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Info, Stats and Past Threads: http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Sénior Jalapéno a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion. Then you have your own steam robot Garenn who are quit hotheaded.

Your Current Favor: 8 points
File: 1345911639826.jpg-(143 KB, 460x523, tf2avatars.jpg)
143 KB
After choosing the stuff from the list, you got 8 Favor points left. A whole team walk in and they are total nine persons in the team.
"It is our honour for working for you SIR!" Soldier said as he do salute for you, other simple waving at you.

"Ok let get look on the tachi sword... Come in my workshop." Maidlover said as he showing you the way to his workshop.
While inside his workshop, you gave him your sword and he examined it.
"Strange... It look like it made is made of metal and it is... Prographō!" Maidlover said in surprised tone.
"Prographō?" You asked him.
"Ehmm.... prographō is... That is not important! I can say that this sword is... magical! Yes magical! If you could sit on the chair..."

When you sit down the chair, you get another those strange déjà vu feeling again! Before everything go black, you could catch a small glimse that Maidlover summon a holographic screen in front of you.... Then suddenly the blackness is gone and you are still sitting on the chair.

"I had finally unlocked the power of the sword! Now try to summon the tachi sword as you did with ladder." Maidlover told you and he is waiting for your reaction.

What will you do?
A: Summon the tachi sword.
B: Ask Maidlover what he did with you before.
C: Something else
File: 1345911783251.jpg-(103 KB, 1280x720, MyBodyIsReadyArcher.jpg)
103 KB

>Fuck yeah, Maid Quest!

A: Summon the tachi sword. Let's see what upgrades Maidlover gave it.
File: 1345912924552.png-(211 KB, 791x480, Tachi.png)
211 KB

You summoned the tachi sword to your hand. When you gripped the sword, it suddenly grow longer and bigger until it become a freaking twohanded sword.

"That tachi is a shapeshifting sword. It can change size, length and even the shape but it the shapes are only limited to sword or dagger shapes." Maidlover said as he talking about your sword.
"Hmmm... how do change shape of the sword?..." You asking him as you try holding on your large sword.
"Simple! The sword is like part of your body!" He said.

Which shape will the sword take?
A: Turn it make to normal tachi sword.
B: Make it bigger!
C: Make it small as dagger.
D: Make it F**KING BIG!
E: Unsummon the sword instead.
F: Something else.
File: 1345913497580.jpg-(35 KB, 642x354, Tessaiga.jpg)
35 KB

Interesting....this could be helpful in the future against our doppleganger with the gunsword. Let's experiment with it a bit: make it about the size of Tessaiga and see if we can still swing it effectively.
File: 1345914143768.jpg-(26 KB, 500x500, PQzkDy9mcN2kvuQ.jpg)
26 KB

You decided to experiment with it a bit. You try to make it more falchion shaped sword but larger. You slowly give the sword a new shape and you tried to see if you can swing it effectively. You can swing the sword but because of the size, you can't make any fancy movement with the sword yet because you will need a lot of strength for it.

What now dear master?

"Looks like I'll need to lift weights before I can wield a sword of that size effectively." Shrink it back down to normal size, ask Maidlover what he did to us before, and then thank him for his hard work.

Then we can tell the girls that our old friend from school is arriving on the plane tomorrow from Tokyo. Kat knows but I don't remember telling our little sister and the other girls.
"Looks like I'll need to lift weights before I can wield a sword of that size effectively." You said as you shrink the sword back to the normal size.
"By the way... What did you do with me before? Before everything go black, I saw you summoning a transparent screen." You asking him but he become so silenced and he started to get nervous.

He thinking for a moment until he watch outside the door and closed it again.
"You are quit smart... and I don't think that I could keep fooling you." He said and then he summoned a holographic computer screen.
"This is Operative Spirit System power. It is like magic but in computer form. It is quit powerful form of magic where you can rewrite the physical law but at same time it is extremely difficult to use. That is why we create that call Program, it is more like spells." He said and he pressed the icon on the screen and it pop up another screen.

Ask him more or do something else?

"That's....very impressive. Thanks, Maidlover." Leave the shop and let's go check on the girls and tell them about our friend flying in tomorrow.
File: 1345917535145.jpg-(122 KB, 400x400, 22470673.jpg)
122 KB
"That's....very impressive. Thanks, Maidlover." You said to him, before you leave Maidlover grabbing on your shoulder.
"Before I let you go, I must say something important first... About the Operative Spirit System, it is a secret art that only we Trade Guilder and some few other factions know about it. If an outsider started to spill information about it, they will get unpleased attention. Eventually they will become missed or lost their memory." Maidlover said in serious tone.

He removed his hand from your shoulder and then he say, "And please don't tell Elric about what I had told you... He is gonna be quit pissed off if he find out..."

You nod your head and you went back to the store. Then you see Katherine with ahegao expression while Rachelle laugh manically while holding the Ahegao Gun.

What will you do now?

Facepalm. We've created a monster. "Oi, Rachelle...quit playing with your new toy and come sit down."

That gun is temporary, right? Update them on Koutarou's arrival and tell them Lady Crownswell's will pretty much be them against her servants.

This but prepare to dodge if she decides to swing that thing in our direction.
Yell "don't shhot me with the ahegao gun please, no don't do eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

If she does, yell for the other girls to take cover. If Rachelle turns that Ahegao Gun on us, then she has shifted into Maximum Overtroll and nobody is safe.
File: 1345920085418.jpg-(78 KB, 360x500, The-Sebastian-Collection-(...).jpg)
78 KB
You just facepalmed at the scene... By GOD...! You had just created a monster...
"Oi, Rachelle...quit playing with your new toy and come sit down." You told her...
She looking at you with evil grin and she target you with her Ahegao Gun.
"Don't shoot me with the ahegao gun please, no don't do
"Why should use it on you for darling? I have other method that I could use..." Rachelle said as she put it away while she give you a wink.

You, Tomoe and your servants are sitting at the table. You waited a little a moment until Katherine regained her normal expression. You start telling them about Koutaro's arrival and that they will face against Lady Crownswell's servants.
"If we are gonna face against them, we must become a better maids." Araki said as with thoughtful look.
"Yes that why, I suggested with our master that we should go to one of the servant school in England to improve our skills." June explain as he drinking his tea.
"I see... What is our teacher name by the way? " Araki asked him.
"Annabell Poppins." June said and all the maids in the room become silence...

What will you ask/say master?
"I take it by your silence that you all know about Miss Poppins. How much trouble did I just get us into?"


This, plus ask June what he knows about Ms. Poppins.
"That's superclidfraggitinolotugasphinterchoppaninphyrexintastilobinotitunourcutingredttengeightabongdingdon

You mean 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?' When Katherine's face returns to normal, we may have to break up a fight...but I think provoking a reaction out of Kat is what Rachelle wants.

heroine ASnzil...actually, captcha: all of the girls are heroines. Except for Nee-san, that's just creepy and Dad would kill us.
We should try to say that while ahegaoing.

It certainly sounds challenging.
File: 1345921481340.jpg-(27 KB, 500x312, derp.jpg)
27 KB
"I take it by your silence that you all know about Miss Poppins. How much trouble did I just get us into?" You asked them.
Everybody is still silence until Araki spoke.
"Annabell Poppins is a legendary maid who are over one hundred year old, she had served many people and even the Brittish Crowns... For you case will not be problem but rather us servants..."
"I had heard that old lady is pretty strict teacher and many of her student can't stand out with her... I had never thought that we will become her students..." Katherine said as she shudder the thought about it.
"No worry we can... Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" June is about to say something until he transformed back to his retarded alter ego Genki.

What will you do now?
A: Keep shopping.
B: Go back to hotel and wait for until morning.
C: Gather more information about Annabell Poppins.
D: Something else.

Lets go B: we can check in with Koutarou and find out what time his flight arrives tomorrow. That gives us some time tomorrow to hang out with our bro, and see how Master and his family are doing.
B: Go back to hotel and wait for until morning.
Once back at the hotel, we can find out when our friend is supposed to arrive, and task Araki with putting together a report on Poppins for us.
B: Go back to hotel and practice talking ahegao at the mirror until morning.
File: 1345923187294.jpg-(41 KB, 640x480, deadpoolimage.jpg)
41 KB
You decided to go back to hotel and check when Koutarou will arrive at Bangkok. While waiting for him, you decided to check with your thaiboxing master and his family.

When you and your people are about to leave the shop, Deadpool in maid uniform suddenly pop up and say, "Wait a minute pals! Before you guys go, I must do a shameless commercial for my game that will be released in the future or now."
He turned to other direction while he continue talking.
"Hello all my fans! If any of you are not my fans just keep reading or I will become real mean! You see... I had hiring the a game company that call High Moon Studios who will make my game. The game will contain action, shooting, swordfighting and.... BOOBIES! Don't forgot to visit my site at http://deadpoolgame.com/ . I real want you to buy my game, if not I will come to your home... Oh yeah... Call me! "
After Deadpool's talk, he finally left you...
Frickin' Deadpool, always breaking the 4th Wall.
Imagining one of them as a TG Operative, or working as part of a sector task force, is enough to drive a player to drink.

If 4chan was a superhero, it would be Deadpool.
You and your people finally come back to your hotel, first thing you do is that you gather the arrival time for Koutarou, it seem that he will arrive at tomorrow morning. You make call with your master and it seem they will visit you at the tomorrow evening, and Daeng will bring along his girlfriend.

You decided to lie down the bed for a while until you realize something...

Ok people, guess what you realize something. I will give you total 3 chance to answer. If you answer right, you will be giving 1 Favor points for it.

>Damn you Deadpool! Why do you have to hijack my quest...?!
Deadpool: Just because I'm just awesome!

Daeng's girlfriend?! I guess he find someone who's okay with him cross-dressing...

Before we leave, we give Master our contact info and an invitation to visit us in Japan. Plus we promise to come back to Thailand and visit every so often. Gotta keep Jintana in orbit so we can swag her when she's legal.

Daeng's girlfriend is a reverse-trap. I'm calling it now....

>Correct! Gained 1 Favor points. Have now total 9 points.

Wait a minute... Did Daeng have a girlfriend...? Did he find somebody who are ok with his crossdressing or his girlfriend is a reverse trap? The thought about it make your brain work a lot until you sleep on your bed...

At next morning, you are gonna pick up Koutarou at the airport.

Who will you bring along for picking up your old friend?

Tomoe definitely; our bro will want to meet our little sister. Araki's a probable (he might remember her from before the accident years ago).

Croco-chan might want to go (we can ask her how the visit with her cousins went). Rachelle can only if she leaves the ahegao gun behind and promises to behave.
Agreed on these points.
File: 1345927155995.jpg-(67 KB, 680x483, bb8.jpg)
67 KB
You decided to bring along Tomoe, Araki, Croco-chan and Rachelle if she leave the ahegao gun behind... Luckly Rachelle left the ahegao gun behind but she asking you a question....
"Say about your friend... Do he have girlsfriend?" Rachelle asked you.
"Hmm no... He had never girlfriends before... but he have interesting on my big sister Hana..." You said.
"So that he is possibly a virgin?"
"Well... he have still difficult getting girlfriend..." You tried to answer...
"Hmm... a virigin.... Bueno!" Rachelle said to herself while she licking her lips.

After you get a rid to the airport, you decided to take moment to talk with Croco-chan.
"How did it go with your cousins?" You asked her. She pulled out a sign that read,
<That was fun! ^_^ One of t cousins is a entertainer! >

After you arrived at the airport, you see Koutarou along Garenn. When Koutarou saw you, he wave his hand at you.
"Hi Hito! Where is Hana?"

How will you say to him?

"Man, you just missed her. Mom called Nee-san home a couple days ago to help out with something. Don't worry though: she'll probably turn up again eventually. How've you been, Koutarou? How's college going?"

Let him talk for a few minutes, then say

"Wait a minute, where are my manners? Koutarou: meet some of my staff. This is Araki, and this is Croco-chan.."

While we introduce Rachelle, mouth the word 'Behave' at her: "This is Rachelle..."

And have Tomoe come forward. "...and last but not least: this is Tomoe, our little sister." Then whisper to our bro, "Long story; I'll explain later."

"Everyone: this is Koutarou Maejima, my old friend from school."
Pretty much this.
"Man, you just missed her. Mom called Nee-san home a couple days ago to help out with something. Don't worry though: she'll probably turn up again eventually."

Suddenly he fall down on his knee and he is about cry when he find out that your big sister Hana is not here anymore.
"Hana is not here...? Why all those efforts..." Koutarou say in said tone.
"Hmm.... How've you been, Koutarou? How's college going?" You asked him.
It took him for a while to regained his composure until his respond.
"The okay college went pretty ok, I'm still working on my Visual Novels."

"Wait a minute, where are my manners? Koutarou: meet some of my staff. This is Araki, and this is Croco-chan.."
Koutarou nervously bowed to them and it seem that he don't remember about Araki.
While you introduce Rachelle, you told her to behave...
And then you introduce your half sister Tomoe. "...and last but not least, this is Tomoe, my little sister."
He look confused until you whisper to him, "Long story. I'll explain later."

"Everyone, this is Koutarou Maejima, my old friend from school." You told to the girls and they bowed
to him.
File: 1345929295314.jpg-(102 KB, 317x288, 12111.jpg)
102 KB
Suddently Koutauro pulling you away from the girls while he whisper to you.
"Hito... You had gathering all those cute girls?!"
"Yes but I have more girls at the hotel." You said.
"I know that you are pretty smooth with the girls but... You have a harem! Like those in manga like Negima and To Love Ru!" Koutarou whisper in jealous tone.
"Soo... should we head back to the hotel?" You asking him.
"Yes let do that." Koutarou said.

You are forced to hire a driver with pickup because Garenn are too large to fit in the taxi. After you finally arrived at the hotel, your master and his family finally arrived at the hotel.

What will you do?
A: Let have party.
B: Travel somewhere.
C: Something else.
C: Have a meal with everyone at the restaurant in the hotel.

That's a great idea. We can introduce our friend to Sasha, Katherine, and Genki as well as to Master and his family. Seconded.

We should ask Garenn why he's here when we get a chance too.
File: 1345930132292.jpg-(502 KB, 1024x768, wallpaper1019.jpg)
502 KB
You decided to have meal with everyone at the restaurant in the hotel. Everybody is in the restaurant , they are eating good food while they talking each other. Your master Kovit made a familiar with Genki and then he turned to you.
"By the way boy, where did you hire your butler?" Your master asked you.
"Actually my former butler brought him to my mansion and he recommed him to me." You answer.
"What is name of your former butler by the way?" Your master asked you.

How will you answer?
A: Tell your former butler true name.
B: Tell your master with fake name.
C: Don't tell him the name.
D: Crazy Ivan!
E: Something else.

A. Tell him Gouki's true name. Maybe Master Kovit knows him from somewhere.
A: Tell your former butler true name.
I don't remember Gouki saying that we needed to hide his identity.
File: 1345931543238.png-(33 KB, 500x213, tumblr_lfk4qn5NmH1qambw9o1_500.png)
33 KB
You decided to tell him the name of your former butler.
"The name of my former butler is... Gouki Onimaru..."
Suddenly your master become completly silence...
"Gouki eh...? No wonder he chose Genki as his replacement." Your master said and he chuckle lightly. You slowly started to get unpleased by his aura...
You turned to Garenn who drank a lot of water and eating some coal.
"By the way Garenn, why are you here?" You asked the steam robot.
"Staying at the mansion is quit boring without action. Those dwarves just keep on building their fortress and doing those boring watch... I'm a steamrobot of action! When your friend came to our mansion and had find out that you where in Thailand. I decided to following after him. But sitting on the airplane is awful boring so that I decided to dance until we are forced to make stop at somewhere." Garenn said and then he fixed his sunglasses.

What will you do now?

"Well, Garenn, there may be some action before these challenges are finished."

To explain why we're flying all over the world, fill in Koutarou about Yukata's challenges. "Yukata has it in for me all because he couldn't be bothered to find another place to build his damn hotel. So here I am. Master Kovit trained me in thaiboxing and I fought the champion Sagad Po and won. I still have three more challenges left to do."
"Well, Garenn, there may be some action before these challenges are finished." You said to him.
Garenn release some steam as he look pretty pumped.
"Alright! Something that I look forward!"

"By the way Hito, why are you in Thailand for?" Koutarou finally decided to ask you.
"Yukata has it in for me all because he couldn't be bothered to find another place to build his damn mall. So here I am. Master Kovit trained me in thaiboxing and I fought the champion Sagad Po and won. I still have three more challenges left to do." You told him.
"Oh... Who are your next challenger?"
"Her name is Mary Crownwells, a noble lady from England. For some strange reason... She seem to hate me for a reason..." You told him as you can't get the mind off her because you feel that you had some connection with her...
Suddenly you see Daeng with his girlfriend... Surprisely she look awful normal cute girl.

Suddenly you notice that in bar area, that are some people who are dancing at the dance floor. Jintana, Tomoe, Croco-chan, Sasha and Araki are watching at the dance floor and then at you...

What will you do?
Oh boy. I can see where this is going.
They're going to make us dance, aren't they?

I guess we can try to resist, but if our little sister asks us, I don't think we could refuse.

OOC: So Daeng's girlfriend is a normal girl (or possibly another trap).

Looks like the Jintana and the girls want to dance. We shouldn't disappoint them. Dance with each girl in turn.

>inb4 Rachelle decides to troll Koutarou and practically drags him onto the dance floor as well.

One song for each girl won't hurt; girls like dancing. Plus we might get luck out and get a slow number with Jintana and Tomoe so we can score Relationship Points.
Ok Roll 2d6+3 for Will. Take maximum 3 rolls. And decided which order who you will dance with.
rolled 2, 2 + 3 = 7


Croco-chan, Araki, Jintana, Sasha, then Tomoe.

If a slow song comes up, shuffle order so that we slow-dance with Jintana, Tomoe, and maybe Araki.
rolled 3, 3 + 3 = 9


I'm re-rolling. That roll sucked badly.
rolled 6, 6 + 3 = 15

Araki, Croco, Jintana, Sasha, Tomoe


Awesome roll, anon.
File: 1345936690301.jpg-(39 KB, 640x480, rosette-chrno-carnival.jpg)
39 KB
>Double sixes! Perfect Success!

You notice that the girls want to dance with you, so that you decided to dance with them but one at the time. You took Araki's hand first and you ask her, "Do you like to dance?"
"Yes!" Araki said happily as she following you to the dance floor. You start dancing with her and you notice that she is not a very skilled but she tried her best.

The other girls look envious at her until you decided to change your partner. You took Croco-chan's hand and she smiled brightly while she waving her crocodile tail happily. You dancing with her despite that her tail may stand in the way.

After you dancing with her, you took Jintana's hand and she start to blush. She seem to be nervous while dancing with you but she become more comfortable with you. You could feel that your master keep watching you...

Then you dancing with Sasha. She seem to be had practice in balldancing. When she is about to slip, you catch her in right of time and she start to blush.

And then the last, your half-sister Tomoe. You started to dance with her but it seem that she have never danced before but you helping her with steps.
Suddenly Melphina, your familiar pixie watched at you with sparkle eyes...
Slow song for Tomoe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3ykKpDMsvU

>Master watching us dance with his granddaughter
>Our sis-con hacker-pixie watching us dance with our little sister

Oh boy, here we go....
File: 1345937993551.png-(209 KB, 223x546, tumblr_libay22mCz1qzdn8no1_400.png)
209 KB
After you had danced with all the girls, your master Kovit seem to be impressed with your endurance.
"Very impressive Hito! You truly have endurance for dancing! I can guess that you are also impressive in the bedroom too! Hohoho!"
"Grandfather..." Daeng commented to his grandfather as he sweatdropping.

You notice that Koutaru are gone and Rachelle look awful disappointing.
"Rachelle... don't tell me that you..." You tried to say.
"Yes... I tried... but he fainted right away before I could even begin... No wonder he never got a girlfriends..." Rachelle said and then she gulped her beer.

Meanwhile... the unconscious and almost naked Koutarou are lying on the bed with nosebleeding... Suddenly he sneeze despite that he is still unconscious...

Next day, you had booking the plane to London and you will make your maids go to the school so that they could face against Lady Crownwells's servant.

End of part 27, Continue on part 28.

Ok guys, I decided to end this quit today. If you need to discuss about the quest or have question. You can discuss at my wiki page or the forum (it is still under construction).

Deadpool: Ended already?! But what about...
Maidlover: Just shut up Deadpool! Shut up for God sake...! See you later guys and thank for playing with me guys!
Deadpool: Yeah, see you later!
I was hoping for Melphina techno-familiar shenanigans.
Oh well, maybe next time.

Have a good night, ML. See you next week.


I think we can count on that. We have a half-sister and a techno-familiar that's an otaku with a taste for brother-sister WINcest manga.

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