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File: 1344319262310.jpg-(32 KB, 546x420, Kilroy.jpg)
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You are Kilroy of House Catsvallen, brevet Colonel under General Dawes, Commander of Artillery for the 9th Corps of the Army of Virfand. Your Commanding Officer, Colonel Ranald, is missing and you have been given temporary command of the 4th Division, The Thunderers.

Forces currently under your command include:
1 Artillery Brigade, under your direct command,
2 Battalions of Artillery:
-1st Battalion:
Battery A: 5, 24lb Bronze Heaven Shaker Cannon (crew of 20 men and 8 horses, each)
Battery B: 5, 24lb Bronze Heaven Shaker Cannon
Battery C: 5 12lb(4in[4.6]) Rifled Howitzers, currently undergoing rifling(3weeks remaining)(type not named)(crew of 12 men and 4 horses, each)

-2nd Battalion:
Battery A: 5 12 Bronze Belcher Cannon (crew of 14 men and 6 horses, each)
Battery B: 5 6lb(3in[3.8]) Rifled Iron Gallopers(horse artillery)(crew of 8 men and 6 horses, each)
Battery C: 5 12lb(4in[4.6]) Rifled Howitzers, currently undergoing rifling(3weeks remaining)(crew of 12 men and 4 horses, each)

1 Mixed Brigade, for support and security of the artillery, under command of Major Greer:
-1 Regiment of Foot, Line Infantry, lead by Lieutenant Neil(185 men)
-1 Squadron of Mallium Elk Cavalry, lead by Magnus the not Pious(115 cavalry)

Your Division is currently in training and your artillery battalions have gone from green to mostly trained. There is currently a standing award for the gun team with the best accuracy.
What are your orders for this week?
Holy shit, how many of these threads do I need to hide in one night?
single bump
Keep training?
File: 1344321774384.jpg-(31 KB, 600x960, Dawes.jpg)
31 KB
The training continues, your Division as a whole improves. Your crew leaders are now confidant enough to hit a target four times of five. Major Greer's support units are briefed on proper coordination for deployment in hostile areas and rolling deployment of the lighter guns.

General Dawes requests you presence for mission brief. You also have a new letter from home.

Your actions Colonel?
Report for orders.
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>eemaihc speaketh
File: 1344323533315.png-(313 KB, 530x377, Northern Reach.png)
313 KB
General Dawes is assigning you a Squadron of Cavalry from Colonel Ulrik's 3rd Division and an additional Regiment of Infantry from Colonel Duff's 2nd Division. You are tasked with securing the forward headquarters for the 9th Corps on the Virfand/Fallands/Courba border, the remainder of the Corps is to follow after collecting the conscription regiments and remaining baggage train.

This will temporally leave the Corps without artillery, and you with out your two batteries of howitzers.

Letter remains unopened.

Your orders, Colonel?
Open the letter.
prepare troops to move out as orders dictate and open letter
Cavalry is to sweep and clear the area maintaining a messenger relay while the infantry moves up and begins to dig in and prepare the camp for the rest of the army

in addition, the guns are to be prepared for movement and advanced as quickly as possible.
File: 1344324310375.jpg-(44 KB, 436x341, youwantsome.jpg)
44 KB
Elisa, your younger sister, has fled. Your parents agreed to a betrothal with House Grenfelt, a very unscrupulous bunch. Also unfortunately the house of General Dawes 1 Division Commander, Colonel Blane. This may cause friction if it were to become known to the Colonel, as the 1st Division handles the Baggage Train and Colonel Blane is on General Dawes' staff.

Lieutenant Morris, Regimental Commander of the 923rd Regiment of Foot, Line Infantry (9th Corp, 2nd Division, 3rd Regiment) and Captain Kammer, Squadron Leader, 931st, report ready for march.

Your Division is ready and other than the new that the 1st Division Colonel might want your head on a platter nothing has gone amiss. You are not required to depart immediately, but the Corps will begin the march in 3 to 6 weeks and expect to have a nice bunk upon arrival to the Forward Deployment Area.

Your orders, Colonel
Start integrating Lt. Neil's infantry with the 2nd Div additions. marching and weapons drill.

Both Cav units are to depart soonest and begin familiarizing themselves with the terrain. Look into securing additional powder and shot possibly fudging the amount used in training to insure we don't get screwed by Col. Blane. How long will the guns take to finish being rifled? How long wil it take to transport them to the new Base?
File: 1344326186405.jpg-(37 KB, 360x238, Lieutenant Neil.jpg)
37 KB
Lieutenant Morris and Neil previously served under Colonel Duff, and served as training instructors. They have readied their regiments to Line Standard and are familiar with standard doctrine. Lieutenant Neil, however, does share some of his new insights in defending artillery to his counterpart. You also have received notice that the howitzers are now ready for shot testing and deployment, but need transport, as the crews were returned to your division upon delivery of the guns to the armory. These new guns, if they work out, will need a Designation.

The road to the forward deployment is dry, and unpaved. The men and animals will need additional water during travel, slowing progress. Powder is in abundant supply as you are currently at the 9th Corps temporary training grounds, otherwise known as the Artillery and Supply Depot, No. 3. Any powder you may need in excess of standard allotment is easily secured with the generous sharing of what little remains of your personal stock of fine alcohol.(good thinking there anon.)
still alive?
As of the latest reports included in your written orders from General Dawes, Fallands has been preparing to reclaim it's former territories, Courba and Nessa. This would destroy a portion of Virfand trade and cannot be allowed to occur. Your orders are to Hold the border and render assistance to Courba if called for aid. In all other cases do not engage unless besieged or harassed by Falland units. Hold the fort until the Corps is fully deployed, General Dawes will take command upon arrival with further orders. Travel to the border will take 3 to 5 weeks depending on conditions.

How do you wish to proceed?

(p.s. currently wishing my computer WASN'T a pile of shit)
Div 1, Bat C. Designated: Iron Arrows
Div 2, Bat C. Designated: Black Hail

Get the guns rigged for transport. Lt. Neil to begin march as soon as possible and start digging in and coordinating with the Cav units. Lt. Morris to escort and assist guns.
You have Elk cavalry. You sir are my hero.
How are my infantry equipped?

i'm >>20218592
do the Elk Cav have any special properties?
Lieutenant Neil begins a forced march to get the men on location as quickly as possible while you get the newly rifled howizters limbered and ready for the move.
(the request for designation was for what to call the design of the gun. Previously they were 12lb Short Smokers Howitzers, now however they are 12lb(4.6inch) Rifled (Designation here) Howizters. The designation will be used to avoid having to type the whole list for the gun.)

The march is easy the guns have no issue with the hard soil the road is made of, but the ruts are starting to bother your cavalry screen.

Please give me a 1d10 for any events that happen this week.
rolled 2 = 2

I guess we'll call them Thunder Crack Howitzers.
.67 smooth-bore, short sword, marching pack(spare uniform[complete], mess kit, entrenching tool[spade or pick], ax or hatchet, 3 candles, 2 bottles of spirits, gun cleaning kit, extra flint, knife, every third man has a pike instead of a musket.
Resistant to cold, not as fast/strong as horses, better endurance, better in locked combat(antlers ftw), no difference on the charge. Riders are equipped with lances or spears, and axes, swords, and pistols.
Are we only transporting the howitzers or the rest of the battery as well?

Any word from the cavalry I sent to scout?
The entire 4th Division is marching, including detachements, the 923rd Regiment of Foot, and the 931st Squadron of Cavalry. Magnus reports the way is clear and that there should be no trouble through this area.

The march continues, please, another d10.
Messenger to Magnus to scout the border and keep his eyes open.
rolled 3 = 3

Magnus pick up the pace a bit and scouts forward to the border, this will leave you with out his services until you reach the fort. The weather starts to turn, and the sky seems dimmer with each passing day. A storm is brewing off shore it seems, this campaign could be in for a rough start.

The march nears completion, a d10 for this leg of the journey.
rolled 4 = 4

Get Capt. Kammer off the road in a wide sweep to either side, save the road and the horses.
File: 1344329470050.jpg-(15 KB, 425x302, retreat.jpg)
15 KB
Capt. Kammer pulls his troops off the road to the shoulders and sweeps the flanks. The van Capt. Kammer sent ahead quickly reports back. Magnus and Lt. Neil are currently in a fighting retreat, both have suffered heavy losses.
This is lightly wooded farmland with few significant hills or other natural obstacles.
I need a d20 for time to engagement and your orders for deployment.
rolled 19 = 19

well shit.
Deploy the guns at the edge of the tree line, Lt. morris to deploy his men in a broad line to cover the guns. Capt. krammer to strike at the flanks of the enemy to buy the retreating elements time. let the friendlies cross our lines then slam the enemy with grapeshot at close range.
File: 1344330669661.jpg-(67 KB, 500x375, pitchedcombat.jpg)
67 KB
The skirmish will take nearly an hour to reach the your position, you deploy hoping the enemy will see your artillery and withdraw with no further losses to your men. Luckily for you the road parallels the slight slope from the treeline, granting you a short killing field and a slight rise for your guns. The case shot for your guns with the exception for the Gallopers has an effective range of 650 yards(500 for the Gallopers). Your Heaven Shakers have an accurate solid shot range of 1100 yards and your new Thunder Crack Rifled Howitzers 1050, the Belchers and Gallopers of 900yrds. Your new Thunder Crack may also use special munitions(Explosive or Incendiary shot).
You will have some time before you need to load canister.

The skirmish draws closer, your gun line is apparently unnoticed by any of the combatants.

Orders Colonel?
File: 1344331141301.jpg-(82 KB, 800x548, 800px-William_Simpson,_A_(...).jpg)
82 KB
Attempt to camouflage the guns and dig in. I want a decisive engagement not a warning. Two gun lines in a 140 degree angle with a gap in the middle for the retreating forces to move through. any report on the disposition of the attackers? Or on the condition of my forward elements?
A few felled trees and hasty trenches make fast fighting positions for your guns and men. It looks like Lt. Neil is retreating under fire. Magnus is providing Lt. Neil with support to trot his men back but it looks like it's mostly walking wounded. There are some empty saddles among Magnus squadron, but it looks like everyone who can fight is fighting, anything beyond is obscured by gunsmoke and the overcast sky.

d10 for random
Let's get Capt.Krammer up there to relieve Magnus and get the measure of the enemy.
1d10 for random event
rolled 6 = 6

I guess I missed the dice.
File: 1344332568787.jpg-(40 KB, 500x418, siege.jpg)
40 KB

Lt. Neil and Magnus manage to disengage long enough to perform a full retreat, your guns have clear lanes of fire into the advancing infantry, it appears luck favors you today.

Open fire?
open fire.

unto ndhosec
you tell em captcha
Your guns start to volley, no sense in ruining perfectly good barrels with senseless racing. Every shot is like a metranome of death, whoever these antagonists are they apparently never expected the weight of guns you brought or the accuraccy of your crews. The approaching enemy shatters like fine china under the weight of your guns.

A runner from Major Greer approaches.
"Sir, with the Major's Complements, this is the 3rd and 4th Platoons of the Regiment, the 1st and 2nd are holding the fort. Under fire. It appears Alba doesn't want us in this fight, sir. The Major also asks if you could speed your march slightly so he may hand over command of the fort, perferably in working order, to you, sir."(Major Greer is the Commander of the 2nd Battalion of the 4th Division, he is responsible for Magnus, Lt. Neil, and the Baggage Train. He marched with Lt. Neil to the fort and secured it prior to the attack, and is now under seige it seems)

lets pack up the guns and get moving. we'll try to pinch the enemy between my guns and the fort. what condition are Lt.Neil and magnus' forces in?
You limber up the guns and take a quick assessment of the damage you men took.

Magnus and his men are more angry than wounded, while the half regiment with Lt. Neil will need significant replenishment before you could call them full strength.

A d10 for condition of the fort when you arrive.
rolled 5 = 5

Both cavalry units should be prepared to sortie as soon as I soften up the attackers.
The fort seems to have taken only light damage, the Alban artillery is light and inaccurate. It appears that a large infantry force has besieged the fort on two sides, but are only bunkering down. Looks like they prefer to burn the powder from the cannons in hopes of taking down a wall before engaging. But where is the cavalry? Albans officers can barely make it to the toilet without a saddle and stirrups between them and the ground.
Move the guns to fire on their infantry, Cavalry to sweep behind their guns and scatter the crews, infantry to fix pikes and cover the rear of my guns.
File: 1344335664192.png-(284 KB, 500x148, tOoV.png)
284 KB
This fort hasn't been used in some time, the killing field is greatly reduced. This is helpful for you, however, as the closer tree line lets you maneuver your guns close to the enemy positions. The guns hammer away at the trenches, the Thunder Crack appears to be most effective, it's lime shot scouring the mass of infantry and leaving tracks of dead in the wake of every shot. The other guns preform less well, the debris from the diggings causing grazing shots to sink or ricochet in random directions.

Magnus and Capt. Kammer smash into the exposed flank and wheel for another charge. A gory track is carved in the mud from the brief clash, the soil dampened from the blood spilled.

A shout rises from behind you. Turning you see the missing cavalry, your troops are ready and repulse the Alban swine, but not without cost. It seems grenades have finally caught on in Alba, but instead of infantry, the cavalry had the best use for them.

Orders sir? and a 1d10 for conflict event.
rolled 10 = 10

It's a hard day to be in the infantry.
keep firing on the alban infantry with everything but the Gallopers, turn those and use them to harry the cavalry. have our cav turn and try to pin the enemy riders.
File: 1344336736024.jpg-(21 KB, 410x267, hakkapelliitta.jpg)
21 KB
Magnus, seeing his chance for true glory, charges through your cannon fire into the Alban cavalry. The rest of his seemingly less intellegent men see him pass through unharmed and, of course, think that they can do the same, you are now down several Elk Riders. Your infantry manage to keep the Albans pinned for your Gallopers to pummel. Capt. Kammer breaks through to the small battery of Alban guns and lays waste to all in sight.

The Alban infantry break and run after the carnage your guns pour out, shot after shot. Your howitzers have found their true range and rythm, no infantry can stand against wieght of fire you have brought to bear, the Gunnery School would pay handsomely for instructors half so skilled as these men and be proud one of their own graduates was as effective in battle as in class.

Magnus locks down the few cavalry who could attempt to escape, hacking his way through the Albans with ease.

Astride your own horse you see an opening, the Alban Captain is exposed, his bretheren falling all around him.

Do you:
[]Charge and fight him one on one, agee?
[]Fire your pistol?
[]Command men or cannon to take the shot?
I order the cannon to fire on him
I'm gonna call it a night in a bit.
A single shot from from a Galloper can be heard over the din, canister it appears, but the casing didn't break, happens sometimes. The shot passes near your infantry, need to speak to that gunner, could have hit our men and broken the line.
The canister hits the Alban captain perfectly in the breastplate and explodes in a whirlwind of shrapnel and shot. The Alban cavalry has no taste for battle after that sight. Those that don't surrender are quickly cut down, few escape the carnage.

You have captured two crappy 12lbers, nearly 100 Alban concripts, and 14 Alban cavalry, along with 36 horses. The cavalry are all minor nobles of one sort or another, worth a pretty penny in ransom and the horses, whew, you have never seen such fine looking mounts.

The cost for this victory was high though, your remaining forces:
Major Greer is wounded
Lt.Neil[63 of 185]
Lt.Morris[90 of 185]
Capt Kammer[88 of 105]
Magnus[60 of 115]
Your guns were untouched.

You maybe able to dispatch a messenger for reinforcement and replacement of your dead and wounded but it would take nearly the same time as getting General Dawes out here with the conscription regiments.

Magnus does thank you for your timely intervention however, he presents you with a gift of gratitude.
d10 for what he gives you.

He also presents the Galloper gun crew a set of silvered antler bracelets, a high honor from a Mallii.
yeah, need sleep sometime. also archive?
rolled 1 = 1

Sure, How do I archive?

Thanks for running this btw.
Cool, he gifts you an ELK. One of the Precious steeds of Mallium, care for it well.

Will post a notice 6 hrs before next session.

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