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I'm sick and have nothing to do, so, Real Life Random Encounters Thread

Posted this one a few times before, but here goes.

>Be 15
>No idea what I'm doing or where I'm going
>Pass by a record shop, look inside
>Notice a nice looking girl, wearing all black, leather jacket, combat boots, t-shirt from some punk band I don't know
>Keep walking down street
>Wander to the edge of the bad part of town
>Couple of guys come up to me, one tells me he has a gun and asks for my wallet
>It's just a few dozen bucks, not worth getting shot over, lean down to set wallet on ground
>Here heavy-sounding footsteps running towards me
>Girl from earlier takes a running jump right over me, kicks the guy who talked in the stomach, then spins around and seriously Shoryukens the other guy
>Picks up my wallet, smiles, hands it back to me
>Call cops to pick these two guys up
>Go get coffee

Pretty sure she was the PC and I'm an NPC
>be bored before class
>do some cartwheels and acrobatics down the hallway
>upon landing, smoothly glide past staring professor

If I'm not a PC, I'm the crazy NPC off to one side that makes the PC think the town is full of crazies.
>driving a comatose friend home after finishing up a session of Shadowrun
>pull up to stop light
>hear clopping sounds
>look out passenger window to see a man on a horse carrying a six pack of booze
>rider offers me a drink
>shake head no
>guy shrugs, pops the tab on one of the cans, downs it, then rides off
>light turns green
>finish driving friend home

Fucking WV man.
I'm a random encounter.
-on the bus at night
-I'm on the bottom, girl sitting in the middle
-three gangsta-like guys come up at the next stop
-they start annoying the girl, loudly
-one notices me, pat the others without tooking his eyes off me
-they stare at me
-there's like four seconds of silence where they're completely petrified
-I raise a brow because uneasiness
-they sit down quietly
-I'm baffled
-the next stop, they literally rush down the bus and ran away
-I'm even more baffled
-the girl keep watching me with a strange face until she gets off taking the exit on the other side of the bus
this is what happens if I don't shave for a week
File: 1346970746862.png-(132 KB, 1216x1064, tg pasta so british it hurts.png)
132 KB
one of mine from a while back
File: 1346971257010.jpg-(44 KB, 499x600, LeoJohannesen.jpg)
44 KB
I feel inspired.
What species of bear are you?
I wore a horse mask about one day at i43 in Telford with a friend, I think we were kind of random encounter that that. Some other random guy recorded us a little and put the stuff on youtube.
Where in WV, comrade?
that that? I meant with that.

Outside the city limits of Parkersburg.
> Walking to my car
> Bum rides by on a bicycle
> Asks me if I agree with him (about what, I do not know)
> I say definitely and get into my car

And that's about it for me.
I'm quite interested to know what happened afterwards.

[iwishtghadspoilers]did you give her the dick[/iwishtghadspoilers]

Is this nigga serous? This nigga be serious.

/tg/ has spoilers

Aaaaaw shit nigga, you about to get learned.
During the summer this old guy goes around the public beach in a speedo. The weird part about this is that he never is actually anywhere near the sand, he's always either roller blading or running around on those odd spring-stilt things near the street/up the pier.
I have worked nights at a gas station near an exit on i-77 for six months now. I have witnessed everything from naked hobos to men in full armor come through these doors. Whenever a group of gentlemen garbed in civil war reenactment clothes while wielding muskets enter, it is just another night at my job.

>Living in DC
>Down near Dupont Circle stopping by bookstore
>Come out, walking near that area of Dupont with the Krispy Kreme and Dildo shop on the same block
>Out of the sex shop steps a guy in full wizard outfit
>Walks over to another dude dressed in Urban Knight attire, including a Casey Jones style collection of various sports equipment
>Out of Krispy Kreme exits a woman dressed in peasant blouse, long hippy skirt, with a mandolin across the back
>And a giant black dude wearing suspenders and carrying a thick walking stick

Adventurers or avid kink enthusiasts? I was never sure... They all consulted quickly, and Casey Jones went off into the night while the others walked towards the Metro.
It sounds like an adventuring party got teleported to our dimension, and one tried to go native.
I hoped for a moment that was shitthatdidn'thappen.txt

Yes, but why did the wizard need to go to the sex shop?

I mean, either he's a virgin for his wizard powers, or he has the ability to polymorph/cast grease/Enlarge/Shrink.
He thought they were magic artifacts?
Yeah no. You see some really weird shit in McD's Night Shifts.

>Working at sex shop
>Dude in wizard robe walks in
>Browsing, asking about wands
>Stops shocked at a display
>Brings up double-sided dong marked "Staff of Power"
>Has only gold to pay
>Take several pounds of gold, put own cash in register.

And that's how I became a very rich newt.
No, you see that was an ELARP group.

From another thread:

I spent the first six months post-Katrina and around 3 months post-DH down in New Orleans, working gigs doing construction as, well, I had an alright job but contracting makes some dosh, I like the city, and pussy grows on trees.

Down in Little Saigon helping a crew do some work down in that area, getting logistics up and running.

Driving around about 80 grand worth of equipment in a rented box truck, and of course get jumped at the One Working Gas Station I Could Find.

Late night, three thugs, guns on me.

My crew-supplied gun (which I never fucking touched or really looked at thinking I'll never need it or the license for it) tucked safely away in the underseat space.

I hear the sound of revving small CC engines.

Five guys dressed like VC (full black body suits) zip by.

Oh fuck me.

About three minutes later I've got a 12 gauge in my back against the side of the car.

Sounds of conflict on the other side of the truck, gunfire, then the shotty is off my back.

I get knocked the fuck out.

I wake up after a few seconds, head is ringing, and an old Asian dude is smiling crookedly with an ice pack on my head.



"Bad neighborhood"

All of my shit is where it should be, and they go off into the night.

Fucking ninjas.
File: 1346973957837.png-(112 KB, 1202x1118, tg pasta fight me.png)
112 KB
meh, it's more an "I'm a PC" moment really, unless the girl is the PC and I'm in her backstory, but whatever.

... That's a thing now? I'm not sure which would be worse, trying to run something like that or trying to order in enough lube...
>Outside the mall bored out of my mind.
>Bunch of white guys wearing brony shirts and MLP merchandise leave talking with each other.
>Kids these da-
>Big ass white dude possibly a Russian or similar comes running by screaming insults at the the top of his lungs while pointing at one of the skinnier Bronies.
>Brony takes off with the Russian in pursuit.
>Not even a minute passes before a Mexican kid holding a taser and what looks like a paintball gun zips by on a scooter asking me if I saw a big guy.
>Point in the last direction I saw them go he takes off again singing 'Come Out Ye Black and Tans'

... I now know where that 55 gallon drum of lube from amazon belongs.

I wonder if amazon does condoms in bulk?
Only one way to find out...

>Working in a gas station over the summer back from college
>Midnight, barefoot old Native American dude walks in with a fucking wolf (probably hybrid, not a husky) trailing him
>My first actual Injun
>My first wolf-like creature.
>Guy looks at the dog, waves his hand, tells it to go grab jerky, 6 pack of Bud, and some Twinkies
>Puts little carrier in the wolf's mouth, comes to counter to get pack of smokes
>Talking to him about how we have a 'no dogs' policy, no shoes/shirts/service policy.
>We continue arguing, hear wolf bark once
>Dude pulls up carrier with jerky, 6 pack of Bud, Twinkies, box of dog treats
>Smiles, pays for everything, throws me a couple of bucks for the trouble
>Gets into beat-up truck, cracks beer, pours into dash mounted dog dish
>Raises beer can in 'cheers' motion.

Never saw him again, and everything was pristine save for a single Cupcake displaced on the floor.

I believe I met a Druid.
File: 1346976805101.jpg-(33 KB, 722x374, mygod.jpg)
33 KB
>Work at a Drive thru Coffee shop
>Later in the day
>Starting to close up shop
>Someone pulls in
>Swing around
>Man with 80s hair metal style.. Hair.
>Driving a really slick convertible
>Black tank top and baggy jeans
>Pulls his sunglasses off and gives me a stern look before making his order
>Total comes to $2-ish
>He hands me a twenty and drives off before I could talk to him

I never got to know his secrets. I.. I wanted to go on an adventure.
>Pretty sure she was the PC and I'm an NPC

I treat life the opposite of this sentence
File: 1346977299221.png-(29 KB, 184x199, -_- 42.png)
29 KB
File: 1346977309039.jpg-(18 KB, 483x343, 1339521287608.jpg)
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Holy shit, that's a good one.

I've told this one a few times, but I saw a Shadowrun party once.

>Summer temp job as a factory worker
>My turn to pick up some donuts
>Walking out the front door, slick ass sports car drives up and parks
>Out walks two identical looking asian men with slicked back hair, sunglasses, black suit/tie
>Followed by an extremely sexy asian woman in chinese festival dress, hair in a bun with the sticks, etc.
>And lastly, a bald, white man in a pinstripe suit with a scary looking face.
>The driver, too, was in a black suit and had sunglasses.
>mfw I met my company's corporate espionage group.

>Driving through the middle of nowhere, KS
>Need to pull over as the flatness is killing me
>3 AM, that's an awful lot of motorcycles in the middle of nowhere
>Two large vans
>Bell dings
>White dude is down on the ground
>Six black guys in full plate (save the helms) standing over him
>Nope, just gas
>Black Knights offer to pay for any gas
>Shopkeeper smiles, tosses me pack of smokes after request
>Walking out, see that the bikes have dragons and various mythic symbols
>One of the vans has an uninterested black woman in the front, fucking with ancient cell phone, dressed like Renn Faire girl
>Baby carrier in backseat has ax perilously close to falling into it
>Point this out, many thanks

And that is how I met the Knights who say Negro.
Wish we took a picture of this guy.

>Me and friends at the waterfront, catching seabus to downtown
>Spot hobo, raggy clothes, large messy beard and hair.
>Closer inspection as Hobo removes shirt.
>Hobo is fucking ripped, with necklace of keys around neck.
>Me and friend: Holy shit, it's a PC.

As my friend puts it, he's pretty sure this guy bench-presses dumpsters.

I also work at a drive through coffee shop, it's a haven for random encounters.

Once saw a black couple get into a fist fight right in front of me. The man drove off afterwards and the woman came through and still got her drink.

wow after reading all of this, my random encounters sound more like everyday happenings for you guys

>walking dunno where
>getting of tube, slowly going towards the mall
>random guy approaching me
>looks straight into my face
>walks on like nothing happened
>me .. wtf happened
>woman behind me too straight faced like nothing happened

either I got verbally abused by a turrets guy or I had a vivid fantasy of a bearded guy to shout insults at me
Oh sweet Jesus, yes.

Since I'm dumping Weird Shit, let me give you my favorite one from my fiancee:

>Working at coffee shop
>4:30AM, shitty neighborhood
>Giant pimped out SUV rolls to the window
>Tinted windows roll down
>All order large drinks
>The driver throws car in park (hand controls) and proceeds to wattle each drink to respective midget
>Has a hook for one hand
>Drives off into the night without a faretheewell.

Fucking hobbit land pirates.
>be 14 years old
>take bus to go to school
>Sit near the driver
>During a stop in the traffic light, driver look to me and says: "kid, I'll tell you this. Pussy is all the same."
>then proceeds to drive and don't speak anything again for the rest of the trip
>Walking home from the bar.
>Dude with three women hanging off him passes by looking like a pimp.
>Each of the woman has a knife of some kind on them
>Keep walking.
>Almost run into a pissed off and beat up looking Mexican carrying a chipped bat covered in what looks like blood. Guy has a bit of blood on his mouth and teeth.
>Bares his teeth at me then walks off in the direction of the pimp.
>Watch him walk off pissed off for a bit before abandoning all pretense and running like hell.

Another midget story

>Living near Ohio State awhile back
>Corner of Murder St. and Crack Ave.
>Multiple shootings in the neighborhood
>Weird collection of skater punks and thugs on the block
>2 AM, sitting on porch, smoking
>Hear skateboard wheels
>Pop pop, get down
>See midget riding skateboard, 6 pack in one hand, gun in another
>White thug supporting his buddy who has been shot.

I left the neighborhood shortly after.
File: 1346978177552.jpg-(121 KB, 600x903, ec261c79b4cb7e51330359d2e(...).jpg)
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>shared student house
>getting home drunk at 3 am
>turn on living room light
>some guy sitting perfectly upright and still on the sofa
>turns head to look at me
>there is a huge moth on his face, but he does not seem to notice
>"Hello, I'm [housemate]'s friend. I'm sleeping over."
>Moth takes off as he speaks. It is huge.
>Man turns back to face empty room. "Please turn out the light."
File: 1346978229280.png-(558 KB, 812x663, cannot unsee.png)
558 KB
>two weeks ago
>go to my niece birthday party
>there was a clown, balloons, a mime and a guy dressed as a dinossaur
>during the party the clown started to prank the mime
>The mime gets mad and punches the clown in the face
>Clown falls unconcious for 1 to 2 minutes
File: 1346978429018.png-(166 KB, 1422x1754, tg random encounters.png)
166 KB
huh, I also capped that one as well as the rest of what I assume you posted in that thread.

Speaking of Druids

>Be young, living in motel due to summer fumigation
>Hear knocking at a door, police
>Child curiosity causes me to step outside
>Police at door with motel manager, eviction
>Old black guy hangs over balcony, says "I wouldn't go in"
>Manager laughs, turns key in lock
>A fucking roar and running cops, manager
>A mountain lion was living in the unit with the old man.
>Old man steps outside, with the big cat on a chain, and proceeds to pay his overdue amount
>Manager and cops explain he has to leave
>Two get into an old jalopy model T and drive off.

Oh, memories.
File: 1346978888676.jpg-(171 KB, 971x1133, 1330542658419.jpg)
171 KB
>girl with flat at gas station
>put spare on, tell her to follow me down the road to my house to make some calls
>ask her what her story is when we get there
>shes moving from seattle to vegas with only 200$, im in a small town in the middle of nowhere between the two
>find the only night tire replacement service in phonebook
>tell her to call it
>its $90 for them to come out at night, she cant afford it and shes behind schedule
>give her the cash and tell her to go park at the local truck stop and call the number for the service
>look like pic related the whole time
>regular at local bar
>get black out drunk there all the time
>walk out front door and get jumped by two guys
>walk up with the chinese owner of bar helping me to my feet, bleeding and clothes destroyed and covered in blood
>cant feel any pain because booze
>walk back into closed bar
>all of the people who work there are friends
>owner hands me a longsleeve shirt
>its barely big enough because im fuckhuge
>walk home bleeding from the head legs and hands
>wake up the next day, nothing hurts but i cant really walk because of my knee
>face swollen, bed covered in blood, bruises everywhere
>how does nothing hurt? convinced im an invincible PC
>Clown falls unconcious for 1 to 2 minutes
Holy crap! That is like, REALLY bad for you.
>order large drinks
i laughed harder than i should have
nah. not feeling anything means nerve damage.

Immortality doesnt stop you feeling fucktons of pain.

Time drags in really weird situations like that. It probably wasn't that long, or he spent a long time on the floor wondering to himself what the hell happened.
>Walking along street at night to get food, really foggy out
>Sounds like a child laughing from behind a wall
>Think nothing of it, move on
>50 feet on, more laughter from down a darkened alley
>Getting kinda creepy now
>Another 50 feet, less than 100 feet to the chip shop
>Laughter from behind a waist high hedge alongside me
>Sprint the rest of the way to the shop
>Manager asks me if I'm okay because I'm pale as a fucking ghost.
>Order food
>Go back outside, look down the road
>It's become even more foggy, can barely see 20 feet in front of me

Got a taxi to take me the 300 or so feet to my house. Never did find out what the laughter was. I think I slipped into silent hill.

No you didn't my friend. I laughed for about five minutes on that story when I first heard it.
My cousins roommate. So far ever since she's moved in with him I've found in their apartment
>A drawer labeled dead rats full of you guessed it dead rats
>A drawer full of live rats
>Various firearms attached to the furniture in hidden locations
>A block of something that smell bad and was black
>A honest to god turret.

So your cousin has a yuan-ti assassin living with him?

>That sweet scaly cloaca.
File: 1346979998872.gif-(493 KB, 440x330, Gal_OK.gif)
493 KB
>Bored on Sunday
>Decided to head to local park because disorganized pvc and foam fighting
>When walking to park encounter ice cream truck
>read sign "Everything's a dollar"
>get ice cream sandwich and keep walking
>Arrive at park and borrow sword n'board from guy who had spare
>general sparing between people until enough to play CTF
>Guy in all black bad ass viking/norse armor and full face helm appears
>We start fighting
>Guy seriously seems to know what he's doing and kicks my ass
>3 hours after some CTF everyone is packing up
>Watch black armor viking guy walk to parking lot
>he gets in the ice cream truck from earlier and drives off

>mfw I realize I've met a retired adventurer...

Happened a few years ago but this thread made me remember.
He only eats the rats if he runs out of meat for the week. He mostly just uses them for target practice and for feeding the homeless cats that seem to converge on his place.
File: 1346980129334.jpg-(25 KB, 400x267, happy-crazy-russian-man-w(...).jpg)
25 KB
I just want to say I goddamn love these threads, /tg/. Not only do they give me wondrous ideas for Unknown Armies and nWoD, but it's comforting to know there's such delightful weirdness out there.
>Get invited to a party for the first time....ever
>Dressed up as something simple, Zombie
>Guy walks in in a Snowtrooper outfit, you know, those Stormtroopers on Hoth
>Walks around a bit
>Sees black people
>Gets right in their faces
>Screams "NIGGERS!"
>Just Keeps yelling "NIGGERS!"
>Gets kicked out of house
>Hear him say as he leaves "I've found the base of the Nigger alliance!"
Please tell me this is a joke.
File: 1346980370814.jpg-(23 KB, 365x400, varg.jpg)
23 KB
No the guys real. Actually a pretty nice guy all things considered. Works nights so if I'm ever in town he'll drive me around where ever I want. I should take pictures of the place next time I'm there.
I told this story once, but I'll tell it again:

I was walking down some city streets back in Junior High with a friend, and we came across a homeless man sitting crosslegged against the wall holding 2 different lengths of pipe. When we walked close enough to him, he said, "Hey kids, would you like to see a magic trick? What I am about to show you is that my penis is smarter than yours".

Me and my friend walked a good distance past him before we started cracking up.
I am OK with the guy being real. But he eats the rats and uses them for target practice?
The target practice i know for a fact since he let me use his old rifle and let them loose. The eating part is second hand from my cousin after i asked why the guy had so much meat in his fridge.
>Last May
>Coming out of a Sabaton concert with a friend
>Goth chick walks up to me
>Obviously high on something - huge pupils, dazed look
>Says, "You're beautiful, you have a beautiful soul, you're a great person, and I would sell you my soul for a cigarette"
>Look at her confused
>Friend says, "He doesn't smoke"
>She ignores him
>Keeps staring at me
>I raise an eyebrow
>She raises an eyebrow, mirroring me
>She back away across the street, still staring at me
>Turns around only at other side of the street and SPRINTS away

Maybe I have an aura that attracts crazy chicks.
>he let me use his old rifle and let them loose
Where do you live where you can just shoot guns at rats?
Probably Kentucky.
North Cali actually.
>Walk to the pizza place near my house one night
>Walk in, order my usual, eat
>Finish my food, have a strange feeling
>Order a pie to go
>Halfway home, car drives by, stops, comes at me in reverse
>Two guys jump out, attempt to rob me
>I don't want any trouble, hand one my wallet and pizza
>Inside hoping someone drives by and helps me
>Suddenly a coyote jumps out of the woods, stares at robbers, growls
>Saliva dripping from mouth, eyes bloodshot
>Guys fucking petrified, drop my shit, get back in car and book it
>Coyote looks at me, growls again
>I pick up pizza box, open it, and toss him a slice
>Sniffs slice, scarfs it down, looks at me
>Toss the open box to him, get my wallet and walk away
>Coyote eats my entire pizza, then wanders off into the woods

I think I'm a Druid...
Summon Nature's Ally is a great spell.
You aren't the druid, dude.

The Coyote was.

And he was fucking starving for pizza, yo.

The shop by my house has some damn amazing pies, I don't blame him


Everytime I go to that shop for a slice, I buy an extra and toss it in the woods where he walked away.
Oh shit, he summoned *YOU*

That's actually an awesome epilogue, dude.

I hope you and your coyote ally meet again someday, on better circumstances.
You need to adopt that Coyote
>dozens of roting slices of dough in the bushes on the side of road

>onlookers think youre crazy

He summoned me to satisfy his hunger for pizza, was as his familiar was protecting me. I can respect that.


It's been a few years, and I've never seen him again, but every now and then I'll hear a coyote howling at night.


I've never actually gone to see if the slices are being eaten...I should check that sometime
"The case of the cannoli coyote"

Yeah. That's going into the next UA game.

>Imagines running into a pile of pizzas randomly dumped in the woods.

>High school
>Wandering around with stoner buddies
>One is the Broseidon of the football team, cool guy who played OD&D with us
>Big, handsome, always hooking us up with dates, getting us laid as the 'smart guys'
>Wander across some guys in the woods, standard Southern redneck
>Beating the shit out of black slow kid
>We all fight it out, being the big guy in there with Bro
>Fighting, get a nice hit to the head, down on the ground
>Smaller, METAL AS FUCK buddy comes from behind, hits guy who is standing over me with a wrench.
>Get a hand up, see Broseph with black kid's head in lap
>Rubs his hands together, places them on kid's temples, says "WAKE UP"
>Kid wakes up, we take him out
>Redneck buddy covered
>Realize I am apparently the weak Fighter, with a Paladin and Rogue in our group
>Wizard has pissed his pants, ruined our weed

And that's why wizards are faggots.
>Walking home after work
>Slightly tired, not really paying attention
>Hear squawking noises and screaming
>Turn around to see a nigga sprinting full speed behind me
>Wearing a KKK hat
>Continuously squawking as he goes by
>Followed by a crowd of hookers screaming something about the subway and how they're going to kill him

Just another day in detroit.

>Take him out

Should clarify, we walked him out of the woods to a hospital. Cool kid, joined up with our group before being sent off to a boarding school for his Senior year.
File: 1346982517749.jpg-(64 KB, 485x345, alg_homeless_sleeping.jpg)
64 KB
Bored at Uni, become trickster.

>Make a point to be seen sleeping everywhere my one prof goes.
>in the hallway outside class
>in class
>outside the building on the steps
>on the sidewalk
>in the History Dept. Offices
>in his office, on his desk.

And thats when I got kicked out of his class.

So that's how a LOLRANDUMB CN character ends up.
You're making him less afraid of peoples, he's probably going to take out a toddler now.

Yes sir, kicked out of that class right quick. Prof was a dick though, so I felt it warranted.

But your words hurt sir, I have been called many things but LOLRANDUMB may be the worst.
>driving through a secluded highway
>engine starts sputtering and dies
>coast over to the side of the road
>call AAA and hope for the best
>a beat up red truck pulls up next to me on the side of the highway
>guy gets out, full walrus mustache and is wearing denim everything and a ten gallon hat
>looks a lot like Sam Elliot from the Big Lebowski
>opens my hood, fixes it, apparently something happened with the engine belt
>pops the hood back down, tells me a bit about himself
>was from Montana, was driving through my state out to the coast for a family reunion
>hands me a handkerchief with an Indian arrowhead in it after we got to talking some more
>bids farewell
>drives off into the sunset
I believe to this day that the arrowhead is an artifact, and if I use it I'll activate a quest or something.
There truly are some heroes left.
Think I've posted this one before, but
>walking home one evening
>hear a buzzing noise behind me
>as I turn around a car drives past me
>two guys dressed as Phoenix Wright and Godot from Ace Attorney are leaning out of the windows blowing vuvuzelas
>I can see inside the car, Edgeworth is driving and Detective Gumshoe is in the other back seat
>they drive away
They must have been going to a convention, but I still don't know what the vuvuzelas were for.
or its a token of a favor owed. you could find yourself summoned to help complete a quest or task
>call AAA
>"engine belt"

cars are about as easy to learn about as computer hardware or any pnp game system

stop being useless and learn to fix your shit
>>Be 3 months ago
>>have my daughter and gf with me
>>Be eating pizza letting her go crazy on the arcade
>>natural at house of the dead (6yrs old)
>>finish and head outside
>>out of fucking no where a guy grabs her and starts walking off
>>Dad powers activate
>>grab daughter gf grabs her and starts backing up
>>force dude against wall getting ready to beat the ever living shit out of him
>>he says "The power of the omni-knights is strong within you. we will contact you soon."
>>...All my what breaks my grip and runs off screaming in tounges.

Have no fucking clue still.
File: 1346983307690.png-(188 KB, 500x281, alice.png)
188 KB

>The feeling that Walrus Cowboy, Old Wolf Injun, 80s Awesomehair, and Space Hobo have worked together before.
I hope you were proper thankful. Not many good samaritans these days.
Think about what would have happened if I did, though. The encounter never would have happened.
>At the beach
>Hear music in the distance in the water
>Honky Tonk Blues by Dion
>Dude dressed like a cholo slowly floats by in a small raft.
>Has a fishing rod, spear gun and a guitar.
>Spots me and gives me the nod
>Right then.
Nat 20 on a bluff check mate.
Lmao didn't even think of that
>They are Same Party
>Highgirl, Nigger Snowtrooper, Neckbeard with Fear Aura, and Russian Giant are the Bad Guys
The one who chased after the Brony. That guy is obviously a good guy.
File: 1346983955203.png-(344 KB, 700x439, takemycaps.png)
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So High Goth Girl uses her powers of whoa, Neckbeard pulls fa/tg/uy fear aura, Giant tanks, and NS just goes around screaming 'NIGGERS!!!!'?
don't forget ice cream viking and the band of hobbit pirates.
Archive for the Archive god!

Is the Nigger Stormtrooper a Bard or a Warlord/Marshall?
clearly the trooper is meant as a distraction, given his armor he can take a few shots while his team moves into position
NIGGER!?!?! is a Sonic Attack, lots of damage
Highgirl likely makes you see illusions of some kind, otherwise it's cool
Anyone got that copy pasta with the trenchcoat brigade that chase after Cloud Cosplayers.
>Picks the weaker story

That fucking wolf man. Better than some Coyote.
some sort of contact-high effect, her touch causes hallucinations perhaps the type given depends on her mood
Where was the show? I saw a Sabaton show in May myself

>This post
>The reason /tg/ sucks at world building/roleplaying/everything.
was about a day or two after one of these threads a while back

>was wishing i had a random encounter story that i could share on /tg/ while i was walking to get a soda at a nearby gas station
>wish granted.jpeg
>walking to the gas station a few blocks away from my house
>on the corner across from the gas station
>out of fucking nowhere a baby deer appears charging down the street in my direction
> turns the corner right in front of me was so close i could of touched it
> goes down the street a ways disappears then around a corner
>all my wat
>hearing a truck coming from the same the direction the dear originally appeared
>stops in front of me
>see a redneck in a big ass truck
>notice a propped up shotgun next to him
> goes on about how people shouldn't feed the deer and how it must of been spooked before leaving
> drives off in the same direction of the baby deer
> how the fuck does he know where it went?
> i then continue on to the station then go home wondering what the hell just happened the entire time.
File: 1346986782939.jpg-(45 KB, 336x425, 1315376913323.jpg)
45 KB
>freshman year, be at bar, shitty drunk
>standing out side as bar is closing with my mates, smoking and generally causing trouble
>random female aproaches
>"hey baby, there you are, where you been"
>hugs in close
>nat 20 on sense motive
>utter confusion, notice drunken frat boy type with lust in his eyes
>"hey honey, just here waiting for you"
>kiss her
>She says, "welp, I'm going home with my bf now"
>drunken frat boy mumbles something and stumbles off
>Random femal, "thanks, that creeper wouldnt leave me alone. Whats your name?"
>mfw I fuck her in front of a church on the lawn
>mfw I find out she fucked my older brother in highschool

that night I felt like the pc
File: 1346987418635.jpg-(244 KB, 1047x1164, 1329863087480.jpg)
244 KB
as always, should learn to proof read oh well, he's one I cant believe I havent told before
>Sophomore year
>me and bro's (including twin brother) get kicked out of party
>MFW its march in Missouri, its freezing cold outside
>MFW idiots left beer out in cold weather, and douche decides to kick us out
>Driving down the street with something around 250 beers.
>Smoking herb and not giving a fuck when we start driving in the shady part of town
>slow down as we see people in the street
>MFW its about 40-60 people in the street, all fist fighting, all appear to be african brothers in the mid to late teenage years
>drive on, see cop at stop light
>turn, try to avoid, get pulled over
>"license and registration, also I need everyone's license"
>cop goes back to car, one bro mentions warrant, multiple bags of pot, lots of alcohol, going to jail tonight
>cop rushes back and gives us back our stuff, "Go home"
>MFW I realize we just got saved by war in africa
I work at a place that does nature tours where we have a shit ton of bears and I'm pretty sure my boss is a druid I'm trying to replicate some of her feats by pulling more dangerous shit then I should pull, I mean whose going to care if a bear mauls a tourist or two.

>Giving a tour and at the bottom of this area I find my boss just waiting there, she points ahead and motions me to get up here.
>There's a bear at the exit to our wooden platform
>It walks up to us ever so gradually
>Get's one step away from us
>My boss all of a sudden says in a passive voice, regular indoor voice "No"
>I raise an eyebrow, same with my guests, and I'm pretty sure the bear did too but it then took a step back.
>It looked very clearly confused for 10 seconds then tried it again
>Repeat, 20 seconds later it tries one last time
>This time it turns around rapidly and bolts away

Extra bonus round with her
>Begining of the season and doing training
>My boss was walking backwards ahead of us talking and one of the other returning guides with me suggested we all do the same
>Get to a portion of trail and I hear my boss all of a sudden say stop
>We turn around and there is a bear, my bosses butt is near the bears eye and her hands actually on it's snout
>They are both just sitting there doing nothing
>A couple of the senior guides ask if she wants help and she says no just get away.
>We do so
>My boss starts whispering something and turns around hand still on bear
>She continues doing so first lifting her hand
>Then a single step
>and after she gets two feet away she books it back to us.

My boss is a druid.
>years ago.
>selling fruit at fruit stand in front of hardware store
>great expanse of burning hot asphalt as far as the eye can see
>See something orange in distance
>It draws nearer
>Morbidly obese black woman in motorized wheelchair
>Dressed entirely in orange robe and turban, holding large umbrella printed with Peanuts cartoons
>No fewer than three children riding with her on the chair
>She picks up and eats one of my peaches, leaves pamphlet about Jesus, rolls away
>Reappears next week
>Different children
>Same conversation
>Was this a piece of the Gaia spirit?
So Old Wolf is a druid, but what are the rest of their classes?
>So Old Wolf is a druid, but what are the rest of their classes?

Space Hobo: Quite obviously a Psion
80s Awesomehair: Cleric of FUCKING ROCK AND ROLL.
Walrus Cowboy: Gunslinger/Ranger.
Sufficiently awesome. Campaign time.

>That image as 80s Awesomehair raises his two devilhorned hands to the skies, then to his crotch to throw fire from his loins while releasing an awesome 80s rock scream
>Space Hobo using his madness to unleash the powers of paranoid illusions, mind bullets
>The two streams cross as Old Wolf does a Dine dance to mix the powers
>All flowing into Walrus Cowboy's Sharps Rifle to create the ultimate attack

And that is how Luke son of Nurgle was cast out of this world and back into the Warp.

>That feel when no drawfags are up.
>Game night
>2 am
>at gas station, getting snacks/flirting with cashier
>store is always empty this time of night
>seemingly out of nowhere, 6-foot-8 black guy enters store
>Black pants
>White shirt
>Black vest
>Black derby (hat)
>Blue silk tie
>Blue silk cape
>British accent (in US, sounded slightly forced, possibly fake, but who cares)
>purchases a pack of black and milds, pulling a $50 out of midair
>makes the entire pack vanish into same air, then pulls a single smoke from his own nose
>polite applause
>meme-spouting friend almost shouts "man, you look awful young for that, I thought you had to stay a virgin until you turned 30 to become a wizard."
>"Quite right, friend. This is why Sorcerers... *light cigar with flame coming directly from fingertip* are CLEARLY superior.
>He strides confidently back into the night, as we stand dumbfounded by his powers

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