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File: 1345057844480.jpg-(700 KB, 1093x1100, Goliath_and_Elisa___Gargoyles_by_dj(...).jpg)
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Okay if you're wondering why I have a different trip... Well I forgot my old one. Moving on.

http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20281466/ here doth be the record of our last adventure.

Long story short we found a cursed statue that was in fact a gargoyle nad have people teaching her english. (She's from 784 poland)

The DoD (American Department of Defense) had some of their soldiers get turned to stone by an evil cult and we turned the soldiers back into humans. We also researched the cult of the burning eye, an ancient cult of evil.

Finally we were given our own office building 150 stories of space for us to expand in. 5 floors have become our research department, and this department currently has Dr. Julius C. Richards, an old collegue and expert in Curse magic working as a head researcher.
You work for Mayhew Rogers, CEO of Opaque Incorporated, and you currently live in Opaque City, which is located on Opaque Island, an artificial Island located in the Gulf of Mexico.

Recently Mayhew had some Archaic mystical artifacts, or what he was told were mystical artifacts, sent in.

Your job is to research magic and find a way to make it profitable. Your research department uncovered three artifacts that would be of particular interest to you.

The Shards of some sort of magical weapon, they're really very sharp, you have to keep them in an iron container otherwise they just slice through everything they touch until they hot dirt.

A ring that turns any man who wears it into a woman and any woman who wears it into a man. Thankfully it works on subjects its cursed, provided there's been a full moon since the transformation.

And a Goblet that turns any liquid poured into it into pure drinking water. The goblet is crudely carved and made of wood but otherwise featureless.
Would you like to research any of these artifacts? Or do something else? Currently its morning so Esther is asleep, BUT Esthers vocabulary has increase.

>Esther's English vocabulary: 1st grade child.

You can have very, very simple conversations with her in "Englits" she has trouble with "sh" sounds for some reason.
well, i'd like to test out if the goblet actually does turn any liquid into drinking water... by pouring some antifreeze in it.
Start with the Goblet, the potential of this magic to improve the third world is absurd and if it turns any liquid into pure drinking water that could be interesting. Could it turn things like mercury into water? We should research further.

Also see if the drinking water has any additional oddities by feeding it to test animals to see if it improves vitality or something like that.
You pour antifreeze into the goblet, and the Antifreeze turns into water. You have it tested, when the lab results come in you learn that there isn't even antifreeze residue on the cup. All liquids, regardlessof whether they're poisonus mud, or very complex chemical substances become water when poured into the goblet.

What did you think was going to happen?
We don't know, that's why we were testing.

Put it in one of our magic circles to properly analyze the transmutation.

How quickly does it transform? If we put in a liquid with little chunks of solid what happens? What happens if we put in a solid that slowly melts into a liquid, does all of the melt instantly turn into pure water?
Mercury when poured into the goblet becomes water. It turns out that anything, if it acts like a liquid, becomes water when exposed to the magic of the goblet. It's potent, but simple transmutation magic.

The liquid produce by the goblet when tested by the best scientific processes proves to be unusually pure mineral water, but aside from that there's no unusual side effects. It's just really, very pure water.

With a great deal of study you could probably reproduce the effect on a smaller scale, it would only turn water into pure water but regardless of how heavily polluted the water used in the process, the result would be potable water.
We should introduce Esther to some music when we get some time. A little Schubert's sonata in C major is good for the soul.
Interesting, so if we set up a net like thing we could almost completely clean up the Ganges River, there'd still be all the trash to deal with but it'd be much nicer.

However it's on a lowish priority, but get all the data we can and see if we can't delegate sifting through the data to someone else while we do something else.

Also how does it react with non-newtonian fluids like a cornstarch and water mix which acts like a liquid in some circumstances but is more solid when sudden force is applied to it.
You set up an Analysis spell circle and test it by feeding the goblet dozens of substances, Ice for instance melts instantly and becomes water, as do any solids that display the same quality (starts out as a solid, becomes liquid overtime) it has no effects on solids that become gas, liquids that become vapour are turned into water.

Liquids with solid objects inside acts as as normal liquid would, as long as the solid objects are inert and harmless (wood, paper, metal, things that won't poison the water) Poisonus objects are turned into inert, harmless blocks of wood.

There's no way in hell you'd have the raw magical power to duplicate this effect, you do however learn how to purify water and turn it into safe drinking water. If you got an enchanter on board you could start producing large tanks that would purify any water poured into them. The Industrial, Military, and Philanthropic applications are endless.
Interesting. Considering we live on an artificial island in the middle of the gulf of Mexico, clean drinking water should be a high priority. If we could study the process, then automate it, we could save the company shittons of energy used in desalination plants.
One of her speech tutors is an old fashioned english gentlemen, he's slowly teaching her the classics. The compsers, the plays, the operas etc. etc. She's gonna get some culture.

Same deal on the cornstarch/water mix as with everything else. Becomes water when exposed to the goblet's magic. Basically this thing spits in the eye of the law of conservation of matter. It'd take nothing less than the actions of a god or a member of the third race to make this artifact.

Thankfully Dr. Richards is more than skilled enough as a mage to sort through the data and begin applying it to practical uses. He's slightly prickly, after all he had a better standard education than you ever did (you dropped out of highschool) but he's more than happy to swallow some humble pie if it gets him closer to absolute power.

you have 5 hours left until sunrise.

You can muddle with the other objects or do something else.
Like I said, you need a world class enchanter (you're a world class transmuter and evocationist) to do it. Its kind of like the difference in being a scientist and an engineers. Sure you can build a staff to contain your secrets, and maybe you could make one water purification vat. But mass producing enchanted items is something beyond your skill set.
Do you mean sunset as you said it was morning at the beginning?

Put a call out for volunteers for the ring, I'd rather not test it on ourself and it'd be horribly rude to force it on people who don't want it even though it's reversible in time.

Don't use it on any gargoyles, mixing transmutation magics like that can't go well.

Set up a testing room for the Shards, see if we can stop them from falling through the floor. It cuts through almost anything so we probably won't be able to stop them by making the floor tougher, but if we make it kinda soft and have sticky insides so the Shard gets caught.
I'm an Idort.

Yeah I meant Sundown, dumb brain... anyway.

you can get Volunteers for the ring by offering payment bonuses and stuff like that. One of your Research staff takes you aside and indicates that she's a Transexual and would like to try the ring so she can evade gender reassignment surgery. even with Prosthetic bodies and cybernetic Limbs A lot can go can go wrong with that sort of thing.

Well that's one source of volunteers right? Regardless you have a room set up and a spell circle readied for scanning the ring's process. A slow, but steady trickle of volunteers begins to undergo the process.

Thankfully Mayhew had the good sense to have a layer of topsoil laid over the island, otherwise the shards would be on the ocean floor. Nothing you can do will stop the little bastards from falling through things, only iron, or good honest dirt can stop their cutting edge. You have some iron tools readied and let the science boys go to town on analyzing the shards

It's sundown.
Esther's probably awake by now and no doubt continuing her education in the English Langauge.

You recieve a data packet from mayhew. His IT boys tell him that 90% of the info you dug up on the Burning Eye is authentic, he compliments you on your ability to "sort the bullshit from the truth."

The Burning eye have ties to Prehistoric tribes, worship someything called Zaxxes, operate on the edges of wartorn territories for the ease of aquiring human flesh and like to kidnap people for their rituals, they have a particular fondness for children.

They have groups in the US dedicated to suckering bored rich people into joining the cult, most of these people disappear within a year and their funds dry up, apparently becoming a part of the Burning Eyes coffers.

What would you like to do tonight?

We should play jigsaw with the Shards, see if they look like they're from one item like a magic sword or something like that which got shattered into little bits.

After that visit Esther, see if she'd like to see some of the work we do.
Eeeyup. The Shards are all from a magic sword, looks like your standard fantasy sword, 4 feet of blade, designed for thrusting and slashing.

Among the work you've done, you worked with an Enchanter who was very active with green peace. You managed to make a magic box that turns plastic placed inside of it into gold. The gold of course basically comes out looking like tinfoil but the Enchanter uses it to fund a variety of green initiatives, his estate is slowly buying up sections of rainforest and turning it into a reserve for wild life with the gold.

You've sporadically aided the DoD in their hunting of a Gargoyle Terrorist named "Demona" and participated in clean up missions, aiding the DoD in ridding areas of magical guardians, curses and othermalignant forms of magic.

You also help fund a scholarship for young magic users (you and 20 other mages who you toured the world with.) It's Called the Mentor foundation and its the first modern magic apprenticeship program.
Note that you've never encountered Demona herself, you've just helped the DoD clean up her messes.

As for the 20 mages, you had to dig up mystical lore with them, there were no widespread mystical education programs of any form or shape until you and your colleagues began The Mentor foundation. (you just fund it. Some of the others run it.)

Anyways what would you like to show Esther, some records of the stuff you've done or the more mechanical parts of the island? (The nuclear power plant, windfarms, the solar power plant, the desalination plant... etc. etc.)

Or you could always ask her how she's doing.
Let's ask her how she's doing, then see if there's anything she'd like to see. I'm willing to bet she'd like to know where there is a church nearby.
First ask how she's doing.

Then, if she wants to see it, show her our lab to start with.

Talk about how we try to use magical knowledge to improve the world. That the past has left a lot of magical stuff lying around, much of it dangerous, and our biggest job is to examine it, make it no longer dangerous and learn from it so we can turn it into something positive.

Start with what we ourself have done, while she may have heard that we're a powerful wizard we really haven't given her any examples so we may as well.

Also if there is anywhere on the island she wants to visit, like a church, the beach, anything like that we should take her there.
You come upon Esther in the middle of one of her tutoring Sessions, you call it off, give the tutors a small bonus and beckon Esther to your side. "Hello Lord Noctos, Vhat may I do vor you this vine night?" She sounds a bit like a bad boris kharlof impersonator but she's understandable. You decide to ask her if she'd like to see a chruch. She nods eagerly and you get her in the back of your truck again. (she's wearing one of The Tailor's better pieces, it's a suprisingly lavish affair with a chaste neckline and skirt length.) You take her to Opaque City's Catholic church, its as large and Lavish as any catholic church with decent funding would be. At first she's a bit put off by this thinking the priests must be coirrupt but you quickly point out this is a very wealthy city and standards have changed. She's a bit uneasy about this, apparently the difference between this place and her old church are enough to hammer home the differences in her time period and yours. Regardless she prays at the altar.
She asks if the church has any reliquarries and you tell her no, sorry saints and relics just aren't as common as they used to be. This puts Ether off a little but she gets over her mild irritation quickly enough. You take her back to the Department and give her a small tour of the facilities.

"For awhile people forgot about magic, thougfht it was superstition. Science seemed to disprove its existence. When it comes down to it though magic and science are two paths with the same result. Power, for good and ill result in a mastery of Science. The Past has left many dangerous things lying around." You indicate the experiments being conducted on the Ring of genderbending and the Magic shards. "And many wondrous things." You show her the goblet of water purification. "My job is to research these things and make them safe, and if that's impossible I help dispose of them." Esther politely intterupts you and wants to know if there are any of her kind still around.
Well, let's tell her all we know about other gargoyles.

Also, make a note to send some guys to research what happened to Esther's own clan.
"Well there's Avalon, written reports seem to indicate that there's a magic island ruled over by oberan, King of the Third race. Also There's the manhatten clan and several other clans of Gargoyles, there's supposed to be one hidden in japan and there were some in...brazil...was it costa rica?" You shrug, incapable of remembring the location. "Regardless they moved to avalon. The manhattan clan are the only known active gargoyles, wel natural gargoyles. More than a few scientists have produced copies of gargoyles." Esther asks you to show here this "Manhattan clan" and much of the night is spent going through old footage, newspaper articles and other obscure pieces of information on New York's gargoyles.

The sun eventually Rises and Esther returns to her rooms.

Mayhew contacts you, apparently the DoD wants to see you at the Military base.

Would you like to do anything before you leave?
Can't think of anything off the top of my head.

Get some breakfast and make sure we're dressed nicely.

Ask Mayhew what they want us for.
>Also, make a note to send some guys to research what happened to Esther's own clan.
I'd like to see this one done, myself. Seconding.
"Don't know son. You know these army boys, don't ask, don't tell. Or is that loose lips sink ships? Anyway they''ll only talk to you about whatever it is they want."

You have some breakfast prepared for you and sent over in a car, after dressing up in your best trenchcoat, suit and fedora you hitch a ride in the delivery boy's car. It makes it easier to snark down your Breakfast. Instead of John Creeping Cat there's an Older Caucasian man, his hair is white and he has a heavily wrinkled face. Three lines of gnarled flesh mar his right cheek. He introduces himself as "Derek Hunter" and hands you a small file. After reading through it you learn that a small community of werewolves lives in the American midwest in a small town named "Hunter's Moon."

"Werewolves...?" You ask as you look up with a puzzled expression. Derek Hunter grins and puts an arm over your shoulders.

"These ain't your Grandaddy's werewolves mister Noctos. These people pay their taxes, obey the law, and join the army every now and again."
[Retroactively applied, there are doods researching the clan.]

"Now somebody is hunting these folk down, skinning them and turning the remains into soup. We have six confirmed deaths and 12 missing people, all women and children. I want you to join the FBI as a deputized agent of the Federal government." You scrunch up your face and point out ath it was the Department of Defense that called you here. "I have connections. Anyway I can't force you to do anything but the last group of guys I sent in to take the bastards down got turned into soup, we know for a fact it was magic." He removes a tiny digital recorder from his pocket and plays a snippet of latin chanting. You know the spell, it makes people sleep. "The FBI hasn't got any Wizards yet, but you're a famous wizard, and everybody knows you can go all Gandalf on people who piss you off. Word is you're not half bad with a pistol either. So what do ya say?" Well he's right, you're actually a pretty decent shot with a pistol.
>The FBI wants you to join up and provide some mystical backup for whoever's turning werewolf women and kids and FBI types into soup and fur coats. What would you like to do?
Sure. When's the plane and can we take some special backup(Esther)?
I'll do it. You guys will owe me a major favor for this one and I get to provide my own help and so on.

I so rarely get a chance to blow things up with massive fireballs and bolts of lightning when doing research, it ought to be fun.

We should see if Esther wants to come along, and maybe try fixing up that magic sword if at all possible to loan to her for the duration of this and once we've fully researched it it might make a nice gift.
"I have some back up but we'll need to delay any transportation we make until nightfall. I have some special back up." You say as you turn your thoughts to Esther.

"Been training apprentices have you Noctos?" Askes derk with the slightest of smirks.

"Nah, I have a Gargoyle, her english is sketchy, but she's as tough as any other gargoyle out there," Derek nods and slaps you on the shoulder.

"I'll Allow it. But be backhere by 10 oh clock, on the dot." You nod and assure him that you will.

You return to your department and look into the sword shards, after some experimentation you realize that nothing short of a god or a fey's power will ever return these things to their original state. You have managed to create some really sharp surgical and scinetific equipment from the shards though.

Esther will wake up in a few hours, what do you want to equip her with? Medievil equivelent stuff is best, as are simple modern weapons (your average can of mace for instance.)
File: 1345065739188.jpg-(361 KB, 644x3844, swatsign.jpg)
361 KB
If Esther comes with us, we should teach her some basic handsigns for dealing with combat situations.
We'll should look into getting her some kevlar if we can do it by tonight.

Get her some swords and other medieval weapons but made with modern technology. Some mace, other simple to use modern stuff.

We'll get her modern weapon training when we can.

Call up Kain, see if he's interested in coming along, we could use some backup of his caliber just in case.
Get her some mace, a couple throwing knives and a pair of machetes.
You get some throwing knives, a bowie knife, a pair of machetes, and a very large mace delivery system (pnuematic spraying nozzle that can drench a person, a gallon capacity tank of mace) and you manage to get the security boys and some tailors to cobble together an antiballistic suit of armor for Esther. It's made from antiballistic Polymer cloth, ceramic plates, and a large amound of velcro straps.

Kain Nephilim, long time friend from your walkabout days (one of the various hangers-on that joined thehunt for mystical knowledge) and overall decent person is more than happy to join you in a witch hunt for the FBI.

Esther's probably awake by now, how would you like to approach her?
Esther, there is a small town called Hunter's Moon, a nice place that happens to have a population of law abiding Werewolves who serve their country loyally. Someone is killing the innocents of this town using magical means and I have been called in to investigate.

I would deeply appreciate having you by my side for this. I think your aid would be invaluable for the safety of myself and the other residents of the town.

Would you like to come along? I have prepared arms and armor for you should you wish to join me.
Eloquent and to the point.I like it.
Esther is at first put off by the idea of saving Werewolves but you manage to make the point that werewolves are not people who have sold their souls to the devil for the magical ability to become wolves (wiki it.) They are people born with a magic that lets them shapeshift into wolves and wolf-human hybrids. Once she gets over her initial superstition Esther seems offended that honest, hard working folk would be preyed upon by evil wizards. She agrees to help you.

Kain arrives somewhere after this time and your greet him with a firm hand shake. "I hear the FBI wants some Bad Dudes to kill some dark wizards." he's carrying a duffle bag and judging from all the jangling its doing it's chock full of weapons. He's got a pair of chest holsters for his 357. Revolvers and he has an Assault rifle slung across his chest. "I think I'm a Bad Enough dued what about you?"

You roll your eyes and waggle your staff in his face. "I'm a wizard, I'm the Baddest Dude in the room. It's like, a rule or something."
>You have about 3 hours before the Departure date arrives, would you like to do anything before your ride gets here?
Introduce Kain and Esther. Make em talk, they are both warriors, they should share some interests.
Introduce Kain to Esther. Have him teach her basic military hand motions for quick silent communication.

We've got a bit of time before we leave, maybe have Kain and us run Esther through a quick crash course in how to use a pistol or a rifle, just in case she's forced to use one during the operation. She ought to pick them up somewhat quick.

This'll give the two of them a chance to socialize and get to know each other.
You introduce Kain to Esther, at first she's a little intimidated by him, and then you explain that his prosthetics (artificial arms and legs, a combat torso augment, eye prosthetics, even auditory modifications) are all the result of nearly being destroyed. Once learning that he's just a warrior of this day and age she warms up to him, he teaches her how to use a pistol (demonstrating with his own revolver and Nero's 45. semi auto) and he teaches her basic hand signals (Clear, out of ammo, friendlies, unfriendlies 2 of them 3 of them etc. etc.) Over all Kain manages to charm her and help her ease into a world where cyborgs are becoming more and more common.

The due date arrives though and you arrive at the Military base with Esther and Kain in tow. Upon seeing you Derek grins and claps his hands, he's got a second suit, this one a large black man. "See? This is why you deputize corporate types to help in this sort of thing. Now we have a combat cyborg and a Gargoyle."
Yeah, and you and your people owe us a rather large favor. You know us corporate types, we don't do anything for free.
Yeah, outsourcing is a wonderful thing, no one knows that better than us corporate sharks.
The Black man frowns and speaks. "We could've contacted the manhatten clan-" Derek snorts in derision and intterupts him.

"Yes, I'm sure they would've trusted us after you tried to bust them for vigilantieism, You ass." The Black man bristles but says nothing In response, apparently accepting the dig.

You greet Derek and hes asks to be introduced to your companions, he does his best to give both a friendly greeting before pulling you away. "First things first chief. We hit the States, Hunter's Moon. Then we do some investigation. No worries I'll see your Lady has round the clock Guards during the day. More importantly once we hit the ground I want you to look at some artifacts we've recovered from the murder sites. We're getting close but we need some major mojo if we want to put some nails in the coffin." You agree that you're more than ready to help the FBI and you find yourself escorted into a modified 747 bound for the american midwest. its an hour or so ride till you hit the ground.
>You have an hour or so aboard the plane. you have internet access and you can communicate with opaque island, you can also speak with Esther and Kain if you like.
Let's chat up Kain a bit. We (that is us, the readers) haven't yet really had a chance to get a feel for him. See how he's doing, what he's been up to.
That makes sense.

See how he's doing on Opaque, what it'd take to join our awesome department.
File: 1345070298137.jpg-(270 KB, 2000x1400, redarremerchaos2.jpg)
270 KB
Kain's fiddling with his cellphone when you find him. "What casual phone game are you playing now?" You ask, inserting just the right hint of peevishness into your voice to show what you think of phone games.

"Witch toucher." Kain seem's really amused by something. The phone emmits a small feminine gasp. Wait...hold it witch toucher?

"You're playing a porn game on your cell phone?" You weren't even aware that was possible. You HATE cellphones. You only keep one because its useful.

The phone emmits a long, high pitched female moan. "I thought that's what cellphones were for?" Kain injects just the right note of confusion into his voice to make it clear he's fucking with you (whilst fucking with an animated witch.)

"Well anyway how's Opaque Inc. Working out for you?" You're traveling in a cargo compartment with ATTVs and other military hardware, occasionally you go up front and get something from the plane's kitchenette. You lean up casually against a crate of grenades.

"Pretty good, I got a pay upgrade."
"But...?" You ask, knowing Kain enough to spot irritation when you see it. The Cellphone pants amorously as Kain taps the surface rapidly.

"I'm bored, I get blown up, and then I get upgraded. Then I go out and help the DoD take down some Terrorists and then Its back to business as usual. I swear Its like these hands were literally designed for doing paperwork." Kain make's Tsking noises and a small ping apparently indicates he's finished the current stage. "Pick one."

He shows you the ceel phone, there's a witch with purple hair and an enormous bust, and there's a with with pink hair and Groovealicious hips. You go for the Hips.

"Tap that ass..." Mutters Kain as he moves onto the Next stage.

"Look if you're really bored I have my own department. We investigate magic so I could probably get you transfered. Would be a downgrade from securit chief." Kain chuckles and begins tracing something out on the screen.

"I make 5 digits a year, my last raise consited of 10k dollars."
Only 5 digits a year, you poor man. You go with me you get more operational independence, a pay raise, and I'll look into making your chrome bits magical as well.
"Gotta pay off those implants somehow right?" Kain smirks and a low moan erupts from his cell phone.

"Well I can change that much. It'll take some doing but I can get you a better pay raise, at least halfway to 6 digits, and you'll be useful." Kain arches an eyebrow but continues making the witch on his cellphone moan.

"Seriously, we're gonna be running around the world searching for magic, monsters and treasure. It'll be fun." Kain laughsand the phone-witch squeals at what sound slike a virtual spanking.

"Just like old times huh? Well clear it with the boss man and we'll see what happens."

>you have 30 minutes what would you like to do?
Let's see what Esther is up to.
File: 1345079302275.jpg-(109 KB, 800x532, Gargoyle_Wawel_Cathedral_01_AB.jpg)
109 KB

Stone by Day, Federal for-hire Employees by Night?

This is gon be good.

For a slight touch of meta has Esther's design been discussed yet?

The gargoyles of Poland's Wawel Cathedral have an interestingly abstracted organic flair to them.

Perhaps wines with a vine motif?
File: 1345079496437.jpg-(41 KB, 500x375, Wawel_gargoyle002.jpg)
41 KB

Wings damnit.

Yeah talk to the Gargoyle lass we're going to aim at some skindancer maniac.
make reddy mystical deference for every one
*scroll* .. Hm .. this might be interesting *open thread*

>.. we found a cursed statue that was in fact a gargoyle nad ..

*close thread* hm .. *scroll* .. Ah, 40k thread. Righto. *open thread*
Guess OP fell asleep?

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