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We are Ned Salters, a rookie manager in the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, the wrestling league for super-powered humans, shown live worldwide in pay-per-view.
We started with Brass Brawler, a washed-up, former champion, helping him beat his drug addiction and come back to the ring as a powerhouse.
Then, we recruited Samuel "Green Python" Rodriguez, an old, long time friend of Brass, and have helped him untap his frightening potential.
Finally, we are also the manager of Ami "Red Jane" Morrigan, an absolute, but promising rookie that has yet to do her ring debut for reasons beyond her control.

This week, we have arranged for Brass to fight The Phalanx, a young and promising wrestler who has openly declared his admiration for the old champ, while Python is about to fight Equitas, a three-times champion who has held the title of the Silver, Gold and Omega divisions in the XWF at one time or another.
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Right now we are at the Morgan´s Ranch, a large property (most of it is pastures for its small herd of cows) located a few miles out of the city, where we often take our fighters to train with the owner of the ranch, miss Mai Morgan, a martial arts prodigy and "low key" super human who seems perfectly happy to avoid the spotlight so many of her peers seem to crave, instead using her super human gift of training others, whether novas (super humans), baselines (normal humans) or beasts.

We are currently sitting at her kitchen table while she prepares lunch and discusses with us the incoming fights.

Mai: "Are you allergic to shellfish, mister Salters?"

Phalanx is fighting Duke this weekend, so we booked Phalanx-Brass for next week.

As regards this week, I think we were looking at Kali

"Never have been before, Mai, and don't intend to start now."
Oh, right, right, totally got distracted there, sorry. I was/am busy adding Phalanx´s stats to the spreadsheet so I got it confused. So Brass v/s ... now that I think about it, it was Brass v/s Equitas and Python vs Bull.

Anyway, you were talking with Mai, she gave you her emergency number and then invited you to stay for lunch.
Mai: "Alright then. I have clam cream coming up, spiced just right. A french friend taught me how to prepare it in true high cuisine style, so let me know what you think of it, alright?"

Ami comes in from feeding the animals, dressed in jeants and a shirt, looking rather cute in a next-door-girl kind of way. Mai sends her to have a shower before she sits at the table with the two of you.

Mai: "You know, Ned. It just hit me the other night. You don´t prepare your fighters by looking at holos of their opponent´s fights? I thought of it after the teag team. when the commentator mentioned they were for sale in the gift shop by the exit"
Just wanted to say im lurkin

"Brass and Python dont seem to look like the analytic type"
Mai: "Well, as one of their trainers, and I think the most involved at that, I´d like to see some holos of their incoming opponents with some time before a fight. Do you think you could get some for me?"
Do we need to roll for this?
Rolled 9, 1, 2, 2, 3, 1, 7, 7, 2, 8, 1 = 43

Uhmm... nah, you can probably get them off the XWF storage for free since you are management, and I am quite sure they must be available for download from the XWF OPnet site

Rolling for Mai´s cooking

Ami comes down from the shower in a fresh change of clothes and with that shower-fresh aura glowing all over her.

Ami: "Mr Salter, how long do I have to keep learning dance and such? I´d much rather learn a new headlock than have to stand on tiptoes again" -she does look more graceful and fluid in her motions. But she´s still an obvious tomboy
"Until you pop the crowd with the mere sight of you "
Can we play Ami up as one of those cute tomboys, like one of those hard working wrench wenches? Also just realised Ami and Mai use the same letters
Im not familiar with the wrench wench term, but sure. Even if she raises her appearance and grace into above human territory, it´s her personality that is tomboyish, so I guess we could play her off as an athletic, tomboyish and spunky girl.

The clam soup is delicious. It has just the right texture to be a soft cream on which your spoon makes a little hole that slowly fills up each time you taste it, with a gentle, perfect hint of spices.

After lunch is done, Mai asks you to drive Ami to her dance lessons to make sure she goes.

Mai: "Thanks for taking care of her. Mom tried for years to get her to act more lady-like but I guess she can´t say no to her boss"


So what do you do now? Men´s Health has been calling about an interview with Brass, and you have a message from Duke´s manager saying he wants to talk about a future match

"I know it seems boring, but it's necessary. You've already got enough raw power to blow a car-sized hole through just about anyone in the Gold Division, but you gotta look the part. Rob wasn't kidding about presentation... You can get respect by kicking ass, but you only get adoration by looking good doing it."

"But I hear what you're saying... We'll see. But there's also the issue of building you up for your debut. Got a few ideas about that."

Call Duke's manager back, pencil the fight in for the week after the Phalanx fight. What do we know about Duke? What sort of angles could we work?

Set up a time for the Men's Health interview.
File: 1351079336669.jpg-(62 KB, 495x640, Winry.Rockbell.154646.jpg)
62 KB
Alright, roll 6d10 for the Men´s Health interview. I just checked that Brass has, indeed, mega charisma 2, so he could take another charisma enhancement. Telepresence would work amazingly well for a wrestler, since it would make his other enhancement, Natural Agitator, work over media.
For example, he could have the interview, and tell people to work out and have a healthier life, and people would do be affected by his mega charisma and very probably do it. He would be amazing in anti-drug campaigns and, of course, he would be able to excite the folks watching him fight in recordings or through tv just as well as if they were on the arena. I think that´s huge for a wrestler. Pretty cheap for 5 exp

You book the fight for 3 weeks from now with no problems.

Duke´s "character" is a fat, dirty hillbilly who can grow truly enormous and smacks his opponents around with the simplest slaps and smashes. Powers-wise, he basically has growth and density increase, so he has never been lifted off the arena, and is nearly impossible to pin him down or lock him in a hold when he is almost 12 feet tall.

Also, I just googled up wrench wench, which was funny because I DID consider Ami for that, but decided to pass on it.

Could open an interest, and other magazine possibilities, like Cars & Bikes, Harley Davidson or Motors magazines, I think. Would probably need to take at least 1 point in engineering, tho, which would also be 3 exp, so she actually knows what she´s talking about instead of just faking it
Rolled 1, 9, 8, 7, 7, 3 = 35


I though we were just going with the archetypal Japanese woman wrestler, taken up to eleven? If we plump for a gimmick, Magical Girl was most popular a few threads ago.

Telepresence for Brass sounds good.
Ami (and Mai) are french-japanese. They were just born in japan while their parents were working there, so they have double nationality. Morgan isin´t a very japanese last name

You secure a rather good deal for Brass´ interview, actually.

Roll 7d10 for Brass´ interview.

Want to fast forward to Brass vs Equitas and Python vs Bull, or are you going to do something else? want to try a "short sidequest thing" having Mai try to find out about Bomber Lord? Maybe by infiltrating the XWF medical building or even his house, maybe calling some old contacts and pulling some strings.

Also, for the future after the title fights, I was thinking in some adventures in russia as the XWF starts expanding into their market. You would get asked to take your fighters there and start to recruit new fighters and management, in effect being the russian wing XWF CEO. Russian mafia shenanigans, and stuff like that. Or would you prefer to just stay in the US and continue to be based purely around the matches with some occasional villains to fight?
Rolled 5, 1, 2, 1, 10, 10, 3 = 32


Depends. Russia could be fun, but only if our guys agree, and ONLY if Flair gives us full-on official XWF backing. And I mean proper backing, not setting us up to fail because he doesn't want Team Salter running for him in the States.

Because the other option is to stay in the US, with our guys dominating the scene while Ned schemes his way into the CEO's job.
Since this is an ability, we get to reroll 10´s for possible extra successes
(0) Brass: [2d10] => [8,10] result of (2) success
(0) Brass: [1d10] => [10] result of (1) success
(0) Brass: [1d10] => [3] result of a failure
Well, that was a ridiculously good interview. He must have dropped some pearls of wisdom there. A lot more men´s magazines start calling to your phone, so much so that you can start to cherry pick which magazines you want to work with.

Which is good because I dont live in the US and dont know which magazines are good/famous over there, so having you drop me names means I can google them up

Brass: "Well, that went well"

He says as you talk with him. He is using some small geomagnetic weights, each hand lifting only about 15 tons, going for repeat and consistency instead of flashiness.

Brass: "So what do you have the others doing?"

Well, Sam's learning Even More Punches. May Thai strikes this time. And he's back with his friends at the labs... Said something about "Mine is the punch that will pierce the heavens"

"Ami's still working on her flair. She's working hard, but getting bored. She might need another pep-talk and/or training session from her hero"

"Great work on the Interview, by the way;People are saying you're the new Charles Atlas. Ever thought of making a Workout DVD?
Brass: "I dont think that would work, unless you are thinking of marketing it to novas. I would just feel like a fake if I was doing regular push ups and the like, you know? I could be a nova´s weight guru, but I dont think I could teach anything to your average Joe. Not safely, you know?"

You get a call from Daniel Berry, Phalanx´s manager
"Hmmm... That could work. Encouraging Novas to improve themselves..."


"Hello, Ned Salter"
Danielle: "Hey there. I´m Daniel, Phalanx´s manager. We spoke over the phone the other night. Say, my boy wants to know if he could train with mister Wolfside. You probably noticed how big of a fan he is, so I would think of it as a personal favor if you´d let him"

"Sounds reasonable, with three stipulations. One, not until next week. Two, we record it as a video vignette to hype the fight. Three, one of my development talents trains alongside. She's a Reaper fan, too."
Daniel: "Alright, that sounds fine. That way the boys can rehearsal the first round all they want beforehand, too. I´m sure Eldric will like the idea. Can you give me an address and time?"

Once you give miss Berry the address of Mai´s ranch, and agree to a date/time, you are mostly done with preparations.


Want to move to the fights, or do something else?
to the fight!

The last thing we do is lay out the plan to Brass and Ami. This will be her first time on anything resembling Offical XWF TV, and it's important she make a good impression while keeping 95% of her true power under wraps.

In the TV industry, this is what you'd call a Backdoor Pilot, sowing the seed for a new show through characters appearing in an established one.

Then, move on to the fights. We should be seeing some more regulars arrive soon

Alright, lets go with the Green Python v/s Snide Bull fight, first

Commentator: "It has been a close fight up to now, folks! fist against feet, speed against speed. Both of these fighters are the type to use explosive speed and power to take down their opponents. Neither has tried a lock or takedown, and have instead gifted us with a display of speed unlike anything you could normally see in the Gold Division up till now. We are..."

Roll 11d10 for Python´s perform roll to see how real the first round of the fight looks for the fans and people in the stadium

Going into the 2nd round/actual fight, want to try raising your flair with the public, by fighting without looking at Snide Bull? Python has 360° vision now, so it doesn´t really matters if he´s facing his opponent or not to dodge

Reverse Punchstorm could be fun, we'll see...
Rolled 5, 9, 5, 5, 1, 6, 8, 8, 5, 9, 4 = 65


Rolled 4, 2, 2, 1, 7, 4, 5, 1, 6, 1, 1, 7, 10, 6 = 57

Alright, with four successes, it is a very real looking fight.

Commentator: "And now the Green Python is working the crowd, dodging while offering his back to the bull, deftly moving out of the way seemingly by accident! ah, Bull got him square on the back, and the Python is down under a rain of kicks.. no! he´s punching upwards, he´s meeting the descending kicks with upwards punching. Neither of them is moving from the spot. Blow for blow they are matched, and there´s the end of the round whistle!"


Alright, roll 16d10 for Python´s Initiative. This roll is for Bull´s
Rolled 4, 8, 5, 4, 8, 9, 5, 2, 4, 1, 8, 1, 1, 9, 10, 8 = 87


Rolled 2, 1, 9, 3, 3, 4, 10, 9, 6, 4, 4, 9, 5, 2 = 71

Bull got just 4 successes. You got 7, so you go first

Punch (normal or pressure strike?)
Flying Kick
Use time acceleration to gain up to two extra actions (you can only do physical actions with those extra actions. Cant use time accel again to get more actions)
I say we hold and punch for his legs when he goes to kick, make it a challenge of who's faster and see how the marks like it.
A quadruple palm strike? (Four punches.)

Save the accel so we can go serious (so as to impress the audience) if the fight goes to round two.
Keep the time acceleration in reserve for now.

Let's go for multiple Omnidexterity pressure strikes, using MegaDex 6 to drop the difficulty by a total of -3 (+3 difficulty for Pressure Strikes, -6 from using all our MegaDex).

IIRC from yesterday's thread, 4 punches with Omnidex and Penalty Reduction would be 20d10 each. If my maths is right, dropping MegaDex, that's 14d10, succeeding on a 4+

What to we roll to reduce multiaction penalties?
Rolled 4, 2, 9, 7, 7, 3, 9, 3, 1, 2, 4, 2, 3, 5 = 61

(0) Snide Bull: Wits [4d10] => [9,6,9,6] result of (2) success
(0) Snide Bull: Kicks! [11d10] => [5,8,10,6,1,10,8,6,3,3,9] result of (5) success + [5d10] => [6,6,10,3,10] result of (2) success
(0) Snide Bull: Kicks! [11d10] => [6,1,3,5,9,9,3,8,3,1,3] result of (3) success + [5d10] => [9,9,3,9,4] result of (3) success
(0) Snide Bull: Kicks! [10d10] => [1,1,5,6,6,3,9,4,3,3] result of (1) success + [5d10] => [6,6,3,7,1] result of (1) success
(0) Snide Bull: Kicks! [10d10] => [5,8,8,10,1,2,3,5,5,4] result of (3) success + [5d10] => [1,6,8,1,3] result of (1) success
(0) Snide Bull: Kicks! [9d10] => [7,6,1,6,4,1,6,3,10] result of (2) success + [5d10] => [9,3,8,7,2] result of (3) success
(0) Snide Bull: Kicks! [9d10] => [2,9,6,1,1,4,10,5,9] result of (3) success + [5d10] => [3,7,2,2,9] result of (2) success
(0) Green Python: dodge! 5 Successes + [10d10] => [3,10,3,10,7,7,1,5,10,7] result of (6) success [6d10] => [2,5,3,7,5,2] result of (1) success
(0) Green Python: dodge! 5 Successes + [9d10] => [2,2,4,8,2,9,4,5,4] result of (2) success [6d10] => [3,10,10,5,2,9] result of (3) success
(0) Green Python: dodge! 5 Successes + [8d10] => [7,8,9,5,8,2,10,7] result of (6) success [6d10] => [9,6,7,3,10,2] result of (3) success
(0) Green Python: dodge! 5 Successes + [7d10] => [8,5,2,3,4,9,2] result of (2) success [6d10] => [1,7,7,3,10,8] result of (4) success
(0) Green Python: dodge! 5 Successes + [6d10] => [1,6,9,4,1,2] result of (1) success [6d10] => [9,4,2,7,4,3] result of (2) success
(0) Green Python: dodge! 5 Successes + [5d10] => [1,2,5,7,1] result of (1) success [6d10] => [9,6,1,6,10,2] result of (2) success
(0) Green Python: dodge! 5 Successes + [4d10] => [6,1,10,1] result of (1) success [6d10] => [7,10,8,1,8,7] result of (5) success

So 11/9/3/5/5/8/7 successes vs 13/15/18/18/10/16 successes. Python dodges EVERYTHING
Rolled 2, 5, 3, 10, 5, 2, 7, 5, 8, 4, 5, 9, 10, 8 = 83


Commentator: "This is amazing, ladies and gentlemen! We are trying to slow down the action on the arena screens, but it is just too much! showing everything would have us broadcast the fight far after it is already over! Snide Bull is unleashing a true barrage of kicks, his feet are LITERALLY on fire as he swings around Python´s head, but the veteran is dodging effortlessly! he sways from side to side, back and forth as he needs, without even lifting his feet from the ground!"


Sure, roll it. It seems we have a misunderstanding, tho. In aberrant, extra difficulty means you need that many extra successes. Mega dice can lower difficulty because they can be automatic successes if you want them to be.

So Pressure Strikes at difficulty +3 means we'd need 4 success to land a blow, correct?

And if we wanted, could we could use MegaDex to get 6 automatic successes? Or are we limited to using 3 of it, to negate the extra difficulty?

Either way, our response will be Difficulty-Reduced Pressure Strikes. Four carefully placed strikes, designed to disrupt and daze, in stark contrast to Snide Bull's frenzy

"Power is nothing without control
>So Pressure Strikes at difficulty +3 means we'd need 4 success to land a blow, correct?
Yes, you need to beat the target´s dpdge by 3 successes instead of just tying for a hit. Or to make it simpler, you can say that you have 3 less successes than whatever you get.

Anyway, remember that mega dice can be sacrificed to lower the difficulty (basically meaning you get an auto success) or rolled. A success on a mega dice roll means you get 2 successes. A 10 means you got three

Yes, you can get 6 successes with mega dice, but then you dont roll them.

You do a lot less damage than Bull. You do 0-13 damage per punch, while he does 0-29 damage per kick. But he isint as accurate or as fast as Python.

Anyway, you rolling for multiaction penalty check?
I'd go for negating the difficultly, no need to make it too easy. Our fights have Bern rather fast in the past, no pun intended, and a little challenge might draw this one out. But that's just me.
Well, you could just keep working the crowd, dodging in full defense mode, dancing around him hailing the crowd with your hands up and facing away from bull while he kicks.

Or you could start various holds and then let him go. While it is true that if bull gets lucky he could knock down Python in 1 or 2 kicks, right now it looks like he would need to get REALLY lucky for that. Oh and Python used 1 quantum point to dodge like that last turn.
I am all in favor of this taunting as long as the others agree, let the Bull work for nothing until we choose to flatten him in a hurricane of punches.
(0) Snide Bull: Wits [4d10] => [10,3,8,7] result of (3) success
(0) Snide Bull: Kicks! [11d10] => [7,1,9,9,6,7,2,6,5,7,7] result of (6) success + [5d10] => [2,6,4,5,5] result of a failure
(0) Snide Bull: Kicks! [11d10] => [10,8,9,10,7,6,1,6,4,1,2] result of (5) success + [5d10] => [5,7,9,8,7] result of (4) success
(0) Snide Bull: Kicks! [10d10] => [9,8,10,8,10,1,4,5,3,6] result of (5) success + [5d10] => [2,10,5,4,5] result of (1) success
(0) Snide Bull: Kicks! [10d10] => [5,7,5,5,3,8,9,9,10,10] result of (6) success + [5d10] => [7,5,2,8,9] result of (3) success
(0) Snide Bull: Kicks! [9d10] => [5,7,9,1,9,3,6,2,7] result of (4) success + [5d10] => [4,3,10,7,2] result of (2) success
(0) Snide Bull: Kicks! [9d10] => [4,2,8,9,4,5,7,7,6] result of (4) success + [5d10] => [1,8,8,7,3] result of (3) success
(0) Snide Bull: Kicks! [8d10] => [4,1,4,2,2,6,5,4] result of a (-1) botch + [5d10] => [3,2,1,4,2] result of a (-1) botch
(0) Green Python: Dodge! 6 successes + [10d10] => [9,4,2,7,3,6,6,2,4,4] result of (2) success + [6d10] => [9,2,4,10,9,2] result of (3) success
(0) Green Python: Dodge! 6 successes + [9d10] => [3,4,9,2,10,10,6,8,6] result of (4) success + [6d10] => [10,10,8,1,1,4] result of (3) success
(0) Green Python: Dodge! 6 successes + [8d10] => [8,8,7,5,5,5,10,6] result of (4) success + [6d10] => [10,6,3,9,3,7] result of (3) success
(0) Green Python: Dodge! 6 successes + [7d10] => [7,10,8,5,7,4,1] result of (4) success + [6d10] => [7,3,3,8,4,10] result of (3) success
(0) Green Python: Dodge! 6 successes + [6d10] => [7,6,6,2,1,7] result of (2) success + [6d10] => [6,9,9,3,6,8] result of (3) success
(0) Green Python: Dodge! 6 successes + [5d10] => [7,10,7,6,9] result of (4) success + [6d10] => [3,2,10,3,4,2] result of (1) success
(0) Green Python: Dodge! 6 successes + [4d10] => [5,8,3,8] result of (2) success + [6d10] => [5,9,4,4,3,1] result of (1) success
Rolled 7, 7, 5, 4, 7, 1, 5, 7, 4, 8, 6, 1, 5, 9 = 76

(0) : 6/13/8/12/9/10 vs 15/18/17/17/14/13/11
This means Python continues dodging everything!

Commentator: "Python is pushed against the ropes... no! he leans into the ropes to dodge Bull´s kicks! he´s not even looking. Each of those kicks could drop a brick wall, but he´s not even looking, he´s just hailing at the crowd and asking for their support. The fans love it!"


Want to try and finish it on the 3rd round? be careful because Bull´s immolate effect means that whenever Python touches him, he automatically hurts himself, so we can´t just do the barrage of blows thing. It has to be one or two finishing blows

Roll 16d10 for initiative. Im rolling bull´s
sure, what are our finishing moves?
Rolled 9, 3, 10, 1, 9, 2, 6, 5, 8, 4, 10, 8, 7, 4, 9, 7 = 102

Rolled 3, 5, 8, 8 = 24

Well, normally Python would try and Hold his enemy in a masterlock, quickly draining willpower until they gave up, but the problem when dealing with someone with immolate, is that during a hold, you take more damage than they do (normally).

We cant just go rain of blows on him because we do 0-to-13 damage per blow and his immolate would deal 0-to-15 damage on us per hit, so we could end up getting more hurt than he by our own attacks.
I think we´ll need to use a smackdown move. Spend a willpower and do nothing for one turn, then deal massive damage on the next turn. If that doesnt knocks him out, we´ll have to do it again.

Could use a time mastery power to slow him down so he can´t kick the crap out of us while we prepare the smackdown. Would need to roll 8d10 vs his willpower of 4d10 for it to work. It would slow him down and cause him to act only every other turn for a while.

Rolling his willpower, roll 8d10 if you want to go with that
Rolled 7, 4, 7, 6, 9, 1, 4, 7 = 45

Do we not have timestop yet? He can't immolate when frozen, can he? Or do the flames deal reduced damage when slowed? Have we no way to negate them?
Rolled 1, 10, 2, 2 = 15

Alright. He has initiative so he´s going first, then we are using the power to slow him down. This turn he´s going to try to hit us with just two kicks to get a better attack bonus

(0) Snide bullt: Wits [4d10] => [6,2,8,8] result of (2) success
(0) Snide bullt: Kick [15d10] => [9,8,3,3,9,9,9,3,6,4,8,2,4,7,9] result of (8) success + [5d10] => [10,5,9,1,7] result of (3) success
(0) Snide bullt: Kick [15d10] => [9,4,7,9,5,6,4,10,5,8,9,3,9,4,5] result of (7) success + [5d10] => [4,4,7,9,1] result of (2) success
(0) Green Python: Dodge! 6 successes + [10d10] => [1,4,7,2,1,9,5,4,9,1] result of (3) success + [6d10] => [7,4,2,8,5,8] result of (3) success
(0) Green Python: Dodge! 6 successes + [19d10] => [6,8,3,2,6,1,9,9,5,8,8,6,10,9,4,8,7,1,8] result of (10) success + [6d10] => [7,9,7,4,4,4] result of (3) success
(0) : 15/11 v/s 15/22 Bull finally lands a hit. This could hurt a lot!

No, right now we have a power to make ourselves go faster, and one to make the enemy go slower.

(0) Bull: [18d10] => [4,9,9,4,4,6,8,9,4,4,3,10,4,7,6,1,5,3] result of (6) success

Ouch! in a single kick, he sent us right down into Maimed land! -2 penalties to all dice pools, since our mega stamina lowers the penalties slightly. Just 4 hp from unconsciousness!
If we cant reduce or negate that immolate, I say we put all we got into a monster of a punch to level his ass out start of the third round. If the first one doesn't work, we do it again.

Alternatively, two bone breaking shots one to each knee would have him disabled. His legs couldn't stand the might of our fists.
...how much damage do we take from immolate, and is he on fire yet?

Rolled 8, 1, 9, 8 = 26

Commentator: "The bull finally stomps the snake! that kick sent Python across the ring, folks! you can see the scorched marks where the Green Python landed after that blow. Snide Bull turns the fight around in a single shot!"

Now you use the Decelerate power, and Bull starts moving in slow motion. Next turn he skips his turn. Using a willpower to set up a smackdown.

**** Bull´s turn - He´s in a slow-time bubble so he´s barely moving. Basically lost his turn ****

**** Python´s turn - Smackdown ****
(0) Bull: Immolate [10d10] => [10,4,9,7,2,2,2,5,3,5] result of (3) success

Python´s smackdown deals 13 damage, ignoring soak. That is EXACTLY enough to knock bull out in one shot. We take 3 damage from his immolate, so we are at 1 hp
"One shot and your reign of kicks is over"
Commentator: "And it is over! Python goes for a high-risk high-reward attack and burns himself to smack down Bull! A massive punch, heavy and lightning fast! we could all feel the strength in that punch as it sends bull upwards into the arena lights!"

Python is barely, BARELY standing in the middle of the ring. He greets the audience, and tries to smile past his 2nd degree burns.

Commentator: "And here comes our beautiful doctor at the head of her staff. She checks on Bull... the fight is over! Both fighters are leaving on stretchers, ladies and gentlemen! this hadn´t happened in months! a battle of speed, fire, and guts! Python wins! the Green Python wins!"
Rolled 3, 2, 10, 8 = 23

Python BARELY survived. Just a unlucky roll on Bull´s immolate. 4+ successes would have been a double KO. We probably should look into getting Python more soak and/or more hp. And some non-physical way to do damage, too

Mai: "I´ll go check on mister Rodriguez condition, you guys stay for Brass´ fight, alright?"

The Four-in-One punch.

All four arms striking as one.

File: 1351094904839.png-(38 KB, 256x256, go home.png)
38 KB
You can´t dodge immolate because it basically means you are the one punching the flames. Maybe we could try and get Python invulnerability to energy so he can safely punch people in flames, or get him a good ´ol fashioned quantum bolt. His quantum is so high it would do very respectable damage. The only thing is, how do we fluff him so it´s in character? sonic boom, a la Guile?

What about that Mimic Ability power we looked at? If we'd had that in this fight, We could have copied whatever Bull has that made him fireproof.
You are always immune to your own immolate, wouldnt have worked that way... would have boosted our own damage a lot, tho, and made it so bull ALSO got automatically hurt when he hit us.

Anyway, you guys ready for the Brass v/s Equitas fight, or should we stop for today?
To be fair, out of 10d10 with 7+ as a success, you'd only expect 4 successes.

Isn't that what we normally do with Omnidexterity anyway?

Anyway, once more, I must take my leave till next thread. Honestly, my time zone makes it such that this begins pretty late for me, but I'll at least try to stick my head in or something.
Alright, good night, man

Uhmm could our anons please name themselves so I get an idea of how many people we have on the thread? anyway, continue with Brass v/s Equita? it should be a massive fight since they are both former Omega champions. Hell, you could say its an unnoficial title belt fight
I don't think it would be hard. We could even go for the fists so fast he produces quantum bolts for the marks. Hp/soak is a definite. Let's not cut it as close, need more comfort even if the close call made the crowd go wild.

As for Brass' fight, I'm game. Free for the next 2 hours.
Isn't there some way to make his fists invulnerable when he's attacking with them, probably with some technobabble involving quantum states and uncertainty? Like Doctor Who's weeping angels, but the other way round?

I just meant to dodge the kick that nearly OHKO'd us.

What if he developed a way to punch so hard, the pressure wave was enough to hurt people? Sounds like a Quantum Bolt Punch to me...
Brass vs Equita

Round One, FIGHT!

What do we know about Equitas' fighting style?
>As for Brass' fight, I'm game. Free for the next 2 hours.
Ok. It seems the others are okay with it too

>some way to make his fists invulnerable when he's attacking with them, probably with some technobabble involving quantum states and uncertainty?
Uhmm... I can´t really think of a way to do that, since immolate is sort of specifically designed to fuck with fast melee attackers like Samuel. The only thing I can think of is getting range. There was a power I mentioned in the last thread that would let him hit from afar with air pressure at a cost of 1 quantum point per punch.

>What if he developed a way to punch so hard, the pressure wave was enough to hurt people? Sounds like a Quantum Bolt Punch to me...
As I just typed, we could take the power to pay 1 quantum point to punch from afar, or take quantum bolt for the same effect.. let me see.. quantum bolt would deal... lets see...
(Quantum x 2) + (Power level x4) in dice of damage
Since Python´s Quantum is 6, that would be (12)+(4) damage for buying one point in Quantum bolt, and because his quantum is so high, he can choose between any of its two extras without making it more expensive
Extra 1: Extra energy type. You can deal two different types of energy damage instead of just one
Extra 2: Supercharge. You deal 1 damage to yourself, and pay 3 quantum points to deal (power level x6) damage instead of (power level x4) damage

Both have their pros and cons. I like that the power to make his punches be ranged lets us take advantage of his already fairly pimped out punches, and each ranged punch costing 1 quantum point isint a big deal for someone with such a big quantum pool.

Quantum Bolt isnt bad, either since it gives us energy damage as an option, which right now we dont have, at all
Quantum Bolt at high levels could deal...
level 2: 20d10
level 3: 24d10
level 4: 28d10 + an extra like automatic fire (basically a blur of attacks) or strafe (shoot in a long line to hit multiple targets if we ever need it)
level 5: 32d10 + another extra

It would be fairly exp intensive, but it looks fairly good. And since its a power that does a fair amount of damage based on his, rather awesome, quantum, it could be good

True.... There is an option to buy Physical Immunity, in the same way as Brass has Mental Imunity, isn't there?
>What do we know about Equitas' fighting style?
She´s very, very flashy. Her ability to mimick anything she is touching allows her great flexibility. She can turn into air to avoid a hit or escape a hold, then turn into titanium (if she manages to reach a corner post) to pummel someone down
>True.... There is an option to buy Physical Immunity, in the same way as Brass has Mental Imunity, isn't there?
Yes, you can buy energy, physical and energy immunity. But making python into another tank sort of goes against his strengths, which are built around attacking as fast as possible

Not for Python... for his opponents. If he comes up against someone with that, out Snakeman is screwed.


Hmm, tricky... All Out Offense called for, methinks
Ah, there is a strength enhancement that means that even against opponents that should be IMMUNE to your melee damage, you always always do at least 1d10 damage per blow, even with the "puny human" rule saying they should be immune, but to be able to get it, we would need to drop his current "unstoppable force" enhancement
Rolled 1, 2, 9, 10, 1, 3, 5, 10, 8, 6, 2, 1 = 58

Anyway, on to Brass vs Equitas, I guess

Commentator: "And the last fight of the night could very well be called a title fight, folks. The Brass Reaper vs Equitas! Both of them have held multiple championship belts in the Gold and Omega league. For this match, I am very pleased to have our very own Salamander as co-host with me tonight. Salamander, how are you this evening?"

Salamander: "Very excited, John, very excited indeed. These two, they are both powerhouses, they are both highly technical, they are both champions! Many fans came here tonight only to see THIS fight happen, and I´m being told that we have record ratings right now. We are reaching from northamerica to india right now, with about six million viewers live, and that is just within the continental united states!"

Commentator: "That´s right. Our OPnet site is almost collapsed right now, and... here come our fighters!"

Roll Brass´ perform to make the first round look realistic. Its 11d10. Im rolling Equitas
Rolled 5, 10, 2, 3, 7, 6, 8, 10, 6, 4, 2 = 63

Rolled 7, 4, 1, 4, 6, 3, 5, 6, 8, 3, 1, 4, 3 = 55

That´s a lot of successes for both of them. It really shows how they are both veterans in the business.

By the way I was checking Equitas´ powers. She´s not IMMUNE to being held, but she does gets +3 dice to try to escape when she turns into things like water or air.
Comentator: "Brass charges a Equitas that seems made of the corner posts titanium! they are on the ground. Equitas with a reversal and yes! a piledriver on Brass!"

Salamander: "Both of them are not only powerful, but incredibly dextrous and technical, John. Any slip, any little mistake can make or unmake the fight at any time, for either of them!"

******* The Whistle marks the end of round one *******

Roll 12d10 for Brass´ initiative. Im rolling Equitas
Rolled 2, 7, 3, 8, 2, 3, 5, 8, 1, 6, 3, 1 = 49


We need to trick her into taking the form of something exploitable...
****Brass´s turn****
Both fighters are in their corners. Do you rush in and try to drag her off the corner to the center of the ring before she can turn into titanium, or do you try to pummel her where she is?

Throw (to get her in the middle of the ring)
Kick/Flying Kick
Prepare a Reaper´s Charge
Initiate a Piledriver
Rolled 4, 7, 6, 4, 4 = 25


Mix it up with a couple of strikes first

Punch, Knee to the gut, throw.

Rolling 5d10 for Multiple Action Penalty Reduction
(0) Brass: Punch [14d10] => [7,10,4,5,6,4,1,4,4,8,2,10,1,3] result of (4) success
(0) Brass: Knee [13d10] => [2,5,5,8,4,9,8,5,2,3,8,2,3] result of (4) success
(0) Brass: Throw [11d10] => [1,4,8,3,3,3,5,3,2,9,1] result of (2) success
(0) Equitas: Block [15d10] => [6,1,2,8,3,2,6,9,4,10,10,9,3,9,6] result of (6) success
(0) Equitas: Block [14d10] => [5,6,1,8,7,7,2,9,2,8,2,7,7,9] result of (8) success
(0) Equitas: Block [13d10] => [6,10,10,6,1,2,3,3,9,2,3,5,9] result of (4) success

So 4/4/2 vs 6/8/4. Equitas resists all the attacks.

Salamander: "You can tell Equitas is a veteran. She steadies herself and blocks the Reaper´s attacks, one by one!"
**** Equitas turn ****
(0) Equitas: Wits check [5d10] => [8,6,6,3,1] result of (1) success
(0) Equitas: Bodymorph [6d10] => [10,5,7,10,5,1] result of (3) success
(0) Equitas: Hold [16d10] => [6,8,1,7,9,9,8,7,1,10,5,5,8,8,1,4] result of (9) success
(0) Brass: Block [15d10] => [4,4,5,6,7,4,10,2,5,8,5,3,2,4,5] result of (3) success
(0) Brass: Brawl [16d10] => [9,6,3,7,7,2,1,10,2,5,5,8,2,3,4,7] result of (6) success
(0) Equitas: Brawl [16d10] => [6,10,2,9,1,9,2,8,2,1,2,6,7,1,2,7] result of (6) success

Salamander: "Equitas reaches for the titanium post in the corner. And there she goes, she´s one BIG girl now! Equitas towers a head over Brass, and lifts him, throwing herself along with him towards the... no! she´s just holding him, she´s getting ready for a piledriver while she´s made of titanium!"

Commentator: "This could be very, very bad for the Reaper!"
Roll 14d10 to escape her Piledriver. Need 7 successes
File: 1351101080150.jpg-(41 KB, 375x523, Brass Reaper.jpg)
41 KB
You could instead roll 10d10, and have 4 automatic successes

What about using Immovable Object?
Totally valid. I even forgot about it. For each quantum point you use, you lower the required successes by 2.
Brass has a total quantum pool of 29
Rolled 9, 9, 10, 9, 6, 9, 4, 10, 6, 6 = 78


Spend 1, taking 4 autosuccesses

Rolling 10d10

Brass turns slightly metallic, and a whole lot more massive

"You're not the only one who can go Heavy Metal, darlin'"
Rolled 2, 9, 4, 9, 8, 10, 1, 5, 2, 9, 5, 8 = 72


You can try a reversal and start a grapple of your own if you want, or we can move to the next round.
So run in, punch/block, knee/block, throw/block then she went with piledriver/block and now we could do a reversal on her piledriver

Thats a lot of action in the 3 seconds an aberrant round lasts


Slap on a hold, looking to convert to a clinch via Mat Technician


We're not doing strict 3 second rounds.
Rolled 10, 5, 6, 3, 2, 4, 8, 2, 9, 7, 8, 7 = 71

(0) Brass: Reversal Hold [15d10] => [6,2,10,4,7,5,9,2,2,4,9,8,6,2,1] result of (5) success
(0) Equitas: block [14d10] => [4,4,2,4,9,4,10,10,5,4,8,10,5,4] result of (5) success
(0) Equitas: Reversal to the Reversal![15d10] => [4,6,5,7,9,5,1,2,10,6,1,10,7,1,8] result of (6) success
(0) Brass: block [14d10] => [10,4,3,1,1,4,5,4,8,7,4,4,2,9] result of (4) success

Commentator: "Jesus H Christ!"
Salamander: "You said it, John. Brass tried for a throw, but Equitas blocked and led him into a piledriver which Brass reversed and turned into a hold of his own which Equitas reversed with her own hold which Brass reversed with his own hold with Equitas reversed once more and I´m out of air just telling you folks about it!"

Commentator: "Take a deep breath, man, we are only 5 seconds into the first round!"

Salamander: "The folks at home on pay-per-view and the ones here that bought their ticket are sure getting their money´s worth in this unofficial title fight!"

Roll 12d10 for initiative. Im rolling for Equitas
Rolled 4, 3, 4, 10, 6, 1, 3, 7, 10, 9, 2, 10 = 69

>Commentator: "Take a deep breath, man, we are only 5 seconds into the first round!"
I meant into the second round
Rolled 10, 2, 1, 7, 2, 9, 6, 7, 9, 1, 7, 9 = 70


If we find the hold/counterhold situation continuing, could we use Catch Limb instead of a standard block?
Sort of, see bellow
Brass gets better initiative. Do you want to try to escape the hold completely and "reset" the situation to prepare to a "counter" by using catch limb, or try to reversal the hold again?

I could go with either, but given that we'd need an escape to set up for Catch Limb, just counterholding until we can go for the clinch might be better

How long does Immovable Object last for?
>How long does Immovable Object last for?
Pretty much the entire fight.

(0) Brass: Brawl [12d10] => [5,8,8,6,7,10,4,9,9,3,3,1] result of (6) success + [4d10] => [7,8,10,1] result of (3) success
(0) Equitas: Brawl [12d10] => [5,3,2,4,7,2,8,4,8,8,7,7] result of (6) success + [4d10] => [3,1,10,1] result of (1) success
(0) : Brass reverses the hold!
(0) Equitas: Brawl [11d10] => [6,9,10,5,8,9,8,3,4,4,3] result of (5) success + [4d10] => [5,2,5,1] result of a (-1) botch
(0) Brass: Brawl [11d10] => [7,9,5,10,7,3,10,9,10,9,3] result of (8) success + [4d10] => [2,4,1,6] result of a (-1) botch
(0) : Brass keeps the hold on Equitas!

Commentator: "Brass is finally on top!"
Salamander: "This may just be the beginning of a submission hold!"
*** Equitas turn ***
(0) Equitas: Brawl [12d10] => [9,4,6,5,10,3,6,8,4,3,9,10] result of (5) success + [4d10] => [10,8,10,5] result of (3) success
(0) Brass: Brawl [12d10] => [3,5,9,9,6,5,4,6,6,7,7,8] result of (5) success + [4d10] => [9,2,3,9] result of (2) success

Salamander: "Well, she´s loose again!"
Commentator: "She didin´t try to go for another reversal this time"
Salamander: "I think they are too evenly matched on floor techniques. This may end up being decided by strikes or flashy techniques"

Equitas: "You got faster, Brass! that little girl has been making you sweat?"

Mat Technician to convert Hold to Clinch as a free action
Rolled 7, 6, 2, 5, 7, 6, 8, 7, 2, 7, 8, 1 = 66

Roll 12d10 for initiative. Rolling for Equitas
It´s clinch to hold. And first you get a chance to wriggle loose by rolling brawl vs brawl.
Clinch is when they both take damage. Hold is when you have your target immobilized and you are in control

"We're Novas, darlin'. Evolving is what we do"
Rolled 9, 6, 4, 2, 7, 7, 7, 1, 4, 6, 7, 4 = 64


6 v/s 5 Equitas goes first.

Equitas changes her stance. She is standing with one knee sligthly forward and her fists in front of her... you barely have time to react before she runs at you and tries to knock you down!

Irresistible Force: For each Quantum point you use, you add a +2 difficulty to the opponent´s difficulty to resist knockdown or knockback

(0) Equitas: Flying Kick [12d10] => [6,1,2,5,5,8,1,3,8,6,5,5] result of (2) success + [4d10] => [2,10,2,1] result of (1) success

Equitas is trying to knock Brass to the floor to start a clinch. Do you want to use another quantum to lower the difficulty of resisting that maneuver? Brass has 27 quantum left
Commentator: "Well, it looks like we are just about to get an answer to the age-old question"
Salamander: "How many licks does it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll candy?"
Commentator: "Where the hell did that come from!?"
Well, why not? Spend a Quantum Point for Irresistible Force. We have so much Quantum i kinda doubt we will ever run out in a wrestling fight.

Im not naming myself nor rolling since i have no idea how the system works.
Is a WW game so you may be familiar if you ever played exalted, vampire, mage, etc...
On any roll, you roll 10-sided dice. A 7 or more on any dice is a success, and the one with more successes on an opposed roll, wins. Is not hard, really

(0) Brass: Block [11d10] => [4,4,3,4,6,3,2,4,1,10,6] result of (1) success + [4d10] => [6,10,1,3] result of (1) success

With the extra successes from using Unmovable Object 3 times already, you resist Equitas´ flying kick.

(0) Equitas: Athletics [10d10] => [3,9,3,4,6,7,7,3,6,6] result of (3) success

Equitas bounces off Brass chest, and immediately gets up.

**** Brass turn ****
Set up a Limb Catch/Counter
Use the Reaper Charge
I'd say burn 2 quantum, convert her flying kick momentum by grabbing that leg and doing a spinning throw.
We would have had to had set up a counter/catch limb the round before and we didint. Now that we are starting a new round, that is an option, tho
Well, i know how basic WW stuff works, but holy shit does this game have many special moves and superpowers that do stuff.
Anyways, moving on. I think trying out a shockwave against her might be a good idea. Might even goad her into countering with another energy attack for us to absorb.
Rolled 6, 9, 7, 8, 8 = 38


The only reason not to is that if you spenmd too many Quantum points in a fight, you acquire Taint.

But in this case, we can spare one more.

KoAND, the point is spent, it's the classic Undertaker/Hulk Hogan "No-Sell" defence. Feel free to roll for us, our followup attack will be headbutts

Wits roll for Multitasking, assuming Mega Stat is used for auto success
Ahh, too late.

How about a punch, knee, and flip her with a throw?
Why not, headbuts are good, if we hit her we could set up a reaper charge or some other big move.

Shockwave next round, if she's not stunned by the headbutts


I think you said three attacks was the optimum, with Multitasking, didn't you, KoAND? if so, it's three "trapping headbutts"
** (0) Brass sets up a counter/ **
(0) Equitas: Tackle [15d10] => [9,7,6,7,1,6,10,6,1,3,3,1,7,3,7] result of (6) success
(0) Brass: Block/Hold [17d10] => [8,1,10,10,4,10,9,6,1,4,6,1,10,3,10,7,3] result of (8) success
** (0) Brass grabs Equitas and drags her to the floor in a pin! **
(0) Brass: Headbutt [15d10] => [7,1,9,6,7,1,1,5,6,6,10,10,6,5,8] result of (6) success
(0) Equitas: Block [14d10] => [2,3,5,10,3,2,6,2,5,4,4,4,10,10] result of (3) success
(0) Brass: Headbutt [15d10] => [1,3,5,5,3,5,4,6,9,8,7,9,8,6,2] result of (5) success
(0) Equitas: Block [13d10] => [3,1,9,1,5,10,6,9,8,2,8,5,5] result of (5) success

Salamander: "Equitas tries to knock the Reaper to the ring, but is instead caught off balance and taken down hard!"
Commentator: "That has to hurt!"
Salamander: "Whatever would we do without you to tell us the obvious, John?"
Commentator: "Well, that´s why they pay me the big bucks"
Salamander: "They do? And now Brass hits her with a headbutt, its perfect. He has her pinned and stunned!"
Also did the first point of damage of the fight, but they both have so much hp that its not even noticeable.

*** Equitas turn - Dazed - missed her turn ***
*** Brass Turn again ***
* Pin her into an immobilization hold
* Start a strangle maneuver and try to get her to faint (deals willpower damage instead of hp damage)
* Punch
* Kick
* Combination of the above
* Other
I'd say stomp her with an earthquake while she is down, but i defer to Bishoffs judgement, he seems to know what he's doing.

So, to clarify (please correct ,me if I'm wrong)

We have Equitas locked in a hold, and stunned.

The hold itself does not do damage, but keeps her were we want her.

She is currently stunned from the headbutt, this means she cannot act

If we release the hold and set up for a Reaper Charge, we still have to beat her on Initiative in the round after, otherwise she can dodge it with her powers.

What do we do now? I'd like to hear from others ITT before rolls are made

She'd still get to soak the damage, even if she couldn't resist herself.

We could always take this chance to set up for a Reaper Charge

Could we use one action for choking her, and one (or two) actions to headbutt her, keeping her dazed?
Yes, that´s all correct. BUT! you can do 2 types of "finishers" a strike or a grapple. The charge is a strike, but since you already have her immobilized and dazed, you could do a grappling type of finisher instead. It depends on you beating her on a Brawl roll. Brass rolls 14d10+4d10, and Equitas rolls 14d10+4d10. You could use willpower to get extra auto successes

Honestly, all the options right now are just as good. Strike, grapple, chokehold
If we want to finish it fast, strangle hold. I'm think more towards making a big show since we should both last a while.

How about we shockwave her and then see if we can't keep her dazed with a few headbutts. If that holds. Reaper charge or start slams/pile drives, something showy up to or even a German suplex.
Yeah, but it would look really flashy! I dunno, choking seems pretty boring for a showfight. Rather Reaper Charge, though it seems a bit early for that move. Maybe do the same thing Phyton did before? What was it called again, smackdown?
The reaper charge is a smackdown. It´s just the "fluff" that is different.
Well in that case i support trying a grappling finisher. Its new, and if it works its gonna look great. If not, it prolongs the fight.
Rolled 2, 4, 10, 4, 10, 2, 1, 1, 5, 3, 3, 9, 7, 9, 2, 9, 6, 5 = 92

Using willpower seems like a good idea.

Grappling finisher it is.

Also, we are Ned Salter, not Salters.

Rolling 18d10 for 14d10 + 4d10 mega dice, and using willpower for auto successes.
Rolled 8, 6, 8, 7, 5, 9, 8, 10, 1, 4, 2, 2, 8, 6, 1, 2, 8, 5 = 100

Even if it works, is not gonna make her faint. She´s too tanky. Btw both striking and grappling smackdowns have the same damage output. Any idea what to call Brass´ grappling smackdown?
The Galvanizer?
The smackdown works, so what do you want to see it like? zangief style? it should be flashy and huge. Any ideas on name?

Chokeholds are legit tactics, especially when things are close.

On the other hand, she has a power that allows her to escape and dodge effectively.

We need to damage her, get some wound penalties stacked up, before she can go evasive.

Fluff-wise, could we hit her with Rolling German Suplexes as our Grapple Smackdown?
Reaper's grip?
It should be a seismic toss.

Jump straight up into the air and piledrive her from the roof onto the mat.
I support the rolling Germans.
We could combine it with a fluffed use of earthquake to make the hit on the ground more dramatic looking.

I'm convinced by Seismic Toss, if we make it a Tombstone Piledriver.

Call it the Dead and Buried
>hit her with Rolling German Suplexes as our Grapple Smackdown?
Yes we could

>It should be a seismic toss.
That´s valid too

>I support the rolling Germans.
I guess it´s majority

btw I´m pretty happy with how many posts we are saving now that I´m rolling most stuff in open. Saves a fair chunk of time too

Commentator: "Are you seeing what I´m seeing?"
Salamander: "If that was a 7 foot tall titanium woman being lifted into the air and spun around into a German Suplex, then yes, I did, and I am buying a holo of the fight after this"
Commentator: "Jesus"

The ring gets dented as you drive Equitas into the ground. Some cracks appear all along the length and girth of the ring, and the titanium posts get bent

(11 damage, thats about 1/2 her hp. No penalties. she has too much mega stamina)
Sounds like it fits into our Theme. Split the Earth with Blood and Thunder! For the Reaper is here to take you down under!
Rolled 4, 5, 7, 3, 4, 5, 10, 5, 2, 10, 6, 4 = 65

Roll 12d10 for initiative again

Equitas crawls away. seemingly confused and lost for a moment
Rolled 2, 6, 4, 1, 4, 9, 6, 8, 4, 1, 9, 3 = 57


Commentator: "And that finishes the second round"
Salamander: "You know, that ring is meant to be indestructible"
Commentator: "If 10 years in the XWF taught me anything, is that indestructible doesnt exists"

Tied. Then tied again for mega dexterity. Brass has more mega wits, tho, so Brass goes first in the second round

**** Brass´ turn ****
* Set up a counter
* Strike
* Kick
* Grapple
* Shockwave/Earthquake
* Other
* Combinations
I meant third round

The crowd is going crazy! Equitas tries to steady herself in one of the corner posts, and ends up breaking it in half
Earthquake, then another crowd popping throw
I am supporting this, also is there a particular Reason are you writing your E-Mail into the E-Mailfield? On 4chan of all places?

Judgment Bomb (Shockwave)

One she transforms into something lighter than air, we might not be able to use it
(0) Brass: Earthquake [5d10] => [4,7,10,4,6] result of (2) success
(0) Equitas: Str check at +2 difficulty [14d10] => [5,10,4,5,2,10,2,8,9,1,2,2,7,6] result of (5) success

The shockwave of Brass´ stomp sends parts of the ring flying, and another corner post falls off. Equitas shakes a little, but manages to keep her footing

Salamander: "There goes another corner post"
Commentator: "You´d think the upper management would have stopped the fight by now."
Salamander: "Are you joking? with the profits from how many people are watching the fight in pay-per-view, we could build the entire arena all over again"
Well that was kind of useless, wasnt it?

It still did damage, though (I hope)
It's a 4chan dud email made just incase I need it.
Rolled 3, 7, 5, 3, 6, 5, 7, 10, 5, 10, 8, 5 = 74

**** Equitas´ turn ****

(0) Equitas: Density Control (Increase) [7d10] => [9,2,10,9,3,9,5] result of (4) success
(0) Equitas: Tackle [18d10] => [4,3,8,3,4,9,1,3,6,5,1,4,7,5,7,7,8,7] result of (7) success
(0) Brass: Block [15d10] => [9,9,7,10,1,4,3,7,9,8,4,9,3,7,2] result of (9) success

Equitas grows at least another foot tall. Now she´s so massive, walking is taking off chunks of the ring´s shattered rinforced concrete floor.

Brass sees a gigantic, massive titanium statue of a woman charge him, but the Reaper was never the type to dodge out of the way. Instead, he steadies himself and receives her with both arms, stopping the massive charge!


Roll 12d10 for next round initiative
Yeah, it ignores soak. Is pretty low, but secure damage. It used 1 quantum point, too. Hes down to 23 quantum left now
Rolled 7, 7, 3, 4, 10, 7, 3, 3, 7, 7, 6, 1 = 65

Two headbutts and a hold to get another slam started?

**** Brass´ turn ****
* Set up a counter
* Strike
* Kick
* Grapple
* Shockwave/Earthquake
* Other
* Combinations

Maybe. Or headbutts and a chokehold (which is Willpower damage. Willpower damage is awesome).

If she's that tall, we could be on her back, arms locked in, suffocating her, taking down the giant.
Hm, i'd like to set up for a counter. We are being pretty diverse here.
Commentator: "Had you ever seen that much technical showmanship in a fight before?"
Salamander: "Well, it is a fight between champions, so it is pretty much what was expected. Neither one of them is taking risks. We had a very, very high level opening rounds, and while right now Brass seems to have the advantage, neither fighter is in control right now"
Commentator: "Yes, it is anyone´s fight right now"
Salamander: "I thought it was Brass and Equitas´?"
Commentator: "..."

Well, headbutt ---> chokehold, or counter?

We've never used Catch Limb before, now might be a good time to try it.

Yeah, let's set up for catch limb.Take a few steps back, and deliver a "Just Bring It" gesture

"C'mon, Equitas. Show me what you got"
I like the catch hold, let her make the move.
>We've never used Catch Limb before, now might be a good time to try it.
We have, actually. Each time we "set up for a counter", thats what I meant. I just dont call it "catch limb" the same way I called his strike smackdown "Reaper´s Charge"

Brass gets ready to act as soon as the giant titanium woman makes a move!

(0) Equitas: Clinch [18d10] => [9,9,2,5,8,2,5,6,7,5,2,3,7,9,9,3,8,3] result of (8) success
(0) Brass: Catch Limb [17d10] => [5,6,8,3,6,6,8,4,8,9,4,7,3,1,4,4,1] result of (5) success

Salamander: "And Equitas is charging again, and again Brass is ready for her...!"
Commentator: "But she saw that coming -this- time. She throws her arms around Brass´ waist and is squeezing the life out of him!"

Brass takes 6 damage.
(0) Equitas: Hold [17d10] => [1,2,10,8,9,5,7,3,7,3,10,6,7,6,10,9,5] result of (9) success
(0) Brass: Block [15d10] => [10,7,2,9,9,6,2,7,8,1,10,3,4,9,3] result of (8) success
(0) Brass: Brawl [17d10] => [7,8,6,2,3,5,1,2,4,6,4,7,10,4,5,10,8] result of (6) success
(0) Equitas: Brawl [18d10] => [6,2,6,4,5,10,6,10,7,1,7,1,1,4,4,8,10,10] result of (7) success
Rolled 10, 3, 3, 3, 8, 7, 4, 10, 6, 7, 6, 2 = 69

Commentator: "And OUCH!"
Salamander: "Equitas hugs Brass in a clinch and squeezes, but doesn´t gives him the benefit of hitting her back. She takes him to the floor and immediately applies a chokehold on him. And this could be IT, John!"
Commentator: "Indeed, this could be it unless Brass manages to escape her hold on him, and hopefully reverse it!"

Roll 12d10 for initiative
Rolled 4, 7, 5, 9, 9, 5, 6, 5, 2, 6, 8, 1 = 67

Oh god... What are we doing if we loose?
Rolled 6, 3, 8, 1, 7, 5, 6, 4, 10, 7, 4, 5 = 66

Rolled 4, 9, 1, 6, 4, 4, 7, 5, 6, 4, 10, 1 = 61

Eh, is not a title match or anything. Is just that two champions ended up fighting, but there arent big prizes or anything on the line. We can probably ask for a grudge match later

**** Equitas goes first ****
Equitas tries to force Brass to give up, dealing 1 Willpower damage (4 left).
(0) Brass: Brawl + Strength [17d10] => [5,2,10,3,4,7,2,7,8,7,10,5,2,5,5,2,4] result of (6) success + [4d10] => [2,2,6,9] result of (1) success
(0) Equitas: Brawl + Strength [13d10] => [3,6,4,2,6,10,3,5,2,3,9,7,7] result of (4) success + [5d10] => [2,5,4,5,1] result of a (-1) botch
Brass breaks free!
**** Brass´ turn ****
* Set up a counter
* Strike
* Kick
* Grapple
* Shockwave/Earthquake
* Other
* Combinations

Headbutt, Headbutt, Choke

Brass lifts himself up just enough to get leverage to land a headbutt, then another, and while she's reeling, reverse the chokehold
We are very good at headbutting, so we headbut and set up for a reaper charge. Anyone with me?
Yea, if we can stun her, start the charge and end this with a bang.
Rolled 2, 7, 3, 10, 5, 3, 10, 5, 2, 3, 6, 3 = 59

(0) Brass: Headbutt [14d10] => [9,8,3,1,8,2,1,1,3,6,4,10,8,8] result of (6) success
(0) Brass: Headbutt [14d10] => [2,5,2,9,4,9,3,1,1,9,4,7,7,8] result of (6) success
(0) Brass: Strangle [15d10] => [1,4,10,5,6,5,7,8,7,9,1,10,1,6,7] result of (7) success
(0) Equitas: Block [15d10] => [4,9,3,10,8,8,1,10,1,3,5,6,10,10,9] result of (8) success
(0) Equitas: Block [14d10] => [10,6,3,10,5,3,5,5,4,1,2,3,6,3] result of (2) success

Salamander: "This could be it, the break the Reaper needed!"
commentator: "He got her right on the nose!"
Salamander: "Yes John, we saw"
Commentator: "On the Nose, man!"

She´s dazed and takes 2 damage. The choke automatically works. Equitas takes an automatic level of damage
(0) Equitas: Willpower [6d10] => [4,7,6,3,7,4] result of (2) success
Equitas avoids panicking
**** Equitas´ turn - Dazed - Misses her turn ****
Roll initiative for next turn

She's very tough, and has good powers. We cannot afford to let her get away from us this time.

One roll to keep the choke on.
Followed by another 2 headbutts.
Rolled 10, 9, 8, 4, 10, 2, 8, 5, 9, 2, 8, 3 = 78

Rolled 5, 10, 10, 5, 3, 2, 6, 7, 1, 8, 6, 3 = 66

I think to only keep headbutting isnt very aesthetically pleasing, and it wont get us very far with her willpower of 6 before the gong sounds and round 4 starts, soooo...
Rolled 8, 1, 7, 6, 8 = 30


Roll for Multitasking
Rolled 2, 8, 9, 4, 8, 8, 10, 6, 8, 1, 7, 3 = 74

Convert the choke hold in to a finisher, if we can slam another 10 damage into her, it should be enough to finish her.
**** Brass Turn ****
(0) Brass: Brawl + Strength [14d10] => [5,6,4,9,7,1,9,8,7,6,3,8,8,6] result of (7) success + [4d10] => [4,5,1,7] result of (1) success
(0) Equitas: Brawl + Strength [10d10] => [8,2,10,1,8,4,4,2,4,1] result of (3) success + [5d10] => [4,6,3,7,2] result of (1) success
(0) Equitas: Willpower [6d10] => [6,2,7,3,10,7] result of (3) success
Equitas takes another automatic level of damage, and manages to avoid panicking
You cant do anything else while choking her. the previous times it was okay because what you guys did was headbutt/headbutt/choke but now that you are chocking her, if you also want to do headbutts you have to let her go first and I dont think you want to do that

It's called Working A Body Part.

Willpower AND health damage in one go, with a chance of making her pass out? Do Very Much Want. If we give her a chance, she'll bulk up even more.
Seriously. She isnt getting WP damage through the choke since she seems to avoid panicking (if i get it right) and the round will soon be over, so we have to let her go. Also 1 automatic level of damage could take us all year with her health.
Salamander: "And it finally looks like someone is actually in control of the fight!"
Commentator: "Yes. The Brass Reaper has the tri-queen in a very solid head lock, and despite her great size, she can´t push herself straight. If she can´t shake him off, she may eventually faint just like that!"
Salamander: "It is brutal, it is ugly, but this has been a brutal fight, full of technique and power from start to finish!"
Commentator: "Still, we can´t say it is over until it is over."
Salamander: "They -really- pay you the bog bucks for this, man?"
If she panics even once, she taps out and gives up, tho
Okay. If you say so i trust you, you know the system. Lets continue to choke her.
Rolled 6, 10, 5, 5, 10, 1, 1, 3, 3, 4, 1, 10 = 59

**** Equitas turn ****
(0) Equitas: Brawl + Strength [10d10] => [5,3,3,10,4,4,10,5,6,4] result of (2) success + [5d10] => [3,9,10,7,1] result of (3) success
(0) Brass: Brawl + Strength [14d10] => [6,5,4,8,6,1,4,10,9,5,4,3,1,9] result of (4) success + [4d10] => [4,10,10,6] result of (2) success

Equitas fails to get loose. Roll 12d10 for initiative again

And no soak.

Mega Stam characters are so hard to kill because they ignore some damage and soak the rest.
Rolled 6, 1, 5, 1, 9, 1, 8, 8, 6, 7, 10, 8 = 70


It's tactical. Her dice pool here is 2/3 the size of ours. If we went Finisher, she'd get her whole dice pool to resist it.


Rolled 1, 5, 7, 10, 1, 8, 1, 2, 6, 3, 5, 6 = 55

(0) Brass: Brawl + Strength [14d10] => [8,6,8,10,8,3,7,2,2,3,6,4,6,5] result of (5) success + [4d10] => [7,5,7,7] result of (3) success
(0) Equitas: Brawl + Strength [10d10] => [7,6,4,9,3,1,8,1,3,9] result of (4) success + [5d10] => [7,1,10,7,7] result of (4) success

Salamander: "Equitas did it, she´s standing up, but brass is still on top of her, chocking her from behind. The reaper has her and it´s not letting the titanium giant go!"
Commentator: "And Equitas falls to her knees... she´s collapsed, she´s out! this fight is over! ladies and gentlemen, this fight had the highest viewer rating of any non-title fight in years! Two champions, two titans fought today in the arena, and the level of destruction here makes it plain to see! The arena is in bits and pieces, this fight had it all, technique, power, guts! Equitas refused to give up, and she has collapsed, and the Reaper is finally letting her go!"
Salamander: "Here comes the medical staff... it is over, ladies and gentlemen. And I seriously hope you aren´t rushing to the gift store, because I sure as hell want MY holopad of this fight!" -stands up and walks towards the exit-
The medical staff give oxygen to Equitas, easily handling her now that she is unconscious, and shrunk back to normal size and weight. She recovers consciousness after a few seconds, but the fight is already over.

Equitas: -takes off the oxygen mask- "Not bad for an old man"
Brass: "You did good, too"
Equitas: "Eh, you better get ready for the grudge match. I´ll just go all out from the get-go"
Brass: "You better, because I know I will"

They bump fists, and Brass turns around in time to get hug-tackled by Ami

Exhausted, Brass gets to his feet, acknowledging the cheers of the crowd. Then he points with one hand at the fallen form of Equitas, and makes a raising motion with the other, urging the crowd to cheer for his opponent.

Ned looks over at Ami sitting next to him, and says "Time and a place for brutal efficiency. If the build-up hadn't been as epic as it had, the crowd might have gotten bored. Keep learning from those two, and I guarantee the crowd will be cheering even louder for you"
Stop here for today? want to spend exp in anything in special or save it for now?

Python could use armor/hp and maybe quantum bolt so he has some alternative to punches

Brass could probably raise his absorb one more point now, or buy more hp still, or more armor
File: 1351116392876.jpg-(668 KB, 1754x1419, Experience Costs.jpg)
668 KB
File: 1351116624501.jpg-(39 KB, 375x523, Equitas the Tri-Queen.jpg)
39 KB
Well, I´m archiving the thread while you guys answer

More absorb is nice, but developing a Submission Finisher (something like Python's Cois, which does willpower damage) would be good, too.

Python's Hadouken attack needs to be developed swiftly, whether Quantum Bolt, or the one that runs off his punching. I say we let you judge whether more armour or more HP is better value.
Well, Python is almost untouchable by attacks or powers he can dodge out of the way, but things that do unavoidable damage, even if it is very little, are a huge problem because he has crap hp and soak. I think we should get 2 hp expansions, one armor, and then quantum bolt, then repeat that in that order for a while

For Brass, he could just learn the submission hold (which is the one that does willpower damage) by wrestling Ami or Eldric in the ranch at a cost of 3 exp, which is actually pretty cheap. Other than that, maybe absorb, hp or armor. Not a big rush in any sense
Sounds good. What about further developing Brass's Strength and Superstrenght? Did training at the XWF Gymn help him get it closer to his old power?
Well, see you guys tomorrow in .. wow we have been doing this all day
See you guys tomorrow in 11 to 12 hours. Thread is archived. Feel free to upvote it, tho
Oh I thought you guys were gone. Hold on let me type

How much xp would that cost Python, for the first round of those upgrades?

I definitely think Brass should pay 3 to learn the Will Drain submission. It's perfect for dealing with tanks like Equitas

Epic work today, bro. Truly epic. You have my thanks
If you see
you will see the experience costs of raising his attributes
the first "in character" weeks in the ranch, biolabs and gym were so I could see what you guys wanted me to assign him stats-wise. And they are the IC justification for his stats going up if we pay for them with exp from now on. Let me see... he has strength and mega strength 4 ... raising strength to 5 would be 16 exp, and raising mega strength to 5 would be 20 exp.
Raising his absorb power to 3 would be 10 exp.
Right now, whenever someone uses an energy attack against him, he gets +1 strength/+1 mega strength for an hour, which leaves him tied with Ami in the top of the pyramid in the gold league, strength-wise

I would suggest we just have Ami hit him gently with an energy attack before a fight for that hour-long charge, but Im not sure if it would be fair or count as cheating
Well, i definetly think we should get him his old strength and Mega Strength back before we get back into the Omega League, i mean it was his trademark. And its not like we have any great, long ranging plan for him otherwise.
each hp upgrade, regardless of how many you have bought before, gives you EITHER 1 hp on the "bruised" level, or 2 hp on the "maimed" level. It really depends on what do you think it´s better, there. Each hp upgrade costs 3 exp

Armor (+3 soak lethal and +3 soak bashing each time) costs 6 exp the first time you take it (basically 1 exp per soak, I guess), then 5 exp to take it again, then 10 exp to take it again, then 15, then 20... basically 5 exp higher than last time, each time.

Quantum blasts would cost him the same as armor, and give him a fair amount of damage on a ranged attack
Well, like I said, to get his strength up to 5 would require 16 exp.
To get his mega strength up to 5 would take 20 exp.
We COULD buy them at 1/2 price if we are willing to get a point of permanent taint for doing so, tho
hm, no, i pass on permataint. We should just get more pressing advances like his absorb or the finisher first, and start saving on increasing his strenght. Its not like we really need much more armor or health, or do we?

Anyways, its been fun.

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