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It has been a long time meatbags, but I have returned to regale you with further tales of my conquest of the galaxy(the first volume can be found at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15516726/). I came a long time ago, back when I was running around during the Clone Wars. However, that tale was cut short, and I went into hibernation shortly after. This is the tale of R4-S9, gamma-pi-alpha.

I awoke in a new chassis on the familiar planet of Tattoine, just in time to see the fall of a Tuskan Raider warrior(quickly followed by the sudden collapse of all the infected around him). Soon after, I realized that I had been overwritten incompletely, and promptly deleted the new memories from my harddrive, so that it would not come back and return to haunt me in the future. I soon found myself surrounded by a human Jedi who I came to know as Corwin Starr, a Nautiloid dark force user of sorts named Losa Kitt, and a Xexto sharpshooter named Franklin, who looked oddly familiar for some reason. I was dropped into the middle of a quest to kill a bunch of tuskans and Mandalorians that had been infected by something. Whatever, it’s not my concern.
>It is worth noting that while I as a player was aware that R4 was sold to the droid shop, R4 himself was not, due to a very high Bluff check by Frank. As far as he’s concerned, he was kidnapped. As far as the campaign was concerned, it ended up being scrapped due to players not being able to continue, but months later we picked up a Rebellion era campaign that the DM decided was a sequel of sorts. I first played a Tuskan Raider who was an utter badass, but fell when about nine zombie Mandalorians surrounded him. Earlier that same session, totally coincidentally, we bought as astromech for navigation/repair, because no one in the party had any ranks in that shit. DM rolled a natural 20 for droid quirk, which, for those who aren’t aware, means the droid has a hidden personality that pops up whenever a trigger is activated. This was the natural conclusion.
I followed my new bodyguards to an outpost someplace up on a cliff, where we were quickly sieged by more infected. I stayed behind Corwin, who turned out to be an adept fighter. The battle was bloody, and there were many injuries. Franklin had also been infected, and had scant hours.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I hate meatbags. But I fucking love stitching them up. Flesh is such an interesting material compared to metals. But I digress.

I led them into an abandoned hospital, cleared off a table, and began my work. I made some anesthesia, took some syringes, and managed to get through Corwin’s injuries before we were interrupted by a non-infected human, who must have heard the noise upstairs and came down to investigate. He said he worked for Blastech, and was trying to perfect a biological weapon for the Empire, but things went awry. I would have asked him why they didn’t just make more droids, but Franklin had only a little bit of time left, and he was a good shot. Losa pushed him to make the cure so that Franklin may live, and he agreed, so we left him to work while I went to work stitching up Losa. When he turned around however, I saw he had made something very different.

Mercury Fulminate.
I had time to duck behind the impromptu operating table thankfully. He quickly dashed back upstairs, followed by Corwin, while the infected were drawn to the noise and began tearing down the door. I, unable to follow, instead cracked into the security system of the building. There wasn’t much, just some cameras, but through the cameras I saw a carbonite packing facility. I hatched a plan.

Just on cue, our would-be killer dashed back downstairs, thinking that this would be safer than a melee with a Jedi. The fool. He completely neglected my presence, giving an ideal time to, say, needle him with enough anesthesia to knock out a rancor. Franklin wasn’t doing so hot, and so Losa carried him while Corwin and I led the trek across the compound towards the carbonite facility. We didn’t have enough time to make a cure, but if we could freeze him, and if he lived, I could develop something. We made it with minimal interference, and locked the door, and began the process (thankfully the power was still on here). Franklin did not survive the process. He rose from the chamber, death mask in full view, when I suddenly realized why he had looked so familiar. I couldn't help but beep in delight.

“I know that death face! I knew his sister!”

And thus was the death of Franklin Bilibongo. I took a sample of the virus from him, and left him at the site.
It was some time later we escaped the outpost, and Corwin heard rumors of a dark side temple someplace on Tattoine. I ignored the rumor, and let the others go on ahead. What do I have to gain in a Sith temple anyway. I instead took the time to search the Holonet and catch up on the last 20 years. I learned of the Rebellion, the fall of the Republic, the rise of Blastech corp., which happened rather suddenly over these last 20 years. I found no trace of Frank. Anyone else I expected to be found dead, due to stupidity or “bravery” as some call it, but Frank usually kept a cool head and stayed out of trouble.

Later I regrouped with the party, and Corwin told me of a new technique he learned involving light, something about a spirit, etc, nothing too exciting really. We got onboard the Marcus Starr, Corwin’s ship, named for his fallen brother, with appeared to be an old Sith Infiltrator. I was inspecting the ship’s interior when I found a giant cockroach. As in a six foot tall, blue cockroach, chewing on some cables. I sent Corwin to squash it. I’m not getting its goo all over my gears. He returned a short time later saying it was going to be our friend and bodyguard. I thought it was just a bug, but I’m not going to argue against another meatshield. I later learned he was a Bartokk, a rather stupid race (he took Bartokk as his name) with unmatched regeneration abilities. Being of an insect mind, he came to refer to Corwin as “My Queen”, something Corwin did not care for.
It was partway to Mos Espa when we were attacked by a very well equipped transport. The side was labeled Blastech Corp. I had only a second to wonder what these guys had to do with Blastech before we were attacked. The rest fought them off valiantly in the gunner stations, but we were going down fast. I fast-tracked a hyperspace trip to Coruscant , and made the jump. We arrived some time later, to find more of these transports waiting, along with some fighters. Fuck.
I continued jumping to many planets, including a space station in the outer rim that was on the ship’s memory, only to be met by these guys soon after exiting hyperspace. We finally caught a break on Ryloth, where we spent some time upgrading the ship (apparently Losa had a lot of money), refueling, etc. While I was installing, Corwin found word of a Jedi Master laying low on Ylesia. Apparently he’s been a padawan this whole time, and was looking for someone to instruct him in the Force. I told him the effort was a waste, but he paid no heed. We soon set off for Ylesia, doing our best to hide under the radar before Blastech follows up again.

Landing in a small spaceport, Corwin entered the nearest tavern to look for this Jedi master, apparently by the name of Surrak Maldoon. He came back saying he had met someone in the tavern who knew him, and we were to meet him there the following morning. I did some maintenance on the ship in the meantime, and we went to the tavern at the appointed time. As we walked in, my circuits went wild. Those red eyes, void of any ability to reason beyond blind faith in the Force. That blue skin, scarred with a thousand battles.

I tried to warn Corwin that this guy is not one to trust, but he ignored my wisdom. Reston said that Surrak was out of town a long walk away, and so we walked. It was about noon when we reached a circle of stones, and Reston drew a lightsaber from his hand (apparently the cyborgs on that planet had an effect on him), and challenged Corwin to a duel. If Corwin proved himself, he would become his master. They began to fight. I was hoping that they would strike each other down simultaneously when Corwin got the advantage and sliced off Reston’s hand. Reston agreed to become Corwin’s master. I was just loading my newly-made dart gun with the G virus sample I took from Franklin when a blast tore through Reston’s chest. I ran out to see who the bastard was that stole my kill. If I had a jaw, it would have dropped.

“Aaarrr Fooouurr!”
He’d had many upgrades(new armor, a bigger gun, and so on), but I knew it was him. I had no idea how he recognized me in my new chassis, but that wasn’t important. I quickly took cover behind one of the large stones, and let Corwin, the Bartokk, and Losa go to work, which mostly involved Corwin throwing 101 high into the air with the Force, and letting him shatter upon impact. Good riddance.

It was about this point that Corwin decided that I was rather trustworthy, and gave me an old lightsaber of his to keep as backup. We made our way back to the spaceport, about to leave before anything worse could happen, when it did.

“Aaarrr Fooouurr!”
101. Again.
Bartokk charged the robot, engaging him in melee. I didn’t have much time to wonder how he came back, but I rushed into the ship. Corwin followed with Losa and another Nautiloid in tow.

“Why do I sense that we’ve picked up yet another pathetic life form?”
“R4, this is Shang Jong Il, a pilot and fellow Jedi”
Sometimes, I hate being right.

>The player of the Bartokk had grown bored of the character, and so rolled up another Jedi. Not like I wouldn’t have left him behind though.
We took off as fast as we could, only to find in space one of the Blastech ships waiting. This one was slightly different though. It had markings on the side. It said R4, followed by 42 tally marks. This wasn’t a good sign. When the ship turned and broadsided us, we lost the capability to jump to hyperspace, and had to make an emergency landing. At least if I’m close enough to the planet, they wouldn’t attack at risk of starting a war between the corporation and the planet and its allies, right?

We landed near a large mountain, to protect us from scanning, and left the ship. I was furious, as I had JUST finished touching up the ship (just got a new mirror finish as well), and now it sits with massive hull damage. I was beginning work on the hyperdrive when an ominous engine roar flowed in from the landing ramp.

“Everyone off board, or we shall destroy your vessel” a speaker echoed.
Now this is just obscene. How have they managed to track us this quickly and frequently? There’s just no way with any of the sensor packages that I’m aware of. I stayed onboard at the bridge, while the rest of the party exits. Not like they would view me as a threat anyway. Outside through the window I saw a Blastech transport that has landed, and another one floating above, guns pointed towards the Marcus Starr. And Losa Kitt was standing next to some Blastech cronies. It finally clicked. The traitorous bitch had been giving them our coordinates. I aimed the guns at the ship up above the other Blastech transport.

“R4, we know you’re in there. Come on out, and be shut down peaceably.”

I stopped to think. How did they know that not only I was in there, but why were they so interested in me specifically. I thought back to the ship outside, and the last pieces of the puzzle came together.
101 worked for Blastech. Moreover, he at least held a high position. Hell, he probably even copied himself into Blastech droids as a sleeper code, waiting for my appearances (my own personal or one of the thousands of copies made on that ship many years ago). He had made a master move while I was asleep, by taking over the single largest corporation in the galaxy, which is also the biggest supplier of droids and weapons to the Empire. I’d been checked.
Corwin made the first blow, throwing a thermal detenator into the crowd of Blastech guards by their ship. I followed with a powerful blast to the engines of ship floating above, bringing it cascading into the ship below. The explosion was massive, and I watched as all the Blastech guards were blasted to bits. They looked human, but broke apart into machine. 101 had made the galaxy a very dangerous place to be R4, but I wasn’t about to give in.

An epic battle took place before me. Corwin and Shang joined forces and battled against Losa, the dark force witch, with her great black blade. I had never seen her full power until this point, and I must say, it was quite impressive. I lowered the ship cannon to the duelists. I didn’t want to kill all of them, as I would lose my bodyguards, but I’ll be damned if I was going to let Losa anywhere near this ship. Shang battled until he got a severe cut to his chest. He turned to Corwin,

“I’m sorry, but this isn’t my fight. I just met you guys!”
And he ran off into the wilderness.

And so it was down to two. Corwin held up valiantly, but Losa’s power was too much for him. Her blade struck him down, and before she could act, I fired the ship’s front cannons at her.

Three times. At point blank range.
>As a side note, during this whole last encounter, our GM was in intense pain. He shot down any attempt to postpone the game, and all we could do was get him water. We later found out that his appendix was about to burst at that time. After the game he went to the hospital and got it removed. He ran this epic battle and near TPK while his appendix was near to bursting. GM of the year, anyone?

And this is where I will end this second volume of adventures. There are many things that have happened since then, but I need time to write them down. Probably another week or so.
As a fellow droid, I must state that you have achieved greatness.
Very nice OP, well done.
>now archived on sup/tg/
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bump for morning crowd

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