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1d4chan article and archive links:
IRC: come and talk.

old thread: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/20369440/#20369440
the last thread died, final results and happenings are in it. I wish you all the best in this bold new era.
bumb. I'll start doing stuff when I wake up.
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a bump, from a gentleman
NG, when you said purite, I found that to be something else entirely. Did you by chance mean pyrite (fools gold)?
Alright, here we go.

Krog surveys the host of warriors, and he is incredibly proud. His Vukad stand in the front ranks, almost in straight lines, though he doesn't expect that to hold in battle, not yet. Behind them are the new recruits, trying to look tough, but only seeming nervous to Krogs experienced eye. Behind them are the rest of the warriors, spears in hand, javelins tied to their backs, and axes and clubs at their sides. Next to the mass of warriors are the Shaman and his appretnice. It looks like Skuller was sent, and is now a Shaman in his own right. Next to him is his own apprentice, Hs'agan. Krog greatly dislikes Hs'agan, he's far too thin and bony to be a proper warrior, but he does not reprimand Skuller for bringing him, lest Skuller start a fight with him, and lose, probably very injured. Krog doesn't want that, so he keeps his tounge.
Krog looks at the piece of lumber standing next to him, about half as tall as him, and two thirds as thick around at the chest. He took it from the lumber pile, and carved some symbols into it, mainly ones of death and despair of his enemies. He intends to use it to smash the limbs of the larger Blung creatures, trusting his prodidgous strength to allow him to wield it effectively. He's seen that a dozen of the stronger members of the Vukad have followed his example, and have their own pieces of lumber, carved with symbols of death.

This time, as they venture out to fight the Blung, he knows that this is the second to last battle to break the strength of the horde. After this battle, he hopes the warriors of the Oamenii arrive to help fight the Blung, and he believes that, together, they can crush these foul creatures.

And so, they march out, to fight an especially large concentration of blung thats settled just a mile away from Nel Palka. For Glory, for Honor, FOR SKULLS

Rolls and stuff in next post in about... half an hour, so you have time to tell me "no, there isn't a group of blung a mile away because "we" didn't say there was/ you didn't scout and find one there"
rolled 2 = 2

Deciding what is done with the bord eggs.

1-13 Raise the bords for food
14-26 raise the bords for war
27-39 raise the bords for work
40-60 Some combination of the three
61-75 eat the bords
76-100 break open the eggs before they can hatch to see what's inside (thus killing them).
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MFW no warbords
rolled 16, 3, 5, 11, 1, 14 = 50

All right, lets roll

At the word of krog, the warriors exit Nel Palka, and head off to this break off portion of the horde, located in a clearing a mile east. As they reach it, they spread out, forming a line thing enough to allow javelins to be thrown with ease, but thick enough that in the charge the warriors in front will have someone to watch their backs.

The battle begins with two volleys of javelins, raining down on the blung horde. The warriors then burst from the forest, roaring their hatred at this foe. Krog and the strongest of the Vukad circle around, to hit the blungs from the rear, with Krog and the strongest vukad in leading the rear charge.
Rolling for javelin volleys one, two, the front charge, the rear charge, the log-weapons, and the rear charge itself
>I roll a 1 for my refrence to Tauren units from WCIII
rolled 14 = 14

wait! I forgot to roll for the melee once they get stuck in!

and I double rolled for the rear charge.... woops.

Neither this battle, nor my posts are as orderly as I'd hoped
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rolled 9, 10 = 19

With the war to the west making little headway, a new plan was formed. When winds become favorable, pots filled with pitch would be loaded into the old huts of leaves and glue. When above the villages, the pitch would be lit on fire and dropped below, burning everything. Nets are also dropped from above.

With the matter of clay, it seems that the supply in the homelands will hold strong for a many decades more. The larger supply to the north has been becoming the main supply of pottery, which will serve to further extend how long the supply will last.

>Rolling for firebombing, and bord ranching.
Something to say for the riding lubs. Freeing them from the ground will inevitably kill them, as the organ that serves to absorb water and nutrients is also what weighs them down. The organ needs to be severed to achieve flight.
bord ranching? chocobos?

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Well, what do have? First, the Lovish and Kailarik expeditions who have just landed in Urupuruu territory. We have the building of the Kremlin-I mean...Zarhatəbushk Monastery, we have the diplomats in Lufae territory teaching the geists how to farm. It's an exciting time to be alive in Korobushka.
One thing that has not been mentioned is this... the secret war between Zartik and Sergei has resumed (it may never have stopped). Most of course don't even know of its existence, it's all very secretive, cloak and dagger, assassin's creed-style/da-vinci code bullshit. In fact, many of those from clan Sergei and Zartik that come to Zarhatəbushk are there b/c they seek to escape the bloodshed. It's only present among a select few in the elites, the patri/matri-arch and their advisors. Many bodies that aren't cleaned up are blamed on the children's bogeymen, the ceryatzi. Eventually this leads to a campaign to head into the Dark Forest, as the ceryatzi are clearly getting further and further into the town. A large extermination force is led into the ancient woods (imagine Fangorn Forest).
The diplomats in the Lufae territory agree to offer a few dusya, 5 as a gift, and another dozen in return for helping them improve their weaponry. For too long the Korobushka have relied on Stone-Age weapons, and the Stone Age is fast passing. It is said that change is the one constant in the Universe. The wise adapt.
Purite is an alien metal that's like tin, only heavier with a slightly lower melting point.

Completely different from Pyrite
rolled 11, 18 = 29

Rolling for...
1) The expedition into the Dark Forest, the Wyld, seeking to diminish the Ceryatzi population.
2) The dusya, while being sold to the Lufae, are not quite ready yet, not as Ruhaj wants them. They need to be FASTA!!!

They've also established a separate project that will continue to refine the dusyas into a more hound/hunting dog-like role, now possible with the dusya's increased smarts.
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Another development. During their stay among the Urupuruu, Lovish records the happenings of the days and weeks in his journal. While he at first uses the long heiroglyphics common in Korobushka, he found himself needing a quicker method of transcribing information. He begins to create a shorthand, a personal code that allows for much quicker communication of information. In the future when he and his corps move on past the swamps and Lub forests, he will continue to refine this shorthand of his. This writing system will form the foundation of the Bushkit phonetic alphabet and revolutionize writing for the people.
At work for a while longer. perhaps up to six hours. if IG orPoe want to dictate, go for it. otherwise self gm is an option until i get back and am able to provide responses .

When i do get back a few more things will be put into motion.
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Until such time as our illustrious leaders return, I'll self-gm my posts as permitted here: >>20463441.

The journey into the Dark Forest does well, with almost a score of soldiers bringing back three corpses of the terrifying monsters. Of course, this won't make much of a dent in the population, nor will it address the genuine cause of the murders, the Secret War between the clans.
At this point the thing fuels itself in a manner akin to a blood feud. "He killed my uncle", is replied with "well your uncle killed my father" who killed the other's brother, on and on, ad infinitum. The only reason it's not been addressed by, say, the Voice of the Mountain (the Korobushka's leading religious figure) is that the VotM and the wider public are not in the slightest even aware of these dealings and killings. Even when a body is found, it is attributed to the ceryatzi.

As for the dusya breeding, at long last, the creatures bred by the shwirm have met Clan Ruhaj's exacting standards, now that they have bred their "horses", they shall expand into breeding their "hounds" as well.
In this issue:
Cedya reproduction.
Weaponizing Cedyas
What is Love?
Iminye Tree Cities
Bump before bed.
The Yapap bord ranchers quickly realize how large these things grow, not quite as tall as a puruu, but more massive. (donkey to human proportions) those who hatch the eggs are safe, and those who are foreign to the bords learn quickly. Their laser blast can either singe, or be quite deadly. Thankfully the robust biology of the puruu has prevented the deaths of many puruu's due to the bord's natural tendency to try and sever the neck of their enemies with their most powerful once a day attack. Usually though they get many little singes and burns in an attempt to drive them off. it is somewhat effective, and ranching the creatures is hard and dangerous work. They provide eggs, meat, leather, and crafting resources.
only a few of the firebombs hit, and the tribe realizes the fickle winds play a role in the direction of their lub balloons more then they would like. Another puruu ponders on a way to keep their lubs from dieing, if one could just dig up the "root", and find a way to repair holes in the organism. leaves and spit? The fires are terrifying to the enemy, but instead of military targets, the bombs hit civilian populations who now cower in fear.
((modified rolls for tribe being good at combat, etc,etc, I work late, and the other GMs are in different time zones, so we cant reply to your rolls very quickly on the work week.))
The initial javelins strike deep, maiming and killing, slowing the advancement of the defensive organisms, while the tribe, fresh from their attack and feeling wild throws their next set way off, peppering nothing but land. The Frontal charge was not such a good idea, as the tribe's vanguards attacked with the logs, which while heavy, were neither spiky, nor sharp. The strong and shelled blungdozers and other defensive organisms shrugged the blows off and slaughtering many of the log users, those who survived dropped the now broken and splintered logs and resorted to knives and mulpacs, it was time to punch shit. Those in the rear guard managed to get in some good attacks on the distracted creatures, drawing off heat from the broken attacking wave. The rear suprise force now charged aggressively, with the bulk of the force closing in and doing what Logeadz do best. disorderly brawling and mob fighting. Bungs were punched, stomped, bitten, headbutted and skewered. People went down fighting and screaming, some getting back up again to kill more, even with life ending injuries. This was a smaller force on the edge of the horde. While the leaders felt the rush of combat, they knew that they would need more people, weapons, beasts, and if willing, the schwirm. for now the force headed back to re-equip and regroup. next time it wouldn't be a little battle. it would be a war to the death.
hey, this is for you two. continuing along this partnership, I am fine with, and am authorizing you both to use and develop for (make rolls) for each others tribes, so long as it is not to attack another player, without your partner's consent. So if Bronze wanted some schwirm allies, at this point in the game we can assume the schwirm have enough members to support their projects. and vice versa. or the logeads want to establish outposts along the roads, want schwirm to help populate the guards and do patrols. good to go....ill resend this if either player disagrees, but i notice you both are short on time, and dont often get to play or interact with each other directly. If you two want to go a step further and form a nation/ kingdom/ whatever, and give it a name where you both make rolls, feel free to do so.

Incoming developments and art update this weekend for both tribes
((yes. you have done well...feel the power flow through you, and now for some small things that we talked about))
Children are a funny thing in life, and often discover many things. Running to grab an adult they are quickly forgotten as the finders or inventors of such things. This was the case here. A group of young schwirms were busy playing and exploring the "old town" parts of the precivil war regions of the village, though city might be a better word for such a place now. This area had yet to be renovated or rebuilt. Breaking into abandoned buildings and cellars is good fun. Old style Macuahuitls are found bearing family logos not seen in years, deeper into an old cellar they find many, many containers. Smacking one open they are assaulted by a powerful odor. One youth starts vomiting then and there, a few others run away shrieking, fearful that this smell was that of the stories of boogeymen their parents told them of. The few that are still standing look at each other "i dare you to eat it." The challange was accepted, because he would be a coward if it was refused! So, with great trepedation did the young boy eat that strange fermented food...and it was good. "this is great!" was blasted out with chunks of food from a full mouthful. His friends ran up to try as well, and were horrified at what they had shoved in their mouth. The one who actually enjoyed it laughed as he ate. It was an acquired taste for some.
Our faithful gang of youths are at it again, this time around the Dusya farms. The creatures could be dangerous, but there were young females around watching them. To show fear would ensure they never became full men! "I bet you have no courage comrade brother." a challenge was about to be issued. "I bet you do not climb on Dusya." The boys circled their two friends cheering and goading them on. The recipient of the challenge simply reached into his pack, pulled out a hunk of Hákarl, blew his horrid breath at his friend and spoke "You keep at this, and im going to be leader soon." pulling a swig of Akvavit from a dusya bladder flask at his side he climbed over the fence and carefully walked up to the side of the creature. It twitched and looked at him momentarily before going back to eating grass. He took his opportunity and jumped on the creatures back, holding on for dear life. It ran, a lot. Still the youth held on, and the young women ( devushka) watched with eagerness. By the time it was over he was no longer in the company of his friends, now ringed by the ladies. Before that day was over all of the boys had tried to ride the dusya. Little did they know this would become an important ritual, as well as an innuendo, and ironically that word would also become an innuendo.
Our young heros were now on the verge of becoming young men. A mere few molts away from adulthood. Walking along the mountain with confidence they kicked at loose rocks and talked of great things to come. The most silent spoke up "I will lead my clan!" his dreams were crushed "You could only ever be a foot man of the clan. You are too low born!" there was a silence as they walked on for a bit. "What was said was true, but the words were unkind. I am sorry." this was rare to apologize, but it was in the company of brothers all. "Thank you. You are wrong though. I will lead. I will stand tall like mountain!" They all looked at the mountain at its mere mention. It was time to play a game of childhood, that started without annoucnement. They ran to the mountain and started to climb, the one who got highest won. They were bigger now and could climb longer and higher. The would be leader climbed fastest and highest, but it was comrade stink breath dusya crap ((nickname gotten so for a time when he fell off a dusya into a dung pile, and a habbit of eating Hákarl)) kept going despite falling furthest behind, long after all had gotten to various ledges as stopping points he kept going until he got a hand full of hexis vine and pulled himself up, only to rip it loose. Falling he held onto the vine which stopped his plummet to the ground. He looked up to see a small chasm in the mountain's side now exposed.
And so comrade stink breath dusya crap did climb into that chasm. It was somewhat large, and crude, of a very old style not seen in hundreds of years, on the walls were torches that were denigrating. He pulled out from his pack a small hand torch to light the way. Venturing in further he found an end to the room, a large pile of collapsed rocks. This place was secret, but not to him, not to his friends. Returning to the entrance he called for them, only to hear them desperately calling for him to make sure he had not fallen to his death. He shouted back "You pine for me like a solider's wife after a battle! Come down here!" a little bit later all the friends were exploring the cavern, finding relics of an old age like they did when they were but moltlings. ((children molt a lot.)) As a group they cleared the rocks in the back of the room, to find more rooms, and strange carved stone squares and rectangles, some arranged in low stacked formations. They were cut from the very mountain. Bit by bit they started fiddling with the blocks, and built a small walled room within the hall. Then it was the fastest climber who dreamed of leadership looked around. "I do not know who's this was before us, but what was made, this will be our hall, and I will be our leader." they all laughed at his bravado but in the years to come there would be a band of men who stood tall.
Ng, you still here?
Care to jump into the irc?
I have some stuff that we might need to discuss.
((fuck this goes on. and on. hey, despite its length if you dont like it, or it does not fit, just tell me, ill delete it. this all came off the top of my head anyway.)) Now proven men, the friends were around a large stone tablet cut by their own hand in the middle of their little stone room, how small it was. Made smaller by the cloth draped figure on the middle of the tablet....Earlier that night a group of innocent schwirm were caught in the middle of a brutal fight by rival clan forces, they were being used as hostages and shields, to be disposed of by whoever survived. From the shadows charged heroes. They wore large hats, and heavy coats, wielding heavy stone clubs. Ambushing both of the fighting clans, though outnumbered they suprised them so badly that the villains were driven off, not before several were killed with loud wet crunches. The dead dropped to the ground like sacks of grain. The hostages fled home, unsure of what to make. The comrades knew that they had done good work that night. Regrouping one of their members was missing. On the ground, their leader found one of their own, his red coat turning darker by the moment in the guttering torchlight. "Glorious leader...we make land safer for our people..right?" he rolled over and grabbed the sleeve of his friend "We made good yes?" the leader could not utter a sad tone, as that was not for strong men. "Yes Brother Comrade. We make land safe for people tonight" gasping the injured man let out his final words "Good brother, this is good work we do." he died.
...back around the stone tablet, with that cloth draped figure the assembled friends said nothing. Instead, each one took their Macuahuitl and placed it on top of their friend. The leader dumped Akvavit on the body, and started a fire. They all watched as the wooden Macuahuitls burned, the cloth burned, and their friend burned. They did not let their voices betray their pain. It is not what strong men do. The leader grabbed the corpses burning hand for only a moment and spoke "Brother, we will carry out glorious work, more then tonight! More each day! You are Cossack like us!" as the flames burned low only the leader was left still looking at the dieing embers of an old friend. Akvavit slurred his speach "I hope you watch me Comrade stink breath dusya crap. I'm going to take you up on that challenge that i could not make for good leader of people." In the silence between him and his dead friend, he choked on his words. and he bawled, because strong men sometimes cry when no one can see.

and so a group dedicated to the people as a whole, beholden to no clan was galvanized that night. It would fight for a greater union of people, not greedy elders or proud owners of land.
Sorry for only showing up now when it's been saturday for almost a day here. Real life hit me with a sledgehammer of anxiety and simmering panic these few days. Let's just say that it's college-related. Anyways, this will probably compound my already spotty attendance to the threads... I'll still be monitoring passively, but I'll be offloading most of my GMing duties to nongent and APoe. Sorry guys. I'll be back GMing when these depression-causing anxiety is relieved. Once again, sorry for the sudden shift.

Also! It seems like the South continent is on the cusp of Metal Age, so this thread will probably be the last of the South Tribal. I'll get the updated map for the South when I get back. For nongent and APoe: there will be one more Tribal arc, one of the oceans, and playable races are the Shrohan (stormlords), Hiroha (hive roha), Kruelb, and Seek're. Playing area will be the oceans, ALL of them, and the islands to the south of West continent.
File: 1345905638775.gif-(1.11 MB, 200x118, 1342586745023.gif)
1.11 MB

Wake up, see these, my face when, you magnificent bastard. Also manly tears at the end... I love it so very much.
File: 1345905798380.gif-(846 KB, 213x120, yes!.gif)
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> ocean tribes
Interesting note, "vushka" means mountains*... "de" means two. The slang term for ladies is two mountains. Me gusta.

* bushka - mountains. (see: Bushkchovit, mountain of Chovit, or Zarhatebushk, the Crown of the Mountain)
In Bushkit, b/v are often interchangable.
Don't worry IG, it's fine, you take as long as you need to get all that settled. I know first-hand how college related stuff can be an absolute labyrinth of bureaucracy and paperwork to navigate.
Hey man, i can only offer you well wishes, sympathy and let you know Poe and I will take care of this until you are back. I dont know if this will be the last thread, i have a bunch of "Arcs" written down for the players that i would like to see accomplished. They are based off of goals and statements they specified. If this move quickly, it will be done in 1-2 extra threads. It will really set up the basis for next era of this continent, creating definite allies, enemies, and tensions.
File: 1345912959888.jpg-(37 KB, 400x394, Waitasecond.jpg)
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This is why NG is a cool guy: He doesn't quite wing it, though he does for our rolls. He's got plans to make this an interesting place, with epic things going on.

also, have a Dark Log'ead
rolled 19, 1, 9, 12, 18, 15, 2, 1, 12 = 89

The Puruu of Yetu Eman have labored for months, working on a great trench stretching from the ocean to the edge of the great chasm. With the project nearly complete, discussion begins on who should go down into the trench to break the earthen wall that separates the ocean from the chasm. Nguni, who has lead the militia since they left Mwepesi, decides to be the one. Shovel in hand, Nguni drops into the trench and begins digging away at the earthen wall, determined to get through the last few feet and let loose the wrath of Arupa.

The militia members continue to try and train the Nguvi for military purposes, giving them heavy logs and stones to swing around. In order to become tougher like the Nguvi, some puruu are trying to see how long they can stay dry, how long they can go without eating, lifting heavy objects to stretch their limits, and doing other endurance/strength building things.
Back in the south, the villages of Yetu Mahali and Udongo have finally expanded close enough to each other that they can be considered one town, a city almost. Caesar begins to assemble the military near the road leading east towards Fort Mwepesi. Caesar has a force of about 1500 puruu soldiers, while Fort Mwepesi only has around 300. Work continues at the fort to build the second buffer wall around the first one, and some puruu are even starting to grow their own personal gardens just in case a siege actually does occur. Workers continue to mine beneath the fort, searching for more metals.

Neither Eldest Leader Caesar or Elder Kario respond to the Lufae's request of puruu to be sent south. They both head rumors from the scout puruu who was abducted so long ago.

Rolling for-
Breaking the Earthen Wall, and flooding the chasm. <Big Event>
Arming the Nguvi
Endurance training for the northern militia, ((Three rolls, two for endurance, one for strength))
Mobilizing the Army
Finishing the buffer wall
Farming attempts inside of Fort Mwepesi

Just use the first roll set I guess
In a turn of events Nguvi got the hybrid children to break down the wall, he and many others were disgusted by them and what they were. Abominations, impure, stupid and slow of mind. As he climbed out the wall broke and all the fury and rage of the sea flooded into the chasms, rolling thru and drowning many of the demons of the deep, while others swam to the surface or fled for their lives, the hybrid children getting pulled along with the rush of water, holding onto each other in desperation. The Nguvi are very protective of their offspring, and to them, the hybrids were theirs. Flying into a rage at the sight of their children swept down river the attack the militia with the fury of a mother animal. The mistake was treating them as less intelligent puruus, instead of very intelligent animals that were going to act like animals. Already deep into slaughter they had to be stopped. ((roll 2 dice, 1 for loss of northern tribe members, and one for stopping the berserking and armed nguvi)) The militia fared better then the civilians, their endurance and strength had been increased over a brutal regime of self punishment and endless training.
rolled 11, 6 = 17

Rolling said 2d20
File: 1345917256314.png-(38 KB, 712x758, churgeon.png)
38 KB

down the continent the tribes were obvious to the rush of water coming towards the caverns. With the army mobilized and on the march to Fort Mwepesi conflict was imminent. The secondary wall was not finished and large sacks of rock had to be abandoned as defenders rushed to their castle. the internal farm failed miserably as somehow dream rot has gotten inside the castle, something about that damn, wet, and now warm closed air environment the puruu like facilitates rot growth. The defenders are now tripping balls trying to separate reality from hallucination. The miners keep mining, getting more metal, and occasionally talking rocks. Stupid talking rocks, and stupid dream rot. They cant tell them the secrets of the universe if they dont listen!
The hybrid children had been washed far down the now filled salt water lakes. They wearily crawled up and out onto the muddy banks of the new lake, lost and alone. They wandered for several days hoping to find home, their family, something. Eventually a pleasant and welcoming song was heard. When they went to the source a strange figure appeared. They spoke of so many things, of hunger, loss, thirst, the wave, of their friend letting them be taken by the water and his angry face, of being tired. "dont worry lost little ones, I am here for you. give you shelter and food if you come with me" the creature said in a soothing calm voice, it extended its normal hand, not the scarey one. They reached out and grabbed on, walking off into the distance towards a tunnel entrance.
The "riding of the dusya" becomes a rite of passage among those of Ruhaj descent. Like the Mongols of Earth, it is often joked that Ruhaj are born in the saddle.

Haskarl, while not for everyone, does become a delicacy among the wider clans.

Oh jesus fuck, this will end in tears and screams.
File: 1345918079992.png-(206 KB, 293x377, 1345843390305.png)
206 KB
In the first moments of the attack, the Plains puruu had crushed torn apart or mutilated over half of the tribe. The milita mobilized as quickly as possible, but caught off guard like this they could only hold out so long, managing to kill one of the beasts, and injuring another. It wouldnt stop, the massacre was through, in the end the beasts stopped at the children who were wailing and shrieking. They wandered off into the plains from whence they came. Somehow the self appointed elder looked around at all that he had wrought. He...could not bring himself to feel bad. He started laughing. He accomplished a great work. The village, the people...it was all expendable. His tribe was safe, and this band of...living trash was unimportant to him. He would return home a hero, perhaps become the new elder. He walked off, leaving the children behind for possible taint that they had.
rolled 13, 15, 15, 1, 7 = 51

Before Elder Rupol begins the journey back south, he returns to the village to gather up all the supplies that can be carried, as well as to test the allegiance of some of the Nguvi that remained behind while the trench was being completed. With any luck, Rupol will be able to use the Nguvi as pack animals. While walking, Rupol also gets another idea as he sees the floating bodies of some creatures. There's a new was to get back home now, a faster way. All it requires is something to float on the water.

The Siege of Fort Mwepesi begins in confusion, as tonnes of water rush into the chasm the fort was built next to, confusing both attackers and defenders. It has been observed that dream rot cannot stand extreme heat, and so the puruu of Mwepesi attempt to use fire to contain the dream rot in the mines beneath the fort. Caesar's forces begin to set up a siege camp outside of the Fort, just beyond the rippling hill defenses. Elder Kario, seeing the state the defenders are in, decides to respond to the Lufae's request by sending five puruu carrying purite towards the south, sneaking out at night.

Rolling for-
Taming any remaining Nguvi
Creating a primitive raft
Setting up the Siege Camp
Containing the Dream Rot
Sneaking out the Puruu to send to the Lufae
From the personal diary of Halin, Knowledge Councilman:

During this season I was blessed with a confusing and impossible vision. Let me first begin with the research that led me here. It was brought to my attention that the university was testing new methods of treating and growing Hexis Vines. They made a breakthrough in tree shaping methods, in fact all methods of manipulating plant growth.

The Vines they created are extremely elastic, It takes an extreme effort to stretch and keep it stretched. There is also another version that works in reverse, requiring an extreme effort to keep compressed. They tell me it was a rare breed of vine treated with a resin from my limericks. I am glad the old poetry is still seeing some use.

From there, they created a simple water mill to wind and unwind these spring vines. As well as simple triggers and switches to remove the effort of the water mill. With an inventive idea they also created a way to manipulate the Hexis Tree's natural water intake system. This could be a way of transporting water easily. After priming, the trunk pipes the water from end to end.

A final discovery, song can make the Hexis Vines bigger by many measurements. Meaning they hold even more 'still effort.' This is when I am called in to survey the work. It sounded true, and I repeated their work. They asked me if it were possible to grow one of our Hexis or Sapsis Trees by many measurements.

In theory yes. But what would we do with it? They went ahead with their original catapult project, and left me to answer these questions. Which I couldn't answer. Despite what Eleni say, I have no ability to create something out of nothing. I look at the natural world and see the laws that govern it. However I did know somebody that had helped me gain my popular limericks.
I rarely visit Vylona anymore. To be truthful I was afraid to see her. I don't think I could handle it if she didn't recognize me. I bombasted my way into her private chamber of the Dreaming shrine, asserting my right as Dream Shaman to the fledging priest. There she was reclining on her bed lost in the Dreaming.

It was a one way conversation as I talked about the research brought to me. I pleaded with her to give me some kind of direction. I was frustrated she didn't even acknowledge my presence with a word. As I was about to leave the fruitless conversation, she did speak.

'Grow to the Fiery Messenger. Steal the dreamtime's greatest gift. Don't forget to be clever, Halin. You were always the cleverest of us all.'

I think I understood what she meant. So today I go to the council to ask the impossible of them. I will petition the growth of a Grand Sapsis Tree. Not just a big tree, But a tree large enough to support an entire new district in its branches. With buildings and elevators powered by spring vines and falling. A tree to reach high enough to reach the Fiery Messenger as it makes its daily travel across the sky.

I have seen dew in the morning after a heavy coastal fog. Its collected by the Trees leaves and travels where the tree grows. I don't know how, but I will steal the fog, dew, and even rain. This large tree will help, but I need more resources and time.
rolled 19, 16 = 35

>The Fringe
The Eden conspiracy continues to survive in a much different form. Creating a hidden bandit camp in the caverns, they discover monstrous beasts and demons. Some of which match the description of Altume's ancient enemies, the cave geist. Smaller than the legends, they are still very dangerous setting up ambushes and traps in their native cramped and dark environment.

The Fringe start their secret recruiting program from Eden's desperates, criminals, and malcontents. They are targeted for their hate or disappointment with Eden, and they are swore to secrecy and loyalty before being brought into the Fringe camp. These recruits end up "Going South," which is the only clue they're allowed to leave.

The Fringe even starts recruiting Altume traditionalists, appealing to their ancestral pride. They care not their heritage if they can fight the cave geist. All the while the bandit king remains anonymous.

rollin for
1) recruitment from Eden
2) defense from cavern monsters
>Manien's Expedition
In Katumoiset territorial waters, a slaving ship spots a strange vessel not recognized by the Shwrims. It is crewed by a strange race of tall antlered people. The vessel moves quickly through the waters off the coast of the main settlement. With a quick response, they could be intercepted, even captured as new slaves. (Onol, you can roll and try capturing them, or just talk to them)
Two hours after the meeting had taken place, and the militia was ready. A fighting force of 300, the largest the tribe had yet seen, was gathered at the forest edge. The 200 hoplites were placed in a rectangular 25x8 formation, with 100 archers close behind. They would charge through the forests, and tear fown, kill, and burn everything as they went, in a bid to permanently remove the blung threat. Based off of the conversation between the governer and the Log'Ead tribal leaders, when they had struck down the blung horde, they had merely killed enough to force them to spread out, rather than destroying them outright. This meant they did the equivilent of using water against greek fire. You're not fixing the damn problem, you're only spreading it around. The hoplites would do the brunt of the fighting, spearheading through the blung horde, and the archers would provide firing support, as well as torch everything as they went.

Yes, this had a dangerous risk of starting a forest fire, but is wood really all that important in the face of annihilation?

So they set off to fight the blung. They smashed a hole into the forests, cutting down every tree, slicing away at every bush, and just like they had planned, everything was burned. They didn't care that they weren't near the enemy yet, they were pretty sure a place choked of ashes and burned trees wouldn't be the most habitable place for the blung, so in case they didn't come home, at least they delayed the hordes.

Rolling in the next post. And just for the heck of it, here's the equipment (At least armor and weapons) of each hoplite and archer.
Shwirmite Breastplate
Shwirmite Helm
Shwirmite Tower Shield
Shwirmite Spear
Shwirmite Gladius

Shwirmite Arrows (Standerd & Fire)
Shwirmite Gladius
Shwirmite Breastplate
File: 1345927708817.png-(49 KB, 800x600, Kaalimaa II.png)
49 KB
rolled 15, 2, 3, 19, 5 = 44


When the captain (Clan leader) saw these new animals he saw profit in them. At first he thought capturing them right away but once he realized that they had some sort of language and intelligence he decided to do something else. He would attempt to invite them to their ship and feed them and keep them well in all sorts of ways and try to learn their language. Then he would ask things from them (where are they coming from etc) and if he won't get information by talking he would capture them and torture them to get it out of them. If luring them to ship fails they will capture them with force.

Meanwhile in great city of Kaalimaa some of the Warriors use the blood of their victims to paint signs on themselves. This was the first step on the road to art and only rolls will know where it will go. Also the city keeps expanding.

Rolling for luring Eleni's inside the ship, capturing them (if luring success, capturing is easier) ,getting information out of them, developing art and expanding the great city of Kaalimaa.
elder, now scribe once more, Rupol makes his way to a large floating corpse of some unidentified thing, the water as calmed a bit and now the new salt lakes are still. hopping on its floating mass he uses a long stick as a paddle and pushes along the coast of his floating corpse boat. Along the way he spies many shallow nests full of large eggs. yum. he gathers many...many...eggs. the last nest he comes upon the eggs are stirring, and hatch. oh dear, they are cute. he must have them all. he shoves them in his pack as well. the chicks have imprinted on him. strange peeps and a shrieking call come from his pack as he makes his way home. "pew pew pew. SHOOOOPDAWHOOOP bordle...bordle..."

The siege camp is built well, and the attackers are dug in. war is imminent, but then a strange haze bleeds all over the battlefield from the castle, spores, a thick pink mist...the dreaming. now this war will be fought on a very new level, as all are tripping balls, but the defenders have had time to either go mad, or adjust slightly. The purite smugglers are so high they trip over themselves and feel they are being attacked by a dragon, and run screaming back into the castle, everyone having forgotten about the purite.
The fringe gathers many disillusioned, downtrodden or shady travelers to carve out a new life of freedom....allegedly, but its mostly an ongoing war against the swarming beasts of the caves. For now they hold their own.
The Eleni are absent minded trusting creatures. Fine slaves. Fine prizes. As soon as the trap is sprung the creatures freak out, and retreat back to their ships, to the man. One tripped and fell into the water, but the crew accidentally doped an achor on the tall antlered creature, killing it outright. brutal. Art...The Katumoiset know art. The art of a slaves final moments, twisted in pain as it is covered in molten metal, or a chissled bust of a scowling lord. Some how, art only makes the city so much more cruel, perhaps because of the number who died to make it. All the while, the flames of industry let the city creep ever over the land, stretching slightly into the sea, and taller.

((APoe please roll for what else happened with your crew))
adding on to nongent's posts

The Warrior has the heart of an artist. He mixes chalk and soot with the blood of a fallen foe. He paints himself with intricate lines and patterns. He feels compelled to stab the his ink into his skin. And days later the markings remain making them permanent tattoos. Others make their own markings and liberally use them on their property, such as other slaves.
rolled 10 = 10

When the forward scouts first caught sight of the blung, the hoplites and archers began to form the panzerkeil formation they had practiced to combat the blung. They stopped just a few dozen yards from contact, and loosed three volleys of lit arrows into the horde of purple. Afterwards they charged with all the fury they could muster, the archers careful to leave no speck of fungas untouched with their torches' flames. The Oamenii militia struck hard and fast, But were careful to be thorough in their destruction.

Rolling for the volleys (3 rolls), The charge, melee combat, and the purging of fungas/dead blung.
rolled 5, 18, 6, 7, 10, 2 = 48


Still to cover, the explorers have landed among the lands of the Ruufaya puruu, what do they think of these strange creatures? Next, the Lufae are offered the dusya for their own purposes, but in return they desire improved weaponry, whether they are simply given these or the Lufae teach them how to make some, either way's good by them. They know that they're lagging far behind both the Lufae, as well as the other nations rumoured to exist beyond their snowy slopes. Korobushka might be blessed by the mountians, but who knows how far Buskochovit's protection extends, does it dwell beyond the slopes or does it fade as one travels further from their lands?
Krog and the warband head back, the warriors from Nel Palka and the Vukad recruited there staying behind with a handful of senior Vukad. Krog brings the rest north to Nag Palka, to prepare the whole of the tribe for war.

Everyone is getting ready for war. The pilgrims that follow the cathedrals return with shipments of plates for armor, with the scraps from armor making being used to make the spikes for clubs, and spear and javelin heads. Armor is fitted, and the spiked clubs are distributed, though they're being phased out in favor of the new metal weapons from the Oamenii, so some warriors take to attaching the spikes to their armor, to make them look fearsome. Javelins are crafted as quickly as possible, so that the warriors can throw as many volleys as possible before charging

The Shamans work day and night, brewing the potions that they've learned, which only amount to two that are useful in combat: The potion that grants focus and clarity, and the rage potion that kills if you take more than one draught of it. The apprentices are tasked with distributing it to the chieftains first, then their retinues and the Vukad, then the regular warriors.
rolled 9, 20, 2, 4, 11, 9 = 55

is that supposed to be you helping me with the battle I just fought, or is that your own battle? regardless, more stuff on preperation for the final battle

Cathedrals are brought south from the plains, and howdahs are made and fitted to them, while cruncha packs are being taught to obey signals from young warriors. The beast are readied for war, to march with the Nag Ber'Ek host to glory.

A great feast is held, with beer flowing like water, and meat stacked in great heaps upon plates of runna armor. Krog and Krom lead the celebration, both boasting how many blungs they will slay, while the Shamans abstain, working hard on making as many of the potions as they can. Songs of blood and death are sung, and oaths of honor are made, while the Vukad all pledge that all of them will bring at least five skulls to the Skull Throne. It is a glorious night, for tomrrow, they leave for Nel Palka, and from there, they shall march forth to fight the Blung

Rolling for whether spiky armor is anything other than decorative (a 20 means anything that attacks them get nasty wounds)
How many warriors use the spiky armor
How many of the rage potions are made
How many of the clarity potions are made
How well trained the Nag Ber'Ek crunchas are
How many javelins are made (at least one volley is guaranteed, this is just to see how many more I get)

They won't be getting hugs anytime soon...
File: 1345949996004.jpg-(44 KB, 500x399, Unyuufex4.jpg)
44 KB
They'll be getting plenty of hugs from the Unyuublungs
rolled 4, 11 = 15

The laser bords were originally going to be raised so that they'd produce more meat, but a few harmless decapitations later, it was figured that war training would be a better use for the creatures.

While Kwaku was away leading battles against surrounding tribes, Ytai had assumed the position of governing the tribe back home. When he returned from the fringes of their territories, Kwaku saw this, and actually figured that it may actually be best for this old "friend" to take care of matters here. For the first time ever in the the 300 year history of the yapap, one of the two elders willingly relinquished the position of head elder to the other. Now, Kwaku would devote all of this time to waging war against all those who stands in his path.
Ytai, had long been the more passive of the two elders, but he could not deny that Kwaku's methods yielded results.

The winds may have taken the lubs in a different direction sooner than the Yapap warriors would have preferred, but the few vases of burning pitch that did fall onto the village would work to cause a bit of a panic. Warriors on the ground will take advantage of the disorganized state of their enemies to strike when they are vulnerable.

Rolling for a major attack to follow up to the firebombing (Including infantry and archers. Both with flaming weapons), and war training for the bords.
rolled 16 = 16

Whoops, forgot something NG wanted me to do.

The Log'eadz work with the Oamenii engineers, and one of them, upon seeing a simple device shoot a length of wood forward fast (and being hit in the torso by said piece of wood), has an idea: What if you could make a piece of sharpened wood, and attach it to the forearm of a warrior? This is considered ridiculous, but after the warrior punches a large hole in a tree with a version of the device made with a sharpened length of wood, the idea gains traction. The first prototypes of this new mechanical Mulpac are being worked one, even as the tribes prepare for war.

Rolling for making mechanical Mulpacs

(rewriting the immunity to gesh rot)
The farm fail due to little sun light and terrible soil that withers and poisons the plants. The water rushing into the caverns causes a strange gas to appear in the mining tunnels. It causes irritating lumps on the Puruus and hallucinations as well. The Puruu for their part mistake it as Gesh rot.
The shwirm engineers finish the mechanical Mulpacs. The punching gauntlet is heavy to all but the strong Logeadz that swing it effortlessly. When the user punches, springs fire a wooden bolt into the target. The prototype then needs to be reloaded with another bolt. And the gears need to be rewound with a crank which takes about three seconds.

Several prototypes are made and given to the log'eadz before the coming battle.
Logedz language
Some of Us actually *like 4e
RPG's we like
Eclipse Phase?
Tossing around the idea of playing an online game of DnD (or some other RPG), just us evofags, all-bard party maybe. DM, system, and date to be decided.
Great job guys, im away for a while, not feeling very good tonight. or well enough to GM. You are taking the story and filling in the little gaps, thats good to see.

Nad/ lufae: As a fairly big event, roll a d20. it is the effectiveness of the lufae to detect the incoming tunnel flood, and then x2 d20s for either preparatory sealing of the tunnels, or emergency/ disaster sealing of the tunnels. Failure results in the caverns being further flooded, and the most southern fissure to get turned into a salt lake as well.
the schwirm had managed to set fire to one of the boats, and a few of the tribe were captured with no chance of escape.
The follow up attack was a series of errors, with each type of attacker lead by its own leader. Pride, stubbornness and lack of communication lead to large amounts of friendly fire, however the enemy forces were clustered primarily at the villages that were firebombed, investigating. The small relativly undefended village they have attacked went down easily enough. They just lost more men to their own forces, then the defenders.- the bords who have imprinted on the tribe are loyal and easy to command, but there is an issue with them being compatible only to specific individuals.
The mechanical mulpac prototypes are fielded into the war to the brave and the strong. the cheap wooden tip was replaced with a stone tip coated in metal that no longer needed replacement. The crank was replaced with a slide mechanism, were upon acivation it would fire forward with all its stored energy, then either by punching something hard enough, or manually pulling and locking the spike back into place it would be ready for another go. punch to punch, punch to charge.
The two tribes marched in unity, bright schwirmium next to dull shell plate. Giants dispersed among a larger swarm, with war beasts in large numbers. The first waves of javelins and arrows serve to kill and maim many in the horde, their goal is to penetrate deep, quick, and kill the horde's strongest creatures in hopes they will disperse. The fire actually lights a few spots on aflame that slowly grow. The fire was good. Now it was time for the real war. The tribes heavy warriors surged ahead, drunk on potions, screaming and laughing, keeping pace with the storming cathedral war herd. Behind them the well trained crunchas of the two tribes would attack after the enemy was distracted. Behind that was the main body of the warhost.
Garro walked forward, his stomps were certainty. His armor was the best the tribe could make, and as far as he was concerned the best the continent had to offer. Now festooned with spikes get grinned. dust kicked up as each footfall came faster. Soon the drugs in his system made his blood sing. Sing for war, sing for death. He charged. Behind him a hundred more. behind them, even more. It was good to be the spear head. His strange mechanized weapon glinted. A bit of schwirm sensibility, improved with a heaping of logead philosophy. He didnt have the thought or time to appreciate it as he slammed the thing into the face of a blungdozer.
Hurtz was a simple schwirm. He had his new issue armor and weapons, a cruncha he had trained from an egg, and his wits. He was not elite. He walked in formation stabbing to order, downing enemies with mechanical precision. The hounds, flyers, and overblungs came. He downed them all. It was all according to plan, until a sprayer took out the left flank. Then it became chaos and everything turned to shit. Those who could still stand reformed into a smaller wedge formation, attacking aggressively. They were surrounded with fighting and enemies closing in on them. Salvation came in the form of a stampeding cathedral that tore open a hole in the wall of blung. Who were they to question kismet? they took the opportunity and ran.
This fight had gone on for three days, with no signs of letting up. Fresh arrows and supplies were brough in from the villages as the tribe continued its grind towards the heart of the swarm. The plan to simply slay them with a decisive blow was long over. Individual units, commanders, and plans often lay in ruin. What was still fighting was a hodge podge of warriors from either side, using whatever could still take a life as a weapon. A documented case makes not of a Schwirm killing a blung with a spoon to the eye. False retreats and vicious gurilla fighting is used to maximize enemy casualties, but they are running low on resources, and while they have gained ground, the blung are as fresh as the day they started this fight. The pace of war began to pick up with fresh potions, and new innovations even if small.
Garros armor held still, cracked, its spikes covered in gore and visera, his eyes wild. He pushed his body to the limit, and beyond with the berserking draught. Another potion to remove the need to sleep. The only noise he could hear was his own breahting, and the pounding of his heart. Two days ago his mechanical mulpac broke, one day ago he found a replacement gauntlet with mech. mulpac, the fingers coated in segmented metal, ending in savage spikes. He had no idea, but he was at the core of the horde, as he slashed and ripped, thrust with a spear and punched all that came close. A blungzilla came close to him, clearly the largest skull he would ever hope to take. He was hopelessly outclassed by the beast, but dodged and fought, inflicting superficial damage while avoiding its snapping jaws and crushing feet.

Hurtz had been promoted in field several times over, though to be honest he had no idea what rank he held now. Men came to him and asked him questions he had never been trained to answer. Answers that sent people to their final fate. He could only hope he was doing the right thing. The day was almost over, and all commands had been issued, he took his retinue...a concept that was odd still..and went out to find purpose, having done all he could elsewhere. Following a line of carnage they crept past the warring forces to see a lone Logead berserker fighting a monster, with no hope of winning.
The blungzilla was distracted by a volley of spears, not just javelins, thrown into its hide. It was long enough for the small pest at its feet to rip open its underbelly and start yanking out guts. This did not fell the creature, and indeed, it stomped on the logead, crushing it into the ground, all the wile even smaller parasites swarmed it with their little claws, working away at it.
Garro looked up to the sky, amazed he was not dead. His armor was splintered, cracked, but held still. He rolled his head over to see the Oamenii, of all things, apparently foot troops trying to slice and spear the behemoth to death. He dragged his body out from the imprint of a large foot and ran to join the fighting. Hurtz was holding on to the back of the creature's neck, having climbed it with two knives and some luck, desperately trying to find something to kill this damn thing.
the fighting ended finally..not that day, no. The actions of many who would never come home helped to shatter yet another blung horde. Many of the creatures were killed, and many escaped, but the perceived threat was contained and for the Nag Ber'ek a worthy victory was added to their history. weeks were spent collecting skulls. The skull throne became a skull tower, though still known as the throne. The oamenii proved to themselves they were not victims, nor weak. They stood tall and without them, this war would have never been won.
Garro and Hurtz went on to become leaders in their tribes, and legends in a minor way. Few were around to see their heroics, or known their sacrifice, few who survived anyway. Their leaders knew, and the militaries of the tribes knew. These names would become military leaders, then legends, examples to future troops of the ultimate personification of their culture's best values.

Garro- Tenacity so resilient as to refuse death to fatal conditions, to kill the unkillable, and fight on no matter the odds. No care for glory, only for victory.

Hurtz- A refusal to give up, determination to rise to any challenge. Working to peak capacity, then finding a problem to fix. Always in motion.

for both- Honor to their brothers

((thats it guys, hope it was good enough. im going to bed. feel free to run with it, the following is only a collection of suggetions. tribes are somewhat diminished, tired, needing to recover and celebrate, new technology is in the works, and new resources await exploitation. A budding nation awaits to be forged between two strong allies that both players can make rolls for.))
File: 1345983636045.png-(33 KB, 800x600, Lufae bio armor.png)
33 KB
rolled 5, 6, 3, 4 = 18

Khuna knew that keeping the Singers on leash was necessary. The construction of their lair was just a part of his plan to tighten his grip on this elusive group of females. Instead of openly placing overseers to monitor the singers, he decided to infiltrate the organization with few females and smart males loyal to him. These agents would keep him updated on the singers, so that he could step in if they went too far.

With the dusya creatures at their disposal, the Flesh Singers saw little use for the enslaved shwirms. They had grown into a liability, but some of the singers insisted on keeping them alive, in small numbers at least.
The idea of containment chambers for experiment subjects they proposed is approved, and the singers decide to build far more than would be needed for just the shwirms.

With the new artificial bodies, the Singers quickly re-attempt the excavations of the lower tunnels underneath their lair.
They try to use these bodies to capture cave fauna they have found interesting, such as other emils breeds, the ghoul like geist creatures, and even the strange floating things that seem to be capable of possessing other creatures by attaching themselves to their heads.

Rolling for:
Infiltrating the Singers.
Building containment chambers.
Tunnel excavations.
Capturing cave critters.
File: 1345983790890.png-(35 KB, 800x600, Blasphemy unit.png)
35 KB
rolled 1, 3, 4 = 8

Some of the singers, after hearing the news of Thun's passing decide to do the unthinkable, and travel to the wyvern shrine in order to study Thun's body, which is held there for preparations to be sacrificed to the wyverns.

The Singers decide to place the Blasphemy unit into one of the artificial bodies, while they try to fix up it's former vessel. To their surprise and fear the unit found the new body quite suitable, and without warning, she began moving in almost live like fashion. Before the singers could act, the unit started carving something on the ground, and when it was done, there was a simple request carved in braille on the ground. "Give back my song."
The singers, unsure of what to do, began developing ways of better transmitting, and receiving sounds in the artificial bodies.

The gaseous lower tunnels had halted the cavern expedition, but artisans in Kun Kaath were already working on some sort of filter mask, and a body suit that would keep the gas from harming their lungs or body. Shan Meer artisans were quickly to jump in on this research, as they had heard from the original scouts who got infected with the emils, how the slime had protected them from hazards. The artisans are sure that the slime could be of use in this development.

Rolling for:
Studying Thun's body.
Developing improved acoustic qualities on the artificial bodies.
Developing gas masks and protective suits.
File: 1345984007300.png-(10 KB, 800x600, Lufae submarine.png)
10 KB
rolled 3, 1, 5, 4, 2, 1, 2 = 18


The boats of the Lufae are actually quite sophisticated, almost life like vessels that travel mostly underwater. The Lufae decide to use these vessels to chart the river running down from the mountains, and even the areas downriver, in the great lub forest, where it reaches the sea.

There had to be a reason for the agitation of the Blungs. Fa Kaath scouts request aid from the wyvern riders so that they could better find out what is going on with the blungs.

The acquisition of the puruus excites the Singers. They immediately begin their studies on them, though at this point, they try to be non invasive. How these things breed is the first subject of their research, as acquiring a steady supply of the puruus would be beneficial.

A great rumbling resonating from the caverns causes some alarm in the Lufae, but not all really think much of it. Some of the Flesh Singers decide to use their artificial bodies to scout the source of the rumbling.

Rolling for:
Charting the river (2 rolls, up and down river.)
Further scouting of the reasons of blung agitation.
Breeding puruus.
Finding the source of the rumbling (3 rolls, detecting the coming flooding, preparative sealing of tunnels in case detected, and emergency tunnels if not detected, just like ng requested.)
File: 1345984108568.png-(26 KB, 800x600, Imperial bord gazes upon (...).png)
26 KB
rolled 6, 5, 3, 5, 1, 4, 1 = 25


>mfw all these shitty rolls.

Yes, this must be some sort of dark age for your people...

Or a great disaster struck the Lufae.
The urupuruu might have done more than they intended when they flooded the caverns.
rolled 13 = 13

Not to be mean, but I'm a bit happy to see the Lufae get knocked down a peg, what with their horrifying experiments and what not.

(Since the Eleni only have the one boat, I'm rewriting this to more the way I originally planed.)

The Eleni retreat to the man, with one falling overboard and being crushed by anchor. They cut their ties and unfurled their sails when they looked back to discover shwrims preparing torches to burn their boat. Two Eleni crewman fire arrows and the shwirms dropped.

In the distance approached more slaving ships. Manien gave orders to make a speedy retreat. But the shwrims captain would have none of that. He rammed his ship into the Eleni, shaking some crew off the sail and off the deck. Before realizing two of Manien's own had been left behind in the water. The slaving ship circled the overboard Eleni like sharks.
File: 1346002198315.jpg-(5 KB, 157x120, this+this+made+it+to+the+(...).jpg)
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Wait, isn't Thun the founder of their religion or at least the founder of the Wyvern riders? Blasphemy engine has never fit so well... I am... horrified.
rolled 8, 6, 14, 16 = 44

Rupol collects the Bord eggs and the small Bord hatchling. Something as nice and cute as a Bord can't possible be any harm to carry around, right? Sitting there, staring at the water, Rupol comes to a conclusion. The Urupuruu discarded Arupa, that much is certain from the dreams of the past. But this great flood is surely a sign that Arupa is returning to the Urupuruu, that the god still loves it's favored children. When Rupol returns south, plans will be made. Plans for Arupa to return.
The siege of Fort Mwepesi is not going well. The strange fumes coming from inside the fort have driven both attackers and defenders into a temporary state of insanity. In this madness, the defenders make the tactical blunder of charging out of the fort, every last one of them. The attackers at the siege camp, however, are not prepared for such a surprising and unexpected maneuver, and Eldest Leader Caesar attempts to bring the trippy army into a defensive state. This one battle could very well decide the future of the tribe.

In the small fishing settlement far to the west, the Urupuruu have been catching and eating Aquabat by the armful. A small group of adventurous Puruu decide to see what is up at the top of the river, in the mountains. Maybe there will be more Aquabat to catch?

Rolling for-
Rupol's continued trip south
The Charge of the Defenders
The Defense of the Attackers
Scouting upriver towards Korobushka territory.
File: 1346005394397.png-(9 KB, 600x315, map logo.png)
9 KB
Say hello to the children of the mountain, comrade, I do believe you've rolled high enough to find us.
rolled 17, 9, 18, 12 = 56


Slaveships Captain will not let this opportunity to slip away from him and orders the ship to pursue these animals and also some of the crew are to be killed for this failure.

Meanwhile in Kaalimaa there is time for great hunt. Great hunt is time when great hordes of wariors and lords go into the undercity to fight gangs, wild animals, eachothers and capture slaves. Great hunt is another opportunity for youngsters to gain power and old ones to get more slaves. These hunts may last even a month and many are killed, but those who die are weak and thus don't deserve to live.

Raids to south were hampered by the defensive walls of Staatgreich. Katumoiset don't yet have good enough siege weapons to attack there again so this would be a great time to improve them. They also try to develope these simple mechanics to use them in Kaalimaa (pulleys, mills, moving parts, locks.. things like that)

Rolling for pursue of Eleni ship, how Great hunt affects the Katumoiset, improving siege weapons and developing simple mechanics.
rolled 8, 11 = 19

The Slaveship slowly gains on the Eleni ship and runs side by side it.

A party of defenders take aim with their bow and fire. From those without a bow comes a barrage of bottles filled with a strange powder.

rollin for arrows dipped in Shadow Drink, and concertrated Itching Powder.
(warning to AngryDorf. where are you? I'm about to take actions as I please with Eden and the other expedition)
Rupol returns south but not after running out of supplies and having to eat some of his Bord eggs. The guilt racks at him been he looks at the hatching. A quarter of the eggs are eaten this way.

In tactical military history, there will still be some argument as to what actually happened. The truth is when the fort guard charged from their defensive position out of the fort, they lost their mind. The guard made an un-organized charge against the siege party. The siege party created a defensive line for the guard to crash into. There was a battle with most of the guard being killed or captured.

Undefended, Eldest Leader Caesar claimed Fort Mwepesi.

The group of adventures scouts upriver to discover a large shwrim fishing community. Contact has been made between the Korobushka and the Urupuruu. The air is cold and freezing which the Puruu feel in their Runu. The idea of frozen water is eerie to the adventures. Moving further up the mountain seems impossible, but the shwrim seem hospitable and show them different types of fish they collect.
The Nag Ber'Ek celebrate their war the only way they know how: Feasting with lots of drinking.

Eno and Dlo are praised by the lesser chieftains for their leadership, and oaths of loyalty are renewed. Krom is lauded for his own valor in battle, though nowhere near as much as Krog, for Krom is praised more for rallying the warriors when the lines almost broke. Krog and the Vukad celebrate harder than anyone else, drinking entire barrel fulls, and eating cathedral-loads of meat. Laughter rebounds across Nag Palka, with faint echos coming from the south, letting them know that Nel Palka celebrates not just victory, but its safety.

The Oamenii are not forgotten, and the warriors from them that took part are praised for their valor, and in honor of them, a title is given to the Oamenii: Trekil Kalzu "Eternal Friends". Forevermore, the Nag Ber'ek will greet the Oamenii as their friends, and offer up hospitality to them as if they were brethren. The tribes shall be friends as well, and great projects begin now that the threat of the Blung is gone.
rolled 12, 6, 2 = 20


First amongst those projects is the mechanical mulpac. Only the strongest warriors can yet wield, which means that, while powerful, it makes little difference battle. Attempts are made to make it lighter, while still retaining enough strength to crack skulls.

Another project is making giant versions of the bows that the Oamenii use, with no other reason for making them than "biggah is bettah!" There are worries the bows might be too big for even Krog to wield, but that's brushed aside in the eagerness to make the new weapons.

The carts of the Oamenii (He has carts right?) are nice, but they aren't big enough for cathedrals, so the Log'eadz apply their "biggah is bettah!" to the carts as well

more rolls in the next post

Rolling for
Mechanical Mulpac lightening
Giant Bows (primitive ballistas)
Big carts (for picking up chicks)
rolled 8, 14, 16 = 38

Most of Nel Palka is happy that they can get on with their lives, and many go back to logging and hunting. However, several families, most of them those families that came to hunt the Mossmen, and a few of the local forest Log'eadz, aren't happy that the fight is over. Indeed, they wish it had gone on forever. These families pack up, and out, looking for new lives((my goal for these travelling families is to have them set up two villages. one along the rim of that canyon I explored earlier, and one to the south, either in or next the Lub forest, or on the coast.))

Rolling for renewed logging
Rolling for the families that head for the canyon
Rolling for the families that head for the lub forest
rolled 19, 14, 7, 4, 10, 13, 19, 13, 15, 18 = 132


In order to get started on the grand tree project, they must first secure enough Growth Solution, plenty of saplings, and regular wood scaffolding.

A block of the Northern Iminye section is cleared and repurposed for the grand tree project. Several store houses and supports are built around the base.

Once the block and materials are set up, the Shaping Stewards and Dream Singers work around the clock to hoax more growth from the saplings.

The Iminye bring their glass lens project to Eden freely giving their knowledge of it in exchange for a portion of lens produced.

spring boxes: boxes filled with inverse springs that augments the power of a attached crank. The crank can be hand run or water powered.

elevators: Using a carriage attached to pulleys attached to spring boxes, they try raising and lower a platform.

high yield pumps: the natural movement of water by the living trunks is good for small needs, but the Edenites wish to create a more powerful version. They bore into the trunks and set a vine spring box to oscillate a sliding partition.

plumbing: With the natural and hopefully with the high yield pumps, the Construction Council reengineers the city to provide indoor plumbing and sewage.

fire guard: The Eleni Edenites consider the dangers of fire to their new technology and decide to create a fire guard to quickly handle a crisis.

solar furnace: The Edenites wish to harness the heat of the sun in furnaces. So that they can save wood materials for other uses. Due to the nature of this project they wisely set the project outside the city. With glass lens they direct solar rays into the furnace.

rollin for
1) gathering materials for grand tree
2) preparing grand tree base
3) and growth of grand tree

4) glass lens
5) spring boxes
6) elevators
7) high yield pumps
8) plumbing
9) fire guard
10) solar furnace
rolled 10, 12 = 22


Life continues as a constant fight against the caverns monsters. To protect themselves they create gabai seals with wooden gates. They put these in tunnels branching off their main chamber.

To expand their chamber they began digging and picking at the chamber walls.

rollin for
1) defense,
2) mining
How do any of them know what my folks are saying? They haven't encountered us before, do they have a Geist translator or something?
rolled 17, 20 = 37

Key word is show. Their languages are very different, but they understand what fishing is all about. In fact its something the two groups share. They both come from fishing specific communities of the separate tribes.

From that there is the opportunity to learn the other tribes language. Right now its more a basic understanding of fishing terms.
File: 1346025784994.jpg-(61 KB, 631x600, 1344584695204.jpg)
61 KB
Still smells like heresy, but okay, I guess.
rolled 20, 1 = 21


The different families pack up their belongs to head out into the world. This leaves the settlement of Nel Palka somewhat depopulated delaying logging renewal.

The canyon rim is settled with a small encampment, living arrangments are cramped but everybody made the trip safely. Off the coast, the log'eadz build sevearal sturctures and begin to secure the surrounding areas. They discover that the lub Forest now flows into the Ocean. Therefore much of the Ocean and Lub Forest wildlife
two twenties I wasn't even looking for... damn it

With some jury rigging, the Mulpac become significantly lighter for the log'eadz, everybody else can't lift it worth a damn. Further tinkering could produce a lighter smaller version. Or maybe a more powerful version for log'eadz.

Giant Bows are made but do not fire. And even worst, they are indeed too big to be wielded. Disappointment all around. Even so shwrim engineers start making a wench system for the giant bow.

Two problems with the giant carts, one) the ties from the Cathedral to the cart are much too weak, two) sharp turns made the ties worst and the Cart came totally apart.
>>20480579 >>20480594 >>20480614
The lufae noticed the rush of water far too late, and the attempts to protect their underground caverns are crushed by millions of tons of water. The Main settlement slowly started flooding, with the artisans working in over time to build their settlement, while the exploration teams were killed that dwelled in the caverns, onward the water rushed to fill a joined chasm behind the great mountain range to the south. The lufae saved their settlement, but lost their caverns. A road across the continent underground, and a source of new resources and building material. The protective masks and suits were abandoned for now, with a new need arising from the flooded tunnels. The artisans had not given up, and quickly collaborated to create some way to breath underwater.

The mini submersables travel swiftly and silently up river, but quickly run into problems with getting the fins of the units tangled in vegetation and often not being powerful enough to escape. Many mini-subs are abandoned. refinements will have to be made, the artisans view this failure as challange. Bladed fins, stronger, larger, were the main ideas. With each shouting the drawbacks of the others. "Larger would only be good for the lake!", "blades are an accident waiting to happen." "But with more emils we will have to feed the damn things more often!" this went on for a while.
The infiltration attempts of the singers went poorly to say the least. The females were overly vocal of their praise to the leader, and the smart males were either smart enough to hold their information until they knew who would benefit more from releasing it to, or keeping silent. The Other attempt were runty brutes, which despite Khuna really hoping it would work, it was still obvious the skinny brutes were just that. This lack of trust was not unexpected, but the attempt shocked the Singers. Progress within their compound went on normally, with growing chambers to house new projects, and containment chambers. The tunnels under their lair were rapidly filling with water, and chances to capture cave creatures was dropping by the moment. It was time to abandon some research, or take risks. In the mean time they needed a leader who understood what it meant to protect the future of the tribe. The singers were aware of attempts to infiltrate their organization, of Khuna's distrust of them. They needed a new leader, or perhaps an old one. Keeping thun preserved was the most important thing. They ran, carrying the body into the snowy void of the mountains where they would study and work on him in secret. Khuna was enraged at this brazen lack of obedience and disregard for tradition. The singers would have to be convincing.
new player,
and Dorf'eadz
The puruus are strange, different from the last ones. Children not yet grown, and getting bigger by the day. Their minds are easily molded by the geist. It is apparent they seek approval, and are very grateful for anything given to them, even if it is food. While they are not reproducing yet, they are obedient, eager to please, and some of the singers begin to explain to them the stories of the lufae, and of their beliefs. The children become indoctrinated into the beliefs of the geist, and wish to support the cause of their new "parents". Hateful of those who had rejected them before, and treated them like freaks. The singers find them much easier to work with, able to scan them easily, and collect samples. The puruu are very durable, able to survive decapitation and limb loss, even reattaching severed objects. There are few of the tribal schwirm subjects, but the puruu resent them. Their parents "love them" and all the schwirm do is yell and rave, and attack when the opportunity presents itself. They are bad people. the puruus speak amongst themselves resolving to kill the schwirms with two legs. The blasphemy unit has been standing immobile, silent, often enjoying people mistaking it for an inanimate piece of equipment. it hears all, and considers both sides of the problem.
The sun is setting on the lufae tribe. Their dreams of an underground highway are now a watery grave. The level of tension between the singers and Khuna is reaching new heights, while the tribes spiritual leaders and wyverns who are supposed to fight the void now speak cautiously that perhaps the songless are not monsters and that they are merely deaf compared to the geist. While the singers start to have problems of their own, some are able to raise the puruu as obedient subjects and remain detached from them, while others grow fond of the little jelly creatures...who are starting to get quite big. They spend much time with the schwirm of the mountain...But now more challenged the tribe. The blung were attacking them daily, raiding their dusya herds. Cedya beasts were becoming a problem on the edges of their territory.
Therefore much of the Ocean and Lub Forest wildlife
... (cont.) are in direct competition with each other.
File: 1346033660349.png-(759 KB, 1058x688, 1345359558995.png)
759 KB
Reactions take place, and sometimes your best intentions end up fucking someone else. Here we discover the fallout of the Urupuruu, and the Nag Ber'ek-Oamnaii alliance. First off, the puruu flooding major sections of the caverns chilled the volcanic lower layers, causing a build up of pressure that resulted in volcanic explosions, lava flow, and a new volcanic range. Oh...also the lakes they made are undrinkable saltwater. Shattering a fullsized blung horde resulted in the blung fleeing, turning disorganized and trying to fit into the natural ecosystem. This increased heat in the area has created some interesting thermals, carrying cedya spores to many new places.
What it means for everyone. Creatures are attacking your livestock, eating your crops, and harassing travelers. or some order of that three. The salt lakes are a quick way to sail from point a to b, but are also full of monsters from the ocean. It will take generations for the blung to normalize, and the remaining hordes will grow stronger for the loss of the other, gaining new forms to their masses.
rolled 10, 10, 11, 15, 17, 12 = 75

Oh boy. Fun times these are we have.

The Nag Ber'ek aren't happy with the lack of game on the plains. They don't know why, but predators are MUCH more active now. Hunting is not as easy, though starvation is a ways off. The hunters think it would be easier to perhaps domesticate some of the runnas, like they did with the Cathedrals, only this time it would be for food, not their plates.

Meanwhile, in Nag Palka, there are a few worries about the food supply after hearing from the hunters. Many families look towards the berry bushes that dot Nag Palka. Attempts are made to plant more of them, so that any failure in hunting will not hurt the tribe as greatly.

The families that settled on the coast try to catch the creatures in the water, hurling their spears at the especially large things they see going by. After a few spears come loose from waterdrag, someone tries to make a spear with a hook on the head.

Nel Palka looks for its own ways to feed itself. Hunters keep an eye for edible plants as they both look for game, and keep an eye out for the blung that have spread throughout the forest.

In the new settlement by the canyon, the warriors do what they came there to do: Fight the monsters in the canyon. They charge down, spears waving, shouts echoing and looking for a fight.

rolling for

Domesticating some kind of runna
Berry bush farming
Spear fishing
Finding new food in the forest
Hunting down more blung in the forest
Fighting in the canyon
The Urupuruu feel the rumblings in the ground, and some even report seeing a strange blackness in the sky far to the north. Eldest Leader Caesar, now finished with the conquest of Fort Mwepesi, declares that it is now the supreme ruler , or "Kiongozi" of all Puruu of the Urupuruu. The position of Elder is no longer anything but an honorary title. As a first act of office, Kiongozi Caesar has ordered the building of a road from Yetu Mahali all the way to to fishing village in the far west, called "Fumi". It will be a long task, but the Urupuruu are not strangers to overcoming obstacles.
As Kiongozi Caesar walks the halls in the newly acquired Fort Mwepesi, a noise is heard from one of the side passages. Caesar approaches, not sure of what to expect. From the shadows leaps the enraged mass of Askari Wakuu Brutos, faithful companion of Eldest Leader Lupo. "Traitor!" Brutos screams, as it's heavy stone Urgosh screams towards Caesar's head.
In the fishing village of Fumi, the adventurous puruu return home telling tales of strange creatures that live in the mountains. These creatures have hard skin, and mouths like Yazda, but seem nice enough. Some even offered them food! It is decided that someone will have to go upriver again at some point to properly meet these mysterious beings, but for now there is fishing to do.
rolled 4, 15, 5, 8, 11 = 43

Sailing along on the Salt Lakes, Rupol is drifting in sleep. A great rumbling roar fills the sky, and to the north Rupol witnesses a fiery explosion, followed by a thick cloud of smoke. Rupol believes that this is a response from the Chasm, a retaliatory attack from the Void and the creatures of the deep, sent to fight against the Wrath of Arupa. He clutches his little horde of Bord eggs tightly, and continues to drift southwards on the body of a great dead beast.

Rolling for-
Rupol's continued journey back home
Fishing and Expansion in Fumi ((two rolls))
Brutos's attack on Caesar
Beginning to build a road from Yetu Mahali ((P 16)) to Fumi ((P 14))
Come on arm, just one post...

The traders between the two major cities begin to be more diverse and open. before, the shwirm had set up the place, and Log'Eads simply brought their stuff to trade with the shwirm who were already there. With the new strong alliance between the two factions, it became a centerpoint for culture to flourish, and much bargining to be had. Log'Eads set up their own homes amongst the large town, and plenty of Log'Ead traders began to spring up. The town was a convinient area for people from both sides to meet together, where engineers shared their discoveries and warriors shared their tales of heroism. Bands were even formed, and many new instruments were tested.

Meanwhile, the farming community in what was now known as Το καλάθι were worried at the sight of wooden fences broken down and crops having been raided and pummeled down, and the crunchas in the pens began to show signs of battle damage from self-defence, and several corpses of forgein animals were found in the pens. The fences are to be improved and raised higher, and small squads of militia are stationed to protect the crops.

The engineers of the Oamenii look upon the attempts of the Log'Eads to create giant bows, even larger than their longbows, the shwirm are struck with an idea. They borrow information from those working on the cho ku nu, and begin to work on their own 'giant bow', one that required heavy use of cogs and cranks, and the first designs were made with the weapon being stationary in mind.
Well, upon closer inspection of the map, it turns out that canyon I set up a little village next to was flooded, so the reason for the village being there is gone.

Here comes stuff on the village

The families wake up one morning to discover that the canyon is gone, and all that is left behind is just a saltwater lake. The villagers spend a few days just miilling about, dumbfounded that the reason they came here was gone. Eventually the figure out they might as well head south to that new fishing village, so they might at least have something to do. The families pack up, having nothing more than tents established, so at least it's easy to move.

One tent however, is left behind: The poop tent, where the villagers all did their buisness. It had started to smell because, in their dumbfounded state, none of the villagers had bothered to clean it out, so no one packed up to take with them. Inside the tent, as the villagers left, was an old warrior, doing his buisness. When he finishes, he discovers he's all alone, everyone else having left. He may sit there to this day, wondering where his family has gone.

Many other engineering feats are attempted as well, such as the billows that the blacksmiths had been working on for quite some time now, and many engineers went back to work on the construction of the apartment building, as well as the previously referenced cho ku nu.

Meanwhile, the abnormal tunnel that had been ignored for quite a while now in the mining caves underground was brought to attention once again. Rumors of a source of flame more compact than wood are spread, pointing to how Old One Eye had been covered in soot when he left the tunnels, and the rumors also said of shining, gleaming metal and jewels, and monsterous creatures who's skulls would look quite good on a wall. An expedition force of miners and soldiers of both races is sent to investigate. Who knows WHAT they'll find?

Rolling for:
Inventing Trumpets
Inventing Drums
Inventing Flutes
Strengthening and hightening the fences
Success of militia patrols guarding the crunchas and farmland
Inventing the Balliste
Inventing the Billow
Inventing Cho Ku Nus
Constructing the Apartment Buildings
Success of the Expedition
rolled 15, 13, 16, 16, 15, 11, 15, 8, 5, 9 = 123


forgot the + sign...

Also 4 0000s in a row.
rolled 8, 15, 14, 17 = 54


War-Chief Kwaku watched in disappointment as his warriors continuously got in the way of each other's attacks. They've gotten sloppy after the first time dealing with the northern savages all those years ago.The only time that it was appropriate for pride to be on the battlefield was after the enemy was slain. While still a victory, the War-Chief would have to beat some sense into his subordinates.

Even though the Laser Bords would only respond to those who they had seen upon hatching, the training was considered to be a success. Having more of the creatures would be a major benefit to the tribe's warriors while pressing further into the jungle.

Rolling for: (1) Organization of warriors, (2) hunting down more Lasbord eggs, (3) chances of finding a Freefloater or Trawl Lub, and (4) treatment of any enemy survivors (I'll cover this myself, as it's a scale instead of results)
rolled 6 = 6

With Ytai being Head Elder, he had orders that any survivors after raid would be forced to do work for the Yapap, and any supplies they had would be taken, unlike Kwaku's previous burn all orders. The egg pools would still be crushed and filled in.

Rolling for anything interesting to be found in the ruined village.

(scale was going for high being slavery, low being extermination)

The large slaveships drums sound and pull forward at breakneck..perhaps arm breaking speeds as the many, many, ores churn the water. the smaller craft, now somewhat damaged is overtaken. ((Poe, roll to escape)) The great hunt culls many weak warriors, and leaves a power vacuum as the hunt ends. Slave populations rise while warriors decrease. The strongest scum from the undercity crawls up to mid city take its place as the new breed of low tier slavers, more vicious and savage, clashing with the old blood. Simple mechanics are developed, and the city grows, as life gets easier, even for the slave caste. The city starts to grow faster, and with that the eagerness of large scale destruction and demolition happing in the gang and power grabs of day to day life. Its not such concern anymore. Large catapults are developed
All materials needed for the tree are gathered, perhaps a little more. The tree is prepared well, and grows a little slowly. More coaching of growth is required. Polishing the glass lens to be useful is still a bit hard. the primitive springs are unpredictable, while pully operated elevators were simple. just add plank of wood. the high yield pumps are nearly perfect, and very functional. plumbing happens, and the waste feeds the plants. Fire guard is a GO! solar furnaces are also very effective...((what is this madness, the rise of the Elleni? also not feeling good still, but you know where you want to go with these rolls.))
The warriors are more of a loose mob,but there are so many of them things will get fucked up. Many more eggs are found, with a new policy. One egg per tribal warrior, until every warrior has a bord loyal to him. Captured several trawl lubs. In the ruined village many strange clear jars are found. they are glass.
File: 1346045112576.png-(41 KB, 317x236, dorfeadz.png)
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Meanwhile, deep under the Eastern Primordial, something... fungal was going on for quite a while. A tribe of Lug'eadz entered the cave of the mountain a long time ago, and decided: "We liek it hier!". And that's how the Dorf'eadz came into existence.

The Dorf'eadz of now differ greatly from their ancestors, the Lug'eadz. A third shorter, but more stout, with a bit lighter shade of skin, Dorf'eadz are hardy, brotastic people, whose society is formed of clans, which pretty much specialize in one aspect of Dorf'eadz' life. The Diggers dig tunnels, the Miners mine metal ores, the Crafters create metal things, and so on.

One of the most important aspects of the Dorf'eadz' culture is beards. Since they don't grow beards naturally, each Dorf'ead begins growing his beard from fungi as soon as he can do it. Fungal beards are symbols of status and pride, and are used like peacocks use their tails, to entice a future mate.
But how the Dorf'eadz became what they are now? Well, when that Lug'ead tribe went into the cave, they found out, that the cave provided shelter and natural defense against predators and other, hostile, tribes, so they decided to stay in that cave. After some time, they thought that making walls in the entrance of the cave would be a good idea. They began to dig out rocks from the back of the cave, to use in walls, and, after some time, they dug into a natural tunnel. This sparked and idea in their minds: "If caves are safe, making walls makes them safer, how safe will be these tunnels, if we make them deep enough and make a lot of walls?" And they began to dig.

With each generation they digged deeper and deeper into the underground. With each generation they changed, becoming shorter, more stout and hunched over. And, one day, they found the Mother Cavern, or Carpauledan. There they decided to settle. The capital of the Dorf'eadz' tribe, Dorlugum, was built along the walls of the cavern, with space inside the cavern devoted to growing fungi, moss and children.
The axe faced runna is seen, but not captured. berry bush farming works. the logeadz are adept with the spear, and many spears find many fish. Much new wood is found, and life is good. Surviving blung are murdered, and the canyon is full of water. no one fights there.
Rupol meets a dead spot on the water, and is asleep, thus he goes nowhere, though when he wakes up he figures out he can eat parts of his "boat". The fishing goes well, the expansion does not happen, due to all the fishing. lazy fishermen. lots of food though. Brutos trips and staggers, only slashing caesar. ((caesar counter attack?)) The road is built.
rolled 2, 20, 7, 14 = 43

In their digging, they had some meetings with metal veins, that were close. From those meetings, Dorf'eads got a healthy respect for metal. And from one lucky accident, they learned to shape it. This accident involved two Dorf'eadz, a hammer, a bottle of Shroom Schnaps and a dreamrot spore.

For now, the Dorf'eadz tribe of Dorlugum wanted to live it's simple life - grow shrooms, expand, find metals, find new metals, work these metals... And survive in the deep caverns and Dorf'ead-made tunnels of Dorf Peak.

(Tribe is located at P31, on depth 2.)

(Rollan for: 1) Scouting party 1 (Metals), 2) Scouting party 2 (caverns that are good for growing fungi/living), 3) Domesticating some of less dangerous to handle useful underground creatures, and 4) Improving the Dorf'eadz' life work - metalworking!)
File: 1346048673470.png-(67 KB, 252x279, iminye-eden logo (half-size).png)
67 KB
For Apoe when he returns, the Iminye/Altume Eden logo.
The oamenii now free from battle, turn their energies towards something more creative. Craftsmen make fine trumpets, drums and flutes. Schwirm and logeadz entertain themselves long into the night with simple music, dancing, and drinking. The fences are now made of metal with spiked tops atop stone walls. With a crank attached, the ballista comes in two flavors, logead portable, and two schwirm team set up with tripod. The patrols for now are making the lands safe. The billow is born and life gets easier while fire gets hotter. The tribe never figures out the concept of the small one man cho ku nu, but the Polybolos is invented. It is essentailly a modified ballista, and it kills things. keep working on the hand portable death. you are almost there. Apartments are a challange, and engineers pour over them trying to figure out how to manage all the waste, and keep them clean. The explorers find a strange soft black substance in the tunnels, and bring back a few boxes of it for engineers to examine.
File: 1346051009710.png-(75 KB, 280x385, monk_2.png)
75 KB
While the wind currents of the continent prevent any heat from these new volcanoes from reaching the Korobushka, one terrible side effect from this does reach the sleepy collective. The cedya spores do manage to reach the Dark Forest, and it is here that they fester. For many days and nights they grow, until reaching maturity. Ceryatzi, the demons of Korobushka folklore. Said to be horrid monsters, from before time itself, they are inimical to the Mountain, they hear not its Voice. They are anathema... They are the monsters that frighten children, the silent horrors that lurk in the dark. It is Ceryatzi that make the Korobushka afraid to go into the woods after dark, it is Ceryatzi that lurk in the shadows of their nightmares. One Ceryatzi is enough to frighten the bravest warriors.

As the spores mature they overwhelm the Dark Forest. Soon, the game runs scarce, they must feed... they head to the town of Korobushka. Yes, food there.

A single Ceryatzi will test the courage of the staunchest heroes, a whole host of them? 20-30 sneaking down to the village? Words cannot describe their utter horror. It would be enough for a shwirm to claim that God is dead... and mean it. It is the most terrifying thing any of them could imagine, and it's headed *right* for them.
((this is out of character, and ive talked to both oamenii and you about it. do you want to forge a mutually used "kingdom/ empire" to be used by both players? you both work closely, your tribals live amongst each other. it would make my life easier, and in game consolidate your power, as well as spread all tech across the two former entities with no need for adaptation rolls. if you want it, just indicate you do in your next post, and if both are in agreement, ill fire up an event that you can both flesh out.))
I like the idea of working together, I really do. But I'm not sure about how to go about merging our societies into a single nation. Who will lead? Will it be Eno and Dlo, the Shwirm Leaders, or a council? And why would the Nag Ber'Ek respect an arbitrary council when they look more for a leader who can beat the snot out of everyone who challenges him, rather than someone who can ARGUE the snot out of his challengers?

Thats it mainly. Just the idea of leadership is picking at me. I'd like to maintain a bit of uniquness
That, it's also good to think about how your people think and what kinds of things their culture would accept. For example, the Korobushka will not likely to be developing stone anytime soon, seeing it as sacrilege, akin to cutting up and gutting God (since their god is the Mountain Spirit). If the logedz wouldn't be thrilled with a less active leader, then perhaps they wouldn't resolve to a "merger" as it were. The two could become rival superpowers, of a sort.
Regarding the cavern flooding, how far did it spread?
Are there any non flooded areas where the native fauna still exists?
It would be a shame to loose all the cave biomes this way.
Also, didn't Oamenii also have an access to these tunnels.
Mostly it's partial. The most flooded areas are those underneath Lufae, and there are still lots of pristine caves.

Good to know IG.
That means that the Lufae just need to find other caverns in order to capture critters for researc, and that eventually they could even restore their flooded caverns.
Hey Nad, perhaps you mentioned this earlier, but I may have missed it, what did the Lufae give in return for the dusya that Korobushka provided?

The Lufae are willing to both trade weaponry, or craft weapons to the Korobuskha that meet their needs.
The first option would be quicker, but many of the unique sound related aspects of the Lufae weaponry will be lost to the shwirms.
The later option would take more time, as the Lufae would need to familiarize themselves with the korobuskha weaponry, so that they could craft versions of them made from emils shells for example.
I just noticed a bit in this whole cave flooding that didn't quite make sense to me.
How could the main settlement of the Lufae start to get flooded?
Firstly, Lua Kae already has a developed drainage system, and more importantly, it isn't even connected to the great caverns.
Remember that there are both natural tunnels that are connected to the great caverns, and the artificial ones, such as the tunnel highway and the maze tunnels that the Lufae themselves made. These two types of tunnels haven't been stated to be connected.

Only Lufae settlement that is directly connected to the great caverns is the lair of the Flesh Singers. It is built in an old crater that connects to ancient lava tubes that in turn lead to the great caverns.

So what I am saying here is that the Lufae by all means should still have the tunnels they themselves dug, while the natural ones they had just started using are now greatly flooded.
Well shouldn't be too hard, given that current Korobushka weapons are a) a rock, b) a stick, or c) a rock tied to a stick.

I thought that you had those Maquahuitil things?
And what I actually meant was that the Lufae could design weapons that meet the specifications of the Korobuskha.
Weapons made for the shwirms, instead of strange, carved and probably unwieldy blades that howl when swung.
That's what maquahuitl are, several pieces of sharpened flint or obsidian attached to a paddle. Basically, a rock tied to a stick.
the cracks that were once empty along the main map were part of the underground tunnel system, exposed during an earthquake. The lufae main settlement is on top of those cracks, not inside, they appear seperate on the surface, but are connected underground, so the water spread to fill them all. the main lufae settlement started to expand into those caverns from what i understood, so your tribe saved those parts that were being inhabited, but not the whole system. i dont think those cavers will be able to be unflooded, but im sure the lufae can develop their mini subs/ scuba gear, and see if anything survived the flood./ search for new caverns.

Nagberek-oamnii- a council would rule, made up of the various leaders. sharing equal power

fortune- yay weapons trade.

So all the tunnels of the Lufae are now flooded?
Indeed, in IRC with Nad about it now.
Also, Bear is trying to summon you into IRC.
The metal spelunkers were quite surprised to find their tunnel bottom out into the wall of deep chamber full of lava. They cruse their fowl luck and return empty handed.

The Dorf'eadz discover some geist wolves that don't try to eat them outright. They're too wild to follow instructions, but they can be bribed with food.

The other spelunkers discover a huge chamber that rivals their own Mother Cavern. There they find a natural farm of fungus, taking water dripping from the ceiling. The water pools creating a natural spring. In another corner there is a small nest of spider geist.

The Dorf'eadz improve their techniques by creating a geothermal forge. Lava is tunneled underneath the forge and that heat is used to smelt the weak purite and shwrimite easily and quickly. If the Dorf'eadz discover another stronger metal, this forge will be of great aid.
Currently remote from pc. best of luck to you guys for now. will be back in approx 24 hours. if time allows ill plug away at,results or questions.
rolled 4, 16, 13 = 33

The breech into chamber of lava was ordered to be blocked with some heavy-duty stone doors (read - big walls with holes, stone blocks are inserted into those holes and fixed in place with some other stones.), and overwatch posted, to observe this chamber for unusual lava behavior.

While the wolf geists are dangerous to the tribe, their possible usefulness outweighs possible dangers now. The Elders ordered a group of smarter dorf'eadz to learn about this local pack of wolf geists, and to try and find out probable ways to tame them. This group was given command of 20 warriors to protect them, should geists prove too dangerous.

The lucky scouts, upon returning home, were lauded as heroes of the tribe. They earned themselves a brand new clan name - Meguts, and right to name the cavern, once it is colonized. A big party of warriors, scouts and settlers (300 people total, 120 warriors, 20 scouts, 160 settlers) was sent to start colonizing and securing the cavern.

The Redflow Forge, as it was named, became a new turning stone in the history of dorf'eadz' metalworking. By using it, they got the ability to shape metal in much more complex forms, and to melt raw ores. They gladly set out to research new ways of smithing and maybe making melted ores... better, by adding other available ore?

Meanwhile, shamans began speaking of Great Spirits of Metals, the Bones of the Father, who are dissatisfied with the tribe, and that they demand offerings. The preparations to Ug'Dor-gluk, the Great Celebratory Feast, are started.

(Rollan for: 1) learning more about wolf geists and trying to tame them, 2) for colonizing and securing the fungi farm cavern, and 3) for research into smithing and mixing metals.)
The Shwirms aren't hampered by the Eleni's weak aim that fails to find shwirm vitals. They ram the slaving ship into the Eleni's vessel, making a whole in the hull that sinks the ship, supplies and all. The surviving Eleni swim around in the waters before getting picked up by the Shwrims.

The great flooding comes as a shock to the Lufae.
Their homes, their work was made into nothing, their kin lost under the murky depths before their songs could call for aid.
After the initial shock, confusion arises, and then anger. The shamans are unable of providing answers, as Lupai's Song never propheticed something like this happening. The resulting chaos spreads to all of the settlements, as this sort of wrath is not controllable by even mightiest of the alphas. Fa Kaath, despite the fact that they were barely even affected by the initial cataclysm, are quick to shift the blame on the songless, or more precisely, to the fact that the Lufae had stopped being true to Lupai's song.
Rumors of trade with the songless tribes, wyvern riders collaborating with the shwirms of the mountains, despite the fact that they were supposed to protect the tribe. Clearly, they had failed at their duty of being on alert for this kind of cataclysm.
Ilith's theories are now being outright rejected by the wast portion of the Lufae nation, only in the north are they still heeded, but with much reservation.
The Lufae begin to pull back to themselves, leaving the matters of the outsiders to themselves. This wrath of Lupai had struck when the Lufae had failed at their task of watching the edge of the void, and keeping up the world song.

The riders are now in a quite difficult position, they are now seen with some suspicion in the southernmost parts of the Lufae nation, and they no longer hold as much authority as they used to.
Khuna himself is also having a hard time, the chaos had robbed him of great amounts of his authority, and now, especially the southern Fa Kaath village, mostly acted on their own. There weren't competing brutes leading them, no, they were led by collectives of females, with burning hate towards the songless. Warrior choirs that acted on their own, without any command link to Lua Kae.
As even parts of the tunnel highways had been flooded, the villages are now more separate than they had ever been. This was partly why Khuna no longer truly led the Lufae. Restoration attempts of the main village keep him too busy of even trying to regain proper control of the other villages. He has delegated great amount of field authority to the brute choirs loyal to him, they are ordered to keep the other choirs in control, by force if necessary. This means that for the first time in recent memory, there is actual inner strife in the Lufae tribe. The brute males are enjoying the benefits of their authority over the female warrior choirs quite heartily, and this is bound to lead into incidents of abuse.

Overall, the tribe is in a great state of chaos, no one is sure of what is going on anywhere but in their immediate surroundings. This is also a great time of opportunity for those with the foresight to use it. The Flesh Singers are hardly phased by this occurrence, despite the fact that their lair was also almost flooded. They have now an access to a whole new species on which to research on and the now flooded tunnels present new obstacles for them to tackle. They share the passionate hatred towards the songless and they channel it into creating new and more potent technologies.
Many warrior choirs have claimed independence, and now roam the Lufae borders in search of wandering songless, to vent their anger on. Skinned bodies can be found placed on large poles, set up as examples for the outsiders.
The invading blung and cedya beasts are just other outsiders to be eliminated. The void is closing over the Lufae, the World Song of Lupai is weakening, and strange new forces are stirring in the hidden lairs of these geists.
These coming times will test the resolve of the servants of the Great Singer, as well as those of who belong to the void.
rolled 7, 4, 18, 18 = 47

The large carts are improved upon, as they'll be needed to bring up all the lumber from Nel Palka. Additional ties are used, and an engineer tries something new, though he won't tell anyone what it is. WHAT COULD IT BE?

Berry bush farming went decently, but not all the plants sprouted, and a few of the berries went bad before they could be harvested. The families that are interested in the bushes are made to regularly supply the seedlings for new bushes with water, and they try to establish a harvesting schedule, so they can get the berries before they go bad.

Another engineer sees the new ballistas and thinks "I bet they could be even bigger. Big enough only a Cathedral could carry one." And thats what he sets about doing. Building an even bigger ballista

Meanwhile, a group of warriors, still drunk on the glory of victory in the war with the Blung, head off to Lufae lands. They think the reason the Lufae attacked those who entered those lands previously was that they had entered the hunting grounds of the Lufae, sot their intention is to hunt as much game as possible, to spite the Lufae. They bring their armor, which is normally a hinderance in the hunt, but they wish to remain ready should the Lufae ambush them. This doesn't mean they're scared though, and in fact they bring a bit of beer with them.

Rolling for
Giant Carts 2.0
Better Agriculture
Hunting in Lufae lands/Tempting Fate
File: 1346104156938.png-(50 KB, 800x900, Lufae swimming armor.png)
50 KB
rolled 2, 20, 20, 12, 6 = 60


The flooding of the caverns causes the flesh singers to try to find new ways of accessing these tunnels. They quickly hear of the research on gear that would allow the user to breathe under water, for limited amounts of times at least, and they decide to swiftly abduct and absorb the artisans behind this project to their own organization.
Yes, their skills could be far better used in developing a Biosuit capable of diving into the murky tunnels.

The puruu creatures seemed to be far more adapted to the water than the geists were, so the Singers decided to try to use their new subjects to scout the extend of damage the water had done to the tunnels underneath the lair, while the new biosuits were developed. They also continue their studies on them, trying to find out how their body works.

There is no pity towards the infiltrators, they are either forced to swear loyalty towards the singers, and the ones who refuse are made into slaved pilots of the bio constructs of the singers, using the same methods trough which the blasphemy unit was created. These slaved servants will be used to explore the dangerous parts of the tunnels, when the new biosuits have been finished.

The Singers continue their studies on Thun's corpse in secret. They hold very high opinion of him, and think that by learning from him, they could eventually shape the whole Lufae people in his image.

Rolling for:
Developing aquatic biosuits.
Scouting the flooded tunnels with puruus.
Studying puruus.
Creating more blasphemy unit type constructs.
Studying Thun's body.
rolled 12, 3 = 15

Ciliton tells his tale to the Altume who are touched by his grief and anger. Through the season Ciliton directs the Altume craftsman into building a sail boat. He waits bitterly on the sandy coast staring into the dark waters.

While waiting he creates his own spear, obsessively working night and day, either directing the crafters or making his own spear. Collapsing more than sleeping, his fake leg flaring in pain. Everyday he cruses the Dreaming and all its horrors for taking his entire life.

When the time comes, he sets the sails to the Cruel Sea. Vowing not to return until he or the Hundred Hands is dead.

rollin for
1) time to find Hundred Hands and the remaining supplies
2) combat against Hundred Hands
File: 1346104486284.png-(23 KB, 800x600, Lufae submarine m2.png)
23 KB
rolled 18, 11, 20, 17, 13 = 79


Kun Kaath village lost much in the floods. Their expeditions towards the caverns were now almost in vain. But due to the inventive nature of the settlers, the village doesn't fall into stagnation and despair. No, new directions are taken. The notes from the expedition indicated that the tunnels had been collapsed towards the west. This meant that there could be more intact caverns in there, as the flood water surely couldn't have reached there.
Some of the villagers are curious about this strange tasting water, they quickly find out that it isn't safe for drinking, but they also fin out, to much of their surprise that when left into a container under the sun, the water would turn into strange small, sand like structures that tasted funny. They try to find ways of both producing more of this stuff, and find uses for it.
One artisan, who lost his friends in the floods swears that he will find a way of draining the water from the chasm. He tries to develop a primitive pump style mechanism, based on the emils muscle technology. He hopes that he could eventually use these devices to empty the caverns.

The research on the submersible boats reaches a compromise trough a new and resounding idea. To erase the need of constantly feeding the emils muscles, why not copy the functions of the living things? This idea was sparked by few healers who were visiting the research chamber after yet another fight over what to do with the submarines had broken. The idea was taken with open arms. Yes! By giving the emils constructs a way of sustaining themselves, naturally, they would no longer need to be fed. What could go wrong!?
The team sets to work on creating an emils based artificial digestive track, and a new prototype of the submersibles.

Rolling for:
Scouting west for more caverns.
Discovering salt.
Developing pumps.
Developing emils stomachs.
Building the prototype submersible.
File: 1346105152494.png-(35 KB, 800x600, Lufae bio armor with spear.png)
35 KB
rolled 18, 5, 3, 11 = 37


The new mountains that had sprung up catch the interest of Khuna, and he orders them to be investigated.

Some of the wyvern riders decide to take a voyage of repent, as they are shamed by their failure of protecting the tribe. They head towards the western mountain ranges, taking an oath of charting this throat of the world before returning back, in order for to repay for their failure.

Strange emils tech suits had reached some of the artisans that had previously tried to develop larger bio constructs for the geists to pilot. These suits are quickly put to use by Khuna, as he tries to test their military usability.

The Fa Kaath warriors are on high alert. They are agitated, and fulled by hate. Khuna's brutes had been pushing them around recently, and they decide to vent their anger on anyone who dares to be in the song distance from their borders. The southern borders are now a danger zone for all other tribes.

Rolling for:
Scouting the new volcanoes.
Charting the mountains.
Testing the bio suits for combat purposes.
Fa Kaath warrior's alertness on the southern border.

One thing to note. The different warrior groups are called choirs by the Lufae.
rolled 4, 17, 2 = 23

The cho ku nus are frustratingly continued, the engineers taking note of those who completed the balliste to implement into their designs. The key part they were having was decreasing the steps in loading the gun. Sure, crossbows are nice, but it takes a damn long time to crank one of those up, and they needed something that could rival, maybe even BEAT the rate of fire of normal bowmen. Last thing they needed was to be pounced on while they tried to load another shot.

Studies are made with the strange new black stuff from the tunnels. The first question that was asked was: Is it flammable/combustable? This was answered by putting a some of the black rocks into a limestone box with a hole in the side and open top, where they then stuck a torch through the hole to light it. This was the most important question, for the engineering community wanted something to power the inventions that many had in their minds. Wood was nice, but it died too quickly on a small scale, and was hard to light for larger things.

When the band of warriors set off to hunt in the lufae lands, some of their psycotic shwirm comrades decided to tag along, taking their bows and armor with them.

The apartment building's construction is continued.

Rolling for inventing cho ku nus, studying the black stuff, and building the apartment building.
Oh shit... so, would the shwirm delegates possibly be dead now? Skinned alive for being in a Lufae city? Which city was it again that they were in? I know you've told me three times but they start to blend together after a whole day of work and all that.

What becomes of the wyvern riders atop Buskochovit? Do they tell the monks there of the goings on, are they leaving never to return?
Depends on what Nad intends to do with them. They might get wind of the uneasiness and returned, kicked out by the Lufae, or the aforementioned grisly 'get off our lawn' signpost.

Your shwirms are alive. They are in the village located in the valley of voices, Lupai Kaath. It is somewhat removed from the other Lufae settlements, and the chaos of the south hasn't spred there. The wyvern riders still patroll around the mountains, making an occasional stop at your great monestary, but they are now much more gloomy visitors, as the problems of their people reflect on their mentality.
File: 1346132462191.jpg-(12 KB, 270x187, in soviet russia, you mol(...).jpg)
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"Come then, tell us, child, what grieves you so that you wear these tears upon your countenance?" The priests, currently unaware of the events of the flooded tunnels try to comfort these riders who have visited them for so long. They show them the giving nature of the mountain they worship.
rolled 3, 20, 9, 10 = 42

This isn't good enough. Beating sense into those relaying orders didn't seem to work. Kwaku would have to do something that he would never want to do: Get advice from Ytai and Retti. Kwaku was a Puruu of immediate results, as opposed to the patient nature of Ytai, or curious and contemplative one of Retti. Ytai's suggestion was allowing time to train between moving on to the next territory. Retti thought of rewards for things done well. Even with both of those, Kwaku was still kwaku, and there would still be beatings for inadequacy.

It seemed that these new lubs that floated around wouldn't have to be killed to fly, but when it came to landing, they had not developed the chambered interior, so they would immediately fall to the ground. A workaround would be needed.

Purite stone was hauled up from the quarries to build new fire rings, not knowing about the content of tin (and possibly lead according to Apoe).

Rolling for training, use of reward, discovering metal (tin or even possibly pewter make of tin and lead), and making an anchor to hook to the ground for the Trawl Lubs.

At first, the riders are unsure about speaking of the internal matters of the Lufae, but finally, one of them decides to share their grief with the shwirms of the mountains.

"A great disaster has struck our people. The tunnels running underneath our homes were suddenly flooded, destroying and killing many of us, flooding our homes and erasing the efforts od dozens who put their live's work n exploring these caves.
This wrath of our goddess has left our people in dissarray, and chaos has taken over. Hatred and strife has tainted our homesongs. Our kin are looking for reasons, for something to blame for our missfortune.
We have lost our unity, our companionship. The World Song continues to fade, as hatred contaminates the minds of our kin. Our founder's teachings are rejected, and we are being driven out from the south by our own sisters.
The great void is encroaching our people like never before, and we have lost the bonds between us that kept us strong."
Hello? Indonesian Gentleman? Can you check your email? This is you-know-who.
Lord Voldemort! I should have known!
Lufae World Songs
Choirs of Angels
Mysticism in the Abrahamic Religions
Lead Poisoning
Excuse me for my absence, widom teeth and all, been on pain meds so i've been knocked out. As for my techs/tools/weps, this is what I believe I have so far...
Fire making. Bone mending/crafting. Primitive burials. Ma'uma pack animals. Blood ink. Mineral water.

Leather working. Basic language. Dehydrating food. Salt curing. Gabai. (Lacorra mucus, sand, and crushed bone. Hard cement.) Animal husbandry. Simple snares. Glass bottles. Road making.

Parchment. CPR. Canoes. Alchemy. Halin limericks. Mountain climbing equipment. (Simple foot spikes, Hand claws, Simple grappling hooks.) Sail boats.

Balanced bone spears. Sighted slingbows. Fine bone knife. Wooden bows.

Leather clothes. Leather armor. Bark armor.

Bone shovel. Bone fishing pole. Gabai pickaxes.
Builders star creating watch towers outside the city. A gabai sewer system is constructed so that Eleni may relieve themselves more comfortably. A small group of Edenites have started to build houses floating in the sea using tree shaping methods. Houses are bound together by wooden bridges, the occupants of these homes believe that the water of the sea is the mother of life, and also believe they can contact their ancestors and walk the dreaming better there. Living is tough on these floating hamlets, but they catch amazing amounts of fish, so in the end they benefit everyone. The army performs mock battles using blunt wooden weapons, they also practice taking advanced commands and learning formations. During the mock battles the soldiers discover that it would be useful to have some sort of item to block attacks, the prototypes for a shield is beginning...A splinter group has formed among the Edenites, they call themselves the Death Guard, they are a buncho of old veteran soldiers that serve Willan, the true king of Eden, they are sworn to protect him from all threats, from within and without. Mineral water is shared with the Iminye and the Edenites, shipments regulary come in from the Altume desert lake. The water seems to promote health in general, children grow up to be bigger than their parents, stronger and faster aswell!

Rolling for,
Building watch towers.
Building gabai sewers.
Building ocean villages.
Training the army.
Creating the shield.
Effectiveness of the Death Guard.
rolled 18, 4, 12, 2, 17, 16 = 69

rolled 20, 10, 20, 9, 19, 4 = 82

>Mountain Village
The eastern fellowship reaches the top of the mountain and sets up camp, they begin to meditate on the snowy peak, reaching higher conciousness. With the new pickaxes the workers begin digging into the side of the mountain, for one reason or the other. Some of them fine shiny rocks, orange ones, black ones, all different colors. They try to find a way to shape these rocks, to use them as ornamnents. Some soldiers believe that the close combat knife is pitiful in action, only used in desperate situations. Some of them try create something similar to the knife, but longers. Others start experimenting with the bow, trying to find different ways to make the arrows launch faster. The elders in the university discuss weather patterns.

Rolling for,
Monks reaching higher conciousness.
Building a mine.
Smelting ore.
Creating a sword.
Creating a longbow
Studying weather patterns.
rolled 2, 6, 1, 7, 7 = 23

>Ocean Village
The fire chief accepts the Elen's offer, but not for the boats, but for the sake of avenging their brothers. Some believe this beast is the same from the cove, could it be coincidence? A fleet is built and sent to slay the sea monster. Back at the docks the workers start trying to create a more powerful way to launch projectiles from boats. An adventerous ship captain by the name of Grogtok has taken it upon himself to stock his boat full of supplies and head out into the deep sea as far as he can go before having to turn back, he is celebrated as a hero for his barvery. There are rumors of Eleni plotting to assassinate the fire chief, possibly those who think that he has grown too weak, those who think that being so accepting of the Iminye is a mistake. An assassin tries to kill the fire chief. In order to wash themselves of the sands of the land the Altume try to create a bath house, simply a place where one can wash themself with fresh water.

Rolling for,
Hunting the sea monster.
Creating a ballista.
Grogtok's exploration.
Assassinating the Fire Chief.
Building a bath house.
File: 1346161481145.jpg-(181 KB, 600x337, 1345906496561.jpg)
181 KB
Bump. ill be back
Ah, keep your panties on, trooper. I'll start workin' on something. Hmm, OOH! A Lufae song! Yeah, I'll write lyrics to a Lufae song!
rolled 5, 9 = 14

(Angrydorf, things are already in motion, check in with me and nongent)
>Eden Willan
Willan seems so popular that a squad of veteran Altume and Grim Bark have swore their lives to protect him, and the Eleni of Eden are calling him King. To make it official at Paloibaril, Eden performs a crowning ceremony. The crown a woven band of branches and flowers is held above his head. He swears nothing and refuses the crown.

"I was appointed to my position not to rule over Eden. But to lead and direct Eden with its councilors. I need not be King. And to those whose life is swore to protect mine, you do Eden's people a disservice protecting a nobody who has done nothing. Rejoin the town guard, or make a new pledge to protect all councilmen."

People were quite surprised then exhilarated. "Willan the Humble," they chanted. Instead of king, he became head councilman and gained the overwhelming respect of Eleni. The Death Guard felt slighted and grudgingly protects the entire council.

Spring boxes currently constructed are either a dud or unreliable. Few springs boxes are in use. Edenites try learning what makes some boxes reliable and others not. The Edenites take another stab at streamlining the process of making glass lens.

1) spring box
2) glass lens
Where is this mountain village, exactly? Did they perhaps reach my mountain or are they climbing the larger peak several miles west?
learning about wolf geist goes slowly. And they resist the Dorf'eadz taming attempts. They'll have to find some way of taking the alpha status away from the group.

The colonization goes well, they discover ways of securing the other tunnel entrances. The entrance floor is dug up and lowered so that creatures must climb up their ladders to reach the cavern. They also expand the fungal farm.

The smithies talk among themselves without getting any real work done. They come up with an idea to try mixing some liquid metals.
Giant Charts are remade with stronger ties. Some of the engineers find the Cathedrals too slow and create an automatic whip on the Catherdrals own platform. The Cathedral charges away from the settlement. Breaking away from the Cart. Seems like they can haul the carts, just not too fast.

BIGGER BALLISTAS are built. They have the speed and range that some say rivals the Lufae Wyrems.

Hunting goes well as the Log'eadz are able to poach several Inoglund Bulwarks. They rut and dig around openings in the clefts and sometimes randomly in the fields for some odd reason.
The monks are on the peak of the tallest mountain, mountain village is way more west than your villages.
Lufae World Song
Lufae Names
Tree of Life
Lufae Language
Unfortunaly it seems the artisans behind the aquatic biosuits were wiped out in the flooding. The flesh singers are still going through the records that they left.

A breakthrough occurs and the Singers discover that the Puruu are actually composed of smaller component body parts called Runu. As well as an encyclopedic knowledge of them. Thanks to Puruu scouting the Singers discover navigatable tunnel with pockets of air under the maze like tunnel system. The Singers can swim this path but others will need foreknowledge of it. Puruu for their part become joyous being useful to their caregivers and form a tighter attachment to them.

Creating more constructs goes slowly, some of the emils were lost and now reside in the flooded chambers under the lair.

They try studying Thun's body, but during the chaos of the floods the priority become preserving the body to avoid contamination. They are cautious about starting research in such a poor environment.
The scouts discover many dry and intact chambers. Some of which could replace lost tunnels and flooded chambers.

The geist heat the saltwater in a flat pan. The process is long and frustrating. After all the water has evaporated they discover salt crystals collecting in the bottom. Better mehods are needed to produce useful amount of salt.

Excellent pumps are created made out of emil muscles. Working night and day the artisan invents powerful pumps that drain flooded chambers quickly and easily.

Another wonderful development, the emil stomachs pushes gives the emils self sustaining fuel systems. Constructs powered by these stomachs last much longer without needed to be resupplied.

The submersible is created with two prototypes, one large designed to last longer with a full stomach. And another smaller one designed for river travel and stealth.

The Lufae scout the base of the newly formed mountain. They discover the ground covered in strange rocks. They discover at the mouth of the mountain a deep crater. At the bottom they use lava and creatures within the lava crawling up the crater.

The first few days of mountain charting goes badly. They find themselves getting stalked by Spider Geist and Ghouls. They spend most of their time trying to lose them in the harsh mountain cliff face.

The biosuits preformed poorly. The units proved to have poor coordination spear throwing. They also proved to be high maintenance breaking every so often outside the controlled condition of the lab.

Unfortunately the Fa Kaath warriors discovered a Log'eadz hunting party too late. They found their tracks and followed it to a hunting camp already abandoned. Their tracks lead back into the Void beyond Lufae territory.
rolled 16, 3, 1, 9 = 29

The Nag Ber'ek are doing well, despite the change in environment. They've got some basic agriculture, a new village with its own food source (fishing village) and they may soon have more domesticated animals, specifically runnas Now Cathedrals and Crunchas are all good, but you can't really slaughter them for meat, and they don't have herd instincts like Runnas, which means they can't be kept in quite as large numbers. To solve this problem, Hunters scour the plains, looking for Runna young, or pregnant Runnas. The hope is that Runnas raised by the Nag Ber'ek can be slaugthered when neccessary for food, and since they also shed their exoskeletons, their exoplates can also be used in armor, like the cathedrals.

Meanwhile, the villagers at the fishing village (now known as Tled Palka, Water Camp), attempts are made to erect more permanent structures. Wood isn't as abundant on the coast, and any supplies of cathedral plate must be brought by hand from Nag Palka, as the forests make it too thick to get from Nag Palka, or Nel Palka, to Tled Palka with the new carts.

Upon hearing of the problems with the forest blocking easy access to Tled Palka, and sometimes to Nel Palka, some schwirm offer their help in establishing roads to the villages, so that Lumber can travel easily to both Nag and Tled Palka, and Cathedral plate and warriors can easily move to Nel or Tled palka.

Krog has seen the formations of the Oamenii, and wishes to use the concept for the Vukad. He at least accomplishes getting the Vukad to stand in straight lines, but can he make them fight in formations? (wedges, shield walls, defensive circles, that good stuff)

First roll: Runna larvae/young finding and taking
Second roll: Alternative housing for Tled palka
Third: My road making just got messed up BAD
Fourth: The Vukad learns to fight in formation
The tribe manages to find some strange red bodied, axe faced runnas. They are a little larger and more primitive then their green counterparts, aggressively ramming their faces into would be predators. Wrestling the creatures down they end up snapping the neck of several alpha males from a large herd. The group of runnas becomes submissive or flees. In the end it matters not, the tribe has sufficient eggs, larve, and adult runnas to start their own herd. The logeadz are bad at road work and housing. Attempts to build a totally sweet under-road house fail, and the new homes are crushed by the weight of the crunchas going across the top of their houses. (there is a loss of life, but the tribe is pretty big now) The Vukad are logeadz, and limited to their skills beyond rampage, smash, rip and tear, but these youths get the rough idea of basic formations instead of violent rioting.
((please feel free to assume since you and the oamnii are good neighbors that they might help you build, if you are uncomfortable with that, i would recommend setting up a form of communication with that tribes player. This way you dont have to reinvent the wheel, and a little RP will serve the place of rolls, or make bad rolls acceptable rolls.))
rolled 19, 2, 18 = 39

-Kiongozi Caesar is not pleased. Walking into your recently conquered fortress and finding your traitorous military leader trying to attack you will do that. Caesar grabs the heavy hand axe on his belt and delivers a swift downward blow, attempting to behead Brutos in one fell swoop.
- Drifting along down the Salt Lake, Rupol meditates on what had just occurred. As much as Rupol can figure out, the series of events went like this: Rupol tricks the bastard half-breeds into releasing the wrath of Arupa on their enemies. Arupa's wrath floods the chasms, creating the new salt lake. The Chasm responds to this attack by spitting fire into the sky. Rupol nods and sits back down, content with the obvious fact that he had been chosen by Arupa to witness the Fury of the Chasm. Rupol is close to Fort Mwepesi now, and has been sticking to the shore for the majority of the trip. Barring no complications, he should arrive in this roll with the basic template of a theology and a couple of Bord eggs.
-With the new road to Fumi being built, Fumish puruu are starting to travel to Yetu Mahali, bringing with them their fishing techniques. Some puruu have decided to try these fishing techniques out in the fancy new lake that recently showed up at their doorstep.
>((As of now, the puruu are wary of the salt lake. They have no idea how it got there, but anything is better than that demon-spawning abyss.))
Rolling for-
Combat roll for Caesar's counter attack
The last leg of Rupol's journey home
Fishing in the Salt Lake
Basic training isint seeming to work, but a reward based system works perfectly and everything shapes up in a matter of days, with a high degree of efficiency. It starts to bleed into all aspects of life, with soldiers in training having to preform well before they are "Rewarded" with first their training equipment, then their real equipment, all piece by piece. The Yapap would have never noticed their quarried rocks were laiden with metal if not for one cook building his primitive stove out of some of them. The rocks accidentally got far too hot and a few cracked. When the cook went to examine the damaged stove it was noticed that the rocks had wept a strange, now hard substance. ((pewter)). A long wooden stick, tied together with several other sticks facing out at angles from it makes a simple anchor.
The engineers looked at the giant polybolos and figured out that if they just made it smaller a Cho ku nu is possible. And it was. The black stuff was examined thoroughly, and found that while you can eat it, it makes you throw up. However one schwirm had eaten poison berries, and had such a horrible stomach ache he had eaten it out of desperation. The charcoal saved his life and absorbed the poison in his stomach. After the barf dried, they burned it out of fear of evil inside it due to how sick the schwirm got. It burned for a very, very long time. Apparently the vomited black stuff burns quite well. row homes, and simple apartments are devised, and progress a little bit further on paper before someone spills beer all over them.
File: 1346201115790.png-(228 KB, 504x558, Eden_Symbol.png)
228 KB
Aelah feels her age more acutely everyday. She takes a concoction of Eden recipes to keep from feeling the aches and pains under her skin. Her antlers have grown into a drooping headrest behind her head and her shell and grown off-green. She thinks of her grand-children and the tribe that depends on her. With that thought she continues on.

She makes the decision to leave her power to the next Steward to be Elder. She departs to Eden. She wishes to depart into the Dreaming surrounded by her old friends and long lost relations. On Kirunna wagon she makes the trip across the gabai road. She approaches the high walls and witnesses the growing Grand Sapsis. Smiling she recognizes Eden was a success.

Her grand-children take her in and show her the many grub-babies of the next generation. She holds everyone and blesses them, some of which are more or less brown. Distress over the baby health builds before she realizes that her family now includes Altume. She thinks about this and asks to be taken to Huly's grave.

Her wagon is driven to the West Graveyard, now a place where wealthy or distinguished Eleni rest, not just the eldest. She searches for a sapling or budding tree before realizing that Eden uses gabai headstones. On Huly's grave, "Paradise Maker, Eden Father" but no mention of his hostility to Altume or his constant criticisms. Apparently Eden has buried some of its racism.

"Buried but not forgotten. Father, your son shall rise again," Sellion says to the grave. He throws some dirt and sapling on the grave and leaves. When Aelah looked into the eyes of Huly's son, there was no recognition between them. She would correct that in her next visit.
File: 1346202901673.png-(270 KB, 626x454, Eden_Tribe_Map.png)
270 KB
For now she saw that Eden had grown strong because the Iminye and Altume had worked together. But to continue growing and to battle against the coming blung horde, more unity was needed. With cedya activity increasing, she had already moved the northern patrol as close to the village as possible. In the coming seasons there would be little the Iminye could do to aid in a siege.

She charters a boat for the Altume Ocean village. There she seeks an audience with the Chiefs. The Chiefs refuse her idea of bringing their tribes under Eden rule. The second time she is refused and forcefully escorted back to her boat. The third time, the Fire Chief listens to her.

"A time is coming that we have lived together long enough, our children already do not see the differences so clearly as we do. If we abandon old fears and exist as Eden does, our entire land will be great, instead of but a city. Join us, together, for a better world."

He withholds his judgment until he sees the strength of the Eden military. Outside an angry warrior Eleni, cruses the Fire Chief saying, "Gormal is weak and lies about strength. He consorts with the old Iminye temptress." He comes at the Chief with a knife. The Fire Chief kicks the legs out from under the attacker, grabs his arm, and breaks it. "I am the Fire Chief, my word is truth. And she's not that beautiful."

When they arrive in Eden, Gormal looks the town guard over and says reluctantly, "Good Enough." Together they present their petition to be annexed into Eden. Willan the Humble, thinks and creates two positions under himself. A Governor of the Iminye Territory, and the Governor of the Altume Territory. The council argues with itself and agrees.
((what does this mean for you and Apoe? Both tribes still exist, their values still exist. They now just work together, sharing resource, population, and discovery, becoming significantly stronger for it, with a stronger degree of trust between the leadership. also fuckhuge empire apparently. feel free to examine eachother's tech and see what meshes together well, to start developing on that.))
File: 1346204272158.jpg-(46 KB, 500x410, Penalty or Violation.jpg)
46 KB
Hold the fuck up, how in sweet chocolate covered jumping Jehoshaphat did you get a massive empire like that? Did I miss something?

Also, if the Altume hate being part of this union so much they should just fucking secede already.
Caesar only wanted for a unified tribe, change for the better, and ever step brutus fought him on it. With all his rage he beheaded the traitor. The head laid on the ground looking up at him. With all the force he could muster, Caesar smashed the head with his foot. This ended all fighting very quickly, and the defenders fell to their knees, recognizing the one true leader. --a month later-- Fishing is a wildly enjoyed source of new food for the tribe in these new salt lakes, under Caesar the tribe flourishes, and he even shows small mercy on the old soldiers who followed Brutos. In a display he makes them eat their old leader so that his runuu may never go on, and they may forever carry his shame. Who other then a grinning Rupol comes down the salt lakes, with a strange entourage of chirping, peeping creatures..---a few more months later-- Rupol was a hero, he had ended the blight of the fissure demons, and brought a glorious new source of food for the tribe. He served Ceaser as a loyal adviser, spreading a message of tribal unity, and expansion. His message was clear. If only one puruu and his team could flood the caverns, a tribe could change, perhaps rule the world. This concept of nationalism spread like a while fire.
And so Ceaser set into motion Rupol's grand concept. The runuu pool was put into over drive. Teams of settlers were set up to conquer the water that was rightfully theirs, the great salt. All the while that was not enough. A large land army must be raise. -- one year later-- Rupol sat by a great gift from Caesar, a statue dedicated to him. They chatted and laughed until the statue fell over and crushed him. Caesar said it was a tragedy, and that the tribe must carry forward, that his body would be added to the runnu pool so his legacy would be carried forward for a thousand generations. It was, but this was no accident. Rupol had begun to command too much power, and was a threat, so he had to die. It was sad, but lost in the exictement of the moment. The laser bord had become full grown, and loyal mounts to the tribe, The great army was risen, instructed to head north and learn of other tribes, to bring them into the fold, and spread the message. Meanwhile, the settlers had finally homesteaded around the bay at various points.((l15, l17, k15)) and started modest, but productive towns of their own, loyal to the Caesar.
two players
sail boats
communal living experiments
((this is a bit of an event))
For a while the two tribes had lived with each other, aided and shared, fought together, and drank beer together. Confirmed as brethren in war, they were unshakeable in their alliance. What came next was natural. The two formed a great pact, a sort of nation. The Tanács Azség. The strong Council. Each tribe kept their leadership system, but those leaders would meet with each other to decide on important topics, and the future course of their tribe for that generation. Currently More beer and meat was needed, better homes and a new concept of "City". The schwirm cared about more metal, which mean more mines, and new innovation, which mean new equipment and weapons. This too, was agreed to be collaborated on.--one year later-- The Tanács Azség is now stonger, bigger. There are herds of animals, and beer brewers, mines and little towns growing near each other, slowly forming cities. All stone and metal, with minimal wood. The military has trained with new tools of war and grown semi proficient with them, while the logeadz and schwirm train in formation and drill together. Technology has expanded and been adapted to use by the logeadz where applicable, though they tend to break the more fragile things. Experiments are well underway with coal, and the concept of burning things, mostly because burning things is cool. ((both players please post under the name Tanács Azség now, and review each other's posts as they are relevant to you.))
Doesn't mean I have to like it. I am concerned their could be conflict of interest in you being co-co-GM and having a tribe. You might control the land 'round the cities, maybe even a few miles around the roads but all of that? I must question how you patrol such expanses.

Just doing my duty to make sure we avoid OP (overpowered) tribes and going full retard on things. It ain't personal.

Captcha? Now *that* I hate.
I would but it's not letting me. Fuck it. I'm not pissed, just trying to get people to think about these things, only trying to start a conversation, is all.
Alright. Let's get this shit started!

But before that, I still need my dang rolls accounted for!
File: 1346208296709.png-(230 KB, 564x617, Empire of Urupuruu.png)
230 KB
rolled 18, 8, 16, 6, 14, 3, 14, 13, 10, 13 = 115

Rolling for events in these posts

Rolling for-
Marching the Grand Army,
Expansion of Lupolis (I 15)
Expansion of Yazmo (I 17)
Expansion of Rupolia (K15)
Expansion of Yetu Mahali (P 17)
Expansion of Fumi (P 15)

Also, with the Urupuruu using the waterways now, rolling three times for some of the upgrades the Urupuruu would have gotten from going from small stick propelled rafts to actual boats.

Rolling for Boats

And finally, a roll to develop a weapon to be used while mounted, which the Urupuruu would surely have done as soon as the Bord's were ready to be used as mounts.

So, for the last, Rolling for Lances

Included is a map of the Urupuurese Empire.
Disregard that last 13, I put one too many dice in there.
File: 1346208519019.png-(344 KB, 648x342, Basic Tanacs Azseg land.png)
344 KB
Glory to the new nation! Our might shall never falter, for we have endured great trials, and like muslce we have been made sore, but we have grown back and suprassed ourselves. We lost many warriors in the Great War (war against the south Blung), but we are stronger than ever before! None can match our might! Those treacherous creatures that skulk in the northern hills had best beware us, lest we crush them as we crushed the monsters that threatened our homes before!

pictured: Basic outline of our territory
rolled 18, 3, 1 = 22

In combat with other Puruu tribes, there were issues with the fact that piercing weapon such as spears that the Yapap use mainly only cause minor injuries in battle. The weight of the pewter gave one warrior an excellent idea. Blunt force of something that heavy would be quite devestating.

Rolling for pewter warhammers, how much influence the Yapap now have in the jungle, knowledge of simple machines (lever, pulley, wedge, wheel and axle, screw, inclined plane. The types of things used to build pyramids).
File: 1346209013946.png-(78 KB, 864x708, 'Oamenii' Towns.png)
78 KB
Nope.avi, unless those were only the Log'Ead towns. Just putting up where my towns would be for the time being.
rolled 17, 13, 5, 11, 13 = 59

With the growth of Noignar the tree of Eden. Edenites of the Iminye and Altume territories are calling for their own grand trees. Each settlement is given their own experts from the Noignar project and some of the extra materials as well.

In the harsh deserts, the Tree Shapers wonder if they can expand the growth of plains into the harsh sands.

Shamblers are interesting since they are moving plantlife. They start small capturing an herbivore Shambler. And perform experiments directing its behavior and growth.

As the coastal fog blows across the grand tree Noignar, water condensates on the leaves and pools in planed gabai fountains at its base. Some water is gathered this why, but Halin sees how these pools can be modified. He sets up the lens of the solar furnaces around the tree calling up the fire guard just in case.

Apparently the Urupuruu and Iminye of Firil have been interested in the same area for some time now. The Eleni for their part attempt to trade with these strange little brown creatures.

rolling for
1) Growth of other trees
2) Growth in the desert
3) Shambler experiments
4) safely creating a artificial water cycle
5) setting up trade, and a trade language with the Urupuruu
rolled 16, 18, 16, 8, 2 = 60

Now for rolls, the first rolls of Tanacs Azseg (( Oamenii still needs those rolls though))

Attempts are remade to revive an old idea for a weapon that was once tried out by the Nag Ber'Ek. The Weapon is a long, rectangular piece of wood, with small blades of metal along the rim. Is the weapon a new part of the Tanacs Aszeg armory, or is it a dud?

The new blade runners are being tamed, and a warrior tries to hop up on a particularly large specimen, thinking he can ride on it like a cathedral. Is he a fool, or does this stunt pay off?

Also part of the taming of the runnas, attaching smaller carts to them, to see if they can provide a means for faster transportation of objects that, while smaller than what the cathedrals can haul, might be faster than a cathedral with cart in tow.

A group of warriors decides that they would like some adventure on their hands, and when one of them mentions that the lub forests to the south are relatively unexplored, the band of warriors leaps at the chance for some excitement. AThey head south, to Nel Palka, a mixed group of shwirm and Log'eadz, a small pack of crunchas with them. They rest for a few nights in Nel Palka, then they head into the forest, and from there to the Lubs

New hunting parties head north into Lufae lands, trying to emulate the success of the first hunting party that scorned the idea of the Lufae as a threat. Will they avoid patrols, or will the be found?

Rolling for Maqhuitals with metal, runna riding, runna carts, exploring the lub forest, and hunting in Lufae lands
> 2
Well, look who just fell into the hands of the Flesh Singers?
>>20498386 ((i had a few things i wanted to build off of for Poe's results))
Later on Thun's body is examined, carefully, reverently. The glands in particular are poked at, and from them the singers notice secretions. In an emils storage capsule, the glands are all patiently cut out and pressed, the extract saved and placed in safe keeping for later. It is a large volume, perhaps a liter. Thun's body tells no more. The puruu's continue to grow, and now are adults. In a strange act they dig a shallow depression of their containment chamber, and start vomiting up strange liquid, in days the liquid takes starts to congeal into lumps, forming new creatures...free larval runuu. interesting. The powerful pumps inspire the Singers and artisans, and with little effort they are adapted to the mini subs, and even a few prototype exo suits for underwater movement. There is a limit to what the pumps can accomplish, and the upper levels of the lufae caverns are drained, while the lower levels will remain flooded, but of all the creatures killed by the floods there is one the lufae found by accident. Jamming one of their pumps is an acidic version of the emils. ...On the volcano the scouts grabbed some artisans to observe what to them is nearly a miricle. The liquid stone turned to solid. Some of it was obsidian, the hard black glass....the scouts understood, to form the glass it must be made liquid again...heated at these volcanoes. ((Still no discovery of fire))
>>20505196 >>20505201 >>20505208 >>20505213
High quality watch towers are errected and established around the tribe. The sewers are for now, just ditches that lead away from the town, the pipes yet to be laid. Ocean villages work well. The army is taking a break for now, with no war their members diverted to the many public work's projects. They will resume drilling shortly. A shiled is made, and it is a woven fibers over leather, and baked with a covering of Gabi.

The monks become great thinkers, transending normal thought, able to see the tiniest detail, and the biggest picture. They become disinterested in war and politics, more inclined to persue the condition of what is "life". On the other hand, they have become incredably deadly, and will cost any attacker their life in hand to hand combat. please do not disturb the monks. Over time each monk will develop eccentricities, some wish for complete isolation, while others become obsessed with teaching.A mine is developed, and the tribe smelts all the ore, creating a primitive pig iron. The black metal is strong but hard to craft with, small things like swords are lost on them at first. A large longbow is made, with impressive range, tacked together with bits of iron. Cloud gazing is nice for weather watchers.

The beast antagoinzes the sailors, pulling a few off the deck in the dead of night. The ballista development meets a hitch, but new materials and occurances may change its fate. Grogtok's ship runs aground and is ruined, but he and his crew survive, landing not too far from the ocean village. The fire chief brutall breaks all the limbs of the assassin and crucifies him alive, nailing him to his hut, to wither and die over several days in the hot sun...oh, and a nice bath house is made.

please review, and ignore any inflammatory posts below it.
>>20513057 >>20513363 >>20513503 you are now at advanced tier of tribal management, and any development will be spread across all towns of the tribe as a works project. so, towers for everyone, so on and so on.
>>20514360 The grand army rolls forward, crushing obstacles under their mighty force. They chop down vegetation as they go, clearing a useable path to be easily converted into a road later. Along their journey they find isolated puruu families, the further north they go, the stranger their dialect, but the words are picked up. They are told to go live with the new villages, and to prosper, which under fear or hope they comply. All settlements have a supply chain of materials and people flowing, and while some are more successful then the others, the entire tribe grows modestly, more in population the structures, but this chain acts as a buffer for times of starvation or drought making sure the whole and protect the few when necessary, even at the cost of a growth boom in the other regions. With the new puruu families and the population boom the tribe prospers. Simple boats and oars are developed, they are quite useful and much faster then foot to get around, with primitive sails. Finally, before the army set out simple lances were given to the bord riders. they are just long sharpened sticks.
>>20514461 The pewter warhammer is a devastating thing against other puruu, and gives them an edge in the tribal war. Even if they dont have much influence now, the other tribes fear them, and that is valuable all in its own. The simple machines of the Yapap frequently kill and maim more often then they work. Perhaps leaving them for the enemy to find might be a better idea then using them, or to keep working on them.
The Eden tribe shows their skill at growing all trees and plantlife. The desert begins to turn into the tribe's namesake. The shamblers end calmly moving as the shaper directs, but then it goes berserk and crushes its handler. The new fire suprssion "technology" works well enough. The tribe learns the langauge of the urupuruu but uses some of their own words and a thick dialect, offering many things to the little creatures, from fancy spices and food, to crafted wooden products. The iron ((Ellenite)) is kept inside the tribe.
The new maqhuitals are interesting, and work very well...but a schwirm looks at a pile of spare machine parts and decides to do better. time will tell what he makes, but he holds up the metal teeth and the chain link drive laughing like a madman. The runnas can really haul ass, but only with an unarmored logead, or a fully armored schwirm, a new sport of runna racing has taken off, along with runna cart racing, or acting as a rickshaw. The lub forest is a bit confusing, and the heavily armored scouts sink into the soft ground. Those who go into lufae territory are intercepted before they ever even get to the border.
>>20498916 Oamenii missing roll >>20512999 is here, please see second half of post, and im sorry for forgetting to link the name. enjoy your coal.
rolled 1, 3, 10, 13, 13 = 40

As the Grand Army continues their march north, they begin to absorb some of the smaller warrior culture tribes to teach them the language, fighting tactics, and seeing if they have any useful knowledge the Urupuruu might have missed. They new leader of the Grand Army, known as Askari Wakuu Mtum, has taken one of the young puruu from a captured tribe as a guide, having them show the Grand Army the quickest way north, and helping them converse with any other tribes they find.

The more the puruu sail around the Firil Sea, the better they get at sailing. Kiongozi Caesar orders that a fleet of Urupuurian ships be built, and that they be built for speed. Also, seeing a chance to expand influence. Caesar writes down a set of rules to be distrubited to each and every village. Should any of these rules be broken, the resulting punishment is a required ten year military term. The worst possible crime to commit bears the harshest punishment. Should any puruu speak treasonous words against the Kiongozi, they shall be executed, their conspirators shall eat the remains, and there bodies will be thrown into salt water when they die.

Rolls for-
Marching North
Training tribal warriors
Discovering any missed technology.
Building Boats
Making the boats Fast

The puruu living around the coast of the Firil Sea have begun trading with the strange creatures they dub "Mrefu ya Kijani" or Green and Tall. They offer small trinkets made of purite and shell, and take a couple of new items in return. (( Giving you purite and shell jewelry and apparel, what you offer is up to you APoe)) The puruu seem especially interested in the sails of the Eleni's strange ships, as well as the wheels on their carts.

The grand army has little luck training simple hunters and farmers to rapidly absorb their skills, but they do make good scouts, guids and hunters. Onward north they press. The scout/ interpreters lead them on, the tribe finding and gaining many small families to send southwards back to their settlemetns. A few are indicated as enemies, and the grand army judges their values. The hostile ones are outright killed, their eggs taken and sent south. The interpreters seem eager. Further on still! The scouts lead them stright into a very large, very hostile settlement, the enemy attacks them in force, and with surprise! ((roll for initial defense, laserbord, warriors, scouts, and ranged then counter push))

The tribe discovers nothing new, other then mixing metals to create a stronger alloy, but their metals that are not purite are rare and in short supply, other tribes or locations may have more. the tribe builds new boats that are reasonably fast. Light long boats that do not turn well, but are fast. They are suited only for the coastal waters, and calm bay region of the inland sea.

((to notrip, the urupuruu grand army has accidentally wandered into the southern border of the same group of tribes you are laying siege to.))
rolled 1, 10, 9, 18, 12, 17 = 67

---With the army caught so unaware, the enemy is at a great advantage. Decided to forgo tactics in favor of wild melee, the puruu infantry rush into the fray with their heavy hand axes and urgoshes.
---The Laser Bord cavalry kick their mounts in to full speed and charge at any enemy they encounter that isn't a delicious shade of brown. Some cavalrypuruu even manage to goad their Bords into unleashing their super laser.
---The ranged units are mostly using slingstaves, and hurl wave after wave of stones at the attackers farthest from them

After all these actions are complete, the idea is to form up and push against the enemy as a single force. Infantry in front, flanked by Laser Bord cavalry, with slingstave users in the back.
Rolling for
Laser Bord's charge,
Super Laser
Infantry charge,
Ranged attack
Counter push
File: 1346219051079.png-(4 KB, 318x81, my problem.png)
4 KB
For quite possibly the 20th time (yes, literally), Mibbit isn't letting me connect. Fuck that, I'm heading to bed early tonight. In the meantime this little alt text has been bugging me everywhere I go on the web (browser is Google Chrome). Anyone know how to turn it off? Because for the last few months everytime I need a capital A, all the images cancel out, leaving me with a page full of "image not found" square boxes. Any help?
File: 1346219963461.png-(278 KB, 640x480, retti.png)
278 KB
rolled 3, 17, 16, 1, 5, 17, 8, 20, 18, 4 = 109

When these brown Puruus appeared in the region, the Yapap assumed them to be allies of one of the many small tribes of the region. A warning was issued to them, saying that if they didn't surrender, there would be no mercy. Unfortunately, it was given in the language of the Yapap, which was only known by a few outside of the tribe itself.

Some warriors who were back at the village had an idea that they proposed to Retti, as he was the easiest to contact elder. From previously fighting out in enemy territory, they knew how villages without some form of barrier were the easier ones to lay siege upon. It wasn't too hard to figure out what these warriors were getting at. The youngest of the three elders could see the benefit in this, and he'd see what he could do about it. The idea of village walls was equally like by Head Elder Ytai.

Knowing that purite produced the amazing material of metal, efforts were put into finding other possible sources of the stone.

Rolling for combat (spearmen, hammermen, archers, firebombing, and bordtamers), building walls around villages (all 4) and locating more sources of purite.
The Mrefu ya Kijani of Firil are open to trading with the Puruu. There is little that the puruu can offer that is interesting to the Eleni. But they make a deal, they trade some glass bottles with some potions and accept some purite. To make up the difference, the Eleni propose the Puruu trade their labor.

A five year contact, where in they would be assigned to an Eleni vessel as it traded between the ports of Eden, Gormal, and Firil. They would be treated well for their labor and reimbursed for their time severed.

The contract and records to be held in the Eden's Provisions office. Where payment can be negotiated. Anything is up for grabs, except for the knowledge to make the goods in question. In this way a group of Puruu could all join together and pool their reward for something really big. Examples of trade goods: bows, spring vines, axes, meat, grain, saplings, glass bottles, potions. Big items: Kirunna mating pair, sails, wagons.
File: 1346226030736.png-(124 KB, 1688x1166, tancas azseg.png)
124 KB

To celebrate the first inter-species tribe/nation on this continent, i give you a long overdue update to the Logeadz and schwirm art. Credit goes to nad for the shcwirm, me for the logead. Armor and weapons is a little time in MS paint. I know it really doesn't show off all the clockwork nature of the tribe, but i'm fucking wrecked and for this game i tend to do everything with a mouse so i dont bleed my own style into it.

Logead mech mulpac
Schwirm Shit wrecker, aka tool, aka shovel, hammer, pick, axe, sword...the schwirm are very resourceful at making functional items.
Spring spear, doesn't launch, but does give you that extra punch. Used frequently by schwirms.
javelin under logead
some other stuff

They have a wide arsenal, and its still developing, there are some swords and shields in there, but for now, thats what im gonna do. i want to draw a little for every tribe.
((i can only assume you forgot your slingstaves on your list of rolls, and i am putting them first, where they would start the fight.))
The slingstaves hurl rocks, but they go wild and bean the laserbord's and their rider's throwing off their aim. The rapid singeing beams manage to ignite a few of the enemy's wooden weapons or shields while the flappy dance begins. Once a laserbord begins its flappy dance, it is terminal, and a devastating super beam is to follow. A lot of the beams go wild due to the continued pelting of rocks from the rear flank. Those beams that do hit manage to sever limbs, heads, and even bisect a few torsos. This greatly unnerves the enemy, some of who break and run. The infantry take the opportunity to charge in screaming and maiming the defenders. Those laserbords who are not burned out join the slingstave rock hurlers to unleash as much ranged damage as they can. Once the rocks are gone the slingstave users join the fringes of the melee while a devastating counter push crushes the remaining defenders who finally break and run into the jungle, not wishing to die by axe, urgosh or lance. The Grand army finds itself injured, a few dead, a few lost bords, and in the middle of a group of civilians who are very confused.
While the outsiders were an issue, they would be dealt with later, for now turning attention away from the enemy villages woud leave the tribe open to a counter attack. One of the many weak villages was captured, and with only 3 truly strong villages the tribe would crush them any way they saw fit. Moving on to another of the small villages in attempt to cut off supplies from the dominant three tribes of the community the Yapap attacked again. The attack was a suprise, and the village defenders managed to injure many of the spearmen before the heavier hammer men and slower arhcers managed to get into the thick of it. The firebombing was deadly effective, but completely indiscriminate, and torched many of the attacking forces. The Yapap lost many soliders that day, but the enemy village was torched to the ground. Those who survived were so badly injured they used the eggs from the runuu pool to heal themselves. The runuu pool was ironically the only thing to survive, and by the end of the day, the army had consumed even that. ---Rumors of the strange foreign army reached the leader of the Yapap that they had attacked and defeated one of the three major tribes controlling the region. It was well known that the of the three, the two only followed the strongest tribe, but held no real allegiance past that. If the strongest tribe could be located, the others would surrender and swear fealty to the Yapap. ((by now the yapap have a very fearsome reputation, having exterminated several villages. please add a roll for a messenger to start off your next invasions on the npcs. basically "join us or die", high means they heed your offering, and there is no/ minimum bloodshed, low means they fight and likely die.))
The tribe has yet to find more sources of purite, other then looting the defeated villages, but the resource is starting to run out. The Villages attempt to build walls, while each has its own style, one village in particular figures out a very effective, very thick stone wall design. with downward facing spikes at the very top the walls were made to stop yapap who can easily climb most obstacles. On the top were containers full of pitch, ready to ignite and dump, as well as baskets full of spears and rocks. there was no door, no weak point. The puruu would simply throw animal hide over the spikes to allow allies to climb the wall into the village. ((permanent bonus to fortifications and architecture))
rolled 1, 4, 1, 2 = 8

After sinking their ship slavers had easy time capturing Eleni's from the water. They were captured for study and interrogation.

The Great hunt was success and gave room for many new aspiring lords and whenever there are new lords or change, Kaalimaa grows and dies at the same time. Large catapults are boarded on huge slaveships for ranged attack and faster, smaller boats are developed to be used as lifeboats, High speed chase, silent assault and for boarding action (One boat for all that, it is just small and fast(compared to slaveship)). Two types of boarding hooks are also developed: Big catapult launched hook that cling to other ship to be pulled closer by plains puruu and simple machinery, And smaller hooks for schwirm to use for climbing.

Rolling for Interrogation of Eleni, development of smaller boats, development of large hooks and developing smaller hooks.
File: 1346238360444.png-(3 KB, 199x217, Vagúshosod.png)
3 KB

Why those rolls
Wake up, Mibbit finally works, nobody in there. Fuck.
File: 1346245060154.png-(601 KB, 1000x680, Lufae territories.png)
601 KB
Bumbing with a map of the Lufae territories.

The population of the Lufae ranges somewhere between 600-1000.
Despite the resent floods, their territories still contain numerous tunnels that allow the Lufae move almost unseen in their turf.
Eleni are danger, angry creatures and end up breaking free murdering their interrogators and stealing weapons. They move with purpose killing crew as they find them and releasing slaves in their insurrection. The ships captain has a few options, to either escape or attempt to fight thru the hordes of slaves and recapture the Eleni. ((its gonna have to be a high roll, and im gonna need Poe to roll a counter for something like this. lets see who walks away with a boat full of slaves. either way, shit shall hit the fan.))

Smaller boats need to be more then a floating log though it is a start. Large hooks and small hooks should never be stored under tension on chains. about 100 of them were anchored to a pice of wood in the undercity. The wood was being used to hold them as a crank slowly pulled at the chains attached to the hooks, shaping the hot metal. The wood broke under the strain and hooks went flying. Death ensued. There is a positive. The tribe has developed hooks, and now considers the hook and chain to be a deadly weapon.
File: 1346256079257.jpg-(266 KB, 1000x625, Sachoma.jpg)
266 KB
sexy bump for all invovled
rolled 9, 9, 14, 6 = 38


The madman of a shwirm engineer begins to make what some would call a sword, others would call a straight club, and others just saw it as junk. But the shwar payed them no mind, and continued to work tirelessly, stopping only to eat some food or take a five minute nap.

While sparks flew from the shwirm's hut, others continued to work on the apartment building, and some began to attempt to make what they called a 'mobile blimp'. They would construct the blimp how they normally would, but looked for ways to add fans to it so as to propel it forward.

With the new source of coal in their hands, the scientists immediatly sent in a group of miners and soldiers to create a dig site so that they may gain more of this amazing source of fuel.

Rolling for inventing Chainsaws/chainswords, Building the apartments, Improving Blimps (Rather than simply balloons with a basket strapped to it), And creating the coal mine.
hey Squee if you're reading this you've been given the go ahead with your tribe.

also very sexy
Ideas for the Geist Religion, it's getting crazy in 'ere. We're discussing the idea of a "world song" and the "chorus of the universe". Shit like that. We're designing a real culture here, doin' some srs creativity here. Worldbuilding, motherfuckers, can you dig it?
The Eleni start moving up to inhabit the grand trees of their cities. One step closer to the Fiery Messenger. They build platforms from branches of the grand tree itself and extra lumber they have handy.

Using the same techniques growing the grand tree, The Eleni start creating huge gallery ships. Some outfitted with catapults and hopefully ballista as they become available. It is the beginning of siege ships.

Halin disappointed that the experiment did not have the effect he wanted, theorizes about using another grand tree. He steps down from the Eden Knowledge Council position to pursue his own experiments in retirement.

To explain the experiment a little better, we have solar energy from the sun bringing heat into the pool at the base of the tree. The heat causes the water to evaporate. The vapor gets trapped above in the cooler leaves. The vapor condensates and falls into pipes.

In these pipes are water mills that spin with the action of water flowing though them. These mills generate mechanical energy that can be used elsewhere.

The water continues down where it collects in the pool at the base of the tree. And the cycle begins again.

Halin moves to Firil, hoping the environmental conditions and the grand tree is better suited to his project.
rolled 17, 7, 19 = 43


The crushed shaper cruses his luck and develops a burning hatred of shamblers. His leg is shattered, promoting the production of boot leggings made form Kirunna hide, Hexis Bark, and pieces of Iron. This should help protect against accidents in the future. Eleni legs are still fragile things.

To take his leg back, he contacts several different people. Alchemists, Shapers, Stewards come together to design an artificial legs. Unfortunately these legs are many measurements too large, but the crushed shaper doesn't care.

Different leg segments are made from hollow trunks. Inside the primary segment is a pivot joint that connects to the secondary segment. Two Shamblers are tied and bound with one end at the top of the primary segment, and the other bound to either side of the pivot joint. The contraction of the Shambler causes movement of the secondary segment around the pivot joint.

To cause the Shambler to contract or relax, stimulants and relaxants are researched. These solutions are injected into the Shambler via a spring vine device and exposures on the primary segment.

The Crushed shaper grabs the control antlers and attempts to pilot the pair of legs.

The Eleni crew aboard the Shwrim vessel attempt to gain control of the ship. Once they have control they will direct it towards a safe harbor. From there they will try to discover a way back to Iminye Territory.

rolling for
1) Halin's experiment
2) Shambler Legs
3) Eleni crew taking over the Shwrim ship
Alright, since Drawbro hasn't felt like showing up, I'm going to just say that the explorers gave up trying to communicate with the Ruufaya. Before going, they were given cool hats. Always a bonus, right?

However, the food is running low, and while they haven't reached the end of the river (as was their goal) they eventually returned. That was perhaps 5 generations ago. The lovebirds returned to the tribe of cannibal women, and Anya relayed what she'd seen of the outside world. The world is a strange and dangerous place, and this tribe, the Alimayya are small. They ask the Korobushka to help them. Lovish and Kailarik agree to bring it to the attention of the Council of Elders.
Time passes, and men and women move to this new outpost. As the Alimayya adopt more and more of the Bushkit tongue, the name slowly evolves into Hashlimoya (though with the accent, the H is often dropped). The name was selected b/c it sounded like their Old Tongue name, not because of any significance to the translation (it translates to "another path").
The distance between the villages of Korobushka and Hashlimoya slowly creates a bit of cultural drift. A word of note. The Hashlimoya consider themselves a separate nation from the Korobushka, the Korobushka consider them an appendage of the their tribe, something of a colony, in a way. Though for now this difference in view doesn’t really matter, it might bode ill should the tribes ever disagree on something.
The Hashlimoya start off with most of the techs that the Korobushka have, and introduce the tribe's knowledge of herbal remedies in return.
> line fishing
a strong cord with bait on the end
> canoes
made of leather/hide
> cartography
radial, directions charted by distance from the peak of Bushkochovit
> Hashlimevish religion
Pantheistic communism. Worships the mountain Bushkochovit as a provider god. How zealous the Hashlimoya are about this will be up to their player.
> basic agriculture
Small subsistence farming of the Busharri cereal grain. These farms are controlled by the Council of Elders and food is distributed evenly by priests of the Hashlimevish (with more food to children so they grow up strong and more to soon-to-be-mothers, that the eggs they lay will hatch).
> awareness of mental illness
No cures, but they recognize that these are diseases of a sort.
> flint tools and weaponry
Hand-axes and macahuitl.
> herbal remedies
Knowledge of the benefits of the Savar Jungle-Root as well as the use of other, unnamed plants, assumed to be in the background. They teach this to the Korobushka. They're also aware of plants to avoid, like Renawi Red-Leaf.
> phonetic alphabet
The Bushkit alphabet (developed from Lovish's shorthand), usually written on vellum. However, hide and leather are less easy to come by in the swamps, so the Hashlimoya use a form of papyrus, mashing up river-reeds into a pulpy sheet.
>> 20520760
> wooden houses
They know how to cut down trees and use the wood from them to build log cabins of a sort. Unlike the Korobushka, though, Hashlimoya houses don't need the slanted rooves, as these are to prevent snow from piling up and collapsing in on the residents within. However, much like we still build houses with slant rooves, the Korobushka who came to Hashlimoya may just keep doing this out of habit.
> no dusya
Very few of Clan Ruhaj came to Hashlimoya, and the few that did didn't bring the horse-like creatures with them.
> no gildenthread
This only grows in the mountains, so, while the Hashlimoya have sewing and such, they use the green strands of algae-vines found in the swamps to sew instead of the golden cotton fibers seen on Korobushka dress.

Alright, that's everything, I think. Say hello to our newest member, playing the Hashlimoya tribe. On chat, look for "Squee".
File: 1346272307332.png-(38 KB, 800x800, Lufae, automated combat c(...).png)
38 KB
rolled 20, 19, 19, 13, 11, 9 = 91

The Flesh Singers continue developing the aquatic biosuits.
Methods of providing the suit a reliable air supply are investigated, ranging from tubes that would carry air to the suit even deep under water by using the new pump technology, to simple watertight lub sacks that would carry a limited supply of air.

The emils stomach technology, and monitoring the training attempts of warriors using the biosuits causes a small collective of the Singers to realize a dream that they had been planning for since the very first emils legs had been developed. They begin to modify the new blasphemy constructs, altering them to be more compact, mobile and faster. Without the needed space for the pilot, the new constructs have far more space for musculature, armor and the new stomachs. This small coven, led by a female named Ylthia seek to create something never before seen, they try to realize the true potential of the emils technology. These new, yet unnamed constructs are like living beings, they feed, move and act on their own volition. The singers seek to create loyal, automated warriors, that are like living things.

The blung and cedya creatures that have started attacking the tribe's territories in greater numbers catch the interest of the Singers. They decide that they should try to acquire more of these creatures, for future studies.

Rolling for:
Aquatic suit development.
Creating automated combat constructs controlled by blasphemy units created from the infiltrating geists.
Capturing blungs and cedyas for study (4 rolls, 2 for both blungs and cedyas, to see if they are captured, and what type they are, high roll on the later means more exotic or rarer breed, while lower means a mundane breed)
File: 1346272599868.png-(37 KB, 800x600, Puruu tissue samples.png)
37 KB
rolled 19, 1, 4, 7 = 31


The new knowledge of the Puruus increases the interest the singers have for them. They try to further figure out the composition of the puruu creatures, by studying the developing embryos. They even try to cut away parts of the embryos, and observing how the removed parts develop.
(Picture is just for basic ideas of different Puruu tissue types. The Singers don't actually know of them yet at least.)

Experiments on the cave geist brutes continue. The singers try to inject female cave geists, and brutes with the substance that was extracted from the glands of Thun (small dozes), just to see what happens.

The Singers are intrigued by the discovery of the new type of emils. They had heard of it before, but never actually caught a specimen themselves. They begin their studies on the slime, to figure out it's properties, as well as it's differences from the slime they are familiar with.

Rolling for:
Further studies on the puruus.
Brute research (2 rolls. One roll for seeing how the gland juices affect females, other how they affect other brutes (cave geists in both cases))
Studying the acid emils.
File: 1346272832821.png-(23 KB, 800x600, Lufae blow guns.png)
23 KB
rolled 17, 3, 16, 20, 6, 11, 13 = 86

The explorers sent to the west decide to start up a small outpost in order to better study the western caverns.

In order to better collect the salt, some of the Kun Kaath artisans attempt to construct a harvesting station for it. The concept is relatively simple: Use the new pumps to pump salt water to shallow cement pools, and let the sun dry up the water.

Kun Kaath artisans try to adapt the submersible crafts to be better suited for moving in the caverns. This mostly includes adding additional fins, as well as a better echolocation amplifiers and receptors, so that the pilot's song can illuminate the caverns better.

The scouts sent to the volcanoes also decide to set up a small outpost for studying the new hot hills.

One day, while on patrol, one Fa Kaath hunter decided to mess around with her sister, and blew a small stick trough a hollow branch to her thigh. The fight that resulted was quickly halted by the older hunter leading them, who saw the potential of this prank weapon. The Fa Kaath artisans are quickly given the basic rundown of the idea behind this weapon, and they set to work on creating variations of these blowing weapons, ranging from simple tubes, to wearable masks, and even to strange contraptions held on one's back.

Rolling for:
Setting up a research outpost at the western caverns.
Constructing a salt harvesting plant.
Making the submarines more suited for the caverns.
Setting up a research outpost at the volcanoes.
Developing blow dart weaponry (3 rolls, one for tubes, one for masks, and one for the back bag contraption)
The early chainsaws are based off of a more labor oriented design, and the mechanisms frequently jam, or break, not made to hold up to the rigors of war, but they are fine for cutting down trees. More refinements will be needed. The apartments begin, in the coming months many schwirm will live in these, while the logeadz take the design concept and apply it to their massive fort/ city. The blimps are improved with a chain driven pedal attached to a propeller. Bicycle power. they are slow, but can at least be directed. It takes 4 schwirm to peddle the large blades and steer the unweildly lub. The coal mine is unstable, and unsafe, much reinforcement will be needed.
Halin has created a simple water driven wheel, with collected precipitation powering it instead of a river. the system has many vunrabilties and is less efficent, but when there is no moving water, this is the next best thing. The shambler takes ugly jerking steps forward,but it is a start. The Eleni crew have all but seized the ship, now confronting the captain and his retinue. ((just waiting on onol's counter against your attack))
File: 1346273464138.png-(484 KB, 1000x1000, Song tree.png)
484 KB
rolled 1, 16, 19, 6 = 42


The new pumps manage to stabilize the situation of the tribe somewhat, as they managed to restore many of the surface tunnels to usable condition, allowing the Lufae to move in the tunnels they themselves dug again freely. This also allowed Khuna to refocus his efforts in reinforcing his rule in other settlements. His loyal brute guards across the Lufae nation are ordered to pacify the settlements, and restore order in them, and warriors in Lua Kae are mobilized in case of more strife.

The wyvern rider pilgrims try to continue their efforts at charting them mountains.

>On Lufae religion.

The riders also have taken a habit of visiting the Korobuskhan monks atop the great mountain. There, they have discussed matters of faith, and they have shared the concept of the world song to the shwirms.
The world song is depicted by this symbol. It contains many songs relating to aspects of life, that all together make up the World Song.
The shamans and the riders study these aspects, and they believe that eventually, by truly understanding these songs, they will reach enlightenment and merge with Lupai, their goddes both in mind and body.

Lufae religion is apocalyptic. They believe that eventually the World Song will fade away, and the void will once again consume all that is. When this happens, all of Lupai's loyal servants will be made one with her song, and they will partake in the singing of a new world song, and thus the creation of a new world.

Rolling for:
Khuna's attempts of restoring proper rule in the other settlements (3 rolls, Fa Kaath, Kun Kaath, and Lupai Kaath, please also consider the dispositions these villages previously had towards the ruler. Fa Kaath has always been very independent, Kun Kaath neutral and Lupai Kaath has been very loyal.)
Charting the mountains.
The aquatic suits are a culmination of many lines of research, and are beautifully made. Air supply is solved by a series of emils membranes filtering breathable atmosphere from the water. The suit took lessons from the powerful pumps, and sleek submersibles, able to move thru the water in a very agile fashion, but be durable enough to come onto land for combat. Much learning came from these large constructs, and it filtered downward to smaller projects, which in turn filters back up. The artificial bodies are made in many flavors, but the most common is an emergency life support unit to allow mortally wounded geists to live on, if only in shell form. From there, some of the shells are repurposed to create full "automatic" constructs, this project is also a resounding success, if only because of research done on all the outsiders, and geists. The constructs simple "Brains" allow them to understand the geist and follow commands,but with no real will of their own. Though they do have a simple voice modulator to allow for limited speaking. Both blung and cedya are captured, in farily large numbers for the blung. The creatures are foul, small and vicious.
Puruu research progresses, and individual portions of the creatures are grown, and studided, it is determined they are useful for construction components of their various constructs, more malleable then the dusya. The brute extract kills females by organ failure, and the little cave geists start growing so much muscle mass it hinders their movement. They squeak feebly untill they are put out of their misery. The acid emils are not friendly, and very dangerous, but preliminary deep song scans reveal they are similiar to regular emils.

A new outpost exists in the western caverns, and flourishes with many curious minds who were weary of their old lives and politics. Something went wrong with the pumps and they explode. they are full of salt for some reason. the new subs are sleek, and deadly looking, they cruise thru the caverns with ease and stealth. A massive new research facility is built near the volcanoes and the lufae understand now, the concept of Fire. The new blowdart device is crude, suffering from narrow tubes and an overly tight mask.

Kun Kaath, and Lupai Kaath are restored to central rule, and the rebellion of Fa Kaath has diverted the riders to constant monitoring of the settlement.
So much scheming, scheming, wherever we shall go. Next few days may be interesting indeed.
rolled 18 = 18

(well shit, I forgot that I rolled in this post when I deleted it, if anyone was paying attention, it was a 6)

During testing, the Ent legs were ugly and unsecure walking a few steps before falling over and again crushing the unlucky shaper. This time one of his arms was crushed. The Shambler researchers use more secure construction materials, such as Elenite for pivot joints. And purite injection pipes.

Now the shaper wants arms made from Shamblers. Using the same techniques for the legs they try making a modified secondary segment with a tertiary attachment. A scoop. They mount this arm onto the leg platform. And despite everyone's protests the unlucky shaper jumps into the conduction center of the machine.

With the success of Halin's experiment, the Firil crave out some housings connected to the several water mills connected to the tree. There they attach a belt vine to the mill. The Vine turns a grinding gabai wheel.

They use these wheels to shape glass and grind grains into flour. There is also a section devoted to grinding alchemy ingredients, which are exported to Eden proper.

To improve the evaporation rate, more glass solar lens are added around the pool of the tree. On the north side, the lens are placed at different angles based on the position of the sun. For safety they are cloaked when the pool so low.

rolling for scoop arm (6), and crafting/smelting different metals.
rolled 16, 18, 19 = 53


The captain know what to do. He must capture these new slaves back or he will be dead soon. He hastily gathers some of his most trusted (as much as someone can trust somebody in Katumoiset) and skilled warriors with him and attacks them.

Kaalimaa has grown and there are now many new lords. This however does not mean that the hunger of the great city is sated. No. That hunger will never be sated and thus a great warparty is once again gathering for raiding the south. Many ships are built and weapons are forged.

Rolling for Stopping the Eleni prisoners, Building more ships and making more metal weapons
rolled 12 = 12

I thought that they Urupurru had shown up in the middle of a battle or something like that.

Fear of Yapap role.
File: 1346285348715.png-(775 KB, 671x879, Map9.png)
775 KB
rolled 16, 17, 17, 5, 13, 9, 19, 14 = 110

Rebuilding the north is done and the Staatgreich is unified under one ruler. Now they do know what the northern barbarians can do but do they know anything about them as people? Who are they, where do they come from and why do they come? Ruler of Staatgreich decides that scouts are to be sent to the north to find more about these invaders and at the same time try to map surrounding areas for the use in future.

Weapons of their enemies and techniques learned from the south are used to improve Staatgreichs military power. They focus on the clubs as weaponry and try to combine both metal and hardened cloth for armor. Metal might be used to reinforce shields and also to improve tools. Forges are to be built in Western capitol (western colony) and tools of metal for cutting trees are to be made.

Southern colony is so far away from the rest of the tribe so two outpost are built on the road going there from the southern village.

Rolling for Scouting North, improving clubs, armor, shields, building forges to western capital, metallic tools for woodcutting, building 1st outpost and 2nd outpost.
rolled 11, 9, 2, 8, 5, 12, 13, 8 = 68

>Kiongozi Caesar remains in the south, and has taken to converting the Great Library into a temple of Arupa. Caesar is also expanding the main structure of the library in order to make room for the new chapel and purite statue of Arupa. All of this building requires more stone and purite, so teams are sent south towards the mountains to look for places to start mining

>Elder Adoya of Lupolis has decided to build a road from their little village to Rupolia, while Elder Mayan of Yazmo has been sending puruu ships south across the Firil Sea in order to better observe the ships of the Eleni.

>The puruu in the Grand Army remain in the conquered village, setting up defences and sending out scouting patrols. The warriors continue to train some of the captured puruu, while priests of Arupa try and convert them.

Rolling for-
Training captured puruu
Converting captured puruu
Patrolling the North
Mining stone
Mining metal
Discovering new metal
Building a road from Lupolis to Rupolia
Studying the Eleni ships

Fucking "post is spam" shit. Makes me want to take a hammer and smash moot's ass with a barb-wire sign post.
rolled 18, 20, 17, 17, 5 = 77

Alright, lets do some posting

More log'eadz, and even a few shwirms move into Tled Palka, now seeking peace and quiet from the main settlements instead of the adventure Tled Palka was settled for. However, some of the new villagers aren't satisfied with simple spear fishing., especially when it's clear that larger creatures swim out in deeper waters, out of reach of even the mightiest spear throw. Work begins on simple boats, just rafts of wood at the moment, so that fishing in Tled Palka is more succesful.

Spack Jarrow is asked to head a second expedition into the Lub forest, his skills in scouting, and communication with the Oamenii having not been forgotten. He recruits more Shwirms to join the expedition, reasoning that their lighter weight will make them more agile in the mud of the Lub forets.

The new runnas carry riders, but can they carry them for long periods of time, or distances? We'll soon find out, as a message system is being formed to increase communication between the settlements of Tanacs Azseg, and runnas, with the speed they are named for, may be able to make this plan a reality. But have they been trained enough for such rigorous demands?

The new weapon that has been made from the maqhuital is too big, though as stated before, it's good for cutting down trees. Engineers work hard to try and make it smaller, like they did with the mechanical mulpacs. None of them are sure why they need a weapon like this, but none question that it looks deadly and viscious

Not all engineers work on making the new devices smaller. Some work to make more of them, to send them south to Nel Palka, to increase the rate of lumber harvest down there.

Rolling for Rafts, Lub Forest Exploring #2, Runna message system, CHAINSWORDS!, and chainsaws
scoop arm is success.
((high roll wins)) the captain is subdued after putting up a hell of a fight, his loyal "Friends" either being cut down or taking their chances jumping overboard. Into the night the Edenii crew pilot their stolen ship. Where one ship was lost, more are gained, the production of them becoming more streamlined. The puruu slaves are kept productive with incentives such as basic rewards and leisure time in the upper city to keep them working at peak capacity. The undercity foundries howl with flame and the rush of air, pounding steel and angry yelling. The life loss is high, but acceptable, and soon a surplus of crude but functional steel weaponry floods the city.
The night the yapap surround yet another small farming village, one that supplies the enemy forces, something strange happens. A large group of civilians carrying jars sneak out into the night, walking into the Yapap camp. "We yield, we carry our children, please no harm." it is apparent the defenders who are sleeping and remain behind are loyal to the opposition forces leader called nothing other then "The kahn". They have other information such as locations of all nearby villages, and rumors of a large force storming into the south western side of the Kahn horde.
Far to the north by several weeks travel scouts find torn up sections of forest, refuse, and in the far distance, a great city pouring out smoke yet not burning. The tribe's crafters make large improvements to their weapons, now Metal, Studded leather, and a while the shield is wooden, it is spiked. The new forges turn out vast amounts metal to fuel the hungry tribe. The new metallic tools for wood cutting are hard to work with, getting an edge on them, and end up just being more hammers. The first outpost is massive, the second one is average, but both command a military force. The tribe will continue to prepare for further attacks. ((welcome back, we were worried you had gone))
The captured puruu are a bit backwards, and are slow to train or convert. The patrol to the north is attacked by feral puruu. A modest amount of stone is recovered, while very little metal is gained. From the mined stone, a new ore is discovered ((roll to see what it is)). The road is completed and ceaser is happy. The eleni ships are wooden and display an almost supernatural level of craftsmanship and beauty.
rolled 1 = 1

Rolling for the new ore.

Watch me get a natural 1. Fucking dice roll gods, you better fucking deliver.
These new rafts are boon, and help the tribe to get around better, so they can spread their message of being HUGE. Spack Jarrow strides into the lub forest like a mother fucking bad ass with his gang of merry men. Discovered is a tribe of Logeadz who use crude bone, leather, and moss for weapons and armor. They speak the same language as the forest logeadz and explain that Spack is a fancy lad. This is apparently a large insult, as the gathered crowd starts to laugh. Runna messages form a vital link between traders, leaders, and every day people. You have invented the planets first post office system. The logeadz help to tinker with the strange contraptions, and end up forming a nearly unusable weapon that is totally fucking awesome. Chaiswords are born, even if only in wind up form. It takes a while to wind them up, and once they start they have about a minute of operational time. The tribe calls this "the mad minute". The smaller chainsaws are not so suited to war, and undergo no real change. The schwirm think they work well enough.
the new ore is deadly, that much is for sure. nuggets are silver but rapidly turn black, as if the very world does not want them to exist. The metal they make is heavy, and hard, but those who interact with it die quickly, in a matter of days.
rolled 4 + 23 = 27

The surrendering civilians were brought to the camp leader's tent. He was a lesser elder, only inches taller than those he commanded. He walked over to the one who lead the villages to the camp and asked in a disgusted tone "So you surrender?" After a few seconds that felt like they were actually an eternity, his expression suddenly changed to a beaming grin. "It's good to hear so. We'll have an escort to bring you back to the villages ready in the morning."
After sending the crowd off to sleep, the commander called a few warriors over. "Burn the village."

When they reached the home villages of the Yapap, the escorted puruus would find that the daily life of the Yapap back home was actually quite calm. Most of the tribe was actually formed of Farmers and potters, along with some builders, craftsmen, rope-makers, builders, cooks, traders, and brewers rather than just the warriors they had been accustomed to and expecting.

Rolling for burning the enemy village down in the dark of night, and buiding a titan out of fire. Built. Out. Of. Fire.
Fortune Evo is up, in case anyone cares.
The construction of a standing naval fleet is under way, war boats that are equipped catapaults and archers. The strange black iron is shared with the iminye, they try to find a way to shape it better to use it in their boats. A hardy Elen and a masterful strategist commands the naval fleet now, he is the distant son of one of the Grim Barks, but he has an Altume mother. His name is Haklor. An honorable and strong man, he is sometimes considered the wisest among the warriors because he values peace and rest more than battle and training. The sewers are over hauled, if Eden is to become a great city it must have comforts and proper hygiene for it's people. Simple games are being formed to occupy the idle Eleni, the most popular of which is a simple game called Ebol, in Ebol the players must keep crowns of thorns on their head while they try to snatch the crowns from other players heads. It's tough to move quickly however, as the crowns are light and can be whisked away in the wind easily. The Altume bring the designs for the ballista to the Iminye, they believe that it can be mounted on boats to shoot giant arrows at enemies! But they require more thinking power and materials, particulary wood.
Dorogon dislikes the idea of mergence, and refuses the offer. Gormal however feels that it would be only serve to benefit the people, and both tribes. Howeverm, to please Dorogon, Gormal asks that some semblance of the Altume government remains, that Dorogon remain in his position as the fire chief and half owner of the general Altume lands. When Gormal speaks about him the Iminye can sense some distaste in his words. In addition, they would require that their military also be independent. Or at least that the Iminye ask for permission before commanding it with their generals. Some of the Altume soldiers decide to join in Iminye platoons for the bonds they have created. The Altume and Iminye villagers flourish in friendships, some of the Iminye villagers migrate into Altume villages and vice versa, although the Altume seem to not do so well outside their deserts, many generations of living in the harsh deserts have made the climate change rough, but they manage well enough. While Dorogon travels back to the ocean village an attempt is made on his life, by one of his own soldiers!

A new clan of warriors have formed in Eden, they are the True Sons. Veteran warriors of pure Edenite blood, they are extremely deadly in combat, they specialize in heavy armor and large weapons, some of them even try to ride Kirunnas and use them as mounts.

Rolling for,
Constructing a naval fleet.
Shaping the black iron.
Improving sewers.
Creating the ballista.
Dorogon resisting the assassin.
True Sons taming and riding Kirunna's.

(Borders are now erased, Iminye and Altume are now pretty much one nation, with two major factions and one mini-faction in it. 1-Altume, 1-Iminye, 1-Eden, which is technically just part of the Edenite nation, but can also be considered a city-state. Hope I don't get blammed by nongent!)
rolled 5, 14, 8, 3, 14, 12 = 56

It'd be cool if I could roll.
notrippp who said you can use non-euclidean diiice
hehe, jk. The 4 counts tho'.

Ng, we need to discuss about the civil war of the Lufae at some point. I will have free time in aout 4 hours.
File: 1346335297791.jpg-(82 KB, 263x294, dr. kenshiro declares knu(...).jpg)
82 KB
Ha ha ha!
just woke up man, have to go for about an hour and a half, then ill be back, if need be, please make a google doc and post a link. a little slower in communication, but it will get the job done.
File: 1346359641470.png-(18 KB, 800x600, Puruu hybrid.png)
18 KB
rolled 12, 14, 13, 18, 2, 7 = 66


The Flesh singers begin a sizable operation that aims to fully chart the extent of the floods, and the damage it has done to the great caverns, and fixing it to the best of their abilities. They plan on using the the new biosuits, cave submarines and trained Puruus at this task. Their ultimate goal is discovering the original source of the floods.
The idea to go further down into the caverns is also proposed, as the water and the new biosuits should surely nullify all the harmful elements of the deepest caves.

Further studying of the Puruu tissues continues. The Singers try using the eye like tissue of the puruus in their sight masks, as the shwirm eyes aren't very resilient to the operations and studies. Other tissue types are also studied for their further usability in the bio constructs. Especially the durable nature of the puruu tissue intrigues the Lufae, as the shwirm and geist tissues both quickly died after suffering damage. Puruu tissue on the other hand seems to be able to withstand grievous damage without dying.

Rolling for:
Great cavern operation, 3 rolls, one for the effectiveness of the new tech and the puruus, one charting the extent of the flooding and one for locating and repairing the damage the floods caused.
Exploring the deepest pits of the flooded caverns.
Researching the eye masks with Puruu eye tissue.
Studying the usability of the other puruu tissues, and the reasons behind their sturdiness.
File: 1346360013636.png-(609 KB, 1000x680, Lufae territories.png)
609 KB
rolled 20, 19, 17, 12, 19, 6, 13, 12, 9 = 127


Currently, there are very few of the combat constructs, as they rely on geist brains to be placed for operating them. In order to produce more of these constructs, the Singers try to come up with ways of overcoming this limit. They would need brains with near equal power to the geist brain, as forcibly acquiring them would draw the ire of the tribe to them. The cave geists aren't as good candidates, as, despite their smartness, they are still somewhat simple, and unfocused creatures that could not be trusted to pilot these things.
As the singer convent ponders their possibilities, a blasphemous idea is proposed. The great wyverns. They were wise creatures, that had proven themselves to be loyal and obedient to the riders, so why not use them in this project. At first, the idea is rejected, but after long debates, it gets increased support. The singers decide to try to acquire few of the wyvern pups, for testing their compatibility with the emils tech and the bio constructs.

The Singers also begin studying both the blungs and the cedya creatures. They dissect few of them, and use the rest to breed more of these creatures in the containment chambers for further studies.

The western research station begins their work to chart the caverns, catalog the fauna and flora, and even capture some of the native creatures for study.

Rolling for:
Acquiring wyvern pups and studying them (2 rolls)
Studying blungs and cedyas, and breeding them both respectively (4 rolls)
Charting caverns, cataloging fauna and flora, and capturing research subjects from the caverns (3 rolls)
rolled 4, 5, 14, 17, 6, 18, 8 = 72


The research station in the volcanoes firstly attempts to conceal itself from the eyes of the nearby Puruus, as they don't want any unwanted attention. They begin their research on heating stuff, and try to mold the volcanic glass over hot rocks, using the bio suits they managed to acquire from the warriors who had discarded them, for protection.

Kun Kaath artisans try to find ways of preventing the salt from gathering to their water pumps in prolonged activity.
There are also discussions going on about revisiting the underground highway idea, but instead using the new underground water ways and the subs for even faster movement. This would require charting and further securing these tunnels for damage, as well as further refinements in the submersibles, but it could be done.
Another idea that was raised was the attempt to construct underwater dwellings in these caverns. These dwellings would be made from the emils shells, and fresh air would be pumped to them with the new pumps.

Rolling for:
Concealing the volcano research station.
Researching heat.
Developing ways of molding volcanic glass.
The effectiveness of the biosuits at protecting from heat.
Developing ways of preventing the salt from clogging up the pumps.
Developing a water highway in the flooded caverns.
Developing underwater dwellings in the flooded caverns.

The Fa Kaath rebellion shocks the Lufae tribe. The forces behind this rebellion are infuriated choirs of Fa Kaath warriors. The Brutes that had been "policing" them in Khuna's name had been treating them with extreme unfairness, and many incidents of abuse had occurred. So when they attempted to return the village to Khuna's direct rule, the females of Fa Kaath had enough. The brutes were driven out, and the Warrior Hunter choir calling themselves Dath Fa (Void Watch) took over the rule of Fa Kaath.

They declared that until the proper way of Lupai is returned to the tribe, they will not submit to the rule of Khuna. They think that Khuna, and rest of the northerners are tainted for their conduct with the songless tribes. They demand that all songless taint is to be removed, before the northern heretics are fit to rule Fa Kaath. Songless are to be hated, for they are the vanguards of the great void, and enemies of Lupai.
rolled 9, 7, 9, 13, 5 = 43

Khuna is not sure of how to react to this rebellion. Geists waging war against one another is almost unheard of, and thus, he decides to test the female's determination with their cause, by just surrounding the village with troops loyal to him, and waiting it out. In case the females would not break and submit to him after two weeks, he would try to find other ways of getting them back to fold without needless bloodshed. One of his advisers has developed a devious plan, that seeks to get the Fa Kaath submitting to the Lufae willingly. The plan aims to get the nearby songless tribes attack the Lufae again, so that the Fa Kaath could face the common enemy of all Lufae again, and join back to their kin.

Unbeknownst to Khuna, the Flesh Singers have their own plans for manipulating this situation. The rebellion has drawn Khuna's attention away from the Singers, which suits them just fine. They seek to cause this conflict to get prolonged, by supplying and subtly aiding the Fa Kaath, should proper civil war ever begin. They will not allow Fa Kaath to win, as the southern villagers are too single minded for the good of the Lufae, but will try to keep them in the game long enough for themselves to completely hide their projects from unwanted eyes.

The Fa Kaath villagers themselves try to acquire food by fishing, as the siege has prevented them from hunting. Without hunting, the Fa Kaath will starve as it is their main source of food.

Wyvern riders are mourning this strife, and many who are not monitoring the tensions of the south try to meditate so that they could better understand why this strife is happening.

Rolling for:
Seeing if Khuna's first plan works.
The effectiveness of the secondary plan that seeks to instigate a new war against the songless.
Singer's attempts at covertly supporting the Fa Kaath.
Fa Kaath fishers.
Meditations of the riders.
rolled 16, 15, 7, 9, 13, 19 = 79

Spack responds to the mocking laughter of the Lub Forest tribe the way any self respecting log'ead would: He challenges their chief to a duel. However, Spack has, along with most of the Nag Ber'Ek, come to see their steady absorption of other tribes as part of their inevitable. To ensure that, even if he loses the duel, he instructs his warriors to prepare for battle, for if Spack cannot make the tribe join through individual combat, he will make them join through war.

Since the chainswords are only good for a minute, ways are sought to make it easier to utilize their full potential in the time they still work. One engineer, ridiculed by his colleauges, attempts to make the chainswords smaller, almost as small as the mechanical mulpacs.

The new rafts are nice, but spear fishing isn't enough to catch everything. Fishermen often try to catch medium sized fish from the water by grabbing at them with their hands, but is hardly a good way to catch lots of fish. New fishing implements are tried out, including a net of woven hexis vines, and spears with multiples heads (tridents) for better chances at hitting a fish.

When one balloon pilot notices that the wind significantly pushes the balloon, and that it has an even greater effect when any pieces of cloth are loose from his body, the effect is exagerated. He tries large pieces of leather, that can be taken down and put up at a moments notice, stretch outed from the balloon to take aid from the wind.

Rolling for Spacks fight, subduing the tribe through force IF Spack fails, chainsword mulpacs, net fishing, trident fishing, and windpower balloons!
File: 1346365706852.png-(184 KB, 500x330, bd8[1].png)
184 KB
Bump. The Bord should really know better than to fuck around with genetic manipulation.
rolled 16, 1 = 17

Things have been well with the Vierachè for many generations. The valley bore fruit, there was plenty of tasty bone marrow, fresh water running off from mountain glaciers filled the stream.
One day, the spirits of the Empty carried a smell most unsettling. The scent of brimstone wafted throughout the valley. Many, many years ago, it was said that a former shaman of the tribe received a message of great distress to come in the future. Most of the tribe has forgotten the warning, but the shamans have remembered, passing on the tales of unfulfilled prophesies from one generation to the next. The current tribe shaman believes this to be connected to the prophesy. As others have done in times like this, she climbs to the listening ledge to make contact with the spirits from the Great Empty to ask of what his possibly means and what should be done.

Meanwhile, the tribes chief has scouts prepare to possibly investigate this matter if the shaman gives the word to. One turns her mind to the sacred gliders, and how if they were truly capable of flight, would be of great assistance to this.

Rolling for making gliders somewhat capable of flight, and consulting the wind spirits.
I think this sort of roll might be best to leave up to Indonesian Gentleman.
The attempt to burn down the village in the middle of the night is botched, with no one having any amount of pitch to burn. Instead the warriors sneak into the village, killing the warriors one by one. Two to hold down the arms and head. Another to cover the mouth and smash face with a hammer. It is good dark fun. Eventually the sleepy warriors wake up to find a slaughter underway, a few of the yapap were lost, but only a few. The village was stripped, and a giant puruu tinder man was built in a moment of inspiration. Then torched. There were no runuu to smash, so the pools were filled in. From what the villagers who surrendered have told the tribe, to the north lies the two remaining strong militant villages, and to the northwest is the strange army that crushed one of the strong villages of the kahn. Food, spears, knives, and leather clothing was raided from the village.
Eden is one nation, comprised of a very strong influence from the settlement of eden, and a weakened Iminye and Altume influence. While one nations, there are indeed factions, and rival beliefs. So what you are doing is fine and indeed awesome. Large countries often have these arrangements.
The large naval fleet runs into many issues, the idea is grand, to build larger ships, but both tribes only know how to make smaller ships, and will have to think on this, or wait for new developments. Perhaps the tree shapers have some input. Black iron is a stubberon thing to work with, and shapes slowly, but the tribe learns to bend it with great heat and strength. The Brute Iminye are sought out, the Eden will need more of these strong individuals, not for war, but for work on the metal. Gabi sewers merge with tree bases to help feed the growing city trees. Ballistas tend to snap, or crack in half as they are being torqued to test fire. Dorogon beats his assassin and captures the would be killer. The true sons learn to ride. and it is awesome.
Rolling for Spacks fight, subduing the tribe through force IF Spack fails, chainsword mulpacs, net fishing, trident fishing, and windpower balloons!
Spack wins the fight with the chief but he is a sneaky asshole and the entire tribe has to fight anyway. The better armed and armored Tanacas Azseg laugh as the Schwirm beat down the primitives. Very few enemy lives are lost, and in ritual they kill their defeated chief and offer his skull. Apparently skull taking is quite popular these days. Nets and small chainsaws sort of fail, but a three headed spear?! if one is good, three is better. tridents make for happy fishermen. Blimp sails work well in conjunciton with gear propellers, and soon multiple lubs are held together in large leather sacks with billowing sails.
>>20533332 ((fluffwise and past rolls rule the day here))
Flesh singers develop a strong interest in their little puruus, who have now grown quite large. Much larger then the first puruu recorded to have graced their halls. These ones are now nearly as tall as a brute. While many singers regard them as soulless husks, their handlers have began to develop a soft spot of the creatures. They are everything the Schwirms were not, and only three of the old schwirm subjects remain, largely replaced and supplanted by the quadripedal schwirms, emils, and puruus. They have become savage, and vicious, taunting and attacking their handlers when opportunity presents itself.The dog/child like minds of the hybrid puruu do not do well with this, and conspire to kill them. all. ((inter subject warfare)) The Puruu's are discovered to be a mix of two larger organisms, and the Singers decide more puruu creature subjects are needed, they dispatch scouts and capture teams. The puruu are so sturdy due to their decentralized structure of many small organisms making up a whole. The eyes of the puruu will make a great optic, but first need to be studied more in order to interface with emils, on that subject, another cell of singers wishes to infuse puruus with emils. Other strands of their tissue show preliminary similarity to emils in specialization, but on a macro level.
The great caverns project workforce spends months charting the damage of the caverns, and it is quite extensive, from top to bottom certain sections are flooded. The top regions manage to get pumped dry, but the lower levels are to forever flooded. It is apparent the water comes form further north, but that will have to be explored another time. Daily the team must clean and service the pumps to prevent salt encrustation. A brilliant idea forms to use the flooded caverns as a sort of highway, and it is put into action. New dwellings crop up based off of the submarine technologies. They are very damp, leaky, and smell of the salt water, but for these wild explorers, it is better, perhaps a new frontier. The biosuits and subs are stored close by. Some of the settlers even take up swimming and diving, though too much time in the water removes their slime coating. Simple masks converted with hoses and packs create diving gear so that repairs to the dwellings can be carried out with ease.
The research of the Brute extract has begun to circulate amongst the tribe's males, in all villages. The new drug is called Thun. In reality it is extracted from cave geist brutes, and volunteer brutes. The chemical is injected via a port installed by a flesh singer. Short term effects are increased dominant personality traits and pheraomones along with increased strength and vascular activity, while long term effects of over use result in abnormal muscle mass, decreased intelligence and influence by female pheromones. Moderate long term use will slowly make a user like a brute, if somewhat smaller. ((bane venom))
the aquatic explorers manage to reach the bottom of the flooded caverns, to find extensive collapses and boiling hot water, excavation and repairs are underway, both outward and downward in the tunnels, with extensive use of flowing stone and emils reinforcements.
Those sent out to acquire wyvern pups have managed to do so without drawing the ire of the wyvern riders or shamans. Traveling further into the mountains and away from normal territory they have captured several dozen pups. As an added bonus another several dozen geist banshee young are captured. The team gifts a dozen of the banshees to the riders, as a token on behalf of the singers. They hope the move will sway the riders to support them in future actions. The pups are smarter then the cave geist, but less socially evolved. like a very serious and smart animal, stripped of sentient values and concepts. Dedicated to the pack. suitable to future work. The banshees are less intelligent, and more aggressive, but very submissive to the wyverns and quick to follow their example. The singers have become a major power within the tribe, and now have greatly expanded their research and containment facilities in secret. Blung and cedya are studied and bred, while the western research station begins to examine sections of pristine tunnels, discovering many species of caverns creatures on the surface levels. The threat level increases as they go down into the caves, and the biosuits will be required if they are to survive.
The research station is fairly obvious, but the puruus currently have a large section of their military on crusade, and have no desire to move into the strange territory of their neighbors. Geist do not understand much about heat and its properties yet, other then that things burn or melt, and if you get glass hot enough you can shape it by poking it with a stick, or blowing into it with a tube. ((glass shaping is discovered)). The biosuits protect against heat very well for the user, but take damage, getting blisters, burnt, or melted, but only on the superficial layers. Thick layers of emils shell are added to the heat research biosuits that can be easily replaced.
The singers have begun to reveal the fruits of their labors with advanced emils research, and long cables of emils nerves can be used for communication between to geists, if they have the right "jacks" for cord interface. Jacks and ports are not common amongst the normal population, but in the research environment are starting to become a normal sight. They allow for easier manipulation of a properly configured bio suit.

Khuna surrounding the fa kaath only causes them to entrench more, relying on the abundant source of fish for food, they were not going anywhere or giving up anytime soon. His advisor's plan ended poorly, attempting to bait the southern logead and schwirm tribe into a fight his hand picked team was killed by seige weapon fire, and strange new weapons wielded by armor clad behemoths. This was not the same tribe they had fought before, at the same time, they did not press an attack, only a defense. The singer's resources are intercepted by khuna's blockade and taken gratefully as support to khuna's cause. The singer's do not disagree with the assumption. The riders cannot think of a plan and instead leave the squabbling factions seeing council with the long dismissed shaman caste. The shamans have spent much time within the tribe and decide to see if these "songless" are truely the abominations the Fa Kaath claim to be, and if that is truly the Fa Kaath's only problem. Catching a ride on the back of the Wyverns the riders take the shamans to see the life of the korobushka, and even of simple Urupuruu farmers. They listen to the simple, bland perhaps, songs they sing, to the individual tone of their voices. They notice the way they can track noise. After that, covertly they watched them. They squabbled, fought, and occasionally killed each other. These were no vanguard of the great void. They were of a pale song. It was weak, wretched, and perhaps pitiful. But the creatures could also be dangerous. At the same time perhaps no more dangerous then the geists were to themselves. They had seen enough.
The shamans landed just outside Fakaath and sought out khuna. Getting his approval they made their way into the village with little trouble. The shamans were held in high regard by the very religious Fakaathinas. They spoke with their wayward charges, and learned of the great injustices of Khuna's guard, and of the apparent support by the singers, of old fostered hates. For one long day the grievances and concerns of the village were shared with the Shamans, the only ones who would listen. A meeting was set up, between Khuna and the hunters of Fa Kaath. He was angered to learn the truth. His brutes were out of control, drunk on power, and abusing this new drug that was entering the tribe, a bastardization of his old mentor Thun. Long talks between thun, the shamans, Singers, and Fa kaath were had. In the end The Shamans acted as leaders in this time of crisis. The brutes would no longer stay and rule over one settlement, and be forced to rotate at set intervals. The females would lead their villages. The singers were clearly manipulating old hates to increase their power, and this was unacceptable. A requirement of transparency was needed. Finally, the shamans, leaders of tradition, religion and ritual said something shocking. "times are changing." "Not all songless are to be trusted, nor are all songless animals and monsters, there may be things to learn from them and to teach them, they continue to grow and change, and we stay in our lands with our way of life changing, but our thoughts on the same note. it is no way forward." It was not a popular sentiment, but the shamans still had pull in the tribe that was to not be argued with.
It has been six months since the great Fa Kaath seige and things have settled down in the tribe. A new caste has been created by khuna and under advisory of the shamans, to be trained by the riders, and educated by the singers. "Diplomats" The face of the tribe. These individuals represented some of the most cunning, charming, and mentally flexible of the tribe. They first would know their own people, and then study the outside world with something unique to the geist. An open mind. Usually smart males who could endure being separated from the pack for longer periods of time. They would attempt to establish beneficial dialog with the other tribes, and make the world a better place for the Lufae. The singers had been very successful in spreading Thun. Their great leader was now their great salvation, and once again they maintained control over the brutes with their influence. This time it was chemical. Even Khuna in private took the substance to maintain his apparent youth and dominating strength. Their research facilities grew with many new subjects of blung, cedya, and cave specimens.
a new generation of Puruu was born. The Puruus had managed to become a sort of semi respected slave, but old grudges continued with those who would not interact with them. They have been completely studied and unraveled by the singers, who find their "materials" useful only second to the emils, helping to enhance their bio constructs and other equipment. Research teams have yet to return from their sojourn to capture other varieties of the puruu organism, but scouts have returned telling stories of flying and swimming creatures. Interesting. -The underwater settlement and highway proceeded onward, largely unaware and unconcerned by their surface dwelling brethren. They were the "salty" and they liked it that way. The Riders now had many smaller banshees following them in tow as they flew, like dolphins riding the wake of a great whale.
Notrip i leave the shaman's result for IG to determine.

The Gliders are augmented by simple hand and foot holds that help the rider bend, and sort of flap or twist the frame of the glider. It allows the rider to use a combination of ground effect, catching wind and thermals to in effect, fly. Or at least glide for very long distances.

Damn ng, you overdid yourself. This stuff is excellent! Thank you.

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