You're my grandfather, huh? So how long have you been looking for me?" We can go along with the gag. Play along for now; maybe he has some food.
File: 1354404249680.jpg-(80 KB, 400x400, 22128973.jpg)
80 KB

"You're my grandfather, huh? So how long have you been looking for me?" You asking him as you tried to play along with the gag.
"Even since I found out those bad people had taking away your rightful fortune. I had searching you for long time but because of my lifestyle, I became very busy.... " The old man said.

He slowly stand up and turning to you.
"I will give you an offer than you can't refuse." The old man said.
"What kind of offer?" You asking him.
"You will start a new life with new family and living in good life." The old man said as he giving you a hand.

End of Part 40, Continue on part 41
The New Life

>Ok time to ending this quest tonight. I notice that my brain is not in top shape and I hope my brain will be in good shape in next time....

Do you guys have any question or suggestion?

These dreams are getting weird but very interesting. Have a good night, ML, and see you next week!

I can say that dream can be important and I don't want to spoil about it yet.

Ok, have a good day and see you next time!

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