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We left off our story yesterday when our lucky few shareholders decided to help an eyeless Italian prince to rebuild the Alexandrian Library. Trying to save on the costs of paying a Stone Mason/Architect they hired an eccentric bloke from Piedmont who has some pretty original idea about how the whole building is supposed to look like.

They are currently traveling to Egypt with some 28 000 Corinthian Silver Coins to buy some land from the Turks and start building.

Anyone from the thread around today?
Aye, I am here, but unfortunately I do not have alot of time. In fact, I will have to leave in 30 minutes.
Well I only need two players.
I'll bump this thread for about 30 minutes and if no one is around, we'll try 2morrow again.
Indeed, we could try tomorrow then.

And if that also fails, perhaps you should limit it to once a week. It's easier for people to plan 4 days a month, instead of 31.
Hey. I am here too, but i have to go in an hour. Tomorrow same time would be better for me.
Or maybe I should try a less expire-able medium than 4chan.
But you are right, I should limit the days.
Don't want to overextend.
Okay, tomorrow then.
My email is xbrtl12@gmail.com (again) if you need anything or want to tell me you can't make it.
That first option is ofcourse also perfectly possible. Perhaps a forum of some sort.

Then we might even be able to get the guys from the trial there! And then even MORE people could join...
Hey, Don. How´s the orphans doing?

Well, I see you gents have been up to a lot.
Why hello there, my smuggling friend. As you can probably tell, I have taken on a different face.
And the orphans seem to be doing just fine. Ofcourse, those are not the only people that seem to look up to me...
Haha, I can tell, Bart.
I saw the tread you did yesterday, nice stuff. this is going places. I would had played, but, you know, college and shit.

Now you guys are rebuilding the Library of Alexandria? one of the major wonders of the ancient world? How utterly modest of you.
Hello, bulgarian lurker here.I am rather interested in this map, could somebody wrap up the history of this quest thread?Our country was weak in 1215, but three years later a chap named Ivan Asen II retook the throne from the usurper, Boril.Under his rule the second Bulgarian Kingdom reached its golden years.
In 1215 he was still exiled, along with his brothers, the sons of the former king from the Asen dynasty.In 1217 Ivan and his brother Alexander along with a band of rus warriors return to Bulgaria and after several months of struggle defeat the Usurper.
This seems like a good place for me to enter the thread.
>I'll consider it.
If you want to be kept up to date, drop me an E-Mail and I'll notify you about the unfolding of stuff.
That post came out wrong.

We could make a little free forum just for our little roleplay. It's free, so why not?
I did drop you an e-mail.

Welcome friend. Merchant, what year did we live in again?
Well, the idea of this quest is that each player is a shareholder of a trade company, and the objetive is, well, make money.

And funny you mention that, because were´s war there´s profit! iron, food, information... the prices of everything just go up like a catapult! As they say, those who win the wars are those who don´t fight them....
Quite right my friend. Quite right.

I do have one request. Could you archive this thread for me?
Seems rather interesting, I could play as a bulgarian merchant, although I'd need a date to be more specific, since the early 13th century was a century of rapid change in Bulgaria, with wars against greeks,franks and mongols
That would rock. I´ll mail you, as well.
Also, I´m a history student student, so feel free to ask anything. I am up to my neck in shit, but I´ll be free next week.
I have no idea how to do that, but sure!
I'd say about 1204-1205
Wait, so it will be 35 years before our good friend Antonio will arrive on the scene? And 10 years before he will be born?

You may see him as men of old age.
And who knows, one of the big shots he tries to scam.
For now, I bid you all adieu. May you become very profitable.
The Fucker! OUR SHIT!
After all those words I wispered in his ear tempting, him to the wonders crime and contraband...
I´ll bail as well. smell ya later!
>Buy land from the Turks
Isn't Egypt owned by the Mamluks?

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