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Okay setting thread time, here's what we do.

Each person who posts gets to decide one thing, and one thing only about the setting, this is considered an uncontested fact until someone posts something that contradicts it.

I'll go first.

This setting has powered armor and battlemechs.
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The setting takes place in the ruins of an intersetllar human empire, it has been 25 Gregorian years since the fall.
The dominant species is a race of scorpion people.
The Arachnanax rule an empire of 100 star systems and covet systems that were a part of the human empire.
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Genetically engineered monstrosities wonder the land.
Wander, what am I even doing on the computer this late.
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Egyptian flavored catgirls.
There are no males in the setting. A quirk of advancement is that sufficiently advanced technology and self-alteration invariably leads to a reduction to the fewest number of supportable physical sexes in a species.

Human cultural artifacts are a commodity traded and foguht over.
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AIs are based on the brain engrams of non-sapient creatures.
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This setting has half-fae catboys.

They look like this?
Sentient machines made to fight humankinds war, have carved out a cold and ruthless empire in the ashes.

Sorry. Beat by >>21420430
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This setting does not have half-fae cat boys. It does however have transhumans of many, many kinds. people with feline features or prosthetic organs and limbs are commonplace.
There are males in this setting. Gender however has become irrelevant on high tech planets due to the Transhuman movement.
Pure Humans are a rarity, their only strong hold is Sol system, a jingoistic, military ruled society that faces annual incursions by dozens of races who wish to crush the last human stronghold.
The remains of the human empire are highly reliant on the technology of their former glory. In most places, they literally cannot live without it due to the local environmental conditions or their reliance on science babies for population.

No low-tech Mad Max worlds exist, at least never for longer than a single generation.
> this is considered an uncontested fact until someone posts something that contradicts it.

That's a fucking retarded way of going about things. I look forward to waiting until this thread is 250+ posts, and then posting "There is no setting, none of the above applies".
They're one of the great galactic powers. They fly giant sphinx-spaceships.
Ironically it was humanity that destroyed its own empire, countless years of infighting led to destroyed worlds and have spread the products of their out-of-control warmachine across the stars. Biological monsters and Sentient WarMachines are the least of the horrors unleashed by the 500 Year Madness.
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The terrible secret of the current reality is that the horrors which led to the interstellar human empire being destroyed and humanity being reduced to ruins was all carefully engineered by the ruling class.

Centuries of genetic manipulation, cosmetic augmentation, and artificial life-extending technologies turned the Rulers of mankind into psychotic monsters who orchestrated mankind's apocalypse so they might observe their suffering and struggles after living for so long in their Utopian societies as a form of entertainment.

These manipulative Rulers are also responsible for the release of the genetically engineered monstrosities that threaten the remnants of man.
Oh, so we're in bizzaro stargate?
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Even in the black of space these monsters reign.
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Low tech mad max style worlds are commonplace, however many worlds rely on ancient self maintaining technology to maintain the world's ecosystem and breathable atmosphere. Many of the world's inhabitants will go about their lives regarding the scattered high tech artifacts as magic without ever knowing that the golden towers that dot their world are the only thing that make life possible.
So.. The general idea we've got so far:
Post apocalyptic hellscape populated by the remnants of a super highly advanced human civilization which was destroyed by itself, both from direct fighting and manipulation from it's insane leaders, who did so for entertainment

Genetically and mechanically engineered monsters are a common thing.

Left-over tech from the previous civilization is often the only thing keeping things livable.

Augmented and modified humans are apparently commonplace. Cat-like mods being the most popular
Burrowed deep beneath the soil, lies dormant a spider-like which is believed came from the dark side of the Solar System
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They tell their people they're a great galactic power, in truth they live in an alliance with about a dozen other worlds and do their best to fend off attacks from space dragons and rampaging marauders whilst hoping that the eyes of the Terran Overlords will not fall upon them.

Each of the allied worlds is home to a few species of what we would call "monster-People" who model their culture on pastiches of mythology.
penguins... everywhere
The setting takes place after the heat death of the universe has reached it's ultimate conclusion.
I figure representations of all the popular "Monster-Girl" types are existant in roughly equal quantities, Human live in sol system and are probably an entire race of shell shocked, traumatized people who live under constant threat from any number of alien species (human derived or actually alien) not to mention the genetically engineered monsters and sentient war machines.

Maybe there aren't any aliens at all? Just uplifted earth and alien animals out to survive the strange harsh environment of this brave new universe?
An unforeseen glitch of the apocalypse caused Penguins to achieve enlightenment far beyond that of any human understanding. This caused penguins to literally ascend to a higher plane of being.

Penguins are now known to appear, seemingly at random, anywhere in the galaxy. They will attempt to speak with any nearby individual, but a combination of their higher form of thought and them being penguins often means that whatever knowledge they may be trying to share is gibberish to anyone listening.

It is believed that penguins only appear if they are trying to pass on important knowledge and that they're appearance can either mean great fortune or tragedy is about to occur.
This setting takes place roughly 1000-10000 years from 2012 AD.
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An accident leads to the discovery of an ancient starship buried in the sand.

We are not native to this world.
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Interstellar travel is accopmished via system of gates that allow a person to travel from point A to Point B instananeously. These gates were not built by any one species, humans built upon the work of some long lost race who'd been dead at least 10000 years before the first human figured out how to make fire, and that race appears to have built on the work of whoever came before.

The Arachnanax claim credit for inventing the gates but the claim credit for everything from fire to music, to sliced bread.
Rather than the monster-person races being descended from us, we're descended from them.
The true origins of humans is entirely unknown, what is known is this.,

Humans always wind up on planets, apparently sent there by some ancient culture, they always lose the technology that was present in their colony ship and they always adapt to their environment.

It's entirely likely that humans have always been, and always will be a part of the Galaxy and Interstellar culture.
These are both the prevailing theories on humans and their origins, one states that we have always been, others state that we are descended from alien races.

Niether has conclusive proof.
The rulers of mankind left Sol System Eons ago, they ruled the Final Empire, as they chose to call it, from Orion's belt. There are 3 Lords of Mankind, one for each star in the belt, one rules over sentient machines, one rules over biological horrors, one rules over an army of fanatical humans.

All of them delight in the hellscape that the galaxy has become and actively discourage any attempts to dispell the chaos that has consumed the galaxy.
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FTL primaly makes use of gates which can intanaeously transport a space ship from one point to another by folding space so that 2 points of it meet.

However some races make use of SPace Ships which can do the same. However where as one system of gates can take you from one side of the universe to another within 5 hours (provided of course that the people who own that territory don't mind your presence) it would take 100000 years to make the same trip using a shipboard FTL drive, as such only military vessels, smugglers, or explorers have FTL drives on their ships.
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The monsters usually develop biological alternatives to fire arms and antiballistic armor. This makes harvesting the land bound ones with the aid of skilled biotchnicians a lucrative business.

Many of the "Starships" that fly the spaceways are in fact lobotomized "Dragons" which are either modified by skilled Biotechnicians or crudely upgraded by grafting engines, weaponry and shielding technology to their bodies.
humans built the gates, we've always been the premminent power in space. Though "Human" is a debatable term. some of our previous incarnations have used psychic powers or modifed themselves via genetic engineering and mechanical prosthesis so that they're entirely unrecognizable.

For whatever reason, planets are constantly being seeded with human populations. These worlds are always terraformed before hand so that the population of humans will be able to flourish.

A direct result of this proliferation of humanity is that there are no less than Five Billion seperate strains of humanity (assuming you go by genetic markers, going by obvious physical differences just gives you a few thousand.)
What is the name of this setting?
MQG 21058?
How about:

"Humanity: Dethroned?"
Sounds good
>TFW Gorgonite spaceship captain.
>TFW when find Final Empire trade outpost.
>TFW outpost is infested with horrible monsters.
>TFW manage to clear outpost and only lose 15% of my crew.
>TFW I have enough loot to buy a planet.
>TFW stellar dragon arrives and begins devouring trade outpost
Okay cool, Humanity: Dethroned it is.

Judging from this name the ruins of the Final Empire will be a prominent setting thing and tech will be all over the place, either in the form of biological horrors, or in the form of technological artifacts.

The Masters of Orion are the products of humanity's fall and produce an endless stream of horror from their Terror Worlds, ironically they also labor to maintain the status quo and make sure there's just enough chaos to keep humans from dying out, but not enough order so that any one faction will prosper.

So we have bio weapons and sentient war machines and power armor and battle mechs.

Maybe some of the more high end equipment will be intelligent? Have its own onboard AI?
High end weapons are intelligent and can tell one person from another, some of them can become particularly attached to their users and will cause anyone who steals them or kills their user physical harm. Also...

Biotech Ranged Weapons Chart:
1: Flechet Gun
2: Flamer
3: Lightning Gun
4: Hornet Gun
5: Sonic Gun
6: Poison Gun
Sol System is home mostly to purebred humans and cyborgs, along with uploaded humans who abandon their physical forms for a digital existence.
Living ships that do as they are ordered are as common as conventional spaceships. They come in several classes. starting with fighters and ending in spacecraft carriers. Use of living suits of combat armor is fairly common as well.
Jurnal of Tobias Fell
Day 6
Mission fo Dellios IV has proven to be unwise, locals appear to be a deviant human strain. Deviations from pure strain humanity are as follows:

Scaly skin, similar to a pangolins.
Complete lack of body hair.
Unusual eye color, tend towards bright green, yellow and blue are not unheard of.
In place of hair the locals have appendages which can only be described as snakes.
Unusually long claw like nails, and unusually large canines.
Most are stronger than the average human by one half, sexual dimorphism is similar to humans though. Males are stronger and larger than females.

My armor, and the fact that I am purestrain human, has brought me more attention than I accounted for during my preperations and I've found myself holed up in an ancient terraforming station. The station resembles the standard golden obelisk and I have been incapable of activating its defense systems.

I've managed to convert and automate some old nanotech assault rifles and have them covering the Terraforming station's entrance. My comm suit gives me access to their Gun Cams and near as I can tell there are 3 factions of "Gorganites" fighting over this facility. I do not speak the local language so I cannot understand the, Judging from the high price offered for artifacts from the Final Empire I would assume my SolCorp Battle Armor is their target.

Wait did you hear that? I'm not alone in here. I have to cut this recording short, there's no telling what could be lurking in here. End recording.
Interstellar combat consists mostly of missile and torpedo usage, and spans hundreds of thousands of kilometers.
"Fighters" are generally no smaller than 60 meters long, and pack an arsenal of long-range missiles.
borading action consists of men and wonmen in powered armor (or the biological equivilent there of) loading themselves up in shuttles and then launching themselves at enemy ships after shuttleboard weapons have blown a breach in the enemy hull.

Usually only seen used during pirate raids and attempts to sieze enemy craft for intelligence or trophy value.
Yet it is a time of peace thanks to a treaty
It's a time of absolute chaos, everyone is scrambling for power and there are no noticeable power structures. Any attempt to organize is crushed by the masters of orion, they want things messy, painful and horrific.
The Mythos Coalition is roughly a dozen star systems strong, it's made up of "Deviant Humans" who physically and mentally resemble humans but stray from human purity in a variety of manners (some people have scaly skin, some have vestigal appendages like animal ears, some stray quite heavily from human norm with things like snake like lower bodies or psionic abilities.) Maybe it's design, maybe it's accident, either way each of the Mythos Coalition's cultures resemble a bizzare version of earth ancient mythologies. Like everyone else they contend with void beasts, pirates, techno barbarians and they have a particular fondness for pure strain humans. (varies in culture, could be slaves, servants, advisors, concubines, or pets)
The Progenators are a mysterious group who buy, sell, capture, and modify Weaponized Lifeforms. They make armor, weapons, and tools from the beasts that roam the galaxy and have turned their skills towards carving an empire out among the stars. They almost exclusively use biotech and are are the main providers of living spaceships to the galaxy at large.

"We tremble in their shadow. Progenitor Jadathor, I report now from the Gygax cluster, wherein you sighted some 16 void dragons and their young. As you expected the beast defended their youngling quite viciously but we managed to cull the adults.

The younglings are healthy and their guts are already full of the spoils of several raids on the local shipping fleets. Now that the raids have stopped and that we have delivered proof to the local planetary governor it is likely that our request for permission to grow a trading outpost will be granted.

As requested I have already begun lobotomizing the void dragonlings and replacing their brains with hedgemony approved organic circuitry. I look forward to seeing you in the coming months.

Ever your loyal follower Gannador."

Transhumanism is fairly common in sol system but it's reserved for the social elite and members of the military. Society itself has sort of...devolved. becoming paranoid and militaristic. There are no nations or governments any more, just military dictatorships run by admirals and generals, all of whom answer to the council of ten. The council of ten is a governing body made of military veterans, corporate bigwigs, and scientific notables. The council itself nimbers roughly 1000 strong but keeps its name out of tradition.
In this current era, breasts mean everything. If you have breasts, you are guaranteed wealth and popularity. If you lack them, you are rarely considered “human”. Members of the Imperium help raise the future big breasts. Within secret alien tech possessed by the clan, there is said to be various artifacts revealing how to grow big and beautiful breasts. Breasts hold a secret and irreproducable genetic material that stores psionic energy, the greater the size the deeper the reserve, only the Imperium's secret technology posses the power to enhance breasts without the tell tale signs of augmentation, outlawed across the galaxy and incapable of storing the psionic potential of breasts!
The Sol Defense Force consists of the Planeforce and Spaceforce. Planetsiders have their navy and air forces and Spaceforce groups have their own infantry called "Stellarites" (space marines basically, but with amore appropiate name) as well as pilots and a "Navy" of spacecraft. They tend more towards airforce style terminology than navy terminology.

The Planetforce groups have their own navy, airmen, and infantry divisions and bear a strong resemblance to just about any army you could care to name.

Spaceforce favors white uniforms.

Planetforce favors green uniforms.

Both forces make use of digital tags that can only be seen by Augmented Reality devices and HUD augmentations.
big breasts are a common augmentation, they are not however indicative of psionic potential or one's wealth or success.
Why is it only marines that people say need a more appropriate name for space. We have space ships, space fleets, space every other single naval term applied as if the vacuum were a sea...

But Marines? No, that's just TOO watery.
I likethe term space craft and take full responsability for using the term "space navy" but I can't think of anything that comes to mind when it comes to a group of space craft except "battle group"

hey if you wanna help me come up with terminology I'm all for it brother.
I am in the "naval terms are fine" camp. But if I must come up with new names, I'd go with aeronautics and ballistics terms first, and then expand from there, and then supplement with naval terms.

So the names for certain ship roles, cruisers, couriers, transports, destroyers, battlecraft, carriers, would carry over. Ship would likely not, going with craft as the general term and ballistics, rocketry, and aeronautics terms.

We'd have flights, wings, squadrons, flotillas, get a little crazy with flocks. Battlecraft, and it's bigger brother the BattleTransOrbital. Battlecarriers built to be Battlecarriers and not half assing the two roles. Destroyers, more basic rockets and fusion torches with guns on them.

That is the way I'd go, starting from there and going forward with it.
Now that i have posted that, slowly changing my homebrew setting to include more non-naval terms.

Space Marines will be the last thing I change in that vein, if i bother to change them at all.
That sounds excellent to me when it comes to craft terminology we throw out stuff like port and starbard and refer to the parts of the space craft by points of the compass or, I dunno clock directions. Something like forward, rearward, east

Aside from that I thnk you just about covered everything that needed coveringf. Good on ya anon.

On the other hand we could just keep nautical terms, lord knows this setting isn't terribly serious.
Space Marines is kind of Classic. I just like the term "Stellarite."

I'd like to see more Scifi that doesn't "NAVY, IN SPACE" t comes to names but a lot of the authors out there are Navy Vets so they stick with what they know I guess.
The terraforming devices foun on most planets throught the galaxy aren't even necessarily Sol-derivitive-human constructions, many of them predate human life on earth.

However further examination shows that each, and every one of these structures is designed to produce an earth-like environment.

Furthermore whilst these structures appear to have been designed and built by ancient "human" civilizations. But genetic samples recovered from these ruins show that our ancestors were very different from us. Some had psionic abilities and probably were born with telepathy, some had scales similar to those found on armadillos or pangolins, some had tails. A few though are almost exact matches to our own physiology.

Humans, deviant, or "purestrain" always have been and always will be in this galaxy.
Its already established that augmentation doesn't have psionic potential, and that augmentation is outlawed, so if its common, there's a lot of trouble in the imperium!

Clearly there is a crack team of psionisists who hunt down and eliminate augmentist

They are the Bounty Ranger Augmentisist Inspectors.

Or BRA Inspectors
Niether of those things was established. There is no imperium. There are no BRA inspectors. There is no reason to have gigantic tits other than to have gigantic tits for the sake of gigantic tits.

This setting is:
Takes places roughly 25-50 years after the fall of the Final Empire
The final empire was a galaxy wide human empire kept togethe rvia FTL drives and FTL gates which used space folding technology.
The Masters of Orion were the old rulers of the Final Empire and it was they who plunged humanity into a 500 year war, built sentient war machines, engineered horrible biological monstrosities and perpetuate a seemingly eternal state of chaos.
The only Purestrain human stronghold left is sol system, transhumanism and augmentation is commonplace, but reserved for members of the military and the commercial elite.
There's a race of "deviant" humans who live in a rough coalition called the Mythos Empire, they look like monster boys and girls basically.
Humans are apparently the oldest race in the galaxy, and archeological evidence seems to point to all of the ancient self maintaining terraforming devices being designed by ancient humans. (though just as many appear to be the work of deviant strains and human strains)

There's an empire of sentient war machines somewhere.

There's a cabal of biotechnologists who profit off of the monsters that roam space and the galaxy's planets by lobotomizing them or harvesting them for material.

There are plenty of technobarbarian worlds but they're only habitable thanks to enormous terraforming complexes.

There's power armor and battlemechs, both in normal tech and bio tech flavours.

Also there's apparently some scorpion men somewhere who are powerful but no one's expanded on them.

That is the setting.
File: 1352034505275.jpg-(71 KB, 448x473, 1336785323499.jpg)
71 KB
the Imperium is not of Mankind, thus there is no conflict, and no contradiction. Breasts are clearly not uncommon amongst various species, and as each person is allowed to contribute, you are in no position to remove these as established.
Fuck's sake I go to sleep and I wake up to this?

Remember the part about contradicting? You're bing contradicted. You're not just being contradicted you're being contradicted while trying to shoe horn psionics and giant breasts and some wierd imperium nonsense when there has never been a mention of anykind of imperium.

The "anyone can add anything" only ever applies in these threads until you get a coherent setting idea which is what we have. Giant Tits and BRA inspectors do not fit.

end of story.
>I'll just change the rules
if you can contradict just by saying "no" without providing any basis for why not, with no contradiction, then there is no uncontested fact. With what you have said here, I could quote everything said by someone and go "nah, not having that" and it counts as contradiction.
If augmentation isn't allowed then aren't the breasts just normal size? Only the people with bigger ones are more respected? Where's this gigantic tits thing?
Wierd giant tits nonsense is here. You do not get to claim that an entry is not related to wierd giant tits nonsense when you include BRA inspector.

You ever hear the term "Thematically appropiate?" That's what we're going with here. We have all this grim dark over here, you're trying add an Imperium, okay you know what fine I see that now no reason not to add an imperium.

But now you're throwing giant tits in. We already have monster girls and boys, our fetish potential is at its max. We're also pretty goddamn grim dark so I don't see how an uncreative Acronym joke made for a boob joke fits.
Cool I can contribute then:
In this current era breasts are everything.

and now everyone is happy! /tg/, solving conflicts
My jimmies are slightly rustled, however I will unrustle them by moving your imperium to...that corner, and saying that their breast obsession applies only to their society and that other societies may or may not care about the size of mamary glands, feel free to expand on your Imperium and the Grand Mammary Matriarchy as you see fit and the role of BRA inspectors.

In the future apply "this era" to the Imperium and keep their likes and dislikes to their own society please. >>21425321 Sol is clearly a very militaristic society and mamary obsession would not fit this group.

Apologies if I acted unreasonable towards you anon, please continue fleshing out the Imperium and its breastocracy.
Why is there always one guy who wants to force half fae catboys or lesbian world on everyone in these threads?


There's an enormous interstellar object that travels faster than the speed of light it circles the galaxy, occasionally objects detach themselves from it and crash into worlds.
The Masters of Orion have a fanatical band of killers called "The Hands of Orion" who enforce the will of their masters. The Hands of Orion usually make use of subtle tactics, warmongering, corruption, assassination but they can call in the armies of Orion crush any resistance to their masters attempts to impose chaos on the galaxy.
The entire setting as described above, contradictions and all, is actually the result of a group-dreaming experiment that contains no more than 10 people in an attempt to explore the effects of random subconcious elements on an artificial consensual reality. All of it applies to the fake world, ESPECIALLY the ones that cant both be true at the same time, because dream logic.

None of it, however, is "real". Obviously, this post is just a memory of what is really going on surfacing for a moment in the minds of one of the participants. It will soon be seemingly "overwritten" by one or more other posts, but this will not change the fact that this is what is really going on.
Why is it people always get meta solely so they can say "You're wrong THIS is what's actually happening my metafictional logic proves it!" It's like calling someone a cunt and then claiming the right to free speech when someone points out that its rude to call someone a cunt and that they'd like that person to leave.

please take your meta and go.
The tit imperium existed for maybe a year, then it was promptly devoured by tyrani- roaming space monsters.
The empire of the Sentient war machines is settled on a variety of worlds, mostly atmosphereless moons and other light gravity enviroments, they also have a fondness for asteroid belts.
Due to the need to evolve some pureblood humans develop psionic powers these powers however are not affected by size of breasts, but most people believe this rumor. These psychics are rare and out of the "Human" race are the only ones who can manipulate their power properly.

The powers themselves are random and have the potential for... Odd outcomes and as a result the psychic also develops odd traits such as being able to smell the color blue or taste a rainbow.
...are one of the preferred forms of a shape-shifting menace that has been subtly nudging every race in the galaxy since the dawn of time.
I like the post. It doesn't interfere with other peoples' ideas and in fact opens up new possibilities.
>please take your meta and go
>please take your butthurt and go

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