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File: 1347852644552.png-(2.16 MB, 1984x1215, oceanic map sml.png)
2.16 MB
Good morning and welcome back to Primordial, everyone! We're about to start the Oceanic Tribal game, and everyone is invited to play. To play, just choose a species from the available ones (will be elaborated soon), a name, a starting spot (to be elaborated soon), and a symbol to identify your tribe with. The five sentients (or is it sapients) have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Are multiple tribes of the same species allowed? I'm assuming more than 5 people are going to want to participate. Nice map, btw
To pick a starting spot, look at OP map, there should be letters and numbers along the top and left. Each of those big letters and numbers correspond to a 10x10 square grid, which defines where your tribe starts. So for example, you wanted to start off the south of the southernmost island in the archipelago, you start at I7 j7.
File: 1347853541818.png-(39 KB, 1500x1000, 1347397554690.png)
39 KB
Of course!

And now for the races. We start with the Shrohan, which spends most of their time flying. They have advanced electric senses, and they could send out electric pulses to knock out prey. In fact, they use electricity to communicate over long distances, and their mating ritual involves the males trying to catch lightning. They can survive underwater up to depth 2, which means they can start anywhere, although they are common in the island archipelago.
They can fly roughly 2 squares per day (1 square being 100 km2).
So if I wanted to start at the coastal delta of the westernmost continent, I'd pick F6 A1?
I don't know if I'm stealing this species, but I'll claim them for quadrant H10
File: 1347854024660.png-(34 KB, 800x600, 1347829157543.png)
34 KB
The second race is the Hiroha, which live in hives. Individually, Hirohas are dumb, with the females as smart as crows and males dumber than that. But, their intelligence grows as a group, as females can direct around a dozen males by her own, and usually the females form a think tank of sorts. There are no queens, the population is roughly split 50/50 in male/female distribution. They live in depth 1 and can survive the surface for some time and depth 2. They can swim roughly 1/2 square per day, and start anywhere near the tropics.
I really wish I wasn't so indecisive, I'm going to want to play all of these by the end.
File: 1347854394528.png-(66 KB, 1400x1200, 1347390523690.png)
66 KB
don't forget the 10x10 coordinate! So you get H10 e5, for example.

The third race is the Cruelb, which originated from the depths. They use directed microwaves from their red 'eye' organ to subdue prey and talk to each other via pain signals. They are usually solitary, and if a cruelb can form a tribe, it means they are quite powerful indeed. Their tentacles are actually an extension of their insides, and above depth 3 these can baloon and burst due to less pressure. Leadership is determined by power. They live in depth 4, and can survive 3 with conditioning. They can walk on the seafloor for 3/4 square per day.
sorry, guess I'm a bit slow at getting this, but sounds good
How does their intelligence increase?
probably a sort of chemical hive mind
Hmmm If those are all the choice like to start with the Hiroa at
G15 d6 (is that close to the tropic?)
f5ing for more races

in the future you maybe want to type that stuff out ahead of time
File: 1347855209020.png-(59 KB, 800x1000, 1347571626691.png)
59 KB
The last race is the Seek're. They are the result of a symbiosis of a few creatures, and thus their minds are actually an amalgam of three minds. They can photosynthesize, although in deeper waters they tend to hunt for prey. Due to their unique minds, they are truly psychics, and communicate via telepathy. They are also the biggest of the 4. They live in depth 3, and occasionally come to 2 to photosynthesize. Depth 1, however, is harmful due to pressure difference. They can swim roughly 1 square per day.

Also, about currents: they can double your movement speed if you choose to ride them. I forgot to say that Cruelb can only start at depth 4 places, and Seek're can only start at depth 3 places.

If you want, you can run two tribes at once, but usually one tribe gets favored over the other.
Yup choice is made then
Hiroa at G15 d6
File: 1347855326190.png-(212 KB, 700x950, tribal size comparison.png)
212 KB
So yeah, that's all 4 races, and here is the size chart compared to all the other sentients in this planet.
Also, to the tribemakers, don't forget the name of your tribe, and a symbol, so I can place them on the map.
Tal'ec tribe... and let my symbol be a star
Y'know what, can I change my choice to the Seek're at H2 C3, named the Griz'chitan. Symbol will be a hemisphere with three dots in the middle. (sorry)!!
File: 1347856198184.png-(674 B, 67x64, symbol.png)
674 B
Shrohan F16 E5 please!
Tribe of the Blue Sun here
Well, usually the participants draw their own symbol using paint, but this time I'll let it slide. Pic coming soon ish.
File: 1347856670232.png-(7 KB, 482x475, symbol.png)
7 KB
Revised. Can't have a symbol that looks like shit. Still tribe of the blue sun!
File: 1347857216627.png-(38 KB, 512x384, something.png)
38 KB
I'm sorry, I'm kinda spacing right now, I usually lurk.
File: 1347857329176.png-(2.27 MB, 1984x1215, oceanic map tribes 001.png)
2.27 MB
Here it is, with the tribes. I'll add the tribal legend later on.
File: 1347857617108.png-(5 KB, 512x384, something revised.png)
5 KB
I legitimately forgot the hemisphere part.
What's that captcha? wanted, 9000 a year? I'm not that good, but sure!
Allright, here's the updated map. By the way, you can start developing your tribes now, by rolling d10s. So, for example, you want to know how to make spears? Roll a d20! You can even make multiple research/upgrade/development in one post, for example: rolling for metallurgy, wheel and nets, you'd need 3d20. 1 is a critical failure, while 20 is an epic success. By the way, all tribes start out with zero technology. Be creative!
File: 1347858289327.png-(1.48 MB, 3168x808, Korokai.png)
1.48 MB
Seek'kre tribe namde Korokai at.... somewhere south of Central. South of that big ol' reef Cluster. Tribe symbol is coming tomorrow.

Symbol and location included.
File: 1347858297670.png-(2.25 MB, 1984x1215, oceanic map tribes 001.png)
2.25 MB
and of course, I forgot to post the map. captchaaaaa
so do we roll 10s or 20s?
rolled 5, 2 = 7

Research new digging tech for making structures out of ocean bottom, probably clam shells or something of the like. Also, work on a sort of psychic control of water. Albeit a very weak and useless one.
of course those would be my rolls, anyone else want to take a crack at theirs?
rolled 10, 9, 6 = 25

Is there a limit to the number of actions we can do? try to create trap to gather food more easily, digging to create shelter for our eggs and try to replicate the environment of our prey so they'll be more numerous. (traps, shelter, farming)
rolled 16, 16 = 32

Blue Sun here,
roll 1: develop fishing nets for all them juicy reef fish
roll 2: research the nature of electricity. What conducts it? Are there any conductive materials around? What can I do with them?

I just realized my name is in mass effect. This makes me sad. I honestly wasn't thinking about that when I thought of it...
rolled 9, 15, 13 = 37

d20 in case they were the one needed...
rolled 5, 15, 11 = 31

Griz'chitan going for another attempt
Roll 1: start work on control of water, not motion, but its physical properties.
Roll 2: Work on understanding the complete symbiosis of the body
Roll 3: more work on simplistic digging tech.
Captcha: rogatur thurstan... no captcha, it's renotn thorsten
rolled 18, 16, 5 = 39

so much spell-fail,
Renton Thursten
OP apparently checking in every half hour means this is one slow ass thread
Calling the small bay on that neat island at H4 8x5

I will do the symbol this evening.

Two things however.
Firstly, do the frowgmen live on the archipelago as we discussed.
Secondly, didn't we discuss about not including straight up supernatural stuff like psychics anymore?
File: 1347860162314.png-(20 KB, 196x217, Vag├║shosod.png)
20 KB

As always IG you have done awesome job with the map. You should put coordinates next to tribes name so they are easier to find from the map.


There is no real limit to rolls but we tend to keep it lower than 10 rolls. People play with different style so there are great variation between amount of rolls. So there are no real restrictions but use common sense to keep this from turning into powerplay contest.

Also new players should check the IRC for people if you have something to ask or even if you don't.

I might make my own tribe in future.
OP, did you grab a sandwich?
I come out swinging, and I am the subGM. rolls are determined by 1d20 unless otherwise stated, usually for some special event. Unlimited number of rolls, but try not to go over board. examples:

Any developments you make go across all settlements of your tribe unless there is a special condition. roll to fortify your villages/towns/cities, not just one at a time. same with everything else, a roll effects the population as a whole. If you hunt/ farm for food and are good, you dont need to worry about it until you claim more settlements. I go by a rule of failure, if you attempt something three times, by the third time if you have failed, its gonna be a minor success.

Eh, fuck it man, we get a little more "magic" in the world to figure out later. This is still the tribal era. Now the hoppas have someone to talk to. In the end, IGs got command.
Cool. Can you address >>20754325
Woop, back from food. Anyways, thanks ng for subbing me, which rolls are you gonna process? I'll take the others.
the tribe plays around with clumps of sea floor sediment but really doesnt build anything, and attempts to control water result in headaches.
(d10 omitted. d20s all day.)
a simple trap involves a large group of individuals forming a sort of reverse "school" swarming around a prey creature to capture it. it is not efficent. Eggs are carefully planted in selp leaves. Large fields of selp are planted to get small creatures to live in the makeshift "forest" and allow for easy harvesting. ((selp is a seaweed see >>20731300 for a few minor oceanic life forms))
headaches continue.- psychic meditation on one's self yields understand to the conflict between the animal, the plant, and the microscopic sentient bacteria colonies that make up the whole. philosophy? religion? more?- raking the bottom of the muddy oceanic floor with claws is a close approximation to digging.
rolled 17, 15, 15 = 47

thank you for the update.
Roll 1: focus on the plant in the symbiosis, how does it grow, what does it function like?
Roll 2: moar studies of this fancy "water" thing
roll 3: begin digging pits the height and width of the average tribe member.
rolled 18, 17, 15 = 50

roll 1: See if we can't find other use for the selp
roll 2: Look into a way protecting the females, as they are the brain of our tribe and losing them is becoming dumber
Roll 3: try to improve on this method of hunting by breaking apart the fish school and then capturing the lone member
File: 1347863203475.png-(15 KB, 467x631, justforyou.png)
15 KB
Sector g6-subunit-i5. small island. possibly location of sandbar island.
For the player NOTRIP
Two headed Bord, to be named by him, to be played only by him. if not taken, will revert to npc status. mutual confirmation with IG.
This strange creature has two heads. the large one is dominant over the body, but the small one is dominant over the tail, and the tail has all the dexterity. Each one is a fully aware and sentient being. not much else is known about them other then that they seem to have a certain something about them.
literally three hours from the start of the thread and no interaction, tribe blue sun all die from boredom.
poor blue sun getting ignored
i forgot you man. for shame.

seaweed nets catch many juicy reef fish....life is good, especially when you conduct electricity thru the nets. experimenting with electricity it is discovered the coral from reefs conducts, as does seaweed.

((feel free to do a rename if you are sad.))
I'ma go take a nap, if someone could just let the griz'chitan live for a bit, I'll pick them back up in a few
Sorry about the slowness, it's usual for tribal threads. There's also the fact that my work requires me to shift my full focus at it sometimes.
The plant is a part of you; it can photosynthesize if you go into shallower waters. It grows as you grow, and it functions like your own limbs.
Water is this liquid that surround you, that you breathe in, that is a bit viscous. You can see that it can move in currents.
you dig the pits, which had to be reinforced with padded mud because the usual mud keeps falling into the hole.

some forms of non-hostile selp can be harvested for its wide leaves, while others can be harvested for their vines. For now, the females are protected by corals, as they have found a nice large-ish nook inside the coral reefs.
The new fishing technique works, your hunters working like aquatic wolves. Catching fish using just their tentacles is a bit exhausting, though, and usually only enough were caught for daily consumption.
The Tribe of the Blue Sun renames itself the Bluewings.

Roll 1: experiment with tying lengths of selp together and sending electric signals through it
Roll 2: attempt to make a flail out of a selp "chain" and coral "ball"
rolled 7, 11 = 18

forgot to roll
The selp 'cable' doesn't work that well, due to it needing to be moist for it to work.
Meanwhile, the ball on a string thing works, and they find out that getting beaned by it hurts. Hey, now they can use this to hunt land animals or something like that!
File: 1347882045356.png-(9 KB, 385x385, spears.png)
9 KB
rolled 3, 17, 14 = 34

A powerful Cruelb beats a tribe of other Cruelb into submission at B16 H7. He names his underlings the Deep Barbs.

He immediately sets them to work...
Roll 1: explore to the limit of their physical ability the depth 5 area to the South and mark the edges of where it is safe to walk without being crushed by pressure.
Roll 2: Scout around the local wildlife and terrain. What seaweeds and immobile animals are there? What prey animals? What potential predators?
Roll 3: Send a scouting party to the volcanic area to the Northeast. How does the volcanic activity affect the wildlife and landscape?
rolled 5, 19, 7 = 31

First post of the Korokai, long may we prosper

The tribe has decided that their current location would make a good after years of wandering. Adult males begin hunting for food, while the females gather up edible plants from the surrounding area. The children are also set to work, told to look for, but not to enter, any caves in the area.

rolling for
Cave findin'
You need to specify a race and a starting location
Derp. Thought I specified it >>20754240 here, but it looks like it got cut off. Posting another map with my location because Its hard to determine my grid location with my poor eyesight. I'm the little red dot south of the reef that is south of Central
File: 1347890746134.png-(1.49 MB, 1340x1212, HEREIAM.png)
1.49 MB
aaaaaand I forgot the map
rolled 8, 12, 18 = 38

If this is still going on I'll go
Roll 1: work more on the psychic control of water
Roll 2: try to change the growth rate of the plant in some of our tribe members
Roll 3: Begin connecting the body pits underground
Rising from the depths at F-14, the Skethiss of Seek're forms and claims the area as territory.
File: 1347899436229.png-(6 KB, 629x395, tribal emblem.png)
6 KB
Damn it forgot my emblem. It's a sun on the ocean.
rolled 8, 18, 19, 17 = 62

>Dissect some of our prey to find if there is anything we could use in them
>Try to develop weaving from the vines, and leaves
>if the last endeavor is successful try to construct nets
>Explore our surrounding a bit

As the Tal'ec tribe settles, the females hopes to find a way to improve their meager gain, they start by looking at their already available resources, prey and selp for material and ideas, they also want to improve the nooks they claimed to improve their chemical communication. As some female pointed out the Tal'ec don't know much about it's surrounding as such they send scouts scout parties to discover their surrounding.
rolled 10, 4, 17 = 31

The Skethiss begin work on three things, Scouting out their new homes, Attempting to standardize their telepathic communications, and building small shelters that resemble quarter-spheres out of rocks and coral, to protect from storm surges and strong currents.

Rolling for scouting, Language refinement, and shelters
File: 1347910304351.png-(485 KB, 2000x1400, Izileth.png)
485 KB
Finally, I can make my tribe.

The community of shrohans calling themselves Izileth, (Storm children) inhabit a peaceful bay in one of the many islands of the great archipelago of Borgas 4. The tribe spends it's days fishing in the shallow waters around their island, as well as preying on the local wildlife.

They have very basic technology, mostly wooden objects, or things made from stone. Stone is often used in ritualistic purposes, such as the polished and smooth stone orbs placed atop of the storm totems of the tribe.
The storm totems are placed on the clear rocky hills of the island, so that they would attract lightning, which serves religiously important purposes for the Izileth.

The Izileth worship the sky and the ocean, according to their myths, they descend from Izil, the Storm Lord, the child of Jizal, the sky god and Alis, the goddess of the ocean. The legends of Izil are retold by the shaman of the tribe, who is also the leading male of the society.

The Izileth place high value on honor, bravery and tradition. The males are expected to protect their families and friends with their lives, while the females are expected to provide for their mate and children by hunting.
File: 1347910513087.png-(19 KB, 681x618, Korokai.png)
19 KB
Alright, info dump on the Korokai time.

Race: Seek'kres
Location: I10, south of the large coral reef
Symbol is pictured
Social Structure: At the moment, the Korokai are led by a group of elders, all male. They are the only remaining members of the Korokai who were alive when the Korokai were forced from their home, to the west, by a clan of aggresive Kruelbs. They've wandered for years, searching for a new place to call home. They've settled south of the coral reefs, hoping that they are far enough away from any Kruelbs to make a living. The Elders look toward the future with hope now as the Korokai settle into their new home
Damn, IG, you really went all out on this map. Respect, man.
File: 1347910994347.png-(837 B, 100x100, Moonchaser Tribe.png)
837 B
The Moonchaser tribe of Shrohan have come together by a new peace between several, smaller warring tribes by way of arranged marriage. The new leader, called "Moonwatcher" has decreed that all the small villages of a few families spread around their bay home should move to a central location and form a new village near the mouth of the river.
The son of Moonwatcher, known as Climbs-High-Cliffsides oversees the integration of the varied people with his band of warriors.
File: 1347911071989.png-(370 KB, 2904x824, island fauna&flora.png)
370 KB

A picture and pastebin elaborating on the flora and fauna of the archipelago. http://pastebin.com/vtQrEDC1

The Izileth build homes woven from strands of seaweed atop the frilla trees of their island. They lay their eggs inside these nests, often using the pools made from pot frillas as "cradles" for their children, placing fresh food there for the larval shrohans to eat.

The adult shrohans also enjoy laying with their mates in pools filled with water, which conducts their electric fields much better than air. By laying in these pools with each other, the mated pair can merge their electrical fields, and thus "join" this sense with each other, reinforcing the very intimate bond the two formed when they chose each other during the great mating dances that occur when the monsoon storms hit the archipelago.

The Izileth currently have about 16 families, and their children. The tribe is led by the Shaman and his mate. The current shaman is quite old, but he has led the tribe with wisdom for many years. (The shrohans live approximately 20 years or so. Their bodies require great amounts of energy, and the strain their lifestyle puts them under are the two main causes of their shrot lives.)
File: 1347912387906.png-(366 KB, 723x599, Moonchaser Starting Location.png)
366 KB
rolled 2, 2, 9, 2, 1, 10 = 26

The location of the new settlement is in E13-D2, and has come to be known as Mooncliff and regarded as a holy land for it's white-colored stone.
The settlements consist of simple cliffside cave dwellings with plant covers. The settlement is very wide horizontally, and some of the caves can be surprisingly deep, with the larger ones supporting dozens of Moonchasers.

The actions of the Moonchaser Tribe are as follows:

1. Creation of new fishing techniques and technologies based on coordination and the use of nets, with multiple fishermen surrounding and electrocuting a school of fish in unison before capturing them.

2. Study practices of wood-carving using trees from the land above for purposes of art and weapon crafting.

3. Researching woodcarvers who are a little too enthusiastic may accidentally discover fire by way of friction. Research is ongoing.

4. Climbs-High-Cliffsides and a group of 8 of his best Warriors will seek hunting grounds along the river, setting up a small, disguised hunting outpost in a good spot for the future collection of meats and skins. When established, a pair of Warriors will relay back the message and prepare to create a supply line.

5. Children who are able to travel under their own power in relative safety will practice diving skills in groups with attending adults while searching for any precious or semi-precious stones or attractive shells on the bay floor.

6. Locate and research the use of clays at the mouth of the river for the creation of pottery, including the use of heat to create hard clays.

I really hope there's not supposed to be an action limit in here. I didn't see one explicitly stated, so...
Out of curiosity, what did you use to make that map?
rolled 14, 13, 13 = 40

My paint.net skills are weak, so I'm just going to describe the very basic stuff the Korokai have

The Korokai have been moving for many years. As a result, they only have what they can carry with them: Keeb shell shards for scraping things, bones used as clubs, and little else. The Korokai lost many skilled craftsmen when the Kruelb attacked them long ago, and having been struggling to relearn their old ways. The Elders decree that, since they tribe is starting anew, so should they learn the old skills anew. Various members of the tribe try to rediscover simple things. Ropes are the most obvious thing to acquire first, and most inviduals who try to learn the old ways try to make ropes, or nets. Others try for more abstract things, totems and cave carvings. The hunter/warriors listen to the elders as they tell tales of the old champions of the Korokai, and their skill in battle. The warriors begin practicing, so that their entire bodies are lethal weapons

rolling for
Totems and carving
Rope making
Warrior training

also, still got rolls here >>20757506
We're supposed to roll d10s, I thought?
File: 1347913570486.png-(119 KB, 1500x1000, Shrohan male & female.png)
119 KB

The current shaman of the tribe is name Lezeal. He has led the Izileth for for 13 years, and in his age of 25, he is the oldest member of the tribe. He has decided that the time to pic a new shaman has come. Luckily, the monsoon storms are coming, and the youngsters of the tribe are going wild, the males are busy "flexing" their electric powers, while the females are excitedly training elaborate mating dances that would bring forth their agility and most importantly show off their bodies.
Lezeal decides that the boy who manages to catch the greatest lightning shall be trained as the new shaman.

The adult females of the tribe are trying to find new hunting grounds, as they know that with the coming monsoons, there will soon be many new families with mouths to feed. They split into two groups, one tries to explore deeper into the island, in hopes of finding good game to hunt, while others head to the sea, searching for good fishing waters.
The island explorers head southeast, towards the great mountain at the center of the island, where the tribe hasn't yet really explored.
The oceanic explorers scan the waters near their island, some even daring to go to explore the reefs to the west of their island.
D20s all day long. At least thats how we usually do it. That d10 thing here >>20754233 is almost certainly a typo. We do d20's here man
rolled 20, 9, 9, 10, 16, 19, 8 = 91


The females who are still seen as too young, along with the males stay in the village, but try to aid to the best of their ability. Some of them are trying to figure out better ways of gathering fish than their wooden spears and the simple tactic of diving into the fish shoal and shocking them into submission. (It is actually very effective, but it is quite demanding physically for the females.)
The work to improve the fishing tools ends up with two ideas, first is just adding additional ends to the fishing spear to make hitting a fish more probably, and the other is weaving together some sort of seaweed basket in which to trap the wish.

The other females try to train themselves to be better with their hunting tactics. (perhaps developing dolphin like pack hunting under water)

Rolling on:
Seeing how successful the great monsoon mating dance is (how many new families)
Seeing if Lezeal finds a proper apprentice.
Scouting the home island for game.
Scouting the nearby waters for fish.
Developing fishing tools (2 rolls, tridents and basket traps)
Developing hunting tactics.
>20 for new families
File: 1347914950998.png-(51 KB, 405x401, Rahna_mare_symbol.png)
51 KB
At G5f5 the seek're tribe, the Rah'na Ma'Re emerge under the influence of a new religion.
Rah'na Ma'Re translates to the disciples of the unconqured light/sun.
The "tribe" consist of families and solitary individuals under the influence of the prophetic figure, Khar'rat.
Well bugger me backwards, my bad. Oh well, though, I'll just take any fails I've got and do it right next time. No reason to break the flow of gameplay~
rolled 5 = 5

__Event Time__

Rolling for an invasive species passing by these lands and eating EVERY single race's food stockpile.

Over 10 and it happens, and every 1 after that is the percentage of your food stores that gets eaten. That means 15 = 50% food loss, and 20 = 100% food loss.

Hope you get lucky, folks.
rolled 16 = 16

You've survived this time.

Rolling again for secret reason.
Khar'rat is an old and wise seek're, who has traveled the world's seas. During his eventful lifetime, he was wounded almost fatally. For 12 days, he walked the line separating life and death, light and darkness. Broken, lying on a cliff, with nothing but abyss under, he heard the Light and Darkness calling for him. One was warm and calm, the other cold and demanding. He won the duel with his darker self, and came back enlightened.
He settled down in the Bay of Truth and used his wisdom to guide every pasing seek're. A lot of them did not listen, but some did. And these were the individuals that formed the Rah'na Ma'Re.
File: 1347916259802.png-(85 KB, 800x1000, Khar_rat.png)
85 KB
Forgot the pic.
File: 1347917970114.png-(35 KB, 1000x1000, Shrohan with a trident.png)
35 KB
rolled 8, 12, 18, 19, 18, 17, 12 = 104


Dat 20.

Also, fuck yeah tridents!
rolled 12, 13, 16, 6 = 47

Khar'rat teaches his followers, that the way to find someone's inner rah'nare is to fight the inner darkness.
Rolling for the invention of meditation techniques.
Kha'rat teaches the disciples, that there is no light without darkness, but darkness itself leads to the Abyss.
Rolling for the development of techniques to enchance driving capabilites of the Rah'na Ma'Re.
Kha'rat teaches all those who listen, that in the Light, we are all one.
Rolling for enriching the proto telephatic language.
Kha'rat also teaches, that the place of worship is one's own mind, however when many minds come together, they need a place to cradle them.
Rolling for finding a spot for a future monastery.
File: 1347920321040.png-(85 KB, 800x1000, Khar_rat2.png)
85 KB
rolled 11, 14, 3, 10 = 38

Kha'rat's teachings have taken roots in the minds and hearts of the Rah'na Ma'Re.
The threeminded worked day and night, and then finally the meditation shined through the darkness. Its potent mind altering capabilities quickly spread through the ranks of the disciples, signaling the beginning of a new era of consciousness.
As more and more try to find a way to fight their inner darkness (whatever that may be) the tribal seek're find new ways of improving their diving capabilities. Now they can ascend a bit lower.
Kha'rat's teachings and the gatherings have spawned a lot of telepathic currents, from which a proto language emerges. Dualism and trinity are working at the core of this language.
Locating a spot for the great gatherings have provided unfruitful in this region. The tribe will have to look elsewhere to find a proper place to settle down.
rolled 17, 9, 3, 19 = 48

The meditation and finding oneself has greatly improved the Rah'na Ma'Re threemind. This is noticable for other seek're.
Rolling for the reception.
Kha'rat travels the outskirts of the tribal territory spreading his teachings and bringing the word of Light.
Rolling for gaining new followers.
The altered mind state allows the seek're to reach new heights of creativity.
Rolling for the first tools.
Young followers of the faith scout the surrounding lands for a place to raise the great hall.
Rolling for success.
File: 1347921743098.png-(12 KB, 338x188, invention!.png)
12 KB
rolled 1, 19, 10, 1 = 31

The reception was very positive from other seek're in the vicinity. They are interested in the new possiblities this "way" has to offer. However Kha'rat's enlightened speeches are too much for them, making them a bit confused. Now most of them just wait and watch, what will happen with these strange seek're.
Finally we can see Rah'na Ma'Re creativity at it's finest. From the depthts of the threemind comes the roll of cleansing. Totally useless in and underwater environment (The Bords did it).
One of the scouts found a more than perfect underwater plateu for the gatherings. The tribe may soon move there.
rolled 15, 12, 19 = 46

With shelters built, the Skethiss turn to improving their lives.

Rolling for:

Attempting to study local wildlife, Attempting to create ropes, attempting to create rock/coral hand tools
rolled 19, 6, 8, 6 = 39

The Rah'na Ma'Re numbers are slowly growing.
Rolling for converted skee're.
Rolling for natural offspring.
The migration to the Great Plateu is at hand, the tribe gathers and leaves their former territory for the journey.
Rolling for success.
After arriving there, they begin immediately scouting the area of the great underwater flat.
rolled 20, 11, 17, 17 = 65

Great numbers of followers has joined under the season, however most of the youngest generation did not survive the journey, brought down by an unknown plague. Great sorrow enters the hearts of the tribe, but the journey into the Light is a hard one, the Abyss always claiming the minds and the souls of the descending ones.
A great storm causes the currents to change, setting the tribe on the wrong course, after days of wondering, they finally find the plateu.
The scouts are to tired to do their work properly, making the tribe a sitting duck.
Hey man... We typically don't provide our own roll results, and when we do, its not in the quantity you're doing it.

We have the gms hand roll results, so that no one can make their own tribe overpowered, or jump ahead through making large numbers of rolls like you're doing. Wait for the gms to hand roll results man. Or if you want to continue self-gming, slow down a bit
File: 1347930322863.png-(191 KB, 486x358, bord range.png)
191 KB
I didn't necessarily want to play them myself, just wanted them to be an option. I will give some info for NPC tribes of the race. Swabord I'll call them, I guess.
They're found in tropical islands in the seas between the central, east, and south continents, as marked on this piece of map. In many of the tribes, music and dance are major parts of culture. Two things common across all culture are comradery between their fellow tribesmen, and a fondness of shiny objects, which are made into jewelry. Some are bound to be sailing between small island chains.

If anything, I was thinking more of using Frowgs in the archipelago. For now, I'll start a tribe of Rohas. Just needs some time to figure out the details.
rolled 6 = 6

Claiming the watery areas at the very bottom of G12, sub I2

The Shrohan of Ehail nas Shuur have hunted together for many tides. They have flown through the stormy clouds, and many eggs have hatched under the cautious guardianship of Kuz, who is the eldest and wisest of them all. They worship Pzatow, who is the bringer of thunder and the raging tempest of the Ocean. They call their little strip of shore and sea Ehail nas Shuur, or the Place of Safety. Their tribe name, Kuzmoto, means 'People of Kuz'. For the time being, the entire tribe resides in a collection of seaside caves, with the tribe numbering at about 70 Shrohan spread through 5 caves. Most of these caves have smaller rooms branching off, which a mated pair of Shrohan claim for their own personal use. They hunt fish swimming too close to the surface, and the occasional small critter. One adventures Shrohan decides that she wants to know what is on the rest of their little island, and so begins to explore.

Rolling for-
Scouting to the west
rolled 4, 18 = 22

A group of about 30 Hirohas swims through the eastern coral reef, searching for shelter. With the group's current size, they do not yet have any sort of higher intelligence coming from the female hive-mind yet. They operate on the levels of simple animals scavenging for food and shelter. After a few days of travel, the group comes across someplace safe to settle down. With staying put for the time being, the hive mind is now able to become organized enough to make decisions to gather food.

Rolling for type of shelter found (I have the method of determining the results for this roll in mind) searching for food.

>Image with symbol and name will appear in the next post.
File: 1347936826403.png-(124 KB, 604x327, Krittijik.png)
124 KB
rolled 10 = 10

The shelter found by the group of Hiroha is a rocky overhang on which the colonies of Luscanemat Coral grows on top of.
As to be expected, the reef is bursting with life, making food abundant. Workers sent out by the hive are able to collect ojos, nuros, skrimps, and other types of food in no time.

Rolling for growth of the hive.

>Shelter was determined by 1-5: open water rock; 6-10: open water coral; 11-15:island coast rock; 16-20: island coast coral.
rolled 14, 10, 12 = 36

>This is simple, so I'll cover this myself as well.

The hive grows at a slow, but steady rate. If there were any rough patches, they were easily recovered from. With the increased population, the hive-mind became more developed. Two simple decisions are made from the still simple collective, expand the shelter, and hoard. Hoard things.

Rolling for expanding the shelter by any means available, exploring, and gathering various materials and objects found during exploration.
>Going through simplified versions of the stages of cognitive development. The hive-mind is around the preoperational stage.
rolled 1, 14 = 15

The Bluewings are alarmed at the intrusion of a separate tribe on what they consider to be their territory.

Roll 1: The success of this year's lightning catching mating ritual. Are the males virile, or do the females spurn them?
Roll 2: Send an envoy to the Hiroha, telling them to piss off.
oh dear...
Please keep in mind, each individual square is about 100km sq, or 65 miles sq. Contact is probably not going to happen right away.
Also, my Hiroha are in the open ocean, under the Luscanemat reef, not near any islands where you'd live.
As for the envoy, they'd find the group to be little more than just simple animals so far, as the hive-mind has yet to form proper consciousness.
Of course, that's if they'd take notice of the small armored squids underwater. Working on an image list of things found in the reef, starting with types of Roha.
im currently compiling a list of all tribes by race and player. im pretty burned out, but i want to talk a little bit with the player base. If you want to self GM, go ahead, I saw one player doing it, and as long as you can be as close to fair and unbiased towards your own results as you would another player. "a fail is a fail, etc" fuck it, i thank you for reducing my work load. I can tell a few of you have a story to tell, so im down. On the flip side, go out of control, im going to smite your ass back to the pre-stone age like any good GM would. tonight im feelin pretty ill, so I dont know if ill be doing any results, but i will make my chart of players and locations.
I leave you with this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi4PmTnLoR8&feature=fvwrel&NR=1

Shame to hear that.
I hope that you will get better.
Your efforts have been vital for this game.

A thing I would like to know however is if the frowgs live on the archipelago like we discussed.
Also, another thing that people should note is how species communicate and the language barriers that emerge from this.

The shrohans communicate with noises and trough their electric fields.
The hirohas with light.
The cruelbs with blinking patterns and pain signals caused by their micro waves.
And the seek'kre telepathically apparently. (Why do they need this is still a mystery to me. They could by all means use more beliavable methods, hell even vibrations travelling trough water to form communication links or something.)
Augh, sorry to hear that, but I'm also busy on my end. It seems like for 3+ months I can't GM no more due to work performance issues. At least not on worktimes. Sorry! I hope APoe and NG can slow burn this arc.
File: 1347960259361.png-(42 KB, 437x431, player tracker.png)
42 KB
I want to first say, holy fuck, 11 players. not bad. Next, my ability to GM is gonna be limited, as I have a real life, so I apologise if some of these results are fucking minimalistic, but even with the last game and about six regulars, I was taxed. IG has a real life too, and even less time then me. With that said. on with the show! I know a few other players, and if time permits, and wills allow it, we might have 3-4 GMs, with 2 regulars dedicated to roughly half the players each, until then.
A simple request: let me know in the form of a post here if you are gonna be gone for a while, or if you are gonna quit and abandon your tribe. Dont try to moderate for the GM, ill pipe up if i see a problem. If you and another player are good at it and want to GM for eachother, as some of you dont want to self GM all the time, go for it. Ill moderate if i see shit get out of hand. other then that, this is a game about telling a story. there is no win. if one of you wants to spend your entire game telling a story about farming, fuck it, go for it. if someone wants to build an empire, im here to make that happen too. so long as you arent out of hand, or try to fuck with other players, the world is your oyster.
Several members die exploring the depths. they cant go too deep, or too far, but with time and training they may be able to. The seaweed is abundant, some of it springs out with nasty barbs but the thick shell of the Cruelb protects them, and there are many simple prey animals like abbysal skrimp, and the oddly shamed hemfur. The volcanic region is pleasant to the cruelb. they like it. the wild life there is clustered around the volcanic vents, feeding off the nutrients. Skrimp are plentiful.
no caves found, many holo berries are gathered, as well as slow moving patouels, and some non toxic kreeb, which makes up for a poor hunt.
the current minders (those who exert control of water) can slowly swirl the water in front of them, almost imperceptibly. The plant grows slower, but so does ones whole body when in the deep, away from light. Many of the pits are connected, and reinforced.
Prey is full of meat, the tribe weaves pretty damn well, and makes simple nets, and even odd sheets of leaves. the surrounding region is rich in holo berries and fat holos.
welcome back to the world man.
new fishing techniques involve death by falling from great heights after getting tangled in the net. thankfully it was only one individual. Trees are very hard to craft and break or splinter instead of form nicely. wood smokes if constant friction is applied! food poisoning delays the journey. The small children are frequently prey for vicious Deros (shark sized red eel creatures). Pottery is made. ((im guessing you used d10 instead of 20, so im throwing you a bone. welcome, and no, your rolls are fine.))
The tribe can scrimshaw and carve pretty good, and make lots of little trinkets. Rope is rediscovered, made from local sea weed. The warriors are promising in their skills.
The tribe quadruples in size. Lezeal narrows his choice down to a few young prodigies. The island itself has some dangerous but meaty creatures...there seems to be a slight problem with Slizers. The nearby waters have some Nuro and Kafka in them, it is enough to feed the tribe. The innovation of trapping helps with food a lot, none will be hungry. Tridents for everyone. The hunters bumble more then they mean to.
you sir. good job so far. plus you recycle images well. i do that too.
you are fine, just include the tribe name as your name when you post. helps us all out. ill be able to post perhaps one a day, around 12am PST.
Slizers are found to the west.
Chunks of coral are uprooted and reshaped into simple domes with a hole at the top. local kreeb and crub like creatures are abundant in the coral. non toxic thankfully. they are amusing to watch as they battle in tiny crab turf wars. Much seaweed and bone was harvested during exploration.
many males explode/ fry from the lightning dance, and now there are few males left to breed. they arent exactly the strongest, or best lookers either, but in order to maintain a population they will have to take multiple mates, which doesn't sit well with the females. The envoy sees some shelled squid and yells at them, to the effect of "you squid get off my property!" the squid are mindless and keep being squid.

also, did i forget anyone, any rolls? anything? Anyone?

to my players who self-GM'ed. great job. the stories were fun. You did well. Feel free to keep at it, or wait for a GM if you want that.
rolled 6, 14, 5, 2 = 27

1: With the creation of net and sheet, the male start using them to help hunt.
2: Tend to our Selp farm as they are our primary resource
3: Explore some more
4: As the population grow, the exchange of information between the female start to become scrambled, to reduce the chance of miscommunication they start to breed those with the most focused light to make for better information exchange.

repost with the right name and dice..
I would self gm than. Feel free to slap my face if i am doing it wrong.
And hit me sometimes with an event.
The Great Plateu is indeed great. The threeminds of the disciples are owerflown with joy. Surrounded by the Abyss illuminated by the Unconquered Light from above the Rah'na Ma'Re found a perfect place for settlement.
Unbeknownst to them, there is a particularly violent cruelb strain sitting at the foot of the plateu.
rolled 19, 2, 16, 13 = 50

Kha'rat orders the followers to make arrangements for the great hall of meditation.
Rolling for scouting resources.
Rolling for creating a primitive settlement,
Rolling for scouting food sources.
Rolling for the creation of primitive tools.
File: 1347967779361.png-(17 KB, 338x188, selter!.png)
17 KB
The Ra'na Ma'Re scouts found abundant resources: lot of movable stones, fields of dead and crumbled coral and a few caves leading into the plateu. As usual with spiritual creatures the creative threemind does it again: these piles are far from shelters and they are spread out very chaotically. This is not a settlement, more like an underwater trash dump.However it is fine, seek're spend most of their times by swimming around, the concept of a settlement is still very alien to them. Luckily the surrounding waters are ripe with prey, so food source won't be a problem. During meditation and practice some threeminds invent usefull things for the seek're:
shaped stones for crushing and cutting, large nets for pack hunting, nets for carrying.
Working on an update
File: 1347996983007.png-(4 KB, 223x223, small map.png)
4 KB
Hive workers dig out more space under their rocky shelter, occasionally having to kick out a Tiji Nuro (formerly known as Neckbeard Nuros).
Outside of the shelter, the Hirohas have gathered many small piles of junk, including dead bits of Luscumat, shiny stones, and even bits of Howling Slizer shell.

While approaching some islands to the southeast, explorers would be chased off by a local Shrohan population (or hunted possibly. That could be fun. Caught in nets at the very least).

Decades pass, and the hive has grown even more. The hive-mind has begun to develop a sense of self, of sorts. Numerous Hirohas, one mind born of them all. It is currently immature, and begins to form some ideas on how the world around it works. Storms above the water are caused by Shrohans. The swaying of Ojos must create the currents of the water. It even begins to have thoughts about itself, as a sort of being that commands the small squids, a god of the Hiroha.
Space isn't the only issue for the hive. The size of the group attracts the unwanted attention of Howling Slizers. Drones bring back information of the Electric Rohas, which have repelled the Slizers from their own small caves. Instinct tells the Krittijik to get some of these Rohas to live around the hive.

Rolling for attracting Electric Rohas to the hive.

>With living in the reefs, I'll probably end up tweaking some things to fit the area, such as kreeb now being Crab Ojos.
>And here's a possible map of the small square. The scale is about 3 1/2 pixels for each mile (about 2 per kilometer). Figured the scale after drawing the map. 62 square miles, or 100 square kilometers.
rolled 11 = 11

Accidentally capitalized the D in dice.
File: 1348000312602.png-(47 KB, 1000x600, Izileth island.png)
47 KB
rolled 4, 4, 11, 16, 11 = 46


The population boom is seen as a blessing of Alis the sea goddess, and the Izileth celebrate it with great feasts. To secure food for these feasts, hunters are sent inland to capture prey.
It however soon becomes apparent that the tribe needs more room for these new mouths to feed.
Lezeal orders that new homes are to be built in in the frilla forest where the tribe lives.
Scouts are also sent to investigate potential new sites for a settlement. The main focus is on the lush inland frilla forests that grow around a freshwater lake that is sheltered by hills. The area could work as an excellent home for the future Izileth people.

The new basket traps are put to use, and many of them are placed in the shallow waters near the village. The females hope that these traps would bring a steady supply of food for the tribe, for now at least.

Lezeal gets the idea of developing a series of trials to test the apprentice candidates. These challenges aim to test the skills, strength, honor and cunning of these youngsters. Tests like diving to the reefs and returning with a fang of a slizer, generating powerful enough lightning to char the storm totems etc.
These tests shall be named "The Trials of Izil" and they will each be themed around some legend of the Storm Lord. (I will probably elaborate on them later)

Rolling for:
Building new homes.
Scouting the inland frilla jungles.
Effectiveness of the basket traps.
Developing the Trials of Izil.
File: 1348000910593.png-(48 KB, 800x500, Izileth bone stuff.png)
48 KB

This year's Storm Dance ritual was a great celebration in itself. Young hearts bound themselves together in eternal love, and none were struck down as unworthy by the thunder. This is extremely rare. Most often, many young, mostly male shrohans die in these rituals, as the thunder claims them. Their bodies are recovered by the tribe, if they are able to, and they are placed atop of poles that face towards the sea, to honor them in their attempt to prove themselves to be fit for adulthood.

The skeletons of the shrohans often stay up on these poles for many years.

The shrohan skeleton has 3 functions. Firstly, it provides support for the creature and attachment points for the large wing muscles of the shrohans. Secondly, it channels the electricity of the shrohans as the bones contain traces of metal the shrohans get from their diet and gnawing on stones. The shrohans use their skeleton to direct their electric powers, and receive signals from their sensory field. Thirdly, the skeleton also works as a "Faraday Cage" for the shrohans, protecting their vulnerable organs from too great currents.

The bones contain pockets of gas, and have a honeycomb structure, both these aspects serve to reduce the weight of the skeleton.
File: 1348001524348.png-(117 KB, 1200x800, Izileth boneyard.png)
117 KB
rolled 18 = 18


In the days that followed the great celebration of the Storm Dance, Fajil visits the grave totems. She is a relatively young female who lost the mate she had just chosen for himself during the Dance of yesteryear when he was struck down by a stray bolt of lightning.
She is there to mourn. There is not much a young widow like her. The changes of her finding a mate are very low, and she knows it. She helps her family to the best of her ability, she hunts and tends to the young.
But now, she seeks to visit the memorial totem of her mate.

The totem stands where it stood before. The skeleton of her mate shining in blueish hues.
Suddenly, she notices how pieces of the skeleton lying on the ground. The storm must have caused the damage!
She is angered, and quickly darts to the part in order to reattach it to the skeleton.
As she touches the bone, it suddenly sparks with electricity. This surprises and intrigues her, and she begins investigating the bone more.
(Unbeknownst by her, she generated enough electricity in her anger to cause it to be conducted by the bone.)

Rolling for studying the electric qualities of the bones
rolled 19, 10, 11 = 40

The Korokai continue to settle down and reclaim the old ways. The warriors already aspire to become like the champions that the Elders tell tales about the champions, but tonight there will be more stories told than ever before, for tonight, one of the Elders is dying. His name is Rengle, and is known as Greatfather, for his paternal prescence and advice. He is one of the oldest of the Elders, and his age has caught up with him. The other Elders shall honor his passing by telling stories of the Old Korokai, of the Champions, The Lords and Waters

I'm self gming these rolls. They're meant to fluff out the background of the Korokai a bit further, with three parts: The Old Korokai social structure complexity, their technological prowess, and how large of a tribe they were
Rolling for
Social Complexity
Former Size
Technological capability
rolled 14, 19, 16, 18 = 67

The skethiss are quickly adjusting and spreading throughout their environment, In the mean time they continue to refine their tools and hierarchy. Somethings to catch food and ward off enemies are the first goal as is determining who the leader.

Rolling for:

Crafting a Spear, Crafting a Net, Asserting psychic dominance in the tribe, Refining telepathic language (Again)
why so silent?
a modest collection of electric rohas are drawn to the tribe by male drones carrying bits of rotten fish. some larger creatures are attracted as well, such as basking holos.
the hunt on land goes poorly, as does the construction of new homes. A monsoon has settled over the region. the frilla jungles are ripe with wild animals and potential new homes, as well of rumors that a two legged creature is about. the basket traps more then make up for the lack of sucessful hunts. perhaps the tribe are trappers? The trails are a bit coarse at first, somewhat impossible, but still, a new exceptional individuals rise to the challenge. One young male manages to grab a slizer fang, and blow apart a totem, then win a race against the other males.-- The young female has just made a significant connection about the bones. they are electric, and pose many uses. This is of course overshadowed by the loss of her mate still, but perhaps this discovery offers new purpose to her life.
The tribe of old was fantastically complex in social structure, castes, clans, competition, rivalries, and intrigue. However it was of a modest size, and only possessing basic equipment like containers, nets, and tridents. ((TRIDENTS FOR EVERYONE. ITS THE SEA.))
The spear and net are made, with the net being quite impressive. A pecking order of most to least powerful in the tribe is established as far as psychic potential goes. The language is very clear now.
Getting my wisdom teeth removed, gonna be gone for a little while. keep making rolls, telling your story. On a side note, im gonna let fortune evo run its course, finish up, then launch another one thread game of southern ocean ice evo. this time on land. the fat holo inspired me to make a walrus like creature, and perhaps seals. these will be translated directly into this game as already existing sources of food etc.
Good luck with the teeth! My own experience with them has been... excruciating. But that's because of a hook-shaped root that faced the x-ray (thus looking like a normal-ish root).
Keep on making rolls, I'll find a good time to reply without compromising my worktime...
rolled 2, 7, 7, 6, 15, 9, 16 = 62

It seems my post roll was forgotten ( not that I complain)

1: With the creation of net and sheet, the male start using them to help hunt.
2: Tend to our Selp farm as they are our primary resource
3: Explore some more
4: As the population grow, the exchange of information between the female start to become scrambled, to reduce the chance of miscommunication they start to breed those with the most focused light to make for better information exchange.
5: With immediate survival not a problem anymore the females starts studying their surrounding
6: With vine and sheet, cover the nooks claimed by the female Hiroha.
7:Look at coral growth and try to find the way to influence it.
Reference sheet for the creatures that live in the tropical regions. Scroll down for some plants and creatures of the archipelago.
More archipelago:
Hey guys, I know I'm not as active as I used to be around here (and I don't even have a tribe this time 'round) but Fortune evo is still up and running. I know some of you play in both games, just let you know, the Abyss is still going, we had an event and everything.


To those who haven't heard of us, you are welcome to join, no experience necessary to play. If you've enjoyed this game, you may like this one too!

Hopefully Nad, NOTRIP, and the rest of the old guard will forgive this self-advertisement.

The rain is a blessing of the skies and the ocean, and the Izileth revere it, as the moist air amplifies their electric senses and makes them perceive the world more wholly. But now, the rainfall is hampering the efforts to make new basket huts. They decide to wait for the rains to end, before continuing their work. The shrohans don't mind getting wet.
In the mean time, some builders get the idea of trying to make a shelter underwater. The shrohans can breathe underwater and the ocean is like a second home to them, so why not build something there? The underwater shelter could keep trapped nuros in storage for example.

Some of the new families decide to settle in the inland jungle in hopes of finding a good home there. The lake and the jungles are teeming with prey, and the hills around the jungle are sure to attract the blessed storms.

Scouts are sent out to chart the whole island where the Izileth live and also investigate the rumors about the two legged creatures.

rolled 9, 2, 1, 14, 13, 3, 14, 6 = 62


The food from the traps keep the food situation of the tribe stable for now. The hunters decide to train their tactics further, so that they could better provide for the tribe. Some fishers head to the western reef to test their luck there.

Lezeal begins to train the young male in the arts of the shaman. He will teach him the legends and myths of the tribe, and share his knowledge and techniques about leading, hunting, combat, electricity etc.

Fajil shows her discovery about the bones to her family. They are at first somewhat concerned about defiling the remains of their kin, but they too are also intrigued by the potential of the bones. Her father especially is curious of the way how the bone allows him to channel his electricity further than normal, as the current travels forward on the bone.
He gets the idea of placing shards of these bones to the tip of his spear, and tying a wet rope to it so the current would travel to the tip. (Water conducting electricity is basic knowledge to the shrohans. It is basically impossible for them to not learn it, considering where and how they live.)

Rolling for:
Seeing how long the rains go on.
Making an underwater shelter.
Settling in the inland jungle.
Charting the island.
The training of the hunters.
Fishing in the western reefs.
Training the young male.
Testing out the bones as spear tips.

Other things:
I am getting pretty burned out and tired, so I might not be around that much in the coming few days. Expect me back during the weekend.
No worries, though I probably will not participate. Too tired and out of ideas. Over 11 weeks with 5 hours of sleep on average each night does that to you.
rolled 5 = 5


I forgot to roll for investigating the rumors of the two legged creatures.

Also, dat 1.
File: 1348087518260.png-(76 KB, 1600x1400, Izileth shock spear.png)
76 KB
Bumbing with a drawing.

Where did everyone go? The thread has been pretty silent.
Good lord have you guys been busy!

I got me some reading to do! Good luck everyone!
All right, its storeh tiem

Long ago, the Old Korokai were a strong people. They were once spread out amongst several villages, more a collection of tribes than one individual tribe. They were however, bound by a common culture. Everyone owed fealty the Old Families, which controlled the overall activities of the Korokai. The Old Families feuded with each other, issuing boasts and proclomations, challenges and contests, intrigue and brawls abounded. The constant infighting between the Old Families kept the Korokai from growing, with the occaisonal feud resulting in a few discreet deaths, and sometimes in the deaths of entire bloodlines. Inovation was not valued, only deceit and strength.

It was this feuding that brought the entirety of the Korokai down. Three especially prominent families were having a dispute over newly discovered and plentiful hunting grounds in the form of an especially vibrant coral reef. Each contested that it had rights the area. One family claimed that, because they discovered the bounty the new grounds held, they should be granted control of it. A second insisted that, because they had ownership of all the other areas surrounding the reef, they should hold the reef as well, as it fell within their own lands. The third family claimed that the other families, being much smaller than the third family, would not be able to properly make use of the land, or gain as much food from the reef as the larger third family could. This at least, is what the Elders can recall of this particular feud.
A contest was to be held, to determine who would gain control over the newly discovered reef. All three families put forth several of their finest warriors, and they fought each other for days. To space out the fights of the three families, lesser fights took place, settling grudges and disputes amongst the lesser families and the Old Families that did not put forth any claim to the hunting grounds. Over two weeks the warriors of the Korokai fought, exhausting themselves. At the end, it was decided that a final three-way fight between the three families would decide once and for all who would have control over the hunting grounds. The families adjourned for the night, to let their warriors rest up after the exhausting weeks of combat. It was on this night that the Kruelbs struck.

The Cruelbs attacked the main settlement of the Korokai in the middle of the night. The warriors, depleted and tired from the contest, were unable to hold back the raiders. No defense could be organized, as the contest had made the Old Families even more distrustful of each other than ever before, leaving the town open the merciless tactics of the raiders. The Cruelb clan ravaged the town, slaugheting nearly everyone. On the next day, they moved out to overwhelm the rest of the Korokai in the villages. Those who survived would gather together, and flee east. The youngest children amongst these refugees would become the Elders that lead the Korokai today.
rolled 2, 5, 15, 9 = 31

The story of the origins of the modern Korokai complete, the Elders retire to mourn over their respected brother in private, leaving the rest of the tribe to ponder over the story. They come to a consensus: The greed and ambitions of the Old Families brought the Korokai to ruin once, and that must never be allowed to happen again. To ensure that no indivdual family grows powerful by its connections, the tribe agrees that all relations beyond parent and child, and husbadn and wife are void and meaningless. Children are also toe be educated to work for the good of the tribe, and not for their own glory. The Elders, having returned from their mourning, are pleased by these sentiments, and make them official.

The tribe then sets to work learning more of the old ways. The hunters try to craft for themselves the weapons that were used by the hunters of the Old Korokai (tridents), while other members of the tribe work to make containers from the shells of keebs, lined with seakeed. Attempts are made to refine ropes further, to make them stronger, yet thinner, and to make nets out of them,

Rolling for
Container making
Better rope in general
>2 for container making
Well they are trying to make stuff they only know from stories.This doesn't mean I'm giving up on GLORIOUS TRIDENTS
rolled 19, 17, 13, 12 = 61

With a surprising wave of successes, the Skethiss become more organized. Leadership in the tribe is characterized by psychic strength, whomever has the will to coerce or browbeat the other members leads, and a pecking order following that is established. Nets and spears are useful for hunting and transporting things. With day to day life established, the tribe branches out.

Rolling for:

Creating a drum like device to be heard throughout the waters, Population Boost, Experimenting with telepathy on other creatures, Experimenting on sensing other creatures presence through telepathy
File: 1348108264671.png-(10 KB, 480x236, hive den.png)
10 KB
rolled 9, 9, 7 = 25

With a few Electric Rohas gathered in the nooks and crannies around the hive, there is a feeling of security.

Expanding a bit on the hive-mind. Each individual female Hiroha has a level on intelligence comparable to a crow, making them actually quite intelligent, and excellent problem solvers. When together in large groups, a collective consciousness forms between them which is able to comprehend ideas that no individual Hiroha could even begin to fathom. They get a feeling of being part of something bigger than just oneself, but in a way still is. They also have memories that seem to be jibberish unless acting as part of the collective.

Rolling for the hivemind developing a sense of self, mental mapmaking of the region, and finding any potentially important landmarks on the ocean floor.

>Leaving out the part about Holos. Antarctic organisms don't belong in the tropics.
sorry about that man. Im not on my A game today. going in for an MRI and more surgery later this week, ill be around, but im gonna be a mess. you will get your results though.

the nets were first attempted to be dragged by just one male, now pairing up in teams of drones at each corner, much progress is made. the selp farm is pruned and organized, and it is discovered that one can eat some selp to augment the diet. nativly carniverous the tribe cant live off the stuff purely. Explorers were treated to a display of skrimp dancing and swiming in wild acrobatics during mating rituals. skrimp are about the size of a dolphin at their biggest. Female selective breeding was underway, and the next generation of females are a very minor improvement over the last generation, oddly enough, some of the children are hermaphroditic, having a weaker display then a true female, but also more mentally capable then a standard male. Study of the area reveals much coral, and food, as well as strange shapes overhead apparently out of the water. Simple camoflague was made. Coral can be influenced by shaping how it grows, putting offerings of food near the cozzel holes encourages the creatures to grow the coral mounds in certain directions.
all good man. sorry the thread died, but i look forward to the next stage. im gonna start a small evo for one thread as well in a sec.
(the arctic creatures and their game is far behind the current time line. not all species of holos are drawn, these are warm water things, like seals who migrate.) A simple spark of awareness was formed within the hive mind of the colony, not strong, but no longer purely instinctual. A vague understanding of the region, at least the limits of their area is formed. current landmarks are based off of particularly large chunks of coral, or sea weed forests.
the rains persist for about a month, and encourage new growth. The tribe sets back to work on frilla homes afterwards. The underwater shelter was not made, as the shrohans are weak physically, and could not combat the rough tides in their area, carrying the large objects. The few settlers that went inland were all killed by slizers. the tribe flies high above and scouts out the general shape of the island, as well as major land marks. The hunters grow in skill, learning to use their electrical attacks more frequently. The western reefs are full of dangerous prey like Dero, and kracken like creatures, even agressive breeds of tiji nuro. the young male is a quick study, and naturally gifted, somewhat larger, stronger, and smarter then his brethren. The bone spear tips break, but conduct electricity well. Perhaps the spear haft could be made of bone, or a slice of bone run along, or bonded to a coral tip. Scouts hunting for the two legged creatures come back with nothing, they are almost myth.
nice story man, you did good. Containers made from kreeb shells are not the best, but thats because of how they are killing the kreebs and damaging the shells. The attempt to make a trident failed miserably, this weapon made only had one spike?! A monodent?! who the hell uses a monodent! ((spears invented)). Crafters made fine nets, good for two swimmers carrying each side to scoop up scools of fish, or enemies. Rope improves somewhat, lasting longer now.
A really nice aquadrum is made, and its deep bass reverberations can be more felt then heard from far distances. every individual carries one, and uses them for communication outside of psychic range, as well as primitive music. Seekree are a very long lived race, ancient perhaps, but violence, disease, etc often claims lives. The tribe has avoided much death, and continued to breed, growing strong. Their telepathy allows them to vaguely sense some creatures, as well as apparently communicate vague ideas to other creatures.
Well, my thread has 404'd, so look for Fortune Evo: Desert on Sept. 22nd. A friendly bump for fellow evolution gamers.
rolled 8, 18, 10, 10, 3 = 49

No problem I understand.

1: The Tal'ec tribe with their newly found skill at influencing coral growth start building shelter for the tribe.
2: The new hermaphrodite are useful as even their limited intelligence allow them to follow order from the females. They are now used as taskmaster allowing the tribe to control the male more efficiently.
3:As the tribe find more species, they attempt to use them, the Tal'ec attempt to capture and breed skrimp. Favoring the one friendlier to them.
4. Explorer head to the surface to find out more about the strange shape.
5. The females continue with the selective breeding of desirable trait in the female. More focused and stronger communication skill.
sedated bump. new cruelb tribe incoming. fortune, ill be in the irc for a bit, so swing by.
NPC cruelb are hard at work in a specific area. deep in level 5. They have adapted to handle the crushing pressures, and now dig out tunnels and pits, attempting to hide from the world.

hey look. south polar evo for those who dont want to do tribal. >>20799232
rolled 12, 13, 10, 12, 19, 9, 13 = 88


With new huts, the new families can safely begin their preparations for their upcoming children. Many new pot frilla pools are made to house the larval shrohans. Some of the fishers get the idea of trying to preserve fishes by drying them in the sun so that the parents wouldn't need to task themselves with food gathering as much.
Other fishers try to develop a net, after seeing how fishes had gotten themselves stuck in the tangled up ropes of a basket trap that had broken.

The Izileth organize their hunters and warriors to drive out the slizers from inland jungle, so that their brethren would be avenged.
The female hunters will lure the slizers in the open, outmaneuvering the beings and dodging their spit attacks, while the males will try to fry them with their electric powers.

The scouts are sent out deeper to the eastern end of the island, that is largely unexplored by the Izileth. They suspect that the rumors of the two legged beings originate from there.

Lezeal continues to train the young shaman and his mate so that they could inherit his place.

The work on improving the shock spears continues.

Rolling for:
Preparing for the new children.
Developing food preservation.
Inventing nets.
Driving out the slizers.
Training the new shaman and his mate.
Developing the shock spears.
The preparations go well, and the children will be enjoying a quality life, with lots of attention from their parents. The sun dried nuro and other foods help to keep the tribe well fed for a long time to come. Simple nets are made based off a loose basket weave. Scouts found a strange tribe of pink frowg like creatures. They are battling slizers with their own spears and weak electric shocks.The scouts dive to attack the slizers, blasting them with electric shocks and spear attacks. The slizers are driven off and even a few are killed. The Frowgs are awed by the display of electricity from the scouts, and cheer. They offer some of their rations to their saviors. The new shaman and his mate are a little slow to learn, rather caught up in young love, but still, the training settles in. The old shaman can only sit back and shake his head, but secretly approve. The shock spears are now functional and durable. They become a family heriloom, each dead relative added to the spear as it needs repairs.

Thanks ng, these results are appreciated.
I will be able to participate more in the tribal game, as well as the arctic evo game this weekend. I have plenty of plans and ideas so I hope the threads stay alive.

I wonder if people have already dropped out from this game.
It seems so silent here, and there are only a couple of the old time regulars playing.
rolled 18, 10, 16, 19, 17, 16, 13, 4, 11, 11, 15, 17, 2, 16, 16, 5, 20, 4, 11, 2, 7, 17, 15, 18, 10 = 310

The Korokai continue to develop their basic technologies. Containers, while failure so far, sound extremely useful, and nearly everyone spends a little bit of time trying to fit pieces of shells together, and bind them up with seakeed or something else, almost like a game.

The warriors continue to try to craft the weapons that were used by the hunters and warriors of the Old Korokai, that the tribe might be better defended, and that their hunts will be easier.

Some enterprising rope makers try and plant seakeed seeds near the new homes of the Korokai, so that they will have a ready supply of seakeed for ropes in the future.

The nets are wonderful, but they'd be better if they slowed down prey a bit more. One enterprising warrior ties rocks to his net, to make it weigh more. Will others copy him?

Following the epic tale of their fall during the mourning of Rengle, there is a burning desire in the Korokai to rebuild their culture, bigger and better than it was before the Flight. Children are gathered, and their skills examined, to determine what role in the tribe they might play to ensure the return of the glory of the Korokai. This all fine and dandy, but its going to take decades before the tribe even comes close to the size and power of the Old Korokai. Nevertheless, they press on with the training of the children, hoping that distinct societal roles and the absence of large connected families will ensure a stable society that won't be easily toppled like the Old Korokai

Rolling for
Seakeed farming
Weighted nets
Forming a Caste Society (training the children)
WOOPS. Typed 53 instead of 5 when rolling.

Should I reroll, or keep the first five rolls? Because I like the first five...
I was gonna say, goddamn.
rolled 8, 5, 6, 2, 3 = 24

Fortunately I don't roll like Nad (puns!)

I'll just wait for Nongent or Ig to tell me what to do. In the meantime, if I have to reroll, I may as well reroll now so that I can still get results earlier.
>>20802808 >>20803337 >>20802848
The first five stay. i am a merciful GM.
The stupid and ineffective monodent becomes a GLORIOUS FUCKING TRIDENT!!!! Decked out, made of a coral body, sea shell tips, and wrapped in bitchin seaweed, its pretty fucking sweet. Seakeed farming goes well, but some fat bastard is eating part of the crop. we are all looking at you Selp Holo. Containers are finally made, they are an exercise in art as much as function. An ecclectic mix of shells, bones, coral, and seaweed. Weighted nets work like a charm. The tribe forms several casts- Famers/ Children raisers, Crafters/ builders, Hunters/ Forragers. The youngest children live with the farmers, then graduate onto the crafters, finally growing up with the hunters.
rolled 5, 17, 5, 15, 5 = 47

1: The Tal'ec tribe with their newly found skill at influencing coral growth start building shelter for the tribe.
2: The new hermaphrodite are useful as even their limited intelligence allow them to follow order from the females. They are now used as taskmaster allowing the tribe to control the male more efficiently.
3:As the tribe find more species, they attempt to use them, the Tal'ec attempt to capture and breed skrimp. Favoring the one friendlier to them.
4. Explorer head to the surface to find out more about the strange shape.
5. The females keep going with the selective breeding of desirable trait for the future generations. More focused and stronger communication skill.
File: 1348207106934.png-(30 KB, 441x441, small map.png)
30 KB
rolled 8, 3 = 11

>Making up a few silly little landmarks.

The drones use a number of landmarks to guide their way back to the hive, or to avoid dangerous locations. Short of six leagues to the southwest, there's the den of an Eastern Jet Slizer, better known as the Howling Slizer. Distinguishing rock formations there are associated with the danger of the area.
Not much farther to the north, there's a region where the water becomes unusually hot, and is painful to swim through.
At the farthest point known to the hive, is an old Colony Luscanemat.
Between all of this is a spire of stone jutting up from the center of the deep regions. The way which it leans points back to home.
The southeast is still relatively unknown, as the Shrohans there have something against the Krittijik Hiroha hive.

While out hunting some drones see that some creatures that they hunt will try to eat Ojos, especially the tubers of the common and crab species. This information is brought back for the hivemind to interpret.

Rolling for realizing that Ojo's can be used to lure in prey, and if successful, anim... Er, plant husbandry (pen in some Ojos)
The hermaphrodites overcome a communication error between them and the females, and are able to help aid the males in construction of the coral shelters, however progress is slow. The skrimp are large dolphin sized creatures, outweighing the tribe by a significant amount, but are wrangled sucessfully. they are dumb animals and easy to capture, contain, and breed. basking holo lazilly swirl around the tribes location feeding on plankton, while laying a massive amount of eggs. Basking Holo caviar is a favorite food. attempts to domesitcate a slizer went very poorly. Explorers notice strange artificial islands on the surface, quite small, and moving. always. The sides are very slick. Selective breeding again fails to yield desired results, and sadly the male population is eliminated, now completely replaced by the hermaphrodites. While neither as strong as the males, or as smart as the females, they are more capable then either in their degree of autonomy, they also have brighter communications then the former males.
The attempt to use ojo's as bait fails when the crabs poorly constructed pen opens up. Ojo's are everywhere, and creatures just come to the tribe at random to snack. thankfully its skrimp, tiji nuro, and skinny holos, however they also go after the tribe's eggs.
Getting dangerously low. Bump.
This needs a bump!
rolled 15, 9, 16, 5 = 45

The Skethiss start to develop a small hunter cult, with those with significat hunting skill being praised as leader, the more potent psychic elders are not pleased. Some entrepreneuring young Seek're tries to heal or bandage a wound by applying kelp to it. Another attempts to use it's psychic power to ward off potential predators of their food. Finally the elders attempt to make improvements to the shelters.

Rolling for:

Keeping the status quo (1-Revolvution 20-maintained perfectly) Applying Kelp Grafts, Using psychic scare tactics, Improving shelters.
rolled 17, 5, 18, 19, 8 = 67

The loss of the male is a blow to the Tal'ec tribe, step are taken to rectify this loss of power.

1: The Tal'ec start using the skrimps as beast of burden, using our weaving prowess to make harness and container.
2: The tribe is intrigued by that "artificial" island send explorers to it.
3: Keep with the selective breeding of desirable traits, the female know it's a long process.
4: The females continue trying to understand their surroundings.
5: The Hermaphrodites to help in their tasks start creating rudimentary tools.
File: 1348260203040.png-(4 KB, 318x81, my problem.png)
4 KB
Sorry to bug you guys with unrelated business, but WTF is this thing? It's been on my computer for months and it's driving me batshit. For anyone who cares to help out I'm using Google Chrome. This alt-text shows up on every image. How do I get rid of it?
there is some friction but the status quo is maintained, with physical strength being appreciated in secret. Kelp grafts are a bit rough and not the cure all ones had hoped for, but they do the trick to stop bleeding. The group cant influence thoughts, but can only project their own. The psychic thoughts they offer to primitive minds helps keep away some of the mid tier predators. a very moderate improvement to shelters is made.
(very cool application of local resources)
the work skrimps quickly supplant the loss of males, and are even dumber and easier to control then they were. Explorers poke at the island slightly, and find hooks attached to strings danging off the side. The females manage to increase intelligence, and potency/ range of light displays across the tribe. Understanding continues, of the immediate area, the fact that the surface seems to have these small moving islands. wedge shaped. odd. The hermaphrodites manage to utilize existing objects as tools, as long as they are the right shape. bones, selp, teeth. A simple tooth tied to the end of a stick is the first true weapon made. it is dangerous.
B1H5 Cruelb: Hammerfist
The tribe lives on the very edge of the depths, slowly migrating deeper each generation. They dont want to be near the surface. The depths call to them.

rolling for:
time it takes to acclimate to depth 5
Population suffering or gain from acclimation (1bad20good)
finding a steady source of food
File: 1348267003017.png-(43 KB, 508x356, cave.png)
43 KB
rolled 16, 5, 14, 14 = 49

The disciples of the unconquered light are making their home ranges on the great plateu. The abundant resources hold a lot of possibilities, so the threeminds race with creativity (we all know how that supposed to end). Kha'rat orders some scouts to explore the caves. There might be someting interesting within as he has seen during meditation.
Rolling for resource gathering.
Rolling for inventing refinement techniques.
Rolling for advancing the primitive tools.
Rolling for cave exploring.
File: 1348268106436.png-(14 KB, 338x188, refine!.png)
14 KB
The Rah'na Ma'Re trash heap grows bigger, as the tribe members gather impressive amounts of resources for construction. However as we know they are beings of the mind, and they cannot really refine the resources into new shapes in reality. However, the the already existing tools do get more advanced, and this means increased hunting and gathering efficiency.
The scouts report a huge cave network growing into the dephts to the plateu. They did not dare to go too deep. They report something strange too, there where some places, where some ghostly light shined from the walls as they passed them.
rolled 18, 9, 3 = 30

Making your own tribe are you Nongent? Are you trying to avoid the problems of PVP we had at the end of South by making your Cruelbs isolated?
The "farmers" are really more guards. They only make sure that no more Selp Holo eat the seakeed, though the "farmers" find that the Selp Holos are good eating, and they allow them to get close enough to kill, but they don't let them eat more than a mouthful of seakeed bfero killing them. One "farmer" decides to take this a bit further, and tries to plant a crop of seakeed specifically for the Holos.

A few scouts are sent out to find a good outcropping of rock that reaches up to level 2, from which all the Korokai can sunbathe, and allow the seakeed parts of their bodies to better photosynthesize than in the murky depths of level 3

Other scouts are sent out to explore the areas surrounding the home of the Korokai. This place is their new home, but they still don't know all that it has to offer. Hopefully the scouts can change that.
rolled 18, 16, 5, 10, 2 = 51

Whoops. Forgot to put what order the rolls were. Lets roll again so that I can't assign those rolls arbitralily and take unfair advantage of assigning more important rolls to... well, the better rolls.

also, had some ideas for new rolls

At the moment, the Korokai consume the flesh of their prey, then discard of the of the bones after eating the marrow. What if they could make better use of those bones? And the shells of various crustaceans ? Perhaps their shells could be made to good use for things other than containers

New rolls are for
Scouting the areas around the Korokai home
Beginings of Holo Domestication
Finding a good sunbathing spot
Developing new tools from bones
Developing armor from kreeb/various armored creatures shells
rolled 8, 9, 4, 1, 1 = 23


1: Maybe the island is a creature and is lost... Break the net and cut the hook just to be sure none of our people get stuck in them.
2: Finally seeing result of the selective breedings the females keeps on going forward in the hope of furthering the tribe
3: The labor skrimp is a perfect tool for the tribes, the hermaphrodite are tasked with finding and taming more species useful to the tribe
4: Influence coral to make nooks the tribe can safely inhabit.
5: Augment our number and start spreading our tribes so we can recoup loss more easily
so how did you make that map? in paint?
File: 1348283948528.png-(29 KB, 1274x373, tg fish.png)
29 KB
rolled 12, 10 = 22

Having looked at parts zoomed in and pixelated, I'm guessing photoshop or something similar.

Gathering ojos worked well. Too well it seems. The provided easy enough prey for even the Tiji Nuros, which never leave their holes in the mud. It was probably a good thing that the piles of junk acting as fences didn't hold them in well.
As for the fish trying to get to the hive's eggs, that what the Electric Roha were for, keeping out predators.

While digging out more space under the rocky shelter, numerous rocks, old coral chunks, and other assorted junk would be found buried.

Rolling for first stone construction (tunnels through piles of junk), and beginnings of mining (digging up junk from under the sand).
>The tech tree poster from Civ V will help out with ideas when I draw a blank.
rolled 17, 6, 8, 15 = 46

pvp is easy for me to just say "no" to that option.
Off in the far, far distance scouts report a giant spire. Holos a stupid, and easy to control with food. domestication goes smoothly. A lack of good territory near the surface makes it hard to find a place to lounge in the sun without having to swim. Bones are used as eating utensils. Armor is not developed.
The junker lifestyle of of the tribe works well. Tunnels are dug, and junk is gathered. Life is good, yet no concern is issued as to where the junk rains down from. Salvage onward little squid creatures, salvage into the sunset.
Acclamation to depth 5 is pretty quick, but many of the weaker individuals in the tribe die. over half. Food is scarce too, but with a smaller population its not such a big deal. The survivors of this generation start digging deep in hopes of finding something good.
Photoshop, actually. The map was initially drawn by an anon over from the first few evo threads, got refined by me, and then JSCervini made it even more awesome. Then for OP I just took the ocean part and made elaborations.
I think my horrible part cut out nongent

The net and hook nearly pull one of the tribe members up with it, a strange two headed creature peeks over the side of the island seeing the little squid like creature snap their fishing implements. Continued selective breeding results in more potent displays of light, and stronger larger workers. Labor skrimp are hard to catch in the wild, and slow breeding continues to be the only option. Coral grows wildly entombing some of the tribe's eggs, hurting the population, and the attempt to spread out further divides the tribe as some of the "families" get lost. they may be able to be recovered.
So expect some NPC interaction in a bit, even though the southern polar evo game has not gotten too much love the Holori are gonna be waddling into a story near you. The two headed swag bords have been up to something, apparently mining, etc. Cruelb are doing what cruelb are doing.

I need to know who is still playing, out of the fuck ton of initial tribes, as those who dropped off are going to become NPCs or background filler.
rolled 20, 10, 4, 15, 3 = 52

Skethiss is still here, it just updates at a slower pace and is pretty far away from everyone else.

With the leadership of the tribe maintained, the strength followers become a hidden cult withing the tribes hunters and scouts, the "Cult of the hunter" respects personal power above all else.

These militants develop better tools for hunting (hunting is not entirely necessary as scavenging and photosynthesis makes up a large portion of their diet) the tribe also attempts to domesticate some local sealife and scout the area.

Rolling for:
Creation of Hawaiian Sling, Creation of Polespear, Creation of Netted Pole, Domestication of wildlife (I don't actually know the wildlife in the area) and scouting update in the region
File: 1348296486019.png-(60 KB, 800x600, slasher kafka.png)
60 KB
The hunters develop in secret a powerful weapon to aid them on the hunts. They may not be as psychically powerful,but are physically stronger now. This weapon can send barbs of coral or even surface detritus from far away. The pole net is made, based on the skills gained from the sling. Attempts to make a pole spear and netted pole result in an overly ambitious and very long shaft that is too unwieldy to use. The hunters have been battling slasher kafkas for months now, and a few of the smaller frys (young ones) that have been found were hand raised with bits of meat. They are small, pack oriented, and aggressive, but now these young predators view your tribe as their pack. hunting dogs. scouts keep disappearing.
I pretty much killed it off myself. If anyone else wants to contribute, feel free. otherwise, assume there has been some migrate thats always been going on, and some of these animals are distributed around the world in various sub species.
So, what is the backstory behind the giant tentacle plant monster race?
cedyas. fungus. able to assume radical new forms fairly easily. prior game there were some experimental creatures released that went south. they mixed with the locals, things got ugly. feel free to evolve them.
File: 1348309325636.jpg-(64 KB, 742x442, Deep Roha.jpg)
64 KB
They looked a bit like Skulk hybrids which is why I was curious. If I had more free time I would consider it, but its just neat to pop back in from time to time and see how things are going. Nice to see the Hiroha coming together finally. Don't forget about about the domesticated Deep Roha they keep around.
rolled 6, 4, 10, 9 = 29

jaded quest player here, I'm still here

1: The tribes look for the lost family
2: The Coral creation is now to be done in empty area, or far enough from egg and selp as to not kill them.
3: Selective breeding can't be done for a while due to low population. The Female focus is to augment the tribe number again
4: The hermaphrodite make sure the selp farm and skrimp herd are doing well, in their spare time they gather and try to make more tool

>Let's just hope I won't get more than one 1 this time... and that it isn't in the first two roll
rolled 3, 1, 1, 4, 9, 8 = 26

Might Korokai are here.

The scouts who were searching for a sunbathing spot, and the scouts who found the spire return to the Korokai settlement. The Elders are pleased to hear that they'll likely be getting a sunbathing spot despite the scouts dedicated to that purpose finding nothing. The scouts, all of them, are sent to explore this giant spire.

The hunters and warriors attempt to refine their tridents, taking rough rocks and using them to smooth out the rough spots on the prongs, making for easier penetration, and less drag from the water. However, tridents are melee weapons, and the Korokai have no way of hitting prey or enemies from afar at the moment. Some of the more imaginative warriors set about making a spear specially designed for being thrown.

The tribe is very small right now, and if the Korokai are to regain and eventually surpass the glory of their ancestors, they must gain more numbers. Parents arrange marriages, and soon several dozen new couples are made. The newly weds retire to secluded location, to help the future of the tribe.

The Farmers now dedicate a great deal of time to their crops of seakeed. Different areas are left aside to either Holo feeding, and rope making. A few farmers try and select better types of seakeed for the rope-making fields, and large, nutritious seakeed for the Holos.

Rolling for
Better Tridents
BOW BOW, CHICKA CHICKA, BOW BOW (population expansion)
Rope seakeed
Food Seakeed
Exploring the Spire
File: 1348334682941.jpg-(6 KB, 200x196, images.jpg)
6 KB
rolled 5, 5, 9, 10, 2, 4 = 35

>MFW nothing above 10 and two ones
So would you be upset if I started helping you out?
rolled 3 = 3

Following the discovery of the Slizers in the west, the small Kuzmoto scout returns home at a swift pace. She relays information of the Slizers to Elder Kuz. As she tells her story, Kuz begins to chuckle and says, "Know you not what you are? You are a daughter of Pzatow, a child of the Raging Clouds. You say these monsters are scary and powerful, but are they be scarier than a howling windstorm? Could they be more powerful than a flashing tempest?"
The scout, Skeeli, finds comfort in the words of Kuz. She thanks him for his wisdom, and exits the cave, thinking of the power of Pzatow, and the gifts the god has given to the Kuzmoto. If she could only make storms as beautiful and powerful as Pzatow, then those monsters would be the ones fearing HER.

Rolling for-
Skeeli finding a way to better control he electrical abilities ((Through meditation, training, etc.))
rolled 12, 1, 1, 7, 8, 6 = 35

Okay im not letting my Hemispheric buddies die out!

With our newly connected body pits the Griz'Chitan begin collectively organizing their society enlarging their pits and assigning different uses like living areas and storage pits. A larger pit is dug in the approximate center of the pit areas that will act as a great hall / eating area, with smaller pits for food prep and storage adjoining.

Other Griz'Chitans start working on better techniques to observe and capture prey, exploring their immediate area for possible species to use as food and possible resources to enhance the pits.

Rolln for:

Begining steps of Society

Enlarging Pits

Breaking ground on great hall

Observing surroundings for prey

Observing surroundings for resources

Techniques for capturing observed prey
rolled 19, 7, 11, 11, 11, 7 = 66

holy shift....epci failures xP

I'll dm myself if we see an update after 2hrs.
rolled 6, 14, 1, 5, 2, 2 = 30

how do these reproduce?
still rolling d10 I see
File: 1348346123091.png-(420 KB, 725x548, YOUVEMADEMETHEHAPPIESTGIRL.png)
420 KB
rolled 10, 1, 13, 13, 10, 6 = 53

>See this post
>Check my email field
still shit though
Yes, but at least I know what went somewhat wrong.

I'll keep those rolls though. Unless Nongent is feeling supremely merciful and generous.
File: 1348355149352.png-(1.2 MB, 999x810, 20091227151008!Virmire_So(...).png)
1.2 MB
> this guy's voice
Mercy is not a concept we recognize. Your species will know only torment.
rolled 6, 2, 8, 15, 2, 5, 12 = 50


The Izileth warriors are confused by the adoration of the frowg people. They accept the rations the frowgs give them, and start preparing to clear out the rest of the hostile fauna in the inland jungle, so that the settlers could establish the new village safely. The settlers themselves begin building the village in the canopies of the forest at the edge of the great lake.
Some of the warriors try to observe the frowgs, as the Izileth have never encountered other intelligent species. Few even approach the frowgs. They themselves present the frowgs dried fishes, and a shock spear.

The shock spears are mostly ritualistic, they are far too precious to be used for menial tasks as hunting, but they serve a role in training one to better focus one's electric powers, as well as meditation tools. Many warriors train themselves to focus by trying to channel their powers trough the spears in set intervals and patters. The warriors think that this meditation will help them to use their powers in combat better.

In the main village, the shaman's role has now fallen on the young male, as Lezeal has fallen ill, and is very weak. The new shaman, Djal heads out to find some sort of remedies to his master's sickness from the island while his mate tends to the old shaman.

The fishers of the village get the idea of using the nets they developed to catch flying critters for additional food.

Rolling for:
Clearing the inland frilla jungle of hostile fauna.
Settling the inland jungle.
Observing the frowgs.
The reaction the frowgs have to the Izileth warriors and their gifts.
Improving electric powers trough meditation.
Discovering natural medicines.
Using the nets to catch flying things.
a few lost family members are recovered, but the others are scattered to the tides, perhaps to return in future events. Coral crafting results in a field of long lance like spikes that are quite dangerous. Thanks to the hermaphrodites all members of the tribe can help repopulate, and numbers quickly recover. The selp tenders use sharpened skrimp plates to cut back the forest, and then store the leaves to ferment as food.
>>20823428 utilizing >>20825673 as i am merciful.
All tridents gain rope tied to the end, but some break due to poor attempts at sharpening. population increases, seakeed rope is good, food is a little less. the Spire is madness. it is huge, endlessly shifting from day to day on a slow and almost unobservable level. Some scouts report hearing a voice try to talk to them. ((library has been found. see modern reef evo.))
The skeeli meditation results in a violent discharge of electrical energy in a radial burst, instead of a controlled output.
rolled 20, 19, 4, 12, 5 = 60

as usual thank you for your work

1:The Tal'ec left hope the one lost to the wave come back someday
2: Grow the pike taller around the area claimed by the tribe while leaving only some entrance large enough to bring skrimp and other large capture. Camouflage the entrances.
3: Use the spear to hunt for larger prey.
4: Go back to selective breeding.
5: Try to make a tool able to capture the artificial island should it ever com back
Society turns slowly, with communal sharing becoming the part of culture. Some pits collapse, the flimsy construction of the great hall collapses as well. Prey is abundant in the region, just gotta catch it. Selp, seakeed, and coral are in moderate supply. Chasing prey as a mob doesn't work too well, but its good enough.
The jungle is dangerous, and unfamiliar territory, attempts to clear it go poorly, but fresh game is captured and the tribe will eat well tonight. The frowgs are impressed. Inland settlement is abandoned as it is too dangerous right now. The frowgs are electric in nature, and somewhat gregarious. The frowgs love the warriors, and are impressed with their gifts. Meditation yields no new skills, natural medicine is not discovered, but the frowgs rub balm on some of the warrior's injuries. Nets are excellent for catching the flying creatures of the forest.
rolled 20, 7, 2, 7, 20, 1 = 57

Oh AWESOME thank you nongent, its actually along the same lines as i wrote for self DMing. I thought you forgot about me lol

Below was my attempt at self DM, let me know how i did?

>Society begins to develop, basic batering and communication, the Griz'Chitan start collecting in organized groups, their physic empathy with eachother allows them to further connect into a unified society.

>EPIC FAILURE without reinforcing the sides of the pits many colapse during enlargment attempts, some of the Griz'Chitan are buried alive reducing the overall population.

>EPIC FAILURE the Griz'Chitan are not organized enough to begin constrution on a great hall and infighting kills off an additional segment of the population. Out of the infighting rises a reluctant millitant leader who organizes the reamain Griz'Chitan and sends out teams to observe the surroundings. Many teams come back with scattered reports of prey in the area no definitive sightings of large heards. Other groups come back with reports of near by selp fields that would work for production. The Griz'Chitan that remained practiced sparing and have developed rudementry combat tekniques which will help take down prey at a more efficent rate.
about a year later a large portion of the lost come back, with even more children in tow. The spikes turn into a sort of giant bramble bush that the tribe lives in. attempts to use spears to capture larger prey fail, as does using a spear to stop an island. The selective breeding yields more capable hermaphrodites that are slowly edging out the females. Almost as smart and visually bright as the females, just as strong as the males of old.
feel free to use your self GM. also. fate smiles on the natural 20, many of those buried are dug out by their friends and family.
And thats why you should always clear your email field. We don't want to have regrets like this.
rolled 6, 9, 15, 11, 11, 9 = 61

>No time for regret time to advance the tribe
>look at all my ones

1: With the newfound safety and a large amount of foodstuff secured the tribe turn to expansion
2: The Tal'ec keep going with the selective breeding of the tribe.
3: The tribe continue their experiment with breeding other animals for desirable trait.
4: With a population boom the tribe look into expanding the territory it control as necessary.
5: With more free time the Tal'ec keep on improving their tools.
6: Scout for new resources the tribe could use.
thank you for the go ahead! I will make the best of both worlds and combine the two. (they were essentially the same anyway, lol mindmeld much?)

and thank you for the nat 20 acceptance.

Out of curiosity is there a set way that the Seek're reproduce? I have some ideas if they don't.

Roll request incoming!`
rolled 17, 3, 19, 3, 16, 6, 20 = 84


As the seek're communicate via psyonics the Leader is known as ClawStern.

The Militant leader organizes teams of the population to develop different aspects of their society.
One team is focused on recovering pits that had caved in and reconnecting them to the other pits again.

another team is allocated to group hunting prey and testing out the new strategies in the field.

a larger team is sent out to collect coral, selp, and seakeed. for use in fortifiying structures. They are also tasked with finding ways to re-work the coral. Primarily for use in covering the pits.

ClawStern organizes several small groups of Griz'Chitan Seek're to work on expanding knowledge. At the current time Clawstern has 2 groups to assign towards R&D
the first group is comprised of the strongest psyics and is currently attempting to strengthen their water control
the second group is comprised of a diverse group of members and is working toward learning more about the flow of the waters they inhabit.

Rolling for:

Pit Recovery and re-connection

Hunting for prey

Development of hunting tecuniqes

Materials gathering

Materials research

enhanced water control/psyonic abilities

Water current research
good and bad I like it. :)
rolled 6, 3, 11, 4, 16, 18 = 58

The scouts that were sent to the spire ((the library, but I'm calling it The Spire as that's what the Korokai will call it)) are.... unsettled. Those that hear the voice(s) begin to try to talk to them, much to the concern of their comrades. The scouts decide to split into two groups, one heading upwards, the other will head downwards. Both groups will go their designated directions ins a spiraling pattern, circling round The Spire. The scouts attempt to take samples of coral from The Spire to bring back with them.

Attempts are made to refine the harpoon, as it has less drag than a thrown trident. Some hunters try and carve the heads of their harpoons so they have hooks, to prevent them from slipping out easily.

The containers of the Korokai are only for storage of food, bones and seakeed in large amounts at the moment. Smaller things, like bone knives, or extra tirdent/spear heads aren't easily carried around. Smaller containers that can be attached to loops of seakeed are made, for the korokai on the go!

Rolling for
Portable containers
Speaking with the voices (if I can do that)
upward scouting
downward scouting
Coral sampling
Expansion is slow, as the tribe focuses on breeding and refinement of one's self. Final refinements of the hermaphroditic lines take place. They are as capable as either male or female, and now replace both sexes. Work skrimp are dumb, and influenced by light communications now. Moderate expansion into new territory allows for the tribe to take on new projects and new settlements. Simple pry bars and hammers are made. New resources such as shell and hide are utilized.
Extensive excavation of pits and tunnels are underway and repaired. fucking aquatic slizers. people died from hunting them. Lessons learned from that disaster develop psychic and physical attacks combined as one. few materials are gained, but understanding of how to apply them is gained. Simple forward thrust of water is developed. the water shove is not too strong, but can disorientate foes. The tribe develops an intimate understanding of how water flows, and can travel with the currents at double the normal speed, as well as develop future water-fu.
portable containers are made from nuro bodies that have had the heads and guts pulled off/ out. the harpoons are finally made. the voice is confusing but offers strange bits of insight, it keeps asking for assistance. those scouts that go into the upward area are lost frequently. the downward scouts find the spire shifts less towards the base and has much living area. coral samples grow well on their own, and are easy to form.
Hammerfist cruelb
Digging continues, as does resource collection. the tribe works on increasing the potency of their microwave communication to weaponization of the skill.

rolling for:
what is found digging
building structures
microwave attack
rolled 19, 7, 8 = 34

Skeeli's meditations, and the resulting electric shockwave, have given the young Shrohan something of an epiphany. What her people need, and what they sorely lack, is a focus, an instrument from which they can channel their powers. Skeeli darts off back to the caves, looking for anything that can be used as a focus.

In the mean time, word of the Slizer in the west has spread among the Kuzmoto, and a force of twenty or so hunters have gathered together, preparing themselves to hunt this great beast. Kuz has deemed that the hunting party cannot go forth until a storm comes to bless their victory, and so they will wait.

Rolling for-
Finding a suitable focus for Skeeli to channel her powers through
A storm to bless the great hunt
((Third roll for the hunting of the Slizer, should I roll high enough to warrant a storm))
rolled 12, 10, 14, 11, 17 = 64

The Scouts continue their exploration of The Spire. The Upward scouts, disoriented from their loss of direction, attempt to examine the The Spire more closely. The Downward scouts begin exploring the area around The Spire, especially the strange creatures they keep seeing coming and leaving. A few scouts are sent back to the Korokai home with the new coral. The coral is planted, clustered on several bare rocks.A few of the Elders, and some imaginative youngsters, attempt to manipulate the coral, to see if they can get it to move like how the Scouts told them it was moving. Those scouts that hear the voices attempt to commune more closely, and are now completely ostrasicezed, at least for now, from the other scouts. All the scouts that hear the voices head towards the middle level of The Spire, meeting, and discussing what they've heard

Please take a bit more time with the results for these rolls NG. I'm hoping for big stuff from this. Stuff that will define the future of the Korokai

Rolling for
Further communing with the voices
Growing the Coral
Manipulating the Coral
Exploring the surrounding area
Examing the spire itself
Rolled 13, 1, 4, 19 = 37

The skethiss tribe's elders attempt to oversee fruitful unions within the tribe. They also send the hunters out in scouting parties in a win-win situation, if they drive off what's killing the scouts, good, if they die, they will no longer challenge the elders. The elders also attempt to better tame the slashers, and work on making psychic linked groups, for greater learning and decision making.

Rolling for:
Population growth, Hunter Party, Taming Slashers, Creating link-teams
Rolled 1, 18, 15, 8 = 42


Fighting in the dense jungles is hard for the shrohans, as they can't properly use their flight to their advantage. The coastal jungle in where they live is far less dense, allowing them to maneuver there easily enough, but the inland jungles are completely different. Thick canopies, clustered undergrowth, these things make it hard for the shorhans to fly fast without hitting branches or trunks, which in turn seriously hampers their combat abilities in the jungle.
Because of this, some of the warriors consider the jungle a fool's errand, though the lither female hunters are still considering re-attacking, after training to better maneuver in the jungle of course.

One of the warriors gets the idea of trying to convince the frowgs to aid in clearing the jungle. Convincing them may be hard however, as the two species do not know each other's language. He tries to impress the frowgs enough so that they would follow the warriors to the jungle and aid them in the fight against the hostile creatures.

Meanwhile in the village, Lezeal has succumbed to the illness and his age, making Djal the new shaman. Thankfully he learned most of the important skills he will need before his master died. His first deed as a shaman is making a great ritual staff from the bones of his master, so that he could participate in the tribe's life even in death. Happier news are that the new children of the tribe have started to hatch. The larval shrohans grow fast, and thus it will only be a couple of months before they will be ready to be taught the Izileth ways. The mate of the new shaman thinks that with the current amount of children there needs to be organized teaching to ensure that the children learn what they must. She sets to work on the idea.

Rolling for:
Training how to move in dense jungles.
Convincing the frowgs to aid in clearing the jungle.
Making a shaman staff.
Developing schools.
The holo seal horn! it is a viable instrument to channel the raw power of the tribe thru. Each individual will create their own rod though, based on their tastes and preferences to conductivity. And so, enjoy your magic wands. A light rain rolls over the sea, and the slizer hunt begins.
The spire coral, when taken away from the spire behaves exactly as normal coral. there is something special there. The area around the spire is of little note, just littered with various bits of detritus. Old shipwrecks, bones, coral, rocks. etc. ((combining several rolls)) A more careful exploration of the spire reveals chambers that exist for a while before being closed up, but while those chambers are opened the scouts commune with what they claim to be a great spirit. It identifies itself as "the library" and speaks clearly of things far beyond their understanding, places beyond this world, times long since gone, and what it calls technology and they can only understand as magic. The intelligence that is the library has no apparent emotion or motive. It seeks upkeep, and requests custodians to live in it's great labyrinth to help maintain it's "facilities".
the population increases by over half its original size. The hunters are missing in action and assumed eradicated :(, at the same time the Elders are badly injured by the slashers, leaving the younger generation in charge for the time being. The creation of a psychic bond is very possible, but once forged, is unbreakable. To leave your bond mate, to be beyond the reach of the link is to know agony. This ritual is both potent and dangerous. It obvious gives greater benefits with larger groups, and at the same time increases overall weakness due to lack of mobility.
see previous post. ((each tribe is choosing how to develop its "powers" and in what direction it would seem. please further explain what this development does and how it will work.))
Attempts to learn how to navigate the jungle are met in dismal failure, with frowgs looking on shaking their heads and sighing. When one warrior finally grows so frustrated as to hold up a spear and arch electricity from it, then charge into the jungle on tail and claw, the frowgs hoot and cheer following along with their hatchets. The language barrier is there, but apparently the frowgs like electricity, and fighting. The afternoon is a productive one, with two strange races fighting back to back against the wilds. the shaman staff is impressive, and takes a fair amount of strength to wield. Schools are very much a work in progress, and right now represent almost a centralized daycare, in time with more helpers it will grow.

1: As the tribe get more resources to work with they come up with ingenious new ideas to use them. Try to make primitive armor out of hide and shell for those going out in the wild.
2: Slowly the Tal'ec genes are becoming their biggest strength the tribe continue their refinement.
3: Make sure that every new settlement can communicate with the Tal'ec's first home easily.
4: The tribes explorers take on themselves to map the Tal'ec territory and it's surrounding so.
5: Try to domesticate more species.
Rolled 11, 19, 1, 20, 4 = 55

>would be better with roll
everythings better when you roll together!
Rolled 18, 3, 11, 9, 11, 4 = 56

>double the normal speed of traversing currents as in 4x as fast? (4 squares a day?)

When the teams arive back from the hunts and resouce gathering missions ClawStern absorbs their information and directs them to share it with the others. The aquatic slizers are concerning, however they present a oppoturnity to develop the Griz'Chitan fighting skills further. Clawstern organizes smaller packs of hunting parties adding one psychic to each team and directing them to work together and hopefully bring back some prey using their combined abilities. Up until this point the Griz'Chitan have been surviving off of photosynthisis. This method of feeding while functional is slow and having some prey meat would help speed their growth.

With the new understanding of material resources being shared among the colony several ideas come up for utilization of the new materials, but due their current scarcity Clawstern restricts their access for research teams only. He does however gather up the idea-creators and designates them into a new research group to further understand the coral, slep, and seakeed to search for possible applications such as netting, containers, roofing for pits.

Clawstern praises the progress of the psyonic development team and encourages them to continue developing their skills, asking that they develop stronger methods of communication, hoping for a type of language to develop beyond conveying emotions, feelings, and ideas phychically, pushing more for telepathy.


After spending many nights listening to the Water current research team Clawstern fully appricates the implications of what they have discovered. He rewards them with some time off to go to depth level 2 and relax. After they return from their R&R he directs them to start looking into increasing the speed of traversing the water currents and asks them to explore around the colony's location for currents to utilize.

The population size of the Griz'Chitan has not increased due to their limited understanding of their combined organism that makes them what they are. Clawstern realizes that this will soon become a defining factor if the Griz'Chitan ever want to expand and directs some of his people to focus on researching each other in an effort to further understand their physical properties. Hopefully a method of producing more Seek're will come of this, but learning basic medicine would be usefull as well.

Rollan for:

Effectiveness of Psychic and Hunting teams working together

Bringing home the bacon

Team Research those materials further for useful goods and create some examples

R&D of communcation skills to unified telepathic language status

Current research and exploitation

Griz'Chitan Physical understanding research

AUTOMAGICAL UPDATE - SELF_GM STYLE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0

The combined talents of the Psychics and the experienced hunters meld together and create unified groups that communicate quickly with each other to hunt down prey and defend themselves. They also develop the understanding of using different styles of attacks to herd prey into ambushes.

The Hunt however goes very poorly even with advanced tatics and only a few prey specimines are brought back, about enough to feed 1/20th of the midsized Griz'Chitan population.

Materials research proceedes and the ability to weave selp is discovered the research team has created some prototype netting with the communitys small supply and has made progress on developing the ability to re-work coral. nothing definitive for construction but they can break down the coral into smaller chunks now using their claws.

The Team working on communication skills has come up with a slightly more advanced way of communicating, vivid sharing of recent expericanes is now possible via psychic link. Now fellow Griz'Chitan can experiance a form of memory sharing, which is an improvement from conveying emotions, feelings, and ideas. However, the Griz'Chitan can only share events within the last 2 days. Possibly more research can yeld better results.

The group working on understanding the current further doesn't make much headway on traveling faster through the current, but their exploratory searching around in the waters around their home reveals three directions that currents are flowing, one flowing towards them and two flowing away.

Physical research of Griz'Chitan bodies goes poorly and the team has no additional understanding of how their symbosis between their connected organisms works. At least no one died.
Rolled 2, 8, 6, 4, 1 = 21


With the aid of the frowgs, the Izileth warriors managed to clear the jungles enough for the settlers to retry their attempts of building a village there.
In the process, the warriors had grow somewhat fond of the frowgs. They fought with honor and bravery and their adoration of the electric powers of the shrohans made them worthy allies in the eyes of the warriors.
The existing language barrier however keeps the shrohans from properly communicating with the frowgs, and thus, while the settlers were attempting to once again build the new village, the shrohan warriors tried to figure out how to communicate with the frowgs.

Despite the change in leadership, the Izileth tribe continues it's life much in the same way as it has for generations. Fishing is conducted, and hunters return with fresh game while the children are taught about the ways of their people. Djal's mate, Izal continues to refine the idea of centralized teaching. The children are taught the basics of the life in the tribe trough games, and eventually she plans on them slightly participating in the duties of the adults.
She also has taken up the task of making sure of the healthy growth of the children. She tries to ensure that each child will get proper food, gnawing stones (for mineral iron to their skeleton) and physical exercise so that they will grow strong.

Lezeal's sudden demise meant that large amounts of his knowledge and wisdom were lost with him, as he hadn't managed to teach them to Djal yet. Because of this, Djal has decided to try to develop some sort of method to record knowledge in a way that would allow it to be preserved to the next generations.

Rolling for:
Settling in the jungle.
Figuring out how to communicate with the frowgs.
Improving the school system.
Developing heath care for the children.
Developing writing.
File: 1348437376026.png-(26 KB, 800x600, Imperial bord gazes upon (...).png)
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God fucking dammit, are you fucking shitting me with those rolls?
Fucking dice gods...
I should probably make some rolls, to at least help bump the thread

The scouts that hear the voices pledge themselves to the Library. The other scouts are... less than willing to join them. Only a couple of those that can't hear the voices, both them sons of scouts who can hear them, stay behind. The rest of the scouts return to Korokai village. The Elders are split on the issue of this... Library. Some are fascinated, and wish to learn more about it, while others are wary, and fear that it's a trap, maybe even by Cruelbs. A debate rages for a week, after which it is decided that three elders and their families will journey to the Library, to learn its secrets, and offer it protection. This amounts to roughly forty of the Korokai, not an significant number with their given size.
Rolled 15, 19, 20, 5, 14 = 73


The Elders who remained behind at the village, which is now called New Home (imaginative eh?), begin to urge the younger members of the tribe to do their "most pleasurable duty" and help expand the numbers of the tribe. The young couples to take to this with gusto, though a few ask around for anything that might grant.... potency.

A lazy yet imaginative young farmer finds himeslf thinking about his favorite thing in the world: food. Right now, all that consists of is meat, eaten raw, or sligthly spoiled. He wishes there a way to keep meat longer, or to, elders bless it, make meat taste even BETTER. The normally lazy boy sets himself to this task with fervor, attempting various ways of preserving and "cooking" meat. One of this attempts is to take normally unpalatable pieces of flesh, wrap them in a ball, and stick that ball on a long piece of bone, or coral, place thing pieces of kreeb shell on the outside of the ball, and set its somewhere no-one or no creature will find it.

Rolling for
Learning from the Library
Population expansion
Population expansion aid making
New foods
That meat on a stick thing (because I really like the idea of that thing a lot)
Those rolls might be... too good. I need to work on my food supplies now me thinks
File: 1348456878729.png-(13 KB, 480x236, hive den.png)
13 KB
Rolled 15, 6, 4 = 25

The Krittijik hive accumulates large piles of junk, both from digging out areas to expand the den, but also from hunting trips.
The den has been dug out to a point where sand and mud begin to fall back in, and the large rock that forms the roof also begins to sink in a little more each year.

Rolling for using junk to stabilize the den walls, other related construction improvements, finding rare materials (such as driftwood).
the tribe makes little scraps of armor, often more decorative then functional, but they are pleasing to the optical sensory organ. Final generations of genetic refinement and breeding make for a single sexed colony, able to procreate, as strong as the males were, as smart as the females were, with stronger light displays then either. A small undersea volcanic erruption chokes the tribe's territory with muck and silt, blocking off light based communication almost completely. In order to survive a member will rise the surface, and attempt to find other members near the surface to broadcast their message. In a few months the water will settle again. The tribe while having no written documents, manage to etch various rocks and coral with tools around the territory. Way stones have been created, and they are excellent guides and maps. No new species are domesticated, but the work skrimp are happy with the silt, as they are filter feeders, and grow numerous and fatter.
A small settlement is established in the jungle, with the frowgs coming up occasionally to put on displays of their electricity, hoping to challange an electrical display from the warriors. the Frowgs keep showing the warriors simple pictograms of fwogs on the ground, with beings in the sky shooting lightning. Crude sketches in dirt are exchanged back and fourth. A few more teachers join the school, but rocks are the best food for children right now, along with scraps of meat. One guy tries to write, but he was struck by lightning as he sketched in the sky. bummer.
The tribe's understanding of what the library is continues to expand, and from it their view of the world. They almost view it reverently, but now the entitiy that governs the structure asks that they help maintain it. The library says it will train them, but that "biological and mechanical components" are injured or damaged. Will they accept? if so how quick do they learn? The population....so many babies...so much aid...the many new people will need a place to live soon, and elders turn their attention to the spire. perhaps. Most new foods fail, but meat on a stick, wow fuck. Delicious. The sticks are attached to something that floats, and allowed to dry/ bake in the sun.
The den is stabilized with the junk. New improvements are at a standstill, as there is no new resource. The tribe was feeling a little down until junk started to pour from the surface, and life was good once more. Scraps of rusted metal, sodden rags, chunks of slag, and half eaten/ rotten garbage.
Rolled 12, 6, 7, 18, 6, 2, 17, 10 = 78


The settlers begin to explore the jungle and the great lake for potential food sources and other resources.
They also send explorers to the hills, in order to investigate them for sites where to place their storm totems.

The attempts of the frowgs to imitate the powers of the shrohans amuse the warriors.
They decide to show the frowgs the true might of their thunder. They conduct a storm dance, a competitive ritual between the males, in which each tries to produce as impressive lightning shows as they can, while flying with high speeds around each other.

The dirt sketches of the frowgs give some ideas for Djal as he continues his work on developing writing. Perhaps simplified images would convey ideas well?

As the Izileth population grows, the hunters and fishers can no longer support the tribe as well. Fishers head out further to the oceans with their nets, and the hunters seek new hunting grounds in the eastern parts of the islands. Few hunters have also gotten the idea of trying to reach the other islands, visible in the horizon, in hopes of finding better prey.

Rolling for:
Exploring (3 rolls, the jungle, the lake and the hills)
Impressing the frowgs with the storm dance.
Writing research.
Fishing in the open ocean.
Finding better hunting grounds.
Reaching the nearby islands.
Rolled 15, 8, 2, 7, 18, 8 = 58

oh boy eruption

1:Look for the source of the eruption and etch danger sign near it. Try to find new material for the tribe to use and maybe find a way to domesticate it (the volcano I know this is not happening but with the way the tribe is heading it would surprise me if they didn't try it!
2:Slowly but steadily expand our population and claimed territory so that every corner of the sea may someday be ours.
3: The Tal'ec keep going with the genetic upgrades because there is no reason to stop becoming better
4: The Tribe continue looking for more species to domesticate.
5: The Tal'ec try to find a way to share and keep knowledge alive even when no hiroha is there.
6: Ongoing tool upgrades...
The jungle settlement continues to grow with the aid of the helpful frowgs, who are happy to chase away, and eat, the local dangers. the lake and hills settlement are comprised of just a few small families instead of a budding township. The frowgs are highly impressed with the storm dance and bring many offerings to the tribe, singing and dancing, attempting to emulate the lighting and acrobatics the best they can. Writing right now is just a collection of a few dozen symbols shared between the frowg and tribesmen. Open ocean fishing seems to be dangerous, and a few fishermen do not return. The island is rich in game if you just look below the canopy, and now food is not too much of an issue. a few nearby islands are reached, and simple huts set up on them.
the volcanic rift is surrounded with warning posts, and the tribe manages to use the intense heat to cook their food, which while silly to some, is delicious to others. A moderate growth occurs in the tribe, but sadly they start hitting a brick wall with selective breeding. With no clear goals on further morphology, the tribe stops evolving and keeps growing. It has been many generations and they should be proud of their progress. Various breeds of nuro are attracted to their fishery, for easy food, they tend to swarm in cultivated seakeed forests. Writing is now made, slabs of oceanic stone are patiently etched with the written thoughts and recordings of the tribe. tools get a bit more diversified. The stick is not just for stabbing! one can dig with the stick! one can pry large rocks up with the stick, more importantly..rope, what to do with this stuff?
Rolled 12, 1, 12, 9 = 34

For the sake of not messing with the time-line, I'm going to interpret this as the first of many shipwrecked Ca'rethill fishing vessels from over the centuries.

The Hirohas become ecstatic with the materials raining from the surface. So much new junk to hoard! The drones are kept busy sorting out all of the debris, and the females mentally catalog what has been found. With never encountering such stuff ever before, it sparks curiosity as to what else could be out there.

New ideas have emerged for a second attempt at keeping Ojos. The problem was that they attracted too many predators to the hive's location. To avoid this problem again, they will have the pen a bit farther away, and try to get Leaflurker Rohas to dwell in the Ojos' vase-like leaves.

Rolling for reattempting herding Common Ojos, leaflurkers living in the ojos, further exploration to the west or northwest, and if there are any distinguishing landmarks there.
Rolled 16, 5, 7, 14, 10, 9, 18 = 79


The tribes keep thinking of new way to use their tools.

1. Harness more than one Skrimp with ropes to get more power, use them to drag out silt for interesting stuff and feed for the skrimp. They could also move rocks or big object.
2. Try to get coral to grow in the shape of our tools.
3: try to make a throwing spear with a rope so we can get our prey more easily.
4: Upgrade on the decorative armor to be more useful.
5: Keep sending some scavenging team near the volcanic rift to find new resources to use.
6: Keep growing and expanding
7: Maybe we can filter water too! attach a net with rope between the coral spire
I will update my guys soon need to do some errands
A bump for you elegan/tg/entleman. I know I've not been as prolific as I once was, but it is a temporary state of affairs, so worry not.
File: 1348523209570.png-(94 KB, 800x600, Balloon roha.png)
94 KB
Rolled 1, 3, 8, 12 = 24


The Izileth and the frowgs have continued developing some rudimentary ways of communicating with each other, mostly based on electric pulses and sounds.
Some of the settlers in the jungles, after witnessing the brutish strength of the frowgs, have requested their help in clearing the jungle, making it less dense and thus easier for the shrohans fly in.

Some of the fishers have seen strange floating creatures flying in their fishing waters, they decide to investigate these creatures. (Pic related)

Djal continues his writing research.

(I am seriously out of ideas right now. I might need an event or something. Maybe a time skip, as the tribe is now in a point where it will probably just keep growing until it has covered the island.)

Rolling for:
Further development of communication with frowgs.
Clearing the jungle, so that the shrohans can fly easier there.
Investigating the balloon beings.
Writing research.
Rolled 20, 14, 8, 18 = 60

These fucking rolls man. What the fuck?

Now that is just insulting.
File: 1348526139965.jpg-(29 KB, 518x449, 1342593720226.jpg)
29 KB
Wow... just... WOW.
File: 1348531576585.jpg-(10 KB, 250x265, 57207182_George_Takei_oh_(...).jpg)
10 KB
Hey guys, Skethiss-Anon here, I'm having some internet troubles, I'm going to have to drop out for the time being.
Sorry to hear that. When you get things sorted out, feel free to pick back up where you left off.
Rolled 12, 10, 20, 13, 2 = 57

The Korokai now realize the full impact of their situtation. They wanted a larger population, but this is ridicoulous. The young families now have as many as eight or nine children each. And they're growing bodies need to be fueled. Hunters search for new grounds, while the Farmers attempt to grow better seakeed again, to make it more nutritious and thus make the holos fatter. That lazy farmers attempts to preserve food gain the full attention of the tribe, and now every family is looking a way to store food for long periods of time. Some try wrapping the food in seakeed, others try to preserve everything like the meat-on-sticks. Anything to ensure there is plenty of food for the tribe.

The scouts and the Elders and their families who live at the Library further commune with the immense intelligence. Everyone tries to learn of... Everything. "Technology," the histories recorded and remembered, legends, tales, memories of geographic change.

They also try to convince the Library to form caves just for them, and some even ask for it to grow spikes of coral, for spearheads/

Rolling for
Communing with the Library
Growing better seakeed for the holos (for fatter holos)
Food preservation
Finding new hunting grounds
Growing the spire to fit the needs of the tribe
>2 for growing coral spikes for spears
Looks like the Korokai will have to shape the Library themselves
Rolled 6

Notrip: The common Ojo herding goes well, but trying to coax leaflurkers ends in so many herders getting shocked. Some are being nommed, even. Meanwhile, the explorers successfully manage to reach their destinations... only to find featureless sea plains. No landmarks.

Talec: The first Skrimp-trains are made, and they can easily drag rocks and carve up silt from the seafloor. Coral and spear research are a bit neglected due to the rise of decorative armor as trends; These new decorative armor can partially camouflage against predators. Meanwhile, the next scavengers reached the volcanic rift, but were deterred by anomalous glowing... things. Expansion were halted for a while because of the scavengers' tale. On the other hand, the new water filter works great, and they can safely filter out some fishes from the water using these devices.

Nad: I'll be using the 2nd rolls, because man oh man that's hilarious. Anyways, the Frowgs were so enthralled by your sky-dancers, and begin to emulate your storm dances perfectly. Thus, some Shrohans decide to create a dance-based language, so they can communicate with the frowgs better. It is suprisingly effective. The jungle is cleared from the hanging vines and roots, and in some places the canopies are hollowed out a bit to form tunnels where the Shrohans can fly through. Meanwhile, the balloon creature appears to be hostile against the shrohans, but only if provoked.
Djal's writing has been perfected, and in conjunction with the new dance language being taught to the frowgs, are also taught to the frowgs.

Bronze: Communications with the Library are haphazard and intermittent, but the bits and pieces they gathered determined that the Library has lived for a looooong time. Seakeed gets just a little bit nutritious. Wrapping the food in lots of seakeed, and then crushing it under a rock to dehydrate it a bit causes a longer-lasting food. They now last for a week longer than usual! Meanwhile, some new information were gleaned during surveying the library; it seems like the entirety of the library contains information. If they try to remove pieces of it, they get attacked by the corals; and no more modification can be done by the library unless it is necessary.

Ignore previous roll, forgot to purge my email field
File: 1348554163785.png-(51 KB, 659x660, small map.png)
51 KB
Rolled 14, 5, 3, 10 = 32

While there is more more success in keeping the Ojos in one spot, along with repelling predators, the leaflurkers make it dangerous to approach the fields for harvesting. At least the Hirohas can hunt the things that do occasionally try to eat the crab-like plants.
As to what's been seen so far of places farther to the northwest, there have been no distinguishing landmarks, making it more difficult to return to the hive from long trips into the reef.

The hivemind realizes that it'd be safer to hoard the vast piles of junk in chambers within the hive rather than just dumping it right outside of the shelter.
There are some materials from the surface that are more odd than the rest. There's no way that they could be natural. The hivemind calls for investigation of the world above the waves, to the best that the drones can do.

Rolling for posts marking the way back to the hive, learning about the surface, digging storage vaults for junk (applying previous construction experience), figuring out knots with the rope from the sunken fishing vessel.

Thank you for being merciful ig
How kind of you.

It seems the Arctic Evo went dark while I slept, such a shame. Btw, I'll be starting Fortune: Deserts soon, for those who are or may be interested.
Rolled 1, 7, 10, 8, 10 = 36

Glowing stuff... this can't end well
>that feel when no idea on how to advance anymore

1:Use the Skrimp trains to drag trenches between the various Tal'ec settlement.
2: If they succeed encourage coral to grow over the trenches so that we may have a secure communication network with our brethren
3:After consideration the tribe decide to find how to make floating islands themselves.
4: Send an expedition to find more about the glowing stuff
5: Keep trying to grow coral in tools and weapon
Rolled 3, 2, 7, 19, 12 = 43

rolling d20 would really be better to be honest.
File: 1348595219557.png-(28 KB, 800x600, Island frowgman.png)
28 KB
Bumbing with a drawing of an island frowgman.

Gonna make an update later this evening.

With the individual teams reporting in to Clawstern they quickly take stock of what has transpired. Clawstern praises the hunting teams on their sucessful development of hunting stragaties combining the efforts of the psychics and hunters into a group and rewards them with prototype selp nets the materials team have created to take out on their next excursion. Taking the prey that was brought back Clawstern allocates half to the Materials team to research and find possible uses for them beyond meat as well as weakness research to see if there are any ways the Seek're people could use their natural abilities to strike them down. The remaining prey is split into halves with one half of the remaining meat awarded to the Psychic research team and the other awarded to the water current research team as meat resources to stregnthen them and encourage prosperous development.

Clawstern refocuses the Griz'Chitan people, once again sending out hunting teams to continue to attempt to bring in a large haul of prey for the seek're to subsist off of and grow larger from ingesting. Clawstern directs the hunting teams to rotate their shifts, with the teams remaining at the settlement to spar in their time off to develop further combat proficiancies. Clawstern also assigns some unallocated Griz'Chitan to accompany the hunting teams to learn from them via experiance and memory sharing as well as to recover more raw materials.
Rolled 16, 4, 20, 14, 6, 14, 5 = 79


Clawstern then directs the Materials research team to continue their studies of the prey specimens to discover weakeneses and other potential uses. The psychic team is again tasked with further developing the language communication skills and is requested to further explore memory sharing.

The R&D Team for Water current research stregnthed by their meat rewards is requested to do some basic exploring of currents, their accelerated abilities to move through the currents (4 squares a day by my count from previous enhancements) should assist them in discovering more information. Clawstern advises the team to progress slowly initially, returning back home after one day of riding the currents, and as they feel comfortable to explore further and directs them to check the outbound currents.

The medical team is encouraged to renew their efforts into understanding what makes the Griz'Chitan species function to further understand their physilology.

Rolling for:

Hunting teams developing tatics with new tools

Hunting team bringing back big haul of prey species

Materials team research on prey corpses

Materials team retriving more raw materials

Psychic team developing further the memory sharing and communication skills.

Water Current research team's exploration of outbound currents

Medical team research of Griz'Chitan body research
File: 1348603948726.png-(146 KB, 800x600, Izileth island map.png)
146 KB
Rolled 17, 8, 9, 18, 14, 1, 15, 5 = 87


As the communication between the Izileth and the frowgs improve, the shrohans begin to interact more and more with the frowgs. The two tribes have started trading food with each other, and the hunters sometimes conduct hunts together with the frowgs.
The frowgs seem to be more than happy to just help the shrohans, and some of the builders of the tribe have gotten the idea of using the brute strength of the frowgs to do the heavy lifting in their projects.
Lumber is a resource that the shrohans haven't been able to truly utilize due to their weak physique, but after witnessing the frowgs bringing down trees, the shrohans try to come up with ideas of how to use the cut down trees.
They are also trying to revisit their idea of making underwater shelters, with the aid of the superior frowg strength.

The fishers continue their attempts to stud the balloon rohas, though they try not to alarm the creatures.

The Izileth tribe continues to grow, and slowly expands over the island, in quite unorganized fashion, as hunter families establish small outposts in good hunting grounds and the fishers seek out the rivers and lakes where to lay their traps and nets to.
With the direction of the shaman, the Izileth also start planting storm totems on the numerous hills of the islands, in hopes of attracting more potent storms to their island.

(Again, an event might be what I need to get more ideas.)

Rolling for:
Co-operative hunts with the frowgs.
Getting the frowgs to help as heavy lifting.
Discovering uses for lumber.
Underwater settlements.
Studying balloon rohas.
Expanding of the tribe (3 rolls, the hunters, fishers, and religious work)
a good series of marker posts is established,and even have strips of seaweed tied to them to mark the direction of currents. the surface is...alien, scouts quickly duck back after breaching. digging is a miserable failure, the holes keep falling in on themselves, but knots are easy enough to untie. perhaps one can take things from future floating vessles by unknotting it's treasures.
The skrimps choose to be lazy and no work is done. Brilliant minds decide that in order to make something that floats, material that floats must first be found! Coral grows into a standard shape of lumpy, but smacking it against rocks can break it into new shapes. ((IG will have to do the result for glowing stuff, as i dont know what he was up to.))
((feel free to keep expanding and playing, im fine, but will caution there is a limit to how psychic your race is, and you have reached the upper limits))
Sorry I didn't mean to self-DM that lol I'm pretty terrible at clearing my fields.

Thanks for the notification of the upperlimits, would you mind DM'ing my most recent post so I don't go over them?

I really want to have group mind sharing but if that's Overpowered I don't want to step on toes. (was hoping for local, not long distance atm with development to long distance possibly being an option)

Also is there possibility to expand the psychic abilities physical attacks? Currently i believe they only have the power to mildly push water to stun enemies but i'd have to double check. I really haven't been focusing on their battle abilities via psychic abilities. Would that be considered a different section of their psychic power?
Hunting with the frowgs proves fruitful, and the two races work together well. Shorans herding and killing from the air, driving the prey to the brutish frowgs. Frowgs seem to not mind a little heavy lifting, but frequently stop to praise the Izileth, sing and dance. Since they showed up, hunting has been easier, dances more frequent, and the jungle more cleared. Clearly they are the harbingers of their perfection. Crude huts much like the frowgs are built from lumber. A little work from the frowgs gets a primitive dock built, hanging from the underside of the dock are sleeping nets in the water. Baloon rohas float, and are slow witted, often easily distracted with food, and when completely full, very compliant. The hunters attempt to train a new generation of students, but they are attacked by a pack of wild slizers, and many of the children are killed, maimed, or turned off from hunting. Bad times. The fishers are much more successful, with no disaster, and only a handful take up the cause of religion.
Don't go anywhere Nongent. I'm going to make my rolls now since I have Yom Kippur dinner/services later and they'll take up most of my night
I have to go to work, so feel free to keep going with the self GMs. You have be doing well, and if you want, ill catch up with you tonight when im off work. upper limits are perhaps instead of memory sharing, able to form work groups with communal thought at that moment, formed by physical contact. (on bigger problems, challanges they can literally pool their minds for it. perhaps forming a ring of individuals, just a suggestion, feel free to form your own ideas) allows your previous progress to be explained, and continue. Water sensing is quite keen, accutly aware of temperature, density, direction, etc. and can manipulate water to a very small degree around their body, allowing for easier travel, more "fluid" movement, or even a forward shove/ jet of water for a few feet. In this era we will call it psychic, but in a later era, it may be revealed what this really is, as well as how to further advance the techniques.
Rolled 3, 7, 20 = 30

The Korokai who live at the Library, (we'll call these Korokai LIbrarians now), begin to worry about where they will live. The openings and caverns that dot the Library aren't permanent, and the Librarians wish for permanent residences. They try digging pits around the Library, and then taking scattered pieces of coral to cover them, even trying the build the coral upward, to make a sort of dome around each pit.

Back at the main Korokai village, (which I now dub Sel Tora, or New Home), the hunters there also work with coral. After hearing about the unusual growth of the Library, and the Librarians failed attempts to guide into growing into useful forms, the Hunters try their hand. They take the pieces of coral that were collected from the Library when the scouts first visited it, and try to force them to grow into spikes, for ready made spearheads.

Remember that lazy farmer who made the meat-on-a-stick? He's up to his old ways again, though this time its about being even more lazy. The minor improvements in the quality of the seakeed planted for the Holo means the Holos are even fatter than before, making them very heavy, and very difficult to carry. He tries tying a live holo to a dead one with a seakeed rope, and tries to lure the live holo forward with a piece of the tasty seakeed set aside for holos (which I now dub holokeed).

Rolling for
Homes near the Library
Coral Shaping in Sel Tora
Lazy farmer and the hungry holo

I wonder if I could use holos to help set up the homes near the Library...

I don't want to complain, but the last 3 results don't make that much sense to me.
The last 3 rolls were meant to represent how the efforts of the 3 different groups slowly caused the Izileth tribe to expand over the island, like I described in the post.

The hunters making small hunter camps, fishers making fishing settlements and the totems which mark places of forship made by the more religious members of the tribe.
These 3 things combined slowly caused the Izileth people populate more and more of the island.
The red arrow in the picture indicated the direction where the majority of the expansion was headed.
Keep in mind that this isn't an organized effort, it it more natural process that propaply will thake several years.

Also, I could still use an event.
Rolled 1, 1, 16, 1, 9 = 28


I might as well also makefew rolls before hitting the bed.

The Izileth people are living in a time of relative stability, the food is abundant, their numbers are growing and the frowgs have grown into trusted allies of the tribe.

This time of peace has caused some of the Izileth to start trying to find ways of entertaining themselves.
Some have begun making simple skulptures, while others are trying to make simple musical instruments.
The warrios of both the Izileth and the frowgs have begun constructing an arena, where they could hone their skills against each other, and perhaps even dangerous animals of the islands.

The Izileth builders have noticed that wood tends to float. They have gotten the idea of making wooden floating plantforms, to which they could attack their nets and traps in deeper waters.

The fishers attempt to get the balloon rohas used to themselves by bribing them with food.

Rolling for:
musical instruments.
the arena.
floating platforms.
taming the balloon rohas.
Rolled 5, 11, 11, 18, 9 = 54


> 3 nat ones.

Oh dear...
So the statue falls on top of the sculptor, the musical instruments are so bad that ears bleed, and the floating platforms float away, up into the stratosphere until the poor shroans suffocate?

Oh yeah, gonna have to cancel Fortune tonight. Damn tablet, finally got around to installing it and it doesn't work.
Rolled 6, 20, 4, 17, 1 = 48

I suppose I'll just keep doing other stuff in the meantime.

1:Even with them being useless at time use the Skrimp trains to drag trenches between the various Tal'ec settlement.
2: If they succeed encourage coral to grow over the trenches so that we may have a secure communication network with our brethren
3: The tribes go back to exploring, and expanding their settlements
4: The Tal'ec look for a way to keep food from being eaten by other animals
5: A new attempt at understanding how prey work is done, try to dissect a live one this time and keep it alive while doing the research.
Rolled 17, 18, 8 = 43

Wand culture takes off for the Kuzmoto. Each wand is a personal artifact, carved from a solid Holo Seal horn, and decorated with small motifs of events from the Shrohan's life. These wands act as focal points for the Kuzmoto, allowing them to fling their lighting farther and with greater accuracy. Skeeli has taken to perfecting the arts related to communication via electrical fields, using her new swanky wand to heighten her connection to the tribe. Kuz, on the other hand, has been practicing manipulating the shape his electricity manifests when channeled through the wand. His first attempted technique, producing a sustained arc of lightning.

The hunting party flies out into the rain, to go and view the Slizer. Seeing the beast in all it's actual splendor, they decide to hang back at the caves and wait for a bigger storm to bless their hunt.

Rolling for-

Skeeli's attempt at figuring what all the little signals given off by other tribe-mates mean ((Basically an ability that uncovers intent))

How long Kuz can sustain an arc of lightning.

A bigger storm ((Won't head out to hunt unless it's over 16))
Well, as for the glowing stuff... the second expedition found out that the glowing stuff are a subspecies of vivid Kafkas, common in the reefs. These guys have developed some bioluminescence. They seem to be friendly enough, and they look pretty. Possible pets, maybe? Come to think of it, their bioluminescence can light up parts of the seafloor up to a few hirohas in length.
IG, how's it going? Hey, I have this idea, ja? Since you have a life and such and NG is overtaxed with all the players and NPC tribes, would it be cool if we ((the players)) GM for each other every once in a while? Just to speed up the process.
Thank you for clarifying, I'm really pushing toward the group mind idea, I have a few ideas on how to implement it, but It's going to really tie into how my seek're reproduce. (Still no word on that, so I came up with an idea, just waiting on a good medical roll to grant it.) With development of the group mind ability I'm hoping (crossing my fingers) to get a bonus to research on a good roll.

Also thank you for helping me keep prospective on my Self Gm'ing (shout out to the guys in IRC as well)

To be honest I was hoping for some GM direction in this case, I have no real clue about the current prey species around the Griz'Chitan location and I don't feel comfortable doling out rewards for rolling twenties just yet. (especially since the twenty has to do with prey species research haha)

So I am definitely content to wait until you or IG can gm these current rolls and the ones leading up to the group mind.
File: 1348625874736.jpg-(248 KB, 615x461, bear_at_table.jpg)
248 KB
Pic to go with that
(( i need you to review this thread http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/19084937/ posts by C.A.S.E to understand the spire there are like 4-6 posts on it, and the other organisms that inhabit it. one you have a good grip on that, im gonna crank out some more hot spire action.))
Attempts to build near the library are met with resistance from the spire's defensive organisms, they are gentle but firm in repelling the diggers. The library coral is but regular coral when not attached to the greater structure, perhaps a bit better in quality, but it will grow no differently. The lazy farmers are indeed lazy, if the added benefit of weight negation in water makes holos too much to move. lazy bastard. either way, he has turned the creatures into beasts of burden, to drag, pull or otherwise carry things. This massively benefits the tribe, but he was too busy not giving a fuck.
((this is an addition to my previous results)) Through the efforts of the various settlers small unorganized communities popped up all over the island, pushing deep into the central regions. The fishers were most successful, and had plenty of food. This attracted more and more frowgmen who were only too happy to help augment as their hunters, though the tribe's own hunters would often lead, scout, and direct their more brutish charges. The limited shamans and spiritual leaders oversaw the development of the tribe's own spiritual growth and relationship with the frowgs. they would subtly play up their religious significance and ties to the frowg, ensuring continued faith, praise, admiration, and most importantly, loyalty. all went well.
All was well in the tribe, music, art, and new floating traps, but a sudden and violent tsunami raked across the island, demolishing their flimsy huts and sweeping away many individuals. Frowgs called out for help, and clung to trees, fearful that another part of their prophesy had come to pass. The great drowning of the world, where the storm lords would be their salvation and carry them into the sky! The arena was cleverly built of stone and would survive the flooding, while the tribe had a small herd of balloon rohas, if they acted quickly they could save their frowggy friends! ((hey look at me, turning bad rolls into an event. feel free to devise and execute multiple plans, rebuild, recover, etc. if this is not enough, or dramatic enough i have some interesting first contact options planned.))
the skrimp are motivated and drag modest trenches over the course of a few weeks, which then coral is layered in such a way to encourage tunnels to form, and they grow quickly. The tribe has learned how to build very effectively with coral and now has a bonus to it. Settlements dont get much bigger, but grow a little taller. Food is stored in tunnels, it keeps it safe. Attempts to understand prey go poorly, as a simple nuro is sliced open, it attracts a swarm of hungry Dero, and they are not merciful. many squid are eaten that day.
Magical squid flies. i love it. "electrical" body language is a mystery no more, and the tribe enjoys a subtle form of communication on a much deeper level that most races would never notice. Kuz has some stamina, and the lightning arc surges out, then continues causing the target at the time, an unlucky species of aquatic hoppa. The poor creature explodes after a while, leaving kuz quite drained. Storm is still too small.
seekree reproduce by eggs. they look like little balls of leaves. reproduction for most of the water bound species is not very dramatic.
Hunters get crafty about their work, using the fact that they can travel in any direction. Hammers, tridents, and nets are used to disorient and herd prey into nets. Still, the prey is scarce lately, and enough is brought back to fend off starvation, but only just barely. everyone is still hungry and will have to migrate closer to the surface to feed off the suns rays more to make up for a loss of food. Armor is made out of the shells of the various crub and kreeb like creatures, a well as figuring out better ways of killing prey. The materials teams gather a few tons of coral and have managed to excavate down to oceanic bedrock. Psychic bonding via forming a circle allows for communal thought during the link. the team explores fairly far, and finds a few strange new lands and species, including some strange giant creature that appears to be nothing more then tentacles and a maw. Babies come from eggs. one parent lays them, the other fertilizes/ pollinates them at the same time.
All right. I see. Three types of polyps, one is your regular old coral making polyp, the second type numbers in the thousands and compose a huge brain, and the third collects stuff for the Library.

I'm totally giving up the bodies of all the remaining elders when they die to the Library. If I'm lucky, they can live on in it.
Rolled 8, 16, 18, 13 = 55

The tribe's always on the lookout for new species to bring under their... tentacles.

1: Domesticate the new Kafka, make them more and start breeding them to glow more colors!
2: With a better understanding of coralcraft, start working on more precise growth.
3: The Tal'ec attempt to understand prey abilities by bringing them in tunnels empty tunnels and experimenting various hunting technique.
4: Organize hunting parties to kill animal dangerous to the tribe. When possible bring them crippled but alive and try to breed them to be useful to us.
It's allright if all of you are allright with it. But it's really better if there's an impartial 3rd party (with no tribe to call their own) to GM.
We've actually done this before from time to time.

I'm thinking of leaving off on the Krittijik for now. They've reached a point where I can't think of stuff for them without outside influences. (mainly, I want to leave them as natives to be discovered and trade with in the future)

Would it be alright if I picked up a tribe of Frowgs in the Archipelago? Back with west, it wasn't really an option to play down there.
now you see why if not the tribal, at least the evo i feel is so important to gloss over a little. your tribe just got awesome.
out of all the lofty goals kafka are domesticated, but they only have one flavor, original. ((your tribe are not master genetic manipulators, but excellent breeders, able to occasionally bring out desired traits, a sort of accelerated evolution by choosing what traits to carry on. now that your environment has changed again, your tribe might go back to adaptation of the self, use your imagination, but perhaps more precise, or numerous tentacles for better dexterity, again working on new forms of luminescence to control the new pets, muscle mass, etc. just give me a little story to go along with it all.)) there is a limit to how precise coral can grow, but with the right tools the material can be pruned, and almost bonsaied to grow into desired shapes, then further refined. That limit has been reached with this tribe. Bowls, rods, fans, brick like shapes, domes, and even large hollow buildings can be grown naturally. the rest is up to the craftsmen. Watching how prey react under stress, how they defend themselves in a semi controlled environment results in much less loss of drone line. curiosity is satisfied. A new technique of building tunnels to chase prey into, herding them to a kill team is formed. it is a preferred method for the tribe. Dangerous schools of dero are driven away, but a few are captured. they have a nasty temperament, and regularly attack their handlers.

Frowgs, or Swag Bord await you.
Rolled 1, 3, 20, 4, 9 = 37

I didn't know if they came in more than one color naturally to be honest

1: The addition of Dero to the tribe domesticated species list make the Tal'ec happy. they start to breed them to be only a little less aggressive, to not consider hiroha as prey and to make them receptive to light signal.
2: The Tal'ec think of a way to better protect themselves and come up with an interesting Idea, they start growing coral walls high enough to prevent those pesky floating Island to steal their prey around the area they claims.
3: The hiroha that love cooked food start breeding to better resist the heated water they use to make it.
4: Tunnel entrance outside the walled areas are now camouflaged... the entrances are marked by coral pillars.
5: The coral grower start making the coral grow to be pleasing to the optical sensory organ when they aren't busy making tool and weapons.
Rolled 8, 7, 9, 15, 5 = 44

meant to quote
>1 on breeding dero
I'm going to hise in a corner
Dero confirmed for the pandas of Borgas IV.
we have reached the bumb limit folks.
new thread?
>Tribal Game: Oceanic Indonesian Gentleman
dero are bred for passive behavior, and stay small, cute and submissive until adolescence. then they become rampaging murder machines much worse then a regular dero. Coral walls are a nope, right now trying to fend off murderous dero. same goes for pillars, and art. murder deros. Breeding for protection kicks into overdrive due to the current problems of the tribe, and the next few generations of short lived breeders become successively more resistant to heat to the point where they can wander into the maw of a thermal vent without getting cooked and have thicker armor plating. The trade off is that they are somewhat slower in movement. This thankfully helps them wrestle the rabid dero beasts.
>>20875993 the game burns on.

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