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/tg/ - Traditional Games

File: 1347844309740.jpg-(102 KB, 600x442, warlock.jpg)
102 KB
Sup /tg/ I’ve come back for more
to rap with all of /tg/’s fools galore
I think some of you might have a score to settle
So drop your rhymes in here and test your mettle
Versus the best rap battlers from every plane
To see if you’re hot shit or just a lamebrain
So spin your hats back and get out your seat
Cause I’m about to drop this board a beat
Freestyling is my game you see
so come rap with your main Warlock MC

Someone get here and take the stage, drop us a verse
I knew none of you would post, and it seems I was right,
from the mastery of MC ‘Lock you fools take flight,
Hopefully one of you might still have the courage to fight,
But I fear I’m the only rapper on this board tonight
My rhymes flow quick like cantrips
ya'll lame walkers just flap lips
and make about as much sense as madlibs
can't cut it as a dragon slayer nor rhyme sayer
so how can you stand up to this hot fire sprayer
I'll burn you like mana
I'm enlightened, nirvana
you can't sling spells like this
you sling spells they miss
I sling rhymes that diss
and you might as well kiss
your fat ass goodbye
easy target, bullseye
File: 1347846383134.png-(14 KB, 150x150, 2classy.png)
14 KB
Well I'm the lich with class
And I'm here to pass
A lyrical massacre
Upon thine ass

So sit down and listen
And don't start no bitchin'
Because you're in my dungeon now, ha,
You're in MY kitchen!

I'll start with a quick zap
of Paralyzing Touch
Gonna just do a quick snap
So you won't be strugglin' much

Then move in for the kill
Put you in my zombie army
Hey, adventurer, it's been a thrill
But you're not gonna harm me!
File: 1347846500400.jpg-(1.31 MB, 1700x1174, CM 121.jpg)
1.31 MB
Only rapper? Drop that beat.

I come from a land of trial and woe,
Just to kick your ass at rhythm and flow.
I got the hot shit right here my friend,
Or are you too scared to touch your end?
You think only you can rap, then I got some news,
This boards crawling with rapping brews.
Just give it a kick and watch it settle,
and you got a product you can easily peddle.
See, I can freestyle too, my Warlock Lead-in,
but what can you do against MC Paladin?
I can't be turned undead
I'll cast turn undead
I'm a paladin, friend
I smite evil every night before bed
too easy sending lich's to ditches
I'll take out your whole army of zombies
and leave them to rot, no embalming
I’ll give you some thoughts from my personal perspective
to represent the /tg/ rap battle collective
small timers like you better go and get lost
before I make a noob salad, cut, torn and tossed
but that’s not needed, you’ll provide entertainment
so long as you don’t interfere with my arrangement
to wage a war of rhymes with the /tg/ rap stars
or I’ll serve your ass your very first battle scars
A baptism by fire in other words
For an autism touched, mire breathed, ugly nerd
Sound familiar son? I’m describing your ass
An uneducated fool who ‘bout to get glassed
So remove yourself from the presence of the master,
My higher form is the quintessence of disaster
Something a girl like you can’t even hope to touch,
I just hope I haven’t hurt your feelings too much
File: 1347849634800.jpg-(3 KB, 118x126, 1336245428700s.jpg)
3 KB
fucking saved
(Sorry for the wait, Warlock needs his eats)
Another Lich rapper, boy that theme’s getting tired
And your whack-ass flow leaves a lot to be desired
You lame lich rappers have proved rather refractory
So I’ll have to burn your ass and crack your phylactery
Son let’s end this disputin’, let me get in your head
that you’re less like Rasputin and more like Evil Dead
File: 1347850112326.png-(1007 KB, 1000x663, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)
1007 KB
Did you just rhyme undead with undead?
Shit, nigga, please, I think it's time to behead
You, your time in my hood is overdue
I'll send the meat from your corpse to my lackeys, cause I'm hungry for bitch stew.
nAhhhhh yo, all y'all whack-ass mongrelfolk should just present yon assholes to MC Warlock
Did you just say I'm like Evil Dead?
Mortal, that actually made me grin!
Now watch as I bust open your head
Like a skull on Bruce Campbell's chin!

Warlocks are shit, you want magic, you earn it
And when I blast you to dust, you know pain? You'll learn it.
I worked for a century to learn these skills
And just like any of my enemies, you're going to be just another one of my kills.
Child, thou art clearly out-classed.
You're up against MC Wizard now, so you better think fast.
I've seen orcs that can rap better than you,
compared to me, your lyrics are doo-doo.
Let me teach you the arcane art of whipping your bitch ass
Sit the fuck down, and pay attention in this class.
Yo post 666 reppin the nine hells, where you at?

Yeah, what, uh huh,
You aint ever seen one as fantastic as me
WMC, lord of demonology
More like WMD, I’m mass destruction
I end sorry fools like you who lack the gumption
And who don’t have my kind of brilliance
Even if, my Fiendish Resilience
Will let me persevere through your hardest rhymes
And I’ll beat your bony ass a thousand times
Cause the fools who try to rap with the masterminds
Just end up getting kicked right in their behinds
File: 1347852020491.png-(90 KB, 300x300, 300px-Wesnothlich.png)
90 KB
(Nice dubs)

Bitch please, had to suck a demon's dick to even gain power
Instead of slaving away year after year, hour after hour
You warlocks wouldn't know work if it grabbed you by the cock
But I'm done playing with you, wannabe. It's time to fuckin' rock!
File: 1347852106416.jpg-(897 KB, 1400x1120, CM 25.jpg)
897 KB
You think you have what it takes,
to put down me like a lyrical fake?
Please friend, I've faced worse offenders
and you are hardly a worthy contender.
The old rap stars are dead and long gone.
Make way for the new wave coming on.
Sure, new blood is easier to spill,
but it's always ready to likewise kill.
So take your little insults and pokes,
your 'clever' remarks and lyrical spokes,
shove them back where Pelor don't shine,
Since that's where you get all your rhymes.
So sit right back and let me tell you,
You're not a master, and adept,
You're merely a man with a concept
of how to rap with the best, the greatest.
You're going down, call me fatalist.
If you wanna talk about workin' hard
Just look at me, tard
I had to go THIRTY YEARS with my cock in my pants
Your pussy ass rhymes are more like whiny baby rants
Just go home before you get hurt
All your rhymes come out like dirt
Hahaha, undead?
More like undid.
Get out of the dumpster kid you're trash

How can you beat one with The Dark Ones Own Luck?
I can make any save, I don’t give a fuck
What you castin’ at me while you try to look mean
I’ll kick your sorry ass and you’ll Flee The Scene
When I unleash some horrible spectacles
and choke you out with my Chilling Tentacles
And sadly that view will be your last
When I blind your ass with Beshadowed Blast
How dare you disrespect dumpsters, that's where I get most of my troops!
Just let me get my broom, so I can sweep away the poop.
Oh shit, you mean to tell me those were your idea of a rhyme?
Let me cast disintegrate on you, virgin, because I don't have the time
To magically torture you, give you a mystical lobotomy
Because your rhymes are fucking boring, it's the worst case of monotony
And the idea your low-level ass could step to me? Pff, comedy!
File: 1347852840742.gif-(39 KB, 100x100, 2spooky.gif)
39 KB
Chilling Tentacles? Sorry, I don't swing that way, warlock.
I find it funny, I open my mouth to rap, you open yours for more cock!
When I rap the room temperature changes, and things are gonna get dead-body-chill
Hold onto your ass, bro. My skeleton homies are ready to thrill.
You call me a virgin but you're a fucking SKELETON, man
The only place you DON'T have a bone is where your dick used to be, damn!
Let me get your phylactery
And throw it in a meat grinder factory
I hope you weren't planning on rhyming there
Because that shit wasn't worth the hair
on my ballsack, son.
Pack your bags, you're done.
Hey Wizard, ever thought of coming to the dark side?
You're the only other great rapper in the thread, I think you should go on the alignment slide
Lawful Evil's where it's at, making shit work for US
Like Darkwing Duck, nigga, let's show these heroes how to get dangerous.
I'm sorry, kid, but I don't hang with kids who need to raise the dead
To have a friend in the world instead
of being social
But you've certainly got being vocal
down to the letter and
I congratulate you for that, man
But I don't roll with second class rappers
My homies gotta be dapper
It's been a long time
Since we've spun a rhyme
But what's all this, this is just a crime
You guys don't have the guts
And I don't wanna near no buts
Prove you're pedigree, and not some mutts.

MC Warlock, spin that shit
These new guys just don't have a bit
Of common sense coming in here to rap it like a big dogs
Their rhymes don't mesh like a warforged's cogs.
Boy, MC Warlock gets with all the ladies
To get your cock wet you’d have to kick it like Hades
I know you’re not enlightened but I’ll gift you an epiphany
You couldn’t get pussy unless she’s captured like Persephone
The end for you, son, is bound to be tragic
I’ll consume your power with Devour Magic
Ill cook your ass and serve you sweet and sour
and leave you for my demons to devour
Cause I’m the king of /tg/ freestyle
and you, little fool, aint worth my while
You've got my blood pumpin'
My heart, 'tis thumpin'
My heritage is serpentine
Your rhymes? Asinine.
Illusions thrown like skipping stones
Insanity shall be your throne
I'll show you horrors incomprehensible
My alterations, infinitesimal.
My rhymes so fly, it might be criminal
Your rhyming skills? Minimal.
Dapper, nigga please, this castle didn't pay for itself!
I built this shit off my zombie pimpin' business and fool adventurers' wealth
If by second class you mean high-level enough to prestige, you've got me there
But that better not be an insult, or I'll zap out your hair
Nobody better EVER suggest that I'm not dapper
Because besides being the best lich, I'm the world champion Bitch-Slapper.
Yo, kid, get the fuck out of my house
You're setting fires that are easily doused
by my sick rhymes and I gotta say
If you think you're a big dog, ha-ha, you just made my day
Kids like you thinking you're good
It's me, MC Wizard, coming straight from the hood
If you think you've got shit on this, I can just cast my magic and you'll be shut up forever.
When will I acknowledge your rhyming skill? Never.
(because it doesn't exist)
fags step back,clerics were its at
necro bitches cant react
to the fact that black magic is wack
because white is right
lawful all night
you got that? alright
your army aint mean
you just an edgy teen
MC Illusion-Sorcerer, why don't you make your ass disappear?
I'd put more effort into my burn here, but illusion? Get outta here.
I've been around for a long long time
Seen many a hero who thought he could rhyme
'Chosen Ones', 'Champions' 'Warriors of Light'
Only thing they had in common was they weren't that bright.
To rhyme against me, an arduous trial
My ideas are infectious, my flow viral
These beats will kill, they're literally ill
So if you're challenging these you'd best go the whole mile.
You can't fight me, I'm a plague I'm a blight
The inevitable darkness that swallows the light.
I've lived longer than anything can
I've seen civilizations rise and languages fall
Mastered every arcane tongue and conquered them all
The very evolution of your language in my hand
And still you persist, don't you know who I am?
You're but a man who thinks that he can
cast me from my home, my throne
perched comfortably above your entire race
So sit down, shut up and kindly know your place
I find your rhymes to be loquacious
But can you rap and stay bodacious?

Wizards everywhere think they've got
All the best moves, they think they're hot
But using an illusion, a spell, or a trick
Won't change the fact that you have a small prick
Your spells are as obvious as any trap
You'd be more useful just trying to zap
Me, but before you try to use a magic barrage
Just let me remind you: I've got Uncanny Dodge

Yo it's time to get real cause 'Lock is here with Flyte,
Were gonna cap this shitty rap thread off right,
We’ve owned this board before, and don’t think y’all are much better
Than the shittys MC’s that we owned together

Y’all niggaz better get ready, cause Imma bout to drop the bomb
The only bomb here is the one you just dropped on yourself with that shitty rap.
I'm not even going to attempt to rhyme this post.
If you’re gonna scare me you’ve got to be original
To be honest I aint phased by all this stupid shit you pull
Really, fa/tg/uy? what you got on me?
I’m the illest of the ill, Warlock MC
So bitch, be careful cause you bout to get dead
I’ll bury you lower than your lame street cred
I’ll Shatter your will with Baleful Utterance
Beguiling you with my ill Influence
My games ahead of yours by Leaps And Bounds
Imma chop you up for food for my hellhounds
So come at me bros, I can take on you all
I’ll hunt your asses down and mount your heads on my wall
Like the other rappers who thought they could take me
they’re all a part of long forgotten history.
Lol anon I'm surprised you stay up so late,
to drop such worthless, meaningless hate,
to your shitty rap skills I can't relate,
so head left back to /d/, go masturbate
It's been awhile since I've had to lay down the smack
So just gimme a minute and I'll get on track
But really, you should be watching your back
Because I've just laid out a Sneak Attack

Wizards and the like think they've got a brain
But all of it brings them just nothing but pain
Trying to force reality against the grain
Just to end up with their lives down the drain
*cue da music, bump the speakers son. This shit just got real*
Ah look at the little kids on the block
bad-ass arcanists thinking they at the top
oh shit, you think you have to only game?
bitch please, another melf's spell? shits so tame
now me son, my whole brain is my gun
every synapse is synched up to kill
my spinal chord is like the river styx at full run
I'm a channel for the power of the whole 'verse
and if you cross me, bitch, you will come out worse
Every time I speak, son, sparks fly
my eyes glow and I can smell lies
I walk through valleys and cast the shadow of death
I'll mind seed your mom and masterbate until I loose my breath
Many have opposed me but few remain
where my skillz have passed y'all bitches cant remain sane
My every dendrite can bend the fabric of time
so embrace your fate slave
I'll take that corona with lime.
File: 1347855005299.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 13 KB, 191x266)
Spoiler Image, 13 KB
Hey Rogue, how well do your ranks in lockpick stand up against the Dark Arts?
Not very well, since your "sick rhymes" sound more like diarrhea farts.
I know a Rogue's strategy is like a Bard's: If all else fails, fuck it
But when my skeleton army fires their arrow volleys at you, I guarantee you won't duck it
You may think you've got MC Wizard and I owned
But if you'll pardon the phrase, fool, I think that you're boned.
I'm out, it's over, it's done with, you dig?
I'll let Warlock and Wizard finish up this little jig.
Rappin neckbeard raised on AD&D
Learning Shadowrun with my A, B and C
Dealin loose dice at my F-L-G-S
Bard's Tale all up on my M-S-D-O-S

Rollin in the planes straight up rollin nat 20's
Stats so high man it's not even funny
Seducin succubi just for the fun of it
Level drain man, I ain't having none of it
Of course you make an excuse to go
You can't even hold up a kind of flow
Next to you all of these other punks glow
So see ya, goodbye, this way to the do'

Your brain may be open but your eyes are blind
Drop those cerebral pants, I'll blow your mind

Again with these intellectuals, it's getting old
They all keep showing up here acting so bold
Just keep coming despite what they're told
But their lyrics are copper, while mine are gold

Seriously, don't we have any rappers here that aren't more casters?
We need more variety, much better and faster.
Prepare thine self, ye weak-minded serfs,
For a lord of The Lord has arrived to spit verse.
Thou rhymes are weak and your wit be ineffectual,
More belonging on the stake with the other homosexuals.
>I walk through valleys and cast the shadow of death
>I'll mind seed your mom and masterbate until I loose my breath

Well. I can't top this.
Listen up weeabos and neckbeards,
like Niv I'm here casting Weirds,
All up in your shit,
I don't even gotta roll to hit,
Straight up outta Dominaria,
Callin up my boy Markov,
"Yo, where are ya?"
We got shit to do,
Fuck that nigga Jace,
little boy blue,
Real life old school,
Mana burn a fool,
And I'm out.
Aoh shit. The Psions back.
He's all hyped up on brain waves and smoked crack
One hit is all that he needs
to leave you smeared on the pavement like dry weeds.
Step up and test my inertial armor
I'll laugh as you flail in slow motion like a peasant farmer
Roll dice? Nigga please, My shit is so maxed
Save or die bitch, you couldnt save if I halfed the DC
and dropped the tax
Oh snap, Rogue theres no Reflex save
looks like all that evasion is just wasted space on a page
You cant beat me because I'm inside your head
I'm like that childhood monster thats under the bed
you better hunker down and stay beneath the cover
you wouldnt want ta see what I'm gonna do to your mother.
You think I need an excuse to pull up a chair?
I have thralls to fetch and carry and pimp out the lair
Wherever you run theres no safe place
My will is absolute adamant like a mace in the face
Astral constructs and cute facades
is all that is left of you and your bitch gods
Of course you turn and run, you had nothing left,
Not a single line of yours packed any heft
Your whole body’s bony but you still ain’t packing
A lady pleasing tool your kit is lacking
Even a thousand years ain’t fucking shit to Warlock
I feel bad you spent a hundred to decay your cock
You intimidate me less than Jack Skellington
Ill shall burn thine ass and dub thee MC Wellington

Better come back, don’t vanish, or your scrub ass I shall banish
And if there's anybody left who can show just cause that I am not the king, rap now or forever hold your penis.
ur mom holds my penis
Think you're real clever
Think you're real smart
But let me tell you something, this is an art
No amount of mind power will make you gain
control of this rap battle, I won't say it again
So don't start claiming that you've got the power
I don't want to hear you ramble for an hour
You think you're in control but you're really not
Because I'm full of tricks, I've got a nasty plot
Quick tricks and daggers are gonna make this fight mine
When I sever your brain right off from your spine
File: 1347856890990.jpg-(28 KB, 318x320, GW.jpg)
28 KB
*So I heard /tg/ likes to talk shit about GW. Well fuck that noise. Get ready faggo/tg/ays, shit's about to go down*

We're the biggest and the baddest in this tabletop biz
When we release a new kit, a thousand neckbeards jizz
Bitch all you want, you can't ignore this one fact
When it comes to money, we got plenty of that

Sending Necrons your way yeah you're gonna be weepin
Older armies are gonna be constantly stuck retreating
Gonna slam your wallet like some Dark Eldar raids
You play Sisters? You might get a new release in a few decades!

Writing broken codices yeah you're gonna be breaking
Down in tears, don't even try to be faking
I see the look in your eyes when you realize
You're gonna need some new models, 'fore I terrorize
Your local FLGS- yeah you're gonna be wishin
You stuck with Dark Angels- man you better quit your bitchin

So bring it on fa/tg/uys gimme your best tries
I'll still be eatin your money like fuckin frenchfries
You can't cope with the rhymes, anybody who tries
Is stuck with a lawsuit 'fore their company dies
So bring it your best shot, I'm still at the tip-top
You ain't never gonna knock me down, bitches.
Damn, that was quite the display of snobbery
And those poor kids, that's like highway robbery
File: 1347857647505.jpg-(41 KB, 592x512, they mad.jpg)
41 KB
Like taking candy from a baby.
Its funny that you mention a spine and brain
cause I'm Disincarnated thanks all the same
If you want to be feared for all the petty threats
stroll down to the day care and I will take bets
Five to one on the ginger kid to take this punk down
he talks big but his shit couldn't make a mouse frown
I on the otherhand am the poacher of wills
I get what I want and I dont get distracted by frills
When you are Dominated I'll dress you in pink
and make you the troll cave's favorite jizz sink
Dont fuck with what you dont understand
I have dimensional locked this mike into my hand
Where I pass I cause bleeding from eyes
When I get pissed fire falls from the fucking skies
I can grow claws fit to maul a bear
or melt a Balor with a single stare
Take another step and you will dissapear
inevitables give up because for me they know fear
The MC on the great wheel does not exist
That can touch me with a mike or a closed fist.
>We're the biggest and the baddest in this tabletop biz
>When we release a new kit, a thousand neckbeards jizz
This was very good, but dear Lord did I not need that mental image.
You talk a big game and make lots of threats
But me beating you is easy, taking all bets
You rely on your mind to act for sure
But for your own problems, you've no cure
And to keep going and think you can rap
But you haven't noticed yet, it's a trap
And not just any traps, too easy that'd be
I rigged the whole room, more than you can see
So have fun with it, because one wrong move
Will put many ends to you, while out I groove
hey op, do you ever archive these?
Oh come now friend, that last verse was a stretch
I wouldn't have accepted that crap from a dretch
I can shed my meat suit like you take off your gloves
So thanks all the same but I will soar like a flock of doves
I think its clear that in this battle of wits
you come up short with the shit end of the stick
Now P-9's gotta bounce, but it aint no strain
I have psychoportation up in my brain
I'll make sure that all the bitches cry out my name
and I'd double tap your wife if you could score a dame
now with a jaunty tip of my incorporeal hat
I will leave you to stew and that is that.
Boy, my flow’s wild and pyroclastic
but your shit style's bland and erratic
your rhyming reeks sour like a sore blister
and your timing lacks the power of a tongue twister
your whack flow’s wracked by poor design
while my show’s packed with four rhyme lines
all the bitties want a piece of ‘Lock MC
I fit all my honeys like a Lock and key
I attractthe fine ladies with insurmountable swag
so I don’t want my style crimped by a discountable fag
I’m a lord of black magic like Mannimarco
so go accept your death like Donnie Darko
I shit on CONstitutions like George Dubya
Ill tear you up and leave a distribution of ya
to hand out to prom MC’s who they ill like ‘Lock
stand out like your mom’s tits where I go spill my cock
thats how I view all you others, not as competition
just sons of mothers that I can stick my dick in

And to the nine hells I must return my fair rapping fellows. It would have been divine rapping alongside thee once again Flyte Rogue, if only I knew the meaning of the word.

I don't use sup/tg/ much, if someone else could archive this I'd appreciate it.
archieved at sup/tg/ under flyte, flyte rogue, MC Warlock, andPsion 9 tags
File: 1347861059009.jpg-(92 KB, 500x375, gandalf.jpg)
92 KB
Man your...lyrics are bogus
I hope that you know this
You can't be serious
You see how I rap this way?
I am the original caster,
The level nine master,
Of all the arcane and I'll start a disaster!
If you...got the balls
Drop the walls
Make the calls
Get out of my damn way
Cause my hands they are castin'
A missile I'm blastin'
You can't understand what it is happinin'!
These rap battles light my soul afire
But for tonight, it's time to retire
>be adding a request for archive on a thread where efg rez's pedobear,
>notice this was on the list with 1/4 votes.
>check out thread
>good job, this thread rocks
>pressed vote
>2/4 votes

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