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You are Gerald DeFlynn. After coming to the decision to take back the wild liger the Guylose military had commandeered, you initiate a plan to sneak into the Whale King where it was being held, ironically by using the Helcat belonging to the very people you had rescued from it.

After ensuring an alibi for yourself, you staged a surprise attack on the transport, making the defenders believe they were under attack by a much larger force, allowing you to slip in undetected.

Unfortunately the commander was not actually fooled, and after a short life and death struggle with a horror from the old war, you are timely rescued by an unexpected ally, who allows you and the liger to escape.

The liger ran free, back to the unstable environment it originated from. Though you offered to retrieve it once more for Audrey, she declines, deciding to wait until she is ready to meet with the zoid she befriended again.

You then discover the identity of your ally, through Sara, who had realized that one of the Garrison personnel was acting as a mole. To your surprise, she informs you it was her own brother, who had formed an active gorilla group to try and drive out Guylose influence from their homeland.

You went to bed, a lot on your mind. You awoke the next morning, thankfully not to the turbulence of a landing transport this time.

>What do?
Pilot Stats:
Shelling: 6
Maneuver: 4
CRC: 2
Affinity: 3

Bandit Hater

Tapping into senses you never knew you had, you survived a life or death encounter.

Awarness: You are now much harder to ambush

Personal Assets:
Molga, DeFlynn Custom
Red Horn
8,300 credits
One side arm
One heavy Anti-Zoid Rifle.

Team Assets:
One Demantis
One Zabre Fang
One Hound Soldier
One Cannon Tortoise
One Gordos
One Heldigunners
One Guysack
One Malder
One Sinker
One Gustav (Moderate Damage)
55,900 credits
1,500 credits worth of ammo

Guysack and Malder spare parts
Sinker (Damaged)
30 mm Beam cannon
Electromagnetic beam cannon
1 Molga's worth of parts

Sidewinder base:

Storage-Lv. 3 =10 Squares(1medium zoid per square)
>active gorilla group
Do they all use Iron Kongs?
File: 1346897874573.jpg-(154 KB, 979x734, veerl21.jpg)
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Neat, It must make hiding fun, just crawl up onto the underside of a bridge and hang there. Looks like it might have problems with high speed zoids though, I'd bet a good Liger could run right up one of those legs, hopefully they compensate for that.
File: 1346898317712.jpg-(47 KB, 872x534, veerl20.jpg)
47 KB
nah, it's got a cannon positioned just for that. and a shield.

And these little spider skimmers that can deploy from its legs
Neat, hope it doesn't blow a leg off with that though.

Also, check the news and Guylos reports. Make sure they have no idea we had anything to do with it. Do we have anything scheduled for today?
You finished the chartering job that brought you here, so really you just have to start heading home.

Getting out of bed and checking your sidearm just in case, you head out into the halls, peaking carefully as you go.

You decide the best way to get any news is to ask Tifa, the mole, since her job gives her access even to info that wouldn't make it into the actual news.

"Don't worry, hon." She assures you. "Looks like Guylose wants to sweep the whole incident under a rug. Heck, my boss will even get to keep his job."
That's a relief. You don't feel like having to keep an eye out for government wet teams the rest of your life.

>What do?
Excellent. I'm glad that everything is being kept quiet.

Mount up, and start the trek home. We're not in a huge hurry but we should be getting home.

Call Eri and let her know we're on our way back, there were a few bumps here and there but everything is taken care of on our end.
You locate your companions in the mess hall, and inform them you will be departing soon. Audrey volunteers to prepare some lunch for all of you, and Sara promises to help. Rick just waves weekly, poor guy looks half asleep.

Before heading out you turn in your final charter of the wild lands to the base commander. He lifelessly goes over your discoveries, citing 9 water sources, as well as the gold vein you stumbled upon. He concludes your total commissions add up to roughly 2,200 credits, and regretfully informs you that any reward for capturing the wild zoid has now become moot.

You tell him it's cool.

>-160(minor repairs/amunition)
>2,990 projected profit

(Everyone also got a 200 credit 'bonus' from the gold)

You mount up, and saying good bye to Tifa, head north for the bridge. You have plenty of time to chat.
Who do you wish to speak to?

Sara and Audrey.
Let Rick rest some, we'll bother him later.

Talk to Sara first and Audrey afterwards.

"Hey Sara."


"So how much are you wanting for your share?"

["Do you really think I care about money that much?"]


["...just gimme a quarter like usual, a third if you're feeling generous."]

>Talk more/What say?
>Talk to Audrey
So what do you think about this whole thing? Up for going on another wild area adventure if we can find another? Would you like a hug?
I'll do a third, it's only fair.

Thanks again for your help yesterday, I appreciate it almost as much as Audrey.

How's your life been going? Made any new friends? Been talking to Rick at all? I think you'd like him, he's a fun guy.

You want in on any other wacky adventures we go on? I can't promise that they'll all be quite this exciting, but in my life it's pretty common for things to not go as planned.
File: 1346902744146.jpg-(11 KB, 225x350, 116647.jpg)
11 KB

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give you a third. I'd say you earned it."


"Me and Audrey are the ones who should say thanks."

["Well, I'll be sure to pass that on to my brother if I ever get to talk to him. Jerk still didn't talk to me through the whole thing, just communicated through his girlfriend."]

"How have you been lately anyway? Met any new people?"

["I've been hanging out with the Ray siblings for a bit. They're pretty fun to be around. I invented a drinking game for every time Adam gets whacked with a frying pan."]

"Heh." You chuckle at the memory. Sasha probably has her hands full keeping him in line. You clear your throat and move onto the big issue.

"So...talk to Rick much? He's a pretty cool guy."

There's a pause, and you hear some static and flickering, like she's making sure no one else can hear what she says.

["Rick's nice. He's funny, and considerate."]

"Yeah?" you say, hanging on the edge of her words.

["But..."] she sighs.


["...he's not you."]

You flinch. "Uh...sorry?"

She laughs. ["Don't worry about it. It's not your problem."]

You feel a bit bad, for both of them. Not a lot you can do though.

You decide to end it there before things get awkward and reach Audrey.

>What say?
Hey Audrey, what do you want for dinner when we get back? You can have pretty much anything you want.

Also do you want to watch some Danlaiga when we get back?
File: 1346903895071.png-(36 KB, 415x615, Audrey.png)
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["Hi Gerald. I don't want anything in particular, if Eri makes us anything I'll accept it gratefully."]

"You think we'll get back in time?"

["Well, as long as there's not another bomb at the bridge!"] She actually giggles. You suppose that means she's over that incident.

You discuss Danlaiga and various other shows she has seen lately. Soon you reach the bridge, and make it across without incident. You make good time, and the sun is only just setting when you're fairly close to home.

>Head for home
>Stay with Sara till she reaches Cloverton
>Head for home

We've been out for a while and I think Sara can take the journey home on her own. If Rick wants to join her that's up to him.
File: 1346905261971.jpg-(34 KB, 300x300, Hound_soldier.jpg)
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You decide to part ways and head home. You ask Rick if he wants to go home or see Sara off. After some thinking he breaks away from you and joins up with her. You smile a bit and continue on home.

As sidewinder base comes into view, something catches your eye in the distance. As you get closer you make out the vague shape of a zoid. You soon realize it's the Hound Soldier. You're about to hail him when you see another zoid waddling about and firing ineffectually at the nimbler zoid. You see that it's the Gordose, most likely being piloted by Eri.

Vince is running circles around her, though she's putting in a visible effort. Perhaps thanks to you coaching, she is at least managing to keep the heavy zoid upright when he hops onto the Stegosaurus's backside.

>What do?
Send a message to the Gordos.

"Eri, try rearing back a bit and firing the railguns. This ought to knock him backwards, make him lose his balance, then just smash him with the tail, he'll fall right towards it."
watch, don't want to throw her off by surprising her.
(He just jumped on her and hopped off)
In that case I don't have any particular advice for her so just watch.

The Gordos is not something you want to have in melee, the goal of a Gordos is to blow them to hell using the piles of dakka you have and its absurd radar. If it gets that close you're at a severe disadvantage.
File: 1346906615855.jpg-(26 KB, 448x336, Gordos.is.spy.jpg)
26 KB

You remain silent as Eri continues to chase after Vince, peppering the area with training rounds. Despite this, she fails to hit Vince once, likely to her frustration. You consider coaching her some more later.

As you get closer, they stop their mock battle.

["Hey, you're back."] Vince greets. ["How did things go?"]

"A bit crazy." you confess. "I tell you the details later."

["Hope you still have some energy left, cause we recieved a challenge yesterday. We'll need to discuss it before long, are time limit is up midnight tonight."]

You wheel the Gustav inside and park where you have easy access to the Red Horn before dismounting.

>What do?
Let's get the details on the challenge. Who's challenging us, what do they pilot, what is their win record and strategy. We need information before we decide.
File: 1346908116237.jpg-(68 KB, 277x160, Ojrcw.jpg)
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You head for the meeting room. Vince is going over the data. You quickly realize who's challenged you.

"The Coyote team? Really?"

"Don't get a big head." Vince warns. "They lost to Stone Age. Before that, they were undefeated. And don't forget, we barely won against Stone Age with a parlor trick."

You nod apologetically. "So what info we got?"

"They each use a Command Wolf, but 3 variants. The model RZ-009 MK II with its 50 mm beam cannons, the LC model with its upscaled Long range AZ rifle, and the AC model with heavier weapons and armor."

He flips through the various displays on the monitor. "They're ranked 87nth after defeating the Mospeda team, and are trying to ride the momentum. All their zoids should be in top condition too."

>What say?
"Not a parlor trick, Molga Strong Tactics.

But onto the wolves. I think we can take them. Both you and Audrey are faster and more maneuverable than them. I can tank most of the fire power they put down range, the RZ and LC don't have enough armor to tank my shots and the AC isn't maneuverable enough to dodge if you take him down.

Our best chance at this is to separate them. We don't have the absolute best team work of any team, but you, me and Audrey are all damn good pilots with better Zoids than these guys. If we lock it into 1v1s we can tear them apart.

The goal is to separate them from each other and not let them cover each other."
Sounds good.
"Heh, right." He nods thoughtfully. "They excel at team play, usually picking off one enemy at a time with triangulated fire. They are pretty well rounded in all areas, but your right, the best way to deal with them is probably to split them up."

"So do we accept?"

"Don't see why not, I'll schedual it for the day after tomorrow so we can have some prep time. Were you gonna go in the Molga or the Red Horn?"

>Red Horn
>Something else
File: 1346909461797.png-(13 KB, 210x211, Vince.png)
13 KB
>Finaly going to use a avatar pic for Vince
>Dont que an image
Red Horn. They're expecting Molga Strong Tactics, they won't see us brute forcing them with dakka coming.

If we force it into 1v1s we can easily beat their faces in, and if that's the tactic Molga isn't optimal.
File: 1346910263567.png-(82 KB, 800x600, R.horn.png)
82 KB
"I'll be taking the Red Horn this time."

"Alright, try not to get a system freeze from one shot this time." he says with a grin.

"Not gonna let that one go, are you?"

"Not in the near future, no."

You make your way out of the room. You got time for dinner and a bath, and some general screwing around.

>What do?
General screwing around, o hoho.

Okay we've got a plan for the battle all set up.

Let's make dinner, something nice that caters to Audrey's taste as she did really well on this mission. See if we can rope Eri into it as well.
You head to the kitchen, and start whipping up some dinner. Deciding on tried and true curry, you get the pot bubbling and set the table, before calling the girls. Audrey is delighted. Eri smiles but still seems down as you eat.

"What's the matter, champ?" you ask as you scoot closer.

"Nothings wrong." she says flatly.

"You are a terrible liar."

She gives a long sigh as she picks at her plate.
"I feel like I haven't made any progress at all lately."

>What say?
Progress at what honey? I'm always willing to try and help if you need me.

If this is about Zoid piloting I saw you out there earlier and you're doing better. You have a lot to learn still, but you have to remember that everyone else here who pilots a Zoid has been doing it since they were a little kid and we haven't really had any hobbies outside of that.

None of us hold a candle to you with a wrench, even if I put 10 years into Zoid repair, modification and so on you would still eclipse me.
File: 1346912070536.png-(115 KB, 634x739, edb.png)
115 KB
She smiles for real.
"Thanks, Gerald. I could use a little bit more coaching if you are willing to spare the time."

"Of coarse." you assure. "No offense to Vince, he's a good pilot, but he expects everyone he teaches to pilot like him, probably not the best teacher."

"Excuse we for being a bad teacher." Vince grumbles behind you. You freeze in place, but he just reaches past you. "Ooo, curry!"

(back tomorrow)
quest resumes in aproximately 2 hours
quest resumes in approximately 2 hours
File: 1346966547433.jpg-(56 KB, 454x714, kainji0005.jpg)
56 KB
(the hell, flood detection? proc when it matters)

After dinner you watch some TV with Audrey, then take a bath. Eri chats with you in the hall before kissing you good night.

After a good nights sleep, you awake and get some breakfast. You have a whole day to do whatever you feel like.

>Train with Eri
>Work on zoids
>Team practice
>Train with Eri, preferably against other team members so they get practice too
File: 1346969684890.jpg-(514 KB, 800x800, 71649c5f6724dd788fd020624(...).jpg)
514 KB

You find Eri running diagnostics on the Red Horn.

"Mornin'." she greets without glancing up.

"Hey, what ya' doin'?"

"Just making sure the magnetic field didn't mess with any systems. Everything's looking green."

"Glad to hear it. You up for some training later.?"

"Sure, just give me a bit to finish here."

You consider how to go about this training session.

>What zoid will Eri use?
>Who will be her opponent?
>Where will you be?
Eri should pilot the Gordos.

We'll pilot the Molga.

We'll be her opponent in this. This will give her a chance to use the Gordos's sensor suite to its full potential by finding our location and then shelling it.
You'll probably want to wait for regulars to chime in, as I don't know much about Zoids and haven't read all of this quest, but maybe put her in the Hound Soldier, have Vince in the Gordos, and us watching and in radio contact?

You know, for a 'new perspective, this is how they dodge' kind of thing.

I dunno if that'll work though.
I'm not sure that'll work for two reasons. The Houndsoldier is a very difficult zoid to pilot, and it and Vince are very close, he might object to someone else piloting it. Though he would object less so to Eri doing so.
>Wake up.
>Find no food in the house.

Screw it, I'll starve. Time for zoid action!
Yeah the Houndsoldier and Vince are probably like Bit Cloud and Liger Zero. So no.

I thought we were training Eri with the Zabre Fang?
dude, no, get food. think of my conscience.
I'm here all day
I'll order something.

...Pizza sounds good.
I think we've mainly been using the Gordos or Cannon Tortoise for her but I think she could learn a few things from the Zabre. At the very least it'll be a good change of pace for her, though she might start comparing herself to Audrey's piloting which'll be bad for her self-esteem as I haven't seen her stats for a while but her Manuever and CRC are both not that good.
Nah, Audrey uses the Zabre. Eri uses shooty zoids, cause her skills don't really allow for much else.

I'm going to go for this unless anyone objects
Oh god damnit did I miss ANOTHER thread? BRB reading previous thread. Good to have you back ZM.
No obections from me on >>20625267's plan.
File: 1346972357950.png-(66 KB, 800x600, Molga.png)
66 KB
You get your Molga ready, paint rounds and all, and wheel it out of the hanger. After a few minutes, Eri brings the Gordos out. You go to an area behind the plateau Sidewinder base is built into.

["Ready when you are Gerald."]

>What do?
"Are you prepared for Molga Strong Tactics?"


Get under ground, make her start using her radar to try to find our location and shell us where she thinks we're going to pop up. Travel to good vantage points to pop off a few shots, have fun with the exercise.
You burrow into the ground and begin playing hide and seek. The Gordos's radar isn't designed with under terrestrial detection in mind, but she adapts and begins homing in on your location quite handily. Instead of firing, she simply reads off coordinates for you to show she's located you, before you move again.

"Ready to go for real?"

["Uhuh. Come and get it."]

Time to begin serious practice.

>What do?
"Nicely done Eri."

Tunnel to a location on her flank pop out, fire some shots, return to ground. Get her used to the pattern of us placing whack-a-mole then come above-ground out of her sight and go invisible to get to a good attacking location.
You bring the Molga around to flank her from some distance away. Since the paint rounds wont work submerged, you surface and fire into her side. She attempts to turn in order to return fire, but you're already back underground and repositioning. You repeat the maneuver 2 more times, her reacting more quickly each time, firing a few paint rounds on the last attempt that nearly hit in time.

You then get behind the Gordos and surface completely, triggering the stealth shield as you go. You begin circling her as she wades about searching for you. When your about to act though, she abruptly faces you, guns already leveled, and hit's you with a barrage of paint rounds.

["Hehe."] she laughs triumphantly. ["That won't work, Gerald. I designed that system for you, remember?"]

>What do?
"Clever girl, nicely done.

Always remember to fight smart and that fighting fair is silly. Take every advantage you can find, always have an edge.

Remember I'm not the most amazing pilot, I'm a damn good shot, but I'm no where near as good up close as Vince, both Audrey and Vince are more maneuverable and both Audrey and you understand and form rapports with Zoids better than I do. My main weapon is creativity, tactics and cunning."
Speaking of being unfair, we should destabilize the ground below her, the gordos is a heavier unit, and a sinkhole caused by our molga would collapse any weakened earth.
We also have various voices in our head, telling us what to do.
All caught up now.

Very good. Time to step up our game, methinks. maybe burrow under the Gordos a little, not enough to collapse under it, then surface some distance away and ran into its side, with enough force to cause it to collapse? We may not be great shakes at CQC, but I think we're better at it than her, and she may not expect it.
File: 1346976947987.png-(111 KB, 800x600, Gordos.png)
111 KB
(Indeed, though that fact is likely best kept private)

["I know about fighting smarter, not harder. And I think you sell you sell your self a bit short, hotshot."]

"Maybe. Ready for round two?"

["Oh, does that mean I won that round?"] she snarks.

"Only cause you cheated."


You dig into the ground again, repeating the first phase of the last strategy. You then dig underneath her, laying down a small amount of detcord on a timed charge before surfacing. You charge at her from some 80 meters away, enough time for your Molga to get close to its top speed. You hit her hind leg before she can face you with the force of a thousand angry caterpillars.

You sort of just bounce of her armor.

["Yeah,"] she says dryly as she shifts slightly. ["No."] The Gordos' tail strikes your side, actually flipping your Molga over despite its usually solid center of gravity. As it completes its revolution and lands right side up, you feel rather dizzy.

The charge underneath her goes off, and the Gordos' massive frame sinks into the ground, not enough to actually trap it.

"Beware the sacrifice bunt." you warn.


"Just...don't assume an easy win is an easy win, ok? That nearly got me killed once."

>What do?
Pepper her with paint rounds and then DIVE DIVE DIVE!
We should call in Vince or Audrey to come in as a surprise attack.

Something that will trick her up and we can just say 'We never said I couldn't this.'
"Remember, people are willing to take a few hits to deal a severe blow, especially if they fight in groups, they can have one sacrifice themself to give the rest a chance to beat you."

Pop her with a few paint rounds.

You shoot some paint rounds at the Gordos once the world stops spinning. You then get back underground before she can free herself. Your back to cat and mouse, though you are finding it difficult to get shots in safely. Looks like she's getting a feel for combat.

You eventually decide that it's enough for now, and tell her to stop.

["So how'd I do?"] she asks innocently.

"Not bad." you confess. "There's still room for improvement, but I think you've gotten the basics."

She seems pretty happy hearing that, heads for home giddy.

>Eri has leveled up.

Eri has 2 ability points. How would you like to spend them?

Current stats:

CRC: 1
Maneuver: 2
Affinity: 5
Yay, level up!

I think we should start by shoring up her weaknesses. Her Shelling is decent and her Affinity is just fine. I'm thinking 1 point to Maneuver and 1 point to CRC. She needs more Maneuver and we don't want her to be completely helpless if anything gets in close.
I agree with this.
What's this? no 15 post argument about stats? Very well, it is done.

CRC: 2
Maneuver: 3
Affinity: 5

You make your way back to base, your Molga somewhat battered from earlier. It was too low to the ground for the spikes of the Gordos tail to reach, so the armor is likely fine.

You park the Molga, and find that it has quite a bit of paint on it. The Gordos has less paint overall, but is also rather dirty.

>Clean up
>That's a problem for future Gerald
Clean up the zoids with Eri, then clean up with Eri. YouknowwhatImean?.jpg
Clean them up with Eri, "accidentally" spray her with water. Then after we're both covered in grime take a shower, with her if possible.

You decide to clean up now. Eri offers to help, and you get to work. You scrub both zoids down, occasionally pausing to observe her pants hang just the right way.

After about an hour you finish, the both of you getting grimy as a result.
"So..." you say disarmingly, "wanna get cleaned up?"

She grins. "I'll see you in the bathroom later."
You watch her leave and pump your fist. You then instinctively check to see if anyone was around. You go to the bathroom when all is clear. Eri's already inside. You lock the door just to be safe.

She then hands you a sponge and soap. You examine them curiously as the commands you to turn around.

"No peeking." she orders. You listen to the sound of her getting into the tub in the middle of the room.

"What am I suppose to do with these?" you ask.

"You're gonna give me a sponge bath."

"Huh?" you say in bewilderment as you turn around. "I'm not complaining, but why?"

"Cause I want one." she explains flatly, glancing behind her. "You promised to do anything I wanted for me before, remember?"

You did, actually, now that you think about it.

"And no peeking." she says sternly. "You do, or touch me with anything but the sponge, and you'll be living off toast for a month. I will buy locks."

Your not entirely sure if she's serious, but you comply for the moment and ease up to the tub. You start scrubbing her with sponge, and she gives a relaxed sigh.
"Thanks, Gerald, I really needed this."

She's happy, but you can't say for sure that you are.


Don't go overtly naughty, she wasn't kidding about cutting us off from everything but toast and she could enforce there not being any booze on base. But we should be gentle, teasing, massaging, give certain areas extra attention.

If possible after the sponge bath massage her shoulders and back and see if she's willing to reciprocate with bathing us.
File: 1346983516293.png-(1.07 MB, 1057x797, umadtoguro.png)
1.07 MB
Hell, offer a neck rub while we're at it. We be nice now, so that we may be naughty later.
File: 1346984689305.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 31 KB, 459x331)
Spoiler Image, 31 KB
(Not sure if proud)

You continue scrubbing her, bringing the sponge around her chest. She gasps and slaps your arm.

"What?" you respond innocently. "I only touched with the sponge."

She pouts her lip, but says nothing. You continue, and eventually make your down her legs. You start pulling back along her thigh when she grabs your arm.

"I'll handle it from here." she says to you. It's your turn to pout this time.

You offer her a neck rub, which she accepts, and she purrs as she soaks in the tub. She then orders you to turn around again. You hear her dry herself off and she soon walks past you in a comfortable looking robe.

After brushing her hair a bit she comes over to you and wraps her arms around you neck.
"So, Gerald..." she begins in that syrupy voice of hers. "Was that exiting?"

You nod.

"Did you get turned on?"

You grin and nod honestly.

"Did it leave you wanting more?"

You nod furiously. She smiles slyly and pecks you on the cheek before pulling away.


She walks away and causally opens the door, leaving you in stunned silence. After a moment you bring your hands up as your face contorts into a silent scream.

Well played, girl.

>What so?
That monster. We'll get her back for this, eventually.

Finish washing up, enjoy the tub. Dry ourself off with the fluffiest towel around, get dressed.

See what's going on in the base, what Vince and Rick are up to.
We're going to get her back for that.

For now...we should probably clean ourselves up.
Swearing your revenge on the nefarious she devil, you opt to relax as best you can. You take longer than usual, for obvious reasons.

After getting changed , you look around, until you find Vince.

"Hey, man, you still going over that stuff?"

He glances your way before looking back at the screen. "Can't afford to be careless. Teams that start up a winning streak can sweep right through the competition."

"Does one win count as a winning streak?" You say.

"Heh, maybe. We have a bit of a streak ourselves, though I don't feel like we've gained any momentum."

"It's been a bit of a cluster fuck." you admit.

"Well, as long as you don't go picking a fight with ANOTHER organization, we might start doing alright."

You shift nervously. "Yeah...how bout them Guylos..."

He slowly turns his head to you.

"Yeeeah, sorry."

>One explanation later

Vince has his hand over his eyes.
"For fucks sake, Gerald. Are you doing this on purpose?"

"I'm not even sure anymore."

He sighs. "Well, if it blows over it's fine, but please think about the people around you when you pull shit like this."

"I'll try, man. Hey, have you seen Rick?"

"Hm? Not really."

Where is Rick, anyway?
File: 1346986736833.jpg-(38 KB, 750x600, GX-maturity.jpg)
38 KB

"You sure you're alright?" Sara asked.

"Yeah, just didn't get any sleep." Rick responded groggily. "Kept having dreams about people breaking down my door and hauling me off to prison."

"I think we're in the clear. He would have taken precautions to cover our tracks."


"Ah, no one!" She quickly said.

They came to her base and pulled in.

"So, you want to hang out, or would you rather I leave?"

Sara thinks quietly for a moment. "You can stay for a while I guess."


"Can I hang out too?" A new voice asked. They both turned to see a young man in a windbreaker grinning widely.

"W-what are doing here, you idiot!?" Sara sputtered. "You want to get arrested?"

"Heh, you know I'm not that easy to catch."

"Uh, hey." Rick greeted

"Hm, who's this? He's not the one I talked to before."

"That's Rick."

"Hey there, Rick, I'm Garrod!" The man said while patting Rick on the shoulder. "You guys make it back ok?"

Rick's mouth gaped open.

"Sara's ex!" he declared. Sara punched him ontop of the head.

"No you're not!" she screamed. She took a breath to compose herself. "Rick, this is my brother."

"Pleased to meet you." Garrod said. "You looking after my baby sister?"

"I don't need him to look after me!" she says, flustered. He grins sheepishly.
(forgot 'Last night" grn text)

"Uh, I'm her friend." Rick manages to say.

"Well then, that makes you a friend of mine as well. Sorry for any trouble she causes, I know how she can be."

He deftly doges Sara's blow, and begins running away, laughing childishly as she gives chase. He outruns her easily and makes his way back to Rick.

"By the way." he says leaning in, his friendly face becoming dead serious.
"If you ever make her cry, I'll make you disappear, got it?"

Rick turned pale, choking on air. Another sleepless night awaited him.
"Ah well, I'm sure he's fine." you say with a shrug.

"Yeah, probably." Vince agrees. "If you need any work done on your zoids, get it taken care of now. We should have plenty of amunition on base."

"Sure. I'll see ya." You head out into the hall. Still a good deal of time left in the day.

>What do?
I've noticed that every single girl we're acquainted with has someone who will happily dismember anyone who makes them cry.

Vince will kill us in our sleep if we make Eri sad. Garrod will do the same for Sara and we'll happily "take care" of anyone who hurts Audrey.

Commune with the Red Horn. Try the cool talking to your Zoid and having an intuitive understanding of it that Audrey and Vince manage to pull of.

Be disappointed when it doesn't.
I support this, and after that see what Audrey's up to.

You go to the Red Horn, looking up to it from the floor. Vincent and his Hound seems like a special case to you, perhaps because of the advanced technology composing the zoid.
And in regards to Audrey, well, she's Audrey.

But here it goes. "Hey, big guy." you say to the metal dinosaur. "Ready for another battle?"
You stare up at the zoid in silence. Nothing. You shrug. You'll figure it out eventually. Probably.

You go to Audrey's room and knock on the door. After you don't get an answer, you creak the door open.
"Audrey?" you say as you cautiously peak in. You find the room empty. A quick glance alerts you to a note on her bed. You pick it up and read it.

'Gone to Tom's town. Back later.'

You feel uneasy, but the town under construction isn't far off. And she's been acting more confidently lately.

>It's fine, Tom can help her if she runs into trouble.
There is no panic, there is cold protective instinct.

We aren't going to panic, or let anyone know we're panicked, but we are going to visit the town under the excuse that we want to stretch our legs, take the Red Horn out on a walk, that sort of thing.

Then we find Tom and have a nice heart to heart talk with him while we're cleaning an anti-Zoid rifle in front of him.
You do not panic. Panic is for house wives and incompetent officials. No, you reason. It is perfectly reasonable to be concerned for the girl's safety. She could be targeted by the same people you freed her from. She might run afoul of some bandits. It is your duty to make sure she is safe.

That's what you tell yourself as you bolt down the hall and into the hanger. What you think as you hop into your Molga, the fastest zoid you're familiar with. You aren't the least bit panicked as you peel out the hanger door and make your way toward the town.

When you reach the town, you find it quite different from the other day. Walls have been raised all around the area, providing extra security as people begin building homes for themselves. It's still a long ways from completion, but it's getting there.

You spot Audrey's Zabre Fang inside the wall, unscathed. No sign of the girl herself though.

>What do?
Park the Molga. Just happen to keep the AZ rifle with us.

Look around for Audrey or Tom, ask around if anyone has seen them. Keep calm, no panicking or anything like that.
basically this
taking care to check out any vendors on the off chance we find something that we might need for later, like ammo. I believe we should at least have 30 rounds for our rifle, and 24 for our side arm.
File: 1346992785967.jpg-(105 KB, 276x530, foreman.jpg)
105 KB
You heft your rifle over your shoulder and dismount. The man standing guard eyes you warily, but recognizes you from before and allows you in.

Not much in the ways of vendors, most buildings aren't past laying the foundation. There are some people selling produce though. You get an apple from one and continue looking around.

"Well, look who it is!" you here a familiar voice say. You look back and see Brad, the foreman..

"Hey, there, sir. How ya' been?"

"Not bad, thanks to you." He gives your shoulder a hearty pat. You wince from the force.
"Surprises all around. First the little lady and now you."

"So she's here?" you ask.

"Yeah, she's actually helping us on our house."

>What do?
"That's wonderful, need any more help?

Oh, and is Tom around? I was thinking that we ought to talk, get to know each other better."
"Sure thing, follow me." the bear of a man drags you along with him. You come across a building further along than others, no doubt due to the foreman's personal involvement.

Audrey is hammering in nails rather enthusiastically on some floor boards. Tom is busying himself working on a support beam. He jumps after striking his finger and sucks on it gingerly.

Audrey gets up and fetches a first aid kit before heading over to him. He already has several bandaged fingers.

"Bah, not again. What's wrong with that kid today?" the older brother muses. You think you know.

>What do?
"He's a kid, that's what's wrong with him."

After Audrey finishes bandaging up Tom I think we should enter the building and have a nice private chat with Tom.

"Hey kiddo, nice work on the building. If you don't mind I'm going to borrow Tom here for a minute, there's a small thing I need to discuss with him, nothing important. I'll bring him back safe and sound, don't you worry."

Then take Tom with us, find somewhere private, sit him down, and we'll get to have a nice cordial chat.
I think I'll break here for the night.

Back tomorow if it lasts
File: 1347065291631.jpg-(28 KB, 250x250, Tom.jpg)
28 KB
(Thanks for keeping it bumped guys)

You walk over to Tom and Audrey.

"Oh, hey, Gerald." Tom says. "Didn't know you'd be coming by too."

"Gerald?" Audrey says, puzzled. "What are you doing here?"

"Just thought I'd check how this place was doing." you state casually. "Hey, Tom, can I talk to you for a minute?"


You lead him away, Brad and Audrey busying themselves.

"So what do you want to talk about, sir?"

>What say?
"So you asked Audrey to come help out with the building here? Cool, cool. Good for her to do some physical work, keep up her body. Just piloting and letting your body go to seed would be bad."

Cross our arms.

"Now, Audrey's like a little sister to me, and I' fine with the crush you seem to have on her, but she's kinda.... clueless. So be nice to her, take your time, and if you -ever- hurt her all the special Shield Ligers and Republic connections in the world won't save you. Okay? Okay."
"I'm going to dispense with needless pleasantries here Tom. We have something important to talk about.

You should know that I'm remarkably fond of Audrey, and I would have to be completely blind not to notice your opinion of her. You see Audrey has has a tough life, I'm not going to go into details as that's not my place.

I'm fine with your crush on her, however should the two of you ever start dating there will be a curfew that I set that you will follow. You will be nice to her, you will take your time. And if you force her into anything, make her cry or hurt her then no one will ever find your body.

If anyone asks we were talking about Zoids, understand?"

Then clap him on the shoulder and give him a wide smile.

"Hmm? No, I didn't ask her to come here. We don't have any communications set up yet."

"What?" you say in surprise. "Then why did she come here?"

He shrugs. "I was just as surprised to see her show up. She said she wanted to help any way she could. Me and Brad didn't think she could do any heavy stuff, so he suggested this."

"Well, that's..." you clear your throat. "We need to discuss something."


You lean forward with your rifle. "See, Audrey's kind of been mixed up in some bad situations, and as her...guardian, I need to lay down some ground rules."

He sits down and listens eagerly. "I'm all ears sir."

"First of all, you can stop calling me sir. Next,"

You lay down the law. No rushing things. No staying out late. No kissing. No hugging. No anything, really. He takes it all in stride, even the veiled threats. He nods at every point you make.

"So then, if I follow those rules, does that mean I have your permission?"

"Follow the spirit of the rules as well as the word, and we're good."
I don't want you to just follow the letter of the rules, but yes. You seem like a nice young man and I try not to interfere too much in Audrey's life.
He smiles from ear to ear and shake your hand.
"Thank you, Gerald. I'll do what ever it takes to make her happy."

You smile as well. You're fairly certain he means it. The two of you head back to the house.

"Tom!" his older brother barks. "You're useless with tools right now, so go get us some lunch.

"Yes sir."

>What do?
Help build the stuff I guess? Would be rude to show up and then just leave. Remind Audrey that we've got a match tomorrow and that she shouldn't tire herself out too much.
remind Audry we have a match tomorrow when we leave make sure to take a quick look around the town before we go no need to take chances after all.
Help build stuff, see how Audrey is enjoying herself, make sure she doesn't tire herself out, ruffle her hair.

You are a tad out of your element, but you give a hand where able. Tom makes it back a half hour later, and you enjoy a late lunch outdoors.

"Audrey, we have to get back in a little while. With the battle coming up, we need to prepare."

Audrey nods quietly.

"A battle, huh? When's that, tomorrow?" Brad says.


"Best we didn't keep you then. Tom, why don't you go back with them, they're pretty close by."

"Are you sure?" Tom says uneasily. "If I'm away, who will be on guard stand by?"

"I can whip any punks who'd show up in the ten minutes it takes you to get back. Now scedadle."

He ushers you out, and you all head for your respective zoids. Tom heads in the opposite direction, promising to meet back up outside the wall.

Audrey follows quietly after you as you leave the town gate.
"Gerald." she finally pipes up.

"What is it, Audrey?"

"Are you mad at me?"

You pause and face her. "What? Why would I be?"

"Because I left by myself,with out telling anyone."

She seemed so energetic and positive before, but old mindsets fade slowly, it seems.

>What say?
"Audrey, it's fine. I do like knowing where you are and where you're going, but that's just me being slightly paranoid and overprotective.

What I want most for you is for you to live your own life, to make your own choices. If you enjoyed coming here and helping these people then I'm more than okay that you did it.

It's okay for you to think about yourself, to think about what you want to do."

Then give her a quick hug and ruffle her hair.
No were not mad.
Surprised yes but not mad.(she is to smart to not suspect us of lying if we don't admit this.)
Besides we had to talk to Tom about something man to man anyway. Don't worry its a guy thing.
We were worried about that, and now we're slightly worried for different reasons but we aren't mad. just tell one of us before you go net time
File: 1347071606605.jpg-(50 KB, 535x350, 501565htm.jpg)
50 KB

Her smile creeps its way back to her face. She gives you a hug.

"Thank you. Sorry for worrying you."

You don't say anything and just ruffle her hair. After a bit you head back to your zoids. You soon meet up with Tom. Heading back to base, all the while Tom attempts to make conversation with Audrey, but continuously stumbles over his words. Audrey seems happy regardless.

You arrive at Sidewinder base in short order. Tom thanks you for allowing him to accompany you before moving to leave.

["Tom, come by some time."] Audrey says cheerfuly. The liger actualy trips. Your not even sure how he did that.

["Th-thank you, I will."] He then speeds off into the horizon.

>What do
Snicker, chortle, laugh.

If Audrey asks what we're laughing about just tell her that it has to do with the guy talk we had with Tom earlier.

Park the Molga, make sure Audrey knows what we're up against tomorrow and our basic strategy of dragging them away from each other to beat their faces in during 1v1 combat.

See how Eri is doing after teasing us this morning.

You let yourself have a private laugh. Were you that easily flustered at that age?

You secure the zoids and have Audrey go to the meeting room and see Vince if he's still there. You'll check with her later to be sure.

Eri's working on the Gordos' guns to switch them back over to real ammunition. She spots you approaching and waves before climbing down.

"Hey hotshot."

"Don't 'hotshot' me." you gripe. "I'm still going to punish you for earlier."

"Oh no, the big bad man is going to punish me, whatever will I do?" She puts on a mock distressed face. It is proving difficult to stay angry.

"You just wait." you threaten somewhat emptily.

She snickers, but adopts a more serious face.
"So..." she begins, fidgeting.


She looks away nervously, then turns back to you. "I decided on something."

"And what would that be?"

She continues to fidget for a bit. The amber haired girl looks you in the eye.

"I'm going to retake the registration test."

>What say?
>Wrench wench
>Battle couple

I Like this
Good on you. I'm proud of you. You could take the Gordos but it's slowness might make some portions of the test difficult.

I'd personally suggest the Molga, it's user friendly, allows creativity, and has plenty of Dakka.

If you want you could join me in the cockpit and I could give you some tips.
Congratulations you'll do great well even help you drill.
On a more serious note we aren't trying to press you into this and only want you to do it for yourself not us.

"Thanks Gerald." she says, pulling you into a hug.

"Is it ok, though? What about Vince, or your dad?" You're a bit concerned how those two might react.

"My decision, not theirs." She says flatly. "Besides, I'll be basically a second stringer for a while."

At least she isn't getting a big head.
"So when you going to take the test?"

"Tomorrow afternoon, after the battle." She explains. She looks up at you shyly. "Will you... go with me? I'm afraid I might chicken out if I'm by myself."

"Sure thing."

It's getting into the late afternoon now. You still have some time to prepare and strategize.

>What do?
Hmm, we have the basic plan done, we aren't pulling any dirty tricks, it's a very simple plan. Separate and Murder. We'll probably take the LC Model, Vince will run down the AC one and lance it and Audrey will deal with the RZ. Any of us take down our opponents we help the rest of our team with theirs.

Make sure everyone is prepped. Research the battle a bit more if possible, location would be nice to know.

See if the Coyote team has any big weak points, if any of the members fall short of the others.
File: 1347076139674.jpg-(180 KB, 448x336, forest.jpg)
180 KB
(storm here, so I might get cut off)

You head over to the meeting room, and find Audrey and Vince there. Vince eyes you, a long frown on his face.

"Gerald, we might be in trouble."

"What? Why?"

"Have a look for yourself, this came in a few hours ago."

You sit yourself in front of the monitor and look closely. It's the battlefield data for tomorrow. You see a lot of grass and trees. A whole lot of trees....oh.

"The battlefield is in the forest at the base of the mountains east of here. Completely withing dense forests."

"How bad is that for us?" you ask.

"Fairly bad. Even their bulkiest unit, the AC, is still slimmer than my Hound or Audrey's Zabre. These trees will also cut at the max speed we can go, cutting down our advantage a whole lot. Really this is a perfect environment for them."

"Any way to change it?"

"The battlefield was determined by the ZBC and is locked. We're gonna have to deal with it."

Well fuck. You sure these guys didn't bribe anyone?

The Red Horn is going to hate this. But the Molga hates trees just as much if not more. Root systems make burrowing hell and the lack of maneuverability slows it to a crawl.

Audrey ought to be fine, sure the Zabre's bigger than the wolves but given how good she is at maneuvering.

Are there any clearings? Anywhere with especially dense forest that we can use to funnel them into a firing line? Good vantage points to catch them in a cross fire?

Are there any places that force a head on head confrontation where the Wolves can't veer to the side, if so both Vince and Gerald are happy with that, Vince can charge them and Buster Cannon them or lance them. And we can just stand and deliver with all of the Dakka.
File: 1347077103754.jpg-(49 KB, 500x335, pcwyMedicineBowNatlForest(...).jpg)
49 KB

"There's a clearing around a small lake near the center. There's also a path I could take the hound on leading up the mountain face towards the edge of the battlefield. It could be useful for spotting enemies hiding in the forest."

You look at the map more closely. Sure the lake is open, but it's surround by trees, easy for an ambush to attack from almost every direction. There's a small clifface you could possibly put your back to north of the lake, however.

>What think?
I think we should use the Heldigunner in the lake.
Okay, we start the battle with you or Audrey taking that path, we identify their location, try to split them up and lure them to the cliff face north of the lake so they can't come from multiple directions.
File: 1347077751249.png-(111 KB, 800x600, Heldigunner.png)
111 KB
A good point. You do have a Heldigunner. You've even used it before so you are familiar with it.

Can I get a 'seconded' or something?
sorry i am having internet issues and a lack of a concrete plan
I like the idea of the Heldis, but I'm worried about its lack of firepower and the fact that they can just not fight by the lake which severely reduces its usefulness. In addition it requires us to stick together by the lack to make it useful which allows the Wolves to coordinate more.
So final word, just stick with the Red Horn and go with this
but that's the plan I'm advocating.
ok, since we're slowing down, I'll pause for now and finish up tomorrow
I'd vote for this, use the Heldigunner. I don't suppose ours has those wicked tail blades like from Chaotic Century? Could clear cut a path through the forest, make it easier for Audry and Vince to move around.
You unfortunately do not have blades on it
how easy would it be to add a chainsaw blade to it?
Curses, foiled again! Well..... could we do some digging and see if there are any blades for sale in the nearby town? Cause that kind of added utility would be nice; sure Gerald's no great shakes at CQC, but still, blades have their uses.
Not that easy. You don't have the parts for it,
even if you found them it wouldn't be ready in time. you can make a note to mod it in the future though.

So Heldigunner, or Red Horn? Each has it's pros and cons.

Actually, I should mention this now, the Red Horn is actually amphibious. Granted it doesn't swim as well as the Heldi, but it can go in the water just fine.
Eh, I suppose for variety's sake we may as well try the Heldi. It can burrow in mud and sand too, which I don't think the Red Horn can. And if we lose it's not the end of the world, we're still fairly rolling in cash with these missions on the side.
all in favor?
why not, we'll actually be more mobile in the heldi
and according to captcha we have "increased dhysick"
"You know, I think the Heldigunner might be the best thing for me to use here." You say after some debating.

"Yeah? I guess you could make use of the lake there." Vince says thoughtfully. "The Hound Soldier was designed for rough terrain like the mountain here, so I could go up top while you guys hold the lake area. We'll have to rely on Eri's support to pick them out."

You go over all the things you discussed previously with Audrey, making sure she's up to date. Everyone seems satisfied with the meeting, and you each file out from the room to go about the rest of the day.

>What do?
Go out in the heldi, we haven't used it in a while and it'd be good to get used to how it handles before the match.
rolled 80 = 80

could we put a stealth field on the Heldigunner,
I am pretty sure we have a pile of them
you have the parts to put them together, but water makes a stealth shield go BLTZGSTRP!

If you still want one, you get get it installed. Just remember to shut it off before a swim

You take the Heldigunner out for a spin. It still handles well, despite not using it recently. You take some practice shots with its cannon as well as getting some 'Swimming' practice in the sand. Burrowing in anything harder significantly deducts from your speed, something you'll need to be careful of.

You note the beam cannon can fire under the ground, but only just, requiring you to be very close to the surface to do so.

You head back to base as the sun begins to set.

>What do?
ask where rick is, eat, say goodnight to eri, and get a good night's sleep.
File: 1347130946596.jpg-(19 KB, 513x388, Rick.jpg)
19 KB

You ask about Rick. Eri tells you he's been back for a while already. You decide to check up on him and knock on his door.

"Is' open..."

You peer in and find him lying on his bed his eyes seem a bit sunken in and his complexion is a bit pale.

"Hey, man, you ok?"

He looks at you with blank eyes.


Rick sat up from the cot he crashed on last night. Death threats aside, Garrod seemed like a nice guy, even treated him to some drinks.

He wonders into the kitchen to get something to drink before heading out. He'd have to say goodbye to Sara, too.

"Who are you?" a gruff voice spoke behind him. Rick turned and looked up. Way up. The scared, eye patched man towering over him stared back down at him.

"R-Rick." he wheezed, breaking out into a nervous sweat. "I'm Sara's friend."

The man leaned in closer. "Is that right?" he stated dryly. "Not planning on fooling around with my little girl, are you?"

Rick shook his head.

"Good." Vlad said. "Cause if comes home pregnant, I'll kill you."

Rick's face cracked.


"Just a little hung over." Rick tells you.

"Alright, take easy for now, man."

(part time work, back in around 5 hours)
Oh Rick, you and your key-raaazy adventures.
File: 1347154654698.png-(63 KB, 761x571, Commandwolf.png)
63 KB
(its not easy being the plucky sidekick)

You get yourself to bed after dinner, and wake the next morning. After freshening up you find the others, sans Rick are already up getting some breakfast. The battlefield is a bit far this time, so you'll have to leave fairly early.

The current team loadout is:
You, Heldigunner
Audrey, Zabre Fang
Vince, Hound Soldier

Eri on support duty in the Gordos.

>Is that your final answer?
What are the Heldigunner's stats? I'd like a look at those to compare them to the Red Horn before I really choose, though I personally lean to the Red Horn.

See here
and here

their main weapons have comparable power
Given that the main weapons have comparable power I think the Heldigunner ought to work. I'll miss the armor of the Red Horn, but I think the use of the water can make up for that.

Heldi it is.
File: 1347158696428.png-(78 KB, 493x299, map.png)
78 KB
You make the necessary preparations, and leave a note for Rick to man the fort while you're all out.

It's a long trip to the mountain range that flanks the Red River, but you manage to get to the designated area just a few minutes before the judge lands.

After his usual speech, he adds something else at the end.

<Warriors, be advised! This is an unpopulated area. However, there is significant wildlife presiding in the designated battlefield. Please be considerate to nature.>

A public service announcement, how novel. You go over the map once more, to your teammates and opponent's deployment zone.

<Area scanned.> The judge continues. <Battlefield set up. The Coyote Team versus the Sidewinder Team, battle mode 0982.>

Okay, lets do this. Have Vince take the mountain path to see where they are, we'll head to the lake, and Audrey will stay with us for now.
File: 1347161315620.png-(76 KB, 493x299, map.png)
76 KB
You give Vince the go ahead and make for the lake edge. Audrey moves after slowly to cover you. You reach the water with out difficulty. The mountain terrain is proving no difficulty for the Hound Soldier.

Currently no sight of the enemy.

>What do?
Hide in the water, Audrey roams staying close, Vince calls in if he gets any locations.
Dig in somewhere in the mud, then power down as many unimportant systems as we can afford while still being able to get moving and power up quickly; ideally I want us to be a trap ready to spring. We hide close enough for our main cannon to breach the surface and hit the underside of one of them as they pass over us. Vince is scouting and keeping track of where they are, so that leaves Audry as the bait. Obviously this'll only work once but if it does work, it should take one of them out of the fight.
File: 1347162550749.jpg-(13 KB, 300x300, LC_Cmnd_Wolfd.jpg)
13 KB
You ask Audrey to roam about the lake to try and lure them out. She complies and circles the lake, whilst you hide yourself at the bottom. Some 30 seconds go by, and then a shot fires from the west of the lake.

It sounds like a heavy ballistic shell, probably the LC's long range cannon.

Audrey manages to evade the attack at the last instance, but does not see the enemy. No word from Vince yet.

>What do?
rolled 96 = 96

have audrey stealth up
Charge their general direction.


>Commissar Dan say's we're on a glory Run?
Have Audrey take cover and head to the east, away from them. They'll pass us and we can fuck them up from behind. Have Vince close to our position from an unexpected direction to flank the chasers.
File: 1347165907461.png-(75 KB, 493x299, map.png)
75 KB
Audrey fires blindly before retreating east along the lake. You receive a message from Vince.

["I'm in position. I'm scanning for the enemy now."]

["Shot's fired west of the lake, V."] Eri adds. ["I'm having trouble getting any readings through these trees."]

["I see one of them. It's the LC. He's...not moving."]

The one with the longest range seems to prefer staying in cover. If you can't draw him out, you'll have to locate the remaining two.

["Looking for the others now."]

["V! The LC's firing arc is covering your position!"] Eri says in a panic.

["Relax, girl. No way he'll hit me fromARGH!"]

You didn't see a shot come from the west, but it sounds like Vince has been hit.

["Damn! It's the MKII! He followed me up here."]

You then see weapons fire from the west.

["Move it, V! He's acting as a spotter for the heavy guns!"]

You glimpse the ordinance raining at what you can only assume is Vince's current position. You hear him curse over the com as he tries to take evasive actions.

["We figured you'd be up there."] a vaguely familiar voice says.

["Once we take out the leader, the rest is easy!"] says another.

Damn, you've been outmaneuvered! Vince is up there by himself, facing the entire enemy team.

>What do?
This is playing right into our hands. If one of them won't move, then managing to get the other two to fall for the trap and taking one out with our ambush will leave the other left to face us and Audry alone. Once they're dealt with the three of us can take care of the LC.
Vince heads down the mountain towards our position, lead them down this way. The mountain seems somewhat clear so he can use his speed and at least one or two are going to pursue.
Er, forgot to add in the tactical bits- Vince is now the bait, have him lead the two other Command Wolves to us and we can spring the trap.


"Vince, get down from there, your a sitting duck."

["And how do I do that?!"] he replies in exasperation.

"The path leading down from the lake is clear, you can go full speed down there."

["I'll also have no cover."] he retorts.

"Surely you can handle it." you say somewhat sarcastically.

["...I'll meet you in the middle."]

["Um, what should I do?"] Audrey interjects.

>Standby for now
>Move around for a flank
>Move around for a flank

They'll come after him, I want you to fire at the second one and delay him, blow him to bits if possible. I want them to be split up by the time they get down there.

Go for the sniper? I mean if he is going to sit there and his 2 friends are too distracted to help him we might as well try to take advantage of it.
File: 1347225663134.png-(76 KB, 493x299, map.png)
76 KB
(So did 4chan explode for anyone else last night?)

Vince growled as he powered through the barrage, finally able to get his speed up. The Command Wolf gave chase from within the trees.

["Heh. we knew you'd head down that trail, too. Now you're in the crossfire."]

"Oh?" Vince retorted mockingly. "Then I suppose you knew I'd do this?"

The Hound Soldier's Burst Cannon fired ahead of him, throwing up a large amount of dust from the dry earth the shots struck. With his increased speed, he instantly reached the new found cover the dust cloud provided, leaving his tail cursing as he pulled away.

You had Audrey prepare a flanking attack by the cliff wall. You await anxiously beneath the water, finally catching sight of Vince approaching from the mountain face.

You now prepare your counter attack.

>What do?
Hmmm,come to think of it, now that the LC is alone, Audry could break off and try to deal with it.... but nah, probably best to stick with our plan. Lure them in over us, then shoot one or both in the underside.
File: 1347228731826.png-(76 KB, 493x299, map.png)
76 KB

You wait for Vince to pass by, and keep an eye on the trail. You catch a glimpse of the RZ in the distance, though he's sticking to the trees as best he can. Audrey is hidden by the cliff face near the path Vince took down the mountain.

["The LC is moving further back."] Eri informs you. ["The AC adjusted its position but did not pursue."]

Seems you won't be able to get more than one in the ambush. How do you proceed?

>Wait for him to follow after Vince
>Have Audrey attack once he's in range
>Something else
You are in a goo
Take what we can get. If we can take out even one of them it tips things largely in our advantage.
need you to be a bit more specific here, dude.
Ah, sorry. I mean, we lure the remaining Command Wolf within striking rant and shoot it. Audrey's in the trees right? So have Vince lead it over so that we can get a good shot at it, with Audrey coming out to help finish it off.
That sounds like a plan.
File: 1347231029643.png-(76 KB, 493x299, map.png)
76 KB
rolled 4, 2, 2, 3, 2, 2, 8, 1, 5, 5 = 34


You adjust your position, careful not to disturb the water. Audrey moves up to attack as Vince runs past you to take cover in the trees.

The pursuing wolf hesitates, but ultimately leaves the cover of the forest. Perhaps he is trusting his zoid's speed to ensure safety. You wait patiently until he slide down a slope.

And then you and Audrey spring the ambush.

>Actions! (Roll d10's, Gerald's Shelling pool is 6)
rolled 2, 2, 4, 2, 3, 6 = 19

That is some seriously horrid rolling there.

Main cannon, FIRE! Three shots, 2 dice each, if possible aim for legs or joints.
rolled 4, 3, 8, 7, 7, 9 = 38

aim and FIRE!!!
rolled 2, 4, 2, 8, 4, 1, 5, 5, 1, 6 = 38


You fire 3 shots, both aimed at the legs. The first actually wiffs, but the next two hit. They land solidly on the wolf's front legs, and sear right through the armor, the second hit melting the plating.

Audrey jumps out and attacks with her Beam cannons, but fails to land any shots despite taking the enemy by surprise. The wolf returns fire, but fails in turn.
Audrey charges through the shots and engages the wolf in melee. Her Laser sabres sink into its neck. The lighter zoid attempts to fight back with its electron fangs, but they glance off as she throws him to the ground.

<Blue 2! Out of the Battle!>

Two left.

>What do?
File: 1347232799240.png-(76 KB, 493x299, map.png)
76 KB
(damn it)
"Hey, wolfies, Come out and play. You rely on team work, we just rely on filling you with holes, you're down one, you should just give up so we don't have to walk up there to kick your asses."

Taunt them, try to goad them into doing something rash like coming down to us.
rolled 1, 9, 10, 9, 3, 3 = 35

press the advantage have Audrey and Vince move to find the other wolf as we surface clock and look for the long range guy
Successful ambush is successful. Let's head in and take down the heavy cannonry one.
File: 1347234691142.png-(76 KB, 493x299, map.png)
76 KB
rolled 7, 5, 1, 6, 8, 7, 8, 5, 8, 9 = 64

You attempt to goad the remaining enemies as you take some pot shots at the estimate direction of the LC. You suggest your teammates head for the AC unit further in.

["I got movement for both,"] Eri updates. ["they're gradually getting closer while heading into heavier forest areas."]

["Thanks, Eri. I'm already going around. Audrey, you go up from where you're at, hug the west cliff face for cover."]


Whether your taunt had any affect or not you can't be sure, but the LC returns fire with its long rifle.

Because neither of you can actually see each other, both sides' shots prove ineffectual.

>What do?
clock and look around
No cloak, I'm afraid. there wasn't time to get it ready for this battle
I don't think the Heldi has a stealth field.
Let the Wolves continue to approach, if need be we can leave the lake to get into a good ambush position if that's what Eri's location data suggests.
File: 1347236107199.png-(76 KB, 493x299, map.png)
76 KB
rolled 10, 4, 6, 5, 9, 3, 1, 6, 6, 3 = 53

You fire and swim, trying to keep his attention as your allies get in position. Eri informs you that you are outside his firing arc now, and that he is shifting outside your range.

Figuring that they won't approach the lake any time soon, you decide to creep out quietly onto land and begin cautiously advancing through cover.

You can vaguely make out the LC on your own radar, but the up-slope is making targeting difficult.

From the sound in the distance, you can guess your teammates have engaged in a ranged duel.

>What do?
Okay approach his position as silently possible, get around behind him if possible. I think Audrey and Vince can take out that one so we'll distract this dude and if we take him out first help against the last one and if Audrey and Vince finish theirs first they'll come and surround this guy.
rolled 1, 6, 7, 4, 3, 8 = 29


Actually it might be better to be loud and fast(not that we can really go fast in the terrain). If we can keep him off of Vince and Audrey then they'll win 2vs1 easily enough and if he ignores us we'll be able to take him out much faster.
I support this action, It's our turn to be the distraction now.
rolled 3, 7, 3, 10, 1, 7, 5, 5, 5, 4 = 50

You approach the LC from behind, trying to keep up as he moves around. You open fire, though the trees hinder your shots.

What attacks do land are weathered by his armor, taking no real damage.

He fires on your location.

>What do? Roll d10's for eveasion and shooting
rolled 7, 7, 10, 5 = 29

Okay, so we have 4 maneuver, so thats 4 d10s I think? I'll let someone else handle shooting.
rolled 9, 8, 9, 4, 6, 10 = 46

Blow his gun to bits.

3 shots, each with 2 dice.
rolled 6, 4, 2, 8, 2, 10 = 32

rolled 3, 4, 8, 4, 6, 7, 7, 9, 2, 5 = 55


His shot's are fairly accurate despit the forest density, but your Heldigunner is more agile then your trusted Molga, and with some deft maneuvering, you manage to avoid the initial shots. One does hit, though, but thankfully he wiffs the last shot. Your armor held, not compromising any defence.

You return fire, and succeed handily, though most damage was negated by his armor, though one shot did sear off a hunk of armor plating around his neck.

>Conditon: Optimal
>Allies condition: Optimal

>What do?
Continue to tango with this guy, keep on firing back at him, dodging around. Keep him busy.
rolled 9, 8, 5, 5, 4, 2, 3, 10, 2, 6 = 54

Keep up the pressure

5 shots, two dice each

then check how Vince and Audrey are fairing.
each dice detracts from your pool this round. you can only fire 3 shots with 2 dice
rolled 7, 10, 1 = 18

3 regular shots one die each then
File: 1347244533931.png-(76 KB, 493x299, map.png)
76 KB
rolled 9, 7, 4, 1, 9, 8, 3, 8, 2, 6 = 57

You Exchange fire once more as you maneuver through the forest. You both land shot's but neither seem to be able to do damage.

["Damn these trees!"] Vince shouts angrily. ["I can't even deploy my lances."]

"How are you two fairing?"

["Guy's keeping us pinned with his guns when we try to get close. We're trying to surround him."]

["I'm circling around as best I can."] Audrey adds.

>Proceed as planned
>Ask Audrey to assist you first
>Proceed as planned

We need to free up the hound, we'll be fine for now.
proceed as planned, but alert Audrey to the fact that she's pretty close to our guy.
rolled 8, 9, 4, 4, 5, 3, 7, 3, 6, 7 = 56

"Watch for the LC, Audrey, it could get you from behind."

She thanks you as continue strafing the Command Wolf. You could continue attacking at your current range, or fall back.

>Stay and fight
>Fighting retreat
Fighting retreat, if the guy follows us that will give Audrey room. If he breaks off attack with renewed vigor.
>Fighting retreat

If he doesn't follow then just stay and fight.
File: 1347246806701.png-(76 KB, 493x299, map.png)
76 KB
rolled 1, 6, 10, 8, 2, 8, 9, 1, 2, 3 = 50

You fall back toward the lake as you lay down suppressive fire. As you do, heavy fire starts raining down in front of you..

["Dankirk, how could you miss that?! I had him drawn over here like you said."]

["Quit complaining, Backline!"]

The AC has switched to targeting you. They probably thought you would be the quickest to take out.

Good, they're both focusing on us. Make an attractive target lead them to the lake, let Vince and Audrey smash into them from the flanks and behind.
rolled 1, 7, 9 = 17


Since the AC has switched to attacking us suddenly charge our guy, hopefully this will create a window for Vince and Audrey to successfully flank.

dice roll for success [spoilers]watch it fail[/spoilers]
File: 1347249470084.png-(76 KB, 493x299, map.png)
76 KB
rolled 6, 10, 7, 2, 9, 4, 1, 2, 7, 1 = 49

You charge momentarily, attacking the LC. You manage to damage his legs with two hits, you taking a single hit for your troubles. Your armor finally gives on your zoids main body, but it is not entirely compromised.

You pull back once more as the AC fires on you again. Your front legs take some damage, but you continue moving back.

Audrey and Vince have moved up, and begin attacking. Audrey's beam cannons hit the AC, but cause only minor damage. Vince launches his Buster Cannon, but misses.

Top of the round.

>What do?
no, its just the outer plating, you still have some armor to spare.
rolled 4, 8, 8, 6, 2, 5 = 33

Okay, retreat to the lake, keep on firing, try to cripple his legs or weapons. I think we got this under control.
File: 1347253298816.png-(76 KB, 493x299, map.png)
76 KB
rolled 9, 4, 1, 7, 5, 1, 6, 3, 5, 10 = 51

You fire back as you scurry away, reaching the edge of the lake. You take another few hits, but give back what you get.

The Wolves chase after you as you reach the water. A quick look at your hub tells you it is safe to dive, which you do.

Your team mates are now positioned behind your persuers.

>What do?
rolled 10, 9, 1, 3, 5, 2 = 30

Stay in the lake mainly, pop out for pop shots at random locations and only stay out long enough to blow a hole in one of them.

Keep them focused on us so that Vince can get room to get up to speed and lance them and Audrey can murder the other.
rolled 6, 7, 2, 2, 6, 3, 10, 4, 1, 6 = 47


Staying hidden until attacking, you manage to avoid the vengeful assault that would possibly have finished you.

Vince pops out of the trees just after you tagged the LC through its cover. Audrey comes around the side and attacks. The two return fire. They're attempting to remain mobile, but half their escape routes are cut off.

>What do?
rolled 3, 7, 7, 6, 5, 10 = 38

Focus on the same one as Audrey is, if it looks like it's finding an escape route move to intercept. Blow massive holes in it, once it's down to 1 I think they'll just give up.

Aimed shots, 2 dice each, biggest guns we have, focus on mobility kill.
rolled 7, 4 = 11

pop up and take a shot and then move somewhere else. stay hidden.
rolled 6, 5, 8, 7, 5, 6, 1, 1, 6, 5 = 50

You emerge from the water. Taking aim at the LC's damaged legs, you open fire. While the armor holds for the first two shots, but the third hits solidly and pierces the armor. The Command Wolf stumbles, it's front leg now disable.

Audrey hammers it with beam cannon fire, and it abruptly falls over.
<Blue 3. Out of the Battle!>

The AC exchanges fire with Vince, putting up a good fight despite the difference in the zoids' performance. However, Vince lands a hit with his powerful Buster Cannon, knocking the (slightly) lighter zoid over. The Hound Soldier closes in and pins the wolf.

["Might want to surrender."]

["...Fine."] the other pilot says bitterly.

<The Battle is over. The Battle is over. The winner is, the Sidewinder team!>

"Alright!" you declare.

["You didn't get knocked out this time."] Vince ribs.

"Yeah, I think I'm actually damaged worse, though."

["It happens."]

Team Sidewinder get's its fourth win.
Until the next battle.
Did aim for this thread to last this long. my schedule was a bit crazy this week.

Anyway, question time, for anyone who's interested
Next thread will be Wendsday. Hopefully things will go smoother this time.

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