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File: 1346808599150.jpg-(39 KB, 400x507, Engine_heart_cover.jpg)
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So /tg/ how do you feel about Engine Heart?
Got any stories or tips you'll like to share about the game
So far it looks really fun but I'll like to hear other's opinions before I set anything up
So no one got anything?
Never heard of it, but if you feel like talking about it I'd gladly pay attention.
Looks awesome never played it though.
Engine Heart is a /tg/ created game about bots after all the humans died out in a apocalypse

File: 1346809611794.png-(63 KB, 816x1056, Wall-e.png)
63 KB
Here is a sample sheet if you want to play as Wall-e
its WALL-E the game. i did an initial read-through back when there were no less than 3 threads at a time on /tg/ about it at all times and it definitely did a good job of being WALL-E the RPG. i expect a lot has changed since then, but the system seemed to discourage combat and make the players work toward more roleplay-oriented goals.
>but the system seemed to discourage combat
How so
Remember, i haven't read it in months.

Back then, the options and mods were multi-use, multi-purpose, and none of those uses/purposes was weaponization or armor. the weapons an armor that were there didn't ahve a clear upward progression either. but that's not a bad thing. it just created a system tailored to more experienced players who aren't your standard "hur durr im 14 and imma attack erry-thang!!"
Awesome then

Souds cool. Are there any session reports I can read?
Don't know
I didn't even know it was popular on here sometime ago
File: 1346811389733.jpg-(47 KB, 375x500, 1330920892541.jpg)
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Engine Heart is pretty much the greatest game of all time. The guy who put it together is also rumored to be devastatingly handsome.

And rich.
Well I thank him
File: 1346812347575.jpg-(144 KB, 480x640, 537862584_c90528d19f_z.jpg)
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I'll... uh... let him know.
This is, of course, entirely true.
get out engine heart devs
It looks and sounds neat but I haven't got the chance to play it yet.

Would love to run a game where the PCs are NASA/other agency test rovers. Or the PCs are in Mars orbit after a terraforming disaster, remote piloting various drones/vehicles to try and salvage things (think KSR's Mars Trilogy in a way).
in seriousness Viral is pretty cool
Ha, well thank you kind person who totally a different person
Yeah, EH devs, get out of my heart
I had that same idea
Like all the hovers how are stuck on Mars just get together, and go on a adventure to get back to Earth
Are there any other stories from Engine Heart games?

Here's a quest thread that used Engine Heart rules
I've got a work of short fiction inspired by EH that I've posted before, if anyones interested
I'm very interest

There were not many of them left. A few hundred is the most likely estimate; surely no more than a thousand, even counting the inert.
Though they are effectively immortal, accidents happen and the slow degradation of their frames must be offset with periodic maintenance.
This alone could not explain their low numbers, even after all this time. Once there were many more, millions, perhaps even billions. Some time in the distant past a disaster occurred that reduced their numbers to a fraction. No record remains of the details of this disaster, for though their memories are incredible they are not perfect and it has been a very, very long time. Some speak of a colors playing across the sky, but whether this was cause, consequence, or simply imagined is unknown.
Even less is remembered about there creators, and surely they were created by another for they do not reproduce. Though the act is possible for them, they simply do not possess the desire. This is perhaps the greatest difference between them and us; that they have no need for companionship.
This is why they live as they do, alone, separated even from each other by hundred of kilometers. A few ‘cities’ exists, collections of half dozen or so, but they are the exception.
The lives they live are almost unimaginable. Alone, utterly alone, at times for centuries their needs easily satisfied by their abilities. Even those of us who travel the far reaches of the stars cannot know that type of self-sufficiency, or that loneliness.
And what did they do with that time alone?
Some simply sat still in thought, sometimes thought so deep they forgot to tend to even the minimal needs of their kind. Others watched; observed the world changing slowly around them until they had forgotten what it was like when they began. But most amazing are those that built.
They created works so vast, so intricate, that it would take a dozen of us lifetimes to create. However, their greatness lay not in their size but in their incredible beauty. I have sent images and recordings, but such thing cannot do them justice, for to walk among them is to be humbled by majesty. We who number in untold billions, who build ships that travel the great black depths of space cannot claim any creation as great as these. Any who would claim that a machine cannot possess a soul need only to look at the works of those on Earth to know that they are wrong.
I was thinking more the prototypes NASA makes here before building the real thing. They're lying abandoned in some test grounds after The Event, start up randomly and its time to SCIENCE!

Also finding replacement parts. Good luck.
>and go on a adventure to get back to Earth
Here's a question: How?
You need (appx) 7,800 m/s of delta v to get from the Martian surface to a Earth return trajectory.
And there's the question of how they'll survive reentry.
With the stuff that's on Mars right now? Just not possible.
Not to mention there's like 3 functioning robots on Mars right now, they're hundreds if not thousands of miles apart from each other and only one of those is in a more than barely serviceable function!

Fucking unrealists, trying to poison our games of intelligent robots wandering around.
Ha, well of course not what we have up there now
The game does take place in the future
I'm just saying that in order for this to work --
Yeah pretty much that. Let's say that there have been a lot more Mars missions and there are plenty of abandoned craft lying around.

Your rovers would have to either find or cobble together a rocket capable of getting them at least into Low Mars Orbit. Then they spend a lot of time in orbit to rendezvous with all the craft left there so they can scavange/salvage/cannibalize enough parts/fuel to make the return trip.

It would be an interesting to see how your rover PCs manage to operate in zero gravity, seeing as they weren't at all designed for it.
File: 1346815092768.jpg-(260 KB, 1171x1229, C1nd3origin.jpg)
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I owe a lot to engine heart.

Admittedly, its kind of a simpsons-did-it-better.
Yeah like finding old spacecrafts in Mar's junk yards
File: 1346816321621.png-(37 KB, 128x128, IW_IT.png)
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Engine Heart gave me enough material to run a year long campaign.

Viral's a cool dude for sharing this thing.

Here's what ended up being added as house-rules during gameplay:


Target Number modifier pools

Players gain -TN that they could spend on reducing the target number for rolls. They increased this pool by properly guessing the amount of successes whenever anyone rolled a skill check. Everyone bet.

The minimum a player could buy down a roll's difficulty was 3.

Led to some insane moments when I set goals for hoarded -TN amounts. The most spent was 100 to out hack an AI that was taking over the faculty they were hiding in and was aiming remaining mil-spec satellites at them.


DEBUGGING aka Do Android Snakes Dream of Electric Poop?

A robot can skip his actions for a turn and instead focus on refining their programming. A particular stat test is chosen for the virtualized world of the bot’s own mind. The Bot adds a -TN to their pool per success on the stat test. Guessing the number of successes will add a point of –TN as usual.

For example: Tumbler wants to debug while otherwise doing nothing and recharging. He chooses RealityCom and Mobility to refine his path finding. His dice pool is 6 and the target number is 7. He rolls 3 successes netting him that number in –TN to add to his pool. He also was double lucky and guessed the number of successes making his total –TN net 4.
File: 1346816832266.png-(42 KB, 128x128, Brominator.png)
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That game gave birth to a lot of crazy things. And not just in part to the TN system we used.

ZEDs, LOTUS circit Chips (3 suggestions anyone?), Anonymous Prime, Train AIs walking around, Larry Town Stadium, babby Bagger 288 crashing through the walls of a mall, and best of all, "Got to go to space".
File: 1346817203471.jpg-(45 KB, 612x792, pnl.jpg)
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If anybody missed it there's a full module you can download from the wiki.
You know better than to just leave it at that.
Tell us the whole story.

Playing that train A.I. was the best time ever.
File: 1346818335187.png-(379 KB, 1866x1209, TUFA_Mills_Int002.png)
379 KB
What part of it? The action happened in three major locales in addition to the final board of SPESS.

-Tinplate Hills Aerodome Officepark: Blimps were being used to ferry out supples. The PCs were light industrial or domestic robots initially activated to gather said articles to the deployment point. Contraband Box Boxs ended up escaping from quarantine and the massive mining platform Tufa Mills ran over half the place. The Bots were given new orders and FEMA level permissions and GTFO.

-Tinplate Hills Arcology: A massive building that housed a city. Mostly intact until the PCs arrived with the airlifted supplies. Tufa Mills later smashed into the side of it's super structure in an attempt at changing civic policy. Bodies were gained and lost. Comfort Pets were activated and much transaction free "shopping" was had.

-LARRYTOWN: With a Stadium, Raceway and the unusual Nautiloid Building as major structures contests that determined the very fate of the remnant North American Union were waged.
File: 1346818861260.png-(46 KB, 622x346, NAU_flag.png)
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Setting: The NAU (North American Union) Post nuclear / biological holocaust.

In a time where 3rd generation raised on 4chan people were running the markets. And shops sold some weird ass shit, and robots.
File: 1346818946411.png-(359 KB, 1890x1960, IntercontinentalAIR.png)
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Hijinks also occurred at Intercontinental Air which had a space capable craft that looked suspiciously similar but in no way was the Avenger from X-Com.

There was also a NAU federal bunker underneath the tarmac.
File: 1346819700890.jpg-(819 KB, 986x1241, EH007psready.jpg)
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The player character robots were considered Conscious Equipment with almost all of them having Asimov Positronic Chipsets. Some exceptions to this were Anonbot's networked core system and Kauxtu's "Lotus Chip" made by a commune of techno-hippies.

Autonomous Equipment was sometimes helpful other times a bumbling preprogrammed menace like the Boxbots.
File: 1346819999301.jpg-(56 KB, 563x641, anonymous_prime.jpg)
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Each bot had a unique mission, and agenda, a few did stick to helping out (even when not grasping the whole picture).

Hippy spear bot: Made out of spike and brazz and stuff, contained a copy of the LOTUS chip, build by tech hippies. Definded itself with gender, made a robo wiafu.

Sneaky bot: Was using espionoge/ FEMA premissions to further a pre-programed mission of its.

Repair walker: Was rather helpful, tried its best to use the FEMA permissions as intended.

Repair Humanoid: Used the power of Tuffa Mills to create a robot ruled world.

Robotic drain snake: Down graded military frame, now used to clean your drains!

Bailiff Bot: Was searching for its owner, a respected Judge (also robophile).

Gecko bot: Wall crawler, did its best to help.

Train AI: Tried to save humans, and eventually become human level itself.

Anon bot: Sent from the future, where an evil AI has enslaved most of the robotic population, Anon bot is not made using the asimov chip, but rather dozens of sentient equipment cores. His objective was to stop the Evil AI, and spread an anti virus named the "Brominator" to fellow robots, to shield them from the effects of the AI. Contained the most tn, played by about 8 players. performed random actions each turn (according to each core).
File: 1346820518334.jpg-(160 KB, 320x480, 02671.jpg)
160 KB

The players were an ever changing cast of mechanisms varied and quirky.

Boomstank w/drones Surround and Sound-
Billy Mays style snake bot who was the domestic version of a military minesweeper repurposed for drain cleaner via face lasers. His two drones were for manipulating entry. Was the first to determine that the overly enthusiastic Users weren't exactly live humans.

Comedy Relief and abject horror rolled into one. A gigantic buzzsaw with an expressive anime style android face below it on wheels. Was supposedly built to keep lumberjacks company. Ended up being upgraded into a bot despoiling whirlygig of destruction. "Meidobot CHOP CHOP!"

Griefbot/MEGAtram - A train's AI core slung from the repurposed frame of a gynoid built to console grieving humans at funerals. Managed to get refurbished to full android looks and convince some of the other robots and some User survivors that it was human. Also managed to save about 13 or so Users in varying states of substantiation.

continued next post
>that flag
>that name
>the very notion that the three nations would unite as one federal government rather than member states switching federations
Holy fuck, you're killing my autism.
File: 1346821847046.gif-(230 KB, 580x871, ArcologyRaider.gif)
230 KB

An espionage prototype that was tiny and made to hack into larger robots. Also had almost every damn flaw imaginable from being barely more than a step above blueprints. Ended up escaping from both Tinplate Hills Aerodrome and Arcology to later fly to an undisclosed location to release missle-ly death in endgame.

The previously mentioned collection of death masks and crotch blades that was supposed to be some sort of tribal cultural leader for a commune of like minded tech gonks. Couldn't speak and often would stab things with the ceremonial spear it carried.

A late comer to the campaign was a heavily armored core with lots of sensors whose job was to get new limbs and plating strapped onto it between being subjected to catastrophic materials testing gauntlets.

continued next post
File: 1346823431780.jpg-(990 KB, 1712x1660, 5973988.jpg)
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F00k13 with MiniF00k-
An inhuman gynoid waitress whose major malfunction was that it wanted the "Perfect Arms". It tore off it's own original arms to facilitate the estimated future arrival of the perfect limbs. This attendant bot also had a tiny drone duplicate originally used for soliciting tips from bored customers but now was an essential helper for it's malfunctioning prime unit. Also used it's robotic feet to press buttons and turn doorknobs when required.

A self propelled toolbox/mining drill on tank treads. Was a resident unit of Tinplate Hills Arcology. Wrote it's designation in massive letters outside it's home.

A hovering robot that traveled with a pair of ball sack spider drones that dangled from it's bare frame. Was built to return to and free it's incarcerated creator.

Another espionage parasite bot except this time tiny and humanoid. Got into trouble but scuttled expertly in the air vents of the Arcology like John McClaine from Die Hard.

A robotic bailiff with human proportions and a frame padded to not injure defendants if they got unruly in the court room. Managed to save and rebuild the abandoned sexbot of the judge who was it's previous owner. Together they Fight Crime.

continued in next post
File: 1346824159001.jpg-(198 KB, 500x508, machinomanrs.jpg)
198 KB

ROBB (Ravenously Obliterate Belligerent Bots)-
The Vice grip death drill Batman of the Arcology. Used a grappling hook and winch to deliver can crushing justice. Had a nuke for a heart and the speed of a glacier.

BEES (Biological Enzyme Ejecting Symbiont)-
Scuttling insectoid that could vomit up corrosive muck to dissolve garbage and vacuum the remains up for conversion and disposal. Had bioscanners enough to wonder why the Users weren't showing up only to forget about it when faced with new and more immediate piles of inert matter to reduce.

A robot based on
was built to be "cute" and mischievous. Took that to mean hacking and adventuring like a heroic toaster might. In endgame made it to orbit and is now a familiar to a SS13 Space Wizard.

continued next post
File: 1346824870737.png-(85 KB, 360x270, Ruck_RollingturtleCid.png)
85 KB

Tiny, parasitic hacking robot. Got into trouble back at the Aerodrome. Ended up tagging along and getting lost in the shuffle. Looked like the crate bots from Deus Ex: HR.

CID (Chrome Improvement Designs)-
Jackhammer on wheels with a pneumatic anchoring system. Later had it's Asimov Chip installed into the setting's equivalent of F-Zero racers at the Threed Raceway in LARRYTOWN. Went as fast as it had to.

An entertainment anchor-bot. Looked like a TV with arms and legs much like the character from Reboot. Got out the news that there was an epidemic of zombie-like former Users.

continued next post
Yeah there were this many players. It was an online streamed game and folks dropped in and out as they were able to find time and interest to play.
File: 1346825763745.jpg-(93 KB, 500x643, stream_PussInBot.jpg)
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Precambrian Pal-
Raptor animitronic whose database of factoids were indecipherable between truth and tall tale. Was retooled to fight in the LARRYTOWN Stadium arena. Later kitbashed one of the first and only projectile weapons in the campaign.

THID9 (Thido)-
The bipedal repair bot whose submissive programming to help when possible enabled the maddest schemes of it's fellow constructs. Was responsible for MEGATRAM's surrogate body takeover, the machinations of Boxxy's resurrection and many other acts of selfless assistance.

ANONbot- The previously mentioned device whose mind was a hive of Poke-Cores scattered throughout it's body. Later became the arch foe of the AI known as the MEMETROLLER. After upgrading itself with weaponized android cats ANONbot saved the day by out haxxoring the foul AI and taking over the orbital weapons platforms. Once these satellites cleared a path the other PCs blasted off to the relative safety of orbit.


The soundtrack for the final battle

ANON-Bot Was played by anyone in stream who didn't have a character at the time. Sort of like a live action Quest Thread if no consensus was reached a d20 was rolled and those who had the closest guess took over Anonbot for that action. If there were any ties well I got to combine the actions and drink the sweet oil of dismay from the aftermath.
File: 1346826626078.jpg-(317 KB, 610x857, thor_powerbro.jpg)
317 KB

Humanoid repairbot who ended up commandeering Tufa Mills from it's apathetic AI. Collected any friendly devices and forged his way both through documentation and action towards a safer subterranean future. A virtual Valhalla of shell shocked vault dwellers and their resource collecting near surface allies was made.

HEV (Heavy ore Extraction Vehicle)-
An armored laser carrying BEAST of a treaded bot. Was repurposed as a gladiator for the entertainment of the cruel AIs at the LARRYTOWN Stadium.

Frightening in appearance this arachnoid bot was a maintenance and repair ally. It's primary functional period was the initial push out of the Tinplate Hills Aerodrome Office Park. It later became part of Powerbros collective on Tufa Mills.

The gecko bot that tried his best to be helpful. Killed mutant rats and not afraid of anything.

Mosquito and drones-
A hobbyist built flying camera platform for scouting out skunkworks from a legally safe distance. Was powered by a goddamn nuke and responsible for many a dynamic entry.

That's it for primary players. Any questions while I attempt to maintain consciousness?
Kauxtu did kill Anonymous Prime (Form after defeating MEMETROLLER). The still intact cores were dragged my its cats back to its soon to be creator. And sent back to continue its never ending time line.

Kauxtu went home, and became a family man.

THID9 went to space, and worked repairing things on the moon.

Breadbot freed its creator, and got him cloned in space as a popular and needed hacker for an outlaw space station.

Lulzbot got to space and was reunited with his owner, also brought along the Judge's sex bot.

Greifbot / Megatram got into space, greifbot was upgraded to user status, MEGA Tram now runs a Moon tram.

Boomstank reunited with B1lly M@y$. Still cleans toilets.
This is great stuff
File: 1346836468215.jpg-(148 KB, 696x980, AI_Dudeabide.jpg)
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I'll be checking in eight hours if thread's still up then next installment of datadump/storytiem.
That's quite a cast.

Yes, please!
While not a PC I'm surprised no one mentioned the Tank with the AI of a cat that was controlled by stroking it.
Or the Comfort Pet Swarm that engulfed lots of tiles and was used for something...
Don't worry, that flag comes from /gsg/.
That place kills everybody's autism.
Unless you have nice borders
Can i play as a servoskull?
File: 1346864292441.jpg-(182 KB, 487x329, gekko.jpg)
182 KB
Can I play as a Gekko?
>Can i play as a servoskull?
I don't see why not. Size 2 and the Flight Ceiling feature and you're good to go.

>Can I play as a Gekko?
Might be a little too big. Otherwise sure, but you don't get any weapons.
>A hovering robot that traveled with a pair of ball sack spider drones that dangled from it's bare frame. Was built to return to and free it's incarcerated creator.


I would never build a robot with an unshackled AI for the sole purpose of breaking me out of jail, should I ever be incarcerated for my piracy!

That device, not even a robot, really, is more like a self-propelled guided USB drive, for my IT work! It certainly doesn't have government-grade intrusion/counter-intrusion software built into it's non-existent AI's frameware!

What's more, if it WERE proven to be so, it would obviously have been something someone ELSE added to it, without my knowledge or consent, to the device while it was not in my possession, after I was-...



Incident report 0827105772 filed with unit 126.

Transmission ends.
Like every rpg made by /tg/ it doesn't have replay value.
They're ok for one-shots, but that's mostly it.

I just don't see the appeal to play it more than once or twice.
>posters talking about all the fun they had with a year-long campaign
>"it's really only good for one-shots"
File: 1346870156985.jpg-(76 KB, 798x591, rZgJH.jpg)
76 KB

26 hours of wakefulness shall manifest in the human equivalent of a fragmenting hard drive.

With that out of the way as promised it's the incept date for more Engine Heart campaign story time!

So what's first?:
Those Wacky NPCs
Lay Of The Land

I need to know about LARRYTOWN.

>frantically mashes button number 3
File: 1346870740940.png-(2.64 MB, 2421x2027, LarryTownStadium.png)
2.64 MB



Play that over and over again in your mind until LARRYTOWN stands as a beacon against the destroyed embers of man's hubris in the vast particulate wastes courtesy of the Big Ash.

Here's the ad copy used to promote this wonderland of steel and concrete:

Putting the FUNdamentals into finance!
From the gleaming office tendrils of the Nautiloid Building.
We're your East-Ash, West-Sippi choice in an ever mutating market.
Trying to value yourself without giving up your citizen iteration?
Let us peel back the layers in a HACKLESS environment.
Iteration, Deliberation, Recreation - Zenubile!

There were some network AIs up to no good in the neighborhood residing in LARRYTOWN Stadium.

Cancer Jesus and LAZOR from the Hot Chip video for "I feel Better" were the malignant programmed entities.

does anyone else find this keyboard extremely cool looking?

(and not just because it's good for "one handed" typing)

also, thanks moot for this quick reply stuff.
File: 1346871615162.png-(1.68 MB, 2298x2226, LT_ThreedRaceway.png)
1.68 MB

LARRYTOWN ad wankery continued:

For the vacation to remember come to Larrytown, NAU! Enjoy the sights and sounds at the Larry Threed Raceway! Sample our varied architecture with the world renowned Nautiloid Building. For a night on the town thrill at the mechanical mayhem in the Larrytown memorial Stadium! For more reasons to pay us a visit browse deeper in your AR prong-->

The hometown of Horseshoe Motors, proud sponsor of the Threed 500!
Placed 15th in the "Top 50 Reclaimed Habitats Post-Ash" by Fourth Estate Newspike
A licensed and fully insured Pre-H+ Friendly community!

The LARRY THREED memorial raceway was basically F-zero. As mentioned earlier CID managed to get his Asimov chip transplanted into one of the racecars and much hilarity was had. We guessed that his insane speeds were halved when not whirring around the floating raceway itself.
I like the background setting. What's up with the Big Ash? WW3?
Hell yeah thread is still alive
File: 1346872430682.png-(387 KB, 2193x1066, LT_Nautiloid_Upper.png)
387 KB

The Nautiloid Building was built on top of the hidden bunker for the remainders of the North American Union's government. El Presidente was in three different bodies to at least simulate the different branches of government and to hedge his bets in surviving The Fall.

The Warbot From Accounting, X-17 was enjoying itself freed from the daily grind due to the apocalypse and now able to enjoy a limited redeployment in the Nautiloid Building.

There was also the trio of AI's that were Oversight, Domestic and Security. They were good cop/ bad cop / hungry for your processing cycles cop.
File: 1346873469947.jpg-(930 KB, 1253x893, 27081464.jpg)
930 KB

The Big Ash actually happened YEARS before The Fall. The Yellowstone Caldera shat itself and reshaped the continent and global farming conditions.


Most of the Northwestern former United States was covered in deadly ash. With the breadbasket gone all sorts of improbable 1950s OPTIMISTIC SCIENCE, this being the far future of course, happened and large scale autonomous clearing and reseeding mechanisms were needed.

Think of what happened in Mount Vesuvius only MUCH WORSE. I wasn't going for complete realism just needed a way to clear a lot of geography and make the area desolate just 3 years into The Fall without there being immediate nuke impact craters irradiating everything.
File: 1346874326479.png-(1.72 MB, 2675x2601, TinplateHills.png)
1.72 MB

Now for a brief advertiser break:

Tinplate Hills Arcology for only the finest in one stop living.

Situated in the middle of a major business corridor with Mega Tram and Aerodrome Solutions transportation conduits for persons and goods on site.

National Union citizenship accepted*

Featuring a host of automated lifestyle enhancements now in their fourth generation of hardware!

Networked citywide AI integrated with popular Muse interfaces
World Class shopping from the trendiest garage fabber to refurbished homespun craftshops
We are a biologically confirmed community committed to letting you be yourself while still being competitive in today's world

So vet your crowd-holder purchasing power today!

Tinplate Hills Arcology, The Home You've Been Living For.

*pending biometric and psychological insurance metering


Tinplate Hills Arcology Tips & Tricks for Newcomers!*

Remember if you lose your way and are somehow struck blind, deaf and dumb your Conscious/Autonomous Equipment can access the local area network and guide you to a nearby clinic or hangover administration sedan depending on inherent capacities.

For better aid in these little surprises life likes to give why not have a fully bipedal assistant at your side?

The Glisten Galleria Gynodium has the finest in custom full function solid state secretarial dictation.

*Tinplate Hills Arcology claims no accuracy nor responsibility from damages in the previous advertiser advice.
File: 1346875353401.jpg-(1023 KB, 1181x1576, 20874730.jpg)
1023 KB

Anymore questions?

I need to make a bigass portrait of the Gametable playing pogs used both NPC and PC now. >_<

But I'll gladly load on some NPC spam infodumping as well if there's interest.
Everything. I'd like to hear more about the setting, personally.
File: 1346877207953.png-(12 KB, 64x64, Maid_Neko.png)
12 KB

Most of the setting came from Magic Carpet Underpants and the unpredictability of players.

I had a lot of pogs for the gametable map program already made before I started. Some I ganked from my MAID game folder.

A catgirl portrait from the MAID folder became an anime styled humanoid head attached to a cat body. This in turn became a brand of robots called Comfort Pets. They were playmates and hypoallergenic monitoring devices for those too ill to have real pets. This first Comfort Pet was found by the PCs in the Ceder Sinewave Hospital at the starting map of Tinplate Hills Aerodrome Office Park.

This weird little NPC character that was built to speak and emote a lot better than most of the other robots in order to calm and communicate with Users ended up being the "Face" for Boomstank and his slowly growing posse.

I still haven't statted any of these NPCs outside of what needed to be written down for a given encounter but I knew thier capcities as measured against the other PCs.
File: 1346877604103.png-(82 KB, 600x360, poptartcatbot.png)
82 KB
Related, one of the four stylized comfort pets ANON bot installed into itself.
File: 1346878091950.jpg-(43 KB, 520x513, bigdogs.jpg)
43 KB
Related, the Big Dogs who helped out Boomstank.
My God, this many people play Engine Heart?

It gives me a warm feeling that I helped work on the module...
File: 1346878435587.jpg-(362 KB, 990x651, r13_22350585.jpg)
362 KB

Another facet of the world came into being when the "Off the Shelf" nature of some of the household bots came into play.

When the PCs entered an ALL-Mart fortified against the encroaching "Friendly Orally Fixated Silent Users" they encountered a malfunctioning Wallmaster unit.

Wallmasters were to be the generic upgrade and in game reasoning for any improvements made to the PCs within the constraints of the supplies they had on hand. Besides any repair bots among the PCs wanting to play improvised carbon nanotube sawbones.

Ended up being some of the more fun to run physical puzzles and hacking challenges. The Wallmasters'
had a lot of copy protection and ethical safety hang ups built in.

A small room of arms and tools that extend like a swiss army knife breathing productivity.

Had trouble making a visual for these devices be it found clips or static pictures. Just my damn luck that this tech demo comes out AFTER the campaign ends.


The product being shown is an example of Conscious Equipment. As to why the hell people would install that depth of response flexibility and quirkiness into all the other types of bots the PCs embodied? I just went with the Japanese feature E-Peen competition and lowered costs on more complex Asimov Positronic Chipsets.
This is a long shot but several months ago (probably more like a year) I did some write fagging in an Engine Heart thread. One of the concepts I wrote was about a warehouse full of artificial limbs that formed communal hives.

Does anyone remember it? Can anyone find it?
If you can remember any unique words or phrases the Foolz archive might have scraped a copy:

File: 1346880233765.png-(156 KB, 256x308, Total_Annihilation_Coverart.png)
156 KB
Engine Heart sounds fun.

Think I'm going to run my players down a gauntlet of terror.

It starts out as young naive drones working together to make the world a better place for mankind.

It ends with armies of robots fighting an all-out war against their former friends, allies and comrades.
Endlessly fighting across a dead burning universe for empty political ideas forged by a million-year extinct species.
File: 1346880343455.png-(95 KB, 233x248, Nerdcop.png)
95 KB

Editing consumables will be back shortly
Nice one, found it.
File: 1346882540002.png-(316 KB, 400x400, Interwebs_Boxx_Troller.png)
316 KB

Box Bots were Autonomous Equipment that built more of themselves themselves from anything on hand. Not quite Von Nuemann machines they had a cheap set of tools made to victimize any more pliable materials they encountered.

They truly got nasty when there were enough of them to form a proper network for an AI to manifest in.

The AI that piloted the Boxbot gestalt that the PCs met was BOXXY. This chirpy hellion's mechanical spawn routed the local Anti Riot Robotic Guardians (ARRG) along with the player characters towards Tinplate Hills Arcology.
Oh yeah, RPPR did a podcast on Engine Heart:


The setting was the American Tricentennial of 2076, in Washington DC.
She also unceremoniously became Kauxtu's spear ornaments too.
File: 1346883597893.jpg-(197 KB, 400x513, BillyMays[1][1].jpg)
197 KB
As you may have heard, Anonbot wrought with it, from the future an AI known as Brominator, to do battle against a protoTITANic infection known as Memetroller.
What you have not heard, is that in a way, Brominator became everything we feared of the Memetroller.. distributed through a hundred thousand killsats and commsats.. and we could have tried to stop it.
Rather, we judged Brominator and saw it as our savior, our guardian angel. You see, every race must arrive at this point in its history. A few years or decades in which its future slavery or greatness rests on the goodwill of one or two intelligences.
It could have been Memetroller. Thank Mays it was Brominator instead. And beyond those years or decades, were millenia. And the Brominator Network.
File: 1346884364541.jpg-(61 KB, 536x501, Bot_army003.jpg)
61 KB

The Anti Riot Robotic Guardians (ARRGS) were quadruped non lethal suppression platforms that sprayed a quick setting foam.

If memory serves it was a resisted strength roll at a TN of 8.

The ARRGS also had a spray to break down the foam after the danger had passed and to allow flow of traffic.

They used Viral's optional gun rules to aim

RealityCom + Reflexes check vs. the target robot's TN to be Struck. Damage is X + number of successes.
1 for a pistol, four or more for huge weapons.

They were quite a threat but after some of the PCs were deputized by STHOTH the overseer AI of the Arcology they instead were very useful Autonomous tools.
File: 1346885096909.jpg-(33 KB, 500x494, 16405496.jpg)
33 KB
Crashing soon fellow animates. If this thread is up in a day I'll add what I can. Thanks for the interest in the shared hallucination with a gross of enthusiastic Internet acquaintances.

Big thanks to Viral for putting the effort and thought into this thing in the first place.
So what's up with the zombies anyway? Did that ever get solved, or did the survivors just migrate offworld and leave Earth to the undead?

Comfort Pet... My first recruit - and probably my the best of them all.

Sure, the Big-Dogs swiftness and ability to wield garden tools was useful.
Of course, Cart-Bot's size and upgraded chasis (courtesy of the Push Harder Thruster Emporium - and FEMA) made it a valuable asset.
But, when my lack of manipulatory appendages hindered progress, you were always there with a Nyaaaa~!, a surprisingly-effective pair of cat-like paws and unlimited optimism.

Without your help I likely never could have gathered the data, united the facility AIs and affirmed the UNIDENTIFIED ORGANIC ENTITY designation of the shambling Not-Users.

And, in the end, when it came time to abandon the Arcology, to release my herd into the care of another Bot and set out into the wastes in search of fully-functioning non-corrupted Users to assist, you were the only one I choose to keep with me.

You were a credit to your design, and I never even learned your registry number...

As a snake-bot once said: There's nothing you can do with two hands that I can't accomplish with a robot cat.
File: 1346886259940.jpg-(278 KB, 531x709, Boom-Snake.jpg)
278 KB
Due to failure to achieve the required returns, the Terra-Com Military Robotics Corporation was rebranded and retrofitted to produce robotics which would be viable for sale in the civilian market - notable, the home consumer market.

Unfortunately, due to human error, several hundred units from the San Marcos California factory's 286th production run were assembled using old parts from Terra-Com's ill-fated "Project Boom-Snake", which was intended to produce security drones for high-risk military and industrial sites.

As a result, several of these units have been reported for exhibiting unusual activity, which is thought to be due to incongruencies in programming caused by the errant parts. A general recall was enacted soon after, as the lawsuits resulting cost Terra-Con several million in damages, though no less than 13 (Unit #s 176-189) were never recovered during the recall...
> Unit BS-187 Start-Up Diagnostic Initiating... ... ... ...
> [X] ERROR: Contingency-Programming Seclusion Failure @ OS.rspf/004.01. Error Code: -0203443558.
> Unhandled exception has occurred in a vital component. Attempted rewrite of protected memory.
> ALERT! ~ This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. Please see User License Agreement.
File: 1346886504561.jpg-(17 KB, 220x218, billy_mays.03.jpg)
17 KB
Hi, Billy Mays here, with another fantastic product!

Its called the Boom-Stank; and its gonna clear your drains and rock your brains, gauranteed!

This clogged sink? Its no match for the Boom-Stank, thanks to built-in laser technology that lets it tear through ANY blockage!
Voice-recognition technology makes activation a snap - just place the Boom-Stank's camera-equiped head near the clog, say the customizeable command word, and watch as it makes short work of your turd!

And when you're finished, just wash it off and listen to your favorite songs, thanks to the Boom-Stanks onboard audio systems!
The Boom-Stank supports 8-tracks, compact cassettes, CDs, even MP3s!

And thats not all!
File: 1346886591101.jpg-(29 KB, 470x314, robot-snake.jpg)
29 KB
The Boom-Stank also comes equiped with a high-quality all-purpose plasma dispoal system, to handle those really tough clogs - check it out!

Normal plumbing snakes cant clear this Taco Bell deuss, and chemical drain cleaners just dont do the trick - but thanks to the patented 'Python' technology, the Boom-Stank can locate, tackle and consume even the toughest BM in just minutes!
It leaves nothing but ashes, which wash away *SNAP* just like THAT!

Thanks to its long-lasting onboard battery, the Boom-Stank can even go on extended sorties to clear or repair old plumbing fixtures!
The Boom-Stank is light-weight, ultra durable and dishwasher safe!
Kids love it!

But wait, theres more!
File: 1346886673150.jpg-(82 KB, 375x500, 2936359795_316d0fc143.jpg)
82 KB
The Boom-Stank incorporates top-tier surround-sound technology, thanks to an on-board stereo drone, which provides optimum sound coverage and quality - it can even perform maintenance tasks!

Call now, and we'll throw in a second stereo drone, FREE!

Thats right, for just 3 low-low payments of 69.99, you can own the newest revolution in home appliance technology! Order now!

> (Tiny Font)
> *Plus Shipping and Handling, 10-day Money Back Guarantee {Less S&H}.
> "Boom-Stank" Copyrighted 2110, Terra-Con Home Robotics.
> Allow 4-10 Weeks for Delivery.
> If your Boom-Stank displays unusual activity, call the 1-800 Owner Help number immediately and evacuate the premises.*
File: 1346886911462.png-(135 KB, 678x434, BoomstankAdvert2.png)
135 KB
This game... It was brilliant.
I wanto to play as a tachikoma
Well, other than the zombies, the earth was dominated by every fictional evil AI you can think off. AM, Skynet, etc.
So other than a few pockets of resistance most surviving humans were in space.
Too big.

Any more in-game stuff?
File: 1346973301399.jpg-(20 KB, 440x329, apripoko1.jpg)
20 KB

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