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File: 1350280389367.jpg-(362 KB, 1152x1080, 1329133188619.jpg)
362 KB
Imagine a world... with no God-Emperor.
It's called reality, 40kid.
one where he never existed? because he is already dead.
Not knowing what a fucking Hellhole Terra was before the reunification.

Enjoy sucking grotesque, genetically altered, Technobarbarian cock.
So take that, and then remove all of the man-made stuff from it, and replace it with just mountains and mountains of corpses, and some Bloodthirsters.
File: 1350282083877.jpg-(47 KB, 554x519, Horus.jpg)
47 KB
>Imagine a world... with no God-Emperor.
File: 1350282236865.jpg-(49 KB, 580x530, Thousons.jpg)
49 KB
The Tsons, they would talk
File: 1350282269736.jpg-(414 KB, 1000x777, Void Dragon.jpg)
414 KB
And Mars would not rock
File: 1350282303647.jpg-(32 KB, 486x600, Daemonette.jpg)
32 KB
and The Warp would be this big ol' sea that'd try to eat everyone except The 'Nettes and me
File: 1350282335427.png-(219 KB, 700x700, Nurglesh.png)
219 KB
We'll see.
File: 1350282382260.jpg-(586 KB, 1600x754, High Lords of Terra.jpg)
586 KB
And The Lords of Terra would be underground in a box filled up with skulls...
>I hate skulls
I know!
File: 1350282419565.jpg-(253 KB, 751x676, Fabius Bile.jpg)
253 KB
Bile would give away geneseed shots that form chocolate-semen shooting dicks...
>Imitation chocolate!
>>Imagine a world... with no God-Emperor.
>>Enjoy sucking grotesque, genetically altered, Technobarbarian cock.

Wait? So you mean 40k would be EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT IS NOW!

never change!
File: 1350282451233.jpg-(48 KB, 555x767, Rawbutt Girlyman.jpg)
48 KB
And my stupid spiritual liege would have been born with horns and a tail...
If they also don't shoot money, then the ladies still won't like them.
File: 1350282484018.jpg-(388 KB, 1800x1296, Robot Girlyman.jpg)
388 KB
>I'm heretical
File: 1350282517536.jpg-(642 KB, 720x1080, 1342911130142.jpg)
642 KB
And Rogue T's would wear these cool jackets.
>Check it out, yo!
Admit it, this whole thread was an excuse to set up for strongbad

I love you
File: 1350282559475.jpg-(53 KB, 504x360, Eldar.jpg)
53 KB
And Eldar just couldn't hack it.
>We quit!
File: 1350282595315.jpg-(85 KB, 580x737, Disko is ded ard.jpg)
85 KB
And the orks wouldn't change at all, 'cept squigs'd look like a shiny disco ball.
File: 1350282626643.jpg-(25 KB, 300x219, Horus 2.jpg)
25 KB
Two, three, four.
File: 1350282663188.jpg-(41 KB, 483x388, Necron.jpg)
41 KB
And this little weirdo...
Somebody post the simpsons image with lionel huts. You know the one.
File: 1350282698130.jpg-(104 KB, 800x800, Xeno Lord.jpg)
104 KB
Would be a modestly hot girl to help me through the hard times.
File: 1350282729304.jpg-(71 KB, 450x631, Xeno constructed scarabs.jpg)
71 KB
You know, the kind that are only sorta hot so they don't mess around with other guys.
i miss you strongbag
File: 1350282821520.png-(41 KB, 300x300, Xeno derp2.png)
41 KB
>DaAaAa, I'm forever your girl!
File: 1350282860958.jpg-(151 KB, 755x717, Horus 3.jpg)
151 KB
Thank you! Thank you! All right! This next one is the fourteenth song on my forty-second album.
File: 1350283240059.png-(25 KB, 400x400, WTF am I reading.png)
25 KB
Wait, what the fuck just happened here?
I know that, but what madness possesses a man to just go and Sbemail a thread like that?
cabin fever, and a very advanced case of a update-itis. similar, less serious cases are often seen in fans of homestuck.
File: 1350284197620.png-(28 KB, 377x636, Hate. All of it.png)
28 KB
>comparing Homestar Runner to Homosuck
>not recognizing the similarities
Your hate clouds your judgement.
War.... war never changes.
be cool, man. i was just saying people would often wait for updates from the bros chaps

until one day...the updates stopped
Kenshiro? Is that you?
With no Emperor the galaxy is consumed by the Realms of Chaos.
Is anyone gonna screencap this or what?
Its no screencap, but

Dicks everywhere.
How about a 40k where the Emperor was defeated when the Techno-barbarian Warlords recognized him for what he was and got their shit together, united and murdered the shit out of him.

The humanity that claims the stars is not one monolithic Imperium but a dozen disparate factions. Most of them are ruled from the Great Parliament back on Old Earth. Some of the factions, children of the First Mechanicum, are ruled from the Quorum Hall of Olympus Mons. Ultramar and the Interex and the empire of Inwit are still out there.

The stance on xeno-hate, mutant and psyker persecution and chaos illegality is not uniform.

There are still Space Marines, the heavy right hand of the Parliament. They are the Thunder Warriors, and they know no respite.

Or there is this one where the Emperor went to chaos and shit got real.


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