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File: 1346881774479.jpg-(73 KB, 725x498, slaves.jpg)
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You look into the eyes of the xeno in front of you. Kroot turns his bird-like head to one side, his beak slightly open and eagerly spits out words foreign to his tongue:
"Do we have a deal, big human hunter?"
You understand that you don't really have a choice. In the last days Commoragh started getting smaller, too small for your taste. This place, this city... It was hell made reality. But there is only one thing worse than being in hell and that is being in hell that actively tries to kill you. And somewhy you feel that you might soon find yourself in this position and then it will be only your armour and your bolter between and laughing shadows in the dark. Desperate situations require desperate solutions. Dealing with this xeno is disgusting, but this small sacrifice might save your life later.
"Yes, we have a deal. Have those components within a week, as promised, without them I cannot repair my armour. Deliver them and souls will be yours."
Kroot licks his beak from satisfaction and grabs a piece of raw meat that squat barkeep just brought.
"Happy I am, big human hunter. May your hunt be safe."
He starts ripping his slab of meat into pieces with his beak and loses interest in you. You scratch your temple in contemplation. One more thing taken care off. What now?

The Iron Pain pub:
+Pleasure attic(girls, drugs, drinks, games)
+Fight Club underground(5 possible opponents tonight)
+Main room:
=Barkeep squat Durin
=Kite-high Dark Eldar
=Two Tau playing game with crystal balls
= Drunk human bounty hunter with an inferno pistol on his hip
=Gang of Tarellian dog-soldiers are getting drunk and barking with each other

Or you can always get out of Sec Maegra back to Middle Darkness... What do you do?
I believe we were thinking about the fight club last we had this. Who were the opponents again?
Let's talk to the drunk human, learn who he is, why he's here. Also ask around about Kraf't'hor, getting an honorary membership here might be useful, but I'd like to know more about who we'd have to fight for that.
Go over to Durin, and ask for a drink, no soul-wine or anything, just some plain old alcohol.

>Hey, do you....know anywhere I might be able to.....resurrect someone when I have their soul?
Enemy: Glaston, gunslinger
Duel type: 2 shots with any one handed-weapon from 30 meters, the one who inflicts worse injuries wins.
Prize: 5 slavegirls(mixed pack)

Enemy: Combat servitor
Duel Type: Survive 2 minutes in a maze
Prize: 300 souls

Enemy: Aisha, human female psyker
Duel Type: Deathmatch
Prize: Personal power-field generator

Enemy: Kraf't'hor, Xo'nad Warrior
Duel Type: Close combat, honour duel(until you surrender)
Prize: 1 year honour membership in Iron Pain, free drinks, girls and other services

Enemy: Imperial Guard squad, untamed
Duel Type: Deathmatch
Prize: Wraithbone sword
(I am picking this suggestion because of roleplay)

Please roll your charm.
rolled 70 = 70

don't forget we have +5 charisma for diplomacy, I hope that counts in this situation.....
more information on the Imperial Guard Deathmatch.

What is "untamed" and the terms of the fight? Weapons? Armor? Full 10? or 10 + Commisar?
File: 1346882854359.jpg-(36 KB, 384x448, durin.jpg)
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Durin's face grows pale and he very loudly answers to you:
>You ain't getting any more drinks from me tonight, you bastard! Now get out of my pub before I call in the guys with knuckle dusters!

What do you do?
Is there any previous threads logged anywhere?
We should probably do as he says then.

Let's head back to our transport and return 'home'.
File: 1346883055311.jpg-(55 KB, 437x599, armour.jpg)
55 KB
I don't want to scare you dear sir, so here's only the last session:
all the others are here:
But please do not run away immediately, no knowledge is required, only wiilingness to participate, we'll brief you!
File: 1346883193865.jpg-(6 KB, 220x217, darkening.jpg)
6 KB
rolled 36 = 36

As you walk out of the Iron Pain pub, the Darkening has already begun, soon Twilight will be over... Do you take any precautions for your safety? Also, please roll a secret roll.
Sir Yes Sir! I will continue to survey this data, and report back intermittently.
rolled 49 = 49

Standard precautions, watch our back, take circuitous routes to find any tails we have, keep our eyes peeled at all times, that sort of thing.
File: 1346883384586.png-(976 KB, 1024x768, dark city.png)
976 KB
I'd suggest joining us in our chat here:
Or reading more in the wiki here:
Either way, I am always open to questions if you would have any.
rolled 87 = 87

Keep very aware of our surroundings, eyes open, always looking at the corners. Affix out heat-seeking eyewear, keep one hand on our Splinter Rifle and the other hand on one of our knives.
You manage to reach your speeder without any trouble, except for some kids throwing knives at you, but you scare them away with a salvoe of splinters and they run away. Where shall you travel?

+Low Commorragh
+Hidden Blade
+Port Carmine
+Nightsound Ghulen
+Port of Lost Souls
+River Khaides
+Sec Maegra
1.Iron Pain pub
2. Elysian Droptrooper Hideout
+Bone Middens
+Old City
+High Commorragh
1. Arena of Thousand Woes
+Middle Darkness:
1. Xynthia's Tower
2. Cult of Strife Headquarters(Xynthia's Cult)
I say we return to Xynthia's tower, and wait for the Damn Bird to get the parts required to fix our armour.
Let's head back to Xynthia's tower. It's our base of operations and there isn't anywhere else I particularly want to go.
Please roll 2d100, one for navigation in the night, other for luck. Darktime speeder travel in Commoragh is VERY dangerous...
File: 1346884942641.jpg-(42 KB, 565x283, maverick-glasses.jpg)
42 KB
rolled 31 = 31


So we're riding into... the DANGER ZONE?
File: 1346885049850.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 31 KB, 500x329)
Spoiler Image, 31 KB
rolled 16 = 16

damn it captcha, stop screwing me up and then making me roll 1 die at a time.
File: 1346885158384.png-(35 KB, 170x206, Successful Lion.png)
35 KB
File: 1346885218008.gif-(2.6 MB, 448x298, 1300592073597.gif)
2.6 MB

File: 1346885922908.jpg-(59 KB, 200x200, 1346018177842.jpg)
59 KB

>those rolls
File: 1346887500173.gif-(1.85 MB, 200x183, 1346722419990.gif)
1.85 MB
mfw. no, seriously, you travel through the middle of Commoragh during Darktime, ignoring all the biker gangs and shit. Fine, you are in Middle Darkness.

What do you do now?
rolled 53 = 53

File: 1346887928796.jpg-(275 KB, 541x967, lelith hesperax.jpg)
275 KB
Xynthia has no specific plans this week apart from two fights in the Arena of Thousand Woes and a party at Lelith's place.

What do you do?
we wait the next week. we need that armour.
Sleep for the rest of the night.
rolled 61 = 61

Your sleep is peaceful as Xynthia is away somewhere. You spend the rest of the week getting to know the tower better, talking with some of the Xynthia's slaves and practising to use Splinter rifle. However soon the week passes and you are ready to return to Sec Maegra to take your armour, if you wish.
We put our armour into a bag we can sling over our shoulder, haul it into the speeder and head back to Sec Maegra, I am updating inventory.....
And also put the DropTrooper weapons in the bag.
File: 1346889061046.jpg-(51 KB, 397x565, lucu trosk.jpg)
51 KB
Now that you know the way back and forth from the Sec Maegra, there is no need for you to roll any more navigation rolls and your luck seems to accompany you on this journey - nothing bad happens to you on your way. Very soon you are greeted by Bragg and Fug, who swear and laugh once they see you and immediatelly let you into the Iron Pain pub. Durin turns away once he sees you, but he knows you are on business, so he doesn't say anything.[possibility to roll sense motive] In the end of the hall, you notice Damn Bird, sitting near a half-finished pseudo-cow. He motions you to come closer and bellows across whole pub:
"Hunter friend, weapons I bring you! Come! Come!"
rolled 79 = 79

Rolling sense motive.
>Glad to hear it, Lucu. I've also brought a few toys you might be interested in, but please, you first.
rolled 78 = 78

Sensing motive.
File: 1346889681034.jpg-(28 KB, 249x530, 1296446965779.jpg)
28 KB
You are not sure why he got so sensitive about the business of resurecting souls... Squats are hard to read. Maybe you should try to get to know more about the subject by more covert means.
Lucu quickly leads you from the hall into a room in the back. You approach carefully, just in case it's some kind of trap, but it seems, that your fears have no real foundation. In front of you lie parts that you lies a semi-destroyed green-grey suit of Space Marine armour, by the looks of it his previous owner belonged to Salamanders Chapter.
"This weapon good, serve you well, when you fix it."
Then you realise, that as kroots don't really use any kind of armour, that in their language most probably both weapons and armour have the same meaning. You check the armour, reactor-core seems to be intact, also most of the armour plates are good for repair, nothing except for small scratches from mono-knives and splinter rounds.
"Hunter happy with weapon? My souls?"
[possibility to roll bargain]
[possibility to roll scrutiny]
>Of course Lucu. I've brought my old armour, I was hoping you could give me a little bit of advice on fixing this new suit with these old parts. Also, I have some weapons you might have interest in.

Show him the Drop trooper weapons.
>Be careful, they're ID coded.
As you both extend your Soulstones, light mist forms between them and you think you see little cinders of light traveling from yours to his. With a light envy you notice, that his Soulstone shines so brightly that you could almost use it as a lamp in a dark room, he's rich in souls.

You lose 408 souls for armour
You gain 25 souls for weapons
You lose total of 383 souls
Now you have 82 souls left.

"Hunt is pleasure with you, human. Shall you drink with me tonight to honour the gods?"
I say we go for it.
>I'd love to Lucu, but I'm afraid I'm on a tight schedule. If I'm ever in need of your unique services again, I'll catch a drink then.

>Oh by the way.....you wouldn't happen to have any batteries would you? I'm looking for two, with a voltage difference of 1.87 volts?

If not, we return the armour to our craft and head back to xynthia's tower.
File: 1346890947020.jpg-(58 KB, 600x776, homunculus.jpg)
58 KB
Roll your Repair/Sabotage[INT:2] skill to explain him what is the power of batteries you need. If you will manage to do it succesfully - he has a couple in the back room and gifts them to you with no pay.
As you return to the tower, Csvakshek meets you at the door:
"Ohhh, thatsss who comesss back home at thisss late hour. Mistresss wantsss to sssee you. And I forgot to mention... Yourrr arm isss ready. I want to cut you open..."
rolled 40 = 40


>Excellent, you can do it once I speak with Xynthia.
We'll wrap it up for tonight. See you all tommorow(I hope.)
+2 xp for today
File: 1346892483950.jpg-(33 KB, 339x425, The Fonz.jpg)
33 KB
Thanks Skargan.
Thanks for running as always.

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