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File: 1348110795992.png-(237 KB, 556x294, Monstergirl Sky Pirates SPECIAL.png)
237 KB
>Monstergirl Skypirates Quest SPECIAL
>In honour of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, Monstergirl Skypirates quest will be running a special episode, ripe with plundering!
>This is something akin to a prequel, but with more catgirls.
>Previous threads can be found here, but they don't matter for today:
Long before you owned your own ship, you worked as a mercenary for the Jambal Clan.

A small horde of pirates, yourself included, have been hired to sabotage one of the Empire's fleet that is flying towards Jambal territory. You are first mate on a small cutter, whose task is to get onboard the largest carrier blimp and bring it down from the inside. You'll get paid when the blimp goes down, and anything else you plunder is a bonus.

Those with you on the cutter include the Captain, Crimson Steve, your old friend Reilin and four of her lizardwoman comrades, two harpy scouts and half a dozen catgirls. The cutter itself has only two small deck guns and a single bomb. The plan is to race straight for the carrier, force an entry, make for the engine room, blow something critical up and get out before security becomes too much of a problem. This would be fine, except that the main fleet isn't as distracting as you would have liked.
Your cutter has made it past the first line of imperial ships, but their guns are trained on you, and their shots are getting worryingly close. The carrier itself has begun launching fighters, and they'll surely notice you soon.

The harpy on the deck gun yells over the roar of battle. "Shouldn't we be avoiding these cannon? It's only a matter of time before we're hit!"
"Hold her steady," Crimson Steve calls from the stern, "We're almost there."

There is a loud crack behind you as your ship is hit by a cannonball, and when you turn to check, all that's left onboard of Steve is his boots.
"So Red," Reilin says to you, "I guess you're in charge now."
File: 1348110874938.png-(13 KB, 651x218, monstergirl dice table SPECIAL.png)
13 KB
>You are Redbeard the Cleanshaven, a mostly unknown pirate.
>You give orders to your crew by yelling at them.
>Roll a die, if you get 4 or above, it's a success.
>Different monstergirls roll different dice, ranging from the dragon's mighty d20 to a catgirl's pitiful >d4.
>Most girls will have specialities, and roll better dice when they stick to what they know.
>Rolling a 1 is bad. 'girls may get injured, killed, desert from your crew, or simply be distracted by >a ball of yarn if they roll a 1.
>Any named girl rolls 2 dice, and is generally a lot more resistant to injury or desertion.
We're already too far in to turn back, so let's pour on the steam and ram that motherfucker of a carrier.
"Ascend! We'll hit them from above!"
rolled 4 = 4

Take the helm, "Emergency speed, brace for evasive maneuvers!"
Roll me 2d8 for overclocking the engine, and 1d8 for the harpy flying your boat.
"So it seems.

rolled 3 = 3

Or should I have rolled two dice for us? I can't recall.
rolled 6, 4, 6 = 16

Rollan, first 2 overclock, 3rd one harpy.
rolled 2, 2 = 4

Hold shift fer focused movement - uh, I mean, hold 'er steady, maties. Harpy gunners try t'snipe th' cannons tha' look t'ave a bead on us. All who don't have to be on deck get off th' damn deck; all who do, don't stick in a spot fer more than y'need.

Bad pirate accent ahoy. Yarr.
"So it seems. Hold her fucking steady!"
You dive towards the reverse fluxor and give it a hefty kick, with a whine it starts to overcharge giving your small ship a burst of speed. Your harpy manages to hold the ships steady and begins the weave the ship from side to side, to make you harder to hit. Shots rain around the cutter, punching a few holes in the sail, but causing no real damage. You make it past the second line of ships without incident.

"Ascend! We'll hit them from above!"
"Aye aye!" The harpy grabs the tiller and wrenches it upwards and you begin to rise up towards the thin clouds overhead.

You're almost on top of the carrier now. Then suddenly, from your blind spot near the sun, a pair of fighters dive towards you, guns blazing. Bullets trace staccato lines across the deck.

>Roll for whatever you do!
rolled 2, 2, 8 = 12

Right /tg/ dice doesn't like bad accents. Got it.

rolled 3, 3 = 6

Blow them to bits with the deck guns. Fire everything we can at them and hopefully take them down, or at least get them to pull off.
rolled 6, 7 = 13

Fill the fighters full of lead. Make sure to lead them with our shots.
rolled 4 = 4

We're practically above them! Disregard damage to the cutter; we're ramming it into the blimp anyway! Split S for ramming speed inti their engines!

Make sure everyone's got their rip cords if they need to bail from the blimp.

Alternatively, barrel roll into the sun to blind the fighters, because barrel roll is always relevant.
Note that I actually have little to no idea what I'm talking about.
The harpy swings her deck gun around and starts firing at the diving planes, but the gun barely has time to fire three times before they roar past the ship and loop around below you. The catgirls on the second gun seem to have detached it from it's mount, and are trying to fix it before you notice.

Your little boat is now only 300 metres away from the fat, ironclad blimp below you.
"Ram it!" you cry.
The harpy hefts the tiller downwards and the grinds along the top of the blimp, before crashing into the base of a propeller, which is almost as big as the whole boat. The blades take out what's left of your sails before getting tangled up. Looks like you'll have to find another way off the ship.

You glance around, the impact tore a hole in the top of the carrier, and all your girls seem alive. It probably won't be too long before those fighters loop around again though.

>Roll for your actions. Each girl can take different actions if you order them to.
Okay, what do we know about the architecture of this blimp?

My basic idea of a plan is to set the bomb to go off in a bit, head into the giant blimp, fight our way to the hangers, steal ourself some planes and fly off into the sunset.

For our more immediate concerns with the fighters, we don't have enough time to get all of that started before their pass. So we bring the deck guns around and fire on them and the harpies run interference when they get too close while we get the bomb set up as well as preparing grapples or whatever other tools we need to assault the Blimp.
All in, all together, all towards the engine room.

Reilin carries the bomb.
>Okay, what do we know about the architecture of this blimp?
The bubble of the blimp contains gas tanks to help keep it afloat and the hangar bays. The cradle contains most of the machinery and engines, as well as the living quarters and bridge.
The engine room is at the back of the cradle.
How big of a bomb is it? We should find if it's man portable and/or if it will cause sufficient damage if it explodes here before we try something like that.

Where are we relative to those places? I know we're on top of it but are we closer to the front or the back?
rolled 8, 4, 3, 6, 6, 3 + 2 = 32

>First 6d8 for Reilin and her 4 lizardwomen.
Secure a perimeter
>Next 2d8 are for harpies.
Prepare to fire guns on the fighters
>Last 6 are d4 for the catgirls.
Try to not not die.
rolled 4, 4 = 8

only counts first set of die, whatever.
>Harpies 2d8
rolled 1, 2, 1, 1, 3, 3 = 11

>and now the catgirls
You tell your crew to grab the gear and make for the inside of the blimp. Reilin hefts the bomb onto her shoulders, you doubt she'll be able to fight while carrying it. You follow the catgirls and jump down inside, lizardwomen tailing you.

You land on a catwalk running across the blimp, high above one of the hangars. There are catwalks going fore and aft at either end, along the edge of the blimp and down it's centre. You can hear shouting from the hangar crew as they launch another fighter, but they don't seem to have noticed you.

There is a clang behind you as you peer around, it seems harpies have grabbed the loose deck gun and a small amount of ammunition. Your catgirls are already spreading out and getting stuck between some structural beams.
Ah catgirls, so completely useless.

Okay, us and the lizardwomen head towards the engines, harpies keep quiet as possible and use their mobility to scout ahead and around to make sure we take a safe path. Catgirls should cause a distraction in another direction.

If we get noticed have the harpies fire rounds from the Deck Gun into the hangar, disrupt them and let us do the bomb business.
This is an acceptable course of action, and also has dubs.
You and your crew run to the central catwalk of the blimp. You send your catgirls to the left towards the front of the blimp, and you take the rest of the crew right, towards the engines.
>roll for how effective the catgirl distraction is.

You get to the end of the catwalk unnoticed. At the end there is a ladder down to the roof of a room. Through the small window in the hatch you can see there's people below you, all human sized. You're near the hangers, so it could be a staging room, the galley or perhaps storage for the fighters.
You grip your pistol and lucky cutlass.
>Roll for combat!
rolled 1, 2, 4, 1, 2, 2 = 12

>roll for how effective the catgirl distraction is.
>Catgirls effective...
Challenge Accepted.
rolled 2, 4, 2, 3, 3, 1 = 15

Six catgirls.
rolled 3, 3, 6, 1, 5, 1, 6, 4 = 29

Since Reilin can't fight it's just us, 4 lizardwomen and the two harpies right?

Harpies keep their distance, shoot off any they can, lizardwomen get stuck in and start slicing heads off. We'll hang out with the lizardwomen and shoot any stragglers or runners with our pistol.
rolled 6, 6, 4, 7, 1, 6, 4, 2 = 36

Seven d8 tier combatants, plus 1 extra for Red since she's named.

Were we aiming for 4s or 1s with those catgirls?
Hand the bomb off to whoever got the 1 if she's still in shape to continue.
An siren starts wailing and red lights start flashing a double beat. The intercom blares a crackly message: "Intruders detected in the balloon, all hands to arms."
Well, there goes most of your surprise.
>catgirl distraction slight failure.
>4 catgirls remain

You motion for the lizardwomen to jump through the hatch first. With a swift kick it flies down and knocks a crewman out. They swing down and begin brawling, and you drop down after them, the harpies following with the heavy gun.

You seem to be in a locker room, most of the crew here are pilots, some reaching for their personal arms and other fleeing. In the corner a tech is yelling at the intercom. There are exits to the hangers and other rooms on this level, and a staircase down to the gondola the back of the room.

Your lizardwomen cut down some pilots, but some of the faster ones bring their guns up and fire. A lizardwoman takes a hit in the shoulder, and one harpy drops the deck gun as she takes a bullet in the wing. You bring your pistol up and take both shooters out with two quick shots.
>1 lizardwoman injured
>1 harpy injured

Reilin lands with a thump and sets the bomb behind a bench.

>What are you going to do, captain?
Okay, the Gondola is a good target. I think it's where the engine room ought to be and that's where we need to get the bomb. Leave the injured harpy and 2 Lizardwomen, including the injured one to cover this route. With a good defensive position and the Deck Gun they ought to be okay.

Take the rest, have someone take the bomb, preferably a Lizardwoman who isn't Reilin and get to the engine room as fast as we can.
>There are still crewmembers in this room, at at least 4 pilots and 3 techs. Some have already run out the doors, presumably to call for help.
rolled 1, 4, 4, 5, 7, 2, 8, 1 = 32

Ah, we should finish them off. We don't take them out they'll stab us in the back or something else bad. Kill them, efficiently.
rolled 8, 1 = 9

Advise them respectfully to run. Alternatively, give them a half-serious job offer.

Anyway, gotta run. Do NOT cause a time paradox while I'm gone, okay guys?
Just finish 'em. We've got a job to do.
"Run," you say to the pilots. The ones closest to the doors quickly clear out, and your lizard women quickly subdue the remainder. The last pilot takes a swing at one 'girl's head, knocking her back, but he is grabbed by Reilin before he can follow up. She hefts him through a window into the hangar beyond.

The tech in the corner finishes yelling into the intercom, "They're in locker room B, send backup!" Then he slips through the door next to him and out into the rest of the ship.

You tell the injured and another lizardwomen to set up the gun in this room and to wait for you to get back. They nod and start stacking up benches and lockers to make an impromptu barricade. You look around at the injured and unconscious crew members. Exclusively human, as expected on an imperial ship.

You peer down the stairs, and come face to face with four troopers, responding to the alarms. Before you can pull back one lunges forwards and stabs you with his sword. You bring your cutlass up into his stomach, but too late. You grit your teeth as his dead weight pulls the sword from your leg. This will probably slow you down a bit.

>roll for whatever you choose to do.
rolled 8, 2 = 10

A quick bandaging, maybe something to use as a crutch, then let's get the bomb to where it needs to go.
rolled 5, 6 = 11

If we still have ammo in our pistol blow the head off of one of the guards, if not then stab what we can with a cutlass while we back off a bit to allow the uninjured members of our party to finish off the group.

After that we wrap some cloth around the wound and head to the engine room.
rolled 3, 4, 3, 1, 1 = 12

So, we're fighting

Also rolling for those uninjured to join in this particular melee. 2 dice for Rei, and one each for the others
Fuck my rolls.

Sadly, I gotta get up early, so I'm off.
Same here, sorry aussie dude, love the concept and the detail, but im on less then fumes.

Escape plan, we're on a carrier and we just killed some of the pilots. That means there's free ships. Also, kidnap a big officer. last thread said an admiral could net 100k gold, a carrier captain could net us loads, likely enough from the cut to get our own ship and break off from the merc outfit.
>The empire does not negociate with monstergirls or their conspirators.

"Guards!" you say as you duck back around the corner. Reilin takes a jump over the safety rail and pushes two troopers face down into the stairs. The two free lizardwomen press forward and the harpy jumps up to help.

There is a bang as a rifle is fired, and the harpy goes limp and falls to the ground, her lifeblood leaking through her feathers and onto the checkerplate steel flooring.
"Aya no!" The injured harpy scrambles from behind the barracade to her sister, but you know it's already too late.

The last few troopers are quickly subdues and you tell one of the lizardwomen to grab the bomb as you grab a scarf from a downed pilot and lash it around your leg. So long as you don't mind a little bit of pain every time you take a step, you'll be fine until you get the mission done.

You slink down the stairs, at the bottom there's a floorplan of the zepplin: it seems you've only got to get across this next room, and there's a ladder straight to the engine room.

Through the window you can see a galley, with some troopers loading their archaic rifles.
How easy is it to disable the bomb once started? I'm worried that there might be guards in the engine room so I was wondering if setting it to blow and dropping it in would work.
>You're lugging around one of these. It's about half the size of a lizardwoman.
>You're going to have to rig it with a timer when you get there, or figure out how to set it off remotely.
File: 1348119599374.jpg-(13 KB, 300x320, bombs1.jpg)
13 KB
>Or i'll just forget the pic...
Okay then. I wish we had grenades but we'll live.

Cross the room, if it's clear of enemies bring the corpses of the Imperials with us. Toss their bodies down the ladder first with us following close behind in order to clear any surprises and spring any traps they already set up.
>oops, I also forgot:

>1 harpy killed.

>You have remaining:
>2 lizardwomen

>1 injured lizardwoman
>1 injured harpy
>1 lizardwoman guarding the injured.
rolled 1, 5, 2, 1, 8, 5 = 22

Okay, first make sure the room we have to cross is clear, use corpses as armor if needed. Just peek into it, listen for noises, we don't want to march into an ambush.
You kick open the door and fire a shot at a trooper. The rest turn and fire at you and forcing you and Reilin back behind the doors. A shot takes off your hat and your red hair spills free and blood and hair gets caught up in your eyes. Your two remaining lizardwomen rush forward and swiftly cut two troopers apart and force the last one to the ground.

You manage to rub the blood out of your eyes and hold a hand up to stop the blood coming from your head. You look to Reilin, who seems to be in a lot of pain. The tip of her tail has been taken clean off by a shot, and she has tears in her eyes as she tries to stop it from bleeding.

But at least there won't be any more guards, you've just got to get the bomb down the ladder, then rig it to go off . Hopefully after you leave.

>Roll 2d6 if you want to fiddle with the bomb
rolled 1, 4 = 5

Let's actually get into the engine room first.
>Rolling 2d8 for our first-aid skills.
rolled 1, 2 = 3

Unless there is someone better than us in our party with explosives then fiddle with the bomb.

Set it on a timer to give us enough time to hijack some planes and get the fuck out of here, make sure to leave some extra time just in case we're delayed. Place it, and get out of dodge. Bring the dead harpy with, she deserves a proper burial.
rolled 6, 2 = 8

Well uh, fuck.
You don't manage to stop your head from bleeding, but it doesn't seem like you'll lose all that much blood. You should be alright so long as you don't have to do anything complicated, like fly a plane or rewire a bomb.

Well shit.

>You roll one dice for the rest of the mission

You manage to patch Reilin up better, but you can't reattach the end of the tail.

You try to rewire the bomb to go off after a few minutes, but your headache makes it too difficult. After a few minutes trying you hear the deck gun firing above you. You're running out of time.
"We can't wait any longer," Reilin says, exasperated. She pulls the bomb away from you and throws it detonator first down to the engine room.

There is a massive explosion, and the whole zepplin shakes, then begins to list slowly to the right. You make your way up the now very steep stairs to get back to the locker room. The heavy 'thud thud thud' of the deck gun blares as the lizardwoman shoots it down the corridoor.
"Red, they're trying to get in. I'm down to the last 6 shots!"

You glance around, there are hangars to your left and right, you could see what's in either, but you're not sure you have enough time to check more then one before leaving. You duck to the closer one, inside is a pair of heavy fighters, it'd be a squeeze, but you can probably fit everyone in, if you left the dead harpy and the deck gun behind.
I'm not really happy at the thought of leaving the dead harpy behind. She was part of our crew and we're not leaving her body to go down with the ship. If it's at all possible to bring the dead harpy with in the heavy fighters, even if we have to strap her to a wing or on top or something like that do so. Otherwise check the other hanger.
>Sorry I seem to be failing at phrasing things today.

>Take the two heavy fighters or go pot luck with the other hanger. You only have once chance to decide.
Take ourself, Rei and one healthy lizardwoman, go potluck. The rest take the heavy fighters and bring the dead harpy with.
You order two lizardwomen to grab the harpy and her fallen sister and take the heavy fighters, and you lead the other two and Reilin out towards the other hanger. Inside is an old long range bomber, it's seen better days, but it looks like it will fly. The scattering technicians hadn't finished loading it though.

The imperial soldiers, growing courageous after the mounted gun stopped firing, charge into the room as you leave, and shots land around you as you run towards the plane. You weave between the bomb trolleys and onto the plane.

Now you just have to get out of here in once piece.

>roll 1d8 each for the harpy and you piloting.
>roll 1d6 for the lizardwoman flying the last fighter.
rolled 4, 2 = 6

Rolling for us and harpy.
rolled 5, 5 = 10

>Here goes nothing...
Our piloting skills.
rolled 1 = 1

You manage to start the plane and move out of the hanger. There's a sickening moment when you leave, as you briefly fall, but the engine kicks in and you level out of the dive and pull away from the slowly falling carrier.

As you watch, a fire catches in the rear of the ship and crewmembers start diving out of the windows and hatches, transparent parachutes flickering into existence as they fall.

Two heavy fighters pull up from the far side of the ship, but a stream of bullets flashes across them both and they catch fire. You see two figures eject out of one, but they pull their ripcords and float safely down. The other, however, is not so lucky. You see the glass cover to the cockpit burst off, but before the pilot can escape it goes up in a fireball.

You turn away, and set a course for the rendezvous point, to collect the piles of cash you are owed.

You gain
>One massive bounty
>two aviator catgirl
>one heavy fighter
>one bloodstained scarf
You lost
>Your captain
>1 cutter
>6 pirate catgirls
>1 harpy
>1 lizardwoman
>Your hat
>Reilin's tail

>End of thread!
>I hope you enjoyed this special episode of Monstergirl Sky Pirates!
>It looks like running on the day Borderlands 2 came out wasn't the best of ideas, but oh well.
Damn dice gods. It was fun to have another session. See you next time.

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