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1d4chan article and archive links:
IRC: come and talk.

old thread: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/20297024/#20297024
A puruu cannot be reincarnated memories and all, but fragments of an old puruu's core when used as material for a new generation may be distributed amongst the young. A favorite hum, a preference to food or color, or at best a strong attitude may manifest again. If multiple bodies are dumped into the runuu pool, its very possible for a mix of traits from individuals. The geist flesh singers however, if they ever get their hands on some puruu may be able to figure out such things in more detail. They certainly managed to "unravel" the mysteries of schwirm biology.
Vylona is taken to the edge of sanity once more, holding onto the gesh's paw as they fly into time, seeing all the possibilities of the word, all one over top of another she beings to scream, and the gesh looks at her. "too much for you so young" and they zoom into just the possibility of Eden. She gains insight on the place,of a future of giant trees intermingled with chunks of stone that actually housed people...architecture like she had never seen before. She knew it had something to do with both tribes, and the potions..but..she woke up to the gesh giving her a long slobbery lick on the face.
The Nag Ber'Ek do indeed discover rope, the forest tribes are slow to learn the language, and resentful. The Sisters are very convincing somehow.... A few days later they walk away with good armor and weapons, rapidly attracting many females of all ages to their cause, and order. ((oh naughty, deleting that post, but foolz shows all.)) The Logeadz are very bad infiltrators and as soon as they approach the geist lands, they are captured and roughed up a little and sent packing. The lufae are very agitated and not as pollite as normal, however the flesh singers seemed eager to meet the logeadz. a tragic thing they could not. ((schwirm just want to take part in day to day fights and celebrations.))
Can you post the current map of the continent ng?
It would be useful.
Also, the blungs could become somewhat more active.

Are you in the irc btw?
After many trials and errors the blacksmith create a sword of excellent quality. The blacksmiths know short swords, and are eager to see what other things they can challenge themselves to make new creations, perhaps even something viable for the logeadz. ((bonus to blacksmithing)). The gears are massive and primitive, far too large for use on the phrosthetics. The grind stone is yet to be figured out, ((more work into gears...maybe some rope from logeadz via trade to create a belt..who knows)). The Schwirm manage to create armor that fits their form well enough.
The Altume progress with care and deliberate slowness, ensuring a strong foundation to the new temple, and school. The young learn alchemy easily enough, and the army is slow to mesh. The fellowship makes the final leg of their journey. The bow is finally made. The "kracken" remains elusive, with some hunters bordering on obsessive with hunting it. The shiv is now a small, artistic dagger made for thrusting. Wood becomes a component in the tribe's day to day life, from handles of weapons to structural components . The berry farm begins with low yield production of berries.
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rolled 6, 6, 20 = 32

Oh the great city of Kaalimaa, wonder of the north. As the population rises so does the need for food. Raiding and hunting are great ways but there should be way to get food by using slaves. Sea is full of game that doesn't require great skill to hunt nor weapons and there might be some plants gather for food. More stone is need for the huge city and now they need to go deeper to find more. Mine will be built for the slaves to work in and puruus are strong animals so they might be useful in there.

Kaalimaa is starting to turn in to city of layers where lower levels are dark filthy places for slaves and higher you go becomes brighter and cleaner place for rich people who have many slaves. Strong will rule over the weak.

Rolling for fishing, finding new plant or something to eat and building mine.
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I'll make lengthier update later.

The Shan Meer and the artisans are amazed with the potential of the Emils. The slime could be molded and allowed to harden in almost any shapes. The composition of the slime could be used to alter the properties of the shells. From rigid and hard, to softer and more flexible structures, the emils could be used to make objects ranging from armor and weapons to simple things like containers.

Many of the artisans and Shan Meer move to Kun Kaath to better research the emils. One problem that they have however is that they can't really transport the emils. The slime can't be carried in the containers made from itself, as the living emils will quickly soften and erode the hard shells.
Because of this, the artisans try to develop some sort of bags made from lub skin that could be used to carry the slime around. They try to process the lub leather in ways that would keep the emils from digesting it.
rolled 9 = 9


Forgot my roll.

Also, Thun's reaction to the flesh singers was at first disgust, but after some explaining, his daughters managed to convince him of the necessity of their work. He knew that some of his people might not understand the secret work of the singers, and thus he decided that only few and select people such as he himself and Khuna would know of this matter.

(I'll do the dialog later, as I am in a bit of a hurry.)
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Blung hordes are on the move. They are becoming quite agressive, both towards outsiders, other hordes, and even cedya infected hotspots. This results in a lot of unseen, but massive warfare between the beasts of the world. The unwary will get crushed between them, and the cunning may benefit.
The city is a never ending cycle of decay and growth, occasional collapses happen, but they are quickly rebuilt by opportunistic individuals. You either own a slave, or are a slave, with power being amassed as ownership of "property", any kind. The lower levels are the worst, but also the pulsating guts of city, without which it would not thrive. Feral "free gangs" roam and battle each other as upper levels dump their sewage and garbage down. Food was a problem, with cannibalism happening occasionally. Simple hanging gardens became popular as an augmentation to the typical diet of meat.The city began to fish on the coast, and it was enough to subsist the ruling class, with the slave castes still fighting over food. as it should be. Extensive excavation on the lower levels has created a wondrous mine, leading into a true undercity. It spiders outward for miles, as veins of useable ore, salt, and even Schwirmite are depleted new tunnels are dug, with squatters taking up the abandoned sections. It makes a good raiding ground for new slave stock. This all fuels the rabid growth of the city.

Treatment of the bags failed, and they burst, onto a small group of geist that were in charge of the transport. four females, two males, and one brute are among the new additions to the Shan Meer.
The ruufaya have existed in their primitive state, mostly untouched by outside influences for a long time, and the pink subspecies of puruu has spread thru out the region as many disconnected small tribes. They normally interact with eachother to a minimum, focused on day to day life and survival. Now the blung are near their homelands, and aggressive blungforms are beginning to filter into their little slice of life. the tribe will need to react, so these dangerous creatures dont further threaten their way of life.
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rolled 6, 16, 6 = 28


The ever-advancing Blung is cause for concern among the Ruufaya and the first ever case of retaliation emerges as weaponry is devised.

The first of which is a simple bola made from stale Raga filled with rocks and bound with the braided algae strands the Ruufaya are renown for. Designed to bind the legs of Blung that possess them, they also pack a wallop if hit directly.

The second is that most simple of weapons, the humble sharpened stick. A algae strand handle wrapped around the base of a sharpened Hexis branch, good for finishing off a Blung once it has been subdued by nets.

The final, and most adorable, weapon comes from a radical idea of training the domestic Flappers to hunt. Through offering Raga and promising to line their pens with comfortable Blung placenta, the Flappers are first taught to fly and return to their handlers, then to attack unwanted intruders.

Rolling for bolas, spears and Flapperry.
rolled 11, 3, 14, 9 = 37


To keep the lub skins from bursting, the artisans try to reinforce them with additional layers of leather and elastic netting.
The new infected individuals join under the fold of the Shan Meer. Few of them were however artisans instead of warriors and scouts like the original Shan Meer, and thus they decided to use their new condition to start studying the emils molding techniques better. They try to set up "farms" of small emils pools to work as their research base. They try to figure out what actually allows the Shan Meer to control the slime in the way they do.

The flesh singers continue their research on the shwirms. They now know how their bodies are built, but the mind of the shwirms is still ill understood. The Singers try to figure out how to make their unruly subjects more obedient, by opening up their heads and messing with their brains.
Some of the singers have also decided to secure their source of research subjects. They have made their lair in remote storage burrows, and inside these burrows, the Singers are attempting to get the shwirms to breed in captivity, so that they could have a steady supply of these sturdy bugmen.

Rolling for:
Improving the emils bags.
Researching the emils.
Flesh singer research on the brains of the shwirms. (lobotomizing anyone?)
Breeding more shwirms.

Also, in case people didn't know, the flesh singers are predominately females, though there are few smart males here and there. This isn't surprising seeing how about 70% of the Lufae population are females.
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With the bountiful herds to the north, and the catherdral plates just waiting to be harvested, the governer sends a group of settlers to the north to for a city to be created. Berries were fine, but the shwirm didn't want to have to import ALL their meat from the Log'Eads.

When the next week had arrived, Old One Eye and his expedition force were ready. His party of 5 were all armed with the best gear the shwirm had to offer. The new shwirmite armor gleamed as they walked through the sun, and their spears and gladius were the highest of quality. They had plenty of torches (3 Each), two weeks worth of food, and a faithful cruncha to serve as both a guard dog and pack mule.

Meanwhile, officers were curious of lay to the west. They hadn't gone any further than the Log'Ead encampment, and wondered if there was any other potential allies ahead. A scouting force is sent, resting for a little bit in the Log'Ead town before beginning their journey.
The new gear invention is requested by the governer to be improved so that they could be applied to the prosthetics in use by the war veterans.

Down at the south, the soldiers stationed on the walls of the city are surprised to find themselves firing off at blung, something they thought to be further off south. A strike force of 48 hoplites is sent to investigate, and are instructed to clear out any infestation they find.

Rolling for scouting to the west, improving gears, and shwirm vs blung combat.

Also, I've got a question. How does one destroy a dreamrot infestation? I cincerely hope you say fire...
rolled 20, 10, 18 = 48

Two 20s in a row for scouting... manifest destiny?
File: 1345303994605.png-(91 KB, 1068x732, Oamenii and Nag Ber'Ek.png)
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rolled 4 = 4

Here's a little updated version of Oameniis map with the names for my settlements, with Nel Palka added
rolled 3, 17, 20, 6 = 46


Schwirmite will be turned into useable form by building a great foundry run by slaves. Katumoiset are starting to prepare for great campaign and begin building a camp for those forces. This will be a great time for freed slaves to acquire power in form of capturing slaves when the fighting starts. For now Katumoiset collect supplies and start to train troops. Scouts from the south tell that some of the villages have walls protecting them and this fuels attempts in making primitive siege weapons. Perhaps puruus can help with those weapons & tools.

Rolling for Great foundry, mustering forces, sending scouts to south and making siege weapons & tools.
rolled 11, 18, 5, 5, 4, 7, 9, 2, 20 = 81

The defense of Mwepesi continues, with fortifications being built all around the town. Some puruu have even abandoned building huts in favor of digging out bunkers to dwell in. The militia continues to fight any of the horrors that creep up from the deeps, all the while throwing the dead beasts back into the fissure (along with any spare trash and wood).

In Yetu Mahali, Eldest Leader Lupo decides that there should be more organization among the workers. Much the same way that Soldiers are part of the Militia, Lupo orders the construction of four great buildings. One is for the Builders, who build things. One is for the Scribes, who teach and write things. One is for the Traders, who speak with the Lufae and trade purite for other things. The last is a new building for the Runu pool.

Mrefumti's Elder Castor comes up with an idea of riding Yazda around to get from tree to tree, much the same way that the Lufae ride their wyvren. Problem is, the Yazda are to small. But if they could be domesticated....

In Udongo, Elder Caesar continues with the experiments in mining stone. The great library of Udongo will be built, even if it takes one thousand centuries.

Rolling for-
Continued defense of Mwepesi
Throwing trash into the Fissure
Building defenses in Mwepesi
Four rolls for Building stuff in Yetu Mahali
Domesticating yazda
Developing masonry
Here is the dialogue between Thun and the Flesh singers he caught dissecting the shwirms and dead geists.

Thun approached the small group of females who were hunching over the dead shwirms, cutting into their flesh and ripping their sinew in shock. In this gruesome scene he noticed the body of a dead brute who had also been trough similar treatment.
"What are you doing! What is the meaning of this?!"
"Respected father! We can explain this! Our only goal is to learn the life song of these creatures, so that we could better defend ourselves against them!"
"Then why have you defiled the body of your brother?"
"Respected father, we need to also learn to know ourselves if we wish to truly succeed as a people. The life song of our brother had ended before we got here, we just tried to learn from his remains, so that he could be useful for his kin even in death."

Suddenly the previously catatonic shwirm wakes up briefly to his painful existence, and shrieks in pain.

"Why is that songless still alive?! What purpose does keeping it alive serve?"
"Father! Why should we kill it? We know how to put him back together. These songless are remarkably sturdy. They are capable of withstanding our treatment. By keeping it alive, we lessen our need to acquire more of them to study from."
"You have more of them!?"
"Yes father. It is for the best of the tribe. The songless won't respect Khuna's pact with them forever. They will try to oust us from our homes again, sooner or later. The more we learn from them before that happens, the better."

"Who came up with this project. Who leads you?"
"You and Khuna are our leaders, we serve our kin. This project wasn't engineered by any single person. It is the communal project of the flesh singers across the villages."
"Why didn't you inform us of it?"
"Ilith and her pupils would never approve it! They believe that the songless simply poses a weak inner song, they pity them and wish to help them! They are fools! The songless are of the void. They are a threat to us, they attacked us without provocation and will do it again. If we exposed our research to the whole tribe, Ilith would destroy."

Thun is silenced for a moment, but one of his bodyguards speaks out instead.
"You wenches dare to insult the great shaman?! Thun, this scene echoes with sinister notes, and these females speak in tones unheard off with our people. Lupai's songs don't chant of this kind of vivisection.
"Silence! Not all songs of the Goddess are pleasant ones. She sang out the world, and created many beautiful things, but she also brought forth pain and suffering. Both are needed to separate us from the Endless Void, which is devoid of any kind of traits of aspects. These singers are just singing the darker notes of the World song. Their work is needed, but for the inner peace of the tribe, your projects shall remain a secret. Only I, you and Khuna will know of your work. I will inform him immediately, and explain the situation to him. Make sure to stay hidden daughters."

With that, Thun walks away, deeply concerned. He fears that his decision here might have been the wrong one.
My previous unaccounted rolls:

The Flesh Singers had had ample time to study the dead brute before Thun arrived at the scene. They had tried to learn what causes some of the males to grow so large and strong.

The singers are also continuing their prosthetic research. Their first attempts failed due to the poor materials they had in hand. The new emils shell material intrigues them with it's possibilities. They could theoretically use the material to make bone like structures with the same, or even greater resilience with relative ease. They begin a project that aims at finding out how useful the material would be for the prosthetic research.

The anarchy that reigned for few days after the victory angered Khuna. He starts refining the hierarchy in leadership and strengthening the ties of the warrior groups with co-operative training sessions.

The Shan Meer of the Lua Kae village attempt to expand their tunnels, so that they could get more room for their emils pools so they could make different products with more efficiency. They are also trying to figure out what to feed to the pool, as it's increased size and the constant removal of slime into the shell products makes it demand more nutrition.
rolled 13, 10, 15, 16, 10, 10, 14, 3, 14, 15 = 120


Fa Kaath villagers try to improve their boats in this peace time.

Kun Kaath villagers decide to make an expedition trip to the great chasm that is near to them. They try to find what lies in those dark depths.

Some of the Lupai Kaath villagers who had simply tossed the gifts of the Korobuskha aside when they weren't looking noticed that there were strange plants growing in the berry bushes where she dropped the small seeds. She begins to experiment with growing more of these and other types of plants by planting seeds simply out of her curiosity.

One of the younger wyvern riders decide to explore the tops of the great mountains, to show her worth to the other older riders.

The tribe's matters were quite busy, and thus the lone puruu was a quite minor concern to the alpha it was escorted to. This allowed the flesh singers to get into the know of their escaped prisoner, and they decided to recapture it before it could inform others of the flesh singers and their projects.

Rolling for:
Seeing what the flesh singers learned from the brute's corpse.
Using emils shells for prosthetics.
Military training and command chain upkeep.
Expanding the Shan Meer tunnels.
Figuring out what to feed to the emils pool.
Improving boats.
Exploring the chasm near Kun Kaath.
Farming research.
Exploring the mountain tops.
Recapturing the puruu.
rolled 20 = 20

Obligatory counter roll against the geist trying to capture poor little Partuu

Yes, I named it Partuu.

Well, there ain't going to be any poor babies stolen from the puruu, that's for sure.

Dang, that is one fast puruu.
Anyways, I'll explain some things about the mentalities towards other species, aka the songless that the different villages have.

Fa Kaath villagers hate the songless, and see them as nothing more than servants of the great void.
Kun Kaath villagers are mostly dissinterested of the songless, but some see them as a potential source of resources and knowledge.
In Lupai Kaath, the songless are seen in slightly more positive light. The villagers think that the song of the other races is simply too weak, which makes them confused and lost in this world.
The residents of the Lufae main village, Lua Kae are cautious about the songless. It is clear that there are many different groups of them, some more hostile than others. The relations between the more peaceful songless tribes are maintained, and the borders keenly monitored for signs of aggression.

One more thing. Geists have numerous layers of songs they are constantly singing. One of these songs is the "personal song", which is an unique song each geist develops that carries information about the personality, identity, mood. past. desires and so on, of the singer. This song is seen as the "soul" of the geists.
The lack of this song is what the songless get their name from.

Hey, Nad. Could you make a map detailing the layout of the Fa Kaath village? And mark stuff like where all the shwirm are being held, where the flesh singer workplace is, stuff like that.

...No, I am not planning anything. Not yet, at least.
Please don't use it to metagame man. Your tribe is already a bit over teched with proto-iron and bows and arrows anyways.

Well, I had been thinking about how with more shwirm held captive, some of them might try to break out, but now that I think about it, it probably wouldn't work, and I have a reasonable chance of running into it anyways. Scouting out west of the Log'Ead town, and rolled a 20.
File: 1345332516236.jpg-(2.61 MB, 2948x2315, 1470806469_3b8674f0ae_o[1].jpg)
2.61 MB
rolled 9 = 9

> One of the younger wyvern riders decide to explore the tops of the great mountains, to show her worth to the other older riders.

Oh dear, this might go over poorly with my next project...

Korobushka grows. Their faith in the Mountain perseveres. The Korobushka, now without the need to struggle for their lives just to eat, now find plenty of spare time to meditate upon their spirituality. They wish for somewhere away from the busy city streets, somewhere quiet and serene. What better place than the tops of the mountain, where Chovit recieved his wisdom? A shrine is planned for the mountain peak, a monastery if you will. It will be a large, grand structure, the crown of the mountain, a shining diadem to place upon the worthy brow of their sacred mountain spirit. These shall be the halls of the Mountain King. (Classical music puns ftw!)

Rolling, once the groundbreaking gets underway, let's see how much progress these adorable little guys can make in... about a generation's time.

Planning a picture of this monastery... holy cow, Eastern Orthodox churches are amazing!
>In communist Korobushka, mountain builds YOU!
rolled 9, 19, 9, 13 = 50

The tribesmen of the Nag Ber'Ek are very interested in the crunchas used by the Oamenii, and have been for some time. A half dozen youths venture to Nel Palka, to scour the surrounding forest for Crunchas, and try to tame them like the Oamenii. The youths are headstrong, and think only to take the triangular shortswords, and spears.

The Sisters send five members south to Nel Palka, to protect the children there. They've also taken to teaching the children important skillls: Skinning, weapon repair, and fighting. This is done because the parents of the children often leave to hunt, leaving them little time to teach their children. Now, the children of the Nag Ber'Ek will actually be taught things, instead of learning how to fight and care for themselves like their parents had to.

Krog, Champion of the Nag Ber'Ek, visits these children. He's impressed, but notes that some of the children are being held back by moving along at the same pace as the lesser children. He takes these naturally gifted children, and promises to train them himself, calling them Vukad, "Chosen." He hopes to take the Sisters idea of producing trained warriors, and intends to make these youths into the finest fighters of the Nag Ber'Ek.

In Nel Palka, the villagers attempt to fell trees, but are told by the local logeadz that they're methods are inferior to the ways of the Forest Log'eadz. This evolves into a friendly competition to see who can fell the most trees in a weeks time.

Rolling for finding and taming crunchas, training the Vukad, Nag Ber'ek tree felling, and forest Log'eadz tree felling
((you have fed me fluff, and pictures, in addition to a bonus from past experiences and skills, i upgrade the sixes to a minor sucess. The subGM is pleased.))
The bolas are dangerous and some puruu give themselves black eyes, but they also hurt the enemy and the little guys start to carry them on a simple belt, or even bandolier. The sharp sticks scare the elders of the village who view them as a horrific weapon. The youngsters are a bit more eager, and think they are very cool. The sticks are coated in their drool, becoming rather nasty neurotoxin covered sticks. The flappers are very lazy, but they are motivated by their new more plush pens and will kill tiny blung creatures, bringing them back to the tribe like a pleased cat would shove a dead mouse in your shoe. The elders of the tribe attempt to build contacts with the further Ruufaya villages.

The great structure is a little under halfway done in a single generation, but the completed lower levels of it are already providing a meeting place for the tribe, and life is good. ((gimme some rolls on those dusya, and other projects.))
The western explorers journey, and see many great things. A great fissure in the land (u15), their first encounter with a dream forest, Large open plains, and strange land corals even further. Their journey takes them over three months, until they see some tall creatures in the distance, but they are clearly intelligent. Forsaking common sense they wave wildly attempting to get their attention. ((discovered Altume scouts.)) Gears are still large wooden things, but now the teeth line up better. The schwirm fight the blung, and with their new metal armor and weapons, they are well protected with a minimum of personal casualties. ((fire will kill the dream rot, but it has to be a very dry forest. dream rot thrives in moisture, so if a creature were to attack a village you could probably burn it much easier then on its home turf.))
((The schwirm in the lufae camp i have plans for, as do i for the flesh singers. Sadly, they are not of your tribe anymore. Their minds are far too broken, and they themselves are a lost cause. dont worry about them anymore.))
The schwirm have been very uptight since the battle with the lufae, and the Nag Ber'ek knew exactly how to fix this. Brewing contest. They had had enough time to practice getting good at making beer, now it was time to see how good it was. They were probably gonna get their asses handed to them!
((roll for building brewfest things like flagons, tables, tents, etc. for brewing three batches of beer, and for the festival games.))
The lower city was burning with industry, literally. The primitive foundry caught flame. It would die out soon, and they could start again. All that was lost were low quality slaves anyway. The call to battle dredged up the forces, and the showed up in great numbers. The scouts that went southward were fleet of foot and would report on the defenses and numbers of the prey and be in place to sabotage their efforts. The seige weapons and new tools were very...ugly. A large tree trunk, suspended on a frame and attached to two skids would be used to break down walls or gates, but it is very slow to transport and will significantly increase the time it takes the force to get to the nearest village. ((roll for wildlife attacks along the way. when you are ready if you take the weapon))
The youths get roughed up by the crunchas, perhaps it would be better to just trade the oamenii for young pups, and a trainer to teach the logeadz ((this will require no rolls for aquiring, but a roll for learning to live with the new animals. Oamenii scouts have seen what is going on, and the player is free to give the tribe the "tech" or offer a trade for it.)) The children of the tribe, the Vukad, are now little warriors and survivalists in their own right. When a tribe fights, now everyone fights. The children will grow up, wearing specially made heavy armor, with larger weapons, and will be able to move like a scout, but wearing full plate. Elites. The forest logeadz win, which they needed badly, it boosts their moral and gives them something to feel special about. Either way, many trees are gathered that week.

((the logeadz will provide meat, beer, and building materials for the brewfest as well. competitions will be had, and merry will be made. in addition, the logeadz are quite curious about the schwirms metal swords and armor, and wish to examine, and perhaps acquire some.)) ((schwirm metal armor is inferior to logead plate, but much much lighter. The schwirm will likely not be able to get enough metal to make armor for the logeadz that is as thick as their own for quite some time.))
How do you develop masonry without learning how to mine first?
>>20373236 >>20376712
Bunkers, earthwork fortifications..they are holding their own, but is affecting the culture of the village. They are becoming dour and hard bitten. Dead bodies, trash, and wood now clog the bottom of the fissure, and the monsters gorge on the trash. A puruu looks down and considers dumping a cauldron of molten purite into the mess. The tribe has little time to build defenses, unaware that their solution to the attacks is causing them too. All four buildings are nearly on top of each other, and each one only gets partially constructed. This gives the Puruu an idea to simple build one very large building to house all of their "guilds". One puruu covers himself in sweet ragas jelly, and tries to capture Yazda. A horde of them land on him, and get stuck. As one they take off, flying into the sky with that puruu never seen again. The tribe learns how to cut stone quite well, and this late development may help them revitalize the layout of their villages. ((you can build stone structures pretty easily now.))
Partu was so hopeful to be freed and just see the tribe again. Instead two flesh singers grabbed him again and he struggled and kicked, desperate, he spit in the mouth of one as it went to talk, sending it into paralytic shock, and slapped the other with his tongue. They fell to the ground. something within it's tiny puruu heart raged that moment, and it snapped off one of the delicate blades on the singer's gauntlet, then slashed their throats. The journey was terrifying, but the natural climbing skills of the puruu let Partu sleep in the trees during the night, and run as fast as possible during the day. Partu finally made it home and shared the story of horror. Despite all this Partu did not think that the other geists knew of this.
They have been mining purite for a while. but we could assume they are just digging up surface level rocks underneath the clay they harvest.
The new emils bags work. The emils are still a mystery to the tribe. The schwirms are lobotomized, in addition to the other enhancements that are done. The now calmer captives do not express much interest in breeding. ((manual insemination ahoy.))
The dissected brute is much more muscular then the other geists, with larger glands thru out its body. The glads may have something to do with it. The emils shells are biologically non reactive, and make for better prosthesis, but are also hard to work with and break frequently. Khuna's rage at the loss of order was legendary, and in a first, an alpha was beaten in public by khuna then replaced with a new brute for all to see. This was all anyone needed to get back to normal. The Shan Meer continue to grow their tunnels into a comfortable environment, and start to feed the emils pools feral schwar that infest the tribe's home to this day. ((like i forgot about that.)) Boats are now water tight, but that's about it. The chasm is full of agressive beasts, and primitive geist and schwirm. they are shorter then their surface cousins and much more feral. Of not is a larger population of brutes in the feral cavern geist. The new plants are hard to tell apart, as geist never cared before. Attempts to feed them to domesticated shcwar results in a horrific death, but some of the plants are apparently safe for them to eat. No ideas which. Two flesh singers find the puruu walking away and capture it, its simple shrieks are...pathetic. One goes to speak to the other and. ((see the scout results.))

The mountain tops are inhabited by the Korobushka schwirm. Apparently a tiny order of hermits and monks live at the peak of the world.
rolled 13, 10, 11 = 34

Eldest Leader Lupo listens to the tale told by the returned scout Partuu. It is grim news, that their supposed allies the Lufae would abduct one of the Urupuruu without any reasoning. It is decided that Eldest Leader Lupo, accompanied by Askari Wakuu Brutos, will travel to the Lufae's territory and demand answers from their leader. In the event of it's death, Lupo declares Caesar to be the new Eldest Leader, and all militia members are to be sent to war against the Lufae.

Elder Kario of Mwepesi is fighting with the militia members at the edge of the chasm. It is past time, the Elder thinks, that these demons burn. Order go out to bring a torch. As soon as one is provided, Elder Kario throws it into the fissure, with ever ounce of rage induced strength in the large puruu's body.

Elder Castor of Mrefumti has been executed by an angry mob. The tree house village is abandoned and the villagers move north towards Udongo.

Elder Caesar and the puruu of Udongo have finally mastered the art of shaping stone, and the construction of the Great Library of Udongo begins. It shall be a grand structure, made in an open field, so that it additions can be made to it in the future. A place for all of their texts and histories, a place of learning.

Rolling for-
Lupo and Brutos traveling to the Lufae
Kario's throwing of the Torch, and the burning of the Chasm
The Beginnings of the Great Library of Udongo

Keep in mind that non of the diplomats sent by the Urupuruu have been elders, and all of them have been small. Brutos and Lupo are big, old puruu. Bigger than any that the Lufae have ever encountered, and hopefully big enough to deter any attacks.
Lupo and Brutos are intercepted very quickly by the lufae, but they make the request to speak to their leader. The torch stars a small fire, that spreads, but dies down quickly, into a smouldering heat that makes a lot of smoke. There is intense heat coming from the fissure, and all the things inside are roasting instead of burning. Howls and screams please Kario. Perhaps he will pour clay on them in a few days, let them be sealed in their hell. The great library begins to take shape, and even though it is only the foot of the structure, it is massive.
The militia that fought the monsters of the fissure are very bitter now, and want to know where the demons come from, where the problems originate, they will end this. To that end they create new equipment for a sustained journey. Stronger shovels and better weapons, a type of simple armor, and large pack to carry on one's back.

With the offer of the beer festival, most of the shwirm population screach with glee. Finally, they had a legitimate excuse to get drunk out of their minds without being berated for not working! The festival is hosted just south of the Trade Depot, and shwirm of all kinds come to the festival to show their wares, the traders in particular seeing this as quite the oppertunity.

Though while the shwirm take advantage of the festival to show off their stuff and to sell things, the theme is still predominantly of beer, a drinking contest also included in the competitions. It was time to see which species's military had the better liver.

The governor himself sees this as a nice time to relax. The massacre in Lufae lands and Rhea constant demandings of his position was quite taxing, but this was now the time to get DRUNK OUT OF OUR MINDS!
rolled 13, 15, 19, 12, 10, 5, 7 = 81


Meanwhile, far away from the celebrations above, Old One Eye's team of explorers braved the strange tunnels. They had so far not seen anything of interest, but they still had plenty of torches, and they left a trail to return to the surface when the time came, so they continued onward.

Rolling for building tents, building trading/presentation booths, building flagons (whatever those are), brewing the beer for the beer drinking contest, and brewing three batches of beer to see who's beer is the best.
rolled 19, 13, 6 = 38

>Will wait for Nad's response for interaction between the Lufae and Lupo

Elder Kario's mind has been twisted and warped by the amount of death that has been witnessed. In this hatred, Kario makes an order for pots and pots of liquid clay, which is already warm, to be boiled over fire pits. These boiling pots of clay will then be deposited into the fissure, sealing the demons in their hell for good.

In order to gather more information for the Great Library, Elder Caesar sends a young scribe by the name of Rupol ((Re-used name)) north along the edge of the chasm, to look for a way to cross to the other side. Rupol is given a military escort of battle hardened puruu from Mwepesi, headed by captain Nguni.
The remainder of the militia at Mwepesi is preparing for a descent into the chasm, following the clay to look for the source of the demons. They carry with them the new armor and weapons, as well as the shovels.

Rolling for
Scouting to the North along the Chasm
Scouting into the chasm, looking for the source of the demons.
Also, continuing to build the great library.

Last three rolls are for beer brewing contest. So Log'Eads have a good chance of winning provided the dice gods smile upon them.
rolled 3 = 3


And once again, I forget about scouting in the tunnels! Hooray!!!

rolled 12 = 12

Oh whoops, missed the roll for tossing in boiling clay. Can't be forgetting to toss in the boiling clay!
It is a festive day, trading booths with colorful leather scraps flying in the wind show off their metal wares, some are even big logead sized swords, shining bright and copper colored. almost a bronze. children run about in the dusty fair ground, playing tag and wrestling with each other as adults walk about with huge flagons of booze. ((a flagon is a pitcher, or big ass container for booze.)) The tribe cranks out a fuck ton of beer, with some of it being simply ok, and others of it being piss quality, but it will get you drunk. Still, everyone is having a good time, laughing, singing, and playing simple festival games. hammer toss, log throw (Caber tossing), dueling with practice swords, and drunken boxing. there is even an impromptu competition to see who can vomit the farthest.- The tunnel scouts encounter savage monstrosities, and must fight for their lives. ((roll for fighting in your next collection of rolls.))

Both scouting parties make good progress with the chasm, and the external group finds yet another chasm after a few days. the interal group finds a smouldering hole still burning with garbage that appears to be where the creatures were coming from. The amount of scouts out hobbles the workforce and the library construction goes very slowly. The scouts point out where to dump the boiling clay, and they are rewarded with it flooding down the deep hole, are reuslting shrieks of pain and anguish.

...Why did you repost that?
Its brought up at the festival that the Nag Ber'Ek have tried to acquire their own Crunchas, but haven't quite been successful, and ask to trade some Catehdral larvae for Cruncha Larvae, and offer to teach the Oamenii how to handle Cathedrals in return for learning how to handle Crunchas. They also give gifts of armor, thought not of cathedral plate. This armor is made from the plate hides of various runnas and chompas, so its light enough for the Oamenii to wear, and has shallow carvings of the mountain on the chest pieces

The Chieftains ask to speak in their meeting chamber with Old One Eye about the Lufae. They say they wish to plan defences against them, and their spears of howling death.
Holy shitballs I leave after adjusting longshwirms and this is what I come back to?

rolled 17 = 17


The governed informs the chieftens that he had sent Old One Eye on an expedition into a strange cave they had found in their mines, and might not be back for a while. He does, however, agree to the larvae tradeoff, and says the larvae would be imported by next week, after the festival.

Rolling for cave combat. I hope they don't die, and I hope I didn't jonx myself...

Evidently several weeks. That, or maybe a few days. I dunno how fast they've burned through the first two tribal threads.
File: 1345351093247.gif-(58 KB, 245x349, carl sagan birthday cake.gif)
58 KB
For millions and millions of years...

Your longshwirms are now glorious peoples' collective of Korobushka. Be proud of them, Comrade Anonymous.*
Hulys simply says, "Well, we can't really reject the offer. We need all food sources we can get in order to provide from our growing population. Here's what we can do: give them an annual license. This would be a hunting license giving them reign to hunt in the Eden wilderness. If they become counter-productive to Eden's interest, we just revoke it."

Eden has a boon in the current Altume hunters. But food production has become stagnant. Fali is asked to issue a hunting license. It's something new. He matches a hand print to a name and gives it a license to hunt. He files it away and thinks to himself. Giving away the license takes away the need to hunt with hisown people.

He issues licenses to hunt, fish, grow food on Eden land, and even Kirunna mating pairs. Pretty soon he gets the idea: let the people do as they do. If he issues the licenses, then the people will go and feed their families themselves. If he can get them to compete with each other. Or even trade with one another!

Fali announces to the whole of Eden, "There will be a feast as it was in Sehquetas Forest. But there will also be competition. Come to the Provision office, get a license. With that license you may enter the contests of Paloibaril!

"Win ribbons in Hunting, Fishing, and Food. Bring your mate and enjoy! There will be entertainment in the Arena. Live matches of Eden's strongest warriors, as well as reenactments of the Dreaming Legends!"
Nad, your next image project needs to be a bord version of Samuel Jackson from Pulp Fiction yelling: "Bordle, motherfucker, do you speak it?"
Paloibaril pah-loh-ee-bah-rill

A combination of two roots

paloi comes from the root word ballohi (Ba-loh-hee), the present perfect plural form of "to be", meaning, "we continue to exist"

baril comes from the barahee-ill meaning "as one people" bara - one, and heel - people or group
File: 1345358829302.jpg-(141 KB, 600x687, Arngeir.jpg)
141 KB
Do the Lufae teach these monks the art of the Voice?
rolled 14, 15, 7, 6, 3 = 45

>Shan Meer.

The emils bags quickly become the main way of transporting the emils from place to place. The Shan Meer also spread to other villages as well, working as specialized artisans who make emils shell products. Because of the way they can simply mold the emils into the desired shape, the tribe is capable of creating very varied new innovations, such as rigid tubes, abstract sculptures, sharp and precise needles and so on.

The Shan Meer have also continued their research on the emils. They are trying to figure out how to further refine the differing qualities of the shells by using many small pools they experiment on. Some objects require more elastic shells, that can be bended, others require hard and rigid shells and some require something in between. By refining their ways of producing these different types of shells, the Shan Meer can produce even more varied objects.
They are also trying to figure out how the emils moves around, and how the Shan Meer can control the slime in the first place. The Flesh Singers try to provide some aid in these research projects.

Rolling for:
General development of the emils products.
Emils research (3 rolls, for refining the shell traits, movement and control)
Usefulness of the Flesh Singer assistance.
rolled 15, 4, 16, 8, 7 = 50


>Flesh Singers.
Even the Flesh Singers had managed to convince some of the Shan Meer to work for their cause in exchange for research help. The singers had found their emils products to be extremely useful, and thus they desired to co-operate with their more slimy kin. They also use this help as a cover to research the Shan Meer and the emils themselves, and to catch any innovations or discoveries the Shan Meer make.
Firstly, they desire more durable shells, that would work like bones in their prosthetics. Because of this, they send bones to the Shan Meer so they could examine the inner makeup of them, and thus design emils shell products accordingly.

The flesh singers were the ones who noticed a curious trait of the emils bags. The bags tended to move around slightly. They contracted, expanded and shifted around. These movements reminded the flesh singers of....muscles. New ideas flooded their minds, and many of them began trying to refine these movements to be more muscle like, and figure out ways of controlling them.

The shwirms are still a subject the flesh singer research. Some of the singers are trying to train the shwirms to obey simple commands, while others attempt to develop methods of breeding them by force, as they now seem disinterested in it.

The information gained from the brute's corpse is recorded and stored away. The Singers will put it to use when they get their next change to study a geist, as discretely as possible.

Rolling for:
Studying and spying on the Shan Meer.
Making more durable emils shell "bones".
Developing artificial "muscles" from the emils bags.
Training the shwirms.
Artificially breeding the shwirms.
rolled 4, 10, 13, 17 = 44


>Other things.

The expedition deeper to the chasm continues. The explorers try to map these natural caverns. The small cave geists fascinate the explorers in strange ways. To the explorers, they seem like smaller versions of themselves. Some of them even regard these small geists like pups due to their size and behavior. They decide to bring few of them back home. (Hnnngh! So CUTE! You are gonna get taken home!)

Fa Kaath boatmen have adopted the fishing nets that were developed up north. They have also begun exploring the areas further downriver, in the great lub forest.

>Diplomatic stuff.
The young geist who tried farming decides to ask the Korobuskha emissaries for advice, as they were the ones who brought the seeds to Lupai Kaath in the first place.
The wyvern rider is curious about these shwirms residing atop of the mountain. She decides to talk to them in hopes of understanding what the songless are doing this far in the void.

The Lufae warriors are skeptical about the demands of the Puruus. They tell the puruus to wait, while they deliver their request of audience to Khuna.
Khuna is quite busy with his work as a ruler, so he requests that Thun would talk to the puruus. Thun agrees to it, and heads to meet the emissaries. What do they have to say for him?

Rolling for:
Mapping the chasm.
Capturing cave geists.
Fishing boat development.
Scouting the downriver lub forest.

Dang...Well, I am not gonna be the one who redoes all the freaking maps.
Emils crafting undergoes a subtle refinement, with the material being able to be formed into desired shapes and hardness. The understanding of how an emils moves and how it is controlled is still a mystery. The flesh singers are useless,busy mourning their dead...by draining all their blood and trying to fill them with emils. The emils slowly dissolve the corpses, but they twitch and thrash uneasily as it happens. Very interesting.
The study of the shan meer becomes guidance, and while bones are out of their reach with emils, "muscles" are not. The bags of slime are somehow held together internally, and can flex. The schwirm are neither trainable, nor breedable with current efforts. The flesh singers believe that with the lobotomy, something important essence was lost with this crop. The lobotomy may be reversible with the schwirm, or perhaps emils research with them may be viable. It is known what it does to the external portions of a creature, but what about the inside?
There is some great turnoil within the continent preventing mapping at this moment. There is almost too much sound. The cave geists are wily little creatures, but a few dozen are captured. more can be caught later if desired. Rudimentary fishing boats are created, with it just being a simple craft and large hand dropped net. The lub forest has activity of puruu.
rolled 8, 10, 7, 13, 19 = 57

In western village attempts to make seaworthy ships continue to make it possible to trade with western colony and to make fishing easier.

Northern lookout has grown to become a real village and now they also need a walls to defend growing population. They also attempt build farms for taxis bush.

Southern village sends another expedition to lub forest to find usable plants and to map the area. They also send scouts to south to see what they might find from there.

Northern forest trading outpost is feeling the uneasiness in the air. It feels like something is happening because the normal happy chattering isn't there and nomads seem to be somewhat wary.

Rolling for making seaworthy boats, building walls to northern lookout, Trying to grow taxis in northern lookout, Expedition II to lub forest and scouting south
Old one eye and his band took out their frustrations on the cave species, the smaller bugmen and geists. The slaughter relived some tension.
The boats are not seaworthy but they can navigate the shallow costal waters, and even make short hops between islands in a very direct fashion. The tribe is already skilled at making walls, so the large wall was not a problem for them. ((large bonuses from prior rolls for taxis/ experienced farmers)) the northern outpost also has taxis because the soil is largely the same across the island. ((no need to roll again for planting taxis. just say that it is done. taxis is like a weed, and grows easily as long as their is moisture and dirt)) The second expedition to the lub forest reveals simple plains puruu who have migrated to the forest. They are strong, and nonaggression unless provoked. The scouting forces spends a week in transit but discovers the tip of the island. At the tip they encounter a small colony of about 60 schwirms. They are apparently great ancestors of the origonal schwirms who discovered this island so long ago, and speak a strange but semi understandable dialect of the language. They have little to offer, and are dressed in strange leather clothes. ((basic armor knowledge))
Many small blung leaches and wasps are a continued and dangerous nuisance to the tribe, coming into their border to eat the food reserves and attack the flappers, some even eat from the runuu pool. the bastards! Drive them out!
The tribe has been growing large, and even the runuu pools are getting crowded. what do? the alge nets and shelters need repair. Some puruus have gotten sick from eating bad berries. debbie fell off the raft and drown in the river on the Oregon train.
rolled 4, 15, 12, 13, 11 = 55


Efforts are made to restore the camp during the blung raids using fresh algae strands from the Lub forest to the East. Likewise, home defence is stepped up.

Extra spears are made, not for wielding, but for lining the camp. This has no effect on blung wasps, sadly, but it may delay plenty of leaches; the Ruufaya simply climb over them using Lubs and algae to finish off the blung who try.

With all these extra blung meat, the Runu pools are thriving and reproducing like mad. For now, injuries sustained in the raids require more recovering and use up some Runu, though the injured Runu count as yet more food; the elders set aside plans for a new pool in quieter times.

Rolling for restoring the Western camp, restoring the Eastern camp, barricades, training with bolas, training with spears and training the flappers.
rolled 1 = 1


Missed the Flappers' roll.
Lupo begins to speak in a deep, booming voice.
"Why have you abducted my scout, when we have done nothing to provoke you?"
Lupo is very blunt.
"We, the Urupuruu, have offered you nothing but peace and friendship, and in return you take us in the night and spirit us away to your homes?"
Lupo throws the blade taken from the Flesh Singer on the ground
"I ask you, as one leader to another, to stop taking my peoples. If there is anything you wish to learn from us, you need only ask."
Lupo pauses, as if considering what is about to be said.
"If you continue to take my people, it will mean war. It is a war that we will lose, but one that we will fight nonetheless. "
File: 1345379747982.png-(30 KB, 1000x1000, Artificial muscles.png)
30 KB

The Shan Meer researchers try to find ways of making distinct emils slimes that naturally form into shells of certain types, in order to hasten and ease the production on emils shells.

The Flesh Singers are unimpressed by the Shan Meer efforts at making emils bones, and thus few of them come to the Shan Meer and try to teach them about how bones are made up internally, and about the importance of producing these bone like emils shells. The Flesh Singers are sure that if these bones were made, the tribe's prosthetic research would boon.

The singers working on the emils "muscles" are exited of seeing how well their project succeeded. Now, they try to develop a "leg" made from bones, woood and these "muscles". They use their knowledge of shwirm physiology as the basis for the leg. They try to learn how to control these muscles and cause movement in the leg.
rolled 5, 5, 6, 5, 11, 19, 19, 1 = 71


The efforts to breed and train the shwirms continues. As they are too dumb to respond to commands, they might respond to pain instead? Some of the singers develop a harness of sorts that is hooked to the body of the shwirm. They think that they can condition the shwirms to act in certain ways in response to the pain from the harness.
As it is clear that these shwirms won't "get it on", the singers take the matters to their own hands. They start experimenting on forcibly injecting the needed fluids to the females, in order to get more shwirms.
Some of the Singers who experienced with the emils decide to inject the slime inside the shwirms, just to see what happens.

The explorers decide to establish a camp in the chasm, and wait out the turmoil. In the mean time, they try to domesticate the small cave geists.

Some of the Fa Kaath scouts decide to continue their trip downstream, deeper into the lub forest. The others return back to the village with their discoveries.

Rolling for
Emils research.
Making Emils shell bones.
The artificial leg project.
Controlling the shwirms.
Breeding the shwirms.
Experimenting on the shwirms with emils.
Domesticating the cave geists while waiting for the turmoil to cease.
Further scouting downstream.

Thun hears the words of the water being.

"Our people...are a legion. There are many of us whose actions aren't supervised by anyone. It is likely that your kin was simply abducted by someone who found it entertaining. It was not ordered by anyone..a freak occurrence. My children are too numerous for me to keep a track of them all.
I would instruct your people not to travel to our territories unescorted, or uninvited. My people certainly will keep their distance from your homes, if it makes you more secure."
rolled 16, 5, 4, 17 = 42

Katumoiset have many slaves, but everyone wants to be someone so they must capture more slaves all the time. Scouts are sent to southern lub forest to scout those ares too and to find more slaves to capture. Simple forge is built and so production of weapons and armors can start. Chains are made so that slaves are easier to control. CHAIN IS THE LAW. Trainets now try to teach plains puruus to be useful in combat.

Rolling for scouting lub forest and finding slaves, making primitive schwirmite armor, and weapons and training plains puruus for war.
rolled 1, 8, 19, 6, 19 = 53


Lupo does not seem satisfied with the response, but decides that these strange creatures are telling the truth. Lupo and Brutos leave the way they came.

The scouting team heading north carries with them the rough equivalent of a Runu pool in giant jugs one their back. They keep heading north, looking for what lies beyond their sight.
The military expedition into the chasm continues, with the puruu travelling deeper and deeper into the void. They carry torches and shovels, and attack anything that moves. In the distance, they hear some rumbling, but it is not enough to deter them. They will purge the world of these demons, purge it with fire.

Construction of the great library continues, as well as changing all of the villages from small clay huts to true stone structures. The village of Mwepesi, now free of the demonic plague, is finally starting to develop. First on the mind of Elder Kario is defense, so a great stone wall is ordered to be built around the whole building.

Rolling for-
-Further exploration to the north
-Further exploration into the caverns
-Further construction of the Great Library
-Converting houses to stone
-Building a wall around Mwepesi
The western camp is too busy fighting the constant harassing blungs, what pests they are. The eastern camp gets a break from the blungs as the west is pummeled and rebuilds. the barricades are both effective, and decorative. many blung leaches mindlessly impale themselves on the sharp spikes. The little puruu no longer hurt themselves with the bolas or spears. They arent the best with spears, but they can poke something, but not throw. (no upper body strength. logeadz would laugh.) The flappers are loyal and well trained, they go off into the sky attacking the wasps, but also fly away. When they return there are larger blungforms attacking now. The dumb bastards attacked the outskirts of the horde! Crawlers, hoppers and overblung are now investigating.
The lub forest yeilds a tribe of backwards puruu, the only example on the island, there are many, and they have no language but they attack screaming and slapping the soldiers with their tongues. A few are paralyzed, fall into the water face first and drown. After that they wise up, capture the little guys easily and cut off their tongues, stuffing them into a bag. It would be later noted that the nubs of their tongues still produced neurotoxins, so they would be milked for such venom to coat weapons with, for assassinations. The weapons and armor are crude. Very rough, pitted, and jagged with superficial cracks and poor welds. The plains puruu are beaten into a frenzy, taught to hate, and charge forward on key words. They too are clad in rough armor.
the primitive chains are ugly, but do the trick, soon the city is full of them, a city of chains and smoke, of decay and growth. The chains helped keep the city together for a little longer, allowing it to pile higher. Sometimes when a chain snapped it was like a whip, flying apart and tearing people in half. brutal.
Emils research continues to hit dead ends, more solid direction will be needed. The bones continue to evade creation. The leg project would proceed better, but the flesh singers need to study the geist form more in depth with penetrating songs, more dissections, and then if possible, a vivisection. To that end they start collecting the bodies of the recently deceased. The lobotomy was done too well, the schwirm feel no pain, or at least dont care. The forced breeding is somewhat effective. More will be born. The schwirm injected with the emils exhibit no changes at first, but then it starts to get its mind back. Talking, questioning, then angry. It was subject one, the first. The most augmented. It was not angry that these things had befallen it. No, it was angry that it had not yet had the chance to try out the processes on other living things. With horrific strength it sought to remedy this. By the time the other singers had gotten to the screaming geist the schwirm had cut it open neatly, its still lving entrails and organs placed out in order...for a songless it didnt do a half bad job. they were impressed. "you know how i see." he addressed the growing crowd as he worked. "now i wish to know how you see." with a sick crunch the front of the geist's face was cracked open, revealing the echolocation mechanisms in detail. They could overwhelm the schwirm later, for now there was a unique opportunity to learn from their compatriots misfortune.
((the schwirm now has emil symbiote in its blood, with the emils acting as connections between its severed and lobotomized brain, restoring functionality, and filling in empty spaces inside its body with the slime, increasing overall strength. considering that additional muscle mass was inserted into this subject, it is quite strong now, potentially rivaling a brute. unknown if geist physiology will react the same.))
The exploration team in the chasm has managed to easily domesticate the cave geists. They are naturally obedient and attracted to the sentient geist from their stronger pheromones, song, and bribery with scraps of food. They hitch rides on the geist, and interactign with their slime seem to bond very quickly to their new "pack" masters.
Those who scout downriver are not seen again. ((far away the fayakiin are enjoying a bloodletting ritual))
The exploration to the north is attacked savagely by a small horde of feral blung, a legacy of the horde shattering done by the Tra'Kah. Many die that day, but the horde is driven off. They will need to regroup with the cavern team to recoup their numbers. The dead are taken to a nearby body of water, in hopes that a new runuu pool would start, and they could come back and reclaim their lost. A simple minded but concerned plains puruu later comes up and pokes the dead. They are dead. It is sad. It barfs a bunch of runuu into the pool, so that they might feed. The caverns assault team comes across a wemil, a giant monster seemingly made of stone. They cannot defeat it, and all they can do is run, run for their frightened lives, scaling the walls of the cavern as things far worst then they could imagine howl and shriek for their flesh. The great library is done, and the tribe rejoices, a celebration may be in order. Converting houses to stone is easy, but the manning is not there, now that the library is done, there will be more workers. The great wall is as tall as twenty puruu, and as wide as twenty again. It is a wonder to behold.

captcha: empariu any
rolled 20, 5, 20 = 45


These new puruus are good for underwater work but to keep watch over them Katumoiset need boats to stay close to them. Now that they have these crude metal equipments they will need to make enough of them to give for all troops. After they have been equiped the army starts to march to south in great tide. SOUTH WILL TREMBLE

Rolling for making ships, how many they managed to equip with new weapons and moving army to south.
Hmm, that big of a gash is kinda disconcerting... maybe something as wide as the Grand Canyon instead?
The scouting team that was decimated by the blung horde starts a return trip south, when they run into the militia team escaping from the chasm. They help their military brothers out, and continue to head north as they were, their combined numbers nearly equaling the expedition sent north in the first place.

With the main structure of the Great Library complete, orders go out that any who wish to learn and share their ideas are to report to Udongo and the great library right away. To commemorate this event, a great stone statue of Elder Caesar is built.

Elder Kario still doesn't believe that the Great Wall of Mwepesi is enough. He orders that the ground be covered in stone brick, so that nothing will be able to dig into their fortress.

Rolling for-
Scouting north along the chasm ((Again))
Discovering something from the combined research of all the smartest Urupuruu ((Low roll is something slightly useless, high roll is something revolutionary))
Continued fortifying of fort Mwepesi
rolled 10, 1, 9 = 20

You didn't see that.
The combined scouting force moved forward with relative ease, the explorers were able to hunt more easily, while the militia kept the wild away, and their total numbers were actually slightly higher then the first force. smooth journey so far, plus while sad, it was factual, the dead puruu were previously stripped of weapons equipment, and provisions. The current team was well equipped and supplied. The puruus have created for some reason, a giant stone stack, just to see how high they can stack a 1'1'1 cube of stone over and over. Quite high apparently. It falls. crushings happen and some houses are destroyed. At least there is stone already there to rebuild. Mwepesi continues to become a bastion of defence, and now with the attacks over for the time being, they can focus on building with stone, and creating solid defenses. Good times had by all...accept the crushing victims.

onward...towards greatness.
The scouting party encounters a small group (6) plains puruu under attack by some gesh lions. Do you help? roll an extra d20 on your next post if you do.
rolled 4 = 4

Of course they help! They are all puruu, after all.

From a distance, the scouts assume that the plains puruu are regular puruu, and rush to aid them. As they get closer, they think it's a bit queer how un-coordinated and unequipped these puruu are.

Rolling for aiding in the defense.
IG- Tried to get you in the IRC, no joy on that. Please check the GreenSniperHat account. Information was sent.

Life is about trade offs sometimes. The puruu force looses five of their own members in exchange for the lives of the five "giants". They are simple, very simple, almost childlike but with no language. However it is apparent they are more then happy to follow their new friends and saviours to the end of the earth. There were many dead plains puruu, and those puruu were dragged by their living brethern to a nearby runuu pool, the team took the equipment of their friends, and placed their bodies into the pool as well. Ancestors guide them. They made mental note of the pools location, and hoped to retrieve the runuu on their trip back.

The continued their northern journey and found the end of the fissure, in the distance they saw the beginning of the next. A puruu made a tablet out of clay that had their journey thus far chipped into it. ((primitive maps)) The second leg of their trip was rather uneventful. The nights were spent around a fire, wrapped in wet rags, trying to stay moist and warm. Attempts to teach the Plains puruu words were met with simple grunts and confused smiles.

((roll for village goings on, repair of village, population growth, and the journey north!))
rolled 9, 16, 9, 16, 18, 19, 13 = 100

Lupo and Brutos have returned from their sort of successful diplomacy attempt. Lupo goes back to his duties of sitting around and ordering things, but Brutos begins to think. If they did go to war, how would they win? Against a superior foe, with superior fighting capabilities.... and then the idea came. The slingstaves. But bigger. And throwing lots of rocks, instead of the tiny ones.

Elder Caesar of Udongo is trying to clean up the mess the researchers of the Great Library made, and issues a decree that all experiments must be cleared with an elder before being attempted.

Some researchers have looked into ways to keep the puruu from collapsing as they age by building a purite exoskeleton to support them. Will these ideas come to fruition?

The scouts continue their trip north.

Elder Kario can't see far enough down the chasm from the top of the wall, and so a great tower is requested. This tower will loom out over the abyss, and provide early warning to any demon attacks.

Rolling for-
Inventing catapults
Repairing Udongo
Purite Exoskeletons
Teaching the plains puruu the language
Civilizing the plains puruu
Continuing North
Building a tower at Fort Mwepesi
rolled 14, 15, 13, 10 = 52


The spike barricades seem to be holding their own and do a good job holding back most of the blung ground patrol.

The airborne units are the focus of the Ruufaya defence; knocking wasps out of the air with bolas, catching overblungs in a series of nets and finishing them off with spears and trained Flappers flitting from puruu to blung, carving away at the enemy as they pass.

Rolling for success of the barricades, bolas, spears (with a net advantage?) and Flappers.
rolled 6, 4, 11, 11 = 32


After the festival was over, and the shwirm dismantled everything for materials, the import and export of larvae began, and the shwirm brought a trainer with the first of three shipments.

With the new gears and the ropes used by the Log'Eads, engineers once again attempt to create something to sharpen weapons, because melting down swords when they got dull was an IMMENSE waste of both time and resources.

The scouts awaken the next morning to begin their journey home, only to find a cliff with no sign that the rest of the continent used to exist. After much bickering on what to do next, they decide to try to contact the intelligent creatures they had seen earlier, if only to get some food for their crusade home. They currently have enough food to last for a week, but the journey will certainly take longer than one simple week.

Meanwhile, underground, One Eye's expedition continued underground. They were beginning to run out of food, but their torches still burned bright, so they pressed onward.

The hoplites return to the main town and inform of the distressingly large amount of blung in the forests. The governer gives the scientists the project of finding a way to destroy the dreamrot at any cost. The last thing they needed was the blung horde to barrel down onto their walls.

rolling for inventing grindstone, locating the local sentients, exploring the tunnels, and inventing molotav cocktails.
catapults exist on tablet ((paper)) only at this stage. repairs to udongo are completed in a timely manner, and a small monument to "one's reach exceeding one's grasp" is erected as a lesson. Purite exoskeletons need work, they dont allow for any movement and are just a rigid cage. Plains puruu have a diminished mental capacity compared to a regular puruu, but they are able to follow simple commands, and express their very basic thoughts. like "happy, sad, hurt, or hungry". Occasionally they express simple ideas such as "puruu, small, friend. hug." then they crush them with a near fatal hug. they will never be very smart. They are adapted to live in puruu society as best they can, but public defication will always be a problem. "poop time." The trip north goes swimmingly and nothing horrible happens, which is a first. In fact their little fellowship comes across the end of the second fissure, and upon a lub forest in the distance! The mwepesi tower is built, and keeps its vigil over the rift. --one puruu wonders what it would be like if all the settlements moved to a central location.
The mob of incoming blung smashes into the barricades, the dead piling up until they break the spikes and trample over the hill of their kind. The puruus have developed sound stratagey, which is to use every advantage they have, and they do. Next they throw bolas and release their flappers. this kills and disables many more, while the flappers peck at their eyes and make obnoxious shrieks. Sadly a many flappers die. About a quarter of the horde was still alive by then, and the puruu set to work with nets and spears. With teamwork and a strong sense of self confidence, and a little bit of neurotoxin the puruu won the day. Damage of the village was minor, and the dead and dieing blung were many.
The village was repaired, and the barricades restored and resharpened. The dead blung and flappers where thrown into the runuu pool which grew thick with gore. The injured regenerated themselves the best they could. A few had lost limbs that would take a while to grow back, and a few heads had to be reattached. Otherwise, life went on. The elders of the tribe looked around and saw that there were many puruu, and new places to live would have to be made, new pools dug. The flapper population would take a season to recover. A lot of work was still ahead of them. --- A group of soldiers found several injured puruu hawks on the ground as they cleaned up the areas around the village. they were crawling along with their wings. apparently the blung flyers had overwhelmed them and brought the creatures low.

>Flesh Singers.

After several failed attempts it became clear that copying the inner structure of the bones was easier said than done. The Flesh Singers and Shan Meer continue their research on the subject. They try to come up with new ideas for achieving their goal of creating bone like structures from the emils.

The work on the leg project continues, the Singers revising their design to be based more on the shwirms than geists, as the physiology of the former is more familiar to them.
They also try to figure a way of reliably cause the "muscles" to flex on command.

Subject 00, the first of the victims of the Singers is stunned with the voice locked up for further study. The effects of the emils on it's body intrigue the singers to quite great degree.

The singers also begin to study their kin in large scale. They dissect dead geists they discretely acquire, and make deep scans of the living ones when they perform their medical services.
rolled 13, 4, 16, 4, 7, 5, 12 = 61


>Shan Meer.

The Shan Meer continue their research on the emils. They try to find out how it reacts to different treatment, such as being heated, submerged in water and so on.

Work on creating specialized emils breeds for different purposes continues. They know that in some cases, the emils is very runny, and this type of emils becomes very flexible shell., whereas the more gel like emils hardens into more rigid shell. They try to separate these two breeds into different pools in order to ease their work.

Kun kaath settlers continue to explore the caverns, while some of them bring the cave geists to their village for breeding more of them.

Rolling for:
Emils bone research.
Artificial leg project.
Studying subject 00.
Studying geists discretely.
Emils research.
Making emils breeds.
Breeding more cave geists.

the new design of bone works but the artifical leg project continues to run into obstacles with components being redesigned for geist physiology while the base mode is still that of the schwirm leg. Subject 00 is intelligent, strong, and cunning. The emils in his body have bonded to broken nerves and now complete him. He willingly participates in breeding more "subjects" but often plays dangerous or upsetting games with his handlers, expressing a desire to assist in the "research". The discrete research goes badly, with the living geist moving too much. If they would just cooperate this would be easier. Emils research and seperation is going difficultly. Every day the flesh singers ask some new impossible task of the Shan Meer. They grow weary of these pests who pay no attention to them save for their ability. Cave geist are happy to live in the caverns with their larger pack, and spend their days getting into fights with the geist wolves, or hunting wild cave schwar. The tribe finds them endearing and they spread thru out the towns quite quickly. the small brutes are a favorite of the females.
rolled 17, 8, 3, 3 = 31


Oh my god. I better roll that do i get news about coming army beforehand and if i do how well does my forces prepare for siege.

Rolling that do i get news about coming army, How much does northern village prepare for siege, same for northern trading post (doesn't really have any defences) and sending runners to the south.

If the first roll is horrible it means lots of penalties for the rest of rolls. Perhaps if i get 1 that would make other rolls void.

Slavery imminent...
File: 1345397893098.png-(82 KB, 280x280, Mapdate 2 - Electric Boogaloo.png)
82 KB

Map update: expansion to the East, growth of the existing Runu pools, creation of a new pool and a new Flapper pen.
File: 1345399693379.png-(58 KB, 596x313, oh dear sweet space jesus.png)
58 KB
rolled 16, 16 = 32

The men, honestly rather lonely after weeks on the river, are elated to see such lovely ladies, even if they are foreign-born. No fucks are given, and many of the men attempt to court the ladies that night. However, before they can, it is discovered that these women cannibalize their mates after making love. Praying mantis wives. Yeesh.

Of course, one of the men had already gotten lucky with the gals. By rights, he should have been decapitated then devoured, however, he nope'd the fuck out of his honeymoon suite before he could become the bridal feast. He ran out, understandably freaked out, and the rest of the men suddenly found themselves far less attracted to these femme fatales. Of course, they were also outnumbered. Worse, it seems the groom-to-be had lain with none other than the daughter of the chieftan. The chieftan though, had a proposal. They would suspend the usual routine of OMNOMNOMNOM on one condition. The Korobushka brave must take his now-wife along for the journey, that she may explore the outside world and report back to her people for the return journey. They know that their tribe is small and that there is much they do not know. Before the loverboy (lovebug?) can protest, Lovish and Kailarik agree to the proposal.

> PS. The husband's name is Sharbnuyit, the bride's name, is Hawaniveya (Anya, for short).

Rolling for:
1) how far the men get in about a month's time
2) for anything cool they and their new tag-along find along the river bank.
As for me, I was looking forward to the event. About to write up my tribe's reaction.
rolled 12, 1, 12, 4, 15 = 44

It is a sad day for the Puruu of the Urupuruu. Elder Lupo, in great age and size, gave itself to the Runu pool. Elder Caesar has claimed the title of Eldest Leader, with a scribe named Yazmo becoming the new Elder of Udongo.

Askari Wakuu Brutos is determined to see that Caesar respects the memory of Lupo, and does not become too powerful. In secret, Brutos ((Though he has no real ability to command anyone)) commissions a great statue of Lupo to be built in front of the building housing the Runu pool.

The scouting team arrives in the Lub forest, tired and hungry. They decide the spend the night in this strange place where they feel so at home. In the twilight, the see strange flying creatures overhead, as well as the familiar sight of Yazda. One young scout even claims to have seen another Puruu, but the rest of the team dismisses that as the fantasy of a child.

Caesar's first act as Eldest Leader is the ordered expansion of both Udongo and Yetu Mahali. The two villages are to expand towards each other, along the road that was built in times past. Another road, made of stone, will be built going to Mwepesi.

Rolling for-
-Building a Statue of Lupo
-Spending the night in the Lub forest.
-Expanding Yetu Mahali
-Expanding Udongo
-Building a road to Fort Mwepesi
rolled 15, 14 = 29

The villagers in Nel Palka aren't aware of the Blung that have moved into their area just yet, though they do make an extensive living off the land. Hunters venture into the woods everyday to find game, and to gather hexis vines for rope.

A villager has a bright idea: What if you put a little tower on the back of a cathedral? Attempts are made to put little wooden platforms atop the backs of cathedrals, so that a warrior could safely hurl javelins

Rolling to see if the people in Nel Palka realize the blung are moving in, low means they don't, and the lumber will get sent off to elsewhere, high means they realize they need that lumber for a wall.

Oh, also rolling for putting Howdahs on Cathedrals
rolled 6, 6, 4, 3, 5 = 24

How I will roll
There will be 5 different events in the festival, fishing, hunting, Kirunna breeding, food growing, and arena fighting. The first dice (d6) determines the winner, the second dice (d20) determines the impressiveness of the entry.

The Events
Food Growing
Arena Fighting

The participants
1-2 Altume pilgrims
3-4 clanless
5 Earthshakers
6 Grim Bark

rolling for winners
rolled 13, 10, 9, 17, 11 = 60

now going for impressiveness
Some of the older Korobushka, the ones who actually remember working on Zarkit farms, assist the Geist. They help to identify the plant (being able to distinguish it from others) and how to help grow it, and what kinds of soils it can grow in (Frankly, the geist are probably better at ID-ing soil types, as their scanner waves can probably identify things below the topsoil that the shwirm would miss). The valley isn't the *best* climate for it (a tiny fraction too humid) but it's well within the range in which the crop can grow.

The monks, living in a half-built monastery are surprised to see this stranger up on the mountain peaks. Beyond the two visitors years ago, most Korobushka haven't seen a Geist firsthand in a long time (if ever). These monks though tenatively welcome this visitor. When questioned, they explain that this area is holy site, and that they are building a shrine, where they may meditate upon matters of religious importance. Should she have more detailed questions, the monks will be happy to answer them, as they are eager to share their way of life, and the teachings of the Hashlīm Chôvitúsa.

Some of these questions might be what is the Hashlīm Chôvitúsa (also: Hashlimévish)? What is Búskôchôvit? (a word the wyvern rider likely heard when the monks mention the mountain)

Now that the emils bones could be produced, the Flesh Singers return to their prosthetic research. They try to replacing the bones of some shwirms, with these artificial ones to test out their durability.
These bones are also added to the mechanism of the artificial leg, so that the signers could design the finer aspects of the support structure themselves.
The small cave geists also catch the interest of the Singers. They could work as suitable subjects for studying the geists, as they only seemed to be smaller versions of the Lufae people. The singers manage to get their claws on few of these now quite popular pets, and they begin to ruthlessly study them.
The singers also try to instill loyalty to themselves to subject 00, by training him and giving him special treatment.

With the bone production now in full speed, the Singers have finally given the Shan Meer some breathing room. They use this to focus on their emils research better. Studying ways of controlling the emils and refining it's traits are still their goals.
Accidentally, few of the cave geists fell into the emils pools, and emerged from them seemingly in the same condition as the Shan Meer. The Shan Meer try to observe these geists, in hopes that studying them would reveal more about the nature of the emils.
File: 1345410495721.png-(109 KB, 800x600, subject 00.png)
109 KB
rolled 1, 7, 8, 6, 14, 16, 17, 17, 15 = 101


The cave geists are quite liked by the tribe. Even Khuna has gotten one as a pet. A small but fierce mini brute who tried to attack Khuna, seemingly thinking that he could best the alpha that was many times bigger than himself. The display amused Khuna so much that he took the small brute under his wing, and started going everywhere with it. He has attempted to train things to the small brute, as he thinks it to be quite smart.
The shamans find these small geists very interesting. Some of them have even tried to communicate with the small ones, teach them the songs of Lufae. They are heavily debating the implications the discovery of the cave geists means about the nature of the Lufae themselves.

With the advice of the shwirms, thhe young geist tries to put up a small farm again, simply because of her curiosity.

The young rider tries to learn what she can from the old shwirms atop of the mountain.

Rolling for:
Prosthetic research.
Developing the artificial leg further.
Flesh Singers studying the cave geists.
Making subject 00 loyal and training him.

Emils research.
Studying emils infected cave geists.

Training cave geists.
Communicating with the cave geists.
Farming experiment 2

The northern scouts spy a marching army. They wear the same colors as the raiders that attacked the village a few seasons ago. They rush back to the village, and they prepare for a siege. Stocking up food stores and putting up strong walls. However when runners are sent to warn the northern trading post, they are intercepted by the Katumoiset. There will be no help in the coming conflict.
The men continue they're expedition having replaced the unlucky Sharbnuyit with his cannibal bride Hawaniveya. She is incredibly helpful showing them new edible plants they can use to perverse their own rations. While they travel down the river, they cross under two low tree canopies. As soon as they are between them, a group of antlered figures drop around them. They wear axes on their waists

The leader of the group speaks in a language the team doesn't recognize, but Anya seems to understand. They are escorted to a settlement on the River bank. The Hexis trees bend and grow into wondrous structures. The leader pulls a rope and a ladder drops down which leads to a dry haven in the branches.

Sitting in a chair is an Antlered Elder. Her horns are smaller than the leaders and she is much older. She again speaks in the foreign language. And Anya answers to the best of her ability. She tells Lovish and Kailarik that she can partially translate these Eleni as they call themselves.

The Elder asks, where they come from and where they go, and if they come as friends they would like to give them a gift.
File: 1345411544276.png-(97 KB, 700x1000, Robes.png)
97 KB
rolled 16, 12 = 28


In the peace that followed the blung raids, attention was turned back to tribal development.

Starting from the initial training with spears, when many Ruufaya suffered minor cuts and injuries, they became more aware of their bare skin as a hazard. Attempts were made at making clothes that were covering enough to prevent casual injury and thin and flexible enough to allow movement.

Robes were designed out of braided algae strands (the go-to material of Ruufayan development) and a new idea, Lub leaves that are scraped down to a thin cloth.

Suri, the imaginative Puruu famed with inventing Flapper farms - now an elder contributing to development - started to notice red stains on his robes from handling Raga all day and his creative Runu started flowing once again...

Rolling to find other uses for the cloth and discovery/invention of dyes.

While deep in the forest the Nel Palka hunters and lumberjacks hear the buzzing in the distance. The forest log'heads doesn't recognize the sound but the Nag Ber'ek do. It is the sound of blung threat in the horizon. A wall is hastily erected and the Nal Palka prepare to defend themshelves.

A platform is created on the cathedrals back. But it is difficult to stand upright, and tends to slide around when the cathedral moves. They will have to create a different design with stronger bindings to the creature. This is still a promising effort.

Still need roll results.

The Shwrim create a grindstone they could crank while holding the blade against it. However an unlucky shwrim got too close to the rotating stone and crushed his hand in it. The simple machine was destroyed freeing him. Cautious the shwirm use stone and hand sharpen their blades.

The vastness of the desert confused the scouts and they got lost. One drops from dehydration while his mates struggle to survive.

While exploring the tunnels nothing much and at this point they have run out of torches and other supplies. They turn back and surface when One Eye discovers black soot on his hand and clothes.

Fire is hard to control, the alcohol they currently have isn't strong enough to be a proper fuel source. They throw it around but it doesn't ignite.
Aren't there crunchas that have bonded with the emils? Prehaps studying them? I can't remember where they live though? The Infected Crunchas could become bonded to the Shan Meer or something.
Nay. It was Chompas that bonded with Emils. They got holes in their hides for them to live in, and be tentacles and junk
oh thats sweet, I saw the evo line the the previous threads. Weird evo.
rolled 11, 19, 17 = 47

A new attempt is made to make the wooden platforms secure atop the backs of cathedrals. Ropes are tied under the bellies of the creatures, linking both sides together, while more rope is attached to the various spikes that dot cathedrals to help balance the platforms.

Some hunters head west, looking for new game, when they stumble for the first time across the chasm to the west. This something entirely new to them, having not realized how deep the earth went below their feet.

The villagers in Nel Palka leave their village to fight the blung, though at the moment there arenly a few in the area, as the whole horde has not yet moved. Hunters scour the forest, looking to take the skulls of the Blung as they took the skulls of the Mossmen

Rolling for howdah balance, religious revelation from seeing the chasm (low means bad omens and what not, high means LETS GO DOWN THERE AND KILL THINGS), fighting the blung
rolled 16, 4, 8, 16 = 44


The scouts begin to become desperate as they watch their only supply of food and water dwindling before their very eyes. They continue to try to find some sign of intelligent life such as a road or even a settlement if they get lucky enough, for they had no hope of finding their way out of this sandy, scorching climate.

Old One Eye was curious at he sight of the soot, but didn't think much of it, simply brushing as much of it off as he could and heading back to his hut.

Meanwhile, the engineers grow restless, trying to find some project to work on to pass the time, and in the face of potential idleness, they instead begin to refine mathematics, seeking a way to consistantly measure things beyond "5 of Ben's feet right, 6 of Ben's feet left" bullshit.

Distressed at the idea of having no way to combat the blung's dreamrot, the military officers begin to develop other ways to burn away the fungas. They first make tests to see if the fungas was potentially combustable, for this would greatly reduce the difficulty of the matter depending on whether this was true or not. During that, they try to think up different flaming objects. Torches were an obvious one, perhaps making a flaming club to bash things with. Second was lighting the arrowheads of arrows, which could be shot en masse into a blung horde. Finally, they think of the soot that had been on Old One Eye. Only one thing made soot. Things that BURN. They consider sending an expedition of miners and militia into the tunnels to find the source of the soot, but only if the other two ideas couldn't be done, for the aged scout had warned of many things lurking in the caves.

Rolling for finding any sort of sign of civilized life in the desert, improving understanding of mathematics, making 'war torches', and creating fire arrows.
Looks like you might've found the Altume
rolled 7, 2 = 9

The explorers are more than appreciative of the gift, they only wonder what it is. They have Anya translate for them: "A generous offer, and what gift would you grant to a band of travelers you've only just met?" Hopefully asking this will not be cosntrued as an offense.

The Korobushka hermits sit down and calmly explain all that they can, about everything the young rider asks of these simple monks. Much of what she asks concerns the temple.
She is told the story of Chovit, the boy who went up to the mountain, and who came down with wisdom aplenty. The rider also hears of the Famine, and the conditions it wrought upon the Korobushka people.
It grows late and she is told to return, before the weather gets worse. She returns over the course of perhaps a week, maybe two. She learns of the Hashlimévish, and the words of Chôvit. She is told of the structure of the clans, and the role of the Voice of the Mountain. This rider learns everything about the Korobushka faith and history.

Nothing, it should be noted of tactics, capabilities, technologies, or any other information that could provide a tangible obvious tactical benefit. Only cultural info. The rider, to her credit, drinks the knowledge in and learns quickly.
She even gains a better grasp of the Búshkīt language, such as grammatical structures and the various tenses. A very informative trip, and hopefully a sign of such peaceful and positive interactions in the future between these two peoples.

Rolling for:
1) translations with the Elen (a one would mean they offend, everything probably means they just come off dull-witted
2) more progress on the monastery on top of Búskôchôvit
The Grim Bark clan entered and took the ribbons for fishing and hunting. It seems that the Grim Bark members have learned to capture the biggest fishes way off the coast casting their nets between two ships and trailing it behind them.

The clanless entered and took the ribbons for Kirunna breeding and Food growing. The Kirunna herd grows smaller. But this is overshadowed by a clanless discovery of planting and harvesting Paari Grass and Busharri. The ancient oatmeal all but forgotten by the clans soon becomes a regular food sample again.

In the Arena the fighters clash. In the semi-final Isemir faces off against an Earthshaking fighter. Isemir is bested and the Earthshaker advances to the next round. The fighter waits in the entrance hall before the nest match.

Hulys comes to the fighter and says, "You have done well, but you must lose this next fight and give this ribbon to the Altume. Otherwise the Altume will have no ribbons and be shamed by their performance in Paloibaril. Especially in the Arena. Eden will prosper so long as the Altume think they are the strongest. Lose today and I will offer you a comfortable position in my staff."

From behind him Isemir speaks up, "You Fool!" Isemir throws Huly against the arena wall, "The Altume care not for ribbons or status. Throwing this fight will not be honorable to them and will insult them. Look most of the pilgrims are enjoying Paloibaril for its feasting. Don't sour their meat." He looks to the fighter, "Go and fight like Drogol trained you."

It is a close melee between the Altume and Earthshaker. He pins the Altume in a arm lock. Just before the winning blow, he looks up at Isemir and Hulys in the arena audience. The struggling fighter in his arms says, "Finish me; it has been a wonderful day to fight. But I want to get back to eating."

He does so, and the Earthshaker takes the ribbon.

After the fights the followers of the Dream shrine perform. They wear large masks and dance on the arena sands. During the performance of the Earthshaking Grub, the Founder and the Shaman step onto the elevated platform that represents the Dreaming. Another actor jumps from behind the platform carrying a wood planked shaped like a giant grub.

Suddenly the whole arena shakes. The effect is so impressive the actors receive a standing ovation. Although they have no idea how it was done, the actors bow.

That night the Eleni of Eden went to bed with eachother without regard for clan or birthplace. They made a promise to continue existing as one people.
Anya translates the Elder's response as, "A way to leave without troubling us anymore." The explorers are taken down and presented with a canoe and some rations. Anya again translates the Elder, "Leave and bring back the boat."
I could use some roll results too.
Me three
Me four
((Sorry folks, fuckin blew my guts out with a super neat hernia out the belly button. sweet.))
With a shan meer controlling it, a phrosthesis kicks so hard that a flesh singer get a collapsed ribcage. ((roll for life saving surgery)). The new leg as improved again in subtle ways by the artisans. Flesh singers manage to get some cave geists and are able to get then to stand still out of pure intimidation. The deep penetrating songs reveal much about general geist physiology. No cute little things are sliced up today. subject 00 is a bit insane, or at least existign in a mindset even more fay then the geist themselves. He can be trained easily enough as he is willing to learn as much as they will teach him. The research into the infected cave geists brings the flesh singers to the conclusion that the emils are somehow penetraiting thru the slime, and making contact with larger nerve clusters. It is not noticeable on the larger Lufae, but on the small cave geist, the pin sized holes are more noticeable, especially with them bleeding after a removal of a symbiote. The cave geists while happy to be pets, are not as stupid as previously thought. They can learn simple language and are reasonably smart. Still they are often ignored due to their small size and subservience to the larger geist. Farming goes well, with guidance from the korobushka new crops are planted and grow bountiful with the geist able to find the best locations to plant them easily. The excess grain is going to be fed to the tribe's various "livestock" but perhaps they can barter with the schwirm.
The lupo statue is built not out of command, but out of respect for his strong and fair guidance of the tribe. The ill fated scouts are besieged once more, the youngest scout was killed by a ravenous schwar swarm. None could arrive in time to aid him. As they mourned they found themselves close to the ocean. But first it was time to hunt for food. ((please roll for hunting in your next post.)) Yetu Mahali expands towards its sister city, while Udongo does not. Resources were diverted to quickly build a large stone road to Mwepesi.
Cloth is a handy material, and the puruu soon find this out. On long trips into dry areas it can help keep you moist. Good for bandaging injuries, or making wrappings for handles. Some even make simple hammocks out of strips of cloth, or long alge strand ropes with torn scraps dyed in various colors as decorative flags. Dye is discovered as well, the puruu excitedly smashing up anything that was colorful to see what would stain, and what would not.
Sounds rough, hope you get better soon, ng.
The new platforms are a success and now spears can be thrown with impunity. There is a good fight down in that chasm, and the logeadz are gonna go fuck whatever is down there up, and take their skulls! Initial contact with the blug goes well, however these blung are more entrenched then the first cluster they historically fought. Many blung die, and old warriors find good last fights.
The scouts continue on untill they wander near the altume lacorra outpost. Already the desert is giving way to life, and the scouts find some water and food on the new and open plains. Math is hard, but the engineers are determined. ((the dreamrot has nothing to do with the blung, its a seperate entity that infects forests, but the problem is actually that it attracts the fungal Cedya creatures. Going into a "dream forest" the air is choked with spores that will cause the schwirm to hallucinate. Flaming war torches were invented a while ago, with your long forgotten bladed war shovel)) The forest will not burn on its own accord easily. The burning arrows are simply bits of flammable cloth wrapped behind normal arrowheads. They fly, the burn, they stab. perfect!
A blacksmith looks at one of the logead visitors to the village and asks if the traveler will be of assistance to an old worker. The logead is not too interested until it is explained that this is a feat of strength that is required. After some explanation the smith has the logead merrily pounding out steel ingots into preformed swords. After a hard days work he lets the logead make his own large sword. ((bronze, roll to see how good this large sword turns out. its a one of, so if more are to be made of metal, it must be with oamenii's blessing as its likely his tribe giving you metal for more cathedral plates and meat.))
If you are missing some roll results, just let me know, and either Poe, IG, or myself will get to them. In the coming days I may be around less.

Results required

With the discovery of metal, the tribe manages to lash together solid logs and metal spikes of schwirmite with chain. The puruu slaves toil in the water building new boats endlessly. Some are not the most sound, but the volume they are cranked out in makes up for it. powered by? oars and a drummer, with complimentary whips. Only the most elite, or powerful are equipped with new metal weapons, they will be a very large rarity on the field. This lack of equipment did not stop the frenzied deployment by sea to the south. They were many, perhaps legion, and though a few boats capsized the survivors swam to the coast to march on foot. The northern staagtgreich villages are in danger, and have very short time to fortify. The drums of war sing loud today.
Sent you a mailed reply yesterday, nongent- seems that even in holidays I am busy. Hope you get well soon.

That is a shame to hear ng. I hope you are ok and that you can find the time to join us again.
Bump, any more rolls unanswered yet?
Well, I didn't want to bug him if he was sick, but here: >>20393681, I rolled a 2 for further progress on building the temple.
The Elder thinks for a while, then tells the Shwirms that they can have some supplies to last a few days, but no more. (feel free to add upon this, APoe).
The monastery-building was hit by a sudden blizzard; in some part of the monastery, the accumulated snow had partially melted and then refroze into ice, and this broke some of the stone foundation of the monastery. A bit of the western part collapsed, and took half a dozen worker Shwirms with it. The rest of the workers are now exposed to the elements. Shwirms are hardy, but they have never experienced such cold before.
Thanks, IG, though for for future reference the temples being made with wood, as the Korobushka haven't begun using stone as a building material yet.
Oh well, ice damage does even worse things with wood. All in all, the west part of the monastery collapsed, taking half a dozen workers with it, and leaving the other shwirms open to the cold.
rolled 7, 12 = 19

While the crew isn't aware of it, Anya senses something was off, and asked the Elen to repeat his comment. Hopefully, by listening a bit harder she can glean his meaning a bit better. That just sounded fucking hostile, you know?

Clan Rúhaj breeders continue with their dusya, who grow better, faster, stronger, with each generation. Soon, perhaps, they shall become smart enough to be used as mounts.

Rolling for:
1) Anya trying again with the Elen.
2) Breeding some smarts into the Dusya.

Well, I knew blung were attracted to areas by the spread of some fungas, so I assumed dreamrot was that fungas.

With the blung slowly advancing towards the city, the officers were considering simply burning down the forest to halt their progeress. But they had been informed Log'Eads were living in the forests, and that their Nag'Ber'Ek allies had even placed a city there, so making a forest fire was certainly out of the question. However, the blung still needed to be prepared for, so more soldiers were beginning to be drafted once again, and more blacksmiths are trained for greater production of equipment.

The engineers continue to develop mathematics.

Additionally, other engies attempt to have the carpenters create small cog wheels rather than the large plate-sized ones they were currently making, for there was little use for the large ones they were currently making. Or, at least no use in the projects they were currently trying to work on.

Rolling for making more armor & weapons, improving mathematics, and creating small cogs.

(Okay, could I get a map showing where the stranded scouts are right now? It would really help for choosing what to do next)
rolled 11, 1, 12 = 24


File: 1345474939404.png-(54 KB, 274x134, you are here.png)
54 KB
the second time around she understands a little more. The Elen just have a very strong and harsh dialect. the words are still a bit confusing if it talks fast. The new Dusya are smarter now, no longer rolling around in their own feces or smacking their heads into fence posts for hours. They are...refined creatures.
The flames of industry burned bright in the Oamenii villages, and a modest amount of new armor was cranked out. The concepts of math continue to elude the schwirm, who's lead mathematician recently committed suicide via abacus. Even without mathmatics, wooden gears are now smaller things, the size of fists and heads, instead of cart wheels. The black smith look at these gears, all of them, and get ideas. ((black smith wish to make a form of billow to stoke the flames, operated by a foot pump, while lumberjacks want to use a rope and hand crank to make a large whirling saw to cut the logs into planks with the assistance of the blacksmiths. in short: feel free to roll for the pulley, billows, and industrial saw, its more of a fluff thing, but its the fluff that brings the place to life. as it stands now i just see your tribe doing a lot of hard work by hand, having gears, but not using them at all. with a pulley and gears, what other aspects of life can be improved? what of your neighbors and their own labors?))
File: 1345475160382.png-(13 KB, 262x257, Volkolai.png)
13 KB
Laughing my ass off at that. Oh dusya, you so silly.

Well, I was trying to make more manageable gears because frankly, how do you make an industrial saw with gears the size of a shwirm's torso? That's only practical with lumber mills, and I don't have a river to do something like that. Meanwhile, I don't know much about blacksmithing at all, and so I haven't even heard of a billow before. And you also need a source of fuel to work things like chainsaws and drills, but wood isn't the easiest thing to carry around in the world, and it would be counterproductive to use a machine that runs on wood to cut down wood, and no, I don't have coal. So I'm sorry for whatever I'm doing wrong, this is my first ever tribal game.

Oamenii actions in next post.
One day, as the engineers were continuously bickering about mathematics like a bunch of no-life geeks, several of the different working class walk into the workshop.

"No, I am telling you, 2*4=8! Even an idiot could understand that!"
"No, it's 6, dumbass! Where'd you get your ideas from, a tree?"
A lumberjack, one of the intruders, speaks up. "Ahem. Engies? Could you spare a moment?"
"We are quite busy here, so if you don't mind-"
"All I hear is a bunch of nerds with hard-hats bickering about numbers while we're out in the blazing sun. If you don't mind, we have some ideas for you to work on."
"Oh. Do go on then."
"Well, we workers have seen these... cogs, you call them, and we have some ideas you could do to make our lives much, much, easier. First of all, Mr. blacksmith here," He points at a shwirm covered in soot and a hammer, who waves. ",he's thought up of some contraption, let's just call it a billow here, and he wants it to help keep the fires strong without blowing all over the fire. And frankely, it's fucking embarressing to see a bunch of shwirm gathered around a fire blowing on it to keep it alive."
"Next up, we got Miss Gardener here." He points at another shwirm, with a bag and some sort of hat. ",She has an idea to help plant seeds without bending down with her ground to the face all day. Well, it's basicly a cart pulled by two crunchas that automatically has seeds fall down onto the ground from the back, but at a controlled rate."


"Finally you have me, who is a lumberjack, as you can tell by my axe. I have something that will allow me to not have to hack at a tree all day just to get it to fall. I call it a saw. Utilizing the wheels, these cogs you have, and that ropes from the Log'Eads, maybe you could make something crank-operated that cuts through trees like a sword through flesh."
"Well, that's all the ideas we have right now, but I'm sure working on them would be a lot more productive than talking about... whatever it is you were screamning about. Adios."

"Well, engies? Let's get to work."

The scouts decide as a whole that south wasn't going to get them anywhere, if the cliff had been anything to point out. They had seen some sort of hill far up north, and were sure such a place would give them a nice vantage point to decide where to go from there.
rolled 6, 17, 18, 11, 7 = 59


Far off from the engineer workshops, in the trading depot in the middle of a road, traders were beginning to see that their metal weapons were a very fast-selling commodity. Some go to the blacksmiths, and catch them gathered around the fire with their faces in the heat. The traders ask what they're doing and the smiths leap up as if they just got catched snuffing crack. The traders give them a weird look before requesting them to make some Log'Ead sized greatswords and tools. They barter for a bit to settle the deal before the two groups return to their work.

Rolling for inventing billows, the seed-planting cart, and the industrial saw. Also rolling for travelling to the hills and making metal Log'Ead tools to trade with.
File: 1345478351027.jpg-(55 KB, 500x653, true-story[1].jpg)
55 KB
I shit you not, I had a friend tell me that math was not real. It's not even like he was talking about "imaginary numbers". In an argument I told him: Anon, some things are just true, like... 2+2=4. It's just reality.

He proceeded to argue with me. About 2+2=4. It was then that I decided that his Creationism had finally rotted the entirety of his brain.
File: 1345479597301.png-(780 KB, 671x879, Invasion.png)
780 KB
rolled 11, 1, 16 = 28

Northern forces are divided so that 2/5 are sent to trading outpost and 3/5 continue to northern village. Forces that are marching along the coast would attack western colony. They advanced with such speed that they could begin siege sooner than planned and assault trading post right away as it doesn't have protective walls around it.

Rolling for Siege (decease among attackers, deserters, food shortages etc) in Northern village, Siege in Western colony and assault to forest trading post.

Staatgreich should also make same rolls to see his success in siege and defense of trading post.
File: 1345480738906.jpg-(18 KB, 450x300, Rude French.jpg)
18 KB

Of course good roll in siege means that siege goes well. And as we see the western siege does not go well at all.
rolled 1, 5, 14, 19, 14 = 53

With the food supply running dangerously low, the northern scouting expedition has sent a few members out to look for food. Hunting, gathering, it does not matter. They need food to survive. Rupol the Scribe has begun having strange visions and dreams, hearing bits of talk about the Chasm being a holy place, about how the River had abandoned them, hearing arguments of moving to the Great Flat Waters. It is all so confusing to Rupol, who has no idea what the Great Flat Water is, and who has never seen any moving body of water larger than the creek in Yetu Mahali.

Nguni and a few of the other militia members in the northern expedition decide to hike out and investigate this great, roaring thing that is the ocean. They decide to call it Maji Hasira, The Angry Water.
((What are the effects of salt water on Puruu biology?))

Back in Yetu Mahali, Eldest Leader Caesar has taken Brutos in as a close confident, foolishly believing that Brutos will be their for support no matter the situation. Caesar demands that Elder Kario relinquish control of Fort Mwepesi, as a token of servitude. Kario spits in Caesar's face and heads back to Mwepesi to continue working on defenses. Furthermore, Caesar has demanded that all militia members swear an oath of fealty to the Eldest Leader above all else.

In Udongo, the newly appointed Elder Yazmo has decided that the scouts sent north are probably dead. To make up for this failure, new scouts are sent west to look for anything interesting or worthy of mention.

Rolling for-
Hunting in the Lub Forest
Investigating the Ocean
Building more defenses at Fort Mwepesi ((crenelated battlements, a moat, anything.))
The effectiveness of Caesars Oath-Swearing demand
Scouting to the West
Look at all these critical failures...
The second time Anya talks with the Elder she understands a little more. The Eleni language can seem hostile because it is mostly deep bellows. This time she translates the message as "Have a vessel to travel down the river easier. Have some supplies and return quickly with stories. The boat may not last long so remember to return it."

She goes on to describe her people trying to be more hospitable, "We are the Iminye. I am Aelah, Elder. I can tell that these two shwirms are foreigners. Explorers? One of ours, Fali, was great explorer. He traveled to the east and named the seas Firil, after his father. He discovered wealthy lands and water people that drink blood to the north."

This next part seems like an invitation or offer, "You explore Firil sea we trade in future?" She offers the shwirm a clear container filled with water and leaves, "For foreign shwirm sickness. We saw you come into our forest being sick. This will help."
File: 1345490988132.png-(98 KB, 686x496, Zarhatəbushk Monastery i(...).png)
98 KB
rolled 13, 18, 20 = 51

nongent already got to it, but thanks, anyway, poe.

Lovish and Kailarik are told the accurate translations (given to me by Apoe): "We would like to aid you in your travels. A vessel to leave our village easily. We wish you luck in your travels but bring the boat back else it will break." Much less grumpy sounding than the previous version, no? Anyway, now with these extra boats, the Korobushka Corps of Discovery (KCoD, or just "the Corps") can continue on their journey. Lovish, curious as to Anya's knowledge, begins having her teach him some of the basics of her people's language. Sharbnuyit also ends up learning, both by attending these sessions and in daily conversation with his wife. How many of these involve explaining the difference between a playful nibble between lovers and having a midnight snack consisting of your husband's shoulder meat, went unrecorded.

The monastery, now named Zarhatəbushk (Mountain's Crown) suffers greatly from the setbacks. Upon hearing of the tragedy, much of the city of Korobushka bands together to assist in the construction, wood is donated and hauled to the peak. The monastery now has *double* the workers it did before, with individuals taking shifts, one works on one day, the other the next, and so on and so forth. This way folks can contribute without exhausting themselves to the point they're too tired to provide for their families.

Rolling for:
1) Further progress downstream (headed north) on the river, one month of travel time.
2) What do they find there?
3) With the entire bloody town working, let's see what two years of collective cooperation can accomplish atop the peaks of the mountain.
rolled 7, 18, 18 = 43


The defense of forest trading post seems hopeless but the defenders are ready to die for their family. The attack from the west came as surprise to the defenders of western colony. Good this is that western colony is the newest village so it has "modern" walls and architecture so it can withstand attack quite well. Northern village is not so new but it is big town so they have many defenders and walls are sturdy.

Rolling for siege of northern village, siege of western colony and defense of forest trading outpost.

The Singers try to quickly save their comrade, using the knowledge they obtained from studying the cave geists.
The Flesh Singers attempt to develop more refined ways of controlling the "muscles" of the artificial leg, they try to use the information obtained about the nature of the emils to their advantage.
Feeding the emils in the bags is tiresome to the Singers, so they begin to develop a system of tubes that would feed the emils inside the bags directly.

The Singers also continue to study the Shwirms. The way the emils restored the brains of subject 00 intrigue the Singers. They begin to experiment on the effects of the emils on the shwirms further, even going so far to remove the brains of the weakest of their subjects, and placing them in pools of emils slime just to observe what happens.

The Shan Meer try to develop a way of getting around the fact that the Emils slime tends to "erode" the emils shells away when in contact with it. This is because the trait tends to complicate working with emils. They attempt many different methods, some try to heat up the shells, others try to apply some sort of harness on the shells, to keep the slime from contacting the shell itself.
rolled 9, 20, 13, 8, 4, 6, 3, 15 = 78


Some of the artisans in Kun Kaat have gotten their hands on the artificial muscles of the Flesh Singers. They begin to device simple pulley systems that use these muscles as their power source. These pulleys could be used to ease the construction efforts of the tribe.

The exploration and charting of the caverns continues. Some of the most courageous of the explorers decide to open up the sealed of passage that was uncovered when the Lufae first tried to construct their great tunnels connecting the villages.

Fa Kaath villagers decide that it is high time to scout out the nearby blung horde again. After all, the whole settlement was originally established to monitor the blungs.

Rolling for:
Saving the injured Singer.
Refining the control mechanism of the artificial muscles.
Developing a feeding system for the emils muscles.
Continued Shwirm and Emils research.
Developing ways of keeping the emils shells from eroding in contact with the emils slime.
Developing pulley systems.
Charting the great underground caverns.
Scouting the blungs.
rolled 11, 17 = 28

The hunters want to go down into the crack, to hunt the beasts that live there, but they don't have first clue how to get down there. Someone suggest tying very long ropes, but no ones even used a rope for climbing anything yet, so that's laughed off. They split into two groups, one heading south, the other north, to see if there are any slopes that go down gently to the bottom of the canyon. (there's cave dwelling creatures down there right? Cause I want to kill 'em)

rolling for Finding a way down to the north, and to the south
Has the earthquake happened yet? I accidentally wrote it up in the post, it's interwined within my rolls so i'd have to scrap the post entirely and write up a new one. If it hasn't happened yet when?
Posting and reposting, trying to get better rules is cheating and bad form, Bronze. We do notice when you do it. I sure hope you had a good reason for that...
It's already happened, but instead of a huge continent-breaking gash it's just something the size of Grand Canyon, speaking of its width. The volcanic activity is still there, though.
So, canyons with Lava?

Nah, the lava's kinda separate, they're outside the canyons. Although, you may find that in some places, hardened lava exist on the bottom. Towards the south end of the crack, seawater floods in, while in some places in the crack the water reservoir flooded out and left freshwater puddles and streams on the canyon floor.

Much like the Caverns of Suursonnabu, the Crack is varying in dangers. But what dangers await? We'll find out later, hohoho.
File: 1345529660468.png-(141 KB, 470x600, mountaintop-monk_01.png)
141 KB
Bumping with picture of Zarhatəbushk monk. Poor little guy, covered in snow.

That sounds good ng, hopefully you are feeling better.
Anyways, I will try to draw nore things this evening, as well as ad more stuff to the other aspects of the Lufae tribe, as I have been focusing on the flesh singers quite lot lately.

One more thing. The blungs have had plenty of time to build up their strength. The hordes should be more active across the continent.
Also, aren't there cedyas in the mountains. The brawler ones. Really, there are cedyas in quite many environments. I find it strange how little part they have played thus far.
I would like to have some sort of encounter to spice things up.
Yes, the caverns of Suursonnabu are the same ones the shwirms and geists develop from. I'll just say that it's a vast, continent-spanning network of caverns, one entrance of many is located in Oamenii lands. There may or may not be one in your own back yard. The caverns contain not only creatures and plants endemic to the caves, but also vast mineral wealth. Purite, shwirmite, ashdust rocks, hitherto unknown ores and crystals... it's full to the brim with possibilities.

I figure that Lufae are also exploring the same caverns. They just entered it from one of the large chasms.
>>20401304 -Oamenii/Katumoiset
Billows were not made, but accordions were, polka music developed shortly after! The simple seed dispenser works well, and the crops now require much less work to plant. Chomper teams drag fallen logs to the saws, where a pedal driven blade makes short work of the logs, turning them into lumber. The journey was cut short, and logeadz tools were decided to be of less importance then the schwirm putting their new inventions into action.
The seige of the Staatgreich was going as well as one could hope, ((bonus for troop movement)), those outside the city were captured without death, and dragged off to the slave holds of the boats. The norther village gave as good as it got, and the fight was a stalemate slightly favoring the invaders. The western colony was unexpectedly defensible, and despite the best attempts to seige it, they gave up and converged with the attackers of the trading post, suffering only minimal losses of cannon fodder slave troops.The trading post was in for a world of hurt. ((see the counter rolls))
>>20402953 -urupuruu

Trials continued to beset the tribe, and yet another member of the expedition was lost to the ferocity of the jungle, they even managed to screw up and throw a spear into a puruu hawk. The creature crashed into the ground, and they decided to make the most of a kill that would go to waste otherwise. All over its body were little polyps like a Maw Puruu. Potential young. They could be useful to the tribe, so the hunters scraped the little buds into a jar with some water, and stored them for later. the death of their friend was upsetting, and they had to attend to a burial ritual that sadly devolved into ceremonial cannibalism due to the lack of food. They all carried a deep guilt with them. Some even claimed to hear echoes of his memories for hours after the grim feast. Fort Mwepesi gains strange rolling hills carved into the very ground, as if a ripple were frozen around the city. It would slow down attackers and allow the defenders to rain down ranged death, or even flood the numerous rippled depressions. The shallow hills would impede boats, and the deeper clefts hinder infantry. Loyalty is absolute, but not fanatical worship. The tribe scouts to the west, encountering open plains and strange never before seen creatures. What lies beyond?
>>20403357 -Korobushka/ staatgreich
The river branches many ways, and the team heads ever deeper into the unfamiliar waterways of the lub forest. Encounter with a tribe of little jelly like creatures happens, they are pink and...seemingly on edge over something, with many recent fortifications to their otherwise simple village present. ((drawbro, fortune, you are go.)) The Monastery grows incredibly large, becoming an ancient wonder of the world. Towering six stories tall on top of a mountain, with another four story turret (tower) jutting from the peak of the building. The wyverns of the Lufae occasionally roost on its peaks.
Requesting a description of the strange creatures, as well as a description of the ((assumed)) demils that had been besieging Mwepesi earlier.
>>20403684 -staatgreich/Katumoiset
The northern outpost takes a savage beating, and is partially sacked. about a third of the towns considerable population is dragged off into the night, never to be seen again, while half the city burns. The western colony held its own, driving the attackers off holding their own. The bravest fighters rushed to the aid of the northern village. If not for them, the village may have been lost. The trading outpost endures a last stand not seen before, outnumbered, they held their own in the walls of the outpost. Savage fighting from house to house, with the defenders selling their lives dearly. Roaring war puruu beasts charged into their lines with massive log clubs, while waves of worthless slave soldiers provided a vanguard for the advancing slaver elites clad in metal armor....when morning rolled around, the slavers had not taken a single innocent from the trading outpost, as all were dead. The last schwirm defender had rammed a spear into the gut of an elite slaver, who had in turn impaled him with his sword. The bodies were slumped against eachother, standing, amongst all the carnage and death as the sun began to rise....This tribe was not worth the effort to travel so far, and loose so many, even if worthless, for so few gained. The law of the chain would not rule here yet.
>>20403897 - lufae
The singer is holding onto life, but the help is only prolonging the inevitable, in desperation they start to cut out the most critical components of the near dead geist. The brain and spine, the branching nerves. Carefully they strung their former companion's remains around and into a simple emils test and demonstration dummy, the abomination twitched, walked, and flailed, crashing into a wall, and ripping at itself. No song. They made a songless, of their own kind. They were amazed at their discovery and horrified at their blasphemy all the while subject 00 laughed with pure amusement. Several days later the artisans figured out how to use ground up plant matter from the new crops to feed the emils. Supplement with a little flesh, all ground into a slurry and pumped into a tube. It was easy. Several schwar fall over dead, while others regain their mind like 00 did. Rage, and familiar things happen. These ones were restrained. The dead were liquified to feed the emils and hide all evidence. This distracted the team from figuring out any viable method to contain the emils from each other. An artisan attempts to make a pulley, but his pet cave geist is too damn cute, and is busy hopping all over his work. The underground caverns claim many lives. Blung horde is currently at war with the southern logeadz and schwirm...well they are at war with it. It is simply leaching the land.
>>20405962 -Nag Ber'ek
((here is whats gonna happen, you are gonna take what i give you, and stop trying to cheat the system. I thought we were cool. I made some scribbes for you, and this bullshit is what i get? if you just want to fight and win all the time, tell me, and i will give it, im here for you. if you are bored of the game, let me know, and we can work something out. If you want to keep playing, that will tickle me, and make the world a richer place, but the rolls afford me a way to tell a story.))

The caverns were alive with geothermal activity. From them came giant Demils and Wemils, slaughtering all but a handful of either exploration party. The survivors retreated to their camp, telling stories of how ineffective their weapons were, of how impenetrable their foes hide was, and of how big their heads were. they are huge, that means they have huge skulls. RIP AND TEAR!!! They are gonna need some help on this one. The schwirm may be of benefit. ((also you never rolled for the result of the smith crafting the one off sword for the logead))
they find the beasts of the open plains. the gesh in their various forms, the cathedrals, and kiruna, the flyers high above. The bouncing schwirm tearing thru the lower ground like a pack of living superballs. At night they see laserbord hiding out near the deep brush.

Waiting for result for this conflict
Isn't that to the east of my tribe? The Plains, I mean.

I thought I scouted west back towards the river?
Altume-Waiting for your results man.
Nad, if you want to take on the roll of the blung to harass people we can get into it later, but for now i have to go back to sleep.

Same with the Fayakiin, i would like to give them love, but right now im busy with everything else. They are nobodies and every bodies tribe to contribute to and play with.
Ruufaya- You have an encounter going on with fortune in his post reply. feel free to investigate. ((ideally if you want to send a minion to tag along with him, i think that would be fucking awsome. i will treat him like queequeg meets high adventure.))
"In Udongo, the newly appointed Elder Yazmo has decided that the scouts sent north are probably dead. To make up for this failure, new scouts are sent west to look for anything interesting or worthy of mention."

yeah i fucked up there, but im going to bed. two choices, either your scouts scouted well, but went the wrong way, or replace the result i gave you with this.

"the scouts went west, and discovered a large large river, leading to a massive lake. the journey took days, but it was worth it. They return with captive aquabat young." aquabats are aggressive sources of meat.
File: 1345560714608.png-(65 KB, 409x500, Water Emil.png)
65 KB

oh. nothing then.

The cataclysmic events that happened to southern continent are showing results. As we all know the earthquakes caused water to gush out of the cavers all over the continent. With the water came another species of emil to haunt all living creatures. Water emil uses water to ambush unwary creatures and suffocate them.

Image is Artists view of them but like all other "elemental" Emils they come in many sizes and shapes.
This man,

I love this man.
next chance we get, we have to repost the fissure event
rolled 20, 16, 1, 1, 13, 12, 8, 19, 3 = 93


With the majority of projects handed out by the workers done, the engineers decided to work on their own. With their new head-sized gears they attempted to incorperate them into their prosthetics. There was also requests sent to thr governer to autherize the construction of the equivilent of a small apartment to help cope with the growing population. And, of course, there were the guys in the back bickering about math as if their lives depended on them being right.

Still, the blacksmiths, amongst themselves, built upon the workings of the accordian, and attempted to create the billow themselves, since the engineers were now clearly too busy to help.

Meanwhile, in the workshops, the bowyers, carpenters, and blacksmiths worked with some engineers and attempted to create what they were referrring to as an automatic bow, utilizing the Log'Ead ropes/strings, gears, and levers in an attempt to make a weapon that didn't take several years to get good at using.

Polka music becomes increasingly popular among the villages, and many other instruments are thought up to compliment the amazing accordian.

Rolling for improving prosthetics with gears, improving mathematics, inventing billows, inventing the cho ku nu, inventing the guitar, the harp, the drums, the violin, and the flute.

Also, still need results of the stranded scouts trying to make it to the hills.
You mean repost what happened for a refresher or have another earthquake altogether?

Yay! A 20- wait, is that an 11, or did I just roll two 1s back to back?

rolled 15, 5, 8 = 28

I did not. And I don't want to because I don't like that sword. It just doesn't look like something the Nag Ber'ek can craft from cathedral plates, because earlier rolls for making swords meant we learned that cathedral plate isn't good for long, thin stuff. No longswords of cathedral plate for me. Cathedral plate may be a staple of Nag Ber'Ek life, but it can't do everything.

Speaking of cathedral plates, lets try and find some alternatives to that. Cathedrals don't molt every year, so I'll try for a new source of material, especially building. But before I can get wood, Nel Palka must be made safe.

A few hunters are sent to Nag Palka to gain more warriors to smash these blung. The Chieftains are alarmed by the fact that there are blung near their new home, after they left the northen parts of the plains to get away from the blungs. They are relieved however, to learn that they aren't facing an entire horde, and only the advance wave. They hope that if they kill these blungs off one by one, they can slowly destroy the whole horde. Warriors are armed and grouped into three parties of two dozen each. They head south to Nel Palk, and from there they disperse to hunt the blungs.

Rolling for warband one, warband two, warband three

>Nat 20 for prosthetics
The Iminye have not progress much over the last generation, most of their resources were geared towards the success of Eden. Iminye Edenites travel the road to trade and reconnect with relatives. This happens less since the Iminye have become distant cousins connected only by clan. Due to the increased blung activity towards the north, there are plans to migrate away and colonize the Firil sea.

Aelah leads the tribe alone. She is pleased with the success of Eden but worries about the future of her tribe members.

In Eden Hulys has retired and returned to the dreamtime. His last words reflected the fact that he worried about much in his life. He told his Earthshaker family and friends that Eden was their city and not to let Altume bully them. He was buried in the West Graveyard so that he could go ahead and lead this people in the next life. Eden is now faced with a choice; they must either replace him with another Iminye clan member or abolish the position. They could create a head councilman that combines both Altume and Iminye positions to lead the council.
The Eden guard has grown to require the division of different platoons. The first platoon type is made up of warriors train with Altume tactics. These are the frontline soliders that take and defend positions. The second are the skirmishers trained with Iminye tactics. They harass the target with hit and run tactics wearing it down for the warriors. The third are bowmen that attack at range using slingbows *and archery bows.

With the advancement of potent potions, teams of military apothecaries are developed into the field to save casualties with Health Drink. *The apothecaries also coat the arrowheads of bowmen with Shadow Drink, so that a hit the target walks away from knocks them out instead.

Some female Eleni are also seen on the field. They want to protect their mate which is commendable but foolish to the guard. They are regulated into support positions such as bowman and military apothecary.

*Angrydorf, this happens if bow technology is brought into Eden, I'm leaving it up to you.
rolled 20, 2, 14, 1 = 37

Over time Vylona loses her mind completely to the Dreaming. She degenerates into a mad oracle. One of her followers, a clanless hyper-male named Locien, takes her position as head Priest at the Dreaming temple. She is kept away from the public eye while Locien claims to interpret her wisdom.

At the university, potion experiments have become divided. The first school handles alchemical research and theory expanding the knowledge first started by Halin. They are also responsible for teaching the different levels of potions from elementary to theory. The second school teaches the application of apothecary sciences. They are responsible for keeping the health of the Eden population and servicing the military with their own apothecaries.

At the harbor, two clanless teams are in competition. They seek to be the first to circumnavigate the coast. Headed by Cilion going south and Manien going north. Cilion's plan is to use the Altume Ocean village as a first beach, and then make it as far as he can following the coast. While Manien is going to try reaching Fali's furthest point and discover a waterway to the Iminye, from there he will travel as far as his team can along the coast beyond the Fali straits.

Another exploration team has discovered the ground cracked open to the south. They wish to bring an armed escort as they go cave diving.

rolling for
closeness of blung horde to Iminye (1 is at door step)
Cilion's exploration resupply at the Altume Ocean Village
Manien's exploration to Fali's furthest point
Petitioning council for armed escort into caves
File: 1345585533528.png-(23 KB, 800x600, Brain case walker.png)
23 KB

The blasphemous experiment on their injured kin revealed something revolutionary about the emils. The slime could sustain the organs, and more importantly carry the will of a person to the artificial muscles. This was the key to properly controlling the emils muscles. Before this, the singers had causes movements in the muscles by irritating them in controlled fashion, but now, they could truly imitate the living creatures with these muscles.
They begin further experimentation on the subject.
The Flesh Singers know that they could not truly harness this technology the way they did with their comrade. What remained of her was a mad wreck of a mind contained in an artificial cell without any sensory input, that trashed around aimlessly. No, the song would have to be preserved for this technology to work.
The Singers use both cave geists and shwirms in their experiments to further refine this technology. They try to train cave geists in controlling these artificial bodies, without dissecting them, and try to implant the torsos of shwirms on artificial legs to see how well the shwirms could use their new legs. They even decide to try to use the simple scwar creatures, hoping that they could be conditioned to follow simple commands while residing inside these artificial bodies.

The Shan Meer still try to develop distinct emils breeds, runny, thick and gel like, and one with extremely potent movements, which was a request of the singers.

The artificial muscles continue to move in other aspects of the Lufae life. The work on the pulleys continues, and some have even started developing cranes.
File: 1345585927169.png-(12 KB, 800x600, Emils crane.png)
12 KB
rolled 10, 17, 16, 2, 11, 2, 3, 14, 4, 19, 13 = 111

The exploration of the great caverns of the continent continues. The explorers led by a young brute named Deekal, seek to chart these caverns for the good of their people,

Some of the wyvern riders decide to scout the great void of the plains, as they feel that their tribe had forgotten their ancient duty of guarding the border of the void.

Fa Kaath villagers have grown suspicious of the peacefulness of their territories. They fear that the songless might be up to something, so they decide to scout out both the Nag Ber'ek and the Oamenii.

Ilith has grown old and weary, but as her last project, she decides to write down all of her discoveries on braille tablets, hoping that they would help future generations. Many of her pupils decide to help her, and the project's goal quickly turns into making a great reservoir of knowledge for the tribe.

Lufae have begun farming the crops that the Korobushka gifted them in order to feed their massive amounts of emils slime. Both Lua Kae and Kun Kaath villages are attempting to set up their own farms.

>Diplomatic stuff.
The information that the Korobushka had domesticated blade shwirms (I am assuming that the Monks told this too to the young rider.) causes interest in the Lufae. They could raise these creatures for food and body parts, reducing the need for hunting. Aith decides to discuss the matter with the Korobuskha emissaries living in Lupai Kaath. She wishes to know what the shwirms would want in exchange of these creatures.

Rolling for:
Refining the control mechanisms of the muscles further ( 3 rolls.)
Developing distinct emils breeds.
Working on pulleys and developing a crane.
Charting the caverns.
Exploring the plains.
Scouting (2 rolls)
Farming (2 rolls)
rolled 15, 6, 13, 9, 20 = 63

Back from my trip, and time to bring the Yapap back into things.

From absorbing the friendly tribe to the south, it was found out that the information of a large lake not far down was a misunderstanding. They had been referring to the large sea. What was to be found further down the river remains a mystery.
From cutting down lumber, there were less trees around for fixing the support lines for the roofs to. From this emerged the idea of setting thick posts in the ground.
The first village has been making pottery for many decades now, using up reserves of clay in the ground. Some patches have begun to hit thick layers of rock.
With the uncooperative tribes to the west in the way of expansion,

Rolling for improving building construction, expedition heading up-river (south), how well the clay deposits around the first village are holding up, and if there is anything interesting below them (anything from minerals, to gems, to fossils, to precious metals will do), beginnings of geology, and developing some sort of ranged weaponry.
rolled 13, 17, 12 = 42

Slow progress also meant fewer mistakes for the builders to make, they continued the slow and hard work on the temple and the school. The apprentices graduate to master alchemists and work as full-time teachers for the school. The army continues to train together, trying to form a bond of brotherhood. The festival is widely loved, even by the stubborn Altume councilmen. Despite the love for it the Altume pilgrims had never experienced such competitions before, besides the arena. So they ended up failing all of the competitions.

Many of the villagers mourn the loss of Hulys. In his old age Dahmorg also steps down and is temporarily replaced with a young upstart by the name of Willan. He is the first councilman to be of true edenite blood, and is loved by the people.

Women serving as troops, an odd concept, but Eleni women were strong and ferocious on the battlefield. He took the female recruits and banded them together in what he called Maiden Guards. The maiden guards would protect wavering platoons, attracting attention to themselves. They were well armored so they could take a decent amount of punishment, and they were given spears, as their main task was to distract the enemy, and spears were perfect for the job.

(On a side note bows are given to the bowmen platoons, but the knowledge on how to create them hasn't been taught yet.)

Rolling for,
Building temple.
Building school.
Training the army.
rolled 19, 19 = 38

>Mountain Village
The ground is splitting forth! Such an event has only happened once, during the time of demons. The soldiers are called to the walls and stay on guard for many weeks until it is apparent that the demons no longer exist inside the earth. They find that the ocean is now behind them, no longer mountains. They hope the best for the eastern fellowship. The fellowship, realizing they can do nothing but push forward, scale the tallest mountain in the hopes of gaining guidance from the ancestors. The bow is celebrated by all, it is used by the hunting guild generously. The slingbows begin to shrink slightly and be strapped to the wrists of soldiers, it's now used as a support weapon rather than a purely ranged weapon. A lake is found near the village, scouts go to see if it's drinkable. The construction of a school begins in the village.

Rolling for,
Fellowship scaling the mountain.
Scouts testing the lakes' waters.
rolled 20, 19 = 39

>Ocean Village
The hunt for the tentacle monster ends, the Altume take it as a victory though, believing they scared off the monster. The artistic dagger is used for ceremonial things mainly, but can be used well as a close ranged weapon. The crafters try to create a sort of cutting edge on both sides of the daggers, to make them better at cutting. Houses and buildings now use wood for walls, floor, and ceilings, they find the material to feel soft on their feet, much more than gabai at least. The workers build a school. Adventerous Eleni board canoes and venture into the deeper parts of the ocean, to see what they may find. An Elen finds something interesting in the rocks that he wants to take out, he tries to use a sharp bone but it just breaks in his hands, desperate to extract the strange looking rock he schemes of utensils he could use to break the rock.

Rolling for,
Exploring the ocean.
Inventing pickaxe.
rolled 18, 16 = 34

>Grom's Berry Farm
A pitiful harvest is quite a downer for the farmers, but they persist, planting more and more seeds. In addition one of the tribesmen explore the nearby area.

Rolling for,
Planting more berries.
File: 1345589997380.jpg-(4 KB, 189x230, 1317339374004.jpg)
4 KB
Legendary rolls.

Legendary rolls everywhere.

Yep. Sadly for me, I had to trade in two 1s in exchange for my 20.
Well, we are legendary posters. (and humble, too)
Pfft, make that 2 a 4, and then we can talk about being sad.

The ritual cannibalization of the Urupuruu scout has had an effect on all of the party members. They blame the chasm, that horrible blackness. They blame the chasm for causing them to come this far north, so far away from their homes. It is at this point, whilst brooding in hate, Nguni the militia captain has an idea. Maji Hasira, The Angry Water, shall be their weapon. Surely there is enough water in Maji Hasira to fill that horrible crack in the ground, right? And after all, the remaining militia members still have their shovels. They shall drain The Angry Water into the chasms. But first, they need to set up a base of operations.

In Yetu Mahali, Eldest Leader Caesar continues to press Elder Kario for a gift in the form of Fort Mwepesi, and Elder Kario continues to spit in Caesar's face and walk back home.

Elder Kario is afraid of Caesar, who was never a puruu to take no for an answer. Now that Caesar is backed by nearly all of the Urupuruu's militia, Kario believes that there may be a fight between them. To be safe, even though the militia will stand with Kario, Fort Mwepesi is to be further entrenched. Perhaps a central keep, would be useful if the attackers got through the walls...

Eldest Leader Caesar also anticipates a siege at Fort Mwepesi. To this end, Brutos is ordered to develop new weapons that will be able to tear down the stone walls of the fort, but also be used effectively in combat. ((War Hammer/Pick))

Rolling for
----One for Gathering Food ((North))
----One for setting up housing((North))
----One for preparations to dig a trench from the sea to the chasm((North))
----Rolling for EVEN MORE defenses around Fort Mwepesi. Or a Keep. Turn it into a castle.
----Rolling for developing new weapons.
rolled 18, 18, 5, 10, 5 = 56

Dammit, all that and I miss my dice
The emissaries respond that the dusya, as they are called are the purview of Clan Ruhaj. While one of the emissaries is from there, he doesn't have the authority to really talk about what they could or could not offer. This said, he agrees to take their interest back home. The emissary going back home is sort of a problem, costing the clan valuable time that could have been spent gathering information. In the future, Ruhaj sends a runner to carry messages back and forth (simply committed to memory, writing has still yet to really develop for the Korobushka). When the emissary returns, he now has authority to offer and barter with any interested Lufae.
> Remember, as of yet, the Korobushka do not have coinage or other kind of currency.
They have a barter system, though the concept of pay-by-the-hour is utilized for the distribution of the Busharri grain. So, if a barter isn't an option, then perhaps they could try and earn the dusya by working for the clan or performing a service.
rolled 17, 17, 10 = 44


And of course, I forgot to roll for Ilith's library project.

I might as well make few more rolls.

The flesh singers have started to build a lair for themselves near Kun Kaath, in order to better protect themselves and their secrets. They have managed to get much needed help in building this place by trading their skils and technology.

The project to develop a way to make the emils shells resistant to the erosion caused by the living slime continues. The Shan Meer try to apply thin layers of hexis sap on the shells in order to create a protective varnish for the shell.

Rolling for:
library project.
Building a secret lair for the Singers.
Emils shell varnish research.
>Trading for skills for help in building
How is that secret anymore?
Rolls here. Don't want them getting lost
File: 1345605367839.png-(11 KB, 526x313, Predatory Runna.png)
11 KB
Made a few creatures while I was gone. I can't believe that none of us made use of the idea of predatory herbivores.
Just assume that these were always here.

In the plains, there are another offshoot of Runnas. They are both predatory and strictly herbivorous, hunting in small packs to take down young or scrawny shamblers. They are about the size of lions, and are stronger than appearances suggest. They've regained the bladed snouts of their Thudder ancestors which are used to chop their prey apart.

I just have to say that shamblers are actually plains and mountain foothill flora, not forest.

I've got another creature, but the picture is still in the works. It's a moose strida. They're large, have much thicker exoskeletons, and live around the rivers, lakes, and wetlands in the jungles to the north. They've regained antennae from their early Glund ancestry, and use them to search for food under the surface of murky waters.
The flesh singers have their ways of ensuring that their lair stays as a secret only known by those who need to know of it. These people (such as Khuna) also benefit from keeping the lair as a secret.
After a long night of drinking a group of schwirm engineers wake up to find they have discovered a relilable way to determine complex measurements, and with it, the knowledge bleeds backwards to carpenters who work with wood. The gears get smaller and finer, but the smaller wood gets the weaker it seems to be. Metal gears! a breakthrough! Small metal gears are made with new math and metal skills. The prosthetic limbs have a degree of clockwork jerky movement. Future refinements will be needed, but the current prototypes greatly benefit those with lost limbs, and in this era, there are many. ((please you use your imagination to describe how you want to refine your mechanisms with cables, more complex gears, universal joints, etc, and bleeding that technology into other aspects of the tribes life..."Behold gentlemen! the self swinging sword!")) At the largest combined blacksmithing shop and research center a tragic explosion claimed the lives and progress of many staff members. The billows and cho ku nu suffered significant setbacks. Thin spun metal strings brought foruth a wide variety of new musical instruments. The guitar and harp were born, their refined child the violin was an instrument without peer in the tribe.
The flute is near impossible to play with a hard beak and the schwirm are not so good at percussion. That is the domain of the logeadz. But with their mouth the logeadz may be able to play the flut, and the tribe considers making a gift of it.

please refresh me on the scout situation, and please explain what you want from the repost fissure event specifically.
((you completely ignored my post man, i need to know what your tribe will be doing about the fissure loss, or if they contact the Oamenii. If you are no longer interested in a social game with them, please let me know. I thought you two were working together. Next, for the sword, there was an event with the Oamenii where a logead visitor helped a smith do heavy work and in exchange offered to let him try his hand at hammering out a sword for himself. Ive also been trying to see if your tribe will trade with the Oamenii for metal weapons, etc, since the brew festival event. as for the reposting of rolls, please look at this http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/20369440/#20405962 it shows that the posts above it were manually deleted, making it look like you are trying to stack your rolls/ cheat. if thats what happened, I'm not upset, i just dont want to see it again. if I'm wrong with this, and it was something like 4chan not posting then you trying multiple times and they all came up at once and you deleted the other ones, my bad.))

The first warband fares much better then the other two, claiming many skulls for the skull throne. It is a day of honor. The other two try to probe deeper into the horde, but this time the horde is established and not just recently moved. This is the blung at the height of their power. They are nearly devastated and forced to recollect their numbers into a combined team then mount a fighting retreat.
The blung horde was far away from the settlement, and with the nature of the blung, it would be at least until the dispersion cycle of the hordes life cycle that they would be a threat. The tribe did not have to worry, but they were free to attack the fringes of the horde for hunting. Cilion's expedition is attacked by the tentacle beast of the ocean village, and the boat is ruined. ((roll for survivors to make it to shore.)) Manien makes it to fali's furthest point, but needs to continue exploring to find a suitable waterway. The council refuses any armed expedition into the caves, and refuses to ever hear on the subject again. The leader gets so mad at this he dies of a brain aneurism then and there. *FFFFFFFFFFFF* *HNGGGGGG*

New techniques result in the ability to build larger, better buildings.((multi story construction)). The expedition makes little headway, but is otherwise fine. They had to stop to kill a family of puruu bandits and loot their camp. The clay deposits will last another generations or two at best, and the tribe relaxes a little. Examination of the bare rock reveals a strange shine ((roll for result of material.)) After much tinkering a new fantastic ranged weapon is developed. Built of finely crafted wood, the compound bow compensates for the puruu's weak strength by using simple wooden cams to increase overall tension. There is room for refinement, but it is the most powerful ranged weapon on the continent currently. -- a group of foragers brings back their haul of meat, berries, and eggs. The eggs are many, and are shaking with regularity. ((related to nat 20 on ranged roll..up to you on what to do with the eggs))
The scwar are worthless for pilots, able to act spastic on a lager scale. The cave geists provide a boon to research and perhaps hope for their mad friend. By using an emils coated cave geist they are able to interface the creature with the muscles, and another experiment attempts to connect the cave geist as a slaved in sensory unit to the subject known as "blasphemy". The augmented schwirm subjects didnt ask for this, well subject 00 did. The new legs and arms work, the key is an injection of diluted emils. A flesh singer wonders if the emils nerve interface ability will allow a cave geist brain to joined to a Schwirm...subject 00 is first up. ((emils only dissolve the flesh of their host to prevent removal, and get to the nutrient rich blood easier. If already internalized the set is not needed and thus omitted by the symbiote)) Attempts to separate the emils into individual strains and development reveals more on the make up of a symbiote, but not the ability to easily separate and breed. Indeed, a savage pulse from a prototype muscle kills several workers. The pulleys and crane project was childs play compared to current research, and is easy enough. The tams sent to explore the caverns and plains are met with death, and few return to tell stories of great predators from times long forgotten making their way into the world. The farming project meets with a large surplus of grain, and an idea is formed.
Why would you waste time raising the Dusya, when you could simply trade for fully grown ones, ready to serve the Lufae's needs? Trading is pondered. The logeadz are busy fighting on multiple fronts, and not expanding. They seem content to their region. The Schwirm react with hostility to finding the scouts in their territory, fearing an attack and start to slaughter them before it is realized they are only scouts. The survivors are sent home with a familiar warning not to intrude into their territory. They will likely need to make use of the new research the tribe has created.
rolled 17, 17, 10 = 44
Ilith's library will be a focal point of tribal culture and history. The singer's research lair is well hidden, and will not be found by their own tribe easily, let alone outsiders. Containment for their freakish projects is also provided. The shell varnish makes the shells brittle, and they crack easily. However the varnish is good for wood...the wyvern riders report of the great wooden temple of the Korobushka, perhaps they would be able to use this as a preservative to reduce maintenance.

Thanks ng.
I really need to develop a way of preventing the slime emils from eroding the shells made from it.
It would ease up my plans considerably.
>>20415970 , >>20415977 , >>20415982 , >>20415996
With the aid of the altume, and their patient, deliberate technique Eden blooms. The temple is built as a center of philosophy, spiritual contemplation, and study on life, not of dogmatic superstition. The school is a great building that teaches children to adults, then directs them to their next area of learning. The army grows with the maidens, and any addition is a good one. In time male will grow used to their presence. Some researchers are interested in the Hyper males and how to get more of them to be born, without a doubt, they are physically superior, but rare in occurrence. The fellowship develops mountain climbing equipment on the go, simple foot spikes and hand claws, along with simple grappling hooks. They make good time. The water is very drinkable with a slightly odd taste, and apparently has medicinal qualities as the sick seem to get better from it. ((mineral water.)) The new canoes are actually good...quite good. Apparently a little observation on your neighbors boats goes a long way. They are not self healing, but they float, and are quick, but limited to calm coastal waters. The pick axe is developed from specially treated cement. The berry farm gets several new fields of berries planted as well as exploration into the regions near by. The new ground is fertile from the great split, and in the distance they see strange smoking hills. ((volcanoes))
The new settlement is quite far removed from the rest of the village, but they rely on each other and work with a purpose. The village is built and supplied in quick order. A large communal hut is built with a wide and shallow runuu pool in the middle. The Plains puruu keep silent watch over their new family and village. ((need name tribal name for plains puruu, and for new village, even if the rest of the tribe doesnt know about it/ gave up hope on the exploration/ assault teams)) In a separate pool they place the puruu hawk buds. The plains and regular puruu share the same spawning pool and In the coming weeks the runuus can be seen swimming about, and the little hawks are in the aquatic stage of their life. Simplified versions of their regular weapons are created locally, and they start to dig, looking for a source of clay. A leader or two needs to come fourth, and a few volunteers offer to go back to the runuu pools that were established along the way to retrieve their progeny and see if any other plains puruu can be found. Plans to start digging a massively long trench have to be side lined due to the low population. It will be a few seasons before the plan can be realized.
Fort mwepesi continues to become more and more fortified, with metal and stone work, and a deep empty moat (trench) ringed around the forming castle. Murder holes dot the structure, and a general sense of foreboding overshadows the region. Kario orders that a secret mine be dug from within fort Mwepesi, for more stone and more metal! The softer tin like purite hammers that are built do not harm stone, but work great at smashing skulls. If only there was some other metal to blend the purite with.
Please roll for: norther village population increase, puru hawk growth and domestication, plains puruu population increase, scouts gathering the graveyard runuu pools of the long journey (x2 rolls), secret mine, and x4 mystery rolls that i will fill you in on afterwards in addition to anything else you plan to go for.
So here is whats up, tell me what kind of encounter or event you want, and I'm going to give you something close to it, that you may eventually achieve your goal or wish, though that road is not always a straight forward one. I ask that you address my concerns on tribal relations below by telling me you dont want to socialize, or proceed forward with player interaction.correct my list of player interactions if they are off. Please also give me a list of significant developments such as weapons, metal, fire, building/ road tech, domestication or other discoveries your tribe has made.

korobushka: Lufae- beginings of trade, Vireache- budding social interaction, and now they just made contact with the Iminye and Ruufaya by means of exploration team.

Nag Ber'Ek: Oamenii- small alliance and trade relations, but there is almost no player interaction, despite both sides having tech/ resources the other needs, and similar ideals.

Urupuruu-Lufae: rapidly cooling relations settling into a potential cold war, former trade/ gifts of purite. Puruu are still of interest to the lufae flesh singers.

Oamenii-Nag Ber'ek - territorial enemy. non invasive so far.

Iminye- Altume - budding allies with communal experimental settlement. could stand to help each other out more.

Staatgreich- Katumoiset - There is only war.

Yapap - All alone so far.
Vireache- I would like to see a new attempt now that NOTRIP is back for fortune and nad to pick up where they left off.

ah, but this is a difficult process, and i do enjoy the mad science stories that comes from your tribe. I suspect a bit more work into separation, breeding, nutrients, and research of physiology may benefit their efforts, or to see what madness the schwirm subjects can offer. I think it is funny your tribe has almost no metal. I have some thoughts on it ill need to share with you in IRC.

Well, I really have no idea exactly what Nag'Ber'Ek has, and since We have so far only agreed to trade beer, cathedral plates, cathedral/cruncha worms, and their game, I'm just going to wait for him to respond to this post.

Also, he never responded to my messanger telling him about the cathedrals in the plains.

Gutting... thing
Hand Saw

Musical Instruments:

Swords (Short, long, great)
Bow & Arrow
Fire Arrows

Domestication (Crunchas, Cathedrals[?])
Plate Armor (Cruncha Bones, Shwirmite)
Polka Music
rolled 10, 11, 3, 2, 13, 8, 16, 11, 14, 2 = 90

Holy shit, that's a lot of rolls

But sure, have my dice.
the northern village increases population by 1.5x due to low production of new runuu spawn. The puruu hawks are cannibalistic as juveniles and the settlers find out a little late. Those that survive and hand fed to maturity and are quite domestic. Plains puruu only generate one new child, and apparently they mature more slowly then the puruu. The scout teams find that one pool is completely empty, but the other pool is teaming with hybridized runuu. The scouts take them home to form new tribe members. The initial ground breaking and entry to the Fort mine is built within its walls, more work will be required before they start getting anything other then stone.
Of the new puruu born from the hybridized runuus, 5 are a strange mix of plains and regular puruu. somewhere between a plains puruu and a regular puruu, these hybrids will reveal their traits in time. another 3 are plains puruu, and 8 more are regular puruu. Currently juveniles and only able to play, eat, and learn.
going to bed, sorry the response is a little mechanical. enjoy the new village.

...I am not skilled in the ways of MSpaint, nor know much of ANYTHING about how prosthetics work, but I'll try.

...The main thing I can't comprehend is how you replace an ENTIRE LIMB with BRONZE AGE tech! For all I know, I've really only researched wheelchairs, peglegs, and hook arms...
Maybe simple leg prosthesis with metal gears to slow its downwards swing (propelled by gravity), or you can use the gears as a kind of adjustable brace.
File: 1345653068489.png-(41 KB, 1162x605, Prosthetic Fails.png)
41 KB
Well, this is what I've got so far after several hours of jumping back and forth between SS13 and MS paint, and I only have this roller-blade thing so far. Thing is, I've never really dabbled in improving my civ's medical skills, so I can only assume it's really just a bunch of shaman bull that doesn't actually work.
Therefore, since I myself have no idea what shwirm physiology is actually like, I can't really think up of anything that would actually work, and so I can't really draw the stuff.
File: 1345653924278.png-(14 KB, 422x397, YAPAPCOMPOUNDBOW.png)
14 KB
rolled 19 = 19

I think there wasn't any interaction between Nad's tribe and the Vierachè, because wasn't it figured that the Valley of Voices and their valley were separate location (although in close proximity to each other)?

Rolling for the type of stone dug up.

>Compound bow pic. Moving parts and being made of the worst woods for when it comes to warping mean that smaller one are fragile, so it had to be upsized. The bow is held with two hands and lies across the archer's back. The string has to be drawn with the tail. It actually fires with a piston, so anything can be used, so long as it fits down the tube.
bump for the bump god....
Sorry I've been so busy today, folks. Have a bump in apology, especially since I won't be able to do more than this until later tonight.
I'm not sure about what I'll do with the fissure. I feel like I'm going to come back to that later, after the Blung are dealt with. As for the sword.... I'm interested in trade, and I'd like metal weapons

. >20422321I've just been a bit busy with school, so I'm not as free as I've been not as free to make as many posts as I'd like>, and I didn't want to see the few rolls I'd be making, and probably the only rolls I'd make for that day, go to waste. It won't happen again

Also, it would help a lot if you guys linked to the posts you were talking about. When I get home from school, its hard to pick out the relevant posts, or find enough time to read everyones stuff

And don't worry about me working with the Oamenii. The Nag Ber'Ek like them a lot so far: They've got beer, they've got good warriors, good armor, and a strong town. So they like the Oamenii for their strength and Beer, in equal parts.


Alright, I know what I'd like from that, and I know what I can offer for it

What I'd like to trade for
Bows and arrows

What I can give in return
Oaths of Aid (I'll fight by your side)
The aid of Deonar'Lo the Mad, and his apprentices
How to build Arches (unless that one apprentice taught you already)

Next post is rolls and stuff
File: 1345669154676.png-(49 KB, 1400x600, Emils muscle aplications.png)
49 KB

Dang...I got no ideas for today. Too tired.
I will probably be more active on weekend.

Anyways, have this picture of the new applications of the emils muscles.
I could use some sort of encounter that would spice things up. I am currently just siting in a teching up loop.
Perhaps brawler cedyas could try to raid Lupai Kaath for example, as it would allow some combat to happen, as well as give me access to cedyas for studying.

Also, fortune, the nether do the Lufae poses a system of currency. They bargain favors and barter equipment mostly. They have no concept of money, so we are on the same line in the matters of trade with each other.
rolled 3, 14, 18, 3 = 38

The warriors regroup in Nel Palka, and send some of their number north to Nag Palka, to offer the skulls for the Throne. Krog hears from the hunters that came to Nag Palka that the fighting is fierce, and this stirs Krogs spirit. It's been too long since he commanded warriors, or went out on a hunt. He resolves to head south, and to bring with him his Vukad, convinced they are as ready for battle as he can make them. He gathers them up, and marches them south to Nel Palka, noting that the forest prevents them from making as good time as he'd like. If only the area between Nel Palka and Nag Palka were as open as the plains.

Once he arrives, he groups the warriors already there into two warbands, and sends several Vukad with them, and takes several of the warriors with him and the Vukad. He gives them their orders: They are to scour the forest, and to remove slaughter all the blungs they find. Skulls will be collected, but the bodies will be draped on the branches of the trees, as high up as they can be hoisted, to try and frigthen the blung, thinking that the Blung are sentient (This perception was gained when the Nag Ber'ek first fought the blung, finding them traveling in a huge horde, cooperating with each other). The three groups set out, this time determined to root out the Blung from their new home, and to be forced to move again

Rolling for first warband, second warband, Krog and the Vukad, and seeing if the corpses have any effect (the smell of them rotting wards off other blung, stuff like that)
File: 1345669964446.png-(222 KB, 357x400, 1343142272107.png)
222 KB
File: 1345670770931.jpg-(25 KB, 371x291, FireEscape_GTFO.jpg)
25 KB
> mfw
That is horrifying, doubly so since we're in the fucking Bronze Age... may Buskchovit save us all when they develop deductive reasoning, microscopes, and genetic engineering...

Fuck it!
I'll make some rolls.

The results of the flesh singer research slowly seep into the Lufae society. Emils muscle appliances, bipedal "mules" operated by trained cave geists and so on.
The Singers have decided that now is the time to begin testing the prosthetics on geists. They know that the songless can utilize them, but they are unaware if the geists would respond the same. The tests are started with cave geists.

The enslaved and augmented shwirms are put to work in excavating and charting the tunnels underneath the secret lair of the singers. The Lair is built in a small old crater that leads leads to lava tubes that (unknown to the Lufae) connect to the great underground tunnel network of the continent. The crater was covered up with a ceiling of flowing stone, and then masked with soil, making it seem like a normal hill. In these hidden halls, the Flesh Singers continue their morbid research.

Shan Meer continue their tireless work to study the emils slime and shells for their properties. They try to figure out how to differentiate the traits of the slime into new breeds, as well as how to produce shells that are immune to the erosion causes by the slime. Some think that by heating up the shell slightly, the slime might become unable of reviving and thus reducing the shells back into the slime.
rolled 11, 3, 9, 10, 17, 3, 17, 3 = 73

As the Urupuruu stopped giving their gifts of purite, the Lufae quickly realized how useful the stuff had been to them. Khuna decides that the tribe should get an access to the material again. Scouts are sent to the Urupuruu territories, in order to both bargain for purite, and discretely try to observe how the puruus produce the material. The Cavern explorers are ordered to try to locate similar material in the great tunnels.

With the new orders, the cavern exploration still goes on, but at a slightly slower pace. Charting the great caverns has grown into an obsession of Deekal, who had survived the many obstacles the explorers had faced.

The wyvern riders decide that they should map out the mountain ranges, as they are quite poorly known by the Lufae.

Rolling for:
Geist prosthetic research.
Excavating and exploring the tunnels under the Flesh Singer's lair.
Emils research.
Producing slime resistant emils shells.
Spying on the urupuruus.
Finding metal ores.
Charting the great caverns.
Mapping the mountains.
File: 1345671154192.png-(Spoiler Image, 140 KB, 600x1000)
Spoiler Image, 140 KB

I am way ahead of you palls...

I am going to make this happen...and it shall be glorious. I just need worthy enough enemies to justify building these.

I intend for the Lufae technology to be very organic looking. Very little emphasis on gears and wheels.
File: 1345671405542.gif-(1.11 MB, 200x118, 1342586745023.gif)
1.11 MB
God dammit, Nad, you sexy magnificent bastard. Stop making me want to participate. I've got a gallery showing in less than a week and I don't even have a single piece to display.
Oops, forgot to respond to the "What event I want'

I'd say.... I'd like to bring another log'ead tribe into the fold. I've already got a majority of Plains Tribes from when I lived in the northen half of the eastern plain. I've recently absorbed some forest Log'eadz, and the Kah count as desert Log'eadz. Only three areas I don't have log'eadz from are Lub Forests, Lacorra badlands, and the hills, though I'm not sure any sentients can live in the badlands.

In summary: I'd like to unite more tribes to my banner, preferably from other areas, but only after I'm done with these blungs.
And a list of stuff I have

Spiked Clubs


Domestication Cruncahs and Cathedrals
Plate Armor (Cathedral plate)
Primitive Art
Semi-Organised combat
Just had two wisdom teeth removed, i'm out of it for today.
rolled 2 = 2

Willan is the result of an Altume pilgrim and clanless pairing. He has gained the support of both groups by winning several Paloibaril ribbons, serving in the Eden Guard, even pairing with an attractive Grim Bark. He's impressive, young, and has some very good ideas of how Eden should be run.

There is a fringe group of Earthshakers that are irritated with Willan because he has popular influence but no Iminye heritage. They have become elitist over the Altume and clanless. They manipulate their clan and resources to oppress them.

The Grim Bark as a whole are glad that Willan has the popular influence. To them he is the next step in Eden's development. They welcome all groups to live freely in Eden and see the elite Earthshakers as foolish even dangerious. They are most concerned that political discord will weaken the Eden Guard readiness.

rolling for fringe group influence (1 is none)
>Cilion Altume
To the rest of the clanless Cilion is seen as a pity. Before meeting the Iminye he failed to protect his mate during a wild cedya attack, leaving him with a small grub to carry on his own. Without the Iminye he would have starved. In Eden he saw a new opportunity to reinvent himself as a fisher and sailor. He poured his life and resources into his sail boat, Second Wind. He gathered a crew of friends to man it, and even brought his son on long voyages. This expedition would earn him a place in history.

While not a religious man, he shared the superstitions of other sailors. One of them being that an Eleni lost at sea wandered the Dreaming never finding his family in the dreamtime.

All that changed off the Altume coast. A multitude of blue tentacles ripped Second Wind to pieces. His friends were caught in the undertow and grabbing sea monsters just under the water. He held on to his son as long as possible, his last words stretching into eternity, "Please father, don't let me go." And then he was gone.

Cilion drifted until he was recovered by a passing Altume canoe team. They took him and patched the stump where he lost his left leg. For many days he was speechless about his encounter. Then on the tenth day, when he was given his fake wooden leg and walking cane, he made the Altume an offer. In exchange for helping him get revenge on the sea monster, what he called Hundred Hands, he would teach the Altume how to build and man their own sail boats.
rolled 7 = 7


>Manien Iminye
Using previous knowledge of Fali's expedition, Manien's crew is able to land near the Iminye and contact them for supplies. Manien knows the Iminye to be hospitable and generous, even if he only has the tenuous connection to them. They will need all the supplies the Iminye are willing to give.

The Iminye Elder is willing to help but not for free. The Elder proposes that Manen's boat and crew help the Iminye make a colony in the Firil sea. For a month the Furthest Reach would be at her disposal, and then be loaded with all Manien's needs for services rendered. Manien grudgingly agrees since this will give Cilion the lead in the race.

rolling for work done under the Iminye

The damage caused by the Katumoiset's attack was immense. Forest trading outpost was in ruins and more than half of the northern village was devastated. Also northern village has lost more than half of their population for defending the village or captured alive.

What the invasion caused afterwards would change the Staatgreich forever. Great families from different towns gathered together to talk about this new threat. These barbarians from the north were unified under one flag andthere were so many of them. Elders knew that this new adversary would destroy them one by one if they don't fight together. The problem was that in order for them to fight unified they would need single leader who would stop different families from doing whatever they want.

That caused uproar as every family saw themselves fit to be the leader and so instead of unifying the different villages drifted even more apart from each other. One of the biggest claimants was eastern village who saw itself as the original village who already had power over the lesser towns who came after it. Other great claimant was Western colony who saw itself more suited for leading them because they had defeated their invaders easily and even sent troops to defend northern village. Tho moot ended in vain and instead of unity there now was fighting for the leadership.
rolled 20, 7 = 27


It didn't take long for open civil war to start for the crown. Opposing forces were Wester colony and eastern village. Western colony has western village and northern lookout supporting its claim and eastern village has southern village and southern hill fort as its side. Northern village was still recuperating from the Katumoiset's attack so they didn't have strength to join the fight.

Now the two opposing forces have gathered to fight. Battle is fought in the road between eastern and western village. Western forces have less troops but most of them are skilled hunters and veterans of western colony while eastern forces have many more troops they aren't as skilled. This fight would only be the beginning..

Rolling for combat. first roll for western forces and second for eastern forces.
rolled 8, 15, 2, 12, 5, 8 = 50

In the far north, the village of Yetu Eman has been established by a ragtag group of beleaguered scouts, militia, and scribes. With them are the Nguvu aw Bubu Puruu, the Strong but Dumb Puruu ((Plains Puruu)). Most of the time, they are just called the Nguvi. The members of the Militia have taken it upon themselves to train the Nguvi in the arts of war in order to better defend Yetu Eman from any potential attacks. Rupol the Scribe has taken a leadership role among the puruu of Yetu Eman, with Nguni the warrior taking control of the militia. The few scouts sent south to discover the fate of the mixed Runu pool are tasked with raising the hybrid offspring,and instructing them in the way of the Urupuruu, starting with teaching them the language of Urupuuri. Some puruu even get the idea to use the Nguvi as manual labor for digging the massive trench from the ocean to the chasm.
rolled 18, 13, 4, 13, 9, 5 = 62

In Yetu Mahali, Eldest Leader Caesar continues to expand the village towards Udongo, attempting to make them into one. With a unified village and a unified militia, all under the control of one single puruu, Caesar will have the force necessary to cow Elder Kario into submission. Fort Mwepesi, Caesar decides, shall be attacked unless surrendered. This troubles Askari Wakuu Brutos significantly, and in the dead of the night, Brutos travels to Fort Mwepesi to speak with Elder Kario about the coming attack.

Defenses at Fort Mwepesi are now almost impenetrable, being nearly the pinnacle of bronze age defense. Murder holes that can pour down boiling clay, small but steep hills to the west and south, a swift creek to the north, and the endless stretching abyss to the east. Combine that with the 20 meter ((20 puruu)) tall wall and nothing short of the Lufae could successfully siege the place. But it's all useless without well equipped defenders. Kario continues to mine beneath the fort, searching for more purite or anything like it that can be made into metal.

Rolling for--
Teaching the Nguvi how to fight
Teaching the hybrid puruu Urupuuri
Using the Nguvi for manual labor
Expanding Yetu Mahali north towards Udongo
Expanding the mines beneath Fort Mwepesi
Searching for new metals
rolled 3 = 3


Shit, forgot to take the dice off. Rolling for which set to use, evens is top, odds is bottom.
I'll do a redraw of your gear and the new "bionics" in the coming days after a little more progress.
The tribe's weapons and armor are good, but starting to show their age. The blung horde they attack is larger and established, growing. The tribe is only able to make dents into it, with occasionally large losses. The first warband is badly beaten, with many dead, and many more injured, forced to fall back on the default of regrouping with a surviving warband to make a mob of fighters. The now larger second warband goes back in, kicks ass, takes skulls, and retrieves the dead and injured. Krog and his Vukad are elite, they penetrate deeply into the blung horde, facing larger and larger threats, but it is apparent there is no end to the beasts. They eventually fall back with trophy heads aplenty. The blung do not care about their dead, and indeed, seem to be attracted to the most dense displays of corpses for easy feeding. After the days long battle, the tribe has a big gathering of leaders to talk about the future, and current problems. The world is moving forward without them, it is apparent from their friends the oamenii, and this will not do. They need to keep pace, and while not great thinkers, they are great doers. The oamenii needs resources, and physical labor. The Nag Ber'Ek need their knowledge and skill.

((i am making fluff here, but if you both agree with it, please utilize it and tell in detail with happened, otherwise, comment that you disagree and this can be redacted.)) Come the next morning the Nag Ber'Ek traveled the road from their fortress city to the main city of the Oamenii to talk. The tribal leaders talked, in what the Nag Ber'Ek called a "smash". The schwirm needed more metal, stone. That meant more mines, foundries, blacksmiths, and bodies working them. The Logeadz required new weapons, upgraded armor, and refinements to their fortress city, as replacing the wood supports grew tedious and wasted manpower. With similar values and cultures the tribes quickly came to agreements. The Nag Ber'Ek will provide labor, military aid, food, and resources to the schwirm. The schwirm would let the logeadz work with their blacksmiths to create new weapons, etc, for the tribe, and help with stone work of their settlements. Living arrangements were established for the other tribe in their cities were they were to work, and the two would patrol together, as brothers in arms. Dig new mines, make new weapons, fuel the flames of industry to crush your enemies and bend the land to your ways. In the coming weeks the logead apprentices saw the gears of the oamenii and were fascinated, long talks over drinks resulted in the logeadz playing with metal, and sometimes the shapes they made stretched, and sprung back into shape. One logead took a peice of rope and ripped it in half. "this is weak! metal is strong! We should make metal rope!" The Blacksmith looked at his student like he was a retard, but then thought on what he had said. Perhaps there was some value in his eager outburst.
The yapap tribe was merriy harvesting copious amounts of colorful marble, and below it veins of purite ore, which just seems like rocks with dull grey flecks in it. ((purite is like heavy tin. eventually someone is gonna figure out what makes bronze. and awesome job on the bow)) The eggs the gatherers had collected have hatched, and are strange little flightless, shelled birds, they have imprinted on the gatherers and are busy peeping for food out of hunger. ((if you dont like this, hatching chicks make good food for the runuu pools, otherwise, this will be a fun ride)) The large force of tribes the yapap were trying to take over were still resisting.
((dont forget about your result for the far southern exploration team on the point of the island. if its not in this thread, its in the last one.))
The new western forces soundly defeat the eastern forces in a day and a night. The losses were not so horrific, blunted weapons, and taking of prisoners was more the norm then out right slaughter. The leaders of the eastern families were gathered and exiled to the north. It was likely they would become slaves of the barbarians. Now the tribe needed to find unity, rebuild, expand, and fortify itself. Remains from the offensive barbarians were being examined, to see what could be learned or duplicated.
>>20433881 >>20433912 >>20433920
The fringe group is viewed as ignorant at best, and cancerous at worst. They are a blight on the development of eden, and a small minority. Eventually the wave of distrust sees them removed from the settlement.(angry, please review the eden posts, there is a significant offer in there for your tribe. feel better soon. Poe, i am enjoying the story of the great race.) The iminye work the travelers hard, and it was not easy, but the tribe was good to their word, and supplies were provided, but they couldnt help but feel the elder got the better end of the deal.
The Nguvi are strong, and with a little coaching become fearsome brawlers, able to rip their opponents limbs off like wild animals. The hybrids learn quickly enough, and are growing large. It is noticed their skin is thicker like the nguvi, and they do not need to worry about moisture as much as the regular puruu. The nguvi do not get organized work very well, and need one on one coaching to get anything done which is inefficient. Yetu Mahali and Udongo will become one in the coming seasons, but this gives Mwepesi precious time to develop. Endless wooden spikes are planted to slow down movement even further, save for set pathways, all in the name "of protecting the tribe". it was a thin lie. The mines continue to slowly progress, but a very, very, low yeild of a strange new metal is being found. ((schwirmite)) Orders to keep digging with renewed effort are dispatched. The excess stone is used to start building a second wall around the first, with a space between that is large enough to build a small community around the fort, long walkways connect the outer and inner walls.
The geist prosthetics are serviceable and work, but a clear vulnerability is puncturing the emils bags. ((no need to roll for armor on it, your tribe is already knowledgeable on this, and i would just prefer fluff on the suggested. Complicated things i will ask for rolls on.)) The excavation was a disaster, with several schwirm being heavily damaged to nearly becoming unserviceable, extensive repairs will be needed. Thankfully a crop of eggs was nearly ready to hatch and be lovingly raised by subject 00 and the singers. ((law of failures here)) The emils breeders can now make multiple strains of emils that do not intermix with each other in a liquid state, nor try to dissolve "shells" of each other. The lava tubes are barren of metal, but strange glass is discovered. ((volcanic glass.))
The spies have scouted the urupuruu territory quite thoroughly by posing as traders, wanting to barter for purite and grain in exchange for labor, tools and weapons. Trade with other tribes is apparently the only way to get more metal. Extensive mapping of the caverns happens, with more cave geist being found and taken in.
The riders are currently stranded with the korobushka for the hard winter, roosting and nesting at their great monestary out of need. In turn they are helping with manual labor, and air lifting wood up the mountain.
((didnt see any results on the cave geist echo location fusion to the schwirm hosts, so here we go.))
Subject 00 is adjusting to having a new sense...the song. the blasphemy unit also is recovering, slightly mad from its time in total isolation, and the inability to bond with the rest of the group. The ability to give the songless song is a shock, and it could create war within the tribe for so many reasons. A sample of live Dusya from the korbushka intrigue the tribe. New meat, and to the singers, new research. The intestines, heart, and other organs of the dusya would provide a method of transporting emils slime in between their organic machinery. The emils would in turn provide nourishment for the organic components so long as the emils were not starved of nutrients. If that happens cannibalization of the host will begin. ((organ failure and withering)).
The tribes isolationism has helped and hindered them in equal measure, with the growing population, meat supply starts to become an issue, if they are to advoid eating their pet cave geist outside resources must be found. On an unrelated note the caverns seem restless, and future world events may cause untold strife.
This is a little bit of meta, so keep it seperate from your tribes knowledge, but here is where i plan to go with some of the tribes as far as future events.

Nag, oamni- that blung horde is pretty fucking big, and will take team work to disperse.

korobushka- a more internal/ social series of events involving discovery of masonry and its resulting concequences, food and culture, and trading.

Yapap- conquering the western npc threat, hopefully. moving on to discover drawbro, and the GM/NPC Fayakiin. It is likely the yapap are going to get very big.

Nad- Your event is coming, but two conditions must happen first. One involves the southern blung horde, and one involves the Urupuruu's northern forces, but it should all be coming to a culmination quite soon. I dont know, but perhaps even the korobushka have yet to unknowingly aid in my plans.
For everyone else its seeming that you are pretty content with your own story lines, and im happy to help facilitate the tale you tell. If more is wanted, you need only ask.
for IG and Poe, please feel free to make encounters for the tribes of your own, to meddle in affairs, and be fickle forces of fate. I am pretty busy in life, and my ability to post has diminished a little, but by now im hoping player interactions fill some of the gap. I realize a lot of us are quite busy with real life in some form or another though.

By charting the caverns, can the Lufae now use them to move around in the continent? Also, do they now know about the natural fauna and flora of these tunnels?
Also, is trade the only way for my tribe to get metal? further excavations for minerals is out?

Regarding the meat problem, the Lufae could start raising the Dusya, aka blade shwirms as cattle.

I'll make more updates and pictures this evening.
the caverns will, for now, be useable to get around the continent, once fully mapped. I have an idea of what its going to look like. Imagine a major artery system, and branching off of this giant web are many sub systems, these are the caverns. Now imagine the havoc that has been wrecked by the continental shifts, and shattering (break off of the eastern edge). Some of these are flooded or partially collapsed. What i need is either enough time to draw up a map myself, (this weekend) of the current stage of the continent, sans any detail or color, just an outline, and a separate grid overlay, the same as the one IG made.

I doubt the lufae know about the natural life forms of the caverns with being so far removed from them, for so long as well. The lufae may be able to dig for metal. I was considering not allowing it due to the "tech" advantage of the bio engineering, but at the same time, you have been very creative in explaining it all, and its been fun. I just suspect the area around the lufae is not abundant in metals, but perhaps the cavern network may yet have things to reveal, plus i feel like a jerk limiting players. I wanted to see more interactions between the lufae and other tribes even if it was just trading out of necessity.
As for the dusya, I imagine if the geist can grow grain, they can also farm cattle. Again, at first at least, i suspect they will need to get assistance from the korobushka. Ill be in IRC for about another hour or so, i cant seem to sleep, which fucking sucks.
a thought to chew on. As your tribe grows more diverse, which certain factions holding power, yet having different beliefs, it would be interesting for the people who almost embody the concept of the song, to try to further understand the void, or those who have no song. Imagine a Schwirm taken up as a co-navigator on a wyvern. telling the geist what is in visual range, but outside the ability to use sonar. Mountains far in the horizon, etc, now with the ability to fly much higher without fear of getting lost, etc.
for other players reading this, i encourage you, use your imagination, dream up complex solutions to a problem with what you have, go for it! We have two tribes that know cement, multiple with metal and stone work, another that has glass and tree shaping, but it is all barely referenced. Spyglasses, why you no exist yet, the altume are very inventive yet have not thought to examine the Iyimne's glass. There are a ton of thoughts i have on all of your tribes, but i can only say so much before i feel I am crushing your own creative processes. If you want input or ideas, let me know, otherwise i hope to see you guys flourish on your own.

Another thing to note is that the downriver settlement Fa Kaath was originally created as an outpost for monitoring the blung horde of the nearby coastal lub forest. The settlers still continue this task, so I expect the Lufae be on alert for the blungs and the situation going on with them.

Other thing to note is that the Nag Ber'ek city is very close to the Fa Kaath village. People are aware of the small river that runs down from the mountains to the lub forest, arent they?

We should prbably do a higher detail map of the region around the territories of Lufae, Nag Ber'ek and Oamenii in order to get a better sense of distance and scale between the tribes.
rolled 11, 17, 1, 1, 13 = 43


Fight in the south might have not gone as well as some thought but it did not matter to the people of Kaalimaa. What the war really does is changing the current political situation. Old powerful clan leaders migh die and leave room for new younger leaders. Or perhaps some old lord gets more slaves and becomes even stronger. Whatever happens and whoever is in power, one thing is certain: Kaalimaa grows.

Whenever there is new rising lord he usually build his own buildings and factories. So whenever there happens change in power, Kaalimaa grows even more as new lords and old lords who get even stronger build even more. When such lord dies his/her lands and slaves are usually raided or Abandoned.

New buildings are ow being built and with constant building there might be some advances learned in it. Metal weapons showed their worth in southern campaign and so many started to mine even more to get hold of this wonderous material and try to improve it to be able to be the strongest clan leader in all of Kaalimaa. There are also some who saw how fast they can move troops by sea and how they would have the element of supprise with that. New boats must be big enough to be able to house many soldiers so they can have enough forces to attack and even more room to hold all the slaves they would get.

Rolling for Expanding the Kaalimaa, Advanced Architecture, Improved metallurgy/metalsmithing, mining, and building big ships.
The city is a cancer, and it grows, it consumes, it dies, and it spreads. The old sections are continuously decaying and being rebuilt, sometimes collapsing and making way for new growth. The undercity is a hell hole now infested by cedya, gangs warefare, deep borehole mines and metal foundries...with just a touch of raw sewage seeping down like rain from the upper levels. It is from here that the city grows, and grow it does indeed. Ever outward, the city is nearly twice the size it once was. Fueled forward by exploding smith shops, rampant fires, and collapsing mines gutting huge sections of the city. Its such a nightmare that the dockyards become a booming industry, just for a chance to see the sun, to be on one of the glorious city boats. Massive oar driven slave ships that are home to a thousand souls. These self sustaining ships go out for months or years, collecting slaves from far and wide, to drag back to the city. Each one has hanging gardens and primitive animals and fungus dwelling in the muck of the bottom levels for food. Sections of the ship house warsmiths to create more weapons, armor, and equipment. Its a pretty good time.
rolled 1, 16, 19, 11, 9, 10 = 66

In the far north, Rupol the Scribe has become the de facto Elder. Escorted by an honor guard of hulking Nguvi berserkers, Rupol has taken charge of the work on the great trench. Rupol dispatches three teams of seven puruu and three Nguvi warriors. These teams are to begin construction on the Great Trench, digging out the area between the Ocean and the Chasm. It will be a long, hard task, but they will see it accomplished.

The hybrids, called Changanya, are kept isolated from the majority of the tribe. They possess the typical cyan coloring of the plains puruu, mixed in with brown streaks like veins from the Urupuruu. Their apparent size and intelligence will make them perfect for military work, and captain Nguni wastes no time in schooling them in military formations and tactics, even though they are still young.

Elder Rupol has begun to do something that no Puruu has done in nearly one hundred years. Rupol has begun to preach. Experiencing visions of the past, Elder Rupol preaches of the chasm as a tear in the earth, stretching into the void at the bottom of the world. The fury of Arupa, a god that the Urupuruu have forsaken, shall be deposited onto into the chasm. The wrath of Arupa's water will fill the crevice, it's healing powers will mend the tear. Rupol preaches the message to any and all that would hear, and the beleaguered puruu of Yetu Eman listen.

The domestication of the Puruu Hawk, or Luruka, continues. One brave puruu even attempts to ride one of the bigger ones.

Rolling for

Three Trench teams (Three Rolls)
Schooling the Changanya in Military tactics
How well the Puruu take to Rupol's preaching
Riding the Puruu Hawk (Luruka)
rolled 4, 7, 4, 20 = 35


In the south, Eldest Leader Caesar has officially declared Elder Kario and enemy to the puruu of the Urupuruu. The military has been mobilized with the noticeable absence of of Askari Wakuu Brutos, who has defected to Elder Kario's side. With Brutos comes the designs plans that had been made for the Giant Slingstave Catapults, as well as twenty of the older militia puruu. Mining continues down beneath Fort Mwepesi, and some diplomats have been sent south to call upon the Lufae for assistance in battle in exchange for the secret of smelting.

Elder Yazmo of Udongo has been sending scouting parties far to the west towards the river, and they have encountered many strange things. One such thing is the Aquabat, a good source of tasty meat. A small fishing outpost is set up next to the river in order to catch the Aquabat and ship them back east towards Yetu Mahali. In order to improve the catch rates, some puruu fishermen have tried various ways to lure and capture Aquabat.

Rolling for-
More mining beneath Fort Mwepesi
Building catapults to be put on Fort Mwepesi's walls
Finding the Lufae in the south
Developing some fishing tool

Also, turning hard mode on. Because hey, fuck the easy way out.
Well, I guess we don't want to deal with the scouts stranded on the west anymore, so I'll stop bugging you about it.


Mothership: We agree.

The governer had just been woken up by his assistant, who told him that apparently the Nag'Ber'Ek tribe leaders were waiting outside to talk.

"Alright, invite them in, then. I'll get dressed into my armor."

The Nag'Ber'Ek are greeted into the meeting hall, and are brought to their seats. The governer enters the room in his shwirmate plate armour.

"Greetings. What brings you here? You want to trade, or just here to have a beer with me?"

"Hey, guys!
rolled 9, 9, 6 = 24

Meanwhile, the governer had already sanctioned the construction of the apartment building, and the workers were hard at work to build it in the many-hut building, which would unclutter the huts already placed, for the last thing the workers wanted to have to do is build huts outside of the walls with the blung approaching.

The cho ku nu continues to be worked on, the engineers not people who are easily discouraged.

The billow is also continuously worked on by the blacksmiths.

Rolling for building the Apartment building, inventing cho ku nus, and inventing billows.
At first the trench teams were met with disaster, and one group was badly maimed, while others were killed. From that team there was only one survivor. The dead were put in the runuu pool to help form the next generation, and the survivor was so insane that he was put down, and also put in the pool. His last words were ranting about "the depths, the demons from the depths! glowing eye!" The other two teams fared much better. and have managed to dredge two canals that are fairly wide over the course of a month with fairly constant and intense labor. With evacuations complete all that's left to do is break the barrier dirt. ((O-N-18 and M-19-20)) The Changanya are a little less smart then a regular puruu, but considerably stronger and resilient. ((about as creative and smart as a logead)) They learn well, but slowly. Rupol is appreciated for his leadership, and his personal beliefs are respected, but they are only taken as a value, not a faith. The puruu hawk, while larger, is still growing, and not mature enough to carry a puruu.

The fort mine is a pain in the ass project, continuing to offer a steady stream of stone, but very low yield of any metal. One catapult and a bunch of spare parts are made from the limited metal resources. A brilliant new fishing "tool" is made. It is actually a blow gun with nurotoxin coated darts. silent. moderate range. lethal.
Another bump, once again, allow me to apologize profusely for my extended leave. There's a lawyer who wants to exhibit local art in his office, it's a huge opportunity for me and one, as an artist, I cannot pass by. Hopefully you guys understand.
rolled 8, 13 = 21


(I was going to make it longer war but truly with those rolls it was crushing victory and worthy for ending the war once and for all)

western forces victory was so great that they could declare the western colony as leader of Staatgreich. The first leader will be the elder of most powerful family in western colony. It was decided that after him the leading city will be voted by leaders of each village. Before each village was independent and every person could decide what to do, now every village has leader who is voted and those leaders vote for the leader of whole Staatgreich. Staatgreich has now single leader but he/she has no real power over the towns as it would be too great change from their previous ways.


Oh i did forget the southern scouting. thank you.

These tribals will be asked to join staatgreich as they have done with other peaceful schwirms. Northern villages people have collected some of the metallic weapons of Katumoiset. They wonder what are they made from and try to study them.

Rolling for diplomacy with southern nomads and studying katumoiset's weapons.
File: 1345756787930.png-(69 KB, 800x600, Emils types.png)
69 KB
Currently, the prosthetics of the Signers aren't in used much by the general Lufae population, as the need for such devices is quite little currently. The armor improvements over the muscle bags are however quickly adopted into the other devices, as they increase their survivability.

As the Flesh Singers begin to relocate to their new lair, they finally realize how sizable their organization had grown. They collectively decide to create specialized branches to handle the different functions of their organization. Currently, there are three branches. Hand, which directs the allocation of resources (shwirms, emils slime and so on) and manufacturing of the technology of the cult , Choir, which is responsible for the public image of the Singers, and handles their outward functions, such as healing services in the villages. The final branch is the Tongue, which is responsible for research and designing the new devices of the cult.

Both Khuna and Thun, who had recently passed away (He will be remembered as a legendary forefather of the Lufae people) had realized the growing power of the flesh singer cult, and one of the very reasons for allowing the singers to get the necessary aid in making the lair was to contain this power in one place, so that it could be more easily monitored.
rolled 1, 7, 18, 8, 12 = 46

The new emils breeds are used in different purposes, the thin, very elastic emils slime is both used for creating flexible shells, as well as the interfacing slime that is used in many of the emils machinery. The thin emils has long neural threads that easily burrow into the skin of the host, making interfacing with it much easier than with the other slimes. The thicker, tubular emils makes up the slime mostly used in the muscles, it's structure allows it to produce more strength than the other slimes. The last, thick slime is gel like, and creates very thick and strong shells. It is mostly used in making armors.

The Singers quickly begin to salvage what they can from the disastrous cave excavation attempt. The surviving shwirms are improved in order for them to better work in their task when the time to excavate the tunnels would come again. They also try to design strong, wholly artificial bodies that could be piloted by geists or shwirms to work in the hazardous lava tubes.
Some of the Singers dig up notes on the Brute biology, and decide to revive this subject of research by starting to study the cave geist brutes. They know that the brutes have larger glands in their bodies than other geists, and the singers decide to use this knowledge as the starting point of their research.
Giving the songless shwirms the song...was seen as quite abhorrent by many of the Singers, but few of them began wondering if the process could be reversed, by giving the geists the way of seeing of the songless. They decide to study this matter cautiously, only starting by examining the properties of the eyes of the songless, that presumably allow them to see.

Rolling for:
Salvage attempts.
Improving the shwirm slaves.
Making pilotable bodies to be used in the tunnels and lava tubes.
Studying cave geist brutes.
Studying the eyes of the songless.

We understrand man. Go and do what you do
"We welcome your hospitality, but we have more warnings, like with the Lufae and their death weapons, though this is not about them."

"There is another threat, to the south: A large concentration of savage creatures that work together is destroying the forest, and laying down their own things that cover the ground. They make the forest dangerous, and threaten the village of ours that lives there. We cannot fully trade with you without the lumber from gathered by the village, and we need it for ourselves. We ask for your aid in fighting this threat, for though they are beasts, they are far more dangerous than any other you may have faced, for they are not just one kind, like a herd of Frennas, but many kinds: Huge creatures with claws, small things with needle sharp fangs, and flying things that spit a deadly liquid, and they all work together. If something is not done soon, they will begin to move north, and destroy the forest as they go. We left our lands once before, when we lived in the northern parts of the plains.

We fought a great horde of these monsters, and though the battle united us as a people, we saw that we could not stay in our lands, and so we moved south. We do not wish for that again, nor do we wish that to happen to you, my friend. Help us, and I promise that you and your people shall not just be neighbors with whom we trade, but we shall forevermore be Brothers, and we shall awnser any call for aid that you make.

Will you help us?"
Rolls in the next post
File: 1345757323836.png-(442 KB, 1000x600, Lufae surroundings 2.png)
442 KB
rolled 9, 1, 7, 17, 12, 20 = 66

The artisans try to study the volcanic glass for both it's acoustic and potential weapon properties. Some of them also get the idea of trying to make a larger of the walker things that are piloted by the trained cave geist. No one is really sure who came up with the original design of these things, only that Khuna had one day presented them to the tribe. Despite of this, this whole emils muscle technology had quickly been adopted by the tribe.
Some of the artisans are interested in the usability of the emils shells in buildings and structures. They begin studying on how to create larger shell structures, their first experiment being the creation of a Kun Kaathian hut from emils shells.

The charting of the great caverns continues, but now as the majority of the tunnels running underneath the own tunnels of the Lufae had been charted, the people of the villages began using these tunnels to move from place to place, store things in them and even partly living in them. In doing so, they slowly started cataloging the fauna, flora and other potentially useful resources of the caverns.

Rolling for:
Studying the volcanic glass for its properties (2 rolls)
Making bigger versions of the bionic walker machines for the Lufae to use.
Developing ways of using emils shells in buildings.
Further charting the caverns. (Outwards from the chasm, to other directions, such as the other nearby chasm.)
Cataloging the fauna, flora and other resources of the caverns.
rolled 14, 20, 7, 19 = 60


To solve the looming food problem of the tribe, Khuna orders 2 things, firstly, the tribe shall attempt to start raising the Dusya, aka bipedal shwirms, like the Korobushka had been heard doing, in addition, he sends a small envoy to the Korobushka, with the directive to contact the shwirms and request more Dusyas from them, to slightly help out the coming food crisis.
Unbeknownst to even Khuna, the Flesh Singers have begun their own project that aims to ease the food shortages of the tribe. The enslaved shwirms were obviously closely related to the Dusyas, which were the mainstay of food of the Lufae, so...why not simply eat them? They have begun breeding some of the dumber, and fastest growing shwirms into a new breed, their goal being the creation of fast growing dumb slaves that could be used as a food source.

When the spring comes, some of the wyvern riders decide to celebrate it and the fact that they can now fly back home. Some even decide to thank their Korobushka hosts by allowing them to tag along for a short ride on the backs of the wyverns.

Fa Kaath villagers continue their militant attitude. Without the incursions of the Oamenii and Nag Ber'ek, the settlement returns to it's original duty, which is the monitoring of the blungs. Scouts are sent downriver, to check on the situation of the horde.

The river flowing down from the mountains hasn't been used much by the Lufae, until now that is. In order to travel easier from Lupai Kaath to the other villages, the settlers in the valley of voices have decided to try to device river boats based on the designs of the Fa Kaathian boats.

Rolling for
Raising the Dusya like cattle.
Flesh singers project of making a breed of enslaved shwirms for eating.
Scouting the blungs.
Making proper river boats.
rolled 11, 15, 17, 17, 14 = 74

The warbands regroup in Nel Palka, to wait for additional warriors to come. While there, Krog takes it upon himself to organize the village, so as to better defend itself.

First, he inspects the stores of lumber, to see if any is left after the construction of the wall that was hastily built when the Blung where discovered.

Second, he recruits from the village more children for the Vukad, and intrusts them to the elder Vukad members while he continues to organise the defence

Third, he meets with leaders of the other warbands, and holds council with them, discussing strategies other than "Find and kill the blung"

Fourth, he sends a runner north to Nag Palka, asking for at least new weapons and armor, and perhaps a shaman or an apprentice

Fifth, once these are all done, he begins training the children from Nel Palka selected for the Vukad himself
File: 1345759147120.png-(19 KB, 800x600, Blung serpent.png)
19 KB
One more thing before I hit the bed.

Meet the Blung serpent, an unique blung breed living in the lub forest of southern coast. They are ambush predators that use their tail to ensnare their victims, and quickly kill them with their powerful proboscis.

I will probably make more unique species only seen in particular hordes later.
Hello there, my awnser to the Geist Wyverns

"Ah, yes. The Blung, you mean? Yes, we've been looking for ways to combat thier fungas and the blung themselves."

"Yes, we will help you, and you will help us. We're fighting for the same home, after all. When are you planning on moving out?"

Log'eads are probably faar too heavy to ride on the backs of those things. And besides, they aren't really that good fliers. They hunt by hanging still from a lub or a hexis branch and then lashing out with their tails. Wings are only used for moving from one ambush spot to another.

Awww, no anti wyvern fliers for me
"We already fight the blungs in the forests, so I'd say... Now"

And thats all for tonight. Probably
rolled 9 = 9

Due to the new maritime nature of the Firil, the Iminye are developing new technologies.

spy glass: a sailor discovers that looking through a glass bottle makes the image bigger. He tries to enhance the image in the small and large by forming the glass lens differently.

sea singing: while traveling between different islands, sailors notice their mates on shore singing for their return. Turns out Eleni voices travel pretty far on the water.

Kirunna wagons: Tired of not having any use for the Kirunna except for food, the Iminye want to haul trade goods to Eden using the new gabai road.

Throughout the town, the fringe group is routed out and exiled. With no place to go they yell betrayal and slink away to the south. Over the next few days several Edenites disappear from their work and homes. The only common clue is the message, "Gone South."

In the new crack of the world the fringe Earthshakers consolidate themselves. As they understand it the Eden Guard refuses to patrol the area. They decide to make a hidden bandit camp in the caverns.

The University Edenites have busied themselves working on a large scale version of the Altume slingbow. They question themselves to see if they can't grow strong elastic Hexis Vines. They also wonder if there is something in the Halin Limericks to treat the Hexis Vines to make them even better for a catapult.

>Manien's expedition
Going further than any map the Manien Expedition passes the point of no return, meaning returning to the Iminye would require more supplies than they have. And yet the coast continues, now with a landmass on the east as well as west. Manien considers it an undiscovered world.

Manien sees smoky bellows coming from the northeast and decides to avoid the great fire if possible.
rolled 1, 6, 8, 20, 20, 9, 5 = 69


rolling for
1) glass lens,
2) sea singing,
3) Kirunna Wagon,
4) growing Vines,
5) treating Vines,
6) the fringe creating a hidden cavern bandit camp,
7) and Manien avoiding trouble
Okay! I'm supposed to be available for this today, so tell me which rolls need answers.

These rolls.

The 'stack-hut' as it's dubbed, is starting to get built, after convincing some of the more stubborn shwirms to relocate once it's finished. Meanwhile, the repeating bow's design is finalized; but currently no prototypes has been made due to the inventor being hassled about relocating to the stack-huts.
As for the billows, well, the prototype has been made, but it doesn't fan the flames enough. Probably needs to be made a bit bigger than the current one.
These rolls too
There seems to be enough lumber left over, but not that many (~50 to 60% of pre-wall stores)
The recruitment goes well, a couple of dozen children volunteered. Some of them lost their family or twin during the blung raids, and this makes them filled with vengeance. Vengeance that can be trained.
The war chiefs said that some of their scouts have seen Blungs in conflict with Cedyas; maybe they can lead Cedyas to attack the Blungs and thin the Blungs before they attack?
Nag Palka sends a Shaman, accompanied with an apprentice. This shaman is well-versed in the ancestor spirits and in battle as well; he had fought off several blungwolves alone with his Malucal, and has only scratches for his victories.
The training of Nel Palka recruits goes well. Most of them are disciplined, and only a handful have anger problems.
File: 1345789522724.png-(26 KB, 800x600, 1340640806514.png)
26 KB
The southern nomads are assimilated into the tribe, with the promise of protection, and fair representation in the government if they pull their weight. A long road is established, and with the gain of this tribe, new technology is learned. ((simple rafts, fishing, and extracting metal from sand via hot fire with a byproduct of glass...very little metal is gained from this, so many, many forges+ lots of lumber to fuel them if its to become something more then making rare weapons.)) The weapons are studied, and the tribe for the longest time has considered clubs, with its entire surface to be for damage a superior item over a blade. These metal weapons...how will they change the tribe? Will they try to copy, or learn to defend from? more?
The glass lens is hard to make, and its shapeing is dangerous. The grind stone they use claimed a few finger tips, but one long mane individual got his hair caught in the spinning stone and gained a snapped neck. hair needs to be properly secured in industrial areas. The sea shanties are offtune, but fun and the crew improves as the voyages drag on. The Kirunna wagon was easy enough to adapt, and the tribe now had increased transport capability. The fringe establishes a small bandit camp, but are soon beset upon by the dangers of the cave, and find themselves forgetting about their anger at the tribe, and more concerned with their own survival. Manien has a wild look in his eyes, a moment of madness "ALL HANDS!!! STRAIGHT AHEAD!" the hot blooded sailor was going to conquer the elements or die trying.
File: 1345792121740.png-(57 KB, 369x344, dusya.png)
57 KB
You called the dusya bipedal, not quite accurate, this is kind of the current look of the dusya as bred by the Korobushka.
((wow two twenties in a row. this is significant for your tribe)) The developed skills of the hexis vine shapers was astonishing, and it bled over into all hexis trees. They could encourage the plants to grow with an almost supernatural force at various densities and rates of growth, into fantastic shapes nature had no intention of. the knowledge and culture spread across the tribe like wildfire. ((nearly all structures and objects can be formed of living wood down to large trunks forming roads though the growth will take time.))
Maybe the Staatgriech go on to invent the first maces? PS. This is post 299/300, so we might need a new thread. Besides, Fortune's dead so I gotta get my evo fix somehow.
Well, fuck. Turned out to be 300, instead. I'm in IRC for a bit if you wanna chat.
The salvage attempts go quite badly, and another section of the tunnel collapses inward crushing a majority of the schwirm area of the lair. All eggs destroyed, and only subject 00 survived along with a few modified females survived. He was laughing about it all as they escaped. Khuna found out quickly of this, and was furious, he ordered a new cast to be devoted to watching the singers, as they failed to police themselves. The new bodies are rugged, and durable, made for work and exploration, large, strong, and a bit slow. The cave geist brutes were very similar to the notes on the diasected brute....If only they could have had a chance to study the body of Thun, a large alpha...almost a brute of brutes. The little ones revealed much, as they were born something made the brutes different, sparking a rapid growth of muscle and bone mass from glandular secretions. The singers wondered if the secretions could be extracted, or glands transplanted? The Blasphemy unit was the first "geist" to get eyes transplated from the crushed shwirm subjects. Even in death they still serve. Long optic nerves were tethered into a region of the brain that geist seemed to need for echo location, and there was hope that the emils slime would form a functional junction. ((roll 1d20 for results on this.))
Volcanic glass is interesting, at certain frequencies it shatters. is very sharp, has a nice resonance. The tribe has not encountered anything like it before and is having trouble with it, loosing several artisans when they attempt to pull a chunk of it from a wall, only for a giant slab of glass to crush part of the work team. The walker machines need new innovations before they can get larger, as their knees tend to buckle the bigger they get. the joints are weak. By creating a sort of internal rebar with various emils strands the geist can easily make strange, organic looking, flowing buildings suiting their tastes. The chasms are crumbled or flooded to the west, but east and north seem to be functional. All of them are dangerous, and it is recommended they are reinforced as they explore. The geist exploration teams are nearly ninja like. Apex predaors refined and returned to an ancestral hunting ground. They take notes and move around easily, but the toxic air of the lower levels poses a threat to them as it burns their skin, and chokes their lungs. They also hear rumblings of things long forgotten. ((Bonus to cave exploration and combat))
File: 1345794162800.jpg-(53 KB, 425x282, tawny frogmouth oh no oh yes.jpg)
53 KB
>mfw "subject" (or should i say unit?) 00, and blasphemy engines

Mad science... me gusta.
Dusya herds now dot the false hills of the lufae, living their lives unaware of the society below them. The enslaved schwirm project was rolled over into useing their research on modified bipedal schwirms to the quadrupedal dusya. ((frankenstien's cattle. has eyes, muscle, bone, meat, organs. less morality for research on them. similar biology to previous subjects.)) This affords the Flesh singers a bit more room for laxity, as the social and political ramification are much less for these cattle creatures who are to be eaten anyway. Their modifications to the creatures are aggressive, and efficient. Muscle mass increase, durability, partial brain lobotomy for obedience. They are used as beasts of burden till they collapse, then they are food. The blung seem to be displaying a great deal of unease and are agitated, occasionally attacking each other, as if something will soon happen. The boats are built with the tribe's new knowledge and skills to be sleek partially submerged objects.
That was a mistake on my part. I meant that they are also known as Blade shwirms. Anyways, it seems that the dusya lack the shells of the wild Blade shwirms. That kinda makes them less appealing to the Lufae, who utilize the shells in many ways.
God dammit, I thought they looked a bit naked, that was an artistic error on my part.
The growing alliances in this new brotherhood caused a lot of behind the scenes happenings. The logeadz were slowly replacing their weapons with metal ones. The two tribes were training together to form a cohesive fighting force and there were more regular smaller competitions of brewing and feats of strength or skill. The first generation of children grew up in a mixed race company, not knowing of a time before this. Cross population was beginning to happen. A big break through was clockwork technology. chain dive, pedals, springs, gears, locks...new words. The logeadz could help craft, and occasionally make simple mechanisms, but their boon was in being able to have the brute force to operate large, heavy mechanisms that were simple and rugged, able to take a beating. It was a new time, of innovation, discovery, and partnership. New problems came, such as metal corrosion, gear wear, and component breakage. ((if either of you dont like this, speak now and ill delete it. I know both of you are short on time, and this seemed like a natural and agreeable progression that didnt intrude into what you are already doing, otherwise, feel free to assume this is happening as you war against your problems,))
rolled 18, 20, 4 = 42


Did I understand this correctly ng, subject 00 and the surviving shwirms escaped? If that is the case their emils muscle augments will fail eventually, if they aren't maintained, which is a skill that the singers never taught their slaves.

I might as well make few Rolls now that I am at it.
The flesh singers attempt to reinforce the tunnels underneath their lair with flowing stone and the new emils structure technologies. (One roll)

The singers begin pursuing the escaped shwirms. (One roll)
Final roll for seeing how well the eyes work on the blasbhemy unit.

the escaped schwirms are captured as their components wear down and they require servicing. A few get very sick. The singers consider ending the experiment, they have more obedient alternate sources and these experiments are nearing the end of their usefulness. The tunnels under the geist territory start to get reinforced with the new coating and become safe to travel. Blasphemy unit can see...but do you know what happens when you are already mentally unstable and develop a new sense? You freak the fuck out. The unit suffers sensory overload and gores its own eyes out on a rock. a first for the lufae. The singers make note of this and in future experiments will include a socket for detachable eye implants or head gear holding the eyes and a socket imput. research continues, and the singers have the ability to rebuild the blasphemy unit into a mk2 ((googly eyed geist anyone?))

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