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Info, Stats and Past Threads: http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Sénior Jalapéno a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion. Then you have your own steam robot Garenn who are quit hotheaded.

Your Current Favor: 11 points
File: 1350144388263.jpg-(81 KB, 683x476, justasplannedtzeentch.jpg)
81 KB
"Who are you people, and what do you want with me?" You asked them as you are ready to put on your Sênior Jalapêno mask.

"You see... we are taking in great interest on you so that we took great afford to coming over here." The blue-coated man said as he dust of his clothes.
"By yes! *coughcough* I like how you value your life! *cough* How you value your friends and loved one in your life. *cough*" The fat man said in joyful tone despite his coughing.
"I value your martial skills and honor! You will make a great warrior!" The red biker said as he raised his fist in the air.
"And also I love how you take pleasure in the life and you know how to make women feel good..." The blonde women said as she touched her lips in seductively way.
"You make any great change! You will be the man who will make the great change to the universe!" The blue-coated man said as he fixed his eyeglasses.

"I see but... Who are you people?" You asking them again. The four strangers become quit silence.
"I think you already know it Hito..." The blue-coated man said as his face become like blue bird before he return with human face again.

What will you do now?
File: 1350144804371.png-(337 KB, 281x563, JushinLigerGuardRight.png)
337 KB

The Chaos Gods....oh shit. Get them away from the crowd and have Croco-chan and Tomoe get ready in case we have to fight them.

Put on the mask and take a defensive stance. "If that's true, what exactly do you want from me, Tzeentch?"
File: 1350146130673.jpg-(61 KB, 510x1000, A_001-1.jpg)
61 KB

You realize that they must be Chaos Gods... While you putting on your Sénior Jalapéno mask, they suddenly jerk their shoulder when they see you wearing the mask.
"If that's true, what exactly do you want from me, Tzeentch?" You asking to the blue-coated man.
"Quit simple, we come here to make you a Champion of Chaos!" Tzeentch said.
"But first... we need to destroy that annoying mask... It make me feel ill... " Khorne said as he summoned a demonic axe.
"I don't bother by it *cough*. Because I'm already ill! Bwahahaha!" Nurgle just started to laugh at his own jokes while Tzeentch are making facepalm.

You are still standing there and you could see a motorcycle near you. The Chaos Gods are little distracted by Nurgle's joke.

What will you do?

Ooh, maneuverability. We'll need that bike: we have our taichi sword for mounted combat and going toe-to-toe with Khorne would be virtual suicide. Have Little Sister hop on behind us so she can cast as needed.

Croco-chan is a ninja so I'm less worried about her mobility than Tomoe's.
File: 1350147810233.jpg-(88 KB, 750x600, 1317376697487.jpg)
88 KB

You realize that going toe-to-toe with Khorne would be suicide. You looking for Tomoe and Croco-chan, it seem that they went to different exit so that they are properly at safer location.

You jump on the bike and making for full throttle. You drive away very quickly and it took the Chaos Gods for a moment to react that you fled. Slaanesh just simple snap her fingers as she said, "Catch him!"

Suddenly a warp portal opening, from the portal a horned humanoid being in power armor are riding in a motorcycle. You realize that daemon biker is not other than Doomrider himself!

Doomrider are sniffing his cocaine while driving at full speed. You try to drive faster but he is slowly catching you up.

Roll 2d6+3 to escape from Doomrider. I take maximum 3 rolls and pick the on with highest value.
Rolled 4, 3 + 3 = 10

Rolled 5, 6 + 3 = 14


Rolled 5, 6 + 3 = 14

File: 1350149735561.jpg-(13 KB, 324x205, 9-top-ten-greatest-motorc(...).jpg)
13 KB
>Rolled 5, 6 + 3 = 14 (Two 14?)

Bike Chase Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F41o0GqWUMs

Doomrider are still behind your tail but you focus on speeding on but simple speeding on is not enough so that you drive through more tricky location. You drive down the steps but Doomrider is still chasing you on.

You tried to figure out how you will shake him off until you see a ramp. It may be risky and crazy but you decided to take your chance. You make a full speed for the ramp and then you fly into the air. Doomrider tried to jump off the ramp too but for strange reason he just vanish...

You safely landing on the road even it was little rough. You stopped your bike and then you got the call from Tomoe.
"Hito are you alright?" Your sister asked you through the smartphone.
"Yeah I'm fine... How is with you?" You asked your sister.
"We are fine, we brought along Koutarou and he seem to be little confused." Tomoe answered.
"Good, where are you now?" You asked her for location.
"We are at place that call... Pink Angel" She answered.

What will you do now?

Head that way so we can meet up with our buddy, Croco, and our sister. Keep an eye out so that the Chaos Gods don't follow.
File: 1350150774428.jpg-(49 KB, 468x351, df3e74967cgirls-girls-str(...).jpg)
49 KB

You are keeping your eye out for Chaos Gods as you heading for Pink Angel. After a while you found the location but... you are standing outside the strip club...

What will you do?
A: Double check if you are at right place.
B: Just go in.
C: Try to figure out why you are standing in front of strip club...
D: Strip club? Yeah let go in!
E: Something else.

I think we have the right place from Koutarou's reaction. Look around for Tomoe and our friends and, if they're not outside, B: pay the cover charge, and see if we can find them inside.
File: 1350152398021.gif-(967 KB, 495x278, ShutUpTakeMyMoneyAnime.gif)
967 KB

Seconding this.

>in a strip club near GW HQ
>our sister cosplaying Cultist-chan
>the patrons faces when

The dancers gonna be mad
File: 1350152840492.jpg-(71 KB, 1024x576, psg_08_17-12.jpg)
71 KB

You try to find them in the area but you don't find them yet so that you decided to go in the strip club. You paid the the cover charge and went inside.

The strip club look pretty empty, you think it is because that most customer are coming at night. You looking around until you see Croco-chan who are sitting beside fainted Koutarou. You walked to them and asked Croco-chan.
"Croco-chan, where is my baby sister?"
Croco-chan pointing at the stage where a stripper are teaching Tomoe about poledancing... Strange... you think that you had seen the stripper somewhere before...

What will you do?
A: Try to figure out if you had meet the stripper before...
B: Become mad at Tomoe who are poledancing at the stage.
C: Just looking at Tomoe's poledancing....
D: Go and meet Tomoe and her teacher.
E: Something else.

A. Figure out if Hito has seen her before.

No reason to rage about it right now; Tomoe's just learning how to pole-dance. In fact, it might help with her fear of men.

If we figure out who the girl teaching our sister is, we can go C and watch the show.
File: 1350154790021.gif-(6.79 MB, 512x288, e130b9b64326bdcfbb5739514(...).gif)
6.79 MB

You are looking at the familiar stripper until you remember... that stripper is Kelly from yesterday! Kelly had never told you about that she is working as a stripper... Kelly don't look bad in those green bikini...

You turned to your half-sister's show, even she is just a beginner she quickly catch up and she slowly pole-dancing better. Tomoe climbing up the pole and then she hanging upside-down while her Cultist-chan shirt are hanging down so that her pantie are exposed... Tomoe then gracefully slide down while she spinning around until she lying on the stage. Tomoe saw you and she start to blush as she quickly stand up.
"Brother... Why don't call me when you are already here?" Tomoe asked you while she seem to be little embarrassed about her pole-dancing.
Kelly notice you too and she waving at you.

How will you say?

Wave back at Kelly.

"I was busy making sure I lost Doomrider. By the way, Tomoe...you were great up there."

Look over at Croco and Koutarou. "Is he gonna be okay, Croco-chan?"
File: 1350156098195.png-(235 KB, 320x480, Tomoe2.png)
235 KB
You wave back at Kelly and then you answeared Tomoe's question, "I was busy making sure I lost Doomrider. By the way, Tomoe...you were great up there."
"Thank..." Tomoe said as she shyly played her hair.
Kelly are looking at Tomoe and you with fox like expression.

You look over at Croco-chan and Koutarou.
"Is he gonna be okay, Croco-chan?" You asked her.
Croco-chan pull out a sign that read... <He is fine but he just keep fainting when he see the strippers... >.> >

What will you do now?

I think our buddy has had enough overstimulation for the day. Since the Chaos Gods ruined our trip to Games Workshop HQ, we should find something else to do or see in Nottingham.

Let Kelly know we'll meet up later when she gets off work and go get some lunch somewhere. While we eat, call the girls and let them know about the Chaos Gods showing up. Maybe Araki can tell us what she sees in the future, plus I'm sure she, Sasha, and Rachelle miss us.
File: 1350158980999.jpg-(91 KB, 800x578, slaanesh.jpg)
91 KB

It seem that your buddy Koutarou don't need anymore stimulation today. Even since the Chaos Gods ruin your day, you will need to figure out what you should do.

You decided to find somewhere to eat and before you could ask Kelly about when she gets off work, you see Slaanesh on the stage! She or he are dancing on the stage while she are giving you a seductive look. Slaanesh stripping of her bra while she playing with her breast. Slaanesh tossed the bra at you and it landed on your hand...
"I like you and I want you...! You can't resist my temptation..." Slaanesh said as she played her nipples...

What will you do now?
A: "Hell nooooo..!" Start running along with your gangs.
B: Go in for her temptation...
C: Show Slaanesh who are GOD in the bed!
D: Fight against Slaanesh.
E: Something else.
File: 1350159330149.gif-(170 KB, 356x200, NopeGuy.gif)
170 KB

>Slaanesh tries to seduce

That would not end well.

A: Run along with the others.
File: 1350160409256.jpg-(141 KB, 682x545, 1271909245815.jpg)
141 KB

You are about to fall in her seduction until you say, "Nope!"
You start pulling Tomoe as you giving signal to Croco-chan. Croco-chan put Koutarou on shoulder before she start following after you. Kelly took her jacket and handbag before she following after you too.

Slaanesh become annoying when you are starting to run away so that she or he swiftly wearing black leather and start chasing after you.

Now you are standing outside along with your gang. The motorycle that you used before are still here but you don't think that everybody can fit in the bike. You see other cars near the club.

What will you do?

I hate to grand theft auto but we gotta get away from Slaanesh. See if a car has the keys in it or pay somebody to give us a lift.

We be rich. We can probably write a cashier's check and buy some British guy's car on the spot.

Roll 2d6+3 for Luck to see if you can find the owner of the car before you will need to hijack the car.
File: 1350162016839.jpg-(74 KB, 720x480, RollToSeeIfYouCryEGG.jpg)
74 KB
Rolled 2, 3 + 3 = 8

Rolled 3, 6 + 3 = 12

Rolled 6, 5 + 3 = 14

File: 1350163069341.jpg-(19 KB, 400x250, car.jpg)
19 KB

Luckily you find a gentleman in tuxedo who are checking with his car. You quickly write up the check and giving it to him while you say, "I need your car! Here is my check!"
Before you could enter the car, the car owner grabbing you on the shoulder.
"Here is the manual for the car." The car owner said in Sean Connery voice while he handing you the manual.
"Thank you sir...!" You said as you accepted the manual.
The car owner waves at you before you drive away in great haste.

Koutarou, Croco-chan and Kelly are sitting at back-sit while you and Tomoe are at the front sit. Kelly are reading the manual and she say, "Wow...! This car have many snazzy gadgets!"

When you looking at the Rear-view mirror, you could see Khorne himself and he is riding a monstrous motorcycle bike with skulls and blood theme.

What will you do?

>we 007 now

Punch it and try to lose him. Tell Kelly, "We've got company coming.....it's big and ugly. Anything you can suggest from the manual, Kelly?"

>better car chase

File: 1350164751654.jpg-(9 KB, 295x171, carrockets.jpg)
9 KB

You speed up as you try to lose him. You start to telling to Kelly, "We've got company coming.....it's big and ugly. Anything you can suggest from the manual, Kelly?"
"As I had read so far... button 3 is smoke screen... button 4 is for releasing the oil... Button 4 is for machine gun on rear side while 5 is for front side... button 6 for missile rocket on rear while front is 7..." Kelly said as she continue reading through the manual.

You notice that Khorne is started to catch up and he pulled out his demonic axe with evil grin...

What will you do?

Smokescreen first to distract Khorne then hit the rear missile while he's blinded. By the time he sees it coming, it will be too late.
File: 1350166041177.png-(806 KB, 800x600, berserker.jpg.png)
806 KB

You pressed button for smokescreen as distraction. When the car released the smokescreen, Khorne curses as he enter the smokescreens.

As Khorne are inside the smoke, you pressed button for rear missiles. The the missiles from the rear fly inside the smokes and you can see large explosion.

You are about to breath out until you see Khorne's slightly damaged bike and most of Khorne's clothes are either destroyed or burn off. Khorne look awful pissed off and his damaged appearance only make him look more demonic...

You somehow slowing him down but he is still chasing you. What will you do?

OOC: That really rustled Khorne's jimmies.

Say, "Persistent, isn't he?" in our best Sean Connery voice. New idea: smokescreen + oil. Make him spin out.

This, and let our sister watch Dr. No sometime later if the joke goes over her head.
File: 1350167688802.jpg-(152 KB, 1024x768, Video-Game-Warhammer-15925.jpg)
152 KB

"Persistent, isn't he?" You said in your best Sean Connery voice. Now you decided to try new combination. You pressed button for smokescreen again and oil. When you released both of them, Khorne's bike started to spine around while being inside the smoke again.

You waiting for him to crash but you don't hear any crashing but rather loud breaking sound. When the smokes fade away you see that Khorne had preventing from spinning by planting his demonic axe on the ground and stopping it with his raw strength.

Luckily you are far away from him so that he couldn't catch you up. Finally you breath out and Kelly looked at you with confused.
"Can you tell me why those people are chasing after you? Those two peoples remind me something..." Kelly said as she rubbing her temple.

What will you say/do?
> I like to point out that I started to feel sleepy and I think that I can do one post or more before I ended for tonight.

"This may sound like I've gone crazy but bear with me, Kelly: there's two more of them. They claim to be Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Khorne, and Nurgle....the real Chaos Gods. And, from what I've seen, their claims are probably true."

"The one who claims to be Tzeentch said the four of them took an interest in me and came to this world to make me a Champion of Chaos. It sounds...farfetched, I freely admit that. But believe me: crazier things have happened in my life before."
File: 1350169826386.png-(1001 KB, 1280x720, 563247-bgg402.png)
1001 KB
"This may sound like I've gone crazy but bear with me, Kelly: there's two more of them. They claim to be Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Khorne, and Nurgle....the real Chaos Gods. And, from what I've seen, their claims are probably true." You said to her as you continue on
"The one who claims to be Tzeentch said the four of them took an interest in me and came to this world to make me a Champion of Chaos. It sounds...farfetched, I freely admit that. But believe me: crazier things have happened in my life before."
"That explain something... But if they where Chaos Gods... why don't they release their full power?" Kelly said.
"Hmmm... True... I wonder the reason why they don't used their full powers..." You said as you started to wondering about Chao Gods powers.

When you arrived back at the hotel, you see a black man who are wearing japanese Buddhist clothing. It seem that he was waiting for you.
"Excuse, my name is Bobby and I need to with talk to you." The black Buddhist monk said.

End of Part 33, Continue on part 34
Ok I ended it tonight and I need to do something tomorrow.
Thank for playing guys and you see you on next weekend!

See you next week, ML.

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