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Past Threads

My blog http://ecchiquestgamer.blogspot.com/

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Sénior Jalapéno a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion. Then you have your own steam robot Garenn who are quit hotheaded.

Your Current Favor: 19 points
Mansion Facilities
18 Bronzement Room (Count as dangerous training room)
Game Room
Luchacave (Formely Batcave)
Outdoor Pool
Maidlover's Bizarre Shop
Magical Portal Room
Secret Passages

Genki/June, Your Butler (Friendly/More than Friendly?)
Sasha, Your Maid (Warm)
Katherine, Your Maid (Warm) BJ-SEXED
Akari, Your Maid (Warm)
Rachelle, Your Maid (Warm) SEXED
Croco-Chan, The Crocodile Ninja Girl (Warm)
Tomoe, Your Half-Sister (Warm)
Hana, Your Big Sister (Sisterly)
Garenn, The Steam Robot (Friendly)
Your Abilities

Jackie Chan's Training: You can move around like Jackie Chain and you become more skillful to use any objects as weapons.
Houdini Successor: You are natural born escape artist.
Martial Arts Training: You gain training on martial arts training and it improve your hand-to-hand combats.
Spicy Resistant: You had suffers too much of spiciness that you developed resistant against it.
Unlimited Ladder Works: You can pull out unlimited numbers of ladders from nowhere.

Your Items

Ancient Tachi: It is an ancient tachi sword that belong to the Hijikatai clan. It had been told about it may contain mysterious power.
Dandy Ninja Suit: It give wearer some ninja abilities.
Holy Sandwiches: When you throw the sandwich into the air, you can summon Heavy from Team Fortress 2.
Sénior Jalapéno Mask: When you wear it, you become Sénior Jalapéno the Luchador of Justice. It also increase your hand to hand combat skills.
Utility Belt: You can pull out almost any useful tools in most situations but you must make a dice rolls check for it.
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You are aware that Sagad are luring you into the trap but you decided to challenge your fate and charge in! As he about to perform his infamous Garuda Knee, you jump up into the air to feint him with your knee strike.

When he is about to block it, you strike down on his head with your elbow. The blow was so hard that caused his head to bleed. When you land down, he is still standing and he trying to reach you with his hand while he say, "Nirund..."

You could see tears that are coming from his eyes before he fall down on the mat.
File: 1344171476836.jpg-(21 KB, 295x230, Sagat_V.jpg)
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You are Sagad Po, the Thaiboxing champion. You are currently fighting against Hito Hijikatai who had been trained by your father and master, Kovit. It was so long time that somebody had pressing you so that you are forced to enter the calm state or else you will lose. You decided that you must take him down before he knocks you out because you could feel limit of your body.

You leave your yourself to be more open and ready to take him out with your infamous Garuda Knee. You waiting for him to attack, when Hito charge in, you prepared to block his blows but was not expected a rising knee strike. You blocked his knee then suddenly you see your old friend and rival, Nirund.
Nirund was your closed friend and rival, but one day you meet Malee and you fall in love with her. But seeing your friend Nirund being together with her make you very envious and you can't stand it!

Many times you fought Nirund and you mostly win. But despite being strong, Malee decided to marry Nirund. You thought that being strong will makes Malee fall in love with you but you had it wrong. It was very frustrated to see Nirund and Melee together and having kids... You decided to leave their world and seeking for strength.
File: 1344171539345.jpg-(154 KB, 1800x1200, Sagat-alpha3-fixed.jpg)
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You travel around in Thailand until you meet Yukata's father, Neikan Kato. He become your personal sponsor and provide you the best training programs with a price.... You took his offer and become stronger until you heard about Nirund and Malee died in car accident. You are sadded that your love and friend died... It makes you sad and confused, so you drown yourself with fighting and hope to find the answer to his confusing mind.

Back to reality, Hito striking down at your head with his elbow, it was powerful enough to cause your head to bleed. You start to feel dizzy.... You could see Nirund are standing in front of you. You tried to reach for him with your hand as you said, "Nirund..." Then you started to cry because you feel very relived and happy... Then everything become black and you fall down...
File: 1344171751458.jpg-(72 KB, 378x363, ILikeItThor.jpg)
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Fuck yeah, Maid Quest!

>Sagad Po sidestory

We haven't had a sidestory in a while....sweet.
You see that Sagad Po finally fall down on the mat. You won! But... Somehow you only feel bittersweet victory. The referee took you hand and raising your hand to the air whiles he yell, "The winner is.... Hito Hijikatai!"

The audience cheer for your victory and the arena become even more lively. You see Yukata had already left the arena and it seems that he don't want to see your victory.

After the victory, you are back at the locker room along with your servants, sisters, Jintanta, Daeng and Tau. They are happy for your victory but you don't see your master anywhere...

What will you do now?

Ask Nee-san how she liked the fight. After that: "Daeng, where's Master Kovit? I don't see him anywhere."

If Master Kovit doesn't show up, maybe we should go look for him.
File: 1344173595095.jpg-(181 KB, 478x500, 4723478780_4463d3af08.jpg)
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You decided to ask your big sister Hana what she liked the fight. "Hi sis... What do you like about the fight?"
"Well... Bruce seem to be very interesting on the fight..." Hana said as she looking at the baby panda Bruce who are doing some martial arts moves until she look back at you.
"I think that you fought good enough but your opponent... Seems to try to cover his sadness with fighting."

You turned to Daeng who are wearing his normal clothing.
"Daeng, where's Master Kovit? I don't see him anywhere." You asking him.
"Grandfather? He went to visit Sagad Po." He answered.

What will you do now?
A: Wait until your master come back.
B: Go visit Sagad Po.
C: Leave the locker room and have a celebration.
D: Something else.

I hoped we could talk with Sagad ourselves and try to convince him to let go of his pain so let's do B.

Sagad is obviously an honorable guy since he roughed up his own boss to protect Malee's kids.

(Mental note: We need to call the Japanese Embassy and see what can be done about allowing Hana to keep the baby panda before we leave Thailand)
A: Wait until your master come back.
While it would be nice to talk to Sagad, I think he needs his privacy right now. Maybe talk with him after Kovit comes back.
You decided to visit Sagad Po to see if he is alright. You told your gang that you will go to visit him. You walk out from your locker room and heading to Sagad's looker room.

When you enter's Sagad's locker, you see that your master Kovit are talking with Sagad who are lying on the bench with bandage on his head.

You don't understand what they say because they are talking each other in Thai until they notice you.
"You are wondering why Yukata want me to fight you? The truth is that I who requested him because I want to fight a strong fighter. He suggested that I should fight against you and he was helping me out that you don't go to any weak thaiboxing schools." Sagad said as he still lying on the bench.

"I hope then, that I was able to provide you with the fight that you wanted."
"I hope then, that I was able to provide you with the fight that you wanted." You said to him.
"Yes... You defeated me and I somehow feel relived... I think that I got some answer but it is still unclear... I wished that I could back and witness Malee's children grow up... But my quest for answer is not over yet..." Sagad said as he slowly sitting upright and looking at you.
"You are strong fighter but the path of the warrior is very long and almost unreachable. I have a feeling that you want to ask something?

Ask or not ask?
Ask him. I'd like to hear what he says.

After he answers, tell him "You were a great opponent, Sagad. I also appreciate what you did for Tau after I fought Tong's hired-giant. While training with Master, I learned a little about your past: how Master took you in, and why you left."

music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XPgNZDkdz0

"Losing someone you love hurts, but you still care for Malee enough to protect her kids. I hope that you'll be able to let go of your pain in time and reconcile with Master and his grandchildren. If not today or tomorrow, then someday soon. It's just my opinion but...I think Nirund and Malee would want it that way."
>Will be right back, I just need to go down and writing some paper.
"Sagad... Can you tell me about Yukata?" You asked him.
"About Yukata...? I remember first time I meet him, he was a nice kid like his little sister and his mother. But after his father's suicide, he becomes a different man and when I was asking him about his sister and his mother, he becomes very mad..." Sagad answered.

After he answers, you tell him "You were a great opponent, Sagad. I also appreciate what you did for Tau after I fought Tong's hired-giant. While training with Master, I learned a little about your past: how Master took you in, and why you left."

"Losing someone you love hurts, but you still care for Malee enough to protect her kids. I hope that you'll be able to let go of your pain in time and reconcile with Master and his grandchildren. If not today or tomorrow, then someday soon. It's just my opinion but...I think Nirund and Malee would want it that way."
"It is very easy for you to say but you have a points. I had a talk with my master about it and I decided to travel around the world to find my answer." Sagad said as Kovit nod.
"If you are confused and have no answer, my best solution is that you travel around the world and one day you may find your answer." Kovit said.

Next day at the hotel, Sagad Po and Yukata had already left Thailand. You are sitting in your room and surfing through the internet until you got a e-mail Kotarou and Skype message from Kazhir.

What will you do?

Check the messages we got from our friends. See how they're doing.

[Mental Note #2: before we leave Thailand, we should go see Master and his family again. Say goodbye, leave contact information so they can contact us, and a standing invitation to come visit us in Japan. Plus we need to tell Jintana she's a little young for us now, but she has a chance on her 18th birthday when she's legal].
Accept the Skype message while opening the email in a different window.
File: 1344180502988.jpg-(37 KB, 640x450, demotivational-poster-66773.jpg)
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You decided to taking care of Skype first while you open the e-mail.

<Hello lad! We finally build our fortress near your mansion. We have enough material to upgrade your mansion or build special faculity. When you have time, just talk with me when I'm online.>

You notice that Kazhir are still online in Skype and then you are reading at Koutarou e-mail.

<Hi Hito! I had heard that you travel you Thailand. I had decided to coming along with you.I had already took plane to Bangkok and I may arrive at tomorrow.
P.S. I finally got Warhammer 6th Edition book!>

Suddenly your big sister Hana barge and say, "Hito, I got call from my mother. She wants me return and helping out some evening. So that I already order for ticket today."
"What about the baby panda?" You asking as you are concerned about her panda.
"The nice masked man with maid uniform gave me Psychic Paper so that I have no problem to bring along Bruce!" She said happily as she cuddly her pandas while showing the Psychic Paper to you.

What now?
A: Check when Koutarou will arrive.
B: Talk with Kazhir
C: See your sister go back to Japan.
D: Find the masked man with maid uniform...
F: Something else.
C: See your sister go back to Japan.
Check when Koutaro sent the email.
If he sent it yesterday, he should be arriving today.
We might see him at the airport.

We have time to spare. Lets go C first, and e-mail Kotarou on the way and find out when our friend Kotarou arrives in Bangkok. We'll tell Genki and the girls that he's meeting us here in a little while.

We could use some upgrades on the mansion or some new facilities, but nothing huge jumps out at me right now.

Some good ideas might be:

--a gun range for Sasha
--maybe a driving range and a putting green so Nee-san can practice in the off-season, since she seems to have all but moved in with us.
--I'm open to chipping in for a place to keep Bruce, but most of that should come out of Hana's pocket.

Nee-san needs to learn responsibility. Plus: she's a model and a professional golfer, so she's not exactly hurting for cash. That's my little brainstorm and I'd love to hear other ideas.
Maybe repairs and upgrades to the pool?
Something like a large natural swimming pool, so that it doesn't require chlorine and so will be less chemically abrasive on Croco-chan.

We could also have it contain heat panels for year-round use.

Maybe also get an outdoor hot spring as well.

Oooh, great thinking: Croco-chan would love that. We should have the pool upgrades and Sasha's firing range done first. Maybe have the dwarves start after we've left to start the next challenge. Then when we make it back home, Sasha and Croco-chan each have a surprise waiting for them.
You checking out when Koutaru will arrive but you find out that Koutarou's plane is gonna be delayed. Because a strange robot with drill have a problem to holding still in the plane so that they are forced to make stop at Taiwan. Koutarou 's plane will not arrived until next day... Poor Koutarou... You know he has hot for your sister but sadly your sister must travel back to Japan today...

You, Tomoe and Hana with her panda took a taxi to the airport. You and Tomoe waving good bye to your big sister as she took the plane back to Japan. When you come back to the hotel, you see... Maidlover's Bizarre Shop just next the hotel plus another strange shop.... Strange... The shops was not there before?

Roll 1d100 and decide the name and wares for the strange shop.
rolled 57 = 57

Elric the Younger's Technomagery Shop
- purveyor of technomagical devices and incantations

Small holographic projectors that fit in the palm of your hand, focused EMP burst projectors, free AI's, viruses, worms, semi-autonomous knowbots, and sub-dimensional holding units (inside is bigger than the outside) of various sizes.

Elric the Younger's Technomagery Shop.... Hmmm... What did you heard it somewhere...? Suddenly you see Maidlover the owner of his store seems to had bought a lot of stuff from Technomagery Shop and he mumbling about he is gonna modified them.

What now master?

>I make a note that you plane to upgrade the outdoor pool. Correct?

Correct. We'll start work on Sasha's gun range after the pool upgrades are done.

You have decided to ask Kazhir if he could upgrade the outdoor pool before building a firearm range. But right now you need to decide the next challenge. You have defeated Sagad Po so that you have three challenger left with their own kind of field.

Gustav VII, German Knight (Germany)
Mary Crownwells, Mistress (England)
Jack Stallion, Gambler (USA)

When you thinking about Mary Crownwells... You have a feeling that you had meet her before but you have no memory of her.

What will you do now?

We should probably contact Gustav and Lady Crownwells to find out what their challenges involve and then we can choose which to do next based on that.

I'm pretty sure Jack Stallion's will be poker or some other game of chance...it is Las Vegas after all. Gustav's will probably involve combat...either on foot or mounted. Lady Crownwells'? I don't know: since she's great at picking servants, I suspect that one will involve Genki and the girls.
>Ok, I think that I may end this quest soon today because I need to do something tonight. I will wait another 30 minutes before I ended this quest.
You decided to contact Gustav about the challenge through the phone. One of Gustav's servant answered your phone, he told you about that you are required to ride a horse in combat and no firearms.

After you had checking with Gustav's servant, you make call to Crownwell's resident. After a while you finally got contact with Lady Crownwells herself.
"So you must be Hito I presume?" Lady Crownwells answered with high mighty tone but with slight of anger.
"Yes it is I Lady Crownwells. So I was wondering about our challenge" You answered then suddenly you hear angry grunt from the phone.
"The challenge is among my servants against your servants. Those who are most skilled win." She said with confidence.

How will you say to/ask her?

"You seem upset, Lady. Was it something I said?" We don't know or don't remember much about her, so polite is the order of the day.

>I have a hunch that it has something to do with our grandfather
"You seem upset, Lady. Was it something I said?" You politly asked her. The question only make her grunt angrily and then she simple said in sad tune, "You have forgot our promise...!"
Before you could say anything, she had already closed her phone.

You wondering why she acting like that and now you real needed to plan...

End of part 25, Continue on part 26

Ok, I ending the quest today. I will run the quest as normal in next Saturday with same time. If you need to contact with me, you can post at my Blog or Twitter.

See you next time guys!

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