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Some resources:
Primer Thread: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/21471562/#21471562 its gonna fill you in on a more detailed level then the blurb ill include here, but less then the wiki entry.
1d4chan article and archive links: It has all the archived threads, and some general overviews of what has been going on. fair warning, its about a year's worth of fluff and story.
IRC: come and talk.
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Hotgan sits at his desk, one pair of arms holding his head another popping open a Frowg wine bottle. He had just received the new about the lost rookies climbing this cursed mountain. Kunaba mountain was cursed there was no doubt in his mind. Going back into old legends, Kaleel, a defeated councilman, searched for the Laster tribe's future atop Kunaba. He like so many before him did not return. Some say that the mountain spirit caught him and flew him high into the sky. Others that he disappeared into the very future he was searching for. The body they found offered no answers.

In anycase, Hotgan wrote the letters, the ones kept on mantle places for visitors. Yes, my son went missing, but he was brave and fought for what he believed in. Hotgan wrote the letters and copied them. Dipping them in a glass of Frowg wine letting the red trail up the missive, he placed them in Kunaba's corner, a shrine for the mountain spirit. The shrine was a painting of Kaleel facing the mountain, before he was lost into the sky or into the future. Several other red stained letters were there. He place them with the others and returned to his work, the mountain taking its tithe from his and his men.

No sooner had he'd sat back down, then L walked into Hotgan's office. He'd hitched a ride on the Lem gliders delivering the new Lens for the spyglasses. L's visit to the Onolkeshan King had not been as enlightening as he expected. He knew what he was, a veteran Lem scouting the Vyrii territory. Identity doesn't need more layers until it encounters the world. Then to insulate that identity, you make up another layer. I'm no bowsman but an exceptional axeman. I've never divided before but with the constant combat I'll never get the chance. Layers designed to cover up an awkward truth.
Hotgan told L that he wanted him to take a small party of veteran Ramel mounted Lems. Time to push the Snow Axe's detection range north. By the time they'd return the Observatories would be completed. They would report interesting landmarks and be given more to scout from the Observatories. The Frilla Tree would follow them from afar. He repeated the first rule of Kunaba for their return: "Don't climb straight up. Climb upwards along slanted paths. But never straight up. Don't give the mountain the idea you're going for the peak."

With the Southern Observatory completed the Snow Axes began to install the first great spyglass. The lens from the Ta'Mirel and the Black Box, proved to be enough for two spyglasses. Surprise, Surprise, the Council didn't find much value in the project. Oh well, this is the benefit for having outside resources the Snow Axes could tap into. As long as Hotgan could keeping talking to the Council, there was no reason to cut ties. The bureaucracy was a necessary evil.

The Ta'mirel was an old power, not one the Snows Axes were used to thinking about. Most Lem they had recruited came from the Laster Council, nobody cared to ask where they originally came from. And most would tell you, Tamirel. Why do you fight? For the Tomorrow War. Which is? Ongoing. The history records weren't cut and dry on this topic. Some say the Vyrii Invasion was the Tomorrow War, Others that the Tomorrow War was an apocalyptic prophecy to the Tamirel, nothing more. The formation of the Enclave followed with Frowg tribes banding together with Lem. So its a matter for history and mythology professors to figure what impact it had.
In another time, the engineers built the great spyglasses to the Joorod Brother's specs, but they hadn't been tested thoroughly. The Idea was to install the thing, if there were defects they'd repair it on site. The North Observatory had fallen, so while the Joorod Brother's installed the southern spyglass, the rest of the engineers would start other projects. A missive was sent to the ABR. They would be provided regular weather forecasts so that their growing efforts could avoid disasters, and take advantage of wonderful growing seasons.

The first engineering project was rebuilding the N. Observatory in a new location, the second improving the winter gear with the metal weave sent by the Black Box. The winter gear protected against the elements, but weren't combat ready. They took some conventional armor, the metal weave, and the Cidex winter gear.

The research team had planted the Ragas seeds in their own small section of the garden. Three plants were grown, pruning their dangerous injectors that stick their seeds into the warm body of passing creatures. The ragas are known to grow fast becoming mobile and predatory. The Black Box suppliers are smugglers if they could hide these seeds from the Enclave, and if they proposed to use them the most dastardly criminals. One plant is left to grow unrestricted. Once it reaches an infant state, the research team takes it from the garden and places it in a partitioned pen at the laboratory. They took the territorial Iddy from the Vyrii and placed him on the other side of the partitioned pen. They lifted the partition to see what happens.
Meanwhile another part of the research team gathers a bunch of false Raga seeds in the form of small rocks and frilla nuts. They start on a Seed bomb based on the fire bomb they delivered to the Black Box. Lowing the explosive payload and adding a nutrient filled sack. Whether or not they deliver the seed bomb they're developing is a decision left for another time. Something like the Ragas maybe too terrible to use as a weapon. Hotgan keeps his finger on the button to destroy this research and development. Hotgan plans on using the seed bomb as a bargaining chip for something the Snow Axes really need.

Tera noticed the little Doc tapping to the bloated crystallized organ's twitching vibrations. The ground below her very feet began pulsing and quaking in time to little Doc's taps. With a flurry of taps, the sudden complete thoughts came again. The mountain cracked open to scream and yell its message, "PLEASE COME. WE ARE WAITING." Tera lost her footing and fell grabbing anything. She caught a cliff on the mountain's throat. Above Hotgan stared at her wide eyed. Below the fiery stomach devoured what used to be her lab equipement. Unthinking, ignorant, the mountain screamed its message fire flaring up at each word, "THERE IS NO INFECTION. PLEASE COME. WE ARE WAITING ..." Another flurry of tapping coming from somewhere out of time and space, another flurry of pulsing and vibrating, her grip on the ledge loosen and she fell again into the fiery mountain stomach.
Rolled 19, 4, 12, 5, 15, 20, 10, 9, 8 = 102

Tera awoke to boiling hot steam in her face. The steam generator had blown a gasket and was throwing too much into her garden. The engineers were repairing it at the moment. Being the dead of night, few were staffed but it would be fixed come the morning. She decided to take a shift in the lab. She looked in at the Vyrii drones and there was Doc following her around the room, tapping against the glass faster than ever. An epiphany occurred to her, a thought truly her own. She cleared her mind holding some writing materials. She waited for the complete thoughts and ideas that only lived below her feet, and recorded Doc's tapping with the thought.

L's scouting
Following Frilla scout ship
Installing and using the S. Observatory
Rebuilding the NW. Observatory
Improved winter gear
The Ragas combat
Iddy's combat
Seed bomb
Tera's notes
The continued research on the sandonis shows a few weak points, namely the joints and central nerve cluster, and an interesting fact that some of the now dead were moving and taking commands without eyes...pheromones. they work off of pheromones. The Shrohans are an aquatic race, but the land gives way to desert quickly, becoming arid, and unlike the swampy southern regions of the west continent, they fatigue quickly, some attempt to alleviate this with wet rags, but even that only helps so much. The new towers prove to be more difficult for the creatures to scale, but a daily detail of moving the corpse piles away from the towers must happen lest the creatures climb atop their dead. Attempts to repair the ship fail, but scouts return with slanera island lem who are oddly friendly compared to the mainland lem. Shortly later an interpreter and an agitated commander show up, one who K'nia is familiar with "Your scouts dont seem too interested in making inroads towards stopping the syndicate forces in the enclave, but something tells me that is not why you are here." The elder shaman gets little help from the soul wind, only haunting images of the orb and amulet, back in that dark maze. The trained scouts are professionals, able to sink ships and level structures on their own now, the price they command is outside the range of what most can ask. A lot of pirates manage to pick up on what the commandos have to teach. Knife fighting, sabotage, and other elements of the trade, but not everything. That came from the misery of being back on that island, and they just wouldn't get it.
A group of curious mevola gather around to see what is going on. Several hunters have taken to smashing their guns with rocks, slowly cracking them apart. In the end there is a mangled mess of parts and broken wood. It took a while, and a lot of work to break them down. Eventually the group figures out that there is a little object inside the gun, almost box like, that when you pull the trigger, it makes a spark. that spark makes the ammunition fire. The hunters take the box and use it to make fire. sparks are fire. FIRE! Later on a frowg on patrol finds the smashed remains of the guns and gathers them up, face palming with all four hands.
Here is how primitive a jet engine can get.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPPVTKoawDE&feature=related running
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c1i_UIEsSM really details the parts layout here. (compressed air simulates forward movement)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKgYAbwoPMo glorious failure
--- by now we have semi functional designs

long story short.not complex, they arent powerful, they arent safe and afford no significant advantage over a propeller, other then style points. in the end though, feel free to discuss.
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Rolled 13, 2, 11 = 26

Onolkeshan is now officially suplying ABR with weapons and armour as long as they will bring metal to make them. Quality of these items varies vastly according to the purity of the metal they bring with them.

New lands have interested the Lem of onolkeshan for long time. Recently it was decided that because of the growing population they are going to build colony to the eastern continent. Because Lem thrive in cold the fort will be build to the north where it is cold enough. At last the great ships of onolkeshan are used for what they were designed for, moving huge amount of population and supplies. The most skilled masons and architects left to the new land to make sure the new city would be even more advanced than the original.

After a long voyage the settlers arrived at new land. Scouts were sent to scout the surroundings, prospectors began their work to find possible minerals and architecs started to make plans for the city. Meanwhile the settlers began to build simple shelters but they would need to live in the ships for a long time before the houses would be ready.

Rolling for Scouting the surroundings, finding minerals and to improve masonry.
((i thank you for a truly entertaining story))
L stuck to the sloping paths of the mountain range, staying far away from the rumbling angry peak of Kunaba, its angry legend older then the enclave, finally making it over the last ridge after weeks of travel he was shocked to what was discovered. A land of volcanic activity, snow and ice, and the sporadic crystalline structure. This was Vyrii work, it was time to head back. Again rough winds push the small scout ship away, with only sails it is too weak to do much amongst the savage mountain peaks. No sooner had the southern observatory lenses been installed then the brothers were busy studying the sky, the land, anything. Small errors were discovered and calibrated for. The north observatory was placed at a higher peak, many feared it would anger the mountain, how high they dared go, but it was a necessary risk. After a day of work they had a solid base built for the observatory, and the supplies to finish it laying in crates and sacks, scattered around the site. Night was coming and with it blizzards, it was time to pitch tents and rest. The improved winter gear was an expertly layered combination of the materials they had available, and was distributed amongst the staff and troops.
Iddy and the ragas immediately attacked each other in a spectacularly violent fashion. Iddy slashed the ragas in multiple places and infection took quick root, but the plant showed no signs of stopping, and indeed, the affected vines withered, and crumbled instead of metamorphosing. The ragas flung iddy against the glass cracking it, then massacred the little vyrii infection form. For a while the ragas looked sick, but then began to root, and grow, shattering it's container. Vines whipped about and seeds were launched everywhere. Flamethrowers were used to kill it before it got any further out of control. Two seed bombs were made, one that was real, and one that was false. the fake one looked painfully fake. Tera's observations were somewhat fruitful and she took then down quickly. ((feel free to include whatever they are))
Glorious colonization! The surrounding landscape was reasonable usable, some trees, water. food. it would do. The ground was a little rough and uneven, not a big deal. No minerals were as of yet found. The time aboard the ship gave the architects much to talk about, and theorize. Wild concepts were made on paper, and a few of them panned out in small scale tests. A significant development was rebar. Planting a lattice of metal rods inside concrete made it strong! very strong!
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Rolled 1, 7, 5 = 13


"What is this "concrete" you speak of?". So yeah, basically i haven't even invented concrete so perhaps i'll take only that. I think it is way too early to have reinforced concrete.

First area of the city that was to be constructed is the harbour as it is the lifeline of this colony for the coming years. Ocean is abundant with fish and for now it is the most realistic source of food for the population. Too bad the fishing techniques of Onolkeshan are way too primitive to be used to have stable source of fish.

As the climate was too cold to grow (what ever that farmed plant was what i got from hoppas when i gave them guns) so now it was time to find if there is any plants Lem could breed to be farmed. Another thing is the source of clean water but in time they would find a way.

Rolling for building the initial harbour, harnessing the ocean for food and finding plants.

ATTENTION GENTLEMEN. I hereby degree that i want more pics! I was reading old threads and the amount of art was staggering. Let us all open the paint and flood this thread in pixelated images of our people. I want houses, landscape, farms, tools, clothes, art... everything! whatever you develope give me image of it. I do not care if you think it's horrible because its only purpose is to show us what it looks like.

As good example i have this awesome image of my colony
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Oh my. i hope my pics awesomeness didn't cause those rolls...

ANYWAY. where is everybody? IRC is almost empty. and i am awake just for you muricans.
I'm busy, but I'll be posting soon*

*Before 10 O'Clock Central
Rolled 19, 7, 1, 4, 4 = 35

Prebyn has his hands full now. With the arrival of the Ta'Mirel forces, the entire food supply of the Crestlands is being strained to the breaking point. The farms that are present can barely support the weight of the ABR and the Ta'Mirel. An immediate relief source MUST be found. With the presence of so many soldiers, a militia should hardly be neccesary, which means every settler can go back to farming. Requests are sent out to everyone However, the Command Council is sure that, eventually, even larger armies will be needed to drive the Vyrii back, which will require even more food, and there is already limited land in the North. To combat the future need for food, superior methods of farming are encouraged amongst the farmers of the Crestlands.

Despite them being a strain on the food supplies of the Crestlands, every soldier in the Ta'Mirel army is welcomed like a brother. Blackcrests are ready to march alongside their new allies, to deliver a crushing blow against the Vyrii. Everyone in the ABR is called up, from Ramel Riders to heavy infantry lems, from gunners to to the a new group of frowgs specializing in the new amp suits. Ice Blades sally out even before the rest of the army is ready to slaughter the Greyskins. This is to be a push, a strike, an attack to put every previous attempt to kill vyrii to shame. By the Black Ramel, this is it! THIS IS THE FIRST CRUSADE OF THE NORTH! THIS IS THE WRATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS!

Rolling for
Training in the use of the new ampsuits (call the users the Shockguard)
Ice Blades killin' and cruisin'
Getting food aid from ANYONE
Establishing superior farming methods
Prepping the rest of the First Crusade Army
>1 for food aid

Wait. The post on how conditions were said they were scraping by right? I suppose this just means things do not change AT ALL. At least I hope.
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Rolled 8, 1, 5 = 14


As i wait for results have more rolls. When the building of harbour was beginning there were others who started to build a temple to honor great Vagúshosod the lost. After joining the enclaive the importance of religion dropped radically and so did the number of active believers. Trip to the west on the other hand was something that the faitful would see as holy because in new world there would be lots of new unknown knowledge. Most of the population who came were more religious than those who stayed in the west.

Life in new world wasn't that bad because everyone didn't need to sleep under the sky thanks to the great ships. Inside the ship there is houses built in the gargo holds that are similar to slums in our world. the paths are narrow and people have little room to live but they had roof over their heads and that was enough for the most. As the building outside continues the slums are slowly disassembled to be used as materials for houses outside.

oooh. how edgy.

Rolling for Clearing suitable place for the temple and finding materials to build the scaffolding. Also for the future building there must be quarry to get stone from. Roll for quarry too.
((talked in irc for a while. things solved))
-Hrass has been bred to survive in colder climates over many generations, and smaller less lethal domestic ragas serves as many things, including ramel food to grow those who are to be slaughtered.
The Onolkeshan harbor project results in nothing short of a fucking disaster. One of their massive warships is somehow run aground, although in a semi useful way. In time they may be able to dig a trench, flood it, and float it out, in a similar way to how they were first launched, but it will be decades, if not the better part of a century. The "black ice" has become the settlement of "black ice". Initial blasting of the oceans with guns and cannons results in some dead fish which are gathered, but this sucks. a new better way of fish death must be discovered. Perhaps some sort of depth charge...no local flora was found usable, but then they have not looked too far.
Edgey indeed Mr. Onol, full speed ahead to snark! Nice imagery in the writing, i like. The temple project is a rough one, a suitable place is not easily found, and hostile local life forms are attacking. they look like large furry bipedal creatures, strong and angry, there is a slight resemblance to joorod. Same problem with the stone quarry. roll for blasting the primitive locals. anything over a 3 is probably going to work. you have guns and ship cannons, and they dont.
((sorry, this is not a proper response to your post but i gotta go so, this is a prelude))
The syndicate war had cooled off, and while territory shifted daily, and battles were waged, major players had emerged, still viperous, but keeping a degree of stern order within the lower city. The black cart merchants brought most distressing news from their clients. War against unimaginable forces. There would be work to done soon if their current situation was to be maintained. Verification, communication, favors and coercion if need be...and it will be needed.
In some of the deepest parts of the lower city a strange material has been harvested, a liquid metal, toxic, dangerous. It is carefully horded and controlled by the various cartels and syndicates.
Stolen technology, blueprints and resources are modified and put into works. A bastard mirror of proper things, suited for the scum of the lower city....the black cart traders always walked away with a little more then was known in any deal.
Missives were sent to the council itself, an offer, then sent to the various factions and sects of the enclave. Its better to have several plans after all. Their conditions were hard to swallow, and what they had to offer was hard to believe.
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I had a chat with NG in the IRC channel about toning down the size of frillas to about 600-1000 ft tall (which is still crazy huge). What we decided on was many strains of frillas.

Since they reproduce asexually via spores, they are effectively clones of the parent plant, but small mutations do happen, which have resulted in a variety of different strains. Some have more branches, less branches, larger leaves, more yellow specks on leaves, a single massive bowl leaf, etc, etc. There however is one incredibly rare strain that does grow to well over 2000 feet tall.

This is still the iconic image of the tree.
File: 1354008301107.png-(1.05 MB, 1500x919, Nad'lun territories.png)
1.05 MB
Rolled 2, 2, 10, 17, 15, 7 = 53


(I am not sure if the hoppas would understand the concept of pheromones, despite the fact that they themselves utilize them. They lack any sort of scientific understanding of their own functions. Maybe with more studies on living sandoni subjects they might gain some insight on the nature of their pheromone communication however.)

The researchers try to use their new knowledge of the Sandonis to develop ways how to safely capture them alive for further studies.

The shrohans are told not to follow the swarms to the "dry, golden sea" that they speak off, instead they are instructed to observe smaller swarms in the large plains and coastal regions of the continent. They are also tasked to locate more amber burrows for harvesting.

The amber harvesters are trying to start selling the excess sandoni meat that they have available to the homeland markets. This way, they could get more resources to fund their other projects.

K'nia is confused by the commander. What scouts did he speak off? Had the missing ones been here? She tries to ask for more information, while also informing the commander why she is there. She tries to find out more clues to decipher Black Socks ramblings.

The elder shaman continues to be haunted by the visions. The orb...what was it...it seemed so familiar. Then it hits him. The ancient alun, the pirate! The orb had appeared numerously in the mind of Black Socks. He had the answer. The shaman orders that he and Black Socks are to be taken back to the underwater object. The end to these visions had to lie there!

Rolling for:
Developing ways to capture sandonis alive.
Shrohans scouting the plains and the coast.
Finding more amber burrows.
Selling sandonis meat.
K'nia's continued attempts to decipher Black Socks ramblings.
Seeing what happens in the underwater structure when the Eldest Shaman takes Black Socks there.
The council was locked in debate, those concerned with local policy, and those concerned with fighting a war that means their survival. General Prebyn's councilor passionately argues the cause of the war but is branded by older councilmen as slightly better then the "Ta'mirel doomsayers". This time though, the other councilors that were formerly alive have been replaced by more military minded individuals. The new group argues with the old. A package in black sits ignored to eventually explode in a blinding and deafening shock-wave that leaves the assembly reeling ."Good. now that I've got your attention, I represent an concerned group of individuals. There is a war. It is significant. There is a problem domestically, it is significant. The lower city has been ignored for countless generations, then suddenly you try to reclaim it, ignorant of what has gone on in that time!" a council member erupts "What has happened, is DECAY! SOMETHING TO BE BURNED OUT! Your filthy crimes spill out into our city, ruining lives!" pausing for a moment the interloper speaks "The situation has been stabilized. " a retort "Stabilization? is that what you call it?!" "No! Enough talk now! We offer you a choice, work with us or against us!"
The offer was simple. All the food, men and resources the syndicate could throw at the Northern war with the vyrii, in exchange for autonomy of the lower city, they would police their own districts, and the enforcers could deal with the lawless sectors and byways as long as they left the syndicate's territory alone. It would be enough food to feed an army, or two perhaps if accepted. The syndicate though, did not care if all accepted, or just one, as long as they had allies.
File: 1354022621656.png-(27 KB, 797x521, sribblegovt.png)
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The Ta'mirel were never part of the council, but always invited with a seat reserved for them, mirror their offers of membership to other tribes into the enclave. Today a single member was present, silent, watching the events unfold. A path to further weaponization, little experiments in manipulation sometimes prove more fruitful then outright force. These syndicates had some semblance of...not honor, but perhaps..predictability, routine, their own ethics, or lack of...an operating normalcy, and limits? Extermination campaigns against larger organizations left few but the small gangs who would "dust" a lem, and when the larger syndicates began to crack down on it themselves, the problem fixed itself. Avoiding certain regions, patrolling others led them into conflict with each other. Escalation of violence, survival. They knew how to survive, and wanted to. They would be good for war. The conclusion here would be irrelevant today. The solider left without saying anything, without anyone really paying any attention to it.
The shock guard proved themselves to be bad asses, using pure arcs, and the old frowg taser technology they were devastation on two feet. A downside was that the vyrii were not really harmed by this form of attack, but it did serve to pause them momentarily, setting them into a jerky slower movement. Already tactics and plans were devised on how to stun larger war forms, and groups of smaller drone forms. The ice blades have a limited operation range, and need safe landing and resupply spots. Their VTOL nature makes them ideal in the mountain ranges though. Limited contact with vyrii results in only small numbers of successful engagements, the vyrii know to hide from the distinctive vibrations made by the engines of the ice blades, as they have little in effective ways of hitting back. For now they hide and undergo metamorphosis, soon they can strike back. A disastrous panic results in food hording by the civilian population, and a resultant domestic peace keeping/ policing action. The military is forced to break down doors of panicked people and take the food, then ration it out. This creates a great deal of resentment, but at least no one will starve immediately. The grumpy population drags their feet somewhat on farming, until they realize they will starve without the work. The Army just does not have the supplies, and things were looking bleak until a very unlikely offer presented itself. The ABR counselor reported the matter to general Prebyn directly via a sent skulk and expected immediate reply. ((see the syndicate rising)) The general could not deal with too many more of these complications, but he did say anyone...fuck..fuck...this could help, but it could also piss off the rest of the council depending on their choice, he also didn't know how he personally felt. Fuck it. going to the tavern, getting drunk, then thinking on it when he didn't have such a headache.
Numerous failures, and dead ends with the sandoni result in one fact. They attack hoppas, almost mindlessly in their urgency to get at them. by standing at the end of a long walled trap, the hoppa will lure the sandoni into a pit that has a cage which will snap shut. The cage is then lifted out of the pit by a pulley. Not exactly the safest way, but the pirates were up to the challenge, and soon have a few cages full of angry snapping slashing bugs. The Shrohans are just not doing too well here, the hot dry winds that blow hurt them, and their patrols are short. They make sporadic reports that offer some insight into the creatures continually erupting from a further location. Braving sandy tunnel systems a few new amber burrows are discovered, with wriggling larve and freshly hatched molted young sandoni. A few are caught in nets, while the rest were shot. The grubs were not so dangerous and all were shoved into a bag, and periodically smacked against the ground if they acted up too much. "SANDONI MEAT! IT TASTES BETTER!!!" the Slizers manage to make it a popular menu item across their dancing boomer inn and bar chain, which allows them to open up a few new locations more northward. The Elder K'nia got into a long conversation with the commander about the scouts, their training, who's responsability that was and her toes being stepped on. The commander dismissed her letting her know that a few more corpses would be what she would have gotten back if they had not gotten the training. The conversation carried on...
The Elder shaman and Blacksocks went back to the underwater structure. Blacksocks spoke of this place haunting his dreams to the elder the moment they stepped inside. Back once more down the twisting corridors, past the empty rooms and doors, through phantoms of the past they came again to a door. One had been here before, the other knew it from his dreams as if he had been here. Walking in they faced their fate, and began something that would change the world. Perhaps not today, but in the eras yet to come. "Inheritor, both components are detected, but are incomplete. Initiating unification at zero percent. The door behind them had silent shut and was locked. The room filled with a blinding light, confusing, terrifiying. It was too much for the old shaman's heart, and he feared the end from this terror. Blacksocks reverted back to a primal state, howling and clawing at the door, pounding and biting at the metal, it was not a time for words.
K'nia was rather belligerent with the commander of the rough wave, but he was patient, eventually she would see the virtue of the training, even if the commandos were still bastards who stole his sword. Their conversation was interrupted by what felt like an earthquake. Somewhere on the island a shaft of light erupted into the early evening sky. She had nearly forgotten why she was here.
Across the planet a signal was issued that demanded response and so response was given. In an isolated laboratory on a mountain range, a little cage full of captive vyrii drones and a lump of crystal shrieked out, audibly, painfully. A simultaneous noise but magnified to unimaginable levels raked out from the vyrii hordes deep in the northern regions, and they began their slow march forward. It was heard as a distant, ominous rumbling at the ABR settlement from beyond the mountains. Deep in the ocean a spire that had long breached the surface resonated, and its keepers took notice. A group of shamans clasped their heads in excruciation beyond imagination. A great creature of incalculable age heard an alien song, and responded back in it's own native frequency. Numerous other fragments replied, reporting damage, loss of orientation, and more.
In the black void above, sensors watched, an eternity of nothing, if it could feel, there would be anticipation, but this must just be degradation in the programming. The master challenge signal was issued. Distorted and fragmented signals sang back in reply, or not at all. It was all...corrupted, or broken. Few components remained intact, adaptations were required.
The light faded, and the Large hoppa stumbled out of the room, gripping the door, its entire body hurt. What had happened, the old man took him to see...the pirate...saw the animal...who was he? Over and over again the memories played out..going down into the structure with the brute..walking with the weak old man...could escape...need to find the end to the visions...who was he? In the midst of the thoughts came a voice. "inheritor, component merger is one hundred percent complete." Elsewhere throughout the structure, locked doors began to open.
File: 1354027228595.png-(32 KB, 911x625, bordle01.png)
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...woahhh! that's beyond awesome! I salute your storyweaving skills, ng.
Also, remember that Central has Houyis... and Houyis are organic AA batteries. What does this spell for the Shrohans, lords of storms?
File: 1354029718389.png-(156 KB, 800x1000, Finned houyi redesign.png)
156 KB

It spells them DOOM!
Thankfully, the shrohans haven'tthus far encountered any Houyi.

Here is a redesigned Finned houyi which lives in the obsidian fields, hunting wespars which are using the strong thermal winds of the area to gain height.
File: 1354041622744.gif-(656 KB, 264x198, baby falls alseep (adorable).gif)
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It's perfect... ha ha ha.

With access to living Sandoni creatures, the researchers of the harvesting outpost start their studies on these damned bugs.
The researchers try to pacify the sandonis with the aid of the Shrohans and their electric powers, before starting their examinations.
The researchers are trying to study the sandonis in all the stages of their growth, the adults, nymphs and the grubs. They even let few of the grubs to continue growing, in order to observe the process themselves.

The dryness of the environment is a problem not only for the Shrohans, though they do suffer the most from it. Both the hoppas and frowgs are adapted to more humid environments, thus the dry winds from north cause certain health issues for both species, such as irritated skin and lung problems. In order to prevent these issues, some of the amber harvesters are trying to develop some sort of basic protective gear for the workers.
The shrohans are the priority, as most of them are visibly ill, their skin covered in dried out, cracking patches. Ideas range back and forth, most of them focused on improving the "wet rags tactic" the shrohans already use. The most coherent idea thus far is some sort of "wet suit" made from lub skin. It contain water inside of it, to keep the skin of the shrohans from drying up.
Rolled 7, 18, 3, 5, 11 = 44


The blast of light blinds K'nia momentarily, but after quickly recovering, she starts running towards. This was big! This had to be it! Something amazing was indeed hidden on this island!

The researchers working inside the sunken structure were in a state of confusion when the large hoppa stumbled out of the chamber where the eldest shaman and the pirate had entered. "What happened?", they ask, but receive no clear answer. They try to help the big hoppa, while some of them head out to investigate the newly opened chambers.

Rolling for:
Studying living sandonis.
Developing general protective gear against the dryness.
Developing a "wet suit" for the shrohans.
Investigating the tower of light.
Investigating the new chambers and other changes that happened to the sunken structure.
the living sandonis are hostile and quite hard to mollify. They molt, they grow, they become hostile, they claw and scratch and attack until they are ready to reproduce, they reproduce, make amber, then they go back to being hostile. The hoppas take the skills developed from making diving suits to create wetsuits, some have water storage canisters as well. Large brimmed "hats", or hoods are created, depending on the race to keep away the brutal sun. The Holori take to wearing shemaghs, and setting up large open pavilions for shade. Anything to keep cooler and hydrated.. The shrohan's wetsuits are...heavy. they cannot fly easily with these objects, and it is misery to wear them, but it does alleviate major health issues. The enclave has stranger devices still, perhaps something from the occasional traders might be of benefit.
K'nia runs towards the pillar of light, it is steadily fading, it was now or never. Behind her a curious lem captain was in pursuit. The new chambers that opened held objects and things beyond the comprehension of the team. Magic to them. mostly moving lights, or voices from nowhere spouting off nonsence about "unknown location, separation from main hull, external pressure readings, and damage report" often sounding erratic and strange. Long cables periodically emitted sparks and more lights flickered. A series of red blips showed up in an empty spherical pattern on one screen, ever rotating. It was good to stare at. there were so many things here to stare at. Proper exploration had not yet even begun.
From the Kunaba Mountain range the Joorod turned the great spyglass of the S. Obervatory. Below them the Enclave territory stretching into the south. The horizon visibly curved suggesting what many thinkers already assumed. Measured in shadows and angles, they had concluded the round was rounded in globe. To see the very curve of the world was something expected but wonderfully fantastic at the same time. There was the Enclave Capital, there was Fort Gelder, little points of civilization in the Northern Wilderness.

On the northern side of the peak, a Frowg Engineer lifted and heaved the last struct from its crate. The walls had finally been put up, but the roof still needed to be placed as well as the great spyglass. He walked back to his tent to fish out the spyglass specs. The southern spyglass had been constructed in the Snow Axe compound and then delivered to its observatory. This N. Observatory was at a much more elevated position making delivery of anything bigger than crates impossible. So the spyglass was broken down to components and laid in crates. Installation wouldn't be difficult, mountain willing.

A strong gust wiped through the tents, cutting through the improved triple layered winter gear and freezing the Engineer. Another gust turned into a tornado blowing against him. Planting his spiked boots into the ground, he held fast against the gusting chilling wind. The gust passed and the Engineer continued fishing out the spyglass specs. Once the spyglass base was screwed into the Observatory base. The Engineer went through some finalizing before retiring for the day. It grew dark slowly, the sun just dipping below the curved horizon. When he turned around, the door that had not just a second ago been across the room was gone. Moved is the better word since it had repaired on the wall adjacent. A sign above the door read, "Peak."
Surely a bad joke. "Hey Axe Heads, that's not where the door goes. You guys just screwed up half a days wo-," but before the Engineer finished his rant, he had opened the door the blinding light of the setting sun. No ground below his feet, he hung off the door's frame using a pair of arms, and climbed back into the Observatory using the other pair. Screaming and cursing, he ran towards the reappeared entrance. He looked behind him and saw nothing but an empty wall with crates piled around it. The air became harder to breathe.


L's expedition and led him to the edge of Vyrii Territory. Before them was a maze of cracked open ground revealing the boiling rock of the plant's core. Animate, branching these cracks were the cyclopean crystallized structures of what could only be assumed, not understood, as colossal Vyrii. They crawled over the Icy landscape punctuated by open cracks. L spied one colossus reaching over a pit too large for even its reach. It toppled over in a roaring rage, screaming the death of a giant. Nothing more to witness, L turned his party around assured that none of them would forget. They grew, they grew big.
Over the next few nights, Tera documented her observations of the Doc drone. She had created a small vocabulary of Doc's tappings, mapping different tapping patterns to images, sounds, actions. She suspected that her arm had become a node networked by the Vyrii. These alien thoughts being unintentionally transmitted to her. However it may be more likely she was looking for a connection that didn't exist.

For the longest time she had been disconnected with the rest of Skulk kine. She was far from the natural freeze line of the continent. It is true that some Skulk have the ability to communicate long distances. But that kind of clear connection only occurred with sisters practically grown in the same pod. Her people did not survive in the freezing Enclave territory. Even before she assigned to the Snow Axes, she barely talked to the skulk over in the next territory. So when she felt the thoughts bubbling below her feet, she welcomed them even if they were harsh and terrible.

The nights dragged on like this and she taught her assistants a little of Doc's tappings. She was sitting taking notes when she saw herself sitting at the desk. She was facing away from the viewer. She turned and so did the image. The drones were all looking at her and from below she saw six versions of herself in puzzlement. The six drones rearranged themselves sending out a different thought, tapping a different pattern. From that she got a verbose collection of thoughts at once.
ATTEMPT TO RECONNECT. An image of a broken bridge. WILL REATTEMPT. The sun setting over the curved horizon. REQUESTING NETWORK NODE. The six different images of Tera. TO SIGNAL. The night sky just below Little Sister, her pale face brilliant against the dark void.

Before long the moment had passed. The activity dying around the scheduled time each night. But still dark enough to check something important. The drones had used a term only Easterns understood. Little Sister, an adopted name from the Gantu tribe who still lived back ... home. It was a personal message adapted for her to look at the moon.

The sun started to rise in the East as Tera hiked to the Southern Observatory. Wrapped comfortably in the new winter gear, she could just about make it to the spyglass if she kept a steady pace. The spike boots weighed her legs down at each step. The sun's ray fell on the back of her head. She pushed into the Observatory where one of the Joorod brothers was studying some landmark in the distance. She told him to point the spyglass at the Western Sky just below Little Sister's pale face.

For several seconds she couldn't see anything but the sky gaining a red morning color. Then out of Little Sister's pale face, she saw the contrasting black and red cylinder. There was a connection, it had been meant for her, it was real.
Rolled 12, 19, 3, 20, 11, 19 = 84

That morning Tera went to Hotgan detailing the need for an emergency conference with the rest of the Snow Axe Personal. The Joorods were there, as were L having just returned from his scouting mission and Kale as a up and coming squaddie, Tera to give a presentation. The purpose of the meeting was decide what role if any the Snow Axes will have in the Crestland people's Crusade into Vyrii lands.

Its decided that the northern observatory would be rushed, allowing them to seeing enemy movements and fed the info to the Army of the Black Ramel. The seed and fire bombs will be field tested in Vyrii Territory to confirm their effectiveness. With the Frilla tree crashed into the mountains its currently being repaired. Installing the launchers on the Tree won't be a bad idea. However the ABR have named their gunships Ice Blades in their honor. So offer to install SA Convertible Launchers, which can hold the two different bomb types. Finally Tera will be allowed to explore this network connection the drones has requested of her. Hopefully meaningful data can be collected, if not actual communication with an intelligence.

rollin for
rushing the Observatory
sending another group to Vyrii Territory
testing fire/seed bombs in the field
making conversations to the Frilla Tree
designing SAC Launchers
Tera's first connection session
Rolled 11, 16, 1, 8, 7, 11 = 54

20 for Frilla conversion, guess my resident Rylai are full of surprises.
just realized, I meant
>making conversions to the Frilla Tree
sorry for confusion, unless it makes more sense to talk to the Frilla. in anycase, do what you will
Today is the day. The First Crusade Army shall march from the Rust Pile and, it shall crush all the Vyrii before it. Prebyn even hopes that, nay, he is SURE that this may in fact be the only Crusade needed to destroy the Greyskins.

Hundreds of soldiers are ready for this war. And now they shall attack. Ramels have been gathered, and the last of the Titans now stand by the Black Ramel in all their majesty. Around their feet and legs scurry the smaller ramels, forming up into long lines for the Cavalry. Ice Blades are lined up and polished, their pilots standing by for take-off. Heavy infantry Lems are arrayed an sea of metal, weapons and armor shining in early sunlight. Gunners ready their weapons for the devestating volleys the Command Council has planned. Everyone, from lowliest recruit to the handlers of the Titans is eager to crush the Greyskins and carve a new life from the North. Many of the Ta'Mirel have an almost fanatical air about them, believing that THIS is the Tomorrow War at long last.

Prebyn himself stands atop the back of the Black Ramel, surveying the host. He is proud. He started out as just a recruit with what was only meant to be an observation force, somewhat like the Snow Axes. That's what Army of the Black Ramel grew from. It gained size as its request for additional personnel were granted, and by the time Prebyn was an officer, the Black Ramel arrived, and the ABR was born. Now is the culmination of years of building, of creating an army that will eliminate this great scourge, the Greyskins, the VYRII. Prebyn knows little of the Vyrii throughout history, only understanding that they were a great threat that was never truly defeated. Decades after signing up for what he thought was just a lost, though noble cause, Ronak Prebyn commands an army that may well end the greatest threat to Civilization in the entire Western Continent.
Rolled 19, 3, 11, 3, 15 = 51

As the sun crests the mountains, Prebyn reviews the strategy planned out for the army. They will push into the mountains, for a week, killing Vyrii wherever they can be found. Then, once the week is up, any straggling forces will be waited on to move up, and any companies that advanced too far ahead of the rest of the army will fall back, till the entire army forms a single line. Then, forts will be constructed, little more than tents surrounded by stakes and small wooden walls. The Army will wait for reinforcements for two weeks, then repeat the process of moving forward, killing, fortifying and reinforcing until the Vyrii are crushed

The Command to March is given.

May the Black Ramels might be with them all

Rolling for The First Crusade. Five rolls to cover the overall outcome
File: 1354068104189.png-(48 KB, 987x496, Noord True self.png)
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Rolled 16, 13, 17, 3, 3, 10 = 62


If getting the ship back to water would take that long it is better to leave it there and use it as start for harbour. Change of plans. we shall build the harbour around the ship itself!

These primitives must be taken care of but as proprity they must be taken alive if possible because there is much to learn from them.

even with all these setbacks the city must grow. new attempts at building temple and quarry are made and some of the population started to build the city itself.

Rolling for building the harbour using the grounded ship, fighting the primitives, capturing them alive, building temple, quarry and city.
File: 1354075383481.png-(69 KB, 640x480, Noord.png)
69 KB
That reminds me. I don't think that I've posted this in any thread yet.

Trying to draw them as more bird-like than ape.
Rolled 4, 12, 7, 16 = 39


The researchers are growing frustrated with the sandonis. Wretched creatures they were, horrid beasts of claws and fangs. They begin using more extreme methods of studying these things, such as amputating their limbs so they would be less dangerous.

One thing seemed clear about the sandonis, they were completely mindless. The way how they kept hopelessly attacking the amber harvesting compound could only be described as suicidal. This however meant that the harvesters had an ample supply of both meat and amber, they only had to kill and process the bugs who seemed to be madly drawn to their compound.
The ease up their work, the harvesters decide to build series of spiked pit traps around their compound, to which the bugs would fall and die.

The Shrohans have came up with a potential improvement to their wet suits. They are thinking of adding flight bags, devices that are used by the elderly in their homelands to help them fly. These bags could make the suits lighter, and thus more comfortable for the shrohans.

K'nia begins to quickly hoard as many of these artifacts as she can. What arcane powers they might hold?!

(Ng you missed one of my previous rolls, the one about investigating the changes and newly opened chambers inside the sunken structure.)

Rolling for:
Continued studies on living sandonis, using more extreme methods.
Building spiked pit traps for easier sandoni harvesting.
Improving the shrohan wet suits.
K'nia hoarding the artifacts.
((good story again.))
The second observatory goes up with some muscle and work and soon exciting new information is being provided. More weather, more astronomy, but for now the scientific tool is turned to military uses, observing likely places for vyrii to emerge. The next group makes it to vyrii territory with no difficulty, but the vyrii detect them and attack. The fire bombs and seed bombs are used in less then ideal conditions and to little effect. One rookie gets consumed in a blast of ragas seeds, quickly leaching the fluid and nutrients out his body, unable to scream as vines erupt from his mouth and eyes. The panicked troops run for it, tossing fire bombs to cover their trail, not really doing any solid damage. The fire walls and blasts keep the smaller vyrii at bay as they retreat, but a few of the vets catch shards through the back and fall over dead or looking in disbelief at the spike that came out of their chest. The frilla tree is massively upgraded with fan drive systems similar to the ABR ice blades use, weapons, bombs...no expense is spared. The simple blimp like airship is now a fearsome, if small, warship, in time the equipment will need to be moved around as the tree grows, but that is not a worry for today. Light armor underneath was added to protect against ground fire, but the ship was at it's load limit, unable to carry much else now, less it sink instead of float. The SAC launchers benefited greatly from the upgrade of the frilla tree conversions.
The launchers are adequate for dispensing the bombs, and that is enough to ask for. They will however not be able to fit to the snowblades, and are instead modified to launch the explosives from foot, similar to a mortar. Unknown to tera, the ability for skulks to communicate by distance was not born to their race, no indeed...it was gained from an arch enemy called the skulcrow, long ago, spread amongst a small broken tribe called the Zel'za'siel. Tera perhaps contained the smallest trace of this taint. A signal burned something deep into her mind, "Degr-de-- --ignal res-nce unknown firmware att----ing reconfiguration. O-b-ital struc-rrr dama-g-tensive...d---load initiating to new frame." she fell over, her entire body was on fire, the very protective garments around her being dissolved by something within her, being absorbed as raw material, carbon and minerals. Tera's pain ended as she looked at her hands. hands. two hands. One was hers, one was...alien. something not metal, not flesh. ((similiar to plastic and polymer)) her vision was different, and silver lines traced her body. Everywhere she looked she saw strange symbols and lines forming silhouettes around objects. A joorod approached her "are you ok?!" before reeling back. she was changed. tendrils were cables, and eyes glowed. She spoke with her voice and a second one behind it "I've never felt more functional." she had no new knowledge, but at the same time, she knew she wasn't alone anymore.
somewhere high above a very damaged satellite, one of precious dozen or so, began its final fiery descent into the planets orbit, spending its last energy on a transmission that echoed the master signal, and a final command.
Black ice became a harbor, cargo intended to be a town was gutted and set up and clung to the sides of the ship like great barnacles on the hull. The Harbor was not an issue now, and soon they would have deliveries of resources from the enclave, and their own capital city of stone and metal. The primitives got their asses soundly handed to themselves, with faces and heads beaten by the blunt stocks of their guns, many were captured alive, and a few were killed. The dead were eaten as food was scarce. The prisoners were lead back in chains. Already it was apparent they were smarter then animals, but perhaps slightly behind what it took to be truly sentient, ruled more by their instincts then rationality. The temple they wanted was not to be a simple "barnacle" on the side of the ship, but a proper structure, so that meant stone, and stone harvesting was delayed as the savages were dealt with. The city itself grew quickly around the ship, with the ship born forges and equipment being copied, modified, and used to create the settlement. It was a good time, a time of challenge and growth, and self sufficiency. Already pits were being dug for new quarries.
((modifiers added for prior experience with combat, building, etc))
News of the "loss" of the warship Black ice spread quickly enough amongst the fleet. New precautions were going to have to be put into place to avoid further incidents, this was not the first, and the commanders of the various vessels were already busy retrofitting them with storage, maintenance, and support for their new aircraft. ((i have a mental image of how the ship settlement looks, but i offer the lead for you to do a sketch, scribble, or master work to depict it. I can also give more results if you add more storylines, involving the fleet, or the onol capital, whatever you want man, just give me some feedback or advice.))
The amber harvesting settlement continues to develop, simple wind driven mechanisms make day to day life easier, and the holori set out with maniacal glee digging an extensive network of traps, tunnels, and other murderous pitfalls around the camp, this was a cultural past time for them that they excelled at. Researchers noticed one thing alone, as a sandoni was transported in a cage back to the nad'lun mainland for further study. It continued slamming against the cage trying to get at the hoppa who was walking away, opposed to the armored frowgs, or even as it passed the hoppa on the docks in the diving suit. this trend repeated itself with several of the creatures. The Shrohan wetsuits with the lift devices help the warriors once again take to the air, at a slower pace, but still, better then nothing. The crew in the underwater structure grabbed as many of the objects as they could unsure of what anything did, but fearful the doors would slam shut, running off with great handfuls of them, snatching and grabbing. Eventually they came to a room filled with five large tubes of green fluid, inside were things...they looked like...joorod? More round though. How did they get in there in those tubes?
K'nia's mad dash took her several miles inland towards the light pillar until she found a metal cylinder sitting in the ground at an awkward angle. As she approached it slowly a light scanned her, with a voice speaking from an undetermined direction. "Inheritor. Possessor of Security officer Bodonl Q. Bordelious's equipment. Issued one of two. Issue sequence of emergency gear has not been completed. The sequence must be completed....location of equipment is not local, detrimental hull damage has occured. Sensors indicate catastrophic loss of atmosphere. Inheritor welcome. For your own survival please enter the capsule" K'nia had been standing in a trance for a long time, as the Commander of the rough wave observed her once he caught up. damn hoppas were fast. MIndlessly she stepped towards the metallic cylinder that was emitting the light. The commander grabbed her but she slowly walked forward towards an opening in the object, thinking better, he simply followed her, only to be violently repelled by an unseen force "HOSTILE ORGANISM. CONTAINMENT. INITIATING EMERGENCY PROCEDURES." The cylinder shot off into the sky trailing strange light behind it. This made the lem think hard on the possibility of such an object as a weapon, right before he wondered where it was going.
K'nia awoke, floating, cofused, and disoriented. portals to the outside showed a black sky, but one showed...a strange green and blue and brown object..what was it? wonder overtook her as she pressed her tentacles to the window, peering outside. "docking procedures initiating." violently gravity returned and she was slammed down onto her rump.
((check out >>21774353 and subsequent posts down. there is a response i require of you before i press on, that determines a lot involving the future of this continent, and the war fighting capability of your army))
Preybn was so overcome with the begining of the war that he had no pause to think of the messanger awaiting him. The battle began! The Ta'mirel were eager for war, perhaps the shadow nightmare would reveal itself. The Charge of the black ramel and titans was something not seen in a millenia. They moved from a slow trot to an outright stampede crushing waves of the drones underfoot, swinging blades side to side. Preybn felt like a god of old, like a hero from the legends he herd as a boy. just overhead the dull whine of the iceblade's engines sung for a moment before reality snapped back. Crytaline fire ripped many of the lightly armored craft out of the sky, and several of the black ramel's crew fell off the beast impaled. The vyrii, damn them! hiding in the mountains red eyes glittered, watching the burning craft slam into their own troops down below. Commanders below directed their troops to flush out these new attack forms, to grind them into dust! The search for these things went poorly, but numerous drone forms, and a few war forms were destroyed. That night they set up a good camp, and began the wait and resupply. Back at the rustpile replacement iceblades were already under construction.
File: 1354097098743.png-(345 KB, 800x600, The discovery.png)
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> five large tubes of green fluid, inside were things...

Oh snap!
Rolled 7, 7, 19, 17 = 50

These batteries...fascinating things. playing with them, sometimes they could ruin them, or create bigger shocks by running them in sequence, or parallel. Passing time a soldier idily caused the wires to overheat, glow orange, and melt. This didnt do much during the late afternoon, but at night a frowg was trying hard to sleep, but an ugly orange light kept waking him up. what the fuck. Lem. lems did it. damnit. Wait...this, its light, but different. The frowg cashed in on the discovery, relaying a message to the council on the discovery. The lem kept burning wires, none the wiser.
somewhere else, the cooling project carries on, scientists toiling way. By attaching a fan blade to the turbines, and compressing air into a very small space, when it explodes out into a larger area, it super cools via rapid expansion. more research will be done into this technique. The lem of both factions are willing to invest much into this. A rival research team works on this as well, as it could be a chip in bargening with the lem in the future, and a wise old frowg once said something something ribbit.

rolling for: playing with electrical lighting, cooling research from the Ta'mirel, Onol, and Council
File: 1354106218045.png-(2 KB, 142x126, Untitled.png)
2 KB
The study of electrical lights is a bit of a hobby right now, rather then a practical thing. They are often dimmer then a candle, or fire, but the neat factor really captures people's attention. In particular the people of the lower city, or military members with too much spare time. It is a primitive beginning, with no real understanding of how the fuck this works, but it is a beginning. Fascination with electricity, and arcs a frowg can make with amp suits capture people's minds in a way that fire did in early history. An urge to find a way to harness this, replicate it, it is dire for some individuals, but is also presently unattainable outside of a battery charged by a frowg. In the end, its just a lot of blown up batteries, melted wires, burned fingertips and a few dead individuals.
The cooling experiments all pan out in one way or another. For the Ta'mirel, it was a culmination of many small steps that have created a rougher style unit. The Onolkeshan created something based off of their own turbine research, efficient and functional, already being applied to their cities and warships in the form of cooling rooms where a lem can gain back physical integrity from chilling, then approach physically demanding tasks easier. The council's application ended with a merger between the insulation and cooling knowledge to create "ice chests" which store perishable foods longer. Not of much use to the ABR who already bury food in the cold tundra grounds, but perhaps marketable to the curious Nad'lun.
Rolled 2, 15, 9 = 26

Man...those edtat. they have been quiet lately. Lets see whats been going on. ((feel free to give me direction on what you want))
The Enclave council forces were very intrigued by this new race, sure they were primitive, and were smashing the things they were given. Sure they set fires everywhere, but didn't we all do that at one time? They were hungry for knowledge, and knowledge they would receive! Language has been established, but understanding and knowledge. the embarrassing fact that they look to them as deities instead of fellow sentients. They would help them to understand day to day life, to take out some of the mystery and superstition. Though from there the various factions saw the Edtat in different lights. Some as a new member to the family, some as a new solider skilled in jungle warfare. Those skilled enough, and patient enough in their fields would seek out the Edtat who wished to learn.
Rolling for: Overall effectiveness of teachers, Percentage of the tribe reached, amount of understanding gained
The teachers focused constantly on overly complicated topics, failing to adhear to the concept of walking before running. The concepts are huge, but the tribe often gathers around to hear them, more as if they are stories and legends, then facts. It is entertaining. Still, of their own accord, the tribe does manage to grasp some of what the teachers have to say, and take it to heart.
File: 1354117192096.png-(60 KB, 1000x1000, Shrohan wetsuit.png)
60 KB

The hoppas of the amber harvesting outpost are quite concerned of how the Sandonis seem to be trying to specifically get THEM. They are growing more and more desperate at figuring out why these damned things kept assaulting their compound. The fact that the diving suit wearing hoppas were ignored over other hoppas is also investigated by the researchers.

All in all, despite the sandoni attacks, the amber and meat harvesting operations are going more than well, and the compound is easily able to supply the home markets with these exotic goods. They are even trying to start selling the excess supply to the Enclave and the Izileth tribe down south.

The harvesters are curious of other potential riches of this harsh land, and thus they send few shrohan sqouts, in their improved wet suits to investigate and chart areas deeper inland. The Burning Golden sea, from which the shrohans speak with terror however is given a wide breath.
Rolled 5, 15, 19, 14, 9, 16, 12 = 90


The crew inside the underwater structure try to test the strange artifacts they discovered, while the ones who found the 5 tubes bring the large hoppa, who they think is their Eldest Shaman to make some sense of the visage before them. What were the beings in the tubes?? How did they get there and how long had they been there?!

K'nia fights her panic and tries to make the sense of her situation. Where in the world was she? The black sky showing from the portals of her prison had stars..so many of them..she could recognize some, but the numbers of the stars was immense, nothing like the night sky she was familiar with. She gazed upon the blue marble floating in the black sea, but before the terrifying realization hit her, loud mechanical noises distracted her back to her situation.
"Docking procedures completed. Opening hatch doors."
One wall of her prison opens up, revealing a tunnel, to which she cautiously walks into.

Rolling for:
Continued studies on the sandonis.
Selling amber and sandoni meat to Enclave and Izileth (2 rolls.)
Charting the more inland areas of the central continent.
Studying the artifacts discovered inside the structure.
The researchers and Shaman/Black Socks making sense out of the 5 tubes.
K'nia figuring out where the heck she is.
File: 1354120320665.png-(92 KB, 900x600, Studying the sandonis.png)
92 KB

>Dat 5.

It seems that the hoppas will never learn why the sandonis want to eat them so bad.
Rolled 2, 4, 14, 9 = 29


In the capital of Onolkeshan the loss of huge amount of skilled population is causing a drop in production and overall efficiency. There is also has been increase in reports saying that many have seen suspicious people moving in the shadows of Geshud Deler. Manu suspect that even with the help of Hoppa pirates the grasp of syndicate is getting stronger.

The electrical lights have gained the interest of Onolkeshan and they want to improve the current tech to be more efficient and easier to manuafacture. Also the research on fuel is starting again as they try to find ways make it less dangerous and to burn purely.

Onolkeshan scientist have learned alot from using frowgs for scientific purposes. they know how electricity can affect muscles and other parts of the body by making them work and move. Also as volunteers are quite rare and thus valuable, Lem now try to think ways to better keep people alive. This might be first step on the road of medical research.

Roll for researching electrical light, cleaner fuel, learning more about frowg electricitys effects on body and medical research on learning ways to keep people alive.

Redor looked at the clear morning sky and nodded to himself that it might be a nice day considering the weather is great. He closed the door behind him and set the broom against it to signal that he was not at home and started walking towards the market of Geshud Deler. He was thinking about normal things he thought normally while travelling to and from the forge. He always have wondered how he and his twin are so different even though they basically are the same person.
"Here i am doing manual labour for little cash while only thing he does is sit on the chair all day looking at those scrolls and books". Now that itself was not something he would be upset about as it was all fine if he enjoyed doing that kind of work, but what was wrong was that he got paid more from that. And to top it all he would be soon going to the new colony somewhere in the east where he would see new things while i would stay here and do these minor jobs for the rest of my life.
What was it that made him so lucky? was it the fact that unlike me he was true believer? and come to think of it he did get his job because he happened to be in the mass. Some higher level official had asked him to work for him.. damn.
Redor was getting close to the forge and he would already hear the voices of market and the smell of many different cuisines. "Oh what am i to judge, perhaps he will get eaten by ramel over there". He could actually see it happening in his mind and chuckled while he walked... Perhaps it will be a good day.
Rolled 4, 3, 18, 2, 18, 4 = 49


The primitives who attacked the colony were put in cages and under guard. we would learn much from these creatures but for now we must concentrate on keeping them alive.

New shipment of colonists and materials arrived! With them they also brought the simple mechanic mining tools making the coming work easier.
The quarry should be ready by now and workers kept digging so that it would be ready when needed.

Small squad of scouts was made ready to scout the surrounding lands. They would be equiped with Onolkeshan armour and weapons to protect them from local flora and fauna. They would go to search the east and from there to south and back.

Because of the attack of primitives the Lem knew that they would need to make defensice structures to protect them in the future. Walls would be built around the area and for the soldier they would need to make a keep.

As for the temple of Vagúshosod the cultists found suitable hill nearby. it was wide and flat enough for the building of great structure.

Lem were cautious about eating the meat of these primitives as they had no way to know if it was poisonous. One of the bravest took a bite and soon after he said "tastes like chicken!". (Others thought that he was already a bit insane as he ate food none knew about. And what even is chicken?)

Those who didnät want to take the risk went to learn new ways to catch a fish.

Rolling for that goddamn quarry, scouting, building basic walls, building keep, starting the construction of temple and fishing (perhaps the fishing isn't for Onolkeshan as they still think that water is a bitch)
File: 1354133341524.png-(299 KB, 800x650, K'nia staring to space.png)
299 KB

Drawing of K'nia is Spesh!
You people won't believe how long I struggled with drawing her in this perspective. It was freaking hard to draw a hoppa's rear side, when they have their dang weird physiology.
File: 1354143461048.png-(15 KB, 307x337, Pfrowgmagnon.png)
15 KB
Time for a bump.
Alright. Lets deal with these Syndicates..

Otiv, the Council reprsenative of the ABR is pleased with the Syndicates. Their support will ensure a great victory against the Vyrii. More importantly, Otiv has an idea on how to get his beak wet, and to expand the power of the ABR further, all while helping these new Syndcatists. He first extends his congratulations to the Syndicates in their newfound independence from the Council. He declares that, Prebyn (who has not done the following) officially recognizes the Syndicates as independent from the Enclave as the Ta'Mirel, the Onoleshkan, or the ABR itself. With that done, Otiv organizes a meeting with as many Syndicate leaders as possible, hoping to establish formal relations with them. Make it clear that Prebyn and the Command Council appreciate the Syndicates efforts to help them, and that strong friendship could be made. They may very well prove vital should the returning armies of the North attempt a coupe after the Vyrii War is done. Or at least they could be granted votes on the Council, creating a voting bloc out of the ABR, the Ta'Mirel and the Syndicates.
Rolled 7, 13, 4, 5, 4 = 33


Back at the Rust Pile, engineers work frantically to build more Ice Blades. They may have been caught off guard, but they are still a fantastic weapon. Perhaps heavier armor would protect them better, make them impervious to further Vyrii attacks. Or maybe faster, with bigger weapons to strike first and destroy the Greyskins before they can retaliate? Anything for the Glorious Crusade.

As the war finally rages, recruitment drives are sent all throughout Enclave land. Settlers, Soldiers, engineers and farmers. Anyone who can help should drop everything and aid the Crusade!

Meanwhile, the First Crusade army sits tight, waiting for reinforcements and supplies to reach them. Once they are secure, they will push forward again. For now they will fend off the Vyrii. Let not a one damn cur pass by!

Rolling for
Recruitment Drive: I want YOU to serve your country! Help the ABR!
Establishing a working relationship with the Syndicates
Building regular Ice blades
Building BETTER Ice Blades
First Crusade holding its position, keeping the Vyrii back
((the wetsuit is cool, but I cracked a grin and laughed at the caged sandoni's untold fury..they should be crated up, and launched from catapults towards the enemies of the nad'lun))
The hoppas have no idea why the hell the sandoni's express such aggression towards them, only that they are perhaps mindlessly aggressive and particularly hate hoppas. Dancing boomer brand meat and amber are popular commodities. The long lasting meat does not spoil so quickly for travelers, or military, and already the Enclave council has put in a demand order for more, willing to barter cooling boxes for a steady supply of meat. The amber is popular as a crushed powder that is made into a tea, or as an incense to burn, it is popular amongst the izileth and their charges. The new revenue benefits the nad'lun, and the pirates. Inland areas continue to be hostile, but the mercenaries are willing to push forward and cover new ground. Experience at fighting the sandonis has benefited them, but in order to hold the ground an outpost, and road will have to be built. The hoppas may need to hire out new sources of mercenary labor.
The artifacts are metallic, sometimes glass like, lighter, unusual. A few of them are so simple they are easy to utilize and figure out, others are more abstract to the point of impossibility. A strange brick with a swiveling head and a clip on the back. Pushing a large yellow button results in A beam of illumination out of the head. neat. A more dangerous one is a tiny rod attached to a grip, that will glow red hot at the tip when held...clearly a dangerous weapon. clearly. very astute the hoppa scholars are.
The new entity that was two, then one to the power of two...less then two but more then one? The researchers were busy slapping various surfaces trying to figure out the tubes. It was the Large hoppa that absentmindedly went up and pushed a series of spots on a seemingly blank wall, only for the room to lite up. A moment later the contents of the tubes jolted, and the fluid began to drain. "hibernation terminated" the voice..the tubes slid down, leaving the entities within heaving for air, coughing and gagging. Their vision was blurred, and ears full of "nofreeze" anti damage suspension fluid. Slowly as senses returned to normal the Bord looked up from his hands and knees at the large creature before it and promptly screamed. "Maitentenance personelle designation B156.Generation45a.StockC12.hull...."it droned on the overly long name "please prepare to return to duty, integrity is at .0001%, please report to requisitions for a vac suit, there is no current atmosphere, please.." it kept going on. The bord kept screaming.
K'nia walks carefully into the structure, it slowly dawning on her that is above the world...and it was round. weird. "inheritor. security officer. please report to requisitions for full compliment. The entire structure shook. "Atmospheric entry imminent." what did that mean? Soft lights blinked along the floor, encouraging her to follow, to which she eventually did. The entire thing..whatever it was, that she was in, was badly damaged. Twisted metal, bleeding silver stuff...hanging sparking vine things..Holes to the black outside flickered with a strange broken shimmer. she pressed a tentacle to it, feeling a slight tingle. Walking along a few more rumbles were felt. Coming to the end of the trail inside the wounded labyrinth she noticed the flickers of fire along the portals to the outside, rushing red. Odd still. The chamber she entered unfolded with strange mechanical arms handing her many things, most interestingly was a twin to her own gun. the periodic rumbles became hard vibrations. "Thank you for taking the requisition, it has been one one million, three hundred thousand..." another voice cut it off, this one harsh and mechanical "ALL CREW TO ESCAPE PODS. THIS IS NOT A DRILL." the lighting of the structure turned red, and a moment later sounds of crushing and grinding came with strong constant vibrations. Knia did not pause to admire this time, instead rushing along the lit floor plan to another door leading to a rounded room. A door slammed behind her as soon as she was in, and she felt a "pop". The door had a window. behind her she saw a hulk of metal debris burning as it.fell? THEY WERE FALLING!
File: 1354167653182.png-(1.31 MB, 1500x918, 1352547154726.png)
1.31 MB
Hello, does anyone have a clear version of this map (no orange bits and sea routes, etc)? Also, does a larger version exist?

Also, does anyone know who made it?
A while later a little burnt metal ball slammed into the ground, right near where the Lem commander of the rough wave was looking. The same spot that the pirate K'nia had vanished. From the ball emerged one dazed, and confused hoppa. His question was not of where she had been, it didnt matter, but of what she was going to do now. "about those scouts...." she is filled in on the commando training, half listening, reflecting on the adventure. Fucking lems.
Study on the light yields more curiosity then insight. What was figured out was that the metal produced light as it slowly heated up to a white hot glow. If there was a way to limit how how it got, perhaps create a thicker element to the light, something that will not melt so easily. The Cleaner fuel project was not hard for the Onolkeshan, ragas oils infused with purified alcohol and a finer coal slurry. Coal was the problem. The thick black smoke was still rich enough to ignite on its own, and often would creating short lived "bubbles" of flame that would emerge from the haze. Perhaps if there was a way to burn the fuel at a hotter temperature, but the metal would have to be formulated for it...so many new thoughts. New requirements. The population left at the capital was less skilled then those who departed, but perhaps it was time for them to carve a new path forward. Crude medical advancements involve blood donation, though there are disasters with incorrect blood types mixing. The electrical determines that permanent damage can occur, but at the right moment, it can reactivate a heart that is twitching uselessly in the throws of death.
((laws of failure in effect))
The quarrey is dug deeply, now stone and metal supply the settlement. This is bolstered by the new colonists who pitch in to help. The basic walls turn out to be excellent walls instead, drawing from the onolkeshan tradition of masonry, they will make sound structures. The keep walls fall flat, crushing a few people, but this doesnt get too many people down. The Temple is making great strides, already a large and proud structure, if somewhat skeletal. A tactic of throwing timed explosives into the water is the best the fishers can do for now. they skim the surface of the water for the dead fish and their associated chunks. A few lemgineers look at the turbines of their interceptor crafts, and wonder if they can create some sort of after...heater? burner perhaps...something to go faster, also with the immobility of the boat, the aircraft loose some of their usefulness, being fairly short ranged. A ground based version of where they land could be useful.
The deal is settled, without the entirety of the council agreeing on it. However there was a war going on, and this would be settled later. The syndicate forces range from cold, to outright degenerate. Strange allies to say the least. Some of them will occasionally steal or cause trouble. This caused hard feelings with the locals, and the Ta'mirel were quick to act, executing the perpetrators, and their ranking. The bodies were fed to the ramels, and in private, as food for the lem. Meat is meat. This stops the domestic problems but causes fear in the farmers and civilians. As a benefit they work harder, explaining they are too busy supporting the army to fight themselves.
The syndicate forces are odd. Different factions, cartels, and gangs, all normally enemies at best, fighting for something bigger. ancient weapons that were stolen from forgotten surplus alongside exotic modern creations. The syndicate even has their own rudimentary aircraft, dangerous loud things, more so then the rest of the enclave's own. A word to sum the forces up would be haphazard. But they were here, along with the promised food and resources. The upper leaders of the various syndicate factions were easier to get along with, and would command their troops better. Brutal executions from the ta'mirel served their purposes as well. The ice blade construction was slow, as the builders were still inexperienced, a trickle of a few came each day instead of a glorious swarm that was hoped for. The Vyrii counterattack is brutal, with heavy losses. A few of the larger ramels need to have infected wounds burned closed, the damage managing to penetrate their plates. Still, the vyrii were clearly expending resources to do this.
I do believe Nad drew that version, but I'm not entirely sure.
File: 1354173240319.png-(1020 KB, 1500x919, Borgas 4 map.png)
1020 KB

No, I didn't draw that map.
It was drawn by someone named Cervini way back in the southern evo games, if I recall correctly.
Here is the unedited version.
Thanks man.

The researchers are given new goals, instead of studying the sandonis, they need to figure out how to lure them more into the traps. This is due to the increased demands of the Sandoni goods coming from home markets and enclave.

The amber harvesters are unwilling to expand right now, as they are well entrenched in their position. They need more manpower in order to move further inland permanently. Because of this, they continue to send out Shrohan scout parties, whose goal is to chart the terrain and catalog the native fauna. Surely there had to be other creatures on this wretched continent than the sandonis.

Many of the shrohans themselves are growing tired of mercenary life, and are considering heading back to their homes. Their honor however, prevents them from leaving without aiding the Slizers first. Some of them decide to arrange more young merchs from their homelands, as well as more advanced Izileth gear, such as flying vessels to the Slizers. They believe this to be suitable payment for them leaving the service in advance.

The researchers continue their attempts to understand the artifacts. They press ALL THE BUTTONS they see, fiddle with them and some even bash them to walls in frustration, when the things don't seem to work.
Rolled 5, 14, 15, 4, 9, 5, 20 = 72


The Ancient, as the shaman/black socks now refers to himself in his head, approaches the strange screaming creature. He hands out his tentacle towards it, and tries to touch it so he could communicate with it. "What are you?"

K'nia, still confused about her experience promptly tells the lem to buzz off, and says that she will deal with the scouts once she finds out where the fuck they even are.
Now, she had much to think about. Firstly, her ship was still broken, and she needed to get back home...fast. The shamans of Naun'as would surely be able to figure out what the heck she experienced. She headed back to her ship, hoping that her crew had managed to repair it in her absence.

The commando scouts, have, all this time either trained other hoppas, mostly with meager results, continued to party, or sought out new jobs. Some of them actually even left for the amber harvesting compound, hoping to find new jobs there.

Rolling for:
Developing improved ways of luring sandonis to traps.
Scouting the inland areas of the central continent and cataloging the fauna and flora. (2 rolls)
Shrohan merchs arranging aid to the Slizers.
Artifact studying.
Communicating with the bord
K'nia finding a way back home.
File: 1354190876224.png-(143 KB, 666x884, 1338470624404.png)
143 KB
The new settlement of Black ice ((if you have a name for it, hit me with it, or if im missing it point it out to me)) was slowly shaping into a sort of "kowloon walled city" (( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kowloon_Walled_City a fucking cool place that no longer exists. there are websites with many pictures of it, and interviews. imagine if it stood now. fucking sweet)). The scouting forces head out daily, looking for food, resources, and threats. One day the scouts ran into a tribe that has been far north, away from their original home for many generations. The two scouting forces stared each other down. One was clad in metal, wielding hand cannons and axes. The other in furs, with hook spears and primitive explosive launchers. Tension climbed, but in the end the respective leaders of the scouts realized neither party was to attack, and they went forward to meet each other. Snow crunched below their feet as they walked, and the govkar extended a hand when they stood face to face. The lem stared at it for a while, frozen breaths blowing away in the wind from either party. Finally the lem extended his armored gauntlet. Empty hand, no weapons. The meaning was clear between the two warriors. They went back their separate ways to report the incident and let their leaders act on the information.
((dear fuck yes. this is what was envisioned with the researchers. frantically flipping a large two pronged lever back and fourth, turning off and on life support with no idea of what they are doing, shit going haywire and breaking.))
A hoppa will sit in a cage, then held over a trapped area suspended by a long wooden beam and rope. its safer then the previous techniques...sort of. The Shrohans and holori are excellent scouts, and traveling lightly with hoppa catalogers they make note of many things..from a safe distance. This continent is death. giant sand worm like creatures, vicious slithering crawling things, and periodically there is a great shape in the sky that blots out the sun. Sandstorms, and even the elements. They also keep seeing a squat little humanoid like creature stalk them at a distance, similarly observing them. In the end the scouting teams return safely home, with knowledge that there is at least another group of undiscovered sentients, and that the Sandonis have a racial enemy. The artifacts reveal little else, other then one hoppa who put out his own eye. The mercants can offer little unless the slizers are willing to pick it up themselves, then its some fresh and very young, hyper, and eager shrohan who wish to prove themselves, and a few air ships. The holori, they like the violence, and will stay on, a few even inquire as to how they can join with the slizers, they demonstrate a cunning, and violence born of necessity, tempered with honor, that they like.
The frowgs will head home with their masters. The loss of the frowgs sucks, as they were badly needed muscle, but perhaps there is another option. Merchants from the enclave report dramatically reduced syndicate activity, and that means less busy, perhaps unemployed enforcers...it is a possibility that the leaders of the outpost consider. The Ancient tries to talk with the bord but their language is distorted every few words, understandable, then a series of bordles. The bord keeps trying to communicate orally with the Ancient until it simply pikes the creature in the forhead with a tentacle. it worked on almost everything else, maybe these guys? K'nia walked back to her ship. At sea the commander of the rough wave may have saved her ass once, but that was a while ago, and she knew it was because she was a useful tool, and she served her purpose well. She owed that lem nothing. "My ship!" her ship...it was unrecognizable..but how long was she gone? It looked like it had been taken apart, and put back together around some metal frame, with a massive forward facing cannon..wow..wait a sec, that damn thing must be eating up huge chunks of her cargo. DAMNIT! LEMS DID THIS! Her crew was already raising the sails. She surmised the extent of "damage" done to her beloved ship. It could no longer carry as much cargo, but the crew quarters were in tact, just more armor and gun. singular. one giant fucking gun, and all her old ones. Most interesting were two enclave turbine engines mounted to the rear of the boat, hidden to a degree inside the structure itself. Getting home was going to be easy. Later on she settled down in her cabin and began to look over the strange objects from the sky.
File: 1354194720099.png-(9 KB, 275x274, lems gonna lem.png)
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fuck it. have a new drawing.
File: 1354196286858.png-(35 KB, 800x600, Bord.png)
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Rolled 14, 18, 16, 18, 7, 12 = 85


(Note that not all the shrohans were leaving, just some of them.)

The amber harvesters decide to use the airship they acquired to scout deeper into the continent. The ship could carry supplies for the shrohans, far further than they themselves could, so longer range charting should in theory be possible.

The harvesters are open to any workers willing to risk their neck in the harsh reality of the amber compound. Few of the commandos also found their way there, and put their skills into work in improving the traps of the harvesters.

The ancient tries to further communicate with the creature by reaching out his mind to the creature's. Behind his back, the other researchers are looking with caution, as the other creatures rise up from their resting places. One of them researchers, a young and a foolish one, approaches one of the creatures, and tries to help it stand up.

K'nia returns back home as fast as she can, and heads to Naun'as. She seeks out the shamans to make some sense to her experiences. She also sends out her men to gather the so called "commandos" up, so she could lecture them about agreeing with enclave deals behind her back.
(Note that at this point, the commandos have scattered somewhat. Some of them are training other hoppas, others are continuing their parties that started hen they left the island and some have headed out in search of work.)

Rolling for:
Further exploration of the continent with the Izileth air ship.
Getting new workers to the amber compound.
Commandos improving the traps of the harvesters.
The ancient communicating with the creature.
Shamans making sense out of what K'nia experienced.
Gathering up the commandos.

Onolkeshan scientist thought that perhaps the materials they tried to use for electrical light weren't suitable for the task. But because they really had no alternatives in mind the research would be halted for now.

The fuel on the other hand seemed more promising and they were sure that they would be able to find more ways to improve or even use it.


When the scouts came back with news of meeting sentient scout it brought lots of thoughts. Most of Lem were interested in these creatures but some were more cautious as who knows what they will do to us. In the end they came to result that they should sek these beings to make a contact with them. Using the few planes they had it did not take long to find their location.

Diplomatic troops started their trip and it did take only half day to get to their camp. Long before they even saw the camp the scouts of Kharum had seen them coming and reported their findings to their leader (who actually was cousin of Liak (Leader of Kharum in great falls)). Lokhe told scouts to let these people come without harming them but to still keep an eye on them. It did not take long for these creatures to arrive at his camp and with extended bare arm he signalled that he had no weapon and seek not to harm them. Lem diplomat somehow understood the sign and also extended his arm to show that it was bare of weapons. After this the diplomat shouted order to the men behind him and soon they brought Pile of Noord meat as gift.

No rolls for now. i'll be back in the evening and make another post then.
and now for a regularly scheduled random event! (ha.)

One of the small, quaint fishing villages of the Nad'Lun on the south coast of the West continent gets a surprise when the fishermen woke up one morning. A massive, partially decomposing mass of flesh and kelp had beached on their beach, and upon closer inspection, it seems like the creature is an amalgam of plant and animal. It is like no other they have seen before.
It should be noted, however, that the creature that beached had strange symbols on its body.
File: 1354203398709.png-(31 KB, 966x379, Flouz Hunt.png)
31 KB
Just some Burrahn art. Hunting party taking down a Chuflouz.
Rolled 12


The fisherman seeks out the village's shaman, to see this strange creature. The shaman studies the decaying being, and decides to consult his ancestors from the soul wind, in hopes that they could shed some light to the nature of this dead creature.
The Sea Maidens who settled to the village few years back seem to be strangely wary of the corpse, speaking in their own native tongue, and gazing at the alun who have gathered around it with suspicion.
"Snake from depths...snake from depths..kills..hunts..makes the water roar..danger..swim, swim away!" the Maidens whisper in terror to each other.

Rolling for:
The shaman consulting the soul wind for insight about the dead creature.

Diplomats chose to brinf Noord meat with them because it would be safer to give natives meat they are familiar with rather than risk possible poisonings or conflicts with digestion. It was good choice because for Kharum noords are valued prey both dangerous and delicious. At least the first impression was good but it would take time for them to learn how to communicate with eachother.

Well talking isn't the only way to communicate with others as it didn't take long for warriors of each side to show interest in weaponry and skills of eachother. This was the first time Onolkeshan encountered other species who had gunpowder weapons and they were surprised by the destruction Kharum weapons could do. On the other hand govkars were amazed by the precision of Onolkeshan guns (which wasn't much) and the material of their equipment. It didn't take long for weapons to change owners and it is always makes sense to have good relations with people who have weapons that could blow up you back to stone age.
Rolled 17, 1, 17, 1, 3 = 39


Back in the colony construction of city and harbour were already in good shape but there was huge problems with building the keep because the local stone was a bit different from its quality than the stone brought from west. Work on it would continue right after they have managed to clear the debris. Temple for Vagúshosod on the other hand was coming along nicely as the faith helped workers to stay vigilant with the quality and speed of construction. Fishing with explosives is fitting for Onolkeshan as this is true revenge on watery depths in form of fiery death. And they get food.

And back in homeland the research on cooling system continues and with that the study on vyrii corpses. How do they work and what properties do their bodys have? Also now that the huge ships are getting rarer and too huge to be used for smaller jobs a new plan was set to build smaller ships.

Rolling for building the keep, building the temple, studying cooling systems, studying vyrii and making plans for smaller ships.
File: 1354216269402.png-(3 KB, 199x217, Vagúshosod.png)
3 KB

>double 1's

Ok fuck this. not that i even wanted to play or anything.
File: 1354217939182.png-(155 KB, 800x600, Rape imminent.png)
155 KB

>nat 1 for studying vyriis

I am so sorry for drawing this.

+++ REPORT ON CASE 17005 +++

-This report contains information regarding what happened inside the northers scientific wing department 107
Please understand that most of the information on what happened was acquired by questioning the eye witnesses who were few in numbers and at the moment under heavy stress. This is why some of the information might be false and differ greatly between the individuals.-

-Station guard Irun-

IRUN: I don't know what happened. Everything was supposed to be secured by safe system in case something happened. Ask them scientist what happened!

QUESTIONER: You know very well that all of them are dead so don't try to escape from this.

IRUN: O-oh yeah. "dead". I know all this was under heavy secrecy so that the public wouldn't know what we housed there! Even we who guarded the place didn't know much. Told us it was research on medical science. As if they would need guards for that. But i was more clever than those science guys. I saw what was there!

QUESTIONER: And what was it that you saw?

IRUN: A Cage


IRUN: YES A CAGE! over a pool of molten stuff. Now a more intelligent Lem would have ran away but i wanted to see. And i did see! inside it there was corpses. I don't really know what they were but i'm sure they had something to do with the war in the north!

QUESTIONER: The war in the north? That conflict ended years ago. I don't see why out scientists would waste their time on researching things related to that.

IRUN: Well that's what you tell us..

GUESTIONER: Excuse me but we seemed to have derailed from out original topic. So what did happen?



IRUN: I- I don't really know that much what happened that day. It was seemingly normal day. I think there was some sort of problem with cooling but few days ago there was engineers installing new cooling system. All was seemingly well and i didn't really mind as long as it stayed that way.

GUESTIONER: But then what happened?

IRUN: I don't r- really remember. There was some sort of weird noise and after that... after that the alarm came. It said that there was fire or something in the laboratory and all should evacuate. As security personel it was part of my duty to see that everyone would get out in case of emergency. So unlike other i ran towards the laboratory. I was unsure what to think at the time but i knew that if i didn't do my duty i would be held responsible for deaths.

GUESTIONER: Please continue.

IRUN: As i was getting closer ot the lab i saw that most of the torches were blown out and it was really dim in there. After a while i realized that there was no smoke. I walked for a while before i found first scientist. Oh god... A- at first i thought he was only fainted because there was so little light.. o-only when i got closer i saw that he was in horrible state.. torn apart by something. Now i have been guard for some time in different places but i have never sen something like that! How do you explain that?!

GUESTIONER: It is not uncommon that in case of emergency there are lots of accidents that cause horrible wounds.

(not guestioner.. Questioner.. i blame error in the system)

IRUN: Accident my ass. Not after what i saw. The thing that caused that "accident" was close enough yeah. It was looking at me. yeah. and i could feel it. I don't know whati t was but it jumped at me from the shadows! thank to spirits that my ancestors were warriors so i could react in time to block its attack. After that i quickly struck it with my militia axe. The goddamn thing hardly even flinched but it gave me time to escape from the situation. But that damned beast was already after me...

QUESTIONER: Then tell me how could you even survive from something like that?

IRUN: Don't believe me eh? Anyways because of my frantic escape i didn't realize that i was running deeper in the direction of the cage. well where it used to be. Soon after i heard huge crash and soon there was smoke everywhere. I it weren't for the monster after me i would have thought that it was the fire they alarmed about. Blinded by the smoke i kept going untill the smoke started to clear.. just in time because at that moment i saw the huge pit of molten stuff before me. And behind me the growl of the mad beast. Between kunaba and ramel...

QUESTIONER: it amazes me how you survived from that.

IRUN: Well i wouldn't if it weren't for my luck. When the damned beast attacked me i jumped out of its way and pushed it down to the magma. Not the fanciest move but it worked. I didn't take long for you guys to appear and take me with you. Anyways when i'm getting out of here?

QUESTIONER: In time.. In time


FINAL OUTCOME: Failure in failsafe system. It seems one of the subjects managed to escape but was lost because of guard Irun. With losing all the subjects and 95% of personel the research is abandoned.
File: 1354223319225.png-(325 KB, 800x600, Rape imminent 2.png)
325 KB

This story deserves the improved version of this picture.
File: 1354233650893.png-(34 KB, 966x379, Flouz Hunt.png)
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Corrected mistakes in the Flouz. Drew it originally without any reference picture.
Is that a Librarian? My babies are all grown up! And possibly serving an instrument of Bord Invasion! Would it be possible to play a faction of them that serves the Bord during the Tomorrow War while fighting a civil war with the Borgas IV loyalists?

With reinforcements in the form of the Syndicates, Prebyn feels ready to advance again. The veterans will lead the way, with Syndicate auxilaries providing support and numbers to make up for lost soldiers. The push will be slower this time, and more concentrated on areas where the Vyrii are weak, and forts can be easily established, which may be hard. Terrain is getting rougher as the ABR and its allies push farther in, and some are questioning if this land can even be settled once the Vyrii are evicted.

The lack of Ice Blades means they must now be used carefully. Experienced officers are selected to organize better ways of utilising the few Ice Blades that are left. Perhaps tactical strikes would be the best use of what these precious engines of death. Improvements are now being made in small ways. Sleeker designs and bigger guns. Hopefully these will make the few Ice Blades left more powerful
Rolled 12, 7, 11, 6, 17 = 53

Commander Vian is pissed. Oppresing the settlers? Not on his watch. Vians grown to become protective of the settlers, and he will not allow them to be mistreated by these Ta'Mirel brutes! Yet, he only has official command of the Militia, who are busy being farmers at the moment. Perhaps convincing Prebyn or the Command Council to grant him temporary authority of the Rust Pile and the settlers would allow him to improve conditions. And maybe improve his own position in the process, since that ambition isn't gone yet. In the mean time as he waits for his expected promotion, he attempts to revive the improved farming methods. Something about rotating crops and ramel manure.

Rolling for
Improved farming
Vians promotion (forming a nascent civilian government)
New Ice Blade tactics
Ice Blade Improving
File: 1354243572978.png-(278 KB, 397x442, Hoppabutt.png)
278 KB

Weapon testing was a disaster. A twenty man team was returning with thirteen graduated to have been more without L who was not returning of his own power. At the sight of a large Vyrii horde, the team shot the initial barrage of Seed Bombs, only for one to fall short of the target consuming an unlucky rookie. From the rookie's corpus the Raga rose and started terrorizing the squad.

Several fire bombs later, the Raga had murdered another rookie but was dead. The Vyrii were overcoming their Ragas and advancing towards them. They fired their bombs to cover a retreat. Shards rained down on their uncovered position and more of the squad fell dead, some becoming infected. They fled racing back to the mountain path. L fired his last fire bomb to turn the horde back from the narrow path. It was a dud. He ran into the Vyrii horde, unstrapping the Great Axe from his back. The Axe sliced Vyrii at each step until he finally scooped up the fire bomb. He cracked the casting and threw it at the superheated magma. The path exploded in earth and fire.

The squad scouted the position from afar, and seeing none of the enemy recovered the torso of L. The Lem wrapped his body and started the trek back to the Snow Axes compound. They would wait to share his preservation with the rest of the Lem.

One shell shocked Joorod watched the Lem wrapping the body with blind craving. A planted syndicate agent, he had volunteered for this mission just to get his hands on a Seed Boob. If he could get it back to his handler at the base of Kunaba Mountian, he'd score a lifetime of Lem Dust. At the sight of dead L, he started sweating in his triple layered gear. He would get the bomb to the syndicate but only after satisfying his cravings.
Tera entered the session wearing her loose fitting protective coat with the left arm folded to the shoulder, a subtle reminder of her lost limb. The signal was strong but felt desperate. "Degr-de-- --ignal," she grabbed her head in pain and doubled over. The glass pen holding the Vyrii drone shook. They were ramming their prison until it finally tumbled over the edge of the table. The pen crashed on her back splitting the seem in her protective coat. The drones scattered over her, crawling between the broken seem.

The laboratory security ripped the coat off to see the drones injecting shards into her back and arms. Doc, she was sure, pointed its sharp shard at the back of her head. "d---load initiating new frame," the signal pulsed. She felt her neck penetrated and the infection took hold. Security threw emergency heat packs over the scattering drones. They were destroyed but the damage to Tera had been done.

Hotgan rushed into the lab leading Snow Axe armed with flamethrowers. His head swimming with the terrible mistake he had made. Tera had been chosen for her blind dedication. It focused her, but made her blind to risks she took. Hotgan had tried to keep an eye out for her. When Tera quarantined herself, Hotgan had been at her door everyday, trying to keep her sane and connected. Now he broke through that door with a swift kick.

The folded arm of her coat ripped as artificial material grew, replacing the infected arm now boosting the signal. She looked up at the open door, "Is it over? I feel wrong." she got up, "Wrong but functional." The drone's work had been done. She stared back at Hotgan and his men with Vyrii red eyes. Silver lines traveled down her back, and her head sprouted cabled dreads. If not for Hotgan, the guards would have fired on her right then and there. They argued but Hotgan ordered them to stand down.
Rolled 8, 1 = 9


For her own good, Hotgan stashed Tera in the Northern Observatory. It was the farthest thing from the compound that Hotgan still had eyes on. This time Hotgan closed the door on her.

for the agent stealing L's remains
for people's mistrust of the new Tera
((modified rolls for past experience, and situations of scaling danger and situation))

The airships are effective, and quicker then going by foot, a fair ways into the desert the ship starts encountering small biting insects, sometimes exploding along the sides of the craft. Occasional spines are fired from random locations that embed themselves in the hull. It is clear things are getting dangerous and they need to turn back. Many younger hoppas from the upriver settlements are eager to see the world, and take a trip to the "amber deserts!!" turns out it sucks there. The commandos put their training to use and create some very improved traps. By using bought explosive powder from enclave merchants they create particularly nasty traps, little leather bags filled with the stuff, attached to a wire and detonator. They rub their own scent on the bags, then throw them out into the fields. A sandoni will eat the object, and attempt to move away, pulling the detonation wire. boom. they were trained by the best. Somewhere out there is a very proud lem. The telepathic attempt to communicate with the creature suddenly becomes clear. words at first a few in a sea of incoherent noise, eventually clearing to coherent conversation, but more powerful then ever experienced before. These creatures must be supremely gifted in the "way". Raw emotions travel over the connection, ideas with implications and meaning, more pure then any words, images of remembered places. All in that moment the ancient understood, understood so clearly their insignificance in the universe, and the monumental loss of this creature as they communicated at the speed of thought.
K'nia tells the shamans of her grand adventure,and at first they simply assume she has drank too much and concocted a wondrous story. Upon revealing the artifacts from the sky ship, and the occurrence of the shooting stars ((burning space debris)) the night before, there must be truth to her story. Sadly this is beyond their realm of knowledge. She should feel fortunate to have such a story, and consider it a blessing. ((second gun, bord sized eye attachment for scanning, with strap, bord sized vac suit, and bord utility tool. essentially a knife capable of molecular cutting, and getting very hot. like white hot.)) The commandos are not the same scouts she sent to investigate the enclave cartels and syndicates, it took about two weeks to get the six together, and they were still outfitted in the equipment that was made for them. While they waited several of them simply stood twirling knives in their tentacles, cutting patterns in the air, or flipping open a little detonator and closing it again and again.
The dead thing It is large and strange metal objects poke out from it. For some reason as the shaman touches the corpse he leaves a tentacle on it. Trying to divine some reason to it. To his shock he begins getting little flickers of images, a great glowing construct, swimming with his kind, the commands of the library..what was it all? Too late to know more, the creature is slowly hauling itself upright in a strange parody of life, sparks and crackles of electricity coming off it's skin and implants. roll to defend!
((Modifiying based on past experiences, situation, and story content))
Architects begin to experiment with new ways to improve structures, ways to reinforce the concrete. Many new things are tried, a lot of trial and error results in a lot of garbage material that is either burned, recycled, or dumped in the ocean, or mixed into concrete as filler. At the firing range the concrete slabs that were used to test the projectiles all were badly damaged, save one. The one that had the most metallic garbage in it. This new knowledge leads to the keep being completed with new methods, and even though the new layout of the temple was unsound, the material bore the bad design long enough to collapse with some grace, leaving the people working time to escape. Apparently the build site had a sink hole under it, and is now a gaping crater. Cooling systems are made even smaller, to a large pack sized object. It makes researchers wonder what applications this could be used for. The vyrii ((see the story, you did a better job then me)) project is terminated. all further samples are to be destroyed. Small...small ships? funny. the shipwrights laugh at the request, unsure if it is serious or a joke.
Farming is good. keeps you safe and away from monsters, those who are hostile, or those who are friendly. The villagers work hard, and use ramels to help plow fields, and then collect the eggs for food. Vian does not end up with the promotion he wanted, instead he gets a visit from a Ta'mirel. It is looking over his own noted complaints. "Prebyn shows me this." It crumples the report "Past this safe little town, is carnage like you have never seen before. You are upset that we scare your farmers by killing thieves would would rob them. They work harder now." the lem's nature of speaking was odd, unemotional, analytical. Vian spoke "You risk unsettling the masses!" "Wasted sentiment Vian, you have this in abundance. It wont win a war. Every asset will assist to full capacity in victory." asset? people "you are a monster. how could we work with your kind?" he was disgusted. "You take aid from the syndicates. You think of your own little promotions, of yourself." The lem grinned now, showed something resembling emotion, and it was not the most settling. "The enclave, the old tribes, the new tribes,...now you black crests and syndicate factions play at being soverign, like anyone would stop you, anyone would care. Think you may be separate from the enclave. We are all part of it, council or not. If you think yourself fit for leadership, prove your convictions from the front lines. Until then stop wasting your leaders time with hurt feelings."
The ice blades develop new tactics of staying low to the ground, picking up some practice in the process. When it is time to attack they will climb or hover just out of reach or danger. Major improvements to the iceblades is not gained, but the syndicate is supplying the "liquid metal" ammunition to the ABR that they are so fond of. It is a vile thing that when spilled poisons the ground and makes those who get the material on them quite sick. ((nice analogue to the real life DU rounds of the A-10)) The crusade pushes forward with renewed vigor. The supplies are of a great aid, and enemy resistance is growing thicker. A popular saying is now "be thankful for a target rich environment" not that they are surrounded. The Ice blades are supported by Ta'mirel scouts who comb the area for anti air forms, while the soldiers pick off waves enemies. The Syndicate forces recklessly pick targets and attack with little strategy or planning. The next fight will be uphill, or in this case, up mountain. This war is brutal, and they have yet to hit the true bulk of the vyrii forces.
((feel free to listen to this as background noise. imagine frowgs waiting for ice blades. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ubPW8jOopI or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3oZP2tEbH4 ))

It was becoming increasingly clear to the harvesters that this continent of amber was cursed. The monsters who lived in these lands were horrid beasts, and only value this place held was in the amber and sandoni meat.
The harvesters try to slowly expand their operations, by building well entrenched outposts within relatively short distance from one another. This way they wouldn't spread themselves too thin.
They also try to acquire more potent weaponry, such as more cannons, so that they could defend themselves better.

K'nia lectures the commandos, for they had agreed to the proposal of the Enclave without her permission, and they had then failed to fulfill their end of the agreement. She is pleased that one of them tried to train the other pirates in their skills but the others had done little benefit to the Slizers as a whole. She tells them to go and do what ever the agreed to do for the Enclave, so that the northerners
File: 1354267118952.png-(229 KB, 850x600, Bord attacks.png)
229 KB
Rolled 13, 11, 18, 11, 1, 20 = 74


Dreadful thoughts fill the mind of the ancient. The creatures mind seemed to expand further, as it seemingly gathered more information of it's surroundings. Countless trails of data seemed to flow to it's mind, and trough it to the ancient's. The conclusion of this information terrified the creature, and the ancient one, for he knew what the creature knew. There was no way out. He and his peers were trapped on this place. The others had long since died. And now, these aliens woke us up, dooming us to die as well. The ancient gazed himself with eyes full of malice, these six eyed freaks would pay.
"You share my mind, trough means you can't comprehend. You have defiled our legacy with your unworthy essence, and for that, we will end you." The thoughts hurt the Ancient's mind, as the connection between him and the creature was severed.

The conversation had only taken few seconds, and the instant it ended, the strange creatures started acting. The young researcher who was trying to help one of the creatures up, instead received tremendous pain, as the creature darted upwards, and with a swift movement, severed his left tentacle. It's arms had changed shape into strange, many bladed wings, that crackled with power.
The hoppas shrieked with terror and surprise, as the aliens began their assault.

The shaman tries to defend himself.

Rolling for:
Expanding the operation area of the amber harvesters.
Acquiring more weapons to the harvesting outpost.
The commandos fulfilling their agreement with the enclave.
The assault of the bords.
How well the hoppas can defend themselves.
Shaman's defence.
The syndicate agent was a lowlife, and he lost it. With L's remains alone when the troop rested he began to eat at the torso, mindlessly. He had taken a considerable amount in before a frowg cut his head off with an axe. What was left of L was put into a sack. The population was ready to execute tera, for now she would need to hid out and Hotgan would have to protect her. A missive was sent for a few extra guards from the council, with some luck they would be authorized and approved. ((i do not know if i misinterpreted it, but the Tera overwrite and download was not meant to be done by vyrii, as they are too degraded for such actions, instead it was a remote "wifi" sort of interaction between her and a satellite.))
Two fully loaded ships of eighty six hoppas glided into the enclave channels and from there, the capital city. Docking near Onolkeshan controlled waterways they disembarked. Heavily armed, non enclave races normally draw a lot of attention, but the war in the north left the city a little less full. The commandos knew right where they were going, the next week after recruitment was nothing but drilling and practice. They were no where as skilled, or equipped as the six, but would do. On their way to the lower city entrances they encountered a suspiciously unguarded wagon. Enforcers walk right by, ignoring the group. Inside was a cache of weapons, explosives, armor, food, tools. The slizers loaded up to the point of burden and headed down into the dark.
It wasnt long before the group was assaulted by a gang of frowg and joorod. No real syndicate allegiance, just scum willing to cause trouble. One of them has lem dust all over it's face. The Lead commando lets the dust head get in his face before stabbing him to death with a knife. it goes something like this (( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHSXZnxLZ0I )). The other gang members make a break for it but are shot to death as they turn to run. "we might need the bodies for food." the other slizers hoped they were joking, otherwise they really had been with the lem too long. Before the end of the day, by using "interrogation techniques" they learned where they syndicates claimed their territories and stuck at an unclaimed part of the lower city right near the surface. It was normally free gang territory, violent and unpredictable, those who survive the Vyrii war will return to find a much different situation

The amber harvesters expand their operation by creating a sort of fortress made from the local sand. A new technology was bartered from the onolkeshan, it was inferior to what they used themselves, but the technique for making "sandment" allowed the hoppas to quickly build structures from sand, addative, and seawater. The outpost only got a few weapons that were taken from slizer ships that docked, most of them were old generation cannons.
The bord attack slaughters all the hoppas in the room, while the ancient flees, he must escape, warn the others! as he runs he hears the death cries of the based crew, there was nothing they could do to stop the maniacal creatures, almost nothing, one chance to do this. He and a few crew members rushed to the region that was drained of water by pumps, and struggled to kick them into reverse. The flooding began quickly, and the ancient jumped into the water making a desperate swim to the surface, assisted by the maidens. A few more crew members were killed, and a few others drowned. what happened of the bord would never be known.
The shaman of the beach jammed his walking stick into the eye of the monstrosity, and it sparked once, then smoked, then burst into flames. That had worked much better then he had hoped. Clearly this stick was blessed.
The commandos spent the next week gathering a crew. a very large one.
((please see the untitled post I referenced))
A few lem guards are supplied by the council to watch the northern observatory 24/7, and make the researchers and scouts feel that they were there to keep the monster caged, unaware that they kept her safe from them. Hotgan would have to visit her.

When workers found out about the sinkhole under the temple construction site they were shocked. The hole was very large and quite deep so it would take huge amount of land to fill it. Luckily one of the masons thought that they could actuallu use the hole for building huge underground quarters for the temple to use. This plan was widely accepted and soon they started to plan and build said building.

With time the language barrier between Kharum and Onolkeshan started to fade as both sides slowly learned eachothers languages. Communication still required large amount of hand signs but in the end they could talk.
Lokhe told Lem the story of his people and how they again started the great journey generation ago in search for promised land. Lem could understand the desire to find better livin area but they didn't accept that anywhere there would be perfect place just waiting for them. You do not get promised land for free as the only way to acquire it is to build it with your own hands. It is something you make and do not get. After hearing these words Lokhe was stunned. What if these beings were right? was our way of life wrong? Many had died in these travels and there was no promised land to be found. He asked Lem: "If there is no promised land then what should we do?". Diplomat thought for a moment and then answered: "Come with us! With our help you shall build your promised land with your own hands! And as long as you are Onolkeshan friend none shall take that land from you. This is our Promise and all you need to do is build the land".
File: 1354283841279.png-(26 KB, 400x232, Sniiky Piik.png)
26 KB
Rolled 13, 20, 6, 14 = 53


"Then we shall take your promise and only thing we need anymore is land" With these words Govkar of Kharum settled near the Onolkeshan colony of Black ice "Udirushil". They did not settle right next to lem but near enough so that they could help eachother when needed.

Weapons acquired from Govkar were greatly interesting for Onolkeshan and it didn't take long for Lem to start research on them. These weapons will help us to develop even better tools of death.
Also development of small jet engines is started. They will be sued for different purposes.
After the walls and the keep were made it was time to secure the harbour. Defensive towers and structures are to be built near the coast to defend the city.

Rolling for building the underground are for temple, research on Govkar weaponry, improving jet engines to be more compact and building defenses for harbour.

Sneak peak on pic i have been doing for quite time already. and i'm too lazy to continue.
(( plan was that the signal would override the normal progression of the infection. Directing the nanites to build the proper 'framework.'

sorry, i edited this post alot for length and i guess the hard explanation was cut) )
(( Bronze feel free to retcon this, but please, please, please, I would love to have some of these amp suits. )) The Snow Axes request the frowg amp suits of the ABR which they believe will improve their squads abilities to gather better quality samples, perhaps even taking the Vyrii alive.

Tera's new condition isolates her from the rest of the Snow Axes. The Northern Observatory wasn't heated like the other. The ice and snow would have withered a normal slulk within a night. However the new Tera didn't feel the cold the same way. It was objectively freezing, but the danger had been removed. She didn't grow tired or hungry. Instead, when it was necessary she sought out the materials needed to sustain her from the junk the engineers had left behind. As soon as their work was done, they abandoned the station to superstition.

The chains Tera had been restrained her were in pieces on the ground. She had broken them with the new strength of her artificial arm. The prosthetic was made out of a material she didn't recognize by sight alone. The second sight had proved helpful there. Tera's vision had been transformed much like the rest of her body. Overlaying the world were streams of symbols and letters, detailing information she understood only below her feet, where intuition works. The second sight told her it was a multi-material locally constructed polymer, which she didn't understand in the least. And queries below her feet proved unless. She got information about the objects she perceived, but details not directly related to the object were omitted.
She used her sight to watch her guardians heat signatures outside the Observatories walls. She brought up their vital information. The second sight brought up several take down moves she could use to neutralize them. An interesting function which she choose to ignore. She turned to the giant spyglass. Completed but unused, she turned the dials and pointed it at Little Sister's pale face. The satellite was missing. The second sight brought up a distance marker from her to the moon's surface, as well as its mineral content. Greater than 300K bkm. Higher concentration of E-Al, E-Ca, E-Fe than local.

She turned the spyglass plantside looking out towards Vyrii Territory. She saw thousands of hordes gathering and moving, along with their numbers and different forms. F-Cr-Infection subclass, F-Br-Colossal subclass. Less than 100 units. Even strengths and weakness were highlighted by the second sight, low mobility, high conversion rate.

When Hotgan visited her flanked by two guards holding flamethrowers at the ready, they found her at the Spyglass, making notes to herself understanding little but learning much about how to use her newfound second sight. Tera told them to do what they had to, but showed them how much intel she had gathered using her new form and the observatory. She was the perfect reconnoissance device, if they could still trust her. Hotgan said he'd look over her report, that he couldn't speak for all of the Snow Axes, and that he was sorry that all this was necessary.

She answered, "You can't stop people from making their own mistakes. You couldn't've seen any of this coming. You can't control that, nor can you get the others to trust me again. But you can control what you do with these reports. Make the most of this situation, like the black box offer. I didn't need a new arm, I needn't more samples."
"Understand," Hotgan started struggling with his point, "People depend on my judgement. If I trust you, and the worst happens. People would have been right about you. And I don't want to loose anymore people than I have to."

On that point Hotgan mediates in his office when L walks in. "I thought you died," he said rereading the mission brief.

L shrugged either not registering the contraction or not caring since it had become a staple to him. For once L had hoped his superior won't be surprised at his reincarnation. "Don't have to write that letter I guess. But some axe head started eating me half-way back up the mountain. Shame he's dead." L shrugged again, "I'm not one to ask and wonder why, but to do and die."
Rolled 13, 2, 9, 3, 12, 5, 15, 20 = 79

Over the next few seasons, the Snow Axes tried operating as smoothly as possible. Making timely expeditions into Vyrii Territory. Passing Vyrii Intel to the ABR. Trading to the Black Box what supplies they couldn't get from Council requests. Sending out the armed Frilla tree for more fire power when needed. And collecting more samples to restart research. Kale trained himself in combating the Vyrii and doing quick first aid in the field. Tera looks for evidence of more satellites.

rollin for
troop morale
council satisfaction
retrieving Vyrii artifacts and samples
Kale's combat training
Kale's medical training
Tera searching for satellites
Tera regaining trust with her reports
Rolled 10, 17, 18, 8 = 53


The amber outpost is doing relatively well for itself, and thus they are for now, mostly content at their stations. The local fauna continued to be troublesome, but the harvesters could manage. The sandonis basically came to the harvesters to die and thus there was always a stable supply of amber and sandoni meat.
Some of the workers are still interested about the rumors of other sentient beings in this continent, and thus they send out a small scout party with an airship to locate the elusive locals.

The Ancient and the survivors climb aboard the support ship that was floating above the sunken structure, housing the pumping systems and supplies of the researchers. The Ancient orders this place to be abandoned, for it was cursed by the abominations that had slaughtered the most of the crew. As the ship started heading back to Isaal, with a reasonable cargo of artifacts recovered from the sunken structure, the ancient gazes to the depths, and sees flickering lights emanating from the bottom for a brief moment. Could it have been just his imagination? The amulets power inside his mind seems to have changed too, a strange calling seems to haunt the edges of his mind.
He pushes these thoughts away, and focuses on how to explain the dangers these artifacts possess to the other hoppas, and K'nia.

Meanwhile, the remaining research crew aboard the support vessel continue to study the artifacts that they managed to recover. The deaths of their comrades would not have been in vain.

In the enclave lands, the commandos begin their operations. Their work wouldn't be pretty.

Rolling for:
Finding the rumored sentient locals of the central continent.
Ancient warning the rest of the hoppas of the dangers the artifacts possess.
Studying the remaining artifacts.
How well the commandos do.
Rolled 20

Oh, and also:


The shaman of the fisher village deems the creature of the depths to be tainted, and thus he orders that a great pyre is to be built where the corpse of this troubled being would be purged.
Before this however, he removes the eye of the dead being, and places it on his cane, as a trophy for slaying this thing.

Rolling for:
Burning the corpse that washed ashore.
File: 1354314267482.png-(23 KB, 800x600, Reanimation, denied.png)
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>This fucking shaman.
The dude has gotten nat 20 two times in a row.

Anyways, I am gonna go to bed now. I'll be back tomorrow. Keep the thread bumbed.
That cane of his must become some sort of holy relic in the future!
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It's friday night and that means disco in EVO irc!

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By the Black Ramel! The war is going well! With the aid of first the Ta'Mirel, and now the Syndicates, the ABR is pushing forward against the Vyrii years, perhaps decades sooner than it could have on its own!

Yet, signs of increased resistance by the Vyrii are growing. Larger warforms are becoming more common. And are they using strategy? It sometimes seems so. All this has led to the war grinding to almost a halt. And the Ta'Mirel and the Syndicates are doing their own thing, with the Ta'Mirel using brute force and simple tactics with their own forces, while the Syndicates recklessly expose themselves and their allies. A unified command structure will surely result in greater coordination, and a swifter victory. Prebyn and his Command Council would, of course, be at the head of this new Unified Command. If they can convince the Ta'Mirel and the Syndicates of course.

Vian is, once again, pissed. A lem, A LEM, was told him to stop wasting his time with "hurt feelings." Are the faces of terror of the farmers hurt feelings? What of their bodies, wasting away from working so hard to feed the Ta'Mirel war-machine? Are those too "hurt feelings?" And Prebyn himself bothers only with his war. BY THE BLACK RAMEL, IS THIS WHAT HAS BECOME OF THE NORTHERN PROMISE? The Northern Promise: That's what so many settlers have been sold. A life of freedom and hope, with free land and strong protectors, all in land cleared of the Vyrii Taint. So many settlers came for the Northern Promise. Now they slave away to feed a hungry army that sold them A LIE! But Vian is not thinking of betraying the ABR here, oh no. Nay, it is these Ta'Mirel. They showed up and demanded food. Too much food. Now they tell Vian that he needs to either die in this war or sit down and work for them. He will not have it. A massive, massive petition is organized. Every settlers is asked to sign it, this letter that explains how damned tired they are of feeding an army that treats them only a little better than slaves. Perhaps THIS will knock Prebyn of his pedestal and make him understand the gravity of the settlers situation. ((I'm looking to go one of three ways with all this: A civilian government is established, representing the rights and needs of the People; a millitaristic totalitarian state is created to oppress these settlers; Something in between the previous two.))
Rolled 4, 6, 16, 7, 20, 15 = 68

The Shockguard aren't doing so well. Their only advantage is their ampsuits, and beyond that they're simple soldiers. Maybe if there were enough of these suits for EVERY frowg, then the Shockguard would be a powerful force against the Vyrii. As they are now, they are too few to be of use. For the ABR that is. Perhaps the Snow Axes could make use of them, with their stunning capabilities providing loads of specimens. That's what is done with most of the Shockguard, sent off to help the Snow Axes. The rest are sent back to the Rust Pile, and placed under Vians command.

Lemgineers are at it again, working on the Ice Blades. Each of them now has a name, owing to loving pilots and engineers. Three Ice blades are set aside, the Big Boy, Flying Axe, and Preyn's Fist, for some "experiments." Each of them is to receive changes to make them better suited to certain missions. Big Boy has all of its weapons and armor removed, and its fuselage is expanded, all so it can carry HUGE amounts of cargo quickly to the frontlines. Flying Axe also has its armor removed, but it gains a double complement of weapons to make up for the lost weight. Flying Axe is to be able to deliver huge amounts of fire power quickly, and then fly away without a scratch. Finally, Prebyns Fist gains doubled armor, and a few more weapons. It is meant to deliver punishment while being able to take a pounding. However, these three Ice Blades are the only ones that will be modified throughout the whole war. They may be the templates for future designs, but for now they are each one of a kind.

Roling for
Each of the new Ice Blade designs (3 rolls)
Establishing the Unified Command
Vian and civil government part two: electric boogaloo
The First Crusade pushers forward. AGAIN
Rolled 20, 4, 6 = 30

AWWWW SHUCKY DUCKY! Vian has himself a civilian government!

Also, those rolls for the planes didn't have a specified order. Lets fix that, and reroll

Prebyns Fist
Big Boy
Flying Axe
'Sup, busy DMing. Bump.
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I am incredibly pleased. A proper, strong civilian governmetn will be established that will protect the rights of the people, and Prebyns Fist peformed spectarularly, so I've just developed a heavily armored Gunship....

>MFW this all happens
The temple is much easier to build inside out, with the walls already provided, it is a tribute to not only their beliefs, but their own spirit and command of metal. Within it flows molten steel providing light. Careful study of the govkar weapons revealed something to the keshans. This shit...these fuckers were the ones who made rocket powder! Their metal too...it was different, less of it, much less, but different. Could it be that there are..many metals, not just strong metal, and weak metal? That could be figured out later. For now this rocket dust needed to be understood fully. They showed the Kharum alchamists the enclave rocket powder made by the ta'mirel, how hot it burned. Amazed that anyone could even attempt to figure out their mix they collaborated to make a new formula with the keshans. Weeks later the result was a new type of ammunition for keshan weapons, an explosive charge followed up with a rocket propelled projectile. Their jets sported strange tubes strapped to the hull, and the Kharum were gifted weapons to make their hunts easier, though they approached the matter differently, creating subsonic rocket "bullets". They made no loud noise like the enclave guns, and did not spook their prey. The smaller jet engines were a difficulty, but it was rumored the Ta'mirel were actually knowledgeable in this area. The harbor soon had all the fortifications the onolkeshan could think of, it was what they did. The Kharum offered to teach them a few new techniques in this matter.
File: 1354346037931.png-(12 KB, 552x268, the tree.png)
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Careful forays into the enemy territory confirmed what tera had eventually told hotgan. Enemy locations, where she said they would be. Troop moral was bad, some of the old guard wondered what the hell they were doing, working with syndicate scum bags, fighting a war at the end of the world, and not gaining an inch of ground. It was a hard and often thankless task, being a recon division, and right now, they were feeling particularly unthanked. The new council though, was pleased enough with their efforts, a lot more soldiers were serving now, and supporting the war and the military. The shock of tera's "infection" drove the troops to outright incinerate anything vyrii related that they came across, no wishing to end up like her. Kael continues to practice the duality of the webway, and gains little insight into healing, but his tentacles glow with a sickly green aura one night and as he grabs the arm of a cadaver he was working on, the flesh just..dissolves. The shadow dancers...the other half..no. One could not walk both paths, it was anathema. Tera found more satellites, some blinking, some not, none talking to her though. A major observation is of a satellite she calls "the errant" it seems to travel like a comit, soaring though the cosmos to pass by but once a millennia and return again later. It had an odd song as it drifted out of her observations over several days. If only she had seen it earlier. Oh well, it was time to go back to work. While the troops feared her, they valued her in equal measure. Many times her observations saved them from walking into a death trap. As she adjusted the telescope and got to work Hotgan walked in carrying a bottle of "The dancing boomer's finest" It was a heavily spiced rum, flavored with green amber dust from the "new world". "I wanted to say good job."
The sentients are evasive, but persistent sightings of them continue to occur. The ancient is unknown to the shaman council, until he communicates with the soul wind and it is apparent who he is, who he was. The artifacts are from creatures of untold danger, and antiquity! The council takes it to heart but more curious minds prevail and spirit away the artifacts. Very little can be learned of these things, they clearly work by some powerful magic. The lights, and heat picks are popular with hoppas who are miners. The slizers themselves enjoy the strange monolculars that display fascinating images and scrolling symbols. They really just wear them because it looks frightening to others, a single red lens strapped over an eye, as are the heat blades. K'nia has her collection of objects now, and is not often without her twin pistols. The nadlun are however inspired to try and imitate the function of these objects if possible. they are useful. The commandos soon encounter the resistance they were waiting for and are forced to dig in, and entrench themselves in various structures, sending runners to get more bodies, mercenaries too...and see if they cant get the damn enforcers to help, right now they just patrol and dont lift a finger, acting like there is nothing out of order.
>>21824420 >>21825546
The old shaman gored the monster in the eye, killing it instantly. a moment later the stick burst into flames for unknown reasons, perhaps the raw will of the shaman. Many had seen him preform the great act, and he was a hero. The stick would go onto become a holy relic of sorts, oddly enough it's luster endured, never seeming to age. Years would pass with the shaman teaching others of his kind the most secret art of "the searing eye jab". While no one could cause a body to burst into flames, the jab to the eye, and often into the brain was most often fatal. The shaman never again preformed his miracle, claiming it was not necessary, and laughed about it afterwards. He died in his sleep years later, comfortable, knowing a full life and large family.
Much to the chagrin of the Ta'mirel, Vian just doesnt get it, and even goes to establish himself a government to keep his people happy. The lem didnt get it. They never demanded or threatened the settlers, but the settlers chose to be afraid of them and work in terror. Oh well. lems gonna lem. ((most ta'mirel do not get a civilian mindset, or most other normal things for that fact.)) Vian feels pretty damn vindicated, now leading the civilian populace, no doubt when the war was over, there would be a reckoning to see who was in charge. This was indeed the definition of usurping. For now the ABR operated under an uneasy truce, and a divided government, with the military population matching or outnumbering the civilian one. As the war dragged on, the difference slowly diminished. The first two are proved to be very, very fragile, and without proper engines they are limited to low speeds at low enough speeds to still be an easy target. Preyn's Fist though...The first time it wouldnt even get off the ground, but after stealing two engines from the other aircraft, at one each, and a little work to marry the turbines so they worked in union to power the fanblades, they discovered something wonderful. the fist's lift fans howled like a bull cydex and a blanket of the blackest smoke poured out. Drunkenly the ship wobbled, then slammed into a building, but suffered almost no damage. The lemgineers felt this was a success, time to make moar.
Attempts at unified command were a bit hard. The syndicate outright told Preybn to fuck off, or worked with him. They were balkenized in that regard. Command Ta'mirel troops, who used no leader but operated off an instinctual style of fighting. the battles are awkward, and slower then they need to be. Instead the commander figures out what to do with the Ta'mirel. Asking units to break off and stay near the Syndicate forces garners an interesting reaction. The syndicate groups are terrified of the "those canned psychopaths" and a similiar reaction that takes place with the farmers occurs. Out of sheer panic and terror they begin to fight harder, and more directly, wanting to keep ahead of the advancing berserkers and their associated forces. This is good, the crusade is now organized and efficient, even if it is in the most dysfunctional way possible. Cresting the next mountain ridge the army sees...more fucking mountains, and more fucking vyrii. The only major news is that the council's domestic issues are "under control" meaning something is keeping the lower city in check. A promise of help from the council bolsters moral. Ry'lai airships and modified interceptors will provide more support from the air, softening up targets designated by the snow axe intel...someone needs to give those guys a fucking parade. Soldiers in the front lines only know of them as "snow ghosts" often stalking deep into enemy territory, to find the next weak point to attack, they always looked so tired. a closing note on the letter reveals that various groups within the enclave are developing a new weapon called a "purifier" and that it could win the war, but it is a few years off, so they need to keep up the good fight and hold on.
A few years have passed. The war in the north is going like it always has. too slow. The military forces push, push, get pushed back, and keep going. Their losses have been lower then expected, but that still means lives and equipment lost. Even a few of the "titans" have taken a dirt nap, now stripped of flesh for food, their monumental skeletons remain, whistling in the wind, serving as base camps. The Slizer's foothold in the lower city of the enclave has become established, and the skeleton crews of the syndicate begrudgingly give them their peace, not enough numbers to fight them and hold their own territory, though the free gangs are still a problem. The crew operates out of a newly built "dancing boomer bar and inn" that many of them have permanent residence at. Tensions are high.
The Nad'lun shamans are enacting plans to protect against what may be to come. Some even now ask if the insane prophesy of the Ta'mirel, and the outward message of the enclave "to preserve the future against coming threats" may have always been viable, instead of a scare tactic. The settlement of the ABR now sends two councilors to the meetings of the enclave, each representing one half of the population. Some elements of the syndicate plot to make profit at the expense of other, though this time on a grand scale.

ABR: roll for assassination attempts against Preybn, Vian, the new heavily armored ice blades being produced in number, the overall flow of the war, and tensions between Preybn and Vian.
Snowaxes: roll for quality of intel delivered, astronomical observations, research on chemical reactions of various substances, getting supplies and reinforcements.
Nadlun/ Slizers: roll for size of lower city territory, enclave business, new commandos, assassination attempt on K'nia and the Ancient, Stick-fu training.
Rolled 17, 5, 10, 16, 16 = 64

The onolkeshan had done well for themselves, building a new thriving settlement out of disaster. Resources continued to be hunted, though now they had allies in this frozen wasteland. Even they also made contact with the enclave settlement allied with the skulks. The Rail turbines were a big project back home, but here, in this land, everything was new, this could be the standard of travel. Researchers toiled away on many concepts in their spare time, attempting to improve life in their own way. It was a good pace of life.

The Ta'mirel had been busy fighting, but they were not limited to this. Extensive resources were being poured into something called a "purifier". they were going to need the largest airships the Rylai had, and an understanding that there was considerable risk needed to be made crystaline. The skulks for the longest time were unable to go to the far north, due to the fatal conditions for them. Now they had a new purpose if they would play along: collect listed resources. The hardest one was putting up fliers in the dancing boomer inns as far south as they could go, offering an adventure of life changing proportions. ((nad, these guys are yours, and those who would fight could be anything from hoppas to the mercenary races, to the shamans declaring "fuck no." Though i am aware of the cultural tendency against outright violence))

Ta'mirel: Roll for the purifier, Rylai aid to the war effort, Skulk material contributions, skulk poster placement, poor saps who want to be mercenaries in the northern war.

Onol: roll for electrical lights, metallurgy, construction, the rail turbines, trade for the new settlement. Back on the west continent, roll for runway development, modified interceptors, and skill growth/ mastery for those left behind.
File: 1354368613392.png-(206 KB, 1800x800, New hoppas.png)
206 KB
Rolled 15, 18, 6, 5, 16, 2 = 62


>roll for size of lower city territory, enclave business, new commandos, assassination attempt on K'nia and the Ancient, Stick-fu training.


Also, here is a new hoppa specie, that lives in the frilla forests of the western continent. They are large omnivores with predatory tendencies, who move in small packs. They readily hunt anything smaller than themselves, using their strong front tentacles to constrict the prey and keep it in place while it's strong beak finishes the job.
The back tentacles help the creature to balance, as well as serve a role in the communication within the pack.
The light organs in their large face plate are usually used in mating displays, as well as to confuse their prey when they attack.
(Can anyone offer name ideas, I can't come up with any?)
Umm... huntoppas? vinetongues? glow-face? got any more behavioral stuff for them?
During the next few years the Crimson slizers capitalize on the lack of a strong presence within the organized crime community. Carving out an "empire" that existed across portions of the topmost levels of the lower city, they gain in power simply by controlling what goes in, and what goes out. This serves to bring some stability which the downtrodden populace of the lower city appreciates. The Slizers are pirates to be sure, but they are also not gang members, slavers, or worse. The Enforcers make an odd compliment, police and pirates, side by side at times. The enclave citizens enjoy the dancing boomer inns, and fried sandoni shacks. Green amber dust is seen as the wholesome parallel to the lem dust, and quickly catches on. K'nia for a time enjoys a very rich stream of income, rubbing shoulders with powerful organizations. Another income is in the form of the rotating mercenaries to the northern war. Go for a set amount of time, survive, return, collect pay, or extend the contract.
The Commandos manage to train new recruits, but hoppa mentality does not often allow for individuals to be molded the way they were. The Commandos number under 100, but are elite. K'nia's syndicate rivals may have attempted to have her assassinated, but she survived, blasting her assailant with two barrels full of laser. However she lost an eye, her topmost one, and a foot, now walking with a rather "sophisticated" prosthetic ((at least for the west continent)) It is just a telescoping tube with a sort of spring in it, but it is better then nothing. She periodically has people try to tinker and improve it. some days the stump itches or hurts. The ancient suffered no such attempts on his life, and continued as he was, in meditation, trying to sort out this new identity, both, and neither of his former components. Stick-fu is a lethal art kept quiet and practiced amongst full shamans, never spreading too far.
The purifier was now completed, a singular massive bomb. The explosive concoction inside was purported to be more powerful then anything before it. Based off of a catastrophic failure from when a vaporized fuel filled a room and was ignited, this weapon shall operate in a similar fashion. Dropped from a high altitude it shall be assisted by a float sack to fall at a very slow pace, all the while bleeding it's content, filling the sky and air with a fine mist. when it hits the ground, it simply sparks. The Ry'lai did not wish to fight in this war, they were happy to build, and heal, and support, but intense negotiations convinced them to endanger just two of their massive forest ships, while precious in the extreme they saw the value of this venture. The skulks got to work, scouring the land they got what they could, convinced who they could to fight, and even placed posters everywhere. From their efforts, and perhaps an urge for adventure and profit, certain hoppas stepped forward to fight.
The war in the north had taken its toll on the troops, and the syndicate sadists and dustheads, the worst, had long been killed by vyrii or by angry soliders tired of their bullshit. Those syndicate forces that remained were hardened combatants, cold killers, and professionals. At night, or at camp they, the ABR, council, and ta'mirel forces shared their meals, and were brothers in arms.
Hoppaconstrictors. like boa constrictor. alternatively, forest hoppas works pretty well. any species of hoppa, for some reason contains the name hoppa. and now a few other ideas:
Forest stalker
File: 1354377333568.png-(141 KB, 1274x768, Hoppa-Rex.png)
141 KB

Forest hoppa sounds pretty good, though it is kinda bland name. I kinda imagine these hoppas to be of rarer kind, probably living in the more western areas of the continent, as they haven't been encountered by the more civilized races.
They are related to the Stalker hoppas, which are these.

There are 3 main hoppa lineages, the claw hoppas, the gas backs and the 4 tongued hoppas.

Thus far, the first two have only very few species, but I intend to expand the hoppa family , starting with them, as I now know how to better morph and manipulate the hoppa physique.

Also, for Alun, loosing a leg is pretty dang bad. Their arms aren't strong enough to support their weight with walking canes or something, rendering them very slow and clumsy. K'nia won't go on any adventures again, as she simply can't keep up with the other hoppas anymore.
The alun adapted to speed and long range movement, during the ancient times, they could easily travel hundreds of miles with reasonable speed and very few stops with their herds.
Alun can easily outrun and outlast a human in running competition, their top speed ranges around 30-40 miles per hour, and they can maintain it for quite long time.
Rolled 3, 12, 16, 17, 10, 15, 7, 9 = 89


Doing as asked so rolling for electrical lights, metallurgy, construction, the rail turbines, trade for the new settlement. Back on the west continent, roll for runway development, modified interceptors, and skill growth/ mastery for those left behind.


Stalking IG is our silent guardian.
Rolled 4, 14, 19, 12 = 49

roll for
quality of intel delivered,
astronomical observations,
research on chemical reactions of various substances,
getting supplies and reinforcements.
Glad that ol' map can still be of use folks.
Rolled 15, 10, 3, 11, 9 = 48

roll for assassination attempts against Preybn, Vian, the new heavily armored ice blades being produced in number, the overall flow of the war, and tensions between Preybn and Vian.

Rolling fooooor

Assasination attempts against Prebyn
Assasination attempts against Vian
More Prebyns Fists
Flow of the War
Tensions between military leaders and civilian leaders

It has been more than helpful, and I for one, thank you for bothering to draw it back then.
"The Errant," was the designation that popped into her sight as she tracked the comet. Tera turned her attention to the bright green characters, bordered with a green frame and black background. She was finally seeing past the mess of characters overlaying her world. She had become a extraordinary linguist breaking ground on languages spoken only above and beyond the Kunaba peak. The green frame popped open detailing its flight plan around the Two Burning Moons.

Looking at the flight plan she recognized several satellites to the Burning Moons. Most of these planets were designated as, dead, however one was silent. Status pending, said the another part of her. Which she thought was ludicrous. The other said of her said, Would you like to make a log to upload? She stopped that train of thought with, Later.

Hotgan had come and gone, off duty and drunk. Frowg did like this new spiced rum. And after tasting it she realized why. There was a mild stimulant in the amber dust. It increased alertness and attention, but would have made Hotgan twitchy without the fermented sugar. Having half of your body violently transformed into an unfeeling golem took away all the fun out of novelty.
In anycase when Tera returned to the spyglass, she saw "The Errant," and said fuck to that name. "Name it the Terabella." The nameplate didn't change, but in her vision came a virtual notepad with her words recorded in it. "Here's a message from this 'Silent Planet,'" Out of her memories came the mellow surfing songs of the Mohu'awane. Something her host tree had kept for generations. There were no songs like these in the tundra. No warm memories like that here. The notepad now included an audio component. Upload? Yes. Sure? Yes.

After leaving the North Observatory, he walked past the barracks to the officer's quarters. In the dark it was dreary, matching its occupants disposition. Morale had slowly degraded over the seasons, and progressed had slowed. Nothing to show for the sacrifices these men make. He pushed the thought out of this head. If he continued like that their effort really would be for naught. For now he continued walking thinking about the Crestland people, and the Army of the Black Ramel. They had the vision of the Northern Promise, craving an independent existence out of the lands of hated enemies. If it was enough of an ideal to fight and live for, surely it was one to celebrate. Hotgan was surprised that the Crestland people had organized themselves into a civilian government. The Snow Axes had to connect with these people.
Kale is horrified with the sickeningly green aura. It showed him he was on the wrong path. These strangers might not understand the anathema, but he did. He requested transfer from expeditions to medical. Back home he would have been praised and uplifted into the shadow side of the the Webway. However any number of forces could corrupt these abilities. This mountain had a jealous spirit guarding it. A knot in the web, that refused to untangle. He put down his dueling knifes and picked up the medical scalpel.
(( because field too long is annoying ))

Hotgan sent the leader of the ABR, General Prebyn, a message, "I would like to congratulate you on your continuing efforts for independence and expansion in the North. The war effort has taken its toll on my men's morale as well I'm sure yours. As I understand it, the Crestland people have organized themselves in self governance. I believe this is an historic occasion worthy of being celebrated. I propose a holiday, the Northern Promise Day, where we hold a defensive position, cancel scouting expeditions, and have a feast day. To remind our men what they fight for, and remember what they have accomplished."
File: 1354407188824.png-(22 KB, 514x337, bad end.png)
22 KB
I am kinda lost with what to do with the Slizers.
I guess that I'll make few more pointless rolls.

The commandos never really wanted to carve an empire inside the enclave territory, the just wanted to fulfil their agreement to the people that trained them. Now that their work has dragged the rest of the Slizers into the inner criminal wars of the enclave, the core group of the commandos have had enough. The wakeup call came when the assassination attempts started against their perceived leader, K'nia, who never had much part in the syndicate wars in the first place.
Despite the profits their little criminal empire brings, many of the Slizer consider it too costly, tying them up with the Enclave and their inner business. Work is put into localizing the forces operating in the enclave territories, using the native gangs as hired muscle, instead of hoppas.The undercity of the enclave capitol is a dreadful place, and most of the alun dislike working there. Trading to the local merchants, instead of operating their own trading stations is also tried, as the constant attacks of the gangs of criminal scum are growing too costly for the Slizers.
These are all signs of the Slizers slowly trying to withdraw from the Enclave capitol, which quickly grew into a giant mess, instead of clean operation that the commandos had planned.
K'nia has been forced to leave her adventuring life behind, mostly. Without her leg, she would only be a burden and a risk aboard her vessels. Sure, she could stay in the captain's cabin, planning and directing the ship, but it wouldn't be like it used to be. She couldn't be at the sea, so close to her old life, but never achieving it again. A crippled hoppa, in the old days was left to rest in the herd's wake, because a hoppa who could not keep up, was a burden to the herd, or so the shamans say.
She tries to do her best to aid her group still, but she knows that they will need a proper leader once more, who can walk besides them. She needs a heir, someone she can teach her knowledge, and pass on the Eye band of K'nula. Unfortunately, she lacks children of her own, who would continue K'nula's bloodline. It might be too late now, as no sane alun would take a crippled matron like her. She was not elder yet, but her maiden years had long since passed. She tries to find a heir in other ways, as even if K'nula's blood line dies with her, at least his legacy could live on within the Slizers.
File: 1354408337411.png-(35 KB, 800x600, Blade Runner art update.png)
35 KB
Rolled 14, 17, 18, 19 = 68


The younger generations of the Slizers are once again seeking adventure in the high seas. Sailing beyond the dreadful continent of amber to unknown seas, seeking knowledge from the enigmatic Izileth of the archipelago, and even exploring the uncharted regions of their own continent.

The ancient has grown into a leading figure of the Shaman council of Naun'as. He addresses the growing concerns of the war in north with wisdom derived from countless lifetimes. The fears are not to be heeded, for this conflict doesn't concern the alun people. They are the people of the Plains and the Riversides, and always have been. Up north, there is nothing but misery and death for hoppas, it has always been so. Young fools who wish to meddle in with the problems of others will only bring tragedy and pain to those they care about. This is a fact he himself has witnessed many times over his long life. No, before even considering aiding the Enclave in their endless war, the problems at home would need to be fixed. Lawlessness, sickness of the mind and spiritual laziness runs rampant within the Nad'lun nation, and this taint is seeping in from the coast. The time to heal the wounds which generations of spiritual neglect had caused was here.
The Ancient tries to rally the Shaman council behind his campaign, which seeks to bring some resemblance of order to the coast, and unify the Nad'lun as a whole more. The new shamans who originate from the apprentices that were picked from the coastal villages are eagerly waiting to return there, start their work at helping the communities and showing what they have learned.

Rolling for:
The slow withdrawal of the Slizer forces from the enclave capital.
K'nia's search for a heir.
Adventures of the young pirates.
The Ancient's campaign.
I'm going to self GM These rolls.

Prebyn suffered several attacks against him personally in the last few years. They've all failed, though one did give him a scar on his upper left arm, though not causing any longlasting discomfort. Still, the General is not happy with this, and suspects that, while the Civilians have undoutbedly been the main assassins, he thinks that maybe disgruntled Ta'Mirel or Syndicate soldiers have been behind these attempts on his life. Some elite soldiers are fitted with ampsuits, and these new Shockguard are now truly guards, dedicated to protecting the life of the General and senior members of the Command Council. He's currently looking for a successor, someone worthy and capable of taking over his position should anything horrendous happen, like dying of old age instead of dying in combat.

Vian has been less fortunate than Prebyn. He's lost one lower arm, and he's got a good sized scar on the back of his head from when a Ta'Mirel soldier nearly cut his head off. He, like Prebyn, is now surrounded by Shockguards at all times. He has also developed his own adminstration for the Crestlands, with towns being led by mayor appointed by him and approved by a towns inhabitants. The Rust Pile is under his direct control, and he now directs the flow of resources from the Enclave to the ABR and its allies, forcing Prebyn to refrain from making any move now against Vian and the Nocrests. In fact, Prebyn himself sympathizes with Vian a little, understanding that the war has placed immense hardships on the people of the Crestlands. Their is definitely hope for a peaceful resolution between the Army and the Civilians to be established. For now, the tensions remain.

Production of more of the Prebyns Fist has been unsuccesful. The material cost is higher, and maintenance is more difficult, and the Fists consume nearly twice as much fuel. Only two are produced before its realized that just one Fist takes as many resources as three regular Ice Blades. Production stops, and the three Fists are now used to soften up Vyrii in areas that would be too dangerous for regular Ice Blades.
The war progesses a little further, though not much. The skeletons of fallen titans are now the forts, and are the centers of Crusade activity. Shacks contain supplies for everything, from Ice Blade fuel to bullets to food rations. The Forts are seperated into four parts: Quarters for the ABR, Ta'Mirel and Syndicate forces, and a command center where strategies are plotted. At the moment the advance is stalled as the terrain has gotten harder, and Vyrii resistance more tenacious. One warform was spotted that was nearly as large as the Black Ramel. Hopefully the Fists can take it out. In the meantime, Prebyn is building up forces for another strike, waiting for a tactical strike by the Snow Axes, and wondering if he should just hold his position and let this "purifier" take care of everything.
Rolled 13, 6, 1, 5 = 25

While considering the holiday, The research team realize they haven't had a project in a long time. They approach Tera to assist them. They notice she has the eyes of the Vyrii and start experimenting with different materials, heat and light conditions, hoping to find something to shield their people on stealth missions.

The engineering team decides to try their hand adapting the launcher technology to mountain climbing application. They hope that a grappling hook will increase the soldiers abilities and reduce fatigue.

L decides to take some rookies and vets to train them in shock and awe. They will integrate the Shockguard which they were gifted by the ABR. The goal of the squad is to become experts in softening Vyrii forces with conventional weapons and launchers, then shocking the weaken forms with the amp-suits. Hopefully more samples will be retrieved.

The Snow Axes have heard of this 'purifier' which the Tamirel are convinced will end the war. It is some kind of bomb. But the Snow Axes are concerned about the scoured earth policy it implies. They aren't sure what long term effects such a weapon will have on the territory. It might destroy valuable resources that colonial efforts, such as the Crestland settlers, would invariably need. They request studying the weapon themselves.

rollin for
Vyrii stealth research
grappling hook launchers
L's Shock and Awe
Tamirel request
Now for rolls.

The Fists are rounded up, and each of them is set up with a pair of supporting Ice Blades. It's hoped that this squadron can take down that giant Warform that's been spotted. Maybe do a few attack runs on some Vyrii nests while they're at it.

The idea of a "Northern Promise day" is embraced by both Prebyn and Vian. Vian likes it because it will remind the Nocrests what they came to the Crest Lands for, and provide a festival to lift the spirits of the people. Prebyn likes it entirely for its festival appeal, and it now is the perfect time since the advance is stalled. Food is gathered and stockpiled for feasts all throughout the Crestlands, and at the Line Forts (those forts made from titan skeletons). Maybe this will even restore relations between civilians and the millitary!

As the Northern Promise Day draws closer, Prebyn works hard to create a Unified Command again. These syndicates are terrified of the Ta'Mirel, and the Ta'Mirel are showing callous disregard for everyone else. Only the ABR is functioning smoothly, but it depends on its allies for this war. If they are dystfunctional, then they slow down the entire Crusade. Everyone needs to be working together for the Crusade to be a success, or at least to speed it up.
Rolled 5, 3, 2, 3, 8 = 21

Now that Vian has established a government that protects the civilians, he is comfortable in allowing, nay, encouraging more settlers to come. He still believes in the Northern Promise, and that these lands will one day be home to a strong and proud people. He wants everyone in the Enclave to have a chance to enjoy that. He sends a few recruiters out to spread the old message of the Northern Promise. More settlers might even increase Vians power, and make him harder to push around for the Ta'Mirel and Prebyn.

Meanwhile, the two councilors that represent the Crestlands are hatching a plot to create a powerful voting bloc on the council. They intend to propose that either the syndicates be granted several councilors to represent their interests, or one single councilor to represent them collectively. This will hopefully gain the ABR the favor of the Syndicates, and encourage the Syndicates to become more legitimate, and fight less amongst each other. They also intend to push through some legislation to encourage the Onoleshkan to take a more active role in the Enclave. Their position on the Ta'Mirel is uncertain since the Civilians seem to hate them, and the Army needs them.

Rolling for
Pushing through ABR plans in the Council
Vian recruiting more settlers
Killing the Giant Warform
Celebrating Northern Promise Day
Binding the Crusade into the Unified command
The Onolkeshan spent the interlude tinkering, innovating, getting back to their roots. extra bright lights escaped them, but the inventors created small hand lanterns that connected to the frowg batteries, it was useful actually. A growing grasp of things like tensile strength, hardness, and flexibility contributed to some of the finest dueling axes the tribe had seen. Rail turbines were laid down between various settlements who were willing to use them, and this benefited all who partook, as trade blossomed and soon food was no longer an issue. Back on the west continent a modest runway and support facility was built to allow interceptors to assist in the war effort, which had been outfitted with a larger fuel capacity. Those who were left to run the fortress learned modestly, catching up to their masters to some degree.
The snow axes had very limited success as the armies move outside the effective range of tera and her observatory. Turning to the sky she made many new discoveries about how the heavens work. In the interlude supplies flowed in at a steady rate, including spiced rums, smoke root, and other moral boosting substances. Research into chemical reaction yields the creation of a two part fluid, when mixed it glows for several hours creating light. This is invaluable to the northern war, allowing them to crusade at night or know when an attack is coming.
the Nad'lun, by nature do not like conflict, and this was the essence of it, the underground is not to their preference either, miserable place. Within a year they had withdrawn from the city, leaving vassal companies to try and make some profit, overseen by individuals who chose to stay behind. ((k'nia only lost a foot, not the entire leg, though i realize that is still debilitating)) A new generation of pirates sails the warm coastal waters, making profit, and causing trouble. One evening K'nia took to the seas for what she thought might be a last time, a calm adventure for a little nostalgia. The crew of the ship seemed happy to have her, though she knew it was probably just them humoring her. What started out as a small squall became a full blown storm, blowing the crew wildly from their intended destination. The trip back took longer then one would wish for but in between it all there were ship to ship battles, a little piracy, and a hostile sea beast that they had slain. K'nia directed her pirates well, taking charge in times of panic, and helped bring them home. Pulling into the docks, she sighed, and made her way to the gangplank, her false foot thumping against the deck as she walked. Hitting an uneven plank she fell over but was caught by one of the crew members. "you carried us through the storm and back, now let me help you" somewhere in the setting sun, on this fucked up alien world of murder and war, love could bloom.
A new type of armor coating was made from the shells of the vyrii, it was dangerous, perhaps insane, but tera assured everyone it was safe. Coating the outside of their armor with it, the vyrii...ignored the scouts. amazing. It was a pity that the material is so labor intensive to create, and only a few dozen of armors could be coated. The grappling hooks are an easy modification. Taking an old first generation frowg taser and researching it, they were able to just upscale and use rope inplace of wire with a larger explosive charge. Limited numbers have begun to be issued. L...is unlucky. He was fried by an old prank gone wrong. Multipke rookies joined hands in a shock chain then grabbed his shoulder. He will be regenerating for a while. The request was a bit late, as the object was already airborn, slowly making its way north over the next few months. Stealth scouts returned with horror stories of the deep vyrii territory, a crystalline wasteland, uninhabitable and full of monsters. Perhaps it didn't matter what the weapon did to the land.
ABR plans on the council are met with disinterest. Since the withdraw of the pirate traders from the lower city the syndicates have once again grown in power. The Enforcers have done their best to hold the territory that was gained, but they are outnumbered. Vian's attempt to recruit more settlers only got a trickle of people. The giant war form was killed, but at the cost of the legendary black ramel. This was a massive blow for the moral of the troops. Now its just the remaining titans. The celebrations were muted that day, their nation's symbol was dead. The crusade continued it's slow roll forward until they finally came into contact with the gift the vyrii had given the world. Their crystal wastelands. The land had been turned into unreasonable insane shapes, structures, twisted pathways all clearly bleeding the land. fissures of magma were pumped into vein like tubes, feeding into structures where drones or other creatures occasionally crawled out from. the noise..there was a constant wavering noise.
The warhost entrenched there, at the edge of madness, to push forward would be impossible, instead they met the waves set fourth from this palce day and night, holding their ground. It no longer mattered what faction you belonged to, this was miserable, it was...war. War was not glorious. The disruptive elements of the armies had long ago been killed off, and now they supported each other at this place. The last line. daily air support came from the Onolkeshan in the form of interceptor strikes, ice blade gunships, or the Ta'mirel's "scout gliders". They passed the time, telling stories of their past, drawing, or writing, to pass the wait in between waves of monsters. Occasionally the snow axes would walk into the wasteland, and return hours or days later. grizzled and silent. Explosions would sound off, and something would collapse, or the pathways would be covered in some kind of glowing "paint".
Rolled 20, 2, 9, 5, 10 = 46

The Ancient saw discord, and a loss of connection from their own way. He saw the dangers of spreading past their own territory. An inhospitable land with murderous insects across the ocean, and to the north a culture who may have progressed greatly, but had only strife to show for it. Those who strayed from the herd, into the water, lead an unnecessarily difficult life. He spread out a very successful campaign of traditionalism. While not violent, there was strong resistance from the southern villages. In the end it would be K'nia who directed that half of the population
High above the land, two forest ships carried a large object tied to multiple gas filled sacks. The purifier. they made their way towards the last stand of the black ramel, from there, further in, drop and retreat.

Rolling for: journey towards the drop site, effectiveness of escorts craft in defense, safe release of the weapon, extent of devistation to the vyrii forces, and safety of the forest ships.
File: 1354424415788.png-(16 KB, 409x260, Construction work.png)
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While it doesn't happen much, an old dead frilla fell. As a result, the network of vines that the Burrahn had strung up for transportation had to be reorganized.

No rolls. However, the crash of a falling frilla would be quite loud. Possibly someone else could have heard it?
The journey was much quicker then expected, and this drew the vyrii's attention. Those who waited at the fall of the black ramel need not have much patience. The escort craft were used to protect the outpost from being overwhelmed, and the crews sold their lives dearly, over 90% of the smaller aircraft were destroyed that started out their venture protecting the forest ships. The ships climbed to a maximum height and released the weapon. It drifted down towards the planet, unaware of the destiny it would play. Releasing vaporized liquid, it finally touched down, the wind pushing it off mark some. The ships began a hasty retreat going further north to escape the shock wave, while the crusade forces pulled back from the black ramel's bones.
The overmind was aware of the object, aware of the atmospheric content changing, then aware over overpressure and...nothing. The explosion blew the hub of the vyrii network to pieces, shattered in a violent shock wave.
At first all the vyri fell still, the twisted landscape damaged, partially destroyed. then to the soldier's dismay, the things began to twitch, and move. Then fight...fight with each other?!
Little fragments of the overmind, still active, or command drones activating back up programming started to become new miniature control hubs for the vyrii forces, though all in conflict.

Watch the video to understand the process. its neat.
for the science behind it. sorta.
Another few months carried on, with the combatants fighting disorganized, and diminished vyrii forces. A mop up operation. Emotions ran high, from exuberation, to rage at the loss of so much. Large scale distribution of ragas seed pods helped to breakup the infected landscape. The hostile plants showed no thanks, and caused the defenders to withdraw from the lands. It would be decades, if not hundreds of years before the far north "vyrii wastelands" were useable for anything. The syndicate forces that had fought for so long with the Ta'mirel and ABR, a lot of them could not go back to the lower city, it wasnt home anymore. The cold north was. The Ta'mirel stayed behind for a while, helping to build up the outposts into proper structures, before heading south. On their last stop before heading back to the capital, they requested a meeting, and private feast with Vian, Preybn, and Hotgan and a few of their numbers, to honor the dead. The meaning was clear, they were being invited to a Ta'mirel "burial".
no rolls required, feel free to tell your stories of the end of the war, and the aftermath
Now I notice that most of the rolls for the event weren't good. Only arrival to the destination was.

This just feels like a major deus ex machina, seeing as it involves the war me and bronze are fighting, and way too easily ends the war. I'll be in IRC for awhile
Hmm, them rolls. NG, mind if I write a bit of this?

The battlegroup managed to punch through the Vyrii air defenses, the Frilla ships unscathed but the escort ships take heavy losses. In the end, only the Frilla ships and a single interceptor made it to the designated drop site. And then the bomb was dropped. Vyrii hordes soon shoot their crystals at the massive falling bomb, but to no avail, for its armor is thick and plated with Vyrii material. As the bomb drops, the Overmind panicked and didn't direct its fire to the Frilla ships and the lone interceptor... and soon these three ships quickly departed. Before they turned around, the interceptor took note that the bomb didn't detonate, maybe it's damaged! The interceptor, heavily damaged, made an emergency landing near the front, its only surviving crew managing to contact the joint forces making way to the Black Ramel's bones. The Frilla ships managed to return home safely.
The forces in the frontlines were dismayed to hear that the bomb didn't detonate... but then, a soldier realized that the ground forces can still detonate it! The soldier quickly relays the idea to the leaders. (ABR, SnowAxe, your cue).

(sorry if this seems overriding, but I'd think it'll be a bit more cinematic this way... and what you wrote would still work, NG. The ending's just delayed a bit.)
let's see if we can't come up with a plan here:
I will be unavailable for the short term. Hurried ending was a result of this, with worries of no other GM. IG you got this one. Welcome back.
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Bump. Religious developments for the Crestlands are coming tonight
File: 1354492026312.png-(396 KB, 1800x800, New hoppas.png)
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Bumbing with new hoppa species.

I am once again, completely lost with naming them.

The small ones are fast, raptor like predators which hunt in packs. They live in more arid areas of the western continent.

The tall ones are solitary night time creatures, who mostly feed on small critters and plants. They live in the marshes, and southern coasts of the western continent.

The fat one is a solitary and sluggish hoppa, which also lives in the marshlands. They feed on the detritus of the undergrowth, and fiercely protect their own patch of mud.
Finally. The war is over. The Vyrii are crushed, and the North is safe. Indeed, all of the Western Continent is safe. The Crusade is done, and now the armies that have fought so long prepare to return home. The Army of the Black Ramel is done, its goal accomplsihed, and its living symbol is dead. Many of the soldiers now return to the Crestlands and embrace the lives of settlers. Only the elite remain as a standing army, a small and powerful force to deal with any Vyrii that were missed and make their way south.

Prebyn holds a private meeting with Vian before the feast with Hotgan and the Ta'Mirel. They talk, about the war, the Syndicates. Everything but who shall rule the Crestlands. When they reach that topic, the following occurs in a room made from the brain-case of the Black Ramels Skull

Prebyn: "You're an ambitious young pup, you know that? Not that I was any different when I was your age. I was seeking my fortune int the North when the ABR was but a scouting force like the Snow Axes. Yet, instead of trying hard for a promotion to a higher rank like I did, you've thrown your lot in with the civilians.... Why?"

Vian:"You know why"

Prebyn stands up from his seat of his chair, leaning heavily on a cane crafted from the tip of the Black Ramels horn. "No, I think I don't. You stirred up the settlers and made yourself their master. You strained relations with the Ta'Mirel, and you did this all while the war was still raging, so I ask again: Why?"

Vian looks at the fire in the far corner of the room, and moves over to it, baring all four hands to it to keep off the cold. "You know what I saw the Ta'Mirel do?"
Prebyn frowns at this. "I certainly did"

Shaking his head, Vian replies, " I saw them feed corpses to the ramels. That's how this started. I was horrified, they were treating dead bodies without respect! No burial or honors for the parted. They treated them as nothing more than food. Not even one of the rambling shamans was allowed to bless the bodies. From there I looked for and found other abuses by the Ta'Mirel, and then I watched as my letter to the own army was responded to. You didn't show up, oh no. You sent a TA'MIREL. ONE OF THE OPPRESSORS" With this Vian spits into the fire. "I saw the Northern Promise disaperaing, replaced with endless toil to feed outsiders who fought war we should've fought on our own. That's why I came here"

Now Prebyn moves over to Vian, mostly to warm his old bones, but he also places a hand on the hotheads shoulder. "You also came to make a name for yourself lad. Just like I did." The General then sat down on a stool made from a titans toe. "But I understand. I didn't know about the feedings until it was too late, and well... I couldn't drag myself from the war to stop them. Besides, you handled it." When this only makes Vian spit in the fire once more, Prebyn stands up. "we Have more pressing matters than WHY you've set up this little house for civilians in the Rust Pile. What is important is who leads us now...."

At this, Vian jumps away and draws two daggers. A Shockguard bursts in, but he is waved off by Prebyn, who turns to the brash Governor. "You thought I was going to kill you, weren't you? Young fool, I'm ruthless. I want clean, good leadership for the Crestlands. And while I don't think I can trust you to run things by yourself, or the civilians for that matter....Well, I have a proposal"

With that, Prebyn launches into a long winded explanation of how the Crestlands are to be governed. The Command Council will remain, and will hold the rights to act as the highest court in the Crestlands, and some legislative authority. Prebyn will retain the majority of power in the Crestlands in his office, but upon his death, Vian, or whoever holds his position, will become General, and de facto leader of the Crestlands. There are a host of other, minor details, but these are the main points. Vian agrees, and the rift between the Army and the Civlians is healed.
I was just informed the bomb didn't go off, and it has to be detonated manually. I am stupid. The previous stuff is now Prebyn just meeting with Vian to resolve differences before the army returns to the crestland.

I am stupid
Rolled 8, 20, 3, 7, 15 = 53

Preparations are made for Operation Egg Dropped. Shockguards are recalled from the Crestlands to take part in the operation, and they are eager to help. For too long they've been cooped up, guarding Prebyn and Vian, or just acting like regular troops. Now is their time to shine. Ta'Mirel berzerkers are gathered up to provide muscle for this team, and they are even more eager than the Shockguard. A few syndicate members are offered the chance to join, though it's not expected they will take it up. They are even told they can go back home now. The Shockguards and Berzerkers are put through a screening process to select the best canidiates for the team.

The Lemgineers hear of the impending operation, and work feverishly to make more Fists. A dozen ice Blades are stripped to make the more durable Fists, and even some cargo planes to carry as many soldiers as possible

Rolling for the number of people for each portion of the team that the Crusade provides (syndicate roll is how many volunteer. All syndicates will be accepted)
Syndicate soldiers
Making more Prebyns Fists
Making those Cargo Planes
File: 1354509555429.png-(115 KB, 800x650, TeUFz.png)
115 KB
With preparations made, and volunteers recruited, most believe the operation will be the end to the War and are prepared to do anything to set off that bomb. As it turns out the Shockguard are uniquely equipped to set off the Stink Egg. A shock from their amp suits will restart the catalyst and detonate the bomb. However this manual detonation will require being too close for any withdraw to safety. The Frowg that detonates it will be remembered. That being said Snow Axes implore the Tamirel to let them help make a triggering device so that is not necessary.

Whether or not the trigger can be made in time, Transports for the demolition team are made and service worthy. There is however not enough time to construct another Prebyn, but the ones that remain are repaired and serviced to peak condition. The airforce will have to be tight and small to avoid notice from the Vryii.

Syndicate soldiers gladly take their leave believing there's not enough money in the world to make them take a sucide mission. After heavy fighting, the Ta'mirel have exhausted their berzerkers and give their remaining forces, significantly depleted but still willing to fight in this operation. The Shockguards have seen untold talent and bravery in their ranks. Nearly every guardfrowg is willing and able to complete this mission. Whether they come home or not.

The Snow Axes give the demolition squad the highly experimental Vryii cloaking systems. Five of these carapaces were made and everyone is given over for the cause. Made from Vyrii materials, they believe it will make the squadmembers invisible while they handle the bomb, triggering it with a device or making the ultimate sacrifice.
Rolled 10, 3, 10, 15 = 38

As Operation Egg Dropped begins, the front line garrisons a final distraction drawing the ire of the Vyrii horde. Back by titans, Ta'mirel berzerkers, and the Army of the Black Ramel, they hope to give the people in the air enough of a window to complete their mission.

Rolling for
creating a trigger device for the bomb
the airforce protecting the transport
the ground battle drawing the horde
making an airdrop near the bomb
I swear, Nad. My dream is to work as a creature designer for movies and/or video games. One of these days, out of the blue, I will contact you and we shall create the greatest game ever.

The skies will rain, for Will Wright himself shall be shedding tears, as Spore finally comes to life, not by his hand but by ours.

(PS. I'm back. Had some health issues and had to postpone Fortune Evo. Not being a cocktease on purpose.)
Rolled 10

The trigger for the bomb was a collection of stripped amp suits, batteries and explosive, set to go off in a sequence. It was heavy, and would need two men to carry it, while occupying the place of two more men on a transport. The remaining airforce components put up a valiant fight getting the transport as close as possible, but in the end they were downed, and then the transport was terminally damaged. Streaming smoke and flames, the pilot brought it down within walking distance to the bomb, in a rough crash landing that killed himself and hurt the passengers. The ship will not be flying again, and not one is leaving here alive.
The Ground forces launched a near suicidal final charge, destroying, dieing, and screaming as they attacked. If there were bards here, this day would be recorded in story. The vyrii over mind was not fooled so easily though. It began withdrawing troops from the rear of its formation to stop the detonation crew.
Somewhere high overhead a small frillaship launches salvos of cannon fire into the churning swarm below, one Ry'lai captain saw fit to risk it all to see this to the end. "bring us in."

rolling for the survival of the frillaship as it attempts to provide cover for the detonation crew, as well as possible extraction.
Rolled 14

ripsal hoppas. no name meaning.
Vanishing Hoppas named for their preference of habitat, the foggy, hazy swamps, their bio luminesence showing eerily as the constantly maintaining a far distance just outside the range of other creature's sight.
Lastly a Grol hoppa. Name has no meaning, but it seems it seems to fit.
The captain knew his ship had taken damage, and was sinking. He had two choices, retreat, or do a soft landing near the detonation crew. He looked at a commemorative plaque from when the ship finally took a name. "the shadow way". He never liked that name, it didn't seem to fit, until now.

1 is getting shot down
2-10 is to retreat
11-19 is to land and fight, using the ship as an armed bunker, adding about 20+ ry'lai crew members to the fight.
20 is the crew managing to stop the descent, fix the leaks and continue fighting at a lower altitude offering fire support and possible extraction.
((feel free to take the results and do whatever you want with them. bronze/ poe. the shadow way is just a little bit of ry'lai blood to smear on the story, a driven captain fighting a desperate battle))
File: 1354535805645.png-(144 KB, 825x271, Nad's waspgirls.png)
144 KB

The years pass, and the life of the Slizers goes on. The band of pirates had grown into a quite sizable organization, that had branched off into far more fields than just piracy. One could say that they were the effective ruling body of the coastal villages. Most of their income came from trade, especially of exotic goods such as amber. This wealth had allowed them to enforce their own laws, and keep their competitors from utilizing dirty tactics. In essence, they were policing the coast. In this environment, weaker guilds could practice their trade without fear of getting attacked by bigger ones, as the Slizers kept them in check. It encouraged healthy competition and development, which had increased the prosperity of the coast.

K'nia now has a child, who she tries to raise with her best abilities to be a new leading figure for the Slizers. K'nula's legacy would continue onward.
The traditionalist campaign of the ancient kept pushing the coastal regions, and would have surely spread to them if it weren't for the Slizers and their resistance. K'nia didn't trust the Ancient, the rumors of his true nature made her nervous. She had heard of the events that occurred in the sunken object, and the whole ordeal scared her. It reminded her of her own adventure to the high skies inside the strange capsule, it was clear to her, that there were powers at work in this world that were beyond her comprehension. And the ancient was clearly connected to these powers.
No, she continued to resist the Ancient's influence in the coast, though she of course, still dealt and co-operated with the more inland villages.

Overall, the Nad'lun are far more united than they used to be, even the coast is far more peaceful than it was in the past, mostly due to the Slizer's influence. The Ancient's campaign has lost some steam, as most of the alun think that the coast is able to police itself and the new shamans who moved there favor the coastal traditions.
Trade with the Enclave and the Izileth has brought luxuries and new knowledge to the people of Nad'lun and their own exotic resources keep providing them with wealth. The amber compounds are now quite common in the southern coast line of the Central continent, though the hoppas haven't spread deeper inland.
Life is good for the Alun of the Nad'lun nation, it is peaceful and without large troubles. This idyllic life is what the hoppas love, with the exception of the young adventurers and pirates who continue to explore the high seas of the world in search of treasure and wonder.
File: 1354551629018.jpg-(1.2 MB, 1024x768, 1332972307901.jpg)
1.2 MB
I don't suppose I could do some rolling? That said, I don't have the time or patience to read through all the previous entries. A quick summary would be appreciated.

Nothing that really concerned your tribe happened.

The enclave and it's inner factions continued to wage war against the vyrii, enclave found some sort of peace with the criminal syndicates that operated within it. Some tech developments and Onol founded a colony in the eastern continent.

As for the Nad'lun and the Slizers the studies inside the sunken structure ended in a disaster,>>21819217
K'nia had an adventure in space due to her search for more artifacts.>>21793419
The Slizers also started harvesting Sandoni amber from the central continent, which is an exotic commodity for them.
Now the Nad'lun are living in a time of general prosperity mostly due to the trade network and other deeds of the Slizers.

Honestly though, you should at least quickly scan the thread to get a better image of what has happened.

I posted something that could possibly get one of you two to discover the burrahn: The loud crash of a fallen frilla.
Rolled 6, 15, 17, 19, 12 = 69


As the Nad'lun nation grows, it's needs for territory grow with it.
The growing hoppa herd keep moving further and further away from the Nadlun heartlands, mostly towards southern plains and the marsh.
Some prospective settlers have themselves already set up small outposts at the edge of the great marsh, seeking potential resources in the murky yantar swamps.

K'nia continues to raise her child, trying to teach her all that she has learned. The shamans that now are with the Slizers are a great boon in these lessons, as their knowledge of Alun history is unmatched.

The ancient has realized that his campaign is ineffective in the southern regions, and thus he decides to approach the matter more diplomatically. It is clear that the lifestyles and local cultures differ in the Nad'lun nation, from region to region, the life of the average hoppa changes. These changes and differences are large enough to make directing the whole of the Nad'lun from a centralized location ineffective.
Because of this, the Ancient proposes that areas or localized rule are to be set up, who all answer to the Shaman council. This idea is based on the way how the Slizers police the coast, and they are among the first to be proposed to be the de-facto rulers of the coastal province.
The other provinces will be the plains regions, and the great lakes, for both are different enough from one another to warrant such distinction.

Rolling for:
Growth of the Nad'lun nation towards southern plains.
Expansion to the marshes.
Seeing how valuable the resources in the marshes are.
K'nia's continued efforts at raising and teaching her heir.
Ancient's project which seeks to set up provinces.
File: 1354592962479.png-(193 KB, 642x822, junglefever3.png)
193 KB
Rolled 6

Just some ideas I'm posting on what I'm working on for the Crestlands

>Worship/Reverence of fallen soldiers (friends seeking the spirits of fallen friends, that sort of thing.)
>Some of the Spirit worship that Onol says he has
>Something new

Let's make at least one roll tonight. The strength and intensity of religion in the Crestlands, be it mysticism or an oraganized group of worshipers

Have a go, gents. Lookin' it up, thought it'd be useful.
Well, it seems that, for the Crestlands at least, God is not dead.

(Nietzsche believed that organized religion killed personal spirituality.) Your roll of six definitely means a more personal mystic tradition is likely in place. Less protocol, more individual initiative (which also means that two believers will likely have incredibly different concepts of worship) Ancestor worship, perhaps?
Rolled 18, 20, 18 = 56

The Shadow Way landed roughly atop a hill, rattling its crew. Not one crewman had left it before it was set upon by the crystalized terrors. They blasted them off their hill and created a defensive position. The Vyrii fired on them suppressing their movements. The captian spyed the demolition team crawling out of their wreck. The crew dispatched the Vyrii between them and the Shockguard.

The captian told the Frowgmen that they could provide an extraction if they could set the trigger. The Frowg carrying the trigger are doned in the experimental carapaces, while the trigger is also covered in the remaining carapaces. The Shockguard and a third of the Shadow's crew will lead the charge towards the bomb. The rest of the Shadow's crew will defend the position for as long as possible.

rollin for
the charge towards the bomb
transporting the trigger
defending the landing zone
File: 1354612244609.png-(7.65 MB, 2826x1732, World Map Mk2.png)
7.65 MB
So yeah. give me maps. maps where you have drawn the locations of your cities so that i can make teh ultimate map. Location of cities is the priority no1 but also add routes of transportation (roads and waterways etc). Also all info about different sites is appreciated. If you want you can also add borders or area of influence too. Now get to work!

Oh yeah. here is new map i made. (I fixed the lubs nad)
There is a measure of clarity in knowing to an absolute degree you are going to die. The world is in perfect focus, and there is no self preservation getting in the way. For one crystalline moment, men became lords of war, every shot hit its mark, every swing of the blade met foe. The Ry'lai's landing zone was awash with frantic cannon fire, cutting down swaths of enemies. Between all of this, the "stealth" technology worked perfectly, and the vyrii paid the trigger crew and their fatal charge no heed as they set up.
The ferocity of the attacks was matched by those who wished to cling to life, frantically patching the airship, throwing out ballast and weight, spare ammunition and unnecessary things. crude patches were placed on the frilla where float bladders were punctured. They were not so quick to lay down their lives this day.

((two rolls are requested in addition to whatever else you want. the escape of the airship, and the detonation of the bomb. low is instantaneous, high is time enough for the ship to get away, leaving a small force behind to detonate the object, or at natural 20, perhaps a good ending.))
Organized religion is minimal, instead broken down into individual ritualism, not necessarily worshiping ancestors, nature, war, commerce, or what have you, but trying to live up to something, be greater.
Nad'lun expansion into the southern plains is drastically slown down by larger, hostile life forms, periodic wildfires, and the settler's own nature. The marsh was easier, more familiar, safer perhaps. The Holori had been busy here already, killing large and dangerous game for sport. They would make for interesting neighbors. The marshes were abundant in quick growing bamboo/wood like plants, and natural gasses, though right now the latter is a hazard instead of a boon. The swamps are muddy, but that mud in some regions twinkles in the light, so rich with metallic deposits. K'nia's child grows up to be the spitting image of her, for better or worse, perhaps a bit better, as the stories and lessons that were taught seem to stick. The Ancient's project is met with moderate success, provinces are established, but they are not beholden to the Shamans, they just exist as they always have.
((roll away man.))

Far in the eastern colony of Black ice the temple of Vagushosod was nearing it's completion. The walls were sturdy and the roof was made to protect the temple from aerial assault. Truly this temple was more of an fortress than temple and this reflected the nature of both the Lem of Onolkeshan and their religion. More public areas were open to everyone but the inner sanctums were guarded carefully for only the most faithful would gain the right to descend into these hallowed halls.

The colony itself had grown in size to house all the citizens. Like in their capitol the inner parts of the city housed only the Lem of onolkeshan and for the other races there was area in the harbour for them to live in. Some may see this as racist way but it is the long tradition Onolkeshan have had since the time they joined the Enclave.

Govkars were different in that they didn't live in the city at all. They built their own colony south of the Black ice. When lem offered to help them to build the village they declined and said: "We are happy that you want to help us but this is our village and it must look like it is ours. You may help us but the way and materials are what we choose."
File: 1354624665261.png-(2.2 MB, 2826x1732, Onol Shroud.png)
2.2 MB

Here i made map that shows just how much Onolkeshan knows about the world. Darker areas mean that they have some knowledge about those places.
Finally I can post! Office had blocked out 4chan entirely. Anyways, I just want to say that the ending of the Vyrii War is getting more intense, and dat map, Onol, dat map... it's so beautiful!

>captcha sez: 52,835,000 CityFo
I'm guessing that's the number of people in Enclave Capital City now.
Welcome back man, the game is going interesting places for sure.
In a previous life one of the Shockguard had been a Frowg Engineer nicknamed 'Jumpy,' for his rather fanastic account of the construction of the Snow Axe Northern Observatory. Jumpy was not afraid of death, just what came after. And if he did die on this mission, at least it won't be on that acrused mountain. He had helped build the trigger and was now carrying it through Vyrii territory.

Without the haressment of Vyrii red eyes and attack shards, the demo team found the bomb and set up the trigger. In the end it came down to completing the ciruit to set off the trigger's sequencer. Problem was that the trigger had been rushed and untested. There was no way of truely knowing how much time it would give them. Time was sarce, but there had to be a way of gathering more of it on their side.
Jumpy set to the task of creating the simplest of secondary systems, a water clock. Jumpy took two buckets he had pilfered from the wrecked ship. One was the outflow bucket to initally hold the water and pour it into the inflow bucket. The inflow bucket was set leaned towards the open ciruit. When he punched a whole into the outflow, it would slowly overflow the inflow bucket and spill its water onto the ciruit.

The cold snapped his wits until he realized the water might freeze before setting the trigger! He pulled out his heat pack, already getting cold. He estimated freezing at 15 minutes on the outside, 10 minutes safely. He had to get more time and more heat! On the other side of the cliff that the bomb and landed was a open crack of air. Jumpy wondered why couldn't the bomb have landed around the tempting rocks bathing in the world's heat, when suddenly his second man was running back from that exact spot. He had recongized the freezing problem before Jumpy did!

They popped the rocks in the buckets, poured their heat packs into the outflow, and covered the whole thing with Jumpy's experimental carapace. Enough time to return to the Shadow Way, then they would see how long the trigger took to fire.

((I'll let bronze roll since these are his peeps: withdraw to the airship, and airship escape ))
File: 1354654067009.png-(32 KB, 800x600, Bord trooper2.png)
32 KB
File: 1354659702550.png-(108 KB, 1000x800, Suzumou art update.png)
108 KB
Rolled 16, 3 = 19

Dang, I am so out of ideas right now.

I am not really sure of what to do with the Nad'lun, as their status-quo is pretty stable, and offers, right now, me very little incentive or ideas for rolls.
If things keep as they are, the people of Nad'lun will continue their lives in relative peace and prosperity, while the Slizers continue to do what they are doing. K'nia's child is far too young to really step into the stage yet, and I have K'nia tied to raising her right now.
I guess that I could roll for the adventures of the younger pirates in the high seas, who are seeking out treasure in the uncharted waters, profit from the continent of amber and wisdom from the enigmatic Izileth.
Also, the settlers of the marshes probably try to figure out more about the natural gas, mostly how to keep it's danger as low as possible.

Rolling for:
The adventures of the young pirates in the uncharted seas.
Studying natural gas.

Honestly, I am mostly just waiting for the central games. Speaking of them, here is a redrawn suzumou. One ting that I realized was that their coloration makes absolutely no sense for their environment. Unless someone can come up with good ideas why they are bright blue in a desert, I am gonna retcon their coloration into something more sensible.

I could add that maybe some sort of random event could shake things up slightly in the Nad'lun nation. Nothing too drastic, but something that would force the inner factions of the Nad'lun to act upon it.
Also, the Nad'lun might not react very positively to the holloris living in territories that they would like to claim as their own.
The holloris are a random and very alien element for the Alun of the Nad'lun heartlands. The coastal folk might be familiar with the exotic southern races, but the majority of the Nad'lun aren't.
The violent tendencies of the hollori won't amuse the heartland alun as they amuse the coastal pirates. To the settlers, the hollori might seem to be shady, unpredictable and violent little squatters who settled in the Nad'lun territories without permission.
Rolled 14, 16 = 30

The airship captain puts full power to the engines, and begins turning the ship toward the Front Line. By the Black Ramel, may this be the end of the Crusade and the Vyrii threat.
Vyrii clamber around the bomb as the airship slowly gains speed. What is this thing planted in their midst? One of them begins gnawing at it, unsure what else to do with the overmind disrupted.
More of a dark blue than bright. Could they possibly have been nocturnal? Dark blue would blend in with night-time conditions.
Rolled 20, 5, 4, 8 = 37


As the preprations fo the feast suggested by the Ta'Mirel are made (see >>21846327). Instead of being private, Prebyn and Vian want to make it public, available to everyone in the Rust Pile and Bone Flakes. It will also serve to make the reconcilliation of the Army and the Civilians visible to the entire Crestlands, at least from word of mouth from visitors at the feast. Someone has the bright idea of requesting some shamans to show up, as they claim to be able to speak to the spirits of the dead, and since original point of the feast is to remember those who have been lost in the war.

In the meantime, the recruiters head out once again to the peoples of the Enclave. They stand on the rooftops and shout of the end of the war, and how peace has descended up on the North and the Crestlands. Settlers need not fear the Vyrii, or overbearing masters. Free land and the protection of skilled soldiers awaits them. No syndicates to corrupt them or Ta'Mirel to shout at them about the Tomorrow War. Do the settlers flow once more? Or is the entire Enclave still shaken by the horrors they've heard of in the North?

The civilians of the Crestlands are now free of the immense burden of feeding the Ta'mirel and the Syndicates. They now turn their energies to truly taming this land, building the first major settlements in the Crestlands other than the Rust Pile and Bone Flakes.

Rolling for
Feast prepartions
Charisma of the shamans (looking to establish a mildly organized religion here. Spirit of the Dead Worship or something like that.)
Building proper towns
Where is everyone?

Muricans were sleeping, Nad is in the army, i was in the school, Indonesian Gentleman is Indonesian Gentleman and it seems we have lost drawbro
Welp, I'm here, but as work's worn me down I can only be available for a brief while. Link me any rolls that haven't been processed, please?

Hopefully I'll be available more often next week.
After the rag-tag team that is Demolitions set the trigger device on, they started running back to the Shadow Way. Some paused to snipe at the Vyrii starting to crawl towards the bomb occasionally, but they did so in a great hurry. They do not know when the bomb would detonate. And thus, under counter-attacks by Vyrii and an incoming blizzard that seems to be sent down from Kunaba itself, the team barely escaped with their lives intact. Of course, not all of them survived; a trio of Lem, during a rare clarity in their berserking, saw a legion of Vyrii coming from the other side of the airship. One is an Onokelshan, another from Ta'mirel, and the last a Slanera native, the war-frenzy in their plasm uniting them. The three of them prepared their weapons and jumped down, telling the Ry'lai pilot to go. As the Frilla ship rose, the frenzied skirmish of the three Lems slowly fades from vision as the snow sets in. The team knew, that without those three Lem's intervention, they would all be dead. The Last Stand of Three Lems, historians would call it, would be just one of many sacrifices made in that accursed mountain range, if it weren't for the reports of the survivors.

As the Frilla ship went higher and higher, they see that the blizzard is almost upon them; but then they saw a glow from below. At first it started as a whiter cloud rising, and grew orange quickly; Little did they know that down below, the bomb has released its payload of high-pressure steam mixture. At first, this rolling fog of strange mixture just engulfed everything in its path, suffusing the very air with tiny particles, further stirred by the incoming blizzard. The Vyrii Overmind had sensed this, and confusion signals run rampant because units are not sensing damage; until the amp-suits started the sparks. The strange fog burns in a very rapid fashion, superheating the areas they touch, and expanding the cold air into an explosion. The whole blizzard was soon ablaze, the fires hungrily ate the very air; The Shadow Way was thrown by the blastwave, but managed to regain control near the frontlines. Those who were present in the frontlines could swear that they saw the blizzard being replaced by an inferno, if for a brief moment, and a sound that is akin to a roar reverberating from the fireball. From their vantage point, the Shadow Way and her crew can see the aftermath: a blackened area punctuated by red glows. The Vyrii structures, once gleaming in the snow, lay broken or charred. Lem scouts brave the increased heat near ground zero and saw Vyrii bodies, thousands upon thousands of them, laying dead and broken. To their horror, they saw some of them rise... only to fall down again, or 'glitch' and self-destruct, or sttack their fellow vyrii haphazardly. These are then easily dispatched by the remnants of the joint forces.
The Vyrii War is over, and the Overmind is no more.
The natural gas...it smells bad, and occasional pockets of it explode, killing or maiming. It is important to build away from the bad smell. The Pirates roll out, sailing high on adventures for unknown lands. The Rustbeak was glinting in the afternoon sun, A gleaming metal edge on the prow of the boat sliced through waves, in sharp contrast to the rusted, pitted, and scarred metal hull of the rest of the ship. It was loaded down with cargo, barrels, nets, and all manner of provision. So far, the journey was going well. Periodically, a screaming Onolkeshan interceptor would buzz by to investigate. Eventually this stopped, and the crew knew they were in uncontrolled waters. Glorious.
((The "special feast in private" is a burial ritual, sans the burial. Lem eat their dead, but have a special relationship with the frowg tribes of the north, and those of K'lahk lineage. In times long forgotten, they hunted together, stood together. So their allies were honored with the most significant thing a lem can give, which is itself. The dead were eaten by the frowgs, and from it they gained insight, visions of memories past, feelings of an incomprehensible nature. This was corrupted over time, becoming the more potent, but more chaotic, addictive, spiritually meaningless lem dust. Long story short, the war is over, and the Lem chose to honor the warriors with this. It has meaning and sacrifice to them, because what the frowg eat, does not go back to the whole.))
Suddenly, there is no looming war, but the supply lines are strong, resources still flow. This is turned back into the community, for celebration. A grand feast, stretching the many settlements, participated in by many of the enclave will be had. This day will become a holiday. Each race prepares in a different way, but all contribute. A parade of the soldiers, ramels, and titans will happen, the aircraft will fly overhead, followed by the ry'lai frilla and forest ships. At night the cannons will be fired into the air with burst shells. Food and drink, so much. days of feasting and celebration. It has been many hard years, all have earned this.
The Shamans are kind of icy fellows, and fail to get followers. The people of the crestlands stand on remembering the dead, and living to an idea they choose for themselves, paying honor to nature and ancestors in their day to day activities, instead of organized dogma.
In the Enclave capital the recruiters are met with poor reception. They come across as disrespectful and arrogant, looking down on not only the people of the city, but those who came to their very aid. It was well known the sacrifices the ta'mirel and syndicate factions made in the vyrii war.
The new towns are in a planning stage, but suggestions come up to simply use the giant ramel bones to duplicate what was done with the rust pile.
Rolled 3, 1, 14, 18, 9 = 45

The Syndicate forces that did not leave when offered, were the diehards. Those who had a sense of honor, or developed it, who perhaps had something to prove to the world, or themselves. They fought for many years ((does something close to a decade sound good to everyone?)) and developed a kind of bond of brothers with the other ground forces. Choosing to leave their past lives behind, they settle down in the crestlands to form a better future in the "pristine" north.
The Ta'mirel are driven to ensure the territory is secured, and that this new addition to the enclave can grow comfortably. they break down into two component forces. Those who are working as lemgineers, and those who continue the fight, mopping up in the vyrii territory, killing off splinterminds (little pieces of the hive mind, or nascent control drones who are "awakening"). The Lemgineers will start the long process of building a road from the Black ramel's last stand, south, eventually to the capital proper, Each titan skeleton encountered will be built up into a functional community. The soldiers will ensure the way is cleared for arial ragas seed bomb distribution. Wide spread ragas plants in the vyrii lands will enable quicker recover, and leave behind a useful, if dangerous resource. better then the alternative of a new hivemind.

Rolling for: How long the "long road" takes to built, Bone towns work, vyrii mop up duration, thoroughness, ragas seed distribution.
I still want those maps made, THANK YOU. I don't even know where all the fights happened in the north or where the colonies are.

Rolling for sending scouts from colony of black ice (separate rolls) to East and south, Sending scouting ships to south and east (also from colony)
Rolled 3, 11, 1, 4 = 19

The maps of villages, roads, and trade routes?
Here's the general location of the Burrahn village. I'll start gathering up Hu-raan and Ca'rethill maps.

Somewhere in the last couple of threads should be the major villages and trade routes of the Nad'lun.
File: 1354739887586.png-(1.03 MB, 787x651, burrahn location.png)
1.03 MB
captcha ate the pic.
File: 1354746515707.png-(605 KB, 709x1083, Empire.png)
605 KB
And here's the stuff for the Hu-raan and Ca'rethill. I'll post the Yapap map later.
File: 1354750019842.png-(18 KB, 938x508, Laster_Symbol.png)
18 KB
The Snow Axes had their Northern Promise Day in three hours, due to expeditions that couldn't be canceled only delayed. They had non-fancy rations just more than usual. They toasted themselves and the Crestlands and dug into lukewarm Cidex meat. Just a few days ago most of the engineering team had left to the Crestlands front lines. The cantina was full of small ramelplay. Any day now, they said, any day the war would be over. And then the bomb went off obliterating the eardrums of rookies during morning PT. Inside they hushed themselves, until the solemn face officer came in to report, that they had won!

The resulting celebration tore open a hole in the wall blowing in the freezing north. The soldiers responsible were reprimanded by having to repair the damages. Not that anyone cared, just that nobody wanted to eat with the freezing wind chilling your bones.

Hotgan attends the Crestland feast, drinking too much, talking too much, and getting his ass kicked. Mostly for this rant, "Fight to live, don't live to fight, that's just backwards," repeated ad nauseum, his point lost hours ago. And while long ago before the war started, his Second drank the rank from a Capital cantenna, he made sure Prebyn got served only the strongest Nad'lun harss rum. Trying not to offend, he declines the Tamirel's offer. To him the whole thing is more creepy than enduring. Nothing he's done constitutes such consideration, nor does he want to experience what pushers called, "The Warp, man. The Warp," the sleaze oozing out in buckets. No thanks.
And with that hostilities ended in the north. Over the next few months the Laster Council found less and less value in the Snow Axe project, cutting its funding significantly until it was no longer recognizable. When it came time to renew Hotgan's commitment to the project, he declined.

The compound was renamed to "Laster Tundra Station #1." Most of the staff was reassigned to different projects in Laster territory, leaving a core group to man the station, maintaining the facility and patrolling the border. The observatories remained in use to predict the tundra weather and survey the skies. The station's extra resources and development research went to the ABR, which its Commander believed would put it to good use. The launchers that proved to be so adaptable as well as the hydroponic gardens, were packed up and redistributed. The Raga, the Seed Bombs, as well as their designs were destroyed. The Commander believed they had lived out their usefulness and didn't want to see more of the vile bombs proliferated.
File: 1354750175497.png-(35 KB, 542x366, Ramel.png)
35 KB
Tera was actually the first to abandon the compound. In the dead of the night, she took advantage of the lack of security and jumped off the North Observatory's balcony. She left a simple message painted across the walls, "Don't Follow." The lenses of the great spyglass were broken. Her motives were her own, though most assumed that she had finally defected to the Vyrii bringing into question her loyalty for all her time under Hotgan's command.

Descending down the Kunaba after being officially discharged, the wind whipped up a terrible snowstorm. A final hooray and send off. Good job, now shove off. Due to his training Hotgan sought shelter, but before he could the storm had come in blinding his sight with snow. He began to wander in the white out until out of the white came a large shrine. The painting from his office magnified so that Kaleel was life size. The painted Kaleel animated saying, "Soft defeat, I'll show them soft defeat." The painting climbed pass him. Hotgan wanted to turn his Ramel around, wanted to warn him, but turning might have gotten him more lost. Kaleel climbed up the mountain to seek the future of the Laster. The storm lifted with him not a league from where he started. "The Warp, man. The Warp," he shuddered at the thought.

His heading was directed towards the Capital City. He thought about becoming a Councilman, but reconsidered. He turned his Ramel towards the Rust Pile and felt considerably better about the decision. North was the right way home.

L took much longer to recover from his Shockguard accident than he would have liked. By the time he was standing again, the war was over. He disappeared back into Lem anonymity, dropping the pretense of his unique identity. It had been a complete folly. Better to blend into a greater whole overwhelming an enemy, than struggle alone and broken. In a crowd he doesn't answer to 'L' as the Frowg called him. He left to rejoin his clansmen, fervently dismissing accusations of his former identity or his involvement in the Show Axe project.

The Rylai believed himself incredibly lucky to have returned to his proper path in the webway. There weren't any repeats of the sickeningly green aura. And while he was still a stranger, the Enclave medical community opened their many arms to his healing hands. Over time Kale would be called a great healer and an expert in Enclave medicine. From first discovering an effective treatment for Vyrii Infection to inventing new theories of tiny threads of life, he earned his renown.

The Joorod brothers being contracted from the Capital Streets returned there. They fell into the syndicates gangs, repairing and modifying their weapons. One of them got addicted to hard hallucinogens, another died in gang violence, another became a ruthless killer. Most felt the good days working on giant spyglasses, steam generators, and insulated underwear, were decades away. The brother to stay out of the gangs chartered a ship back to the East.
File: 1354750400423.jpg-(122 KB, 500x642, Took Off Face.jpg)
122 KB
Holy shit. Just... I friggin' love it!
File: 1354757024786.png-(1.02 MB, 787x651, Crestlands.png)
1.02 MB
Rolled 7, 3, 10, 16 = 36

Boom. Simple map of what I THINK is/should be the Crestlands, and Vyrii territory (everything in the Vyrii Lands but the Wastes is now being colonized)
I don't think the vyrii were that far north. Maybe more towards the mountains themselves.
I'll cover the Long Road (I used that name for a big road in South. Pick another name.... maybe the Ramels Road) and the towns

Work on the Ramels Road is slow. The weather of the North grows bitter cold, more so than usual, and freezes the ground, making it difficult to dig the road. It is fortunate this cold snap did not strike during the war, or else supplies would've been slowed. At the moment work on the Ramels Road grinds nearly to a halt, with all Non-Lems involved with the roads construction refusing to leave the warmth of the tents.

That same cold snap hits the contstruction sites at the ramel skeletons. Things are even worse, with snow piling high, beyond shoulder height, and work grinds to a halt even moreso than at the Ramels road. No progress is made, other than some designs on what is to be built.

This sudden change in weather (called the Vyriis Last Gasp), will simply have to be waited out. Once the Last Gasp passes and spring arrives, then work will resume on the Fort-Towns. In the mean time, ramel breeders are now expected to start trying to create a large stock of animals, to provide free livestock to new settles, especially ones that settle at the Fort-Towns. This is part of a new recruitment drive that is being planned, to show the people of the Enclave the idea of the Northern Promise again, that all this suffering was not just to eliminate a great threat to the entire Continent, but to provide new land, living space! Arrogant recruiters are recalled, and more humble agents are sent out, many of them successful settlers themselves.
Rolled 2, 20, 13, 17, 1 = 53


The agents recruited from the Snow Axes and their observatories will remain with as many officers as in place as possible. Prebyn wants to feel the Snow Axes like they aren't being forgotten or absorbed. Merely being brought closer to the Army- no, to People of the Crestlands. Scouts are sent back to the area where the Purifier was dropped, to examine the strange structures, with orders to take many samples, and to capture advanced warforms that may still be lingering in the ruins. Hotgan is offered a chance to return to the Snow Axes. Prebyn would understand if he wanted nothing more than to be a settler now, but his command of the Snow Axes had uncovered a great deal about the Vyrii, and the Command Council is sure that there are many secrets left.

Rolling for
Building Fort-Towns when spring comes
Building the Ramel Road when spring comes
Improved Recruitment (and that ramel breeding)
Scouting the Wastes (vyrii central territory)
Capturing large/advanced warforms
Woops. Looks like I might have stirred up some Warforms that smashed some Fort-Towns
Every time I see maps like this I think of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rain_shadow
File: 1354765151357.png-(82 KB, 800x600, 1034608-D17GAR2.png)
82 KB
And there's our explanation for why Central is a massive desert, and East has the Burning Plains. Thanks Anon!
From black ice, scouts who travel east encounter extensive danger in the form of Noords and other life forms. To the south the scouts make proper contact with a small enclave outpost, who speaks of a larger outpost near a tribe of skulks. Scouting ships encounter rougher then normal seas, one capsized with all crew lost. The second pulled from the docks only to slam back into the hull of Black Ice, sustaining significant damage, and hurting many crew. fucking water.
The for towns will not be an easy build, some of the larger skeletal structures have collapsed, and the thawed ground is muddy. The ramel road however, was easy to build, much ground was already cleared and flattened from endless marches. Stone is abundant in the region to pave the road. The new settler recruitment is slower, but now more steady. Using the old enclave pact rules, of offering members of all tribes a place in their lands, this struck a better cord with the population. The vyrii territory is extensively damaged around the blast site, and radiating out, but many structures remain intact. They are large twisting pillars, blocks, and other shapes, with rough irregular surfaces and crystalline deposits, some feed directly from lava pools. Samples are gathered, but appear much the same as any other vyrii sample, if slightly more inert. A large warform was found standing, in place, inactive. snow piling on it. Strapped to a cart and hauled back to a nearby settlement it activated and became hostile, the creature was brought down, but not before the settlement was lost.
The Ta'mirel looked at the end of the war, not as the end, but as the beginning of preparation for the next. There was time for reflection during work and patrols. A lot of personalities were lost in this war. There would be more, it would take time, but there would be more. A solider pondered on things that many of his kind often thought about. The old times, simpler. Enemy, ally, fight, win. These new allies, this new generation, they were so far removed from their ancestors. No fire stories, sharing of the dead, and long hunts, basic survival. Now...the lines between who would and would not stand with you was not so clear. The war was won, but the Ta'mirel knew they were resented by some. Their lives and help were freely taken, condemned for doing the necessary thing. farmers playing at solider, scared of thugs being executed. He grabbed a shovel, and looked at the dig site. They could wait a few generations for opinions to change, shorter memories, the next big thing with the other races. For now there was work. The lem dug for a while, eventually hearing a more shovels being pitched in. Around him were a few frowgs, lem, and a joorod. Community, working as a whole. This was the message, right here. A perfect preparation for the future, without need to constantly reinforce the concept. Perhaps the long efforts had proven fruitful. When war came, hopefully they would stand united.
The "titans", giant ramels really, but this generation liked to put a name to things. names for many things. The ramel herder flagged the others as the drove the beasts back to their holding pens, some split off to head towards the tribe's own settlements, some towards the capital, put down to rest for a long hibernation.
The population would have to be restored, gorging on digestible material, dividing, being made new. New equipment, new techniques. Lessons were learned from this war. The Vyrii derived material that was by the snow axes indicated they were no longer just a threat, but a resource. Troops made ventures into the outer vyrii territories to harvest material, and disperse ragas seeds.
The aircraft proved viable, It is suspect if they were better, and more numerous the war could have gone smoother. The troop transport aircraft that the now defunct ABR developed proved to be a very interesting concept. Scaled up and refined they could provide a new facet to their military in the form of heavy lift capability. It would require time, resources, and more knowledge. All things they had access to.
Inspired by the syndicate's own weapons, the Ta'mirel built their own hollow bullet. Instead of the toxic liquid metal the gangs would often use, the cores of these contained something a little...different. Two new types. Red tips, and green tips. Green tips were loaded with ragas seeds. Red tips were filled with crushed vyrii infection shards. Holding the bullet up, the craftsman inspected it. Art.
File: 1354771768235.gif-(6.62 MB, 239x214, borgasIV2.gif)
6.62 MB
Forgot that the upload limit was 8MB, so I made too many attempts at reducing the file size.
File: 1354785390389.png-(23 KB, 449x405, deathtothelesserbutts.png)
23 KB
>Be in awe from the map
>See this little blue ball in space
My mind is like the Vyrii Overmind, blown apart by the sheer awesomeness.

So yeah guys, about West Continent, you guys still want to continue Metal Age, or do you want to go to Central? Need more random events and such?
I'm running out of ideas. I'll need something unexpected if we keep West going.

I am kinda waiting for central.

Also, there was an idea of holding a minor evo game about the other areas of the central continent besides the desert, which have been mostly left undeveloped.
Areas like the southern plains and marshes, mountains and the northern frilla forests of the central continent.

Also, ng, you asked in the irc if I would be interested in doing the starter critters regarding the potential evo game. I could do them, though I think that this subject warrants some preliminary discussion.
What are the opinions of other players about this potential evo game?
I'll support this mini-evo motion, if the others are AOK with it. As I remember it, the starter species for Central Deserts are Burrog (small Shield Glund descendant), Sandoni (from Adoni), Usmal (from land Flatworem), Wespar (from Wesck), Cho and Kaskus (from hrass and evola, respectively).
So, it would be possible to have the descendants of Shield Glund, land Flatworem and Wesck as starting creatures. As for plants, go nuts. This is just a suggestion, Nad can choose other descendants if he wants. Pick those from the last Primordial land and island threads, since the mini-evo is supposed to be set in Ancient.

Also, in about three months this little game has lasted for a year (it started in March). And we've just started Metal Age recently! Time moves fast!
For the arctic region, I'll whip up some type of Furlong and Rasig.
Ah yeah, the doggy-goat from one of the intermission threads! Those would be good to evolve further in the Central Arctic. Possibly some non-carnivorous Ragas descendant as well?
Those are Firdogs. I think they're already good as-is. Furlongs are more like weasels.
File: 1354819890692.png-(34 KB, 1000x800, Central plains & mars(...).png)
34 KB
Here are potential starters of the mini evo in the central plains and marshes.

1. Wezar. A close cousins of the desert dwelling wespars. They are solitary ambush predators, who kill their prey with their stinger.

2. Wlouz. Perhaps the last surviving member of the winged flouz lineage. They lack proper eyes, though they have many light sensitive patches on their skin. Because of this, they use their keen sense of smell and touch to navigate. Their wings allow them to move with relative speed, and their long tentacle arms allow them to grab and constrict small prey.
Like many flouz descendants, they posses light organs, which they mostly use to confuse both prey and predators.

3. Lasmar. Close relative to the desert bound usmals. The lasmals are slow, mud dwelling critters who use their raspy tongue to feed on plant matter and detritus.

4. Torrog. A cousin of the burrogs. These heavily armored and slow creatures move in small groups. They are mostly herbivorous, though they will occasionally eat smaller creatures, if they catch them.
5. Hops. A primitive hoppa species, whose ancestors were blown to the central continent in their floating larval stage. These small hoppas are mostly nocturnal, using their light organs to illuminate their way. They are opportunistic omnivores, who move in small herds.

6. Snaruu. Slow moving and extremely poisonous colonial organism who live in humid places. They use their poison tongue to defend themselves and even attack other critters. They feed by crawling over their food, and releasing digestive acids which melt their food into slurry that they can then absorb trough their skin.

7. Swaho. Another colonial organism, which lives in water. Uses it's fins to move and it's small tentacles to filter food from water.

8. Stingar. A fast, eel like kuckar descendant, which uses it's sharp "face" to pierce the skin or trunk of the target, and then inject it's digestive juices inside of it, so the creature can then suck up the liquefied innards. They are omnivores, feeding equally on plant roots that reach to water, and on animals.

Feel free to offer comments, input and ideas regarding these critters. All suggestions are welcome.
Needs more grazers. And more predators. Some fish-like creature wouldn't hurt. An amphibian too
File: 1354831492671.png-(41 KB, 1000x800, Central plains & mars(...).png)
41 KB

Keep in mind that the critters are supposed to be starting ones. We can evolve more grazers from them, besides, there are already two, the torrog and the hops. Both the lasmar and the snaruu are also kinda amphibious.

Anyways, here are the plants.

1. Kakt. A close cousin of the kaskus. The kakt has a long trunk/leaf that resembles a tube. Inside the tube resides the kakt's spore poles. The kakt is most common in windy areas, as there the spores get around the best. The plant's defense against herbivores is it's hard skin.

2. Mugar. A yantar species that grows one great mug like leaf, that gathers water. It too, reproduces by spores, which are emitted by the long wispy "tentacles" that grow from it.

3. Lras. Hrass descendant, which stores excess nutrients in pulps in it's roots.

4. Freolla. Evola plant which has ring like leaves growing from it's segmented trunk. The topmost cup like leafs house the spore emitters of the plant.

5. Yaced. A fungal organism with limited mobility. Grows in murky and humid places, decomposing detritus. It can move it's fungal roots around slowly, trough hydraulic pressure. It spreads trough spores.

6. Chan. A cousin of the cho plants. It's thick and hard leafs protect it's juicy main trunk, in which it stores nutrients.
Oh Lras. You shall become root based plants. We don't have enough roots and tubers.
File: 1354848797767.png-(71 KB, 1362x914, Central north.png)
71 KB
For after Nad takes care of central's southern regions, I've got the arctic and temperate zones. This list isn't finalized yet. Just some current ideas. Things will be added and removed.


A rasig descendant. This grass grows all over in the north. They secrete digestive enzymes from their roots, causing them to grow better in carrion.

Pulled strait from another thread. Small plant that grows in detritus. Slightly poisonous.

A flower that uses insects to spread its spores.

>False Bluva
A relative of mevolas. They are a carnivorous plant which imitates the appearance of Bluvas to attract bugs or other small creatures to eat. Also have electrical shocks to stun prey and deter herbivores from eating them.


Small herbivorous bug that sprays web from its abdomen in defense from predators.

>Brown Furlong
A small, carnivorous mammal.

>Central Ramel
Omnivorous herd animal with a hard exoskeleton. Unlike their cousins on West continent, their blade is duller, spikes are smaller, and their blood cannon is reduced in power. They are ill tempered, and live in the far north.

>Unnamed Fluzpuff species
The closest thing to a butterfly on Borgas IV. It's hair causes itching in other creatures.

As Nad said for his list, please give feedback.
Vontil is one of the few lems to be retained as a soldier for the Crestlands. He's changed from an experienced "young" lem to a veteran officer. He stays at the request of Prebyn and the Command Council, who all appreciate his service and knowledge. He's also one of the few Ta'Mirel descended Lems the Civilians trust. As the Ta'Mirel regret the loss of the friendship they once had with the other tribes, remembering fondly the hunts and fires, Vontil has built new memories, of brotherhood forged in war, and friends made amongst the Syndicates and Civilians. He will go on to "father" many "descendants" who will become the majority of Lem officers in the Crestland Army.
((He man, have been busy more often then not, so little time for irc. As in past games i just want to verifiy hostility is between factions and not players. For in game reference the ta`mirel really dont get the abr hostility towards them. Unrelated to this all i plan to tie up some loose ends with the council and syndicate. As for final events, i have a few, like the adoni incursion. Though neither the burrahn or nadlun acknowledged the initial bugs. Ill probably keep it in my pocket for the next game. I did not see your response to the ritual feast, only poes.))
File: 1354871734270.png-(25 KB, 601x576, 1335004253527.png)
25 KB
The syndicate forces lingering at the end of the war finally began to pack up and head home. There were a few who grew addicted to this cold land, fell in love with the locals, some even had a few flings that ended up with kids. Jojeri put flame to the end of his smoke root. None of that shit for him. It was back to home sweet home. The lower city. Humidity, heat, and life. A few suckers ran early, didnt stick for the end of the final war. It was worth it, everyone deaf, stumbling around. A flash and a pressure wave like no one this life time would see again. Fucking lem, they were gonna blow this world up someday, sucked he wouldn't be around to see it. Probably gonna be glorious. He hopped a ride on one of them armored transports and headed as far south as it would take him. From there it was a walk, maybe a ride if he could hitch it.
About a month later Jojeri was back in the lower city...the entrance and upper levels looked different. Abandoned structures, nad'lun style. He had seen a few in his early years, traveling on the coastal boats as a smuggler. Now they were mostly patrolled by Enforcers. They were heavy in gear now. That was new too, this much security. The Syndicate wars left their marks, but seemed to be over. Lots of blast marks, pits and chinks in the stone. The Lemgineers had been through again, adding on, at least that was a constant. The air wasn't the same as he left it. Cleaner, less...home. Descending into the black cart trader territory was just weird. The lower city had been carved up into turfs. You could still hear gunfire, some explosions. but not like it was before.
File: 1354886517695.png-(48 KB, 944x434, Untitled2.png)
48 KB
Jojeri hit up a bar, his favorite one seemed to have been torn down and replaced with a market a while ago, because no one remembered it, and he didn't know any of the new faces. The local talk was even more shocking. The syndicates were semi legitimate now. Pounding back some "spiced" Hrass rum, the one new thing that didn't suck, he felt a little better. Apparently the biggest syndicates ran the show now. The gangs were free to do whatever they wanted, so long as it was outside their territory. The enforcers went after the gangs unimpeded, and kept away from the syndicate territory. Hell, they even had their own version of the council, and the top guy there had a real seat on the true council topside. Fucking government, of all things. Next thing they were gonna tell him was that the Ta'Mirel decided to become anti war activists.
attached is an interpretation for the central ramels, having long ago lost the frilla sensing organ along their head, as well as blood cannon, they are radically different in their behavior. Blood cannon loss is due to a lower level of precipitation, with moisture being a more precious commodity along the permafrost and rocks. Its an arctic desert.
File: 1354895816354.png-(7.76 MB, 2826x1732, Nad'lun nation territories.png)
7.76 MB
Rolled 1, 1, 14 = 16

The Nad'lun nation has grown over the years, they have expanded to the marshes, building new settlements there. Though still somewhat undeveloped, many young hoppas are moving to these new settlements, exited about the prospect of taming the land and finding their wealth in the marshes. The explosive nature of the swamp gas has caught the attention of some of the pirates, who are wondering if they could use it to their advantage. Of course, ways how to capture the gas need to be developed first.
The trade with the enclave and the Izileth, and the expeditions of the Slizers have allowed the Nad'lun to chart previously unknown seas and coasts, which in turn has provided them with more exotic resources and places where to settle.

The Nad'lun territory itself is divided into 3 provinces, because of geographical and cultural differences. These provinces are mostly self governed, and their elected leaders make decisions that affect the whole nation with the Shaman council of Naun'as.

The Slizers themselves are doing well, their place as the De Facto rulers of the Eastern province, Sen'kas has made them a completely legitimate organization, despite their slight unlawful tendencies. These traits have however slowly atrophied, as trade operations and mercenary work have proven to be far more profitable than simple piracy. Some younger members of the Slizers still practice the old ways of piracy, though they know better than to directly oppose the policies of the Slizers. Most of the youngsters however spend their time exploring the unknown waters and coasts. K'nia's child is among these youngsters, quickly making a name for herself. K'nia is the matron of the Slizers, and among the most influential people of the whole Nad'lun nation.

Rolling for:
How quickly the marsh settlements grow.
Studying the swamp gasses.
The expeditions to unknown waters. (Basically, how far the expeditions reach from the current Nad'lun sea routes (yellow lines))
The settlers are very superstitious, some of them remembering the story about the Purple Hoppa which came from the swamps. Somehow their superstitions are justified; for the settlements are plagued by what seems to be sabotage from unseen things. People wake up to see their huts completely dismantled and scattered, where last night it stood sturdy. Food and tools goes missing, hoppa herd spooked by strange pheromones, things that seem like the work of a trickster spirit. Most settlers were unnerved and left after repeated 'spirit' shenanigans, but a hardy few remained. Such superstition have also hindered the swamp gas research by the pirates, only one alun who believed in SCIENCE instead of superstition venture in.
Meanwhile, as sea routes were traced, some Nad'Lun sailors have managed to find the easternmost peninsula of Central continent.

(BTW, to all players, I'll probably need the names for the known continents in your faction's tongue. Getting a bit tired of labeling them as 'West', 'Central', 'East', and 'South'.

I'll throw you the names in Onolkeshan. West = Bomnir , Central = Saramzareth , West = Irnir Zanos , South = Nir Shoveth
Not that they are easier to use.

- - - - - -

When the era came to its end it was great time of mystery for Onolkeshan tribe. One day all contacts to the great city of Geshud Deler were lost. Massive gates of the city were closed and so were the underground railway. These doors were thick combination of stone and steel, masterpiece of Onolkeshan skill, and thus were hard to open from outside. From the air it seemed like the city was empty and those who braved to land in the city were never heard of again. What made this even more mysterious was the fact that not even the Onolkeshan colony of Black Ice knew what had happened to their own capital. Population was worried about their King as he was last known to be inside the capital before all contacts were lost. During this time the colony thrived as new center for Onolkeshan Industry but they would need to survive without their kings leadership. Temple of Vagúshosod grew in power as they had substantial power amongst the population. New winds were blowing...
((talked to onol about this in the IRC)) The Ta'mirel were surprised by the sudden lock down of the fortress city, investigations confirmed this. The Keshans were good allies though, and fought with them in many battles. They needed to do whatever it was they were doing down there, and were left to it. The Ta'mirel did their best to fill the gap, reinforcing, trying to get other tribes with the resources to set up production, ultimately attempting to build their own Foundry. The loss of the turbine rails could not easily be replicated, and the heavy lift project had to be accelerated, as the Ta'Mirel ore mines were located deep in the frozen mountains to the northwest. Landing strips were built in multiple locations as well. They were doing their best to pick up the slack, but it didn't feel like enough.
Ta'Mirel researchers worked hard to build a mass production version of the experimental heavy lift aircraft. There were not enough frilla trees, and the turbine rail was an unacceptable loss. The weather data the joorod brothers of the snow axes gathered was interesting, it was a pity they were dead. But their notes sparked a great deal of interest in how wind, air flow and temperature affect flight. The turbines also had room for improvement now that there was not the constant press of war upon them...it was time for more work.
Rolled 10, 13, 2, 14, 15, 20, 1 = 75

It had been five years since the Keshan capital closed it's gates, and the Enclave's production was fine for peacetime, but significant capability had been lost should the need arise again, and it would. A missive was sent to Vian of the crestlands, kept simple, direct and truthful. "The enclave lacks it's forge and foundry, we can help you become at least half of what it was, while the other half is us." the note went on to detail plans to build a series of large metal processing facilities, but would require the crestlanders to construct a runway so supplies could get there
Three more years passed and the Ta'mirel grew impatient. A deligation was sent, one titan, some ordinance, and a hundred lem to find out what was going on. The journey was uneventful, but the massive silent fortress city invoked something inside them all...awe perhaps.

rolling for: Replacement forgeworks, improved turbines, heavy lift aircraft, and population increase, attempting to open the door by: knocking, titan "knocking", and considering blowing it open.
Building a large foundry operation in the far north was not easy, or very viable, it was mostly a place to collect resources. The turbines continued to improve, but the heavy lift project suffered a setback when one of the few prototypes crashed into a scout glider, causing a chain reaction that destroyed it before the wreckage hit the ground. A program of gorging and dividing has brought the population back to almost prewar numbers, which is good, then can begin the process of storing lem once more. A consensus that blowing up the door was a fucking terrible idea was reached, but not before one over eager lem blew himself up. bummer. A polite knock, followed up by the giant ramel yielded a result.

Even though Geshud Deler was lost there still were many Onolkeshan Living in the harbours and capitol that could help Ta'mirel to establish their own forges. With the help of these Lem the forges were built but it was the skill of labors that was lesser when compared to Onolkeshan Smiths who had many generations of working with metals behind them.

Where Onolkeshan had stopped, Ta'mirel continued the development of turbines with great interest. This work was well-known for them and it didn't take much effort for them to improve the already existing turbines. This was but a simple work of making bigger turbines but what was truly great advance was the improved Onolkeshan cooling system they managed to install. This and other improvements made the turbines much more safer and pilots didn't need to worry about falling from the sky all the time because of failure in the machinery.

The manufacture of Heavy lift Airplanes on the other hand didn't go that well. The metal they used for these planes was inferior in its quality because the metal production was only getting started and most of the workforce was new. These differences in metal quality led to failures under stress and most of these new planes crashed soon after takeoff.

New age of peace was here and this meant that there was surplus of food and safer times for the people of Ta'mirel. Intead of dying in the field people grew old and this ensured that there would be new generations. Population was still less than it was before the war but in time they would catch up to these numbers.
Rolled 17, 4 = 21


The settlers of the marshes do their best to appease these tricksters, even some shamans came to these settlements to investigate the matters.
These mysterious events seemed very strange, and intriguing for the shamans, though it would take time for them to get to the bottom of the matter.
These settlements, though small, still persist, the remaining settlers either too stubborn to leave or enthralled by the mystery and adventure this "spirit" shenanigans implied. (Could these events be caused by the hive glunds? We did discuss their potential as some sort of faerie like entities in their behavior at least.)

The investigations on the swamp gas is put to an halt, despite the efforts of the few remaining researchers. The settlers fearing that further meddling with the "blue fire" would just bring in more ire from the swamp spirits. The pirates are still trying to acquire small samples of the stuff, with the aid of more adventurous settlers. They think that a "balloon" made out of lub skin might hold this strange smelling fire air, as these balloons held normal air as well.

Rolling for:
Shamans investigating the "spirit stuff".
Slizers acquiring samples of the gas.

The Nad'lun are only aware of two continents, their home continent, which they separate into 3 distinct blocks, and the central continent.

The Nad'lun refer the plains and riverside regions of the western continent, where they live, as "Na'laae" which roughly means the "Our Cradle" or "Heart Lands", depending on the context of speech.
The northern areas, starting from the two great frilla forests which separate the Nad'lun lands from the Enclave's, are called "Po'keelat", which means "Northern Unknown".
The Archipelago, and the peninsula are called "Du'aljat" which means "Southern seas", though this term is also used in conjunction with a newer one, which is "Aljan Izilen" which means "The seas of the Izileth". This term mostly originated from the tales of the first traders and fishers who encountered the Izileth tribe.

Forces of Ta'mirel were watching. Before them stood the great fortress of Geshud Deler. They had been here many times before but this was the first time the doors were closed before them. Silence of the town was unnerving the troops. Huge chimneys stood there, like fingers pointing in the sky, but there was no smoke coming out of them. What was it that Onolkeshan were doing over there?

Leader of these troops, Lem called La'shorast, started walking closer to the door. He was holding his helmet in his armpit to show Onolkeshan that he was there in peace and meant no harm. As he kept walking he realized that he saw no movement on the tall walls of the city. As he arrived to the door he stopped for a moment, took deep breath and banged on the door with his fist while shouting: " IN THE NAME ON ENCLAVE AND TA'MIREL I, LA'SHORAST, ASK FOR THE PEOPLE OF GESHUD DELER TO ANWSER THIS CALL AND TO OPEN THE DOORS OF THE CITY!"
There was no anwser but it didn't come as surprise for him. He still was listening if there was any sound coming through the sturdy gate. There was no sound but as he was about to turn away there was loud rumbling noise that stopped as soon as it had started. With this he knew that there was people inside.

Knocking on the door hadn't worked but he had known this long before they even came here. This is exactly why he brought the titan with him. Orders were shouted and the large beast started to ram the door to make enough noise that people inside had to be deaf in order not to hear it.

The heavy door trembled under the weight of the Ramel that was ramming it but showed no sign of breaking. Well breaking the door wasn't even the plan of Ta'mirel but they still were somewhat disapointed that the door didn't seem to take any damage from their titan. Soon their thoughts were stopped by huge rumble that came inside the walls. At that moment they stopped ramming the door but this time the sound didn't stop. More like it grew in magnitude as time passed. Crashing sound grew louder and louder but soon it came to halt. Again there was silence but soon they saw that slowly, unsteadily, the door started to open.

Now this was the moment when La'shorast understood that not every locked door was there to stop things from getting inside, but also to keep things inside.

Some were relieved to see the door opening, but soon their faces turned into dread. What they saw before them was the remainings of the once so thick door, and from that doorway swarming tide of monsters. "The Vyrii... THE VYRII IS BACK!!"
File: 1354915173098.png-(47 KB, 448x676, totem.png)
47 KB
Rolled 3, 7, 15, 10, 20, 7, 12, 18 = 92

The Ta'mirel performed a tactical retreat from the wave of vyrii. The explosive cache they had brought with them was laid out in a daisy chain as they retreated. ((a long line of linked explosives, ideally detonating when the enemy is fully around the chain)) While taking potshots to slow down the horde. A signal mortar was fired into the air as well, it would send off a chain reaction from out post to out post of response mortars, warning of danger. A solider further to the back of the formation set his spear into a burned out camp fire ring. It was an old one, made from the horn of a blood drinker ramel. This was a symbol of absolute war and hatred. Genocide in old times.
Back in areas less aware of this calamity, research continued. Undaunted by the loss of the heavy lift aircraft, they continued on tooling away at it, and the turbines, attempting to gain some measure of not only improvement, but stability in them. Ta'mirel turbines were very powerful, but also very unstable. They could only be operated in short bursts, so aircraft relied more on gliding after climbing then raw thrust. Attempts to build great forges and foundries continued.

rolling for: the retreat to allies, the daisy chain, the running fight, the signal mortar - turbine research on onolkeshan methods, heavy lift capability, foundries, and metal crafting practice.

The Shamans walked into the swamp, armed with their fabled sticks of eye gouging. What they found were not spirits, but a wide variety of creatures. They kept sighting a strange, tall, slender hoppa who would run away the moment they saw it, as well as strange small creatures who move with near intelligence, often undoing knots in the ropes and leathers that hold together buildings, as if trying to defend their territory and drive out the builders and structures...though the local holori seem to eat them without concern.
The Slizers attempts to gather the gas result in hijinks instead of usefulness. Small balloons are gathered, but seem to quickly pop. A prank involves putting a balloon behind another individual without them noticing, waiting for it to explode, or throwing a rock at it. ((the gasses emitted are a mix of methane, hydrogen, and several other gasses))

The speed of Vyrii wave was too fast. The appearance of Vyrii came as total surprise and most of the forces near the door were cut down almost instantly. Huge Titan stomped some of the vyrii under its feet but soon even it was overwhelmed by sheer numbers the enemy had. Some of the retreating Lem started to make the daisy chain but many were lost too soon and when they blew the explosives they had only managed to plant some of them. Explosions however killed some and managed to slow vyrii enough to let rest of the troops to escape while killing many with their shots from afar. While escaping they managed to fire the mortar and soon they saw in the horizon how there was another signal. They had managed to warn the Enclave that something was wrong but now they must survive to let their people know what they were up against.

Back in Ta'mirels homeland the research of turbines went better than any would have suspected. In series of tests they managed to find most of the problems and to succesfully fix them and even sometimes improve them. What they got was turbines that even Onolkeshan would envy.

In time and with the help of Onolkeshan the smiths soon learned how to use forges to their fullest and to forge metal like true smiths. Now Ta'mirel would have constant supply of desirable quality metal. The plans for Heavy lift planes were made but making them took longer than expected and it would take time before they could start building them.
File: 1354917877813.png-(22 KB, 1070x406, swamphoppas.png)
22 KB
Before I forget, I should post these guys.

They're who I'm going to play as when we return to West.
I don't have a name or any beliefs for the small civilization, but I've got some of the detail on life for them.

These Alun build their homes on raised platforms over the fetid water, and get around on boats.
The odors of swamp would overpower the usual pheromone based communication of the hoppas, so this tribe mostly uses signing and vocalizations to talk.

The Burrahn don't really know anything about the world beyond the forest. They have a name for the world though: Iyzili.

All is well in the Nad'lun nation. Even the "spirit" shenanigans of the marshes didn't do much to hinder the Alun from eventually solidifying their presence at the outskirts of the marshes, along the rivers that ran into it. The interest in the swamp gas lingers, though the few researchers studying it have failed to rouse larger interest in the subject, and thus progress on figuring the gas out is slow.

Overall, the Nad'lun are doing better than ever. Their almost century long peacefulness and almost tranquility have caused the Nad'lun to develop a strong belief that nothing will harm them in their homeland. This idyllic existence is supported by the resources from far away lands, and trade. Despite the fact that their most valued commodity, sandoni amber is harvested from the wretched central continent (which Nad'lun call "Arak'keen" which means "Dry coast" in their tongue.), most of the Alun never have to deal with the dangers asossiated with harvesting it. They rely heavily on mercenary work, and the efforts of young and adventurous alun to actually get the work done in the amber compounds.
This peaceful bliss is, also causing a strange sense of arrogance to develop, especially in the Nad'lun heartlands, the plains province of Na'kas. The people of the plains have started thinking themselves to be superior to the races of north, who have been in strife and war as long as they can remember, and even towards their coastal brethren, who waste their lives in pointless "adventures" and conflicts. Clearly, the others just didn't know how to live properly.

This mentality, of course isn't shared by the coastal alun, at least not to the same degree, as they are well aware of the efforts it takes to supply the Nad'lun nation with all the resources that grant them their easy lives.
The Slizers, still following K'nia's lead continue their operations, which have over time, grown into simple routines. Trading, policing the coast, resource management, political games. This kind of boring life isn't for the pirate princes of the Slizers, K'nia's daughter Yia, who is busy sailing the seas with her crew of other young pirates, seeking adventures.

The Ancient, the leader figure of the Shaman council of Naun'as, and perhaps the most influential alun in the nation, continues his project that aims to refine the governance of the Nad'lun nation, old ideas like the river rangers, to maintain lawful conduct in the waterways and monitor slizer population (the actual creatures) are brought forward once more, and new ones, like the establishment of a warrior force to safeguard the lands and borders of the Nad'lun are proposed. Slowly, shamans are given more authority and in exchange for greater loyalty to the council, the traditional ways are enforced, and the guidance and proposals of the council become more like mandates and doctrines. The Ancient is also trying to seek out all the artifacts that were taken from the sunken structure, for a reason only known to himself....
File: 1354919396929.png-(Spoiler Image, 138 KB, 800x600)
Spoiler Image, 138 KB

Overall however, things seem to be on a steady track of improvement for the Nad'lun.
Their lives are as peaceful as they want them to be, and there are no large problems or conflicts threatening them in the foreseeable future.

Of course, the unseen problems, left unnoticed by complacent population that is blinded by their own wealth, can be the most destructive ones...
A disease, left untreated, can bring the end to even a healthy body.

The Ancient has lived long, and he knows much, but he is of different era, and composed of two beings, merged by abhorrent magics of the deamons of the sunken structure.
His reasons and motivations...are not perhaps as good as they seem.

...and what a terrible reason they are...he can feel them, their whispers and demands...how they continue to bombard him from their sunken trap.. telling him their impossible truths..it is as if he never left that cursed place himself.. all the changes, all the propositions and new doctrines, the new governance...all of it..is because of them. He must keep them out...build up the security of the Nad'lun..to protect himself...if they escaped... they want the amulet...the thing embedded to his head...they need it...they are calling for it...calling for all their belongings...they must not get them...for if they flee their prison..it would mean the end...
Name for the West Continet: Wostol
Central: Kotolol
East: Estavol

Vian is eager to make the Crestlands of great importance to the Enclave. Becoming a center of industry will surely boost their importance, and encourage more settlers to seek a new life in the North, since farming is not the most productive activity in cold climates. However, the Crestlands have only one working mine at the moment, and as the ABR discovered early on, many potential mines have already been used up, mined by Ta'Mirel in the past or stripped by the Vyrii. In fact, the Vyrii likely did most of the work. Perhaps those structures of theirs could be melted down. Some smiths are put the task of finding out just how much of the Vyrii "scrap" can be reused. At the same time, some diehard soldiers despise the idea of using Vyrii to fuel the Crestland as a center of industry. They strike out on their own to find useable mines so that the remnants of those monsters are not needed.
Rolled 9, 11, 11, 17, 16, 10 = 74

Since the magnetic rail has failed, Airstrips are needed. A single, huge airstrip is to be cleared near the Rust Pile, and it will handle the bulk of traffic in the Crestlands. A few of the more important Bone Forts are also slated for their own, smaller airstrips, to extend the range of the heavy transports.

With the differences in the Crestlands resolved, the people are represented by one councillor again: the good ol', corrupt Otiv Ler. He's working with the Syndicates again, and is helping them become more legitimate in the Capital, but in areas outside it, he's trying to extend their reach. With a piece of the profits for himself of course. The Crestlands is the area he's paritcularly helping them in, using the Inn that Vian made long ago as a center for distribution of their less than legal goods. He's also trying to tie the Syndicates together, calling them the Big Family, or in his toungue (whatever that may be) the Loen Roce. Black Cart Traders will soon be searching for a welcome amongst the hope and beginings of the Crestlands

Rolling for
Building the main airstrip at the Rust Pile
Lesser Airstrips
Building a factory
Harvesting Vyrii materials
Finding proper mines
setting up the Black Cart traders in the Crestlands
File: 1354930595979.jpg-(25 KB, 400x394, 382607.jpg)
25 KB
A reminder of who not to fuck with when they set up camps
Rolled 5, 16, 15, 4, 5, 1, 14, 10 = 70

The main airstrip is right now, just a rough dirt strip where the VTOL aircraft that dont need a runway live. The lesser airstrips are designated regions to land in, much the same as the main. cleared, but not a very long. The factory begins to choke to life, bit by bit. Vyrii materials when crushed into flakes or powder, then heat treated for "sanitization" turn out to be good building materials, or even a coating to the armor. creepy. Giving up on stumbling into mining, the Crestlanders take up strip mining, ripping from the land what they want. The black cart traders encounter some resistance from local merchant guilds, and are unable to "set up shop".
The survivors ran full speed, they were faster then the vyrii at least, though they still fired backwards as they ran. Overhead a swarm of higher altitude scout gliders caught attention to the chaos and the mortar signal. They saw the Vyrii. Cycling their ammunition to Green tip rounds ((ragas seed explosive projectiles)) they began strafing runs. If successful it would be enough to slow the horde as they dealt with the quick growing parasitic plants. No matter what, the Onolkeshan capital city would be recovered, and if there were survivors, they would be rescued. If not, the city would be purged of all hostiles in preparation for hand over to the remaining Keshans, it was theirs, it would be again. Three scouts broke off to warn the other regions.
At the heavy lift project renewed efforts began with redesigns incorporating lessons learned from the Keshan smiths, as well as the improved turbine developments. A Ta'mirel looked at this ship and thought to himself.."it could stand to have some guns on it."
Rolling for: the escape, running and shooting, strafing run, warning the crestlands, warning the capital, warning the Onolkeshan - Heavy lift project with applied sciences, Heavy gunship
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Eh, soon after the mini-evos we'll start the Central continent Metal age. Once we get all the continents done, I might see which civ is widely used, and change the name of continents based on those guys' names for them. Maybe the dominant civ gets to name their own continent?
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The continued escape went badly, with more losses being taken, but the fight was brutal and the soldiers inflicted much heavier losses then they took. The aircraft further inflicted damage, tangling the vyrii horde up enough for the remaining ground forces to make a clean break for it. The scout gliders never made it to their destinations, one absolutely destroyed by ground fire. Two others crashed and the pilots spent days regenerating before able to continue on foot.
The first few heavy lift aircraft were completed, and pressed into immediate work moving supplies and personnel. Already plans for refits to heavy gunships were underway, it would likely be a few more years, but it was all in motion. The bulk of the Ta'mirel would find out about the vyrii incursion in a few days, and then the rest of the enclave in the days after that. When they were needed, they would be there, just like they always had been.

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