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1d4chan article and archive links:
IRC: come and talk.

old thread: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/20369440/#20369440
Didn't IG say that the previous thread would be last?
Retcon, remember that I said there would be one or two more threads.
This could be the 2nd thread mentioned above.
Currently very busy, only able to drop by to clarify this, check back in around 4 to 8 hours for Fortune's spirit roll of 1.
rolled 15, 4, 20, 7 = 46

Great parts of the Kaalimaa's harbour are stretching over the sea and it was only matter of time when it would fall into the sea. Interesting thing was that some of the parts kept floating even when they departed from the ground. Those parts were quickly reinforced with huge colony ships and soon there were multiple huge floating cities.

Meanwhile the great coming war fuels the industry to greater levels and the need for metal makes miners mine even deeper or find new areas to dig. Torturing has become common thing in Kaalimaa and great contest are held to see who is the best torturer in all of Katumoiset.

Rolling for quality of Colonial ships, mining and improving torture & interrogation
The sudden attack that had hit the cities surprised the shwirm council. The lufae were usually the ones who kept to themselves, and they who poked and prodded at their borders. In order to better assess the situation, they send in two 5 man fire teams armed with the new crossbows, a breastplate and helm, which were dulled with soot to prevent the Armor from glinting, the shwirm still having no idea of just how the creatures saw things.

The chainsaws are to be improved by the shwirm engineers, for something that was known to easily malfunction and break was unnacceptable, and the engineers were loath to have such a construct that had been made by them to make them seem bad at their jobs.

The hunting in lufae territory by the log'eads are to stop until later, for they do not know what's going on in the lufae politics, and the last thing they need is to cause open war between the two nations.
rolled 5, 9, 13, 2, 18, 1 = 48

The new zeppelins are improved upon, made to be both more controllable in direction and to be outfitted with ballastie on either side, as well as be manned with a squad of crossbowshwirm so that the construct could more easily defend itself.

Another, more dangerous invention is made, in regards to the zeppelins and blimps, namely because of a certain accident. A shwirm had fallen out of the side of the zeppelin during an especially hard storm, and let's just say his crushed corpse wasn't the prettiest sight in the world. Looking to prevent another such fate, they began to work on parachutes, which were to be worn by zeppelin crewmembers at all times, should they be blown out of the sky or fall over the ledge.

The apartment buildings are to be continued as per usual, and efforts are made to make the death trap that was the coal mine to be more safe.

Rolling for
Scouting Lufae lands
Improving chainsaws
Improving zeppelins
Inventing parachutes
Building the apartments
Reinforcing the coal mine
The colony ships were massive carbuncles of metal and wood exceeding any one slaving ship by a magnitude of 20. They became known as cancer stars due to their pointed hulls facing in every direction, and ever morphing surface. Each one sustained a citys worth of population, surviving off fish, the on ship gardens, and a spot of cannibalism from time to time. The ships were ready. Mining was a hungry and unending thing, even with a barren spot picked, stone was reaped from the ground, and that was of value all to itself. The days burned on until the massive under city mining sprawls found new sources of metal, iron, schwirmium, and purite...glorious metal to build glorious chains. It was valued above all else. A massive collapse crushed this new bore hole and the salves set to work digging back into it, but there would be a cost of time and life to get back the prize. To pass time the city has developed the art of torture, and for them, it is indeed an art. Across the continent for all the geists could do, the shwirms had no science, no desire to understand, just to amuse themselves with suffering for as long as possible. An understanding of biology and medicine was gleaned from this...but mostly where to twist the knife. Needless to say sanity and lives dont last long under that kind of gentle care.
The lufae are quick to greet the fire teams, this time in a new manner. A friendly face, a smiling geist, flanked by armed guards, but unarmed by himself. "Greetings neighbors! I can only assume why you are here already, but it seems you have already beaten me to the punch. Oh and it does look like you are strong punchers. I wish to be the first to assure you, that those group of individuals who attacked you do not represent the overall will of the Lufae Commonwealth" the armed teams just stare at this unexpected turn of events, and strange fast talking geist one of the logeadz is clearly please to be known as a strong puncher. "Please understand, we are undergoing a shift in policy towards outside tribes. During this time we hope that you can maintain a friendly distance from us until we are able to send out a proper greeting." suspicion is thick, but there is no reason to attack. "as a very small token of good will, please, take this tube. you can blow into it from a tall place, and we will know you are calling." the geist hands over the tube. "again, no hard feelings, and thank you for managing our loose ends" with that the creature adjusts a strange bit of cloth tied around its neck and walks off.
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Chainswords are studied and used to improve the smaller chainsaw. They are now functional. Zeplins become a slow, but reliable mainstay of the tribe, used to scout out new herds of animals, or other tribes....parachutes were for some reason packed with eating instruments and food. Many died. The new apartments are perfect for the tribe. The coal mine has caught fire and will burn for a generation with no hope of putting it out, effectively blocking the entrance to the tunnel. Thankfully the miners escaped. Perhaps there will be new places to search for the wondrous material.

((enjoy, feel free to play around with posing those on your paper dolls, its the last one im gonna do for your tribe. gotta give love to other players and not make myself hate drawing with a mouse.))
As an unrelated note your tibe has noticed a land to the far west. If larger and more numerous lub blimps were built this could be a worthy crusade or expedition. Lub blimps need to be fed, if only there was some sort of system to make sure they did not starve so easily.

Hhmm. I am not sure if the Lufae would greet their southern neighbors that openly.
Remember that the Fa Kaath beliefs haven't completely died out. They might have melloved doew a bit, but they still view the songless with suspicion.
Their inner strife was mostly resolved, but the underlying fear stemming from the sight the songless have is still present.

Unless, that chat was mostly just a facade of the new diplomants, that aimed to simply keep the songless from coming too close to their borders.

Actually, this fits very well to the fey like nature of the Lufae. They are fickle and mysterious, their motivations are unknowable to the outsiders.
Did I say Fortune's 1? I meant Notrip's 1. Anyhow, Vierache wind spirit roll result:

The shaman takes her place on the listening ledge and meditated, listening to the ambient sounds, the pulse of the world, the great void. At first, nothing could be heard, only the heartbeat and self-song of her own could be heard. But then, a distant static could be heard. It climbs in amplitude and frequency into a stunning crescendo of noise. The shaman tries her best to listen to the cacophony, trying to find out meaning from the jumble. Suddenly, she screamed, and concerned disciples climbed up, ready to assist her in any way. The shaman whispered and screamed of things in the great void, flying creatures older and wiser than all of them, and even one that is neither a creature, nor does it not think. She calls this far, distant entity the shadow of the void, and it told her that another tribe of Geist has been doing a great blasphemy.
After she utters 'blasphemy', the shaman's melon bled and exploded. The disciples stood in shock of this revelation. It is now up to you what happens to them. Will they decide to keep this a secret? Will they try to seek out the blasphemous tribe? Will they try to seek out the shadow of the void? Who knows?
rolled 6, 8, 12, 20, 3 = 49


The friendly greeting that had been given by the geist only confused the counsil further. First they're shooting everything on sight, then suddenly they're all flowers and sunshine. Common sense said this was a trap, but all they knew about the lufae was that they had deadly weapons and didn't want people looking at their shit. For all they knew, they were preparing the biggest beer party in the history of the universe. When the Log'Ead chieftens took the figure of speach seriously, it was explained that it was highly unlikely that they even knew of the beautiful sustance's existance, and it was just a wild theory.

With that out of the way, the counsil turns to the matter of the zepplins, and the land to the west. First of all, the godawful excuses for parachutes needed to be improved before anything else. they did't want crates to be smashed onto somebody's head from a malfunctioning parachute, or for the janitors to have to clean up another bloody, chitin-covered smear from the ground. Next, they needed a way for the Lub blimps to be fed for long flights. Suggestions were made that the moss in the forests was what they fed off of, but the scientists would need to do more research on the lub trees before they made any tests.

Finally, efforts were made to construct more mines in the cities, so that they might find more of the glorious coal to fuel their industries.

Rolling for:
Improving Parachutes
Studying the Lub forests for the tree's source of food
Implementing the food into lub blueprints (If I discover it)
Creating more mines
Finding coal/anything else with these mines
The beast proved to be elusive and antagonizing, preying on the sailors one by one. Every night another Eleni would disappear from his post. Ciliton stalked the deck waiting for the beast to face him next. In a instant he was taken. Obsession and anger failing him against the sea's absolute authority. The ocean takes what it wants never to be returned.

Manien took control of the ship and returned with its slave crew back to Firil. The Eleni had no plans for these shwrims but thought that one of their neighbors could give them a new home. The Stewards of Firil decided to contact the native Shwrims south of them.
When the unlucky shaper jumped into the conductor's seat. He immediately ram the arm into a gabai wall which crushed him and took his life finally. One day the Ent prototype disappeared from the shaper's workshop, the only clue a message left at the scene, "Gone South."

There was mixed opinion whether the Ent project was a success or not. It became a saying to Ent was to do something incredibly stupid or reckless. The creators failed to create a bipedal mobile platform with a manipulative arm. But they discovered useful applications for shambler based cranes. First off they stripped off the trunk housings. Instead they scaled the shambler to the cranes needs. They replaced the restrictive pipes with Hexis hose, hollow flexible tubes. The solutions were still injected with spring vine devices, infact another solution was researched a paralysiser so that the shambler didn't move when not in use.

These cranes were put to use in the harbors to load and unload cargo. Most systems using spring vines such as the elevators were remade with Shambler tech. Delicate or precise work is still done with spring vines. This radically changed Eden as a city. Branches of the grand tree were replaced with animated shamblers, feeding from the grand tree itself.
With the integration of three separate territories, Willan wonders if there isn't a better name to call this collection of Eleni tribes and cities. He is told to seek an audience with Vylona. When he does she laughs at him, "'Willan the Humble,' isn't the name of the Eleni ruler. I have guided this tribe longer than you." He suffers the attacks on his character and her own self importance.

At the end, Willan asks what these territories should be called. She answers, "Nod, the lands outside of Eden and the proving ground of the child."

The territories as they are:

Eden, the center of trade, technology, and political power of Nod. Headed by the a appointed council whose younger members are appointed by the elder. At their command are the Eden Guard and can call up the warriors of the Altume and Iminye tribal bands. The Governors of the other territories follow the direction of the Council.

Altume the birthplace of the Altume tribe. Headed by the strongest and bravest of Altume warriors who continually compete over dominance. At their command are the Altume tribal warriors. Iminye the birthplace of the Iminye tribe. Headed by the most experienced Iminye Elders of the two clans. At their command the Iminye tribal band.

Nod military
Eden Guard
-> Warriors, frontline fighters
-> Skirmishers, flanking and harassing fighters
-> Bowmen, ranged combat and artillery
-> Apothecary, medical unit
-> Maiden Guard, female support unit
-> Death Guard, eden council protectors
-> True Sons, Kirunna cavalry
Altume tribals
Iminye tribals
Naval Forces

The major seaports of Nod:
Eden exports technology and ships, Firil exports processed foods and alchemy components, Gormal, exports gabai and elenite.
Ng, I just noticed that the link in your opening post doesn't direct to the old thread, but to the one before it.
Here is the archived previous thread

my intentions exactly. and yes. your diplomat does wear a tie, please refer to lord of war and thank you for smoking.
The encounters with the Lufae taught the tribe that they were a defensive organization, and this last attack by a "separatist group" showed they faired poor on open ground and wide spaces. The preferred playground of the Tanacs Azseg. Parachutes are finally figured out, and distributed accordingly. It is not aparent what lubs eat exactly, but they do have a sort of "root" system and ability to absorb things thru their skin. Mines...so many fucking mines. (Sorry man that 20 outdoes the three) the tribe finds many new metals. A hard black one that is quite rare, and used only for the very edges of weapons, or armor for high ranking people due its short supply. Purite, which smiths have figured out when you mix with Schwirium makes a harder stronger alloy. limited new sources of coal are also found.
To AngryDorf:
Ideas on how to continue developing our tribes:

A smith takes a good chunk of the new metal that's so rare, and sets about making a weapon for his cousin, who is none other than Krog, the Champion himself. He works day and night, and eventually finishes the basic form of the weapon: A great block of the new dark metal, longer than it is wide. He then sets about carving symbols into it, with the aid of Mort, who will soon be replaced by his apprentice Skuller.

Mort and the smith work for days, carving intricate symbols: The River Broken, a message of death and doom. The Mountains Migthy, to bestow strength and endurance. A pair of crossed mulpacs, warning and danger, to make enemies beware the weapon before it is even wielded in battle.

After a week of carving, the weapon is presented to Krog, Grand Champion of the Nag Ber'Ek, and by extension, Champion of the Tanacs Azseg. The mighty weapon, a great hammer, covered with the lovingly carved symbols, is laid at the feat of Krog. After it is smeared with the blood of Krogs latest kill, a rampaging Bull Cathedral, he picks it up, and holds it aloft in the air.

He then names it: Brunzhamah, "Skull Splitter"

rolled 2, 17, 9, 16 = 44

Edenites start working on making armor from the new metal from the Altume territory. They start with personal armor for the military soldiers and making some attachments to the outside of naval ships.

The ceyda are fungal creatures meaning controlling them is very hard using 'Shaping.' However farming the creatures for their acidic spores could make some awesome ammunition against the Blung. To capture them, they use the bark-armor designed to protect against their spores. They try handicapping the cedya by lopping off their unnecessary limbs, placing them infront of a receptacle and then stimulating them to shoot their spores. Once they have spores the Edenites are going to experiment by concentrating the acidic spores into glass pellets that break on impact. Next they will try using spring vines to launch the pellets from a handheld rifle.

After the events of the last exploration parties, the Eleni still want to circumnavigate the continent. But the next expedition will be more prepared to handle hostiles. Three ships are sent from the Altume Territory. Two explorations vessels with supplies for the journey and research are escorted by a naval siege ship.

On the other side of the continent in the Firil Sea, The Eleni of the Iminye Territory prepare several war ships sailing off East to confront the Shwirm slavers. Stopping off the horizon of the Katumoiset settlement, a parley ship unarmed is sent to be met. On the ship, an Eleni diplomat and a Shwirm translator.

For the Fringe, life has been a hell to survive. But they see some salvation in the form of a gift from their anonymous bandit king. The Ent prototype is delivered to the Fringe's malcontent. They see the potential as a digging machine and as a weapon during raids. Possibly adding an extra arm.

rolling for
1) making personal armor and Elenite Sides
2) creating the Spore Rifle
3) exploration progress
4) making Ents into diggers and weapons
The village of Tled Palka is gaining a bit of importance now, thanks to the fact that their new fishing methods are bringing in more than they can eat. Fish begin to become occaissonal food in Nel Palka, and something rare in Nag Palka. Its nice to feel important, but the recent lack of game means that even Tled Palka is being asked to provide more. The fishermen grumble a bit about being told what to do, but work on catching more fish anyways. Rafts have helped the fishermen get out a bit into the water to catch more, and bigger fish, but those are just rafts. No control to them, no rudders, nothing. Just logs strapped together. They try to improve their rafts, just so they can get a little bit more fish.

Spack is chieftain of this new Lub Forest tribe, but they still don't like him. He needs to gain their approval, or at least respect, fast. His first attempt to gain acceptance is to marry a local, a pretty young woman by the name of Yitol, His second attempt is grant new metal weapons to the villagers. His third attempt is to bring down a dozen families from both Nag and Nel, to give him a bit of local support if the other attempts don't pan out. His fourth is to ask a shaman to come down, preferably an apprentice of Mort, so that the philosphy of being given something by the someone you beat in battle (for example, beat your brother in a fight, you get his axe/you can drive his car), as well as indoctrinate them in the idea of the Nag Ber'eks, and now the Tanacs Azsegs manifest destiny. He hopes that the last one will make these log'eadz see reason, and that he deserves to lead them, as he will be helping to fulfill the destiny of uniting the Log'eadz

More stuff in next post
rolled 19, 2, 12, 18, 6, 4, 15, 16 = 92

Krog looks at the Shwirms he fights alongside now with interest. They are not as physically strong as Log'eadz, but they have discipline, and their skills in things that were once completely beyond the Nag Ber'Ek is impressive. He wishes to include some Shwirm in his Vukad, and begins recruitng youths from the predominately Shwirm settlements. Trailing him is a Shwirm who sticks to the shadows, picking up those canidates who don't meet Krogs standards. He even visits those Log'eadz he thinks have more self control than most. He takes them and trains them in the arts of stealth and trap making. The Shwirm that is recruiting is named Zledo, and he's a bit paranoid, and thinks that the Lufae will soon attack, and that the Tanacs must be prepared to fight them, not just in the fields of battle, but they must make those monstrous things fight for every inch of ground, with ambushes around every corner, and traps everywhere. This new shadowy group is simply known as Shokul "Scouts". ((The Shokul are not meant to start a war. They're the beginnings a force that stabs an enemy in the back while the Vukad crushes the enemies face)

Rolling for making proper boats , Marrying into the new tribe, Bribing the tribe, establishing a base of support in the tribe, indoctronating the tribe, Krog recruiting shwirms for the Vukad, and recruitng shwirms AND log'eadz for the Shokul, and training the Shokul
The armor is too damn heavy. Soliders legs break during the long marches, and boats sink in rough water. The Frame of the Elleni is not made to carry heavy loads. To offset the disaster of heavy armor, the venerable arm mounted slingbow undergoes a significant refinement. Spore rifles are born. They are essentially a spring in a tube, mounted to a simple lock mechanism. Single shot, and somewhat inaccurate, they can be irritating or even fatal if hit with, especially in volume. The Fringe has been digging, building, carving out a hidden life for themselves. They have developed the Ents into viable tools that serve as weapons in a pinch. A desire to make a living armor of ent is in the minds of many bandits. The bandits have reccently uncovered a tract of caves that is long and straight, going on for as far as the eye can see and at least 40 Tribe members tall. They suspect it links to the mainland somewhere. It is their secret highway, but to where it leads could be a blessing or a curse.
Life for the lufae continues to settle down, and more diplomats are trained. They are a varied bunch, part ambassador, trader, intellectual and spy. Each one holds his or her own opinions, and methods. Some truly befriend their "clients" while others maintain a long facade of understanding and kinship, master actors. Sometimes a little of both. They are a living puzzle to both the lufae and other tribes.
rolled 10, 5 = 15


It is normal procedure to send diplomats if you want to make an agreement with other nation. The problem wit Katumoiset is however that while they are one tribe, they do not have single leading person or organization. They can act unified for gain but otherwise they are independent to rule themselves. They also are ruthless slavers

And so, when the Eleni ships were spotted it didn't take long to see how the lords of Kaalimaa raced to attack this prey that was so foolish to come for them. Great fleet of Slaveships started to advance toward the Eleni fleet while smaller faster boats stayed with them to wait for a moment to strike. Diplomat ship would be attacked in a moment and the Fleet behind it would be targeted soon after. Eleni Fleet would then be bombarded with Large catapults on board and assaulted soon after. After the first volley smaller ships would strike fast and try to take over the ships while it would take a while for slaver ships to get to the enemy.

Rolling for Catapult strike and attack of small ships/boats
The diplomats have spent time studying the nearby tribes, to emulate their mannerisms, their culture, their values. Some buy in, and the values become part of their own little quirks, while others are just master actors, but it always starts out the same way. A fisherman, a traveler, an isolated craftsman, meeting a strange geist, eager to swap stories, do a spot of fishing, or play a simple game. Very likeable characters. These geist pose as wanderers, traders, or ambassadors. All the while studying and learning about their hosts, their ideas, their goals, and needs. To understand the outside world, to make new opportunity for the Lufae, to curb the winds of change to their favor by subtle manipulation if need be. When the time was ripe, the Diplomats approached khuna, eager to start up legitimate trade for the benefit of the tribe. They were eager to trade for metals, and other resources, to examine the strange brews and potions of the other tribes. The Volcanic outpost had recently perfected tempering and shaping/ chipping the obsidian into useful objects. The singers had their own agenda, but the diplomats game was so deep it made them look honest. Webs within webs.
The schwirms lead the charge on making true boats...of metal. The boats are powered by a large water wheel in the rear, powered by a team of logeadz peddling a chain drive, while a group of schwirms steer and manage the sails. It was not enough. Looking up at the sky a captain of a boat saw something that shocked him. How had it never been thought of?! The floating forests. always taken for granted. These forests stayed aloft for long times and were much larger then any one lub. He would have to talk to the leaders.
The marrage is a rocky one, with spack and his wife not really caring for each other, eventually seperating in an ugly public display. However the new tribe does appreicate the new equipment, and the large number of foreign logeadz and schwirm help to convince them that uprising is a bad idea. They never really accept the tribe's beliefs but do stay loyal, enough. Krog cannot find schwirms to join his Vukad, but the Shokul grows with a variety of cunning individuals who become well trained at sneaking.
On the katumoiset homefront their massive cancer star colony ships had finally broken free and were caught in the tides. ((roll 2d20 to see where each one goes)) The first naval battle in primordial history happened this day. It started like this. A small unarmed but beautiful wooden ship was annihilated by combined catapult fire from a fleet of massive, brutal, ugly metal and wood ships, blackened with soot and grime. The smaller slaving ships that attempted to get close to the Nod fleet were damaged, destroyed, and finally repelled. Running back to their hive ships to regroup.
Somewhere across the world a Lem did smile. War fuels innovation, innovation is survival.
rolled 15, 8, 13, 18 = 54


Now that they had used the diplomatic ship as target to set accuracy for catapults they have better chance to hit the enemy fleet. They start their advance towards the enemy while bombarding them with Catapults. What is rest of the small ships stay close for support. But behind them came the shadow. Great star shaped behemoths started to move slowly onwards on their quest for power and wealth.

Rolling for bombardment, Battle that comes after it and 2d20 for to see where cancer star goes.
rolled 10 = 10

Wait, After the assault on the unarmed diplomatic ships and the consequent attack on the blockade. The Eleni captains decide to back off into waters the slave ships can not follow. They set their sails and travel into the Wild Waters

rollin for retreat

Roll of 10. I would say that it lets you escape as your ships are faster. But it is up to NG how things go.
>>20548800 >>20548765 >>20548717
The initial bombardment is effective, but as the slaving ships closed it was apparent they were not designed for close in fighting. The lower profile ships of the Nod forces manged to lash out as they retreated.
The cancerstars get caught up on the edge of the shallows and the open seas, roughed up and violently shaken. The tribe learns that by skirting the very edge of the coastal waters they can pick up speed, but this technique is dangerous for their ships, improvements would have to be made, or perhaps larger ships that are more durable for open waters. each one crashes abruptly on an island, partially coming undone. The northern island had a small schwirm population that didnt stand a chance, and construction of a new city is underway. The southern island had no local sentients, and the settlers had to make do with the disgusting task of manual labor.
Both sides realized they had never thought about combat in this fashion, and would need to develop and be prepared before another skirmish.
rolled 3, 20, 14, 18, 12 = 67


Mining operation in Kaalimaa continues because of the lust for this new ore they had lost soon after finding it. Combat in the sea proved to be great lesson for Katumoiset. They would need to improve all types of their ships to better suit their jobs. Small ships were crude to begin with and slaveships are too cumbersome and can handle only sailing in shallow water. Western colony didn't take long to start fortifying the island for future and soon after the slaves started to dig the earth for metals to use. Back in the kaalimaa the great warhost have been getting ready to invade south once again. Last preparations are to be done but soon after those the march can begin.

Rolling for mining, improving mall ships, Slaveships, fortifying the western island and preparations of warhost
The horror of the "Battle of Kaalimaa Bay" shocked Haklor. The Katumoiset had radical values that did not include Diplomacy. That much was apparent when they fired on the unarmed vessel carrying one of his dearest friends. They had dishonored his fleet's offer of peace. The cruel madness of it.

He devoiced himself from his actions and ordered a retreat to avoid causalities. Firing off at the Shwrim small attack boats. It may have been the wisest decision but it wasn't one he was satisfied with. The combined tribes of the Eleni were strong, but they would need better weapons and more allies to avoid a long and costly war with the Katumoiset.

A skipper is sent back to Eden to relate the use of the battle. But when the Eleni return to Firil they discover that a piece of the vile city and drifted into their path. Haklor gives the order. Another skipper is sent telling the council to send the infantry. The ships target the shwrims and fires relentlessly. A final skipper is sent to warn the Firil.
rolled 1, 8, 3, 13, 1, 3 = 29

The Spore Rifles could be more deadly. They start with the reloading mechanism and the cartridge size. An external magazine for the gun is created to hold eight shots before needing replacement. The reloader is a slide bolt that releases a single glass pellet. The gunner slides the bolt after every shot to reload it.

With two arms and two legs, the Ent now stands four times as tall as the pilot and requires a central control section in the torso. The Fringe takes inspiration and decide to build a seat in the conductors chamber. The seat had controls that handle the movement of all shambler muscles. Fringe scientists create more articulate controls, and pilots test the limits of these new designs.

Sellion, son of Hulys, bandit king, makes up an alibi for his extended absence and directs the new Ents and bandits into this new underground highway.

rollin for
1) Haklor's attack
2) the skippers to Eden
3) the skippers to Firil
4) Spore Rifle upgrade
5) Ent mobile suit upgrade
6) Sellion's expedition of the underground highway
On the other side of the continent, the expedition team rounds the bend to discover a fishing community of strange bronze men. Because the absolute horror of the "Battle of Kaalimaa Bay," had not yet reached them. They send an unarmed vessel to beach near the settlement. They bring gifts of salted meat with them.

On the other other side of the continent, two Altume discovered the Oasis Hexis and were thinking about using it in a drink. Happy and content that nothing bad was going to happen to them.
File: 1346468714966.jpg-(18 KB, 307x339, TUUUUUUBES.jpg)
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rolled 13, 6, 20, 2, 3 = 44

Did her head explode? Either way, the situation is dire. I need an answer on this for to react. Until then, here's some more Yapap.


Back in the villages, something is figured out from the old structures. Some shapes were able to support more weight than others. (I take this opportunity to mention again that Yapap buildings resemble a mess of layered roofs).

Having as many enemies as they do, the tribe cannot afford to not know everything that lies nearby.

With the size of the population, it is important to quickly supply water to the villages, and it has become difficult to supply it just by carrying buckets to a main pool.

1 Rolling for in depth exploration up north, 2 intimidation of other tribes, 3 basic geometry and mathematics, 4 hand-powered pumps + tubes, 5 coating wood armor in pewter.
I can already say the issue with that one. The tribe becomes obsessed with setting up pipes around the villages. Later on, there will be problems with them due to the lead content.
The new combination of Schwirmium and Purite is being produced as quickly as possible. Weapons amongst the Nag Ber'Ek still contain a few that are made from bone, flint or shards from cathedral plate. Krom, future Grand Chief of the Nag Ber'Ek, and currently a member of the Council, places large orders for the weapons made of the new metal. If he can help it, every single warrior will be armed with at least a spear with a head of this new alloy.

The Council is warming up to the Lufae diplomats. They request being able to send a few shwirms to the lufae capital, to aid in this new peace, though this is mostly pushed by Shwirm members of the council. The Log'eadz remain wary of the Lufae, with Nag Palka being the first settlement south of the Lufae-Tanacs border. The Log'eadz leave the council with a plan of their own: An outpost, north of Nag Palka, and ringed with towers, so that if these diplomats are merely a ruse, Nag Palka will not be immediately overrun by them. Cathedral plates are gathered in preparation for the new fort.
rolled 8, 12, 6, 3, 15, 2, 13, 17 = 76


Blimps are prepared in large numbers, or at least a few dozen of them are. Blimps are sent out across the land, mainly to the north and west. Others are sent to those flying forests of Ragas and Lubs. Who knows what wonder are found by these brave explorers!

The Shokul go amongst the people, and spread their ideas. The things the speak of have a hint of hostility to outsiders, those who are not apart of the Tanacs Azseg, especially the Lufae, though for the most part they attempt to stir up fervor amongst the populace, to spread and cement the idea of the Tanacs as not just a collection of peoples, but as a NATION.

Another farming settlement is established out in the plains, to better feed the growing population of the Tanacs. Shwirms and Log'eadz venture in modest numbers, and establish a small village, a few dozen miles away from the coast, well into the prairies. They plant their first crop using cathedral plates, pulled by cathedrals, to dig up the land, so that its easier to plant the seeds. Not everyone in the village is content to stay put though. Some youths, Shwirm and Log'ead, go out exploring the plains.

Rolling for WEAPONS FOR EVERYONE, The new fort, North exploration, west exploration, getting into those dang flying forests, Shokul success at creating nationalistic fervor, and farming in the new village, and finding anything cool out on the plains (oasis hexis trees)
Also, lack of filtration on pumps. Lots of undesired stuff gets sucked up and require frequent cleaning. Occasionally the things in the piping aren't so friendly or safe to handle, such as emils, schwars, hermit puruus, "The Hunter", etc.

>Sage for frequent posting.
mining continues to be slow, but the sheer volume of mines the tribe has makes up for it. It is likely that production will be returned to normal soon. The small ships become faster, and gain a bladed front end for ramming. The slave ships are still ungainly, but now do not flip over in open water. slow as fuck still, and likely to stay that way due to size. The western island quickly turns into a miniature version of the main city, but with less slavery, and a more militant slant. The warhost is slow to rouse, but they move all the same.
Haklor went down with the ship, the city's defences bombarded him. The skipper going to eden had no chance to defend his friend and instead retreated home as quick as possible, while the skippers to firil's boats were badly damaged and would take weeks to get to port. The Spore rifle upgrade is complete, and is simple, but troops must be careful not to load two pellets lest they shatter one and expose themselves to spore dust. The a few ent mobile suits went berserk and had to be put down, this sadly included the pilot. due to this the highway remains unexplored.
Two new tribes are discovered ((drawbro)). The other tribes refuse to join, but in the dead of night more civilians defect carrying their puruus. The warriors awake without a workforce. The Yapap know math, and use it to better fling their burning pitch, and build from now on. Pumps, tubes, and armor still need work.
The Civilians who retreat to the yapap warriors await their fate. There are many, many of them. A few are even militia members who tell of weak spots in the enemy's fortifications/ formations.The tribe learns of Kahn, Elder of Elder puruus, A massive legend. The tribe should have an easier time taking down the enemy now. The last two villages are equipped with slave plains puruu as war beasts, and metal weapons, even metal armor. If the burning pitch could only be sprayed somehow.
The tribe only manages to equip 3/4ths of the warriors with new weapons, but the Lufae trader offers strange black glass spear tips for a very reasonable price. A few barrels of beer, and if they could spike it with the berserk potion, the lufae like to party a little the trader says with a grin. New fort is go. simple but effective. The new settlement is established, and a few more separate logead families from the plains join up. A lot of exploration gives a lot of nothing. The flying forests are sucessfully landed on, and small camps are set up in them. The Hexis trees are found, and seeds are brought back to be farmed. It would appear the juice of the tree gives much energy. The attempt to create nationalism is a failure, the tribe is already pretty proud, but they are not zealots.
Katumoiset- The under gangs of the city have found that certain breeds of stone slime induce euphoria, and joy. This however is followed up with crippling pain unless another dose is eaten. The slave masters topside have made note of this and started farming the material, refining it, exploring other plants and slimes.
The caverns were crushed, flooded with water or lava, and rapidly becoming small unconnected pathways instead of a glorious underground ecosystem. The Volcanic activity has brought the Demils out around the regions with lava. The Wemils travel further, eager to crush little tribals. Fuzoids are running out of food and have had to travel to the surface to find new prey. ((they drive sharp tentacles into the neck and hijack the nervous system. meat puppet)) Ripper tyrants and Giant cave hoppas are on the loose, along with rumors of Dracogeist deep in volcanic territory.

All tribes are effected. Everyone is dealing with Fuzoids, ripper tyrants and giant cave hoppas. Those near lava have to deal with Demils, and people in mountainous regions have to manage the Wemils ((giant boulder golems)) its a part of life now, so adapt to survive.
rolled 5, 10, 3, 20, 15, 18 = 71

Even as the winds of change are seemingly blowing trough the Lufae society, the Flesh Singers continue their studies.
The project aiming at installing wyvern brains in the bio constructs continues, slowly, as the Singers aim to keep a steady breeding supply of the wyverns in their hands. Because of this, the studies done on the pups are non invasive, simple implants, jacks and other technologies that play a big part in the bio constructs are tested on the pups, while they are also raised as tenderly as the Singers possibly can.
The Banshees breed faster, and don't really require any care, in fact a stable population of them has grown on the mountainside near the hidden lair of the singers, making them readily available test subject for the more invasive biotech that can't be tested on wyverns.

The Singers also realize how large the wyverns will eventually grow, and thus, they begin the construction of a shelter for the eventual few breeding pairs of the wyverns. Other singers say that such waste of resources is absurd, seeing how the wyverns are flying creatures, and the pups will eventually seek to take it to the air. Confining them underground is mindless according to this group of singers. They suggest that the wyverns should be trained to be loyal to the singers, just like the riders had done. The two plans are both set to work, as they gained equal support.
Third plan, a more devious one simply aimed to capture more wyverns when needed, from the riders or from the wild.

Rolling for:
Testing non invasive biotech on the pups.
Raising breeding pairs of the wyverns.
Testing invasive biotech on the banshees.
Creating a shelter for the wyverns.
Training the wyverns to be loyal.
Backup preparations for acquiring more wyverns from varied sources.
File: 1346497368105.png-(54 KB, 800x600, Brute Cedya.png)
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rolled 6, 12, 20, 8, 3, 7, 17, 6 = 79


The research in puruus and artificially growing their tissue types continues, for easier harvesting for the bio constructs. The teams sent to capture new puruu specimens continue their attempts. They try to locate and acquire as many puruu species as they can.
Research is also put in further augmenting the puruus, with emils injections, and interface tests with bio construct tech.

The singers also have new research subjects. The captured blungs and cedyas. The singers try to dissect them both, for learning of their internal makeup. They have also noticed that the cedya spore growths tend to root themselves anywhere where there are nutrients, even multiple different species seem to grow from just one spot. This gives the singers a nefarious idea. They try to cultivate these mixed spore growths, aiming to create some sort of hybrid cedyas.
The placental growths of the blungs were quickly noted by the singers, as the blungs excrete it where ever they go. The signers begin studying it for it's properties.

Rolling for:
Studying puruus.
Puruu tissue growing.
Locating and capturing new puruu breeds.
Puruu augmenting research.

Studying blung and cedya physiology (2 rolls)
Hybridizing cedya breeds
Studying the placenta fields of the blungs.
rolled 4, 13, 14, 3, 9, 18 = 61


The tribe had slowly grown accustomed to the fact that their tunnels led to murky flooded caverns. In fact, they Lufae had started using the caverns to their advantage. Fast, agile submersible bio constructs darted in the under water highways, carrying geists from place to place with speed that no one could match on food.
Underwater dwellings storing food in colder temperatures, supply stations for the subs, research hubs studying the fauna of these dark waters, all inhabited by eccentric geists whose numbers kept steadily growing.
It would only take a small push, a new resource or other incentive to cause these underwater settlements to truly bloom.

The work on the salt plants of Kun Kaath continues, attempts to develop filters to keep the salt from destroying the pumps are made. They also try to figure out the properties of the salt.

The efforts of the cavern explorers to chart the deepest, hot depths of the flooded caverns continue, they are also still trying to figure out what caused the floods in the first place. Teams of explorers are sent both deeper to the caverns, to the boiling depths, as well as to east, where the water seemingly originated from.

In the western cave research station, the researchers are tying to study the native cave creatures, such as bords, acid emils, fus creatures and so on so that they could trade their knowledge for tech to the singers.

The volcano station has grown into the obsidian production facility of the Lufae. The methods of creating and shaping this volcanic glass are still quite primitive however. Thus, the artisans have started working on ways to further refine these methods.

Rolling for:
Exploring the hot depths.
Figuring out the source of the floods.
Developing filters.
Studying salt and it's properties.
Studying native cave fauna.
Refining glass production and shaping methods.
The technology of the singers, as well as the new puruu servants had freed many of the females from the menial duties. They now mostly just oversaw the bio constructs or the puruus in their work, and thus had great amounts of free time to spend. Many of them joined to the shrines, both as pupils, and even as teachers to aid the shamans, others began expressing themselves in the form of music or other arts such as emils sculpting, some more adventurous ones even joined up to the warrior choirs, or moved to the new frontiers. It will be seen how beneficial this new blood is to these various groups.

Khuna was pleased with the direction of the Lufae. His people were moving forward, they were strong and full of potential. He had seen the world change many times during his lifetime. The southern wars, the technology of the singers, the floods and the inner strifes. His people had endured and beaten all the obstacles set against them. He was proud, but at the same time, he felt alienated and alone. He was one of the few who still remembered the wonder the simple wind chimes had caused in the tribe, the taming of the wyvers, Ilith's legacy, he was there to see the first riders soar the air. He remembered the hunts, his childish attempts at ousting Thun....The Lufae of today were not the same people he had known in his youth.
It was Thun who had set them on this path. Thun's Way had given the Lufae the freedom they needed to grow as a nation to these heights. By forgetting the selfish hoarding of power and females that still was a practice of the alphas in many of the neighboring minor geist tribes that the diplomats had already encoutered, Thun had allowed his children and siblings to manifest their own future.
Thun had shown the path, and Khuna had ensured that it would be maintained, up to this point. He was getting old, despite the drugs, he felt the age slowing him down. The time to prepare for his eventual passing had come. He began creating a great manifest that would work as the future basis of rule of the Lufae, and ensure that Thun's Way would be maintained in the future as well. He also ordered that the search for his successor would begin. He is looking for your, charismatic, smart and strong males, who have the potential to be fit leaders, who will then be trained by Khuna to be suited for his place as the Alpha of Alphas.
rolled 11, 9, 19, 20, 10, 20, 5, 11 = 105


The diplomats have traveled far and wide in their attempts at mapping out the areas beyond the sound wall, the mountains and even the areas where the southern tribes live. They seek out new resources, geist tribes and even songless tribes that could be of interest to the Lufae due to their resources, tech and potential threat. They will try to learn from these tribes, both covertly in the guise of diplomacy and openly by asking questions during trade deals and so on. They use the wyverns and flesh constructs to get around the world (4 legged cart things), trusting their skills such as imitation, intelligence and augments to survive alone in alien territories.

Rolling for:
Seeing how beneficial the increased amount of free time of the females is to the Lufae.
Finding a successor for Khuna.
Mapping out the continent. (4 rolls, north, east, south, west.)
Locating new tribes and learning from them (2 rolls)
i have never participated in one of these threads but i must say this...

that is one fucking cool looking monster. whoever drew that, good job mate!
The singers attempts at non invasive biotech on the pups and wyverns gave way to more aggressive instillation of sockets and complex emils organ replacements. It was for the best in their minds anyway. The pups knew no better, and it mellowed out the banshees. The wyverns are slow to breed in the dark caverns, but children are still made and mates paired. A massive chunk of cavern is excavated that allows for very short flights, and climbing for the creatures, if the Riders had seen it and not known its dark purpose, perhaps they would think it beautiful, serene. The Wyverns tend to like the singers, and with the implants, it is easy to reward them with pleasure chemicals to further reinforce the positive feelings. Wild wyverns are caught to augment the population. A growing mind...it bothered one of the singers. The brain will continue to grow and shape itself as long as it has nutrients and input. Why not just have the wyverns brain extracted at birth and housed in a unit that could be easily swapped in and out of the suits? They would learn to function within much better then having to learn it suddenly at adulthood as if it was their own body. Another thought would be to see if more radical elements of geist society would voluntarily undergo the blasphemy engine procedure, the two minds linked together would be very efficient. The matter would be proposed to the leaders when the time came.
The singers have been very, very busy lately. Their capture teams returned with large quantities of every example that could be found of the puruus on the continent, the bell, the hawk, the flyer, plains, and even a few captured tribal puruus from non local sources. The new breeds were subtly different, but not so much that the singers could not figure them out, and in time, thru a slow process, they began growing large vats and sheets of various tissues for use in constructs and equipment, Puruu flesh is resiliant and easy to work with, mass production is just having a little trouble along the way. These new species were broken down, and studied. The Puruu slaves of the tribe seemed curious, excited, and a little fearful that they were to be replaced. The Singers assured their pets that they were going to be made better, stronger, more able to serve. This made the puruu quite happy. In the coming days the Singers would attempt to splice in the most favorable examples of the various species for the next generation of puruu, while incorporating the emils and cedya research if possible.
The blung and cedya were interesting captives to study. The breeding program had gone well, and while they were not completely understood the cedya were very easily changed, adapting over generations, hybridizing on their own to deal with new environments or situations, eventually finding a favorable shape. The blung, on a whole, were useless to the lufae. The puruu had better farming characteristics for tissue and biomass...hell even the shciwrm were better for this, but the one thing worth note of the blung was their pheromone systems, and the "placenta" fields they lived on. It was apparently a long ago divergent breed of emils. This material was very useful. Thick, flesh like, able to transport and store nutrients, provide some structure. The deepest secrets in this era the lufae could get out of the cedya was that they were made of endless tubes, coiled round and round, moving with either pneumatic or hydraulic action. If there was only someway to fill those tubes with their selectively bred emils slime...or to breed these cedya to fit the tribes needs.
The explorers who venture down to the hot depths can only stay so long. The emils structures can handle salt water, but not salt water and intense heat and pressure. They warp, crack, and will eventually implode. The hot depths are nothing more then fields of underwater lava and newly formed rock. Strange creautres seemingly made from rock move almost imperceptibly slow, while ones of blackened lavarock move no more. Long range submarines return with stories of cut passages leading to the shallow sea, of an abandoned village.--Filters are developed and help save the pump operators a great deal of time. Salt is useful for many things, eating, chemically treating things, storing meat, or holding heat. the local cave fauna is somewhat agressive on the upper levels. The acid emils and laser bords are of particular use to them. Glass production is firmly in the hands of the artisans, who blow, bend, curve, and shape the obsidian to many wonderful and useful objects.

The singers dont do much more with their free time then any other citizin of the lufae, but it does serve to break up their isolated culture, and help them reintegrate into society. The edge of their hate and cruelty towards the outside world fades a little, depending on what subject matter they seek and who they choose to bond with. It is overall, a good thing for the stability of the tribe. No successor to Khuna has yet to be found and this bothers him somewhat. He must consider alternatives if one cannot be found soon enough for him to have the time he needs to groom him into a proper heir. Even as a possible last resort he did not know if he had the resolve to be converted into a blasphemy unit, even if it may be for the good of his tribe. The lufae find warring puruu to the north, and to the east a strange island of schwirms at war as well. It would seem the rest of the continent has been in an equal state of upheaval. To the south were the legions of Logeadz and schiwms, clad in metal, dangerous, but seemingly content to stay in place. To the west volcanic smoke and ash stopped their efforts, but nearly the entirety of the continent was mapped out, and no longer did the great void hold so much mystery. A new tribe was discovered, by the aquatic and western research teams of all people. They were a tribe of geist, long lost in the tunnels, having retreated before recorded history. -continued
This lost tribe had none of the values, religion, or concepts of outside the lufae did. Indeed, they were extremely curious, and fearful all in one go. They viewed the lufae as some sort of "gods" it took weeks and months for them to shake this view. Their culture was primitive, based around music and ancestor worship, of collecting trophies and sport, earning ones keep in life. The main society was too much for them, but they fit in well with the odd lot at the western research outpost and underground aquatic settlements. ((tribe grows by 300)) This was yet another headache for Khuna, but the simple people did amuse him, and they solved the problem themselves by simply...staying out of sight. They were fearful of the surface, afraid the "Great hollow" would eat them whole, for its lack of echo.
From the depths of the flesh singers research facility, touched by shan meer, and crafted by artisans came a new variant of the geist building materials. A very hybridized organism, really many organisms forced to live in harmony. Various breeds of emils, puruu tissue, and cedya formed a new biological building substance. It was easy to shape with the right tools, and took on a beautiful gigeresque "soundscape" for the lufae. Long emils nerve fibers, pumping cedya tubing and puruu flesh with blung field material, all twisted together, living in...something close to harmony. It would eat what was fed to it, or leach from the land. Once grown into the desired shape, and stopped chemically the organism required very little sustenance. Really whatever waste could be fed to it, and whatever water the sky or land would provide. Finally, the lufae had a way to push back the void.
Scouts found a massive emils creature washed up on the southern beaches and sent word to have it secured...it could be of use to the tribe.---
The first puruu hybrids were "born" infused with a specialized mix of emils and cedya material they were a miniature ecosystem given form and sentience. Far removed from the simple sentient puruus of which they were based off of. Their bodies were firmer, more dense, stronger. The puruu grew to be as large as a geist. Careful selection and mixing of runuu yielded a new generation that was somewhat smarter, and more cunning, but just as loyal, loving, and unquestioningly devoted to their masters as the last crop. They were also integral in shaping the new "soundscape" material, in how their simple minds could interface with the substance to direct its shaping. A few singers pondered if these creatures were of a capacity to be used for the biosuit project as something more then base resources for construction.
rolled 1, 4, 15 = 20

Kiongozi Caesar has learned of a new metal, silver when first mined, but quickly turning black. It is said that all puruu who handle this substance die shortly after. Where another would see only ruin in dealing with such a substance, Kiongozi Caesar see's great potential. A group of researchers from the Great Library are instructed to discover all the properties of this metal, why it turns black, why it kills puruu, and if it can be handled safely. In the mean time, Caesar has been walking around the streets of Yetu Mahali, looking for smart and capable puruu to escort him around in his own personal guard, promising them a flock of Bords, a small ship, a nice house and a place of honor next to the Kiongozi.

Rolling for
Discovering the properties of Wrath metal, as the puruu have taken to calling it.
Finding a way to handle Wrath metal without dying.
Recruiting a personal guard for Kiongozi Caesar.
rolled 7, 3, 17, 3 = 30

Askari Wakuu Mtum, now with the army back in action, has continued the march north. Their grand army is almost a small moving settlement at this point, with it's own portable runu-in-jugs and hunting parties to gather food. Mtum has ordered mandatory training in spear charging for all Bord riders, and has decided that modifying the hand axes used by so many infantry will help if they get in any more combat situations. The new hand axes have a blade that is basically embedded into the side of the weapons haft, making a sort of cleaver. It is also decided that better protection will be needed if they get into any more scraps, so a few of the more inventive puruu have been instructed to find a tough but light material to make armor or shields from.

Rolling for-
Marching North
Training the Bord riders in charging with spears
Modifying axes into new cleavers
Developing armor and shield
rolled 14, 1 = 15

In the expanding city of Yetu Mahali, a lone puruu bangs on a purite drum and wonders. A long time ago, there used to be creatures that flew on great beasts and sang songs, and spoke with the Urupuruu on occasion. Now those creatures are regarded as nothing more than a myth used to scare young puruu, as one hasn't been seen in so long. It was said that these creatures liked music a great deal, and that they lived to the south in the mountains. Armed with this knowledge, the lone puruu attempts to craft many small musical instruments, bells and chimes and so on, and venture south to look for these creatures.

Rolling for-
Creating small purite instruments ((Bells and Chimes and Flutes and such))
Going south the contact the Lufae
rolled 7 = 7

>I thought I already rolled this a while back, but it seems that I didn't.
It was seen how the upward curved leaves floated down the river, and some puruus tried to recreate this with something bigger.

Rolling for boats (put together like birch bark canoes).
Forgot that I was going to respond with something to that post.
Nad drew the picture. I think it would be kind of cool if people borrowed the creature designs from these threads to use as monsters in their games.
rolled 9, 4, 4, 4, 6, 2, 6, 11 = 46

Alright, lets deal with these monsters.

Warriors are marshaled in small numbers to hunt these new monsters that plague the land. They fought a war against the Blung so they could live here, and they will not lose it to creatures of blades, golems and insidious mind-stealers. The Shokul marshall their own forces, to prove themselves as defenders of the land and the people. They prepare ambushes and traps, while the warriors take the fight directly to these monsters.

The Vukad are all awed by Krogs Brunzhamah, and they all flock to the smiths, seeking to gain an imitation for their own.

Crunchas, while strong and obedient, aren't completely domesticated, not genetically. They're little more than tame beasts, and breeding is the only way to produce a truly domesticated animal. This is applied to the new Runnas as well, though the Cathedrals are exempt from this new breeding program since their reproductive cycle is much slower.

The Fort to the north of Nag Palka, now known as Grozul, is being expanded upon, mostly through the presence of a few families. They seek duty, and they wish to serve the Tanacs by supporting Grozul with some limited farming and crafting skills. They also help in expanding the fort, and constructing an especially large tower, with a bit more emphasis (at the moment) on making it tall than on making it thick and strong.

Rolling for Warriors fighting the monsters, Shokul traps, Shokul ambsuhes, Vukad Hammers, Cruncha breeding, Runna Breeding, Fort Expansion, building the Grand Tower.

Oh god. All but one are below 10...
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rolled 15, 1, 6, 1, 1 = 24

You interested in an alliance against slaver shwirms in the Calm Firil Sea?

Bronze / Oamenii
Either of you want to answer the Eleni that showed up in your southern lub fishing village?

You have the Nod navies and armies to attack with.

The Edenites armorers strip the iron armor designs. The full plate becomes half plate with sapsis bark. To support their legs and arms, bracers and gauntlets spread the weight around the weaker joints.

The True Sons cavalry use War Kirunna. The crafters try using the half plate design to armor them for ramming their targets. Upon hearing of the shwirm conflict, they finally give into the True Sons request for large weapons. The crafters create a two-handed war axe for them. Something reflecting their tribal heritage of the Time of Woe.

The Ent mobile suits went mad and attacked the pilots. Sellion is ferious with the delay and only allows the minmal time to recreate the Ents. The Fringe sciencists put in a paralsisyer fail safe to prevent the accident.

Upon hearing of the conflict with the shwirms, alchemist and crafters start another project with the cedya. The cedyas are a fungal creature and might prove to be a useful shocktroop. If it weren't for there maturation rate. This they theorize could be worked around with growth solution. They create a warhead for the ballistics they call a cedya bomb.

It is basically a purite shell covering a glass jar divided into two compartments. In one is the cedya fungal material in the other growth solution. The warhead is shoot just like anyother shot. Upon impact the glass division breaks mixing the cedya fungus with the growth solution. The cedya grows and bursts from the warhead.

rollin for
1) new half plate armor
2) new War Kirunnas
3) two handed war axes
4) Ent failsafe and Sellions jounery
5) new Cedya war-heads
In the small fishing settlement of Lupolis, the Urupuruu have been trading some with the strange green creatures called Eleni. Recently, the Eleni have been speaking of horrible ships filled with terrible beasts, capturing and enslaving the dwellers of the Firil sea. The puruu of Lupolis are repulsed by these tales, and promise them that should any slaver attempt to attack the Eleni of Firil, the Puruu of Lupolis shall stand with them. All they ask is for arms and armor, as they are fishing folk and have no combat tools of their own.

Congrats APoe, the puruu of Lupolis have joined your cause.
Caesar has a personal guard now, and is happy, but they must be trained. The black metal claims the lives of its research team within days, each of them getting sick, and literally falling apart. The one guard near a purite box that was holding the material died slowest. Something about the purite. Perhaps using less valuable people first might be wise. ((purite is a combination of tin and lead, depending on the source, more of one then the other, shcwirmium is pretty close to copper, ellenite is iron with some sulfur and magnesium content...and this wrath metal...well, search for pitchblende)) Askari Wakuu Mtum march north was slow, due to a near paranoid level of cautiousness and desire to not get caught off guard again, this was not necessarily a bad thing. The Bord riders are doing everything in their power to just keep the animals calm in this new environment, they will carry spears, but it is as a last option. The entire army has cleavers now, and two scouts are sent home to report on progress and share the development. Armor and shield go nowhere for now. Beautiful and wonderful instruments are created, and off the puruu marches. His friends warn him he is a food. The next day the puruu is found dead, the chimes clanging and tinkling softly in the breeze.
rolled 12 = 12

Not being overly complicated the simple canoes do the trick. They float, they move around, are east to construct and nearly disposable. The Yapap had crushed their enemies, seen them driven before them, and heard the lamentations of the runuu tenders. It was good. Taking the Kahn, drawing and quartering him before his warrios, before they are killed and burned would be a nice way to start the weekend. ((roll for combat against the khan, and take what is yours))
The bulk of the Urupuruu prepared to crush the remaining two warrior settlements and end this quickly, put an end to the so called "kahn". They would attack that night. ((roll for combat with whatever strategy you see fit))
The Khan was possibly the oldest puruu in the region, both fearsomely strong, and near the end of his life. He at first thought that he was surrounded by the Yapap, those damn savages. They had coerced all his workers to leave him in the dead of night, and now only his warriors remained. It was only later that he realized these were two armies after his head. What bad luck, though he did not survive this long without cunning. he devised a plan to escape and turn his enemies against each other.
rolled 1, 15, 5, 9 = 30

The bulk of the Grand Army of the Urupuruu will creep up on the largest of the two settlements, and rush and overwhelm them with infantry. The majority of the ranged unites will be sent to the smaller village to harass the inhabitants until reinforcements from the first village arrive to start the assault.

The Bord cavalry will patrol the area between the two villages and attack any who try to escape.

Here go my rolls, gods don't fail me now...

Rolling for-
Attack the largest village with infantry
Harassing the smaller village with ranged units
Reinforcing the smaller village after the assault on the first one
Capturing any fleeing puruu with the use of Bord Riders.
The warriors armor protect them against the mind stealers, but not the massive brutes. A few are downed, the creatures of blades are easier to kill then the rock monsters. The only way to slay them was with cathedral mounted ballistas, and even then, it took work. The new hammers also seemed to do more damage to them then the chainswords. All in all, it was often a fighting retreat, chipping away, with little honor gained. The shokul were unable to ambush or trap, so busy with keeping the swarms of beasts away from the village. Hammers, animal breeding, and almost every other project was delayed as the the grand tower received the tribes full attention. High overhead the newly colonized forests continued to be "Settled" with teams of zeplins dragging them all together to form something grand. Research in feeding lubs had revealed that a weak beer would be good food for them. Full of nutrients.

((please respond to Apoe "Bronze / Oamenii: Either of you want to answer the Eleni that showed up in your southern lub fishing village?" there are great forces stirring on the continent.))
They are given, iron tipped bow and arrows, puruu sized sail boats made of regular wood, Shadow Drink to tip their arrows, bark armor with some iron bits.

Finally, they are brought into the war tent set up by Eleni forces to talk strategy

Also to AngryDorf doc about the war strategy:
The new halfplate armor does the trick, though its weight still slows down the warriors. Studded leather and bark armor is developed and it allows for full speed and movement. The war kirunna population has gotten sick, and some need to be culled, others treated. Prior experience with metalwork allows for large crude double headed two handed axes. Safety is not the tribes strong point. Rampaging ents and deadly cedya clouds take lives, but these projects could be the way to the future and must not be abandoned. At least thats what military leadership thinks.
The assualt was..sort of a disaster. Many warriors were caught off guard, not prepared to fight a massive army of what were essentially all elders, clad in sheet metal, and angry. The smaller village actually fell to the ranged attacks, with the bord riders capturing a few fleeing soldiers. A quarter of the army is now dead, and the rest retreated back to the jungle, to regroup and prepare for another attack.
this is sort of self defeating, but we have this thread as our last one. 300 posts to finish the story, each joke or off topic post eats into that, taking away from the other players, and even yourselves. Normally i dont care because "there is always another thread" this is not the case for this one. If if can find it in your heart to delete the off topic posts, and not think me too much of an ass, "that would be great. thanks." Guys like Saatgreich, drawbro, etc, dont get to post here as often, so being able to keep this around for a bit is cool. plus apparently there will be a large war brewing soon. The puruu are about to meet eachother, and all the while Onol is busy slaving away.

This message will self destruct tonight.
Alright, here's the meeting between Eleni explorers and the fishermen of Tled Palka that APoe wants.

The fishermen out on another day of fishing, when they see something come out of the channel to the north west. They think at first thats its just some fools who've tried to find fish in the channel, when they've all learned that fish don't live there, at least not yet. They turn back to their task of catching the days meal, and enough to send off to the other settlements as well. Only a half hour later do they find out the truth. Thats no fishing boat: Its something else.

They sail closer, to get a look at this boat, and are suprised to see creatures they've only heard about in stories from their parents and the shamans: Eleni. The boat moves closer still, and the fishermen wave at these forgieners. They then point at the shore, and begin sailing towards it, gesturing for the Eleni to follow.

When they reach the shore, they offer up fish and beer to the Eleni, remembering tales of how the Forest Log'eadz tribe was once saved by a tribe of Eleni. They made a similar pledge to those Eleni that the Nag Ber'Ek has made to the Oamenii: To forever welcome the Eleni, and honor them as friends. Some of the shwirms that live in Tled Palka begin to try to learn the language of these Eleni, starting with pictures as Spack Jarrow once started with them.
rolled 4, 10, 6 = 20

Kiongozi Caesar has had a vision. In later years, they will claim it was a vision from Arupa, but Kiongozi Caesar never believed in the god. A special unit is made of the most devoted, fanatical, and cunning followers of Arupa that Caesar could find. Their job was to round up and who blasphemed against mighty Arupa, or any who spoke treasonous words against the Kiongozi, and force them to work on the Wrath Metal. They will develop armors made from it, weapons made from it, anything they can. One puruu has the idea for a suit of Wrath Metal armor laced with purite, so that the wearer will live and suffer the Wrath for longer periods of time. Another gets the idea for great weapons of Wrath Metal, basically a solid slab of the substance, so that even lifting it brings weariness to the user.

Rolling for-

Establishing an Urupuuri Inquisition
Making Wrath Metal armor laced with purite
Making Wrath Metal weapons
The scouts that returned south shared their story of the crushing defeat, and the need for more troops. Kiongozi Caesar sees the opportunity to bring an end to this conflict in the north, and gives the two scouts a purite jar full of Wrath Metal that has been ground into flakes. There mission, should the choose to accept it, is to take these Wrath Metal flakes to the enemies Runu and deposit them there, so that they will know the true Wrath of Arupa.
rolled 12 = 12

In the north, Askari Wakuu Mtum gathers up the remaining infantry and ranged forces at the smaller settlement. There is no time for preparation, the larger village will not doubt believe them to be driven off for good at this point. In the early hour of the morning, the entirety of the Grand Army mobilizes towards the large village. It will be one glorious charge, win or lose, they will all die heroes.

Rolling for-
You know damn well what I'm rolling for
The inquisition is a small group of fanatics. They never grow too large, or too powerful, but the military and policing forces of the tribe turn over the worst individuals and offenders to them for their little projects. The armor and weapons are crude, poorly formed, no one smith wanting to be around them for long, already risking their life to even craft such a thing. For the damned, these will do. The final charge of Mtum began as soon as the scouts returned from the tribe with the jars full of death. One would be dumped into the enemies runuu pool during the chaos of the battle thus ensuring their end, or hindrance even if the army fell. The laserbords fired searing beams, while rocks flew. The soliders charged once more. The enemy though, seemed distracted and in the thick of battle, another force was in the mix, attacking as well...((wait for notrip to see where this goes))
rolled 13, 20, 9, 7, 19, 1 = 69

Zledo has realized that, while he chose excellent canidates for the Shokul, being former canidates for the Vukad, he is horribly ill prepared to train them for the duties he wishes them to take on. He seeks out veteran warriors to turn the Shokul from a band of strong, moderately talented youths, into a fighting force. He also steps up his "teaching" of the Shokul, indoctrinating them in loyalty to the Tanacs Azseg, and hatred to those who would threaten their people.

The Vukad have learned that, while the chainswords are intimidating, hammers work better. Large numbers of hammers are commissioned for the Vukad, many of them requesting that they be made of the dark metal that Brunzhamah was made from.

The Great tower is to be finished, so that work may be directed to other areas. The fort will also recieve little more at the moment in expansion. Monsters stalk the land, and Grozul shall be enough to watch the Lufae for now.

Laborers are set to work on making a mine outside of Nag Palka, so that it has a ready access to coal, and perhaps even metal.

Krog has decided to take to the fields himself, to safeguard the future of his people. Brunzhamah will soon be wet with the blood of the monsters that dare threaten these lands.

rolling for

Shokul training
Shokul "teaching"
Vukad Hammers
Finishing the Great tower
Mines outside of Nag Palka
Krog takes the fight to the Monsters
rolled 16, 1, 20, 14, 17 = 68

>1 for fighting the monsters

On a more peaceful front

The flying lub forests are bound together, and the camps are expanded. Dirt is even brought up so that a few crops can be planted, mixed in with all the excrement produced by the camps. Some of the blimps try to bring up wood, to establish more permanent housing on this flying piece of land. More Shwirms come up, seeking to escape the monsters below, and the Shokul with their violent rhetoric. Log'eadz from the forests come, seeking escape from their conquerors, looking to be free of the Nag Ber'Ek. Attempts are made to link forests that are higher or lower than each other with combinations of pulley systems and bridges. Great stretches of leather are made to catch water for the new settlement, which is called by the Log'eadz who've moved in "Endaskie"

Other blimps are sent out once more, this time in three directions this time, Northeast across the plains, west and over the channel, and directly north through the lands of the Lufae

Rolling for
Binding the forests together
Sky farming
Houses in the sky
Bridges and pulleys
Establishing a water supply
rolled 16, 14, 11 = 41

woops, forgot to roll for exploration
North, Northeast, west
the shokul grow in number, skill, and fervent devotion, the nationalism jingoism of them is second to none. "Tanacs Azseg STRONG" Hammers enter low production. The great tower begins to grow out but is not yet completed. The tribe is skilled at mining and takes deeply from the land, its many gifts. Korg finds himself surrounded, alone, and more then a little drunk, on a search to fight great monsters, they instead found him. the forests are bound together, supported by rain, dirt, waste, and beer. The farmers attempt to plow the sky fields results in some popping, and a plung to their deaths. Farming on top of the sky is a bad idea. The houses built in the sky are light weight and do not weigh down the forest, but there is a careful balance to be maintained, this is no fortress, just a refuge. Rope bridges and pulleys help individuals get around, in the sky and on the ground, while water catchers supply the colony with...water.
The zeplins explore over the lufae and korobushka territories, while to the west they find the edge of the continent and more land beyond the chasm. As a note zeplins are large and slow. The lufae wyverns do not attack, and maintain a distance right now, but are very, very curious.
File: 1346582321347.png-(115 KB, 278x473, Tree of Songs.png)
115 KB
The technology of the Singers continues to seep into the Lufae life in increased quantities. The bio constructs, the soundscape, the suits, the puruu servants, all these things are taken as wonders of the Asul Lusal (Flesh Singers in Lufae tongue).
The technology is poorly understood by the majority, some artisans have managed to apply it creatively in constructs, but the true nature of this technology is only known to the Singers.
Despite of this, the technology is almost revered by the majority of the Lufae, as the expression of Kaafa, the notes of life and creation that play in the great world song. (Credit goes to Fortune for this picture)
This causes some tensions between the Shamans and the Singers, as the shamans think that the Singers are meddling with things beyond their grasp. How could they know Kaafa? That aspect of the world song was unknown even to the shamans! Clearly, the singers were conducting something blasphemous!

For now however, the obvious benefits of this technology kept the Shamans quiet. They knew that they were in the minority with their opinions, and that openly questioning the singers would only bring ire towards the shamans.
File: 1346582409738.png-(86 KB, 1000x600, Advanced Lufae tech.png)
86 KB
rolled 8, 15, 12 = 35


Lack of understanding does not mean that the singers are only ones capable of using the technology, or development. No, the many bio construct "carts" trekking around the Lufae lands were invented by artisans.
These artisans use what they can get in their hands to create new things, they lack the support and influence of the singers, but that doesn't stop them. A small artisans coven in Lua Kae has developed an idea of how to improve the devastating howling coils of the Riders. By applying a covering of tubular glass shells over the coil of the weapon, the artisans plan on having the coil's strike fling glass shards everywhere around it's impact point.

The singers continue their research ever onward. The primitive sight masks that were developed in order to allow the Lufae to see trough the eyes of the songless are improved, so that instead of vague images, the geists could finally see both the song and the void.
These sight masks aren't really available to the majority of the Lufae, both due to the fact how high tech instruments they are, as well as the fear of the effects these masks would cause in the mentality of the Lufae.

Plans are put in motion which aim to spread the sound scape towards the great void beyond the sound wall, and thus, for the first time allow the Lufae actually push back the void. This causes confusion, joy and even vague protests, as everyone but the singers are still confused of what the sound scape even is.

Rolling for:
Improving the coils.
Improving sight masks.
Spreading the soundscape.
File: 1346582479395.png-(73 KB, 800x1000, augmented puruu.png)
73 KB
rolled 20, 9, 7, 15, 4 = 55


The spreading of the sound scape will be conducted by the Singers, using one of the new enslaved Puruu breeds. These puruus have been heavily altered, they are stronger, larger more resilient, as well as capable of excreting emils slime from their glands. These alterations were made so that the puruus could better work with emils slime on the field. They are akin to living paint brushes of the Singers, who command them to excrete, shape and morph the structures of the soundscape, as well as tend and protect it from creatures.
Especially the scattered blung beings seem to be drawn to the sound scape, due to the fact that it bears the familiar pheromones of their own placenta fields. Because of this, the Puruus were made more capable in combat. They will defend the soundscape against the invasive blungs, and continue to spread it even without the commands of the Singers.
The soundscape itself is seen as strange even by the majority of the Lufae. It makes the land live, and illuminates it with the steady beats and hums of it's structures. The shamans and the riders especially view the soundscape with suspicion.

The Singers themselves continue to breed more puruu breeds. The ones meant to spread the soundscape are ill suited for other duties, such as household servants. Strong puruus, fast puruus, even puruus imitating flight of their hawk cousins are being bred, with the aims of using them in the duties where making constructs is infeasible.

Rolling for:
Effectiveness of the puruus in spreading the soundscape.
Defending the soundscape from blungs.
Breeding more puruu servants. (3 rolls)
File: 1346583040583.png-(28 KB, 800x600, Prototype mech.png)
28 KB
rolled 7, 19, 16, 7, 11, 19 = 79


The wyvern construct project continues. The idea of simply removing the brains of young wyverns and allowing them to grow in bio shells is considered, but rejected due to one simple reason. The Singers wish to retain the song of the wyvern. The wyverns have more potent sonar than anything that the singers could create artificially, and thus they have to use large portions of the wyvern's own body to retain that power. This is not really desired though, as it makes the project much harder than it could be.
Because of this, the singers have also started studying the skulls, lungs and other parts related to the audio abilities of both geists and wyverns in order to replicate the ability.

Other projects of the Singers continue. As the practice of bio crafting is standard now, much of the work is put in simple things, such as refining feedback sensations of the muscles in the suits, developing skin for the constructs from puruu flesh to both protect the emils muscles as well as to provide sense of touch. Some attempts are also put in applying the sight masks directly to these suits.

The coven of singers raising cedyas continue their research, almost haphazardly. Breeding and hybridizing them was so easy, that the singers had all but forgotten to actually study the creatures, instead they kept manipulating the fungal growths and hybrids into more and more varied shapes. Larger, smaller, twisting masses of root matter, teeth and tentacles. The obvious aggression the beings showed didn't phase them, due to their protective biosuits. They simply continued to raise more cedyas, more fungal mass, using internal emils structures to force the cedyas into desired shapes. It was all good fun.

Rolling for:
Wyvern project's continuation.
Developing artificial versions of the wyvern's sonar.
Refining the technology of the singers. (3 rolls.)
Cedya "research".
File: 1346583114506.png-(25 KB, 1000x600, Lufae gun.png)
25 KB
rolled 10, 15, 9, 3, 6 = 43


Artisans in Fa Kaath have continued the development of the blow dart weaponry. Their efforts are directed towards a great innovation, that tries to make the dart weapons into far more easily used. Instead of having to use one's own lungs for blowing the darts, this weapon would blow the darts by itself, as it has two air sacks that are used to both launch the dart, as well as reload the next dart into the chamber.
The artisans have also tried using poisons harvested from small puruu species living in the waters of Fa Kaath to increase the deadliness of this weapon.

In Fa Kaath, the puruu servants aren't really approved off, nor do they trust the diplomats as they still retain parts of their former hatred and suspicions towards the songless. Even now, they regularly send out scouts to keep their "eyes" on the songless tribes nearby.

The Zeppelin coming from south is intercepted by the riders. The songless had developed a flying construct?
This confuses, and even annoys the riders, who had seen themselves as the masters of flying. This crude contraption intruded to their skies?
The riders decide to try to board the zeppeling, in order to decipher the intentions of the songless.

Rolling for:
Dart gun.
Poison darts.
Scouting out southern tribes (2 rolls)
Boarding the zeppelin.
File: 1346584169116.png-(182 KB, 1000x1000, Cedya titan.png)
182 KB
rolled 8, 11 = 19


The idyllic existence in Lupai Kaath was shattered with the coming of the wemils. The golem like stone creatures came unexpectedly, and overwhelmed the valley of voices.
The only thing that saved Lupai Kaath was the fact that it wasn't build on the ground, mostly at least.
Their great shrine was smashed and broken by the wemils, and now, the geists couldn't go to the ground without risking of getting crushed by the titanic beings. The efforts of the riders and warriors to drive these beings off were in vein, as their weaponry didn't pierce the rocky hides of the wemils.
Eventually, the Singers were contacted for assistance, as nothing else had worked. The singers themselves were equally confounded by these stone creatures, or most of them were.
The coven responsible for the cedyas was eager to prove itself, as they had grown into the laughing stock of the Singers, due to their unfocused research methods.

After evaluating the threat, they decided that only a being of equal, or greater size could beat these monsters, and thus they began the construction of a great artificial cedya. They used a hybridized ceryatzi as the base, and then used emils "bones" and other methods to force the cedya growths to bend into desired shapes. These "parts" were grown independently, as the size of the full being was too great for it to exist in the lair.
When the parts (legs, arms, torso etc) had been finished, they were transported in emils shell containers by wyverns to the vicinity of the valley, where they were then put together and allowed to bind. The nature of the cedyas is that within couple of days, the being was ready to move. It only took them 2 months to create it, and with much confidence (and concern of everyone else) the singers responsible began their attempts to direct this living weapon to the valley, to drive off the wemils.
rolled 19, 20, 11, 7, 8, 6, 19 = 90


Khuna continues his search for a proper heir, but he has also decided that if a heir was not found within a suitable time-frame, he would merge himself into a biosuit, so that he could continue his leadership.
The siege of Fa Kaath had made him ever concerned of his people fracturing, and he would damn himself into the unliving engines of the Singers if it meant that he could ensure the unity and prosperity of his people.

Because of this, he has decided to visit the singers, so that they could study him and start preparing as good body they could for him, in case he would need it.

The diplomats decide to observe the new warlike puruu tribe they discovered up north.
Attempts are also made to acquire technologies from all the nearby tribes for study. Trough trade or other means, it didn't really matter to the diplomats.

Rolling for:
Finding a heir candidate.
Developing a body for Khuna.
Observing the Yapyap.
Acquiring tech (4 rolls, Oamenii, Nag Ber'ek, Korobuskha, Urupuruu.)
The improvement to the coil is not massive, but is functional. shards of high speed glass add fragmentation to the chaos. Sight masks are of high quality now, but the finer detail comes at a small cost. An interface port on the head must be installed. Initial spread of the soundscape is promising, it quickly coats the tunnels of the tribe.
With the aid of the puruus there is a massive spread of the soundscape, it fully blankets the lufae villages, and stretches in thick strands to other settlements, even covering large tracts of land, growing every day. The soundscape attracts blung, who are a constant nuisance to be driven off, both a gift and curse, as each dead one nourishes the soundscape. Wemils also are distracted by the creatures, which is a plus. The singers manage to create numerous breeds of specialty puruu servants. A common feature amongst them all is their absolute devotion, and unquestioning loyalty to the Lufae. Mood and personality vary, with some cold and efficient, others bubbly and pleasant.
With the increased stress of the blung and wemils the Wyvern project has slowed down, it is also upsetting, as even the singers appreciate the wyverns to have to sacrifice an adult. It is stressful on the creature, and takes them days to heal, and to adapt to their new frame. With study of many creatures that have the song and some effort, the Artisans and Singers collaborate on artificial sonar, more powerful then anything occurring in nature. This will allow the singers to not have to raise an adult wyvern, and let pups grow up, being used to their frame with no memories of a life before it. The old emils research such as nerve cables, and separate portions of their control are hybridized with the puruu flesh research to create many new things. Complex Artifical skin, next generation interface sockets, and modular compatibility between projects are a few of the results. Many, many new cedyas variants are developed, dissected, researched, and weaponized.
The dart gun while ascetically pleasing, and deadly with its poison darts gets mixed reviews from its users. Unbalanced, slow to reload once empty, and fragile, but functional. Accuracy is a bit of a problem too. The weapons attract the attention of the singers, who obtain large amounts to research themselves. The artisans are already attempting to make obsidian shard projectiles, perhaps filled with cedya dust, or puruu toxins. The Fa Kaath who attempt to scout out the southern tribs find themselves frequently intercepted, and peacefully, if somewhat forcefully returned. However as the lufae and southern tribes share mutual boarders and territory for "hunting" this is no act of war. Attempts to board the zeplin are ungraceful, and leave the crew of the craft confused. Finally a rider does manage to get on the zeppelin by jumping from the back of her wyvern and clinging to the bottom of the ungainly craft. once the crew sees her they ask what her intentions are., to which she says that was her goal of the crew. The crew laughs. "the same thing you do every day. fly, and observe." she is a bit skeptical "if we wanted war, we would have shot you while your clumsy attempts to board our ship were underway." to which several schwirm crew members point to the mounted polybolos around the deck. she had no idea this ship could defend itself. ((feel free to initial further interactions))
the massive cedya construct is assembled, and the crew gets the hell out of there. Within hours, instead of the projected days, the weapon is mobile and killing any life form it comes across. It wasn't long before it attracted attention from a wemil. The ensuing fight saw the wemil get ripped apart with some effort, but also broke the internal supports of the cedya construct. Crawling around agressivly killing blung, puruu servants, and anything else, it was overwhelmed by two smaller wemils. Only active for less then 4 hours, the singers who made it considered it a success for the amount of data they gathered and learned. Unknown to them, the construct released an untold amount of the hybrized spores which took root quickly in the fertile "soundscape" the fallout of this would not be seen for a bit.
Khuna was an old geist, and thanks to the drugs he had taken, perhaps older then Thun when he finally went back to the song. He had finally found a suitable heir in the form of a young brute, still not fully grown. The boy was encountered as thuun made his rounds across the tribe, finally coming to the under water settlement. A little big for his size both physically and in ego, the boy did not even recognize his own leader, and challenged him outright. There was fire in him, and that was good. This was the one. Nahel. The singers had created a perfect body for Khuna, he had come full circle for them and deserved the best. The body was somewhat larger then his current one, but with recent advances resembled a smooth normal geist body. mostly. His time was nearing a close. Chest pains visited him daily, and one night he woke up in horrific pain, dizzy, confused. Singers lead him off to their caverns, him stumbling along the way. The last thing he remembered before he woke up again was a gentle hand on his head, a concerned face, and a blade coming down.
The Yapyap are very brutal. The have eradicated many smaller tribes of puruu, but oddly do not kill those who offer no resistance. Indeed, they treat them well. It is only those who offer resistance that are crushed. They have paid no heed to other sentient creatures seemingly focused on only puruu. The diplomats have been met with suspicion, however their trade goods have ranged form obsidian objects, simple emils crafted things, to food, and even simple medical treatment from singers and crude prosthesis, but on a more advanced level then what most other tribes have. In turn they have gained small tokens to learn from. The oamenii and Nagber'ek traded regular beer. The korobushka offered Hákarl. The Urupuruu's gift was an odd one. Stone tablets. They explained it was their story.--The singers had been busily studying the salt water emils creature, and adapted its traits to the overall product line, making underwater development easier. Elsewhere the blashpemey unit guarded a sealed chamber. inside was a chained and bound figure, to its left and right two armored but skeletal and twisted remains. one read 01, the other 02. The last figure standing simply read 00 on its armor. It was massive. below it was an inscription "when the organism finally submits to the cancer, the cancer becomes the organism." it was growing.
One day in the villages on the open plains, things had started fairly normal. Beer was brewed, game was hunted, and mines were dug. Fairly normal. Then, a Shwirm spots something in the distance. Curious, he took higher ground, and what he found was terrifying. A great purple mass was growing accross the plains from lufae lands. Small dots of movement could be seen amongst the blung-like landscape, and pillars blasted a horrificaly ominous sound accross the plains. Blung were seen approaching the landscape, implying this was the start of a growing horde. After two hours of simply watching this... thing, there was quite a gathering at the hill, for other villagers had seen the thing, and more were curious of what all the commotion was about.

A messanger was sent to the council, where it was found out that several Log'Ead towns to the north had seen the same thing, and that it was growing into the plains, englufing the land, into Tanács Azség territory. The lufae diplomats were then called to explain what this thing was, what it did, and why it was attempting to take their territory. As they spoke, two platoons of hoplites and Log'Ead warriors prepare to engage the mass, and cut it out from their lands.
rolled 18, 16, 7 = 41

Meanwhile, engineers were doing what they did best, build new things. Their prosthetics and those samples that had been traded from the diplomats had made it clear that they had a primative understanding of medical science at best. While engineering was making leaps and bounds, medical practices were still mostly surrounded by taboo and shamanism, to the point where people would rather sit on the side of the road and take advice from any random passerby than actually go to a hospital.
In order to fix this, a sort of survey is made, where people could, when they died, rather than having their bodies buried as they usually did, would instead be brought to research facilities to better understand the Shwirm and Log'Ead physiology. Then, tests and dissections are made with the bodies available, carefully removing organs from the bodies to be examined, and making note of the muscular and skeletal structure for future prosthetics.

Rolling for preparing the soldiers, the number of people who sign up for the project, and success of studies.
The Urupuruu gift the Lufae with their stone tablets. One of them tells the story of their creation, the other tells of the history of the tribe.

Creation Story~

Tribal History~

Had to split these up because they were so long and I didn't want to take up space in the thread. Enjoy!
A large force of solider was marshalled, nearly enough for a crusade. They marched toward the lufae territory to find...nothing. However three of the stone giants were slain along the way, and that was a victory in itself. apparently the scout had cried wolf ((the lufae songscape is growing fast, but only around their settlements and song pillars, and as "roads" between their various villages and settlements. I dont think that it will be an issue before this post is over.)) The warriors did notice some of the strange blung like material growing around the Stone markers that indicated the edge of the lufae territory, and questioned a near by lufae trader about the matter "We use it to help us see better. The livestock seem to be happy eating it and other then that, I really dont know too much about it. Feel free to feed some to your animals if you want." With that he/she? (it was hard to tell with geists) shrugged and went back to tending to it's animals. One of the warriors noticed a strange creature causing the slime/flesh ground to rise up and take a strange shape, it was a slow process but apparently as long as the creatures did not shape the stuff, it would not make noise?
The medical project was a major success, with many volunteers signing up. with the tribe no longer using the bones of the dead for armor, it was necessary to do something with their fallen warriors. What better way to honor the dead, then to let them keep serving the tribe? The "doctors" of the tribe learn a little about the physiology of the two species. The shcwirm are very durable. Icor like blood, spongy organs, simple digestive track. The Logeadz were more complex, almost confusingly so. Oily skin, muscle, armor plates, more muscle, organs, muscle and bones. No wonder they could carry so much weight.
((either player can respond to the Nod (elenii) ship landing at the fishing village, hearing their plight, and what to do))
One mad schwirm kept experimenting with coal, trying to find some higher use to it. He had spent days and nights boiling water, using the steam to turn gears. ((again, either, both, or neither player can choose to roll and develop this tidbit))

If those tree dead wemils are the ones the titan killed, I must say that this post doesn't make much sense then.
The titan was deployed in the mountain valleys, way up north. The shwirms couldn't have reached, let alone found that place without intruding deep into the Lufae territory.

As for the soundscape, the Lufae are spreading it to pretty much cover large swathes of their territory, and they are actively spreading beyond the wall of voices. That is where they have trouble seeing in the first place. There the sound scape helps them the most, and thus they spread it there.
They are trying to drive back the void with the soundscape.

The responce of the diplomats to the quetions asked about the sound scape is as follows:

"It is the manifestation of the great song. The void looming over our world will be finally driven back, and Lupai's world song will be empovered to new heights.
Do not worry of it, as the song's reach will find all, and connect us in the beat of creation. Kaafa al Ashal, creation binds us all."
rolled 4, 6, 12 = 22

Elenii were already responded to here:

The shwirm of the council are suspicious of the soundscape, and inform the diplomats that they are sending a small team of scientists to obtain samples from this... soundscape, and to not fire upon them when they approach. The group of five consists of 4 shwirm scientists with scapals and bags, and a single Log'Ead bodyguard armed with the portable polybolos, a mulpac, and armored to the teeth.

Further tests are conducted on the ever-growing amount of bodies, such as dissecting the now removed organs to find out the workings inside, and scientists begin to trade for more of the prosthetics from the diplomats, saving them for study and, if possible, reverse-engineering.

Shwirm engineers and blacksmiths take note of the madshwirm's workings, realizing his ideas had merit, and could be used for practical purposes. With the automated gears, some parts of the smithing process could be made automatic, and would allow for garunteed consistant building materials for buildings/tools. A team of engineers and assistants are designated to the mooded shwirm, assisting in prototype construction and requesting bits and bobs from the smiths.

Rolling for collecting samples, further study of the bodies, and inventing steam engines.
rolled 2, 15, 17, 15, 10, 20, 12 = 91

In the South, in Yetu Mahali, the Urupuuri Inquisition round up those that blaspheme against Arupa. They use whips with purite studs, and heavy cleavers developed by the warriors in the north. The new Inquisition squad is lead by High Inquisitor Gom, who answers only to the Kiongozi. In the dead of the night they abduct puruu and take them to a secret lair hidden in the hills at the foot of the mountains. It is there that they train these puruu, having them lift weights to build muscle, forcing them to mine and shape Wrath Metal from the mines below, forging weapons and armor. The Inquisition teach their captives that their work is for Arupa, it is demanded by their god. They are effectively trying to brainwash the captives, making them fanatical zealots that kill on command. It will soon be time to deploy this Wrath Guard in the north, to bring the Wrath of Arupa to those savages.

Rolling for-
Capturing Puruu from Yetu Mahali
Training them to be stronger
Mining Wrath Metal with said captured Puruu
Forging Wrath Metal with said captured Puruu
Making Wrath Metal Armor
Making Wrath Metal weapons
Brainwashing the Wrath Guard
Endaskie is not quite a city, Not yet. It is however, a thriving town, with Log'eadz who dislike the dominion held over them by the tribes that came from the North and formed the original Nag Ber'Ek, and Shwirms seeking refuge from the monsters that plague the land. At the urging of these Log'eadz, and some of the more practical minded shwirm, attempts are made to scour the forests for vines that produce fruit, or vines that are themselves edible, so that Endaskie is not completely dependent on the ground for its food.

The blimps that have crossed over Lufae and Korobushka territory try to head further north, over the misty mountains cold. The blimps that explored the plains return to their home territory, and try to map the lands of the Tanacs Azseg from the air. The western scouts follow the path of the Great Channel northward, to see what they can see.

The Great Tower has a few last additions to finish it off. A platform is to be constructed on the very top, high enough that riders on Blimps can actually dock at the platform, as if the sky were a sea and the blimps were boats. Structural supports are added in three places: The base, the middle level, and the top. Once these are done, the Great Tower will be complete.
rolled 1, 1, 18, 16, 8, 7, 12, 7 = 70


Krog fights his way out of the monsters that surround him. He will NOT die this day, and even if he does, he shall take as many of these beasts as he can with him

The Shokul try and help out with the blung that are being attracted by the soundscape. They use their newfound skills to hunt to down the blungs that stray into Tanacs land. However, they advocate a more permanent solution. The Blungs are attracted to Lufae lands, and they only stray into Tanacs lands because there's nothing stopping them. Zledo proposes (after having had FAR too much beer one night) that a great wall be constructed to keep out the Blungs, and even the Lufae. This idea actually gains support, and it is decided that all the excess rubble produced by the mines will be suitable to build what will essentially be an endless pile of rubble, too steep for the Blungs to climb, thus keeping them out.

Rolling for Vines in the Skie, North Scouts, scouting the Great Channel, Mapping Tanacs Azseg Land, Finishing the Great Tower, Krog fighting his way out, Shokul fighting these new blung, and building the Great Wall of Rubble.
File: 1346621558372.png-(612 KB, 1000x670, titan fallout.png)
612 KB
The fallout of the titan will cause cedya problems large area surrounding the ground zero where it was deployed.
The closer to the center of the area one is, the more hybridized cedya spores there will be.
Winds and rivers have carried the spores to many areas, and both the Lufae and other tribes will feel the results of the Singer's attempts at meddling with stuff they don't truly understand.

These cedyas are varied in form, many are unique mixtures different breeds, all are fighting for securing themselves a niche in this world.
They are dangerous and continue to spread their spores, potentially they will cause blooms of new cedya species in the areas that are unaccustomed to cedya beings.

As for the titan itself, it is far from dead. The wemils ripped and smashed it's form, broke the artificial emils supports that it was forced to grow over.
The titan fell to the ground seemingly broken and beyond repair, the Singers dared not to approach the massive fungal monster, and left it to rot. Or so they thought. The cedya mass began taking root, leeching off nutrients from the soil and the soundscape, regrowing, reconnecting it's fungal networks, reforming and twisting into a form more natural to it, breaking and snapping the internal supports. It was being slowly reborn into an entirely new being that would eventually move again. The story of this massive cedya was far from over.
Drum of war are heard in Staatgreich (Even though they do not have drums)

As soldiers are preparing for combat in the north the homeland must be reinforced so that it can stand the coming times. Northern Town is going to be fortified into great fortress that would also work as staging ground for northern campaign. Walls of clay and wood are built, moats are dug and nearby forest cleared so that defending the village would be efficient.

Western capitol is the pinnacle of Staatgreich Architecture as it contains houses that are higher than in the other settlements and are made from clay. Beautiful gardens grow in there like jewels on the crown. Sewer system keeps the town healthy and directs excess water out of the city preventing floods. Walls are sturdy and as high as four fully grown schwirm. In the middle of town sits Temple of the high king that houses the lord of Staatgreich and is fortified so that i can also be defended from the enemy. Only way to get into capital from the rest of the realm is by the sea as the ground between is so rough that it is extremely hard to build road there.

In the Eastern village the problem with mossmen have been there for as long as they can remember. To stop them, from hindering the production of wood that is needed all over the empire, The High king orders as full scale scouring of the nearby forests ko get rid of these beast once and for all. As wood is needed even in very distant towns, a new way of transporting the wood must be developed as they now need to carry small pieces of wood to get it there. Now that Staatgreich know about metal it didn't take long for them to realize that eastern villages quarry is full of it. Earlier they only thought of it as hindrance but now they mine it like crazy to get more of this amazing material.
rolled 18, 20, 16 = 54

The singers continue their wyvern project, the new synthetic sonars allowing them to create fully artificial bodies for the wyverns brains to be transferred straight from their time as pups. This allows them to slowly phase out the older, prototypes though they are still in use for teaching the new pups using their sonar and adjusting to their bodies. The adult ones installed to the artificial bodies already understand their situation, and could potentially help raising the pup brains installed to the fully artificial constructs.

The puruu servants spread quickly to many aspects of Lufae life, they are used as servants, menial duties and hard work the Lufae don't want to waste themselves or the more precious constructs on. These puruus quickly breed and form many internal castes based on their morphology. In order to keep them in control, the Singers decide to form a special branch in their organization that would monitor and keep the puruu populations in check. They would take samples, and study their development, trying to weed out potentially hazardous traits, such as independence and too great intelligence from the population.
The Lufae don't want them to spread out from their grasp.

Rolling for:
Using the prototypes to train the new versions of the wyvern bio constructs.
Developing a puruu monitoring organization.
Preventing the puruus from developing unwanted traits.
Western city is the source of skilled warriors as they learn to hunt from the young age. They might not have as many warriors as eastern village but they truly are better and only those few who can use Sturm are all from western village. Using the wood they trade from eastern village they build the small ships of Staatgreich. As the game near the village has gotten scarce, most of the hunters now go to the northern outpost to get into the great forest to hunt.

With the trade between south and north, the Northern outpost has grown to full sized town. They have many inns to house all the traders, hunters from the western village and even soldiers going to north for guard duty. Most of the houses are around the river that goes through the village and while the town does not have walls anymore they have big keep near the river to act as defense. With the news of war coming with the traders, villagers have asked for the lord of the city to help them build walls to defend their homes. Many settlers arrive from the north to find better place to live. Most of them don't want to steal lands of the villagers so many of them go to the great forest to find another settlement for them to make their living.

Southern village is the most well fed city in the Staatgreich and don't they know it. Great taxis fields and trade from the south have made them rich, rich and fat. Taxis juice flows and people are merry. And merry people get lots of children. As the population booms there is always equal amount of pressure that build up. To keep the pressure from pursting the parents send their children to the east over the hills and mountains to find their own land. It is their parents duty to help their children as much as possible and make sure they get to their destination safely with lots of gear to start building.
File: 1346623581790.png-(47 KB, 1500x800, Hybrid cedyas.png)
47 KB
rolled 14, 5, 14, 1, 13, 20, 13, 13 = 93


The singers try to do their own improvements on the dart guns, such as redesigning the air sack system that crudely imitated lungs with their better understanding of the organs, as well as making the whole chassis of the device from the emils shells, to both make it more resilient, lighter and structurally sound.

In the following months after the deployment of the titan, the Cedya coven reviews the data retrieved from the operation. They have decided to construct 3 more of these titans, improved ones. Firstly, they will try to figure out how to control them, then, they will try to make them sturdier and bigger so that they would better fight Wemils. Each one of these new titans is an experiment of their own.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the singers, strange new cedyas had started cropping up in great numbers in the areas near Lupai Kaath. The settlers try to defend themselves to the best of their ability against these hostile beings. The reconstruction efforts of their great shrine aren't halted however, as they seek to prove their devotion to Lupai even in these hard times. The wyvern riders decide to test their new glass coils on these cedyas.

Rolling for:
Improving the dart guns.
Figuring out how to control cedyas better.
Developing ways of making cedyas sturdier.
Building 3 more titans (3 rolls)
Lupai Kaath's attempts to fend of the hybrid cedyas.
Effectiveness of the glass coils against the cedyas.
rolled 8, 2, 11, 13 = 34


The spreading of the soundscape continues. Despite the concerns of the shamans, many Lufae have started seeing the soundscape as the direct manifestation of the song of creation, Kaafa. There is almost religious devotion in the spreading of the material.

Khuna is both intrigued and shocked by his new body. He decides that he will keep his nature secret, as he fears the reaction his deed would cause in his people. He begins to train Nahel, when he finally recovers from his operation. He will try to raise the boy with the wisdom he derived from Thun and his own experiences. The great manifest he wrote will work as a guideline in his teaching, and he will teach the boy to rule by it, keeping Thun's Way up for the future generations.

The rider boarding the zeppelin decides to ask few more things of the strange southerners. She knows that they are hated by the Fa Kaathians, but she had encountered some of the shwirm monks of northern mountains, and was sure that these songless would be just as interesting. In the normal geist fashion, she begins to rapidly asks questions about anything that catches her interest.

The technology and trinkets received from the other tribes are sent to the artisans for study.
The stone tablets of the Urupuruu were in turn sent to Ilith's library, to be studied and translated.

Rolling for:
Further spreading of the soundscape to the plains especially.
Training Nahel.
Studying the acquired tech.
Translating the Urupuruu tablets.
rolled 9, 10, 6, 5, 3, 11, 11, 5, 10, 9, 18 = 97

Southern colony is growing now that it has joined the empire. Many go there to start a new life or just to make them rich with this new opportunity. Southern goods are seen as exotic and are wanted in the capital as luxury goods. Village is still only houses but there is great potential for it, and that potential must be guarded. With the clay from the north they start to build their own walls. As the knowledge of metalworking originates from this village, many who has that knowledge have moved to the north to spread their skill and make their living with it. Fishing is still the main source of food but some taxis bushes are also grown in the fields next to village.

Soldiers of Staatgreich are mostly standardized and now days professional rather than militia. They are equipped with armor that has plates made from schwirmite and hardened cloth in the joints to keep it quite light but still protects the most vital areas. (Hardened cloth because they do not use leather nor do they even know how to make armor out of it) They have metal clubs as main weapon, trench knives as secondary weapon and shields made of wood and reinforced with metal to keep it intact. The most elite force of Staatgreich are the warriors that come from the western village and use Sturm as their weapon of choice. Sturm are a lot like rope dart or meteor hammer only with difference that it has sharp head rather than blunt.

Rolling for Fortifying the northern village, Building harbour to the western capital, Hunting the Mossmen (jungle geist) in the eastern village, Expanding mines in the eastern village, Developing more efficient transportation on land, Building walls in northern outpost, Making colony to the east from northern outpost, making colony east of southern village, Scouting that same are for new things, Building walls in southern colony and overall preparations for war.
In the underground camp of the Fringe, Sellion sees nothing but failure. His underground movement barely survives to this day. The Ent mobile suits they had developed claimed more lives than saved as far as it concerned him.

He addressed the Fringe and disbanded it saying, "The movement has failed. We separated ourselves because we thought we could do better alone. Only now to I realize how wrong I was. Please waste no more of your lives here, bound by anger towards Eden or loyalty to me."

One by one, they pled for his words not to be true. One by one they accept it and leave, some violently attacking him and beating him for giving up. He is abandoned until none but his own mate remains. Tanna comforts him as he apologizes for the time, effort, and lives wasted trying to build up the Fringe. She tells him that even great leaders will make mistakes.

Tanna brings him to the last project the Fringe scientists finished, a two pilot version of the Ent mobile suit. One seat to control the Ent, the other to monitor the chemical systems making sure that accidents don't happen. Sellion asks her why they didn't use these before.

She answers, "Because of the foolish pride of the pilots. They didn't want to ask another person to help pilot their Ents."
He feels a sudden realization knocks the air out of him, making him gasp. "Please then, I'm asking you, help me. I still want to journey into the dark corridor. To discover something truly great, so that all this effort won't be for not."

She agrees climbing into her seat. He takes his seats and closes the hatch sealing them in. Water and food is stored away in the compartments around them. Weak headlights powered by chemical reactions from a purite disk. For the most part the journey will be dark, except for occasional trips outside to investigate the underground terrain.

They walk, dig, and fight together. Certain that any fate including being lost forever away from the dreamtime they would be together.

(in short, Fringe disbanded all projects transferred to Eden proper, the Fate of Sellion and Tanna to be discovered)
those three were killed by the Tanács Azség
Rolling for collecting samples, further study of the bodies, and inventing steam engines.
the schwirms manage to get small scraps of the material, but in their haste do not study it and instead retreat back to the tribe to have an in depth examination. The schwirms examine organs, and learn that sometimes when people get sick and die, its because an organ goes bad, but thats about the depth of their understanding. Machines make sense though, and the first primitive steam engine chugs to life. A big celebration is had over this loud insane contraption. Further work will need to be done to take it past prototype stage.
The sky vines harvesters get blown off and fall to their deaths, while sad, it inspired a permanent safty system of harnesses that were implemented immediatly, and now the berries can be harvested in safety. On site beer brewing happens too. Those scouts who go north are killed by wemils, cedya, and now blung. The lufae territory is a repository of dangerous lifeforms. The great channel is scouted out, and maps now chart the land with a high degree of accuracy. The great tower is complete. the Shokul fights the blung with an endless game of hit and run, while the wall slowly grows in size.
Krog was an angry motherfucker, and lo, did he fight his way out, crushing skulls and splintering bones. His armor, weapons, and skill were the best in the tribe. The was their champion and must not fall today. Krog escaped, and took many lives as he did, but he lost an eye, his tail, and a hand.
The inquisition suffers heavy losses, from insurrections, now they are hunted by town guards, their actions have pushed the empire to the brink of civil war. Those puruu that do get captured are trained to be stronger, and somewhat brainwashed to the beliefs of the inquisition. The puruus work with insane devotion to smelt, shape and refine the wrath metal. The armor is crude, a reflection of their lack of care for themselves, but the weapons are deadly. Long and heavy halberds, the forging process and additives creates a reaction in the metal, and the blades appear to constantly be smoking. the vapors are toxic, and even flammable, sometimes as the weapons spark against other hard surfaces they will ignite in a strange green flame. The guard is ready.
>>20570820 >>20571185 >>20571420
The northern village becomes a fortress, while the capital gains a modest harbor. Many mossmen are killed and driven back but not exterminated. Mines and dug out, and simple skids are created to pull cargo over land, they are quickly augmented with reverse engineered katuomoiset technology to have very simple wheels. The wall project is expanded to become a great wall to go across the entire island with a deep trench in front of it. It has just started, but the tribe is eager to build it. The new colony flourishes, and is built to be fortified. the southern village colony is quite small, but it is a start. Scouts dont find much else and instead devote time and work to building the walls. The tribe as a whole prepares for war. Large signal fires are built to be lit in times of attack. Armor and weapons are distributed to everyone, the old gear to civilians, and the new best stuff to the militia. Every town starts self fortification projects. ((your story is as always, very fun to read man))
>>20570745 >>20571136 >>20571186
The prototypes are loyal, and are a massive assistance in helping to raise the next generation of constructs. The monitoring organization is created, yet to give themselves a name, but they are everywhere, and actively work to manipulate the puruu mindset, and next generation of puruu servants. ((see blade runner. eventually tensions will rise, but not in this era.)) The Luafe understand the puruu have limited genetic memory of their past lives. Those most devoted, loyal, and hateful of other puruu ((those that first cast out the hybrids)) are selected for core components to the next batch of servants. Singers develop improved dart guns, and decide that the artisans have good ideas, perhaps some of them could be brought in on some of the projects, particularly the cedya ones. Lupai Kaath holds their own, in a daily struggle against the cedyas, their biggest advantage are the wyvern riders and a lack of flying cedya, or cedya that can fly as high. Glass coil fragments seem to shred the creatures. Singers find that for now cedya control is a mystery, but refinement is not. Three large constructs are made, one fails, going berserk and having to be torn apart after killing many. The next on is simply average, nearly an exact copy of the original construct. The failure of the berserker results in the singers taking the components and rebuilding. This one..it is a masterpiece. Clad in emils shell, grown around reinforced supports that instead of rigid, are flexible. A drive and control unit are not installed yet.
The soundscape seems to be slowing a bit, the battles on the home front eating up resources that would normally be used for construction/ growth. Nahel is a giant pain in the ass, is this what thuun went thru when he was dealing with khuna? Translating the urupuruu tablets revealed a shocking discovery. The urupuruu were the ones who flooded the caverns. Unintentionally harming the lufae, still it was food for thought. The tech offers little use to the lufae in a practical sense, but for understanding the mentality of the tribes it came from it is priceless. Of interest to the artisans was the "beer" and attempts to make their own variation on it. Self sterilizing, liquid food source. similar in nature to their own projects. impressive. -- The new soundscape is a remarkable material, it grows itself, spreads on its own, and seems to seek out other collections of soundscape to form connections with. On a very subtle and unrelated note, the luafe are starting to feel a stronger sense of unity. The soundscape is slowly distributing their soaked in pheromones all over the tribe, unifying feelings and subconscious consensus.
The tribe went on to go back to their own territories, settling into an uneasy preparation for war. The world was not so friendly, and their allies had their own problems to deal with. They focused on their own lands, and with great effort the deserts slowly gave way to verdant green grasslands, then trees, the trees became tropical forests. Each town was slowly replaced with a giant city tree. their navy would slowly grow, as would their land army. They took the time away from the rest of the world to secure their lands, to kill off the great stone wemils and mind stealing fuzoids. Years passed, and even the troublesome Ent technology was eventually reigned in, becoming mobile suits for the tribe. Their projectile weapons grew. The Nod forces became a sort of merchant marines, trading iron, and simple wood/ shambler constructs for food, work, information, and anything else. Continued skirmishes with the slaving schwirms of the western islands continued to be common, but it was never a full scale war. A mutual territory was acknowledged. The Elenii had no desire for all out war at the moment, and the Schwirm felt full blow war as bad business. no slaves gained, large loss. no profit.
Kiongozi Caesar leaves Yetu Mahali in the dead of night, flanked by the elite warriors sworn to the leaders service. They travel for a distance to the south, and then to the west towards the mountains. Walking into a dark and damp cave in the side of an unremarkable hill, Caesar calls out into the murky darkness. A strange puruu appears, wrapped head to toe in heavy wet cloth. It's name is Gom, and it the the High Inquisitor. Caesar wordlessly follows the High Inquisitor into the depths of the cave, where captive puruu are hard at work forging the strange Wrath Metal into arms and armor. "When will they be ready?" Caesar asks. Gom puffs out his chest and replies, "They already are. All they require is your command, Kiongozi." Caesar thinks for a bit, and then raises up over Gom. "Kill this one, to prove your loyalty." The Wrath Guard puruu steps from the shadows where it's black armor nearly completely concealed it, and delivers a swift downward stroke with it's halberd. High Inquisitor Gom falls apart in two pieces. Caesar snorts out, "That is for not being discreet."
rolled 16, 17, 13, 14 = 60

Kiongozi Caesar returns to Yetu Mahali the next day, with a new High Priest named Dhum. Dhum is put in charge of the great library and converting it into a building devoted to Arupa. First on their list of things to make is a statue of Arupa, cast from a solid piece of Purite. Nothing less than perfection will be placed in the Great Chapel. The building is also to be expanded, so lots of stone will need to be mined from the surrounding area. Dhum is also tasked with *secretly* abducted puruu suspected of blasphemy and treason, torturing them until they confess, and then shipping them to the Inquisitors to be used in forming the Wrath Guard.

Rolling for-
Expanding the Great Library ((Building a Great Chapel))
Mining in the surrounding area ((Stone and Purite))
Making a Purite Statue of Arupa ((A giant, slender puruu with wings))
*Secretly* Abducting more puruu to add to the Wrath Guard.
File: 1346672600168.png-(39 KB, 902x434, subject00.png)
39 KB
It was cold down here, and dark, for so long...kept in pieces, not alive. not dead. fluid always creeping into the flesh...if it was that anymore. silent for so long.
Long ago subject 00 had been determined to be far too dangerous to be kept alive, yet too valuable to some of the hidden covens to be terminated. It was disassembled for research and testing in the deepest parts of the research facility. Generations pass, and it was eventually a forgotten relic, a pile of notes stored away somewhere, and a closed door.
File: 1346685056025.jpg-(34 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m70bfcbLYm1qd7998o1_500.jpg)
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Few threads back I mentioned a force of ceryatzi coming, sneaking up to the village. Come they did. At first, the casulties died in their sleep, but from the moment one shwirm screamed, the whole town eventually awoke, torches and pitchforks all. What confronts the Korobushka is a scene from their worst nightmares and darkest horrors. Several dozen ceryatzi.... the servants of Evil, the Eaters of Children, the Bringers of Darkness. There's little in our language that encapsulates the fear these ceryatzi bring to the Korobushka. That said, with the entire village at stake, some of them manage to bolster up some courage (more than one takes swigs of Atavit to do so). It's a bloodbath, honestly. Probably 50 shwirm die before even a single one of these monsters goes down, and there are almost 30 left. It's only when the creatures start tearing through clan Ruhaj that they find a surprise waiting for them. Gentlemen, the cavalry has arrived.


The Ruhaj had been working on their clan's "edge" for a long time now. That edge was cavalry. This included their brand of reins, a sort of "joystick" just above the shoulder, with which the rider controls the dusya. It didn't matter that they had stone weapons or that their spears were naught but sharpened sticks, the charge evened the odds quickly, now only 5-10 would die to each ceryatzi, sometimes even less! The battle is won, but the cost is immense.

The tribe decides, they cannot let this happen again. Thus they begin constructing a palisade wall, to keep out the nasty beasties of the forest. When this is complete, a second wall is built, just to be certain.
> http://pastebin.com/9es0wFmz
Newest update found here. Gather round cats and kittens. Korobushka's got a wall, a currency, education, reading, philosophy, art, etc.
File: 1346701158224.png-(214 KB, 1500x1000, Titan reborn.png)
214 KB
rolled 15, 13 = 28

In the valleys of the mountains, the great cedya mass had reformed itself into a different being entirely. The titan was born again, it's pedal like wings lifting it's twisted mass up to the air. Spores, fluids and tangling masses of cedya growths poured from it's insides as the abomination took it to air.

The being is not controlled by anyone, and it will rampage across the continent, spreading spores in it's wake unless it is stopped.
The spores will spawn new hybridized cedyas in wide area under the path of the being.

Rolling for seeing where the Titan heads. 1-5 means north, 6-10 means east, 11-15 means south and 16-20 means west.
Second roll for the distance it will travel. 1 means one square, 2 means two and so on.

(If this is not ok, to other players, I will retcon it.)
I don't like that all. If that thing comes south and the Tanacs Azseg find out you did it, there would defenitely be war.
Reroll for a new direction
File: 1346703486271.png-(618 KB, 1000x675, Titan flight.png)
618 KB
rolled 11, 13 = 24


Well, if we go by the distance is travels, that thing just flies over your area and straight over to the ocean.
So at worst it just spreads it's spores over the southern territories, as it flies to the sea, towards the south pole apparently.
Also, to be fair, the Lufae themselves are as much victims of that thing as the other tribes. The singers created it without really realizing what the fuck they were doing, and the repercussions of that will be felt far an wide.

Rolling for seeing if the being continues it's flight towards the sea, or if it stops. (Flight continues if roll is <10.)
If it stops, a new direction based on the earlier chart.

So, based on this, the titan lands, but continues it's trip to the south.
Perhaps it just exhausts itself and falls to the coastal waters of the southern beaches, and the currents continue to carry it southwards?
File: 1346706223950.png-(16 KB, 859x409, Endaskie.png)
16 KB
rolled 13, 17 = 30

Got some stuff here on Krog, Krom, the Shokul and Endaskie

Pictured: Endaskie layout

Work on the Great Rubble Wall continues, with stone chunks from the mines being piled high so to keep the blungs attracted by the soundscape the hell out of Tanacs Azseg land. A Great Ditch is being dug in front of it now, with the displaced earth being piled atop the Rubble Wall, to make it even higher and steeper. The Shokul try and take it further, and recommend establishing outposts along the Rubble Wall to beat back any Blungs that are determined to make it over the Wall.

Rolling for how many of these outposts there are, and how big they are
rolled 11, 18 = 29


The Singers are pleased with their wyvern project. The new constructs move with grace unparalleled by the prototypes and the pups have managed to learn how to utilize the in built sonar abilities of the artificial bodies.
Despite the successes of these new constructs, many singers dread allowing the wyverns to pilot them unsupervised. A plan that aims to put a geist to direct and keep the wyvern in the body in check is put in motion. Pilots that would input signals and commands to the wyvern housed in the artificial body. That was the solution the singers came up with. They try to form a similar bond that exists between the rider and the wyvern, to exist between the construct and the pilot, and thus, they select young geists for the task. The youngsters will be trained to bond with the mind housed in the construct, and keep it in check, so that it will stay under the control of the Lufae.

The cedya project has caught some bad wind, the rumors of massive blooming cedya swarms coming closer and closer have cast the coven responsible for the cedyas under heavy suspicions. The cedyas had spread forth from the are where the titan fell, and rumors of giant flying thing heading south from the same area, and the disappearance of the husk of the titan seem to imply that it wasn't so dead after all.
Despite these suspicions, the coven continues their work on improving the cedya titans. They try to use the same tech the coven working on the wyvern constructs are using to get an intelligence to bind with these massive beings. A controllable intelligence. (Will be harder, cedyas lack a true nervous system that could be compared to the geist one.)

Rolling for:
Training wyvern mech pilots.
Figuring out how to control the titans.
File: 1346709275831.png-(135 KB, 800x1000, Lufae artificial body.png)
135 KB
rolled 10, 17, 7, 9 = 43


(Pictured Khuna's new body)

The new dart guns inspire the singers to develop more similar weaponry. Perhaps they could use the caustic excretions of the acid emils as ammunition? Attempts are also made to make larger, and more powerful versions of these weapons for the physically stronger blasphemy units and brutes to use in battle.

The Cedya swarms are spreading fast in the Lufae territories, infesting the soundscape and driving of prey. Lupai Kaath has managed to hold it's ground for now, but the looming threat has caused the other settlements to rally for the aid of Lupai Kaath. Even the singers are trying to help, as they actually trying to clean up the mess they think that one of their covens caused.
Warrior covens, wyvern riders, combat puruus, bio constructs etc are gathered to be used against the horde.

Khuna continues his attempts to groom Nahel. He tries to make the boy see beyond his own desires, into the big picture. He requests aid from the shrines, as he has hard time describing the finer details of the world song to the young boy, how everyone is connected to the beat of the world, how is actions cause consequences in others, how he can help others with his own actions, and how ultimately, the communion with others brings the Lufae their strenght.

The Lufae trade glass objects, simple emils objects made to specifications, basic biotech (simple prosthetics etc), salt and medical knowledge with other tribes. In return, they often ask information, technology or even interesting trinkets.

Rolling for:
Developing acid blasters.
Larger and more powerful dart guns.
Rallying against the cedyas.
Training Nahel.
The scientists who got a hold of the soundscape samples began to study and examine them in greater detail than they could have with their eyes and hands. They first test to see how fast it grew. They took the largest sample, about the size of a large rock, and left it in a controlled enviroment, with an open roof for rain to come through and a shwirm tasked of watering it regularly, a grassy land, and their stone/spike fences to keep away predators. They took another sample and placed it on a griddle over a torch, to test it's flammability/combustability. They took yet another and tested to see if it was edible, feeding it to one of each of their domesticated animals. They took the final piece and examined it with their scapels, needles, and other assorted tools to see if anything could be learned.
rolled 1, 18, 12, 7, 11, 17, 10, 4 = 80

The engineers and doctors who had gotten ahold of spare prosthetics began to study their workings. They noticed it's muscles were actually made up of small, scretched packets filled with... something. To find out what it was, they had taken a small strip of a prosthetic and poked it with a needle. They interviewed those who already had one of these prosthetics, asking questions like how they controlled it, if there were any problems with it, and how the lufae had attached it. They stripped one prosthetic of the fake muscles to see what the bare-bone structure was, and then dismantled another further to see what these fake bones were made from. Finally, they interviewed what they could from the lufae surgions, asking basic questions like how they learned their craft, how they kept their patients cooperative, and (assuming the surgions didn't start asking for payment for further information) how the prosthetics worked.

Rolling for:
Soundscape Growth test
Soundscape Flammability/Combustability Test
Soundscape Dissection
Finding out what the fake muscles were filled with
Interviewing Lufae prosthetic users
The structure of the prosthetics without the fake muscles
Finding out what this 'fake bone' structure was made from
Interviewing Lufae Surgeons
rolled 20, 15, 11, 9 = 55


Oops, forgot edibility test. First roll is that.

The steam engineers began to refine the engine itself, increasing efficiency as well as making it not as fucking loud and easier to make parts for. They also attempt to construct a partially automated Blacksmith Forge, including things such as a self-rotating grindstone and a billow that worked by itself.

Rolling for:
Soundscape edibility test
Making the steam engine more compact
Increasing steam engine efficiency
Creating the prototype partially automatic blacksmith's forge.
At the rider's insistance, the shwirm decide to give her a quick tour of the zeppellin, showing her how their polybolos loaded and fired, where they kept their food, and the lub balloon, which they kept fed with their moss farm. They came to the propellers last, which they explain allowed them to choose which direction to fly. Without them, they're just a giant floating balloon, at the mercy of the wind. They let her play with the steering wheel for a bit, then send her on their way, showing how her wyvern was causing them to slowly plummet towards the ground.
File: 1346719799859.jpg-(26 KB, 401x301, 1345914768757.jpg)
26 KB
The great library grows again, nearly a small city unto itself. Much new stone and purite is found, along with other base elements to form alloyed metal. The statue of Arupa is..good...no one will die over it, but Caesar feels a little unsatisfied with it. Bit by bit, Caesar's private army grows with each month.
nice man. i really like what you have done, i like the living culture alot. The basic trade, the potential for new interactions. The Kelmer might go on to manufacture weapons, perhaps make some refinements of their own. Sell them the other tribes lord of war style.
Man, i like that story too. Lots of little internal developments. The tribes floating outposts are many, and they are fairly large, with the people of the sky learning to garden, and grow their homes. To keep them healthy.
File: 1346726918366.png-(192 KB, 948x952, yapap infochart.png)
192 KB
rolled 9, 6, 18, 18 = 51

While many battles on the western front were considered successful, nobody could deny that the current methods of laying siege initially were pretty indiscriminate to either side. Fickle winds and occasional carelessness from the air dealt most of the casualties to the Yapap. More reliable ways of beginning a siege were needed.

The end of the Dominance War, as it would be called in the future, was in sight. War-Chief Kwaku surveyed the land from atop a Grand Hexis. Nothing could stop him now, he thought. Torches and pots of pitch were readied for the next morning. Arrows and spears were stockpiled. Hammers and spears were examined for loose heads. The future of the Yapap would be determined over the course of the next several days.

>Rolling for catapults or similar, initial siege, follow-up attack, pressing through to the Khan (not attacking him directly yet though. I've got plans for that).
>Onol asked for some of these to be made in the IRC.
>>20585045 >>20585247
The soundscape becomes unstable under the care of the schwirm, growing wildly out of control and blanketing the area before dieing, leaving a fleshy mass to be cleaned up. while it is growing, tests on it prove that with accelerant it will burn, and the livestock is more then happy to eat it. Perhaps this stuff is useful to the tribe after all and could be farmed? A brave logead and schwirm duo take on a dare to eat the stuff, and after cooking, it is surprisingly edible. Dissection of the remainder reveals it to be neither plant nor animal. somewhere in between.-The fake muscles are just filled with goo...useless goo? Prosthetic users range the lufae, and some remote farming families. The devices work by willing them to as far as they are concerned. "just like the regular." The prosthetic when stripped down is a roughly skeletal like object, with multiple cords and hoses running around it, formerly connected to bags and the host. The material is alien to them. While the lufae surgeons are happy to explain how its attached, they are not willing to explain the technology of the object.
The steam engines grow smaller, slightly more efficient. small enough to me mounted on carts, perhaps even larger armors. This knowledge is translated over to the blacksmith's semi automated forge. Waste heat from the fire drives a system of gears to help the fire self perpetuate. Breathing, at timed intervals more fuel is fed into the flames. Each blacksmith has his own custom forge, built to his requirements and demands.
Simple...simple...catapults are made. They are really just trees bent to their breaking point, aimed in the right direction, and loaded with pitch and rocks. The initial siege goes better, with no loss of life on the side of the Yapap, but the rocks and pitch still are not flung with any accuracy, so instead many small fires dot the landscape, and it bathes the field of battle in flickering, twisting shadows. The defenders look out at the legion from behind shields and angry glares. The Yapap Stand still for a moment, then surge. It was not a formation to be stopped. It was a living tide of bodies, weapons, and fury. It did not matter how many fell, there were more. They washed over the army of elders, dragging them down, smashing heads, lopping of limbs. In the end they had surrounded The giant Kahn and his elite guard. Kahn laughed. "Apparently my end has come! Let us make good sport of it then!"
>>20583187 >>20583621
The twisted Cedya titan flew, like a bleeding demon across the sky. Its horrific payload polluting its path towards the ocean. It would eventually find its way to the frozen southern regions. The wyvern mechs are a little wild, with a mind of their own. Direct brain to brain interface with neural cord was not enough. nor was an emils bath. This would be further augmented with ports running all over the body of the pilots ((matrix style)). The interface is..strange. Minds sometimes bleed together or a battle of wills will ensue. Sometimes the mech will move on its own, often more responsive then the pilot. The Cedya control project finally came to fruition with A hybridized puruu/ emils control unit. With the cedya empty spaces being filled with this material that was actually a sentient puruu creature, though a very simple, simple one. The constructs could take simple orders, and obey loyally.
A simple prototype of the acid blasters are developed, and prove effective in killing the cedya. The new dartguns are easily scaled to be used by blasphemy units, brutes, and even large enough for a prototype mech sized gun. The Cedya would not be a problem for the lufae, if the blung were not attracted so easily to the Soundscape or that the local wildlife was not nibbling at the edges of their glorious new creation. The tribes warriors have their hands full, and desperatly need the mechs to be ready before there is any progress to be made. On top of that the Wemils are still quite active. Thankfully the creatures are not an army, and attack each other as often as they go after the lufae. Nahel is a brute...first and foremost, and a young one. Khuna's knowledge is rubbing off onto him, but not his wisdom...at least not yet.
Another bumb.
Will update shortly.
File: 1346789634977.png-(54 KB, 1208x916, kwaku.png)
54 KB
rolled 18 = 18

Through the path split open by his warriors leading to Khan, Kwaku slowly walk up. The war-chief wore minimal armor, and was armed with nothing more than a wooden spear. "There is nothing to say here. Just an end to all of this. I give you one last chance to surrender."

>As an elder of his age, Kwaku would be about as tall as 3 puruus standing on each others shoulders if he were to stand up strait.
>Rolling for the beginning of the final battle between Khan and Kwaku.
In the north there are preparations for war and a general blockade in effect around the Fali straits.

However in the south...


The Log'eadz openness and amicability were not expected. The fish and beer were consumed greedily as it produced the most fantastic of feelings. Old worries forgotten in drink and food, new people to laugh with. The Log'eadz were a welcome distraction. Altume Eleni were impressed with the strength of their Punches

In response to the Log'eadz pledge, the Eleni make one of their own. The Market Place of Nod would always be open to them. It was a pledge they hadn't ever made before, since other tribes didn't have much that interested the Eleni. Nod was a strong mercantile nation, a vast land of Eleni that traded resources via living hull boats.

They offered raw Elenite, an ore that can be smelted into iron, and gabai, a cement made from locarra mucus. These were the main exports of Gormal the closest Nod settlement. More would be available as they continued to trade. Specifically, a wide variety of alchemical solutions and sail boats. The Iminye Eleni were most interested in the manufactured complex devices.

A group of curious Eleni request to be allowed to stay in Tled Palka, in order to teach them their language, and to share information about their cultures.
γενικός got up out of his bed from a bad dream, the same dream that had haunted him since the attack. Bodies everywhere, ear-splitting screams, and their fucking faces... eyeless, featureless things. And he had led them there.

His prosthetic leg cliked and whirred loudly as he stepped down the stairs to the door, having refused those of the damnable lufae despite protests from his advisors. He didn't need yet another reminder of his blunder.

Today was the weekly meeting with the Log'Ead leaders Krog and Krom, twins, and yet so different from each other. He had been stopped by an engineer, insisting that it was of utmost importance. After some convincing, he walked into the engineering workshop led by the eager inventor.

"Now what is it you boys wanted to show... show... wow." γενικός Stood dumbfounded at the hollow, mechanical behemoth before him.

"It's supposed to be a surprise for Krog." One of the engineers explained, "After his solo fight against the cedya, he deserved to be the first to use it. Can you please present it to him when we're done?"

The old govorner smiled, and nodded his head. "Yes, I'll be sure to remember this wonderful gift." He took one last glance at the metal frame before leaving the engineers to their own devices, who hurried back to work, intent on finishing their project."
rolled 4, 5 = 9

The first thing that was discussed when the governor finally made it to the meeting was that of the soundscape. The fact it was edible, and actually had some good taste to it, meant it made a good delicacy in the event nothing else is available to eat, and the livestock were ecstatic from it as well. However, the dissection and growth test had revealed this was no ordinary organism, and the lufae diplomats were called in to explain how it grew, what it fed off of, and how they made it to begin with. Some new instruments are also tested, inspired by the multiple holes of the soundscape pillars.

Another matter was the beast that had flown from the mountains, and over their lands. It had clearly flown from lufae territory, but it was questionable if the artificial creation of such an abomination was even possible, and the diplomats are asked what it was, where it came from, what the spores that had dropped from it were, and if it was of lufae origin.

As this was done, soldiers were armed and mobilized. They had no idea what kind of payload the monster had unleashed on their country, but they would be damned before they let themselves be attacked with their pants down.

Rolling for developing the prototype Log'Ead Powered Armor and preparing the military.
File: 1346796186774.png-(50 KB, 1000x1000, Lufae combat bio mech.png)
50 KB
rolled 14, 1, 18, 17, 7, 6, 20, 4 = 87

The increased assaults on the soundscape have caused the Lufae to start holding back on expanding the organic fields. They can't defend it from all the intruding beings if they overextend themselves.
Especially the blooming cedya hordes that have started popping up everywhere are a constant problem for the tribe. Their dusya herds are attacked, their traders harassed and hunts interrupted by these ferocious beings daily.
Because of this, increased warrior patrols aiming to weed out the cedyas from the soundscape have been formed by each village.

The singers are finally reaching the culmination of the generations of work that had been put into the biological construct technology. The "Ka Ethal Fa" (Soul bound guardians) as the wyvern mechs had been named are finally operational, though they are not yet really trained for combat.
Unfortunately, there is no time, nor the experience or knowledge to properly train the pilots or the mechs, and thus, they first operational patch of these units are sent out to fight against the great cedya horde laying siege on Lupai Kaath. (Currently there are 3 operational units, 5 more are under construction/raising or lacking trained pilots, they will be ready in few moths or years.)

Rolling for:
Defending the soundscape.
Rallying forces in all the villages (4 rolls, Lupai Kaath, Kun Kaath, Lua Kae, Fa Kaath)
The effectiveness of the mechs against the cedyas (3 rolls, one for each mech)
rolled 19, 14, 12 = 45


Oops. First two rolls are for inventing harmonicas and flutes.

With the discovery that the soundscape is flammable, some military officers suggest it could be used as ammunition for their catapults, but although the suggestion is brought up to the diplomats, the landscaping organism clearly had religous value to them, and they doubted they would like the idea of it being used to hurl at enemies.

With the fuss about fire, some aspiring pyromaniacs remember their attempts to create bottles of fire, and return to the project.

Rolling for:
Inventing Harmonicas
Inventing Flutes
Inventing Molotov Cocktails
File: 1346796865859.png-(840 KB, 2800x2000, The titans.png)
840 KB
The coven researching the cedyas have been put under the careful scrutiny of the rest of the singers, as they are heavily suspected of being responsible for the cedya blooms that are plaguing the tribe right now. Attempts to investigate the nature of their "research" and the workings of their titans have been conducted. The titans themselves have been frozen for now, bodies are disassembled, but ready to be put back together in short notice and they are contained in large chambers filled with water. The singers don'w want any more of these titans going berserk again.
This has made the coven angry, and they are trying to discretely move their studies to a secret location, where they will continue their studies and try to build a new titan.

There are currently two titans. The 02 is an improved version of the original titan, larger, sturdier and more apt for combat. 03 is more advanced one, it has internal emils shell armor, it is far larger and it's strength is far greater than of the other model. Both of them have the puruu/emils based control units, making them obedient but not very bright. In theory. They have never been used in field.
The original titan flew to the south and fell into the oceans. It is currently drifting towards the south pole.
rolled 8, 19, 3, 18, 3, 6 = 57


To better avert the cedyas, work is put on developing the underground water "highways". Trough these routes, goods and people could travel safely in increased quantities, if the project succeeded. Plans to develop larger, but as agile subs and excavating wider tunnels are put forth.
The underwater "settlements are also expanded, as many new Lufae, fearing the cedya hordes looming near their homes have decided to move to the safety under the murky depths.

Khuna continues his attempts to groom Nahel. He is sure that the boy will eventually learn, just like he himself did. He allows the boy to conduct his childish games at proving himself superior to the "old man in the strange suit" and impress the females. The boy reminds Khuna of himself, and thus he tries to do the same thing that Thun did to him when he himself was younger. Ignore the attempted challenges, but praise the good deeds the boy does.

Rolling for:
Studying the reasons behind the cedya blooming.
Studying the titans.
The coven's attempts at relocating their research and building a new titan (2 rolls, later only if the first one is successful.)
Making larger subs for the caves.
Making more spacious caves.
Raising Nahel.
rolled 10 = 10


The Lufae diplomats give away vague answers. When asked about the nature of the sound scape, they begin talking about how it is the manifestation of Kaafa, the song of life and how it is sustained by the beat of the world song. It sings itself to existence, according to the diplomats atleast.
(Really, only the Flesh Singers actually know what the fuck the soundscape actually is, and they aren't telling it to anyone. They are actively fueling the belief that it is the manifestation of the Kaafa. Doing so increases their power.)

When asked about the flying being the diplomats simply say:
"That abomination poured it's seeds over our lands as well. It's origins are unknow to us, as is it's destination. The mountains have many secrets that are best left hidden."

Fuck, forgot one roll.
Roll is for raising Nahel.
rolled 6, 5, 2 = 13

three rolls for myself
rolled 19, 20 = 39

The people of Tled Palka like fish a great deal, but they'd like a little bit more variety. They're also feeling a bit crowded, their numbers squahsed between the dream forest to the northwest, and the lub forest to the southeast, and the open land to the northeast is now infested with the hybrid Cedyas. To resolve these problems, another village is established on the other side of the great channel, to farm the land there, and provide Tled Palka with grain, and another village to trade with. To help quickly establish the village on the other side of the channel, great flatbed boats are built, to haul lumber across to the other side.

Work begins on establishing outposts along the rubble wall, and soon small communities spring up around these outposts. Farms spread out from the inward rim of the Rubble Wall, feeding the warriors stationed to guard against any Blungs determined enough to cross over the wall. The outposts are also prepared for any attacks by the Lufae, should such a thing occur. To this end, the outposts have a central area, surrounded a wall with five sides, with a point facing out beyond the Rubble Wall, and the three points where the sides of the outposts walls meet closest to the Wall have a single ballista each.

A curious cruncha pup decides to investigate these strange new creatures, with horns on their heads. The rambunctious little guy ends up on a Nod boat. Watching him are a number of other cruncha pups, wondering what their brother is doing.

Rolling for how much the lumber helps the new village, and how many cruncha pups follow their brother onto the Nod boat
first roll, hazard
second roll, dealing with it
last roll, surfacing somewhere in lufae territory

Traveling down the underground corridor was a dangerous mission. Many times the pilots were pitted against Gemils, stone wemils creatures. These slow cumbersome beasts they avoided to the best of their ability. But the heavy stomping of the Ent brought them up from the abyss more than once.

From the corridor wall came a Gemil that had blended into the background. The Gemil grabbed the Ent and crushed it bending joints beyond their range. The left arm housing broke apart, exposing the shamblers inside. The cockpit suffered an exposure from the broken arm on Tanna's left. Sellion wrestled the machine away from the beast and Tanna pumped relaxant into the arm to prevent it from freaking out.

The pilots pulled the right arm back pushed the Gemil off its feet. Before the creature could right itself, Sellion had turned the Ent further down the corridor. The Gemil made one last swing and knocked the left arm clean off. Relaxant sprayed from the loose Hexis hose and slashed on to Tanna before she could cut the flow.

By the time they had escaped the beast, she went unconscious. She had been sprayed with industrial relaxant meant for Ent Shamblers. Her heartbeat had been cut in half. Stale air filled the cockpit. Sellion patched the hole with some hide.

He began digging up to escape the dark corridor, and maybe find some herb or at least water to dissolve the stimulants. Industrial shock would send her heart racing into the dreamtime.

Controlling two systems was awkward. And with only one arm, the digging proved time-consuming. Every hour Tanna's heartbeat slowed more with no sign of improving.
Kahn looked at Kwaku, smaller, but undaunted. So young, and full of eagerness for battle. Yet he still offered diplomacy, something kahn didnt do at the "boy"'s age. There were still runuu, younger warriors, and other settlements under his control. Here he was, in his final twilight years enjoying a last battle that had ended. He could order a stand to the last man, and it would be obeyed long after he fell...but, he had his fun. There were others who would pick up the call of strength by war, of dominance, the old gods. He sighed and dropped his massive hammer. "So be it boy. We surrender." his honor guard was in a state of shock, each one prepared to die, but they did not question their Kahn. He had few seasons left anyway. perhaps less at the hands of the Yapap.
>>20598656 >>20598779
The first prototype armor was bulky, large, and ungainly..instead of many there was only one. The military had no idea the fight they were about to get themselves into. The tribe invents the blues with harmonicas, creating haunting, crushing songs. The flutes are a perkier part of music. Soundscape that is crushed and fermented releases much flammable oil, and this is very useful to the tribe as a new burnable resource. Certain persons decide to use bottles traded from the nod by filling them with oil then igniting and throwing.
During construction of the underground water routes workers discover a large bark figure floating aimlessly. The construct is made from wood, hoses, and seems connected by articulate joints. Inside the limbs they can see animate shamblers contracting and relaxing. And Inside the torso trunk, they discover two passed out Eleni.
The new village booms, the lumber a massive boon. In time its population soars. The sheer volume of crunchas brought on the boat to the village, and tows results in the settlement being called "Cruncholm". They are fucking everywhere.
The rallied militia forces defend the soundscape quite well, but it is a daily strain. The upside is that the forces are gaining true combat experience. The settlements of Lupai Kaath and Fa Kaath are under the heaviest seige, for some reason wemils are very attracted to the former, with many of the population having to evacuate. The other two settlements provide more then ample bodies to make up for the combat patrols. The new mechs are a mixed bag. One pilot is frequently frozen in place, followed by moments of bererk activity. Another struggles with coordination and is not combat effective at all, frequently falling over and flailing. The last Exhibits deadly precision, becoming a walking god of death. Rumors of a colossal "00" mech from a different team are traveling about the tribe. The mechs lack of weapons are an issue, as no every pilot is adept in all fields of combat.
rolled 16, 18 = 34

~ The Grand Army of the Urupuruu, led by Askari Wakuu Mtum, is on it's last legs. They have been brutally repelled by the natives, and their crusade has been deemed a failure. They begin preparations to return to the south, where they will regroup and start again in a few years time. A few resourceful puruu return to the battlefield, however, to loot the strange armor from the bodies of the slain. They will march south through the jungle, going the same route they entered through, marching to Lupolis where they will board ships back to Yetu Mahali with new armor and tales of conquest.

Rolling for-The Return Home((Two Rolls, One for Land and One for Sea))
rolled 7, 7, 14, 2 = 30

~ In the south, High Priest Dhum is having second thoughts about converting the Great Library into a Temple devoted to Arupa. Scouts are sent to the Lub forest where Rupol heard the voice of Arupa, and unleashed the Wrath upon the chasm. It is there that they will found there Cathedral, in the very spot where Rupol remembered the forgotten god. Kiongozi Caesar is more than willing to let the High Priest leave, believing that the less religious nuts there where in the city, the better. The sealed mines beneath Fort Mwepesi ((Now a castle and the seat of Caesar's power)) have been re-opened, and miners are required to wear heavy cloth around their faces before entering. Kiongozi Caesar moves the Wrath Guard from some dank cave in the southern hills to a forgotten corner of the mines beneath Castle Mwepesi, to keep a better handle on them. Their training continues at a rapid pace, attempting to temper their bodies to the "Wrath Curse" that kills so many puruu that come into contact with the Wrath Metal. One of the Inquisitors in charge of handling the Wrath Guard gets the idea of surgically attaching purite plates onto the Guard's body, keeping the curse at bay by using the "pure" metal that is Purite.

Rolling For-
Establishing a new Temple in the ruins of Yetu Eman
Discovering anything in the re-opened mines ((Throw me an encounter))
Training the Wrath Guard in combat
Attaching Purite plates to reduce radiation
~ Kiongozi Caesar is old. Caesar has seen the rise and death of two Elders, and gave birth to an empire. But this is not enough. The Kiongozi has heard rumors of the mystical Lufae to the south, the strange shadow creatures that Elder Lupo once dealt with. It is said they had powerful magics that can fix any ailments. Kiongozi Caesar wonder's if they can fix even death. With an honor guard assembled, Kiongozi Caesar travels south in the dead of the night, seeking the knowledge of the Lufae.

Time for some communications, Nad!
>>20598838 >>20599030
The cedya blooming is only vaguely understood at best, but the lufae soundscape is clearly fertile land. Intricate examination of the cedyas on a basic level provides insight into the titans. Cedyas have a very rudamentary distributed "nervous" system. drawn by smell, heat, and motion they attack. By overwhelming and slaving their senses to the puruu drive units the mechs are made more controllable in theory. At best though, they are cheap, disposable shock troops. At worst they revert back to predatory killing machines. The spores are a problem, there is no way to stop a cedya from making spores. Perhaps covering the construct in a film will add safety to them. The cedya research coven secretly relocates their project to a very deep and flooded cavern, near the hot depths. The facility is built in secret, and the only way to or from it is by sub. There are no workers available to increase cave dwellings, and many cheap shanties are built underground. Khuna continues to let Nahel be himself. The boy grows slowly, but matures quite quickly when a risk is taken and he is sent on combat patrol. He sees the gravity of the tribe's situation, and wants nothing more then to help now, to make life better for all. It was that desire for selflessness khuna was waiting for. The boy was ready to become a man.
The tribe has taken notice of the growing Tanacs Azseg and their powered carts, and even of their farming of the soundscape. Theirs is not beautiful like the Lufae's but it still sings on a much quieter level.
rolled 11 = 11

Kwaku did not expect Khan to surrender, and was actually looking forward to the upcoming battle. But now that is was done, he'd have to accept it. Turning to his warriors, the War-Chief announces victory at last in this decades long struggle.

Rolling for anything gained for absorbing the central tribe if needed. Or if needed, I can roll more dice.

>Kwaku is actually over 300 years old, and hit the point where the seemingly continuous growth has hit a standstill. How old would you say that Khan is? Also, don't puruus have the capability to live indefinitely?
>This also applies to Ytai. Retti is maybe only 130 or so.
((No need for further dice, some things do not require more rolls))
All that was Kahn's, was theirs now. Kahn was ancient, having long forgotten his own age, his own name, knowing only his title anymore, believing that each year was his last. Kahn had accumulated much respect, power, and territory in his time. It was the Yapap's now, him included. Their territory and population nearly doubled in size, gaining knowledge of skilled metal craft and simple medicine. Numerous farms and mines were theirs now as well. A final thing to be had were Kahn's own plans and maps. To the east lay a small village of pink puruu, to the west, a large and powerful tribe of renegade puruu's. They were called "blood drinkers" in the tribe's tongue. South was a note of some strange brown puruus.

I wouldn't say that puruus can live indefenitely, but they do have quite long lifespan.
Eventually their body's ability to regenerate and support istself will fade, unless the puruu rejuvinates itself with freshrunu paste from the pools, which in turn eventually causes them to loose their identity.

Their bones and muscles for example will become too weak to support their mass.
The Grand Army of the Urupuruu, led by Askari Wakuu Mtum, is on it's last legs. They have been brutally repelled by the natives, and their crusade has been deemed a failure. They begin preparations to return to the south, where they will regroup and start again in a few years time. A few resourceful puruu return to the battlefield, however, to loot the strange armor from the bodies of the slain. They will march south through the jungle, going the same route they entered through, marching to Lupolis where they will board ships back to Yetu Mahali with new armor and tales of conquest. Bit by bit, a new temple rose from the ruins of Yetu Eman, with each stone set, a further separation from Caesar. Within the mines was thick, wafting coils of dream dust, spilling out. Deeper in the noise of cedya monsters echoed...it was coming closer. Wrath Guard loves themselves some combat, but many die from infection due to purite plate instillation. The Great army, tired, worn out, returned home safely and without event, a bulk by sea, and those who would not fit, walked by land on bord.
With ceasar gone, the mines were an area of concern. So were the tribe's neighbors. The northern puruu, the southern korobushka, and other tribes. The elenii...trade would need to be established. A new army would have to be raised, and what of the remnants of the grand army?
rolled 2, 15, 10, 8, 12, 8, 6, 7 = 68

The efforts to weed out the cedyas continue.
As the cedyas aren't an unified force, they can't be fought like organized invaders.
Small clusters of them can cause a new bloom, they spread fast, and are very unpredictable in their movements. It is not a war against cedyas, it is pest control.
The Lufae ground forces often are too slow to properly attack these rapidly moving cedya groups, and thus, they mostly just defend the vicinity of the villages.

The expanse of the soundscape is patrolled and any cedya clusters found are engaged by the augmented puruus that have been tasked with keeping up the soundscape. These puruus have been further augmented and trained by the Shan Meer, who have tried to teach the puruus how to use the symbiotic emils for offence and defense.

Despite the fact that majority of the Lufae warrior choirs have been tasked with protecting the villages, there is a large group of them preparing for an assault that aims to retake the Valley of Voices, and Lupai Kaath from the gemils beasts and the cedyas. The young prodigy mech pilot named Shael has been deployed there to lead the charge. (hopefully the previous nat 20 will have an effect here)
The strategy goes as follows, the warriors will both distract and harass the golem monsters, as well as keep any cedyas at bay, while the riders will try to drop weighted nets atop the gemils, that would hopefully ensnare the beings and allow the mech to rip them apart without fear of retaliation.

Rolling for:
Weeding out cedyas.
Protecting the villages.
Shan Meer attempts to train the puruus.
Puruu forces effectiveness at weeding out cedyas.

>Assaulting the Valley of Voices.
Preparing the assault to valley of voices.
The assault. (3 rolls, Warriors, riders and the mech)
rolled 2, 11, 16, 9, 19, 4, 11, 4 = 76

The other mechs have been taken back for repairs and further training and testing of their pilots. Attempts to resolve the movement issues of one of the units, and the fear of combat of the other pilots are made as well as the operational systems of the mechs are updated based on the data collected from Shael's performance.
Attempts of making new weapons for the mechs are also made. One group of artisans are working on developing a version of the large dart guns that would fire devastating coils instead of darts, and other group is trying to figure out how to make large shell blades for the mechs to use in melee combat.

The work on the mechs still in development and training of their pilots continues. Khuna and the other leading members of the tribe have started growing increasingly interested in the rising resource flows that the singers are seemingly wasting on nothing. They try to discover what exactly the singers are doing with all the crops, emils supplies, wood, food glass, and other resources they are getting. (The true extent and nature of the singer's projects are a mystery to even Khuna)

Rolling for:
Repairing the mechs (2 rolls)
Solving the problems the mechs and the two pilots were having.
Improving the mechs based on Shael's performance.
Developing new weapons for the mechs. (2 rolls, howling coild gun and melee weapons)
Continued work on the mechs still in development and training of their pilots.
Khuna's investigations on the singers.
A coterie of Mikhail warriors stir up support for retaking the Valley of Voices, now that the Lufae are gone. They enlist help from a few Ruhaj riders and head out. It's unlikely they'll do very well, as they aren't expecting much resistance. Say, 20-50 warriors? Nowhere near the force they'd need to fight the horde of cedya there. Even with metal machuitl, and metal spears, etc. it won't matter much, am I right?

Back home, a Nikolai inventor is visiting relatives in Hashlimoyal. He sees the springy nature of the algae strands and an idea occurs to him. He begins playing witha certain species of the algae, one that acts like a rubber band, snapping back. He'd have to toy with these things some more.
File: 1346870403757.png-(58 KB, 800x1000, Titan 2.png)
58 KB

The singers that are leading the investigation of Felar Naal - coven (The cedya researchers.) are the group responsible for the creation of the Wyvern mechs. Officially the titans are frozed due to their unstable nature, but it is public knowledge among the singers that the titans are kept in pieces due to the Kafai Asul coven's (wyvern mechs, bio constructs) fear that the titans would replace the wyvern mechs they had been developing for decades. The Titans were cheaper, easier and much faster to produce, and with more refinements, they could potentially be even properly controlled. They fear for their own status as one of the most powerful and oldest covens of the singers in the face of this new coven and their technology, and thus they keep the titans in lockdown and work on unlocking the secrets the makers of these weapons poured into the beings.
File: 1346870471383.png-(109 KB, 1600x1300, Titan 3.png)
109 KB
rolled 12, 1, 16, 9, 16, 18 = 72


The Felar Naal singers aren't happy about this situation. Their work has been stolen from them, and they have been forced to hide what remains of their research. Their titans are being vandalized and they aren't just going to sit still in the face of this injustic. No, they are doing their best to fight their way out of this situation.
A group of their researchers head out to observe the wild hybridized cedyas that allegedly spawned from their first titan. Another group is trying to find out if the control methods developed for the titans could be applied to the smaller cedyas as well. Third group is doing their best to spy on other singers, trying to obtain tidbits of info that would bring them advantage. A final fourth, more passionate group is trying to secretly free the second titan, and use it to free the third, more heavily guarded one and them take their vengeance on the other singers.

Rolling for:
Kafai Asul covens research on the titans.

Felar Naal coven's attempts to study the new cedya varieties that are besieging the Lufae.
Testing the control tech on the normal cedyas.
Spying the other singer covens. (Puruu breeders, medical, emils constructs, research etc.)
Freeing titan 02 and using it to free 03. (2 rolls)
rolled 10, 17, 14, 9, 5 = 55

The Lufae quickly try to investigate the strange construct, and retrieve it from it's watery grave with their subs and aquasuits. They try to act fast in order to preserve the two creatures inside of the thing, as they can still hear the fain song emanating from their insides.

The news that the neighboring tribes are using the soundscape as food for their cattle angers many warrior choirs of the Lufae. They are working hard to keep the manifestation of Kaafa untainted by the outsiders, and now they are using it as a pasture?! Small groups of warriors head south to drive the southerners away from the soundscape. As far as the Lufae are concerned, the southerners are breaking the oath the took to not to intrude to the Lufae territories.
Some shamans urge against this, but as they themselves aren't yet unified on their opinion of the soundscape, their word doesn't mean much.
Singers also send augmented puruus to the borders to restore the soundscape.

Khuna continues to groom Nahel as his heir. He tells him of the history of their people, how the freedom Thun allowed the Lufae was the main reason why they had achieved these advancements so rapidly. Khuna still remembers the old times, the more primitive times, but due to Thun's Way, the tribe had changed beyond recognition in just a century and a half. (Alpha geists can live very long.) He hopes that these lessons would make the boy value and hold onto the power of Thun's way.

Rolling for:
Recovering the wood construct and saving the beings inside of it (2 rolls)
Driving off the farmers taking advantage of the soundscape.
Restoring the damage the farmers had done.
Teaching Nahel.
Adding more titans when just one caused all this mess? That has *no* chance of backfiring at all, right?

After intercepting the Puruus heading towards their territory, and hearing their request, the scouts direct Ceasar and his fellows to the Singers.
The singers take the old Puruu into one of their minor lairs for studying.
Their research on the puruu beings had made them quite experts on these water beings.

They begin to describe the Elder Puruu why his body is failing, according to the singer's knowledge at least. They tell how the bones of the puruus will not be able to bear the weight of their growing bodies, how they no longer recover from internal damage and how the buildup of dying parts begin to clog up the internal chambers of the puruu.

As for a cure, the singers are not sure. They respond with the following:

"There is a limit on each singer's song, a song of the individual will end, but a choir of the many can last forever, as long as new singers join the serenade. How long the song is the same, when the singers shift with the passing of time is unsure, but the melody will go on.
You seek immortality, an aspect of the divine. We sing the song of life, but death is just as important part of the World Song. Do you truly wish to live forever?
We have shaped your kin like clay before, and we can also shape and reform you, if your will is true and compensations are adequate. Do you wish to see the results of our work?"
File: 1346873358454.png-(150 KB, 800x600, Flesh singers, no sense o(...).png)
150 KB

Of course not!
File: 1346876140295.png-(48 KB, 1058x688, revised south continent map.png)
48 KB
Here folks, earlier I made a revised S. Continent map, do enjoy. Note that some of the "holes" are chasms, though most are lakes.
Cedyas are continuing to be a persistent problem and elusive prey to hunt, but the warriors are now skilled enough to easily defend against them keeping the villagers safe. The shan meer train the puruus well enough that they are no longer easy prey, and the puruus in turn slowly make their way around the territory, killing cedya where they can. Though they are part of the overall containment policy, not so much a cure. The assault of the valley of the voices was not the most graceful of operations. blung were many there, and provided constant harassment. Eventually though the force did manage to eradicate the large gemils in the region, though the blung and cedya remain. This victory was largely accredited to the presence of the young mech pilot.
Kafi Asul research on the titans has been slow, this is not their area of expertise, but it is apparent it has been a rush job. Where the Emils of long ago were patiently studied and bred into new strains, this is just application of a dangerous life form that has not been shaped at all to serve the lufae. Felar naal singers attempt to scout the cedyas but are ambushed by blung, and none survive. The puruu control units placed in the regular cedya work much like they do on larger ones. Its just that due to size, its not a puruu cedya mix. how horrific. attempts to spy on the other covens is decentralized, and they gain little specific knowledge. From the emils constructs though, they learn how emils was domesticated, and it could potentially refine the cedya tech. The fourth group, a team that may go on to live in infamy secretly released unit 02, and with limited directions it went on a "Rampage" offering to stop it there and now with the new unit 03, the desperate singers agreed. With another quiet suggestion, 03 "captured" 02, and there was little further incident. The Kafi asul were chastised by the Felar Naal for not knowing how to utilize their technology, and the "Rampage" was the singers own carelessness.
the wood construct is salvaged with the aid of biosuits and one partially completed mech. Those inside are saved with emergency surgery and a surprising degree of skill for a race that has never been seen before. The female now has an augmented Emils pump that replaced her heart. Those warriors who angrily march down south find no farmers...none at all. A few scout to the southern tribe's territory to find some farmers have literally "farmed" the soundscape on their own, in large patches. Not knowing what to make of this, if it is a good or bad thing, they return to their own territory to share the news with leaders and shamans. The puruus find superficial damage done, and manage to repair it easily enough. Nahel grows every day, both mentally and physically, khuna is pleased with the progress.
The brave team goes into the valley, to find it covered in soundscape, a strange material indeed...Before they get too much further, they see a raging battle between lufae and the gemils. The lufae have a giant that fights with them, and stranger weapons still! This place is not safe, nor would they survive. The tribe needs to know! They need to know that the korobushka are not safe should the lufae ever become hostile! The warriors run with all haste back home. It was always know the lufae had a certain degree of supremacy for battle, but this was a frightening leap forward to the warriors. It would be seen if the rest of the tribe felt the same way.
I don't want to bug you ng, but it seems that you missed a couple of my rolls.
Given the creature's resemblance to ceryatzi, it's not entirely surprising that a few of the warriors literally claw their own eyes out, weeping tears of blood in utter horror at the visage of doom before them. When they return, the news throws the Council of Elders into a panic, and even the Voice of the Mountain isn't certain as to what should be done. Mikhail calls for an immediate war of extermination on the Lufae. The response to that is "yeah, good luck with that one, buddy." The Ruhaj, while they do not voice it, consider the idea of perhaps... breeding such creatures. Perhaps that is where such monstrosities came from? The Voice is at a loss, he decides to ascend the Thousand Steps and meditate at the Crown of God, Zarhatebushk. Perhaps the wise monks can help him.
File: 1346885958858.png-(40 KB, 1200x600, FHswN.png)
40 KB
Nad's depiction some of the puruu servant species that the singers have developed
rolled 18, 11, 7 = 36

Edenites look forward to future technical advances. They start construction of a large floating platform in the Ocean, using the floating islands of Eden as a base design. The platform will be staffed with Edens alchemist masters from the university, as well as some apothecaries. They called it the Gehenna Station. Gehenna meaning, "The place of wild energy."

They Eleni call on their trade partners, Tanacs Azseg, to the south, telling them of a giant research platform they are constructing. They ask if their shwirm engineers would be interested in working on cutting edge research that would benefit their people mutually. This new Gehenna Station would be overseen by representatives of the Tanacs Azseg and Nod.

Elsewhere in the Firil, the Eleni have heard of a strange metal held by the Urpuruu. News of a strange metal is interesting enough to send a party of diplomats and escorts south of the Firil Sea. They seek an audience with the one responsible for mining this ore.

Elsewhere still, the Eleni pilots lost in Lufae tunnels recover. Sellion awakes to see his mate resting peacefully. He is exhilarated to be alive, until he sees the Geist watching over him. They resemble the demons form Altume legends. However they seem hospitable, and did in fact save their life.

They also have very interesting machines. Sellion tries his best to be understood repeating himself in the Urpuruu trade language. He offers riches and variety in trade with the Nod Marketplace. He holds up an Eden Standard, a coin of elenite metal plated with purite. Being an intermediary he would keep the source of Geist goods secret, so that they could gain profit without exposing themselves.

rolling for
1) Gehenna platform
2) safe travel in Urpuruu Territory
3) Sellion being understood
The crunchas are discovered half way through the Eleni's jounery back to Gormal. They were found after birthing many of the crunchas own grub babies. The Eleni find them quite cute and adopt them as pets all round the Nod territories.

In thanks, the next shipment to Cruncholm is filled with Kirunna cattle, with a message, "Prosper in Cruncholm, to preserve our favorite critters, the crunchas."
rolled 3, 5, 17 = 25

The Voice of the Mountain arrives upon the blizzard swept gates of Zarhatebushk. There he takes a dormitory and shares his information with the monks. He asks them what to do about this development. He is at a loss as to what his role should be here. Unlike the other monks he stays in contact with the city via the Mail Runners, who brave the cold and wild beasts to bring him the goings on of Korobushka.

Clan Sergei desires the use of the ojolov and is willing to steal some for themselves.

The Nikolai inventor begins testing ways to launch small pebbles and projectiles using the rubber-band algae.

Rolling for:
1) the VotM, what wisdom can the monks give him as to this development with Lufae monsters?
2) under the cover of night, Sergei tries to steal Ruhaj's hounds
3) the inventor's work on a rudimentary slingshot
Khuna has been investigating where things have been going lately, while he knows some of what the singers are doing, he does not know ALL of what they are doing. His searches are obvious to them, and they are able to shift resources around to hide them, or explain losses, but the two damaged mechs do not get any repairs done, and the singers have to resort to salvaging parts and armor from previous projects to start the repairs. The pilots and wyverns receive training and conditioning each, this alleviates some of the stress on them. Further information from Shael eliminates most "Sync" issues between the pilot and unit. The upscaled howling coil launchers are not very effective, having a very short range and being underpowered. Melee weapons were easy, simply making upscaled versions of existing weapons, including the hand thrown howling coil of the riders/ brutes. The one pilot is fearful to a degree but with all the other training is being slowly shaped into a functional fighter, while the second pilot becomes quite adept with a large spear.
The giant cedya mechs are not seen yet as they are either underground or deep in lufae territory. What was seen was the giant Geist shaped mech. feel free to slightly alter the story to work from there.
rolled 15, 2, 9 = 26

A few log'eadz, particularly old veterans, are quite pleased by the shipment of Kirunna's, which eases the task of farming. Cathedrals would've been brought if they could, but the enormous beasts are a little too cantankerous for boat rides, so these Kirunnas are greatly appreciated. Those veterans offer their services in guarding this "Gehenna" place. The veterans number only a couple dozen, but they're experienced, and their service has been repaid by the Chieftains with metal armor and weapons. They will be potent guards for whatever it is these new friends plan.

A new mine is to be established near Tled Palka, to make it a little less dependent on the other settlements for metal, and in hopes of finding that dark metal, from which Brunzhamah and the other hammers of the Vukad are made. To make more room for the Mine and its workings, some of the local lub forest is cut away. These lubs are collected by Endaskie, to add to their burgeoning skyfarms of vines.

Rolling for Tled Palkan Mine, cutting back the Lub Forest, growing Endaskie
Ghenna is a large floating city instead of just a smaller research platform. on the home front shambler tech has continued to prosper and develop. Shamblers now power simple "flippers" on the backs of boats, augmenting speed, or compensating for lack of wind. Shambler "power suits" are made by sympathetically linking many small shamblers into a type of outfit, that can pick up subtle muscle twitches and nerve firings, interpreting it as direction. ((sort of like a horse and rider)) These are in turn linked to a larger shambler construct. either directly to suit, or protective cage housing suit and rider, then construct. The Elenii make it to puruu territory with some combat from local liforms, but nothing too horrific. Sellion's dialect of the urupuruu language is thick and accented, somewhat broken as well, but the Geist does understand.
The slingshot is a delightfully simple, efficient and scalable tool....several larger variants have been made already, each one works, but the number of people required to fire them goes up with size. Clan sergei's attempt to steal the hounds is found out, while there is no bloodshed, there is deep disappointment that they did not just ask, or offer fair trade, they failed to heed the teachings of the mountain. The monks offer little other then old superstitions, and broad assumptions based on existing trade with the geist. This would be much easier if he could just see the giants himself, and what the lufae are doing with them. Deeds speak louder then appearances.
Never got my question answered for the Vierachè. Did the shaman's head explode? I need this answered before doing anything with them.
Ah, I thought it was clear. Yes, she died because of her melon exploding. Whilst not as severe as her whole head discombobulating, it's just as lethal. She died of neural shock.
File deleted.
rolled 17, 12, 19, 2, 17, 9 = 76

Well then the part about clawing out their eyes is obviously changed. Other than that, the reactions are the same. The Mikhail freak and Ruhaj wonders if these beasts are just that, beasts, tamed and changed from some smaller form like their dusya.

How the fuck did you read my mind that I was building a Wile E. Coyote ACME giant slingshot? The inventor perfects the algae-slingshot in personal and artillery sizes. Heaping boulders (blessed by Hashlimevish priests*) fly through the air.

*Note that while such blessings were never a part of Chovit's teachings, local superstitions and what-have-you eventually seep in, despite their lack of canonical support (or even a canon to speak of, really).

In light of such technological might, The Council of Elders comes together and decides, there needs to be a united standing army, to defend against such things. While the VotM would sue for diplomacy and peace... well, the Voice isn't here, is he? Nikolai begins feverish work on new devices, some of which are inspired by purchased inventions from Klezmer (who purchased them from the Oamenii). Mikhail mines more metal than ever before, looking to supply this new defense force. Sergei and Zartik "discover" several new techs (actually developed long ago in secret for their blood feud). Ruhaj begins training ever-more riders (as well as beginning a development in Clydesdale-like dusya for carrying the ACME slings).

1) new inventions from Nikolai
2) metal for Mikhail
3) what "new" techs Sergei and Zartik discover
4) Ruhaj's latest generation of riders
5) Ruhaj's development of the Clydesdales.
6) the Soviet-Batman Cossacks. How do they react to all of this? Come out of hiding? Unlikely. Begin placing agents in this new army? That their parkour fighting style can benefit the nation? Do such teachings take?
The korobushka have done surprisingly well for themselves, even if they do not realize it. Unintentionally kept safe from war and most danger by the lufae and surrounding tribes, they have rept deeply what peace can bring. A large, healthy, happy population, some of the most overall educated people on the continent, a large production base of food, and lumber, and more recently from somewhat remote quarries further away, stone and metal. Their population was also quite centralized around the mountain. defensible. Lots of trade with their neighbors has also allowed them to spend some time studying the "simple" inventions that they often bartered for. Its easy to mistake them for simple farmers and workers, but cunning individuals like those from Sergei and Zartik are keen observers. It comes with being an assassin. This new concern for protection allows the more secretive aspects of Korobusha life to come closer to the surface.The Sergei and Zartik opened scools of education on martial arts. The forms taught were based on, but more overt then their own style of killing. Many parents would send their children to learn. It became a part of day to day life, the two clans could conduct war without death on occasion, simply pitting their best students against each other as if some bizarre game of chess was being played, fighting on occasion for wagered things, territory, or simply pride.
those students who displayed traits most in line with either clans thinking were covertly inducted into an order of assassins. The secret war would burn on, but begin to incorperate aspects of business. Assassins selling their trade. Elders would often end up hiring them both to protect, and defend against one or the other. Both clans were wise to this, and a tidy profit was made. Blades in the dark to protect against more blades in the dark. The Cossacks have continued to grow, and see this new lie spreading across people's perception of what is good and right. It must be stopped. They recruit by finding those who seek to expose the truth, or are often victims themselves, but survive, and press on. Some individuals are too brash, unsubtle or impatient. With some subtly and care, the cossacks guide these individuals, rallying them into cells, from there it takes on a life of its own. They are at first just another small street gang, then become recognized as protectors, the unofficial becomes the official, and the Castigars are born. They grow daily in number, eager volunteers who want to protect their homeland form dangers within and out. The upper echelons of the Castigars maintain connection to the Cossacks.
While assassins would open schools of martial arts, the Cossacks would pursue another route as well. They became postmen. opening a single facility to curry packages around the territory on foot, they trained "runners" experts in parkour. Some runners see so much of life, the good and bad, the wrongs that are done though, it bothers them, the Cossacks monitor them, and they are recruited slowly. new or reverse engineered inventions include pulleys, locks, simple uses for wheels such as dusya drawn carts, and plumbing. The Mikhail find no dark metal, and are about to give up on mining when one of the diggers breaks his pick on a strange nugget. Later on the smelters would get some of the most brilliant metal they had ever found from it. They named it Chovite, as it was only fitting. ((read up on cobalt and chromium, now mix them 90/10)). The assasins have utalized "found" lufae dart rifles to create/ inspire their own variation out of local materials. Snipers inbound. Ruhaj's riders are a bit akaward, having been so focused on breeding their latest creation. Clydesdale dusya.

((ill be in irc for a bit.))
Nikolai manages to create a kind of portable, cart-sized ballista using the rubbery algae strands and pulley systems. It can shoot a wooden spike a long ways. Mikhail manages to mine out a large vein of schwirmite and iron, which is more than enough for supplies. clan Sergei unveils their new warcarts, which were pulled by Dusya, armored with metal plates and could carry crossbowshwirms which can shoot from the inside. Clan Zartik, on the other hand, created a kind of armor that can be worn underwater. A long, sausage-like tube supplies the wearer with air while underwater. It's also reasonably armored against usual attacks, and was designed to let a sneak attack from across the lake.
Ruhaj's new generation of riders were... pathetic. They were overeager and didn't respect their dusya. On the other hand, his breeding program had managed to make a stronger breed of dusya, which could carry heavy weights for far longer periods than normal dusya.
The cossacks watch and wait for now, appropriating technology they find useful from the populace. Things begin to go missing for a period of time (stolen by the cossacks).
Whoops, I didn't see those. Anyways, mix and match as you please, fortune.

Agreed, in fact it would appear neither post contradicts the other in what was said. so it all happened, eh?
rolled 8, 7, 14, 14, 11 = 54


The Governor of the shwirm had gotten this message, and had been pleased by what he heard when he informed the engineers. Inventing and tinkering with things was always something they liked, and this was an opportunity to present their skills to the Eleni that wasn't simply an end result being cobbled together in factories.

So in response to the message, a team of five shwirm engineers travelled to the designated research site. The engineers' names were as followed:
'Mark Newton' (Chief Engineer)
'Riley Kelvin' (Mechanical Engineer)
'Kelly Webb' (Mechanical Engineer)
'Wilson Clarke' (Repairman)
'Miley Odysseus' (Chemist)

While this was going on, the engineers had been saddened when Krog had clearly been displeased by the Powered Armor prototype. However, now that it had been shown to the public, Log'Eads were lining up to test any more prototypes, and shwirm engineers were lining up to help work on this project, so there was no shortage of new ideas or beta testers, and work continued.

The oil that had been extractable from the soundscape had been revolutionary, and so a sort of grinder is worked on to allow for easier processing, making use of the new steam engine to make it automated.

Meanwhile, those who had worked on the chainsaws and chainswords saught to make them non-crank with the new steam engines. Though there was little hope for the sword considering the size the engine would have to be, the chainsaw still had hope, since it wasn't like the woodcutter would have to swing it around.

Rolling for inventing/beta testing the Powered armor, inventing the grinder, and adding engines to the chainsaw and chainsword (2 rolls)
The lub forest is "cut" back, but only a few of the lubs are actually added onto Endaskie, and much of its growth comes form the sky farmers growing their land outward.
The mine coughs out a yield of dark metal, but the Children of Nod have more. The Tanacs Azseg, hungry for more seek to barter. They will assist with the development of this Ghenna for more dark metal. The agreement is made, the Tanacs Azseg will send a troop of the volunteer old guard, some fresh recruits, both Logead and Schwirm, and a cabal of researchers. (there are a few logeadz in the group, as their mad ideas tend to create inspiration). Packed up they head to Ghenna by airships, there the researchers would work together on unknown projects and exchange culture, who knows what could bloom from it all?
The Tanacs Azseg continued to further refine and make compact their steam engines, and power armor. Paddle boats are now powered by steam engine ((river boats)) though they have a back up pedal drive. A more radical invention is the self propelled cart. schwirms drive smaller fast ones, and logeadz drive bigger heavier ones, they eventually go fast in a straight line, but they also take a while to slow down. These self propelled carts are dangerous, and need a lot of refinement.
The new power armor is coming along smoothly. The smaller engine really frees up the design, and as a result it becomes more mobile. The beta testing of it goes well, but it still has some work to be done in the areas of range of motion, responsiveness, and speed/ strength enhancement. Right now it just carries the armor, somewhat slowly, but its overall lack of responsiveness fights against the user's own body instead of working with it. ((imporant to note here)) The locally grown soundscape is very useful, and the grinder takes its use further. First, it extracts a lot of the oil from the material, second, it makes sausage out of the pulp. New food source. The tribe finds the sausages to be pretty good, and sometimes other meats or spices are thrown into the mix. It really doesn't matter what goes in, its all delicious. One guy proposes a festival to celebrate the new food! The chainsaws were a problem, the engines were large, and logeadz could still use them due to their superior strength, but the schwirm would need to wear power armor, this was not a problem, as now they no longer needed to use smaller chainsaws, and the bulky, cumbersome first generation suits were put to work in forestry and industrial applications, refined slightly, and piloted by schwirms.((chainsaw start to phase out, and chainswords for everyone!
Oil is now used to lubricate gears, and being researched as a possible fuel source, instead of just a weapon. the researchers packed up and headed out, suprised to be joined by a small flotilla of airships with other teams.
rolled 17, 9, 2, 10, 6 = 44

The Lufae warriors try to secure the valley of voices so that the inhabitants of Lupai Kaath could return to their homes and start rebuilding their great shrine. The remaining cedya and blung creatures are being driven out and the the warrior choirs are building traps and try to make preparations for other incursions in the valley.

The singers are pleased in the performance of Shael and his mech, and they also feel that the other two pilots and their mechs are ready to operate in the field again. They are all sent out to weed out the most major sightings of the cedyas in the northern territories.
This is also an opportunity for them to test out the new weaponry of the mechs and for the 3 pilots to train how to work as an unit.
Regarding the weapons, the singers are trying to improve the coil launcher by down scaling the coils to make them lighter to shoot out from the launchers.

Rolling for:
Securing the valley of voices.
Preparing for future incursions.
The performance of the 3 mechs at weeding out cedyas.
Testing the new weapons.
Improving the coil launchers.
rolled 8, 5, 12, 10, 13, 3 = 51

The show the Felar Naal put up with the titans was not enough for one of the singers responsible for it.
Instead of disabling the titan, she decided to do something drastic. She set 03 free. The massive being was given a simple command to break trough the lair, and march to south, and showcase the might of the Felar Naal to all.

The two eleni are kept in one of the underwater shelters of the Lufae. The settlers of these flooded caverns are eccentric bunch, and not really moved or bound by the happenings going on on the surface. They are curious of the strange beings, and try to learn from them while they tend them.

Khuna is starting to grant more and more ruling responsibilities for Nahel, so that he could slowly learn the duties of a ruler.

The wyvern riders have started feeling alienated by their own people, and how they are becoming more and more focused on the singers and their notes of Kaafa. The riders assemble in a great council with the shamans, that aims to discuss the matter of the singers.
The council decides of two things, firstly, the singers shall be investigated covertly for blasphemy, and secondly the shamans and the riders should try to improve their own songs as well. If the singers managed to learn Kaafa, so should the shamans be able to learn more potent notes of the world song. (I might need to elaborate on the aspects of the world song later)

Rolling for:
Freeing the third titan.
The titan's heading (once again, 1-5=north, 6-10=east, 11-15=south, 16-20=west.)
Tending the eleni, and learning about them (their language etc)
Nahel's further training.
Investigating the singers.
Developing greater songs of power.
Question: are the Wyvern Riders and the Shamans the same thing? Are they still visiting the monks?

They are not, though the two groups are closely related.
The shamans are the religious leaders of the Lufae. They know the myths, legends and lore of Lupai and her world song.
The riders are religious warriors. They are like paladins of Lupai. Both groups operate from the shrines of the tribe, and they interract with each other very often.
They both heavily study the songs and aspects of the world song, the shamans in more general manner and the riders in notes related to combat and guidance.

The shamans also are responsible for teaching many of the arts of the songs to the new generations of geists, whereas the riders protect the tribe and guide those who are wandering in the void.

And yes, the riders still occasionally visit the monks, though the cedya blooming has been keeping them busy lately.
After a long hiatus, the riders visit Zarhatebushk again. "Ah, long time no see. We'd been beginning to think we'd scared you off somehow". The riders and the monks go through their usual routine, philosophy, metaphysics, comparative religion, that whole thing (the monks are kind of eggheads when it comes to theology and what-have-you). The VotM is still here though, and he works up the courage to ask of these riders. What are the strange giants that now walk with your armies? What purpose could such destructive power serve? This whole thing is slowly becoming a bit of a crisis of faith for him, and he desires answers.

I'm well aware that the riders don't know much about the Flesh Singers' creations, but tthe VotM doesn't know that, and it'd make sense to ask these geist about wtf is going on down in Lufae lands. Who knows? Perhaps the investigation into the Flesh Singers will be a joint effort. Song & Songless.
Caesar stays with the Lufae for a short while, pondering the decision. Is immortality really worth it? Would it be better to go even the extra mile? Caesar has seen the servants of the Lufae, the strange puruu with wings and large muscles. Could Caesar be like that, too?

"I wish to become the god of my puruu," Caesar says. "My Death shall be cured, but Kiongozi Caesar will die. Arupa will be born from the corpse, and a god does live forever, no? Speed, Strength, and Immortality are what I ask for. In return, I gift you these most elite of Askari, my personal guard. A worthy trade I say, for an outcome so uncertain."

((You will not receive the members of the Wrath Guard. They will return north with news that Kiongozi Caesar has died on a diplomatic trip to the south, along with all of the Elite Askari.))
rolled 15, 3, 11, 14, 2, 15 = 60

With the monsters in the lower mines, the Wrath Guard is itching for action. They wish to die for Arupa, and be free of their cursed life. Five of them are selected for the task of purging the tunnels, and they march off into the dark armed with torch and halberd, and crude Wrath Metal armor.

With the Grand Urupuruu Army returned, Askari Wakuu Dhum takes up a regent position, ruling in Caesar's stead. Their first order of business? Recruitment. The war in the north led to the death of many soldiers, and it is long past time they get some new blood into the army. The strange plate is sent off to the Craftspuruu, in order to be copied and made lighter. Yetu Eman continues to develop, with the workers focusing on the Great Temple instead of even their own homes. It is built next to the trench dug by the prophet Rupol, and will eventually come to span it ((Think the Disney Castle))

Rolling for- Fighting the monsters in the tunnels, Recruiting new army members, making the stolen armor lighter, mass producing the stolen armor, and building the Great Temple
The Eleni trade party is met with confused looks when they inquire after who mines the "Strange Metal". The only metal the simple fisher folk know of is Purite. They are directed to speak with the scholars in the south, in Yetu Mahali. A crude map carved out of clay tablets is drawn out, showing the Firil Sea and how to reach the Salt Lake. The Eleni are then informed that they should "Follow the morning side of the Salt Lake, until they see the Big Tower." Not specific, but the puruu will not say more, not realizing how unclear their directions are.

Unclear directions or not, the party is determined to see their mission through. They follow the road marked on the map south to Yetu Mahali. The Elenii make it the big tower with some combat from local liforms, but nothing too horrific. Outside the fortress, the Eleni proclaim in the Urupuruu trade language, the message they were sent with. They cry that they would like to open the Nod Marketplace to them. And that rumors of an interesting metal has attracted them. They offer concessions to be seen. They drop their chest filled with iron, grains, and glass.
bumb damnit.
where is everyone?
rolled 4, 15, 13, 4 = 36

No idea. Btw, how do the riders respond to the VotM's questions?

In the meantime, a standing army continues to be built. Ballistae, the giant slingshots, cavalry, assassins, the works. Sergei begins scouting certain areas, hoping to gather intel on the Lufae, as the Korobushka grow increasingly worried about the Lufae. Rolling for the efforts of Sergei's scouts.

1) Scouting Lupai Kaath
2) Kun Kaath
3) Lua Kae
4) Fa kaath

Hopefully none of the spies are found. If they are, I'll make secondary rolls to fight off, kill, and escape from the guards of the particular city. Otherwise, basic intel that could be gleaned from just watching and listening. City layout, day-to-day routines. That sort of thing.
rolled 4 = 4


The riders are at first somewhat reserved of talking about the giant constructs of the singers, but they too share similar concerns about the nature of the Ethal Fa, the soul bound guardians.

"The giants are arcane constructs of the Asul Lusal, the Flesh Singers. We are confounded by their nature, they are like living beings bound to an unliving frame. The singers have infused them with the notes of Kaafa, the song of life, or that is what they say. These beings are a mystery to us. Their song is potent, but it lacks the true vitality of the Lua, the beat of the world song.
How or for what purpose they were created is unknown to us."

The singers are silent for a brief moment after hearing the old puruu's request. Then they speak:
"Very well then. You shall be remade and reformed."
The flesh singers begin the prepatory examinations on ceasar, so they could fullfill his wish. (one roll)
The lufae have been very busy lately re securing their own territories, and largely successful at that. Teams are busy preparing for further incursions, and the trio of mechs were either too busy fighing giant blungforms, gemils, or endless pockets of cedya infection to actually make a dent in the creatures. The new weapons are effective, perhaps no more so then the prior, but they add diversity to the arsenal. The coil launchers are improved with a stronger and heavier launch mechanism instead of smaller coils.
The third titan was released, and made its way slowly north, unstoppable, and unphased by any damage it incurd. The three plucky youth pilots of the mechs were the only hope of stopping it. The Eleni grow stronger in the lufae care, and their true language is learned, along with the secret "highway" of the tribe to lufae territory. The two travelers did not know how quickly geist can pick up language. Nahel is now a young leader, no longer an over eager boy. Rumors of a secret Cedya research coven and ambtions are uncovered. The Riders develop nothing, and it bothers them a bit, a feeling of obsolesce settles over the old guard.
Extensive damage to Ceaser by some strange metal particles will require much removal and replacement of flesh material. The memory matrix is mostly in tact....and it would be good to have a god in their pocket. ((mwa-ha-ha-haaa))
The death guard pushes back the beasts out of the upper tunnels, the thick haze makes their minds swim. Heads fly off and rainbows spray out, the ripping of thick flesh is accompanied by music and laughter. Few new members join the great army. The stolen armor is reverse engineered and starts to become part of the standard equipment of the army, in quick order all have it. The great temple rises up, with all those who would work for the army conscripted as workers on the project.
The spies acted without the authority of the whole tribe, and to be caught would not only risk the tribe, but more importantly, their own clan. Two spies were found in Lupai Kaath, and the guards were suprised. The Kun Kaath and Lua Kae tribes reveal little of these giant mechs. ((a large portion of the lufae population and research exists in secret underground tunnels, caverns, etc.)) A lot is learned about the surface territory of the lufae, as well as several tunnel entrances, puruu helpers, the cedya and blung infestation of their territory, and the apparent strife that has been going on. In Fa Kaath the resentment towards the songless is still strong, and the spy who is caught is surrounded. The assassins all wore dark, oily clothes...oil traded from the Southern tribes. Laughing he sparked a claw against one of his blades and self immolated then committed suicide. The assassin served his clan well, and besides being a badly burned schwirm, the body told no further stories of origin.

Also, I know that some of you might have grown somewhat annoyed by my tribe's tech, and I apologize for this.
After looking trough some of my earlier scetches I remembered that I had quite different ideas for the Lufae, ideas that might have been more approriate for this era.

I got carried away with the flesh singers and the emils tech, and it quickly consumed the whole identity of my tribe. I am not really happy about this situation either, and I am willing to drastically reduce the technological potency of the zlufae or even wipe out the tribe, if it would redeem this situation.

Mechs and mushroom titans really don't belong to bronze age.
> implying steampunk, oil, highways, etc. belong here either.
You're the least of our problems in that department mate. You've explained it all very well, and the advancements make sense. Stop second guessing yourself.

Figured that'd happen, but then again, can't metagame, and it makes sense from the clan and tribe's perspectives. When the 3/4 scouts fail to return Sergei knows that the danger is far worse than any of them thought. The Cossacks (through their contacts in Sergei) also learn of this, and make a mental note to plant agents of theirs in positions to any future diplomatic ventures.
The VotM does ask if they don't know what the giants (mechs) are, do they know why their bretheren constructed these beasts? What purpose could such destructive power serve?

Little did the VotM know, his own brethern were contructing a vast army, defensive, for now, but an army of terrible power. Though not all the works of Korobushka are militant. The use of algae strands, pulleys, and wheels has enabled the creation of many peacetime inventions. Included among these are doors that can open and close. Before, either a plank was boarded up to keep out the cold, or a massive drawbridge drawn up or down via rope was used. Now? These circular doors slide on a rail, like a great wheel with a knob in the middle. More than a few houses have to be rebuilt to do this, but the priesthood, despite being absent the authority of the VotM manage to push for this to be provided pro bono by the Council of Elders.

Before, bonfires simply lit up the houses, and the smoke simply escaped via a chimney, now, great fire pits ringing the sides of walls provide illumination to buildings at night. These ring-pits are separated by room so that blowing one out doesn't darken the whole domicile.

A lazy Ruhaj clansmen toils on his fields. If only he had someone else who could pull his weight for him... wait a minute. That idea sparks in his head, and he hooks up his dusya to his rake... the beast pulls, tilling the soil for him. Of course it also does this rather unevenly, so this enterprising clansman realizes he'll still be needed to direct the creatures. Still, this is fucking progress!
i dont think you drove off anyone as fortune said, really, you have kept to yourself and your story. I just think players are getting burned out on tribal/ ready to do tribal epilogs. This is time for fortune, etc to get caught up on developments/ story. then we do the closer. as for my plans, do a quick artic ocean evo game, maybe a southern artic evo follow up. each one has a 1 thread limit, then take a break for a week, pick up on oceanic evo.
gotta think, school is picking up, university, college, whatever. real life starts to strike again.
I look forward to seeing the interactions between nod and all the southern tribes.hopefully drawbro and onol crawl out of the woodwork. Ive talked with IG a little, the next game will be an even further refinement of this, at least in era. Oceanic will be somewhat shorter of a game. with that said, im going to work.
If folks are burnt out on evo games, I'd think reading this would be quite the kickstart.
> http://www.xenology.info/Xeno.htm

That said, a week's break sounds good for many involved. The other evos sound interesting, and I cannot wait for the oceanic. Looking forward to it.
File: 1347053562370.png-(434 KB, 2600x1400, titan fight.png)
434 KB
rolled 10, 6, 7, 4, 19, 19, 19, 12 = 96

The Singers are were in a state of shock, and the people around Kun Kaath were panicking when the titan tore it's way out of the singer's lair. All attempts to stop it were in vain as the being was simply too dangerous and resilient for the warrior choirs or even the riders to engage. The task of stopping the titan fell on the shoulders of the 3 Ethal Fa pilots. Shael, Aeth and Kas. Their combat experience was mostly of fights against smaller beings, but this titan towered over even the Ethal Fas.
They hastily try to prepare a plan, they will try to ambush the titan when it comes closer to the Valley of Voices, the place where the first titan fell, where it seemed to be drawn. Shael uses a combat spear and engages the being directly, Aeth keeps her distance and uses a coil launcher, and Kas will try to flank the titan, armed with a giant howling coil and a dagger.

The Felar Nal coven is using the chaos caused by the release of the titan to both steal more knowledge and tech from the other covens, as well as to destroy 02 so that the secrets of the titans would stay with them. The Felar Nal have decided to leave. The other covens are just trying to steal their work, and the Lufae people don't even know that they exist. They have sent scouts far to the east, beyond the void in order to locate a suitable place for a new lair in where they will try to continue their research.

Rolling for:
Ambushing the titan.
Performance of the mechs (3 rolls, Shael, Aeth and Kas.)
The titan's defense.

>Felar Naal.
Stealing data and tech.
Destroying 02.
Scouting far to the east.
rolled 12, 3, 14 = 29


>Riders and the monks.
The riders are equally unsure of the true purpose of the giants.
"The giants are used by the Asul Lusal to defend our territory against beings trying to invade it. That is all we know. We can take you there to observe them."
They are willing to show the giants to the monks, if they so desire.

The titan's forceful emergence from the lair of the singers did not go unnoticed. Within days, the news of the titan spread all across the Lufae lands. This was not good. Khuna was in a state of disbelief when faced with these news. The singers had been building monsters like this? He had known that the singers had deployed some sort of cedya based new weapon against the gemils before, but he had not received detailed information about the incident, other than it had been successful. Training Nahel had been keeping him busy, and distracted him from keeping eye on the singers. The Asul Lusal had given him the new body, but they had also clearly hidden many things from their rightful leader. Massive cedya beings, giants of war with strange songs, their ever spreading soundscape, how many secrets did the singers hide from him?
He decides that Nahel will start maintaining many of his duties, while he himself returns to investigating the singers. Just who did these females serve?
Elite brute choirs are sent out to secure the Lair of the Singers, Kath Lusal to force the singers to co-operate with these investigations. (The singers will try to resist this of course)

Rolling for:
Seeing how well Nahel can fill up Khuna's duties.
Investigating the Flesh Singers.
Capturing and securing their lair.
File: 1347054623327.png-(30 KB, 800x1000, Super puruu.png)
30 KB
rolled 5 = 5


Forgot one roll. First roll is for the singer's attempts to resist the investigations and takeover of their lair.

The singers who were approached by Caesar continue their work despite the turmoil. They aren't located in the main lair, and thus they are relatively safe, for now.
They begin their attempts of firstly securing the vital parts of Caesar, as well as keeping up his body in preparation for his transfer to a new, improved one.
The work on the improved body is also started. The singers abuse the colonial nature of puruu organisms, and mix and match them on a sturdy emils bone frame, in order to create a desired form. The planned body will be significantly larger than normal elder puruus, but also lighter, due to the internal structures of it. The musculature is build for explosive strength and quick bursts of speed, and the wings will allow limited flight. The singers plan on first transplanting Ceasar'r "brains" to this form and infusing it with runu paste originating from ceasar's body.

The shamans continue their meditations on the world song in hopes of achieving some wisdom or insight that would help their people. The singers had unlocked the notes of Kaafa, but how? The Shamans try to meditate on Amaam, the song of communion and family, in hopes that they could unlock that aspect of the world song and unify their people.
rolled 18, 12, 20, 10, 5, 5 = 70

>Diplomatic stuff.
The Lufae housing the eleni in the depths of the tunnels are intrigued by the new tunnel these beings apparently dug when they reached the Lufae. They begin asking questions about the land and the people from where their two visitors come from.
They also send out small scuba teams to investigate the tunnel the two eleni and their bark construct created.
The bark construct itself has been sent to Kun Kaath to be studied by the artisans.

Once again, the Fa Kaath village sends scouts to investigate the southern tribes. It is almost like a ritual of adulthood for them.

Rolling for:
Preparing Caesar for the operation.
Building a new body for Caesar.
Meditations of the Shamans.
Investigating the tunnel the two eleni dug.
Studying their bark construct.
Scouting the southern tribes.

(Rigthye, I would like to know what the Askari are. I haven't been able to follow other tribes that closely.)
File: 1347056817376.jpg-(396 KB, 599x900, Meteora Monastery by Kirl(...).jpg)
396 KB
5 of the monks' number shall go along. The VotM is among them, but unsettling reports mean that he is hesitant. Still, he shall serve as peacemaker. He sends a letter by runner. Until such a time as he returns, the secondary leaders, those priests in charge of their entire respective clans, are to lead, as a unit.

Unfortunately, this does not happen. Either by pressure or corruption, these 4 seem to put clan loyalty above their priestly duties. More than that, even with higher yields becoming the norm, with the aid of dusya-driven plows, all this surplus goes straight to them and the clan elders. The elders dispense it among their kin, who become a sort-of de facto nobility. Twice as rich as their constituents. The teachings of Chovit have been forgotten . The collective is coming second. This could bode very ill if the VotM does not return soon, but his personal issues, his personal problems seem to be taking prominence to his duties. Perhaps he too has forgotten ways of the Hashlimevish.
rolled 14, 5, 4 = 23

Crunchholm grows, and cuts down the lub forests to the south east, expanding the farmland available along the Great Channel. Cathedral grubs are brought over, and they greedily consume the stumps left behind by the lubs, feeding them and opening up the land for the farmers. The Cathedral grubs grow strong on the stumps, and soon begin to consume the local siwari grasses to fuel their growth. Once they begin to resemble adult Cathedrals, they are put to work, pulling heavy carts, carrying loads of grain and anything heavy

The outposts that dot the length of the Rubble Wall are linked by the Long Road, which cuts through each village, carrying on in a crescent from the eastern edge of the Tanacs Azseg lands in the Plains, to the canyon that is now a lake. Goods travel the length of the Long Road: Metal, Lumber and fish travel east on the Road, while great loads of grain and runna meat go west along the Road.

The Log'ead Shamans have grown in number, but they're all concentrated in Nag Palka. To properly maintain the spirits of the people, and to provide potions and medical aid, the Shamans must disperse to at least the major settlements. Structures will be built to house the shamans in the major towns with large numbers of Log'eadz (Tled Palka, Nel Palka, Crunchholm)

Rolling for the size of the structures in each of the settlements, in order of Tled Palka, Nel Palka, Cruncholm
posting from campus. have urpruu and TA write ups. should be on later.
File: 1347074124859.png-(176 KB, 559x600, LubDescendants_00.3.png)
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The Balloon Lubs grown in deep freshwater, bub. Why does no one read this shit? I swear, the B. Lub/Floating Forest biome hasn't been explored/utilized nearly enough. It's as weird an environment as... fuck, I dunno, Mars or something, but no one seems to give it half a thought.
rolled 16 = 16

>You say the lub forests are basically lakes with Lubs growing in them
>I have idea


Actually, lets roll for that. Making floating farms on the waters that were once covered by the Lubs
That's more like it. A good start.
>>20640782 >>20638548
Tled Palka grows fantastically large, as is normal in Logead expectations. The schwirms are happy with the outcome.Nag Palka growth is very slow, the shamans intricatly carve each rock, wooden beam, and peice of metal. It is a place of slow growing beauty. Cruncholm grows slower still, the farmers have a small population, and a lot of livestock to feed. The floating farms on the water are pretty fucking sweet. essentially boats with a built in irrigation system, they also serve a dual purpose for making the area in a fish hatchery. food for all. --Some farmers think the soundscape that they are growing is pretty handy. Oil, feed for animals, and ground up into sausage for the tribe. A few settlers break off from the tribe with the material and start growing it deep in the western plains, lets see if they can control it. The great festival to celebrate the discovery of sausage is being set up. Meanwhile engineers work with the primitive steam engine carts, trying to refine them. ((roll for, growth of drunken farmer's soundscape feild, please give the stuff a new name, even if its just meatgrass. The set up of the festival, and the development of the powered carts, armor, whatever else you want, just gimme some story with it.))
The titan is dumb, and not surpised at the appearance of the mechs, actually not even reacting until it was attacked. The titan is fucking brutal, and large.Kas's mech is torn in half at the waist and Aeth's mech is just badly brutalized with a broken arm and partially crushed chest/ head but still able to fight. Shael's mech gets knocked down and stomped on, temporarily sending the mech into shock, by crushing the back and fracturing the pilot pod. The wyvern mind is now in control. Out of this clusterfuck the titan got its legs cut at the feet and the howling coil was jabbed into the behemoths back, unfolding and exploding outward, ripping off its wings. It was hobbled. Aeth had managed to shoot a hole where the mech's "face" should be, but that only destroyed the control unit, and now its berserking. Shael jammed a spear into its hand and cut off a few "fingers" but that was about it. round two. fight. Kas's mech is still crawling with its hands somehow.
The Felar naal manage to steal significant research notes and equipment during the chaos. A prototype large cargo submarine was stollen, and unit 02 was spirited away down the river far enough to not be found. To the east the soundscape has somehow started to spread in a rouge patch on the open plains. It is likely to spread like a cancer without proper control and grooming by the puruu slaves. A set of caverns is found, though even the scouts looking for it had difficulty locating them.
The riders and monks set out to discover the truth, accompanied by a few lufae shamans, all on wyvern back. The investigators did not realize it at the time, but between the two factions, this would be the beginning of a longstanding friendship. They observe the battle between the titan and smaller mechs, and a few even see a dark object in the river for a while, until it disappears. There is some sort of evacuation from the most southern Lufae village, and the Riders go to alert Khuna post haste, while the observation of the fight goes on.
By the time the investigation starts, the guilty singers are gone, and the others are scrabling to cover their own asses, and secret projects. Nothing else is found, and it is all blaimed on the blasphemers, what was found were a few stragglers of low rank attempting to sabotage their secret lairs by Khuna's forces. ((discovered secret underwater lair. big enough to house several titan cedyas whole. No wonder where the resources went.)) Nahel conducts himself well, directing the flow of people, food, and resources, and controlling small problems as they arise.
(Rigthye, I would like to know what the Askari are. I haven't been able to follow othe
Caesar is ready, and the operation is underway, likely to go without a hitch. The askari are healthy elite warriors of the puruu, and watch with curiosity, now bound by their masters word to the lufae. Caesar's new body is quite large, and forms without a hitch. He was rebuilt partially with the Geist lufae material due to the excessive damage and requirements. The mind in particular had a bit of decay that was reversed. His memories and personality are intact, but his decision making process has been altered somewhat. time will tell. The shamans have meditated much, first was knowledge, second was a gift from the goddess herself. The singer's are not a whole. They are fragmented, and keep secrets from even themselves. The gift was a great insight, into themselves, others, and the song. Their meditation included deep humming, and when properly focused would explode a cave geist's head. Such an effort took work, and could be used sparingly. ((more to come when i talk to you in irc)) The Elenii tunnel lead to a massive and long natural cavern. The bark construct was alien to them, and that...was new. The Fa-Kaath have a much different game to play today.
rolled 15, 13, 9 = 37

The trade cavern was told if they wanted to speak to the Urpuruu leader, they would have to leave their escort outside the walls of Yetu Mahali. Veassen, caraven leader reassured his men that there would be no fighting, he hoped. Admitly, he considered that he and his traders were to be taken ransom. Which he understood, basic trade of life for wealth.

Vesassen was taken to a private chamber where a group of military puruu asked a simple, blunt question, "Who told you of our Strange Metal, tall green?"

cont. here http://pastebin.com/QGVCVVKW

What follows is a long conversation where in the trader Vassen offers a place in the Nod Market place. He is rejected. And Askari Wakuu Dhum of the Urpuruu makes a counter offer of Metal for Metal. They agree on the limited trading agreement. Vessan makes arrangements for a ship to make the transaction at Yetu Mahali. He then departs the fort, leaving the concessions behind since they were only bribes to get an audience with the Urpuruu.

Vassen relates the conversation to the apotheticaries in Firil. They advise caution because illnesses that effect the puruu are not known to them. The handlers ought to wear protection, bark armor or possiblely Shambler Suits. Vassen is given a gabba song bird and told to keep it where were they store the strange ore. Should the gabba grow ill or even to die, they known that the cruse has taken effect. One recourse is to tow the boat containing the ore.

rollin for
1) bark armor protection
2) Gabba early alarming system
3) safe transport of Wrath Ore
Over time the Gehenna research station grew bigger than the shapers expectations becoming more the size of a city. Edenites decided to revamp the design to take advantage of the large space. The station would have two main ports, one for the Eleni Naval Ships another for Shwrim Aerial Ships. On the top branches they constructed the Ambassadors suite, as well as a security center where the veteran Log'eadz would sure up security with Eleni.

Moving down, there were living quarters for the alchemists and engineers staffing the station. Apothecary stations were set around these sections and the Special project space to handle medical emergencies and crisis. The Special Project Spaces were empty hangers that could be used any way the research needed. They stretched from atop the station to the bottom and took up a quarter of the platform.

At the bottom level were the general stores, propulsion system for the station, and Containment. The station had high yield pumps that could spray ocean water in which ever direction, allowing haulers to actually move the floating city. Containment was a block under the station made of gabai cement. It was lined with purite, shwrimnite, and elenite metals, as well as glass and sapsis bark. There they would hold the more unpredictable substances.
A large portion of the Fa Kaath village had not forgotten the rebellion, and the singers who had built the cedya mechs were much in the same boat. Literally in some cases. This day, after years of planning, the Village rebelled again, but by escaping. Numerous small cedya constructs were released, the brutes and loyalists rushed to defeat the monsters and defend the village, all the while "evaculations" happened. East. east over 99% of the village left. No geists killed eachother, it is still not in their nature yet, but when the defenders finally realized what was going on, they too retreated, but to the main settlement as Fa-Kaath was over run with monsters. The rouge tribe would settle days later deep in hidden caverns on the open plains, enjoying the protection of the wild soundscape, and away from the false leadership of Khuna, and the heretical Riders and Shamans. No...they would embrace what made them strong. They would strike from the void and attack the heretics and songless, no longer blind, but only when the time could come. ((yes the irony is that the rebels think themselves not heretics, and vice versa)) By eating the soundscape they could remain hidden for years, and a few brutes had joined them for a promice of power and their own breeding lines. The legacy would continue. Eventually Unit 02 made it's way to their new home.
((fuck yes...that pastebin is all my joy. make sure it gets saved somewhere and eventually loaded to the wiki as a great event. the big trade.)) The units handing the wrath were bark armored cedya power suits. The little gabba dies, and is replaced regularly, this is the limit of exposure that one can handle. The urupuruu are gifted with the creatures and wished well in breeding them for their own use. These two precautions alone prevent the handlers of the ore from dieing. Instead the spot it is stored on the ship dies. (living ship) the Armor on the suits dies. (living armor) and the suit itself starts to die after multiple exposures. This shit is nasty.
((assuming direct control.))
The trade was going well for the various tribes, and while trade secrets were kept in the form of how to make things, or the processes, sometimes reverse engineering would happen by curious individuals. Still the foodstuffs were popular, and Happy Swchwrm brand sausage was hot commodity.The children of Nod saw this, and that it was good. The were masters of infastructure, and to this end, sought to build a large bridge to connect their "island" with the rest of the continent at the very south. They had also learned of the Logead/Schwirm uniting story long ago. It was reminiscent of their own. The world was full of dangers too. To this end they would see to create a grand alliance of tribes. A new way of life, a way to not fear your neighbor, as trade was good, and opened the doorway to friendship.
((no tribal mergers, not unless you really crave it and demand it. this is just sort of a Unite nations of tribes at the moment)) The Nod forces spoke their peace to the tribal leaders, one by one, of a mutual agreement to peaceful trade and non agression, to protect their neighbor's borders and share whatever was wished to be shared, but most importantly to open the gates of commerce and figure out a unified standard of wealth. The working name at the moment was the Southern Economic block or S-E-B. Within a month's time delegations of the various tribes would meet for a convention hosted on the floating city of the logeads to discuss the matter.
((Nod is in good trade relations with the Tanacs Azseg, Urupuruu and by virtue of the Tanacs Azseg know of the Korobushka. They also know the korobushka trade mostly with the enigmatic Lufae, and occasionally the Tanacs Azseg. They will send a delegation to both of the mountain tribes, an offer of trade, and non aggression, no more, no less is required or asked for. though to hold a seat of membership on such a powerful entity would be a boon to any tribe, even if their motivations are strange.)) ((tribes can respond with a positive or negative on weather or not they are going to attend, and if they will "join", from there ill construct pt 2 of the event.))
As the Eleni grow stronger, Tanna regains consciousness. She freaks out to see her ancient nightmare tapping her chest. Her heart started fluttering which the Geist attendant took as a malfunction. Before the Geist could push her under again, Sellion cried that she was just scared. Calming her down, the artificial emil heart returned to normal levels.

When the Geist started questioning them, they answered to the best of their ability. And then realized that the Geist had already learned their language within a few days. Another disconcerting detail that was lost on Sellion, but Tanna remembered quite well.

They tell their caretakers about their culture and some city history. There was at one time, two tribes of Eleni. Through some Miracle of the Dreaming, Solith of the Iminye wandered until he discovered the Altume and brought them to the Altume. The Elders of the Iminye and the Chiefs of the Altume can to an agreement to experiment with a new thing, a Town called Eden.

That town grew into a city with a unique culture different from the tribes that created it. There were clashes and conflicts, but each year they have the Paloibaril, a festival to celebrate their unity.

The two Eleni before them admit to separating from the unity of Eden. Sellion for seeing his kin cast out, Tanna for seeing her culture disappear. They became the Fringe which has seen many failures and few successes. But that may change.

Nod, the collection of Eleni territories and settlements, is a large mercantile power. They trade in everything they can find. It is said anything can be found in Eden, for the right price. Sellion is offering a close ended deal, where the whole Nod Marketplace is open to them but they would only be required to sell what they wanted. The whole of Nod trade, for whatever they desired to sell.
With the Wrath ore transferred to the Containment under Gehenna. The Nod ambassador holds a conference with the Tanacs Azseg ambassadors. He tells them of the strange ore, they call Wrath. He tells them the first project of their scientists should be this mysterious ore and finding a use for it.
File: 1347087904595.png-(20 KB, 686x388, Vieracheglider.png)
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rolled 13 = 13

With the sudden death of the tribe's shaman, the most experienced in speaking the words of the spirits took over the position. She decides to pick a member of the tribe to send on a quest to uncover just what was happening beyond the valley in which they lived their sheltered lives.

Rolling for selecting a chosen one with the mental fortitude to go out on their own into the world to discover what sort of blasphemy the former shaman spoke of.
The winds pick up while the new shaman is going around the village to pick her chosen one, swirling around a female in her late adolescence. It seems that the spirits themselves picked her, and the shamans of the tribe have never argued with their wisdom before.

She was set up with a glider and a few days worth of food. The night before the chosen one would leave, the Vierachè had a grand celebration, and when morning came, the tribe gathered to see her off. A strong east-bound wind carried the young Geist off into the great unknown.

>Anything going from this will probably have to be freeformed in the IRC. All results (if any) will be recorded and posted up later.
rolled 20, 11, 7 = 38


The current leader of the Urupuruu, Askari Wakuu Dhum, has just received terrible news from the south. Kiongozi Caesar and his band of soldiers where attacked and killed by monsters in the south, while on a hunting trip. In light of this event, Dhum takes up position as Kiongozi of the Urupuruu.

The Nod proposition of a trade alliance is met with some suspicion, for had they not come to a trade agreement a short time ago? In any case, Kiongozi Dhum decides to officially throw the Urupuruu into the trade block. Scribe Guud is sent to represent the Urupuruu at a high summit in the far south. With Guud go twelve Askari, who will be specially trained in stealth and combat. They will provide protection, and perhaps a good bargaining chip.

With the increasing amount of globalization, the Urupuruu find themselves needing a quick way of travel. While Bord's are faster than walking puruu, the large Kirunna might make decent mounts. A few puruu attempt to climb on to the massive beasts and ride them around. Should their attempt be successful, they would make for a great means of transportation.

Work continues on the great temple of Yetu Eman, the Palace of Arupa. It is to be a massive structure, high and soaring with strong stone walls and massive purite statues of Arupa in every hall. Living quarters for the priests will be built, but for now every puruu in the area contributes to the building.

Rolling for continued building of Yetu Eman, Riding the Kirunna, Training the Askari in stealth.
i should be asleep, but two things. one. you are right. first and foremost. two. i talked to aPoe about this in IRC, if i put him in an armbar and force him to submit, then i am a prick. The korobushka would probably be offered a spot in the council. all it means is that they would receive protection from everyone against external boarder threats, and get to trade. anyone in the alliance who attacks another member is immediately turned upon by the entire alliance. so its a nice little community really. The primary goal is to open up trade and commerce. Incoming members can list stipulations to joining like "i will not share the wrath metal" or "get off my lawn!-luafe"
playing devils advocate and an outside sources s to why it would be a good idea to join. The voice is busy at the moment. The elders of the clans want more contacts and power, resources. on the spiritual side of things, in a bastardized way everyone takes care of everyone. and for a meta game purpose, it would really serve to help the flow of the game in the next era and help me to create some interesting back story. but to clarify this is no merger of tribes, more of a UN, or trade union. ((accepting the offer is as simple as a diplomat going to that territory on behalf of the tribe and blah blah the above. from there ill tie all the responses together)) stop by IRC more often. you are missed. nag nag. its all i do.
rolled 7, 16, 19 = 42

Krom agrees that this organization might be good for trade, and wonderful for Tled Palka. Tled Palka is the link between the rest of the Tanacs Azseg (except for Cruncholm) and Nod. Its ganiing in importance, from being a simple fishing village, to a trading town, to a hub of commerce. Its importance has only grown with the Long Road, which links even the farthest village that sets upon the Rubble Wall with goods from Nod. The Shokul however, under the order of Zledo, oppose further interaction with the outsiders, claiming that the Tanacs Azseg should keep its treasures and bounties for itself, and not feed those who will one day harm it. While this sentiment gains a few voices in every settlement, they are mostly ignored in favor of the prosperity that will come from this deal.
rolled 19, 19, 12 = 50

The soundscape, or meatgrass as it is now called, is coming along well. Areas that are difficult to farm in, like rocky, sandy or clay filled soil, are turned into prosperous farms, feeding the growing numbers of Shwirms and Log'eadz, and their herds of Cathedrals, Runnas and packs of crunchas. Fishermen begin keeping fish in parts of the lub forests that they close off with nets, keeping the fish contained in a couple square miles of water and lubs. Food is no longer a problem for the people of the Tanacs Azseg, and they begin to turn even more towards learning and experimenting. Many of the more spiritual log'eadz offer their labors in helping build the temples for the Shamans. Deonar'Lo is in charge of construction, and visits all the major towns, spending a little bit time overseeing an important phase of the construction before moving on. Mikanglo stays for longer periods, painting tales from the history of the Nag Ber'Ek, like the Battle of the Blung, the Forming of the Nag Ber'Ek, the MegaWar against the Southern Blung, Spack Jarrows rise from theif to scout, to diplomat to Chieftain, and a dozen other, lesser tales.

The powered suits are further refined, with suits being made smaller and more manuverable so that they can be used inside the cramped confines of the mines. Chainswords are well and good, but their operating time is still frusturatingly short. Engineers try and experiment with various materials, seeing if they can find a better way to store more power for longer periods of time, and use that power more efficiently,.

rolls in first post don't mean a thing, rolling for

Mining Suits, Chainsword power supply, and chainsword efficiency
File: 1347137882105.png-(571 KB, 900x800, Combat against the titan.png)
571 KB
rolled 5, 14, 10, 19, 15 = 63

The young pilots are panicking, the neural feedback from their brutalized mechs are driving the pilots into shock.
Kas is out of the game, but she is still desperately clinging on, trying to grab on the titan's legs and stabbing it with a dagger. The feedback from the destroyed senses have overwhelmed Aeth's mind, she is just mindlessly shooting the coil launcher towards the titan. Shael however has lost his connection to the mech, and now his Ethal Fa is acting on it's own. He is desperately trying to regain some connection to the wyvern mind housed inside the mech, as the isolation of the control pod is maddening to him. His mech is going berserk, it lunges at the titan, unleashing stone shattering howls at the being, housing a mind filled with rage that only seeks to tear the fungal monster to pieces.

The titan itself is still in full functional capacity. It's "head" is actually just a massive spore sprayer, that the singers just placed the control unit in. It's eyes, mouth, and most of it's other combat related organs are still intact, though the loss of the control unit has caused it to go somewhat confused momentarily. The loss of it's wings will have some effect however, as they are used to vent out the heat the being produces while it moves. Without it's wings, it will eventually overheat.
This doesn't stop it from trying to rip apart the mech charging right towards it's fanged mouth.

Rolling for:
Kas clinging on the titan.
Aeth's shooting.
Shael regaining the control of his mech.
Shael's mech's attack.
Titan's offensive.
rolled 9, 20, 9, 4, 16 = 58


The rest of the singers try to quickly save what they can from this sudden disaster. The escape of the titan, the betrayal of Felar Nal, Khuna's investigations have driven the singers into chaos. The covens are trying to rally behind Kafai Asul, who were the first coven to gather their asses and shift the blame on Felar Nal. Attempts to relocate many of the more sensitive aspects of their research further into the volcanic tunnels of the mountains are made.
Attempts are also made to activate the Ethal Fa still being built, to both hide and protect the mechs and the pilots, and as well to cover the retreat of the singers.

The singers are planning on waiting for things to cool down before re-emerging, and thus many of them withdraw deeper into their lairs.
Subject 00 is freed in order to distract Khuna's forces occupying the lair, and thus in turn serve the singers one more time.

Rolling for:
The remaining Singers salvaging what they can and saving their asses.
Relocating sensitive research deep into the lava tubes.
Activating the unfinished Ethal Fas.
Hiding the mechs and the pilots.
Subject 00's success at distracting Khuna's investigators.
File: 1347138901966.png-(616 KB, 1000x680, Exodus of the rebels.png)
616 KB
rolled 10, 19, 11 = 40


The Fa Kaath exodus was a complex event. It was triggered by the Felar Nal, who were the first to start leaving, but it grew into something much more. Many singers from other covens joined with the Felar Nal, in their attempts to cover their asses, or simply got tagged along in the confusion.
They used the stolen cargo subs to flee, and headed trough Fa Kaath, there the resentment towards the northerners came to surface again, and thus almost 70% of the villagers decided to join the exodus (99% is pretty excessive.) In order to cover their escape, the singers released the cedyas and left the village to fend for itself.
Some of the geists left by foot, towards the void, where the scouts had found a new promised land.
Others continued on the subs downstream, until they reached the oceans, there, due to the currents some of the subs were separated from the others.
The majority of the subs continued eastwards, and disembarked when they neared the new lands blooming with the wild soundscape.
The other subs drifted to the water filled chasm, and landed on the coast near the dream forest growing there.
The singers try to establish new lairs in both of these locations.

(I assume that the 02 walked over the plains to the new location.)
Titan 02 is disassembled and reused as building material for smaller cedya protectors in the east.

The lands in the west where the subs beached have tall cliffs, and many blooming dream forests, while the lands in the east have free growing soundscape and deep caves. (How the soundscape ever got there is a mystery to the singers. Perhaps it was carried by blungs?)

Rolling for:
Establishing settlements in the two locations 2 rolls.
Reusing titan 02 by making smaller cedyas from it's flesh.
rolled 9, 2, 4, 1, 20, 13 = 49


Things are in chaos once again with the Lufae tribe, and Khuna is in shock. Fa Kaath was overrun with cedya forms, and the remaining settlers have abandoned it. His first priority is securing back the village. He leaves Nahel to lead the tribe, while he himself heads south to lead the warrior choirs of Lufae to battle for retaking Fa Kaath.
He also issues that scouts are to be sent to pursue the traitors who escaped. The attempts to secure the remaining singer covens continue, though the singers are squirming against the tightening grip of Khuna as best as they can.

The Riders are horrified by what they have been witnessing. The tribe had fallen into strife in mere days once again. The damned Asul Lusal and their works!
The riders are doing what they can to help the situation, the ones observing the fight against the titan are doing their best to help, by flinging coils at the fungal monster, while others are helping the efforts of retaking Fa Kaath. They also are on the look out of the strange object that was reported traveling down the river.

Rolling for:
Retaking Fa Kaath.
Pursuing the traitors.
Securing the Flesh Singers.

Rider's helping the mechs fighting against the titan.
Helping in retaking of Fa Kaath.
Getting on the tracks of 02.
rolled 16, 17, 6, 13, 10, 8, 5 = 75


Many more Lufae join the underwater settlements in order to flee the chaos occurring on the surface. The people of these underwater settlements are known to be relaxed and carefree people, despite their hostile environments.
Their increasing population has forced them to develop new ways of gathering food, as well as expanding their dwellings.
The food gathering methods are mostly based on nets placed in the caves that would catch the abundant water fauna that now lived in these flooded caves. Some are also having more eccentric ideas, ranging from modified dart guns, to strange, predatory submarines intended to catch prey.
Some of the settlers have also started trying to find ways how to direct the water flows better, by using pumps and flood gates. They are aiming to create tunnels with controllable water levels so that they could better direct both the flow of the water as well as the movements of the subs.

The Shamans themselves have studied Amaam, the song of community with passion. Amaam represents family, communion, loyalty and home, and the shamans have been attempting to create a song that would unify the Lufae people. Soothing tunes and verses that instill feelings of belonging in the listeners, that sort of stuff. How it caused the heads of cave geists explode is a mystery to the shamans.

The riders are also continuing to ferry the Korobushkan monks around the Lufae lands, hoping that wisdom from the outside might help their people.

Rolling for:
Expanding the underwater dwellings.
Developing nets.
Hunter subs.
Expanding the water caverns.
Developing water control mechanisms.

Further development of communal song.
File: 1347140972506.png-(120 KB, 278x473, Tree of Songs.png)
120 KB

Elaboration on the Lufae religion.

The Lufae believe in the Great World Song of Lupai, their goddess. In their myths, Lupai sung out the world, or sang the world. The World Song connects and is everything that exists.

The symbol of the the world song has 10 steps, the raising from the lowest mundane ones to the highest divine beats, the tune of the World Song.

Pasuu is the song of one's own persona. The "soul" of the geist. It depicts the identity of individual geists.
Amaam is the song of community, family and home. It connects the individual geists into families.
Onie is the song of females, it represents birth, love and caring.
Niee is the song of the males, it represents protection, strength and bravery.
Talauuo is the binding song. The song that channels the divine to the mundane. It represents the "seen" world, mountains, valleys, beings etc.
Kaafa is the song of life. It represents growth, progress and change.
Datilia is the song of death. It represents stagnation, destruction and decay.
Nahioue is the song of passion. It represents ambition, determination, hope and intelligence.
Mauonalue is the song of wisdom. It represents fate, acceptance and understanding.

And the highest song, Lusabarahfeneeiea is the song of divinity. It is the tune of the World Song, the heartbeat of the world, the influx of Lupai's power.
The children of the mountain grow strong, but not strong enough. They grow wealthy, but wisdom is not counted in coins.
The gap between nobles and "peasents" who still work for their food, who contribute to society and recieve their just reward, and the nobles who survive on nepotism. Worse, some of these nobles are part of the very Church that preaches against such inequality. Shameful. If only the Voice of the Mountain, the Búskə’évä, were here.

The people tire of these abuses of power. Hopefully they shall see the error of their ways, the people thought. Hopefully the Mountain Spirit will remind them of their duty, wrack them with guilt. Oh, the silly shwirm. For now, it's just unfair. Even now, though, the Cossacks have given themselves a new mission. They've become the Robin Hoods. Stealing the surplus away and redistributing it among the common shwirm, as the teachings of Chovit demand. For now, the Cossacks serve a strange form of government check/balance. Their "raids" become an accepted part of life, no blood is shed, and the people get their dues. Of course, the rhetoric of the elders who criticize it calls them raids on purpose, for such things bring to mind the raids of Sergei. This could put the clan in an awkward position should this meme take hold.
Klezmer, rather than staying home and screwing over their fellow shwirm, has taken the time to explore the outside world (along with Lovish). In fact, they even hosted the great trade pact of the Iminye within the Hulshadjaototay, the first of the mighty stone walls that defend Korobushka. While Klezmer makes it clear that most of their kinsmen aren't likely open to newcomers at this time (especially Clan Mikhail), they would be happy to accept the trade accord, and will bargain with the Iminye. Lovish, ever interested in new experiences (as is their heritage) also contributes to the accord.

- Apoe, what currency, if any, do the Iminye use? The Korobushka currently use handfuls and sackfulls of grain as their medium of trade. Obviously an exchange rate would have to be established.

Klezmer then puts its next plan into action. The explorers and cartographers of Lovish have traveled far and wide, and come into contact with many folk. One among them are the Logedz of the Souther Plains. The Klezmer, as will become a routine for them in the future, set up an "embassy" in Tanacs-Azseg (really more of a bazaar). Here, in these pawn shops extraordinaire, any object that can be bought or sold can be bought or sold here. If it's legal, we've got it (and a few less-than-legal items too if you know whom to ask).
- Bronze, do the logedz accept such a mini-market in one of their border towns? It's such a small thing they ask, these shwirm of Clan Klezmer.
They use the Eden standard, a iron coin plated with purite. On one side the grand tree, on the other Kirunna antlers. The iron amount is worth roughly the same as an adult Kirunna pair.

But they have been known to use glass bottles, grains, and Kirunna cattle straight up.
The embassy is accepted, and is directed to the floating city of Endaskie. The relative lack of direct rule by the Chieftains or the leaders of the Oamenii means that the legality of the goods presented by Klezmer traders is almost of no importance. A new type of blimp is made, one that hauls larger objects than ever before, to handle the slightly rougher terrain of the foothils of the mountains, and to avoid trespassing into the lands of the Lufae, with the only threat from them being their wyverns. The pilots swear to not question the cargo they're carrying, and to say nothing during stop overs at the Great Tower in Grozul.
The value of grain sounds like a good exchange rate here.
rolled 5 = 5

A lot of time has passed since the discovery of the Fur’dor, the Fungal Farm cavern. Dorf’eadz did a lot since. The colonization took a lot of time and effort, but in the end, the tribe managed to create a city in this cavern, and, thanks to the population boom because of a sudden increase of food stores, populate it.

Meanwhile, the Tamers have discovered a way how to to tame the wolf geists - basically, a Warrior, frustrated with the attacks on them, took a broken spearshaft and just begun hitting wounded wolf geists over their head as soon as they made threatening moves. For some time it was not very effective in dissuading the wolves from hostility, however, with enough repetitions, they stopped their attacks when they saw this Warrior raising his club.

When they healed, the Tamers fully expected them to run awa to their nests, however, the wolves stayed in the camp, following the Warrior, who got the nickname “Wurr’Taz”, or “the Wolf Hitter”, around.

From this little group of geists, the Tamers have successfully bred a decently sized hunting pack, with which they returned to report. The Elders were overjoyed with this, and the Tamers were granted the honor of creating their own Clan. The next task they were given was to tame the Spider Geists, who have been causing a lot of trouble to the Fur’dor colonizers. However, these geists proved to be untameable by usual methods and have caused a lot of deaths.

In grief, the Tamers have declared a Blood Oath to either tame these hellspawns, or wipe them all out. One of the tamers had an idea of stealing the young Spider Geists and trying to replace their parents, hence making them at least non-hostile. (Rollan for that)
rolled 14 = 14

Bigger population demands more resources, so, as soon as the Fur’dor has been fully colonized, the tribe sent as many scouting parties, as they were able to spare from defending the cities, to look for metals, new materials and caverns, and new creatures that can be domesticated for the good of the tribe. Sadly, little is discovered. The Scouts are called back, and the Dorf'eadz focus on domestic matters and hunting produces enough to feed the tribe, however scouting parties are sometimes sent out again.

One of the new farmers in Fur’dor has noticed, that some of the older and bigger fungi are more than fungi. Their ‘stems’, so to say, were inedible, and hard, almost like stone. However, they were more pliable and easier to form. When the farmer brought this fact to the attention of the Elders, they ordered a full investigation in usefulness of these fungi.

From the results that the Crafters produced, the decision was formed - to learn how to grow more of these fungi, and how to make them bigger. The Crafters tasked with that haven’t been successful, however, these Dorf'eadz discover an effective adhesive, a glue made out of fungus. They discover many uses such as a stomach aid to handle gut rot.

(Rollan for scouting for metals.)
rolled 14 = 14

While the scouts were busy looking for the metals for them to work with, the Blacksmiths were busy doing nothing. A bored Dorf’ead is a creative Dorf’ead, so the Blacksmiths began to fiddle with different metals, stones and other things they have in their workshops. Some were just doing little baubles without practical purpose, others were trying to do something useful. One of the useful things actually became something more - a round stone, in which a Blacksmith was making a hole, fell and actually rolled away, out of the workshop.

This accident started a fire of experimentation in other things. However, since this was a totally new sphere of things, the Blacksmiths weren’t that effective. They discovered the means of macerating ore into dust, and crushing fungus into powder, but that was it. Most of those experimentators have lost their interest and moved to do something else. However, those who were still interested, kept trying to create something new.

(Rollan for research of basic mechanics)
rolled 8, 20, 4 = 32

The discoveries of crude fungal medicines and the crushers spurred forward a lot of Crafters and Farmers to experiment with different fungi and different ways of treating them to make something. New ways of using fungi as medicines, or more useful things like the Fungal Glue - all was interesting. Some of the Apothecaries, as they began to call themselves, even started to test their medical creations on some of the tamed or captured Wolf Geists - with permission of the Tamers of course. The ordered research into Fungal Trees has been continued as well.

Somehow, all that was happening hasn’t distracted the Shamans from communing with Spirits and directing the tribesmen to prepare for the Ug’Dor-Gluk. Since it was the first time the Spirits demanded something, the Dorf’eadz had a hard time understanding, what the Shamans want from them.

(Rollan for: 1) For researching Fungal Trees; 2) For researching basic medicine; 3) Preparations for the Ug'Dor-Gluk.)
Yetu Eman is a colossal strucuture. So much so that even a logead might look at it and go "good enough." It started as a temple, but seems to be growing still, even though the palace setion is done, the "death" of ceasar drives the population to continue outward and upward with no signs of stopping, at least in this age. Trade for stone and metal may become important to the tribe. The kiruna are calm enough to make deccent mounts. The Askari are not so stealthy as they are thuggish to the point where others will look away.
The chosen one discovers a wide world ahead of her, and decides to climb as high as possible, to the top of the tallest mountain on her strange glider. Good drafts and thermals carry her well.
The new steam engines are running off of oil as well as coal, or anything that will burn, but a major break thru comes from removing steam in favor of a pure oil powered engine. It is loud and produces thick clouds of black smoke, but that suits the tribe just fine. These new engines power chainswords, advanced mining suits and more. The mining suits technology bleeds into military applications, with larger powered suits being developed now. The zepplin pilots have shared rumors of lufae "giants".
((this is just the song for the moment and i like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFqtpUugRl0 ))
Kas is thrown off the titan and it starts to go in for a killing blow but Aeth's blind firing has managed to really chew the titan up, parts of it's body look like ground meat. Shael does not gain control of the mech, so much as the mech gains control of shael. He sees/ feels what it does now, he is not in control, so much as he has become the suit. His personal sync with the mech has gone from 0 to nearly perfect and he is berserking. Grabbign either side of it's massive mouth, with a sickening cruch and rip of "Flesh" he breaks the titan's maw. It has had quite enough by now and simply punches the smaller creature in front of it, sending shael flying.
The remaining singers manage to grab their experiments, notes, and equipment, but no resources at all. The most secret projects are relocated into the lava tubes with no traces. While they are loyal to the tribe, they also do not want to get burned. The Ethal fas is activated and stumbles drunkenly into the lavatubes. The mechs and pilots are no secret anymore, other tribes have seen them. Khuna has also known all along, not to the extent of the project, but he has known. Now the fact that there are pilots, barely out of childhood fighting for their lives against another singer coven's monstrosity reaches his ears. This was all too much. something had to be done. Subject 00 was something khuna was familiar with.
The singers...had been busy since he was last down here. Subject 00, full of malevolence, spite and savagery had grown in its years with their care. It hung limply though, in a nearly complete state. A titan in its own right. There were apparently attempts to activate it, and the interface pod on the behemoth was wide open, controls beckoning. Those kids never asked for this. He might be able to still save them if they can hold their own for a while. He strapped in, and plugged into the 00 frame. Instantly he was sick. The creature's mind was shattered, no longer sentient, but the subconscious was still there, and it was full of dark intent. Breaking free of the control housing Khuna took what he felt was nothing short of a devil to meet in combat against another monstrosity. As he finally got to the location where the battle was taking place he saw disaster. A mangled but still very aggressive cedya titan pummeling smaller combat mechs.
As that battle raged on the Fa Kaath exodus was underway. The lost river settlement would have to become self sufficient, they lost much of their tech regarding emils, and only had the cedya research. The plains settlement was dug in and set up just fine, quickly put to use their stolen/ salvaged resources and tech. The local caves were barren, but they had brought large vats of emils and cedya. They lacked dusya, and wyverns, but the soundscape would provide. Unit 02 was stripped to the frame, leaving a large skeleton sitting in place. It was abandoned in a locked storage sector.
The traitors have escaped, with no tracks left behind. while The riders manage to annihilate the hated works of the Asul Lusal from Fa Kaath. Some riders report that the tracks of the cedya mech seen heading west end at a titanic feild of unrefined soundscape that is quickly spreading to blanket the open plains. A lot happens for the lufae quickly with the attempts to the singers backfiring badly. The singers have managed to relocate their "black" projects to the lava tubes, cut out the "infection" those covens remaining that refuse to ally with the whole. Blame is placed on these groups and they are put on public display. Furthermore they help to drive out the cedya from Fa Kaath with the wyvern riders having done a bulk of the work from the air. Lastly Khuna had not thought of it in his synthetic body, but Nahel had come of breeding age, and the Singers were only too happy to curry favor with the young leader. They made a show of letting him know of their secrets, to show they had nothing but good intentions for the tribe, and lauding him as a capable leader. He ate it up. The wyvern riders did not outright trust, but had hope that the remaining singers were truly operating with the best interest of the tribe now. The singers themselves had reorganized, become more efficient, were self policing. They just had to maintain the status quo, and keep out of sight.
The underwater settlements continue to grow, free of the day to day concerns of the surface or even tunnel world. They were workers, and settlers, happy to just be alive. They prosper with nets, crude harpoons (they need work), strange subs that almost border on being a construct or mech and expanded caverns. The water control system is crude and prone to malfunction. The communal song is taking work, but with the wisdom of the Korobushka it starts to come together.
((I'm gonna send an email to you with some thoughts. As for Khuna, the 00 titan is a little larger then the cedya mech, but built off of an abandoned series of technological research. It is schwirm/ dusya flesh with emils structure and augmentation. think of it as a tallgeese to the gundam. It is not safe for geist with normal bodies, but khuna is not so normal.))
I like this. Smugglers who now gained some power for the next tribal council meeting. I really think that tribe is neat, and i love the roleplay you guys all have going on.
The stolen spidergeist pups are very, very hostile, but not impossibly so. Loving application of the stick while they are small allows them to grow up more loyal. They are not the safest pet to have though. ((everyone gets a freebie)) Severeal new sources of metal are found, and it comes in two types. Purple and blue ore. ((titanium alloy)), and the new fungus "Trees" prove to be good sources of building materials. some grow large enough to actually hollow out and live inside.
Rails and minecarts are discovered. They were first used just for blacksmiths to get their stuff around the massive workshops, but quickly it spread to the rest of the tribe.
The tribe develops a new profession. Apothecary. These guys make all sorts of cool stuff, from glue, to hangover medicine and stomach soothers. This medicine is great, because it works instantly and lets you drink again, some say it makes you live longer too. ((tribe members live twice as long as normal.)) the Ug'Dor-Glug prep goes a little bad with the booze getting spilled!
Bumb damnit!

The Lufae will be updated soon.

About the trade union, the Lufae diplomats are interested in it, and might even be present at the summit, but the overall Lufae tribe are currently undergoing another crisis that makes them kinda unlikely to join with the union at the present at least.

The Diplomats might offer to trade basic emils tech, such as simple shells that can be woven into chain mail like armor or glued together to form hard coverings on objects.
In exchange the Diplomats might request information, tech or resources. Their requests might be quite strange, they might for example ask for speciments of exotic fauna and flora, bones, songs etc.
File: 1347222693185.png-(45 KB, 1000x600, Subject 00 mech.png)
45 KB
rolled 17, 11, 4, 11, 7 = 50

As the battle raged on, Shael/Ethal Fa continue their assault. They quickly recover from being knocked back by the titan, and try to continue their assault, with savage brutality. They pounce towards the titan, trying to sink their claws and fangs to the torn open maw of the titan, and tear it open from the inside.The artificial vocal chords of the mech can generate far greater sounds than even the wyverns, and the Ethal Fa unleashes devastating war chants towards the cedya.
Aeth has somewhat recovered from her shock, and she tries her best to recover Kas and her mech away from the battle, while supporting Shael with her coil launcher.

The Titan still continuing to fight, to do what it was built to do. It's hydraulic musculature flex with fading strength as gallons of it's fluids keep pouring to the ground. The being is badly maimed, but still beyond deadly. It feels no pain, and doesn't register the damage it's body has suffered. It lunges towards the assaulting mech, trying to grab it and tear it apart.

The abomination piloted by Khuna approaches the scene. The titan is still standing, and the mechs are on their last legs. Khuna has no time for elaborate plans. He command 00 to charge the titan, hoping that the mass of the abomination is enough to topple the fungal monster.

Rolling for:
Shael's assault.
Aeth rescuing Kas and supporting Shael (2 rolls)
Titan's continued fight.
Khuna's charge.
rolled 1, 12, 12, 6, 20 = 51


The singers know that their power over the Lufae is at grave risk due to the ongoing crisis. To safeguard their influence and ensure their continued resource supplies, they decide to spread their agents and strengthen their hold over the leaders of the villages, especially Nahel. The boy was still young, and the promises and inventions of the eccentric and swaying ladies have charmed him. The singers have placed one of their younger pupils to work as an adviser and as an aide for Nahel, supposedly to keep the young leader informed of the singer's projects.
The true purpose of this girl is obvious to everyone but Nahel who is completely enchanted by the technology and knowledge she has already shared with him.

The singers are also trying to figure out at least tidbits of the knowledge the traitorous covens had discovered, to get at least something good out of this catastrophe.
The singers have also started excavating new lair in the lava tubes. It wont be as great as their proper lair, but it will offer them some working space and security while Khuna's forces blunder their former lair.

The singers who were approached by Caesar consider their project a success, and decide to let him return to his lands with his guards.
The information this experiment granted the singers is enough of an payment for them. They try to apply this knowledge of how to transfer puruu minds to other puruu bodies in their puruu slaves, so that they could make their control of their slaves tighter, by only allowing the most loyal minds to continue onward.

Rolling for:
Extending the influence of the singers.
Further manipulation of Nahel.
Salvaging the research of Felar Nal.
Excavating a new lair.
Applying the knowledge the experiment on Caesar granted the singers.
File: 1347225870810.png-(616 KB, 1000x680, Exodus of the rebels.png)
616 KB
rolled 11, 11, 18, 16, 1, 1, 10, 14 = 82


Fa Kaath is in ruins. The cedya have been driven out, but the village itself was mostly destroyed.
As the people return to the village, they begin rebuilding, using some of the newer inventions to modernize their village, such as emils shell constructs and underwater dwellings.

Efforts to rebuild the great shrine in Lupai Kaath are also underway.

The two new settlements that originated from the exodus are both trying to settle in their new lands.

Lua Ifal Fa (The true servants), as they call themselves have begun excavating a new lair in the caverns on the plains. They are setting up the needed infrastructure, such as emils pools, to support their technology. They are also sending out scouts to investigate their surroundings, and hopefully locate needed resources such as lubs.
They are also trying to quickly create cedya troopers from 02's flesh, so that they could better protect themselves.

Da Ja Fa (The lost servants) are in quite bad shape. They beached in the cliff sides west from the Lufae lands, and they only have their knowledge and very little tech to help them. They are few in number, but that doesn't stop them from trying to establish a foothold in this new land.
They send out scouts to investigate their surroundings for resources and things of interest, while they also try to dig a communal chamber for protection.

Rolling for:
Rebuilding Fa Kaath.
Rebuilding the great shrine.

>Lua Ifal Fa
Creating a new lair.
Setting up infrastructure.
Creating cedya warriors.

>Da Ja Fa
Creating a communal chamber.
rolled 6, 6 = 12


The Shamans continue their work on creating a true song of communion, that would prevent this kind of strifes from ever happening again.
They have also decided that it is high time for them to take a closer approach to the beliefs of the Lufae. Thus far, they have been very distant figures to the majority of the Lufae, this allowed the beliefs in Fa Kaath to shift into dangerous directions, which ultimately led to this situation.
The Shamans are trying to develop an order of teachers and investigators that seek to maintain the proper tenets of the Lufae faith across their lands.

>The start of the end.
Overall, the Lufae are in a state of shift. Their internal problems continue to accumulate, and release themselves in violent shows like the one that is still ongoing.
The songless, and their trade union are seen as lesser concerns by the majority, though there are interest groups such as the diplomats or even the singers who would love to get their paws on new exotic technologies and resources from other areas of the continent.

In the coming years, the Lufae people will continue to exist, the singers will stay low, in order to avoid same kinds of catastrophes, keeping up the status quo from the shadows.
The Shamans and the Riders are desperately trying to shift the direction of the Lufae back towards the balance in the world song. They think that the singers have caused the Lufae to go off note, due to their focus on the notes of Kaafa. They think that only by achieving balance in the World Song, they can truly hold back the void.

Rolling for:
Creating the communal song.
Creating the new order of religious teachers and investigators.
rolled 3, 16, 17 = 36

A village at the far end of the Long Road, on the easternmost edge of Tanacs Azseg Territory, is getting restless. The village, known as Keletiz, feels out of the loop of current affairs, and marginalized. Very little metal makes it to Keletiz, and the lack of trees on their part of the plains isn't making their lives easier. The village elders gathered, and discussed how to resolve the difficulties they face. They decided upon a daring hope: They would dig a mine, and search beneath the earth fro a new metal, one that the other mines do not produce. They also hope that such a mine might produce good quality stone, so that structures can be built from it, reserving what little wood they have for tool making. They send word to the Council that governs Tanacs Azseg, asking for aid in their endeavour, promising that if their efforts are successful, they will benefit everyone. The Council agrees, and sends a half dozen of the new mining suits to aid Keletiz in its undertaking

Rolling for finding a new metal in the Keletiz mine, and the quality of stone they get from their mine, and how much the Mining Suits help
The monks riding with the Lufae volunteer. They see that their role is not in staying sequestered, but in tending to the children of the mountain... all of them, and this includes the Lufae, they believe. The VotM is both moved and shamed by this. He realizes that his doubts have clouded his judgement, and that, after perhaps several [days? months?], it is time at last to return to his post as the Voice. He is the heir of Chovit, perhaps it is time he started acting like it.

A new harvest has come in, pulled by Clydesdale dusya across vast fields. A rich bounty for all involved, at least, it should be. Behind the Hulshatsao’itoté, the common shwirm grows restless. The Cossacks do their best to alleviate the disparities, but any caught within the storehouses of another shwirm are banished into the Dark Forest. A death sentence, for there the ceryatzi lay. As more and more of their number are banished (they are brave, they do not stop their efforts), the Cossacks turn desperate. While their existence as an organized unit remains, a few of them gather a few sackfulls of grain and do something that seems at odds with their original mission. They hire a Sergei assassin. Not to kill, but to steal, as these killers must be masters of stealth, and stealth is something they need. Clan Sergei, nor the Assassin's Dojo ever realizes they are dealing with a group, and they think it's only a citizen's initiative or one noble swindling another. As payment, the Dojo takes a few handfuls of grain of its own. The raids grow more efficient, and the nobles grow weary of the "looting".

>(Continued, Field Too Long...)
rolled 6, 13, 19, 15, 18, 16 = 87

Through the grapevine, Klezmer has heard of Keletiz' plight, and a mighty caravan of fresh-cut Sapsis finds its way to the village. It's not too expensive (it's in bulk, at 112% market value, meaning Klezmer will be going home with 12% profit margins) but they do ask, as part of the deal, that they be allowed to construct one of their embassies in the town. If Keletiz thinks this first shipment of goods was something, "wait until you see what else we've got in stock", says the Madjadoi Klezmer. That's right, the patriarch himself personally came down and visited, just to broker this deal. An honest being, though a little *too* charming, it's obvious he's trying to be polite, and he probably overdoes. The old shwirm comes across as a bit of a ham.

> Rolling for:
1) The success of the Assassin's in raiding the noble's stores of grain.
2) The noble's campaign of demonizing those who steal from them.
3) Nepotism gets even worse. The families of priests were at first getting double the grain, how much more of a cut is the clergy taking for itself?
4) As the abuses of state and church grow, the Cossacks gain new members. How much do their ranks swell? (Should be about 50 at absolute most)
5) The banished shwirm are giving some creatures of the forest a taste for the bug folk. Do they follow the trail and decide to attack the village? (Not just ceryatzi, but there are also Pumesh, rock golems (gemil, I think?), brute cedya, even mossmen.)
6) Random event?
Should read as:
> "their existence as an organization remains a secret..."
The Edenites realize each day that the world is much bigger than they imagine. And with the return of Ents, underground exploration is available. The Eleni start construction of two different fleets. The Dawn Trader and the Dirt Ent.

The Dawn Trader is a large galley propelled by high-yield pumps like those found under Gehenna. To be manned by sailors, Shambler suited soldiers, shapers to maintain a ship that size, alchemists and apothecaries, as well as a dream priest and oracle. And a hold to handle several months worth of food and drink.

The purpose of the vessel is to travel far south of the continent, possibly into the icy seas.

The Dirt Ent is a mining vehicle to explore under the Doromal mines. Based on the new Shambler suit designs, a team of Ents will be deployed to handle underground hazards. The purpose is to create a bigger yield of elenite and to study the cavern environment.

> Tanacs Azseg
Evangelical Eleni from Eden wish to spread the Dreaming philosophy with their trading partners down south, the Tanacs Azseg. In summary, it is the belief of a supernatural realm called the Dreaming, a realm that is shaped and shapes the waking world. And the idea of the dreamtime, a place where souls come from and return to.

Since, the Eleni don't know shwirm or log'eadz ideals, they invite interested followers to become shamans and oracles. So that they could walk the Dreaming for their people, discovering the ideals to populate their own Dreaming. They warn caution to those who take the duty. Those who partake of the dream dust for others have a career in madness.
rolled 9, 16, 3, 13, 14 = 55

On the Gehenna station, Nod alchemists are interested in the propeteries of Wrath metal and discovering a remedy from the cruse. One experiment they run is to submerge different materials in a glass bottle filled with water, then expose the bottle to the Wrath metal in Containment. They look for transmutation in the materials or the water.

They also expose more gabba to the metal, studying the symptoms of the cruse and applying different solutions. Hopefully they will find something to prevent or reverse the cruse.

rollin for
1) constructing the Dawn Trader
2) using Ents under Doromal
3) preaching the Dreaming
4) transmutation experiment
5) grabba alchemical tests
rolled 9 = 9

One thing I forgot, collaboration with shwirm engineers to improve the spore rifle.
Keletiz gratefully accepts the gifts of the Klezmer, and promise that they will return this by helping build the an embassy for the Klezmer.

The students of Mort, the original Kah shaman, abstain from the dreaming philsophy. They continue their rites of the dead, and the crafting of bones. The Tra shamans, not having a guiding principal of their own, take to the philosophy, and many of them journey to Nod lands to learn more about this wonderous path
Ents? What the fuck?
Dawn Trader? Have we abandoned any *pretense* of originality?

Aww, they don't need to do that, though the shwirm won't refuse such help given. Note that when I say they brought wood, they brought A LOT of wood, as in enough to build a city with. Hundreds of trees felled, just so you know. This isn't a small care package. They brought you a gorram forest.
Shael started pawing at the cedya's "mouth" clawing and ripping the soft meat inside, literally trying to crawl into the mech. The titan began to isolate parts of its body to preserve fluid loss, all the while temperatures rose and the surface of it's remaining skin was beginning to bubble and split. Aeth manage to drag Kas by the collar to safety but any attempts to shoot the titan risked hitting Shael and she was forced to wait for a clear shot. The titan was still holding its own, and if it's creators saw it, they would have been proud. The titan grabbed the mech trying to crawl inside it by the feet then proceeded to attempt and split it like a wishbone. The only thing that stopped the process was Khuna barreling out of nowhere, plowing into the titan and knocking it to the ground. With no grace a savage blows from 00 pulp the body of the titan, while ugly drowning laughter comes out of the 00 unit. Khuna was not sure if it was him, or the mech. What was the mech was the gruesome feast that proceeded to happen on the still living, bleeding titan. Great gobs of "flesh" were ripped from the mech by the mouthful, and the feeding did not stop until long after the titan quit thrashing.
The singers fall under intense scrutiny from the tribe as a whole, and their delicate manipulations are rejected. The shamans and riders deemed their song to be too loud, unbalancing the whole and after the debacle everyone agrees. The singers will not be stripped of much, other then influence. They will continue to work on their projects, and lick their wounds, keeping a low profile, and be expected to be a part of the whole. This new era was not theirs. A small benefit was that the lava tubes, some of them resided under pools of molten rock, which with simple mechanisms in place acted as a quick destruction method if the need arises. Nahel however is sympathetic towards the singers, and simply sees them as misguided, fictionalized. He protects them from the worst, and at the same time enforces a dissolution of the coven system where possible. Little pieces of Felar Nal information was found in caches of tablets. The new lair is...poor, but it does not need to be beautiful, only functional. Soundscape is used to cover the surfaces of the lair and it quickly becomes "home", only the darkest projects are kept there, as khuna and nahel already knew of subject 00, and "past" "atrocities". Puruus mind transfer is a simple thing to the singers now, as is advanced form manipulation and construction. The next generation of servants are already in work. Even memories and skills can be cut away from the deep personality matrix of the puruu mind, allowing singers to take rebellious puruu and transfer skills over.
>Dawn Trader
I only regret that I got the name wrong!
by the way nongent, we actually got a name name for this thing,
Naatinye Commerce Guild
Fa Kaath starts to be rebuilt as a more open trade hub that outsiders can visit, while the great shrine still had enough salvageable materials and structures to be rebuilt easily enough. The shamans and riders collaborate and finally create a balanced communal song, while a small group break off to teach the philosophy, relgion, and meaning of the lufae's own way. Within that group there are investigators who look for braks in the way of the tribe. Between the singers and shamans, the tribe falls into balance, and in time harmony. A small shift in philosophy of religion occurred due to the schism. The void can be viewed as a threat from within and the disharmony leading to the end of the song by the tribe's own people.
The true servants create a beautiful new lair, and functional infrastructure for future projects and resources, but the cedya warriors they made from 02 lack control, and go berserk killing many, and are quickly herded towards the surface where it is now far too dangerous to scout. -epilog: the tribe spent its coming time staying underground, to the point of developing a cultural agoraphobia towards the outside, all the while developing their forbidden skills.
The lost servants establish a simple but nice communal chamber, and scouts find resources near where they live that have never before been encountered, the strange dust in the air makes them feel..odd. -epilog: the tribe would have to learn to work with new resource such as Lacorra and dream rot, as well as local cedya forms.
Very minimal metal is found from the mine, but lots of high quality granite is found, and the town grows from it. The mining suits are a giant boon, and the village prospers with their new rock mine, trading stone for other goods.
The dawn trader is half built, a skeletal frame. The ents explore deeply and find new sources of black metal ore. The dreaming does not catch on. the materials exposed to the wrath metal for long periods of time sometimes show new properties, making them deadly to be around as well. ((enrichment)). The grabba keep dieing, unless they are shielded by purite. Some live longer then others though, and the survivors are bred. The schwirm engineers create an engine powered mechanism that loads and fires spore pellets in rapid order, but it is fragile and temperamental, often breaking and shattering all the pellets.
The assassins steal the grain, but are caught, however they escape as the nobel's guards are assassinated by snipers. ((they have come.)) An oppressive campaign is launched by the nobels and their hired guards. The Clergy is taking a massive cut of the grain and while the assassins are making profit still, it is pushing the tribe to the edge of a new civil war. Things are bad, and the cossacks ranks grow large, replacing those lost, and those who do not join, end up in siding with the Cossack backed Castigar force, a group of vigilante enforces of order who have grown so large to become the DeFacto police force of the tribe. The banishment has caused the creatures of the forest to come to the source of the food, and people start disappearing for real, for the first time in a long time killed by what the assassins have always claimed
Thread is nearing it's end.
I will probaply do the epilogue of my tribe in the discussion thread that follows this one.
Good game folks, I hope that i didn't annoy you people with my tribe.
For the last time, dude, you're fine. We're in irc at the moment, but don't worry. I, for one loved your story. Perhaps we could work in the monks who want to help guide the Lufae into the future in your epilogue? Trying to get more interaction, more diversity in the tribes. Adding outside and inside influences, letting them shape each others' cultures.
File: 1347253633881.png-(774 KB, 1058x688, Territory.png)
774 KB
The Year Of Ash


( After this event. )

The monks living on the highest peaks name their settlement Mal Trone, or 'City Of Light' in the Virtum language. The Virtum begin moving east through the naturally made path through the lacorra fields. They plant berry groves and hunt, flourishing in the rich land, they have yet to set up camps, but they now live in large camp sites with tents all around the new land (orange outline) and they would push out any occupants by force if necessary, they plan to move further into the land (yellow outline) and set up new settlements soon. A few ships full of supplies and villagers sails for the tallest mountain, they have yet to hear from the monks after the ground splitting in two. The villagers eventually find the monks and settle on top of the mountain with them, building a fortified city ontop of the peak, they begin planting groves of berries where they can and hunting the local animals. Soldiers donot exist in the settlement, merely monks. Quite a few of the villagers become apprentice monks and begin to learn their ways...

Many days have passed, and the, Tieyarrua, young Geist was close to the end of the long valley which her tribe called home. The spirits of the Great Empty whisked her farther and farther east, until she found herself passing over a small village of the Korobushka. Here, the winds finally died down, and the glider began to make its gradual descent.

Below, there were a multitude of responses to what was seen overhead. Many hurried inside of their houses, thinking that the glider was one of the great Wyrven Geists. Others were able to tell that is wasn't, but couldn't make out what exactly they saw. Those who followed the flying object found to their surprise a young Geist strapped to wings of wood and skins. In the case of possibly danger from her, two town guards followed those who went to investigate. Different forms of communication were tried to ask her who she was, where she was from, and why she was here, but the Geist did not understand a word of any language they tried. They even attempted communication via drawings, as believed that those of her species could see, not knowing that it was only technology that gave them sight. After finding no response to the fifth picture, it was ruled that she was blind.

>current point reached in the IRC. More to come later. Much, much later.

Angry, good job on the finisher for your tribe. Poe, feel free to tack on more if you want.

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