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File: 1351480248759.jpg-(114 KB, 320x320, 1350680973721.jpg)
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So the other day we had a couple threads about princesses that rapidly turned into a string of made up greentext stories in the vein of Chapter Master and sporadic brainstorming for a homebrew of one variety or another. Out of those threads came Super Princess Beatdown and Daughters of Kings.


Daughters of Kings is my homebrew, and there was some talk of trying it out before the thread 404'd. If any fa/tg/uys are interested in playtesting, I'd like to try running it over skype.

Pic related is the image that started it all.
Oh, good, this is here. I would also like to try a game.
ill play some time when it isnt 10 PM on a worknight
File: 1351481163985.jpg-(30 KB, 320x80, 1350683597201.jpg)
30 KB

I'd ideally like one or two more players, but I could run something with just two if need be.

For now, I'm free as early as tomorrow for preliminary stuff. How does next sunday sound for the game itself?

I'm clockworkscribbler on skype, if anybody needs to get in touch outside the thread.

As a side note, have another princess.
I'll get in touch in you in a bit.
File: 1351482546056.png-(8 KB, 400x100, 1350736736415.png)
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And another princess.
File: 1351483572058.pdf-(3 KB, PDF, rules.pdf)
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I'm deleting the Princess General Thread that I made and dumping the one potentially useful thing from it here.

Super Princess Beatdown looks great, and I can't wait to try it out after I'm done with my own playtest. Good work, anon.
Wow. How the hell did I even miss this? All it needs are the pretty princess pictures.
I don't know, it was like 75% of the previous thread.
Daughter of Kings looks pretty amazing. I would like to try this out.
File: 1351524822948.png-(5 KB, 320x120, Our Lady of Beamy and Flash.png)
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The more the merrier. Get in touch and we'll bring you up to speed. To reiterate, look for clockworkscribbler on Skype.

I'm already in touch with two guys, and could take at most two more. If anybody else is interested in the playtest, let me know.
The drawfag ones, or just some general clipart? I'll put whatever in the next version.
File: 1351544984198.pdf-(263 KB, PDF, Winnefred & Fibbledrof.pdf)
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Here's the first character sheet for the playtest. So far I'm very pleased with chargen. It's smooth and fast and fairly simple. We'll see how the rest of the system holds up as the playtest progresses.
File: 1351546085588.pdf-(261 KB, PDF, Elisabeth.pdf)
261 KB
Another character sheet.
So, uh, pre-game discussion? I, for one, am really looking forward to polite-ing my way out of as many problems as possible.
Winnefred can probably pull it off with her maxed Proper. I for one can't wait to see what kind of trouble she'll get into with no Pluck.

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