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File: 1350510580930.jpg-(103 KB, 600x600, GrotQuestStart.jpg)
103 KB
GrotQuest: The Scraplootas Quest
Who are the Scraplootas?: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Scraplootas
Previously: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=GrotQuest

>Decisions are decided by majority vote. When rolling luck or a skill (d20), the best result of the first three rolls of the majority vote will be considered.

You are a grot.
A grot with a suit!
Your name is Big Bozz Squigslap Stabgrattle Grotstompa, and you are well on your way to actually getting some respect in this town. Or at least some semblance of respect. You are right now being fitted, fitted for a suit. Some git once said that "Clothes make da grot." And you're beginning to see how that's true. With this suit, you can already feel the respect. Of course that git finished his quote with "less naked" but you digress. Never said that git was smart. Anyway, you're feeling it. The heaviness of respect, the weight of responsibility, the clout of scrutiny of your peers and lessers, the sheer mass of--

Okay this is getting ridiculous. How much more stuff is going to be piled onto you?
You stopped by Kruncha's Salvage Clothing after stopping by that interest meeting you heard about. That meeting turned out to be not of your interest, so you told all the gits there to buzz off, you'll find another way to get to the top. The top of the Grotocracy, that is. Your goal is still to become the next 'Ead Kouncillor of the Grotocracy of Titanopolis. A goal that is now even closer in reach than before. But you can't quite jump as high any more, or at all. Your new suit is made almost entirely of armor and padding. It's got a stringy thing that goes around your neck (weaved out of some different colored wiring pulled out of a broken Tau power armor) some nice pauldrons (you didn't even know that was usually a part of a suit!) a nice (load bearing) vest, a (flak) jacket, and dress pants (probably pulled off some humie officer). The tailorgrot even threw in a decent pair of stompas into the deal. They're shiny and coated in squig leather. It looks nice, even formidable. Your notched lapel looks awfully sharp and your pauldrons could probably poke out your eyes if you turn too quickly. And there are even pinstripes! Mostly painted on crudely, but it's the thought that counts. You definitely got your fifteen teef worth out of this deal. The tailorgrot looks quite pleased with his handiwork too.

Now if only you could move.
File: 1350510694670.jpg-(671 KB, 729x1113, Borisinnards.jpg)
671 KB
Because you have a lot to do! You're going to be a political grot, a bureaugrot, one of those grots that are sharp of mind, sharp of tongue, and sharp of dress. You have sharp of dress down! Somewhat literally. Now that you look at them again, your lapels could probably break skin. You might feel like a million teef, but if you move the wrong way, you might end up feeling a million cuts. At least you know that you can defend yourself easy, just spinning should ward off most attackers, and you think your outfit could probably stop a bullet. Or a choppa. Or a melta.

Anyway, you have places to be, and things to do! The casino is on fire, and Sneakyguts was just charged with finding the git that started the riot! There's another riot that's still going on over at the Smasha Condominiums. Both of these may or may not have been started by you! You just heard that the Scraplootas just landed on another world, meaning things are going to get hectic around here! There is a bunch of sneaky stuff going about, poor gits found with no faces, gud stuff being moved out of markets, some sort of attempted grot rebellion to undermine the Grotocracy, something or other about the Shootas faction that you never quite looked into, whatever it was that was following you in the 60-Second Market, and whatever else Sneakyguts was planning. Because he's got to be planning something. Even his guts are sneaky. You could also as to see if this Krusha has anything that needs to be done. And there's an elevator on the other side of the leg that will go back up the leg.

Sneakyguts is currently sitting on the folding chair you bought and strapped onto your giant Squig, Squigsby Watson Wall Smasha. He had a swing of some humie rotgut and would now be doing what would be described as "rebootin" by a mekboy.

You have seven teef in your pockets after paying the tailorgrot, plus one bloody, and eighty teef in your sack. You now have a suit of armor. A suit made of armor.

What do you do?
Rolled 12

hopefully google won't derp out on me and take re-captcha along with it during this session.

Let's go admire our handy work back up in the Condominiums, show the now (hopefully) properly aware Sneakyguts just how much trouble we saved him by dealing with that revolution.

Plus we don't feel like spending teef on the express elevator in the 60 market is back up the leg.
Rolled 6

We might want to become aware of what time it is, see when we need to get back to the market.

And also try to subliminally influence Sneakyguts by whispering in his ear while he's rebooting that a snotling (or at least a tiny grot) is responsible for the casino being on fire.
Rolled 6

I'm pretty sure we only paid 12 teef for this suit.

How are we to find out more about this thing cutting grots' faces off?
What kind of thing even does that? Ask the tailor grot about it since the totally-not-hostage-bureagrot can't think right now.

Might be a better idea to get a helmet at this point than a suit.
>That's a typo. the suit was only 12 teef.


You ask the tailorgrot what his opinion on all of this faceless grot business is. He shrugs. Sometimes after venturing into the depths of Titanopolis grots re-emerge... strange. He's only heard rumors and snatches of stories though. You'd have to ask a grot who was more interested in that sort of thing. He was only a tailor.

He tells you that a helmet would probably clash with your outfit (who's ever heard of a pinstripe helmet?) but he'll give you one for one teef. Two if you want it to be a good helmet.

He checks the kloks for you, it's late. 18:36, Boris Standard Time. Shops close at the end of this hour, if they haven't already.

Sneakyguts seems to have gotten a grip on reality again, he's sputtering and slapping at his face, wiping away his drool.

Time to head off again! Nothing in your way, with your big fancy suit, by Gork are you going places!
Not on Wall Smasha though! You can't manage to scramble up. Even when he's belly flopped on the ground.

...That's fine, you like walking just as much as riding!
You like waddling just as much as you like walking too.

...To the Condominiums! Slowly.
Rolled 13

this might be a good time to selectively relay some information to Sneakyguts.

Tell him that some git lit the casino on fire after both of you left (don't give him any reason to point the finger at you for it, since you weren't there to do it) and some other git is stealing faces.

Based on his reaction, we'll be able to gauge how important/threat level the face stealing is after laying on some info we know is important.
Nighttime in Titanopolis is probably safer than nighttime in Krumpus Bay, mostly because there wasn't a constant influx of new bloodthirsty gits to replace the ones that stabbed each other to death. This was a good thing, you feel. It is orky to constantly be fighting, and that might be fine for the tribe life, but that sort of behavior doesn't work in functioning cities.

Not that you're helping Titanopolis function. The riot that you help start is thriving! They seem almost finished razing the main building of the Smasha Condominiums. Oh dear.

You squeak excitedly as you point out how much trouble you've saved Sneakyguts. He just turns at you with that same lost/dead look on his face.
"...Yes. You've saved me da trouble of roundin' up all of the gits dat were in charge. Dey're long gone now. Or on fire. Either way, useless fer testimonies an' interrogashun. So da Grotocracy's investigation into who exactly is behind alla dis rebellion nonsense? Back ta square one. Well done, Squigbozz."

Okay, he did congratulate you on a job well done. So it might not be all bad.

He feels his pockets for something. "Oi, where did my fone go?"

In your haste to get fitted for you suit, you may have just left that thing on the counter!

...What do you tell Sneakyguts?
Rolled 2

ask him what a "fone" is.

We legitimately do not know what this is (can't read), and we're going to play it cool and not let him know we went through his pockets.
zog me.

Another thing we learn to night is that we stink at selectively telling the truth.


"Sneakyguts, who is Fone? Dey talk funny or sumfin?"

There. Pretending you think Fone's a grot! This is brilliant!

He looks at you like you're a madgrot waddling around in special protective gear. ...Maybe it's for the best that you didn't get that helmet.

"Oi, I know you know wot a fone is. It's da talky box." He clicks his tongue. "I probably lost it in da riot. Come on, ya git. We gotta go find it, or Deffkloks will 'ave my head."


You mention briefly that the casino might be on fire after both of you left, so Deffkloks or Fone or whoever might have been caught in it. Also what does he know about gits stealing other gits' faces?

He looks at you again, this time even less pleased.

"Now I know you've seen and touched my fone." He takes you by the collar and fails to pick you up.
"What else do ya know? An' where did ya put dat fing? ...An' why are ya dressed like a zoggin' idiot?"
Rolled 9

we're dressed like this so no one will bother us (a grot would have to be out of his zoggin' mind to try and mess with you as you are now), the fone is probably in Smasha's mouth (loose things always end up in there), and we know that it was a tiny git that started the riot in the casino.
Rolled 18

yes, check and see what things might be inside Smasha's mouth.
You're dressed to kill. If looks could kill, you'd be dead. And this suit is probably heavy enough to squash someone in a way that they wouldn't be able to get out from underneath it and thus suffocate to death (if they were exceedingly small or elderly) and thus this suit could be used to kill. So Sneakyguts better step off.
He's welcomed to try something though.

Sneakyguts gives your shin a kick. It almost doesn't hurt!
You both spend a little time hopping on one foot.

You tell him that Smasha Squigsby's mouth usually collects these things. Reaching around casually (being careful not to cut your giant squig's mouth) you feel around the super acidic saliva and...
Well, whaddya know! It's a fone!
Also a squig's leg, slightly pickled.

You hand Sneakyguts the fone and mention that some tiny git started the riot in the casino, not your sized. Much smaller.
Sneakyguts taps at his phone. It seems the outer most layer of it has been corroded away, most of the buttons are defaced. He still tries to make a call, using speakerphone to keep the acid stained block of electronics away from his ear.

No response. It seems his fone is dead.

You've reached the outer most part of the riot. It seems the grots here are just watching the grots further in riot. Or perhaps they're waiting their turn.

What do you do?
Rolled 2

hmmm... not rolling for this, but you should probably put that pickled squig leg back in Smasha's mouth, he's probably saving that for later so he won't need to eat you.

rolling for this
threaten to throw the folding chair into the crowed and create a less enjoyable riot if they don't disperse/tell you what's become of the gits that were on stage.
Rolled 13

aww... I was hoping these grots would appreciate how much destructive power a thrown folding chair is allegedly supposed to have...

oh well, Smasha can always eat them if you won't abide by what you have to say.
Rolled 18

or we could threaten to just fall on one of them... see if being crushed to death by a pin stripped suit of armor is a enough motivation for them to answer some questions the annoyed chap traveling with us probably has.

One of them might even have a fone you can use.
>Sorry, got caught up on something, though it looks like there weren't many responses anyway.

Putting the slightly pickled squig leg back into Wall Watson's mouth, you announce that you're about to throw the chair down. Failing that, you're going to sic your giant squig on their asses.

They ignore you. Any threats you sling at them seem to be lost in the screaming and shouting of hundreds of grots rebelling without a cause.

This may be harder than you thought. No reason to give up!

You turn the nearest grot to you around. You explain to him exactly how, up and down, you are going to squish him to death if he doesn't explain exactly where those gits that were on stage went.
He stutters and says that you can have what you want from him, but he doesn't know anything about gits on stages or them going anywhere, he just crawled out of his hole to see what all the commotion was about after it started, and gee golly, rioting sure looks fun, he was thinking about trying it out, but now, not really.

Well, that's upsetting. Moving him to the side, you pick out another grot and do the same thing with your intimidatingly heavy suit. You're tapped on the shoulder (well, more banged carefully). It's Sneakyguts, who seemed to have been interrogating grots himself.

"No point, none of dese gits are gonna know nuttin. We need to either go into da fick of fings, or head back to da casino an' regroup an' report."

Listen to Sneakyguts? Do something else?
Rolled 13

yeah, it's pretty much just us right now... I know a couple others are reading, but I don't know why they're not posting.

You'll probably get pealed out of that suit and krumped if you go back to the casino the way things are now.
Might as well find a way to get up on Smasha and do a little rioting of your own until you have a stand in for krumping.

Actually, let's start (literally) throwing grots at the riot. Maybe that'll get trendy and it won't be as crowded on the floor.

That speaky box the grots on stage were using can probably be used to call the casino, so that's a place to force our way to.
Rolled 6

.... hmmm... awkward...

So how about getting on the intercom system that was rigged up and singing to the rioters? Might make them stop rioting, or make the riot worse.
File: 1350523765627.jpg-(169 KB, 635x506, Farewell me boyz.jpg)
169 KB
Yeah, I think I'm going to call it in.
It's not that I'm not having fun, it's just it's a lot of work with only one person participating, no matter how many people are reading along.
I'm sorry dude, I know you must really like this, sticking with me all this time, but it isn't exactly a collective game if you're the only one playing.
I really hate to do this, but I think I'm just gonna call it quits. There just isn't enough interest.

Thank you for playing GrotQuest, Anon. I'm sure we'll meet again. And maybe I'll bring GrotQuest back in the future. But now doesn't seem to be the time for GrotQuest.

Oh well.

Cant thing of anything to suggest, sorry.
Aww, well I had fun. I'm glad you're also mature enough to see when its time to hang up the hat and not let the quest drag past its welcome.
well, darn.
But I can understand that.

I liked this quest since it was giving us a tour of Boris' inner workings, I hope you continue this in some form or another someday.
Rolled 93

damn it I knew i shouldn't have been late

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