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Some resources:
Primer Thread: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/21471562/#21471562 its gonna fill you in on a more detailed level then the blurb ill include here, but less then the wiki entry.
1d4chan article and archive links: It has all the archived threads, and some general overviews of what has been going on. fair warning, its about a year's worth of fluff and story.
IRC: come and talk.
Why is that continent shaped like a Triceratop's face?
why cant i hold all these whys?
While the new location seems pretty secure, it's not exactly what Hotgan thinks is best. He sends the scouts out again to climb the mountain side. They are given instructions to find a flat land hidden from view.

Kale flys above the icy hard ground watching his comrades slip on said ground. Those with spike shoes hike with less difficulty. It seems the rookies are getting their shit together and that squads are forming well. During his downtime, Kale either cajoles with his mates or meditates on the Life Web.

The Joorod brothers really like the idea of a wagon bottom base. They quickly get to work building sled bottoms that can combine together creating a wide floor. Materials for the walls and roof can be carried on the sled bottom.

The next consideration was environmental control. Heat and plant growth for the more sensitive personal. However none in the Snow Axes have this kind of knowledge. Hogath will attempt to find and recruit somebody with this knowledge.
Hogath hands over operations to his second while he handles some errands in Capital City. He first reports to the council to give his monthly report. Preparations for the new base are nearly complete, the research teams are analysis samples round the clock, and the rookies have recieved some training. He goes on to request aid in recruitment of special knowledge

After the council meeting he slinks off to meet an old contact. Before taking command of the Snow Axes, Hogath worked as a scout for the Army of the Black Ramel.

He meets his contact, General Ronak Prebyn's second, in a canteena where they feast and drink.

Hotgan offers, "When I get into the Kuban Mountains proper, I'll send updates on the Snow Axes discoveries to the Rust Pile directly."

"That will be appreciated," he Black Ramel representative says, "And if that base is ever in danger, the Black Ramel itself shall descend upon the foes that besiege you."

Hotgan exclaims the Black Ramel's great honor!
Rolled 16, 5, 19, 15, 2, 15, 7 = 79


The research team performs their experiments on the Vyrii Shards, the warrior drone is put into storage for the moment. When the shards are smashed they flash in blinding light. After the flash fades, the team examines the end which has become razor sharp.

"To facilitate penetration or stick in wounds like a briar," Terabella records in her notes. She notices some stiffness in her hands. Working too hard, she thinks to herself. "The body is highly structured at any level of observation. From the whole body to a single digit. Maybe at the smallest unit of life they are also these cyrstals.

"And if so can these units grow? Possibly inside a wound?"

rollin for
Scouting for mountain base
Improved Base Prototype
Council's reaction to Hotgan's report
Hotgan's request for special knowledge
Kale's cajoling with rookies
Kale's meditation
Accidental Vyrii Infection!
(( Things that need clearing up. The Snow Axes at the moment are based in the capital city. The new location they're looking for is in the Kuban mountains. Also I really like the Vyrii Infection idea, so I'm running with it. Talked to Bronze about mutal benefital arrangement ))
I could use some roll results for the rolls I made in the last thread.
How come it died anyways?
It got a post about an hour before I woke up and tried to check on it, but then it was already 404'd.

Also, ng, what is your input to the vyrii discussion in the end of the last thread?
previous thread
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Just how the image ended up getting distorted when placed on a spherical object.


Twelve years have passed since the sapling grove was found. The five children who had survived from that year until today were now on the cusp of adulthood. On the noon of the longest day, the tribe would hold its yearly coming-of-age ceremony for these youths.
When the day came, much of the tribe put aside their daily chores to attend the ceremony. Suspended high above the ground on a platform constructed of frilla bark were the five Mevolan youths sitting in a circle, and the 10 members of the elder council surrounding them in a pattern resembling a curvy semi-circle. The chief stands opposite of the elders. Around the platform, many Mevolans gather on the branches of the massive Frillas to get a view. Young children climb to the shoulders of their current foster parents to see as well.
The eldest member of the council spoke to the children, praising them for making it this far in their lives, when so many others have been lost. They know the perils that must be faced daily, and stand strong in the face of them. After his speech, the elder picks up an object wrapped in the leaf of a Ground Titan. He unwraps the leaf to reveal a ceremonial dagger made from obsidian.
File: 1352966240241.png-(85 KB, 640x400, We can rebuild him we hav(...).png)
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He hands the dagger to the chief, the Mevolan who bravely risked his life to lure a fearsome Rage Glund into the center of the Adoni nests, saying that now they will receive the mark of adulthood. As sprouts, they received nourishment from their roots, but that is no longer the case. They walk freely through the world, no longer needing to receive the radiance held by the trees. With the dagger, the chief went to each of the youths, and proceeded to remove the remnants of their roots. The process was painful. Two of them cried in pain, one tensed up from it, but the remaining two didn't even flinch.
After the removal, the youngest elder would normally paint the sacred emblem of Krawless and Nemir onto the forheads of the young adults, but he suggested that this honor should go to the second youngest member of the council: former chief and hero of the Burrahn, Lenarus. The rest of the council all agreed that this would be acceptable. Lenarus received the paint from the other elder, and marked each of the five with the symbol. And with that, the coming of age ceremony was complete.
Thanks for ressurecting the thread. Im going to give this a better go when i have internet at home tomorrow. Feel free to self gm or het someone else to do youre results if that doesnt work. Best of luck.
>Reposting my rolls from the previous thread.

The Slizers continue the work on the Fair Maiden, but K'nia wants more progress. She tries to hire some actual ship builders to assist the efforts.
She is also using the opportunity to scout out for new jobs at Isaal, and to determine if there were any hoppa groups who seeking revenge on the Crimson Slizers on the move.
Finally, she decides to help out their long standing benefactors, the keepers of the Dancing Hoppa inn, by assisting them in taking over a small shipping guild mostly dealing with hrass farmers inland.

The hideout in the secret island is also getting improved. The group has started an effort to construct an actual port in the island, to house their increasing number of ships.

The Slizers are pleased to hear of the blacksmith's plans to improve the cannon, and thus they grant more funds for the project.

The charters are punished due to their failure, by simply being sent back to mapping out the coast line, this time with no rum, though K'nia does remind them that if they manage to map out the southern islands, they can bring back few of the fabled sea maidens who are said to live there. She hopes that this will motivate her men enough to actually succeed this time.

Rolled 8, 9, 19, 3, 19, 9, 18, 15, 6, 4, 4 = 114

The frowg ship is crude and slow compared to the other ones of the pirates, but it could work as a battle ship or a fortress for the group though it still needs to be faster. It is sent back to the secret island for modifications.

All the while hunting for trading vessels and smuggling still continues.

Rolling for: (11 rolls)
Restoring Fair Maiden.
Hiring ship builders.
Scouting for jobs on Isaal, and seeing if anyone is after the group. (2 rolls, first for jobs, second for seeing if the Slizers are hunted by angry hoppas, such as the folks whose bridge they burned. High roll means that the heat has cooled down, low means that they are still after the group.)
Helping the Dancing Boomer inn.
Constructing a port in the secret island.
Cannon project.
Mapping project.
Modifying the frowg ship.

The restoration efforts of the Fair maiden continue onward on the same, slow pace as they used to, as the ship builders that K'nia hired have to fix up the mistakes and poor designs that the pirates had already done to the ship.

Job hunting goes well, K'nia manages to make quite few shipping and smuggling agreements, as well as receiving targets for blundering. She also receives a strange note, which promises great rewards for a job, which will be detailed further in person, but in a more private place, at the "spine" of Isaal, where the third signal tower is built. (Ng, help me out with that 19. I can't come up with a good job, so I leave it to you to decide it.)

The efforts to help Dancing Boomer inn go well, as the small trading guild quickly "agrees" to the fair demands of the inn keepers. Now the inn has far easier access for high quality hrass pulps from inland, as well as easier delivery methods of their rum to other villages. The Slizers now have a new job at protecting the trade vessels of the inn, in addition to smuggling their rum.
Unfortunately, all the activity of the Slizers in Isaal manages to draw out some of the enemies they have made for themselves. The remnants of the bridge builder group, fisher guilds and other factions K'nia's crew had wronged over the years quickly come out of the wood work to seek revenge. Because of this, the Slizers are forced to go hiding for now, which hinders their piracy and smuggling efforts.

The port project in the secret island is disrupted by the arrival of the frowg ship, and other Slizer vessels that came to hide there. The builders are forced to alter their plans as they weren't aware of the true size of the vessels their port was supposed to hold.

Meanwhile, the work on the cannons goes splendidly, as the prototypes of the new advanced cannons are complete and ready for testing. They are destructive and relatively accurate, worthy weaponry for the Slizer's ship.

The mapping project also goes well. K'nula's revenge has traced the coastline of the western continent down south, all the way to the archipelago, where they stopped for supplies in a small trade outpost that mostly deals with the enigmatic Izileth tribe. The pirates are weary of the lack of rum, and decide to spend few weeks in these warm waters, gathering their strength before continuing on their project.

The Slizers try once again, hide out from their enemies and wait out until they are no longer hunted. They still try to operate to some extent however.

The ship builders are given the authority over the restoration of the Fair Maiden in hopes that it will finally be ready.

The Slizers try to fulfill the various jobs they received covertly. They utilize small fisher ships for trading, and destroy the ships that they are supposed to target while they are docked, instead in the open sea.

K'nia goes to meet the mysterious employers who left her the note. (We can discuss the contents of the note in irc at some point, or you can decide it by yourself ng, either is fine with me.)

The Slizers have few of their members aboard of the trading vessels of Dancing Boomer in order to protect them, in addition of escorting them with the fishing boat armed with the new cannon prototypes, in case anything were to happen. The ship also is carrying some smuggled cargo to be delivered to other villages.
File: 1352978523590.png-(115 KB, 800x600, Island hoppa.png)
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Rolled 8, 13, 17, 4, 19, 18, 10, 14, 12, 14, 16 = 145

The extra manpower that is hiding in the secret island (name ideas anyone?) is put to work on the port project.

The blacksmith is urged to start producing the cannons en mass, so that the Slizers could arm their vessels with them. He is supplied with resources the pirates have been able to claim, including sheets of metal from the frowg ship, which is being modified to be somewhat lighter.

Some of the pirates in the south have decided to hunt down the fabled sea maidens that are said to live in these islands. ( Pic related, Island hoppas, they are like mermaids of the alun.) Others are gathering supplies, and some have even decided to contact the Izileth tribe in hopes of getting information about the archipelago.

Rolling for: (11 rolls)
How long the Slizers have to lay low.
Restoring Fair Maiden.
Covertly fulfilling the jobs.
Protecting the trade vessels of Dancing Boomer. (2 rolls, first for seeing if anything happens, (high roll=nothing, low roll=trouble.) and second roll for seeing how successful the defense is.)
Port project.
Cannon production.
>Mapping project.
Finding sea maidens.
Collecting supplies.
Contacting the Izileth.

Also ng, as I stated before, I could use help with the mysterious employers that K'nia is meeting.
I didn't know how to otherwise handle the 19 rolls I got.
It could be some sort of special job, with high stakes behind it. Exploration, smuggling artifacts from other continents, covertly destroying unwanted ships etc.
The employers could be either hoppas or other races. You are free to come up with something you think is good, or we can discuss it. I will be going on weekend vacation again tomorrow, so I have more time to do stuff then, for drawing and discussing stuff.
ALRIGHT. Time for the Black Army to get moving again

The Blackcrests are welcomed back by the rest of the army, happy to hear that many Vyrii are dead. Hopefully the foul creatures will stay back for a while. General Ronak Prebyn, the leader of the force that went out to fight the Vyrii, is now undisputed leader of the Army of the Black Ramel thanks to his new reuptation from the victory (partially increased by a little fudging of the losses).

General Prebyn takes to his new role as Grand General with gusto. He orders a major refitting of the Rust Pile with the new advances in plumbing and water boilers, tasking the new Lem engineers (or as I shall call them from now on, "lemgineers") with building from the blueprints. The settlers are ordered to set up a town around the Rust Pile, which quickly gains the name of Bone Flakes, after a comment by a Blackcrest standing on top of the Rust Pile, looking down on the budding town and saying "Those Joords look like a bunch of bone flakes scattered around these skeletons." Those frowgs that came as settlers are given green headbands to distinguish them from the Blackcrest frowgs, and the lemgineers are given yellow headbands to show they are indepenent support providers.
Rolled 19, 1, 14, 9 = 43

Scouts are sent out to find a mine to provide a source of metal for the ABR. If they are to provide for themselves, they will need to make their own weapons. A few scouts are also ordered to find the Snow Axes, and to give them General Prebyns offer of friendship. He asks nothing more than any important details of movements of vyrii the Snow Axes observe, or any defensible locations that would be good for housing outposts of the Black Army. In return for these small things he promises that should the Vyrii ever threaten to overwhelm the SA's, General Prebyn and the Black Ramel itself shall descend upon the foe.

Finally, Prebyn is very interested in this Skulk. It purports to offer long range communication with its own kind. If it can truly perform such a miraculous deed, then only a couple dozen Skulks could potentially transform the nature of future operations of the Black Army. Messages would not, could not be delayed, and organization of campaigns would be spectacularly easy. The ABR MUST have more of these Skulks, and Prebyn communicates this directly to the Enclave Council

Rolls are
Getting more Skulks
Building up Bone Flakes
Improving Rust Pile
Finding/establishing a mine
I got a sliver of a time window for tonight, so might as well...

The Black Crests are in luck; it seems like a big Skulk immigration wave happened. Most of these Skulks are currently in the Enclave capital, and most of those were from the former Kaze tribe. Prebyn has managed to recruit about a dozen and a half (18) Skulks from the capital during this immigration wave.
The town of Bone Flakes is just starting to be built, when disaster struck. A careless flame had blazed into a full-on inferno, and the inhabitants were burned during the night. After the Black Crests, aided by the town watch, quenched the flames, about 50 Joords, 30 Frowgs and 20 Lems had perished. Most died in their sleep, and some were so badly burned that only their charred skeletons remain. These casualties were mostly the workers who built the buildings.
Luckily, the fire didn't reach the Rust Pile barracks, and the lemgineers who worked inside the Rust Pile were unharmed. They managed to improve the living standards inside Rust Pile by making the beginnings of a plumbing system.
The scouts return, only to report that what few local mines they found were either depleted or soon-to-be depleted, probably within a generation. Most of those mines were worked on since ancient times, so they say.
Where is everyone?
people asked me what I thought of the vyrii, so here is the metal. I was initially opposed to microscopic infection because the vyrii, like the lem, are macro level organisms, unable to get back to microscopic. When they infect, its dramatic, violent, and explosive in my mind. part of my story is that they are inorganic, reproducing from some region in the arctic that has volcanic activity and abundant silicon reserves. They themselves are a crystaline shell with a limited amount of organic material making up a genetic matrix that acts as a control unit. how they move is PFM, or pure fucking magic. the vyrii are drones, unable to move, think, or do on their own, controlled by a long distance link to control forms, or even the overmind. they are not a hive mind. they are not emotional, or even very rational. Damaged vyrii units can sometimes re-activate.
There was talk of them being possibly bord tech, evolving on its own, and combined with viruses. it makes sense as to how the drone forms can abruptly get their link severed and stop moving. it could be possible that certain vyrii drones are controlled/ attuned to certain control forms.
Little things that have evolved with the vyrii are that they can ambush now, or dig. dwelling underground. This new infection mechanic of the shards, i still am a proponent of two kinds of shards. the standard "darts" and the more unique "eggs", i think a battlefield would be littered with darts, but not eggs. eggs were to have visible little creatures in it.
these are all just what i was thinking of, feel free to add on and/ or change.

As for how a Marcrovirus could infect someone... Perhaps "shards" are in fact miniature vyrii, that if lodged in the flesh of a creature or person, they begin eating their host, slowly consuming their host, while assuming the hosts form in the process. Hows that sound?

Personally, I like the concept of soldiers being infected by the Vyrii in a battle, and if they go untreated they become Vyrii themselves. It would give me a reason to develop a group of medics to handle wounded soldiers like that, and eventually provide healthcare for the settlers.
A very good location that will suit the snow axes well is found, atop a tall mountain there is a long flat plain that ends in a sharp drop into a deep valley. From ground it is invisible, as it looks like a cliff, from the top, you can see the ground. the mountain keeps going up, but there is also a small cave at the base of the ascent. The improved base is a bit too heavy and crushes the sleds, but shows promise. The Council sees the snow axes as a small, affordable expense, with the potential to have big yields. Already they have gained plans for self sharpening penetraitor rounds. They issue them a few skulk communicators, brand new weapons, equipment hot off the forge, and ample building material for their operation. Finally the council hears his request and sends a small delegation of lemgineers, researchers, and students who are quite knowledgeable in various fields. Kale...is of a foreign mindset, and while eager, fellow rookies find him awkward. In his deep meditation he feels life, swirling around him..later on he sees a rookie fall and get a bad scratch, putting tentacles around the injury almost by instinct he holds it for a moment, concentrating, and removing the tentacles, the injury is gone. Terabella finds that her hands blister over the next few days, the vyrii shard was not handled carefully, and has some sort of destructive self replicating poison in it. isolated to local tissue, she needs to either cure it, or risk loosing her hands. An injury that will take years to regenerate.

I am kinda opposed to PFM stuff, which is the reason why I have been so desperate to explain the telepathy of the hoppas, and why I got butthurt over the whole "We psychics now" of the Seek'kres.

The bord tech explanation would, in my mind at least, cause them to make more sense, while retaining many of the original qualities. Though again, the shut down thing is kinda lame in my opinion.

Also what do you mean by the macro level organism stuff? I don't quite understand.
What is preventing a shard from having countless of small vyrii particles, like viruses, that, upon contact with a host, start reproducing and transforming the host into a new vyrii?
It could be a lengthier process than standard the egg one, in which a larger vyrii forms would be forcibly injected into the host. So in a long combat situation, the victims of standard shard attacks would basically fall sick from a vyrii infection over time, unless treated.
I already see peeps talking about this, so I'll just make my own comments:

I imagine the shards as sort of like barbs that stick into other creatures, especially Lem. I always imagine the current form of Vyrii are actually long lived infection victims.

At the heart of the matter is that the Vyrii are "living" viruses. They reproduce by infection and forcing the host to mulitple with itself.

The Lem being the most promament creature living in the north artic of Broias 4, they were the first infected giving them their current popular form. Sort of like the darkspawn of Dragon age, the infection takes different forms based on the creature encountered.

The virus takes the talents of the creature and turns it on its kin. Lem being resilent warriors used them to fight the first Vyrii Invadsion. The reason the Vyrii have survived so long is because they used the Lem long lived asexual reproduction, and their resistance to the artic cold.

Their orgin I have no comment on, thou the Bord nanites are an idea I really like.
File: 1353021792724.png-(76 KB, 800x600, Sea Maiden.png)
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Here is an improved picture of Island Hoppas, or Sea Maidens, as the Alun call them.

Due to convergent evolution, they resemble the Alun in an uncanny way, though they aren't as intelligent, nor do they have as complex society. Their most advanced tools are rocks and sticks.

The alun find these hoppas strangely fascinating, due to the way they resemble "Maidens", adolescent aluns who express certain traits that make them attractive to other aluns. The maidens are young alun who develop the urge to leave their tribe and find a new one to join. They emit pheromones that mark them as good mates for other aluns.

This trait evolved in the past, as the ancestors of the alun wandered across the plains in tight family units, only rarely interacting with other tribes. The maiden trait was beneficial, as they were less likely to have inbred children as the other alun, though it never grew a dominant trait, as only few maidens managed to find a new tribe to join.

In the "modern" times, the maiden trait has grown more prominent, as travel between the villages in Nad'lun territory is safe, allowing many of the maidens to move out of their home villages and propagate, spreading the trait around.

The maidens have a powerful urge to wander and explore, causing many of them to move to the eastern villages and even start sailing. A large number of the sailors and pirates started as maidens.
File: 1353027693724.jpg-(26 KB, 401x301, 1346719799859.jpg)
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Bumpdiditly squat
New rolls coming soonish*

*Before 10 O'clock central
Rolled 12, 14, 7, 14 = 47

Depleted mines? Unnacceptable. If the ABR is to properly fight the Vyrii then forges will be needed to provide weapons and armor without trekking back to the Enclave, and forges will need supplies of metal. Additional scouts are sent out, and are told to search farther afield, and to even go into Vyrii territory if they still can't find good mine locations. If a mine is found in Vyrii hands, then it will be an excellent motivation for another push by the First Sword. Prebyn also sends a message through the Skulks to the Snow Axes, requesting that they report any suitable locations for mines that they find, promising that any mines will become forts where the Snow Axes can resupply if they so need.

The fire was a disastrous start to Bone Flakes, the first settlement of a potential northern empire. Ten Lemgineers are ordered to assist the settlers, and provide their expertise in building town. Some settlers also try their hands at starting the first farms in the area.

Finally, the remaining Lemgineers are split between continuing their efforts in improving living conditions in Rust Pile, and teaching other lems, and even Frowgs and Joords, primarily amongst the settlers, how to do all the things they do. Hopefullly this is the beginings of a skilled pioneers corps for the ABR.

Training the settlers
Building Bone Flakes part two: electric boogaloo
Finding GOOD mines
Improving Rust Pile IV: Money Never Sleeps
I guess i have issues with it in that it was not really established what they do. I never really envisioned them as micro level once they were full grown. As for shutting down, it was part of what they were, that they were not really alive, more remote controlled constructs instead of anything passionate, or feral, or individual. I support them being amalgamations of technology and viral...stuff.
K'nia wanders down to the spine of Isaal, accompanied by her best mates, the whole trip scenic if uneventful. At the top of the tower is a very old hoppa, without a doubt in his twilight years, if not moths. Apparently he lives in this tower, more as a squatter then the operator of it, an old pile of rags makes a nest on the floor, and there are scraps of half finished projects everywhere. "You came eh? I'll keep this short. I want my treasure. More treasure then you can ever imagine. A long time ago my mates and I robbed some powerful families...what do you care...the point is our ship sank, I swam, and a damn whalehoppa ate the rest of us. It was back in the days when the Nad'lun were trying to compete with the enclave, building blasted big boats, they could go in open water..not like these toys we use now days." the old hoppa grabbed a bottle of rum and drank it down without a pause. wiping his beak he continued. "Now rumor has it the mighty crimson slizers came across such a boat, one that could get to my wreck site. Me...ive been working on a suit that can go under water, let me breath for a while. long enough to find the treasure....Help me get it back, and i'll cut you in."
The slizers have caused quite a bit of trouble, and what trouble is still occurring is often attributed to them, even if they are nowhere to be found, staying quiet for a while longer will benefit them. The fair maiden is brought back to her original condition, now all that is left is to outfit and upgrade her. The slizers prove to be effective operatives, committing discrete acts of sabotage, extortion, and the odd knife in the back when it was warranted, their enemies and targets never noticed them until it was too late, but this caught the eye of a certain empire's spy. The dancing boomer vessels were brightly colored, and very noticeable, soon Syndicate marauder ships were attacking them, but the Crimson slizers were quite familiar with the work of the joorod shipwrights. The new cannons fired true and straight, eliminating a lot of guess work. The crew compartments of the ship were gutted, leaving floating hulks that were tied to the back of the Dancing Boomer ships. These ships were then divided between the Slizers and Boomer as plunder. A few joorod were later ransomed back to the enclave for a reasonable fee of bulk metal.
The small boats got around quickly and without much notice, making smuggling easy, and soon all the Crimson slizer's boats carried several small one to three man row boats for ease of operation, as well as making them look more like fishing vessels instead of pirate ships. The port continues construction, but the constant influx of new ships, people, and material really slows it down. The blacksmith keeps making cannons and a good rate, but K'nia ends up buying his services completely. It was costly, but now he only works for her. In time he will need to be relocated to their hideout for his own good. Conclusions will eventually be drawn. The sea maidens prove to be elusive, but some islands are rumored to have maidens who reveal themselves for a moment before running back into the trees, or under the waves. The supplies the cartographers collect is quite nice, and on their journeys they even discover a new breed of Hrass. It is too coarse to eat, but is very sweet and good to suck on. The Izileth recognize the hoppas as friends, and give them a warm welcome. A young male makes an offer to help them navigate the isles and make maps, in exchange for exploring the world past his village. The ship is modified with a single mast that has a sort of one room crow's nest housing in quick order.
One of K'nia's men have reports of a very small company that is of interest. A fishing company that designs it's own boats, and has discovered a new method of food preservation called "canning". They are starting to gain ground, but given that they are based in the volatile southern territory are being threaten by their rivals. They have a very small, modest shipyard attached to their cannery, and a fleet of three vessels. None of this would normally even interest the slizers, but the rivals of this company are offering a reward of plunder, and two hoppas weight worth of treasure to whoever will run them out of the territory, shut them down, or do whatever it takes to make them go away. The owners are making a counter offer seeking protection with the reward of exclusive distribution rights to their canned goods, and a uniquely designed ship.
very cool man.
Fortune: Hope you are still with us man. I was thinking on your tribe, and their escalation. Bark armor, and heavier clubs for cracking armor. new tactics. so on.
The Lemgineers aren't the best teachers, but they do the job of showing the basics, and before you know it a new settlement is rising from the ashes of the first. Ramels are nice creatures, they are palted in natural armor sheets that fall off as they molt. The ABR generously uses the armor plates to help build new homes for the settlers, as well as use their ramels to drag the bones of larger ramels into position near the rust pile. the "houses" are really just long houses and more inspired by barracks, but the settlers are just happy to have a roof over their heads. The mines in this region are more diminished ones, and while you have to scrape for minerals, they are still in there. keep looking. The Rust Pile keeps growing. Some of the near by ramel bones are dragged into the pile, and there are even suggestions of just building bone flakes into the rust pile.
While the Lemgineers were busy building, the ABR forces were also busy. Capital city individuals who were familiar with the snow axes heard of their plight. A nearly house sized crate arrived at the doorstep of the Rust pile. inside were instructions and building material for scout gliders. This stuff was old surplus, but seemed to have never been used. The inside smelled like the lower city storage tunnels. A note attached read "We hear you need some more...everything...this is the best we could do. Council probably wouldnt like military equipment being moved without them knowing, but its not like this is exactly know about, plus its been sittin' here for a while. My dad and mom served with the Black Ramel back before I was born. use this in health. -Captain Ker'oke, Frowg and friend."
Rolled 16, 4, 2, 12, 15, 1, 14, 8, 20 = 92

the Onolkeshan had been hard at work, policing the seas, and developing the next generation of weapons back at home. Fresh off their innovation of flamethrowers, and self sharpening projectiles they were eager for more, they now attempted to improve the scout gliders. The Ta'Mirel had been at work in an uncharacteristic manner, improving the turbine project, various light arms, as well as their own scout gliders. The frowg enforcers in the capital city were working on armor to protect themselves against increasingly better armed criminals. Revisting the old buskeet, or basket weave armor, they wondered if it could be done with metal. While repeated failures happened there, it was a tailor who took metal filament normally used in frowg tasers, and made a sheet of cloth from it. Soon that became a point of research. Zel'za'siel Skulks were being organized into a communication net across the empire. A growing settlemnt of Ry'lai were living in their strange floating community above the capital city proper. Times were still stressful, but for the first time in years things were looking positive for the Enclave. Meanwhile the council argued about the various free factions of the military, if it was possible to control them, the growing criminal element, and the attacks by the "people of the frilla" on small caravans.
Rolling for fuel research, further joint develpment of the turbine by the Onolkeshan, Ta'Mirel, and Capital researchers, metallic cloth, the communication network, and council outcomes for the criminal element, the "free armies", and the Edat attacks.
File: 1353046895762.png-(Spoiler Image, 472 KB, 1040x1024)
Spoiler Image, 472 KB
Rolled 4

The Edtat, a backward, hunter-gather people, for the most part continue to live as they have for eons. Hunter-ing, gatherer-ing.

The first musical instrument has been invented. Two stones clunked together. The birth of rock music. Like all musicians, the Edtat get stoned out of their minds... okay, enough with the geology jokes, they were gneiss at first...

> Roll 1) ZAAAP, mothafucka!
Stopping, sorry. Anyway, Two-Minds slowly learns the dialect of the Edtat. Now he's one of the tribe. While he is eccentric, he has earned the respect of many warriors, as he pulled them out of the fire. The others, the curious ones making fire, like him for he begins to teach them a trick that the Edtat tribe had long since forgotten. The art of zapping faggots with their natural abilities.

Oh sure, the Edtat had it, but Two-Minds is showing some of them how to *weaponize* it. Both sides in the camp (fire-makers, versus the traditionalists) see this as a possible weapon against the Others.

The first roll will be to see how well Two-Minds manages to teach the Edtat the art of bug-zapping.

> Note:
The image is a work in progress. Still, enjoy.
File: 1353047647657.png-(616 KB, 1260x978, WOOOO.png)
616 KB
I noticed a small error with the picture and fixed it.
File: 1353050401787.png-(13 KB, 316x248, 1341349827014.png)
13 KB
For the burrahn dealing with the world outside the forests was never an issue. They lived up high, those who did not matter lived down low. However unknown to them foreign trading vessles carried livestock and stowaways to this new continent, and the pesky grabber can be counted among them. Fond of stealing anything from food, to sticks, to things that are not nailed down, they have finally spread to the Burrahn territory, and are now up to no good. Scouts report the Adoni are starting to move into new regions once more, and even occasionally attack hunters.
Didn't the grabbers live on the southern continent?
File: 1353059201835.png-(4 KB, 149x480, babby hoppa.png)
4 KB
Bump before bed.
File: 1353059359389.png-(106 KB, 1876x533, Fluz Chart.png)
106 KB
You're right! We need a different invasive species.
What about some Ribboners from East, or Deathfrowgs? Maybe even the arboreal Fus from East.
Termite Ngnung make for a good one, I think. Could have gotten carried on some infected lumber.
On the other hand, they infect Jungle Azrach, not frillas.
Food is food, I doubt the Termite Ngung would give a fuck. Plus, can you imagine, a frilla infected for centuries and centuries, finally collapsing under the holes riddle through it?

To the Burrahan, it would be nothing less than a catastrophe of legendary proportions. They might blame themselves, turning the city into their equivalent of Sodom & Gomorrah.

On the other hand, it might be blamed on foreigners, and their xenophobia might propel them outward, turning into a war of expansion, in "retaliation" for the fall of the tree-city.
PS. Can I get a result on this roll, plz, nongent? How bad it goes and in what way will determine my next move. Don't be afraid to get creative. Anything short of rocks fall everyone dies is fine with me (emphasis on the everyone part, rocks falling or a few mevola dying is welcome)
Eh, I think arboreal Fus from East would fit the niche Grabba would occupy; as in 'mischevious creatures what steals things'.
Of course, we can have more than one invasive species.
File: 1353074208585.png-(57 KB, 800x600, alun.png)
57 KB

Flying critters could probably move from continent to continent relatively easily, during big storms or on strong winds.

Other species could have reached the western continent aboard enclave ships, or trough waterways, drifting on logs for example.

Also, regarding the vyrii, I kinda like the idea that a vyrii infection looked like tiberum sickness. Crystalline formations violently sprouting from the host, as the vyrii alters the host organism.
Maybe the vyrii held areas could actually suffer from similar infection in themselves. Organic matter reforming into vyrii beings, crystaline towers and formations, from which small vyrii sprout. Plants and moss getting infected, their biomatter converted into the lifeless, crystalline material that the vyrii themselves are made off.

Anyways, I will post an actual update this evening. In the meanwhile, here is an updated picture of an alun. It is kinda strange how my drawing style has evolved during the course of this game.
Strange? Not at all, I've had so much practice with this game, my art skills have increased several fold as a result. It just means you're improving, Nad.
Say, IG, if nongent is busy would you mind GMing my post so I have something to work off of?
Allrighty, here goes... *flexes GMing muscles*

Two-Minds tried to teach the Edtat how to focus their electric abilities into weapons, but due to his odd choice of words (hey, he's new to their language) most of the Edtat he tried to teach didn't get what he meant. There is, however, one of the former-sapling which can control his electrical discharges. But, he is very aloof and flighty, that he usually uses his powers to fool around and play pranks. Two-Minds recognizes the youngling's power, but he might have to learn more of the Edtat's language before he can make him a pupil... or any Edtat to take his teachings more seriously.
The thing there is that there are Frillas on East Continent, and they are poisonous to most things that would want to eat them.

As for those, aren't they just flying jellyfish? No capacity for mischievous behavior? Also huge?
File: 1353080159279.png-(26 KB, 900x563, 1337350139332.png)
26 KB
I meant this one. The ones related to Boomers.
File: 1353080181807.png-(71 KB, 720x485, fire.png)
71 KB
Rolled 18

Thanks mate.

Anyway, the child (let's call it... Hdtta)... Yeah, Hdtta grows as the years go by.

While his electrical powers grow very slowly, his constant pranks intrigue the curious fire makers. A friend of his invites him to a meeting of these curious wanna-be inventors. He attempts to teach them what they've learned.

> Roll 1
Class is now in session! While the inventors (both the original hunters and their descendants and protoges) wont get far, it remains to be seen if Hdtta's discharge technique ultimately takes, or if the spark fizzles out.

1-9: Hdtta is a shitty teacher, and most give up in frustration, leaving Hdtta and Two-Minds as the only ones able to wield electrical charges.

10-15: Hdtta gains a pupil or two. Depending on the roll, we could see an entire generation of electrical pranksters.

16-17: An errant bolt ignites the walls of the house, burning it down and other houses around it.

18-19: The errant spark ignites the house, but it is put out before any other houses burn down.

20: The spark catches part of the house on fire, but some quick thinking saves the building. Sparks can make fire, and the curious inventors have learned a valuable lesson. Their electric discharge can create fire. SCIENCE!!!
File: 1353081133972.png-(91 KB, 250x188, 250px-Iroh_electirc[1].png)
91 KB
Rolled 11

The monkey hoppa!


For the second time in a row, a house has burnt down because of these fire-seekers. Still, apparently their electrical discharge can create fire. The curious inventors are now even more eager to learn how to wield this ability. Unfortunately, Hdtta is reaching the peak of his abilities, he thinks, and remembers Two-Minds, who first set him on the path.

> Roll 1
You must seek out Yoda, the Jedi Master who instructed me. Basically what happens. Hdtta seeks out Two-Minds, hoping that, now ready to listen, the old Mevola will still suffer him to fully master the art of ZAP-MOTHAFUCKA.
Failure indicates that either Two-Minds is too busy or refuses to teach the now grown pupil. Minor success would mean that Hdtta learns how to better control the natural abilities, but struggles to teach them later to his new fire-seeking buddies. A nat 20 would be Hdtta successfully tapping into his lightning powers as well as teaching a new generation of proteges.
I leave it up to a GM as to how good an eleven, based on the guidelines given. I figured that, the first time was me self-GMing, and this time is letting another take the reins, but giving them guidelines as to what I wanted.
That's not a hoppa, that's a Climing Boomer.
Why would that sort of boomer be brought across the ocean? I think they're too small to be a work animal, and too troublesome (climbing and exploding) as for the amount of meat they'd supply.
Exotic pet for a noble or high-ranking official is the only reason that I can think of for them being transported.
clinging boomer, stowaway pest. adept at being a invasive. sailors on long journeys found the things funny, and let them live.
Exactly, it'd take a while, decades, even centuries, but eventually, if this became a trend, enough would escape to become a stable population (assuming they could adapt, and they might... not by much, but super-subtle changes).
File: 1353090769693.png-(178 KB, 589x302, MBH_00 Preview.png)
178 KB
Well, I have to go, fellow evo fags, I've got a possible job interview to go to. Wish me luck!

Anyway, have a quick peek at my next picture that I've been working on. What is it? That is for me to know and y'all to find out (later). Wild guesses, shots-in-the-dark, and obscene gestures are all welcome.
while i wait for some posts, I want to know what you guys want in the form of random events. I would also appreciate some reaction to the invasive boomers, even if its just a one off of a hunter or hoppa popping the little guys for shits and giggles. As for the adoni, they are moving in small groups of 3-5, their nets are agitated, and its likely that settlements have been "attacked". appropriate response would be good.

I can also include a random table of reactions and defensive measures that a tribe might take based on race.

I for one, like random events, as long as they aren't too drastic. They can spice things up when things become stale.

Also, regarding the climbing boomers, they evolved to move about in the thick azrach jungles, which don't exist in the western continent. They lack a habitat that would suit them on this continent, and besides, to my understanding it has only been few generations at most since we left the west continent last time.
The boomers couldn't possibly have been able to grow into a population that would be considered invasive.

The best candidates for invasive species are ones that could have reached the continent without the help of the tribal races. Flying ones such as ribboners or even wespars for example, or small ones that could have drifted on logs or something.

Another thing, how big are the andoni?
I know that some of the sandoni descendants can be enormous, but I have no idea about the size of the andoni critters.
A center load bearing pillar is integrated into the base design. It will be transported by a single Ramel sled team and will be the component the other bases are built around.

Kale is disappointed when his attempts to play throw the fireball is only met with confusion and caution over the word fire. This left him more time to meditate over the Web of Life. The rookie was freaked out when he grabbed his brutalized leg, screaming until the pain was completely gone. When Kale remove his tentacle the wound was gone.

From then on Kale became a freaky medic, talking in a foreign accident about setting you on fire while healing your diseases and wounds.

Hotgan interviews the interns and researchers asking a simple question, do you know anything about artificial environments? Most know the theories of the quality of air, heat, and hydroponics.
The Tundran ground is too cold and hard for regular plant growth to occur. During the summer there is plenty of sunlight for growth, but there could be stagnation and death during winter.

Hydroponics is the theory of growing plants without soil, having the nutrients absorbed through the water. During the summer plantlife should thrive, but consistent controlled heat is still an issue. Until a Frowg speaks up during his interview. The Frowg intern talks about a fuel source to power a steam generator.

The Lem outside the Enclave on the Western islands have a black substance they use as fuel for their fires. Hotgan takes the lemenginers to the engineer team to start work on a steam generator. The Frowg intern is given a special assignment. He is taken to the Council, where Hotgan asks for him to be included in an acquisition mission to the non-Enclave Lem.

Hotgan sends the last part of the Council's delegation to the research team to refine soilless growing techniques.
>He is taken to the Council, where Hotgan asks for him to be included in the Capital's own fuel research.

Terabella cursed her stupid hands for mishandling the shard. The blisters on her hands grew knotty. By the third day the pain in her left hand caused her to drop her plate in the canteena. The skin around her palms had grown hard and twisted.

When the blisters erupted in pricking clear points, she realized that the crystal shard must have infected her. She locked herself with the rest of the Vyrii samples in her laboritory.

These are records she kept during that time:

Prognosis: Infection
Patient: myself
It has been four days since I mishandled the shard. No other lab assistants are showing my symptoms, which while fortunate for them does limit the number of cases to myself. I shall have to create more cases to study. Ramel pups are docile enough but don't quite match the skulk form. Grass and weeds, but most definitely fruit are a closer case. Since I put a quarantine on myself and the lab, I must be careful so that my superiors don't try to remove me from my work.

I have convinced Hotgan and the others to leave me to my work. It took some effort, but Hotgan would only leave the door when I promised to keep talking to him. My condition hasn't progressed much. But it has been three days since I rested with my host tree. I dare not entertain thoughts of comforting myself with it. Until the vectors of infection are known, the infection must be quarantined.

I'll be performing several experiments. Flushing the infection out with fluid replacement, placing the subject into harsh environments to destory the weaker between host and parasite, or the application of various substances. I must also figure out the vectors this infection spreads
Rolled 15, 5, 2, 10, 11, 5 = 48

There are only indefinite results at this time. The plants and Ramel subjects have contracted the disease after hardly stabbing the subject with a Vyrii shard. Crushing the shards also spreads the infection into the air as a fine powder. The Ramels have prickly clear blisters around their nostrils. While the plants have frosted over in clear pricks.

As for me, It has been a week since I rejoined my host tree. I feel tired and irritable calling Hotgan a Salty Weed. My senses are dulled and tinted with delirium. My eyes are getting a darker red, the wondrous black hue is fading. My left arm is getting very weak, and I must perform my experiments single handedly. Considering I'm alone in this endeavor, the lost of a limb doesn't deter me.

progress of treatment
progress of disease
creating steam generator
researching soilless growing
request to the Council
preparations to transfer to Kuban Base
I have discovered a singular treatment. I was able to prune the infection from the flowers Hotgan place in front of the lab door. I took them as a sample. With no other methods working, I can only assume this treatment is the only viable one.

The crystals are growing up my weak useless arm. But it doesn't spread by fluid or air. Only bodial contact with the shard causes infection. And the treatment is to prune it from the healthy tissue.

I can't stand this room anylonger. I am wilting and losing my mind. My arm has betrayed me but it will not kill me. Tomorrow Hotgan will return the same time today to check up on me. I will leave the door unlocked so that my screams will bring him in.
Rolled 1, 7, 15, 4 = 27

Makes sense. For a long time the best way to treat an extensive infection in a limb was to cut it off. That was only fixed sometime in the late 1800's

Prebyn is getting impatient with the problem of mines. All the mines discovered so far are small or depleted, leading the General to conclude that these areas must have once been inhabited before the Vyrii swarms invaded. These leads Ronak to think that pushing further into Vyrii territory could lead to finding a workable mine. He immediatley explains this to his lieutentants, a dozen lems and four frowgs, stating that with a mine the ABR will become more self-sufficient, allowing to push harder against the Vyrii. The lieutenants applaud the Generals forethought, and several large scouting parties are organized, and told to sneak as far into the North as possible. They are told to use the new scout gliders delivered from the officer in the Enclave. May the might of the Black Ramel be with them.
Rolled 18, 20, 6, 16 = 60

F*(#! I forgot to turn off rolls. I'll just reroll

Hey nongent, remember how the Lem rounded up those frowgs who were in the drug trade of grinding up lem and stuff and sent them to fight the Vyrii? Why not deliver regiments of them to the ABR at regular inteverals. That would certainly help me out and allow the Enclave to provide support to the ABR without ACTUALLY providing support

The Settlers are feeling much more spirited now that they have some more experience under their belts. Many of them were seeking new lives, and they seem to have found them here in the North. Their only experience with mass death has been the fire that plagued Bone Flakes, and they are still optimistic about their chances of survival. Despite that, they opt for saftey in expanding Boneflakes, and attempt to build the town as close to the Rust Pile as possible. At least most of the settlers do that. A good number expand on the farms that were set up earlier, which were little more than gardens. The farms will soon encompass many acres of land, if the farmers can keep them safe from the Vyrii.

The Black Ramel is a giantgatic beast, and is the living symbol of the Army. Yet, it is the last of its kind, those titanic specimens of Ramels. It dreams of the times when it had peers the same size of it, when it was merely one amongst many. Now it is alone, and finds what little comfort a beast can in smashing vyrii beneath its feet. This is the tragedy of the Ramels, for even General Ronak agrees that the Army could not possibly support another Ramel of the Black Ones size. And those other ramels present are too few or too small to be of use. Middling sized ramels must be bred to meet the needs of the Army, to provide the power that the Titan Ramels have in the form of multiple smaller creatures.
First True farms of the North
Boneflakes construction
Finding Mines III
Breeding better ramels
File: 1353116950912.png-(112 KB, 1400x600, Vyrii infection.png)
112 KB
Here is some vyrii stuff.
I and ng decided to fluff the vyrii out , so there would be clear idea of what they were. Ng said that he would do an update about them later, so I will just post the stuff about the vyrii infection process.

The vyrii can launch shards, which contain "infectors", virus like nanites, which take over cells and re-purpose them into micro scale nano fabricators, which will start constructing more nanites and nano scale structures from which the nanites begin to construct the new vyrii drone. This process, in essence, turns the organic host into a one use nano fabricator whose purpose is to construct a vyrii drone. The process uses the carbon of the organic material of the host, and turns it into the mostly inorganic vyrii drone in a matter of few days.

The process is extremely dangerous, a small scrape of an infector shard is enough to start a slower infection, in which the nanites use the host's own body as an existing scaffolding for the drone. In the case of a bigger dosage of nanites, such as from multiple shard hits, the host's body is quickly and violently twisted into a "cocoon", in which the nanites will start constructing a proper vyrii drone from the ground up. While the infections from single hits or small scrapes can be cured by amputation, large enough dosage of the infector nanites will spell certain doom on the victim, as the nanites will start twisting their new host in fatal ways in the matter of minutes.

Vyrii are, in essence, carbon based Von Neumann machines, who evolved from malfunctioning bord nanites. I have ideas for more detailed origins, but I'll post them after I have gotten some sleep.
Bumpdititly bump bump

Anyone know exactly what types of crops the Enclave grows?
thank you nad, ill post some of what was talked about in irc. also, awesome picture. may frowgs never again sleep.

On infection: there are two major infection tactics, darts and capsules, darts were detailed in nad's post. Capsules are larger darts with little drones inside them, they will kill you if they hit, they rapidly go into the host and explode outward, then attack the next person at a larger size. quite nasty stuff really. The vyrii form itself, its husk, is not infectious, those infected, not so infectious. Infection spreads through flesh, not blood, fluid, air, etc. A minor infection from a scratch or grazing injury starts off looking like glossy crackling skin, slowly turning translucent and crystaline, working its way up and throughout the body. This type of infection produces a low quality drone loosely resembling the host, but make not, there is no mind control, just death.

On Vyrii weapons and armor- they attack with darts, three types, infection, capsule, or regular. regular darts are the most prolific and carry no infection risk. all darts have an element of self sharpening instead of blunting as they penetrate. Vyrii armor is a hard crystalline body with splotches of a crystal nano foam material that is ablative in nature. (grey lumpy stuff over crystal) Yvrii also claw, scratch, smash, bite, or in some of the larger forms, use heat attacks.

On vyrii creation- low quality drones with a semi autonomous nature are made from infected hosts, little more then terror weapons. they can, given time and seclusion pile up and create larger forms, but are still subject to the nature of their low quality building materials. Larger vyrii are generated near geothermal activity where there is abundant heat and inorganic minerals to put to use. Vyrii can contain carbon, metallic and silicon material. All vyrii have a semi organic core of genetic material, resembling an overgrown virus in that fact.
File: 1353130402277.png-(52 KB, 772x694, 1352866121131.png)
52 KB
As nad said vyrii are a technological construct that evolves. speculation towards the early nanotech adapting towards using local viruses to gain easier deployment into cells, thus their appearance. They have highly damage "programming", in the form of a genetic matrix often resembling a giant strand of DNA. This is a physical program, reminiscent to a 1950s computer punch card program. The Vyrii are not life as we know it, they are not rational as we can comprehend. Adaptations are happening in this war. Vyrii will transform portions of landscape around strong thermal activity, utilizing this and local elements to manufacture more vyrii. They have begun to burrow and deactivate, waiting for re-habitation of a region, then burst from the ground. The new infection vectors are well...newish.

On larger vyrii forms
The larger ones are rather inorganic and the operating matrix for them is safely contained in a portion of their head. Internal body temperature can be quite high, and what they are made of/ how they are made keeps them at that heat as they are excellent insulators. Heat attacks involve superheated claws, spikes, or a burst of searing hot air from within. Vyrii will often carve tunnels, then breach them into underground magma chambers to create a sort of expansion or supply line for these larger forms.

On the nature of nanotech interaction
It is currently unknown if other creatures with native nanotech inside them offer any sort of resistance or immune response to vyrii infection, but it is suspect.
Genricrop. its delicious. also farming meat. fish from the sea. seaweed from the sea.
The little hopping guys have been busy, innovating, being happy, all the good stuff. Their settlements are many, but often lacking multi story buildings, or things not made of "wood" or natural materials. Stone and metal are present, but in newer structures. Recently hoppas have developed glass that can change the way light is focused. A wide range of inventions and small economy have sprung up from this. Spyglasses, primitive telescopes, but what really makes the money are "eye glasses". From native hoppa lands, to the Enclave territories, many species as they age benefit greatly from hoppa vision corrective lenses, and the hoppas benefit from the cash, or trade goods. The pirates were quick to put a spy glass atop one of their hand cannons out of convenience for less to hold and quicker identification of what to shoot. A drunk challenge later on who can shoot the furthest and the scope was born. Trade has been good.
Basic tinkering continues, with many wind driven mechanisms improving day to day life. Hrass grinders/ pulpers, Forge stoking, and more.
one small fishing company has developing canning, and while having a monopoly on the technique is at risk of...arson...and the technique may disappear, but for now those far and wide enjoy semi fresh fish.
no one responded to these, so fuck. here we go.
New developments with fuel involve adding hoppa rum, or raw alcohol into the mix of coal dust and oils. The two lem tribes by rules of failure eventually figure out minor insight into the turbine, discovering how to scale it larger and smaller respectively, but it was the Capital's own research teams of non lem races that actually made some small progress on efficiency, and marriage to other components. Primitive metallic woven cloth can be layered with leather to create an armor that is more resistant to piercing. This new equipment is labor intensive to make by hand and suits are given out to ranking officials only, or integrated into shields instead of complex form fitting suits. The skulk comm network suffered devastating feedback for some reason, and has been dark for weeks, falling back to relying on slower scout gliders for messages. It will take months if not a year to get all the gaps in the network filled again, with the council's priority being to the colonies on the other continents. It looks like the independent armies are on their own for restoring the network to the capital at least. The council is in favor of letting the enforcers continue to fight the criminals, but suppling them better, the Free armies are unfavorable to them at the moment and aside from the snow axes will receive no additional aid from the council. The first contact with the Mevola should be resolved peacefully if possible and to that effect the concil mobilizes an armed, but personable group of representatives carrying food, simple tools, and pictograms of peaceful messages.
the tribe develops a custom of involving a clasping of tentacles, and a deliver of shock to see who can endure longest. To pull away, or run out of electrical charge first is to loose the competition. There is no loss of honor in this, more of who will defer to who in the conversation.
The skulk's malady progresses quickly, but with a gristly amputation the infection is halted. The arm is placed in isolation for study. The steam generator explodes, leaving the snow axes without hot water until the boiler is repaired, several rookies and an experienced lemgineer are hurt in the blast, though by the lems own nature it heals faster then the rookies. An older frowg warrior was killed, he was an old friend of Hotgan's. Their burns are painful, and bits of shrapnel keep the resident medic busy. If only anyone else knew of medicine, or first aid....hydroponic growth is possible, but more experiments are required. The council declines the request for now, keeping oddly silent. Preparations are a cluster fuck, with the exploded boiler, and the discovery of the researcher's infection and subsequent amputation, things are in an uproar.
((the island with coal was...absorbed into the enclave...by the navy a while ago, they are a newer acquisition to the force, and pretty much strip mine the island 24/7 with a small depot and base built near the water. a population of non lems live there as well, as is policy.))
Yeah I tried to correct myself here
((the lem drug trade is not as big as it was in the past, considering death is the result. now only hard core addicts or thrill seekers participate, and on the spot execution is common, but ill throw em your way. the ABR may only have one giant ramel, but the Ta'Mirel still have a few more locked up under the city, sleeping away.)) The farms of the ABR settlements prosper and will offer a good bounty come harvest, mostly cold weather root vegetables and heartier shrub like things. The meat is from domesticated mammoth like cidex and smaller ramel who also make for eggs..mmm omelet. The settlers of bone flakes have been instructed well, and what was once a shanty town grows to a community of buildings and people who look like they spilled off the rust pile itself, piling up around it's edges. rule of failure begins. The mines were found as the town began to dig new foundations. It was right under them. Something else of note is that the old ramel bones contain a large metal content and can be ground down then smelted. with their high carbon content they make good steel, or simply used in construction and crafting as is. The ramel selective breeding is underway, but takes time for them to reach egg laying maturity. Desirable traits such as quick growth and obedience are selected, as well as uniformity in horn shape as opposed to the random horn shapes of the past. More rolls will be required, but as the ramels grow, and die in combat, some hold out secret hope of new titans from this new stock.
Kaze tribe skulks do not share the same qualities of the Zel'Za'Siel skulks. A Za'siel skulk can make a conventional skulk like themselves via transfusion. requirements for mother tree, reproduction etc, differ wildly between the two.
Rolled 5, 3 = 8

The Syndicate has grown, with a certain band of joorod traders climbing the ranks, if the player ever returns. The Syndicate itself has competition from other criminal organizations. They continue to prove themselves by maintaining international ties to the other continents.
The local law, the Enforcers, have recently benefited from being authorized the latest in arms, armor and equipment. This decision was disputed widely amongst the military who felt they were shafted.
With the volatile rocket powder proving to be a headache, large samples of the chemical components are passed off to the snow axes and ABR (feel free to take a roll). The ta'mirel take one last crack at it the project as well as inventing some sort of delivery system for a "Rocket propelled projectile"
bronze- imagine these. ive eaten them both, and they are not bad. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitahaya and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanesco_broccoli and weird shit like that.
The Enclave flamethrower that was developed by the Onol* lem works off of a radically different system involving a pump, large fuel cell and friction ignition. Heavier with a more viscous fuel it's fires belch out in thick streams of liquid smog, the flames obscured by boiling greasy smoke so heavy it falls to the ground in streaky tendrils. This is a sharp contrast to the brightly burning, cleaner, lighter weight Kaduk weapon that was initially studied. this is often the case with Enclave tech that is inspired by, or attempted to be reverse engineered by their technicians. This is due to compromises or outright changes due to a lack of comparable materials.

Here is the more detailed origins that I thought up.

The Vyrii originate from malfunctioning bord fabrication nanites, that were scattered across the tundra where the colony ship of the bords crashed. Some of these nanites started replicating themselves without the need of pre built fabricators, utilizing cellular structures and processes to facilitate their construction, which made them almost virus like. Over time, these nanites began evolving like living organisms, growing capable of constructing larger, more complex forms, some of which that seemed like twisted and deranged tools and machinery. This was due to the malfunctioning programming of these nanites, which originally would have directed them to construct the shelters of the bord colonists.
These nanites, over the ages absorbed other types or nanites, free codes and data that was left from the bord vessel, which gave them more knowledge, more deranged programming for evolution to play with.

These ancient programmings were twisted by evolution, and over time, they resulted in the strange, hostile beings known as vyrii. The vyrii are, in essence, carbon based robots. They are Von Neumann machines whose only goal seems to be terraforming the land into twisted and deranged "city scape", with strange "buildings", streets, non functional machines and fabrication hubs, which spew forth more and more of them. The vyrii presence will drastically change the landscape, plants will get infected and grow into strange hubs and arrays which construct more vyrii, strange roots spill out from them that absorb usable materials from the soil, depriving it from nutrients.
Vyrii lands are barren, and inhospitable, they appear like eerie ruins, or abandoned cities, with deranged buildings, streets and machines littering the place, while countless of vyrii forms of different sizes constantly skitter around this twisted landscape.
Rolled 4, 2, 13 = 19

The reason why the council allowed for the minor break from tradition in the ceremony was that Lenarus was dieing. Everyone knew it as well. Not long after his confrontation with the adoni, he became frequently ill. The venom that was in his wounds kept them from healing up properly, causing him to be more vulnerable to disease.
Recently, there were many days that the former chief lacked the strength to get up in the morning. Molds have started appearing in his old scars, and no matter how many times they were scraped off, they'd always come back.

Rolling for herbal remedies (cockamamie "miracle cures" are acceptable, like snake oil).
If the result doesn't end up as a poison, treating Lenarus, and how long he has left to live (either with or without treatment).
The medical tent of the Snow Axes was in an uproar. Before the organization had even seen the enemy they had suffer casualties from their own mistakes. In three curtained off sections the rookies were recovering from shrapnel. In another Terabella had lost her arm for the cause. Hotgan was a gasp and felt blindsided. He could only listen to the reports from the medics as they described the wounds and possibility of recovery. He didn't realize how attached he'd become to Tera, or how hard it'd be to accept the causalities of this project.

Kale walked around the tent being even more of a nuisance than usual, if only because he was an unwelcome sight to dying men. He had unknowingly fostered a freaky reputation as a fire wielding fiend. But for some reason men under his care recovered much quicker than normal. The medics loved him and kept him on. After a while his weird accent became symonismus with health. He makes his rounds subtly applying his Webseeing ability to heal.

Tera laid on her back, thoughts of the blade cutting her arm replayed in her head over and over again. She had been logical and technical in her reports clarifying her discoveries. All the way until Hotgan rushed into the lab, she had been cool. The important work would go on. Now she was visibly and audibly a mess, whimpering. As she blacked out, Kale covered her eyes and said a weird pray in his own language. In that moment, she was certain she would never wake up.
Hotgan gets back to work because even more people depend on him to keep the Snow Axes running. A runner is sent to the Rust Pile where the Army of the Black Ramel make camp. Another is sent to the Council.

"General Prebyn,

"I hope you are doing well in your efforts to be more self sufficient. The Council is very giving but very demanding of its subjects. Being a free power is attractive and I hope one day to be free to fight the Vyrii my own way, without having to report to the Council.

"Included here is the reports of our head researcher who discovered the Vyrii Infection process.((one hit = amputate to save, only infects with penetration))

"In anycase, I have been trying to move my organization from the Capital City into the Mountains where there will be far less oversight in how I conduct the Snow Axes. However recent events may have delayed my efforts. Our head researcher is recovering form infection, and our new boiler exploded which caused many casualties.

"I ask for your assistance in temporarily replacing our casualties. We have scouted the place and would like to point out a potential mine for your efforts.

"Squaddie Hotgan"
Rolled 11, 20 = 31

>I'm going with the theory that all shards are infectious because that makes more sense. All darts are made from Vyrii shards which contain Vyrii particles. Its a quality inherent in the shard that can't be separated from it.

"To the Council

"Unfortunately I must tell the Council that the Snow Axes will no longer be researching the Vyrii shards as ammunition at this time.

"The disease they carry is debilitating and can only be treated with amputation. The risk of infection outweighs the benefits. Their rarity prevents gathering them in large numbers. Because of the rarity and disease the Snow Axes will be limiting the handling of shards to its own safe research.

"SA Command Hotgan"

rookie and Tera's recovery
Kale's Healing
In Lenarus's final days many last ditch efforts were tried to save him. Chewing fluz, various aromatic salves and more, all the while he kept worsening. In the end it was a potion of the distillation of frilla sap and adoni venom, poison enough to kill the rot within him, but perhaps not so much to end his life. In the end it was far more deadly then hoped. Death followed within a few moments of consuming it, the effects were cripplingly painful but enough to sharpen the mind, and grant clarity. Lenarus spoke his last words then and there. ((notrip, in keeping with your style of game play, i offer you the words he had to say, be it as simple as "stop bringing me these damn potions" to some rousing speech for his tribe))
>gonna keep it that some shards are, not all. while you are correct they are made from vyrii, its easier to crank out a chunk of glass, then a chunk of glass made of specifically shaped nano machines, the one you found was an infection shard. for your story feel free to encounter much more hostile vyrii with a higher rate of infection attacks. and now, on with the show.
Two interesting rolls. The rookies and Tera recover much quicker then expected thanks to Kale's strange abilities, and while they are physically better, thought with terra, sans an arm they suffer from stress disorders now. Kale's continued meditation on the webway has transformed him into someone who can work small miracles on a good day. the council did not wait long with their response. It was a crate a letter, and a strange black envelope attached to the box.
Inside the crate were several Nad'Lun spy glasses, raw materials for experimentation with rocket dust and instructions, as well as the letter. "while unfortunate that you can no longer risk your personnel, we will request that your people carefully handle the shards, vyrii husks, and any other items found, then ship them back to the capital for research if you cant handle this. A containment crew will be en route to take the samples you currently have." four dozen woven metal cloth gloves were included for safe handling of future specimens. They had leather on the inside for a second layer of protection and were quite cumbersome. there was more to the letter but it was just more rhetoric. (We talked in irc about this, i know your response, but your characters have no heard it yet. so now it can be done in game.) The black letter was written in strange metallic ink, in a flowing hand. "We at the syndicate regret to hear of your companions limb. dont be so shocked, our influence goes wide, and we have ears in many places. A solution is available, with reccent skulk...feedback...issues, there are some donors who no longer need such appendages. This will greatly reduce your companions time. At no cost to you really, just..keep an open mind to your potential allies." another box was delivered a day later, black as night. Inside was a sack of currency, a reasonable, but token amount, a return address, and a beautifully wrought foreign weapon from the east. It was a Gwiliak disk launcher.
The rookie and Tera are steadily recovering, although the amputation was a rushed job, Kale also provided support in healing both. But, it was discovered that there was still some Vyrii infection on Tera's stump... but as soon as word got out, Kale quickly rushed to her side, and using his 'burning hands of healing', reached deep into the Web and tries to mend her tapestry. After a long, grueling process, everyone was surprised that the infection is completely gone. Kale and Tera didn't show any sign of Vyrii infection. It seems that applying enough heat in a constant manner could completely remove early stages of Vyrii infection.
Rolled 12, 10, 16, 17, 17 = 72


K'nia is swayed by the tale of the old hoppa and agrees to his proposal. She takes him to their hideout on the secret island (which needs a better name) and begins to prepare the Fair Maiden for the task. It could be an interesting adventure with a good profit margin, a perfect job for her and her crew.

The Slizers are also continuing to operate more discretely on Isaal and the surrounding waters. They are trying to get more jobs, as well as increasing their influence trough Dancing Boomer, bribes, taking over other pirate gangs, buying out small fisher guilds and hiring lowlife thugs to do their dirty work.
They are also taking the gutted Joorod ships to their hideout, to be repaired and re-armed with cannons.

Rolling for:
Preparing the Fair Maiden for the treasure hunt.
Discrete operations in Isaal.
Job hunting.
Gaining more influence in Isaal.
Repairing and arming the captured joorod ships.
Rolled 7, 3, 7, 3, 15, 9, 12, 8 = 64


The hideout itself is growing. The new ships, port project and the blacksmith who recently moved there all are increasing the size of the hideout, and the needs for manpower to accommodate for this growth. The ships need their crews, the port the workers, the blacksmith builders to construct a new forge etc. Because of this, the Slizers are once again, trying to recruit more members, though at this point, the pirate group has grown close enough so that some of the members are waiting for children of their own.

Down south, the search for the sea maidens continue, as the group of pirates seeking them are convinced that these mythical beings could grant them anything they desire.
Meanwhile, the rest of the exploration team are mapping out the archipelago, with the aid of the Shrohan warrior. They are also trying their best to bargain some deals with the Izileth tribe, like some of the more powerful fisher guilds had.

Rolling for:
Growth of the hideout.
Port project.
Building a forge.
Recruiting more members.
Natural growth of the pirate group.
Finding sea maidens.
Mapping the archipelago.
Striking deals with the Izileth.
Rolled 14, 15, 13 = 42


The small company raises the interests of the Slizers. Despite being pirates, they have a sense of honour, and find the threats the bigger companies are making to the small one, and their unwillingness to deal with it themselves to be cowardly. Because of this, the Slizers instead agree to protect the small fisher company against it's enemies.

As always, during all this, the Slizers have continued their piracy and smuggling

Rolling for:
Protecting the small fisher company.
>Look I know that you want to make an awesome new ammo, but you can't control how this falls out. After the tests and infections there is no reason to make such things from Vyrii materials.

"You misunderstand. The Snow Axes are not discontinuing the important onsite research into the Vyrii Phenomenon. The team here is more than capable as you will see in the following months.

"The initial reports of the potential of these shards were not validated by continued experimentation. We are sorry if you misunderstood the purpose of sending you an initial report. The purpose being to keep the Council up to date on the current research, and present a current hypothesis.

"Often times experiments will contradict the initial hypothesis. Looking for a weapon, we found a much needed defense. We have discovered an unknown threat of the enemies infection ability. And we have also created a treatment to counteract this deadly infection. Without this continued experimentation, any personal working on a weaponized application may have been a causality.

"All this will be reported in the next monthly. But for sake of convenience here is that final report."
Hotgan takes the black letter and offers it to the recovering skulk. She walks around the lab as if she hadn't locked herself and cropped off her own arm. The absence is less obivious on her right. Meanwhile the Frowg scratches his ass with an errant fourth arm. Life on this plant was weird, and worth living regardless of arm number.

Her response to the letter is surprising. She likes the offer, but not to replace her own arm. Instead she wishes to infect the arm and study the differences in infection growth between her freshly severed arm, and a not so fresh one.

When Kale reached into Web, he became a savant gaining understanding of the Web in new and unnatural ways. The Vyrii were invisible to him. In his meditation and rounds in the medical tent. He could feel the people around him seeing their illness as knots in the Web. But the Vyrii didn't appear.

At least whatever was growing in the labortory, or what was on Tera's arm that day. He himself pledge ignorance of anything. He was a stranger in a strange land and convinenced these natives wouldn't understand. It might have been more terrible than not understanding fireballs. Life is full of disappointments.

The rookies will was more flexible than hoppas at this point. Even if their wounds healed, the scars left behind hampered them. Certain sounds like banging made them sweat, and at night they didn't sleep. They were put to work on the Ramels which seemed to calm them.

The Joorod are sad that their efforts resulted in an explosion that killed and maimed their people. They take the design and realize no safeties were included when they made it. They try to rebuild with their minds on safety
Rolled 11, 8, 8, 4 = 31

Putting aside the Vyrii shards, the next subject was the warrior drone recovered from the last scouting mission. The research team donned the protective gear and began dismembering the drone slowly, analysing the drones weapons and dormant compoents. With this analysis complete, they will start researching armor against it.

Terabella for her part, observes the progress of the infection on her former arm. Its a morbid fascination. She splits her time between observation and soilless growing research, 'tasting' different nutrient solutions.

The last offer from the black box was a disk launcher. Hotgan didn't know what to make of the stranger box, maybe it was a test for the Snow Axes to prove their prowess. Maybe it was a show of power, saying these people have many connections. Whatever the case, Hotgan wasn't quite sure what should be done. So until they needed it, it was put into storage. A prototype for a long range weapon perhaps.

((Bronze, if you feel like doing the whole move thing, just do so, I can handle the transfer of sensitive stuff afterwards))

engineers rebuilding
soilless growing
arm observation
drone autopsy
looks like the skulk is more out of it than i thought
this also looks like a really good set up for a horror
I just ranted for 5 minutes how I could set this up as a horror, I'm fairly excited about the prospect.
File: 1353164486172.png-(71 KB, 800x600, Lightning Mevola_00.png)
71 KB
Rolled 9, 1 = 10

The elders (both fire-seekers and traditonalists) have a bit of a moral panic, citing how corrupt the youth are these days. This despicable game cannot continue. Hdtta is in hot water now, what if they discover he's responsible?

The fire seekers know that the scraps of frilla bark they find lying around the forest (and are subsequently used to make their houses) are flammable.
More experiments are had, using their discharge abilities on pieces of wood *not* currently part of a house. This could go either way, they could learn how to properly start a fire with their zaps, they could learn that forest foliage, if especially dry, could also prove combustible (or even try to do so and not understand why it's not working: humidity and wetness and all that).

> Rolling for:
1. The moral panic of the elders, does it blow over as "kids will be kids" or turn into something rather ugly? Will they trace it back to Hdtta, or even to old Two-Minds?
2. Experiments *not* inside of a house. How much do these curious fire-seekers learn about fire and how it works?
File: 1353164643859.jpg-(15 KB, 267x200, i immediately regret this(...).jpg)
15 KB
> 1
The engineers have made a better, safer boiler, but it's somewhat similar to the previous design. Just added some more safeties on it. Only time will tell if it's good enough.
Soilless growing is still being researched, Tera having not found a good enough nutrient mix yet.
The severed arm grows crystalline deposits on it, no doubt Vyrii in construction. Over time it looks less like an arm and more like a mess of crystals. Tera records this, but does not quite know what caused the infection to grow.
Meanwhile, halfway during the autopsy, the Vyrii drone woke up. It found its arms cut off and more than a few crystalline organs missing, but managed to use its legs to slash and stab at the research team. An intern were outright killed, while another lost a hand. Yet another got stabbed through the protective coating. Just as the drone was about to inflict more damage, Kale rushed in and throws a fireball at it. With its innards starting to warm up and exposed to the fireball, this created a chain reaction on the drone, burning it from within. The fire that burned were hot enough to melt some of the metal instruments lying by. In the end, Kale had to treat two more patient, and the dead intern's body was placed under quarantine and observed. Not to mention the loss of the drone specimen, and the metal instruments.
Prebyn is sorrowful to hear that the Snow Axes have suffered losses. He sends two dozen frowgs and ten cidex pelt blankets to help the Snow Axes. Hopefully that will help out. He also sends a lemgineer to check our this mine that Hotgan speaks of. The mine beneath the Rust Pile is already providing resources, but a second mine would allow the ABR to step up its war even further.

A letter is sent along with the group to the Snow Axes, and is carried by the Lemgineer, not trusting to send it through the Skulk network. It reads as follows

"Commander Hotgan, Greetings from the Army of the Black Ramel

I am aware that you've suffered causalties, and so I send these soldiers to aid you. Hopefully their numbers and the expertise of the lem will help you establishing your "mobile" base.

I also understand your desire to be independent of the Enclave. They've cut off support to the ABR, and its fortunate I've just now managed to establish the Army as relatively self sufficient. If we did not have our new farms or the mine we've discovered, I'm not sure we could continue to prosecute this war. All because of the shortsightedness of the Enclave Council. I could've been a Councilor you know. They offered me the position when I became General of the ABR. But I refused. This war is too important to allow myself to become just another beuracrat in the Captial.

Yet, I fight this war for the People of the Enclave. The Ta'Mirel, the Laster, even the reluctant Onoleshkan. I fight so that the foul Vyrii will never trouble the world again. And what's more, I seem to be slowly carving a nation out of the North.

But I digress. I hope this letter finds you and our team in good health

-General Ronak Prebyn"
Rolled 8, 9, 19, 15, 8, 3, 12 = 74


The mine beneath the Rust Pile is a source of excitement for the Army. This whole time they have been sitting on what they've been looking for. The Lemgineers are tasked with establishing the first main tunnels from which branch tunnels shall be carved. At the same time, a forge is established to handle the flow of metal that will be coming soon. At the moment it shall process ramel bones too small to be used for structures, but large enough to be worth smelting. The metal from the bones is to be used to craft new weapons, particularly pieces for the Enclave Flamethrowers.

However, that flamethrowers are only what portion of the metal is to be set aside for. The rest is to go to making large shields for a new strategy devised by the General and his Command Staff. The plan is to have a shield wall keep vyrii at bay during battles, while projectiles are rained down upon the swarms from behind the shieldwall. Ramels will hit the Vyrii from the side, while soldiers atop them toss javelins and launch more projectiles. Battle cleanup will consist of using the new flamethrowers to cook everything on the field. All this should work perfectly, in theory.

Ramel breeding continues apace as the Command deems the tiem for another push against the Vyrii to be drawing closer. Attempts are made to make a few cidexs worthy of combat, though little hope is placed on that. The farmers, emboldened by the lack of threat from the Vyrii, expand their farms as far as their work forces can work them.

Scouts are sent one last time to find a new concentration of Vyrii for the Army to fight.

More farms
Ramel breeding
Cidex training
Shield making
Setting up the Mine
Finding Vyrii
File: 1353183678144.png-(8 KB, 394x294, keepcalm,andpunchon.png)
8 KB
Bumping with a Log'eadz reaction to any crisis
Rolled 12, 10, 15, 6, 15, 11 = 69

Thanks to the aid from the Army of Black Ramels the Snow Axes were able to move into the Kuban base and start operations proper. The shelters kept the snow and wind off, however the heating issues were still very noticeable. The steam and other heat systems are kept at their lowest settings and everyone is wrapped up in the ABR blankets.

Hotgan was unable to bring along the skulk at this time. Hopefully the new insulated gardens would be up and running before too long. And Hopefully the research back towards the Capital will get the nutrient mixtures in order.

The samples are transported covered in triple layered Cidex blankets soaked in flammable fuels, just in case. The armory, samples and general stores were sorted and divided into their own structures. The major priorities were keeping warm and scouting the surrounding area for threats.

The research team is much more cautious at this point, keeping plenty of fire sources available to destroy the samples if needed. The engineering team starts creating 'hot packs,' water pouches left in the steam generator to get hot With these 'hot packs' they might be able to stop a infection from spreading..

Kale is finally recognized for his bravery in the face of danger. His quick actions prevented the base from being over run, and revealed the Vyrii weakness, extreme concentrated heat. Consistent heat will prevent the spread of infection, and fire will prevent the Vyrii from resurrecting. They share this information with the ARB, saying "Burn them, burn them all."

A Laster ceremony is held to remember the fallen. That they gave the ultimate price for the Snow Axes. That there will be more as they combat this menace.

general morale
scouting the area
scouting the cave
soilless growing
insulated garden
general research and development
Rolled 18, 8 = 26

The research team switches gears looking at the artifacts the Council has sent them. Spy glasses, explosive powder, and a disk launcher. Designs are initially drawn up for a grenade launcher using the spyglass as a scope to the launcher. The explosive powder is then integrated into a fire bomb to better sling fire from a distance.

development of launcher
development of fire bomb
The fair maiden was now ready for her first run, supplies were a little low, but optimism was high. Pirates maintain a higher then desire profile around isaal, and while its apparent they are present at the bars and eateries no one sees them doing illegal activity. In keeping with the low profile the pirates are having thugs shake down local businesses, occasionally double crossing the less savory ones to look like heroes. Its a pirate's life, what can I say. Sightings of a certain warship in the region have been a bit more common then normal for K'nia, but nothing she cant deal with. With all the behind the scenes activity the pirates have a lot of pull in isaal as the defacto power of the island, though they still have their competition. The past experience with ships of joorod build allow them to be repaired and outfitted again in quick order. The repaired vessels bear the distinct marks of hoppa building technique.
There is slow growth on the islands structures, with the port finally completed, but additional structures and most importantly the forge only half complete. With the port complete it is only a matter of time for the other projects. Isaal is about tapped out for fresh pirate recruits, they may have to start searching elsewhere. Many new little children join the group by birth from numerous families within the crimson slizers. The elusive sea maidens are finally found on some more remote islands in the southern chain. the crew sets foot on the sand, eager to claim their reward. With the help of the Izileth warrior the tribe maps out the archipelago in useable detail, its time to put these maps to work. The Izileth are honor bound people, and do not see a reason for striking up a new deal with the Crimson slizers yet.
The small fisher company weathers the initial attacks against of their competitors with the help of slizer goons, they are thankful to the slizers and give them distribution rights to canned food. In the meantime, the pirates get back to what they do best. Piracy. Its a welcome break from all this business, and they even manage to pull in some cargo, etc, which helps fuel their less successful ventures back at the hideout.
File: 1353199136223.png-(102 KB, 2000x850, Vyrii types.png)
102 KB
Here are some vyrii drone variants that I came up with. They vyrii have rapidly adapted and deployed many new warrior forms as the war in the north has progressed.

Small helper drones maintain their bigger brethren with nanite injections, nimble scouts dart ahead of the main forces, the numerous warriors tie up the enemy forces while the nimble assassins flank them as the resilient and strong brutes tear trough the enemy lines that are bombarded from afar with deadly shard fire by the blaster drones.

These forms aren't yet entirely commonplace, but when these cohesive forces composed of the new specialized drones appear, they provide far more dangerous foes for the enclave than the previous incarnations of the vyrii.

Also, ng, I have been thinking of what powers the vyriis, as they are basically robots, and came up with this:
Most of the macro scale vyrii drones contain both a nuclear battery as well as a micro fusion core, which gives the drone power. The heat attacks could utilize the massive amount of heat these power generators build up. In addition,maybe the red crystal formations on the drones could also work as some sort of radiators?
Anyways, gotta go to bed. I'll make more updates when I wake up. Thanks for the results ng, and feel free to comment on the vyrii ideas.

For example, what do you think about the idea that the vyrii are actually trying to construct colonies for the bords, due to their programming? Of course, due to the damage their programming has suffered, these colonies are nothing but strangely twisted landscapes of "buildings", roads, functionless machines and fabricator arrays that spew forth more and more vyrii.

Also, few other things about the vyrii. When they extract carbon from organic material, they basically change it into inorganic material. Vyriis actively destroy biomatter where ever they go, which makes them on the long run, very dangerous foes.
One idea I had was that the ravenous ragas plants and the vyrii might have actually kept each other in check. The ragas plants, due to their extremely efficient and fast nutrient extraction could absorb carbon from vyrii material, thus reversing the damage the machines had done, but at the same time, the vyrii can just as well infect ragas, as they are able to do with other forms of life as well.
There could exist this fragile balance between the ragas and the vyrii, both factions not really gaining ground or loosing it. The ragas can reproduce fast enough to avoid getting all infected, and thus they also keep reversing spread of the vyrii "colonies, while the plants the vyrii do manage to infect are used to either make more vyriis or to build up the colonies, like all other forms of life the vyrii encounter.
Disturbing this balance might cause unforeseen consequences and havoc to all the denizens of the western continent.
((your first line summarizes what im getting at. The self sharpening ammo is not made of vyrii, nothing is made of vyrii. they are too dangerous. what is taken from them are techniques, concepts, things normally not thought of. such as "look at how this works...can we replicate it? can it be used against them?" as for the council, what is being done is pretty in character, and not me trying to force you to do something. the syndicate is a counter offer to expand into something different but more corrupt, to us obviously not a clean choice, but to someone disenfranchised a possible lead to freedom.))
The arm came packed in snow a few days after request in a plain box.
Smaller farms began to radiate out, almost an analogue to the attempt to breed smaller ramels. The ramels themselves were growing but not at breeding age for another season, really the size of small dogs. Flamethrowers...flamethrowers everywhere. The new design was easy enough to build, and supplies are gained from traders that they cant build. The cidexes are trained to act as mounts, while no ramels, they grow faster and eat plants, which makes them easier to take care of, and replace. They are also...tasty.
A little bird managed to get the schematics of the metal cloth to the ABR, but without dedicated machinery they have only created a handful of the new shield backings to attack to existing equipment instead of whole new shields. The mine had a collapse and workers are trapped. The vyrii...well they were easy to find, but not all of the scouts returned from the encounter.
Morale amongst the troops was not low, but perhaps a general tone of somberness was present due to recent events. Heavy snowstorms cause extensive limitations on sight with fresh snowfall causing snow blindness. The cave near their settlement is larger then anticipated, and somewhat warmer then the outside. A new hydroponic greenhouse is built, though daily a recruit has to climb on top and shovel snow off the top so sunlight can reach the plants. No major breakthroughs are made, but information is sent to the capital with notes on heat being a "cure" to vyrii infection, as well as the smaller drone forms being vulnerable to internal combustion. Now this, this information pleased the bosses. A small two man floating frilla airship was sent to the snowaxes. These ships flew higher then scout gliders, but were much slower without sails or the larger turbine propulsion units often found on the massive flying adult frillas. The snow axe launcher befits greatly from resourceful thinking, and an old cannon is stripped down and re purposed, it launches awesome, but the fire bombs are inaccurate and tend to go wherever, often missing their mark. ((the disk launcher is from the syndicate, a crime organization with ties to certain politicians and their fingers in a lot of pies...but who the hell puts their fingers in a pie?seriously.))
Nad, you take a long ignored creature and bring it back to relevance. thats good enough for me. I am more then happy to consider the twisted landscapes, and what you have put out here to be cannon. The citizens of the enclave long ago figured out how to deal with Ragas with fire, shooting the bigger ones, feeding them to cidex or mulching their shit. Give it time for the Vyrii. Though I do like this invisible war that could be raging out of our sight between plants and nanotech monsters. fun.
as a little bit of knowledge for those who weren't around the first time, the Ragas are several breeds of hostile, invasive plant. Some are mobile, some are fields of stationary vines and roots that attack like a veinhole monster from tiberium sun. The plants would attack with vines, sticky seeds, or seed pods that would be shot into the flesh of a victim and rapidly grow, bodily fluids and matter quickly consumed in a writhing mass of vines and buds. fun times. Frowgs in ancient times would carefully tie a seed pod to an arrow as a way to kill larger dangerous creatures. This practice is occasionally used in street violence or assassinations within the enclave today. the more you know!
Its funny to me, that sometimes a few years its all it takes to create a generational gap in culture, knowledge, etc. Growing up with the things i take for granted, while being unaware of whats been going on in the past few years. The military really helps with that. go figure. Sometimes when I draw, or do these results, I listen to music. Well, i always do. I need it.

Have some music.


here, let me poison your mind with this.
The elders are pissed off, and unable to crack down on an individual, so all the youth gets it. Thankfully frilla forests are more wet the dry, so the fire is localized to the village. sadly the fire is localized to the village. Everyone is quite mad at this, especially as there has been a loss of life in the form of the eldest, and the youngest. Structures can be replaced, life cannot so easily.
File: 1353220052243.png-(5 KB, 434x186, Larval Ramel.png)
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If ramels have larval young like most other glund descendants, here's a concept picture. Baby ramel = fuzzy caterpillar + seal pup.
File: 1353231459333.png-(123 KB, 1222x694, ^yr1.png)
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File: 1353232140864.png-(26 KB, 921x445, dabuuhbee.png)
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The Fair Maiden heads out to the sea. K'nia partakes in this adventure personally. She allows the old hoppa to direct the ship to the place where he claims his treasure sunk.
There, the operation begins.

With the canning company in their hands, along with the Dancing Boomer inn and the trade company subjugated to them, the Slizers decide utilize them in conjunction.
The ships of the Boomer now also distribute canned food, along with rum and other supplies. This way, the steady profit for the Slizers increases.
The trading ships also work as recruitment stations. The pirates who are protecting the ships tell tales of adventures and bravery in the taverns of the upriver villages, in order to woo away young hoppas to join the Slizers.

The hideout continues to be developed, with the port completed, manpower can be now directed to other projects. The forge receives most attention, but work is also put into building new housings for the pirates and their children. Some are even trying to start up small hrass farms, mostly in order to brew rum though.
Rolled 2, 14, 5, 19, 9, 20, 17, 3 = 89

The pirates who searched for the Sea Maidens try to attract these child like beings with treats and trinkets. According to Alun religion, all hoppa species are brethren in the great herd of creation. The Alun are tasked with guiding and guarding their cousins, and thus, even the pirates are extremely respectful towards these mysterious hoppas, who have long been lost from the herd.

With the mapping of the archipelago done, the Slizers are ready to return home. Before they do however, they ask the Izileth what they would be willing to trade with the Slizers.
As always, piracy and smuggling go on. (Do I need to roll for these anymore?)

Rolling for:
Treasure hunting.
Using the trade vessels to distribute canned food.
Recruiting in the upriver villages.
Forge project.
Building homes.
Constructing farms.
Attracting sea maidens.
Trade deals with Izileth.
The ta'mirel have created a very rough version of the original recipe of rocket powder. A delivery system was a bust, and they are sitting around re-evaluating their methods. This powder is made from local materials, and burns hot. too hot to stay stable long, or to keep contained in a launch tube, but forward thrust doesn't seem to be a problem.
(rolls for piracy, smuggling, etc, no. if you want to detail it in story, feel free, but its pretty well established.)
The fair maiden treasure hunt begins with a bang, literally. they have attracted the attention of a particularly large whale hoppa who seems very agitated. the old hoppa yells "YOU BASTARD I FOUND YOU AT LAST! MY TREASURREEE!" no idea whats going on, but prepare for battle. The trade vessels distribute the new food easily, and it proves popular, it probably doesnt hurt that these boats are lightly armed and armored. The upriver villages are somewhat conservative, and only a few of the most rambunctious kids join up, but it is a start. No sooner was the forge started on then it was built. it is an impressive two story structure with adequate room for many smiths and equipment. This boosts productivity on the island for future and current results. The homes would have taken longer, but the manpower and metal used to pin them together pours in from the forges. The farms were built a little better then expected. Hanging gardens, window gardens, fields of wild hrass, the shit is everwhere. some hoppas even plaster mud on smaller tree like objects and plant hrass there, did i mention mud roofs with hrass in some areas? The sea maidens are easily attracted with the trinkets and their natural curiosity. The Izileth continue to be somewhat stony in their reception of the traders. perhaps its time to buyout a company that is on good terms with them.
Rolled 17, 5, 15, 3, 8, 17, 18, 12 = 95


K'nia orders her crew into battle stations, and prepares to combat the agitated whale hoppa.

The income and good reputation that the trading of the Boomer inn has also beneficially affected the Slizers. The Dancing Boomer inn and the pirates are working more and more closely, sharing profits and projects. The Slizers decide to increase their influence by buying out more small companies, as well as setting up warehouses for their trade ships in other villages, thus spreading their influence beyond Isaal.

The hideout has grown into a small village of it's own, and the pirates couldn't be happier. The new generation of the Slizers is growing, and the forge is producing weapons and tools for the Slizers at a steady rate. The pirates are possessing a quite armada of ships, around a dozen, most of them are small boats, or medium joorod ships, but there are also 4 big ones. K'nula's revenge, the Fair Maiden, Maiden's price and the Rust Beak, the frowg ship that was captured.
However, most of these ships are just sitting in the docs, only few are out there, smuggling and pirating. Because of this, the pirates decide to use these ships to fish, as a side business. They could sell these fishes for increased profit!
Others have decided to take their ships and start mapping out the coast line of the central continent.

Down south, the pirates are starting to head home, with a couple of Sea Maidens aboard. They are trying to communicate with the creatures, but as they aren't trained in the scent way as the shamans are, they might not be as successful. They are also giving the young shrohan who worked as their guide the opportunity to come along with them to north, to see the waters of the hoppas.
As they depart, some of them decide to try to acquire more info on the Izileth from the traders of South Peak, so that the Slizers could themselves someday trade with the southern races.
They also decide to acquire one of these companies for their own uses in the future.

Rolling for:
Battle against the whale hoppa.
Increasing influence.
Setting up warehouses in other villages.
Fishing project.
Mapping coasts of the central continent.
Communicating with the Sea Maidens.
Acquiring information on the Izileth from South Peak.
Claiming a trading company at the South Peak.
The battle against the whale hoppa goes well, with the upgraded cannons driving it off, but somehow the ship was pulled along. A harpoon and rope attached the ship to the beast, some how the old man had managed to set up and fire this weapon in the chaos. where it came from was another story. The injured creature drug the ship and crew in a mad, twisting path across the sea until it finally tired out. The Old man insisted the entire time to let the beast run it's course. When all was done, they were at an unknown island with a cave. Inside the cave was his treasure, as well as several dried out hoppa corpses. A short walk into the cave and they came across a large pile of loot. The old man immediately ran up and began searching for what he was looking for...whatever it was. He finally pulled a dead hoppa carcass from deep inside the pile out. It was dressed in black rags and socks. Blacksock! the famed hoppa pirate of old tales. Apparently dead from a knife to the face. The crew just watched as the old man began to dig around inside the corpse until he finally pulled out a small metallic object. "mine..." he said. "what is it" K'nia inquired, but was ignored as he pressed the object to his forehead. Glowing for a moment it sunk into his weathered old flesh, and a moment later he seemed almost...spry. "I got what i wanted young lady...the rest of this crap is yours, a relic from a wasted youth as a pirate." he walked off towards the boat. The rest of the crew were stuffing their loot bags with gems, odd glowing metal, and various valuables.
A curved handle sticking out of the loot pile caught K'nia's eyes. Upon extracting the object it was clearly a very decorative hand weapon made of smooth red metal. It had a large obvious yellow trigger that she pointed the cave wall, then pulled the trigger. An odd noise emitted and a strange light shined from the spherical ball on the end of the weapon's rod, the rings around the rod glowed red hot. The cave wall now had a small hole in it, polished smooth. she would be keeping this trinket. The pirates have a hard time spreading their influence past the islands, but they do have a good strangle hold on what they own. Warehouses in other villages are built and quickly gain new workers. The fishing project goes badly as the larger vessels are recognized as the crimson slizers ships. They are attacked and of all things Maiden's price and K'nula's revenge are badly damaged, with crew members having to bail out water just to keep them afloat. The revenge returns back to the hide out but the price has to dock at their fishing cannery's small ship yard. The hoppas there use very experimental techniques and designs in their work, and the price may never be the same. The central continent has many dangerous creatures who are quick to storm the boats if they get too close, and Enclave warships are sighted around the southern tip firing inland for some reason. Dieing is not high on their priority list today.
Communication with the sea maidens is quite easy actually, they are very intelligent and curious, if of an almost alien mindset and value system compared to the hoppa crew. They are often playful and dont understand their new companions sometimes serious manner. True to the nature of a maiden, while they remember their old home, they are eager to travel to new locations, and what better way then by boat? It would seem though that they practice a strange art of tieing seaweed and plants into decorative bracelets and more. The practice quickly carries over to the crew's entire rope supply. damn. The izileth are more then accommodating with information, they do not understand keeping secrets, or deception, as it is a lack of honor and the crew does not seem of the wrong sort. They get the names of more then five different companies and various small families. Attempts to "fairly buy" a trading company at south peak fall flat as negotiations crumble.
The old man is looking...well..a lot less old these days, and can be frequently found around town strutting with a black garb and head wrap, two pistols at his side. He comes to the slizers looking to captain a ship, to search for remembered things, old dig spots, and the like, as well as chance to sail the high seas, and plunder once more. it seems he has had a change of heart.

The plot thickens!
Thanks ng!

The blunder from the old man's cave brings the Slizers great prosperity, as the valuables grant them the funds needed to buy almost anything.
The pirates firstly put the treasure to good use, by buying the supplies they need to both repair the ships that had been damaged, as well as to further develop their hideout/ village, which the Slizers have named Yu'laae, which basically means "Maiden's Cradle".

The attacks on her crew's ships, as well as the recent increase in wealth has sparked an idea in K'nia's head. She has enough valuables to double the numbers of her ships, to buy advanced weaponry from the Enclave up north, she can buy out many of the small guilds and companies, get access to their men, equipment and infrastructure...she even might be able to hire the enigmatic southern races to her cause...yes. She might be able to do it...to take over Isaal for good..make it sure that her crew wouldn't be hunted by petty fisher guilds and angered pirate gangs. She could become the Pirate Queen of Isaal, but it would need to be careful, and take her time, slowly build up the numbers of the Slizers, acquire ships, weaponry, power...
As she stares at the strange weapon from the cave, she makes her decision and begins to prepare for a plan that might take a decade to fulfill.

Down south, the pirates start heading home. The make it clear to the traders of south point, that they would return soon, and at that time, their offers would be far harder to refuse. They also tell the Izileth some tidbits about the world up north, as a show of good will. They tell the Shrohans, who seem to be the ruling caste of these enigmatic people that they are still interested in trade with them.
During their trip back home, the pirates are trying to train the sea maidens to do simple tricks and even help around in the ship.
Even though there is no longer the same mystery to them, the crew can't help but to adore the nimble and curious maidens. They seem like adolescent hoppas, but their behavior is far more child like. Though some of the crew expected the maidens to be more alluring creatures, none really care about those hopes anymore. The Slizers had discovered a lost cousin of the Alun people, one that must be very close to the Alun themselves, due to the similarity the Maidens display.

As K'nia begins the ground work for her grand plan, she grants an audience for the old man, and gives him a ship to sail, with one condition. She want's to know more about the strange artifacts that the man's cave held, the Red Weapon, and the Orb. The orb especially reminds her of the tales of the mysterious amulet that supposedly was gifted to the shamans of Naun'as generations ago, though she is more intrigued by the Red Weapon. She wants the old man to go out and hunt for more of these kinds of artifacts which could grant her the edge she needs for her plans.
Rolled 12, 2, 12, 8, 13, 19, 17, 14, 17, 13 = 127


The pirates also continue their efforts to map out the coast of the central continent. The pirates are also planning on striking back at their attackers with fury, using the iron ship of the frowg pirates and 4 other ships armed to the teeth with new weaponry from the forge. They seek to only cripple the ships of their foes, so they can claim them after the battle.

The efforts to expand upriver continue for the Dancing Boomer and the cannery firm who operate in conjunction to each other, while being protected by the Slizers. They send trading ships containing canned food, rum and other supplies up and down the river, trying to strike deals with local farmers and other guilds, and set up warehouses etc.

Rolling for: (10 rolls)
Repairing the damaged ships.
Developing the hideout village.
The groundwork of K'nia's grand plan. (Discretely increasing influence, buying ships, acquiring small and medium sized guilds, buying and building infrastructure, hiring new members and workers etc.)
Trade offer to the Izileth.
Training the sea maidens.
Learning more about the artifacts from the old man.
Hiring the old man to hunt for more of the artifacts.
Mapping out the coastline of the central continent.
Striking back at the attackers.
Expanding the pet companies of the Slizers upriver.
File: 1353280396892.png-(76 KB, 800x600, The Red Weapon.png)
76 KB
Pew pew!

Artifacts like the red weapon, the amulet and the orb could be ancient pieces of bord tech that was scattered across the world.

I don't wish for them to be some sort of op kick starts to the modern age, they shouldn't be replicated or studied simply due to their extremely advanced nature makes it impossible for the races of borgas 4.
Instead they could be legendary artifacts of power, magical objects, tools of divine influence etc. for the sentients of this planet. Objects, that inspire tales that last for generations, leaving clues and echoes of their existence to the people of the future eras. Over the ages, these obects would slowly, one by one be lost to the currents of time only leaving legends behind them.

They could still fit to this era, bring in wonder and some mystery and magic before the dswn of more Advanced eras.
it is exactly what they are. Things of legend not to be replicated. Some individuals may be inspired by them, but they are so advanced in function its replication is impossible. I fully intend to scatter a few more of these around. For civilizations not in the enclave, who's story is more personal and detailed, this sort of thing can be quite fun.
The damaged ships are repaired, where the revenge looks like it has great scars running its hull, the price looks...alien. The shipwrights assure the old girl is seaworthy and better then before. The hideout village suffers a small setback in the form of an old drunk building a massive distillery project to make stronger rum. It was based off of a first generation enclave water boiler, without the safety mechanisms...so it sorta blew up, throwing burning alcohol everywhere. The fires were put out, but some damage was done, worst of all the old drunk died and a group of young children got some pretty bad burns on their faces, tentacles and legs. K'nias grand plan settles into motion at a slow but steady pace, with her spending more time in an office or captains quarters, and less time at sea. The Sea maidens are both smarter then the crew give them credit for, and far less focused then they hope for. They are far more interested in games, and pleasure seeking then anything else. Another odd quirk of them is that they will give massages to each other, and occasionally attempt to "tend/ groom" the crew. this could be put to use. hoppa massage parlors ahoy.
The "old man" gives off a mixture of smug and pleased pheromones/ signals at K'nia's questions. "the trinkets were found when i was a younger man. the disc...it was always mine, but the old captain carved it right out of my head, left me and my mates for dead. survived. rage is a hell of an anesthetic. It all came from a large metal box that fell into the ocean from the sky one night. ill never forget it." he goes on for a while detailing the recovery process, the invention of the diving suit, and more, right up the betrayal. "Blacksock was always a rotten bastard, but i never figured him to be the kind to stab his own men in the back...or face in my case. The amulet, the disk...whatever you want to call it...its mine, that you will never forget. mine. keeps me young, also helps me to remember things they i didnt always know. hard to explain. I always know where I am. voices from the sky let me know. sometimes tell me of interesting points. I think i can find more of these sky boxes with some time." and that was that, he promptly picked a ship, and had it outfitted to his tastes and requirements. The slizer's upriver operations grew and began to hire on numerous new members. As they expanded north they began to run into more contact with the various Enclave criminal syndicates, and the occasional Holori tribe, or joorod "gypsy" encampment. In swampier areas Azrach trees were growing, apparently brought by lumbering families from the east who settled further away from the enclave. Perhaps it was time to...diversify their assets.
K'nia was getting weary of the repeated failures of her crew to map out the coast of the central continent. The Price, Revenge, and rustbeak sailed out to do the job. Things were going well until they realized there was a small armada of ships tailing them by the third day. To fight or run, even with better ships they were outnumbered. Run. for two days the enemy ships slowly closed the gap taking potshots at them with ballistas and cannons. Damage to their ships was light, with the metallic and slower rustbeak taking the beating, getting a little uglier in the process. If they didnt fight now, they would be screwed. over 40 enemy ships against 3. this was not a good day. Their spotter, the Izileth youth they picked up reported an island in the distance. They could get to the island, and fight it out on land, hiding and attacking. A few tense hours of sailing and they had gotten some lucky shots on the enemy armada with a few of their ships burning. The island grew in the distance, large and grey...not an island. shit. Ordering her men to fly a special piece of cloth given to her a long time ago as high as possible they make it so.
"Captain. more pirates and the cannons are primed to fire, what now?" the captain of the rough wave thought for a moment, and pulled out his spy glass, rolling it between his palms before taking a look. "its an armada of nad'lun ships. they wouldn't attack, no chance for survival. look harder. they are chasing those three in the front...look...our writ flying from that one in the lead."
Captain stumptacles, a name gained when that bitch knia cut off two of his tentacles in a bar fight, would have his revenge. The Crimson Slizers had a lot of enemies and now they were united, differences cast aside to kill that whore captain. Pulling up along side the lead ship stumptacles flashed warnings and his own foul stink "Give it up, come quietly and we might just use you before we gut you alive!" K'nia responded with a blast from her crimson cannon, the artifact weapon she used. A marble sized hole was the only blemish on stumptacles as he slumped over dead. K'nia gave the order "Prepare for boarding!"
The lems mouth slowly split into a grin that grew larger and larger, teeth fully exposed with thick ropes of drool and the beginnings of froth distorting his speech. he was hungry for this. "Mr. Kerookee....fire." Kerooke really hated when the captain got into moods like this.
A second later all around the Crimson Slizers hell errupted. Sublime destruction with a sprinkling of carnage. Wood and flesh exploded together and the thunder never stopped, all the while the Warship grew ever closer.
The late afternoon's setting sun was the backdrop for flaming wreckage...K'nia sighed. no maps. only a few ships to salvage. the translator spoke as the lem talked. "Seems like you've been busy making enemies. not so many anymore I think." it was supposed to be an attempt at humor, but it really wasn't so funny. The occasional shot run out as the warship Crew picked off the enemy survivors clinging to the wreckage. This was out of her tentacles, but was...unsavory to a degree. After expaning what was going on, an what she was doing out this far from her own territory, she was rewarded with a somewhat functional map of the east and southern coast of the central continent.
"Stick to the north of this continent, it is not safe, nor is there business for you here. Only war. We have business to discuss, now." The situation was made clear, the slizers were given authority to sail into the capital city via waterway, and set up shop in the lower city and open central plains region. The Enforcers were stretched thin against a growing enemy in the form of various crime syndicates.Attempts to pit the organizations against each other was meeting with only limited success, and the gang warfare was starting to spill into the upper city. Their writ of operation was expanded, and left to them if they took the offer. Enforcers were instructed to turn a blind eye to the Slizers. K'nia needed to know why and asked so. "The demon you know K'nia. You are pirate, smuggler, occasionally worse, but not a deliberate destroyer. not a cancer. What good is plunder if you have nothing left to continue taking from? It is understood. Our eyes and ears let us know so." The wreckage of the ships was seized by the rough wind as fuel, while frowg and joorod crew spent time fixing the salvageable ships, enough to make it back to port on their own power. The lem didnt seem to eager to get anywhere near the salt water. odd. Particular love and attention was given to the rustbeak and it was outfitted with a reinforced and sharpened prow shield fit for ramming actions. "think on it." was the parting words as the two unlikely crews parted ways.
It is thanksgiving for us americans, and i know the game will slow down a bit, but it's given me time to plot out a few story lines for each of my players. The moment you post again, ill initiate it. They are fairly big arcs if you provide adequate response back,
Part of why I haven't been around, thanks for understanding. I'd hang around, but I'm exhausted. Just wanted you all to know you hadn't been forgotten.

That is One hell of a development. I love it! Thanks ng!
I'll be back this evening with more drawings and updates.
Rolled 12, 5, 15, 18 = 50

When the snowstorms settle, Kale is sent with a scouting party. He takes the new Frilla tree and the Nad'lun spyglasses to scope the area. A message is sent to the Rust Pile to give them initial scouting info about the cave.

The fire bombs are retooled to be more efficient with the rocket dust and fix the defects with the previous model.

The development team only makes slight adjustments to the improved grenade launcher and labels it as a prototype. An expenditure report is drawn up, detailing the resources the base spends in a month. Things such as food and fuel. Both are placed into the black box as well as some fire bombs. It is then shipped to the return address.

"My new friend, This is what I spend in a single month, if you wish to setup a trade agreement. I can provide manufactured goods such as this improved launcher for resources I require."

Shoveling the roof of the garden without protection becomes a punishment to promote discipline. Given to the most problematic rookies should they act up. With the new garden set up, Tera makes preparations to move her materials from the Capital to the Kuban base.

While that happens, research turns to the three samples they currently have. They study the growth of the infection on Tera's former arm, the black box arm, and the intern's body.

Hotgan decides to outline his general Polices for interaction with other organizations.

The Council gets forwarded all research data, except that which is done for third parties. They will also receive the general status of the Snow Axes with other recognized organizations.

The Black Ramel gets forwarded all Vyrii research as well as tactical information against the Vyrii. The Black Ramel is a recognized organization in the North. Whereas the Black Box is not recognized at all.

rollin for
moving Tera's garden
scouting with the new Frilla trees and Spyglasses
improving the fire bombs
studying the growth of the samples
Dissatisfaction with growing pressure from the council to put his troops into harms way for things that did not matter forced the leader to start exploring new methods of self sustainability if he was going to protect those he cared about. Terra's garden was easily relocated, but the floating frilla airship and spy glasses were new to Kale, he was never a commander of a ship back home, and got lost with the strong winds blowing him about. It took two full days before he got back home, hungry and tired. The snow axes got an unexpected shipment detailing a recipe, and schematic for the Ta'Mirel rocket dust, along with a warning about it's heat issues and melting launch tubes, as well as the rocket itself. too powerful, too hot. perfect for a bomb. The new bombs worked great, exploding in a blinding white flash, and the fallout continued to burn for moments afterwards, scarring the very rocks. The samples growth was eery. Tera's arm was by now a twisted crystaline mess, twitching occasionally and not resembling much of anything. The black box arm, fresher, and more deliberatly attacked was now a collection of tiny vyrii drones...small, and almost comically harmless looking. They all knew better. Last was the body. It was no further twisted then before, starting to putrifiy, apparently there are limits on how vyrii infect. Tests with the heat packs on the smallest of the vyrii creatures resulted in their termination of function. this was good.
Communication with the syndicate proved to get immediate results, though what faction of the syndicate they dealt with was a curious note. A letter came back with another box. "the fire bombs you set us, as well as the launcher proved to be quite....illuminating for a few of our enemies. nice work. We liberated some metal weave fabric..a few dozen yards. keep safe. Look under the weaves" under the metallic cloth was a strange collection of very...very...dangerous seeds. Carnivorous ragas. why the hell did these come, very illegal to own, easy to grow out of control, almost immediately fatal if it gets roots into you with how quick it leaches out nutrients and fluid. Nightmare made real. It reminded the commander that his new allies were also ruthless criminals. These were old frowg ways of killing.
The infected arm took on no hostile shape of a vyrii, but instead started to vibrate and pulse at regular intervals. this was concerning.
The ta'mirel had diversified themselves, and by doing so disappeared somewhat off of the radar. It benefited them at this junction in time, until a new council was elected more sympathetic to their cause or loyal to their memory. The build up must continue. To this effect the improved turbine technology had to keep getting pushed, the rocket powder needed more understanding still if it were to be weaponized properly with local resources. Their allies in the syndicate, and connections to the Onolkeshan and other factions were paying off as they could spread their knowledge and resources more easily. The lemgineers started building a new mass transit system for the first time since the ancient roads, on the surface it was a way to share resources and help people get around, but in reality it was in the ta'mirel's mind a quick way of transporting troops, resources, and weapons. Continued improvements on the scout gliders were being worked upon, as well as implementing a turbine engine. Spoiling food was a problem for many, or at least keeping it's longevity, and research into keeping things at a stable temperature was underway. The council was fond of this, but again, it had a more significant application of allowing lem to stay colder longer, in hotter climates.
The Onolkeshan were researching the frowgs extensively, with their consent many experiments were being preformed, building off of earlier knowledge into their electrical capabilities and ways to replicate and augment them.
Rolled 5, 2, 10, 15, 12, 7, 10, 13, 18, 9, 4, 20, 15 = 140

The Syndicate was infighting at an all new level, with a recent merger between the major organizations meant to bring about unity and greater power over the council, a few assassinations later it devolved into a brutal gang war with everyone trying to carve a piece of the old organization out for themselves. Legacies were being made and shattered every day.
The Enforcers were told by the Onolkeshan navy of all places, that they may be getting some help in the continued effort to cut down crime. They had cutting edge equipment, but were lacking in man power, sorely so. It was hard to encourage the younger members of society to put their life on the line, or to not join a gang. They got most of their new recruits from military rejects, either too insubordinate, too old to serve on the front lines, or just feeling a need to come back home. A few lem were starting to make their way into their ranks, but they were strange, and very polarized, when they went out violence followed in their wake so they were often reserved for the very worst situations in the very worst neighborhoods. The commissioner would have killed for some regular people.
rolling for: turbine development, rocket powder, launch mechanisms, mass transit, scout glider upgrades, cooling, insulation, frowg electricity, frowg amp suits, batteries, syndicate war, syndicate business, enforcer recruitment
turbines dont progress much further under the study of the lem, rocket powder continues to be volatile at best but a new delivery method was puzzled out in the form of an elongated projectile. First stage is a standard explosive charge clearing it out of the barrel and up to speed, leaving the rocket to fire. Utilizing a smaller amount of the dust allows for a continuous burn without completely burning through the shell of the projectile. Borrowing on inventions found abroad a rail system is under construction using the turbine engines to propel large flat slabs forward. tests are proving successful on a small scale. The scout gliders continue to be refined and their structure will support a turbine. good times there. Attempts into the field of cooling and insulation are accademic right now, with no physical results. Some hope the research the Snow axes are preforming on the vyrii will yield results. The electrical research of the Onolkeshan proves fruitful and experimental frowg amp suits are in production. These allow the frowg to store, and magnify their own powers as well as charge the new small batteries that have been developed. They are currently used in novel applications such as ignition devices for starting fire or sparks. The syndicate war is heating up worse then ever before, and the Enforcers have had to leave the lower levels to fend for themselves as they just attempt to contain the overspill of violence. Syndicate business on the other hand, without oversight from now dead bosses, and interference from the enforcers is at an all time high with the denizens of the lower city relying on them for everything from weapons, to protection to even food. This however is driving those who dont join gangs to join the enforcers in an attempt to take back their home, and it is no small number of the angry and disenfranchised.
The accident with the distillery raises some alarms among the denizens of the hideout village Yu'laae.
They realize how one big fire could destroy their whole village, and thus they try to device ways of improving the fire safety of their homes.
They are also trying to scavenge and learn from the blown up distiller, so that the death of it's builder wouldn't have been in way.
In addition, they are trying to find ways of treating the burn wounds on the children.

The pirates finally return to the familiar waters after their long voyage down south. They bring with them a detailed map of the southern coasts, knowledge of the archipelago and it's denizens, the curious and playful Sea Maidens, and an oath to return back to south peak, to claim the trader companies who refused their offers earlier.
The pirates release the sea maidens to Yu'laae, to the bewilderment and amusement of the denizens of the hideout island. Some of the pirates continue their efforts to train and teach these mischievous hoppas, who are busy exploring their new home.
The returning pirates are quick to start preparing their departure back to south, to both acquire the trading outpost of south peak, as well as to begin true trade with the Izileth, and perhaps capture even more Sea Maidens. They gather supplies and rally more forces behind their mission, so that they would surely succeed.

The old man heads out to the sea, to hunt for more artifacts. The crew of his ship are somewhat skeptical of their new captain, but the old man has decades of experience at sea so he should know what he is doing.
Rolled 1, 12, 16, 19, 4, 20, 9, 3, 3, 1 = 88


The Slizer's continued spread upriver in the guise of companies under Dancing Boomer inn has forced it to deal more and more with the more traditionalist elements of the Nad'lun nation. They try their best to keep a clean image while operating upriver and to strike fair deals with the farmers, herders and artisans of the riverside plains and the miners and lumberjacks of the great lakes.

The "incident" at the coast of the central continent was out of K'nia's plans, but she tries to make as good use of it as she can. She tries to get rumors to circulate on Isaal, about how the Slizers managed to beat an armada of 40 ships with just few of their own. The assistance of the enclave ship is conveniently left out of the tales. She also considers the offer of the enclave, and decides to send out few scouts to asses the situation in the great city of the enclave. Perhaps the north could hold treasures that would further her plans after all...

Rolling for: 10 rolls
Improving safety of hideout village.
Salvaging the distiller and learning from it.
Developing methods to heal burn wounds.
How well the sea maidens fare in their new home. (do they start breeding for example?)
Teaching the sea maidens further.
Preparing for the second trip down south.
Artifact hunting.
Increasing influence and striking fair deals in the upriver areas of the Nad'lun nation.
Spreading misleading rumors of the incident at the coast of the central continent.
Scouting the great enclave city.
Okay, not going to lie, that's actually rather adorable. :3

Anyway, have some events from the Edtat side of the tracks.

The loss of a huge number of the young and elderly hits the tribe hard, and those few fire seekers who are left are hunted down and those that survive become ever more reclusive. Interestingly many of them are younger, as these younger ones are increasingly resentful of the elders who punished them. When the older push hard yet again, then their frustration grows.

The Edtat begin instating a number of strict laws, and reinforce them with religious edicts, citing the seriousness of the loss of life. These taboos are often punishable by death. To enforce these edicts sees the creation of a new priestly class (over several decades). The young are the most often punished, as the folly of youth is not ever forgiven.

The next generation groans under the weight of their elders...
Rolling for
1: Population increase
2: Is there a Social Revolution (Relaxation of the Edicts)?
3: Does it turn into a Violent Uprising (Fighting the Previous Generation)?
Rolled 7, 16, 6 = 29

How this plays out I'll leave to a GM.
File: 1353363310216.png-(48 KB, 1100x800, Training the Sea Maidens.png)
48 KB
Bumbing with a work in progress picture of a pirate an a bunch of sea maidens.

It is pretty quiet here btw, hopefully this doesn't die during my sleep.
Oh hey, the thread did't 404 while I was gone
So lets talk about time, and ideas. The old get older, the young..some of them cling to the old ideals, some of them form their own new ones. Those young have young, and the process repeats. Now the problem here is that the young began to just disregard the population, little squabbles, full blown arguments and family destroying ideological differences. While not outright civil war, the tribe is separated into two camps, skirmishes and brawls, some have been killed. It is escalating quickly. Both sides have raids planned to stop the other, and left unchecked it may end disastrously. Wood spears were sharpened, flint blades were knapped and a way of life was about to be defended to the death.
From the council of a northern city of people they would call demons, now far out of their minds with more pressing matters, a delegation is headed south, to these people in an attempt to make peaceful contact. One cart loaded with food, tools, pictograms, and small statues based off the mevola corpses that were retried...though these are made to look alive. All intentions are to appear as friendly as possible, at the same time no one wants to die at the hands of something that might not even be sapient. The more charismatic races of the Enclave took the lead, with the lem taking up the rear of the formation. Idle chatter passed the time, with the skulks shooting nervous glaces at the lem. Above them a joorod rode atlop a friendly TentaFlouz. Looking through a spyglass, something in the distance resembling a half torched village with two new settlements on either side was found. (about to derp right into this one folks.)

((so fortune, its your call from here, how to escalate it, how to handle it, what happens.))
The Slizer hidden village experiences their worst fears, and the ward housing the burned children who were recovering is one of many that is caught up in a conflagration that guts 3/4ths of the residential district. A lot of people were hurt, and a few were killed. It was pure luck that it was mid day. The fire was brought under control by the smiths and forgemaster of all people, using quick thinking they took a hose that normally was used for exhaust, and destroyed a forge cannibalizing the bellows. the hose was put into some rain water and pumped at the fire. Moral is a little low, but the maidens are oddly good at soothing the injured, grinding up certain plants, added to their own spit and applying them to the wounded, scrubbing off dead skin, the burned recover quickly but have scars to show for it. The Distillery project was further torched but the fire, however the gist of how it works is apparent. Boil the alcohol out of the rum, leave everything else behind, but regulating that temperature is hard and vaporized alcohol is dangerous. it will take some work to get it down to a science. The maidens take to their new home well, but people are too busy and angry to try and teach these curious beings, often snapping at their antics in this inappropriate time.
K'nia helps clean up the burned homes and instructs all efforts be put towards making new ones that must be built with hoses for water, this disaster will not happen again. The next visit to the southern region to visit the trading companies is a little more forceful, two thirds of the slizers armada is geared up for war. Their reputation for destroying the armada in the southern oceans is disputed as hot air and lies, but a grain of fear is there, as none of the sailors ever returned home. "old man" (who needs a better name) is cruising the calmer seas, and coastal waters indulging in a bit of old fashioned piracy...his methods are a bit more ungainly, and brutal then the slizers usual, he also flies his own flag on the loaned ship...it was only a matter of time, one night at port when the crew was celebrating he took off on his own, picking up a less morally bound crew at another port. laughing at his brilliant deception he called out to the ocean and winds "BLACK SOCKS SAILS AGAIN!" the bastard. Efforts up river are being completely stalled by the southern trade companies using their influence over the locals, threatening to close ports and worse. Those scouts who go to the great city turn up dead a few weeks later, hung upside down outside of a bar in the local area with a note pinned to them by knife. "stay the fuck out." it was crude writing, possibly done by a local gang. unprofessional. possibly racially motivated.
Oh man I've got reading to do... I might not even get rolls in tonight
As always, I'll be back this evening.
File: 1353400667782.png-(52 KB, 969x461, Cos.png)
52 KB
Dinoslug Bump
Rolled 8, 11, 9, 10, 18, 19, 14, 7 = 96


The recent events have been quite setbacks for the Slizers. Their main focus right now is in restoring Yu'laae and holding their current assets. The piratical campaigns against the joorod vessels continues, as does the smuggling and the operations of the pet companies of the Slizers. They are still trying to spread their operations upriver, trying to appear honest and reveal the shady business of their competitors.

The treachery and increasing opposition her group is facing in their home turf and beyond has caused K'nia to start considering seeking new allies. The fleet heading south is ordered to both claim the South Peak trading company, peacefully, if possible and to contact the Izileth once more, in hopes of hiring them as warriors to help the Slizers in their upcoming operations. To do these tasks, the fleet is given considerable amount of goods and valuables to trade.
K'nia also sends few of her crew with Sea Maidens to Naun'as, the Nad'lun capital. She hopes to gain favors of the Shaman council, for successfully uniting a lost sibling of the hoppa people back to the herd.

The treachery of the "old man" enraged K'nia enough for her to take K'nula's Revenge and her best pirates along on a hunt for the bastard.

Before she left on her vengeance, she ordered that the deaths of the scouts send to enclave capital should be investigated. Now with more heavily armed group of warriors.

Rolling for: (8 rolls)
Restoring hideout village.
Holding and maintaining current assets and operations.
Spreading pet companies operations upriver.
Buying out South Point.
Hiring Izileth mercenaries.
Showcasing the Sea Maidens to the Shaman council.
Tracking down the "Old Man".
Investigating the deaths of the scouts.
Desperate need of bump.
(rules of failure are in act)
Yu'laae is recovering slowly, homes are being rebuilt and families are sharing homes, with the more dominant pirates out on something a little short of a crusade. The slizers enemies pull at them while the bulk of their fleet is south, attempting to dislodge the pirates from their territory. However the slizers have the men, ships, and firepower to keep them at bay until they can regroup. The companies slowly spread upriver, starting with Dancing boomer bars/inns then spreading with Canneries and boat repair stations. A few sea maiden massage parlors open up which prove to be popular as an exotic novelty. Everyone wants to meet the lost cousins of the hoppas. South point trading initially refuses the buy out, until more aggressive tactics are taken. A little exchange of words, cannon fire, and some shed blood later, the south point traders seem to be short a few owners. damnedest thing. K'nia takes control of the company at a reasonable discount, buying out the less then eager sub owners. Now in control of the south point traders, the Izileth are fine with working for the Crimson Slizers, and every boat is ordered to be outfitted with "crows nests" as the warriors make fine scouts and shock troops. little pun there. The izileth for their part find the pirates to be a bit misguided and aimless, but not dishonorable. Their targets are never truly innocent, often the powerful or corrupt.
The Council is introduced to these maidens, who's shamans eagerly attempt conversation. The introductions and discussions last about a day. In the end the shamans have managed to gain a large amount of insight into the sea maidens, and even educated the maidens on traditional hoppa culture. They are still a bit more capricious and playful then a normal person, finding the southern territory to be more to their taste. They are welcome to roam the Alun lands, to live amongst it's people, and multiply. The Sea maidens did find something of interest from a mining town on the way to the shamans. Cave hoppas seem to delight them, and they treat them almost as living stuffed animals/ pets, carrying them about constantly and feeding them treats. This sometimes leads to the cave hoppa's own obesity. The pirates eventually find they are good for keeping the children busy as well, and soon they spread throughout the hideout and other islands. Finally, the shamans are not dumb, they are aware of the Slizer's activities but they see through to their character and know them to be of a hidden mercy and kindness, if wrapped in a thuggish nature due to a more hostile land. For this great spiritual and physical contribution to the Nad'Lun they have a voice to the ear of the Council....And now the "old man". He had aged quite well in reverse, and was now looking at the peak of his life, no longer withered and bowed he stood slightly taller then any other hoppa, with brilliant coloration and a wild glow in his eyes. His crew had a hard time not obeying him from the raw force of personality, and charisma he had. K'nia was a day behind her quarry. The exploration team came to a stop in the enclave capital city docks. Everything was huge and busy. they had no idea where to start or what to do, so they sat on the river barge for a bit.
File: 1353433638264.jpg-(27 KB, 454x365, marx bro.jpg)
27 KB
Rolled 20, 2 = 22

> mfw that first paragraph
Someone is already detecting the new theme of this civilization, perhaps? Glorious.

Mevola, for all their strangeness act so very very human. They panic, and when one threatens the other, they double down. A disastrous feedback loop that seems to play itself out across civilizations.

When the "demons" arrive, they greet what they think is a united tribe, unaware that only moments before, one side was sharpening spears and the other was readying lighting bolts (lightning-benders, muwahahah!).

The arrival of these strangers makes them pause. One side stops out of sheer terror, the others, the younger, those who wield thunder in their hands, almost out of wonder. They had forgotten why their ancestors originally utilized the power of fire. The "demons" had instead been mythologized into... something akin to angels, or gods. Thus, they are in awe of these arrivals, and their bizarre forms. Across a muddy field they stood, gazing at one another. The Edtat, and the Enclave.

Let's hope nobody does anything rash...

> Rolling for:
1. The reaction of the Young/Fire-Seekers/Lightning-Wielders. The higher the result, the more positive their reaction to their "angels".
2. The reaction of the Old/Traditionalists. The higher the result, the more positive the reaction to the newcomers (even if that means they are too scared to do anything).
File: 1353434161261.jpg-(189 KB, 394x600, suit up, it's gonna be le(...).jpg)
189 KB
Awww, shit... the young welcome the aliens, and the old attack them... May the gods have mercy on our souls. How do the lem react?

> Rolling for:
1. Enclave reaction to the Edtat's behavior (however the GM chooses to manifest their respective 20, then 2). A higher result means a better outcome for the Edtat.

A 20 would be the Enclave stopping them before any fighting gets started.
Rolled 13

Herp-derp, forgot dice.
File: 1353437836932.png-(200 KB, 1100x800, Training the Sea Maidens.png)
200 KB

The recent events have had unforeseen effects on the Slizers, which has forced K'nia to hasten her plans somewhat. Despite of this, the pieces for the first act of her plan are more or less in place. The stage is set and the time for aggression is now. The Crimson Slizers will begin a series of aggressive attacks against their enemies, hit and run attacks against their warehouses, raids on their trade ships, boarding and blundering. They will weaken them with fast and destructive attacks, take over their ships and strengthen themselves in doing so. Their enemies will regret ever attacking the Slizers.
Their ships have gathered in Yu'laae to be armed and crewed. The southern fleet is returning with a sizable force of hired Izileth warriors.Now, the Slizers would start hunting down those who formerly hunted them. The pet companies of the Slizers are instructed to covertly sabotage the ships of their enemies, so they could be easy prey for the Slizers.

The Slizers try to use the knowledge they received from the council and their own experience to further teach the sea maidens in Yu'laae. They could help the pirates in their daily lives, and due to their swimming and diving capability, they could be excellent helpers to sailors.
The Sizers are also trying to show the council the wrongdoings their competitors did in their attempts to oppose the pet companies. They hope that with the aid of the council they could force the competitors to back off on their attacks against the Slizers.
They are also asking if there is any problems the council might have for the Slizers to solve.
Rolled 12, 14, 5, 6, 7, 20, 7 = 71

Meanwhile, K'nia continues her hunt for the "Old man". She is determined to catch that bastard, get all that there is to know about the artifacts out of his head, and then carve the orb out of his damned head herself.

The scouts at the enclave city try to find any local alun, who might have settled either in the city itself, or near it, to acquire more information of the place.

Rolling for:
Raiding campaign against the enemies of the Slizers.
Sabotaging the competitors of the Slizers.
Training the Sea Maidens.
Exposing the competitors of the Slizers to the council.
Seeking jobs from the council.
Hunting the Old Man.
Acquiring info of the Enclave capital.
File: 1353451903823.png-(67 KB, 800x600, Houyi redesing.png)
67 KB
So very quiet. Hopefully this game will pick up back to speed soon.

Anyways, here is a potential redesign for the Houyi. Tell me what you think.
The houyi NEED to be redesigned, so any ideas are welcome. I regret my original design for them, as they are basically hydralisks.

For those who don't know, the houyi are aggressive, social and very intelligent serpent like predatory creatures who have an inborn understanding of basic combat tactics. Their main weapon are small shards that they can launch with terrifying speeds in a reflex that resembles sneezing. The shards are produced from sand the creatures swallow and their body processes.
They posses equal intelligence to the tribal species, and wage war against insectoid sandoni hordes in the central continent.

The history of this creature is as follows.
In the central evo thread long time ago, someone got a roll in a mutation tablet for the ancestors of these things, which gave them the sand projectile weapon.
This inspired me to evolve them into basically hydralisks, which I grew to regret eventually.
From that time onward, I have been troubled by the Houyi as I don't really want to retcon them, but nor can we have blatant hydralisk ripoffs slithering around. Coming up with a better design for them is the only way they can be retained in the game, without retconning anything major, in my mind at least.
File: 1353452040121.png-(35 KB, 652x656, snake houyi.png)
35 KB

For reference, this is the original design of the Houyi.

As you can see, we can't have this thing around. I have had some trouble with the urge to create reference creatures during the primordial evo games, but the Houyi are the most blatant ones, and they need to be fixed.
File: 1353453167123.png-(1.6 MB, 1600x1200, mevola pair 01.png)
1.6 MB
Yeah, pretty fucking quiet, but what do you want? I was working on this thing.

Well, I mostly just want this thread to stay alive while I sleep, though I would appreciate any input you might have on the houyi redesign issue.

Anyways, I am off to bed.
I've been gone a while, so it might seem a bit quieter I suppose.
Looks great, the details are astounding. I would however add some more dramatic shading, especially shadows cast by limbs on other parts of the body. That said, your linework is excellent. Keep up the awesomeness.
Alright. Lets get back to work

General Prebyn is distressed. He is finding it more and more difficult to find the numbers to accomplish every task needed to prepare for the first crusade against the Vyrii. The number of soldiers, once seen as sufficient to deal a mighty blow to the Grey-Skins (A term in the ABR for the Vyrii), now seems like only enough to barely defend Rust Pile and Boneflakes if they are attacked by a full swarm. Even the settlers, who the Command Council had thought would allow the ABR to become fully independent, are unable to fullfil the obligations that the ABR places upon them, for though they wish to expand, they have not the numbers. And the Council will not send aid, leaving the ABR on its own. Prebyn refuses to accept this, and sends several dozen officers down to the Enclave Capital and the major settlements of the member nations, to recruit young frowgs and dissastisfied or restless lems, to join the Blackrests. Those same recruiters keep eyes out for joords and Rylai, to join the settlers at Bone Flakes. Hopefully this will be a one time occurance, which would keep the ABR independent from the Enclave
Rolled 13, 17, 7, 13, 4, 17 = 71


All is not lost for the ABR despite its desperate need of greater numbers. Work continues on its current projects. The mine needs to be reinforced so that a collapse does not occur again, and nearly all the lemgineers are tasked with shoring up supports, and finding veins of metal if they can. Five of the remaining Lemgineers lead a housing project, meant specifically for the Skulks that the ABR has. These greenhouses are to be based of the ones used by the Snow Axes. The rest of the Lemgineers are ordered to teach the settlers again, but they must now include many Blackrests, who repaint their crests to be striped with yellow in addition to the black. This is the first of the Command Councils attempts to increase the diversity of the ABRs resources.

The rest of the army is set to work preparing for the First Crusade, as the Command Council dubs the planned campaign against the Vyrii. It is so named because they are sure it will be the first of many. The preperations consist of improving discipline and formation through a series of drills. Specialists are selected to learn to use the new flamethrowers, and bulky, giant lems or frowgs are chosen to wield the new shields, to be the "Wall" in the planned formations.

Rolling for
Recuritment of Soldiers
Recruitment of Settlers
Establishing the mine part two:electric boogaloo
Establishing a proper engineers corp
Training of current Blackrests
Some fine rolls if I say so myself. Only bad roll is the Engineer corp. Hopefully fresh recruits will solve that
More meat for the grinder, eh, Bronze?
Rolled 11

The traditionalists see something even greater of a threat then these young upstarts. Once they stop the demons for the survival of their tribe, they can focus on saving the young from themselves. (using the roll result as a determination of level of force) The warriors charge, intent to slay the "demons". A hard fact of life is revealed at this moment, no matter how strong your will, desire, or hope..sometimes its not enough. Ranged weapons cut down the mob in quick order. Though the youths were about to come to blows with their elders, possibly to the death, some of them feel emotions that are unexpected. Sadness, pain at seeing family die before them, then back to a hard hear that they were prepared to go down that path. It is confusing...battle, this concept. Fire, thunder and smoke. An unfamiliar stench hung in the air of the Edtat, it was the chemical reek of burnt explosives. The wounded traditionalists were staggering around, dazed, some crawling or writhing on the ground groaning and calling out, others still to never move again. The ground wet with their sap. Carefully the delegation went forward attempting to surmise the destruction, and see if aid could be rendered. This was not turning out like they hoped. The other camp still watched no motion to attack. (rolling to see if the troops can provide aid to the fallen)
Those who could stand back away, angrily from their enemies, those too weak to properly fight back were bandaged, or sealed with medicines similar to use for skulks. It helped some, but others slipped away further. This wasn't how it was supposed to turn out for either side. There was supposed to be a glorious battle, liberation, freedom against their oppressors.They were supposed to beat the foolish young down, kill them in need be, set the tribe back on the right track and save them all from self destruction. It was supposed to be a peaceful meeting, a chance to make allies.
The shiny creatures came forward, thundering sticks at the side. So many of different shapes, a few remaining behind tending to the fallen traditionalists. They kept pointing to the wounded and dead. A threat? But it didn't stop and one of them kept getting closer. The young prepared for a fight, some were backing up. Finally a four armed creature grabbed the advancing one by the shoulder and stopped it. Taking a roll of cloth it held out an arm and bound it in front of them, then pointed again to the fallen. The message was clear, they wanted help trying to save the traditionalists. They could...save them? or kill them...or leave them to their own. It was what they would have visited on them.
File: 1353475481763.png-(1.92 MB, 1738x1093, behemoth_01.png)
1.92 MB
Truly, not only were these angels of fire mighty and powerful but merciful too! The young, while shocked at the carnage, also realize that while their strange angels had saved them from the oppression of the elders, the angels demanded they be merciful in victory.

Begrudgingly, they assist the elders. Still, this is exciting, a new age has truly dawned for the tribe. A time of learning, of knowledge... of FIRE!

PS. For you, nongent, a preview of some of the work I've been doing for Valley of the Giants.
The slizers are out looting, pillaging, stealing ships and raiding warehouses, beating people up but not too often killing. ((these guys sound a lot like the idealized yakuza of video games.)) Their enemies boats begin to have mysterious problems in rougher seas that make them easy prey for the pirates. The continual efforts of training the sea maidens pays off and some of them are able to be serious enough and focus long enough to preform real tasks. The council is unsure that the Slizers are completely right about their competitors and will launch a quiet investigation into the allegations of abuse, extortion, and cruelty towards farmers and workers. The council tasks the slizers to bring them proof, and of all the things for them to have to deal with, they attach about 30 shamans in training to travel with the pirates, judge their character, and see these injustices for themselves. They will act as crew members and be expected to do what is told of them, within reason. K'nia finds the "old man" Black socks, the bastard pirate at a bar on a remote island away from slizer territory. More frequented by the other pirate groups. "It took you long enough. come have a seat we have things to talk about." She drew her red pistol and shot him in the back of the head. Blacksocks slumped over, spilling his mug of rum. She looked at the body. "you know...that hurt." she was shocked.
hot damn. i like it. I would bulk it up in the tail and arms, maybe make the elbow blade longer, but then i always do that. It looks suitably removed from a hydralisk now.
I like it, I look forward to seeing it finished.
The lemgineers were never told not to dig for survivors in the collapse, so they did. And a fair number of the workers are recovered. New soldiers from the city, and outlying settlements eager for a change of pace, some adventure, or maybe a higher calling . Either way, from the city and the settlement the ABR gains the bodies it needs, and none of them have any idea what they will soon face. The snowaxes blueprints were good enough to make up for a lack of familiarity with the greenhouses and a few were built, but skulks will have to share rooms. that's ok. they like it that way. Frowgs continue to try and peer into the windows of the greenhouses. something is wrong with those kids...one of them got his face stuck to the glass. The mine is reinforced and new metal is found. The attempts to train professional engineers fall quite short, but the recruits try hard to learn from the lemgineers. The blackcrests train hard at their own skills, and pick up a bit of engineer and survival skills. They use it to built expedient shelters for combat and bad weather, traps, and more.
File: 1353496137042.png-(26 KB, 800x600, 1340640806514.png)
26 KB
File: 1353515372546.png-(31 KB, 456x656, Sniper_Houyi.png)
31 KB
Happy Thanksgiving peeps,
be driving round the country.
Will check in when I can.
File: 1353527742624.png-(125 KB, 800x1000, Houyi redesign 2.png)
125 KB

Here is another go at the Houyi.
If other people have any ideas for the appearance fo the houyi, feel free to share them.
Perhaps bulkier arms and an overall less zergy design would help them be more unique. Maybe make ad a couple of smaller scythes to complement the main ones.
>totally not a hyrdalisk, guys
It was a moment of weakness for us. Well for the rest of these guys. I wasn't around when these creatures were made. And if you think this is bad, you should've seen the blungs of south continent.
File: 1353530654081.png-(95 KB, 1054x656, running devil.png)
95 KB

The thing is, that the ancestors of the Houyi already looked zergy, without me having anything to do with them.
Here is a picture for reference.
When they evolved the sand shard projectiles due to the roll someone else made, I just couldn't resist making them hyrdalisks, which was a mistake, but we can't really retcon them either at this point.


Read the thread. Them being too hydralisk like is the problem.
I am in the concept art / planning phase of a graphic novel I intend to pitch at some point, and i litterally had to remove an entire racial species from the plot because there are no "primal agressive perfector alien" species left to create. every possible good backstory and art concept for this concept has been taken and I would feel retarded publishing anything so similar to preconcieved art.
File: 1353532981771.png-(129 KB, 800x1000, 1353527742624.png)
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overlapping "cheeks" with ragged holes in them that show the layers behind, stretched and lowered neck, split the arm bones then rejoin them in the forarm, the back crest instead of being a nicely fused solid peice on each scale is now three smaller scales overlapping, sort of looking like a dragon fruit.
dont give up too easily. there is always a way. a person is often limited first and most severely by their own self imposed limitations.
Rolled 2, 2, 19 = 23


The Slizers continue their work on strengthening their positions on Isaal and the seas. They have no more reason to hide their activity anymore, due to their sheer might, as well due to the fact that they are now operating under the council approval.
They openly conduct their business on the streets of Isaal, as well as port their ships on the harbor. Those
They do their best to give the shamans investigating their claims a good impression of themselves, they crew the shamans on their trade ships instead of the ones conducting more shady businesses.

K'nia tries to interrogate Black Socks.

Rolling for.
Strengthening the positions of the Slizers and their pet companies.
Giving a good impression to the investigators.
Interrogating Black Socks.
bump digity bump. Rolls will be coming later
Rolled 17, 11, 17 = 45

'"Reinforcements have arrived, General"

Those are the words that Captain Vontil, of the Ta'Mirel reports to Prebyn with. Vontil is the most senior officer from the new recruits after ten weeks of hard training. He is an eager fellow, only recently divided from his "brother." He hopes to prove himself against the Vyrii and Prebyn, despite the misgivings of the Command Council, intends to let him have the chance. Vontil is to lead a mixed force, composed mostly of the new recruits, but containing many veteran Blackcrests. This force, known as Second Sword, is to find a large concentration of Vyrii, smash them, and then establish a forward base for fighting the Greyskins. General Prebyns faith in Vontil and the recruits is so great he is willing to risk sending the Black Ramel with them. This is what the ABR has been waiting for, a push into Vyrii lands, and the begining of the First Northern Crusade.

Three rolls, all for the Second sword
Finding Vyrii
Killing Vyrii (if first roll fails, then this means killing bunches of small groups of vyrii)
Building a forward base
Rolled 9, 6, 14 = 29

Das ist gut!

I've got time for a couple more rolls it turns out.... lets see..

I've got no time to elaborate, so I'll just make rolls

Setting a weapons and armor production
Creating a breed of small, fast ramels
Creating a breed of big, strong ramels
File: 1353549728043.jpg-(37 KB, 400x394, Waitasecond.jpg)
37 KB
Rolled 10, 10, 19 = 39

No light cavalry ramels for me. Though that's a good step towards making titans.

Have a dishonorable, evil, and confused log'ead
A wet season is upon the western continent. In the south the monsoons settle in, and the seas grow restless and rough. the experienced or crazy are those who go out into the open seas. Rain across the continent as you go north slowly turns into wet slush, then to blizzards and ice storms.
The Slizers use their connections with the shamans, some gullibility of the locals and a little interpretive describing of their position within the slizers to expand their companies, this rubs the investigators the wrong way, very much so as they are shamans in training and not yet with the wisdom of a long life lived. Impatient and easily frustrated with things outside their norm. K'nia and black socks have a long conversation, her holding the gun to his gonads with the promise that there are some things that orb just wont heal. A few shots later and black socks told the story of betraying his old crew, finding the orb a life time ago, how he lost it when his crew ambushed him, how he poisoned them all in the treasure cave. Unlocking the orb's full potential for regeneration takes a long time to master, and even after pulled the effects linger for a few days. That is only the tip of it's power. The voices of the sky let you know where you are at all times, and tell you things, locations of more items sometimes. Usually ruined things when found, beeping away dimly...sometimes more. There was more. A pull, ever to the main settlement of the nad'lun. why he didnt know. it could be ignored...((pirate hoppa slave wat do?))
Vontil and the second swords head out with the god beast "black". The oldest and largest creature, name sake of the ABR. A day and a half of marching lead them to a vyrii camp,leading to a hard lesson for the new recruits. Vyrii will burrow and wait. as the army attacked the exposed vyrii larger war forms burst from the ground. Thankfully they did have the black ramel. With stomping feet, and crushing blades the beast decimated the enemy, shooting crystallized blood from its snout cannon at those outside it's reach. The monsters were beaten with clubs and broken to pieces, some burned with flamethrowers. Samples were carefully gathered and boxed up to be studied by the snow axes, and as a token of good will, the capital researchers as well....which was as well, because the capital forces sent a team of about 10 researchers, they can work as medics in a pinch, but their main objective is to understand the vyrii, see what can be learned from them, and kill them all. The forward base was just that. A deep hole dug into the group, posts into the frozen dirt, and a roof with the dirt piled back onto it. a narrow gap let you see out. The second sword settled in, but the black ramel was returned home to feed.
Ice storms were getting bad, and avalanches were happening with frequency, soon travel would be restricted, then impossible due to the storms. Already at the forward base complaints of wind so strong it would pull the feathers right off of a joorod were coming in. It was lem weather, and if there were any descendents of the K'lahk, even mixed bloods, they would go on patrol as well. This was their territory and time of the year. It was ok, this would be a time for the ABR to get supplies from the south, to recover. The first of these re supplies arrived. Strange objects, "batteries", and a new back half for their cannons and guns. lighter, no moving parts? A note was found. "check these out. electrical firing device. put the battery (that round thing), into the slot. its good for a while before it needs a charge from a Frowg. speaking of frowgs, wait till you get a load of the other crate. -Vizitorion, assistant researcher". In the next few crates they found Frowg "amp" suits. Strange looking, supposed to increase a frowgs electrical power, let them arc their natural electricity once the suit is charged up from them. neat. gonna have to try it out. Overhead for the past few days there was a new kind of scout glider flying around...really fast, gonna have to get a better look at that sometime. The solider kept going through the boxes, finding various surplus weapons refitted to modern specs. This would hold them over until they could make their own weapons, but the forges were behind and it would be at least until the thaw that they were ready. The small fast ramel breeding went poorly with many of them being stunted and unable to grow larger, becoming food. The bigger ramels were more densely muscled with a uniform snout and a markedly nastier temper.
The silence from the snow axes was concerning, and the council feared the worst of their project. Thankfully redundancy was a boon, trading surplus weapons to the ABR for "sanatized" (killed) vyrii parts let them continue research locally. The vyrii exterior shell was remarkably resilient to damage, slashing and piercing was not the best way to harm them. Smashing, or sheer kinetic attacks could crack the crystalline shell. Vizitorion was pulled his current project to study the Vyrii remains. It never ceased to bother him that the Laboratory was situated deep in the lower city, surrounded by explosives. Air quality, and sweltering heat in some areas was an issue the lower you went, but only in some regions, other places it was frigid with crisp cold air. strange. Over the centuries the builders had installed/ carved miles of piping and ducts, and he was sure they were down there or all around, still working away. Enough thought, he turned to the task of studying these remains.
The Syndicate wars were safely out of sight of the upper city, but down here it was a terrible reality of day to day life. Fire bombs, explosives, knives and projectile weapons took life daily, with no stop. It got to a point where the citizens grew used to it and went about day to day life once more, accepting the fact that they were out of the sight of the council. New gangs cropped up representing new ideologies, or protecting their turf as best they could. Occasional new military hardware got stolen and for a while there would be a new heavy hitter until they were taken down. Some even argued the council let it get taken, just to test it, others said how could they when the council forgot they even existed? Meanwhile the enforcers were getting outfitted with Amp suits and high capacity weapons, preparing to take a trip "Down south" into the lower city and start reclaiming territory.
Rolled 3, 20, 3, 7 = 33

previous post: Researching: cooling, insulation, and the first push of the enforcers, the war of the syndicate.

The Ta'mirel needed to settle on a standardized format for the production of the new turbine powered scout gliders...not really gliders anymore. what to call them though?
The were loud and fast, which was good. Long had the scouts watched as the ground forces progressed. Now it was their time. Existing scout glider bases and hubs were retrofitted to support the new systems. The lighter weight components to the cannons was a boon.
An elixir was brewed from various herbs and ground-up fluzpuff wings. The brew was given to Lenarus every few days to rub on his wounds. Outwardly, it appeared to work, but it didn't kill the mold at all. Even so, the elder was seen out and about more, as he thought less of his pains and weariness due to one heck of a placebo effect.
A few years later, he would pass on in his sleep, with everyone believing that it was the elixir keeping him alive.

>As the medicine didn't result in poison, it simply did nothing, thus the roll for how long he hung on for was for how long until natural death; high being a long time, low being in several weeks.
cooling efforts continue to fail, and the researchers shall remain hot and muggy. Insulation efforts however are fantastic. Creating a glass that has similar properties to a vyrii shell the beverages of the enclave shall remain either hot, or cold for a very long duration. Some lem get the inside of their armor coated with the new material. It allows them to operate at a peak capacity for longer in stressful environments. The enforcers lay seige to the known gang controlled lower city entrances to little effect, they even loose some of their members and equipment. The syndicate war has settled down a little into smaller turf wars with the smaller gangs, and established territory for the larger ones. Still a bad time to live in the lower city.
The crew of hoppas from the crimson slizers finally decided to get off the boat and go exploring. There are rumors of hoppas existing in the open section of the city, and they bring their supplies and head out. Wandering for a few days they eventually find a secluded hut by the river with a very old hoppa living there. After greetings and sharing of a meal the old hoppa shares with them that when he was at a local market he was chased down by two hoppas and he gave them information about the city as well as he had known. They ended up going into the lower city, which has apparently become quite the dangerous place. The crew still wants to know whats going on, figure out a little more. They end up at an Enforcer headquarters after getting lost and wandering for another few days. With some choppy communication eventually the navy is mentioned, and they are directed to the Onol* compound....fuck they are walking a lot. Finally they get there.
At the compound the hoppas run into yet another issue. lem. cant talk to em. they have to go find a frowg or joorod to help them out....so the journey continues.
The rainy season is upon them. The thick foliage of the frillas channels the storm's rain to miniature water falls that tavel into the abyss below them that leads to the ground. The flying creatures seek refuge in the trees and those of the forest travel in more predictable paths. The forest giants are aware of this too and are on the hunt! Now though is the time of their own great hunt. (roll for hunting easy prey)
File: 1353604710456.png-(10 KB, 394x294, keepcalm,andpunchon.png)
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Rolled 15, 10, 7 = 32

A thanksgiving bump from a log'ead
File: 1353607275735.png-(71 KB, 832x834, 1333019526447.png)
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Rolled 20

A flouz hunting we go.
Rolled 20, 13, 20, 12 = 65

The Slizers try to show the underlying purpose of their methods to the investigating shamans, and how they avoid greater violence and chaos with slight use of deception and influence.
They are far from the most ruthless group around, and they take pride in it. The less blood is shed, the better.

Some younger members of the Slizers have grown bored of "standard" life among the pirates. Smuggling, piracy, protecting the trade ships, dealing with competitors, it has all grown very stale. They decide to finally utilize the maps of the coastline of the central continent that the enclave gave them. They head out with few ships to seek out adventure and blunder in the strange tides of unknown seas.

K'nia decides to drag Black Socks to the shamans of the council. The shamans are masters of the mind speech and they will surely be able to leech out every ounce of information from the devious mind of his.

The scouts try to find ways of acquiring more information about the enclave, the syndicates and the reasons why they contacted the slizers and offered them the job in the first place.

Rolling for:
Slizers showing the purpose of their methods to the shamans.
Exploring the southern coastline in search of adventure and treasure.
Shamans interrogating Black Socks.
Acquiring information about the enclave and the syndicate.

>dem rolls.

Anyways, bumb.
Hopefully this will be around in the morning.
bronze..thank you. "from the enclave came a very small package, inside were strange sets of clothing and a note "insulated gear to keep the sulks from freezing to death. managed to snag a few and send em your way." The material was unlike anything the commander had seen before.
It was a day of thanks for the Burrahn, the elder hunters took the younger sprouts out in this bountiful season, and so many flouz were killed that season. The flouz had been busy getting to a point of almost over population, and the Burrahn feasted every day this season.
The Pirates educate the shamans on concepts of lesser wrongs, and necessary wrongs for a greater good. Seeing this in action, and seeing what happens when control is not exercised by the pirate's competitors...they see how badly things can go, that not everything is like the upriver settlements or quiet life of the farms. The education continues with them having to participate in the activities. It is a hard but eye opening lesson, to the point where a few of the shamans in training decide they cant go home, that there is too much in the world that needs fixing in the south. This makes the council appreciate them further, as these lessons could not be taught by the elder shamans.
The southern coast line is full of adventure to say the least, the shattered remains of some giant bug hives remain. Exploring about the pirates find strange amber like gems, green in color, everywhere. This is awesome. Collecting them in bags they become unaware of their surroundings and are set upon by some smaller sandoni creatures. Looking around the landscape that resembles a land of sand and termite mounds they realize they have to fight their way out. Firing their revolver hand cannons wildly and throwing lit bottles of rum they make their escape, laughing and shooting back as they run. The team jumps into their boat and gets away from the shore with bugs lining up along the water's edge shrieking. Rum, laughing, boasting, and celebration are in order, and its not even noon yet! Examining the green amber it has a particular aromatic fragrance that is pleasant to the hoppas.
The crew wanders about the enclave capital until they finally make contact with a rather drunk Frowg. He is easy to get along with, and only asks for payment of rum. They have plenty on their ship, and enough on their person. This guy has slummed for a while and knows the ups and downs of life. They get a general overview of the factions and who controls what. Now with an translator they and their frowggy friend walk back to the onol* stronghold. There they get the frowg to talk to the guard, mentioning the rough wave grants them an audience with yet another sub commander of the navy. "he wants to know what you want. no wait...need..want? Sorry my Lemmish is not so good." the frowg slurs.
I have one question. Do Skulks even have body heat? If they don't, insulating clothes will have no use.
Blacksocks is taken to the shamans and thoroughly interrogated. His mind is unraveled by the council, layers of deceit and cunning peeling away, giving to memories, the revelations are shocking. He has existed since before the legendary talisman was found, before the nad'lun were the nad'lun, before there was language. Further interrogation reveals his earliest memories are seeing a streak of light in the sky back when the world was dark and the sky was ash. He and his hunting partner followed it to the impact where they found the glowing orb. As the both went for the orb to get a better look he grabbed a rock and killed his partner. Seizing the orb he held it for a moment before it disappeared. From that day on he slowly grew smarter, stronger, faster...superior to his kind. He has had hundreds of names, and carved a path of discord through the ages. The shamans are shocked. He is the last of his kind, not even a true modern hoppa by blood. It makes sense now, the large rougher features, the strange coloration and pheromones. He is a wealth of history, if from a distorted viewpoint. They are at a loss of what to do with such a unique individual. Dangerous, arguably evil, perhaps a victim of his own nature, but a wealth of knowledge, the last of his kind...there was also the matter of the orb inside him...Scribes spent the next few days with the council in an intensive interrogation, drawing as much knowledge and history from the pirate as possible, while keeping him contained.
neither lem nor skulks have body heat. However if you are warm and comfortable and you are the same temperature as the surroundings you reside in, put on an insulator, you are going to loose that stored heat slower then if you had no insulator. The clothes are more of a full body suit but i'm short on time to make descriptions. basically the same principal as pulling something from the fridge and putting it in a cooler, or something boiling into a thermos. It is no longer being regulated to that temperature, but slowed down significantly. With the natural 20, its gonna work pretty good. To compound on this, the crafty player might take the reccently developed "heat packets" or whatever it was, i think they were probably akin to hot water bottles, and attempt to research a way to marry them to the suits. These could even be good for frowgs. Thought i dont often like to point these things out like this, i prefer players tell and detail their own inventions, explain how it works, as it adds more to the game and is fun. I get bored.
Okay. Heat packets are still a ways off (being pre-medieval times after all), so for now, warm up by a fire before going out to do things.
As for Frowgs, they're one of the... 3 or 4 races with body heat?
Forgot. It's me.
Wait, thought of a medieval heat pack that would work. Hot rocks or sand in a sock. Still requires fire.

With the Burrahn, I'd like to skip forward a few centuries. Lenarus has been forgotten, but legends remain. Young sprouts have passed through foster care throughout the village as always. Hunters bring back food for all. New frillas sprout, the oldest fall. Time goes on.

Rolling for any MAJOR events over the course of 300+ years.
>being isolated from all others, they can easily operate on their own timescale until contact with the outside world.
Rolled 8

Forgot dice.
Rolled 1, 17, 7, 20, 20 = 65

Doopity bumpity. Rolls time

The forward base is named Vontils Camp, after the courageous "young" lem officer, and it is the ABRs first outpost beyond the Rust Pile. To keep it in contact with the Command Council, several of the Skulks at its disposal to the fort. Hopefully these new clothes will help keep the skulks in proper condition while transporting them. A guard of veteran blackcrests is assembled to protect them during the journey.

Can I get a map of the location of the Rust Pile in the north, and its distance from Vontils Camp?

Prebyn wants a strong production line of weapons and armor NOW. He's tired of waiting. Settlers are tasked to help the lemgineers, especially these new settlers. Those with metal working skills are set up as blacksmiths.

The frowg officers are very interested in these new suits.They are first to try them out, and some of the new officers begin playing around, shocking each other and various objects with abandon. Hopefully that will be as good as the actual practice of the senior officers.

Meanwhile, the humble ramel handlers, nearly forgotten, even by Old Ronak himself, continue to search for a breed that will restore the glory of the TItans. Others break away with such an approach, becoming equally dedicated to the idea of small, fast brigades of ramel riders hunting down Vyrii with impunity. Perhaps these two competing ideas will eventually complement each other
The centuries have had their share of ups and downs for the tribe. Years of feasts and decades of famines. There have been skirmishes, battles, and blessedly few wars with the other tribes, but somehow the Burrahn have endured. Occasionally individuals or groups will leave the tribe, sometimes they will come back and even rarer still they may be allowed to return. There have been notable individuals who have come and gone, often their names fall into antiquity and they become nameless legends, or two particular people may become one legendary hero as the tale changes from generation to generation and embellishments are made. To claim stagnation would be a lie, but the Burrahn have not had to adapt much as their world, and their very needs have not changed much. Simple art, carvings in the frilla bark tell stories of individuals in pictures. While seemingly permanent to a few generations frilla bark eventually peels off as more forms, and that lore falls down into the abyss were a lone tribe of ground dwellers may find it, or a sprout may make a connection in it's developing mind. As huts degrade and are rebuilt a village will slowly migrate locations. Even more art and technique is developed in the form of carved wood beads, or even more treasured is adoni amber. Ground materials make for new pigments to be used as paint, or occasionally dye. Some bold individuals will carve into themselves their deeds and accomplishments then smear the dye into those wounds where sap will flow in and seal the pigments. Knot work with vines leads to skilled and clever traps.
A lack of medicine and understanding, along with a shortage of food have left the Burrahn in a familiar situation in their current time. They have fallen out of contact with the other tribes, once again somewhat isolated, with scarce game and a smaller then preferable population. A few new weapons have been developed along the way, as have new forms of armor, though made of the same materials. A few forest creatures have been domesticated.
((tried to leave it vague so you can fill it in the way you want.))
((with no list of rolls i go off of what you listed in order.))
The black crests and skulks were all massacred in a vyrii ambush that ended in an avalanche cutting off Vontils camp for at least a week. Worse still, they are now down a few precious communication skulks with no replacements coming, and it will be a long while before new skulks are born in the greenhouses, who will need to be raised and educated, then willingly stay and join the fight...years. fuck. Prebyn was rubbing his temples trying to stave off a stress headache. At least the weapons manufacturing was up and running and turning out weapons good enough to help the civilians become a proper militia if needed. They were going to have to start drilling soon, learning how to defend themselves. The newer officers are jack asses, and more then adequately display the power the suits can handle. One officer shocks the hell out of another which charges the next suit, and so on.
The last frowg to be shocked has an overcharged suit, visually emitting crackling streamers of electricity. He decided to play a prank on a Joorod cadet. and simply shook his hand, discharging into the poor kid. Let me tell you about the smell of burned joorod. Its a smell you will never forget..it makes you sick, because it smells so damn good. ((like fried chicken.)) The overcharged suit was also heavily damaged. The ABR seems like it may be getting back to it's roots of ramel based warfare. The new lines are progressing to a state of functionality. The smaller faster ramels maintain a growth limit but make for good mounts for the soldiers and breed readily. the Larger ones...just keep getting larger. Still smaller then the black ramel, they may eventually approach it's size with sufficient centuries of life, but are unique in their lineage. Growing to about eight tons in quick order then slowing down, then still fail to lay eggs until approximately twice that size. From there they grow steadily but currently the largest they have are these new breeding pairs.
A joorod trader offers a solution to the ABR's problems of supply. Why process the raw materials when he can take them and return with better quality weapons then can be produced locally? The question does not reach the ears of Prebyn, but a lower officer who agrees to do a small trial run. The joorod takes his glossy black travel cart and company then heads south with the materials. ((roll for quality of the test batch))

captcha says: gunwale rvicefo
It is time for Onolkeshan to get working again! Trips to the faraway lands have revealed that Lem get weaker on warmer climate. They have knowledge how to insulate things to keep them warm to would it be hard to reverse this to keep something cool? Batteries are further studied to see if they have more potential to them apart from making a spark.

Delegate is sent to meet the ABR to make deal with them: If they help Onolkeshan then Onolkeshan will help them. We will always need someone to do dirty work so if ABR sends any extra metal they have to us we will turn it to weapons & armors for them to use.

Onolkeshan have always been adept miners so it is no big news when they attempt to make mechanical tools for mining to make it more efficient.
There is also the fact that the great warships of onolkeshan are getting old. Because of this they now start to make plans for making next generation of warships.

Flying frillas are still not used for their full capacity and as Ta'Mirel are skilled pilots it is their right to be part of the studying them with onolkeshan. a delegate is sent to them to ask their assistance in this project.
Rolled 3, 8, 7, 3, 16, 5 = 42


Slanera island is full of natural resources so it is no wonder Onolkeshan are interested in it. It's time to liberate that island from its minerals! Slanera islands infrastructure is improved for future plans.

The Pirates with their drunken translator have arrived and Onolkeshan officials take them to secure room to talk with them so that no one can hear them. Pirates can easily see how in the shadows there are guards to stop them from doing anything funny. This was clear sign how xenophobic Lem are. Officials can clearly see (and smell) how intoxicated the translator is but they can only hope that he does his job and does not cause any misunderstanding. Official tell him (slowly) that they wish to give give these pirates free hands to operate inside their cities. Normally this would never happen but with this Onolkeshan wish to get rid of the syndicate in their territory. If they accept to do that, Onolkeshan will help them in future by giving them their Blessing (basically this means that Crimson Slitzers are under their protection) and by trining few of them to become skilled saboteurs and assasins with superior Onolkeshan equipments. "You help us, we help you"

Lastly there are the Vyrii. With the ne frest corpses they begin to stufy them carefully to learn every piece of knowledge out of them. Remember that this process is holy for Onolkeshan so it is done with reverence.

Rolling for ways to cool things, Improving batteries, Improving mining tools, Planning next generation of warships, Improving slanera islands Infrastructure and studying Vyrii
((welcome back man. time gone and laws of failure on past projects will be taken into account, so assume that the tribe has been working quietly since you were not posting.))
Notes from the council researchers and even the Ta'mirel lead the Onolkeshan a step closer to some sort of refrigeration device. Early attempts with Sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate, which were normally used in their explosives when added to water had novel results, but warmed too quickly. Perhaps with the new super insulators they could retry this. A frowg scientist who had enough trust to be hired by the Onol has been undergoing a bizarre test using his own urine as part of the chemical process to cool things. (( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refrigeration#Historical_applications )) Batteries are just primitive electrolyte solutions and metal conductors, one researcher plans to emulate the function of the mevola by creating a thicker conducting gel, it should be easy enough. The new mining tool is plotted out on paper and now only needs to be built. A turbine driven cart with a large drilling front. Plans for a new generation of warships cannot be done, and are scrapped in favor of doing a massive refurbishment/ refit and modernization of their existing warships and adding new features. The vyrii are studied in a room that is suspended over a massive smelting pot. The lem are considerably weaker from the heat, and need to be cooled, but this is the best safety mechanism should anything go wrong, the lab will simply be burned in molten steel.
Slanera island was a massive project that has been under work for decades. The local lem population has been strip mining the land for fuel and metal, while the Onolkeshan, Ta'Mirel and Council forces have built a new shipyard, as the land used to build the Origonal warships was in Nad'Lun territory and long since lost to flooding, regrowth of the forest, and a shortage of manpower to properly secure it. The new Slanera isle facilities include a shipyard big enough to house the massive warships, training facility for troops in new forms of warfare and testing equipment, as well as a new "air field"...the base is still growing, but will become a hub for the enclave military. Already one of the giant warships is in dock, undergoing a massive modernization effort.
The Ta'Mirel met with the Onolkeshan delegation to discuss plans. It had been a while. Concerns were shared about the demilitarization of the enclave, their waning strength. The current leaders of the council were bureaucrats, not warriors. They cared for their own power and comfort, ignoring the rot inside their own city. The Ta'Mirel would assist the Keshan in gaining flight if the Keshan helped the enclave move forward. There was a general in the north. A strong Frowg from the Army of the black ramel. he needed to be on the council. The joorod council members were corrupt and needed to die, replaced with a select few from a syndicate the ta'mirel were keeping there eyes on. There were skulks fit for the job, or perhaps the Crimson Slizers. The Keshan looked surprised for a moment "you arent the only one with spies." the conversation went on.
With their combined effort the Enclave could be saved from itself should they accept. The Ta'Mirel had also been working on slanera island. The Ta'mirel interacted with the snow axes by way of their contacts within the syndicate, pulling strings and offering assistance where possible. The snow axes proved that a small lightweight strike force, or recon team can sometimes be a very viable option. A training facility was established on the island for medical training, as well as commando training facility for covert strike teams, suicide squads, and demolition experts. It was dedicated to a concept called "train the trainer" a new generation of warriors were going to be made here, then sent out to bring the rest of the military up to speed.
Should the slizers accept the offer of the Keshan >>21712922 they will be taken to this island for immediate training if they plan to survive long enough to avenge their comrades, and more importantly gain a foot hold into the underworld of the enclave.
Further discussion with the Keshan leads to suggestions of an underground transport system between the various major cities of the enclave. If the new digging machine can be fabricated it should not be an impossible task.
Rolled 12, 6, 9, 6, 3, 12 = 48


The Slizers gladly accept the shaman apprentices who desire to join them, and take them to Yu'laae. They think that the shamans could teach the Slizers a thing or two themselves, they could educate their young with the history of the hoppas, teach them in the scent way and other shamanic skills as well as otherwise help the Alun of the coastal regions.

The young pirates decide to take the abundant bounty of amber they gathered back home to show to the elder pirates. They also try to rally a bigger group to seek adventure in the unexplored around the central continent.

The Shamans of Naun'as do their best to gather all the knowledge their ancient guest has about the history of the Alun people, what he has seen during his long life, what he has done, the people he has met and most importantly, who exactly, he is.
They are recording all they get out of him for further knowledge, while K'nia tries to pick up any clues about additional artifacts from all this knowledge.

The Slizer scouts accept the offers of the Enclave, hoping to learn something new and gain more information which to bring back to their people.

Rolling for:
Shaman's educating the young of the Slizers.
Shamans helping the lives of the eastern coast alun. (Teach them, train them in scent way etc.)
The elders studying the ambers.
Rallying a bigger exploration fleet to the coasts of the central continent.
Gathering and recording information about alun history from black socks.
K'nia finding clues of additional artifacts.
On Slanera island, there is a little airstrip and several buildings surrounding it. It is here that prototyping, test, and evaluation of new aircraft is conducted. The Onol get a crash course on flight technique and aircraft engineering via genetic memory. The rest of what you cant learn so easily is stored in thick tomes. Sitting down the lem attempt to hammer out a functional design. It wont be long though until other members of the enclave want to take a crack at this.

((study this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wing_configuration http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empennage ))

Rules: a 20 will let you pick from any option in the tree, or stick with what you got. ((dont roll till the last table is up))

no armor 1 a lot faster, and you are going to die when hit
light armor 2-10
medium armor 11-16
heavy armor 17-20 a little slower, a lot more fucking durable

Crew: control and size of the aircraft. more crew the bigger you are gonna be.
one man 1-6
two man 7-13
three man 14-18
five man 19-20

Mission: choices, choices
Bomber 1-4 bomb the ground.
Attack 5-8 fly low, kill the ground, personally and with a vengeance
Scout 9-12 unarmed observation/ lightly armed, good at staying around for a long time at a high altitude.
Interceptor 13-16 go very fast to your next location for a precision strike
Cargo 17-20 carry shit.

tube body1-5 standard.
triple tube 6-10 ww2 baby.
blended wing 11-15 you are a big fucking wing.
lifting body 16-20 nice flatter body to help with flying.

tailless 1 fuck that tail. loose some maneuverability
conventional 2-10 tail is in the back
canard 11-19 "tail" is in the front
three surface 20 got a canard and a tail, get some extra maneuverability
Once the basics were figured out it as onto the lifting surfaces. (( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_control_surfaces ))

straight 1-5 long linger, slower speed
swept 6-10 go fast, but can go slow.
Delta 11-15 bigger wing for bigger lift. high speeds only
Trapezoidal 16-20 a compromise between delta and swept

wing Length:
stubby 1-5 good for going fast but not much else
normal 6-15 middle of the road
long 16-20 good for lift and linger

Flight control surface:
simple 1-13 the bare minimum to fly. easy to fix.
advanced 14-19 more precise speed control and shorter take offs/ stalls.
complex: 20 everything prior and leading edge, etc for advanced maneuverability. good luck fixing it.

wing folding:
nothing 1-12 fuck you!
folding wing section 13-16 good for storage or flight
Variable swing/ pivot wing 17-20 good for storage or flight

Tail boom:
tailless 1 fuck you, its easy to fix.
Conventional 2-19
Twin boom 20 two tails?! sweet.

Tail "fins":
none 1 sucks to be you
cruciform tail 2-9 its the standard
T tail 10-14 cruciform on a stick
V tail 16-17 Go fast, save on weight.
twin tail 18-19 slightly less maneuverable then x
X tail 20 best of all worlds
The engines...sorta important. also the extra bits. This one is the last one so roll 17d20 and that is your horrible creation.

one engine 1-10 shot out and you are S.O.L.
two engine 11-14 redundancy and power.
three engine 15-17 common on larger aircraft.
four engine 18-19 getting bigger.
eight engine 20 you are flying something fucking huge. hope you have the runway for it and fuel.

take off method:
conventional 1-15
short take off and land 16-19 good for low speed attacks and increased maneuverability
vertical take off and land 20 you can hover.

Propulsion type:
Jet 1-10 go fast. burn fuel.
Turbo prop 11-20 go slower, burn less fuel.

Engine characteristics:
underpowered 1 life is unfair.
balanced 2-16 nothing special
Raw speed 17-18 go faster
Load lifting 19-20 lift more people/ dakka/ armor

Engine augmentations:
Smokey 1-9 creates a cloud of smog, lets people see you coming, also smogs up the sky for the next guy
Smokeless 10-14 clean burning, no way to follow you home.
afterburner 15-19 go even faster.
thrust vectoring 20 cutting edge maneuverability allowing you to take extra damage to flight controls or just be agile as fuck. harder to fix too

minor additions: the more you get the more stability you get. pick and choose freely. each set of rolls gets you one extra
1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16, 17-20
Wing fence
Vortex generators
"mustache" canards
The shamans are a boon on Yu'laee and help to educate and soften the community by a degree, a scarce few have the aptitude to pick up on the skills of a shaman. The elders do like the smell of the amber, and one of them is fond of keeping it in his mouth and sucking on the strange rock. It is...tasty...and relaxing. The young pirates will have to wait for another season, as the monsoons are in full swing now and not too many sailors are eager to risk their lives. Black socks swings in and out of a dazed state, but abruptly locks his own mind down after weeks of being examined. His more primal nature had shown through and one of the interrogators was knocked out from psychic feedback. During black sock's ramblings he talked of an island where the rocks would burn holding the guardian who watches the way to the sister of the light bringer which will dwell in the black ocean above. Well, it was something. She trotted off to try and figure it out, look over her notes, and maps, see if any of her crew know anything of such a place. The old man's strange diving suit was unlike anything she had ever seen before, and while the Nad'lun artisans could not replicate it, the managed to create an equivalent in limited function. While finely made they just seemed crude in comparison.
hoppas can now dive under water to a limited depth and stay there with an external hose. Or survive for about 5 minutes off of the suits self contained air. These divers often carry crossbows as their hand cannons dont work underwater.
The shaman recruits who stayed with the slizers grow in skill, patience, and wisdom daily. Their ability to teach the scent way grows as well, though they are most effective in a group. One such group of shamans had a vision while meditating of a great hoppa who rose from the sea. The whale hoppa. They obtain a right of passage on the "iron beak" to find and bring the great creatures into the fold of the alun...it is their quest.
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just some doodles. got lazy and unmotivated, but with the discovery of electricity some frowgs have begun using it to warp the noise of normal instruments into something hellishly loud. Samples of current tech from the enclave. mostly chunks of steel housed inside more chunks of steel. Gotta love the hoppa spyglass. Melee weapons continue to be based off of Ramel horns, but some more modern and expensive blades are made from high quality steel instead of horn. An argument persists on weather horn or steel is the superior material. The frog amp suit. it stores their electricity, then unloads it...on command of course. Nothing like that would ever malfunction. no sir.
Kale returned from his initial sxouting under the bombarage of snow and hail coming feom the skies. He and his co-pilot had to wrestle the tree-craft back towards the Snow Axe base. The harsh snow strom was felt for sevearal days before lifting in what many thought was only a temporary releaf. The winds shook at their structures day and night spooking the staff with an occasional crash of ramels outside the walls.

Scouting had come to a stand still which was curtailing their plans of exploring North of the Kuban Ridge. An idea occured to the Joorod brothers as they played with the Nad'lun spyglasses. Perhaps if they made the tube longer, or got ahold of some bigger glasses, they could see farther than before. But if that were so where would you station such a thing? Ideally pointed in the direction you wanted to spy something. Then they began an argument that lasted six hours. Six hours of mad honking and crying in their native toungue. Witnesses described it as tornado of brilliant exclaimations and sound reputables without understanding a word of it.

Their final project plan was the construction of a great spyglass observatory with stations decsinated for weather watching and long range observation. Getting proper glassware was top first priority. For now the Snow Axes began studying the skies and building new stations on the north and south side of the peak.

The rookies begin to get anixious wondering when they'll get to see some action. The only thing they can do is to patrol the area and keep watchout, mind and body numbing existence.
Tera's former arm had shown its first activity since its dismemberment. The research team observed the arm vibrating nearly constantly at regular intervals during the day, peaking deep in the middle of the night or when the temperature outside dropped suddenly. They placed the arm on a sliding plate attached to a probe rod. After measuring the baseline, they started exposuing the arm to different stimuli, such as a dark room, bright lights and even sounds. The team even brought in a few of the more musically inclined to sing or play instruments.

While others manipulated her arm, Tera set to the more important task of naming her new subjects. She named the seven little drones, Iddy, Biddy, Diddy, Fiddy, Giddy, Kiddy, and Doc. The fairy tale refrence was lost on her comrades. The differences between drones was studle discovered after long observation. Giddy was energetic traveling from one end of the glass pen to the other. Biddy hid more than the others, digging into the gravel bottom when it sensed the observers gaze. Iddy prefered his own courner in the pen and would push thw others out of his area. Diddy would for lack of a better word would dance around the others until they reciprocated. Fiddy, and Kiddy seem more likely to initate group events, arranging themshelves in circles or lining each other up. These group events included climbing atop each other to reach the top of the glass. Interesting, possibly dangerious, behavior coinsiding with the infected arm's midnight vibarations. Doc will walk around the pen following a researcher's presence, will tap the glass if she turns away, will actually look into her face but not speak.
Rolled 18, 7, 20, 2, 10, 5, 18, 1 = 81

Recently thoughts have been coming to Tera without her conscious invlovment. Ideas and plans complete and whole. Not intuition but from the same place intuition works. Break the glass and let the drones run wild. It would only take a strong shove to push the off the table. Then you can see how far Giddy can run after your assistant before stabbing his leg. Make sure to lock the door again. We want enough time to rebuild him as a big and health drone. The thoughts come suddenly as nonsquentors close to the midnight hour. Sometimes coming off of an intense dream of snow and ice

roll for
studying the arm
studying the drones
studying tundra weather
requesting large lens from the Council
requesting large lens from the Black Box address
building North observation station
building South observation station
regular rookie patrols
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At long last the L's meeting of the Onolkeshan King. When L saw the king he immediately could see from his eyes that he was no ordinary Lem. He could see the infinite knowledge burning like light that made Kings gaze piercing. King waved him to begin and listened while L explained his situation and after he was done the only thing king told him was cryptic prophecy:
"High and mighty alone we are kings
Whirlwinds of fire we ride
Providence brought us the crown and the ring
Covered with blood and our pride"

After this the King simply waved L that the audience was over. It was now up to L to find out what did the words of the king mean.
BAMPDIGGITYBAMP Rolls are a coming
For the first time since he took his command as General of the Army of the Black Ramel, Prebyn feels relaxed. His immediate goals have all been accomplished. The Rust Pile is a mighty Bastion of the North, settlers provide food and meat to the Army, a mine and forge are providing weapons and armor, the titans are being bred back into existence, and a few blows have been dealt against the Vyrii already. Truly this is the foundation of a great crusade against the Greyskins. And at the moment the Enclave even seems supportive of the idea, though only through trades of technology for Vyrii corpses. Still, this is the begining of a great thing, a dream for Ronak. He seems himself, or a successor, as even ruling over a nation carved from the North, built upon the bodies of a hundred thousand Vyrii. Such are the thoughts of Blackcrest General Ronak Nietul Prebyn everyday before he rests his weary head.

Vontil is saddened to hear of the deaths of the Skulks. He offers to send nearly a quarter of his force to guard even a single Skulk, just so long as he has a direct line to Prebyn and the Command Council. Yet, he does not let his sorrow overtake him, and begins organizing increased defenses and lodgings for Vontils Camp. Pallisades and trenches will make for good fortifications against the savages, even if there are reports of larger Vyrii forms further north. Simple longhouses will be sufficient for housing the soldiers at the moment. The only other structure immediately planned is a single large watchtower, tall enough to keep watch for several miles. Raiding parties are regularly sent out from the Camp to hunt down any lingering vyrii, and sometimes they go on long range hunts to deal with nascent swarms.
Rolled 6, 4, 9, 19, 16 = 54


The officer who accepted the deal from the Joord is a young frowg named Vian. He hopes to make a junior spot on the command council if this deal of his turns out well. Under the guise of attempting to foster social activity amongst soldiers and settlers, Vian attempts to convince his superiors that a tavern should be built. In truth the tavern is for his joord trader friend, and is meant to acommadate him and any friends he might have. Perhaps he could slip in a room in the designs for it meant just for him, one better than a stinky old bunk that his currently assigned.

A message is sent to the Onol in response to their offer "We only spare metal for objects that are too sophisticated for us to manufacture up here at the Rust Pile. Simple things like shields and swords can be made here. Things like the suit sent with this message, on the other hand would be greatly appreciated if they could be replicated in large numbers. Do this for us, and the General himself pledges support to the Onoleshkan. May this be the start of a prosperous relationship"

Ramel breeding continues, and has gained attention once more. Everyone eagerly hopes that new titans are on the way, while some enterprising frowgs and lems begin forming tactics with the new light ramel breeds.

Rolls are for
Test Batch
Fortifying Vontils Camp
Building an inn.
Vyrii hunting
Ramel training and breeding
Rolled 8

Forgot transporting a single skulk. Lets roll for that
The arm, no longer remotely resembling an arm twitches and convulses but in a very inorganic, distinctly mechanical manner. Terra was unsure but she almost thought it was singing, or calling. eerie. It was not until she noticed Doc tapping on the glass in time to the vibrations of the arm that she was sure there was a connection. communication of some sort. The drones continued their manic behavior, which is quite indecipherable. The joorod brothers collect a large amount of information on the tundra weather, including key observations on airflow off mountains into valleys and temperatures changes resulting from this. Further observations tie into an almost predictable nature of weather involving certain variables that will result in documented environmental changes. While the capital does not find much value in this, the farmers settling near the ABR forces prove very interested. The council rejected the request for the lens citing expenses in manufacturing and transportation from the nad'lun territory. The "black box" supplies the snow axes with a lens larger then what they have, but smaller then what they wanted...it has blood on the edge. where do they get this stuff from anyway? The north observation station was built on the edge of a cliff. apparently that cliff could not supoort much weight and sometime during the night gave way, breaking off the entire station and cliff face, all cascading into the ravines below. thankfully no life lost. The southern observatory was built on a more stable location and those crew who were working on the north helped to expedite it's construction.
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The rookies Went on a patrol to mount Kunaba. This proved to be a fatal mistake. Surely they had known the ledgeds, surely they knew the fate that would await them? But, youth and pride, or sometimes simple ignorance tempt Kunaba. Whatever their cause, they were never heard from again and the mountain spirit of Kunaba claimed yet another few souls...
The Ta'Mirel conclave..and old name. The Scout glider pilots still knew the name, it was something to think about as they watched the convoy below them. Periodically they would fire their turbines and gain altitude before switching them off. Times were changing. The information gained by the Snow axes regarding weather was beneficial to their flight paths. The rejected requisition for a lens was not such a big deal to them, and this seemed to be a small token for what was gained. The Convoy arrived around late afternoon with darkness already settling in, and left the crate at the usual loading site where they snow axes got most of their supplies, then headed back. It was a quiet, uneventful trip. ((the natural 20 resulted in you getting the correct lens anyway, just from a different source.))
The first batch of weapons coming from the trader are very...random. Mostly of poorer quality, with a few gems stuck in there. No two are alike and many bear the signs of battle. A fine exotic mortar cannon from across the ocean is what Vian finds after digging in the crate for a few minutes. That is his. It reeks of sulfur and war and is covered in an enamel of carbonized blood and smoke stains. It sings to him. The haul though overall sort of sucked, and the weapons are quickly distributed to the villagers before he goes to talk to his trader friend. The Vontils camp benefits from prior experience and a series of trenches are dug in front of it, that would be the best for now until his men returned back from their various duties. The inn is an expedited structure, mostly underground with a low roof. It was at one point a bunker that has been cleaned up a little. the Next vyrii hunt goes amazingly well, with another half day's worth of travel made "safe". New patrols are established. The ramels cavelry has proven to look quite impressive at training, and this makes Prebyn pretty happy. things continue to go well. Though Vontil has lost some more men defending the lone skulk, though now she is secured and in place, the insulating gear was the only reason she even made it,and then it will be a few days before the skulk is able to communicate as it is recovering.-- Of note, a few slanera Island lem have begun to trickle into the ABR, they have a long history, just not of war, or the tundra. In this they are inexperienced and no better then a recruit, all they have is the shared knowledge from the other lem tribes, but not practical personal experience.
Rolled 12, 7, 15, 4, 14, 19, 7 = 78


The Slizers send the gifted individuals that the shamans discovered back to Naun'as, to be further trained in the skills of the shamans. They hope that the youngsters will bring new skills and information to the Slizers.

The elders continue their studies on the amber. They try to ground it up, heat it and see how it reacts to water.
The amber's popularity gives the Slizers an idea. They will start seeking out more of it from the eastern continent so they could start selling it.

The shamans continue to do their best at gathering information from Black Socks. They wish to know the history of their people, but at the same time, they do not wish to harm the ancient being. They try to soothe him, calm him down and get him to co-operate.
K'nia on the other hand, does everything she can to understand the ramblings of Black Socks. She asks the oldest of the shamans, the one with the golden amulet for help, as well as reads trough the records of the Shamans for further clues.

Some of the pirates get the idea of using the diving suits to explore sunken wrecks for treasure. The first thing, of course, is to track down any potentially valuable wrecks for looting.

The young shamans head out to the sea to search for a whale hoppa, in hopes of communing with one and getting it to join the great herd of the Nad'lun.

Also, the Slizers agreed to the proposal of the Keshan. It seems that it was missed.

Rolling for:
Training young members of the Slizers into shamans.
Studying the amber.
Harvesting more amber.
Soothing down Black Socks so he would co-operate.
K'nia's search for clues to decipher Black Socks ramblings.
Tracking down ship wrecks.
Searching for whale hoppas.
A hoppa with potential to become a shaman need not be from any particular area, or group. The slizer young who show potential will make fine enough shamans, and perhaps leaders someday. The amber if ground fine enough can be added to boiling water where it makes a nice tea, that serves to be very relaxing and aromatic. Crew head back to the southern regions of the central continent to discover more of the strange green amber. A general observation is that where there are large concentrations of sandoni, there is the amber. Black socks can play coy at times, but his ultimate goal is to escape. He has not lived this long to end this way, at least in his mind. K'nia stops and thinks about the burning rocks, the first part of this story. It is rare for hoppas to use it, but one time she stole what is called "coal" from a joorod trader ship. It was like a rock, it burned. Perhaps the Joorod, or people who know of them, know where it comes from. The Slizers become quit the amateur treasure hunters, and their coffers soon overflow from many wrecks now claimed. The diving suits enable the hoppas to exploit the shallow coastal waters. A significant, if some what eerie find is a large metal object. The closest thing the pirates could compare it to is an Enclave warship, but it is not that big, much smaller, but much bigger then any hoppa vessel. A giant metal boat of sorts then, just not like anything they have ever seen before. The pirates keep their distance for now. The young shaman who looks for the whale hoppas finds them quickly enough, but contacting them is another issue all together. A large bull seems very agitated as it has a rusty harpoon in it's back.
Rolled 11, 15, 8, 15, 2, 6, 17 = 74

The youngsters from the coastal villages that were chosen as shaman apprentices are sent to Naun'as, where they will be taught. It will be seen how well their different mindset, born from growing up in the coast meshes with the teachings of the shamans of the plains.

The Slizers attempt to set up a small outpost at the coast of the central continent, from which they could run their amber harvesting operations. They send a detachment of pirates and Izileth mercenaries there to protect it against threats such as the aggressive fauna and other pirates.
Meanwhile, the Slizers are trying to start marketing the amber to the villages, in small dozes.

The Shamans are lost on what to do with the ancient hoppa. They do not trust Black Socks, but they desperately wish to gain more information from him. They try a more diplomatic approach in their interrogation, they try to figure out what motivates this ancient being, what he wants, and why has he done all the things he did.

K'nia tries to find out more about the "coal". She begins her investigations by interrogating few Joorods that her crew caught on one of their regular raids. She says that if they are forthcoming with the info, she won't give them to the Enclave as she usually does.

The treasure hunters slowly approach the strange submerged metal boat. What could it be? They send out few of the Sea Maidens that they had for assistance to investigate the object before approaching it themselves.

The Shamans feel pity on the whale hoppa, and try to soothe it so they could remove the harpoon and tend it's wounds.

Rolling for:
Seeing how well the training of the shaman apprentices goes.
Setting up an amber harvesting outpost in the central coast.
Marketing the amber.
Further interrogation of Black Socks.
Finding more about coal.
Investigating the eerie object.
Helping the wounded whale hoppa.

Oh, and the fact that the scouts agreed to the Keshan proposal here:
still seems to be ignored.
File: 1353800833180.png-(32 KB, 600x800, Diving suit.png)
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Bumbing with a work in progress picture of a diving suit.
Gonna head to bed now. Hopefully this thread is around next morning, so I can finish this up.
Vian didn't gain any stature amongst his fellow officers for his cache of weapons. Well, perhaps a little stature, seeing as how he is now captain of the Bone Flakes millitia. Hardly what he had in mind though. Sure the settlers, or Nocrests as the soldiers call them, treat Vian with a great deal of respect, but he wanted to be a member of the Command Council, maybe even have the ear of General Prebyn himself. The Nocrests also come running to him with all sorts of complaints now, talking about needing more or better tools, more houses, more hands to work the fields, more EVERYTHING. All Vian does with these requests is pass them along to an officer on the Command Council, and then tell the Nocrests he did something about it. Vian vents his frustration by training the militia-men long and hard, and by sulking in the "tavern." By the Black Titan, this might be worse than being a junior officer.

Prebyn is intrigued to learn of the presence of Slanera lems. The ABR does need more recruits after all, and he's happy to have more lems, especially as the winters seem to be getting colder. Since they have no history of war, he sends them to aid the settlers in doing... whatever it is they need right now. However, being island lems, Prebyn hopes the Slanera could work at a future port for the ABR, shipping metal and vyrii bodies south, and bringing soldiers and settlers north, all without having to worry about Vyrii ambushes. Such an arrangment would make expanding the ABRs numbers much easier.

In the meant time, weapons for the Militia is no from the forges is not what Prebyn had in mind. Equiptment for the Blackcrests is what is need right now. Flamethrowers, those new ampsuits, shields, axes, swords, spears, helmets, body armor. That is what is needed. Not basic things for the militia. A true, local supply of EVERYTHING METAL for the ABR is what this is supposed to be. Prebyn directly immereses himself in organizing the forge and the mine for the first time. If this doesn't work, then perhaps the ABR will have to take up the Onoleshkans offer of weapons and armor after all...

More Vyrii hunts are organized, and they begin to range wider than ever before. Hunting parties set up semi-permanent outposts, little more than shacks with small supplies of food, and maybe a few weapons. These Hunt-Houses are meant to help the ABRs small hunting parties go farther than ever before, thus allowing for even more Vyrii to be killed before returning to either Vontils Camp, or the Rust Pile. Many of these hunts begin taking the smaller ramels with them. However, when large swarms are sighted, the hunters return to the Rust Pile, gather up more Blackcrests and a few large ramels, and head back out to break the swarms.
Rolled 5, 12, 13, 12, 9, 13, 11 = 75

Whenever Vontil looks at the shivering skulk, he feels shame. He thinks it is his fault, for a menagerie of small reasons, that the earlier skulks are dead and this one in poor condition. He is also doubting his leadership abilities in general. He tries to organize some additional Vyrii-hunts and some better lodgings for the soldiers.

Some scouts are given some of the best of the newly bred Small Ramels, or Smamels as the breeders call them. They are sent out in what is hoped to be the larges and widest reconnasaince of the North and Vryii territory on record. Prebyn himself calls it "The Great Search"

Vyrii Hunting
Increasing weapons and armor production quantity and quality
Getting help for the settlers (tools, houses, all of their requests)
Training the Militia
Slanera Settlers
Building up Vontils camp
The Great Search
The new shamans are a little rambunctious but trainable, their apparent hyperactivity/ wild nature leads them to be less in tune with the psychic portion of the training but more in tune with the scent way, while different, the elder shamans feel they will be fine. Just a little more help in some areas will be needed, but they are patient. Amber harvesting along the coast of the central continent starts out with one little driftwood outpost built that quickly starts to grow into a community. They face daily attacks by the sandoni that while fierce are manageable. (they do not know there is a massive bulk of the hordes and creatures they have never seen far north fighting in the sandoni war) The amber is enjoyed but viewed with slight suspicion by the more conservative hoppas who remember the rum and drugs of the pirates. Black socks is intelligent, but it is ultimately figured out, of an entirely different mindset, closer to an animal.Survival is king to him, and with a little bit of effort they manage to convince him of his safety, and establish a "safe" home for him in the form of an old mine that was smaller where he can live out his days and share his history. The amber tea becomes a favorite for him. K'nia ended up having to expend quit a bit of resource, and even lost a few ships in aggressive campaigns against the syndicate. In the end she was left with the words "Slanera island." The maidens are too weak to open a strange latch they found. The shaman finds the whale hoppa, and with some bravery climbs its back to remove the spear, a bond is made then and there, where the hoppa would let the shaman ride it's back. Days would be spent with the leviathan and when it was time to go home it followed the boat.
The crew was packed up and put onto a small patrol ship that followed the channels out to the cold northern ocean. From there they came across what they thought was the rough wave, but turned out to be another warship. The name was not gotten and the crew was quiet. By now their frowg translator had to be further paid and had gone through all their rum and had lost some interest in their cause, frequently going off on his own. Their own ship was sent back home with a temporary hired crew of frowgs. The pirates quickly had to learn the old sign language used to talk to the lem before translators were common. Basic gestures and concepts were picked up. The non lem crew members were often busy and had adopted the strange clipped nature of their compatriots, but offered food and fur wrappings to those not used to the cold conditions. There ship was massive and long walks punctuated with communication practice on lem passed their time. Occasionally they helped with day to day work. By the end of their voyage they came to understand the lem were not all the same. Some were more outgoing in their own strange way.
The moment they landed on Slanera Island depot a group was waiting for them and they were taken to a training compound that was really nothing more then tents and fortifications of dirt. The island smelled like fire constantly and the food was strange. They quickly realized this was going to suck. In their first weeks they all were given armor tailored to their bodies and better fur wraps. It weighed them down and beause of that was uncomfortable but they were expected to wear it all day and night. After a short amount of time for sleep in which they were woken up as soon as they finally dozed off, it was time for training. fuck.
Rolled 10, 15, 7, 15, 4, 6, 10, 16, 11, 8, 8, 13, 20, 11, 1, 2, 15 = 172


A Ta'Mirel crew of lemgineers arrives at the Rust Pile, ready to create some strange contraptions for the ABR. They say these things will be similar to the gliders they already possess, but larger and better. Hopefully this isn't a waste of the ABRs resources>>21714638
The vyrii hunts are scarce during the long winter, but if they could find where the monsters were coming from, or something more meaningful like how they were created. The killing of these drones only helped pass time, and more often then not a rookie or two was always lost. It was the way of war, but to strike a real blow at the enemy would be great, it was what they needed. New tools and tooling were bought from traders, or built on site in the forges. Simple weapons were great practice but it was time to make guns, to create better armor if possible. The first production was a little rough but Prebyn knows his smiths will get better, and these cannons are just ugly, but usable. The slanera lem seem to be the answer to the domestic issues that Vian has. They are eager to work, in fact it seems that is much of all they do. Occasional pauses to sing and play music, or draw with paints on structures is odd, but tolerated as it seems to be part of their culture. The other lem think them odd. The militia drills day in and day out with Vian eventually gaining a reputation of being competent, with Vian calling them "the crestless" The Slanera are a bit out of place and uncomfortable but eager to pitch in with work.Vontils camp continues to grow. Buildings begin to gain multiple levels, and great walls are errected, eventually touching from one edge of the valley to the other. Regular patrols are held outside the wall, and on top of it. With the joorod almanac of weather people know when winter is coming... Rumors of giant vyrii war forms circulate as small patrols of scouts disappear in the northern wastes.
Rolled 18, 19, 6, 20, 16, 12, 5, 11, 14, 11, 10, 18, 2, 13, 16, 19, 5 = 215

A list of the features of my new aircraft
• Light armor
• Three man
• Low flying attack
• Blended wing
• Convential tail
• Straight wings
• Normal wing length
• Advanced flight surface control
• No wing folding 
• Convential tail boom
• Crufiform tail fins
• Double engine
• Vertical take off, landing and hovering
• Turbo prop propulsion
• Underpowered engine
• Smokey engine
• Wing fence, chines, vortex generators and winglets
The ABR has grown significantly, with new settlements cropping up and traders coming in caravans daily to get surplus material. The militia has grown to almost rival the army in numbers, and their commander has his hands full. They trade and receive goods and technology now. Good relationships with the other factions of the tundra were fostered and for the first time in a long time a strong pro military current was felt.
The Keshan builders were busy creating a great rail system to join with the various settlements.
A conclusion was reached by the council that the ABR is no longer a free army but a functional settlement with it's own government and would eventually have to be dealt with in one way or another. The council dismissed, addressing the last issue of the day. At their own homes, or in the markets, several counselors fell victim to the escalating syndicate wars brewing within their own city. Hardliners against military build up, lem, and restrictions on the enforcers. Many seats were vacant now, and the council would need new members.
On his desk Preybn found a letter " General Preybn, during this unsettling time we request your presence." the letter went on to detail the loss of the old councilors and a new direction within the enclave. While he already had enough headaches, to give his people a voice in the council, and to gain the resources and assistance they so sorely needed without having to bend to insane demands would benefit the ABR greatly.
File: 1353820755067.png-(22 KB, 697x383, brnz.png)
22 KB
The ABR gunship was built not by lem hands, only guided. This was actually a frowg project, with some joorod influence. Meeting requirements general Preybn set down to support the troops, the entire design is built to linger and hover. While quite nimble, it is also quite slow. Utilizing Joorod "black cart" traders, syndicate merchants, they were able to get turbine engines of a somewhat dubious quality. However it was the best they could get without strong ties to the council. They were a little underpowered, and ran dirty, with thick black exhaust smoke choking the sky. Instead of using the engines themselves for lift, a fan assembly that could pivot was used. This cut down on weight for landing gear and shock absorption, at the same time, the weaker engines also meant that they couldnt slap on a ton of armor, so redundant controls were given to each crew member/gunner in case casualties happened. It was no perfect, but it was needed, and the crafts were pressed into production. Now the things needed a name. Overhead Ta'mirel scout gliders screamed.
Well my stone-age bastards are fucked.
Nah, I'd think they'd be fine. After all, how do you bomb back to the stone age something that is already at stone age?
And remember these are more like expensive early planes. Mevolans are big, and can harness lightning. Your tribe can still survive.
Ha ha, good point.
File: 1353836569760.png-(46 KB, 600x800, Diving suit.png)
46 KB
Rolled 19, 18, 7, 12, 12, 14 = 82


The Slizers are somewhat concerned about the Sandoni swarms endangering their amber harvesting, which is why they decide to send out more warriors to the outpost at the central coast.
They try to figure out where the bugs come from, and thus they send some Shrohan mercenaries to scout the movements of the local swarms.

The shamans are glad that Black Socks has calmed down and is more co-operative. They try to continue their efforts to better understand the history of the Alun people, trough the memories of this ancient hoppa. They write down all the information they can get from him.

Slanera island in an unknown name for K'nia. She tries to find out more about it by asking traders, and even the enclave forces she hands the captured syndicate members.

The treasure hunters approach the eerie object and decide to help the Sea Maidens at opening the hatch in it.

The shaman who bonded with the whale hoppa tries to use it to attract more whale hoppas, so he could commune with them and unify them once more with the Great Herd.


The training is hard for the hoppas, it will be seen if they succeed in it.

Rolling for:
Scouting out the sandoni swarms and learning more about them.
Learning about the history of the Alun from Black Socks.
K'nia learning more about the Slanera island.
Opening the hatch in the eerie object.
Finding more whale hoppas and communing with them.
Seeing how well the training of the scouts goes.
Hey it worked in avatar. When ya gonna throw some rolls to me man? and hey IG
The scouts plod along the desert, blasting anything that gets too close. They eventually find out from a dead sandoni that the "amber" is a nutrient rich material for the feeding of their young. They also have learned that sandoni come in much larger sizes, and can be quite dangerous. Falling back to the camp the scouts believe it best to not attempt and engage the larger swarms or lager creatures without much more firepower. Blacksocks shares a great wealth of history once more, this time more clearly, and it is recorded for the ages. He is pretty pleased with his new situation, apparently the cave is quite homey for him. K'nia gets a map location to slanera isle from her next drop off of syndicate prisoners to the enclave. Time to figure out what is going on there... The object's hatch gives way and opens, reveling a flooded room, but the water does not go up to the top, indeed, exploring inside the divers and maidens find a platform at the water's edge with another door. the whole room is unlike anything they have ever seen before. One of the maiden's says the air is stale, but breathable. The whale hoppas go from one, to a pod of the enigmatic species, often following nad'lun ships. The herd grows more complete.
The new armor was a combination of strange metallic cloth, thin overlapping plates and thick leather. While shaped for their bodies, no hoppa would ever voluntarily wear this heavy somewhat restrictive dress. Training with larger weapons and shields, the pirates resist at first, but applications of even harder training tend to break down a will to resist. Soon a lot of the joking is set aside to accomplish increasingly difficult or incomprehensible tasks set before them. All of it was just to get them to the mindset they needed to be in. Weeks dag into months, and the pirates now move in unison, and their lem trainers have begun to rub off on their personalities. The morning starts with food, shooting, assault training, and moves on until the end of the day with explosive demolition and mechanical cutting techniques (tendon slicing of the enemy). The endless work has strengthened their bodies and one day they are abruptly told they are done. A boat about the size of the rust beak, but sleeker is given to them, along with explosives, cannons sized for them, a few scatter cannons, and various other bladed implements. Meeting with the captain of the rough wave they exchange a final bit of sign language. "You were a small but costly project, prove to be viable." it wasnt much but it would have to suffice for a goodbye. They set off, and the lem went to his office. His personal sword was stolen and the old na'sul emblem was carved into his desk. The pirates had already liberated some rum and were off to the city port.

The new information about the Sandonis cause concern among the amber harvesters. They decide that they need to learn more of these beings, and figure out ways how to capture them safely for harvesting to reduce the changes of agitating large swarms. They begin to seek out dead sandonis for examination, send shrohans to observe the swarms from the air, and device traps for capturing the critters.
They also decide to set up observation towers along the perimeter of their outpost, so they could be alerted beforehand if a large swarm was approaching.

(I will elaborate on the alun history the shamans learned from Black Socks later.)

K'nia heads out to Enclave capital, and from there to Slanera island. She has an entourage of warriors with her to protect her, while she tries to find clues to decipher Black Socks ramblings. She is also planning on figuring out what happened to her scouts whose ship was returned by a bunch of frowgs.
Rolled 14, 3, 3, 3, 19, 20, 13, 15 = 90


The treasure hunters send few sea maidens to explore the innards of the object, while they begin to work on securing the object and making it safer to operate in. The set up additional hoses from their boat inside the object, so they could pump out water and pump in air so that the object would be safer to work in. They also bring additional emergency air tanks in case something goes wrong.

The shamans of Naun'as, upon hearing the news of the whale hoppas being united with the Great Herd, decide to send out few of their best to the coast so they could commune with these great beasts.

The scouts begin their trip back home with victorious bravado. Their suffering has finally ended, and now it was time to celebrate. They drink barrels of rum, stop at every village along the great river to visit taverns, brothers and otherwise party around. They had earned this.

Rolling for:
Studying the Sandonis. (examining dead bodies, observing the swarms)
Developing ways to capture them safely. (pits and other traps)
Setting up observation towers.
K'nia's trip to Enclave and Slanera island, and if she finds any clues along the way.
Exploring the innards of the eerie object.
Securing the eerie object.
Communing with whale hoppas.
Seeing how long it takes for the scouts to return back home.
File: 1353851572656.png-(88 KB, 800x800, Houyi redesign 3.png)
88 KB
Bumbing with yet another redesign of the Houyi.
Rolled 13, 6 = 19

Truer words haven't been said in ages.

Well, how about now?

The arrival of the gods is a momentous occasion to the Edtat. Rapid fire questioning in languages the Enclave cannot understand, draped in garlands of dried weeds, the whole nine yards.

The older Edtat don't like these "angels" but having seen their terrifying power, what can they do?

Two obstacles. Rolling for both. GM determines how/what happens.
1. Language barrier. How does the Enclave get past it, do they get past it at all?
2. The Edtat want the power of the gods, the power of fire, of guns. Assuming the Enclave understands them, do they give it to them?
File: 1353875779164.png-(90 KB, 800x800, Hoyi redesign 3.png)
90 KB

Modified this a little, as I realized that I had placed the mandibles to a wrong spot. Their ancestors had them at the base of their lower jaw, not on their upper jaw.
The Hoyi are looking nice. Much more distinct from the Hyralisk now. The biggest obstacle left is that serpentine body.

Also, in honor of my good friends the Snow Axes, my gunships shall be called Ice Blades. Get it? Ice for snow, Blade for Axe. I EHM SHO CLEVAH

captcha: rgyniy Provide. Yes captcha, I think the Council WILL provide
I think I'll spare NG the trouble and just self-GM here.

An outpost is established, and for generations, the Mevola grow up alongside their gods. The elders who feared them have long passed, and the Edtat now welcome the sight of their angels of fire.

Enclave scientists eventually learn a smattering of the Edtat language, enough to understand just what the fuck they're saying. However, being that the first time they encountered the Edtat they were at war, the leaders of the Enclave quietly decide that, no, if the Edtat want the power of fire/guns, they'll have to figure it out themselves.

Perhaps they'll do just that.
Sandonis are extremely hostile, attempts to capture them or study them from research towers resulted in death. The small ones are fast, move in swarms and can climb sheer walls. Of benefit is the discovery that the meat of the sandoni is edible, and spoils slowly. K'nia's trip was beset by brutal weather that nearly destroyed her ship, her venture to the capital city was delayed as she crash landed on the shores of slanera island. She took a few crew members with her while the rest rushed to patch the ship up. The underwater object turned out to be far more massive then anyone anticipated. Metal rooms, grated floors, and flickering or dimmed lights not made of fire. (see pandorum/ event horizon/ Aliens for feel of the location) So far there has been no danger, just a labyrinth of metal corridors, rooms, unopenable metal boxes and the occasional creeking of a billion tons of oceanic water around them. There are little leaks here and there, but the water falls down into the grated floors and disappears. Little objects are littered about with no idea of what they are. The object has been investigated for about a month now, and new things are still being found. Doors open and close on their own, but a permanent research crew, with numerous other dedicated crew members now inhabits the object. A few hallways end into a rough rock wall, the same with rooms. The metal though, it looks as if it melted into the rock somewhat, creating smooth seamless unions.
Eventually the elder shaman makes the venture to the strange underwater building. Walking in he is immediately assailed with mental images, only for a moment and then they are gone. Walking forward the structure reacts to him, and the other nad'lun take it as an expression of his power. Lights within the floor flicker to life as he walks forward blinking in a path that he needs to follow. Leading to a sealed door that opens in his presence, he walks forward into a room with many strange glowing pictures that move. It is all so confusing, but somewhat familiar. One picture shows the amulet, but it indicates an orb fitting into a socket on it. He does not understand, there never was an orb, other then...no, surely not? A line of line runs up and down his body from an unknown source several times and then stops. In his mind he hears the words "greetings inheritor." a shower of sparks emits from a wall "The release sequence cannot be completed with incomplete command hardware" a sharp pain in his head grows. it is time to leave. the urge to find the orb is quite high.
Elsewhere the whale hoppas prove to be a gentile slower race, their interests are few but they are happy to know they are not alone anymore. The scouts make it back home quick enough, their time along the rivers has mellowed them out, but they are now markedly different to the other pirates. They walk different, talk different, think different. They are somewhat apart, but perhaps it cannot be helped.
File: 1353891717575.png-(10 KB, 292x307, Dont put your eye out.png)
10 KB
Dont see you around IRC too often anymore. I was about to do your roll as i uploaded the others and saw you did it. Im going to build off of it. Some things are bending the rolls a bit, but it remains in character.
The Enclave begins the phase in process of the Edtat, exposing them to new technologies slowly at first, gauging their responses. Further exposure to the outside world comes in the from of regular patrols, with them occasionally invited to tag along. An slow grasp of language is fostered to the point where communication becomes more then body language and gestures. In the end the enclave labels the Edtat with a protected neighbor status. Basic tools, and "last generation" scatter cannons are given to them. Superficially resembling the ancient frowg guns, it follows the format of the enclave's "standard starter gun". Rugged, simple, near impossible to break. Features have been improved in recent times. One peice ammunition, and a four chambered magazine feed system. Each ring pull fires one of four barrels, each barrel has 12 rounds dedicated to it. A significant and risky feature is to turn the magazine backwards and mass detonate the ammunition inside. A comfortable carrying strap and spare ammunition satchel holds a second magazine. Onward with history plant men. onward, to destiny!
The weapons are handed out in limited volumes, with limited ammunition to prevent abuse. 12x4, times two is plenty of destructive potential. Ammunition is phased in as well,eventually graduating to type three.
A spot on the Council? This is excellent news! A voice on the Council will hopefully get greater assistance from the Enclave, more than these weapons and prototypes. Warm bodies and specialists are what the Army of the Black Ramel needs. Lots of them, especially if reports of larger war forms are true. However, Prebyn isn't willing to leave his soldiers in the North without him, even if it means greater assistance. He sends a senior officer from the CC (command council) to the Enclave Capital in his stead. This opening of a spot on the CC results in Vian being given the position he's been hoping for. He now is charged with organizing Militia in all the settlements of the ABR, which is now gaining a new name, or at least the area under its control is, being called "The Crestlands," after the crests on ABR helmets.

Captain Nizul is selected to represent the Crestlands. He's a frowg, chosen because Prebyn doesn't want the ABR to look like a bunch Lems spouting of nonsense about the Tomorrow War again. Captain- COUNCILOR Nizul makes a clear offer when he arrives at the Capital: The Enclave will begin providing a steady stream of recruits and settlers to the ABR as soon as possible. In return, the ABR will send experienced soldiers to the Enclave Capital to help fight the syndicates once things calm down in the North. This will benefit the ABR immediately, and will benefit the Council in the long run. Does the Council accept, or does does this spot on the council mean nothing?
Rolled 16, 5, 9, 9, 10 = 49

The Crestland villages are propsering, but vyrii still attack farmers, and sometimes get into the villages that shelter under Blackrest protection. More forts like Vontils camp should stem the tide. After all, Vontils camp was only meant as a first strike in the Crusade of the North. More Soldiers are massed, and placed in three small armies, dubbed Third, Fourth and Fifth Swords. Each of them is to push north like Second and First Swords did before, but they need not go farther than Vontils Camp. They are to each find a large cluster of Vyrii each, destroy the clusters, and then each of them will establish a fort. They will then receive reinforcements at regular intervals as they hunt Vyrii in the areas around the forts. Airstirps will be established so that Ice Blades can aid in the hunts, and maybe for future aircraft of more diverse purpose. May the Black Ramels might be with them.

MEANWHILE: Much of the Command Council is very optimistic of the new Ice Blades. They provide a way to kill Vyrii without endangering a single soldier. Perhaps THIS is how the ABR shall wipe the North clean of Greyskin filth. Resources are pooled from wherever they can be spared, all to build at least a dozen of these flying machines. Some alterations are made to a the designs so that a few of the Ice Blades can fly longer and father, allowing for scouting missions that, again, don't endanger a soldiers life.

Fighting Vyrii
Building the Forts
Councils Acceptance of the Offer
Building more Ice Blades
Building Scout Blades
File: 1353895321418.jpg-(116 KB, 800x532, 1314964108530.jpg)
116 KB
Rolled 3, 13, 13, 4, 9, 15, 18, 4, 15, 1, 8, 10, 7, 7, 6, 9, 7 = 149

I was forced to do these rolls for plane.
Rolled 7

DERP. Forgot to roll for setting up a supply line of metal to the Onoleshkan.

The offer for production of weapons and armor by the Onoleshkan is finally taken up. Huge cartloads of metal are drawn south to the Onol. May this be the start of a beautiful friendship
The new iceblades bring the fight to the vyrii in an all new way, and for the first time the overmind is struggling with an effective way to down the pests, the drone lands are being encroached upon once more, and it was time to press back. The vyrii counter was savage, the fort projects were destroyed and portions of the new swords were killed in a night. Towering monstrosities attacked with searing blades and exploding spines. The council is less then interested in a promissory offer of future help. What they needed now was resources. Debates raged on for hours, and it was settled. The Enclave would share what it had, as was the rules of their ancient pact, and when the ABR had enough to share, so it would do the same. Improved weapon and armor components are sent for upgrades to the ABR's equipment, and at first it seems that is all they may get. Somehow one of the diplomats managed to get the ta'mirel to mobilize, they are not exactly council forces, and not fond of the frowgs criticism's to their truths of the tomorrow war. Still, there was a call to war. A legion of red eyes behind black steel helmets, ramels, and flyers. Guns, axes and spears. A call to war. Not some peace keeping action. finally. Every lem worth it's destructive potential lived for it. The additional giant ramels weighed heavily on the ABR, and food had to be stretched thin, not just across the military, but the civilian population. It was an unpleasant time. The lem practiced feeding the non lem dead to the ramels, while the lem ate their own, no resources were wasted. All niceties were shed for the coming battles.
A limited supply chain was established between the rust pile and Onoleshkan who provided more exotic materials and craftsmanship, equipment from the syndicate continued to arrive in the form of bootleg jet engines that powered the snowblades. They were a fraction of the price that the traditional engines costed and production continued on. The modified scout blades were built with Ta'Mirel turbines. more powerful. louder. thirstier for fuel. The scout blades had to be stripped down to no armor, and no weapons, one less crew member. Large fuel tanks took their place, but in the end, it fulfilled it's role.
File: 1353906648822.png-(31 KB, 1161x776, onolflyer.png)
31 KB
>>21752109 >>21714451 >>21714638 >>21714811
Onolkeshan engineers had long ago conspired to build their own scout flyer, but better, more suited to the open seas. Refined and proper.
The end result was little more then a massive engine, light surfaces, and two pilots. Periodic operation maintained a high speed glide, allowing for short bursts of flat out speed. dangerous to the extreme, and compounded by landing on ships.
Hey onol,this is just my interpretation of your rolls. do this as you wish if you want different. At first i was gonna go with wood and stretched leather, but then i figured the Onol would not use that bullshit.
sitting at 294, do me a rock solid and create a new thread if we hit the limit.

>in metal age.

I am not saying that this world should follow the technological development of ours, but airplanes might be too advanced for this era. The path that we had to go trough before we had anything like interceptors took ages, wheras her it seemed quite fast.
Well, we had gliders in Tribal stage, and some other dude made engines.
But yeah, how'd jets happen here? I'd retcon them to at least propellers, unless there's a good reason.
Fans on the Ice Blade are aok though, they're believeable.
Rolled 6, 8 = 14

Don't forget to link it here if you do so.

H-h-ho, what's this from? The thing in the bottom left corner, I mean.

I was trying to be fair, reflect what the roll was, and I figured that the Enclave might think that the Mevola were better off without killing power like that, but perhaps the intervening generations softened these fears.

The majority of the Edtat are amazed at the killing power of these guns, and are happy to use them to hunt, including bigger game like full-grown ramels. The tribe eats well.

Of course, some among the Edtat are curious, and seek to take apart these devices. Hopefully the damned things don't explode in their faces. As before, a higher roll results in a more positive outcome for our intrepid inventors.

> Rolling for:
1. Taking apart the guns.
2. Assuming they manage to take them apart without incident, can they figure out how they work? A twenty would mean they understand everything about it, lower results would mean that they only grasp some or part of the mechanics involved (perhaps *only* chemical propulsion, for example).
Small detail. Ramels aren't native to the frilla forests.

That is all.
Rolled 4, 5, 12, 4, 15, 8, 7, 15 = 70


The amber harvesters continue their efforts to study the sandoni creatures. The researchers are focusing on dead subjects for the time being, until a way to capture and pacify the sandonis safely has been discovered. They try to device ways of improving their trapping techniques, such as using lures in their pit traps, to which the investigating bugs would fall.
They are also placing heavier influence on Shrohan scout groups, who are safe from the mostly flightless sandonis. These scouts can monitor the swarms, as well as locate suitable amber deposits that the swarms leave.
>(Maybe the sandonis dig some sort of burrows, in which they lay their eggs and amber clusters to feed the young when they hatch?)
The harvesters are also trying to improve their monitoring towers, by lining the surfaces of the structure with downward pointing spikes, which they hope will keep the sandoni creatures from climbing on them.

K'nia and her crew try to repair the ship to the best of their abilities. She also sends two scouts to try to locate anyone who could help them.

The eldest shaman is quite disturbed by his experiences in the underwater structure. He shares his experiences with his peers, as well as tries to meditate on the experience. He even consults the Soul Wind for aid, as the visions from that dreadful maze of steel and fireless light continue to haunt him.

The scots are eager to prove their new skills, and thus they start looking for jobs that would demand such skill-set. Few of them however think that they should start training the rest of the Slizers.

Rolling for:
Continued studies on dead sandonis.
Effectiveness of the Shrohan scouts.
Improving the monitoring towers.
Repairing the crashed ship.
Finding help.
Eldest shaman's meditation and consulting with the Soul Wind.
Finding jobs for the trained scouts.
Training the other members of the Slizers.
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