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Last Thread: >>20151420
1d4chan article and archive links:
IRC: come and talk.

MIA: Urpuruu, and Slanera Still playing? last call.

By now, all players have made contact with another tribe, for better or worse, alliances and wars are brewing, factions are planting roots and cities are starting to grow. Welcome, to the southern continent!
Krogoan spent his days working on something to help the warriors survive injury. He eventually created a powder of dried lacorra mucus, boiled then powdered bone, and powdered bone marrow. The mixture will stop bad cuts from bleeding out, and even help re-seal a broken shell or bone. It is taboo because it is made from dead tribe members. perhaps he can convince people it is a good thing. ((combined all 3 rolls). Gogan meanwhile is nearly killed when he cuts open the lacorra, to find that it is full of small lacorra beasts that wriggle up his hand and burrow into the joints of his shell. ((roll for survival)). A very simple shovel is made, but while the inventors are practicing in the desert the vibrations attract a leviathwirm, and days later only their shovels are found. The young hunters are viewed by the old hunters as daredevil thrill seekers, and damned fools, but they are skilled in their own, maddening way. The tribe begins to produce very fine leathers that could be utilized to make armor or clothing. A very large amount of the lacorra mucus is gathered in pots.
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Count me in.
The torruz has very poor vision, and is primarily an oppertunistic predator of smaller creatures/ omnivore/ scavenger. It relies on its laser induced shock cannon to keep larger predators at bay, which it does very well. If something can get behind it, it is defenseless, but is apparently inedible as most creatures avoid the dead ones, save the lacorra. Fire is suprisngly easy to make once you know how, a little dry dung, shredded hide or dry grass, and a spark from some flint. bam. fire. The tribe is very good at making fires now. The Path to the water is made safer by torching part of the lacorra field. The fire is hot enough that most of the coral breaks down, but there is still some left. The path to the water had to be fed material constantly as lacorra does not burn on its own, and as a result the field itself is largely intact. ((safe path thru a dangerous place))

The murkey water has enough fish to feed the village, but the game of punching grows on the nerves of some of the hunters who now punch back. Many more Ma'Mua are found, and the village is now overflowing with the creatures who are simply kept watch over by shepherds. The Ma'uma are a strange creature with not much known about them. Ma'uma raised for food are hostile and agressive...as much as they can be anyway. They will frequently ram the ranchers, or surround them and attempt to crush them with their combined bulk. Of note, the creatures seem to be fond of the treatment given to them by the children and friendly adults, even following them from time to time.
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hey man, if you want to make a tribe, ill let in a few more people, but its getting crowded. I dont really dicking around with more tribes that people make and then immediately abandon. Are you a bad enough dude to post at least once a day, or every other day, or at least give me a heads up via post when you are gonna be gone for a few weeks?
Nah, just making a pun.
I saw that picture a few times and now I couldn't help it anymore.
Because, you know. Hitler 1923, Beer Hall Putsch being an attempted coup d'état or "Staatsstreich" in German.
I don't even know what you are doing here, really.
rolled 14, 4, 16, 1, 8, 7, 1 = 51

The crunchas were very helpful for the tribe in many ways. They would go out into the forests with the woodshwirm and with their strength could carry half a dozen logs by themselves without any apparent strain.

Some choppas, on the other hand were being trained as guard dogs, for they clearly had the aptitude for such a task.

Meanwhile at the bone carving station, a shwar experiments with a different material than usual with a set of tools. Rather than use the shwirm arm blades for the tools, he attempts to mimic the tools with rocks. So far, he didn't get much progress with the edged blades,but he was also working on a new tool to cut the trees with. He called it an axe.

While this was going on, the rest of the shwirm had gathered in a sort of meeting at the center of the village. The population was getting quite large, and by Oamenii tradition some of the shwirm would have to pack up and leave. Tradition, however, said nothing about how far away or if they couldn't still have contact with each other. The shwirm were scouting all around to look for a suitable area in which to have the settlers go to, but this was also an opportunity to explore their surroundings, which the shwirm did with great passion.

Rolling for training crunchas, inventing stone tools, inventing axes, and exploring north, east, south, and west.
Oh God, everything's trying to kill me NW of my tribe.

Training crunchas to be watchdogs*
File: 1344523469224.png-(780 KB, 671x879, Map6.png)
780 KB
rolled 11, 13, 7, 7, 20, 11 = 69

Fight in northern village ended quickly and without many deaths. Prisoners are freed because to Staatgreich they are only extra mouths to feed. Villagers mistake katumoiset as just simple nomadic tribe and such asks the prisoners to tell their tribe to move away from their lands. The encounter however taught the northern village the lesson that not all shwirms are peaceful and now they also started to build walls to keep their village safe. Building of walls will be hard manual labor and because of that they still continue the possibility of using lubs in the construction. As the eastern village is the only producer of clay they must improve the road from western village to be able to have stable supply of bricks.

When the news of conflict in the north reach western village they try to speed up the learning process of using the Sturm (Rope&sharp rock). This weapon might come in handy if they ever get to fight.

In eastern village the success of bricks is noted and people have started to use them for other building projects like making roofs out of lighter and thinner bricks and paving bigger roads inside the town.

In south the fort is established and some of the families move there to act as garrison to keep the nomadic tribes out of their lands. They bring with them some taxis bushes to see if it is possible to grow them in the hills. Scouts are also sent to west from eastern village to secure the plains for future farming operations.

Rolling for lub !SCIENCE! , building walls to northern village, Improving the road from north to northern lookout in between of villages, Learning to use Sturm, growing taxis in the hills and scouting the plains west of southern village.
Crunchas are easy enough to train, and make for good and loyal companions, helping out where they can and guarding their town, family and even owner loyally. Stone is very hard to break with bone, perhaps there is a better way. Axes are built from sharpened bones and chitin plates. No scouts return from the north or west. The next two scout parties wise up and decide to travel in a scout mob, going south east. Lub forests are discovered, and a strange new eco system.

The lubs are not very good for anything it would seem, but when they tried to uproot one, it took all several men much effort, and it was only realized that if they threw a rope over a tree branch they got a little more strength out of their pulling. (discovering the very basics of science of lifting things with rope. you know where to go.) Walls around the north are established quickly and efficiently. The existing road is improved without too much fuss. The Sturm is as dangerous to its user as it is the user's foe, but the tribe has the basics down. The Taxis bush grows like a fucking weed, spreading uncontrollably over the hill creating a dense thicket of berries as far as the eye can see. Scouts discover the beach, and a strange shelled creature that is quite large, and with a colorful crest out of its back.
The freed warriors retreat back home taking a different route, the trip lasts days and they grow hungry and weary. They encounter a tribe of schwirm that offer them hospitality. Food, rest. There are few men, mostly women, children, and the elderly. They are ignorant to the ways of war, and do not even eat flesh, as their spirits do not allow it. The warriors look at one another in slight glee. upon asking where the men were it was explained that the only males were the council, and only they could breed. male children were given to the wilds.
the tribe is about a day and a half worth of travel to the south of the main village. They are proficient gatherers, living off boiled cedya and various roots, and spend their days practicing music and simple art. They have a knowledge of cloth and dye. Buildings are simple structures built of cloth around wooden scaffolding. estimated population of 80.

roll dice to burn and pillage.
rolled 16, 9, 17 = 42

Nag Ber'ek begins to move north, towards the forest, and away from the area where they fought the Battle of the Blung. Eventually, the tribe arrives in the south, at T 18. Tents are set up, cooking fires are made, and hunters begin to explore the forest that is part of their new home. The shamans venture out with these hunting parties, seeking new plants for potions that this new land might hold.

Rolling for exploration, hunting, and finding new plants for the shamans
rolled 20, 14, 18 = 52

"The Tribe begins to move NORTH and arrrives to the SOUTH"


I still intend to live in T18 though. No hallucinogen forests near it, which means I don't need to be careful when exploring. Also, there is ANOTHER blung horde somewhat nearby, but the Nag Ber'ek don'tt know that
please review your roll of 1 on the last thread. you also have some relic armor sitting in a post above that somewhere.

everyone else:
you got roll results in the last thread most likely.
rolled 12 = 12


Kill maim burn. no, wait, Enslave Steal Burn!!

They had acquired some loot from the first fight but this possibility to gain slaves and even more loot cannot be passed.

Rolling for overall success of burn & pillage.
the population never stood a chance, the elderly are killed, the men are killed, the women and children are taken, with the eggs being crushed. The village is put to the torch and obliterated from history.

On the flip side, you gain knowledge of nothing at all, but walk away with a load of slaves and some cloth blots and dye.
rolled 19, 5, 14 = 38

Do you want me to make/can I make new preperation rolls? Or am I stuck with that 1?
File: 1344527729274.png-(20 KB, 734x367, The World as I know it.png)
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rolled 12, 3, 11, 3 = 29

Don't the threads start with an up to date map? I'd like to see the state of the continent right about now. Here's a shitty map since everyone else is doing it, and it's good for reference anyways.

The Bone carver Shwar was getting frustrated with how much he had to bang his bone tools against the rocks, and was at a loss of what to do when he accidentally knocked some rocks onto the floor. One rock landed on another, and the stone chipped a little piece off. The Shwar gets an idea and begins to bang a hard rock against the others to achieve the shape he wanted.

The shwirm decide to build their village in an area surrounded by forests, so as to have a steady source of wood. The settlement is made to have the same buildings available as the main village, and a road for safe passage is started between the two villages.

A group of shwirm is also sent to the strange forest to learn more about it. Perhaps the place had something to offer for the growing tribe.

Rolling for inventing knapping/stone tools, constructing south village, building a road between south village and main village, and rolling for bear lore about the Floaty Trees.
rolled 15, 12 = 27


Now the northern village has a protective wall around it and that helps most of the people to feel secure even though their military strength itself is quite weak.

With the increased trade to north, the northern lookout grows to become small hamlet but it is still too small to be called as real village.

In western village the hunting has been the most used way of getting food but now some of the hunters have started to hunt animals of the sea as they are more numerous and don't require so much sneaking and hiding. Fishing is now introduced to Staatgreich and many shwirm find these sea animals to be as tasty as land living ones.

Southern fort in the hills sends some scouts to east to be able to know better about movements of nomadic tribes.

Rolling for Fishing and scouting east from hill fort.
rolled 4, 9, 8 = 21


Even if Katumoiset didn't get any tech from these raid they got items more advanced than theirs and slaves that do have some knowledge they do not have. Slaves are put to work and any useful info and tech is interrogated out of them.

Great city of Kaalimaa is always growing and it has potential to launch large raiding parties to surrounding areas just to sate its never-ending hunger.

Rolling for extracting any useful info and tech out of slaves & loot, expansion of city and hunting
sorry to leave you guys hanging but i gotta get some sleep, if poe or IG hasnt caught up with you by the time I get up, ill do the results.
>Reposting from last thread

>At the feast, the Elders notice their wonder and confusion. They try to relieve their concerns by having the oral history of the Iminye tribe sung at the feast. The singing is a mixture of low guttural howls and tweets of the Grabbas.

>It tells of the last Time of Grass and the Time of Woe. The time when the tribe stopped being nomadic, settling in the Sehquetas forest after clearing it of all forest demons.

>Finally Gormal told the Elders one final thing. "Bring me the strongest warrior of your tribe, I shall call for our strongest warrior to travel here, the Fire Chief. It is customary for our tribes to have a duel of strength to evaluate your tribes strength as a people."

The Elders answered Gormal's challenge with a challenge of their own. "While you may test your neighbors in strength, that is not our way. We test our neighbors in generosity. We will send a few of our herders and hunters with your messenger. When they return with your Fire Chief, we will choose a champion and setting for the duel." The solider is escorted by hunters outfitted with the Bark Armor and herders with three Momma Kirunnas.

With the time afforded the Iminye drill their northern patrol in unarmed combat, so that they might impress the foreigners. And to find the best champion among them. Noignar watches them as he bends another tree to build up the northern wall. He hyper-male was definitely the strongest of the whole tribe. But not in combat. The Grim Bark relied on ambushes and their Bark Armor to save them from a hit.

With the collection of samples in front of him, Halin quickly realizes he doesn't have all the tools he'd need. He needed small portable containers to hold liquid in, crushing and sapping extracting methods, and a controllable small heat source.
rolled 3, 17, 20, 12, 17, 20 = 89

Fali's expedition proved more fruitful than imagined. They had discovered the coast of the continent, and explored the northern shores of the sea, which they called the Firil Sea. As they attempted to travel pass the straits, which they called the Straits of Fali. The waters quickly became too difficult to navigate. They were thrown back into the coast north of the straits.

When they beached on the furthest shore, they collected some fruit and hunted the near game. It resupplied their dwindling resources. But as the went further into the Jungle, they discovered the floating lubs. The creepy blue natives were disconcerting, but they seem to keep their distance. So the explorers did as well. Until, they found a blue native with pulsing red veins under its skin.

It carried with it a pot that splashed with red. It brandished a knife, the explorers brought up their own arms. This did not deter the preternatural blue native. It merely pointed at the game they had killed with the knife and back to the pot.

Fearing retribution and being generally freaked out, Fali left the game where it was and backed off. It approached the kill. A long prehensile tongue came out of its mouth and lapped at the pooling blood. At which point Fali and the explorers ran in fear and disgust.

rollin for safe travel to Altume, drilling northern patrol, Halin's tools (3 rolls), Fali return trip exploring the south shore of the Firil Sea
rolled 17, 15, 17 = 49

Lets reroll for preperation shall we?

After previous, unrorganized attempts failed, the tribes gather together to form an actual plan for their migration. The Chieftans consult one another, and it is decided that this shall be their first test in living together.

The tribes of Nag Ber'Ek all send out hunting parties to feed themselves during their migration. Scouts are sent south to explore the rest of the plains for some new place to live, one that's preferably close the forests.

Someone has the bright idea of having people ride on cathedrals for the jounrey. The Chaplains aren't so sure about this, but they're willing to give it a try

Rolling for hunting, scouts exploration, and seeing if Cathedrals will finally let people ride them
File: 1344535960525.png-(51 KB, 361x168, Iminye_Territory.png)
51 KB
lots of good rolls, except for the first one ...
rolled 13, 11, 17, 7 = 48


Yeah, aside from the first one, you have a golden age of rolls right there.

Just ignore the dice...
rolled 7, 19, 12 = 38

>17 for cathedral riding

File: 1344539302171.png-(323 KB, 800x600, Lufae surroundings 1.png)
323 KB
rolled 19, 14 = 33

Ilith and her daughter have both been integral in the founding of the Wyvern rider order/cult. The riders are mostly females, as they seem to be more capable of forming a deep bond with the wyvern, which has grown to be the basis of the training of both the rider and the wyvern pup.
The females are taken young, they are mostly runtier females that the adults of the tribe bring to the shrine to be taken care off, as they are too weak to keep up with their healthier siblings. In the shrine, they get the companionship of each other as well as the wyvern pup assigned to them.
This method is how the newest riders are made, the older riders, Aith included who founded the cult never formed as deep bond with their wyverns. They seek to train the new girls in the art of singing with their wyverns so that they could eventually replace the founders.
The cult worships the Wyverns and Lupia, their goddess. They see themselves as watchers of Lupia's domain, aiding her mightiest servants, the wyverns in their task of spreading the world song.

The Lufae pilgrims in the valley of voices fear that the nearby shwirms would try to drive them out. Because of this, they begin to carve holes in the walls of the canyons, as well as build pipes and flutes that all generate sounds they think would spook the shwirms from investigating the valley further. They also try to scare any foolish enough shwirms away by stalking them and making fake attacks at them.

Also, ng, I meant that the Lufae would explore the area marked in the map when I spoke of the chasm.

rolling for perfecting the training of the wyvern riders, and for scaring off shwirms from the valley.
rolled 10, 16, 17, 9 = 52

There was disaster on the way to the Altume Ocean Village. They were attacked by large predators. The hunters defended as well as they could, but only one Kirunna survived. As they walked the desert not even that one survived. The herders butchered the meat, hoping it would keep.

The northern patrol is drilled until they can punch kick and pen their opponents. The fighting style interests Noignar who takes on three hunters at a time.

Halin makes a kelm out of river clay. He can roughly control the heat of the kelm by providing and limiting the amount of lumber burned. Using clay bowls and pots, he can boil solutions or bake solid organics. The crushing tool he came up with was a simple bowl and spoon.

One day while Halin was testing the kelm, Solith loaded it with as much lumber as it could and threw a bowl of sand as well. The Kelm exploded violently, thankfully it was stationed away from the river town where Halin had made his shop. Solith was chased out of the settlement hopefully to never be seen again. When recovering the remains of his experiment, Halin discovered that the sand had transmuted into a clear hard substance.

On his return trip, Fali scouted one of the islands in the Firil Sea. There was only one good beach, the rest of the borders were rocky cliff edges. It was as if the sea had fallen around the island while to stood strong against the changing terrain. Another island just a few kilometers away was full of raw materials, such as Sapsis trees and floating ragas, and was the largest in the sea. It was mostly populated by Flappers and Yazda, fliers that could reach the island from other lands, as well as the hive like Aquashchwar.

Upon Fali's return, the Elders are very interested in these new lands for colonization.

rollin for Noignar's combat, glass bottle production, keeping the Kirunna meat, colony preparation
rolled 10, 10, 15, 5, 17, 9 = 66


Regarding the other two tribes, the Lufae view the Korobuskha with suspicion, as they are songless. The Virache however intrigue the Lufae to some extent. It has been long time since the tribe had encountered another group of geists. Khuna is willing to meet the Virache tribe's leaders, should they be willing to.
The Lufae people are quite excited about the rumors of the new tribe. The potential for new mates has put both the males and the females into overdrive.

The tensions caused by the discovery of the other tribes has caused the Lufae to develop their weaponry and combat skills further. They rely on speed, ambushes and night raids, in their attacks. They are somewhat aware that the songless can't see them in the shadows and the darkness of the night as well as they can when the sun scorches their sensitive skin.
Some of the warriors have also began training themselves in the use of the flesh song they could see inside of their foes, and thus strike true to the source of their inner song (heart).
Development has also been put into the muzzles that the Lufae use to amplify their songs. The artisans have attempted to make muzzles/masks, that increase the potency of the songs of their warrios.

The flesh singers have started studying the corpses of the kills of the tribe, including the blungs, as well as on captured creatures. They try to learn what makes them tick, and how they can be defeated easily.

The settlers in the valley of voices have also started building more huts into the canyon walls, away from the ground, to be more safe. They also have started making wind chimes to the walls, so that the valley itself would sing the world song.

Rolling for:
Warrior training and new tactics.
Flesh song training.
Improved muzzles.
Studying the bodies of the songless.
Making safer huts high on the canyon walls.
Wind chimes in the valley.
File: 1344544951693.png-(Spoiler Image, 192 KB, 900x800, Geist&Emils symbiosis.png)
Spoiler Image, 192 KB
rolled 1 = 1


Oh, and I would also like to know what my scouts find down in that hole in the ground.
I have some ideas....but I guess that I should roll for it.
File: 1344545129155.png-(26 KB, 800x600, Imperial bord gazes upon (...).png)
26 KB

Aw shit.
Well, I am off to sleep. Nightmares inbound.
While they don't discover any new techniques during training, the warriors increase the overall readiness of the tribe. The muzzles however improve the effectiveness of the flesh song which can now reveal vital organs.

The Lufae soon realize that studing the dead bodies produce no results other than a badly mangled anatomy. They need a live or intact sample of blungs. With the captured animals they learn of the general systems at work in the body, but more time and research is needed to discover something useful.

The huts are built and disguised as the rocky walls. Work installing the wind chimes goes slowly as the Lufae settlers try to be as discreet as possible.

The Geist spelunkers climb far down into the ancient chasm of their forefathers. They thought they were brave and strong enough to discover great secrets. They noticed the chasm get dark and damp, which aroused something primal in them. Before long they had wander far into caverns. They were about to turn back when suddenly a cave-in occurred.

They dug at the tunnel and began their escape, only to hear a soft groan coming from below. For hours they waited for the growls to lessen, to creep back into the primordial abyss, but it stayed there at the edge of their song groaning. Finally with desperate courage they dug out the rocks luring the creature below.

They found escape but not all did. One explorer lagged behind the wall to discover a crawling skeletal Wemil grabbing his leg. It was a patchwork monster made up of bones and skulls from several species. The caught Geist screamed for help as the creature engulfed his body.

The spelunkers became more lost as they couldn't find the surface tunnel. They are lost in a land the surface forgot, occasionally hearing soft groans from below.

(lost in hostile environment, work with that)
rolled 19, 14 = 33

Wyrem rider training becomes a established tradition to the Lufae. Shwirms occasionally patrol the Valley, still believing they can colonize it at their leisure. But their patrols have lessen since the false attacks.
Actually, he made that tribe because I'd mentioned that the culture of my people was based on Russia, and since most people, in the US, at least, think of Soviets, he made a German tribe. Granted, we're not making an alien re-enactment of WW2, but if Staat didn't name his guys that on purpose I'd be shocked.
Whoah whoah, attacks, since when have the Lufae been attacking the Shwirm? I'm confused.
>The Lufae pilgrims in the valley of voices fear that the nearby shwirms would try to drive them out. Because of this, they begin to carve holes in the walls of the canyons, as well as build pipes and flutes that all generate sounds they think would spook the shwirms from investigating the valley further. They also try to scare any foolish enough shwirms away by stalking them and making fake attacks at them.

not true attacks but scary enough to be scooby doo shenanigans
File: 1344549909624.jpg-(125 KB, 800x532, 800px-Xare.jpg)
125 KB
rolled 2 = 2

Ohhh, okay, I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

Anyway, now to business. Remember the tribe that found the Geist in the Valley? They are now called Clan Mikhail. Mikhail offers to be the diplomatic envoys to the Geist. Random little factoid, no real bearing on much. I want each clan to have its specialties, and if the dice allow it, maybe diplomacy will be Mikhail's.

Clan Nikolai continues refining their aquabat-catching racket. For future reference, this is what they're going for.
The roll was for the rackets, and boy, howdy, it does not look good.
HERESY, the Changer of Ways shall mutate all!
Stone tools are invented and tested. They improve the ability to shape other rocks and make other jobs much easier. South Village construction goes slowly heavy rains make the ground muddy and materials too wet to handle.

The road between the villages is made out of gravel. Its narrow, but at least it clearly marks the path. And can be improved much easier next time.

The tribe makes some progress learning about the Floaty trees, but it will take more time and research for anything wonderful to come out of it.

The western village discovers baited fishing poles and nets. They prospect the beaches and rivers to supplement their food resources.

From the east fort they discover an abandoned nomadic camp. They discover dead bodies of the previous inhabitants, and a trail leading to the north.

The new slaves are either playing dumb or do not known anything useful. They generally resist answering questions. The tribe does however discover brutal interrogation techniques to prove the slaves are dumb. They are the cheap labor that Katumoiset needs to improve their city.

The tribe puts them to work draining the camp and preparing the extra lot of land. The work is hard and the slaves are exhausted. Some die.

The loot brought back is looked over. The artisans try to recreate the tools but can't quite replicate it perfectly. The materials they need to truly recreate them are not available. Thou they can scout to find the proper materials.

(oh dear god I need a map of you guys, one sec)
File: 1344558917309.png-(886 KB, 897x879, Shwirm tribes.png)
886 KB
File: 1344562199935.jpg-(6 KB, 200x196, images.jpg)
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>Make rolls to start off the day
>No results, all day long
rolled 8, 19, 18, 19 = 64


The shwirm continue to construct the southern village, and also improved on their gravel road for an easier time with the crunchas hauling wood.

Meanwhile, a group of shwirm decide to brave the NW lands. Apart from the regular week's worth of food, the 5 brave shwirm were armed with stone spears and rigorously trained in the use of them by the hunters. The leader of the band, who was strangely named Psihopat by his parents, was also armed with his personal stone 'war' axe, and he was known to use it with great fury. After they assigned a guard cruncha the tribe was fully confident any challanges that they faced could be taken on easily, and sent them on their way.

At the bone carving Workshop, the stone-inventing shwar experiments with sets of skeletons from cruncha that had either died of age or in defense of their masters. He had seen the toughness of their armor and searched for ways to attach the armor to shwar in a suitable fashion. He had hoped he could armor the adventurers with the bone plates, but his work would only have delayed them.

Rolling for building south village, improving road, adventuring in the NW, and inventing Heavy Armor (Cruncha Bones)
Rolling for hunting, scouts exploration, and seeing if Cathedrals will finally let people ride them

The tribe begins to mobilize, hunting and scouting. They find many suitable places to set up a community as well as bountiful things to hunt. The cathedrals are now be ridden by all, not just the strongest with the will to break them.
((still awaiting your response to that one. did the tribe just abandon the space debris, was it taken as an omen, etc?))
Wait what? Space derbis? I Must've misread stuff this whole time.What exactly is the debris?

what the hell is 4chan
rolled 20 = 20

Alright, in IRC, NG explained that the space debris was a septic tank from the Bord Colony ship. So I'll wing this off that

The smell of the debris (being a spetic tank and all), is not appealing to Log'eadz. In fact, it smells like the rotting corpses of the blungs that the tribe didn't get to. This makes them think that this is nothing more than a GIANT. DEAD. BLUNG. This also scares them, and makes them eager to get on their way to a new home, far away from any blungs (that they're aware of), cause if this thing is a huge blung, then there must be live blungs just like it! No one wants to deal with that, not even the rash youngsters of the Nag Ber'Ek.

The tribes are now all ready to move south, away from this land that is already becoming infested with blung. Meats are packed, weapons are stowed, and the children and their mothers climb atop the Cathedrals for the great migration south. Eventually, the Nag Ber'Ek arrive at a suitable location that was found ahead of time by their scouts. The tribesmen begin unpacking their belongings, and setting up tents.

Rolling to see if setting up camp goes well, or if something decides to crash the party
rolled 9 = 9

No one fucks with the Nag Ber'Ek when setting up camp

File: 1344569498048.png-(99 KB, 1262x972, 1344287329090.png)
99 KB

The southern village continues to rise from the ground, visably cruder and less glorious then the main village. The road is massively improved, made wider and flatter, somewhat paved. Little one family huts spring up along its edges due to the relative safety and convenience of it. The explorers manage to discover the edge of a collosal mountain range where they see great beasts flying overhead. Their food was expended making it this far, but they manage to kill several creatures and find edible plants along the way back. The Armored plates and bones of the cruncha are easily made into armor for the schwirm, and to the shwirm it is a good way to honor their beloved friends. The Crunchas do not seem bothered by the armor.

Pic related: armor and tools/ weapons. Chisel, skinning/ gutting knife, fist hammer (tool), Cruncha claw spear, wood axe.
Armor includes a cruncha spike for the elbow spike lost in ritual. It symbolizes a bond of completion between the two.
File: 1344570701856.png-(38 KB, 712x758, churgeon.png)
38 KB
The flesh singers begin to tag along with the scouts, often preforming vivisection surgery ((dissection of a living creature)). With their song they can avoid arteries, and organs, cutting along and neatly flaying flesh from muscle, muscle from bone. They occasionally even help by preforming minor surgeries on their own kind when it is needed.
((gonna have to change your handle man, tra'kah they arent anymore.)) The tribe sets up, and expands immediately. The tribe knows next to nothing of large scale construction, so their new settlement is nothing more then an endless sea of tents in various sizes. The tribe could not be happier. ((bonus to future developmental rolls of the new settlement.))
archive of part 2, sitting in foolz.
rolled 17, 4, 9, 11 = 41

Posting then going to bed. Do you guys live in Europe, or do you just stay up really late? Central US time for me.


The Shwirm moving to the new village were dissapointed that their architecture did not live up to that of their parent village, but pressed on, for the main village was admittedly becoming quite crowded, and people weren't exactly used to two families living in each hut.

Meanwhile, a small group of shwirm had decided manual labour was not their strong suit, and asked permission for further research of the floating forest. The tribe agreed at the meeting hall, and they were given a small supply of food (two weeks) and were sent with a cruncha that carried the supplies needed for some tents and a workshop so to set up an outpost.

The bone carver, who was becoming quite pleased with his work, thought of a way to assist the builders of the southern village. Many of the buildings involved digging down into the ground for most of the space, but digging with hands was hard work, and a tool was needed. The bone carver/mason began to experiment for some sort of digging implement for easier digging.

The band of adventurers had been quite pleased with their finding stop the NW, and offered to explore the direct west after a few days Back. They were given their spears, had their new Armor donned, and after packing their food/supplies they set off once again in jolly cooperation.

Rolling for building south village, rolling bear lore about the floating forest, inventing shovels, and exploring West with the experienced party.
rolled 19 = 19

A father chases his son, after his sons stole some especially delectable meat from him. They run through the camp, the sons staying ahead because they're more agile than their father. The two dart under a pile of cathedral plates, ready for use in repair of armor. The father sticks his head under to berate his sons and.... finds that the plates have actually been arranged so there is a suprising amount of room. This gives him an idea: Make houses out of Cathedral plate
Rolling to see if this foolish fathers idea makes sense to anyone else
Oh boy oh boy.

That is damn terrifying.
I love it!

I will perhaps draw some stuff today. I hsve been experiencing some sort of creative block regarding drawings.

Few things to note with the Lufae. Firstly, they aren't outright hostile, but their behavior can be somewhat malicious towards the "songless" creatures. This is because the Lufae do not really understand the creatures with sight. I want the tribe to have a fae like vibe to them.
Also, remember that they have the cloacking trait.
File: 1344584421039.png-(28 KB, 587x558, old hive houses.png)
28 KB
rolled 14 = 14

>Sorry, I was busy for the last couple days. Now I can get back to updating.

Although they haven't had an immense importance to the tribe, the Vierachè have known of Wyvern Geists. They'd duck into their den whenever one would pass by, so that it wouldn't swoop down and take someone for a meal. It was a surprise when a recently deceased one was found during a food run. It didn't take long until the gatherers brought it up to the springs. There has long been a desire to fly among those of the tribe. A desire to be among the wind spirits in the Great Empty. A rather clever tribe member took the wings of the beast for some reason.

As a response for protecting the children from small Shamblers, posts were set up around the spring. Children were instructed to stay within the perimeter.

>Responding to the encounter event
The startled reaction of the lumberjacks causes the scouts to retreat to the edge of the camp. From there, they stand and watch the shwirms, and repeat their words back to them. They had only watched them for one day, when they slew the shambler saplings, so the Vierachè know none of their language.
The scouts chat amongst each other, asking each other whether they should approach again, or return home. After several minutes, one slowly crept back up to the lumberjacks. She examined the object which one of them held.

>Rolling for a hang glider based on the shape of the wings.
>Also a picture of old nests for my other tribe. Based on the shapes of Yazda hives.
File: 1344585781005.png-(14 KB, 587x558, ground village.png)
14 KB
rolled 10, 12, 1 = 23


The hunters make it a good distance before losing the trail (About the upper edge of (F, 14) on the map). With the trail lost, and the rough weather, they decide that heading back is the best idea.

With the fire platform built, other small structures of similar design begin to be built. The roofs are similar to thatch, but also made with hexis leaves and glue-like saliva. They also are supported by twisted hexis rods and vines being used as an improvised rope. The new structures overlap one another, with the roof of one becoming the floor of another. This is only possible due to the small size of puruus.
All of this work requires better tools to go faster.

While eating a fruit from a Tree Siwari, one Puruu spits out the seeds in a pile. A week later, he notices that the seeds have sprouted into small plants.

Rolling for improved tools, speed of construction, and farming.
>WIP picture of the new ground-based construction. It's just the fire pit so far.
>I'll judge these myself.

It was odd how nobody thought of this sooner. A tribe member took a stone knife and tied it to a stick, thus creating an axe. Spears got this same treatment, and some other tools were made as well, such as a stone hammer.

Construction went at a slightly slow, but very steady pace over the next couple months. When everything was done, the village was a maze of roofs, too small for anything but a Puruu to enter.

The seeds that the potential farmer was watching started growing pretty well. They had grown several inches in the month, and this was a cause of excitement for him. While going to drink, someone else though the area would make for a good hut location, so he dug the plants up, tossed them into the river, and started moving rocks over into the spot.
When the planter later came to, he found that his project was completely destroyed. The two got into a fight which escalated way too quickly, and injuries were had by both, but luckily nobody was killed. The planter lost the fight, and sustained injuries that would a long time for even a Puruu to recover some. Even after recovery, he sulked for a few days.
On an unrelated note, someone got swept down the river, and was never seen again.
With the destruction of blung horde D, it fragmented polluting the region, and larger chunks eventually finding and merging with Hordes E, and F. There will be repercussions for this. The dream has started to spread again, and cedya are more mobile. Inter species war between the cedya and blung strands over resources has begun. Migration of blug has happened.

The lost tribes of the Urpuruu and Slanera have abandoned their homes and returned to a nomadic lifestyle, fading into the annals of history. It is unknown if they will ever settle again. ((players are welcome to return, or make note of quitting))

The Nag Ber"ek have relocated and started a mighty settlement.

Fayakiin tribe needs a logo, and if anyone wants to draw up what they look like, or take the stock "paper doll" puruu and modifiy it, it would be appreciated, its always entertaining for the GMs to see new stuff.
Cathedral plate homes quickly become the norm, the tribe has an abundancy of the material, as the creatures shed their plates somewhat frequently to replace damage that would normally be done by would be predators or competing cathedrals and displays of dominance. The material is thick and strong, homes can be built quite large and high/ multiple stories if they develop significant understanding of construction. ((bonus to construciton projects using the cathedral shell))

That mad individual took his stolen wings, and he managed to glide, He shouted and yelled as the wind ripped past him, his long tongue lolling out of his mouth as he sampled the air. So began the first flight of the Vierachè, but not the last.

The south village continues to grow, while rustic, it is no longer an inferior to the main village, and grows large. The forest is not a forest at all, the floating things are giant jellyfish. The shovels are weak, and snap easily. To the west A new settlement of large grey buildings and tents is observed, they approach no further, slightly to the south of that is a land of purple slime and horrific beasts. They are attacked by the beasts and their faithful cruncha is slain, they make a hasty retreat back to the village without further event.
For the racket the schwirm who was creating it was so focused on it, and so please with his skill that he challanged himself and made a tiny, tiny version. While an amazing display of tallent, it was useless. "what is this...a racket, for ANTS?! it needs to be..at least...TWO TIMES THAT BIG!" -zoolanderschwirm

Noignar is outmatched, and is eventually bested against the three on one fight, but composes himself well in this non fatal duel. Solith, was he mad, or genius? Halin could not figure it out, these new containers were amazingly useful and easy to make. The scouts used the salt water to wash the meat, and then dry it in the sun. This dried meat was different, better even. ((discovered salt curing)), The colony is organizing and getting prepared, but they are a little slow about it.
The scouts who were lost in the deep tunnels survived by living as their ancestors did. quietly, unmercifully. Creatures tracked them by scent in the dark, and in order to survive their savage subterranean cousins they attempted to mask their scent with some purple slime. It worked, but it was also symbiotic emils. They could no longer smell each other, and the communal rest pile was now alien feeling. The benefits of survival outweighed the social implications, and the emils began to form a sort of living armor on the geists, with tentacles growing later. The armor seemed to respond to their impulses. Violent, frightening, and bloody weeks later the survivors emerged from the caverns at point N16 (4 blocks north of the tribe). It would take them several days to make it back home provided they didnt get lost. Though the spirits of the sky were active, and eager in helping them. A periodic burst of song would appear high in the void. They they just kept headng towards it they should be fine.
The Iminye are approached by a large mob of refugees (60+) seeking safety from other Elenii tribes. They tell stories of demons coming and consuming the very land itself. They have what possessions and food they can carry with them. Their culture superficially resembles the Iminye's own. Who knows what their visiting guests will think of this.
rolled 6, 4, 10, 12 = 32


As the south village begins to grow habitable, a large amount of shwirm move out of the crowded homes in the north and settle in the still growing village. The woodsshwirm there begin to fuel the village growth by going out into the forests nearby, rather than having the crunchas import from the main village.

The bone carver continues his work with the shovels.

To the SE, the shwirm researching the giant jellyfish set up their tents and the workshop. The main tribe continues to bring food so the shwirm can continue their research.

The 5 adventurers decide to go back to the area with the flying creatures, curious about them. They are given two weeks of food by the tribe this time, and by knowing what lay ahead they could more easily travel without noting every landmark they came across.

Rolling for growing south village, inventing shovels, learning about the giant jellyfish, and adventuring back to the NW
File: 1344607219610.png-(126 KB, 800x600, Fayakiin.png)
126 KB
Because the Fayakiin now use blood instead of water to keep their Rana in the newborn have different color pattern which sets them apart from the other Puruu tribes. They also adopt a new logo to further distinguish themselves.

As a tribe they are most active during the night because they now blend in better. Because they are still a small group they have some dedicated hunters who call themselves stalkers. These stalkers collect blood for sustenance. A large portion of the tribe members take on the role of caretakers and look after their pots in which they carry their Runu.
File: 1344612041963.png-(1.01 MB, 2502x958, primotool.png)
1.01 MB
South village begins to swell with new population, its empty buildings becoming homes. The shovel is invented, it is a small one handed thing, but a vast improvement over bare handed digging. The giant jellyfish exist sitting in place, and collecting nutrients, they have stinging tendrils going down to the ground that anchor the creature in place. It seems to get its nutrients from a symbiotic relationship with a very thick layer of algae growing on its thin skin. what is of interest is the Ragas fruit, edible until it ripens slowly filling with lighter then air gas, it attracts the yazda, a type of fly. The jellyfish exist in a tangled mess with the smaller ragas. In the northwest, the flying creatures seem to have something on their backs...another animal apparently. They rarely move past the mountains. The tribe of big gray buildings is a race the schwirm have never seen before. They are large brutish things, clad in very thick armor. They seem to enjoy good natured brawls. The tribe cant figure out much else without approaching them directly. Your scouts were a little sloppy, and while they do not know it, one of the Logead children has seen them.
Hey thanks man, now they have a logo! for whoever wants it, the current GM tool I use. lists where the antagonistic forces are, where the tribes are, and what the world is like at the moment. Blung progenitor hordes serve a function. They keep the blung localized. When one is shattered, like the Tra'Kah are responsible for. The threat of an overwhelming horde is gone, but now the blung disperse and assimilate into the environment, polluting it in a sense. I leave you to decide which choice is worse. Blung in this cycle are more agressive, attacking Lacorra fields and Dream forests.
File: 1344616708007.png-(75 KB, 1157x776, The World as I know it.png)
75 KB
rolled 5, 20, 11, 17, 2, 11 = 66

After the adventurers tell of their findings, the Oamenii decide it would be wise to prepare for aggression, but not over the top. They still didn't know they were there yet, but the mere couple of acres between them and armored brawlers did not sit well with them. The bone carver is given a staff to help in his experiments, and encouraged to develop weapons.

The construction of the south village continues, but the main village begins to divert resources to create a wooden wall around themselves, and more spears constructed.

A sort of unorginazed miltary is made, 40 strong and each armed and trained in the use of their spears in the now spacious Training Hall.

The bone carver, with his sudden staff, begins to think of effective means for defense. A thought comes to him that while spears will likely be enough to fight, if the adventurers' description was correct, these things towered over shwirm as if they were children! He comes up with an idea for defense based off the walls being constructed, this time with cruncha bones rather than wood.

Meanwhile, in the little insignificant dot of the lob forest outpost, the scientists begin to do things other than simply study the forest. The others had seen a spark come out one time from when a shwirm was banging two rocks together. Curiousity and boredom drove the shwirms to learn all they could about these sparks, and what they could do. They still study the forest, however.

Rolling for building wall, constructing more spears, training military, inventing tower shields (cruncha bones), inventing fire/flint, and studying lub forests.
rolled 15, 11, 2 = 28

Now that the tribe has settled down, work begins on weapon creation. Spears are all well and good for hunting, but the tight melee against the blung saw many warriors having to resort to their mulpacs. No one wishes to be caught like that again, so the weaponmakers try several new designs to aid in a close quarters battle. Several ideas pop up: Axes with blades made from cathedral hide, clubs with shards of cathedral hide embedded in them, even a strange idea of a long, somewhat thing piece of sharpened hide gains traction

Rolling for Axes, Spiked Clubs, and Choppas (crude swords)
Where do you think we are?
File: 1344625990866.png-(59 KB, 500x500, Current Fayakiin.png)
59 KB
Took me awhile but here is an image of how the Fayakiin currently look. When somebody with more skill comes around they can give them a more dimensional look.

Until somebody takes up the role for the tribe i guess they are just on their own spot (F17). They currently survive by light hunting on small to medium creatures for their blood so that they can feed themselves and their Runu. They know of the footwraps thanks to the few of them that came from the Ruufaya. They have developed some rudimentary knives on their own. For this they use pieces of wood and some sharp stones that they lodge in it and bind with vines. Their current leader Liara who originally comes from the Ruufaya tribe is now looking for ways to gain easier access to blood so that her small group can quickly become larger.
4chan cares not from whom the posts flow, only that they flow
File: 1344630870182.png-(28 KB, 800x600, Fayakiin stalker.png)
28 KB

Have this.
I added the tail to this one, seeing how the Fayakiin originated from the cast aways of numerous puruu tribes.


Now moving on to my tribe.

The Lufae people are living in a time of boon. Their numbers have increased, as well as their technology improved.
The tensions resulting from the suspicions that the Lufae have towards the Korobushkha still exists, but they now feel quite secure, due to their success at scaring the shwirms away from the valley of voices, for now at least.

The Lufae now have 4 settlements. Due to the way geist biology works, in each of these relatively isolated settlements, a new alpha will rise. For now, Khuna has managed to keep the developing alphas of the new settlements loyal to him with the aid of Thun and the females, who are loyal to the way Thun forged their society to work. They manipulate the males in ways that support the social workings that helped the tribe reach this far.
Khuna however desires that he will also be remembered in the annals of history, and because of this, he has decreed many new developments.
rolled 2, 17, 8, 7, 13, 10, 13, 12 = 82

Firstly, inspired by the power he and few of his allies can wield with their voice, as well as the insight the flesh singers field, Khuna has ordered that these skills shall be taught to all the members of the tribe. He wants that the masters of the voice will start developing the voice further, as well as train new students in it's art. The shamans of the shrine support this action, as they think that it holds the key into learning the world song.

Khuna has also ordered that all the settlements need to be developed further. All the settlements are in distinct environments, requiring unique approaches in building and living. The main village (Lua Kae) is in hills, mostly underground, the downriver outpost (Fa Kaath) is just a small camp at the edge of a lub/hexis forest, the upriver one (Kun Kaath) is in a rocky riverside area and they have the great huts, and the one in the valley of voices (Lupai Kaath) is built on the walls of the canyons of the mountains.

The scouts who emerged from the caverns try to find back home. They also have somewhat realized that the slime seems to respond to their moods. They are trying to learn how to control these responses better.

Rolling for:
Developing the voice.
Teaching the voice to new generations.
Developing the settlements (4 rolls). (Feel free to come up with ways of building stuff or working in groups suited to each area.)
Scouts finding back home.
Scouts learning to control the emils slime covering their skin.

Also, fortune, have your people sent any contacts to mine? I am kinda confused about this, and thus I haven't really responded to your people properly.
I am also waiting to see how the Virache react to my tribe.
rolled 7, 19, 10, 3, 3 = 42

The Iminye accept the refugees as kin, but without a clan they will not be respected by the tribe. So the Elders give the refugees the task to improve their yield from the river and sea. If they can make fishing nets or better boats, they will be given a proper clan.

The Elders hear of the land stealing demons, and worry. They haven't faced large conflict with demons since the Time of Woe. They ask of Durai, the Grim Shaman.

Huly takes up the refugees cause, setting them to the making wide nets that will strain the water catching many fish at a time. From Fali's reports on the sea the winds are great, if they could harness that power the boats could move faster and further into the wild waters beyond the Fali straits.

The new bottles were highly portable and could be heated much higher than bowls. Halin starts baking plants, crushing them, then baking the powder with greater heat. He also starts boiling solutions of different powders together.

Going through his limericks is mentally exhaustive. He uses Kirunna hide and a sharp knife to record the limericks in his own short-hand. He also takes on an apprentice to help him.

On the other side of the continent, the travelers finally reach the Ocean Village of the Altume, thou with many members less than they started. With each oasis they had one less hunter and herder. The Iminye were amazed so many people could live on the edge of such a harsh desert. They lived with comparatively less resources than the Iminye.

The Altume solider went to his Fire Chief and delivered his message. The Iminye offered their salt preserved meat to them.

rollin for what news if any of Durai, fishing nets, making sails, continued experiments, new writing
Guess I should have posted that I would be gone for a while, seeing as how now my tribe is back to wandering.

Anyways, I suppose sense I've been gone so long, I'll pick up with a splinter of about 20 or so Puruu who wandered towards the east and the big crack in the ground, located at P17

>The Puruu have finally reached this Big Crack in the Ground. The location contains a few hot springs and swiftly moving creek that flows off into the void. The new Puruu of the Urupuruu set up their Runu in a small eddy created by some tumbledown boulders. Towards the edge of the chasm, two hills stand high, creating a small valley in between, which the creek runs through.

Tribal society has a small council which advises the elder, who is obviously the oldest Puruu. The small council is also charged with tending to the Runu pool.

Rolling for Scouting the area, making huts from whatever material is available, and acquiring food.
File: 1344647116833.png-(44 KB, 595x489, New Urupuruu Home.png)
44 KB
rolled 9, 10, 12 = 31

Should have included these as well.
Nothing has been done with them or with the old location, so you could override that.
rolled 12 = 12

Right, I'm self GMing this so I can at least make more rolls.

The new weapons are decent. Hunks of cathedral plate are attached to sticks, with one side sharpened/chipped so it's jagged, making a servicable type of axe. A few hunters start carrying an axe for hacking prey when they get up close. The other new weapon is a large stick, with shards of cathedral plate, made when shaping armor, or just rocks, stuck right in, making it a great deal more deadly than just a club, these are quick and easy to make thanks to their simple nature.

The swords... don't work so well. Turns out it's REALLY HARD to make a long, relatively thin piece of plating. When they weaponmakers COULD accomplish that, it always broke apart when they started to break bits off the edges to make it sharp and jagged. No swords for the Nag Ber'Ek.

However, an apprentice has an idea: What if you took those jagged bits, and attached them to a long flat piece of wood? That would be just as good as a long piece of cathedral plate right?

Rolling for Maqhuitals
I was going to migrate either closer to the rift of upstream anyways. And now that the lake upstream has been canonically established as a freezing alpine lake, I may as well have them show up at the rift.

Polite sage for not contributing to the story.
>mfw he cant sage
I am glad to see you are back. You picked up your tribe again, and that restores my faith in the world. If you are willing to play along with me, we can assume your tribe was quietly developing in the background and i can bring you up to speed with the others via a small encounter/ event for your tribe. If you wish this, then please post a wish list of things you were planning to develop, or achieve/ fluff goals. If you do not want this, and do desire to just start from where you were at, please at least take a population count of 200 over 20. welcome back.

Good to be back.

Things that I would like for my tribe to have include-
A weapon that I could only define as an Urgosh. Kinda half axe half spear.
Musical Instruments, hopefully drums or pipes.
And knowledge of pottery. Because jugs are fucking awesome.
All tools/weapons would be simple stones/sticks, of course.

The original goal of this tribe, which I will settle at 150 because small tribes appeal to me, was to move to the east on some spiritual journey at what a shaman interpreted as a command from their god. But the other tribe members started to become angry with he shaman and his wild proclamations and insistence of being to sole leader, so they abandoned him. Then they just wandered aimlessly for a few years, and finally arrived at said valley/creek area. In this small amount of time, the tribe has lost faith in divinity, and adopted the outlook that no one will help them but themselves.

You mean a halberd?
File: 1344652683799.jpg-(10 KB, 156x415, urgros10.jpg)
10 KB
Like a halberd, but short with the spear tip on the opposite end. Like pic related.
Over the generations the tribe has grown, and gained many developments common in the world. Some by accident, and others by intent. They have had their share of successes and disasters. A religious schism left the tribe lost and wandering for years until they resettled on the edge of what they call "The abyss". They are now the worlds first aethiests, focusing on community, Survivalism, and a slight tinge of Nihilism from past ordeals. Facing many challanges the tribe has developed the mighty Urgosh, a tool that levels the playing field against larger creatures. Fire keeps them safe and warm at night, while simple clay pottery stories their food, and more. Primitive tools help forge society.

((other inventions/ discoveries: simple cloth from plant fibers, soaked in water to allow exploration into drier regions without negative effect. soggy clothing))
((skills to have: clay harvesting from the rivers and streams, simple flintknapping and tool/weapon craft. Fire via flint and stone.))
((resources: abundant river clay and river stones. ragas fruit))
((tribal events: your tribe saw the migration of the Tra'Kah, and knows the general direction they went. Your tribe has seen geists from the Lufae scouting into your territory and planting strange chimes on sticks, as well as flying beasts overhead.

go ahead and start making rolls, progress, scouting nearby players, etc.
rolled 6, 11, 16 = 33

The Elder of the Urupuruu has convinced the small council to send an expedition team of three puruu to the edge of the abyss to see what can be seen. Orders are also made for housing to be made, in the form of small huts of leaves, caked clay, and sticks.

Rumors of strange shadowy creatures flying on the backs of great howling terrors filter through the tribe. The Elder and his small council are reminded of those superstitious legends the old shaman used to speak of. A decree is made that all peoples of the Urupuruu are not to speak of these shadow creatures.

A young and adventure loving puruu playing next to the creek has decided to find out exactly how many trees line the section of water that the tribe is located on. In order to keep track, it makes a mark on a piece of bark for every tree he passes. The simplest concepts of addition and subtraction begin to formulate in its head.

Rolling for-
Abyssal Expedition,
The concept of Mathematics.
Need a dispen-results post here!
I could also use some roll results.
File: 1344658835902.png-(584 KB, 960x960, combined fragment map.png)
584 KB
rolled 2, 11, 11, 16 = 40

With the growth of the village and tribe, more food and building supplies are needed. Trade with the village to the south has covers what the Yapap can't produce themselves, but the journey is rough.

To the rivers going north, south, and west, the tribe has a good idea of their surroundings from the stories of locations brought back. The river east however, is greatly unknown. An exploration party of six will travel along it for two weeks, one week heading out, and the second for the return trip. They'll be going slowly to get a good idea of the area.

After recovery, the Puruu who was trying to grow some trees starts again. This time, he fences in the small patch of land which he tries planting seeds on.

Rolling for establishing a road to the NPC village, exploration on the river to the east, paints and dyes, and farming again.

I think we may be getting to the point where landmarks and natural resources should be found during exploration. Also gives an incentive for re-exploring areas for something missed.
Also, here's a map with all of the little pieces that people have edited pasted in. Not everyone is accounted for on it yet though.
Generosity is something the Altume never knew of, they couldn't afford such luxuries everything they had was just enough to survive, often children died of simple starvation or dehydration, adults suffered as they grew weaker with each passing day of famine. That is why they were forced to become so wild, they had to be relentless in their search for food, otherwise they would starve. The soldier burried the dead Iminye beasts and tribesmen, he felt an odd emotion, saddness. Such things were rarely felt by the Altume, but for some reason seeing the foreigners die outside of their homeland shook him deep within. He used the bones of their killers as head stones to mark the graves. A new concept came into his head, burials. The Altume never marked their deads resting place, as most of the time they were burried just a few meters outside of the town. He felt that it would be a good way to respect the dead, (New cultural technology, burials.) When they finally made it to the ocean village they were looked upon with eyes of confusion and wonderment. The Fire Chief accepted the Iminye's salted meat, the tribesmen learned from the Iminye how to cure their meat with salt, in return they told them how to preserve their meat by dehydrating meat, if they were short of ocean water. (Salt curing technology gained.) The Fire Chief loaded up some supplies, their shovels, slingbows, spears, and leathers, and started traveling to the Iminye town, now with around 30 warriors escorting them. The Wind Chief hurriedly asked the refugees where they saw the demons, if he got an answer he would wait patiently for Dorogon to arrive, then they would travel to the demons and scout them out.
>Mountain Village

Krogoan jots down his findings into a stone tablet and returns to town, since he wasn't very far from town his safety was pretty much assured. He tells the town of his findings, and the people are amazed and excited, he tells them that his healing potion uses the remains of the tribes kin, the tribesmen seem wary, but he tries to convince them that there is no greater honor for the dead than to be used to protect and heal their kin. The tribesmen seem to be swayed towards Krogoans favor, but they are still unsure.

Gogan screams and yells, a few men rush into the room and he screams out that there are monsters inside of his bone plates eating at him. The tribesmen pour jugs of water into his plates to try and flush them out. (Survival check.)

The workers create many more shovels and get a punch of workers to go up into the mountains and dig up the gravel landslide and transport it down town.

Using the lacorra mucus the tribesmen construct wall, since they have the blueprints and the know-how they can't see themselves failing much, if at all. Nonetheless they live in a hostile environment where anything is possible.

The soldiers are now very skilled in combat, they continue hunting, challenging themselves to be better. Despite the controversy, they carry with them Krogoans healing drink in case they may be injured.

The tribe starts fashioning leather clothes, which is more like armor, for the people to wear.

A shipment of shovels, potions, and leathers is sent out to the lacorra outpost and the ocean village. The 'shipment' is really just thirty-some soldiers carrying a bunch of goods. They plan to arrive at the outpost, then the ocean village in turn.

The wise men start to study the world around them, in particular, why things fall onto the ground instead of float.
>Lacorra Outpost

The soldiers try to make a sort of crude bone wall to block the lacorra from regrowing in the path. They dump a bunch of sand on the lacorra aswell. Hopefully the walls will deter the lacorra from growing.

They also continue to fill up more pots of water.

The brave, if not foolish scout throws a bit of meat near one of the Toruuz and runs to a nearby sand mound and dives into it, covering all but his eyes with sand. Hopefully the creature won't be hostile to him and go for the meat. The scout continues to do this, hopefully desensitizing the creatures to his pressence, and maybe grow fond of him for gifting them with food.

A few of the soldiers go hunting, nothing special, their rations just ran out and they require a few corpses to feed the outpost for another month or two.
>Ocean Village

The soldiers continue to work on their aim in the murky waters, they keep the punishment system, encouraging the soldiers to remain disciplined, and if they punch back they are forced to return to their hut for the rest of the day, without food. They must understand that they will become hardened and skilled warriors one way or the other. They continue the training/hunting.

A few scouts continue to explore along the coast, this time focusing south.

The tribe doesn't raise the Ma'uma for food, yet. Instead they create a large coastal plateu where they build a suitable ranch for Ma'uma, they angle a dense series of bone poles inwards as the perimeter to encourage the creatures to stay within the ranch. The field they are given is quite large and can easily hold fifty Ma'uma. The herders gather up about 45 Ma'uma and place them in the ranch where they feed the creatures and try to make them comfortable with their situation. The ranchers and herders set up their tents just outside of the perimeter.

One is herded out of the ranch and killed as painlessly as the ranchers know how. They cook some of it's meat and eats it to see if it's edible. Next they take a good look inside of the creature to try and understand and study it. They harvest the colorful frills and decorate Dorogons tent with them. The tribesmen involved in the killing feel awfully guilty, even though the Altume are a hardened and harsh race, they still manage to feel compassion towards other beings, even animals like the Ma'uma.

The remaining Ma'uma are free to roam the coasts the town, the towns folk enjoying feeding them just as one would enjoy feeding birds. A few attempts at domestication is made to perhaps keep some of the Ma'uma as companions or pets, afterall, maybe they could be used a slow moving mounts to travel the wet coasts.
rolled 17, 11, 17, 19, 12, 12, 10, 10, 10, 20, 12, 9, 19, 18, 12, 8, 13, 12 = 241

Rolling for...
Journey back to Iminye village.

>Mountain Village
Convincing the tribe to use the healing drink.
Gogan's survival roll.
Shoveling landslide gravel and debris into town.
Constructing sand/crushed bone wall with lacorra mucus.
Hunting/Training (Bonus to hunting.)
Creating leather clothes/armor.
Transporting new goods to the lacorra outpost and then to the ocean village.
Studying gravity.

>Lacorra Outpost
Bone wall and shoveling sand onto the lacorra to deter it from regrowing in the path.
Gathering water from the oasis.
Taming/desensitizing the Toruuz.
Hunting (Bonus to hunting.)

>Ocean Village
Hunting/Training (Bonus to hunting.)
Scouts exploring on the southern coast.
Ma'uma ranch construction.
Studying Ma'uma via dissection, food testing, behaviroual studies, and reproductive studies.
Domesticating the Ma'uma.
rolled 17, 5, 11 = 33

Nice, NOTRIP, thanks for that. Don't forget folks, Fortune Evolution kicks back on again tomorrow! W00t w00t!

> Rolling for
1) last expedition to find Lufae got lost, try again, see if we can find them
2) further breeding of the dusya
3) a depressed youth, feeling like a burden on his family, decides to end it all by climbing up the mountain, how far up the peak does he get?
The lumberjacks heard stories of these creatures, they were intelligent, and could speak their language (as witnesses to the contact with the Lufae say). This is not true, nor even the full story, but the lumberjacks don't know this.Seeing one of them espying his maquahuitl, he lays it down, hoping that this will appease these child-nappers, or whatever the old ones called them around the hearth fire.

That is a quite big load of rolls. I don't want to seem like a dick, or shit on your playstyle, but you night want to cut down the number of those rolls. Our gms are overburdened as it is. Keeping the Rolls to minium helps their Job.
I missed quite a few posts so I had to do a bulk post. Regular posts will be much shorter.
rolled 6 = 6

The geist called the other five over. They took the weapon from the Shwirm's hands and fully investigated it. Stone tips. Sharp points everywhere. The handed it back to him and once again scampered off into the darkness. Before long, they were back again with one of the dead young shamblers from earlier that day. "Lurker" they say in their own tongue before miming the action of chopping at it with an axe as they observed earlier. "You," one says while pointing at a lumberjack. "You killed lurker."

>Since they came from the caves, I assume that Shwirms have excellent night-vision.

It was a sensation unlike any other, being in the open sky. The echos lit up the entire valley to the first inventor. He could "see" it stretching on for miles until fading into silence. Their home was a massive basin between towering walls of stone. Even the sounds of normal talking would clearly echo from up there. The landing was a bit rough due to a lack of control over the glider, but beyond a few scrapes and bruises, he was unharmed. Others would take out the prototype glider from time to time, but it would begin to rot before too long. A working replica of the original was made with hexis wood and gesh pelts.

>Rolling for Improving the glider design.
They probably do. The Shwirm don't really think anything of it, it was in their way, and their clan needed wood, for homes, for weapons, for fire. They sort of shrugh. Nothing to it really. Just the teamwork and sharp pointy sticks. The Shwirm, thinking the Vierachè speak their tongue try and converse with the geist.
The tribe as a whole does not have the discipline to learn the many facets of the "voice" as a unified art, but he is undeterred and plans to start with the easily moldable youth of the tribe. That project is very successful, the young pups start out happily singing with the care takers of the tribe, and gradually learn games of finding what is under the rock with their song. It goes on to learning how the schwar work internally, and as they grow older, they learn louder, harsher songs that can cause pain, or even stun lesser beings. The scouts have a long journey home, and get lost on occasion with only the screeches of the ancestors to guide them. The trip across the void is dangerous and they frequently find themselves in hostile company, their armor being the only thing that saves them. Their desires are it's desire, and bit by bit some of them learn to eject fragments of their armor as an attack, or lash out with tentacles.

Khuna knows that he must keep in contact with his fellow alphas lest he loose control of the community. Artisans set to work building a powerful amplification horn so that each settlement can contact one another. The sound is magnified, but travels in a narrow "Beam". Numerous small improvements are made across the settlements, but nothing earth shattering. Perhaps the most important change is the slow expansion of the settlements towards each other. The geist builders and artisans had no idea they were doing this on an almost instinctual level, in time there will be a great and sprawling city where once 4 settlements were.
Durai is found, but is not interested in these demons. He says they are not the same, cares not for them. His heart is stone. The castless are eager to show their thanks and set to work crafting many large nets, their ability to make sails is not as good, and they end up with many small table cloth sized sheets. The experimental brews are rather disgusting and just tend to make one throw up, or have explosive diarrhea. ((discovered laxatives and ipecac....glorious.)) the writing is so sloppy that even the the writer has a hard time with comprehending what was done.
Walls are built, but they are really just entrenched spikes facing outwards. Spears, endless spears and of fine quality. The military drills to become more then a group of thugs and develops a semblance of organization. The tower shields are developed and augment their already formidable defense quite nicely. The wet southern conditions do not allow for the sparks to burn. It was one schwirm that light his tent on fire while trying inside that actually got a fire to start, sadly the secret died with him. The lub forest is full of various plants and animals, and at that moment the researchers decide to start a settlement there.
Their new Maqhuitals are quite sharp, and do indeed cut, but they fail to hold up to the abuse of their more brutal weapons, such as the powerful spears, rugged daggers, and murderous hammers. Perhaps with exploration, you may find an expert on the subject. ((fortune's tribe are the bosses of such items))
The puruu stare into the abyss, and feel as if it stares back into them. It is dark, a strange wind blows out of it, and there are horrible alien noises down there. They do not like it. The houses are so simple in nature that they are built easily, with enough for one per family, albeit a little cramped. The most significant change was that their birthing pools were now housed inside a solid structure and guarded. Math, its power, and your tribe can now do basic math, which gives things a value.
The road building process is dangerous, and the tribe looses many workers to the wild life, or simple exhaustion. Puruu were not laborers by design. Instead of a road, a small path is cleared part way. The eastern river slowly becomes brackish, strange tasting and feeling. The scouts see a large body of water and turn back. Paints and dyes are discovered but only in red, green, and blue. They are made from various plants, ground yazda eggs, or the blood of the aquabat. (Bleeds blue). The puruu farmer laughs, as he sees his trees have taken solid root and wont be going anywhere now. Who will rip up his efforts now? No one, because that jerk is down river!
The gliders are still made of organic wings, but now they are dried out and last a little longer.
Despite the mock attacks, and unnatural feel of the lufae territory the schwirm eventually find their river settlement, and a very, very, large geist. It was Thun out observing the latest projects of his tribe and seeing the progress of the current alphas. ((3 times same roll, you know the drill)) The Dusya are now about as big as they will ever get, sitting as large as a schwirm, and half that again in hight. Then far more massive, it was too much of a temptation for a young breeder. As one was grazing he jumped on its back and held on for dear life. The youth climbs the mountain for an eternity, and still the peak is nowhere in sight. The time up here has brought him clarity, and certainty. Armed with only a small knife he has had to make due with whatever he could find to eat. He may die, but it would be after he found out whatever was on top of this damn mountain. This mountain has a spirit to it, and he feels it, and he might just kick its ass. KUNABAAAAA!!!!! *across the world a frowg of the Laster tribe shudders*
Notrip- nad is waiting on a responce to his tribe attempting to contact yours.
nad- fortune's scouts have discovered you.
fortune- your moves.

im burned out and am going to chill out for a while. good luck. good game.

Notrip/ onol- small event/ heads up- your tribes have discovered the presence of Plains puruu somewhat near your locations (non gesit). They are big, strong, and dumb.
>17, 11, 17, 19, 12, 12, 10, 10, 10, 20, 12, 9, 19, 18, 12, 8, 13, 12 = 241

At first, nobody budged, but suddenly a sick individual lurched forward and asks for a sip. Krogoan gets him a sip, and he says he feel better. The rest of the tribe is now convinced that it is a good thing.
Gogan got the parasites out... at the cost of his arm. A crude amputation was done to prevent the lacorra from invading further in. He needs a lot of rest if he wants to survive.
The workers work fast, in no time the debris and gravel is safely placed i a mound.
The researchers manage to grind up acorra mucus with sand and gravel. Mixed with water, they have found out a kind of stucco/cement mixture, that is quite sturdy.
Hunting is quite uneventful, they bag a Runniform in a textbook fashion.
As for leather, they manage to make simple clothes, but it was soon found out to be too brittle for armor.
The caravan to the lacorra outpost got some trouble in the form of rampaging cathedrals, which cost them about a quarter of supplies, and them coming late to the outpost.
The council of wise men debated, words are exchanged, but soon it became clear that the discussion had shifted to agriculture, then to gossip... and in the end none of them remembered what they were discussing about at the beginning.

Bone wall and sand only deterred the Lacorra for a week, but then they grow back in a rather rapid fashion for another week.
For water, they manage to hit something during their dig, and water quickly squirted out of the hole. In an hour or so, the place had became a small lake-sized flooded lacorra field. This is good and bad. Good because well, there's water, and bad because the lacorras' electrical fields.
The toruuz ate the food, but still react in a hostile fashion when the scout shows up again.
The hunt is a dangerous one, because of the lacorra electric fields, but the hunters manage to get a toruuz. And also some scorch marks.

The intensive training makes them highly efficient. They rarely miss, but when they do the hunter will be eager to make up for it.
The scouts find a small cove teeming with aquatic creatures. Most of them are oceanic, like the Nuro, and some are freshwater, like bell Puruu.
The Ma'uma ranch turns out to be kinda flimsy, and a part of it fell while no one is watching. Luckily, the Ma'uma is kinda slow, so only some of them escaped.
As for their dissection, they tried using stone tools to cut them open, but their shell is harder. This caused the ma'uma to go into their shell and lock it tight. No progress beyond knowing that ma'uma shell is harder than the rocks the Altume use for tools.
As for domesticating ma'uma, since the corral fell down in heaps there hasn't been much progress. They still try and lure them to food, which the ma'uma is still interested in.

as for the extra roll in the end- I've just only seen the 'journey to Iminye village' roll, so let's use it for that.
The journey to the main Iminye village is uneventful at least.
File: 1344682656682.png-(1.01 MB, 2502x958, primotool.png)
1.01 MB
latest map.
Sorry to be "that guy" but few things about the Ma'uma. Yes, they're incredibly slow, they're slugs after all. No they can't go into their shells, and no, they're shells aren't hard. Their armour about as strong as a wallet, and the texture leather, too. They eat plants and make no sound. They come in a thousand shapes and sizes, so theirs a gazillion species and subspecies they could be domesticating, it all depends on what they want.

I'm not pulling this out of my ass, but I do think I might have failed to mention all this shit when I created them. Except that last part, I *know* I mentioned that. Alright, headed back to bed now.
then we are at an impasse, on one hand, perhaps this flavor of creature is slug like and shelled, or... they are so defenceles that the tribe cant bare to kill them and only fakes stabbing at it to appease their elders. "yep. invincible." ...."dont worry little buddy, i would never hurt you. *pet pet*"
Ah ha, maybe retcon my ma'uma being impenetrable to the other end of the spectrum: the dissecter overestimated the hardness of the shell, essentially making mush out of the insides before they could study it further. Due to the smell, the research got delayed.
In any case, now they know the true strength of ma'uma shells.
rolled 11 = 11

The Elder of the Urupuruu is content with the housing that the peoples have raised, but it is still concerned about these whispers of shadow creatures. In order to put an end to the talk of such things, the Elder picks up his Urgosh and sling, wraps himself in damp clothes, and sets off with a small group of ten strong puruu to the south, where most of the sightings have occurred.
The Elder has left behind instructions that should they not return in a week, the new Elder is to be chosen.

Rolling for seeing what I find, be it animals, geist, or death.
The group finds a good ambush site and waited. For the first few days, only small animals are found. On the third day a cruncha tries to attack the group, but skilled application of Urgoshes drove it away before major injuries were inflicted. On the last day, just as the elder was finished with packing his belongings to return to the tribe, did he saw one of the shadows from afar. The elder and his group gave chase, but did not find anything... anything but tracks. They safely returned with the tale of the sighting.
rolled 7, 8, 7, 8, 2 = 32

Now that the rumors of Geist have proven to be true, the Elder and his small council call for the building of a wall around the southern parts of their settlement. The wall, much like the houses, is to be made by driving sticks into the ground, and binding the sticks with clay.

Some of the Puruu have taken it upon themselves to establish a small militia, and have begun experimenting with new weapon ideas. One bright Puruu has come up with the idea of attaching a sling onto a staff, tying it down on one end, a making a loose coil a bit further down. The way, the Puruu believes, they will be able to get more power out of the slings.

Rolling three times for wall building,
((If it was accomplished, how big it is, how sturdy it is))

And twice for staff slings
((How effective they are, how accurate they are.))
Unfortunately for the Urupuruu, the continent's rainiest rain season had come shortly after the first fenceposts were raised. They were unable to make the clay harden in the torrential rains that visits them every day, much to the elder's chagrin. The sling experiments were done only by a few individuals, as more are recruited to patrol the unfinished fence-border. Their prototypes are wildly innacurate.

Also, the heavy rains are an event unto its own! All the tribes who aren't in the desert gets their numerous share of rain, as well.
forgot to mention that this rain event goes for three posts for each tribe. That means, in the next three posts, think of the rain when you post, a'ight?
Otherwise, the event ends when I say so. That is all.
rolled 6, 6 = 12

But it still rains in the desert, right? Sure, it's rare, but there's a reason cacti mange to survive in the desert. Because it rains. Or is that going to be another event entirely?


The small amount of shwirm in the 'military' had mainly been because of a lack of weapons, but with the seemingly endless amounts of finely crafted spears now sitting in the storerooms, the militia swelled to 120. The Training Hall is planned to be expanded to a sort of barracks, but for now training continues inside and outside of the Training Hall. That is, until the raining started.

The researchers attempting to research a way to creating a controlled fire decided it was best to inform the other tribes so that more people could attempt the research. Unfortunately, the rain ruined the plans of the scientists, and they were forced to wait it out before continuing their research.

Meanwhile, the rain wreaked havoc on the simple homes and huts of the shwirm. The logs stacked together on top of the huts were by no means waterproof, and the homes slowly filled to the point they would flood, and the dirt inside was reduced to a mudlike consistency, essentially destroying the shwrims' homes, and they were forced to find shelter in the forests. The other buildings like the workshops and the training room were also leaking slightly, and the militia needed to protect the citizens anyways, so they came along, instead doing drills every now and then to prevent idleness.

During the rain at the southern village, one shwar attempts to cover the logs with leaves in order to stop the flooding. The others ridiculed him, telling him he was better off going into the forests with the others than doing sh*t that wasn't going to work. He refused, instead trying to find a way to essentially waterproof the huts before they all were destroyed.

Rolling for militia training and waterproofing the huts.
rolled 12, 11, 7 = 30

The Nag Ber'ek are no stranger to the life giving rains. But this is too much for them. Water seeps through the spaces between plates in the new houses. If only they could keep the rain from getting through. Maybe they could attach leather to the inside?

Meanwhile, the rains make the Cathedrals resltess. They're not meant to be herd animals, and some of them try to leave, with only promises of food and warmth drawing them back into the settlement. This won't work forever, and soon the Cathedrals will leave the Nag Ber'Eks new home. A few families pledge to follow the Cathedrals, to gather up their discarded plates, which are vital to the tribe, and to bring the Cathedrals to the aid of the Nag Ber'Ek in times of war. These families leave with the Cathedrals a few days after the rains start, hunting as they follow their huge charges, offering up leftovers to ingratiate themselves with the huge creatures.

While the Cathedrals have left, there is still a suprlus of plates. There has been a general consensus that a specific building should be constructed for the Shamans, one larger than the typical home. Work begins in earnest on this new "temple"

A few hunters seek to investigate the tales of their children, who say they saw things that walked on two legs and were not Log'eadz. The hunters do not know what to make of this, for the tribes have never met another sentient species. They head east, searching for these strange creatures

Rolling for waterproofing houses, building a temple, and finding the Oamenii settlement
Yeah, it still rains in the desert, just normal instead of LOADSAWATER like the other places.

The militia finds the indoors place cramped and leaky, and so only a few of the most interested are still actively training. The others say that they will wait until the rains stop poring buckets.
On the other hand, the leaf covering kinda worked in reducing the leaks, but there are still a lot of leaks. Maybe using bigger leaves would help, or a material that stretches better than leaves?

At first, leather works in stopping the leaks, but over time they let some of the leaks through. They also became mouldy in some places.
As for the temple construction, even in heavy rain the Log'eads toil, but they have only managed to build the foundation. The mud is making progress difficult.
The hunters were halted by harsh weather and reduced visibility due to the rain. They manage to get lost in the mist for some time, but they find a way back to the settlement. The Oamenii are still elusive for them.
rolled 12, 18, 7, 11 = 48

The heavy rains have the Puruu inside their little stick and leaf and clay huts. With nothing to do but wait out the rolling storm in their damp and slightly flooded homes, the small council and the Elder brainstorm ideas about the future of the city.

The leaky ceilings of the small huts, while not a disaster, are to be remedied. The plan is to plaster leaves on top of the already wet clay in an attempt to create a sort of leafy shingle roof.

The small self proclaimed militia of the Urupuruu have stayed outside, patrolling what was to be the southern wall for any signs of the geist. A few of them still practice with the slingstaves, attempting to become more accurate with their throws.

A few members of the small council are having trouble remembering some of the things that they have been told by the Elder. In order to keep track, they develop a series of symbols and glyph's that serve as reminders of the what the Elder wants.

Rolling for-
Water proofing the huts,
Scouting the Fence/Wall ((Low roll for nothing is there, high roll for an encounter))
Practicing with the Slingstaves
The evolution of this system of Proto-Writing
rolled 17 = 17

The Log'eadz are mighty, but even they are stopped by Mother Rain.

The Nag Ber'ek postpone all work on the temple till the rains pass. Attempts continue however, to waterproof the houses. Tar Pitch from wood is often a major hassle for the weaponmakers, and they have a lot of the stuff on hand. Maybe that could help keep the rains out?

Rolling for using tar pitch for waterproofing
rolled 2, 9 = 11


The shwar, somehow able to think clearly when his entire village was being flooded, took the hides of the game from the hunters and stretched them out over the huts. Then he started placing leaves over the hides for further protection.

The shwirm stuck in the forest, on the other hand no longer have a pile of food they can simply walk to when they get hungry, and the food must be rationed out for everybody. The first concepts of division, and mathepetics as a whole, begin to sprout.

Rolling for waterproofing with the hides and leaves, and learning mathematics (Division)

The urupuruu finds that making the shingle leaf needs to be done in dry season, lest the mud drip through the roof instead of the rain.
The militia is hard at practice, and even in the driving rain they try to improve their throws... they did improve a bit, but the low visibility makes for an uncertain aim. One of the militia missed the target wide, and hit something deep in the underbrush. They see a shadow with long arms rise from the underbrushes, tilted its head towards the slingers, and quickly dove down again. The militiamen saw the creature clearly; it had no eyes and a big mouth. By the time the Urpuruu militia got to the place, they only see half-eroded prints in the mud.
Writing was debated, and some semblance of script was made, but it was too hard to read, at least for now. It doesn't help that the elders scribbled on mud instead of another surface; some puruu youngsters added some lines when the elders aren't looking.
File: 1344694939121.png-(130 KB, 554x336, Common Ma'uma 2.png)
130 KB
I really like this version... They are pretty weak and defenseless. Basically like cows of the Southern Continent, everything eats them. They just slither or slug along munching on grass.
using tar in tandem with leather seem to work, if they apply the tar below the shingles but above the leather. Now there's less leather gone mouldy, and next to no leaks.

The aspiring roofer was trying out the combination during a heavy rain, when he was struck by lightning. He survived the ordeal, but his roof now has a big hole in it. He was healed soon enough by everybody's care (remember that the shwar have high environmental resistance, lightning is but one of them).
Meanwhile, some of the tribe members are starting to know division, but for now they only know of dividing by twofold numbers (2,4,8,16,32 etc.). For division by three and other odd numbers, they are still baffled.
File: 1344695855012.jpg-(4 KB, 258x196, images.jpg)
4 KB
rolled 16, 13 = 29

After this encounter with the geist, by command of the Elder, all Puruu are to carry a weapon in some shape or form at all times. The militia continues to practice and modify the slingstave, creating a notch at the tip that the cord of the sling can slip from ((see pic related)) with a simple action from the person wielding it. Hopefully this makes it more accurate.

The Small Council of the Urupuruu has decided that the geist issue has the potential to become a serious problem. They have ordered 10 of the militia members to head south as far as possible, and return only when they have found evidence of the geist lair.

Rolling for Slingstaves and Scouting out the Lufae
rolled 11, 18, 5, 5, 11 = 50

Following the refugees reports, they discover Durai far past the Northern Border. He lives simply and answers the few queries put before him. Because his clan died out, he has divorced himself from the Iminye. He is as ancient as Sehquatas, and doesn't believe in the future of the tribe. He does however offer them some advise. These demons aren't the same as the forest demons. They eat the land and leave nothing but filth.

After shitting his guts out, the herbalist adds several dirty limericks to what his apprentice is calling the Halin Limericks. He continues his experiments. Halin throws away the Kirunna hide blaming it for his horrible writing. He starts using harmless chalk and flat wooden tablets hoping to do better.

The clanless have earned their place in the tribe. They will be presented to the Shaman's to walk the Dreaming and discover their clan's name. Hulys is pleased to have helped them grow their clan. And begins asking for one of the clanless to be promoted to Elder.

The tribe wonders if they can apply the success in the netmaking to sails. They try tying the separate sheets together onto the net. Before the rains they waded out into the Firil Sea and then cast their sails. Then the wind started stroming. The sea bound Eleni hoped their boat and sails were ready.

The heavy rains could be a disaster. The river overflows flooding several settlements. The River Folk try to quickly sand bag the river to protect their homes.

rolling for experiments, writing, promoting a clanless to Elder, net sails, sand-bagging the waters.
rolled 17, 18, 15, 2, 4, 18 = 74

When the Fire Chief says he is ready to fight. He is taken up into the Iminye fighting arena. A flat platform made from branches and planks high in the tree canopy. There he meets a Grim Bark hunter. In the open air rain falls on the two champions, and below the Iminye and Altume look up to watch the fight.

(first three Fire Chief, second three Grim Bark hunter)
rolled 1 = 1

A new problem has been encountered, or at least made more prominent, since the Nag Ber'Ek have to stay inside: THEY CAN'T SEE!

Or, they can't see in the dark, and food fires are too big to fit inside homes, not that there's anyway of ventilating the smoke out. If only there were some way to provide light inside the home.

Rolling for interior lighting (gimme something crazy)
>You have discovered a hithero unknown race of fireflies! You manage to bring them inside of your houses, but they turn out to be shapeshifting dragon spawn from the nether realms. Your entire tribe has died.

[Y] [N]
rolled 13 = 13

Oh man, oh geez. I hope a villager didn't get one those glowing emil Balrog things and put it in a hou-WAIT SHIT
File: 1344708736258.png-(282 KB, 605x485, snowblind details.png)
282 KB
The gypsy woman sees house fires in your future. Your fortunes look bleak.

For the Korobushka, this is not rain, but snow. A heavy blizzard, a wəwintr has fallen upon the village, even the covert war between Sergei and Zartik ceases for a few months. The tribe only hopes their stores of food shall hold.
It's the Fimbulvinter, folks, time to roll for some nasty shit... the lower the number, the worse the outcome is for these poor bastards.
1) food supplies, do they last the winter?
2) next year harvest, what happens to the crop that was being planted?
3) the Ruhaj stables, do the dusya make it through the cold?
4) the lake, if it freezes over, fish will be harder to obtain for many months following

PS. I've included a larger map of the area surrounding the village, along with the grid location and labels of landmarks
rolled 3, 6, 4, 16 = 29

Herp-derp, cannot into rolling dice. As for the demil in your house... what a delicious idea, you're lucky I'm not GM, I'd have taken that suggestion and ran with it.
(Alot of the roll results didn't make sense, so i'm just gonna go with it as best I can.)

Dorogon, the Fire Cheif presented himself to the Iminye, he was bare of any armor or clothing, as that was not his way. The Elen's muscles bulged and spread his protective plates apart, he was covered in what seemed to be dried blood, this was used to make him stand out among the Eleni, and that his opponent could easily see him. He didn't know what to make of the tree platform, he high up in the air on a scarcely stable platform, facing his challenger. It was alien to him, fighting like this. He had to keep a good balance so that he wouldn't fumble on the rough terrain. The rain poured down and made the ground even more slippery and rough, his fighting style wouldn' work as well here, and he would guess that the Iminye knew it. Such tactics were dishonorable, but at least they made the platform big enough for him to manuever. After a few minutes of waiting the duel started. Dorogons enemy was quick and agile, his attacks were well cordinated for a time, but his hands moved faster than his feet, and he could never land a solid hit on Dorogon. The chief side stepped his every attack and used it's energy against him by tripping him or pushing him forward. This was almost pathetically easy, but Dorogon wasn't one for playing with his enemies. He tried to finish the fight by side stepping and punching his opponents in the jaw with a powerful right hook. To his surprise the Iminye huntsman seemed to anticipate this and grabbed his arm and flipped him over onto his back. He tried to pin him down but the chief wouldn't have any of it. He easily overpowered the Iminye man and threw him onto the ground.
He pinned the Iminye tribesman down and unleashed a relentless assault of right hooks into the mans chest and face. Minutes passed as Dorogon kept punching, but his opponent was still concious! The huntsman managed to kick Dorogon off of him, and while he was still recovering from the powerful kick the huntsman got up and kicked the chief in the head, cracking his hard armor plates. After that the Iminye warrior fainted due to his injuries, Dorogon slowly shambled back up to his feet and announced himself as the winner. The Iminye warrior had done horribly in the first few parts of the fight, but adapted to Dorogons style of fighting and came back strong, but in the end couldn't win the fight. After the fight Dorogon honored the Iminye by announcing to them that they were more than worthy of the Altumes respect, perhaps they would see this as ignorance, but it was hard to gain respect from the Altume, as they were such a prideful people. Dorogon himself asked the name of his opponent, and if possible, have the warrior become Dorogons apprentice as a warrior. Dorogon told the elders that the wearrior showed much promise, and if trained properly by him he could become even a better warrior than himself.

The shipment of goods arrives at the Iminye town, Gormal gives their new friends dried meats, leathers, and a few dozen slingbows. They however donot tell them how to make them, there is no time.Gormal informed Dorogon of the demons to the north west, even though the refugees told them they were not the demons of the forest, it didn't matter, they had to see for themselves. The two chiefs would sleep in the Iminye town for a few more cycles before heading to the north west to witness the demons at work, with or without the Iminye's chosen champion.

It's raining! Such an event is welcomed by the Altume and both villages and the outpost gather the rain in bone jugs.
>Mountain Village
Finally the wall is built and the tribe is protected, the yellowish wall is as hard as concrete and much, much taller than any Elen.
With the loss of his arm and still being in recovery, Gogan simply rests for a few weeks, and is out of commision for this turn.
With no real leader some of the more primal Eleni start fighting in the middle of town, luckily nobody has been killed, yet.

Some of Gogan's assistants travel to the northern Lacorra fields to gather some more lacorra, they use long bone poles to place them in pots.

Krogoan returns to his mountain home and continues to experiment with the mountain herbs and plants.

With a path cleared through the landslide the Eleni journey towards the mountain spring to gather more water.

With enough meat to sustain the tribe for at least a few weeks the Eleni are freed up to pursue more intelligent endeavours. The tribe tries to build a large building where the wise men can converse freely with each other in an intelligent manner, free from distraction. They build it out of the lacorra mixture, which they now call Gabai (Or yellow stone.) They place leathers on the floor so that the ground is softer on the Elenis feet.

Some of the craftsmen try to attach layers of leather together to make them stronger and more flexible, in the hopes of making armor.
>Lacorra Outpost
The hunters gather a few Toruuz that feed them for the time being.

The shipment has arrived, and the soldiers are supplied with good new leathers and weapons, the supply group starts moving towards the Ocean Village.

The soldiers are bewildered how the Lacorra regrew so fast, even breaking their supremely crafted wall, in the end they did gather many jugs of water for future consumption, but now the oasis was an electrified lake! The soldiers try to build a ramp over the lacorra, putting their new lacorra mucus to work. With some decent luck they should be able to create a sturdy ramp over to the lake where they can safely gather water.

The same scout continues to feed the Toruuz, repitition will be key in befriending the strange and fierce creatures. The scout continues to feed the creature for many weeks.

>Ocean Village

Sadly all research pertaining to the Ma'uma seemed to fail miserably, so the researcher tried again with another Ma'uma, this time more delicately as to not mush the damn slug. He tested to see if it was edible, any characteristics it's insides had, anything useful.

Some tribesmen try to improve the ranch so that the Ma'uma couldn't escape.

Some of the smaller Eleni try to ride the Ma'uma, coaxing them into allowing it by feeding them dried grass and other greens.
rolled 9, 4, 14, 19, 19, 8, 13, 7, 20, 5, 5 = 123

>Mountain Village
Gathering Lacorra.
Krogoan's research.
Joruney to the mountain spring.
Building a university/science center.
Making leather armor.

>Lacorra Outpost
Supply group traveling to the Ocean Village.
Building a ramp over and onto the lacorra to reach the lake.
Continuing to tame the Toruuz.

>Ocean Village
Dissection and study of a Ma'uma.
Improving the Ma'uma ranch.
Domesticating/Riding Ma'uma.
File: 1344714248793.png-(316 KB, 475x475, mfw lol.png)
316 KB
rolled 6 = 6

>Riding Ma'aumas
fuck, gotta remember to clear the email field.
The food supplies do not last the winter. It is a dark time, literally as the snow blocks out the sun. It's a time that reminds some of the Zartik- Sergei Famine. The lake however is full of fish for the first few months. As harvest time comes again, there is much less yield which is viciously guarded.

Nobody knows exactly who raided first, since multiple clans attacked at the same time. But afterwards the Korobushka broke out into rioting and mob mentality. The fighting occurred along clan lines. There is little the elders can do to stop it. They try from the council hall, where even they are fist fighting.

Out in the streets the Zartik and Sergei elders direct their mobs against each other.

Puruu Rightye
With the simple modification the weapon's range is increased, everybody praises the new design. The ten militia get some conflicting intel. It seems that the Geist have been spotted not too far away(towards the south). However they also spy some Geist activity further into the mountains(towards the south-west).
Out of the dark clouds comes thunder. Then in a sudden instant the sky cracks and light shoots down into Nag Ber''k tents. In a single night, a fourth of the population is burned alive, some sleeping, others not so lucky. All the tents are burned to the ground leaving many homeless.
What about the dusya? What becomes of the beetle-horses? Also, this sounds awesome, but I've got to get started on Fortune.
I need to do mental check-lists before posting!

The dusya survive and were a good source of food. Which reduced their numbers as they were more likely eaten.
rolled 8, 9, 6, 13 = 36


Those plains are strong so we must turn them into beasts of war! More raiding partys are sent to find more slaves. Development of weapons is only natural thing to happen when tribe is as warlike as Katumoiset. The expansion of city requires more materials so it is time to chop some wood.

Rolling for capturing plains puruu, capturing slaves, developing weapons and gathering some wood for expanding the city.
Btw, Fortune's back...
>> 20278933
Any of you drawfags, help would be appreciated in updating critters for the next game (whichever region y'all end up choosing.
((building on poe's results))
Food runs out, but in a sad/ happy twist the Dusya start to die off, and provide meat for the tribe. By the time the die off is over, only the biggest, strongest, hardiest, most eager to breed of the herd survive. ((further along on the dusya pedigree))

The experiments continue, and a little "borrowed" gesh dream dust is added to the mix. Halin experiences an out of body adventure, all the while his phyiscal form is twitching rolling around on the ground. hes gonna be ok folks. Wood+Chalk= technological superiority, and writing works well, quickly spreading to the rest of the tribe. The clanless have no one who really fits the role of elder, and instead opt to remain "Clanless" a cast of people happy to simply exist within the tribe. it is a strange thought. The sheets were tied to a large net in sections. It was not an efficent design as wind escaped thru many of the gaps between the sheets, but proof of concept was there. The sand bagged walls held back the worst of the water, but the villages were still flooded somewhat, but nothing is destroyed.

Khuna is happy to see the young sing the songs of power, as are the shamans. They think that the Lufae people have discovered fragments of the songs Lupia herself used to sing the world into being. They believe that by studying the voice, they can understand the world, their deity and the great wyverns better. Because of this, Ilith has allowed her daughter Aith to take full control of the wyvern cult, so that she could focus on meditating on the voice. The wyvern riders mostly patrol the mountains and the edges of the void and train in the shrine. The shrine however has grown too small for the now quite sizable cult, and thus Aith has started a project which aims to expand the shrine.

Khuna wishes to connect the settlements together into the communal song. The amplification horn is a start, but it could be refined further. He has ordered the artisans to modify it so, that it can both beam more focused songs to certain directions, and also work as a giant array that spreads the communal song to extremely large areas. He has also ordered that some of the singers should learn how to sing in ways that carry their voice far and clear. They could use the great horn to sing to the other settlements and thus keep them connected.
He also has ordered that similar horn are to be built in the other settlements, as well as some sort of receivers that would pick up the song better. The receivers would eventually be built into the main settlement as well.
rolled 19, 19, 18, 12, 7, 18, 5, 2, 11, 4, 10 = 125


The scouts decide to lay low near the main village, and hone their skills in the utilization of their emils symbiote. They try to learn how to grow the harder shell armor quickly on command, as well as how to control their tentacles better. They seek to master their symbiote, so that they could prove their worth to the tribe, despite the fact how they are no longer connected to them as well.

Thun hears something moving near him, and quickly scans the area.

The great rains have caused many problems for the settlements, and they all have tried to develop their own ways of stopping the water from flooding their homes. On another note, the noise caused by the rain drops illuminate the world to the geists in almost unique way, which causes some of them revere the rain as Lupia's blessing.

Rolling for:
Studying the voice.
Expanding the shrine.
Modifying the amplification horn.
Making horns in other settlements.
Making receiver arrays.
Emils scouts training.
Seeing if Thun spots the shwirm scouts.
Solving the water problems in the different villages. (4 rolls. One for each village. They are all unique. The one in the valley is built on stone walls, the main one is underground and so on.)
rolled 12 = 12

Now that the range of the slingstaves has been increased, the militia has been ordered to attack any Wyvren Riders that fly around in the sky on sight. Small patrols of five soon make three day excursions towards the south and the mountains in the south west, armed with hard baked clay sling stones and the new slingstaves.

In other news, the puruu have been developing ways to temper their stone weapons in the heat of their stone kilns. The have found that by using super dense wood, they can get a hotter fire, and thus hotter temperatures inside of the kiln.

Rolling for effectiveness of Kiln Tempered Weapons
Only a few lacorra are gathered, but efforts to raise them in the pots for their mucus are underway. Korogan accidentally invents itching powder, and spends a very irritating next few days trying to get it out from under his plates. The journey to the spring works out for the tribe and they gain sufficient water. The "university" is a big hall of discussion for any one who wishes to converse. A place to gather minds. The tribe makes leather armor of a high quality, it fits the environment not being too hot or heavy, and allowing for mobility.

((in your tribe there is no more need to roll for food, water, or supplies, discovering new sources will require rolls, but otherwise its an established thing by now. you can still tell the story but without the rolls for that)) The tribe as a whole has established patrols of hunters to protect the supply shipments. The ramp was a failure, but the beginnings of a yellowstone wall with a roof are taking the place of the old bone wall. It will take months of clearing and possibly lives, but eventually they will have a sort of tunnel to the water. The torruz continues to be aloof, but will no longer attempt to kill the scouts as they bring food.

The Ma'uma is put under with a powerful herb concoction and cut apart alive. Much is learned about them. including how to efficiently breed them. They are mostly one big muscle covered in a layer of soft hide "shell". The Ma'uma split into two categories. Food and pets. The food ones are the ones that dont respond well to domesticaiton, while the smaller community that is more friendly are kept alive and bred as pets.
A dozen of the big strong puruu are captured. It didnt take too much work, as they are easily bribed with food. Training them will be another task altogether. A few wandering families are captured for slavery. weapons are hard to make and the tribe has simple clubs and knives that seem to do the trick so far. The city gains enough wood to keep growing.

A bright master of slaves decides to start up a breeding program, were the children will be taught from egg to death, how to serve. Capturing slaves is hard work, why not just make more? A trainer of the puruu beasts will be required. From all the captured slaves a few new technologies are stolen. - dried meat, simple cloth, and whips for herding animals...or driving people to work harder.

some stones temper better then others, but there is no idea as to why or how.
In order to better understand which stones temper better than others, the Elder and the Small Council order many stones of different shapes, sizes, and colors be put into the kiln and heated at a temperature of really-fucking-hot. Some of the shiny black stones seem to almost melt in the heat of the furnace, and glow bright hot.

Efforts are again made to build a wall around the southern portion of what is now a village, and the puruu attempt to install new, leak proof, leaf shingle roofs on their huts.

Rolling for
-Puruu figuring out what to do with melting rocks
-Three Rolls for the wall
-Leaf Shingles on the houses.
rolled 20, 9, 8, 2, 6 = 45


Curse you, Freudian slip.
Ilith's meditations on the voice have helped her to "listen" and hear the patterns of the song, not of her people, but of all living things, of the wolves and the wyverns first, but she began to wander, and listen to the noises of the songless...and it they indeed do have a song. It is pale and thin compared to their own, but they have a song all of their own. When she would hide in the forests she would make a loud click with her tongue and watch as the korobushka woodsmen would turn around to investigate the sound. Each time she made a different pitch, and discovered their rage of hearing was simply not the same as theirs. It has been an enlightening and significant journey for Ilith. The rest of the tribe may not understand as well as her, but time will tell.

Under Aith's guidance the shrine is expanded many times over. The wyvern's are used to help bring in resources such as fallen logs or stacks of hide and stone from the other settlements. The third generation of wyvern's are born into the Luafe's care, many new pups.

Khuna's orders are heeded and the amplification horn meets all of his new specifications, the artisans of the tribe rising to the challenge. He occasionally broadcasts his thoughts and wishes for the tribe, as well as orders and is growing to be a well loved alpha, a sort of people's alpha. The other settlements gain horns and receiver arrays as well. ((all that sound knowledge makes for sucess)) but they are a little simple, and the quality of the audio is poor.
File: 1344729128855.png-(148 KB, 1000x1000, 1340463584142.png)
148 KB
The scouts infected with the emils now have mastery over their armor, and sing to alert the tribe of their approach. Thun has a hard time spotting the shwirm scouts due to the villages new architecture, but the scouts were not attempting to hide out of malice, but fear of his size. They approach him without weapons drawn, offering greetings, carrying a message of non hostility, and possible friendship from the koro, asking to speak to the leader of the tribe. This causes him to laugh with mirth.

water continues to be scarce for all the villages, but two of them are in better shape. The coming snow has been a blessing and a curse, as the tribe can melt it down to make water so they will not die of thirst.
Natural 20's, fuck yeah!

Does this mean I smelt metal?
Scouts from the Iminye tribe have been pushing east along the river for years now, and the Yapap have noticed. Fayakiin have grown and explored south, where they see other puruu, and occasionally skirmish over territory. ((waiting for time jumps))
The Nag Bek'er are recovering from the fire, and determined to press forward, exploring their new territory. They see little insect men occasionally, as well as great flying beasts flying far, far overhead above the mountains, one scout even reports of a sighting of blung, but that would be impossible, they killed them all right? The tribe lost much in the fire, but their sheer size still attracts a few other scattered bands of Logeadz who after getting their asses kicked in ritual combat, join the tribe. These wanderers are mostly children and young adolescents, carrying a story of how their tribes were wiped out by a purple storm. ((feel free to make some rolls related to building, studying buildings, etc, etc. I miss doing rolls for you man))
Where are the ruufaya and staatgriech players at? i miss you guys. Also, Slanera, you still out there?
rolled 11, 20, 19, 2, 8 = 60

Forty years have passed since the first rapid expanse in the Yapap village. Leadership between Ytai, Kwaku, and a new contender, Retti, has changed numerous times. Currently, Kwaku is in charge of the tribe. On the layers of roofs that make up the living space have been covered in drawings and various symbols.
With the growth of the village, many of the tribe begin to feel crowded, and send scouts up north again to find a good village location for a village.
Over time, the small patch of fruiting Tree Siwari that the farmer started has grown into a vast grove. For part of the year, the large fruits provide an excess of food for the tribe, and starts to go rotten before they can be eaten. Meat and plants makes up their diet for the rest of the year.

>Rolling for improving the path to the southern village, beginnings of written language, food preservation (drying and smoking), and expanding to a new settlement (around the upper-left corner of (16,H)).

I'm not sure why riverbat blood would blue. Seems like a sudden fundamental change from the the other species... Unless other descendants of Furlongs have blue blood!

((fuck...ok, i said no metal in this game, but here is how this is gonna be handled. metal is scarce, and your tribe is the first to discover it. Your furnaces only extract soft metals such as zinc/ tin/ gold/ lead. It is not better then some of the armored shells of the continent beasts, but it is light, and can be formed into very fine shapes. congratulations)) http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/melting-temperature-metals-d_860.html further extraction of metals will have to come from a hotter burning fuel, eventually getting you up to copper/ bronze/ etc...keep at it. welcome to the arms race.

the wall needs some work but are starting to crop up in chunks around the village, depending on the puruu that works on them, they could be fire blasted clay, piles of rocks, wooden, etc...its not very uniform, but they are getting there.

Leaf shingles are developed because if you draw it, i will be super happy. and its fluffy as opposed to a game changer.
still waiting to see how your little mountain climber deals with the mountain.
The clanless are interesting. People who take identity form the tribe itself. Writing is also interesting. With writing the Iminye record their oral history, the four progenitor clans, the great legends, even Halin's Limericks are codified. It seems there is no need to call the Shaman. And their role is becoming less important in the tribe.

Except for their spiritual role, which Vylona tries to emphasize. She appoints herself Oracle to the Dream. And preaches the ancient wisdom of the Dreaming and dreamtime. A place outside of time and space where the world is constantly created. And a place where all souls originate and return.

The would-be sailing Eleni did not sail. They caught some fish and went home. They felt they were moving in the right direction, the sheets caught the winds but holes in the netting had let the wind escape. They decided to sew the sheets together with the net offering only support.

The Iminye look over the gifts and are interested in the slingbow. It is a ranged weapon they've never seen before. The dried meat is also looked over and eaten. It's tough to crew, but they see the practicality of it.

Aelah in her wisdom wonders if there was a way to combine the extreme differences in the different tribes. It was much like the Inviting Bark legend where two very different lifestyles of the Season of Grass and Season of Leaves were brought together. She proposes a new settlement where each tribe can come together and build a new way of living.

They bring the idea to the Altume Chiefs. They propose a Coastal Town on the Iminye's western coast. There they would trade resources, knowledge, and build something new for the next generation. The Elders talk the Knowledge they would bring to the new Town, such as Writing. As well as new boats that would bring fast transportation between the two tribes.
So what exactly was the metal that I got? Lead from galena?

The Champion reveals his name to be Isemir, a Grim Bark hunter take patrols the northern border. He is very intense and rarely smiles. Not much is known about his family before the time of woe, but rumor is he is the son of Durai. Though if he is, he didn't grow into the hyper-male.

Isemir accepts the offer for training. When the Altume Chiefs ask for his company to investigate the north-west. He accepts as well and brings Vylona, the last true Shaman known for her strange insight.
rolled 19, 12, 3, 3, 3, 2 = 42

With the rain gone, the shwirms' first objective was to rebuild the huts and repair what damage was done to the buildings. The roofer is handed a shovel and told he can continue work on his waterpeoofi g after the houses in need of waterproofing actually exist.

Meanwhile, th bone carver/mason is dissatisfied with his current shovels, and worms to improve them so as to better aid the rebuilding process.

The militia are forced to train and drill outside of the hall while it is given maintenance, but the flat plains make it easy for the militia to train all at once.

The scientists continue their quest to discover fire, and apprentices work at the other two villages as well to see if different environments affect the ease of starting a fire.

Rolling for rebuilding Southern village, rebuilding main village, rebuilding the outpost, improving shovels, training militia, and inventing fire/flint & tinder

In 40 years the path was expanded and improved several times over, the southern village would never say it, but the powerful Yapap were too large to ever say no to, and if you cant beat them, join them. So they did as a vassal tribe of the larger yapap, slowly being absorbed into their culture. The Written language is excellent, and the entire tribe becomes literate due to the elder of the time pressing for it. Somehow their written language spread to the savages of the north. Food preservation is mastered and excess food no longer goes rot. ((its been 40 years so i'm tossing a bone out here, because it just doesn't make sense to me otherwise)) The northern village is established, but conflict with the savages has kept it from growing large.

Urpuruu-Generic soft metal of the times. good for containers, art, etc.

The southern village grows massive, twice the size it was once before, now outclassing the main village with has recovered to its former glory. The outpost was never much, and..still is not much. Shovels are still a bit small, but now sharper. the militial resorts to dirty tricks during fighting, going for groin shots and throwing dirt in eyes. They are bastards. fire escapes the tribes understanding again, but not for much longer.
File: 1344734918912.png-(27 KB, 1213x545, Hut&Urgosh.png)
27 KB
rolled 8, 12, 13 = 33


The Urupuruu have discovered the basics of smelting! They have made the connection between a hot fire and the black rocks, as well as the dull heavy stuff that turns to liquid when hot, and back to solid when cooled. The small council has retreated to their main hut in order to ponder over the application of this Dull Heavy Stuff.

The new leaf shingle roofing prevents water from flooding in, and also keeps some of the moisture and heat inside of the hut, providing a comfortable and damp environment for the Puruu to relax.

The Elder, though fascinated by the Dull Heavy Stuff, views the geist as a bigger issue. He issues a command that all Puruu of the Urupuruu are to go forth and multiply, for the tribe needs new warriors.

Construction of the wall is still under way, as are the patrols of the militia. So far, they have seen nothing unusual, though some Puruu swear they can sometimes hear a sound like a great roaring off in the distance.

((Here is some shitty OC offered to you via my shitty drawing skills. It's a Puruu hut and an Urgosh made of stone. Sorry for not being an artistical mastermind like Nad))

Rolling for Applications for the Dull Heavy Stuff, population increase, and anything discovered by the militia patrols to the south and south-west.
rolled 9, 20, 7, 16 = 52

The Nag Ber'ek welcome the new arrivals, and work begins anew on the temple for the Shamans. A new idea is being used: Wood from the forests to the south is being used to help support the weight of the temple so it can be an especially large structure.

Scouts venture out, seeking the strange bugmen, the blungs, and even the flying things. What are these strange creatures?

The shamans take on new appretnices. Skuller is joined by new apprentices to Mort, Shaman of the Kah and the Dead. The Tra Shamans both take two apprentices to follow their ways as well.

The first of the families that follows the Cathedrals has returned, with piles of plates in tow. How much have they collected?
Rolling for building a Temple, Finding other tribes/blung, teaching the apprentices, and how many cathedral plates the family brought
rolled 2 = 2

The two chiefs ponder the idea of a shared town, but they seem to be in a mild disagreement. The wind chief thinks it's a great idea, but the fire chief believes that it will soften the Altume that live with the Iminye. They decide that they will resolve the issue later, as they have a more pressing matter. The group of about fourty soldiers follows the chiefs and the apprentice as they head north west towards the rumored demons. The land is easy enough to traverse, at least more so than the soft sands of their homeland.

Rolling for their journey to the north west demons.
>Mountain Village
Krogoan regrets inventing itching powder, but when he presents it to the tribe they enjoy it quite a bit. As it turns out the Altume love a good prank, and the tribesmen end up pranking each other often for months to come. The new leather armor is worn pridefully by the Altume warriors, while the common folk wear the less sturdy, but lighter leather clothes. The university is finished, and many intelligent discussions are had within it's walls, but they couldn't save the discussions save for their minds, and the old wise men often forgot all about important talks, so some of the younger scholars started a quest to develop a method of tracking information. He attempted to find some way to write down information, he wanted to use pictographs, but he needed a surface to write on and some sort of substance to write with. He had a feeling he could use thickened blood if absolutely necessary, and maybe he could shear off a thin and layer of animal skin and use it as a writing surface, maybe he would dry it first. Some of the tribesmen started packing up their hide tents in favor of creating Gabai houses, the new houses were now being constructed, they would be houses large enough for a big family, and have two floors, and empty square holes to be used as windows.
rolled 17, 4, 7, 17, 6 = 51

Krogoan continues his research despite recent mishaps. The same goes for Gogan, who is slightly depressed because of his missing arm, but presses on. He takes one of the lacorra and cuts it open, this time he makes sure to wrap the creature in hide as to avoid the tiny beasts within it if they somehow come out again. Understanding the inner workings of the lacorra would greatly benefit the Altume's use of them. One of the best hunters recently lost an eye to one of the beasts of the desert. He has a long scar on his left eye, which is covered with a piece of hide tied onto his face with sinew. He is called Rogalth, he is the best hunter among the Altume, and because of this has gained a small following among his fellow hunters. He gained enough renown to commision the construction of what he calls a 'Guild Hall' which is essentially a very large house where his fellow hunters can rest, store their equipment, share hunting tips, and engage in comradery.

Rolling for,
Creating parchment or other writable material.
Constructing Gabai houses.
Krogoan's medical research.
Gogan's lacorra research.
Constructing hunting guild hall.
rolled 6, 12 = 18

>Lacorra Outpost
The soldiers work on the Gabai tunnel some more, chipping away lacorra infront of the tunnel and constructing more, with any luck they'll be able to secure safe passage to the lake/oasis where they'll gain access to a readily available supply of water. The Eleni that are traveling to the ocean village and to the mountain village pass through the outpost, and often times they run short of water, so having the possibility of re-supplying them mid-journey would make their travels much easier. The Toruuz seem to have become more accepting of the scouts' pressence, so he decides to push his luck abit and bring along one of his buddies to also feed the interesting creatures. He is just as fast as the other scout, and now the creatures are being fed twice as much than before.

Rolling for,
Constructing Gabai tunnel through the lacorra.
Taming/Befriending the Toruuz.
rolled 6, 16, 8, 1, 16 = 47

>Ocean Village
Once again the ranchers try to strengthen the ranches perimeter, since previously the sand was too soggy and wet to improve. Some of the Eleni think it's a good idea to use the Ma'uma to carry things, so they tie some supplies to ones back and tries to lead it around on a loose rope. Some of the children have been using large circular bones to slide down sand dunes for fun, the adults take note of this and try to make one of these contraptions big enough for an adult, the speed at which the younglings travel on these things almost propels them up and over the sand dunes, an effective way of travel no doubt. Some of the more adventerous scouts go exploring far into the desert, one heads east and one heads north, one of their goals is to find some sort of plant that grows in the desert and can be eaten. The Altume desperately need a steady food source, as hunting won't be able to sustain a huge population for long.

Rolling for,
Improving the Ma'uma ranch.
Using Ma'uma to carry things.
Creating sand sleds.
Northern scout.
Eastern scout.

The Ranking officers of the militia who were actually serious become frustrated in the face of the barbaric tactics of the other shwirm, and conduct a public equivalent of flogging on the most uncivilized of the militia- they are branded by having their right arm blade cut off and a straight scar with a stone knife is made on their left cheek. If they were unruly again, they would have their right cheek scarred. Third time and they were exiled into the wilderness with nothing. No food, no water, no knife, and without their natural blades they are down to their pitiful fists and their wits, against a savage world with danger at every corner. It was said that those who brought back something of immense value for their people (For example bronze working or irrigation techniques), they would be reentered into the tribe, albeit with some distrust. But no shwar has ever returned, and no one expects any ever will. It is, for all intents and purposes, a death sentence.

So on that FINE note, the ranking officers once again attempt to drill their soldiers, hoping that the example would encourage the soldiers to be less barbarians and more professional soldiers. The officers that had encouraged dirty tactics were included in the flogging and had been replaced with those who had shown signs of honour in them, so as to prevent the barbaric tactics being actively taught.

The southern village was growing beyond expectations, and the berry grove was taking it's toll from the immense demand of food. Gatherers of the fruit come up with the idea of planting the seeds of the plants and growing them themselves rather than relying on nature to do the work,and the idea is tested.

rolled 10, 12, 18, 10 = 50


The scientists become frustrated by the fires refusing to cooperate, but they have learned many things about how to best build a fire. One, you needed dry wood. Two, flint was the best stone to create a spark with, and three, dry air like the plains was far easier to create a fire in than in the wet, humid air of the lub forests. They continued their research for a few more weeks, hoping to find the secrets if the flame before their determined end day.

With the southern village booming, the roofer once again begins to waterproof the hut roofs, using hides and leaves together to achieve his goal.

The adventurers were eager to find out more about the outside world, and are sent to learn more about the flying creatures and their riders, for the brawlers were already known to be dangerous and they didn't want to risk being spotted.

Rolling for militia training, learning Agriculture, inventing fire/flint & tinder, and studying the flying creatures/the riders.
rolled 3 = 3


And of course waterproofing homes.
Having the same language and being in close proximity to the Yapap, it could be easily be figured that they came from the same dead tribe. Wit this, it was no surprise that the the two merged back into one.
Drying out food in the sun keeps food preserved for long periods of time. Smoking however, wasn't discovered because food was never kept close to the fires. Jerky and dried fruit for everyone!
When Ytai was head elder of the Yapap, they just would have endured attacks made by the savages, and fend them off until they decided it wasn't worth their time. Kwaku on the other hand, wasn't so passive. He takes a large group up north with the goal of extermination.

Rolling for exterminating the savage to the north.
As for things not getting done in 40 years, it doesn't seem to weird to me. This is before major civilizations still.

While the Korobushka Lumberjacks tried to communicate in their own language with the Geists, they could not understand a single word said. Eventually they'd both have to give up trying to communicate. For the rest of the time when the lumberjacks would be in the long valley (which in the IRC was figured to be a separate location from the valley of voices), Geists from the Vierachè would be following them around and watching.
>I recommend bringing this information of there being Geists here to your main settlements to actually dvance things.
rolled 16 = 16

Accidentally capitalized dice. Also testing if sage works with them for the first time.
The temple will be monolithic in size, once it gets past being a foundation. It gets one of the builders thinking on if it could just be expanded on more to house..everyone. He shared his ideas, and some though him mad, others simply an overly eager logead. The apprentices are exhibiting a classic loghead trait. slightly slow to learn. They are more interested in fighting with each other over which will be the greatest shaman. A fairly large amount of plate has been found, with more coming every day. The tribe scouted quickly and efficently, crushing dangers under weight of weapon and food. The tribe displayed exceptional restraint and did not attack or approach the discovered things. A tribe of heavily armored schwirm exist to the southwest, and due south are the hated blung. ((i dont know why so hated, they attacked them first, but life is funny like that)) To the north is a mountain range, and they occasionally catch glimpses of shadowy figures.
the malformed chunks of metal sit, relegated to a corner for now too hard to craft. A steady population increase happens with many new children on their parent's backs. Very little is discovered that they didnt already know, but they do see smoke coming from the lower mountains.
rolled 5, 14, 11, 16, 15 = 61

The Log'eadz hate the Blungs for a simple reason: You can't eat them. Blungs are poisonous, which means a common way of celebrating, feasting, is not possible if the creatures you've triumphed over can't be eaten. Also, the log'eadz may not learn fast, but they can tell that there's something... WRONG about the Blungs.Probably the fact their faces are where the asses of Bords used to be. Also, they infest places and all that :P

The scouts try and learn more about these strange bugmen. A young scout even tries and steals some armor from them!

The new cathedral plates are taken, and added to those that shall be used for the Temple. With the foundation secure, work begins on a simple wooden frame. Meanwhile, hunters head out to find Gesh derivatives for leather, to eventually help waterproof the structure.

That young, rash Log'ead, Deonar'Lo, who suggested the mega-structure that could house all of the Nag Ber'Ek gathers his friends. Can he convince them of his ideas? Or is he just too imaginative for his own good?

Mort and the Tra Shamans administer discipline in the usual fashion amongst Log'eadz: Punching people in the face
Rolling for Scouting the Oamenii, the young scout stealing armor, building the frame for the temple, Deonar'Lo's dream, and discipline


Replace sparrow with the scout carrying cruncha bone armor and cannibals with shwirm militia.
That young scouts name is now Spack Jarrow
The militia shapes up with concepts of honor, chivalrey and self discipline as the new rule, agriculture increases, and fire keeps the night at bay. Times are looking up for the Omaenii. Homes are still leaky, cant win em all. The flying creatures and their riders display little interest in the tribe. They are visible at dawn and dusk, and do not appear to fly during the day. see Nag Ber'Ek results.

The Yapap follow the savages back to their village after an early morning raid that ended in failure. The fighters found the enemy tribe tending to their wounded and unprepared for combat. Those who fought were put to the blade, and this little village was soon under control of the Yapap retaliatory force. ((How will you deal with this place? Torch it, kill or release the survivors, claim it as your own, and what of the bodies, and the runuu pools?))

the oamenii are discovered and the scouts are mistaken for an invasion, their new militia attacks chasing the scouts while one of them steals a suit of armor, laughing as he runs at the good sport of it all. He has to leave his war club behind to carry the gear. Deonar'Lo is a force of personality and the temple grows into something more...a fortress? a city? both. The tribe has good dicipline in and out of combat and the structure starts to take shape. It will be years, and a massive amount of resources before it is complete. If only they had allies to help.
File: 1344746122468.jpg-(395 KB, 795x992, b5789add1480673ca793c9052(...).jpg)
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I'd actually forgotten all about little Chavit. Well, I'm not sure how to go about it all, feel free to hit me up, I'm in irc. Btw, Fortune evo is back, baby.

The civil war in Korobushka continues, with those who survive only doing so by stealing from other clans, other families, even each other... it is a dark time.
Also, you know how folks will put the n word as part of their captcha? I've never had the n word actually be the requested word.
> mfw
Combat with the blung was unlike anything before, worse even then with the beasts who inhabit the lacorra fiends. The unit was decimated, the chiefs escaped with their lives, and a handful of soldiers. The blung only pursued them to the edge of their territory.
Parchment is developed in the form of very thin and tanned hide. The Gabai homes are too heavy, and while the material they are made of is sound, their engineering is not, they collapse in on themselves with those who moved in early now finding themselves homeless. Krogoan meets with numerous false starts and dead ends, and seeks out Gorgan to assist him in understanding the natural world and perhaps find inspiration in it for his own work. There are glads inside the lacorra that can be massaged to help promote production of mucus. The hunting guild hall was built on poor ground and sunk halfway to its roof, but is intact.
The tunnel is underway, and while there is no event, the work is hard, and slow, to keep people from getting hurt or killed on the project. The torruz are still very aloof, but now will only attack if a tribe member touches them.
the ranch is improved finally, and is about as good as it will ever be. The Ma'uma are slow but do not seem to mind being loaded down with equipment, or even the occasional rider. Sand sleds are modified for an adult, but tend to dig into the sand and grind to a halt, perhaps they should seek the aid of experts on the design of this. the children. The northern scout is never heard from again, assumed the victim of a leviathwirm. The eastern scout eventually hits the mountains and discovers a bush with berries on it growing in the rocky soil. **Ma'uma ranching has picked up, and the creature is now in two distinct breeds, one with a large colorful frill that is prized as a pet and pack animal, and another with a much smaller frill that is larger and for meat and leather.
((suggesting shortages of resources be traded for or even requested from poe's tribe by your cheifs to his shamans.the time of cooperation begins.))
Hello, plebians of /tg/. Enjouing another mindless game?
rolled 7, 4, 1, 13 = 25


With the Oamenii now discovered, the shwirm quickly begin production of walls around the village and the large town using wooden logs reinforced with cruncha bones in a desperate bid to complete the walls before an invasion could be organized. The shwirm had no idea what the brawler creatures would do to them if they were defeated, and by no means wanted to find out. Due to the shwirm having no complete knowledge of mathematics, and obviously nothing about engineering, rather than having gates they simply had left a spot without a wall for the road from the opposite village to come through.

Meanwhile, the militia is taught a formation they were calling a 'phalanx', a formation that maximized defense while still able to strike the enemy with as many sticks as possible. The phalanx were 4 shwirm deep and 6 shwirm wide, the 120 militia split into 5 groups for each phalanx. The militia trained themselves to keep in formation as well as charge in unison, the march of a phalanx being more describable as the thumps of a beast rather than the thousands of taps of a massed charge.

The adventurers had become tired with learning about the flying beasts, but while information about the brawlers was important, the risk wasn't considered worth it, and so the adventures traveled to the uncharted lands of the North east, hoping more for resources in which for the tribes to use than a new civilized creature to worry about.

The scientists of the lub forest outpost began to test what they could do with the flame and what things they had available other than wood that was easily flammable, wondering whether a raging fire could be a viable weapon against the brawlers or not.

Rolling for building wall, Learning the Phalanx formation, mapping the NE, and finding out what sets on fire and what simply gets really hot.

A 'mindless' game that is very enjoyable and entertaining, yes. What say you? What mindless games have you played today?
Sim City 4! Oh, wait, you weren't asking me...

And it seems my adventurers finally end up being TPKed... time to roll new characters.
The crude walls are errected quickly, more of a heap of wood and bone then an actual wall, full of spikes an sharp corners. The phalanx formations tend to trip over each other, the militia having never practiced unified movement for combat. those who go northeast are never seen again. The tribe learns what is, and is not combustible.
rolled 5, 6, 5, 19 = 35


So more large caltrops bunched together than a wall, okay.

The militia continues it's practice with the phalanx formation, determined to get every advantage they could get against the giant brawlers. The southern village wasn't built in a day, after all.

A new group of explorers is chosen after the passing of the previous adventurers, and are sent to the NE to map the land, and, if possible, find out the fate of psihopat's adventures.

The scientists at the research outpost were clearly making progress in their research, and a side project is made top create a road between the villages and the outpost, to more easily travel between the two locations. While this is going on, the scientists begin finding ways to create a 'mobile fire', so that a light could be brought wherever people went, no matter where the sun was in the sky.

Rolling for practicing phalanx formation, exploring the NE/finding out what killed the psihopat's explorers, creating a road between the southern village and the research outpost, and inventing torches.
File: 1344748971839.png-(21 KB, 800x600, You will agree to our dem(...).png)
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I did say exterminate, so the intent was to wipe them out, burn down the village, crush every egg clump they could find, etc.
>pic very related

I suddenly find the tiny little guys very scary, despite the fact they're the size of a young child to my shwirm...

I also notice my last three rolls have everything except what involves fire being a bad roll. I think the dice gods are trying to tell me something...
File: 1344751803169.png-(149 KB, 651x573, Elenii life cycle.png)
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That reminds me that we actually haven't had a picture of this posted yet. Elenii life cycles. Live birth to caterpillars. Also applies to all chompas, crunchas, climbas, stridas (bagworm behavor. Includes Elenii), runnas, and some smashas (some born as pupae).
I never thought I'd be terrified of those cute little jellyfish people.... Welcome to /tg/, we turn the cute into CONQUERERS.
Bump before sleep.

Ilith tries to enlighten her students about what she has learned about the songless. She thinks that the new insight to them could help her people better understand them. The discovery of the song of the songless is actually quite significant religiously to the Lufae, as they have always connected the songless creatures to the great void. They have been feared and hated as the Lufae have believed them to be servants of the void. Ilith's discovery might change some of these beliefs, of cause a schism in the belief system of the tribe.

For the past months, the wyvern riders have been very focused on expanding the shrine and otherwise helping the new settlements. This has left their scouting and patrol duties to fall into the wayside of their activity. When Khuna realized this, he immedeatly ordered Aith to send her riders to scout and patrol the borders of the Lufae people again.

The emils scouts approach the main village, with the intent of showing their worth to their people. They attempt to make a great kill and bring it to the tribe so that they could be accepted back.

Thun is seemingly amused by the shwirms, but in truth, he is quite suspicious. The songless had managed to sneak up on him. This was dangerous. He tries to imitate their language, and inform them that he is the tribe's former leader, and anything the shwirms have to say they could say to him.
File: 1344768235394.png-(49 KB, 800x800, Lufae warrior 2.png)
49 KB
rolled 9, 12, 10, 2, 15, 13, 11, 20, 10, 9, 15 = 126


The fear of increased blung activity has caused the downriver settlement of Fa Kaath to start reinforcing their home. Thus far, the settlement is little more than few tents and a small burrow. The great balloons growing in the river intrigue the settlers. They try to device some uses for the plants, perhaps they could be used as a makeshift homes?
They are also the most militaristic of the settlements, as the nearby blungs keep them on the edge. Their warriors are constantly training to better combat the blungs, both in usage of the voice and mastery of weapons.

The research into weaponry and armor also continues. The artisans try to improve the muzzles and armors of the warriors by using other materials than wood, such as bone and chitin of other creatures, such as blade shwirms. The amplification membranes of the muzzles are made from leather, which is also a target of improvements of the artisans.

Also, ng, the problem wasn't the lack of water, it was the great rains flooding the homes of the Lufae. I intended them to try to develop drainage systems that would differ in each settlement, seeing how they are each different from one another. Main village is built under ground. The downriver one is currently just a camp, the upriver one has the huts and the one in the valley of voices is built on canyon walls. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that.

Rolling for:
Ilith's attempts to teach her findings to her pupils.
Scouting the borders of the Lufae people.
Seeing if the scouts manage to impress their tribe.
Thun's attempt to communicate with the shwirms.
Fa Kaath settlement's research into lubs as potential homes.
Fa Kaath warriors training attempts.
Improving the muzzles, wapons and armors of the Lufae.
Developing drainage systems for all the settlements (4 rolls)
The Yapap put the village to the torch. The elderly, the men, women, children and infants, slaughtered by lining them up in a row and crushing them over the head with a heavy rock. their bodes burned so as not to ever return to the runuu pool. "The pool?" a warrior looked to his leader "Leave nothing. take nothing" the eggs were crushed, the runuu were killed, the pool was filled with dirt and rocks. Even the food was burned. In the morning only smouldering wood and burnt lubs remained.
Ilith manages to convince a little under half of her students about the songless, and that they are just hopelessly near deaf. The others remain skeptical and require proof. The Lufae are now aware of the three settlements to the south of them. The scouts manage to kill a blungdozer and bring its head with them, but the tribe is somewhat afraid of their slime coating and lack of pheromone smell. They are invisible to one half of the tribes ability to detect their kin. Voices only. Thun can mimic the schwirm but his attempts to string together their words is not working at all, he grows somewhat frustrated and indicates that they should follow him. One of the younger geist can handle this better then he, and by getting them deeper into his territory if they are a threat, they will never live to report their findings. The lubs have a limit to how much weight they support, but it is possible to make homes nestled into the lub forests. The warriors train daily, and their skills improve, they begin to adopt a mantra of being the first and last line of defense, that their line is the only line to ever hold. Lufae technology improves slightly, with muzzle membranes being upgraded with thinner leathers, other changes are just small refinements to existing weapons, mostly around the noises they make. Though the wyvern riders are requesting a weapon that they can use from their mounts. The drainage system of the main village is highly efficient, feeding into purpose made tunnels that act as a reservoir. The other two villages simply drain the water into the lower lands, flooding them instead. The last village also has a smaller reservoir.
File: 1344775821331.png-(327 KB, 800x600, Lufae surroundings 1.png)
327 KB

The discovery of the tree neighboring settlements come as a surprise to the Lufae. They had been so focused on their own matters that they had allowed the brutish creatures of the plains to sneak so close to them, they hadn't spotted the other shwirm tribe before, and to their north small newer before seen creatures made their home. These discoveries make the tribe very alarmed, and in response, Khuna starts to improve the security of the tribe.

More scouts are sent to both north and to south, to spy and learn more about these 3 tribes.
The main village of Lua Kae is made more secure, by digging many tunnels to the hills that allow the Lufae people discretely move around their territory, in case any hostiles try to claim the land. The artisans are also told to develop new ways of deterring any attackers. These developments include building the new tunnels like mazes, making them almost impossible to navigate to non geists. The artisans also device traps such as pits with false covers.

The wyvern rider's request for new weaponry is met by the artisans that are not working on the other projects. They try to make a longer version of the singing spear, that could be wielded by the riders. Some of them also try to figure out how the songs of the mighty wyvern could be utilized in a similar fashion as the destructive shouts of the tribe.
Khuna himself tries to invent a weapon more suited for the brutes than the frail spears. He tries to mold the flowing stone into great club like weapons that he and his brute kin could wield easily.
rolled 5, 12, 6, 5, 8, 20, 17, 12, 8, 4, 6 = 103

The scouts are given a small formerly abandoned part of the tunnel to rest and train, so that they wouldn't disturb the main tribe. The emils on their skin leeches of nutrients from the slime they excrete, making them crave more food. They begin to make some sort of nest in the tunnel at almost instinctual level. This nest includes a hole in the ground, to which the excess emils slime begins to gather.

With the help of one of the scouts who had escaped from the shwirms, Thun tries to deliver his message again. He tells the shwirms to say what they have to say to him.

The settlers at the Fa Kaath outpost begin to try to make some sort of chambers in the pools of the great titano lubs. They try to drain away the water from the pool, so that they could themselves live in it. The pool would then be covered with hexis leaves and lub skin. (Once again, the geists always try to make communal homes. They dislike sleeping alone.)

Rolling for:
Scouting out more info from the 3 neighboring tribes. (3 rolls. One for each in this order, Nag Ber'ek, Omaenii, Urupuruu.)
Making many maze like tunnels in the hills of the main village.
Making traps.
New wyvern rider weapons.
Weaponizing the songs of the wyverns.
Khuna's weapon project.
The emils scouts attempts at setting up shop in the tunnels of the main village.
Thun's message to the shwirms.
Making Lub homes.
File: 1344775983568.png-(42 KB, 800x600, Bloodletting Trowel.png)
42 KB
rolled 19 = 19

Harvesting blood from living creatures is now the norm for Fayakiin, it's what their young are brought up learning to do and bends their culture accordingly.

Efforts are made to enhance their equipment, starting with their knives. A shiv is fine for opening a wound but they're far too messy and too much blood was being wasted; to combat this, a bloodletting trowel is devised.

A hollowed and sharpened Hexis branch forms the body of the trowel and 2 solid, smaller branches fitted together form the handle. The handle is mounted in a carefully carved hole that allows some swivel room; this is important so the handle can be moved out of the way of the jug as the precious blood flows down the trowel into the awaiting container.

Rolling for bloodletting trowels.
File: 1344777067945.png-(136 KB, 280x280, Mapdate.png)
136 KB
Expansion over the time skip, new Runu pool but little more development; nets are still a staple in hunting and Flapper farming is going strong.
Nag Bek'er are a bit of a mystery, the only thing known is that they are building a massive structure, so to the geist, they like to live communally, and are stationary. Omaenii seems to be building up their defenses, and have many armored beasts with them. The Urpuruu have a significant amount of smoke coming from their villages. The main village maze system is put to the side for the scouts new segregated section of tunnels. They are acting a little odd without companionship and petition for females to join them to Khuna. Trap making is a new art and mostly harmless or even comical, ranging from slippery ground, to a large box with a stick and some food under it. The wyvern riders get a singing lance, it is devastating in its ability, while amplification masks are made for the wyverns that work in harmony with the lance. The brutes have been working on a weapon to call their own. It is a large and brutal club, of their own craftsmanship, large and unrefined. The new emil's tunnels are underway ((these guys need a name)), the lub homes take a bit of work as the alge makes the lubs slipper for the geists. (( needs netting?)).
File: 1344778927281.png-(779 KB, 671x879, Map7.png)
779 KB
rolled 7, 15, 11, 7 = 40


Sorry i haven't been able to post for a while.

Scouts found abandoned nomad camp and start to search for useful things they could bring back to their people.

Heavy rains are here again but thanks to improvements made in the past the villages don't have to worry about it too much.

In southern village the ditches they earlier made and that were too shallow are bringing harm to the crops. Villagers now attempt to save their fields by improving those ditches but if that fails they are in danger of losing the crops.

Rains are coming and that speeds up the attempts to try to use clay for roofs to make them hold rain better, also overall improvement is seen in the quality of houses built in Staatgreich.

Eastern villages population has grown and it needs to be expanded to house everyone.

Rolling for if scouts find something useful to bring back, Improving ditches, improving houses and expansion of eastern village.
rolled 5 = 5


Still need the results of these rolls.
Bloodletting trowls are horrifically efficent, and are aided by suspending a victim upside down, to let the heart do all the hard work. Traveling into Fayakiin territory for non puruus can be a bad idea.
the militia continues to struggle with the phalanx, but they are determined, and drill day and night. All the scouts find is the armor and weapons of the missing tribesmen. ((the road is being built damnit)) the road is made with considerable effort, and a little work convincing the militia to march up and down it, helping to pound it into shape. ((road is made, and discovered the concept of patrolling.)) Torches are easy to make, and come in many, many shapes and sizes. Some are even adapted as weapons of war. torch club goes with war shovel.

A small nomadic clan of schwirm visit your people, in search of rest and food. They have strange things that they are always scratching sticks in, and making marks on. They claim to be recording the world for future generations.

The scouts find nothing, and instead strip the village for all useful components and building material. Ditches are improved to the point that they help irrigate the crops instead of flood them. The houses gain water tight roofs, and the eastern village starts a modest expansion with the aid of the salvaged building materials.

A group of jungle geists starts attempting to raid your wood cutting outpost.
rolled 20, 16, 16, 15 = 67

The previous Elder of the Urupuruu was wandering around near the edge of the chasm, when suddenly the stones broke loose and it fell in!

A new Elder is chosen from the small council, which make up the seven oldest Puruu in the village. The new Elder's name is Lupo, and is considered to be much wiser than the old Elder.

Lupo believes that the geist are not a threat, but a potential ally. He has seen them flying on their great winged monstrosities, and has seen the way they can move about almost unnoticed. The Urupuruu, Lupo believes, would benefit greatly from a union of Puruu and Geist.

Lupo orders that three of the small council members, and five members of the militia, are to escort the Dull Soft Stuff to where they believe the Geist have made their lair, in an attempt at a peace offering.

Also ordered is the collection of any rocks that look even remotely similar to those black rocks the Dull Soft Stuff came out of. They are to be collected for smelting in the Kilns.

A small group of puruu continue to work on the wall, though it seems almost like it's a lost cause.

Rolling for,
-Two Rolls for Peace Offering
--If it gets there
--How effective it is
-Smelting more Dull Soft Stuff from rocks
-Work on the wall
Just a heads-up, the rains are now back to normal. Other tribes that haven't responded to the previous event would count as having endured the precipitous rainfall. That is all!
rolled 8, 10, 7, 6, 18 = 49


The nomads constant marking and claims of passing Down information confused the Oamenii. They had always had shwirm in the tribe who would memorize the history of their people as it happened, and would pass down this inform.nation to new generations so as to not be forgotten. These memorizers would be able to retell whatever information was needed to whoever was asking, so they were kind of a living database, so to speak. However, their curiosity gets the best of them, and ask the nomads to explain this concept to them.

Meanwhile, the phalanx formation continues to be drilled into the minds of the shwirm militia, the officers feeling that they were finally getting it right.

The scientists begin to explore things other than fire, instead returning to their research of the lub forest, searching for things like new materials that could be used.

The scouts decide to finally scout out the brawlers, for the creatures had not yet attacked in several weeks, and the anxiety was eating away at many of the shwirm.

The bone carver once again experiments for new weapons, deciding to look into what he described as 'like a knife, but bigger'.

Rolling for being taught writing, learning phalanx, studying lub forests, scouting brawlers, and inventing choppas (crude swords)
*boreal comes over and begins to meditate in the silence*
rolled 13, 11 = 24

Deonar'Lo is now in charge of the construction of the.... well, whatever the structure shall be, it's more than a temple now. Its going to be huge, so, instead of waiting for the families that follow the cathedrals to return, hunters are sent out to find more plates for the new structure.

The scouts return to the chieftans. They explain what they've seen: The great wall that is being built, the armed shwirms, the armor, everything. Spack Jarrow proudly presents the piece of armor he'd stolen, only to realize he'd also lost his weapon. However, he doesn't let the chieftans know this, and is now in charge of a group of scouts who are to observe, and if possible, make peaceful contact with these bugmen.
Hey, Oamenii, maybe we could be allies? I do, REALLY want your crunchas, and you seem to have the building experience I need for my new fortress, also, you just got CHOPPAS and I would like those a lot. What say you to this? According to the rules, rolls are not needed for diplomacy, and everything is acted out by us in a roleplaying fashion, so how this goes down is all up to us.Become friends with the Nag Ber'Ek, and we shall never abandon you.
Rolling for scouting again, and finding more materials for the fortress
So, am I suppose to take you seriously after you misspelled "Enjoy"?

The downriver settlement of Fa Kaath is even uneasier with the discovery of the log'eads. The songless brutes are living too close for comfort of the settlers. Because of this, the the settlers hasten their attempts at relocating their homes into the pools of the great titano lubs, so that they wouldnt be discovered by the brutes so easily. Some of the settlers get the idea of making larger versions of the nets the Lufae wear for clothing, so that they could hang the nets on the lubs in order to make climbing around them easier. They also get the idea of making bridges between lubs from these nets.
The small burrow on the river bank is camouflaged and many tunnels are dug so that the settlers could escape from their village easily if they were attacked.

Khuna orders that the wyvern riders shall increase their border patrols, so that any invaders would be spotted when they try to advance to the Lufae territory.
The riders themselves begin to train with their new weaponry. The singing lance is a throwing weapon, that channels the songs of the great wyverns. The howls they create can disorientate and deafen foes that are in the vicinity when the lance strikes. The lance is thrown from the back of the wyvern, and when it hits the ground it resonates with the destructive howls of the wyvern, causing it to generate similar sound waves that can disorientate and cause nausea in a radius of about 10 meters around itself.
rolled 6, 14, 14, 7, 17, 10, 2, 6 = 76

The emils scouts, who the Lufae have started calling Shan Meer (their name came from what the scouts themselves said when they described the emils slime, "Kha, naer shan mer nual" Which means "The skin that is not our own") are heard by Khuna. He doesn't want to force any females to go with the strange individuals, but he will allow any few volunteers to join with them.

The new maces are approved by Khuna, and he orders that the brutes should start training with the usage of them as fast as they can.
Khuna also demands that the trap makers make their discoveries actually useful in building the defensive maze tunnels around the village, that would stop any invaders from reaching the inner chambers of the village.

Rolling for:
Continued attempts to populate the titano lubs.
Nets, and net bridges.
Escape tunnels.
Wyvern patrols.
Singing Lance training.
Seeing how many females are willing to go with the Shan Meer.
Mace training.
Making the maze tunnels.

Well, you have your cathedrals, your wide array of weapons, your prowress in battle...

We'll see how it goes after the roll results are in.
The peace offering of the strange dull and soft material will be beneficial to anything with half a brain. It has fantastic properties waiting to be tapped, especially in acoustics, the scouts get to the geist territory and are intercepted by the geists own scouts. ((nad, please roll for discovery of Urpuruu language, how long it takes, whatever else you can think of)) More of the material is smelted out, now called "metal". the wall grows to near completion with the dedicated efforts of the small group. They become the tribes first battlements engineers. "you can be born a mountain, or start by piling up pebble by pebble."

Some members of the tribe demonstrate the patience to learn the fundamentals of writing, but for most, it is a hopeless cause. The nomads offer to stay and teach for a while. The tribe develops a functional phalanx formation. The lub research makes the scientists dream of floating like the lub can, it is unfair that a creature with no mind has such a gift. The brawlers are large, their weapons are large, and their beasts of war are huge. The are logeadz and their name is huge. The scouts do not go too close out of fear. Back at home the tribe develops large hacking swords out of sharpened bone plates and teeth.
rolled 8, 12 = 20


The Lufae scouts are intrigued by the material the small water things are presenting to them, but the creatures themselves are quite alien to the tribe. The Lufae have never before encountered puruus, their only contact to similar things are the water based puruu creatures. To them, the puruu look like walking sacks of water, as their skin, musculature and support structures aren't as "solid" as it is with most other species.

The Lufae scouts do their usual thing, which is begin to mimic the noises the puruus make, in order to communicate with the things. Some of the scouts that are still hiding try to flank the puruus, in case they begin to start problems.

Rolling for communication and flanking.
The scouts of the Nag' Ber'ek see the hiding schwirm scouts and instead of charging simply wave and approach no further. The fortress continues its slow growth, The temple core now complete..but Deonar'Lo is no where near done, it is not known if he ever will be. The great complex is already gaining an area, warriors hall, living quarters and more. No one is sure where it will end, but are slightly afraid to even approach the mad foreman. Besides, he is doing a good job.
The nets were a start, but the titano lubs central pools are yet another challenge to drain. The nets are very useful, and become part of the geists daily life throughout the tribe's various villages. Escape tunnels are hidden and built. The wyvern patrols are busy learning how to use the new lance, and their efficiency is diminished for the time. Khuna accepts this as they are becoming very proficient with their new weapon. A ratio of two to one for female to male is the new Shan Meer population division. The brutes have a very hard time overcoming their powerful instincts and often drop the mace resorting to ripping and crushing with their hands and jaws. The maze tunnels continue progress.

((seems like your tribe has an offering from the urpuruu))
((bronze and omaenii, you have my blessing to proceed with pure RP and self governing of rolls if you really want to do them, for learning language, etc, of each other's races if this is what both parties want.))
rolled 7, 15, 1, 13, 12, 2, 10 = 60


The walls begin to be returned to, the workers determined to make something that wouldn't simply cut into the flesh of those who tried to get through. They keep the caltrop lines, but right behind them begin to construct a rigght and proper wall.

Meanwhile, scribes begin to be created in the shwirm ranks, the majority of the shwirm either too busy or simply uninterested in learning the art of writing. These scribes continue to be taught by the nomads, and begin to write down the tales spoken by the memorizers.

Meanwhile, some shwirm begin to experiment with the spoiler berries in the grove, making some sort of 'relaxing brew' that they seemed excited to create.

The scientists, envious of the lub, begin to experiment with the gaseous plants of the lub forests, creating a sort of floating contraption that could be ridden in.

The officers of the militia facepalm at the cowardice of the explorers and send in a squad of ten militia shwirm to investigate themselves. Also, while they continue to practice the phalanx formation, they begin to take turns patrolling around the main village's walls, so that no log-eads would get close to the village without them knowing.

A large portion of the workers begin to create the equivilent of barracks in both of the cities to create quarters in which the militia can rest in. They come complete with a dormitory, a training hall, an underground armory, and an emergancy storeroom.

Rolling for making walls, creating blimps, inventing beer, teaching scribes writing, scouting with hopefully competent soldiers, perfecting the phalanx, and building barracks.
All that is left is both chiefs, five warriors, and Isemir. The group heads back to the Iminye capital where the chiefs tell the elders of what they saw, terrible monsters beyond compare, indeed they were not the monsters that they were looking for, but they were even more deadly. The Altume's weapons did little to them, they managed to slay many of the creatures but the more they killed the tougher they became. On a less worrrying note the chiefs finally come to an agreement that a multi-racial city would be beneficial to both tribes. Isemir suggests that the city be named 'Eden', when asked about the root of the word he states that it comes from an old Iminye children story about a perfect city where no pain or sorrow existed. After that the two chiefs tell the elders that war will eventually come in the form of the north west demons, and that the Iminye should prepare. Before they leave they request that they be given a decent amount of wood to use in their crafting, Gormal tells the elders that the 'wood' is much easier to shape compared to their bone tools and weapons, despite the bone versions being stronger. Dorogon leaves and travels to the ocean village, Gormal to the mountain village.
rolled 11, 19, 4, 11, 5, 16, 14, 1 = 81

>Mountain Village
Success! The new parchment is praised as a huge step in the tribes intellectual endeavour. They still have no idea what to use to write with, they search for a better alternative, but for now they use blood and small sharp bones for pens. As their first recorded conversation they discuss simple physics, such as trajectory, gravity, and speed. Many of the common tribesmen like to listen in on the conversation, the unraveling of the mysteries of the world excites them. In order to make travel safer and more efficient the idle tribesmen start shoveling gravel to make a path to the outpost, of course this will take a long time, but it's necessary for easier travel. More warriors start patrolling the supply lines/roads. Rogalth is enraged about his project sinking into the sand. To remedy the situation he and his hunters dismantle the remaining visible building and build in a new spot, this time using a combination of bone and gabai. The builders take notes from Rogalth and build new houses with gabai and bone, this would theoretically make the houses much lighter. They would use bone for the roofs and floors, and gabai for the four walls. With the discovery of the Lacorra's mucus gland a new class of tribesmen are made, extractors. Extractors wear leather gloves and extract mucus from the lacorra via glands. Krogoan takes notes on how Gogan conducts his research, and infact takes a break from his normal work to help Gogan research the lacorra.

Rolling for,
Finding a better ink substitute.
Researching trajectory.
Researching gravity.
Researching speed.
Building a road to the outpost.
Building another hunting guild hall.
Building bone and gabai houses.
Gogan & Krogoan researching lacorra.
rolled 3, 16 = 19

>Lacorra Outpost
Finally the Toruuz tamers don't have to run for their life when interacting with the creatures, although they still do have to keep their distance for obvious reasons. This time four tribesmen hang around by the Toruuz nest, feeding them chunks of raw meat every so often, the warriors study their movements and their actions. From now on hunting Toruuz is illegal. The rest of the soldiers continue working on the gabai tunnel.

Rolling for,
Taming/Befriending the Toruuz.
Building the gabai tunnel.

>1 for beer

Oh God, I don't even want to know...
rolled 2, 15, 9 = 26

>Ocean Village
Finally the Ma'uma can be used for something besides friendly pets, often supply groups travel the supply lines with five to ten Ma'uma carrying the supplies. The eastern scout returns with many of the berries, they try to plant them to grow them around the village. The adults ask the children what they do to make their sleds slide so easily, they tell the adults that they polish the bottoms with Ma'uma sludge, as they are slugs anywhere they move they leave behind a slimy trail, apparently this is used to polish the bottoms of sleds. The adults try again, now with polished sleds. A group of tribesmen visits the life-filled cove, not to hunt, but to study life.

Rolling for,
Planting berry bush.
Using polished sleds.
Studying life in the cove.
The puruu's language is odd...and a bit harder to master, but they will get the hang of it, and as the day goes on the puruu point to various things and speak one word at a time, eventually to themselves, and attempt to explain greater concepts. The langage is learned. One of the puruu takes a flatter peice of the metal and strikes it. The resonance it makes is...amazing to the geist. That such creatures could create something of such significance.The flanking is going moderately well, save that the urpuruu notice it, and dont do anything to stop it either. They dont seem to care though. They are either very confident of their fighting skills, or are being transparent in their intentions.
The walls continue to steadily grow, there are a few injuries. The first blimp is made, wisely tethered in place, it is a proof of concept, but for the schwirm on it, it is a dream come true. The beer is so foul, and strong that more then one pint will kill you, causing death by organ liquification. The skill of reading and writing begins to spread itself thru the tribe. The barracks begins to grow, right now it is just a temporary tent. The planax was excellent, but one solider in the back tripped during parade drill, and fell forward during weapons forward. A domino effect occured with many people getting stabbed. No one died, but the militia is at half strength as they all recover. The scouts are reinforced with bolder soldiers who attempt to approach the giant brawlers. Their confidence fades as they get closer, but not wanting to seem weak they do not turn around. The scouts are now directly in front of the other tribes scouts, and attempt to break the ice. ((commence player interaction))
hey, for player interactions, no rolls are needed. tech transfer does require it, but sharing supplies, etc. nah.

im gonna be gone for the rest of the day most likely, so feel free to self GM or wait for Apoe or IG to tag in for me. you guys rock, i like all the developments that are happening.

btw: captcha says: asscups controllable
rolled 12, 5 = 17

One of the apprentice shamans has a bright idea while day dreaming: What if we put our little pictograms on the walls of the temple? The Master Shamans agree, and now they're asking hunters to look for plants that make good dyes for pictures. The young shaman who came up with this is named Mikanglo

An old, hunter, both his mulpacs broken, and one leg crippeled, wanders about the tribe. One day, he ends up near the forest, and finds some rather tasty berries. He takes a few with him, and tells his family when he gets back. Will they simply consume the berries, or will they think ahead to preserve the fruits of this tasty bush?
Spack Jarrow, trying to show his good intentions, holds up the piece of armor he'd stolen. Its not nearly as thick as the armor used by the Nag Ber'Ek, so its not useful to them, but the bugmen might like it back. Another scout offers up a bit of frenna meat, specifically a whole leg of a frenna. Do the bugmen accept?
Rolling for Making Religious Artwork, and getting the basic idea of farming
Amongst the 'secretly' nervous soldiers, now unconsciously taking a formation echoing the phalanx they had so often practiced, one shwar steps forward with no signs of fear, the red halberd symbol painted on his tower shield denoting his rank as leader. He had no left eye, the jagged line across the eye socket hinting he had been in a fight for his life.

He speaks in the tongue of his tribe, secretly hoping they understood his words, lest blood be spilled.

"Salutări. Numele meu este un singur ochi, a Oamenii. Care este numele dumneavoastră?"

(Greetings. My name is One-Eye, of the Oamenii. What are your names?)

Oh, didn't see your post she. I was typing.
When* stupid kindle...

Old One Eye, the leader of the squad, steps forward, and takes the food as well as the headpiece, handing the leg to the soldiers, who happily ate the meat. He hooks the helmet onto a belt. He does not have much to offer, but holds out his flask of water as a symbol of peace. Or, at least a truce.
rolled 1, 13, 13, 16, 17, 20, 18, 18 = 116


Hunting jungle geist is dangerous job so hunters think of trying to improve their weapons and armor so that they wouldn't have that many dead in the hunt.

In northern village they send scouts to the east and behind them construction team that has orders to build outpost to forest thats mission would be to act as both lookout for nomads and as tradin post to trade with more peaceful nomads.

West village also sends small colonial force to northwest to make another settlement near the coast as the population started to grow too large in the village.

Quarry near the eastern village also is expanded for it to produce more clay and to see if they can find something else useful from there.

Rolling for improving cloth armor, improving primitive weapons, Scouting east from northern village, making outpost to east from northern village, making road to same outpost, building settlement to northeast from west village, expanding quarry and finding new recourses from there.

Sorry to have so many rolls.
File: 1344805632400.png-(77 KB, 1912x1676, Working together.png)
77 KB
Spack takes the flask, and fiddles with it in his hands, not understanding that it contains water, and eventually ends up accidentally pouring the water out. Silly Spack Jarrow!

Spack is embaressed by this, and hopes the bugmen aren't upset. He then tries to get a message across, as insrtucted by Mort, who knows legends of how the Kah once met some bugmen before. Spack tries drawing in the dirt, depicting the wall that the bugmen are building, with little bugmen surrounding it. Then he draws the temple the Nag Ber'ek are building, surrounded by Log'eadz. Then draw the Temple and Wall together, with one bugman and one Log'ead below them. He's suggesting that the two tribes work together. Do the bugmen understand? And if they understand, do they WANT to work together?

(click pic to see picture full size, and see the figures)
Blood is still the ink of the day, but now it is mixed with heavily diluted lacorra mucus to last longer. Trajectory is understood. Gravity is not. speed is a vague concept. the road is nothing more then a patrolled path, somewhat dangerous to travel. This new guild hall is functional, and perhaps on a grander scale then the original, the hunters are pleased. The new homes are serviceable and begin to rapidly replace the only dwellings. ((no rolls needed)). Gogan and Krogoan suffer a severe electrical shock as one lacorra escapes its pot and socks them both, they will be on bed rest for a month or two, with their skin being so badly burned that their armor plates fall off, and may not live. Roll for survival ((x2)). Getting a little too friendly with the toruuz results in being tazed. The tunnel is completed with the effort of the soldiers. The salt in the ground makes growing the berries impossible ((no further attempts can be made. the ground is hostile to the plants.)) The sleds work great, so well in fact that they are now lashed to multiple Ma'umas as a type of supply convoy. The cove is full of fish and weeds.
the art is good, and so are the berries *yum*. Later when the old hunter goes to the communal pooping and does his business, those berries are a good source of fiber! about a week later one of the children notices some plants sprouting from the dung.
((no worries on the rolls man. or anyone else))
the new cloth armor they make is too heavy and hot, with the tribe members occasionally passing out from heat stroke and occasionally die. The primitive spiked club becomes a rock ball club. The northern village scouts discover a natural path to a dense grove of lumber and fresh water pond where an outpost is quickly established and manned, with the pathway being converted into a road. The western village is built and the cramped villages send their willing settlers to the new home front, quickly becoming a happy and functional community, as well as showing off wood and stone houses with several being two stories tall. The quarry grows deeper and wider, with new strange rocks being found. They are harder and glitter in the light.

and im off again folks.

Old One Eye, having learned the writing of the nomads before setting out, understands the message the Log'Ead was trying to convey. He takes a knife from his belt and begins to draw in the dirt as well.

He depicts the Log'Eads following the shwirm into the walls being built, and draws them at the meeting area in the center of the village, surrounded by shwirm. He then draws the Log'Ead fortress with a few shwirm and some Log'Eadz at the entrance, surrounded by Log'Eadz.

What One Eye is trying to say is that the Log'Eadz must follow the soldiers back to the village, where they, if the leaders of the village agree, they will follow the Log Eadz to their home, where they will meet the leaders of the Log'Eadz. He hopes the Log'Eadz understands the large amount of symbols he had written on the ground, and that two groups of scouts' decisions alone would not set this alliance in motion.
File: 1344808892138.png-(92 KB, 3036x1556, Untitled.png)
92 KB

Derp, forgot pic.
So, so far in this cluster of 4 tribes, we got me the Oamenii, who currently have Hoplites and a loyal companion.
Log'Eadz are who seem to be militant with their fortress, tendancy for starting brawls, and large amount of creativity in their weapons.
We have the Yapip, who probably will end up being the world's first bronze smithers assuming we're not jumping to iron, and are atheists, surprisingly.
The geist who are Wyvern Riders, use something comparable to a flash bang, only without the flash, and their culture revolves entirely around sound.


Meanwhile, the aspiring brewers attempt to make a brew that wasn't going to kill anybody who drank it.

The wall continues to be constructed, as well as the barracks.


With the discovery of writing, the shwirm needed a place to store all of these stone tablets. They decide to create a seperate storeroom, but this time put the tablets in shelves rather than stacking them into dirt.

The civilian explorers are sent back to the NE, for they had forgotten to map the area in their determination to find the adventurers' fates.

The scientists, overjoyed at their discovery, build a blimp in both the southern village and the main village, where they are tied to the ground and made so that it is possible to bring them down to put a shwirm inside. This would be an amazing way to scout the surrounding area without ever leaving the walls of the city.

Rolling for inventing better beer, building walls, building barracks, building a library, and building blimps in the cities.
rolled 13, 6, 7, 5, 14 = 45


rolled 16, 9 = 25

The improvised diplomats return to the village triumphant, and Lupo is pleased. They name the Dull Soft Stuff "Purite", and smelt many more small ingots. The work on the southern wall has been completed, and it now stands as tall as two Puruu, and wide enough to walk on. It is an earthen mound supported by clay and sticks.

In order to celebrate this breakthrough with the geist, Lupo demands a great feast! Many edible plants and berries are brought to the village for consumption.

Elsewhere in the village, a lone puruu experiments with mixing clay from the creek with some of the smaller, flimsier sticks found on the ground. The idea is that by mashing up the sticks and putting them into the clay to bake, the clay is stronger when dried out.

The puruu continue to study the acoustic properties of the purite, for that is what the encountered geist seemed the most interested in.

Rolling for
-Creation of Adobe building materials.
-Studies into the acoustic properties of Purite
File: 1344812927013.png-(214 KB, 2000x1000, Lufae warriors.png)
214 KB

The Fa Kaath settlers continue their attempts to discover a way of inhabiting the titano lubs. Some of them are still trying to figure out how to drain the pools, while others are attempting to use their new nets in building the village on the lubs.

The singing lances are the main melee weapons of the Riders. They are basically larger versions of the singing spears. Some of the artisans have begun developing another weapon for the riders. They call it "Howling coil", or Kithe nal in their tongue. The weapon is made from two young hexis branches, that are then coiled around each other tightly. The other end of the coil is bound with ropes made from sinew, while a heavy and sharp tip of flowing stone is molded over the other end.
This stone tip keeps the coil from opening, and gives the weapon it's deadly penetrating power. The tip is often carved with grooves and holes, that both make it spin when it falls, as well as create it's signature howl.
The most deadly aspect of this weapon is how it acts when it impacts the ground. The impact causes the stone tip to shatter, which then allows the coiled branches to unwind in a rapid fashion, which snaps the bindings on the weapon's other end violently, creating a noise that is comparable to a gunshot. The unwinding branches also rip apart the victim if one was impaled by the weapon, creating a gruesome shower of blood and guts in the vicinity of the impact. The weapon continues to be dangerous even after used, as the unwinded branches resonate with the songs of the wyverns, causing disorientating vibrations around itself.
rolled 4, 13, 19, 11, 16, 19 = 82

Khuna orders that armors and weaponry are to be made which would augment the fighting style of the brutes, instead of hamper it. The artisans begin to develop sturdier armor, and offensive version of the flesh singers extended claw devices.

The Shan Meer quickly discover to their horror that the emils slime that covers them spreads to other members of the tribe. The females who joined them soon too bear the slime. Khuna is alarmed by this development, and orders that the Shan Meer should stay in their own area. They will be provided with food, as long as they help the tribe. Khuna has seen how they can use their slime in strange ways, and the two scouts had managed to bring down a blungdozer all by themselves. He doesn't want to waste their potential, but he can't risk their strange infection spreading to the rest of his people.
The Shan Meer take the orders with heavy hearts, but they understand the reasons. They begin to make their home in the outlying tunnels of the tribe, and start training themselves in use of their slime. They seek to become great protectors of the tribe.

The scouts wish to know what the puruus want in exchange of the strange material.

Also, fortune, did you catch my response to your scouts?

Rolling for:
Draining the titano lubs.
Using the nets to make homes in the lubs.
Developing the howling coil.
Armor and weapon development for the brutes.
Shan Meer settling in the tunnels.
Shan Meer training.
rolled 17, 18, 8, 12 = 55

Spack gets the general idea, that he has to follow these bugmen back to their tribe. He tries to use the universal indicator of agreement: Nodding his head. The scouts, lead by Spack Jarrow, will follow them back to their tribe, to see more of them, and perhaps learn some of their language. Spack even decides to start early, and on the walk back to the Oamenii village, he points at things and makes grunts that he tries to make sound like a question, hoping to learn how to speak this tribes tounge (do shwirms even have tounges?)

The berries are eaten up by the tribe, and soon small sprouts are coming up from where the Nag Ber'ek choose to defecate. One of the two aprentices other than Mikanglo for the Tra, named Nedul, tries to bury a bunch of berries next to his home. The Log'eadz may not know about farming, but they understand seeds, just not that you can control them on a large scale. Will this change with the berry bush sprouts popping up everywhere?

Deonar'Lo is happy with the progress, and works with Mikanglo to decorate the temple walls with pictures: The Eno defeating the chieftan of the Kah, Krom as champion after the great tournament, the battle of the blung, and the establishing of the new home of the Nag Ber'Ek. However, most of this is done by Mikanglo, as Deonar is busy direction the construction of the rest of this fortress. He has so many ideas: A place of weapons, a place for meetings amonst the chieftans, even chambers for the chieftans to sleep in.
Rolling for seeing if the tribe realizes they can control the growth of the bushes (farming), and expanding the fortress in three rolls.

The brewers manage to create a drink that they took to calling 'beer'. The drink is more for those on break than those doing work, but the shwirm find it enjoyable at least, with the militia liking it the most.

The walls gain little progeress, the majority o workers drinking on the job, and the barracks do not make much more, having only a foundation built. The library, like everything else, it seems, are delayed due to the new drink being tried by everyone including shwirm on the job, and has only a foundation.

The blimps, on the other hand, are built by scientists too busy and eager to try the new drink, and are quickly built up and tested. The shwirm are excited as they see the entire surrounding area around them all at once. They can now study the wyverns, study the strange purple horde to the SW, and watch over the Log'Eadz without risking their lives by leaving their walls.
I did not, where is this post?

What language was that? I know it's at least partially Latin based, but beyond that I can't tell.

The lumberjacks have, for the most part given up. While they report their findings to the elders of their various clans, the famine is hogging their attention. Note that this happened prior to the outright rioting and thievery.

Dang, I can't find it myself either.
Basically, he told your scouts to present something the Lufae tribe could use, and then the Lufae might help the Korobuskha in return.

Currently, the Lufae in general are extremely suspicious of all the songless tribes. Ilith's discovery about the non geists has mostly been ignored, and the tribe is in full military buildup. They fear that the songless might try to attack them, and thus they are investing in their defense.

The Korobuskha are seen in the same way, and their presence causes tensions to Thun's people. Because of this, he urges the scouts to deliver something that the Lufae lack, but could use. Help and a show of good intent would ease up the tensions a little bit.
The Puruu do not ask anything in return for the Purite, all they wish is for peace between the Lufae and the Urupuruu.

It's Romanian. I ahve no lessons whatsoever on it, I simply copy/pasted from google translate. My origional plan was to loosely base off my weapons and aesthetics from the roman empire and it's legion, but so far I haven't discovered any sort of sparkely thing, probably because I'm in the open plains rather than next to a mountain. I decided 'fuck it.' and decided to have my language come from rome, too. I can't have my guys coincidentally speaking english, after all.

When I first saw that pic, all I could think of was how awesome the drawings of the tribesmen were.

Then I noticed the armor was actually shwirm bones, and I cringed. Relations won't exactly be friendly when we inevitably meet.
File: 1344816621045.png-(77 KB, 300x136, +_ae8c3b039efdb83e0cfa12c(...).png)
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> Romanian
> Roman

No, not even close kids.
rolled 9, 16, 11, 20 = 56

Seems like your going more for an independent greek city state, what with the walls and the phalanxs.

Also, OH GOD SHWIRM BON- wait, couldn't those just be from bladeshwirms and not sentient shwirms?
well they aren't from my tribe, korobushka don't have the spikes that most shwirm do. so i'm cool.

also, please excuse the lack of capitalization, my shift key is being strange and it does bad things to the page, same goes for caps lock, so that's not an option either.
Oh yeah, I guess I should mention at this point, because of all the generations of Puruu that have lived in the mountains, on stony ground and in muddy creeks, the Urupuruu are more the color of muddy water than the usual blue/purple ish color. Just a natural reaction of the Runu absorbing the minerals in the water they live in.
mississipi mud puruu, i like it.
File: 1344818024200.png-(54 KB, 800x600, Blade shwirm.png)
54 KB

The Lufae make most of their tools, weapons and armor from either wood, or animal parts.
The weaponry and armor are especially often made from bladeshwirms, which are abundant in the hilly regions of the continent. They are the main prey of the Lufae tribe, so yeah, one would imagine that the bipedal shwirms might be seen in somewhat callous light, seeing how to the Lufae the bipedal aka sentient shwirms just seem like upright blade shwirms.

How would you react to a talking deer?
depends on what it's saying i guess.

One Eye and the other militia lead the Log'Eadz back to the village, answering the leading scout's questions of item names as they came. He led them into the village, passing by the large walls under construction, and the scouts began to attract interested passerby, which was pretty much everyone.

One eye led the Log'Eadz to the center, who were greeted by aggravated looking shwirm.

One shwar with an ornate spear and painted armour stepped forward. He looked at the Log'Eadz with distrust, then looked back at one eye.

"Un ochi! Care este sensul acestei nebunie!?" The general exclaimed at One Eye.

"Leader mare, aceste creaturi doresc să formeze o alianţă cu noi. Dă-le o şansă!" He replied, looking back at the Log'Eadz with slight worry.

"Ai putea fi chemat pentru noi la poarta! Ai pus toată şatra la risc, permiţându-le în inima satului nostru!" The general yelled, his voice heard by all around. "Gărzile! Imobilizati aceste-"

"La naiba, în general, să le dea o şansă! Nu arata ca ei sunt gata să dărâme sat pentru tine? În cazul în care într-adevăr a vrut ca noi morţi, s-ar fi adus armata lor de a suporta pe noi mult timp în urmă! Urmaţi-ne, şi putem face prieteni cu aceşti oameni, mai degrabă decât să le facă duşmanii noştri. Nu este de mult ne pot partaja între popoarele noastre!" One eye says.

The general pauses, and ponders for a moment, before nodding.

"Amendă. Voi urma acestor barbari la liderul lor, şi vom vedea dacă un acord se poate face. Dar dacă aceste fiare întoarce pe noi, va fi pe capul tau." The general slowly says, scribes aggresivly bashing tablets with chisels in the background for seemingly no reason.

"Mulţumesc, în general. Tu nu vei regreta." One eye says, before turning to Spack Jarrow and nods. He writes on the ground Jarrow leading the general to their fortress once again, as well as their heiroglyph for 'trade', more hoping the Log'Ead to understand the symbol than expecting. With that, the general walked into a large hut along with One Eye and the other militia, the group coming out with a weeks worth of food, a flask filled with beer, assorted tools, a full set of armour, and a faithful cruncha in tow. One eye gestures with his head the exit of the village, telling the Log'Eadz it was time to go.

Key word: Origionally. I kind of abandoned the idea after I ran into the cruncha, and just went with the flow.


How the hell are the shwirm going to know they didn't raid sentient shwirm villages and skinned their dead bodies? There is essentionally no difference in the carapace of bipedal shwirm and bladeshwirm.


That's what I get for only going into 8th grade and not having had any previous history lessons in the roman empire. I really have no idea what language they spoke, so I just guessed.

And I mean I'm currently going into 8th grade, not that I dropped out after 8th grade. Only 13.

This happens during the journey to the north-west with the Altume Chiefs

On their travels, they come across the an opening in the Hexis trees. There an ancient Eleni hyper-male relaxing with his back on a tree trunk. His mane is white wiry, and his eyes red and sunken. In a gruff voice he calls out, "Where is your company headed?"

Isemir answers his call, "We're headed to scout the land stealing demons."

"You are on a fool's course. The demons will consume you all, there is nothing else to learn," he stands showing his full height to Isemir. The ancient Eleni takes a strong sniff of the air around him. A head taller he continues, "But they also threaten my territory, so I will come with you."

Isemir is excited for he knows from legend this to be Duari, the Grim Shaman. He recounts the melee with the Fire Chief. Duari looks at the party leader and back to Isemir. He shakes his head. "That was reckless. I can see that he is a vicious warrior. He could have destroyed you. Then who would have kept your name alive?"

"Strong words for somebody not apart of the Tribe, or my father." Isemir is a little insulted. This Eleni had no business asking after his name. "You only care about your property."

"True. The reckless time of self-sacrifice is over. It ended with my Clan walking into the dreamtime" he said coldly.
They continued in silence. Vylona comes to him while marching, Duari traveling behind almost invisible to the group. "Do you believe the rumors that he is my father?" Isemir asks.

Vylona spaces out for a second, "I believe whatever the Voice and the Dreaming tell me." She turns back to Isemir, "But I have no way of knowing, exactly. I feel like he could be. You've never needed him, a father provides and protects for his son. You have better fathers back in the tribe."

Suddenly, the Fire Chief stops his party in its tracks. He hears something. At first the flyers came, buzzing around the trees. The fighters swatted them away and shoot them down with their sling bows. After the first volley, they threw their spears. They were taken down, and while the party cheered, they quickly realized another force was closing in on them.

Small quick slashing demons burst from the underbrush cutting the legs of a few unlucky Eleni. The Fire Chief's party answered with spears, stabbing the creatures to the ground and keeping most at bay. Isemir put himself between Vylona and the horde, ready with his axe. During a break in the fighting, he told Vylona to strip his armor off and wear it herself.
The next wave came at the weaken party, and more fell to the slashers. Out of Isemir's flank came a violent explosion of branches. A blungdoser charges at the nearest Eleni. The unlucky Altume fighter is ripped apart by its four claw arms. Isemir, stands against the blungdoser its four claw arms snapping menacingly.

It charges and Isemir is pulled back by the strong hand of Duari. Before he hits the ground time stops. He sees the parasite piercing Duaris's spine. It was a possessing forest demon. The amount of pain form forcing this action strains his back muscles as Duari fights the parasites nerve control.

The blungdoser grabs Duari's arms, but Duari grabs back fighting his ancient body, the parasites pain, and now the blung's ripping force of nature. Something gives as Durari is crushed and ripped by the blung. Isemir stabs the blung and three more follow suit.

Another break in the fighting, and the Chief decides to turn back. Isemir runs to Duari, "How could you? How could you do that?"

He answers weakly, "It had to be done. That is all. I'm sorry to have never known you in the waking world. You're just like me before the Dreaming. We'll get together in the dreamtime. We're gonna have a good time then."

"I'm gonna be just like you. I gonna be just like you Duari, father."

Duari dies released from the parasite, on his way to return to his gone clan, and having seen his son grow into a strong Eleni.

When they return and came to agreement about a new Town, the Chiefs and Elders ask what they should name this new place. In a small voice Vylona answers them, "Call it Eden, the haven provided by the father."
Its alright. Easy mistake to make when you're that young. I'm only almost 18 myself.

YOUTH FOR THE WIN! Though I suspect we'll both be participating less once school starts up.

Spack is an unusually quick learner for a Log'ead, which means he learns just about as fast the average sentient. He's eager to establish relations, though he wonders how these creatures handle leadership. Would they join the Nag Ber'ek if their leader was defeated by a chieftan? He puts that thought aside however, when he smells something strange in the camp (he smells your beer). He Is very interested in the cruncha, and takes to calling it "Broose" on the way back to the Nag Ber'ek settlement. He's also interested in the flasks of beer, and asks if he can have some.

Don't want these rolls to get lost. They still need Results


The general sighs, and explains in simple words that the beer and the rest of the gear was for presenting to the Log'Ead's chieftens, not to be drank while travelling to them.

One Eye, after hearing this, walks over to Spack Jarrow and offers his beer flask to him.

"Just a sip," he says "No need to gulp it all down, or the general will get even more mad about me than he currently is."
Nag Ber'ek

The tribe is very observant and realize they can control the growth bushes. They start growing a garden of them.

As for the fortress, A great armory is sectioned off as well as private quarters for the chieftains. However the war room is about as small as anyother room or tent the tribe has. So for now, they move the meeting place out in the open.

Urupuruu Rightye

The Puruu make excellent and complex clay figures. The artisans make a terrific figure of a Puruu. Through using flimsy sticks is risky for bigger figures. They use Purite frames and make bigger complex pottery.

The crafters make a purite horn. When they blow into it, it sounds horrible. And the purite bends as they made it too thin. The crafter must melt the metal again to try to make a better sounding horn.
The Cheif is given as much lumber as his team can carry.
>>20290642 >>20293773
The inside of the temple is painted with the many triumpths of the logeadz people. Farming..no idea how it works, or perhaps no care. There are plants all over the place. eat the food from them, when its out, go kill things and eat those. The concept of farming does eventually catch on, and individuals will plant patches of the berry bushes wherever they fucking want. The fortress continues to grow, both upwards and out, it is a sprawling mass of added on ideas and dreams, as soon as one portion finished, another begins, and then the previous portions get modified. the tribe has taken to calling the grey mass of stone, armored plates, and wood "the sprawl" because "lunatics playground" did not roll of the tongue so well. home sweet home. it continues to grow, with over half of the tribe dwelling within it now.

Adobe is developed, and it is a big improvement over the old materials, the tribe begins to convert the old structures and walls over to it, simply cannabalizing what parts can be used from them. Purite when flatter makes an interesting noise when dropped on hard surfaces.

Draining the tiano lubs is difficult. The water is so deep in the lub that the giest are still trying to figure a way of draining it without damaging the lub too much. The Geist have resorted to bucketing the water out. But this is too slow.

The nets are able to support the geist and their materials, but until the water drains they can't proceed.

The howling coil is improved and now pops the eardrums of targets within a certain radius. The geist also discover a way to produce many of these weapons at a time. The wyrems are saddled with a quiver to hold a couple of these spears so that the rider can fire many times before losing the ability.

Armor and weapon development has a small amount of progress. The armor is mostly just bigger versions of regular armor. They have however learned how to keep the maces in their hands.

The segregated Shan Meer discovers hospitable tunnels not unlike the communal chambers of the main population.

Shan Meer training goes exceedingly well. The slime response to their instincts and slide to strengthen against perceived attacks. They become elite warriors and capable fighters against the blung menace.
Spack takes the flask, and sips. He likes what he tastes VERY much, but drinks no more. Afterwards, he feels slightly cheery and happy, and thinks about how if all the Nag Ber'ek got out of this deal were more of that drink, it would be a GREAT DEAL. He tries to teach his fellow scouts some words in the bugmens language (he also wonders what these bugmen call themselves (unless he already learned that and I didn't notice)). Soon the group arrives at the settlement, and the scouts take the Oamenii to the fortress, where the chieftans meet them.

Eno, Dlo, Mort, the Shamans of Tra, and the lesser chieftans all gather around the arrivals. They offer roasted meat to the Oamenii, and while they eat, Spack Jarrow tells the chieftains of what he's seen: The wall, the crunchas, all that stuff. He says the Bugmen are interested in an alliance he thinks. The chieftains consider this as they drink the beer brought by the Oamenii. They agree with Spack that if all they get out of this is beer, then thats good. The chieftains are also impressed with the obedient cruncha, and are eager to have more of those. Deonar could certainly use the skill these bugmen have in building. These things convince the chieftains that, since the Oamenii probably won't go along with the idea of being abosrbed if their leader is defeated, it is best to have them as allies.

Spack tries to get this across to the Oamenii, but needs Mikanglos skill in drawing to do so.

Your turn my friend
rolled 14, 2, 2, 8, 18 = 44


Also, to put it in the perspective of the shwirm, how would you react to an alien race using human skin for clothing?

The walls, barracks, and library continue to be constructed, as per the usual.

Using the blimp of the main village, the shwirm observe the wyvern riders suprisingly at their own level, if not higher. They search for any sort of patterns in their flight, for some shwirm had gotten the strange idea that the riders on the back of the beasts actually commanded them, rather than simply taking a joy ride.

Meanwhile, one day while the shwirm were digging up holes for new huts at the southern village, they came across something hard. Curious, they began to dig around the hard spot, and lo and behold, there lay a large hunk of stone just begging to be used for tools, as well as several other stone pieces half-protruding from the dirt. The masons are requested to create a tool to break the stone into more managable pieces, and the masons attempt to deliver.

Rolling for building wall, building barracks, building library, studying wyverns for flight patterns, and inventing pickaxes.
((the puruus dont seem to want anything for it, see the original post for more details. its up there, suggest the geist not liking being indebted, and reciprocate so as not to be owe the songless anything. Lead of the shamans may be interested in them if they would have her, sort of a jane goodall to the puruu. suggestions is all.))
the lubs are very hard to drain without any sort of bucket tool, some geist resort to using their masks as impromptu scoops. the net homes are simple and efficient to make, easily configurable to any shape needed. The howling coil is every bit as horrific as it was planned to be. Brute armor and weapons are very basic, just meeting the imagined expectations of the brutes. It is heavy, thick armor, and big, heavy weapons and claws. nothing more, nothing less...well maybe a little less, but the brutes wont notice...right? The shan meer settle into their new homes, as happy as is possible for their situation, and begin to train the femals to get up to speed with them. The symbiotic emils begins to pool thickly around their tunnel floor making a new sort of bond for them. This place is theirs now. It seems the shan meer were doing more then training, as the females are with child.

and with that...i take my leave for now. might be back later, dont know. be well.
I guess we can do what we've done before. Ignore one or the other, or try to combine the two.
fuck. seems like poe and I decided to hivemind. please feel free to pick and choose or even combine from our results. poe, i leave you in control.

The cooked meat was very satisfying to the Oamenii. Perhaps this concept of cooking could be brought back to the tribe, but for now, it was time for trade.

Using spack as a sort of translator, they present what they had to barter with. Their stone tools, their torches, their beer, the concept of writing, explaining their blimps, even the domesticated crunchas. They explain that while a truce had been unanimously decided, he wasn't sure whether they should form an alliance as of yet. He gestures for them to show what they could offer in the event of an alliance
rolled 7, 9, 15 = 31

The Puruu decide that dropping flat pieces of the metal on the ground is rather inefficient. Instead, the idea is proposed to make thin sheets of Purite, and lay them on top of pots. Then, you beat the thin sheets with a cloth wrapped stick, creating a bouncy, hallow ringing sound.

Lupo assigns the militia a commander, a strong and intelligent puruu named Brutos. Brutos decides that the ragtag militia would never cut it in an actual fight ((which I suppose is odd, considering non of these Puruu have ever been in battle)) and decides to drill them in fighting in formation.

A hunting party is sent north to kill Yazda with the slingstaves, for the local fruits and berries are starting to run out. Some puruu decide that putting the seeds back in the spots where they found them might produce more.

The remaining Council members have returned to the elusive concept of writing, for they believe that too many things are being forgotten; the tribes history is known to only a few people. Instead of scratching out symbols in the mud, the Council decides that etching signs onto stone tablets is the way to go.

Rolling for,

Steel Drums ((Please give me Jamaican Puruu Bands, oh gods of dice rolls!))

Military Formations

A system of writing.
rolled 7, 18 = 25


Oh yeah, and rolling for the Yazda hunting and replanting the seeds.

Beer is the cause of and solution to all life's problems. The wall of the tribe were no problem, but took quite a while. When the workers were supposed to be building the barracks and library, they took a long break and wasted a complete day drinking.

Studying the flight patterns of the wyrems was difficult, they spy the spots on the horizon, but can't tell where they are going or coming from. They will need to travel closer to learn more.

Pickaxes were made and can break the rocks with some effort of a single shwrim. With many hands they break apart the large rock for lots of tools.
Spack explains, using pictures, that the least that the Nag Ber'ek want is this wonedrful drink called beer. He also explains, that the chieftains would like to offer the cathedral plates, which he then shows are the primary building material for the Nag Ber'ek. Its stone made from bone!

Thats all I have tonight. Going to bed soon.
I lied, one last thing

In return for this drink, they will also teach the Oamenii how to cook. Food for drink is the offer, along with friendship and maybe even aid in battle.

It seems that music it not the Urupuruu strong suit. The metal of the drums are made too thick and don't vibrate enough to make a note.

Brutos is unfortunately correct in his assessment. The formations are still sloppy after a week of drills. An attack right now would easily break them.

The tribe history will be persevered. They crave it into the stones and arrange them in a circle in the center of the village.

Little is gained during the hunting. It seems that the slingstaves aren’t the best in the cramped trees of the forest. They bang against the branches when the hunters fire at the Yazda.

The seeds are replanted without much effort. In fact the tribe extends the planting so that next harvest will have an even better yield.

The general thinks about the offer for a moment, then nods in approval, promising regular imports of the drink as well as throwing in a road between the fortress-to-be and the main village.

Drink for food and a new material. Wonderful.
The Romans spoke Latin. I had to learn Latin in 6-9th grade. Good class, caught up on a lot of sleep from late nights studying. Only thing I remember is the Gilligan's Island Song in Latin. I actually don't know it in English.

Okay, I undertsand you guys got metal, but steel? Iron alone was enough to be a game breaker for the arabics, but steel is medieval level material! How about whatever alloy this is is simply a bronze equivilent? That's still a wonderful advantage over people using bones and stones.
Well, I was imagining it as more like tin. That and lead are the only things that I could actually SMELT in a regular kiln. I said steel drums because that's the type of musical instrument I was going for, not because it's actual steel. Sorry if I was not clear D=
He's kidding about steel drums, its actually a soft metal with veins that are hard to find.
in auto sage, making another thread
rolled 20, 15, 18, 19 = 72


The advisors of the general, in charge until he returns, become aggravated by the constant drinking habits of the shwirm, and completely cut off the beer supply until the barracks and library are done.

As the stone is pickaxed into new rocks for tools, one shwar gets the idea of making the walls out of stone rather than wood. He presents the idea to the advisors, confident this new source of stone would be enough to fuel the construction.

The explorers are sent with some dismay by the scientists, who are told to camp out near the wyvern area for several days so as to learn their flight patterns.

Rolling for building barracks & library, presenting the idea of using stone as a building material, and studying wyvern flight patterns.
Shit, nice rolls man
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